General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 25, 2013 on GH

Nikolas remained unconscious after being shot by a sniper. Laura and Luke raced to rescue their daughter, but Helena managed to gain the upper hand. Richard Simmons returned to town to help out with the Nurses Ball. Sabrina decided to move on from Patrick by going out with Milo.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 25, 2013 on GH
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Britt met her mother, Dr. Obrecht, in the park. Dr. Obrecht was the woman who had aided Faison's plan to kidnap Robin and impersonate Duke. Britt asked why her mother was visiting Port Charles. Dr. Obrecht said that she was there to support her daughter and to take care of business of her own. When Britt reacted badly to her mother's criticism, Dr. Obrecht changed tactics and told Britt that she was proud of her for following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a doctor.

Britt said that they were different kinds of doctors because Britt helped life enter the world and Dr. Obrecht helped end life. Dr. Obrecht said that she was there because Britt had called for help, pouring out her sorrows while sobbing drunkenly into the phone. Britt said that everything had changed.

Dr Obrecht asked how Britt was doing with the handsome doctor she was dating. Britt told Dr Obrecht that she and Patrick had broken up. Dr. Obrecht was incredulous that Britt had lost Patrick to her "homely" rival. Britt said that she had tried to nab Patrick, but everything had blown up in her face -- and her career was in danger. Britt ranted that Sabrina was "pathetic" and not remotely qualified to be in medicine. Britt added that all Sabrina was good at was babysitting, and as a result, she had Emma on her side in the battle for Patrick's affections.

Dr. Obrecht reminded Britt that a surgeon knew how to remove obstacles. She said that the biggest problem, Patrick's wife, had already been eliminated. Caustically, Britt agreed to try again with Patrick. Dr. Obrecht said that she did not understand why Britt could not win Patrick over, but Dr. Obrecht said she would help Britt with an alternate plan. Dr. Obrecht suggested contacting Britt's father, but Britt seemed very intimidated by that idea and begged for a second chance to seduce Patrick.

Dr. Obrecht said that Britt's father only wanted what was best for Britt and would be glad to help out. Britt said that she would redouble her efforts. Dr. Obrecht said she was there to help Britt show her father that a strong woman got what she wanted, no matter who stood in the way. Dr. Obrecht vowed to help Britt find a way to get Patrick back. Britt said that Emma would be a huge problem because Emma hated Britt, even though Britt had tried to make friends with the "brat."

Dr. Obrecht denigrated Britt's skills with children. Britt shot back that it would have been easier for her if her own mother had shown her a shred of compassion. Dr. Obrecht slapped Britt's face and reminded Britt that Dr. Obrecht had brought Britt into the world and Dr. Obrecht could take her out. As Britt rubbed her red cheek, Dr. Obrecht mused that there was one method that was guaranteed to keep Sabrina and Patrick apart.

Patrick looked at Sabrina's graduation invitation and had second thoughts. He played the DVD that Robin had left for him. Patrick's tears flowed as he heard Robin tell him that she did not want him to be a lonely old man and that if he could not move on for his sake, that he needed to move on for Emma's because Robin did not want Emma to grow up without a mother.

Robin told Patrick to do something hard: to honor Robin's memory by finding someone to be a family with. As Robin said those things, Patrick recalled all the loving moments that he had witnessed between Emma and Sabrina and the happy times that he had also shared with Sabrina. At that moment, Patrick received a photo from Emma of Emma with Sabrina in her graduation robe.

Emma and Elizabeth took pictures of Sabrina and Felix as they prepared for graduation. Unknown to anyone, Emma sent one of the pictures to Patrick's phone. After Emma and Elizabeth took their seats to await the graduation exercises, Felix apologized to Sabrina for encouraging her to share her feelings with Patrick.

Sabrina said that it was okay. She said that it was better for her to know that Patrick was not interested in her because it encouraged Sabrina to move on. Felix said that Patrick could still show up. Felix was nervous because he had invited Milo to the ceremony. Felix raved about Milo's buff body. Felix admitted that he hoped that because Milo spent time with Felix and seemed to like him, it meant that Milo was in the closet and Felix still had a chance at a relationship with Milo.

When Milo did show up, Felix was tongue-tied, but Milo was very chatty with Sabrina. He told her that he had never been to a graduation before and that he was inspired by what Felix and Sabrina had accomplished. Milo said that he would like to go back to school and get his GED so that he could study massage.

Epiphany told the class that it was time to graduate. Epiphany gave out the diplomas. When she handed Felix his, she told him that they were going to "have fun" together. Patrick arrived at the ceremony as Epiphany called Sabrina's name.

Sabrina had a huge smile on her face when Patrick shouted out, "Good job!" Epiphany congratulated the graduates and dismissed the new nurses. After the ceremony, Patrick, Emma, and Elizabeth crowded around Sabrina to tell her how proud they were of her. Elizabeth got a page to the ER and left.

Emma asked if Patrick had attended because of the picture that Emma had sent. Patrick said that the picture was not the only reason. He congratulated Sabrina. As Sabrina put on her mother's stethoscope, Patrick said that Sabrina's mother would be proud. When Emma went for ice cream, Patrick told Sabrina that they had to talk.

Felix thanked Milo for attending the graduation. Milo said that the ceremony had been very inspiring, like his first bench press, only way cooler. Felix invited Milo for drinks at the Floating Rib, but was immediately disappointed when Milo asked Felix to put in a good word for him with Sabrina, who, Milo said, treated him like a real person and not a piece of beefcake. Felix blurted out that Sabrina was taken.

At the loft, Luke and Laura argued about Scott. Laura said that Luke's vendetta was upsetting her and preventing Luke from concentrating on the real enemy, the Cassadines. The police announced a visitor. When the door opened, Laura was overjoyed to see Nikolas, who said he was there to see Lulu. Luke said that Lulu had been kidnapped. Nikolas said that he was too late.

When Luke asked too late for what, Nikolas said, "For saving Lulu." Nikolas was about to say more when a shot rang out, and Nikolas fell to the ground. The police entered and called for an ambulance. Luke looked out the window and saw the shooter. The police called for backup and cordoned off the area.

At the Port Charles police station, Anna contacted Frisco for help in obtaining information on the Cassadines while Dante put in frantic calls to federal agencies for help locating Lulu. Olivia arrived at the station. She asked if Dante had gotten any sleep. Dante wanted to know if Olivia had seen any more visions. Dante was desperate. He told Olivia that there were no leads and begged her to help him by having a vision that would lead him to Lulu.

Olivia tried but gave up in frustration. She told Dante that she could not force herself to have a vision. Dante was in tears because Olivia could not produce a vision at will. Anna overheard and was urging Dante to take a break when her phone rang. She told Dante that shots had been fired at his apartment. They rushed out.

When Dante and Anna arrived at the loft, the officers filled them in on what had happened. Dante wanted to follow Nikolas to the hospital, but Anna insisted that he focus and tell her all he knew about Nikolas and the Cassadines. Dante said that Nikolas had saved Lulu's life with a bone marrow transplant when Lulu was young. Dante told Anna that Nikolas and Lulu were very close and that Nikolas would never hurt Lulu. Dante also said that Helena loved Nikolas and would never shoot him. Anna was skeptical.

Police cornered the suspected gunman in the park. Anna and Dante arrived just in time to capture him. It was Shawn in a hooded sweatshirt.

Luke and Laura arrived at General Hospital with Nikolas. Luke continued to question Nikolas about what he knew, but Nikolas was unable to respond. Elizabeth arrived and was stunned to see Nikolas. Epiphany told Luke to stay out of the way and let the doctors do their jobs. Laura said she was not leaving her son's side.

Laura said that if Nikolas died, she would kill whoever had harmed her children with her bare hands. Luke said that he felt the same way. Luke comforted Laura and said that Nikolas would make it for Lulu's sake. In the OR, Elizabeth told Nikolas to hold on as his monitors indicated "Code Blue."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the squad room, Olivia stopped pacing when she spotted Shawn. She was confused by Shawn's odd behavior as he stood silently in the squad room. Her confusion turned to horror when he suddenly aimed a gun at her. Olivia squeezed her eyes shut and put her hands up defensively as she begged Shawn not to fire the gun. Her eyes snapped open when Alexis called out Olivia's name. Olivia realized that she'd had a vision.

Alexis noticed that Olivia seemed rattled, so she fetched Olivia something to drink. Olivia took a sip then told Alexis about the vision. Alexis worriedly asked if Shawn had been shot, so Olivia assured her that Shawn had been unharmed. However, Olivia was frustrated by her lack of control over the visions because she desperately wished for a vision that would help find Lulu.

Olivia explained that time was of the essence because a gunman had opened fire on the loft, injuring someone. Alexis was curious who had been shot, but Olivia had no idea. Alexis explained that she had to take care of some business and leave because she had promised to meet Molly. Alexis offered Olivia some words of comfort then approached a police officer at the front desk. Alexis was curious which group home Rafe had been sent to.

The police officer became distracted when Anna called to report that someone had been hurt during an exchange of gunfire at the park. Olivia waited until the police officer ended the call to ask what had happened. The police officer revealed that Shawn Butler had been shot.

Bobbie and Scott returned to the loft, but Bobbie stopped Scott in the hallway to suggest that they leave. Bobbie feared that Scott and Luke would get into another argument. Scott made it clear that he wanted to check on Laura then marched into the loft. He stopped in his tracks when he saw the police tape and police officers in the loft. A police officer revealed that everyone had gone to the hospital because Laura's son had been shot.

Scott immediately called Laura. Laura quickly filled Scott in Nikolas' visit and the shooting. Scott promised to head to the hospital, but Laura asked him to stay at the loft in case the kidnapper called. Scott reluctantly agreed and ended the call. Scott led Bobbie into the hallway to update her on Nikolas' condition. He knew that Nikolas had been gravely injured because he had heard it in Laura's voice.

Scott revealed that Nikolas and Spencer visited Laura every month without fail, so Scott had gotten to know Nikolas and liked him, despite Nikolas' decision to name his son after the Spencers. Bobbie insisted that it had been a lovely gesture on Nikolas' part. Scott resented that he had to stay away from the hospital because of Luke, who didn't even like Nikolas. "I'm sorry," Bobbie quietly replied.

Scott appreciated the apology, since Bobbie was to blame for Scott's troubles. Scott reminded Bobbie that she had been the reason that Luke had been in Port Charles years earlier. Scott recalled that Bobbie had enlisted Luke to woo Laura away from Scott, which had led to Luke and Laura's relationship. Bobbie burst out laughing, but conceded that she had gone to extreme measures in the name of love. However, she insisted that it was too late to point fingers.

Scott conceded that he wasn't in any position to judge Bobbie, since he had also done some crazy things in the name of love. After the police filed out, Scott and Bobbie returned to the loft. Scott was curious if Bobbie liked life in Seattle, so she revealed that she loved her work there. Bobbie shied away from discussing her love life by talking about Lucas. She explained that her son dated, but he hadn't found a special young man to marry.

In a trauma room, Nikolas' vitals crashed. Elizabeth grabbed his hand and begged him to fight. A team of doctors and nurses worked to save Nikolas' life as Elizabeth tearfully confessed to Nikolas that she couldn't lose him too. Eventually, the doctors managed to start Nikolas' heart, but they had to put him on a ventilator.

In the hallway, Laura realized that Nikolas' condition had deteriorated when she heard the alarms from the trauma room then saw a nurse rush past her with a crash cart. Laura started to enter the room, but Luke held her back to keep her from getting in the way. Moments later, Scott called. Laura quickly filled him in on what had happened and persuaded him to stay at the loft. She promised to call Scott with an update then ended the call when Dr. Keats approached.

Later, Luke noticed Laura had her phone out. She explained that she had to call her mother who was with Spencer at Nikolas' home in Italy. Moments later, Lesley answered the phone. Laura told her mother about the shooting, but she asked Lesley not to tell Spencer. Laura warned Lesley that Helena might be involved, so she urged Lesley to keep Spencer close. Laura asked Lesley to pass along some kisses to Spencer from his grandmother then ended the call.

Dr. Keats walked up to explain that Nikolas was in critical condition and would require surgery. Laura wanted to spend some time with her son before the operation. Dr. Keats didn't have any objections, so Laura entered the trauma room. Elizabeth fussed over Nikolas as Laura walked up and hugged her. Elizabeth stepped back as Laura gently stroked Nikolas' head then kissed him. Laura assured Nikolas that Lesley and Spencer were safe and told her son how much she loved him and how proud she was of him.

Meanwhile, Luke called Anna to update her on Nikolas' condition. Luke suspected that Nikolas knew something about Lulu's disappearance, so he intended to question Nikolas as soon as possible. Luke ended the call as Alexis walked up to ask where Shawn was. Confused, Luke asked what Alexis was talking about, so she revealed that Shawn had been shot. Alexis was shocked when Luke told her about Nikolas. She was desperate to check on her nephew, so Luke pointed to Nikolas' room and promised to let her know when Shawn arrived.

In the trauma room, Alexis joined Laura and Elizabeth at Nikolas' bedside. Nikolas remained unconscious, hooked up to a ventilator, as Laura quietly told Alexis that someone had targeted Nikolas to keep him from revealing something. Alexis let Nikolas know that she was there with him.

In the park, Dante and Anna caught up with the man that they had been chasing. Dante ordered the man to drop his gun, raise his hands, and face Dante and Anna. Dante and Anna were stunned when they recognized the man. "Shawn, you shot Nikolas Cassadine?" Dante asked in disbelief. Dante quickly secured Shawn's gun, while Shawn assured them that he hadn't shot anyone.

Shawn explained that Sonny had been worried, so he had asked Shawn to keep an eye on the loft. Shawn had seen the shooter fleeing the building, so Shawn had given chase. Shawn looked up just as someone stepped out of the bushes to take a shot at Anna. Shawn quickly shoved Anna to the ground as the shooter fired. Dante immediately exchanged gunfire with the gunman, so the gunman took off. Anna stayed behind with Shawn, while Dante pursued the shooter.

Anna called for an ambulance, but became concerned as the minutes ticked by without any sign of help. She decided to search the park for the paramedics, so she left Shawn on a park bench with his gun.

Elsewhere in the park, Dr. Obrecht ordered her daughter to pull it together. Britt tearfully explained that Britt didn't have a chance of getting Patrick back. Dr. Obrecht disagreed then reminded her daughter that they had one guaranteed method of pulling Patrick and Sabrina apart. "I'm sorry, I think it's too late," Britt argued. Dr. Obrecht insisted that they had everything in place to "surprise" Patrick. "But where will that leave me?" Britt wondered.

Britt pointed out that the plan was to her mother's advantage, not Britt's. "Do you wish for something else?" Dr. Obrecht asked Britt. Dr. Obrecht insisted that her plan wouldn't have been necessary if Britt had followed through on the promise to make Patrick fall in love with Britt. Dr. Obrecht was curious when they should put their plan into motion, but Britt remained silent.

Frustrated, Dr. Obrecht blasted her daughter for failing the one single test that Britt had been given. Britt tearfully explained that Sabrina had become involved in a certain cause as a way to get closer to Patrick, but Dr. Obrecht didn't care. Dr. Obrecht turned her back on Britt then took several steps away. Seconds later, Anna spotted Britt, so she called out to the doctor for help.

Britt balked at helping Anna, so Anna assured Britt that Britt was the last person that Anna would ask for help after the way that Britt had treated Emma. However, someone had been shot and needed medical attention. Dr. Obrecht carefully remained in the shadows with her back to Anna until Britt followed Anna to where Shawn was.

Meanwhile, Shawn stiffened when he sensed someone looming behind him. A gunman had stepped out of the woods to take aim at Shawn. Shawn grabbed his gun then turned to face the would-be-assassin. The man grinned menacingly at Shawn until Dante suddenly appeared behind the shooter. Dante ordered the gunman to lower the gun, so the man reluctantly complied.

Moments later, the paramedics, police, Anna, and Dr. Westbourne arrived. Shawn was quickly loaded onto a stretcher then whisked to General Hospital. Britt limped back to where her mother had been and told her about the shooting. Dr. Obrecht grimaced with disdain because she thought gunfire in a park was "so American." Dr. Obrecht switched gears by announcing that the Nurses Ball would be the perfect place to spring their surprise on Patrick.

At the scene of the park shooting, Dante demanded answers from the gunman, but the gunman remained stubbornly silent. Dante's temper flared as he grabbed the man and began to pummel answers out of him. Anna quickly pulled Dante off of the gunman. Seconds later, the gunman foamed at the mouth, convulsed, and collapsed. Dante tried to slap the man awake, but Anna shoved Dante out of the way. She quickly confirmed that the man had died of cyanide poisoning. Frustrated, Dante pointed out that their only lead was dead.

At the hospital, Alexis raced to Shawn's side when he arrived in the emergency room. He quickly assured her that he had only sustained a minor gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Elsewhere, Luke checked on Laura and asked if Nikolas had said anything. Laura's eyes filled with sadness as she watched her son being taken to surgery.

In another wing at the hospital, the newly graduated nurses mingled with their friends and family following the graduation ceremony. Milo wondered if Felix would mind if Milo asked Sabrina out. "No, why should I?" Felix lied. Milo confessed that Felix seemed a bit territorial, so Felix promised that he didn't have a problem with Milo asking Sabrina out. "Well, I do," Emma said.

Surprised, Milo leaned down to ask why Emma objected to Milo going out with Sabrina. Emma confessed that she wanted her father to date Sabrina. Worried, Milo asked Felix if Sabrina and Dr. Drake were involved. Felix looked over at Sabrina and Patrick then answered, "Not that I know of." After Milo walked away, Emma noticed that Felix looked sad, so she suspected that he didn't want Milo and Sabrina to go out either. Felix admitted that Emma was right, but his reasons were different from Emma's.

Patrick confessed that he and Sabrina needed to talk. Sabrina nervously apologized for telling Patrick about her "completely inappropriate feelings" because it had put him in an awkward position. Patrick tried to assure her that it was fine, but Sabrina kept on babbling by assuring him that he didn't have to worry about it happening again. Sabrina started to walk away, so Patrick called out to her just as Milo walked up to her. Patrick and Sabrina were startled when Milo asked to escort Sabrina to the graduation party at the Floating Rib.

Patrick watched Sabrina carefully as Milo waited for an answer. Patrick's phone suddenly beeped, so Patrick glanced at his text messages and explained that he was needed in the Intensive Care Unit. Sabrina promised to take care of Emma then accepted Milo's invitation.

Later, Epiphany overheard Patrick mention that he was headed home. She was curious why he had decided to skip the graduation party, so he confessed that he didn't want to intrude on Sabrina's date. Epiphany was impressed that Sabrina had snagged a date with Magic Milo. She smiled knowingly when Patrick didn't share her enthusiasm because she knew it stemmed from jealousy. Epiphany suspected that Sabrina's confession had opened Patrick's eyes.

However, Epiphany warned Patrick that he had been a fool to let Sabrina go out with a guy like Magic Milo because Milo could easily sweep Sabrina off her feet. Patrick explained that he had tried to talk to Sabrina about his feelings, but Sabrina had kept talking over him. Patrick suggested that perhaps fate had intervened for a reason. "That's ridiculous," Epiphany scoffed. She thought that it would serve Patrick right if Milo snatched Sabrina up.

At the Floating Rib, T.J. and Molly waited for Shawn and Alexis to join them for dinner. T.J. became annoyed when Molly confessed that Alexis had stopped by the police station to check on Rafe, so he changed the subject by remarking that Shawn was never late. Later, T.J. and Molly noticed the graduating nurses gathering in the bar. Molly told T.J. about the Nurses Ball, which she desperately wanted to attend. However, she feared that they would sell out of tickets before she could buy one.

T.J. surprised Molly by revealing that he had purchased two tickets to the Nurses Ball. He invited her to go with him, provided she wasn't hoping that Rafe would ask her. Annoyed, Molly wondered why T.J. kept mentioning Rafe. T.J. argued that Molly was the one who always thought about Rafe. Molly explained that she had merely asked her mother to check on Rafe and pointed out that she hadn't tried to hide it from T.J. because she wanted to be honest.

T.J. conceded that Molly had a point, so he apologized then asked her to the Nurses Ball again. Molly happily agreed.

Later, Sabrina, Emma, Milo, and Felix entered the bar. Felix took Emma to fetch something to drink, while Milo led Sabrina to a table to talk. Milo worried that he might have been too forward with Sabrina, but she promised him that she wouldn't have accepted his invitation if she had been offended. Milo admitted that it had seemed like he had interrupted something between Sabrina and Patrick. Sabrina assured Milo that he didn't have to worry that he was stealing her away from Patrick.

Sabrina confessed that she had feelings for Patrick, but they weren't reciprocated. Milo was skeptical because Patrick had been at Sabrina's graduation. Sabrina insisted that Patrick had only attended as a courtesy because Emma and Sabrina were close. Milo admitted that he had sensed more; however, Sabrina was adamant that Patrick had no romantic interest in her. Milo wondered where that left Milo and Sabrina; he asked if she was stuck on Patrick or ready to move on.

Sabrina smiled then revealed that she was ready to move on.

Nearby, a dejected Felix and Emma sat down at T.J. and Molly's table. Felix and Emma explained that they weren't happy about Sabrina and Milo's date. T.J. assumed that it was because Felix had a crush on Sabrina, so Emma clarified that Felix liked boys. Molly realized that Milo was the object of Felix's affections. Felix grumbled that Sabrina knew how Felix felt about Milo and what it was like to pine for someone. Emma was curious if Felix was mad at Sabrina.

Felix explained that he was madder at himself for wanting someone that he couldn't have. Molly surmised that Felix hoped that Milo was gay and didn't realize it yet. Felix knew he was dreaming, but Sabrina going out with Milo didn't help.

Later, Emma confided to Felix that Sabrina had once told Emma that they had to follow their dreams. Emma believed that Felix would find someone new to love if he followed his dreams.

Nearby, T.J. and Molly grew anxious because neither of them had heard from Shawn and Alexis.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At Metro Court, Lucy thanked Carly for donating the ballroom for the Nurses Ball. Carly explained that the ballroom had been renovated, so she was eager to show it off. Lucy was speechless when Carly threw open the doors for Lucy, Sabrina, and Felix to have their first look. Lucy instantly fell in love with the venue because it was spectacular and sophisticated. Carly noticed that Felix was subdued, so she asked him what was wrong.

Lucy vowed to make the Nurses Ball the best one ever, so she put Felix and Sabrina to work on the seating plan. Moments later, Michael entered, so Carly greeted her son with a hug. Carly was surprised when Michael revealed that Lucy had persuaded him to perform at the Nurses Ball. Michael admitted that he was nervous because he had no idea what Lucy had in store for him, but Carly was confident that Michael would do well. Michael changed the subject by asking how his mother had been holding up.

Michael realized that there had been a lot of tension between him and Carly because of Michael's relationship with A.J.; however, Michael insisted that he loved his mother and knew that he could always count on her. Carly smiled then hugged her son. Afterwards, she told Michael about the memorable speech that Robin had given during one of the Nurses Balls. The speech had been about Stone dying of AIDS and Robin testing positive for HIV. Carly recalled that Robin had nearly collapsed at the end of the emotional speech, so Jason had carried Robin off of the stage. Carly was certain that Jason would be proud of Michael for being a part of the charity event.

Moments later, Dante called Michael to ask if Michael knew anything about the Haunted Star leaving the dock. Michael admitted that he didn't, so Dante ended the call. Carly was curious what the call had been about, but Michael confessed that he had no idea.

Nearby, Scott entered the ballroom to let Lucy know about Nikolas' shooting. Lucy was horrified and wondered if there had been any news about Lulu. Scott grumbled that he didn't know because Laura had kept him at arm's length since leaving the courthouse and had only confided to Luke. Lucy pointed out that Laura had a lot on her mind. Scott agreed, so he decided to help out with the Nurses Ball to keep busy. Lucy smacked him on the forehead then accused him of being an idiot.

Lucy ordered Scott to stop pouting and go to the hospital to be with Laura. She reminded him that Luke wasn't Nikolas' father, so Scott had just as much right to be with Laura as Luke did. Lucy insisted that Scott needed to be there for Laura, so if Luke didn't like it then it was Luke's problem. Scott smiled and thanked Lucy for her sage advice. He admitted that she was his best friend, so she argued that she was his only friend.

Nearby, Sabrina tried to figure out why Felix had been giving her the cold shoulder. She was curious if it had to do with her date with Milo. "Damn right it's about Milo," Felix confirmed. He admitted that he felt betrayed because she had gone out with the guy that Felix had a crush on. Sabrina reminded Felix that Milo didn't even "play" on Felix's team, but Felix argued that it didn't matter because friends were not supposed to date people that their friends had feelings for.

Sabrina confessed that the only reason that she had gone out with Milo was to get over Patrick. Felix stormed off, so Sabrina followed him. She reminded Felix that Felix and Elizabeth had encouraged her to pour her heart out to Patrick, but Patrick had rejected her. Felix wondered if Sabrina had gone out with Milo to get back at Felix. Sabrina assured him that she hadn't, but she reminded Felix that he and Elizabeth had pushed Sabrina to meet someone new.

Felix was hurt that Sabrina had decided to get over Patrick with Milo. Sabrina refused to apologize because she thought that Milo was a genuinely nice guy. Felix was curious how Sabrina would feel if Felix went after Patrick. Sabrina argued that it wasn't the same thing because Felix couldn't have Patrick. "Well, apparently, neither can you," Felix snidely replied then walked away.

Michael approached Lucy to find out what she wanted him to do at the Nurses Ball. Lucy was vague, but she assured him that it would be fantastic. Michael warned her that he didn't sing or dance, so Lucy reminded him that he had other "assets" to "display." Carly warned Lucy not to embarrass Michael. Felix walked up to ask for a moment of Carly's time, so Carly followed Felix.

Felix told Carly about his argument with Sabrina. Carly pointed out that Milo wasn't interested in men, but Felix suspected that Milo was in denial. Carly made it clear that Milo was heterosexual and that there was nothing that Felix could do to change that. Felix insisted that regardless what Milo's sexual orientation was, it hadn't been right for Sabrina to go out with Milo. Carly wondered if that meant that Felix no longer had Sabrina's back.

Felix sobered as he admitted that he would always be there for Sabrina. Satisfied, Carly suggested that Felix should be happy for Sabrina if Milo made Sabrina happy.

Nearby, Lucy was curious what was troubling Sabrina. Sabrina accused Felix of being selfish for resenting Sabrina's date with Milo. Lucy advised Sabrina to let Milo go, unless Milo was the love of Sabrina's life, because what Sabrina had with Milo would never compare to Sabrina's friendship with Felix.

Milo approached the nurses' station, so Patrick assumed that Milo was there for Sabrina. Milo admitted that he wanted to talk to Patrick because Milo had sensed that he had interrupted an important conversation between Patrick and Sabrina after the graduation ceremony. Milo explained that he had enjoyed Sabrina's company on their date and wanted to ask Sabrina out again, but something was holding him back. Patrick pointed out that Milo didn't need Patrick's permission. Milo disagreed. Milo knew that Sabrina had strong feelings for Patrick, but Sabrina didn't think that Patrick returned those feelings.

"Who says I don't feel the same way?" Patrick asked. Milo ignored the question as he explained that he had a history of bad relationships, so Milo wanted to make certain that Patrick wasn't interested in Sabrina. Milo's phone rang before Patrick could answer. It was Sabrina. Sabrina asked Milo to meet her in Metro Court's ballroom, so Milo agreed.

After Milo left, Patrick gazed at a picture of Sabrina and Emma. Carly and Michael walked up asking for Nikolas' room number because they hoped to spend time with Bobbie. Michael noticed that Patrick seemed distracted, so he asked if Patrick was okay. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Patrick asked defensively.

In the ballroom, Sabrina prepared to end things with Milo when Felix suddenly walked up and loudly proclaimed that he wanted to watch when Sabrina invited Milo to attend the Nurses Ball with her. Sabrina looked confused until Felix mouthed to her that it was okay. Sabrina smiled then asked Milo to be her date. Milo happily agreed.

Alexis helped Shawn from the car to her front porch at the lake house. Shawn assured Alexis that he was fine, but Alexis insisted that he recuperate from the gunshot wound in her home. Shawn reminded her that she had more important matters to worry about, so Alexis assured him that Laura was watching over Nikolas and that Alexis would continue to monitor her nephew's recovery. Moments later, Alexis and Shawn entered the house. T.J., Molly, and Sam were gathered in the living room, so they yelled "surprise" when they saw Shawn.

Shawn was embarrassed by the attention, but T.J. reminded Shawn that Shawn was a hero for saving the police commissioner's life. Shawn confessed that he didn't feel like a hero. Molly wasn't surprised because heroes seldom felt special. Shawn regretted that Nikolas had been hurt, but Alexis argued that Shawn had probably saved Nikolas' life by distracting the sniper and forcing the gunman to flee.

After Shawn was settled on the sofa, T.J. handed his guardian a soft drink. Shawn wanted coffee, so T.J. agreed to fetch it, but first he wanted Shawn to know that despite their rocky start, Shawn was the closest thing that T.J. had to a father since T.J.'s biological father had died. T.J. said hew wouldn't be able to take it if anything happened to Shawn. Shawn was deeply moved by T.J.'s confession.

Nearby, Alexis updated Sam and Molly on Nikolas' condition. According to Alexis, the bullet had been removed, so Nikolas was stable but unconscious. Alexis reveled that Luke suspected that Helena had been behind the shooting. However, Alexis had her doubts because she couldn't imagine why Helena would kidnap Lulu then have Nikolas shot. Sam was curious if she should be concerned for herself and Danny, but Alexis assured both of her daughters that Helena didn't consider Alexis to be a Cassadine, so Alexis was confident that they were all safe.

Alexis apologized to Molly because Alexis hadn't been able to work on Rafe's case because of everything that had happened. Molly assured Alexis that it was fine. After Molly returned to the living room to spend time with Shawn and T.J., Alexis asked how Sam had been holding up since the terrifying ordeal with Stephen Clay. Sam admitted that she didn't harbor any ill will towards Stephen because she understood that he hadn't been able to accept his wife's death. Sam confided that she hoped that Stephen had found some peace with his wife when he had died.

Alexis and Sam glanced into the living room, where Molly and T.J. were singing Shawn's praises. Alexis suspected that Shawn was uncomfortable being the center of attention, so Sam decided to remedy the situation by inviting the teens out to eat. Molly and T.J. readily accepted, so everyone filed out, leaving Alexis alone with Shawn. Alexis snuggled next to Shawn on the sofa then warned him never to scare her like that again.

At the loft, Dante stared at a picture of him and Lulu on their wedding day. Moments later, Anna entered the apartment and asked where everyone was. Dante explained that he had told everyone to leave because he had needed some time alone. Anna revealed that she had reached out to the World Security Bureau for help identifying the sniper, and it had paid off.

Dante wasn't surprised when Anna told him that the shooter had once worked for Helena. Dante suspected that Helena had rehired the assassin, so Dante was determined to hunt Helena down. Anna pointed out that it wasn't possible because they had no idea where Helena was. Dante's temper flared as he began to break things. Anna advised Dante to calm down because she needed him to focus.

Anna instructed Dante to clean himself up then meet her at the Haunted Star. However, a short time later, Dante met Anna at the Harbormaster's office. Anna explained that she had received a report that the Haunted Star had disappeared the previous evening. Dante made a quick call to Michael to find out if Michael knew anything about the ship's whereabouts, but Michael didn't have any answers.

Later, Dante and Anna arrived at the hospital as a helicopter landed. Anna received a report that the Haunted Star had set sail following Nikolas' shooting. The ship was suspected of being in the Atlantic Ocean, but its coordinates were unknown.

Laura and Bobbie were seated in a waiting are near Nikolas' hospital room. Laura was frustrated because no one had been allowed to enter her son's room, including Laura. Bobbie was curious where Luke was, but Laura had no idea. However, Laura suspected that Luke was working on finding Lulu. Bobbie wondered how Laura was holding up, so Laura confessed that she was worried about all three of her children. Bobbie was surprised that Laura hadn't heard from Lucky, but Laura admitted that it wasn't unusual because Lucky constantly traveled.

Laura was grateful for Bobbie's support and company. Bobbie gently reminded Laura that there was someone else who would have loved to have been there with Laura. Laura appeared perplexed. "Scotty," Bobbie clarified. Laura and Bobbie became concerned when they heard alarms in Nikolas' room.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Luke filled a syringe with an unknown substance then began to inject it into Nikolas' I.V. Luke apologized for taking such extreme measures, but Luke was desperate to find Lulu and suspected that Nikolas had information that would help Luke track down Lulu. Laura and Bobbie suddenly burst into the room when the alarms began to sound. Laura angrily demanded to know what Luke was doing, while Bobbie raced over to check Nikolas' I.V.

Bobbie was shocked when she discovered the vial of adrenaline that Luke had injected Nikolas with. Laura was furious that Luke had risked Nikolas' life, but Luke was unapologetic as he explained that Nikolas had vital information about Lulu. Laura slapped Luke then told him, "Go to hell." Bobbie assured Laura that most of the adrenaline had been in the I.V., so it hadn't made its way to Nikolas' bloodstream. Laura wasn't surprised that Luke had callously risked Nikolas' life because Luke had always thought of Nikolas as her "bastard son with Stavros." Laura insisted that Nikolas was as much her child as Lucky and Lulu were.

Laura refused to allow Luke to trade the life of one of her children for another. Luke was certain that Nikolas would want to help, but Laura ordered Luke to leave. Alone with her son, Laura gently took his hand into hers. She heard the door open and assumed that Luke had returned, so she ordered Luke to leave. "What about me?" Scott asked from the doorway. Laura jumped up then ran into Scott's arms.

Scott wasn't surprised when Laura told him about Luke's attempt to force Nikolas awake. Laura insisted that she didn't want to hear Luke's name again because she was determined to stay positive. Scott offered to leave, but Laura wanted him to stay with her.

In the hallway, Luke remained determined to find his daughter. He continued to justify what he had done to Nikolas, but Bobbie warned Luke that he had gone too far. Moments later, Dante and Anna arrived. Dante revealed that they might have found Lulu's location. Luke was eager to leave, but Dante and Anna explained that it wasn't that simple. Anna revealed that Lulu had likely been spirited out of town on the Haunted Star, which had sailed out of her jurisdiction and into international waters. Anna promised to help Luke and Dante rescue Lulu, but Luke and Dante would have to work with the WSB.

Anna explained that Frisco had arranged for Luke to be given transportation and temporary WSB credentials. Satisfied, Luke started to leave, but passed Nikolas' room as Laura and Scott walked out. Laura warned Luke not to say a word about Scott being there, so Luke informed her that he intended to find their daughter then left.

In the parking lot, Dante asked Anna to keep an eye on Olivia then left to pick up some equipment. Luke walked up, so Anna gave Luke some last-minute instructions and explained that Dante would meet Luke at the rendezvous point with all of the equipment that they would need to rescue Lulu. She also promised Luke that a WSB team would be on stand-by if Luke needed backup.

Luke was about to head to the waiting helicopter when Laura ran up. Laura made it clear that she intended to go with Luke to rescue their daughter. Luke didn't have an opportunity to object as Laura marched to the helicopter then climbed in. Luke followed Laura as Anna watched. "Godspeed," Anna whispered as the helicopter lifted into the air.

In the hospital, Scott grumbled to Bobbie about Laura's decision to go with Luke to rescue Lulu. Bobbie reminded Scott that Laura had trusted him to watch over Nikolas, which said a lot about Laura's feelings for Scott.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

At the lake house, Alexis admitted to Shawn that she was livid that Luke had injected Nikolas' I.V. with adrenaline. Shawn assured Alexis that he would understand if Alexis wanted to go to the hospital. Alexis explained that that the doctor had restricted visitors, so Alexis couldn't check on Nikolas. Moments later, Rafe knocked on the front door and explained that he hadn't had anywhere else to go. Alexis quickly ushered Rafe inside then fed him.

Shawn quietly watched as Alexis gently asked Rafe about the group home. Rafe revealed that the kids had constantly tormented him about his parents. Alexis explained that she hadn't been able to work on Rafe's case because of a family emergency. Rafe assured Alexis that he understood then asked where Molly was. "She's with her boyfriend," Shawn pointedly answered.

Alexis broke the tension by clarifying that Molly had volunteered to help out with a charity event, so Molly and T.J. were at Metro Court. Shawn waited until Alexis left the room to fetch Rafe something to drink before reiterating that T.J. was Molly's boyfriend. Rafe wondered if Shawn was T.J.'s father. "Something like that," Shawn answered. Shawn revealed that T.J.'s father had died, so Shawn was all that T.J. had. Shawn added that Molly was an important influence on T.J.'s life. "Understood?" Shawn sternly asked.

Rafe resumed eating. Seconds later, Alexis returned with a soft drink. She was curious how things were going with Shawn and Rafe, so they both assured her that everything was fine. Moments later, Rafe offered to leave. Shawn objected because he suspected that Rafe intended to go to Metro Court. Alexis informed Rafe that he had to stay put until she could figure something out.

Afterwards, Alexis called the hospital to check on Nikolas. She was stunned when she was given some shocking news.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth bumped into Patrick, which sent both of their cell phones flying. Elizabeth quickly apologized as she leaned down to pick up her cell phone. She smiled knowingly as she handed Patrick's phone to him. Patrick smiled with embarrassment because Elizabeth had seen the picture of Sabrina and Emma that Emma had sent to him. Elizabeth confided that Emma had been proud to figure out how to send pictures on Elizabeth's cell phone.

Patrick and Elizabeth talked about Sabrina's graduation. Patrick claimed that he had shown up to support Sabrina, but Elizabeth was curious if he had been there as a friend or something more. Patrick admitted that he had been thinking about what Robin had wanted for Patrick and Emma when Emma's picture had arrived. Elizabeth loved Emma's ingenuity. "You gotta love a girl who knows what she wants," Elizabeth replied

Patrick smiled then confided that it didn't matter why he had gone to Sabrina's graduation because Sabrina had decided to date someone else. Shocked, Elizabeth asked who. "Milo," Patrick answered. "Magic Milo?" Elizabeth asked. Patrick wondered what was going on with the women in Port Charles and Magic Milo. Elizabeth explained that Patrick would have had to have been at Connie's bachelorette party to understand.

Patrick assured Elizabeth that he had heard about Milo's "cheese grater abs." Elizabeth chucked then admitted that she was proud of Sabrina for moving on with Milo. Elizabeth thought that Sabrina and Milo made a cute couple. "Don't you?" she sweetly asked. Patrick revealed that Milo had paid Patrick a visit to find out if Patrick and Sabrina were romantically involved with each other. Elizabeth was impressed with Milo's thoughtfulness, but she was curious what Patrick had told Milo. Patrick admitted that he hadn't had a chance to say anything because Sabrina had called Milo, so Milo had left.

Elizabeth pushed for an answer, so Patrick confessed that he loved Robin as much as he had on the day that Robin had died, so Milo had more to offer Sabrina than Patrick did. Elizabeth was curious if Patrick had considered Sabrina's feelings, but Patrick insisted that he had baggage. Elizabeth argued that Patrick either wanted to be with Sabrina or not, so she suggested that he stop hiding behind Robin and Emma before it was too late.

Elizabeth reminded Patrick that they both knew that life was too short, so Patrick should focus on what he wanted. After Elizabeth left to check on Nikolas, Patrick called Sabrina. The call went to voicemail, so Patrick asked her to return his call because he needed to talk to her about something important.

In the ballroom, Sam arrived with Molly and T.J. in tow as Lucy gathered everyone to rehearse the opening number for the Nurses Ball. However, Lucy spotted Molly, so she ran over to greet and hug Molly. Molly and Sam introduced Lucy to T.J. then explained that they wanted to help out. Lucy was delighted because they needed people to work behind-the-scenes. Molly and T.J. went to work, while Lucy talked excitedly to Sam about the celebrity choreographer that Lucy had enlisted to help with the opening number.

After Lucy walked away, Sam bumped into a vaguely familiar looking man. The man, a hospital handyman named Anton, was certain that he and Sam had met before, but he couldn't figure out where. Sam smiled awkwardly as Anton returned to work.

Meanwhile, Lucy caught up with Molly to get an update on Rafe. Molly revealed that Rafe had been sent to a group home until a suitable foster home could be found. Lucy felt terrible because even though Rafe wasn't her cousin's biological son, she considered Rafe family. Molly wondered if Lucy and Kevin could take Rafe in, so Lucy admitted that she had tried, but they had been rejected because Lucy and Kevin weren't permanent residents in Port Charles and because of Lucy's recent legal troubles. Nearby, T.J. eavesdropped on Lucy and Molly's conversation. He quickly stepped forward when Lucy asked Molly to talk to Alexis about Rafe's situation.

Molly looked guilty to be caught talking about Rafe, but she assured Lucy that Alexis had been working on it. T.J. rolled his eyes behind Lucy's back as Lucy insisted that Rafe deserved to feel safe and secure, not alone.

Nearby, Milo confessed to Sabrina that he had been worried about her phone call because he had expected her to tell him that she wasn't interested in going out with him again. Sabrina assured him that the thought hadn't crossed her mind. Milo offered to help out setting things up for the Nurses Ball, so Sabrina sent him to work with the lighting crew. After Milo left, Sabrina admitted to Felix that she felt lucky to have a date with Milo.

Felix was surprised when Sabrina revealed that she had decided not to go out with Milo for the sake of her friendship with Felix. Felix confessed that Carly had made him realize that his friendship with Sabrina was more important than some guy. Sabrina regretted that she had hurt Milo, but she had been determined to get over Patrick. Felix insisted that it had been his fault for falling for another straight guy.

Moments later, Lucy called out for Elizabeth. Lucy became frustrated when Epiphany explained that Elizabeth had been needed at the hospital. Lucy couldn't understand why another nurse, who hadn't volunteered to be a part of the Nurses Ball, couldn't have taken Elizabeth's place at the hospital. Epiphany refused to answer the question, so Lucy took some calming breaths then announced that a surprise celebrity choreographer had agreed to work on the opening number.

Everyone smiled with anticipation. As if on cue, fitness expert Richard Simmons appeared in the doorway. Everyone applauded, while Lucy ran over to greet Richard with a warm hug. Richard set down his boom box then joined Lucy on the stage. Lucy explained that Richard had lived in Port Charles years earlier and had taught exercise classes at the campus disco that Luke Spencer had run. Richard admitted that his favorite nurse had been Amy Vining because Amy had loved to gossip with him after the classes about the Webber, Spencer, and Quartermaine families.

Richard announced that he had written a special song for the Nurses Ball, so he offered to share a part of it with the gathered volunteers. Everyone clapped, so Richard asked someone to hit play on the boom box. A disco-style rap song suddenly filled the room as Richard Simmons directed everyone in a group dance. Everyone's smile began to fade as the rap lyrics sank in.

"It started out in Port Charles town, where Frank Smith's mob used to hang around. It had names and numbers all in code, so Luke and Laura had to hit the road. They had to find the left-handed boy. Watch their step, they had to be coy. Ooh, Monica likes to have her fun. Told Rick he was the dad, soon found out that he'd been had. Alan was the father, of course, and he won't give Monica a divorce. Rick wants to get Lesley back; Heather's having an insane attack."

Sabrina wondered if the rap had been about their chief of staff, Monica Quartermaine. Epiphany admitted that it had sounded like it. Horrified, Lucy ran over to the boom box to turn it off. Richard was offended and demanded to know what was wrong with his song. Lucy informed Richard that it couldn't be used, but Richard argued that it was poetry, had a "great sexy" '80s beat, and, according to Richard, was the complete truth.

Lucy explained that they couldn't flaunt the town's secrets, but Richard insisted that the "stupid" town's secrets weren't secrets. Lucy refused to embarrass Monica. "Who cares about her?" Richard angrily demanded as the nurses glared at him. Lucy and Richard proceeded to scream at each other until Lucy suggested that Richard change the lyrics.

Richard demanded to know where Bobbie Spencer was because he was certain that his friend would back him up. Lucy doubted that Bobbie would jeopardize the Nurses Ball by playing a tasteless song about 30-year-old gossip. Richard insisted on talking to the head nurse about firing Lucy. Epiphany made it clear that as much as she liked the beat of the song, she objected to the unflattering lyrics. Richard became infuriated when everyone voted to change the lyrics, so he decided that if his song was out then he would walk.

Sabrina cried out in dismay as Milo put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. "Who are you, little girl?" Richard cruelly cackled at Sabrina. Lucy informed Richard that Sabrina was the reason for the return of the Nurses Ball. Sabrina suggested that perhaps there was a way to change the lyrics without compromising the integrity of the song, but Richard refused to bend. He gathered his boom box then stormed out.

Lucy insisted that "the show must go on." Everyone slowly returned to what they had been working on. Milo sat down to chat with T.J. about Sabrina and Milo's fear that Patrick was interested in her. T.J. insisted that nice guys always finished last, so Milo should do whatever was necessary to hold on to Sabrina.

Meanwhile, Sabrina lamented about their lack of a choreographer and opening number, so T.J. suggested that Molly write the song lyrics, while T.J. work on the music. He reminded everyone that Molly had written a novel and revealed that he enjoyed writing music. Moments later, Anton offered to step in as the choreographer. Lucy was skeptical, but Anton assured her that he had experience dancing. Lucy decided that she needed a demonstration, so Anton invited Sam to dance with him.

Lucy explained that the best way to judge Anton's ability was for Lucy to dance with Anton. Anton agreed, so he pulled Lucy into his arms for a waltz.

Nearby, Milo heard Sabrina's phone ring, so he looked at the screen of the phone. He sent the call to voicemail when he saw that it was Patrick. Moments later, Milo deleted the voicemail message.

Ellie immediately sensed that someone was in her lab when she entered it. She picked up a blowtorch, lit it, and ordered the person to show themselves. Ellie was furious when Tracy stepped out of the shadows, so Ellie threatened to call security. Tracy reminded Ellie that the Quartermaines had given the hospital quite a bit of money, but Ellie argued that it hadn't given Tracy the right to break into the lab. Tracy suggested that they find a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Tracy offered to make certain that Ellie received a grant to fund a state-of-the-art lab where Ellie could focus on her research in exchange for the relish formula. Ellie pointed out that Tracy wasn't in a position to bribe anyone because Tracy wasn't in charge of ELQ or its funds. Ellie quickly clarified that even if Tracy could afford to follow through on the promise, Ellie wouldn't take the money because Ellie wasn't a deceitful person. Tracy suspected that Ellie wanted more money, but Ellie assured Tracy that Tracy was wrong.

Tracy reminded Ellie that Spinelli had been willing to betray Ellie for a paycheck. Ellie accused Tracy of being a bully who had strong-armed Spinelli by threatening to evict him. However, Ellie bragged that Spinelli's sense of honor had won out in the end. Tracy thought that it was admirable how Ellie had stuck up for her boyfriend. "Assuming Damien is still my boyfriend," Ellie mumbled.

Tracy assumed that Spinelli had cheated on Ellie, so Ellie told Tracy about Spinelli's desire to have children. Ellie admitted that she didn't want children then explained why. Tracy urged Ellie not to compromise on the issue if that was how Ellie truly felt. Ellie was touched when Tracy offered to back Ellie up. Tracy was curious if Ellie had changed her mind about giving Tracy the secret formula.

Ellie admitted that she had sent the formula to an independent lab, so that they could test the secret compound to determine what it translated into in culinary terms. Ellie explained that the lab would send the results directly to A.J.

At ELQ, A.J. looked at the two tickets for the 2013 Nurses Ball as Spinelli arrived. Spinelli was nervous because he suspected that A.J. was furious that Spinelli had stolen the relish recipe. A.J. closed his office door then explained that he had called Spinelli because he wanted Spinelli to find the missing Quartermaine heir. Spinelli was curious why A.J. thought that there was a missing heir, so A.J. revealed that Heather had told him about the heir, and Carly had confirmed it.

A.J. warned Spinelli that Tracy was already on the hunt for the missing heir, so A.J. needed to find the person first to secure A.J.'s position with ELQ. Spinelli readily agreed to help A.J. because Spinelli wanted an opportunity to redeem himself, especially given Spinelli's relationship woes. A.J. realized that there was trouble in paradise for Spinelli, which surprised A.J. because Spinelli and Ellie seemed completely compatible. Spinelli opened up to A.J. about Spinelli and Ellie's differing views about children.

A.J. considered Michael his greatest achievement. Spinelli admitted that Michael was an impressive young man. A.J. smiled then urged Spinelli to try to change Ellie's mind, but not to back down if Spinelli wanted to have children one day. A.J. then suddenly announced that he had to pick up his "tap shoes." Spinelli appeared confused, so A.J. explained that he had promised to perform with Elizabeth at the Nurses Ball. Spinelli warned A.J. that Elizabeth might not be in a dancing mood because her good friend, Nikolas, had been shot.

After Spinelli left, A.J. worried about Elizabeth, so he rushed to the hospital to check on her. Elizabeth exited Nikolas' room when A.J. caught up with her. Elizabeth stopped when A.J. called out to her from behind. A.J. revealed that he had heard about Nikolas, so he was curious how Nikolas was doing. Elizabeth turned to face A.J. with unshed tears swimming in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Tracy slipped into A.J.'s office to search for the relish recipe. Moments later, a deliveryman entered the office, looking for A.J. Tracy perked up when the deliveryman explained that he was from a lab, so she pretended to be A.J.'s secretary to sign for the package.

Friday, March 29, 2013

In the lab, Ellie and Spinelli revisited the issue of children. Spinelli admitted that A.J. had helped him gain some clarity on the subject. Ellie was hurt that he had talked to A.J. about it, so Spinelli explained that they had talked about children after A.J. had hired him for a job. Spinelli revealed that A.J. considered Michael to be A.J.'s greatest accomplishment, but Ellie recalled that Carly and Carly's second husband, who had adopted Michael, had raised Michael. Spinelli insisted that regardless of who had raised Michael, A.J. had advised Spinelli not to back down if being a father was important to him.

Ellie admired Spinelli's honesty because it had put things into a new light for her. Spinelli assumed that it meant that Ellie had changed her mind, but Ellie gently explained that she felt as strongly about not having children as he felt about having them. Disappointed, Spinelli confessed that he had no idea how they could move forward when they felt so differently about such an important matter. Ellie confessed that Tracy had advised her to stand her ground if Ellie didn't want to have children.

Spinelli was curious when Ellie had started to confide to Tracy. Ellie quickly filled Spinelli in on what had transpired when Ellie had found Tracy hiding in the lab. Horrified, Spinelli wondered if Tracy had managed to steal the relish recipe, but Ellie assured him that the relish recipe was safe because Ellie had sent it to an independent lab for further analysis. Spinelli relaxed when she added that the lab had sent the findings directly to A.J. at ELQ.

Spinelli returned to the topic of children as he admitted that it appeared that he and Ellie had reached an impasse. Ellie suggested that they could agree to disagree since they weren't at the stage of their relationship where having children was an issue. Spinelli explained that they would be putting off the inevitable, but Ellie didn't want to break up. Spinelli confessed that he didn't want to stop seeing Ellie either, so Ellie suggested that they focus on the present "for now."

Felicia stopped by Maxie's apartment with dinner from the Floating Rib. Maxie admitted that she wasn't hungry, but Felicia insisted that Maxie needed to eat for the baby's sake. Maxie assured Felicia that it wasn't necessary to pretend to care for the baby, so Felicia made it clear that it didn't matter if it was her grandchild or not. Maxie guilty looked away, while Felicia quickly spread out the food. Maxie explained that she wasn't hungry because she was worried about Lulu, so Felicia revealed that Frisco had used his contacts at the World Security Bureau to locate the Haunted Star, which meant that Lulu would soon be home.

Felicia pointed out that Frisco was an expert in situations like that. Maxie grew concerned because she had heard a hint of admiration in Felicia's tone. Felicia admitted that she had never harbored any ill will towards Frisco, prompting Maxie to question how Felicia felt about Frisco. Maxie confessed that Frisco had told her that he wanted to rekindle things with Felicia, which worried Maxie because she feared that Mac would find out. Felicia revealed that Mac already knew and had punched Frisco because of it.

Felicia insisted that she had tried to let Frisco down with his pride intact, but Frisco had refused to leave town. Felicia explained that she had tried to talk to Mac, but Mac hadn't been pleased that Felicia had taken Frisco to the hospital after the altercation, so Mac had opted to communicate with her through Mr. Marbles. Maxie had no idea who Mr. Marbles was, so Felicia explained that Maxie would find out at the Nurses' Ball. However, Felicia hoped that she and Mac could get things worked out before then because she wanted them all to enjoy the event.

Maxie believed that her father would be gone if Felicia had really wanted Frisco out of her life. She accused her mother of sending out mixed signals and giving Frisco false hope. Maxie reminded Felicia that Frisco had been gone for years, so there was a strong possibility that he only wanted Felicia back to prove that he could get her back.

Maxie was curious if Felicia wanted Mac or Frisco. Felicia decided that she should be talking to Mac and Frisco about it, not Maxie, so she quickly collected her things. Maxie asked Felicia to thank Frisco for helping to find Lulu. Felicia reminded Maxie that Frisco understood that the baby that Maxie was carrying needed a mother. Shortly after Felicia left, Spinelli stopped by.

Maxie noticed that Spinelli seemed troubled, so she invited him in. Spinelli admitted that he needed to talk to someone, but he hadn't been able to reach Sam. Maxie realized something had happened, so Spinelli told her about his talk with Ellie. He had no idea how to proceed because he would have to give up the idea of a child of his own if he were to stay with Ellie.

At the Floating Rib, Mac performed his ventriloquist act, but the crowd was not impressed. Frisco strolled in and asked what was up with the dummy. Mac explained that the dummy, Mr. Marbles, was part of an act, but Frisco clarified that he had been talking to Mr. Marbles, not Mac. Mac returned the insult by having Mr. Marbles accuse Frisco of being a dog. Mac and Frisco proceeded to trade insults as Frisco followed Mac to the bar.

Frisco believed that he was the one who had a right to be angry because Mac had sucker punched Frisco. Mac insisted that Frisco had deserved it because everyone would have been better off if Frisco hadn't returned. Frisco argued that Maxie was Frisco's flesh and blood as much as the baby that Maxie carried. Mac snorted as he reminded Frisco that Maxie was the surrogate, not the baby's mother. Frisco quickly covered for the slip, but Mac ignored him as his anger gathered steam.

Mac blasted Frisco for never being there for Maxie when she had suffered hardships like a murder trial and the loss of her sister, Georgie. According to Mac, the only thing that Frisco had ever given Maxie was DNA. Frisco was offended that Mac had thrown Georgie in his face, but Mac was disgusted that Frisco hadn't been there for Georgie's birth, most of her life, and her funeral. Mac suspected that Georgie had only been a means for Frisco to get to Felicia. Mac couldn't believe that Frisco had used Georgie's birthday as a "date night" to celebrate Frisco and Felicia's great adventures.

Mac was curious how low Frisco could go, so Frisco punched him. "That low enough for ya?" Frisco asked. Mac suggested that he and Frisco were even, but Frisco wasn't so sure. Frisco conceded that he, Mac, and Felicia had a messy past, mostly because of Frisco, but Frisco admitted that he had loved Felicia from the first day that he had met her. Frisco respected Mac and appreciated all that Mac had done for Felicia and her daughters, so he didn't want to see Mac hurt. Frisco urged Mac to save himself the heartache because Felicia deserved to be with the man she loved.

Mac insisted that he was that man, but Frisco was equally confident that Felicia loved Frisco. Mac was curious if Felicia had given Frisco any indication of that, so Frisco was forced to admit, "Not in so many words." However, Frisco wondered if Felicia had told Mac that she didn't love Frisco. Mac confessed that he hadn't given Felicia the chance. Seconds later, Felicia entered the bar. "Well, there. Now you get your chance," Frisco said.

Felicia asked what was going on, so Mac told her that Frisco believed that she returned Frisco's feelings. Mac invited Felicia to deny it. "I'm sorry, Mac. I can't do that. I love Frisco," Felicia tearfully replied. However, she quickly added that she loved Mac too. Mac pointed out that she couldn't have both men, so she needed to choose one.

At the hospital, Elizabeth exited Nikolas' room as A.J. called out to her. He revealed that he had heard about Nikolas, so he was curious what had happened. Elizabeth turned to face A.J. with tears swimming in her eyes, but Alexis appeared before Elizabeth could answer A.J.'s question. Alexis had heard from the doctor that Nikolas had suffered another setback. Elizabeth explained that Nikolas' heart had stopped again, but the doctors had managed to revive Nikolas for a second time. A.J. realized that Elizabeth's tears had been tears of joy.

Alexis wondered if Nikolas' setback had anything to do with what Luke had done. A.J. was curious what Luke had done, so Alexis told A.J. about Luke's attempt to wake Nikolas up with a dose of adrenaline. Elizabeth insisted that Nikolas' condition had been a post-op complication, not a result of Luke's injection. Alexis wanted to see her nephew, so Elizabeth didn't object. After Alexis entered Nikolas' room, Elizabeth thanked A.J. for checking on her but assured him that it hadn't been necessary.

A.J. confessed that he had wanted to make sure that Elizabeth was okay. "Are you?" he asked. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears again as she confided that she had been afraid that she might lose Nikolas. A.J. felt bad for Elizabeth because he knew that Nikolas was a close friend. She confessed that she and Nikolas had been more than that at one time. A.J. was surprised because he recalled how close Elizabeth, Lucky, Emily, and Nikolas had been.

Elizabeth explained that Nikolas had been lost after Emily had died and that he had tried to move on and date other women, but he had continued to love Emily. Meanwhile, she and Lucky had broken up and gotten back together more times than she could count. However, Elizabeth admitted that she had been engaged to Lucky when she and Nikolas had had an affair. She quickly clarified that she and Nikolas had ended things shortly after the affair began because they hadn't wanted to hurt Lucky, but it had been too late. Elizabeth had discovered that she was pregnant with Nikolas' baby.

A.J. was confused because he had thought that Aiden was Lucky's son. Elizabeth revealed that Helena had tampered with the paternity test to make it appear that Nikolas had been the father. A.J. wondered why, but Elizabeth didn't have an answer. She suspected that Helena had simply wanted to mess with Lucky because Lucky was a Spencer. Elizabeth explained that Helena would stop at nothing to hurt the Spencers. A.J. thought that Helena made Tracy sound like a walk in the park.

A.J. talked about how Carly had gotten Jason to lie for the first year of Michael's life by pretending to be Michael's father. A.J. revealed that he and Jason had never been able to get past that betrayal, so A.J. would hate for Lucky and Nikolas to go through that. Elizabeth realized that she and Carly weren't all that different, but A.J. quickly assured Elizabeth that he would never judge her for what had happened with Lucky and Nikolas. A.J. reminded her that people made mistakes, so all they could do was make amends and try not to repeat their mistakes.

Elizabeth wanted to check on Nikolas, so A.J. decided to go to the lab. Elizabeth was curious how things were going with the relish recipe. A.J. smiled as he confessed that they were about to hit "paydirt." Elizabeth was delighted for A.J., so she hugged him. Sexual tension quickly flared between them as A.J. and Elizabeth slowly pulled apart. A.J. quietly reminded Elizabeth that he was only a phone call away. Elizabeth smiled softly as she promised to remember that.

A short time later, A.J. bumped into Ellie. He confessed that he had been looking for her because he wanted to know if there had been progress on the relish recipe. Ellie explained that she had sent everything to an independent lab for further analysis and that they had delivered the results to A.J.'s office. A.J. didn't recall receiving a package, so Ellie pulled out her computer notebook to track the package. Seconds later, Ellie confirmed that the package had been delivered and signed for.

A.J. wondered who had signed it, so Ellie showed him the signature. "Kiss my tuches, AJ. I win," A.J. read. A.J. realized that Tracy had stolen the recipe.

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, Luke and Laura were lowered onto the Haunted Star. Luke and Laura watched the helicopter fly away as Laura reminded Luke that they had always known that they would have to find their own way off of the ship. Laura liked Luke's suggestion that they sink the ship after they rescued their daughter. Moments later, Luke handed Laura a gun with instructions not to hesitate to use it. They were certain that Helena and her henchmen were aware of their arrival because of the noisy helicopter, so they carefully made their way to the nightclub.

The nightclub was deserted, so Luke was certain that Helena was playing one of her games. He advised Laura not to lower her guard. Helena entered as she laughingly reminded Luke that he enjoyed playing games. Luke and Laura aimed their guns at Helena, but Helena didn't appear concerned. Moments later, her henchmen stepped out of the shadows with their guns aimed at Luke and Laura. Helena ordered Luke and Laura to drop their guns.

One of the henchman quickly disarmed Laura, but Luke refused to relinquish his gun. Helena warned Luke that Laura would be shot if Luke didn't comply, so Luke reluctantly handed his gun to Helena. Helena was disappointed. "Give me back my daughter, you bitch," Laura shouted. Helena had no idea what her sons, Stavros and Stefan, had seen in Laura. "May they rest in peace," Helena added. Luke was curious how they had gotten on the subject of Helena's "evil spawn."

Helena wasn't in the mood for insults, so Laura wondered if Helena planned to shoot them like Helena's sniper had shot Nikolas. Helena was genuinely shocked and refused to believe it. Laura assured Helena that it was true, but Helena wanted proof. Laura offered to call Scott, so Helena ordered Laura to put the call on speakerphone.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Alexis lovingly stroked Nikolas' face and fussed over him. She hated that he had been caught in the crossfire of another Spencer-Cassadine war. She had no idea why he was always the first casualty and resented that no one had ever bothered to ask what Nikolas wanted. Alexis realized that Nikolas would want to find his sister, but Alexis refused to risk his life. She insisted that he was the only relative she liked, besides her daughters and grandson.

Alexis believed that Nikolas was the only Cassadine with a heart, besides herself. However, Helena didn't consider Alexis a true Cassadine. Alexis assured Nikolas that she loved him then apologized for not being with him sooner. Moments later, the cell phone on Nikolas' bedside table rang, so Alexis answered it. Alexis explained that Scott had gone for a walk but had left his phone behind.

Laura wanted an update on Nikolas, so Alexis gently told Laura that Nikolas had suffered another setback but assured Laura that he was stable. Alexis promised to stay with Nikolas until he woke up and recovered. "See that you do, Natasha," Helena told a startled Alexis. Alexis wanted to know what had happened, so Helena bragged that she had captured Luke and Laura. Helena then stepped away to speak with Alexis privately because Helena wanted to know if Nikolas was in pain.

Alexis assured Helena that Nikolas was resting comfortably, so Helena made it clear that she was entrusting Nikolas' care and well-being to Alexis. "Fail me, Natasha, and I will slit your throat just like I did that cow who dropped you," Helena quietly threatened.

Nearby, Luke and Laura agreed that Helena hadn't been responsible for Nikolas' shooting. Laura wondered what that meant for them and her children. "Nothing good," Luke feared. After Helena disconnected the phone call with Alexis, Laura reminded Helena that they had held up their end of the bargain, so Laura wanted Helena to hand over Lulu. Helena refused to let Luke and Laura see anyone after what they had done to Nikolas.

Laura was shocked that Helena blamed Laura for Nikolas' shooting. Luke suggested that Helena shouldn't hire peons because one of Helena's men had shot Nikolas. Helena assured Luke and Laura that her "peons" were efficient as one of the men handed Helena a gun. Helena aimed the gun at Laura whom Helena accused of being a source of unending pain to anyone who got in Laura's orbit, including Luke. Helena had decided that it was time to put an end to it.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Alexis returned Scott's phone to the bedside table then confessed that she had been party to Helena's first true human emotion. She feared that it might be a sign of the apocalypse. Moments later, Elizabeth entered the room to check on Nikolas. Alexis told Elizabeth about the phone call from Helena, prompting Elizabeth to ask if Helena had mentioned anything about Dante. Alexis admitted that Helena hadn't said anything about Dante.

Meanwhile, Dante stealthily made his way onto the Haunted Star. He removed his diving mask then looked around to make certain that he hadn't been spotted.

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