General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 11, 2013 on GH

Todd discovered that Carly's relationship with A.J. was a ruse. Rafe turned to John for help. Connie gave Molly credit for writing Love in Maine. An anonymous benefactor wrote a check to pay for the Nurses Ball.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 11, 2013 on GH
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Monday, March 11, 2013

With Elizabeth's encouragement, Sabrina phoned Patrick and said that she wanted to talk. Patrick told Sabrina that he was on his way to General Hospital and would see her there. Felix joined Elizabeth and Sabrina. He was thrilled to hear that Elizabeth had convinced Sabrina to tell Patrick how she felt about him.

Sabrina said that Elizabeth had given her the courage to make the phone call because Elizabeth had demonstrated her strength by giving A.J. a second chance. Sabrina revealed that she was still waiting for the results of her nursing exam and feared that if she failed, she might never have another opportunity to tell Patrick how she felt about him. When Felix asked if Sabrina would chicken out when the time actually arrived to talk to Patrick, Sabrina said that she would not waver.

Sabrina paled slightly when she saw Patrick step off the elevator and head in her direction. Elizabeth and Felix left to file charts so that Patrick and Sabrina could be alone. Patrick speculated that Sabrina had called because she had received her tests results. Sabrina said that was not the reason that she wanted to talk. When Patrick asked what it was, Sabrina started to speak, but giggled nervously instead. Epiphany interrupted with the test results.

Elizabeth and Felix, who had been loitering nearby joined them. Sabrina silently read the letter that Epiphany had handed her and said nothing. Felix asked if Sabrina had passed. Patrick said that he supported Sabrina regardless of the results. Sabrina looked at the letter and said sadly that she had failed. As the commiserations began, Sabrina laughed brightly and admitted that she had been kidding.

Sabrina had passed the exam with 100%, which proved that she had not cheated on the nursing final exam and deserved her place as the class valedictorian. Sabrina received hearty congratulations from her friends. Felix was so happy for her that he almost hugged Epiphany, but Epiphany gave Felix a stern look that stopped him. Epiphany also congratulated Sabrina and vowed not to rest until she found the person who had framed Sabrina and made it appear that Sabrina had cheated.

Patrick told Sabrina that she was amazing. He praised Sabrina for standing up for herself to Epiphany and overcoming a huge obstacle. Before Sabrina could tell Patrick how she felt about him, he was called away. Sabrina eventually caught up with Patrick in the hall. Sabrina told Patrick that she had never had a crush on Steve Webber because her crush had always been on Patrick.

Elizabeth and Felix were watching the interaction between Patrick and Sabrina. Both were glad that the truth was out. Felix turned to Elizabeth and said that it was time for Elizabeth to get ready for her date with A.J.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy demanded that Spinelli hand over the reverse engineered recipe for Pickle-Lila, including the molecular diagram of the secret ingredient, which made the relish unique. Spinelli, who was about to comply, had a crisis of conscience and refused to betray Ellie. Tracy was insistent and menacing, but Spinelli remained stubborn. When Tracy called Alice and demanded that Alice use physical force to wrest the recipe from Spinelli, Spinelli swallowed the paper. Alice held Spinelli upside down by his heels and tried to shake the paper out of him but she was unsuccessful and had to give up.

Alice let Spinelli go, but Tracy railed at him about losing the recipe and losing the chance to rebuild ELQ. Tracy screamed that she had warned Spinelli and hoped that he remembered what he had squandered when he was sleeping on cold, hard concrete. Tracy added that she hoped the recipe took a long time to digest because if she had her way, it would be the last thing that Spinelli ever ate.

Tracy told Spinelli to get out, and he did so in a hurry. Tracy turned to Alice and said that she could not believe what Spinelli had done. Alice replied that she thought Spinelli's actions were romantic and admirable. Tracy scoffed and vowed revenge. Despite the loss of the recipe, Tracy spat out that the battle for ELQ was far from over.

A.J. and Ellie searched frantically through the papers on Ellie's desk in her lab at GH, but neither could find the recipe for Pickle-Lila and the molecular diagram of the secret ingredient. Ellie was at a loss to explain the recipe's disappearance, but A.J. was convinced that Spinelli had taken it, once Ellie recalled Spinelli's visit, which had occurred immediately before recipe had vanished.

Ellie defended Spinelli, even as A.J. remembered that Tracy had slyly indicated that she had hired someone besides Duke to get the recipe. Ellie remained steadfastly loyal to Spinelli, despite A.J.'s increasingly convincing argument that Spinelli had stolen the paper. Eventually Ellie suggested that she could reconstruct the formula, including the complex secret ingredient. A.J. was mollified. He told Ellie that he was going out for a while. A.J. urged Ellie to use her time in the lab to either find the recipe for Pickle-Lila or reconstruct it. A.J. told Ellie to have it done by the time he returned from his date.

Spinelli arrived shortly after A.J.'s departure. Ellie immediately shared A.J's suspicions and her own steadfast faith in Spinelli. Spinelli quickly admitted that A.J. had been correct, that Spinelli had stolen the recipe. Spinelli spilled everything to Ellie, including Tracy's menacing threat to evict him if Spinelli did not comply with Tracy's commands. Spinelli told Ellie that he had finally decided that he would rather lose his home and office than to lose Ellie's love and trust.

Ellie was touched because Spinelli had not betrayed her and quickly forgave him for almost giving in to Tracy's demands. When Ellie asked for the recipe back, Spinelli reluctantly admitted that there was a bit of a problem.

As Sonny headed down the stairs, he remembered an earlier conversation with Kate in which she had denied knowing how the living room mirror had been broken. Before Sonny could reflect further, the doorbell rang. When Sonny answered it, Molly, T.J. and Shawn were waiting. Molly asked to see Kate, but Sonny explained that Kate had already left the house.

Shawn quickly explained about Molly's book, which Connie had stolen and claimed as her own. Molly asked Sonny to intercede with Kate, so that Molly could get the credit she deserved at the book launch later that day. Sonny said that he would call Kate and assured Shawn, Molly, and T.J. that Kate would make things right.

Molly hugged Sonny and thanked Shawn, who gave all the credit to T.J. Molly thanked T.J. and said that she was very lucky to have so many people helping her. T.J. realized that Molly was thinking about Rafe and assured Molly that Rafe would be okay. Molly and T.J. anticipated a big night and headed for the car. Shawn lingered a few moments to ask Sonny what had happened. Sonny told Shawn that Kate was back but that he was not sure what had happened or how Kate had returned.

Kate let herself and her suitcase into the apartment that Olivia shared with Steve. When Kate began a verbal tirade about moving into a place with such austere furnishings, it became apparent that Connie was masquerading as Kate. Olivia emerged from the bedroom and wondered whom Kate was talking to. Kate immediately admitted that it had been Connie. Olivia, who had been crying profusely, accepted Kate's answer and told her own tale of woes.

Olivia disclosed that Steve was leaving for Memphis that very day to be sentenced for murder. Olivia was crying because all the dreams she had dreamed about her future life with Steve would never come true. Fake Kate hugged Olivia and sympathized but rolled her eyes behind Olivia's back. Then fake Kate said that Olivia knew how men were. One minute they loved a woman, and the next they were sleeping with someone else. Olivia was stunned by Kate's bitterness, but was unaware that Connie, not Kate, was talking.

Olivia was perplexed. She told fake Kate that she had thought that Kate was over her jealousy of Connie because Kate had realized that Kate, not Connie, was the woman that Sonny loved. Connie held her emotions in check and pretended to be comforted by Olivia's words. Sonny called Kate on her cell phone. Olivia left to give fake Kate and Sonny privacy for their conversation. Fake Kate explained to Sonny that she had disappeared from his house because she had needed fresh clothes from her wardrobe at Johnny Zacchara's home.

Sonny accepted her explanation. He remarked that the psychiatrist that they were seeing later would not care about Kate's wardrobe. Connie remained in her Kate character as Sonny told her about the book and Molly's problem. Sonny said that Molly wanted to get recognition at the party that Connie had scheduled for the Floating Rib that evening. Fake Kate vowed that everyone would get what he or she deserved. Sonny took that to mean that Molly would get the credit for her book. Sonny told Kate that he would pick her up for her psychiatrist appointment.

After hanging up, Connie was fixated about getting revenge on Sonny because he had cheated on Connie with Kate. When she reentered the room, Olivia was still oblivious to fake Kate's true identity. She told fake Kate that everything would work out with Sonny, emphasizing to fake Kate how much Sonny loved Kate. Then Olivia thanked fake Kate for listening to her and being there for her. Fake Kate responded that she had urgent business to take care of and rushed out of the apartment. Once outside, fake Kate smiled and said that she had a party to plan.

At the Metro Court Hotel dining room, Carly was speechless when Todd walked in and told her that he had been cleared of all charges. Todd recounted that both Heather and the other witness against him had changed their stories, which had caused the judge in the case to toss out the whole sordid mess. Todd said that he was free to be with Carly, if she would have him.

Carly reacted negatively. She told Todd that being free did not equate to being innocent. Carly said that Todd had hurt Sam, kept Jason from spending time with Danny, and prevented Jason from knowing that Danny was his son. Carly declared that Todd belonged in the prison laundry. Todd said he was not in prison; he was with Carly and determined to get her back.

Todd admitted that he had been wrong not to tell Carly the truth about what he had done, that he should have trusted her to love him anyway. Carly called Todd's assumption that she loved him "arrogant." Todd said that if Carly did not love Todd, she would not have gone to see him at the police station.

Carly said that she had been gullible to fall for Todd. Todd said that he had never had a friend before Carly, and he did not want to lose her. Todd vowed that if Carly took a second chance on him, she would never regret it because he would spend the rest of his life proving himself to her. Carly said that Todd had no right to say that because he always screwed everything up.

Lightheartedly, Todd said that Carly liked that about him because they were alike in that way, which was what made them great together. He added that they were both screw-ups, and no one else would have them, so they were perfect for each other. Todd told Carly that he was a certifiable mess who had lost a sizable chunk of his life. He said that he wanted to spend a large portion of what was left with Carly. Todd encouraged Carly to do what made her happy.

Carly said that being with Todd hurt. Todd responded that it would be worth the risk. Carly shot back that it was too late because she had moved on. Todd was skeptical that Carly could fall for someone new in just a few weeks and accused Carly of making up an imaginary boyfriend. Carly said that she was not dating someone new but had reconnected with someone from her past. She indicated A.J., who had just entered the hotel dining area.

Carly signaled to A.J. When A.J. approached her, Carly said that she had just told Todd all about them. Before A.J. could respond, Carly kissed him on the mouth. A perplexed Todd looked on.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

At Metro Court's restaurant, Carly caught A.J. unaware and kissed him to try to prove to Todd that she had moved on. Carly pulled away from the kiss and reiterated that A.J. was her new boyfriend. A.J. realized what Carly was up to, so he played along. Todd refused to believe that Carly and A.J. were a couple, so Carly kissed A.J. again. Elizabeth stopped short when she entered the restaurant and saw Carly and A.J. She watched them for several heartbeats and then left.

Meanwhile, Todd laughed at Carly and A.J.'s attempt to make it appear that they were romantically involved. Todd reminded Carly that she had once claimed that A.J. was her "mortal enemy." A.J. decided to let Carly and Todd sort things out, so he excused himself to make a phone call. A.J. called Elizabeth to find out where she was, but the call went to voicemail.

At the bar, Todd was curious if Carly had decided to encourage Michael to build a stronger relationship with A.J., since Carly and A.J. were together. Carly hesitated and then quickly reminded Todd that Michael was old enough to decide what he wanted. Todd smiled with satisfaction because Carly's reaction and answer confirmed his suspicions that Carly had lied about her relationship with A.J. Carly insisted that she burned for A.J., so Todd suggested "there's an ointment for that." Todd accused Carly trying to use A.J. as an excuse to keep Todd at bay, but Carly argued that it wasn't necessary because Todd had given her plenty of reasons not to get involved with Todd again.

Todd was certain that Carly was afraid that she would eventually forgive him because she hadn't been able to stay away from him when he had been in jail. Moments later, A.J. returned. Todd was curious if A.J. was okay with being "Mr. Carly Jacks" or if her claim that she and A.J. had reconciled had been a story. A.J. smiled and confessed that Carly was a "bottom-feeding man-hungry tramp," but she was his. Carly pasted on a smile as A.J. wrapped his arms around her waist, kissed her shoulder, and nuzzled her neck. Carly and A.J. once again drove their point home by kissing again, but Todd remained unconvinced of the affair.

Todd vowed to prove that Carly and A.J.'s romance was a sham and warned Carly that she would take Todd back, at which time all would be right with the universe again. After Todd left, Carly glared at A.J. and called him a "pig." A.J. reminded Carly that he had successfully helped her to drive Todd away. A.J. conceded that he had been tempted to out her immediately, but then he had realized that it would be to his advantage to help Carly because she could give him what he wanted. Elsewhere in the hotel, Todd remained determined to expose Carly's lie, so he called someone for help.

At the hospital, Sabrina confessed to Patrick that she hadn't had a crush on Steve. She explained how the lie had happened, but Patrick seemed confused. "The person I care about, Patrick, is you. It's always been you," Sabrina clarified. Patrick wondered how long Sabrina had had feelings for him, so she revealed that she had fallen for him the first moment that she had laid eyes on him. Sabrina recalled the fateful encounter when she had bumped into Patrick and he had helped pick up the scattered papers that she had dropped.

Sabrina returned to the present and promised Patrick that she wasn't a stalker. Patrick assured her that he had never thought that she was. Sabrina relaxed and admitted that she knew that he wasn't in the right frame of mind to become involved with someone and that even if he were, she wasn't his type. Patrick admitted that he had no idea what to say. Sabrina began to ramble when she realized how subdued Patrick seemed. She promised him that she didn't expect him to say anything and that she didn't want to jeopardize their friendship. Sabrina's smile faltered when Patrick confessed that he had never thought of Sabrina in romantic terms.

Moments later, Patrick was called to surgery, so he fled. Sabrina watched him walk away then changed into her scrubs. Afterwards, Elizabeth arrived for a shift. Elizabeth's cell phone rang, but she ignored it when she saw that it was A.J. Sabrina was surprised that Elizabeth was at work instead of on a date with A.J., so Elizabeth grumbled that she had arrived for her date, but A.J. had been kissing someone.

"I don't know who's worse," Elizabeth growled then decided that she knew. Elizabeth admitted that A.J. was a liar, but he was messed up. However, the woman that he had been kissing had been the same "slut" that she had always been. Sabrina thought perhaps Elizabeth had misread things, but Elizabeth assured her that she hadn't. "It was vintage Carly," Elizabeth added.

"Carly Jacks?" Sabrina squeaked. Sabrina reminded Elizabeth that Carly had donated the hotel's ballroom for use of the Nurses Ball. Elizabeth didn't care and accused Carly of being a "skank." Sabrina thought that Carly loathed A.J., so Elizabeth suggested that Carly had decided to amuse herself by playing with A.J. Elizabeth feared that Carly would dismantle A.J.'s life then move on to someone else. Sabrina confided that she had thought that A.J. was one of the good guys, despite his checkered past. Elizabeth agreed but realized that had been her second mistake.

Sabrina was curious what Elizabeth's first mistake had been, so Elizabeth dragged Sabrina into an exam room for privacy. Elizabeth explained that she had hoped that her luck had finally changed. According to Elizabeth, the stand-up guy between her last two relationships had been a married hit man. "How defective does one have to be to keep throwing herself out there over and over again just to have it blow up in her face?" Elizabeth asked. "Super defective," Sabrina answered.

Sabrina told Elizabeth about Patrick's reaction when Sabrina had declared her feelings to Patrick. Elizabeth was disappointed and felt responsible for Sabrina's heartbreak. Sabrina assured her friend that it was okay because Sabrina didn't regret that Patrick knew the truth. Sabrina was relieved that she could move forward instead of torturing herself with thoughts of what ifs. Elizabeth decided that she was the last person who should offer anyone romantic advice after what had happened with A.J.

Patrick was deep in thought as he scrubbed up before surgery. Epiphany greeted Patrick as she entered but immediately sensed his distraction. She was curious what was on his mind, so Patrick revealed that Sabrina had confessed to having a crush on him. Epiphany was impressed that Sabrina had finally mustered up the nerve to tell Patrick, so Patrick wondered how long Epiphany had known. Epiphany chuckled and asked how Patrick had handled the situation. She was stunned when Patrick confessed that he had left without saying anything to Sabrina.

Epiphany scolded Patrick for leaving Sabrina hanging, but Patrick pointed out that he hadn't been able to ignore the page that he had received. Epiphany wanted to know what Patrick would have said to Sabrina if he hadn't been called into surgery, but Patrick didn't have an answer. Epiphany chastised Patrick for not noticing Sabrina's crush, but Patrick assured her that he hadn't. Epiphany suggested that Patrick was either too blind to be a surgeon, or he was lying to himself. After Epiphany walked out, Patrick thought about his near-kiss with Sabrina on New Year's Eve.

Olivia was packing up Steve's workout equipment when Sonny knocked on the door. Olivia invited Sonny inside and explained that she had decided to put Steve's things into storage. Sonny offered Olivia some words of comfort then admitted that he had been looking for Kate. Olivia revealed that Kate had been there earlier but had left. Sonny was curious if Olivia knew where Kate had gone, but Olivia had no idea. However, she mentioned that Kate had been "sharp" and "snappish" when they had talked.

Sonny's interest was piqued, so he asked Olivia for specifics. Olivia told him about Kate's less-than-sympathetic reaction to Olivia's plight. Olivia assured Sonny that it was understandable because Kate had lost months of her life and a son. Olivia insisted that it was a lot for anyone to process, but Sonny questioned if that had been the reason for Kate's odd behavior. Olivia was startled by the suggestion that Connie might have returned, so Sonny told Olivia about the broken mirror. He reminded her that Kate had seen Connie in the mirror before. Sonny's phone rang as Olivia decided to call the hospital to find out if Kate had stopped by to ask for a referral for a new psychiatrist.

At the Floating Rib, Milo helped get things set up for Connie's book launching of Love in Maine. Agnes Chu, Connie's publisher, handed Milo a guest list with instructions not to let anyone who wasn't on the list into the bar. Agnes then made her way to the bar to talk to Mac about the snacks. Agnes was not impressed with the appearance of the hors d'oeuvres because they were not "roadhouse chic," so Mac assured her that he would fix things because he wanted the book launching to be a success. Satisfied, Agnes looked around for the author.

As if on cue, T.J. and Molly entered. T.J. introduced Molly as the true author of the book. Agnes coldly smiled at the teens and referred to them as the "moppets," and she ordered them to "shoo" because the party was for adults only. Frustrated, T.J. marched up to the microphone and introduced Molly to the gathered fans as the real author of Love in Maine. Agnes was furious and ordered Milo to toss T.J. and Molly out. Alexis and Shawn arrived in time to stop Milo from following through on the order.

Alexis introduced herself to Agnes then threatened the publisher with a lawsuit if Molly's manuscript was sold under Connie's name. Agnes reminded Alexis that Alexis didn't have any proof to support the claim that Connie had stolen the manuscript, so Agnes intended to slap Alexis with a slander suit if Alexis refused to back down. Shawn interceded and suggested that they talk to Kate before anyone filed a lawsuit. Agnes had no idea what the former Editor of Crimson had to do with Love in Maine.

Alexis started to explain that Kate had dissociative identity disorder and that Connie was an alter personality when Connie suddenly appeared in the doorway. All heads turned towards Connie, so she smiled at everyone. Alexis and Molly assumed that Connie was Kate and that Kate would straighten everything out. Connie walked up to the microphone, greeted her gathered guests, talked a bit about the work that had gone into writing of the book, then admitted that there had been some controversy about who had written the book. Molly smiled expectantly as Connie offered to reveal who the author of the book was.

"It's me, Connie Falconeri," Connie announced. Molly's smile disappeared as Connie announced that it was time to party. Alexis and Shawn approached Connie, so Connie ordered Milo to escort Alexis and Shawn out. Shawn growled a warning to Milo not to touch Alexis, so Milo wisely walked away. Alexis didn't understand why Shawn had told her that Kate had returned, so Connie explained that Kate had been back for a short while, but had left when things had become too difficult for Kate to handle. Shawn decided to step aside to call Sonny.

A short time later, Sonny arrived. Nearby, Molly and T.J. read one of the excerpts of the book. T.J. tactfully hid his interest in the risqué paragraph. Nearby, Connie bristled at the sight of Sonny, so she hooked her arm through Milo's and flirted outrageously with the young bodyguard. Elsewhere, Agnes blasted Mac for permitting Sonny to enter. Mac explained that Sonny was the author's ex-fiancé and not someone to take orders from anyone.

Sonny quickly stepped between Connie and Milo when Connie asked to see Milo's rippled abdomen. Milo walked away while Connie smiled sweetly at Sonny and offered to autograph a book for him. She picked up one of the books and scribbled "To Sonny and cheating bastards everywhere." She then showed him the inscription, but Sonny ignored it as he demanded to know what had happened between Connie and Kate that had allowed Connie to reemerge. Connie agreed to tell him if he answered a question for her first.

Sonny nodded. "How could you?" Connie shouted at him. Sonny's head jerked back, but he calmly explained that it wasn't the time or place for that discussion. Connie argued that he had known how hard it had been for her to trust men and why. Sonny assured Connie that he hadn't meant to hurt her, but Connie didn't believe him. Connie insisted that Sonny wouldn't have slept with Kate if he had truly cared about Connie.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Due to ABC News coverage of the election of Pope Francis, General Hospital did not air. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

The episode that was scheduled to air today, will now air on Thursday, March 14. Subsequent episodes will also be pushed back one day.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

At the Floating Rib, Sonny reminded Connie that he had never lied to her about his feelings for her or for Kate. Connie demanded to know if Sonny had slept with her because he wanted to be with her or with Kate. Alexis walked up and quietly advised them to take their argument to a more private setting. Connie growled that it wasn't difficult to tell the truth and then offered to show Sonny how it was done. Connie marched to the microphone and announced that Molly Lansing-Davis had written Love In Maine, but Connie had added the "hot stuff."

Molly was delighted when Connie began to clap and invited Molly to take center stage. At the bar, Olivia quietly praised Connie for doing the right thing. Connie invited Sonny to follow her lead by truthfully answering her questions. Sonny promised to tell Connie the truth, but not there. After Connie and Sonny left, Olivia approached Alexis and Shawn.

Olivia suspected that Sonny was in for a long night, but Shawn was grateful that Connie had given Molly the credit that Molly had been due. Nearby, Molly was overjoyed by the turn of events, while T.J. confessed that he had started to fear that Connie would get away with the theft. Moments later, Agnes, the publisher, walked up to pull Molly and T.J. into a group hug and apologize for how she had treated the teens. T.J. was curious when Molly's name would appear on the cover of the book, so Agnes assured Molly that they would make the correction with the next printing. T.J. wanted to know when that would be.

Agnes was vague about the date, but explained that it would help if they could boost sales by putting Molly's story out there. Agnes was certain that Connie's attempt to steal a teenager's book would spark lots of interest and support from readers. A short time later, a fan approached Molly to ask about one of the racy scenes in the book. Horrified, Alexis clarified that Molly hadn't written any of the "sexcapades." Another fan asked if T.J. had been the inspiration for the main character and the steamy scenes. T.J. announced to everyone that Molly had written the book, but Connie had added the love scenes.

The fans appeared disappointed until T.J. reminded them that Molly had created the characters and written the story, which had been the heart of the book. A round of applause immediately erupted. Later, T.J. asked Molly to close her eyes. She was surprised when she opened them to discover that he had made a mock cover of her book that included her name as the author. Molly hugged T.J., but warned him that their friends would assume that he had inspired the "sexy parts" of the book.

Nearby, Agnes confessed that she was interested in Mac's story. Mac told her about Felicia, but confessed that he'd had some trouble with Frisco. Agnes handed Mac her card and invited him to call her if Felicia reconciled with Frisco.

At Greystone Manor, Connie remained on edge about where she stood with Sonny. Sonny confessed that he loved Kate, but he also loved Connie. Connie accused him of wanting the best of both worlds, but Sonny denied it. He explained that when he looked at Connie, he saw a woman who was missing a piece of herself. He felt the same way about Kate. Connie insisted that Kate was the alter personality, but Sonny argued that it didn't matter because Connie and Kate needed each other to become whole. Sonny begged Connie to see a doctor, but Connie refused to consider the idea of therapy.

Sonny explained that it wasn't healthy for Connie or Kate to continue to battle each other. Connie assured him that she could control Kate, so Sonny challenged her to put it to a test by making love to him. Connie's eyes filled with tears as doubt flooded her. Sonny promised her that he just wanted her to get the help that she needed. He begged her to trust him.

Sonny pointed out that Connie had nothing to lose if she was the host personality, but Connie feared that Kate would find a way to take over. Sonny insisted that therapy would make Connie and Kate whole, not give one power over the other. Sonny reminded Connie that he had once promised Kate that he would never abandon her. Connie was moved to tears when Sonny reached for her hand as he quietly made the same vow to her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was curious why she should help A.J. A.J. pointed out that he had helped her to convince Todd that she had moved on. Carly was certain that A.J. had enjoyed their kisses, while she had been forced to suffer through the ordeal. A.J. threatened to tell Todd the truth if Carly didn't provide A.J. with the name of the missing Quartermaine heir. Carly didn't believe him, but A.J. assured her that given a choice between "hooking up" with Carly and dousing himself with gasoline, he'd ask for a match. Carly reluctantly agreed to give A.J. the name of the missing Quartermaine heir if A.J. kept up their charade until Todd left her alone.

A.J. suggested that perhaps Carly should give Todd a second chance, but Carly refused to get hurt again. A.J. agreed to go along with Carly's ruse, so Carly warned him not to tell anyone, or their deal would be off and he would lose all hope of redeeming himself in Michael's eyes. Moments later, Carly realized that she needed to do some damage control, so she left. A.J. called Elizabeth, but her voicemail picked up.

Michael called Starr to let her know that he had stopped off to check on Ellie's progress. He offered to go home if Starr needed him, but she assured him that she was fine and intended to spend the evening eating Chinese food, sipping wine, and catching up with her favorite reptile show. After Starr ended the call, Todd showed up on her doorstep. He had intercepted the delivery person with her order, so he held up her bags of food and entered the apartment.

Todd was curious if Starr was even a little happy that he hadn't been sent to jail for life. Starr was relieved that Todd hadn't been convicted, but she was still mad that he had kept the truth about Johnny's involvement in Hope and Cole's deaths from her. Todd admitted that he wasn't there to ask for Starr's forgiveness because it was too soon, but he had hoped that Starr would help him with another matter.

Starr was stunned when Todd revealed that Carly and A.J. were a couple. Starr was certain that Todd was mistaken, but Todd assured her that he had seen Carly and A.J. kiss. Starr remained skeptical because Carly and A.J. despised each other, so Todd suggested that Starr was in a position to ferret out the truth from Michael. Moments later, Carly knocked on the door. Carly asked if Starr had seen Todd, so Todd stepped forward and let Carly know that he was there.

Todd tried to trick the truth out of Carly by claiming that Starr had confirmed that Carly and A.J. were not a couple, but Starr surprised her father by claiming that Carly and A.J. were together. Todd suspected that Starr was lying, but Starr stuck to her story. Todd vowed to get to the truth and left.

"What just happened?" Starr asked. Carly admitted that she had lied about being involved with A.J. because she had been desperate to push Todd away. Carly confessed that she was afraid of getting hurt again, so she had hatched a plan on the spur of the moment to make Todd think that she had moved on. Carly claimed that A.J. had happened to be the first person that Carly had grabbed. Starr had been hurt by her father enough to appreciate how Carly felt. Carly was curious if Starr wanted to help, so Starr readily agreed because Todd deserved some payback.

Meanwhile, Todd returned to Metro Court's restaurant for a drink. He was pleasantly surprised when his daughter, Dani, called because she had been the only one of his three children who had bothered to congratulate him. However, Dani proceeded to blast her father until he asked if she had called to tell him that she hated him or if she was in trouble. Dani disconnected the call, so Todd put his phone back down and then resumed to sip from his drink.

In hospital's lab, Spinelli chewed on antacid tablets to help ease his upset stomach. He regretted betraying Ellie, so he hoped that she found some satisfaction in knowing that he felt sick. Ellie let him know that she wasn't happy with him, so he once again asked for her forgiveness. Moments later, Michael entered the lab and asked for an update. Ellie revealed that she had figured out the secret ingredient to the relish and had drawn the molecular diagram on a piece of paper. However, Tracy had hired Spinelli to steal the recipe, so Spinelli had taken the piece of paper.

Michael was stunned when Spinelli quickly clarified that he hadn't been able to go through with giving the recipe to Tracy, so Spinelli had eaten the piece of paper. Spinelli explained that the recipe was caught somewhere in Spinelli's digestive tract. Michael wondered if there was something that could be done to retrieve the piece of paper. "There is," Ellie revealed. Ellie suggested that Spinelli undergo a procedure known as an endoscopy, which would allow doctors to put a scope down Spinelli's throat on the slim hope of retrieving the piece of paper. Spinelli wasn't thrilled with the idea, but was resigned to his fate.

In an examination room, Britt prepared to give Maxie a sonogram, but Maxie wanted to wait for Lulu and Dante to arrive. Britt was curious why, since the baby wasn't Lulu and Dante's. Maxie assured Britt that the reminder hadn't been necessary, but then narrowed her eyes as she wondered if Britt had made a veiled threat. Britt promised that the accident that Frisco had arranged for Britt had been sufficient warning. However, Britt wanted to be left out of the mess when it all crashed down on Maxie.

In the elevator, Lulu and Dante were eager to see the sonogram of their baby. Dante feared that the baby would look like an alien. Lulu scolded Dante and reminded him that it was their baby, so she doubted that it would resemble an alien. Moments later, they exited the elevator and approached the nurses' station to find out which room Maxie was in. Elizabeth was distracted with thoughts of A.J.'s kiss with Carly, so Lulu wondered if everything was okay.

Elizabeth quickly brushed the unpleasant memory aside and sent Lulu and Dante to the appropriate room. Lulu immediately picked up on the tension when she entered the examination room. Maxie explained that Britt had been giving Maxie a hard time about how "large and in charge" Maxie had become. Dante argued that Maxie was hardly showing, so Maxie quickly clarified that she had been joking. Lulu realized that they could learn the gender of the baby if they wanted to, so she asked Dante if he was interested.

Dante explained that it was up to Lulu, so Lulu decided to wait and instructed Britt not to let any hints slip out. Britt smiled sweetly and then squirted cold gel onto Maxie's abdomen. Maxie shrieked, so Britt feigned remorse for not warning Maxie about the cold gel. Moments later, Lulu and Dante saw the baby on the monitor of the sonogram machine. Maxie carefully avoided looking at the baby, while Lulu and Dante gushed in amazement. Britt offered to let Lulu and Dante hear the baby's heartbeat.

Maxie tried to maintain her composure as the sound of her baby's heartbeat suddenly filled the room. Lulu and Dante were in awe as they listened. Britt printed up a picture of the baby and gave it to Lulu and Dante. Lulu became choked up with tears as she thanked Maxie for the incredible gift of carrying their unborn child. Maxie hid her discomfort and smiled as Dante ushered Lulu out of the room.

"Wow, that was awkward," Britt said. Maxie quietly asked Britt to show her the sonogram, so Britt picked up the machine's wand.

Michael, Ellie, and Spinelli approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station to explain that Spinelli needed an endoscopy. Elizabeth remained a little distracted, so she accidentally sent Spinelli to Maxie's examination room. Ellie and Michael wished Spinelli luck as he walked down the hallway. Moments later, Spinelli stopped short when he entered the examination room and saw Maxie. He quickly apologized and explained that Elizabeth had sent him to the wrong room.

Maxie was concerned about Spinelli when he mentioned that he had to have an endoscopy. Spinelli assured Maxie that he was fine but changed the subject when he spotted the image of the baby on the monitor. Spinelli confessed that the image of the unborn baby was a heartwarming sight. Uncomfortable, Maxie looked away. Spinelli wondered if she was okay, so she confessed that it was a lot to take in. Spinelli assured her that she would have her own baby one day and admitted that he looked forward to fatherhood too.

In the meantime, Spinelli suggested that Maxie focus on remembering that she was doing a wonderful thing for Lulu and Dante. Spinelli admitted that he was proud of Maxie.

In the hallway, Ellie bumped into Lulu and Dante, who eagerly showed Ellie a picture of the baby's sonogram. Ellie studied the picture and confessed that the baby looked healthy. Moments later, Ellie entered the examination room, but froze in the doorway when she noticed Maxie on the table. Maxie, who had been on the verge of making a confession to Spinelli, tensed when she saw Ellie.

Spinelli quickly explained that Elizabeth had sent him to the wrong room then pointed to the image on the monitor. Ellie confessed that Lulu and Dante had already showed her a picture of the baby. "I don't think I've ever seen a couple so happy," Ellie added.

Later, Lulu and Dante talked to Britt about the sonogram. Lulu confessed that the pregnancy finally felt real. Britt reminded Lulu and Dante that the pregnancy wouldn't have been possible without Maxie.

At the nurses' station, Michael was curious why Elizabeth was still at work because he had been under the impression that she had agreed to go to dinner with A.J. Elizabeth tried to brush off the question, but Michael's curiosity was piqued. Frustrated, Elizabeth revealed that she had gone to the restaurant to meet A.J., but he had been "making out" with Michael's mother. Michael refused to believe it, but Elizabeth assured Michael that it was true.

Michael argued that A.J. and Carly despised each other and that Carly was interested in Todd, while A.J. "is into you." Elizabeth looked up in surprise, but then brushed off Michael's remark. Moments later, A.J. walked up and asked Elizabeth why she hadn't shown up for their dinner date or returned any of his calls. Elizabeth coldly informed him that she had been at the restaurant but had left. A.J. was curious why, so Elizabeth looked at Michael.

Michael explained that Elizabeth had seen A.J. and Carly kissing. A.J. looked down in shame while Michael waited for A.J. to deny it. A.J. recalled Carly's warning that A.J. would never be redeemed in Michael's eyes if A.J. told anyone about the ruse. A.J.'s eyes filled with regret as he assured Elizabeth that he had never meant to hurt her. Elizabeth quickly grabbed some papers and marched off without a word or backwards glance at A.J.

Michael demanded to know what was going on. "I'm with your mother now, Michael," A.J. replied.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Josslyn played at Carly's feet while Carly doodled on a picture of Todd that had been featured in a newspaper article about him. The doorbell rang, so Carly handed the newspaper to Josslyn and invited her color in the doodles. Carly's smile quickly vanished when she saw Todd standing on her doorstep. Todd held up a box of doughnuts and entered the house. He called out to A.J. to invite A.J. to have a doughnut, but A.J. didn't reply. Todd smiled and questioned why Carly's new boyfriend hadn't spent the night with her.

Carly became defensive as she reminded Todd that she wasn't obligated to explain herself to him. Josslyn ran over, greeted Todd, and showed him the picture that she had colored. Todd gasped with surprise when he looked at the newspaper and jokingly wondered how Josslyn had known that he was a pirate. "Because you are," Josslyn giggled. Todd offered Josslyn a doughnut and invited her to tell him a story about her mommy and "Uncle A.J." Livid, Carly pulled Todd away from Josslyn and scolded him for trying to bribe her daughter.

Todd accused Carly of forcing him to resort to underhanded tactics. He was certain that Carly had lied about A.J. because he had seen her skin crawl when A.J. had touched her. Carly stubbornly stuck to her story, so Todd admitted that he knew that she was afraid to give him a second chance, but he begged her to do it anyway because they were good together. Carly stood strong and ordered Todd to leave.

Later, Josslyn was curious if Uncle A.J. had slept over. Carly quickly assured her daughter that A.J. hadn't spent the night then sighed with relief when the doorbell rang. Carly's mood immediately soured when she saw someone dressed up as the Easter bunny on her doorstep. She assumed that it was Todd, so she pulled the headpiece off. Carly was surprised when a stranger glared back at her. The man explained that someone in Australia had bought the deluxe package and had insisted on delivery before Easter.

Carly realized that Jax had sent the huge Easter basket and large stuffed bunny in the man's hands, so she called out to Josslyn. Josslyn was thrilled with her gifts. Carly tipped the deliveryman and apologized for her behavior. After the man left, Carly picked up her cell phone.

At the Floating Rib, Sam beamed with pride because Molly was a published author. Molly smiled, but Sam noticed that her sister seemed distracted. Molly admitted that she was worried about Rafe because she couldn't reach him. Sam pointed out that Molly could always use a landline to call Rafe, but Molly explained that she had no idea where Rafe had been sent. Sam decided to call Social Services, posing as Alexis.

A few minutes later, Molly's hopes where dashed when Sam revealed that Rafe had disappeared from the group home. Molly was distraught, so Sam reached out to John for help. Sam was relieved when John assured her that Rafe was safe and with John. After Sam ended the call, Molly insisted on visiting Rafe immediately. Sam and Molly passed Todd as Todd entered the bar, so Sam sent Molly to the car to wait.

After Molly left, Sam warned Todd that he would not get away with what he had done to Danny. Todd assured Sam that he understood that she was angry and wanted revenge, but Sam doubted it. She suggested that perhaps one day something awful would happen to someone in his family. "Then you can tell me you know how it feels," Sam said.

At the Rendezvous motel, John was reading the newspaper when Rafe knocked on the door. John became alarmed when he noticed Rafe's black eye, so he demanded to know what had happened. Rafe explained that things had gotten out of hand at the group home when a few of the kids had teased Rafe about Alison's belief in vampires. Rafe admitted that he had taken a few of the guys down, but there had been too many of them for Rafe to fight off. John offered to talk to the home's supervisor, but Rafe refused to return to the place.

John promised to make certain that Social Services sent Rafe to a better home, but Rafe suggested that John take him in. John confessed that he had too many problems and pointed out that he lived in a motel. Rafe assured John that it wasn't a problem because Rafe had stayed in worse places and didn't mind sleeping on the floor. Moments later, Sam called John to warn him that Rafe had disappeared from the group home. John explained that Rafe was with him and was safe. Sam thanked John and ended the call.

Later, Rafe promised to respect John's privacy, but John insisted that it wouldn't work out. A knock at the door heralded Sam and Molly's arrival. Molly was relieved when she saw Rafe and hugged him as she asked him about his black eye. Rafe assured Molly that he was fine, while Sam quietly confided to John that Molly had insisted on seeing Rafe. John thought that the visit might help Rafe.

John admitted that he was frustrated by the way that Rafe had been treated by the system, so he decided to call Social Services. Molly immediately objected, but John assured Molly that Rafe would not be returning to a group home.

At the Floating Rib, Todd was surprised when he received a phone call from his daughter, Dani, in Llanview. However, he became confused when Dani proceeded to berate her father. Todd was curious why she kept calling to tell him that she hated him, but Dani ended the call without answering his question. Todd went to the bar and encountered the man who had delivered the Easter basket and bunny to Josslyn. The man remarked that it sounded as if Todd had had a bad day. Todd demanded to know if the orders had been carried out.

The man assured Todd that the cameras had been planted in Carly's house, so Todd simply had to log on to the server to spy on Carly. After the man left, Todd sat down in a quiet corner and opened his laptop.

At Michael and Starr's apartment, Starr noticed the time. She reminded Michael that they were supposed to meet Ellie and A.J. at the lab, but Michael admitted that his father had other things on his mind. Starr tensed as she carefully asked what Michael had been talking about. Michael revealed that A.J. and Carly had gotten back together. Starr tried to brush it off by reminding him that A.J. and Carly didn't get along, but Michael assured Starr that it was true. Michael confided that Elizabeth had seen A.J. and Carly kissing and that A.J. hadn't denied it.

Starr reluctantly revealed that A.J. had lied. She told Michael about Todd's encounter with Carly at the restaurant when Carly had kissed A.J. to convince Todd that Carly had moved on. Starr confessed that Todd had shown up at the apartment to enlist Starr's help to expose the farce, but then Carly had arrived. Starr admitted that she had backed up Carly's story because Carly had asked her to. Michael suspected that Carly was in love with Todd, but Todd had lied to Carly, so Michael understood why his mother didn't want Todd in her life.

Starr warned Michael that Todd could be relentless and that he had seen through Carly's lie. Starr feared that Carly would have her hands full because Todd never backed down from a challenge.

At the hospital, Kevin was grumpy because Lucy wanted him to have his head checked out. She was concerned that there might be lingering problems from when Heather had knocked Kevin out. Kevin assured Lucy that he was fine, but Lucy refused to take any chances.

In the conference room, Felix was shocked when Sabrina and Elizabeth told him about their troubles with Patrick and A.J. "How could they be so heartless?" Felix wondered. Felix couldn't understand why Carly would kiss a man she despised. However, then he realized that there was a fine line between love and hate. "In Carly's case, it's lust and hate," Elizabeth clarified. Elizabeth explained that if A.J. wasn't smart enough to stay away from Carly after all of the misery that Carly had caused him, then it was A.J.'s problem, not Elizabeth's. Felix switched gears to discuss Sabrina's situation with Patrick, but Sabrina warned him to drop it.

Felix wisely suggested that they focus on something positive. Sabrina and Elizabeth appeared perplexed, so Felix reminded them that he and Sabrina were finally nurses. Moments later, Lucy breezed in and announced that they had a Nurses Ball to plan. Elizabeth, Sabrina, and Felix tactfully reminded Lucy that they had lost ELQ's backing, but Lucy waved away their concerns and ordered them to sit.

Lucy passed out binders and explained that they had partnered with the American Foundation for AIDS Research. Elizabeth wondered if amfAR was aware that they'd had problems funding the ball, but Lucy insisted that it didn't matter because they needed to focus on impressing everyone. Moments later, Elizabeth's phone rang, so she excused herself and left the room. Sabrina and Felix continued to express concerns about paying for Lucy's ideas, but Lucy ignored them.

A.J. stood outside of the lab as he thought about Carly's warning not to tell anyone about their charade or she wouldn't give A.J. the name of the missing Quartermaine heir, which would deny A.J. the opportunity to redeem himself in their son's eyes. "I'm so sorry, Elizabeth," A.J. whispered and then entered the lab. Ellie greeted A.J., so A.J. asked if Spinelli's endoscopy had been a success. Ellie explained that Spinelli's stomach acid had destroyed the piece of paper. Ellie regretted that the recipe had been lost, but Spinelli argued that the recipe was locked away in Ellie's head, so they just had to retrieve it.

In the hallway, Elizabeth ended her call then spotted Kevin. After they exchanged a warm greeting, Elizabeth asked if Kevin was on staff at the hospital again. Kevin admitted that he was there as a patient and then told her about Heather's attack and Lucy's request for him to have his head checked out a final time. Elizabeth offered to go with him to radiology, so she hit the button for the elevator. She confessed that Heather was one of the last people that she ever wanted to lay eyes on again.

Moments later, the elevator door opened. Elizabeth's smile vanished when she saw A.J. A.J. didn't take his eyes off of Elizabeth as he, Spinelli, and Ellie exited the elevator. A.J. made a silent appeal to Elizabeth, but she coldly glared back at him. Meanwhile, Spinelli recognized Kevin Collins and introduced himself. Spinelli confessed that they could use Kevin's help to put Ellie under hypnosis to recover some information. Kevin agreed, so Elizabeth excused herself and walked away. A.J. promised to catch up with Kevin, Spinelli, and Ellie later, and he followed Elizabeth.

A.J. asked Elizabeth for a chance to explain what she had walked in on at the restaurant the previous evening, but Elizabeth suggested that he tell Carly. A.J. insisted that it wasn't what Elizabeth thought and assured her that he and Carly couldn't stand each other. A.J.'s cell phone rang, so Elizabeth glanced down at it. "You were saying?" she asked when she saw that Carly was calling him. A.J. promised Elizabeth that she had the wrong idea, but Elizabeth warned him that Carly didn't like to be kept waiting, and she left.

Frustrated, A.J. answered the phone. He was not pleased when Carly demanded that he meet her at her house right away.

Elizabeth returned to the conference room and asked what she had missed. "Not much," Lucy admitted before discussing the centerpieces for the tables at the Nurses Ball. Elizabeth decided that perhaps they should consider a fundraiser to help sponsor the Nurses Ball. Lucy assured them that it wasn't necessary then pulled out a check that would cover all of their expenses. Elizabeth, Sabrina, and Felix jumped out of their seats and closely examined the check. Felix confirmed that it was real, but they were curious who had sent it. Lucy confessed that it had been an anonymous donor.

Kevin shooed Spinelli out of the lab and instructed Ellie to clear her mind, relax, and begin counting backwards from one hundred. After several minutes, Ellie fell into a hypnotic state, so Kevin walked her through the moments leading up to her discovery of the secret ingredient for the relish and the diagram that she had drawn. Ellie recalled the image, but confessed that it was blurry. Kevin gently told her to concentrate on the image until it became clear.

In the hallway, Starr and Michael were surprised when Spinelli told them that Ellie had agreed to undergo hypnosis to recall the secret ingredient. Michael thought that they had gone too far for the recipe, but Starr was curious if he thought that A.J. would agree. Moments later, Ellie and Kevin stepped out of the lab. Ellie confessed that the experience had been oddly refreshing, but Starr was eager to know if the hypnosis had worked.

At the Floating Rib, Todd watched the video footage of Carly's living room on his laptop. The camera had been hidden in the bowtie of the stuffed new bunny that Josslyn played with. Todd tried not to be distracted by Josslyn's chatter as he watched A.J. enter the living room in the background. Todd listened avidly as Carly warned A.J. that A.J. had to be nice to her and her daughter if they hoped to convince Todd. A.J. was offended that Carly would suggest that A.J. wouldn't be nice to Josslyn, whom he thought was a sweet kid.

A.J. assured Carly that he didn't hold it against Josslyn that Carly was her mother. Carly wasn't amused by the remark. A.J. reminded Carly that he was the one who was doing her a favor, so he hadn't appreciated being summoned. Carly refused to apologize because Todd suspected that her relationship with A.J. was a fraud. A.J. pointed out that it was, but Carly argued that Todd didn't know that.

"He does now," Todd said with satisfaction as he continued to watch the video feed.

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