General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 28, 2013 on GH

Kevin Collins returned to Port Charles. Tracy found a way to take ELQ away from A.J. Patrick ended his relationship with Britt. A murder mystery unfolded when Alison Barrington was found dead in an alley.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 28, 2013 on GH
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Felix caught up with Elizabeth and Sabrina at General Hospital. He overheard Sabina say that she could not spend her life pining over Patrick. Felix told both women that they needed a nurses' night out. Both were reluctant, but Felix was insistent, so Elizabeth and Sabrina agreed to accompany him.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Ellie's physical therapist told her that she was ready to begin home exercises, which he said she should do with the assistance of a friend. Ellie said that she would hire a home assistant. Steve overheard. After the therapist exited the room, Steve examined Ellie and noted that Spinelli had been in the hospital around the clock, sending flowers frequently and calling hourly, so perhaps Spinelli could help Ellie out.

Ellie said that Spinelli had been honest with her, and although she realized that her upset with him was the result of a big misunderstanding, she just did not have it in her to forgive him. Steve said that he understood because he had hurt Olivia in the past. He said that he was very grateful that Olivia had been able to get past it and had forgiven him, otherwise they would not be so happy or engaged to be married.

Ellie asked how it had had happened. Steve said that he had made it his mission to get Olivia to forgive him for his foolish actions with a former girlfriend. Ellie said that she was happy for Steve, but the outcomes were not the same. Steve said that sometimes one had to go through tough times to get to the great ones. Steve told Ellie that she would be released the following day, but she needed someone to pick her up. Steve left the room. When Ellie looked at her phone, she had 23 messages from Spinelli. Ellie dialed the phone.

As Lulu and Dante stood by, Maxie sat at the bar of the Haunted Star and finished a plate of food that Lulu had prepared for her. Lulu asked about Spinelli, but Maxie merely responded that Spinelli was close to someone else. Lulu inquired if that was the reason that Maxie was so upset. Maxie said that she did not want to talk about it. Lulu wanted to know why Spinelli was on the Haunted Star instead of with Ellie.

Lulu pointed to Max and Milo, who were trying their best to cheer up Spinelli. Spinelli told them both that he was not good company because the woman he loved refused to see him. Spinelli sat at the bar, and when Lulu asked about Ellie, he replied simply that she was recovering.

Felix arrived with Elizabeth and Sabrina in tow. When Felix spotted Milo, whom he had met in the gym where both had been working out, he made a beeline for him. Felix quickly paired Elizabeth off with Max and introduced Sabrina to Spinelli. Felix offered to buy Milo a drink. Milo accepted, and they went to a nearby table.

Spinelli said that he would not be very good company because his thoughts were with another. Sabrina said that she felt the same way. They shared their sad tales of woe. When Sabrina asked what had happened between Ellie and Spinelli, Lulu overheard when Spinelli said that he had told Ellie the truth about having sex with Maxie on New Year's Eve. Lulu turned to Maxie and asked, "How could you?" Maxie was appalled that Spinelli had told. Lulu wanted to know if that was what Dr. Westbourne had been trying to tell them.

Spinelli said it had been a mistake, that he had been drunk and that he should have known better, and if there was any fault, it was all his. Lulu was upset with Maxie, who she chided for making mistake after mistake. Dante said that what had happened did not change anything because Maxie was pregnant with their baby. Dante received a call and said that he had to leave on police business.

Max told Elizabeth that he had not been on a date since Diane had dumped him. Elizabeth said that they were not on a date. Max was relieved. He asked her what he should do about a mole on his neck. When he tried to show it to Elizabeth, she told him to see a doctor.

Felix and Milo exchanged small talk. Felix was mildly encouraged when Milo said that Spinelli had been his good friend ever since they had stripped on New Year's Eve. When Felix asked Milo to leave with him, Milo thought that Felix wanted to go to another bar. When Felix explained that he wanted to have sex with him, Milo spewed out his beer and told Felix that he was not gay. Felix was disappointed. Maxie was encouraged when she heard that Spinelli and Ellie had broken up. She tried to tell Spinelli about their baby, but before she could get the words out, Spinelli got a phone call from Ellie and rushed out. Lulu told Maxie that she would try to be less controlling and give Maxie more space. Maxie said that she was sorry and would never do anything to harm the baby that she was carrying for Lulu and Dante.

Sabrina called for a cab, but when she found that there was an hour's wait, she decided to find another way home and left the Haunted Star without telling anyone. Felix told Elizabeth that his gaydar needed adjusting, and she told him that Max was mobbed up and had been a bodyguard to her former boyfriend. Felix apologized and offered to make it up to her, but Elizabeth said that the evening had been fun anyway. Both wondered what had happened to Sabrina.

Spinelli arrived at General Hospital and found Steve wheeling Ellie down the hall. He saw a cart filled with flowers go by and realized that they were bouquets that he had sent to Ellie. Ellie said that she was still angry but understood that things happened. She said that she accepted that Spinelli would never have slept with Maxie if he had known that Ellie had been on her way to their rendezvous when the accident occurred.

Ellie said that she could forgive Spinelli if she knew that it would never happen again. Spinelli got down on his knees and told Ellie that he would spend every day making it up to her. Ellie said that she had not responded earlier when Spinelli had declared his love for her. She then told Spinelli that she loved him, also, which made Spinelli very happy. Spinelli asked if someday she could forgive him as well as love him. Ellie said that she could because she wanted to see where their relationship could go.

Patrick was frantic when he realized that Emma was no longer in Kelly's, after leaving her at a table with Britt while he took an important consulting call outside. He seemed angry with Britt, who had left Emma alone at the table for a brief period while Britt used the ladies' room. As Patrick searched the perimeter of the café, he ran into Anna, who immediately mobilized a search and put out an amber alert.

Anna asked if anything had recently upset Emma. Patrick said that perhaps Emma was a little taken aback by the new woman in his life, but he thought that they were working it out. Britt remembered how mean she had been to Emma just before leaving Emma alone while Britt used the ladies' room. Britt lied when Anna asked Britt if anything had happened to upset Emma. When Anna left to direct the search, Britt soothed Patrick and told him that everything would be okay. Patrick told Britt that he did not blame her for Emma's disappearance.

Anna returned and told Patrick that there was still no sign of Emma. She asked him if there was anyone that Emma might turn to for help. Patrick thought of Sabrina. He called her but got no answer because Sabrina had left her phone on the bar of the Haunted Star. As Sabrina walked through the fog on the docks, she heard a noise. When Sabrina checked it out, she found a tearful Emma crouching in the shadows.

At the ELQ offices, A.J. and Michael confronted Tracy about the mob money that she had funneled into the company. Tracy denied it, but Michael produced paper copies of the documents that he had received from Johnny Zacchara. The documents proved that when ELQ had been on the brink of collapse, Tracy had used tainted money to shore it up.

A.J. threatened to contact the SEC. Tracy said that she could not go to jail. She asked what she could do to stop him from calling the Feds. A.J. told Tracy that she had to step down as CEO. Tracy appealed to Michael, but he rebuffed her and reminded her that she had told him that he did not count. Michael urged Tracy to step down and sign a document giving her support to A.J. as CEO of ELQ.

Tracy did so grudgingly but said that A.J. would destroy the company. She said that the only thing that she had ever had against Michael was Sonny as his father. Tracy said it was even worse since Michael was totally A.J.'s son. After Tracy had signed the forms ceding control of ELQ to A.J., Michael gave Tracy the originals of the documents that he and A.J. had used to blackmail her.

A.J. told Michael that it was time for them to get to work and told Tracy to get out of the office. Tracy told A.J. that it was not over and stalked out. A.J. turned to Michael and assured him that there was nothing that Tracy could do.

Connie was working in the Manning Enterprises offices when Kristina walked in with a baseball bat and began smashing things. A tearful, grief-stricken Kristina told Connie that she was going to kill Connie, just like Connie had killed Trey. Sonny arrived and stopped Kristina before she could use the bat on Connie. Sonny said that he understood that Kristina had loved Trey, but he said that Connie had too.

Kristina wanted to know how he could side with Connie. Sonny said that he did not want Kristina to throw her life away. Kristina declared that she had no life without Trey. Sonny took the bat and comforted Kristina. He was supporting her out of the room when Connie taunted Kristina and gloated that Trey had been right to annul his marriage to Kristina because she was a psycho.

Kristina broke away from Sonny and attacked Connie. Sonny pulled Kristina off Connie, but Kristina said that Connie was the one who should be dead, not Trey. As Sonny held Kristina, Connie called the cops. When Dante arrived with two uniformed officers, Sonny said that it was a big misunderstanding. Kristina shouted that she would not stop until the bitch was dead. Connie noted that Dante had a confession to attempted murder and asked if he was going to do his job and arrest his sister.

Sonny tried to intercede, but Dante told Sonny that he did not have a choice. Kristina was handcuffed and read her rights. As the officers took Kristina away, Dante advised Sonny to call Alexis. Sonny stayed behind and tried to get Connie to drop the charges. She refused, and Sonny was disgusted with her when he left.

Shortly after, Tracy arrived looking for Todd. Connie said that in Todd's absence, she was in charge. Tracy showed Connie the documents that proved that she had used mob money for ELQ. She said that she wanted Connie to publish them, because if she could not have ELQ, neither would anyone else.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kristina was hauled to the police station in handcuffs. Moments later, Alexis arrived demanding to know what had happened, so Kristina proudly took credit for trying to kill Connie. Sonny told Alexis about what had transpired in Connie's office, prompting Kristina to angrily accuse Sonny of trying to protect Connie by stopping Kristina from strangling Connie. Alexis informed Kristina that Sonny had saved Kristina from a murder charge, but Kristina argued that it wasn't fair that Connie was allowed to live, while Trey was dead. Alexis hustled Kristina into the interrogation room as Sonny followed them.

Sonny reminded Kristina that he had paid Connie's bail because it had been the only way to get Connie to agree to sign the papers for Trey to be taken off of life support. Kristina complained that Connie was a horrible woman who needed to be stopped, but Alexis argued that Kristina didn't have the right to take the law into her own hands. Kristina pointed out that it hadn't stopped Sonny, so Sonny explained that they were talking about Kristina, not him. Alexis assured Kristina that she felt terrible for Kristina's loss, but insisted that killing Connie wouldn't help Trey.

Kristina burst into tears, so Alexis held her daughter and then advised Kristina not to say another word. Alexis entered the squad room to ask for Anna, but a police officer explained that Anna was out on a call. Alexis returned to the interrogation room to ask Sonny to persuade Connie to drop the charges, but Sonny doubted that Connie would listen to him. Later, a police officer announced that it was time for Kristina to be booked. Alexis warned Sonny that Kristina would end up in prison if he didn't try to talk to Connie.

Sonny insisted that Alexis was a brilliant attorney, so he was confident that she would be able to have the charges dismissed by explaining that there had been extenuating circumstances. Alexis insisted that their only hope was for Connie to drop the charges. Sonny didn't want Kristina to have a record or go to jail, so he offered to call in a favor, bribe a judge, or whisk their daughter out of the country. Alexis rejected each of the options and reiterated that they needed Connie to back off, but Sonny doubted that Connie would listen. After Kristina was booked, Alexis was ready to take her for the arraignment, but a police officer informed Alexis that Kristina would have to spend the night in lockup.

Kristina's entire demeanor had changed as the enormity of her situation hit her. Sonny made it clear that he expected his daughter to be put in her own jail cell and to be notified if anyone gave Kristina a hard time. The police officer assured Sonny that they would keep a close eye on Kristina. Alexis and Sonny watched helplessly as a subdued Kristina was led away.

At Manning Enterprises, Connie was surprised when Tracy asked to have incriminating documents printed in the Sun. Tracy explained that ELQ had been stolen from under her by Tracy's "degenerate nephew" and his son, so Tracy had decided that if Tracy couldn't have ELQ, then no one could. Tracy added that A.J. and Michael couldn't run ELQ if there wasn't a company left to run. Tracy then opened up to Connie about the decision to use mob money to replenish ELQ's coffers when ELQ had had financial difficulties. Connie laughed because ELQ had had a "pure" reputation, but it was just a front for the mob.

Tracy denied the accusation as she explained that ELQ had been Edward's life's work. Connie was curious why Tracy was willing, out of spite, to destroy a company that Tracy's father had worked so hard to build. Connie thought that there might be another way for Tracy to get back at A.J. for outmaneuvering Tracy. Tracy insisted that A.J. couldn't have succeeded if it hadn't been for Michael because people did things for Michael that they wouldn't do for A.J. Connie admitted that she had met A.J. and that he hadn't seemed like a bad guy. Tracy laughed and asked if the encounter had been in a bar.

Connie conceded that A.J. had been "white-knuckling the booze," but insisted that he hadn't taken a drink. Tracy wasn't impressed; she accused A.J. of being arrogant, entitled, and incompetent. Connie argued that A.J. clearly loved his son, which counted for something in Connie's book. Connie appreciated that A.J. wanted to have a relationship with Michael, work with him, and get to know his son. "Which is more than I can have with my son," Connie quietly added. Tracy softened as she offered her condolences to Connie. Tracy imagined that Connie and Kristina were in a lot of pain.

Connie rubbed her bruised neck as she accused Kristina of having a screw loose. Connie explained that Kristina had destroyed the office with a baseball bat and then had tried to strangle Connie because Kristina blamed Connie for the accident that had killed Trey. Tracy suggested that the attack had been justified, so Connie admitted that she had been raped, had abandoned Trey at birth, and then had told him that she had wished that she had aborted him. Connie defensively wondered why Tracy cared when Tracy was there to "screw your own nephew." "You're wrong," Tracy replied, "I do care."

Tracy confessed that she had met Joe during a low point in her life and that he had managed to hide his dark side for quite some time. However, Tracy assured Connie that no matter what Joe had done, he had always loved Trey. "My boy," Connie whispered in a broken voice as her eyes filled with tears. Tracy handed Connie a tissue, so Connie took it as she conceded that Trey had had lousy parents. Connie cried on Tracy's shoulder for several minutes and then pulled herself together.

Connie and Tracy decided to get back to business by discussing Tracy's plan to destroy ELQ. According to Tracy, A.J. was everything that Edward had despised in a man, so Tracy refused to let A.J. have ELQ. Connie warned Tracy that publishing the documents wouldn't just ruin ELQ, but also land Tracy in hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Tracy was well aware of the ramifications because Anthony had used the documents to blackmail Tracy into marriage. Tracy acknowledged that she had terrible taste in men. "Join the club," Connie commiserated.

Tracy revealed that there had been one man who had made life exciting and interesting, but he had chosen another woman. Connie was shocked and wanted to know who the "rat" was. Tracy smiled as she answered, "Lucas Lorenzo Spencer." However, Tracy assured Connie that Luke was also extraordinary. Tracy admitted that ELQ had been all that Tracy had had until A.J. had taken it away.

Connie advised Tracy to find another way to steal ELQ back, but Tracy was adamant that the only way to save ELQ from misappropriated funds, bad investments, and A.J.'s inevitable relapse was to make certain that there was nothing left for A.J. to destroy. "You play for keeps," Connie noted. Tracy made it clear that ELQ would be hers until the very end, so she wanted Connie to print the documents proving that mob money had been used to infuse ELQ's cash flow.

After Tracy left, Connie called the city editor to demand that he meet her in her office to discuss a story for the next edition of the Sun. Moments later, Sonny entered the office to explain that he wanted to talk to her about what had happened with Kristina. Connie insisted that there was nothing to discuss because Kristina had gone after her with a baseball bat and had tried to strangle her. "End of story," Connie added.

At ELQ, A.J. was confident that Tracy couldn't do anything about A.J. and Michael being in charge of the company. A.J. sat down in the CEO's chair as he admitted that it felt sweet to be back on top. Michael smiled. Moments later, Starr called Michael to alert him that Kristina had disappeared, so Michael announced that he had to leave. A.J. assured Michael that it was okay because family was important, which was why A.J. looked forward to running ELQ with Michael.

After Michael left, Duke Lavery arrived for a job interview with Tracy. A.J. revealed that Tracy was gone and wouldn't be back, but he recognized Duke and admitted that he had read about Duke's recent ordeal. A.J. admitted that he had been the one who had exposed that Faison was alive because A.J. had seen Faison a few years earlier at the clinic in Switzerland. Duke expressed his gratitude, but A.J. confessed that he'd had some legal troubles, so he had used the information to his own benefit.

Duke insisted that the end result was all that mattered. A.J. was curious what kind of job Duke was interested in, so Duke admitted that he would take anything available. They discussed Duke's sparse employment history and twenty-year imprisonment in a Turkish prison. Duke clarified that he hadn't broken any laws; he'd been incarcerated for simply being alive. A.J. empathized with Duke's plight, but he knew that Duke had once laundered money for the mob, so A.J. was reluctant to hire Duke, since A.J. had given Tracy the boot for similar illegal activity.

A.J. wanted to avoid any problems with the S.E.C. Duke promised that that chapter of his life was behind him. A.J. invited Duke to give A.J. a good reason to hire Duke, so Duke explained that he was resourceful and wanted a chance to rebuild his life to prove to people that he was worthy. A.J. identified with Duke's motivation. Duke explained that he needed to be on firm footing to have a fighting chance to win Anna back. Duke was determined to reinvent himself, which A.J. knew a little something about, also, so he decided to take a leap of faith and give Duke a job.

Later, Tracy sauntered into the office to pick up a few of her personal possessions. She wasn't surprised that A.J. had tossed her nameplate into the garbage. Tracy gave A.J. credit for earning his position with ELQ, "fair and square." A.J. eyed her suspiciously, but Tracy merely smiled and wished him luck. "You're gonna need it," Tracy warned him as she left.

Michael arrived at the lake house, where Starr had been waiting for him. She explained that everyone was out looking for Kristina, but no one had called with an update. Starr was afraid that Kristina had gone after Connie, so Michael decided to call Alexis. Alexis quickly filled Michael in about Kristina's arrest.

After Michael ended the call, he told Starr about what Kristina had done to Connie. Starr decided to distract Michael from Kristina's troubles until Alexis arrived home, so she asked him about his day. Michael revealed A.J. had taken control of ELQ and that she had been somewhat instrumental in it. Michael explained that he'd gone to Johnny for some information that would provide A.J. with leverage against Tracy. Starr was pleased that Johnny had helped Michael and his father but insisted that it hadn't absolved Johnny of any wrongdoing.

Starr sensed that Michael was still troubled, so Michael confessed that he was worried about A.J. Michael had a feeling that Tracy would find a way to retaliate because it wasn't in her nature to go down without a fight.

Sabrina was alarmed when she spotted Emma on the pier, so she asked Emma what Emma was doing there. "Feeding the ducks," Emma answered, but Sabrina knew that there was more to the story. Sabrina wondered if Patrick knew where Emma was, so Emma confessed that he didn't. Sabrina quickly shed her coat and draped it around Emma and then decided to call Patrick. However, she soon realized that she had left her phone on the Haunted Star. Sabrina asked Emma where Patrick was, but Emma didn't want to say because Patrick was "with her."

Sabrina figured out that Emma had been referring to Britt, so she continued to question Emma. Eventually, Emma revealed that Britt was mean and had told Emma that she didn't like her. Sabrina was shocked that Britt would say something like that to Emma. Sabrina hugged Emma and then explained that Emma was the most important person in the world to Patrick, so Sabrina was certain that he was worried about Emma. Finally, Emma admitted that Patrick was at Kelly's.

At Kelly's, Patrick was frantic with worry about his missing daughter, so Anna wondered who Emma might go to. Patrick admitted that Emma had been close to Sabrina, prompting Anna to urge him to call Sabrina. Patrick reached Sabrina's voicemail, so he explained that Emma was missing and implored her to call him back. Anna stepped outside to check in with the police, while Britt suggested that perhaps Emma had gone to a friend's house. Patrick decided to make some phone calls, but he feared that someone had taken his daughter because he couldn't imagine Emma leaving on her own, especially without telling him.

Patrick wondered if anything had happened between Britt and Emma while he had been outside on the phone. Britt thought about the exchange of words that she'd had with Emma but assured Patrick that Emma hadn't given any indication that something had been wrong.

Outside of Kelly's, Mac was eager to know if Anna had an update about Emma. "No," Anna replied, on the verge of tears. Mac revealed that Felicia was at Patrick's house, waiting, in case Emma had been headed home. Mac wanted to help, so Anna explained that an APB had been issued, and officers were combing the streets. Anna felt as if she were about to fall apart, so Mac assured Anna that if anyone could find Emma, it was Anna.

Mac and Anna returned to the diner to check on Patrick. Patrick was beside himself with worry and regret that he hadn't kept a closer eye on his daughter. Anna and Mac insisted that it wasn't Patrick's fault and suggested that they keep a clear head. Patrick decided to get in his car to search for his daughter. He stopped short when Sabrina entered Kelly's with Emma in her arms. Overjoyed, Patrick rushed to his daughter and swept her out of Sabrina's arms to hug Emma tightly.

Britt watched nervously as Mac and Anna joined the happy family reunion. Sabrina stood in the doorway, glaring at Britt, but didn't say anything. Anna called the police department to call off the search, so Patrick asked Sabrina how Sabrina had found Emma. Sabrina explained that Emma had gone to a place on the piers where she and Emma had fed the ducks. Patrick was relieved that his daughter had been found, prompting Britt to assure Emma she had been worried about Emma too.

Patrick gently scolded Emma for leaving without a word and then asked why Emma had left. Emma looked up at Britt who subtly shook her head in warning. Sabrina noticed. "Emma says it was because of you," Sabrina told Britt accusingly. Anna and Mac decided to take Emma to the kitchen for hot chocolate before things turned ugly. Patrick waited until Emma was gone and then asked Sabrina what Emma had said.

Sabrina was certain that Emma would tell Patrick, but Patrick wanted to hear from Sabrina. Britt suggested that she and Patrick discuss it privately, but Patrick waited for Sabrina to answer. Sabrina explained that Britt had told Emma that Britt didn't like Emma. Britt claimed that it was a crazy accusation and asked why Britt would say that to a child. Sabrina admitted that she had wondered the same thing. Britt insisted that Emma had made the story up and then accused Emma of having a vivid imagination.

Patrick ignored Britt as he asked Sabrina if Sabrina had thought that Emma had made it up. "No, I don't," Sabrina answered. "I think Emma was telling the truth," Sabrina added. Britt feigned hurt that Sabrina would attack her like that. Britt demanded to know if Patrick intended to take Sabrina's word over Britt's. Before Patrick could answer, Anna and Mac returned from the kitchen with Emma. Anna suggested that Patrick take Emma home because Emma was exhausted.

Britt offered to go with Patrick and Emma, but Patrick turned her down. Emma thanked Sabrina for finding her, so Sabrina hugged Emma tightly and reiterated that she was happy that Emma was safe. Patrick thanked Sabrina and left without a glance or goodbye to Britt. Britt was furious, so she warned Sabrina not to think about ruining what Britt and Patrick had, or Sabrina would regret it. Sabrina claimed that she couldn't care less about Britt and Patrick's relationship, but if Britt hurt Emma, then Britt would be the one to regret it.

Outside, Duke walked up as Anna ended a call with someone at the police department. Duke had heard Anna mention an Amber Alert, so he greeted her and then asked her about it. Anna explained that her granddaughter had been missing for a short time, but Emma had been found safe and sound. Duke was relieved. Anna confessed that she had been terrified then changed the subject when she noticed that Duke was dressed up.

Duke revealed that he'd had a job interview and that it had gone well because he had been hired. Anna was happy for him, so Duke invited her to go out with him to celebrate whenever she was free. Anna agreed. However, after Duke left, she appeared troubled.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

At the police station, Sam and Alexis returned from a visit with Kristina. Sam assured Alexis that Kristina would be okay as they passed John's desk. Sam stopped to ask how John's arm was holding up, so John promised that he was on the mend. Sam spotted the previous day's edition of the Sun, which had a picture of Todd and the caption "Cuckoo" above it. Sam wondered if John thought that Todd would get away with the insanity claim. John revealed that Todd had successfully used a dissociative identity disorder defense in the past.

John mentioned that Todd had been scheduled for an evaluation at Ferncliff later that afternoon. Alexis was confident that Todd wouldn't get away with the ruse, but John insisted that Todd was a complete sociopath and had laid the groundwork by pretending to share Lucy Coe's delusions about vampires. Sam hoped that they had seen the last of "that crackpot," too, just as Kevin Collins entered the squad room.

"I'll have you know that 'that crackpot' is my wife," Kevin informed John and Sam. However, Kevin clarified that Lucy was more of a "screwball" than a crackpot. Alexis and Kevin exchanged greetings, then Kevin apologized for not returning her calls. Alexis didn't care as long as he was there, because Lucy had had a "rough" couple of days. Kevin wondered if it was true that Lucy had stabbed a police officer. "Yes, him," Alexis answered as she pointed at John. John introduced himself and shook hands with Kevin.

Alexis explained that Lucy believed that John was a vampire. "Named Caleb," Kevin added. John, Sam, and Alexis were surprised, so Kevin revealed that Lucy had been carrying on for a long time about Caleb and Caleb's obsession with Kevin's imaginary daughter, Livvie. "I'm your daughter?" Sam asked. Alexis quickly clarified that Lucy believed that Alexis' daughter, Sam, was Livvie. Alexis jokingly wondered if Kevin and Alexis had had a "torrid" affair that Alexis had forgotten about. Kevin smiled and assured Alexis that they hadn't, unless he had forgotten about it too.

Kevin confessed that he was a psychiatrist, so he had spent years trying to treat Lucy's madness, but nothing had worked. According to Kevin, Lucy's fantasy world was extremely convoluted and included demons, seers, and even an angel named Rafe. Kevin insisted that it had been too much, so he had taken the children and had left Lucy.

Sonny bumped into Tracy as he was leaving Kelly's. He knew it was a difficult day for her, so he apologized for not helping her to stop A.J. from taking over ELQ; however, he hadn't wanted to jeopardize his relationship with Michael. Sonny assured Tracy that A.J. would eventually destroy himself because it was in A.J.'s nature. Tracy confessed that it was in her nature to be impatient. Sonny was curious what that meant, so Tracy smiled and told him, "It means you're welcome."

Tracy was confident that A.J. wouldn't be CEO for long, so Sonny warned her that he didn't want Michael to be caught in the crossfire of whatever Tracy had planned for A.J. Tracy argued that Michael was old enough to suffer the consequences if he had been old enough to hitch his star to A.J.'s wagon.

After Tracy entered the diner, Olivia spotted Sonny and called out to him. Sonny explained that he had been on his way to the police station because Kristina had been arrested for trying to kill Connie. Olivia was stunned as Sonny told her about the explosive incident in Connie's office. Olivia reluctantly conceded that Kristina had been right to blame Connie for Trey's death, but she offered to talk to Connie on Kristina's behalf. Sonny insisted that Connie's mind was made up because Connie wanted to hurt Sonny. Olivia wondered why and then realized that Sonny had kissed Connie.

Sonny assured Olivia that nothing had happened, but he confessed that he had been tempted to kiss Connie. However, he had felt obligated to be honest with Connie by explaining that he wanted Kate. Connie had been furious and had turned on him. Sonny admitted that he cared about Connie, but he loved Kate.

Later, Sonny entered the squad room to check on his daughter. Alexis implored Sonny to talk to Kate on Kristina's behalf or else their daughter would go to jail. Sonny insisted that he had tried, but Connie had shot him down. Alexis refused to take no for an answer, so Sonny left.

Alexis entered the interrogation room as Kevin once again apologized to John for Lucy's actions. John assured him it was fine because John had been overdue for a day off. Sam insisted that John was a workaholic. Kevin was relieved that Lucy would finally get the help that she desperately needed at Ferncliff. Alexis was certain that Kevin would play an integral part in Lucy's recovery, but Kevin revealed that he didn't intend to stay in town. Kevin had only wanted to apologize to Lucy's victims and meet with Lucy's doctors to let them know what they were dealing with.

Alexis reminded Kevin that Lucy had hired Alexis years earlier to represent Kevin to keep him out of Ferncliff, so she couldn't understand why Kevin would turn his back on Lucy. Kevin was grateful that Lucy had defended him, but he insisted that he couldn't help Lucy. Alexis argued that Lucy had shown Kevin unwavering love when he had needed it, so Lucy deserved the same.

At Ferncliff, Todd called his office. "Editrix in Chief," Connie answered. Todd was not pleased, so Connie claimed that it was her office, her phone, and her newspaper. Todd disagreed, but asked, "Why didn't the Sun come out today?" He immediately warned her that he was serious. Connie smiled and explained that she'd hit a snag with that morning's edition of the Sun because Todd's staff had been loyal to him, so they had tried to stonewall her.

Todd was impressed until Connie revealed that the staff had fallen in line when she had threatened to outsource everyone's job. Connie picked up a mock cover of the afternoon edition of the Sun, which featured a picture of Tracy and A.J. with a caption that read, "El Quagmire! Q's Save Co With Mob Dough." Connie cryptically promised Todd that the afternoon edition had a "hell of a lead." Connie wanted to make some changes to the newspaper, but Todd vowed to reclaim the Sun.

Connie was confident that Todd would be at Ferncliff for a while. Todd assured Connie that he would get out soon, unaware that Lucy lurked nearby eavesdropping on his end of the conversation. Lucy immediately asked him how he planned to escape because she wanted to go with him. Todd ended the call and tried to get Lucy to lower her voice, even though he was delighted to meet her because of what she had done to land herself in Ferncliff.

Lucy reminded Todd of the escape plan, so Todd told her that there was only one seat on the freedom train, and it belonged to him. Lucy assured him that she was resourceful, but Todd argued that it wasn't a good idea to get involved with a committed "slayer." Lucy regretted that she hadn't recanted and blamed her remarks about vampires on expired Ding Dongs. Todd was surprised that Ding Dongs expired, but Lucy refused to let Todd distract her. Todd invited Lucy to sit down and play a children's board game so they could quietly discuss the escape.

Todd made it clear that he would only consider teaming up with Lucy if she corroborated his claim that he was insane. Lucy was confused, so Todd admitted that he had to be somewhat crazy to have done the things that he had. However, he wanted the doctors to believe that he had dissociative identity disorder.

At Manning Enterprises, Starr was impressed with the way that Michael looked in a suit. She offered to slip into a supply closet with him. Michael was tempted, but he was there on a mission to persuade Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. Starr doubted that Connie would cooperate. Michael insisted that he had to try and suggested that anything was possible because if anyone had told him six months before that he'd have a relationship with A.J. and help his father run ELQ, he would have said that they were crazy.

Starr and Michael entered the office. "Starfish," Connie greeted Starr. "Got a bone to pick with you about your no-good father," Connie added. Starr made it clear that she wasn't there to discuss Todd, so Michael revealed that they wanted Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. Connie refused because Kristina was a spoiled brat who had a worse temper than Sonny.

Starr pointed out that it might help Connie's own legal case, but Connie suggested that she could just plead insanity like Todd had. Starr demanded to know what Connie was talking about, so Connie showed Starr the previous day's edition of the Sun. Starr read it, while Michael pleaded with Connie not to pursue legal action against Kristina. Connie refused, so Starr decided to go to Ferncliff to talk to Todd. Michael offered to accompany Starr, but Starr urged him to go to ELQ to start his first day on the job. Connie smugly mumbled that it would be Michael's last day as she watched Michael and Starr leave.

At Ferncliff, Todd explained that he wanted to use DID to avoid being sent to Pentonville. Lucy confided that she'd had a friend who had gone to Pentonville, so she agreed that it should be avoided. However, she was interested in seeing one of his alters. Todd adopted a Latin accent and introduced himself as Rod, claiming that he was a lover. Lucy wasn't impressed. Meanwhile, Starr entered and accused her father of being "completely full of it."

Todd remained in character, but Starr saw through the act because she knew that her father didn't have DID. Lucy slowly faded into the background, but listened intently as Starr reminded Todd that Starr still had a tape of Todd making a full confession that he had faked DID. Todd was shocked that Starr had held onto a cassette tape and warned her that she wouldn't find a device to play it on. Starr was not amused when Todd suggested that they should discuss her hoarding problem.

Todd reminded his daughter that he had spent eight years in a small windowless cell and subjected to torture, so perhaps his alters had been his only companions. Starr challenged Todd to take responsibility for the horrible things that he had done, like protecting the man who had killed Todd's own granddaughter. Starr vowed to turn the tape over to the police if Todd went through with his plans to fake DID, but Todd didn't believe her. Starr pointed out that Todd had spit on Hope and Cole's graves by allowing Johnny to go free and to pretend that he was Starr's friend. "Oh, yeah, I would," Starr assured Todd.

Moments later, an orderly arrived to fetch Todd for Todd's psychiatric evaluation. Starr introduced herself as Todd's daughter and asked to meet with the doctors and sit in on the evaluation so that she could see just how crazy her father was. After Todd and Starr followed the orderly down the hall, Lucy sat down at a table. She despaired of ever getting out. "Oh ye of little faith," Kevin replied as he suddenly appeared behind her. Lucy's face lit up and her eyes filled with tears when she looked into Kevin's smiling face.

At Kelly's, Tracy was startled when Alice walked in and announced that Ned had sent her. Tracy argued that she had expected Ned for a business meeting, so Alice explained that Ned had left when Lois had called to let Ned know that Brook Lynn had been injured during a performance. Tracy's concern for Brook Lynn momentarily outweighed her annoyance as she asked if Brook Lynn was okay. Alice revealed that Tracy's granddaughter had broken her leg.

Alice sat down and pulled out a note that Ned had asked her to give to Tracy. Alice feared that she might have grabbed the wrong piece of paper because she couldn't make sense of it, so Tracy snatched it out of Alice's hand. Tracy immediately recognized Ned's nearly illegible handwriting and returned it to Alice to decipher. According to Alice, the letter urged Tracy not to give up on ELQ because A.J. had mentioned to Carly that Heather had suggested that Edward's will contained key information about controlling ELQ. Alice explained that Ned believed that there was an unknown Quartermaine heir that Carly had information about. Tracy realized that there was still hope for ELQ because a grandchild would inherit twelve percent of the shares, while a great-grandchild would inherit six percent, which would give Tracy sufficient votes to seize control of ELQ.

Tracy knew that she had to stop Connie from printing the incriminating documents that Tracy had given to Connie, so she raced out of the diner. A short time later, Tracy arrived at Manning Enterprises and called out to Connie. Connie assumed that Tracy was upset because that day's edition of the Sun hadn't hit the stands, so she explained that she'd had some trouble with Todd's staff. Tracy's face lit up with hope until Connie assured her that the story had gone to print.

Tracy conceded that Edward had been right to leave her a jar of relish because she had arrogantly sacrificed her family's legacy for the sake of her hurt pride. Tracy was certain that she would end up losing Ned and Dillon when they learned what Tracy had done. Connie suggested that no one had to know because a newspaper woman wasn't required to reveal her sources. Connie pointed out that Tracy's sons couldn't blame Tracy for something that she might not have done. Tracy was surprised that Connie would do something like that for her. Connie smiled as she insisted that she and Tracy were "simpatico" and friends. Tracy smiled.

Later, Connie was basking in her success when Sonny entered the office. Connie made it clear that she hadn't changed her mind about Kristina, not even when Michael had appealed to her on Kristina's behalf. Sonny was surprised that Michael had been there, so Connie goaded Sonny by revealing that Michael had been dressed up for his first day as a Quartermaine. Sonny refused to be baited because he was confident that Michael would never be a Quartermaine. Sonny suggested that he could give Connie something that she wanted. "What?" Connie asked, so Sonny kissed her.

Connie was shaken by the passionate kiss, so she asked Sonny what he was doing to her. She had thought that Sonny had wanted her "snuffed" as much as Kristina had. Sonny assured Connie that no one wanted to hurt her and suggested that they could learn to coexist or possibly have more, but not with the charges hanging over Kristina's head.

Monica paid A.J. a visit at ELQ. A.J. hugged his mother and admitted that he'd had a hectic, but good, morning. A.J. had wanted to get a jumpstart on the day before the Asian markets had opened so that the business community would take A.J. seriously and know that he could be trusted. Monica smiled with pride as she sat down, but A.J. noticed that Monica seemed worried. Monica confessed that she didn't trust Tracy. A.J. assured Monica that he could handle the job because it wasn't like the old days when he had wanted it for the attention.

A.J. was confident that he would be a good CEO and honor Edward's legacy, while building one of his own with Michael by his side. Monica was curious what A.J. and Michael had accomplished, so A.J. admitted that they hadn't done anything because Michael hadn't arrived for work yet. A.J. began to worry that Sonny and Carly had gotten to Michael. As if on cue, Michael entered the office and apologized for being late. Michael explained that family business had delayed him.

A.J. smiled with relief as Monica beamed with joy. Moments later, A.J. received a call about the afternoon edition of the Sun, so he called for his assistant and asked for a copy of the newspaper. A.J.'s trepidation turned to anger when he saw the headline. Michael and Monica realized that something was wrong, so A.J. showed them the newspaper. "That vindictive harpy," Monica growled, certain that Tracy had been responsible for the damaging story. A.J. insisted that Tracy could go to jail, so it was unlikely that Tracy had been behind the story.

Michael was curious who else it could have been, so A.J. suggested that Sonny had planted the story. Michael refused to believe it, but A.J. explained that he had seen Sonny exiting Tracy's office the previous day. A.J. had asked Sonny what Sonny had been doing in Tracy's office, and Sonny had claimed to be there on business. Michael argued that it didn't prove anything, but A.J. was certain that Tracy had known that Sonny had intended to take down ELQ, which was why she had really stepped down as CEO. Michael remained skeptical, so A.J. suggested that they go to the source to find out the truth.

A short time later, Michael and A.J. entered Connie's office as Connie shoved Sonny away from her and asked if he thought that he could kiss his troubles away. Connie demanded to know what Michael and A.J. were doing there, so A.J. held up the newspaper and asked who had given her the story. Connie pointed to Sonny and answered, "Him."

Meanwhile, Tracy had returned to Kelly's, dejected. Moments later, Ned called to find out if she had received his message. Tracy grimaced as she agreed with Ned that it was great news that there was still hope of saving ELQ.

On the piers, a teenage boy approached a woman who was revealed to be Alison Barrington, the granddaughter of the Port Charles society blueblood, Amanda Barrington. He told Alison that he had found a diner nearby where they could rest and get something to eat. Alison looked troubled as she explained that they would have to wait a bit longer because there was something that she had to do. "And then what? Will this finally be finished?" the teenager asked. Alison realized that Port Charles was just another town to him, but it was home to her.

Alison began to fuss over the teenage boy by trying to zip up his jacket, but he swatted her hands away. Alison apologized for being "such a mom" and assured her son, Rafe, that she had never wanted him to live a life on the run. She vowed that once she was done with everything, she and Rafe would finally be able to settle down in Port Charles and be safe. Rafe was curious what made Port Charles different, so Alison showed him a clipping of a newspaper article about Lucy Coe's arrest as she explained that they finally had an ally.

Alison checked the end of the alley, while Rafe read the clipping. He warned his mother that Lucy was crazy and had tried to kill a police officer. Alison asked her son to trust her and insisted that she had been trying to keep him safe from the man who had wanted to take Rafe away from her. "Right," Rafe grumbled. Alison reminded him that they both knew exactly what the man was capable of, so she needed Rafe to remain out of sight while she paid Lucy a visit. She pulled a silver arrow out of her bag and handed it to him with instructions to use it if anyone gave him any trouble.

"Mom, be careful," Rafe said as Alison walked away. Alison returned to tearfully hug her son and assure him that she loved him. Rafe hoped that Alison was successful because Rafe couldn't continue to live on the run much longer.

Later, Alison arrived at the police station and asked the police officer at the front desk if he had any information about Lucy Coe. "The vampire lady?" the police officer asked. Alison nodded, so he told her to talk to Detective John McBain and pointed her to the interrogation room. Alison approached John and asked to talk to him. Alison gasped when John turned to look at her. "Oh, my God. Caleb," Alison said as she took a step back in terror.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

At Kelly's, Tracy read the afternoon edition of the Sun, featuring the damaging story about ELQ. She put the newspaper down when Luke walked in and sat down next to her at the counter. Tracy was curious if the weather in Turkey was as nice as people claimed. Luke said he would have been by her side during her time of grief if he hadn't been incarcerated. Luke extended his condolences and admitted that he had been sorry to hear about Edward's passing. Tracy confessed that she had thought her father would be around forever.

Luke was surprised when Tracy showed him the newspaper and explained that Edward's legacy had followed him into the afterlife. Luke had thought that Anthony had taken Tracy's secret about using mob money to replenish ELQ's coffers to the grave, so he suspected that Tracy had planted the story in the Sun. Tracy reminded him that she had gone to great lengths to keep the story from going public. Luke was certain that Tracy had decided to let ELQ go out with a bang rather than to watch it die a slow and painful death.

Tracy hated how Luke was able to see through her. She confided that Connie had promised not to tell anyone who the source for the story had been, but Luke questioned if Connie could be trusted. Tracy revealed that she and Connie had forged a bond, so she was confident that Connie would keep her word. Tracy then told him about Edward's will, which indicated that there was an unknown Quartermaine heir unaccounted for. Luke assumed that it was Jimmy Lee Holt, but Tracy quickly assured him that Edward had disowned his illegitimate son long before and had added a codicil to the will, making it clear that Jimmy Lee was not to inherit a cent.

Tracy explained that Carly apparently knew something about the mystery heir, so Tracy wanted Luke to find out who it was. Luke warned Tracy that Carly likely wouldn't cooperate, but Tracy didn't care. Tracy insisted that she had put her neck on the line for Luke many times, so she expected him to return the favor by getting the information that Tracy needed from his "gold-digging niece."

At Manning Enterprises, Michael and A.J. demanded to know who had been Connie's source for the article about ELQ's finances. Connie immediately blamed Sonny. Sonny glared at Connie and denied it. Connie claimed that Sonny had stopped by to thank her. Michael looked hurt and betrayed as he questioned Sonny about Connie's accusations.

Connie argued that Sonny was not to be trusted. A.J. pointed out that he had caught Sonny exiting Tracy's office, so Sonny explained that Tracy had asked Sonny to find the incriminating documents to keep Michael and A.J. from using them. However, Sonny had turned her down because he had refused to jeopardize his relationship with Michael. Connie remained adamant that Sonny had been her source, so Michael asked why Sonny had gone after A.J. when A.J. hadn't bothered Sonny. Sonny bragged that he could have hurt A.J. in many various ways, but Sonny had refrained because of Michael.

After Michael and A.J. left, Sonny turned his wrath on Connie for lying. He wanted to know why she had done it, so she asked why he had kissed her. Sonny admitted that he had felt a connection to her, but Connie accused him of manipulating her to drop the charges against Kristina. Connie didn't regret lying about Sonny's role in the sensational article. Sonny insisted that he had felt genuine compassion for what she had gone through when Trey had died, but he resented that she had repaid his kindness by pressing charges against his daughter and turning Michael against him.

Connie reminded Sonny that she didn't owe him anything. Sonny was curious why she had been working so hard to push him away, but Connie refused to look at him. Sonny assured her that Michael would eventually realize the truth and that Kristina would get out of her legal troubles, but Connie would end up alone. He pointed out that she was only out on bail, so she still faced serious charges for causing the accident. Sonny warned her that her life would become a living hell without anyone in her corner.

Michael and A.J. returned to ELQ, where A.J. discovered a pile of messages on his desk. Michael felt terrible for what had happened, but he remained uncertain about Sonny's guilt. A.J. argued that they both knew how much Sonny hated A.J. and the lengths that Sonny would go to get A.J. out of the way. However, A.J. was most upset that Michael had been cheated out of Michael's legacy. Michael vowed to stand by A.J.'s side and help him figure a way out of their troubles. A.J. thanked his son and then swayed on his feet.

Michael immediately became concerned, so A.J. assured him that it was probably low blood sugar. Michael offered to fetch something for them to eat and then suggested that they brainstorm. A.J. agreed. Shortly after Michael left, A.J.'s breathing became labored.

Michael arrived at Kelly's to pick up some food. He spotted Tracy at the counter and noticed the newspaper in front of her, so he realized that she knew about the damaging story. Tracy was shocked when Michael revealed that Connie had accused Sonny of leaking the story.

At the hospital, Britt left Patrick a voicemail message explaining that they needed to talk. She was surprised when she bumped into Patrick as she ended the call, so she sheepishly admitted that she had left him another message. Patrick was distant when he assured her that he had received her other messages. Britt wondered how Emma was doing, but Patrick questioned her sincerity. Britt insisted that Emma's disappearance had been the worst moment of her life and promised that she would never be so petty as to tell a little girl that she didn't like her.

Patrick wondered if Britt was implying that Emma had made the story up. "Maybe," Britt replied. She asked Patrick to consider the possibility that Emma had been upset because Patrick and Britt had taken Emma out on her first family outing since Robin had died. She carefully advised him not to put too much faith in what a little girl had said, but he reminded her that Sabrina had confirmed Emma's story.

Britt insisted that she and Patrick needed to present a united front to assure Emma that Britt didn't intend to replace Robin and that Patrick and Britt were together. Patrick conceded that it had been a difficult time for Emma, so Emma's brief disappearance might have been a sign of something much deeper than he had realized. Patrick promised Britt that he hadn't believed that she had intentionally hurt his daughter. Britt's face lit with joy as she threw her arms around him.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth was curious what Sabrina planned to do with the stack of files that Sabrina was holding. Sabrina dumped them on the counter and explained that she had been ordered to enter the information into the database. Elizabeth wondered who would give Sabrina such a menial task. "One guess" Sabrina replied as she and Elizabeth spotted Patrick and Britt in a deep conversation. Sabrina was disappointed when Britt suddenly hugged Patrick because it was clear that he had taken Britt's word over Sabrina's and, more importantly, over Emma's.

Sabrina ditched Elizabeth when she noticed that Patrick and Britt were headed to the nurses' station. Patrick saw the stack of files, so he asked what was up with them. Elizabeth started to answer, but Britt cut her off by claiming that Epiphany had assigned Sabrina a job that Britt thought was a waste of Sabrina's talent. Moments later, Sabrina returned. It was clear that something was troubling Sabrina, so Patrick asked her what was wrong.

Sabrina revealed that the bank had called to notify her that a stop payment had been put on Tracy's check for the Nurses Ball. Patrick wondered why, so Elizabeth showed him the newspaper reporting the ELQ scandal. Britt explained that ELQ had been involved in a serious financial scandal, so it appeared that the Nurses Ball was over before it had started. Elizabeth sent Britt to consult with a patient and then told Sabrina and Patrick that there might be a way to turn things around for the Nurses Ball. Elizabeth asked them to cover for her and then took her break to run a quick errand.

After Elizabeth left, Sabrina asked Patrick about Emma. Patrick assured her that Emma was fine, but he feared that she might have lied to Sabrina about Britt. "You think so?" Sabrina asked, stunned. "Yeah, I do," Patrick answered. He explained that he and Britt had taken Emma out for Emma's first family outing since Robin had died. Patrick suspected that it had been confusing to Emma, which had led Emma to run away.

After Patrick walked away, Sabrina rolled her eyes and resumed working on the files. Britt returned to dump more files on the pile and asked where Patrick was. Sabrina told her that he had been paged, so Britt took the opportunity to set some things straight with Sabrina. Britt conceded that Sabrina's attempt to blame Britt for Emma's vanishing act had been a nice try. However, Patrick finally knew the truth; his perfect little girl wasn't so perfect after all.

Sabrina reminded Britt that all children acted out, but Britt didn't care. "Listen to me, you pathetic interloper. I'm going to tell you what I told Emma yesterday. I'm not going anywhere," Britt growled. Britt assured Sabrina that Britt and Patrick would be together for a long time and that there was nothing that Sabrina or "his spoiled brat of a daughter" could do about it. Britt flashed a smug smile and turned around. She immediately froze when she saw that Patrick had been standing close enough to hear her parting words to Sabrina.

At Ferncliff, Lucy threw herself into Kevin's welcoming arms. Kevin explained that Alexis had called him, so Lucy assured him that things were not as they seemed. Kevin argued that she had stabbed a police officer named John McBain. Lucy assured Kevin that John was really Caleb, king of the vampires. She implored Kevin to understand that Caleb had wiped out everyone's memories, except hers, and warned him that Alison and her son were in danger.

Kevin was curious if Lucy had been referring to Alison Barrington, the woman who had married Lucy's cousin, Rafe. Lucy nodded and mentioned Kevin's daughter, Livvie, but Kevin denied that he had a daughter named Livvie. He explained to Lucy that the woman that Lucy had claimed was Livvie was actually Alexis' daughter, Sam. Lucy became increasingly agitated as she realized that Kevin thought she suffered from paranoid delusions. Kevin assured Lucy that he loved her, but she needed more than he could give her.

Lucy cried in despair as Kevin confessed that he would give anything to have her back, but he couldn't handle her illness. Lucy was certain that Kevin would realize that she had been telling the truth when people started dying. "And they will," Lucy promised.

At the police station, Sam called Molly to update her on Kristina's arraignment and to check on Danny. Molly revealed that she had taken Danny to the piers to feed the ducks. Sam reminded Molly to keep Danny bundled up and away from strangers.

Nearby, Alison jumped back in horror as she looked at John. "Oh, my God. Caleb," Alison cried out. John tried to introduce himself, but Alison ordered him to stay away from her because she knew his real identity. Sam noticed the commotion, so she approached Alison. Alison was shocked when she spotted Sam because she thought that Sam was Livvie. Alison grabbed Sam's arm as she begged "Livvie" to step away from Caleb and leave with her. Sam tried to explain that she wasn't Livvie, but Alison argued that she recognized her best friend.

Sam denied that she had ever met Alison before, so Alison accused Caleb of erasing Livvie's memories. Alison explained that her name was Alison Barrington and that she and her son were in danger from Caleb. Alison pointed to John as she clarified that John was really Caleb. John and Sam became concerned when Alison insisted that Lucy had been right about Caleb. Alison was determined to find Lucy, so she fled the police station.

John and Sam quickly looked up Alison Barrington on the computer. They discovered that Alison was the granddaughter of Port Charles socialite Amanda Barrington, who had died a few years earlier. According to what John and Sam found out, Alison's grandmother had raised her, and Alison had been engaged to a man named Rafe Kovich. They were curious why there hadn't been any mention of a son, so Sam decided to pay Lucy a visit and use Lucy's certainty that Sam was Livvie to Sam's advantage.

John reminded Sam that Todd and Heather were also at Ferncliff, but Sam promised to avoid them. John asked Sam to be careful, so she promised to call him after the visit. A short time later, Sam arrived at Ferncliff. Lucy informed Sam that she had just missed her father, Kevin. Sam ignored the remark to ask what Lucy knew about Alison Barrington.

On the piers, Molly became alarmed when a teenage boy approached her, wielding a lethal silver arrow. She threatened to call 9-1-1 if he didn't leave her alone, so Rafe quickly put the arrow away as he assured Molly that he meant her no harm. He showed her the article about Lucy Coe and asked if Molly knew her. Molly admitted that she had heard of Lucy because Lucy had stabbed Molly's sister's friend, but Molly had never met Lucy. Molly was curious why Rafe was interested in Lucy, so Rafe confided that his mother believed that Lucy was the only person who could help them.

Molly wondered if Rafe was in trouble. Rafe confessed that he and his mother were broke, it was the middle of winter, and they didn't have a place to sleep or eat. Molly told Rafe where to find a shelter, but Rafe doubted that his mother would go. Molly explained that she had to get the baby out of the cold, so Rafe asked if he could have the bread that she had planned to feed to the ducks. Molly realized that he intended to eat it, so she offered to buy him lunch at Kelly's.

Rafe declined until Molly told him about Kelly's special. Rafe admitted that he had to wait for his mother to return, but Molly assured him that Kelly's was close. Rafe tucked his backpack out of sight and followed Molly to the diner. Later, as they ate, Molly introduced herself, so Rafe did the same. They talked about their families as Molly revealed that her family was always in crisis.

Rafe admitted that his mother tended to be dysfunctional. Their conversation then turned to literature when Rafe revealed that he had read A Streetcar Named Desire the previous summer and confided that his mother had Blanche Dubois tendencies. He decided that he had been gone long enough and expressed regret that he couldn't repay Molly for the meal. He plucked a flower out of the vase and handed it to her. "Flores por los muertos," Rafe said with a smile.

"Flowers for the dead?" Molly asked and confessed that it was a bit morbid. Rafe admitted that he was a fan of the macabre and then left.

Meanwhile, Alison returned to the alley where she had ordered Rafe to wait for her. She became frantic when she realized that he was gone and even more concerned when she found his hidden backpack. Alison decided to call John and arrange to meet him on the pier. After she ended the call, she pulled the silver arrow from Rafe's backpack and ducked behind a building to wait. Moments later, footsteps sounded as someone approached the alley.

A short time later, Rafe found his mother lying in pool of blood in the alley. Rafe picked up the silver arrow as John entered the alley.

Elizabeth arrived at ELQ and knocked on A.J.'s office door. She heard strange sounds from inside the office, so she opened the door. A.J. stood over his desk clutching his chest and gasping for breath. Elizabeth rushed forward when A.J. suddenly collapsed.

Friday, February 1, 2013

At Ferncliff, Lucy was convinced that Sam was Livvie despite Sam's assurances to the contrary. Sam decided to focus on the reason for her visit, so she asked if Lucy knew a woman named Alison Barrington. Lucy became agitated as she asked if something had happened to Alison. Sam assured Lucy that Alison was fine, but Alison had become quite frightened when she had met John at the police station earlier that day. Lucy wasn't surprised, since Alison had known Caleb.

Lucy explained that Alison had been married to Lucy's cousin, Rafe. Lucy hadn't seen Alison since shortly after the birth of Alison's son. According to Lucy, Alison hadn't had any reason to question the baby's paternity until the baby's birth, when it became clear that the baby bore a striking resemblance to his biological father, not Alison or Rafe. Sam asked who the baby's father was. "Caleb Morley, the man you call John McBain," Lucy answered.

Lucy claimed that Caleb had mesmerized Alison, gotten her pregnant, and then had erased the memory. Rafe had loved Alison and the baby, so he had decided to hunt Caleb down and eliminate Caleb as a threat to Alison and her child. Sam was curious what had become of Rafe. Lucy revealed that Rafe and Caleb had simply vanished. Lucy was certain that Rafe would have returned to his family if he had survived, so she had always suspected that Caleb had been alive.

Lucy begged for Sam to get her out of Ferncliff, but Sam refused because Lucy needed professional help. Frustrated, Lucy implored Sam to find Alison and Rafe before it was too late. Lucy warned Sam that people would die -- starting with Alison.

On Pier 52, John saw Rafe leaning over Alison's body with a bloody silver arrow clutched in Rafe's hand. John drew his gun and ordered Rafe to put the weapon down and step away from the body. Rafe hesitated but then complied. John rushed forward to check Alison for a pulse. "She's dead," John said as he looked at Rafe. John called the police station to report the crime then tried to question Rafe, but Rafe refused to respond other than to glare at John.

John searched Rafe's backpack, which yielded a picture of Alison and Rafe. The back of the picture noted, "Mom and Rafe," so John realized that the young man was Alison's son, but Rafe remained mute. Later, Rafe fought back tears as his mother's body was sealed in a bag and then taken away. Moments later, Anna arrived on the scene. John filled her in on what had happened and showed her the bloody arrow, which he believed was the murder weapon. Anna couldn't imagine what would drive a child to kill his own mother.

At the police station, John offered to call Rafe's father or a family friend, but Rafe ignored him. After Rafe was led to the interrogation room, Anna asked John how John had ended up in the alley. John told Anna about his encounter with Alison earlier that day and then revealed that she had called to arrange a meeting with him. John was certain that Rafe knew something about Alison's murder, so Anna decided to talk to Rafe in the hopes of getting Rafe to open up.

After Anna walked away, Sam entered the squad room to give John an update about her talk with Lucy. Sam revealed that Lucy had warned her that Alison and Rafe were in danger. John confessed that Lucy had been right.

Anna entered the interrogation room and handed Rafe a doughnut. Rafe eyed it suspiciously, but Anna assured him it was okay to eat. Rafe took a bite out of the doughnut as Anna began to ask him questions. Rafe remained stubbornly silent until she asked if he had killed his mother. "No," Rafe answered and then wandered to the door to study the people in the squad room. Anna wondered if Rafe knew who had killed Alison, so Rafe pointed to someone in the squad room and answered, "Him."

At Ferncliff, Lucy prayed to Rafe and asked him to be her angel by helping everyone in danger from Caleb, especially "that poor innocent boy."

At Kelly's, Molly twirled the flowers that Rafe had given to her as she thought about their conversation regarding A Streetcar Named Desire. Molly was startled when T.J. suddenly appeared and greeted her. T.J. chuckled and jokingly wondered if she had been expecting someone else. Molly became defensive, prompting T.J. to ask why she had been so jumpy. Molly claimed that she had been concentrating on the book that she had been reading. T.J. saw the title of the book and recalled that she had read it over the summer, so she informed him that she often read a book more than once.

T.J. was curious about the flowers that Molly had been holding. Molly admitted that a guy had given them to her and then told T.J. about Rafe and her offer to buy Rafe lunch. T.J. was a little concerned about Molly's trustworthy nature because it could have been a dangerous situation. Molly revealed that Rafe was their age, so she hadn't felt threatened. T.J. didn't appreciate another guy giving his girlfriend flowers, so Molly accused T.J. of sounding jealous.

T.J. denied that he felt threatened by a guy who stole flowers from a diner. However, T.J. bought Molly a beautiful bouquet of flowers when they left the diner. They made their way to the pier, but stopped when they spotted police tape marking off a crime scene. T.J. asked a police officer what had happened, so the police officer revealed that a woman had been murdered by her teenage son.

Outside of Kelly's, Starr was surprised to have bumped into Michael because she had expected him to be busy with his first day at ELQ. Michael told Starr about the scandal and admitted that he was concerned about A.J. because he knew that A.J. was hurt. Starr was curious if there was anything that could be done to salvage ELQ, so Michael assured her that A.J.'s attorneys were working on it, but Sonny had been thorough.

Starr was shocked when Michael explained that Connie had claimed that Sonny had been her source for the damaging story. Starr was certain that Connie had lied, but Michael insisted that Sonny had the most to gain by destroying ELQ and keeping Michael from working with A.J. Michael was frustrated because ELQ and A.J. had paid the price. Starr argued that Connie couldn't be trusted.

Michael insisted that it was the only logical explanation, but Starr suggested that sometimes the logical answer wasn't the right one. Michael was curious why Starr kept defending Sonny, so Starr admitted that she wanted to believe that Sonny wasn't as vindictive or irredeemable as Todd. Michael smiled and decided to get back to work.

At ELQ, A.J. collapsed as he struggled to catch his breath. Elizabeth rushed to his side and assured him that she was there to help. A.J. feared that he might be in the grips of a heart attack, so Elizabeth asked him what his symptoms were, while she pulled a stethoscope from of her purse and listened to his heartbeat. Elizabeth instructed A.J. to take deep calming breaths, while she monitored his pulse. A.J. admitted that he wasn't ready to die because he wanted to get to know his son.

Elizabeth assured A.J. that he wouldn't die; he'd had a panic attack. A.J. appeared skeptical, so Elizabeth explained that heart attacks and panic attacks were similar, but she was certain, based on the symptoms that he had described, that he hadn't had a heart attack. Embarrassed, A.J. stood up, but Elizabeth assured him that it had been a perfectly natural reaction to extreme stress.

Elizabeth advised A.J. to deal with whatever was troubling him, so A.J. explained that ELQ had gone up in smoke under his watch. Elizabeth admitted that she had read about the scandal. A.J. revealed that his investors had been pulling out since the story broke. She assured him that it wasn't his fault because he had barely been in charge for five minutes. Elizabeth knew what it was like to try to rebuild one's life, but she warned A.J. not to let it compromise his health.

A.J. explained that he had been in recovery for a long time, which had given him the confidence to return to Port Charles. A.J. had managed to get the charges against him dropped, he'd taken control of ELQ, and he'd been on the brink of having something good with Michael. A.J. was certain that Sonny had gone after ELQ because of A.J.'s relationship with Michael. He then quickly changed the subject by asking why Elizabeth had dropped by.

Elizabeth revealed that the funds for the check that Tracy had given them for the Nurses Ball were no longer available. A.J. felt bad, but explained that the Securities and Exchange Commission had frozen all of ELQ's finances. He wished that he could help, but his hands were tied. However, he hoped that it wouldn't stop Elizabeth from trying to find another avenue because the ball was for a worthy cause. Elizabeth promised to keep trying to raise money for the ball if he agreed to keep trying as well. A.J. smiled just as Michael appeared in the doorway.

Elizabeth started to leave, but A.J. reached out to stop her so that he could thank her for everything that she had done. "You're welcome," Elizabeth softly replied and left. Michael was curious what that had been about, so A.J. explained that the check for the Nurses Ball had been stopped. A.J. admitted that Elizabeth couldn't have been nicer about it, so he wanted to find a way to help. Michael suggested that they focus on saving the company first, which prompted a smile from A.J. because Michael had sounded a lot like Edward. Michael thought perhaps he had more Quartermaine in him than anyone realized.

At the apartment, Lulu arrived to accompany Maxie to a prenatal checkup. Maxie assured Lulu that it wasn't necessary, but Lulu disagreed. Moments later, Spinelli and Ellie entered. Ellie glared from her wheelchair as Maxie greeted Ellie and admitted that she was happy that Ellie would walk again. Spinelli sensed the tension in Ellie, so he tried to take her to the bedroom to change and rest, but Ellie was determined to have a talk with Maxie. Maxie explained that she had been about to leave, but Ellie assured Maxie that it wouldn't take long.

Ellie revealed that she knew that Maxie had slept with Spinelli. Ellie reminded Maxie that Maxie had known that Ellie had planned to meet Spinelli on New Year's Eve and then suggested that perhaps Maxie had used the twenty-minute window, while Ellie had been getting ready, to tamper with Ellie's car. Maxie swore on the baby's life that she hadn't touched Ellie's car and denied that she had gone to the rooftop to find Spinelli. Maxie insisted that she had assumed that Ellie had changed her mind when Maxie had found Spinelli alone on the rooftop. Ellie accused Maxie of taking advantage of Spinelli and putting her best friend's baby at risk by sleeping with Spinelli.

Spinelli tried to take full responsibility for what had happened, but Ellie reminded him that he'd had his say; it was Maxie's turn. Maxie admitted that she didn't have an excuse for her one-night stand with Spinelli, but she apologized for hurting Ellie because she knew that Ellie hadn't deserved it. However, Maxie wasn't sorry for what had happened as a result of the tryst. Everyone looked confused, so Maxie clarified that the one-night stand had given Spinelli and Maxie closure. Ellie admitted that it made a certain kind of sense, so she accepted Maxie's apology.

After Lulu and Maxie left, Spinelli handed Ellie a cup of hot tea and thanked her for giving him a second chance. Ellie was relieved that she had talked to Maxie because it had allowed them to clear the air. Spinelli was grateful that they could finally put New Year's Eve behind them. Ellie agreed that there wasn't any reason to ever talk about that night again. She glanced down as she cooled her tea, unaware of Spinelli's troubled expression.

At the nurses' station, Britt vowed that she wasn't going anywhere, so there was nothing that Sabrina or Patrick's "spoiled brat of a daughter" could do about it. Britt smiled smugly and then turned to leave, but Patrick blocked her path. Britt's smile faltered as she asked how long Patrick had been standing there. "Long enough," Patrick coldly replied. Britt immediately tried to spin things, but Patrick warned her that he had heard her refer to his daughter as a spoiled brat.

Britt conceded that she had been defensive, but she insisted that Patrick had misunderstood her. Sabrina tried to leave, but Patrick asked Sabrina to stay because he wanted her to hear what he had to say to Britt. Patrick was disgusted that he had defended Britt and had taken her word over Sabrina and Emma's word. Patrick explained that Emma was the most important person in the world to him, so he vowed to never doubt Emma again.

Britt thought that Patrick was overreacting, so she asked him to hear her out. Patrick pointed out that he'd already given her an opportunity to talk earlier when they had agreed that perhaps their relationship might have confused Emma. Patrick realized that what had confused Emma had been the idea that he would date someone who didn't like his daughter. Britt denied that she had said that, but Patrick accused her of lying. Patrick assured Britt that she didn't have to like Emma, but he expected Britt to treat his child with respect and kindness because Emma was the child and Britt was the adult.

Britt claimed that she had, but Patrick argued that Britt had made Emma feel so unwanted that Emma had run away. Britt couldn't understand why Patrick was determined to blame her for everything. Patrick and Sabrina were shocked when Britt suddenly accused Sabrina of turning Emma against Britt and implied that Sabrina had told Emma ditch Britt. Outraged, Sabrina made it clear that she would never encourage a child to run away. Britt implored Patrick not to throw away what they had, but Patrick refused to be with someone who didn't care about his daughter.

Britt was stunned that Patrick had ended their relationship over one disagreement. Patrick explained that he wasn't the right guy for her and that they were at different places in their lives, so it was for the best. Britt disagreed, but Patrick wanted to walk away before things became too serious. Britt argued that it was too late for that because they'd had sex. Britt resented not having a say in the matter, but Patrick decided that they should only have a professional relationship.

Britt's temper flared as she turned her wrath on Sabrina. "This is your fault, you little bitch," Britt growled as she grabbed Sabrina's arm. Patrick was stunned by Britt behavior, so he warned her that she couldn't talk to people like that. Britt insisted that Sabrina had manipulated Emma to get Britt out of the way because Sabrina wanted Patrick for herself. After Britt stormed off, Patrick apologized for dragging Sabrina into his mess.

Sabrina confessed that she was used to Britt treating her like that. Patrick felt foolish because everyone had warned him about Britt, but he hadn't listened. Sabrina was startled when Patrick suddenly asked, "So, what is this thing about Britt accusing you of wanting me for yourself?"

Meanwhile, Lulu and Maxie arrived for the prenatal checkup. They were alarmed when they heard a loud noise in the examination room. Inside the room, Britt vented her frustration by throwing things around the room. She stopped when she spotted Lulu and Maxie standing in the doorway. Maxie offered to return later, but Britt decided that their timing was perfect. "It's about time you know something about that baby, Lulu," Britt said.

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