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Carly was adamant that Franco needed to die sooner rather than later. Kiki met Franco and the Quartermaines. Molly was hurt that T.J. was taking Taylor to the prom. Danny underwent a bone marrow biopsy to determine if he had leukemia.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 3, 2013 on GH
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Carly confronted Sonny in his restaurant office while Shawn sat at the bar outside and made phone calls. Carly was livid because Sony had not killed Franco and dumped his body in the harbor when Sonny had had the chance. Sonny calmly admitted to Carly that she was right; Sonny should have killed Franco when they were together on the Haunted Star. Carly said that Sonny's excuses meant nothing. Carly vehemently declared that Franco deserved to die for what Michael had suffered.

Sonny said that he felt the same way but that he and Carly needed to let the cops handle Franco, who was in police custody. Carly was far from satisfied. She told Sonny that if he did not have the guts to kill Franco, she would find someone who would do it for her. Sonny told Carly that he wanted her to have deniability. Carly immediately understood that Sonny intended to kill Franco without her participation.

Carly begged Sonny to let her be involved with the killing. Carly said that when Franco left the world, Carly wanted Franco to know that she was responsible for his death. Sonny warned Carly that killing another human being, no matter how much the death was deserved, was a burden that the killer carried for life. Sonny said that he knew that burden, and so did Michael.

Carly was undeterred in her blood lust. She told Sonny that she could handle whatever happened. Carly wanted to go to the police station and immediately murder Franco in his cell. Sonny stopped her and said that he did not want to kill Franco while he was in custody because Dante would have to investigate. Carly said that Sonny had better trot out Plan B because it looked like Franco was going to be in custody for a very long time.

Sonny called Shawn into his office. Sonny asked Shawn if he had a problem with taking Franco out. Shawn thought and then said that Franco had hurt a lot of people, so, "No," he did not have a problem taking Franco out.

Sam, Danny, and Rafe met Molly and Alexis outside the courtroom before Rafe's custody hearing. Rafe and Molly sat on a bench and chatted while Sam filled Alexis in on the news about Franco and his reappearance the previous evening. Alexis was relieved to know that Sam had not actually been raped but agreed that Franco was very twisted. Sam said that she still felt violated as a result of Franco's mind games.

Court was called to session. Sam and Alexis were astounded to find Diane Miller representing Dr. Silas Clay in the custody battle for Rafe. Before the hearing, Diane was her friendly self, but she turned into a shark once the hearing began. Diane cast Sam in the worst possible light, characterizing Sam as the widow of a career criminal. Diane also made the court aware of Sam's criminal past.

Rafe testified that Port Charles was the only home that he had ever known and that Sam, Danny, Molly, and Alexis were his only friends. Sam testified that she has spent the past ten years trying to put her checkered past behind her so that she could establish roots and create a good home for her son. Diane got in a couple of shots at Jason before the judge said that he would study the testimony and make a ruling the following morning.

After the judge left the courtroom, Sam let Diane know that she was very upset with the way Diane had trashed Jason, who had not only been Diane's client, but her friend. Silas asked Sam how Diane had managed to get Jason out of so many bad legal situations. Sam only responded that she was glad that Diane had at least kept Jason's business confidential. Silas admitted that he had hired Diane because she had been Jason's lawyer, and Silas had ordered Diane to use whatever dirty tricks she could legally use to gain custody of Rafe for Silas.

Diane left to take care of other business. Sam asked Alexis to take Rafe back to Sam's place. Sam stopped Silas and told him that it was time for them to settle matters. Silas knelt down beside Danny, felt his forehead, and told Sam that Danny was ill.

Ava was nonchalant as she spoke to Franco through his cell bars. She joked when she said that she had read that he had been shot and burned to death and wondered if it had been too much to ask that Franco stay dead. Franco joked back that Ava had always said the sweetest things. Franco told Ava that she was still very attractive after more than 20 years had past since they had last met. Ava said that things would be different if she had known then what she had since learned.

Franco replied that he had no regrets about their time together because it had produced their daughter, Lauren. Franco asked about his daughter's well-being. Franco said Lauren was his despite Ava's choice to keep Lauren from him. Ava said that by the time Lauren had been born, Ava had realized how twisted Franco was, and she had been determined that Franco would not hurt or harmfully influence their child.

Franco scoffed that he would never hurt his own child and that whether Ava liked it or not, once he was out of jail, Franco would track down his daughter. Ava shot back that it was going to be a long time before Franco got out of the murder and kidnapping charges that had been filed against him. Ava also asked how Franco intended to find Lauren, assuming that he did get out of jail. Franco said that he would follow the trail of breadcrumbs that his relatives had left. Franco surprised Ava with his knowledge that Lauren was an heiress and that the Quartermaines had been looking for her.

Ava tried to deny it, but Franco was relentless as he pointed out that Ava would not have found him in his cell so quickly if she had not already been in Port Charles. He surmised that the only reason that Ava would visit Port Charles was the Quartermaines and their interest in Lauren. Franco said that he could imagine Ava using her knowledge about Lauren to gain an advantage with the Quartermaines. Franco told Ava that he might have a problem with that.

Franco gleefully told Ava that Lauren was not the only long-lost Quartermaine heir. Franco said that Lauren was a great-grandchild, but he, Franco, was Jason's twin, Alan's son, and Edward's grandson. Franco said that his shares made Lauren's irrelevant. Franco said that he and Ava could make an arrangement that would be mutually beneficial. Ava told Franco that he was crazy and could go to hell. Ava quickly exited the cell area.

Franco got another visitor. When he heard high heels clicking, he assumed that Ava had returned, but it was Diane, who was there in response to Franco's earlier phone call. Franco complimented Diane on the good job that she had done for Jason, who Diane called, "a valued client." Franco added that Jason was a client who could no longer pay a huge retainer like Franco could. Diane purred that she did not need money that badly. Franco drew close to Diane and said that he would give Diane anything she wanted if Diane got Franco out of jail.

Morgan woke up late and groused about cold pizza for breakfast, but Kiki said it was lunchtime. Morgan then started complaining about Michael. Kiki tried to ignore the insults, but finally told Morgan to shut up. Morgan wanted to know what had changed Kiki's mind about Michael, whom she seemed to be defending. Kiki said that nothing had changed except that she was feeling guilty about taking advantage of Michael's hospitality.

Kiki added that she was also going through some stuff with her mom. Morgan asked why she had not told him about her conversation with Ava the previous evening. Kiki said that Morgan had been asleep when she returned to the apartment and she had not been ready to talk. Kiki said that her mother had dropped a bombshell on Kiki when Ava had admitted that Kiki's father, whom Kiki had believed dead, had actually been alive until recently.

Ava had reluctantly explained that Kiki's father was the black sheep of a very rich family who had begun trying to find Kiki after her father's death. Kiki said that the rich family wanted to pursue a relationship with Kiki. Morgan asked Kiki what she was going to do. Kiki hugged Morgan and said that being blood relatives did not mean that people were family.

At the hospital, Monica spotted Tracy in a wheelchair. When Tracy said it was because of Luke, Monica started to say something and then said she had too much on her mind to get embroiled with Tracy's problems, especially after what she had learned from A.J. Tracy thought that Monica was talking about the tainted relish, but Monica quickly gave Tracy the facts about Franco, the gathering on the Haunted Star, and Michael's rape. Tracy momentarily showed her compassionate side as she comforted Monica and supported Michael and A.J. Monica said that A.J. had been shattered because he had not been there to save his son.

Monica was sobbing as she wondered if she should have fought harder to get custody of Michael when he was a child. Tracy hugged Monica and said that the only person to blame was the rapist. Monica wondered how Michael would survive after having the rape dredged up again. Tracy said that they would all make sure that Michael got through his ordeal because they were Quartermaines, and Quartermaines had each others' backs.

Tracy suddenly realized that Franco also had Quartermaine blood and, as such, was one of Edward's heirs and could change the balance of power. Tracy tried to imagine the damage that Franco could do, but Monica said that Franco could not do much damage behind bars.

Michael told his story to A.J. in the Quartermaine living room. A.J. was upset because Michael had not confided in him about the rape. Michael said that at first, he had tried to ignore what had happened, but the more Michael had ignored the rape, the more power the rape had had over Michael. Michael assured A.J. that he had wanted to tell and that it had been clear to Michael that he could tell A.J. anything.

Michael said that he had not told A.J. anything because Michael liked his relationship with A.J. and did not want a cloud hanging over it. Michael said that he did not want A.J. to pity him, and he did not want A.J. blaming Michael's parents, Sonny and Carly. A.J. got angry and said that he did blame them, and A.J. did not understand why Michael defended Carly and Sonny, especially after Michael was sent to prison because Sonny was his father.

Michael was very firm when he told A.J. that there was only one person to blame, and that person was Michael, because Michael was the one who had killed Claudia. Michael said that Claudia's death was on him and no one else. Michael told A.J. that he had always had trouble controlling his temper and that when he had seen Claudia with Josslyn and had heard Carly screaming, he had not cared about Claudia or anything else except protecting his mom and sister. Michael said that he had hit Claudia harder that he had ever hit anything in his life, and that was what he had told the judge.

Michael explained to A.J. that he had learned a lot about himself as a result of killing Claudia and that it was knowledge that would never go away. Michael said that he had to own what he had done, and he could not blame anyone else -- and neither could A.J., if A.J. wanted Michael to recover and be able to move on. A.J. hugged Michael and said that he loved Michael more than anything. A.J. said that he was sorry that Michael had been forced to relive the past with Franco.

Michael said that he was healing, but Franco's appearance meant that they would have to work harder to find Franco's daughter. A.J. said that he already had a lead, and he believed that the woman that Michael had met at the Quartermaines' the previous evening was Lauren's mother. Michael suggested that they might have more to offer than Tracy. A light went off as it dawned on A.J. that Lauren was not their only hope. A.J. told Michael that Franco was also a Quartermaine.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In the courtroom, Sam resented Silas examining Danny without permission. Silas ignored her protests as he inspected the child's hand then determined that something was wrong with Danny. Sam assured him that her son was fine, but Silas advised her to drop the attitude and pay attention. "Your son is sick," Silas warned her. Silas pointed to the red dots on Danny's arm as he asked Sam if she had noticed her son's rash.

Sam admitted that she had noticed the small spots earlier. "What, did you think the kid got a tattoo when you weren't looking?" Silas asked. Sam objected to Silas' tone. She assured him that she had intended to take her son to the doctor, but she had been waylaid by his attorney's smear campaign. Silas argued that her son's health should be more important than a custody hearing. Sam thought Silas was overreacting to a mild rash, so Silas explained that Danny's lymph nodes were swollen.

Sam explained that Danny had recently recovered from a cold. She assured Silas that she intended to reschedule her son's doctor's appointment for the morning, but Silas advised her to get Danny to the hospital immediately. Sam accused Silas of deliberately trying to frighten her, but Silas urged her not to put her son's life at risk by ignoring Silas' warning. "Go to hell," Sam told him as she quickly grabbed Danny's stroller then rushed out of the courtroom.

In the hallway, Sam stopped to check on her son. Rattled by her encounter with Silas, she tried to calm her nerves by telling her son not to listen to the bad man because he was trying to frighten her. Silas heard Sam as he stood in the doorway.

Rafe arrived home with Molly in tow. Molly suggested that they order pizza, but Rafe wasn't hungry. Desperate to cheer Rafe up, Molly proposed watching a pay-for-view movie. Once again, Rafe turned her down. Rafe wanted Molly to leave because he feared that spending time with her would make things harder for both of them when he had to leave with his uncle. Molly refused to believe that the judge would rule against Sam, so Rafe reminded her that Diane had made Sam sound like an unfit mother.

Molly assured Rafe that Alexis would be able to turn things around with a rebuttal. Rafe appreciated Molly's unwavering support, so he agreed to drop the matter. Molly smiled brightly then lightened the mood by insisting that she needed Rafe to stick around to keep her company for the summer because Kristina was away taking summer courses at Wesleyan.

Molly revealed that Alexis and Kristina had fallen in love with the campus, so Kristina was excited to attend the college full-time in the fall. Their conversation then drifted to the upcoming prom. Rafe wanted to borrow Sam's car so he could drive Molly to Niagara Falls to watch the sunrise, but Molly seemed uncomfortable with the idea. She reminded him that the weather on the East Coast was unpredictable, so she thought that they should wait until they were closer to the prom date to make plans for Niagara Falls.

Rafe was curious if Molly was reluctant to make plans with him because she didn't think he would be around for the prom or because she wanted to make plans with someone else. Molly denied it, but Rafe reminded her that she had asked him to the prom to hurt T.J. Rafe asked Molly to be honest, so Molly conceded that she had been angry at T.J., but she had also wanted to have fun. Rafe promised Molly that he wouldn't be offended if she followed her heart by going to the prom with T.J.

Moments later, someone knocked, so Rafe went to the door. He was not pleased when he saw Silas standing on the doorstep. Molly immediately threatened to call her mother because Silas didn't have a right to be there, since the judge hadn't granted Silas custody of Rafe. Silas was impressed with Molly's legal knowledge, but he was there to talk to Sam. Rafe informed Silas that Sam was not at home. Silas hoped that meant that Sam had taken Silas' advice.

Concerned, Molly asked what Silas meant by that, so Silas informed Molly that it didn't concern her. Rafe wondered if Silas was always such a "jackass." Silas assured Rafe that Rafe would soon find out because Silas was confident that the judge would grant Silas custody of Rafe. Rafe made it clear that he wasn't interested in moving to New York City. Silas conceded that it would be an adjustment for Rafe to move, but he asked his nephew to keep an open mind because Rafe might like the change.

After Silas left, Molly begged Rafe not to listen to Silas, but Rafe couldn't ignore the possibility that it might be his last night in Port Charles. He implored her to patch things up with T.J. before it was too late. Molly admitted that she missed T.J., but she couldn't trust him. Rafe pointed out that T.J. had only felt threatened by Rafe -- and for good reason, because Rafe had been interested in Molly as more than friends.

Eventually, Rafe persuaded Molly to give T.J. a second chance. Molly urged Rafe not to lose faith in Alexis or Sam and then left. Afterwards, Rafe looked at his prom ticket then ripped it up.

At Kelly's, Felix sat across from his younger sister as she smiled victoriously at him. He was not happy that he had been saddled with Taylor for the summer, but Taylor didn't care. She wanted to know where the hot boys were. T.J. promptly snagged Taylor's attention as he approached the table to collect the tab. Felix ignored Taylor's obvious interest in T.J. and asked how things were going with T.J. and Molly.

T.J.'s expression told Felix that Molly still hadn't taken T.J. back, so Felix advised T.J. to keep working on it because Molly was worth it. T.J. took the money then started to leave, but Taylor demanded an introduction. Felix glared at his sister then introduced her as the "blight on my existence." "Taylor Dubois," Taylor clarified as she held her hand out to T.J. T.J. shook Taylor's hand then returned to work.

Felix decided to head to his apartment to warn his roommate that Taylor would be staying for the summer, so he asked Taylor to wait for him at Kelly's until he returned. Taylor happily agreed as she watched T.J. work behind the counter. Felix rolled his eyes then left. Taylor quickly walked up to T.J. to flirtatiously complain that she had felt lonely at the table. T.J. pointed out that he was working, so he couldn't join her. Taylor suggested that he could chat with her while he worked, but T.J. explained that he was not supposed to.

Taylor decided that she was hungry, so she was curious what T.J. recommended. T.J. told her that the BLTs were his favorite, but Taylor was more interested in dessert. T.J. offered to make her a sundae, so Taylor accepted, but pointedly asked for two spoons.

Later, Taylor took a small bite of the sundae that T.J. had made and fished for information about his ex-girlfriend by asking why they had broken up. T.J. explained that Molly loved hopeless causes then told Taylor about Rafe. Taylor thought it was for the best that T.J. and Molly had broken up because Taylor was certain that Molly would have eventually cheated on T.J. T.J. immediately defended Molly by insisting that Molly was a good person and that he had given Molly good reason to break things off because he had acted like a jealous fool.

T.J. admitted that he regretted the way he had acted because he had planned a special evening for Molly on their prom night. Taylor's eyes sparked with interest when T.J. revealed that he had two tickets, a tuxedo, and limousine, but no date for the prom.

Later, T.J. was surprised when Molly entered the diner. She sat down at the counter as she confessed that she wanted to talk to him. Molly admitted that she had been wrong for acting the way she had and for treating T.J. badly. She conceded that Rafe hadn't been completely innocent, so she regretted breaking up with T.J. and inviting Rafe to the prom. T.J. was startled when Molly quietly told him that she missed him and wanted him back. Before he could reply, she asked him to the prom.

"Sorry, too late," Taylor said as she walked up. Molly's brow furrowed with confusion as she asked who Taylor was. "T.J.'s date to the prom," Taylor answered with smug satisfaction.

At Sabrina's apartment, Britt rested on the sofa as Sabrina answered a phone call from Patrick. Patrick was curious how things were going with Britt. As if on cue, Britt rang a bell to get Sabrina's attention. Sabrina covered the mouthpiece of the phone as Britt asked for a pillow. Sabrina quickly fetched the pillow while she continued her conversation with Patrick. Patrick felt bad that Sabrina was stuck with Britt, but Sabrina insisted that it had been necessary because it wouldn't have been right to let Britt near Emma.

Sabrina assured Patrick that she wouldn't complain again, but Britt rang the bell. Sabrina cringed because she realized that it was time for Britt's foot rub. "You've got to be kidding me," Patrick said. Sabrina explained that a foot massage was apparently soothing, so Patrick thanked Sabrina for everything that she was doing for him and his unborn child. He promised to make it up to her soon.

At the hospital, Patrick ended his call with Sabrina as Maxie walked up. Maxie was outraged that Patrick had invited Britt to move in with him after what Britt had done to Emma. Maxie refused to let that "monster" be around her cousin's daughter. Patrick assured Maxie that Britt wasn't staying with him because Sabrina had offered to take Britt in. Maxie was horrified at the idea of Britt living under Sabrina's roof because Sabrina was "defenseless." Patrick promised Maxie that she was wrong about Sabrina, but Maxie argued that he didn't know anything about women.

Maxie explained that Sabrina was a kind and loyal person who had stood behind him even though he had "recklessly impregnated Dr. Evil." Patrick was surprised by the nickname, so Maxie revealed that there many others, all well-deserved, like "Britch," and "Wicked Witch of the Westbourne." Patrick revealed that Britt was going through a health crisis, so he needed to make sure that Britt and the baby were okay.

Maxie hoped that Patrick appreciated how lucky he was to have someone like Sabrina. She was certain that even Robin would have approved of the young nurse, so she advised Patrick not to mess things up. Patrick promised that he wouldn't and then shifted gears to assure Maxie that Robin would have approved of what Maxie was doing with the surrogacy. Maxie tried to hide her shame over his praise by shifting the focus to Lulu.

Maxie worried about Lulu's memory loss and the effect that it would have on the baby. Patrick reminded Maxie that the baby would have Dante and Lulu's families to shower the baby with affection and attention, so the baby would not want for love. He was also confident that Lulu would recover completely. Maxie hoped that he was right.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Dante greeted his mother when Olivia arrived. Olivia was frantic that something had happened to Lulu, so Dante assured her that everything was fine. He explained that Lulu was having a session with Kevin because it appeared that Lulu's memory had returned. Olivia was speechless until Lulu walked up and began reciting a secret Falconeri family recipe. Olivia squealed with delight as she hugged her daughter-in-law.

Moments later, Maxie rounded the corner. Maxie was curious what was going on, so Olivia shared the good news with her. Lulu proved that it was true by revealing some information that only Lulu and Maxie had been privy to. Maxie was overjoyed for her friend. After another round of hugs and talk of the baby, Maxie asked when Lulu's memory had returned. Lulu admitted that it had started on the Haunted Star the previous evening.

Lulu's smile faltered as she suddenly recalled something. Dante grew concerned as he asked his wife what was wrong. Lulu told them that the client who had rented the Haunted Star for a party was the serial killer, Franco. Dante reminded Lulu that Franco had been killed, but Maxie revealed that Lulu was right. Maxie told Dante about Franco's gathering on the ship to clear some things up with Jason's loved ones and Franco's subsequent arrest.

Dante quickly called the police station to confirm that Franco had been arrested. Lulu and Olivia breathed a sigh of relief when he assured them that Franco was safely behind bars. Olivia shook off the gloomy thoughts of Franco by proposing that they go out to celebrate Lulu's recovery and the impending arrival of Dante and Lulu's baby, thanks to Maxie.

At Sabrina's apartment, Britt continued to find ways to torment Sabrina by making petty demands for fresh water and then complaining that the ice water that Britt had requested was too cold because Sabrina had added too many ice cubes. Exasperated, Sabrina took the glass from Britt. Britt offered to move in with Patrick if it was too much trouble for Sabrina to see to Britt's care. Sabrina assured Britt that it was not necessary because she could handle whatever Britt dished out.

Britt reminded Sabrina that it had been Sabrina's idea to invite Britt to stay with her because Sabrina had been determined to keep Britt away from Patrick. Britt suggested that Sabrina would only have herself to blame if their current arrangements didn't work out.

"Honey, I'm home," Felix called out as he entered the apartment. He stopped short when he saw Britt sprawled out on the sofa. In unison, Felix and Britt demanded to know what the other was doing there. Britt immediately launched into a complaint about not being told that Felix was Sabrina's roommate. Meanwhile, Felix was furious that Britt was on his sofa. Britt decided to go to another room because she didn't want to subject her baby to the thought processes of Dumb and Dumber as they discussed the new living arrangements.

Felix sputtered with fury when he realized that Britt was rolling her wheelchair into his bedroom. Unrepentant, Britt ordered Felix and Sabrina to keep things down. Felix demanded to know what had possessed Sabrina to invite Britt into their home. "You did," Sabrina answered. She explained that she had taken a page out of Felix's book by heeding his advice about keeping friends close and enemies closer.

Sabrina explained that she intended to seize the opportunity to prove that Britt didn't have hyperemesis gravidarum. Sabrina wanted to expose Britt's ruse, so everyone would know that it had been a desperate ploy to win Patrick back. Sabrina doubted that Britt would be able to fake the illness all day, everyday. She also was certain that she could collect the necessary samples needed to send to their own testing facility to prove that Britt was fine. Felix conceded that the plan had the panache of a Dubois scheme, so he approved. Sabrina's relief was short-lived because Felix revealed that he, too, had news about a roommate.

At the hospital, Sam approached Patrick to ask him to take a look at Danny's rash. She explained that she had encountered a doctor who had raised some alarms about Danny's health. Patrick ushered Sam and Danny into an examination room then proceeded to give Danny a thorough examination. Sam felt foolish because she suspected that she was overreacting, but Patrick assured her that he did the same thing when Emma was sick.

Sam relaxed as Patrick gently asked a series of questions about Danny's health. Sam feared that Danny's beta thalassemia had caused the rash, but Patrick doubted it. He decided to run a few blood tests, so he took Danny's blood. Sam wanted to take Danny home, so Patrick assured her that she could because Danny didn't appear to be in any immediate crisis. Patrick promised to have the results of the blood tests the following morning and then left.

At Sabrina's apartment, Britt was not pleased when she learned that there would be someone else moving in with them. Felix resented Britt eavesdropping on his conversation, so he proposed that they set some ground rules. Felix and Britt proceeded to bicker, so Sabrina answered the knock at the door. It was Patrick. Britt quickly pasted on a welcoming smile until Patrick greeted Sabrina with a kiss. Afterwards, Patrick asked Britt how she was feeling, so Britt complained that she was a bit dehydrated.

Sabrina held up the glass of water that Britt had refused to drink. Britt insisted that bottled water was better for her and the baby, but Sabrina hadn't bothered to restock their supply when they had run out. Patrick promised to send some bottled water over later, but Britt assured him that it wasn't necessary because Sabrina could dash out to buy it. Patrick explained that it wouldn't be possible because he planned to take Sabrina out on a long overdue night on the town.

At the hospital, Sam got Danny ready to leave. She was unaware that Silas had appeared in the doorway as she assured Danny that Danny was okay. Silas objected to her lying to her son. Sam turned and glared at Silas as she informed him that she'd had her son checked out and that tests had been run. Silas was curious if the doctor had told Sam what might be wrong with Danny, so Sam admitted that it could be several things. Silas disagreed.

"It's just one thing," Silas told Sam. "Really, what's that?" Sam asked. Sam's eyes rounded with shock when Silas answered, "It's cancer," and then walked away.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

At Felix and Sabrina's apartment, Felix woke up on the sofa's foldout bed when he heard a phone ring. "Oh, my God, I turned straight," he said when he saw Sabrina asleep next to him. Sabrina groggily sat up then reached for her glasses as she asked Felix to remind her why they had slept on the sofa. He blamed the two "she-devils" who had invaded their apartment and taken over their bedrooms. Moments later, Britt, followed by Taylor, entered the living room. Felix objected when Britt and Taylor demanded breakfast, so Taylor made a veiled threat to force Felix to change his mind.

Britt was disgusted when she noticed how sweaty Sabrina was. Sabrina pointed out that it was hot in the apartment, but Britt and Taylor agreed that it had been cool in the bedrooms. Sabrina explained that the bedrooms had air conditioning, but the living room didn't. Britt smiled with satisfaction, so Sabrina tried to escape from her unwanted roommates by taking a shower. However, Taylor called first dibs on the shower then sprinted past Sabrina to the bathroom.

After Britt returned to her bedroom to wait for breakfast, Felix grumbled about the new living arrangements. Sabrina reminded him of her plan to expose Britt's lie.

Later, Britt and Taylor complained about the selection of milk and warm juice. Taylor took an instant liking to Britt, so she asked Felix to introduce his "disabled" roommate because Britt had been in bed when Taylor had arrived the previous evening. Felix introduced Britt as the "Britch," prompting Britt to explain that Felix didn't like her because his best friend's boyfriend had gotten Britt pregnant. Taylor chuckled when she realized Britt had been referring to Sabrina, whom Taylor had assumed had been Felix's beard. Britt burst out laughing, but Felix assured his sister that he was "out and proud."

Britt made a snide remark about Felix endlessly talking about his sexual orientation. "No comment," Taylor replied as she pointedly looked at her brother. Felix looked uncomfortable, but didn't respond, so Taylor informed him that she would need money to buy a prom dress. Felix and Sabrina were shocked when she revealed that she was going to the prom with her new boyfriend, T.J. Sabrina and Felix didn't want to see Taylor get hurt, so they told her that T.J. was in love with Molly.

Britt insisted that Taylor had it "going on" compared to Molly, "the insipid little bookworm." According to Britt, Molly had the sex appeal of sliced cheese. Taylor smiled as she fist-bumped Britt then announced that Britt was cool. Taylor complimented Britt's eyebrows, but she was curious why Britt was in a wheelchair. Britt explained that she had the same condition as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Sabrina quickly reminded Britt that Kate Middleton was out and about, not confined to a wheelchair, but Britt argued that Kate Middleton was further along than Britt.

Britt decided to return to the bedroom where it was cooler, so Taylor offered to push Britt's wheelchair. After Britt and Taylor left the room, Sabrina noted that Taylor had Felix wrapped around her finger. Felix complained that his sister was a brat. Moments later, Taylor returned to living room and bragged that she had received a text message from T.J., who was desperate to see her.

Taylor held out her hand for some money, so Felix reluctantly gave his sister twenty dollars, but she wasn't satisfied. Taylor explained that she needed to buy a prom dress and all the accessories, so she expected a lot more cash or a credit card. Felix glared at his sister as he handed over his credit card. Taylor smiled then flounced out of the apartment. Sabrina was curious what Taylor was holding over Felix's head, but he quickly changed the subject.

Felix wondered if Sabrina had a plan to expose Britt as a liar that didn't involve Felix flirting with "that skeeve" Brad. "Oh yeah, I most certainly do," Sabrina assured him. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Britt called Brad.

At the penthouse, Sam checked with the lab for the results of Danny's blood work. Ellie explained that the lab tech had failed to notice the rush on the test, so the results weren't ready. Brad yanked the phone out of Ellie's hand to inform Sam that she would get the results when they were ready and then ended the call. Ellie sputtered with outrage as Brad bragged, "That's how it's done." Ellie's frustration mounted when Brad decided to go to lunch even though he had just arrived. Ellie reminded him that they had a backlog of tests that needed attention, so Brad suggested that Ellie get busy.

Meanwhile, Rafe entered the living room as Sam put her phone down. Rafe wondered if she had been on the phone with the court about his custody, so Sam explained that they would get the ruling later that day. A knock on the door heralded the arrival of Alexis, Molly, and Spinelli, who were loaded down with gifts and balloons to celebrate Danny's first birthday. Sam tried to put on a brave face until she was asked to help Danny blow out the candle on his cake. Molly wondered what Sam had wished for, prompting Sam to hand Danny to Alexis then flee to the bedroom in tears.

Confused, Molly wondered what was wrong with Sam. Rafe offered to check on Sam, but Alexis suggested that he give Sam a minute alone. Spinelli suspected that Sam was upset because Franco had resurfaced. Molly was shocked as she turned to her mother for confirmation. Alexis explained that she hadn't told Molly about Franco, so Spinelli immediately apologized for dropping the bombshell. Alexis assured Spinelli that it was okay then handed Danny to Molly so Alexis could check on Sam.

Molly tried to get more information about Franco from Spinelli, but Spinelli decided to leave because he thought that Alexis should answer Molly's questions. After Spinelli left, Rafe asked Molly about Franco. She confessed that she had done some research online and had discovered that there had been a slew of murders based on Franco's artwork, but there had never been any physical evidence to link Franco to the killings. Rafe was stunned when Molly revealed that there had also been a time when they had thought that Franco was Danny's father.

Molly confessed that it had been frightening to think that Danny might have inherited a killer's DNA. "Yeah, pretty scary," Rafe mumbled. Molly realized that Rafe was thinking about Stephen, so she rushed to assure him that he was nothing like Stephen because Rafe was resilient, loyal, and brave. Rafe was flattered that she thought that about him, but he decided to shift the focus to T.J by asking her if she had talked to T.J. about the prom. Molly confessed that she had asked T.J. to the prom, but she had been too late because T.J. had already had a date.

Stunned, Rafe wondered if Molly knew the girl that T.J. had asked to the prom. Molly shook her head then revealed that she had been embarrassed because the girl had been at the diner when Molly had asked T.J. to the prom. Molly admitted that she had made a feeble excuse and fled before T.J. had gotten a chance to say anything. Rafe felt responsible for what had happened, but Molly insisted that it had been her own fault because she been the one to break up with T.J.

Meanwhile, Sam sat on her bed, crying, when Alexis entered the bedroom. Alexis assumed that her daughter was overwhelmed with all the recent events including Franco, the custody hearing with Silas, Diane's attack on Sam's character, and celebrating Danny's first birthday without Jason. Sam wiped away her tears as she revealed that she had caught Silas examining Danny in the courtroom after everyone had left. Alexis was shocked when Sam told her that Silas had determined that Danny had cancer.

Alexis pointed out that a doctor couldn't make a proper diagnosis based on a cursory examination that had lasted a mere few minutes, so she suggested that Silas had wanted to rattle Sam. Sam confessed that she couldn't stop thinking about what Alexis had gone through when Alexis had battled lung cancer. Alexis suggested that they take Danny to the hospital to get some answers, so Sam told her mother that she had already seen Patrick and had called the lab, to no avail.

Alexis decided that she and Sam needed to talk to Patrick immediately, so Alexis and Sam returned to the living room to fetch Danny. However, Alexis and Sam were careful not to alarm Molly, so they allowed Molly to believe that Alexis and Sam were taking Danny for a one-year checkup. "We'll be here," Rafe promised Sam. Sam assured Rafe that she and Alexis would make certain that Silas would not get custody of Rafe.

After Alexis, Sam, and Danny left, Rafe regretted that he was causing Sam unnecessary stress when she was dealing with Franco's return. Molly was curious if Sam had mentioned taking Danny to the doctor earlier. "No," Rafe answered then explained that he had spent most of his time in his bedroom, worrying about being taken away from Sam, Danny, and Molly.

At the hospital, Patrick left Sabrina a voicemail message. He hoped that Britt was letting Sabrina get some sleep, but he wanted Sabrina to know that he was excited about their date and couldn't wait to see Sabrina. After he ended the call, Silas walked up. "Yeah, I know. I look like my brother. Let's just move on," Silas suggested as Patrick did a double-take. Silas introduced himself as Dr. Silas Clay then explained that he knew that Patrick had treated Danny. Patrick was reluctant to talk to Silas because Patrick was well aware of what Stephen had done.

Silas explained that he hadn't talked to his brother, Stephen, in years. Patrick thought that it was a shame because there might have been a different outcome for Stephen if Silas had checked up on Stephen. Silas made it clear that Stephen had been responsible for his own crimes, so Silas had no intention of trying to atone for the horrible things that Stephen had done. Patrick dropped the subject by asking what Silas wanted. Silas asked to see Danny's test results. Patrick reminded Silas that Silas was not on staff, but Silas argued that Danny didn't need a neurosurgeon.

Patrick was confident that he could read the test results, but Silas insisted that Patrick didn't know what to look for. Patrick realized that Silas was the doctor who had upset Sam by suggesting that Danny had cancer. Patrick made it clear that Silas would not see the test results then tried to leave. Silas reached out to stop Patrick from leaving because Silas wasn't done. Patrick threatened to call security, so Silas explained that he simply wanted Danny to receive a prompt and accurate diagnosis. Patrick reminded Silas that General Hospital was a top tier hospital, so he advised Silas to leave, or Patrick would have Silas thrown out.

Outside of Kelly's, Spinelli called Ellie to ask her to meet him at the diner because he'd had an unsettling experience at Danny's birthday party. Ellie picked up a file, unaware that it was Danny's, as she explained that she was swamped with work. She complained about Brad and confessed that she couldn't understand how Brad had been promoted. Spinelli glanced into the diner and spotted Brad at a table as Ellie insisted that she should be running the lab instead of Brad.

Ellie was startled when Spinelli suddenly offered to find out what had been behind Brad's promotion. She wondered how Spinelli planned to do that, but he ignored the question by promising to call her back if his plan worked. After Spinelli ended the call, he marched into the diner then sat down at Brad's table. Brad wasn't in the mood to hear Spinelli whine about the promotion, so he suggested that Spinelli take it up with Dr. Westbourne. Spinelli admitted that he had tried, but the doctor was on medical leave. Spinelli was curious how much of Brad's soul Brad had sold to get the promotion over Ellie.

Brad insisted that the promotion had been well-deserved, but Spinelli disagreed because Ellie had a better education and work ethic. Brad suggested that perhaps her lengthy recovery after being struck by a car had counted against her. Spinelli smiled pleasantly as he conceded that Brad had made a valid point. Moments later, Spinelli clumsily knocked over Brad's coffee. Brad jumped as the coffee landed in his lap, so Spinelli urged Brad to clean up the scrubs before a stain set in. Brad went to the bathroom, leaving his cell phone on the table.

Meanwhile, Ellie was surprised when Britt called the lab, looking for Brad. Ellie revealed that Brad wasn't there, so Britt ended the call then called Brad's cell phone. Spinelli was scrolling through Brad's contact list when Brad's cell phone rang. Spinelli noticed that it was Dr. Westbourne, so he answered the call pretending to be Brad. Britt was curious why Brad sounded different, so Spinelli cleared his throat then pretended to have a cold. Britt believed the lie, so she explained that she needed Brad's help because Felix and Sabrina were watching her like hawks.

Spinelli was curious what Britt wanted him to do, so she told him that she needed to see him. Spinelli wondered where she was, so Britt snapped that he knew where she was then ended the call.

At the lab, Patrick asked Ellie for Danny's test results. Ellie handed them to him, so Patrick took a look at the results. He became concerned, so he asked Ellie if the results were correct. Ellie assured him that she had run them twice. After Patrick left, Ellie went to Brad's desk to fetch something to write on. She didn't find anything on his desk, so she looked through the drawers. She was stunned when she discovered a medical file with Britt Westbourne's name on it.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sam and Alexis approached Patrick. Alexis explained that they had called the lab for Danny's test results, but the lab had been uncooperative. Patrick revealed that he had the results of Danny's tests, so Alexis asked Patrick to assure Sam that nothing was wrong with Danny. Sam became concerned when Patrick quietly asked to speak to Sam and Alexis in private then led them to an examination room.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny ushered Carly into his office as Carly wondered what happened next. Sonny promised Carly that Shawn would do what was necessary to protect Sonny and Carly's family, but Carly recalled that Sonny had warned her that Shawn couldn't make a move against Franco while Franco was in lockup. Sonny assured Carly that he was handling it. Moments later, one of Sonny's guards announced the arrival of Mr. Lazaro. Sonny greeted Mr. Lazaro then thanked the man for stopping by.

Later, Mr. Lazaro shook hands with Sonny as they reached an understanding. After Mr. Lazaro left, Carly confessed that she had forgotten how good Sonny was at "this kind of business." Sonny smiled until Carly began to pace. He wondered if she was having second thoughts, so she assured him that she wasn't. Carly reminded Sonny that Franco had hurt Michael, so he needed to be taken care of. Sonny warned Carly that they were discussing killing a man, which meant that she would have to live with what happened.

Sonny offered to call off the hit on Franco, but Carly assured Sonny that she wanted Shawn to get rid of the "sick bastard" before Franco hurt anyone else. Satisfied, Sonny sent Shawn a text message.

In Kelly's kitchen, Shawn checked to make certain that his gun was loaded. Afterwards, he tucked it out of sight then entered the dining area. T.J. called out to Shawn, but Shawn didn't hear him at first. Concerned, T.J. wondered why Shawn was distracted, but Shawn brushed it off then changed the subject by revealing that he had heard that Molly had decided to go to the prom with Rafe.

T.J. told Shawn that Molly had stopped by the diner the previous evening to try to work things out with T.J. and to invite T.J. to the prom. However, T.J. explained that he had invited Felix's sister to the prom. Shawn chuckled, but T.J. wasn't happy about the situation because T.J. wanted to go to the prom with Molly, but he had no idea how to cancel the date with Taylor. Shawn warned T.J. that it might put too much distance between T.J. and Molly if T.J. went to the prom with Taylor, so he advised T.J. to follow his heart and focus on what was important.

Moments later, Shawn received a text message from Sonny, so Shawn explained that he had to leave. After Shawn left, T.J. sent Taylor a text message asking her to meet him at Kelly's. A short time later, Taylor arrived gushing about a prom dress that she had found. T.J. smiled awkwardly as she asked the person she had been talking to on the phone to put the dress on hold because she intended to pick the dress up soon. After she ended the call, she asked T.J. why he had called. T.J. claimed that he had wanted to know the color of her dress, so he could order a corsage.

At the courthouse, Franco griped about the shabby courthouse, but he conceded that it was suitable for the occasion. The police officer removed Franco's handcuffs as he wondered why it mattered to Franco what the courthouse looked like, since Franco would be denied bail and returned to lockup. Franco felt lucky, so he was confident that he would leave the courthouse after the arraignment.

Franco entered the courtroom and greeted Diane. Diane made it clear that she did not want to be on a first name basis with Franco, so she insisted that he call her Miss Miller. Franco agreed, so Diane warned him that he faced a list of charges several pages long that were separate from the federal investigation stemming from the slate of unsolved murders based on his artwork. Franco claimed that someone had misinterpreted his artwork by using it as an excuse to kill people. He assured Diane that he hadn't committed the crimes, but Diane didn't believe him.

Diane warned Franco that the charges he faced in Port Charles could land him in jail for several lifetimes if he was convicted. Franco reminded her of the videos that he had provided for Sam and Michael's rapes. Diane explained that they had only exonerated him of the two rape charges, not the other crimes that he had committed. She advised him that there were going to be expert witnesses and corroborating evidence that would likely lead to a conviction. Franco didn't appear concerned, so he asked Diane to request bail.

Diane doubted that bail would be granted, prompting Franco to wonder why she was so cynical. Diane blamed it on being a lawyer then sat down. Franco was glad that she was on his side, so she clarified that she was only representing him in court. Diane accused Franco of being a monster who had caused people she cared about a lot of pain. Franco wondered why she had taken his case, but the judge entered the courtroom before Diane could reply.

Judge Chua explained that they were there for Robert James Frank's arraignment. Franco invited the judge to call him Franco, but the judge declined. Judge Chua ordered Franco to be seated then asked the bailiff where the district attorney was. Diane seized the opportunity to request that the charges be dismissed, since the district attorney hadn't bothered to show, but Judge Chua denied Diane's request. Moments later, the district attorney, Mr. Lazaro, entered the courtroom.

Judge Chua began to read the list of charges against Franco then asked for a plea. Franco insisted that he was innocent, but Diane explained that he had to enter a plea of not guilty. Afterwards, Judge Chua agreed to hear Diane's request for bail. Diane explained that Franco had been presumed dead, so he could have disappeared forever. However, Franco had been determined to clear his name and to clarify some things with people he had wronged, so he wasn't a flight risk. Everyone was stunned when Mr. Lazaro didn't object to bail because he agreed that Franco wasn't a flight risk.

Franco's eyes narrowed as he looked at the district attorney. Meanwhile, Judge Chua set Franco's bail at $100,000.00. After the judge left, Diane noted that the bail request had been easy. "A little too easy," Franco replied.

Later, Diane handed Franco his personal effects, so Franco invited her to dinner. Diane refused to have dinner with Franco and made it clear that she would never consider it. Franco spotted Silas standing nearby, so he greeted him. Silas explained that he was there to talk to Diane, prompting Diane to warn Franco to stay out of trouble. "No killing, no maiming, no kidnapping," Diane clarified. Franco agreed then left.

Diane advised Silas to stay away from Franco, so Silas assured her that it wouldn't be a problem because he intended to return to Manhattan with his nephew.

Shawn arrived at Sonny's office, where Sonny and Carly were waiting. Sonny revealed that Franco had made bail. Shawn started to leave for the courthouse, so Carly wished him luck. After Shawn left, Carly wanted to know what would happen next. Sonny explained that Shawn would let him know when the job was done.

A short time later, Shawn lurked around the corner and aimed his gun at Franco as Franco stood in the hallway of the courthouse.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

At the hospital, Patrick ushered Sam, Alexis, and Danny into an examination room to discuss the results of Danny's blood tests. Sam wanted Patrick to tell her that Silas had been wrong about Danny having cancer, but Patrick gently explained that he couldn't rule it out. According to Patrick, the blood tests had indicated that something was wrong with Sam's son, but Sam argued that Danny merely had a rash. Alexis patted her daughter's shoulder as Patrick explained that the spots on Danny's hand were a result of bleeding from tiny broken blood vessels caused by low platelets in the blood.

Patrick explained that the condition could be from several different things including leukemia. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she held her son tightly. Patrick admitted that Danny's high white blood cell count combined with the swollen lymph nodes and broken blood vessels pointed to leukemia. Alexis comforted her daughter as Sam absorbed the devastating news. After several minutes, Sam pulled herself together then asked Patrick what the next step was.

Patrick revealed that Danny needed a bone marrow biopsy. Sam feared that the procedure would be painful, but Patrick assured her that Danny would be given medication to make the relatively quick and simple biopsy painless. Relieved, Sam consented to the procedure, so Patrick told her that he would get things set up right away. He assured her that Danny would receive the best care then left the room.

Sam couldn't believe that her son might have cancer because Danny was too happy and healthy to be sick, so Alexis reminded Sam that there was a possibility that Danny didn't have leukemia. Alexis suggested that they take things one step at a time.

At the courthouse, Shawn lurked around a corner as he aimed his gun at Franco. Shawn was about to pull the trigger when Olivia and Connie walked in and gasped when they saw Franco. Shawn ducked out of sight as Olivia recovered from her surprise and confronted the man who had kidnapped her daughter in-law and then had strapped Lulu to a chair rigged with explosives. Franco explained that he couldn't discuss the case, but he assured Olivia he didn't mean anyone in Port Charles harm.

Disgusted, Olivia marched to a nearby courtroom. Connie started to follow her cousin, but Franco called out to Connie because Connie seemed familiar to him. Connie revealed that she had met him when she had gone by the name of Kate Howard. Franco recalled that Kate had sponsored his first art show in Port Charles, but Connie assured him that she had regretted it.

Franco sensed that Connie wasn't the same person that she used to be. "That's right. I'm Connie Falconeri," Connie admitted. Franco was curious what had been wrong with being Kate Howard. Kate coldly informed him that it was none of his business, prompting Franco to apologize if he had somehow hurt her. Connie explained that Sonny was her ex.

Franco suddenly realized why Connie was angry. Franco smiled as he confessed that Sonny had pulled a gun on him during the party on the Haunted Star. However, Franco conceded that Sonny had grown as a human being because Sonny hadn't pulled the trigger. Connie's temper flared, so Olivia returned to fetch her cousin. Shawn peeked around the corner to check if he had a clear shot at Franco, but Franco had walked away.

In the courtroom, Connie was tense because it was the day for her to face the music for the crimes that her alter personality had committed. Olivia assured Connie that the hearing was just a procedure, so it wouldn't be bad. Connie remained nervous but noticed that they were the only two people in the courtroom. Moments later, Diane called Connie. Connie's trepidation turned to relief as she briefly spoke to Diane.

Olivia was eager to find out what Diane had told Connie. Connie happily revealed that Diane had been in chambers with the judge, who had decided to toss out the case against Connie. Olivia whooped with joy as she hugged her cousin. "I'm free, Liv. I have to tell Sonny," Connie excitedly said. Both women immediately sobered as Connie's words sank in. Connie admitted that it had been a reflex, but she insisted that she understood that she needed to stay away from Sonny for the sake of her recovery.

Olivia felt bad that Connie couldn't share the good news with Sonny, but she didn't see why it should stop them from celebrating, especially since it was Connie's birthday. Connie was touched that Olivia had remembered, which surprised Olivia, since Olivia had once worked an entire month at her father's garage to buy Connie a special handbag that Connie had wanted for her birthday. The cousins laughed as they left the courthouse and reminisced about the shopping trip to buy the purse that Connie still owned.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Luke answered a call from Tracy. She demanded to know what he was doing, so he claimed that he was in the process of getting dressed. Tracy resented Luke mocking her concerns about his health, but Luke was unapologetic as he quietly ordered a drink at the bar. Tracy wanted to know if he had heard from the doctors about the results of his tests, so Luke admitted that he hadn't. Tracy asked him to promise that he would call her when the results were in, but Luke assured her that he was okay.

Ava entered the restaurant as Luke ended the call with Tracy. Ava immediately recognized Luke, so she asked him if he wanted company. Luke smiled when she ordered a drink, so she reminded him that it was five o'clock somewhere. Besides, Ava explained, she didn't want him to have to drink alone. The two sipped their drinks as Luke broached the subject of her daughter, Lauren. Ava claimed that she had decided that Lauren was old enough to handle the truth about Franco and the Quartermaines.

Luke wasn't fooled because he knew Ava had been motivated by money. Ava didn't think that there was anything wrong with her wanting to secure her daughter's financial future. However, she tensed when he questioned her about why the papers hadn't been signed. Luke realized that he had hit a nerve, but Ava became distracted as she recalled her talk with Franco when Franco had pointed out that their daughter's shares of ELQ were irrelevant compared to Franco's, so it would benefit Franco and Ava if they were to work together.

Ava returned to the present as she made it clear that it didn't concern Luke why her daughter hadn't signed the papers. Luke suspected that Lauren had realized that Ava had intended to use Lauren as a "cash cow." Ava insisted that everything was fine between her and her daughter, so she called her daughter to drive her point home. Kiki answered the call but immediately questioned her mother's motives for reaching out. Ava was startled when Kiki suddenly ended the call.

Luke laughed when he realized that Ava's daughter had seen through Ava's ruse. Ava claimed that she had caught her daughter at a bad time, but Luke didn't believe her. He warned her that Tracy wouldn't hand over the money without a signature on the papers, but Ava reminded him that Ava had other options. Luke was curious what those options were, prompting Ava to suggest that she could decide to side with A.J. Luke advised Ava to be careful because A.J. was a "chronic dry drunk" who had left a trail of destruction behind him.

Luke invited Ava to research A.J. because he was confident that it would prove that Luke had told the truth. Ava thanked Luke for the drink then left. A short time later, the hospital called Luke to inform him that the doctor wanted to discuss the results of his tests. Luke thanked the nurse then ended the call. He thought about Tracy's request for Luke to call her when the tests were in, but instead, Luke ordered a drink.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica noticed that A.J. was deep in thought when she entered the library. A.J. admitted that he had been thinking about what had happened to Michael in prison. A.J. revealed that Michael had stopped by to check on A.J., which had stunned A.J. because Michael had been the one who had been raped. A.J. admitted that his son was an amazing young man, so it made Michael's attack in prison that much more horrible. Monica confessed that she had been shocked that Michael had been sent to jail for trying to protect his sister, so A.J. explained that the judge had sent Michael to Pentonville to punish Sonny. Monica doubted that Michael would see things the same way that A.J. did.

A.J. conceded that the video footage that Franco had provided appeared to exonerate Franco of ordering Carter to rape Michael, but A.J. insisted that Sonny and Carly wouldn't get off as easily with him. Monica reminded A.J. that Jason had gone to jail to protect Michael, even though it had been too late. A.J. argued that Michael wouldn't have been in jail if Sonny hadn't been a gangster and Carly hadn't taken Michael away from A.J. so Sonny could raise A.J.'s son. A.J. reminded his mother that Michael had been surrounded by criminals and violence, so in A.J.'s book, that meant that Michael's rape was on Sonny and Carly's heads.

Moments later, Tracy entered the library from the patio and was pleased to see A.J. because she had wanted to talk to him. A.J. wasn't in the mood to exchange snipes with his aunt or talk about relish, but Tracy assured him that she didn't want to do either. Tracy revealed that Monica had told her about Michael's rape. Monica quickly explained that she had been upset when she had bumped into Tracy. A.J. expected his aunt to make a snarky remark about how he had been off hiding while Michael had been raped.

"I just want to say I'm sorry," Tracy told A.J. A.J. was surprised by the sincerity in Tracy's voice. Tracy reminded A.J. that she had two sons of her own; she couldn't pretend to know what A.J. was going through, but the thought of someone hurting Ned or Dillon, the way that Michael had been hurt, was unimaginable to her. Tracy assured her nephew that she was sorry for what Michael and A.J. were going through. A.J. was stunned by Tracy's compassion, but she reminded him that they were family, so A.J. just needed to ask if there was anything that she could do to help.

A.J. thanked Tracy and agreed that they were family. "Sometimes we are the family from hell," he amended with a smile. Tracy and Monica chuckled in agreement, so A.J. shifted gears to ask if Tracy had heard about Franco. Tracy's smile disappeared as she nodded and pointed out that Franco would be counted as one of Edward's heirs. A.J. agreed and warned Tracy that Franco could put a new spin on things at ELQ. Monica was outraged, as was Tracy, who insisted that Franco was not a Quartermaine.

"Is that any way to talk about the newest member of your tribe?" Franco asked from the French doors. Franco claimed that he was there in peace, but no one believed him. A.J., Tracy, and Monica were shocked that Franco had been released from jail, so Franco explained that his attorney had made a compelling argument that had swayed the judge to grant him bail. The Quartermaines gaped in disbelief as Franco wandered over to the wet bar then slipped a pair of silver tongs into his jacket pocket.

A.J. demanded to know how Franco had made bail, so Franco revealed that he had hired Diane Miller. "A felon's best friend," Tracy muttered. Franco thought that it was heartwarming how three brothers, separated by circumstances, had been united by one common element: they had all been represented by the same attorney. Tracy admitted that she could shoot Diane. Franco assured Tracy that no one would be shot.

Meanwhile, Shawn had slipped onto the patio to get Franco in his gun sights again, but there was too much movement in the library as everyone argued. Monica tried to throw Franco out of her home, but Franco explained that he needed to talk to A.J. and Tracy alone. Monica initially refused until A.J. admitted that he wanted to hear what Franco had to say. After Monica marched out, Franco noted that A.J. and Tracy had been squabbling since Edward had died, so Franco was determined to put an end to it.

Franco pointed out that he was entitled to shares of ELQ, but Tracy argued that it was not what Edward had intended. Franco suspected that Edward would have liked Franco because Franco was a lot smarter than Edward's other grandchildren except for Jason. Franco continued to push A.J. and Tracy's buttons by suggesting that Edward would be amused that Franco's shares could tip the balance of power at ELQ.

Moments later, Ava entered the library and announced that they needed to talk about Franco, unaware that he was in the room. She was startled when Franco made his presence known.

In Sonny's office, Sonny assured Carly that Shawn would let them know when the job was done, so he advised Carly to be patient. Carly insisted that she wouldn't be happy until Shawn had pulled the trigger. Morgan appeared in the doorway as he asked if his parents had been plotting someone's murder. Sonny made it clear that Morgan was expected to knock before entering Sonny's office. Carly rushed to explain her remark by claiming that she had been discussing an investment and expressing her frustration because the broker hadn't pulled the trigger.

Morgan appeared to accept Carly's lie, but he reminded his parents that one couldn't be too sure with Sonny's line of work. Sonny pointed out that Morgan hadn't minded Sonny's profession when Sonny had bailed Morgan and Kiki out of trouble. Morgan assured his father that he had appreciated the help, but Morgan insisted that he could have handled the problem himself. Carly suggested that Morgan quit while he was ahead and tell them the reason for the visit. Morgan explained that he wanted Sonny and Carly to back off of Kiki because Morgan didn't appreciate Carly having Michael spy on Kiki and search Kiki's purse for incriminating information.

Carly refused to apologize for being concerned about a girl whom Morgan had met on the Internet. Carly reminded Morgan that Morgan had incurred a $50,000 gambling debt and had been beaten since he had met Kiki, which was the first strike against Kiki. Carly admitted that another strike against Kiki was her last name, Jerome, because it was the same last name of a crime family who had once operated out of Port Charles. Morgan denied that Kiki was related to the Jeromes, but Sonny thought that it was an "unsettling" coincidence.

Morgan defended Kiki and informed his parents that Kiki had her own problems to deal with because Kiki had recently found out that her father had died a year earlier and that she was part of a rich family who had been searching for her. Carly admitted that it was a lot for a person to handle, so she agreed to back off and to ask Michael to leave Kiki alone. Satisfied, Morgan shifted gears to ask his parents to cosign for another credit card because Morgan's other credit card had been cancelled after Morgan had maxed out the limit.

Morgan was stunned when Sonny and Carly agreed to think about it. Morgan insisted that he needed money, so Sonny suggested that Morgan get a job. Morgan offered to work for Sonny, but neither Sonny nor Carly was amused. Morgan promised to consider seeking employment, but he needed some money to carry him over until he could find work. Again, Carly promised to think about it, so Morgan left.

Sonny reminded Carly that he had already paid $50,000 to cover Morgan's gambling debt, so he wasn't eager to give Morgan more money. Carly was more concerned about whether or not Morgan had believed her lie. Sonny assured her that Morgan hadn't suspected anything, so Carly was curious how much longer they would have to wait for Shawn to report back. Sonny explained that Shawn was following Franco to find the right opportunity to carry out the hit.

Later, Shawn arrived at Sonny's office to explain to Sonny and Carly that he hadn't been able to take a shot at Franco because Connie and Olivia had approached Franco at the courthouse. Sonny tensed, but Shawn assured Sonny that Connie and Olivia had held their own with Franco. Shawn revealed that Franco had then gone to the Quartermaine mansion, where Franco had staged a family reunion. Carly was frustrated when Shawn explained that he had been unable to get a clean shot while Franco had been surrounded by Quartermaines.

At Michael's apartment, Michael was working on a list of Quartermaine heirs when Kiki entered the living room with a towel wrapped around her. She asked Michael where Morgan was, so he quickly closed the computer tablet as he explained that Morgan had left. Kiki was curious what Michael had been doing, so he explained that it had been family business. Kiki was surprised that Michael worked in the coffee business with Sonny, prompting Michael to clarify that he had been referring to his biological family.

Kiki grabbed a box of cereal then began to nibble on cereal from the box as she sat down on the sofa with Michael. Michael was curious if she planned to get dressed, so she told him that she would after breakfast. Kiki changed the subject by assuring Michael that she hadn't told Morgan about what had happened to Michael in prison. Michael appreciated it; he realized that he would have to tell Morgan eventually, but he wasn't ready yet. Kiki was sorry for what Michael had endured, but Michael insisted that he was fine, so she need not worry.

Michael asked if Kiki had heard from her mother. Kiki confessed that she hadn't spoken to her mother since the night of the argument, so Michael suggested that perhaps her mother had lied to Kiki out of fear. Michael revealed that he had been in a similar situation with Carly, who had lied in part to protect Michael and in part because Carly had been afraid that Michael would think less of her if he knew what she had done. Kiki argued that her mother had tried to trick Kiki into signing some papers.

Michael wondered what Kiki had been expected to sign, but Kiki's phone rang. Michael decided to get into the shower while Kiki answered the call. After Michael left the room, Kiki asked Ava what Ava wanted. Ava explained that she had called to check on Kiki and to answer any questions that Kiki might have. Kiki didn't believe Ava, so Kiki abruptly ended the call.

Afterwards, Kiki wandered over to the kitchen table to flip through a magazine. Michael stormed into the living room with a towel wrapped around his hips, as he angrily accused Kiki of using up all the hot water. Kiki immediately became defensive as they traded heated words. Michael couldn't understand why Kiki couldn't simply apologize, so Kiki yelled, "I'm sorry. There, you happy?" Kiki started to walk away, but Michael grabbed her arm to stop her. Anger quickly turned to passion as they slowly leaned towards each other to kiss. The spell was broken when Morgan arrived home.

Michael and Kiki jumped apart as Morgan asked his towel-clad brother and girlfriend what was going on. Michael began to complain about Kiki using up the hot water, so Morgan changed the subject by revealing that he had talked to Carly, who had promised to stop giving Kiki a hard time. Morgan informed Michael that it was no longer necessary for Michael to spy on Kiki. Michael agreed then left the room.

After Kiki got dressed, she joined Morgan in the living room. Morgan made a snide remark about a cold shower doing Michael some good, but Kiki wasn't amused. She pulled away from Morgan's attempt to put his arm around her, so he asked her what troubling her. Kiki suggested that they find their own place because Michael's apartment was too crowded. Morgan liked the idea, but he confessed that his parents had refused to cosign for a new credit card.

Kiki thought that they could find a small studio apartment, so Morgan reminded her that they didn't have any money. He suggested that perhaps it was time for her to reach out to her rich family.

Friday, June 7, 2013

At Michael's apartment, Morgan and Kiki discussed their living arrangements. Kiki wanted to find a studio apartment, but Morgan didn't have any money because his parents had refused to give him another credit card. He suggested that Kiki consider reaching out to her rich relatives, but she didn't want to play into her mother's hands. Morgan advised Kiki to keep Ava out of it, and then wondered where Kiki's rich family lived. Morgan perked up when she revealed that they were in Port Charles because he knew all the wealthy families in town.

Michael entered the living room and asked what Morgan and Kiki had been talking about. Kiki immediately tensed and informed Michael that he had interrupted a private conversation. Michael resented Kiki's attitude, which led to another argument until Kiki announced that she and Morgan were moving out, so Michael wouldn't have to worry about taking another cold shower. Michael became distracted with thoughts of his near-kiss with Kiki as Kiki decided to pay her rich family a visit. Morgan offered to accompany Kiki, but she feared that her relatives might get the wrong idea if she showed up with a boyfriend.

Morgan walked Kiki to the door to wish her luck. He hoped that Kiki's family were good people and generous. After Morgan closed the door, Michael assured Morgan that it wasn't necessary for Morgan and Kiki to move out. Morgan made it clear that he hadn't appreciated Michael spying on Kiki for Carly. Michael apologized, but the chip on Morgan's shoulder remained firmly in place. Michael regretted that he hadn't spent more time with Morgan, so he didn't want Morgan to leave.

Morgan was curious if Michael wanted Morgan and Kiki to stay so Michael and Morgan could bond as brothers or if Michael wanted an opportunity to hook up with Kiki. Michael was taken aback by the question, so Morgan reminded his brother that Morgan had walked in on Michael and Kiki clad in towels, standing very close together. Michael promised Morgan that nothing was going on, but Morgan remained skeptical because he recalled how Michael had stared at Kiki's breasts. Michael argued that Kiki had pulled off her top right in front of Michael.

Morgan pointed out that Michael hadn't looked away, but Michael was adamant that he wasn't interested in Kiki. Michael insisted that Kiki needed a serious attitude adjustment, but he was cordial to her for Morgan's sake, despite all the crap that she had given Michael. Frustrated, Michael marched to the door, opened it, and then invited Morgan to leave. Morgan immediately apologized because he knew that Michael would never betray him. Michael closed the door then asked what Morgan's problem was.

Morgan confessed that he found it increasingly impossible to be cool around Kiki because Morgan genuinely cared about her. Michael suspected that Morgan was falling for Kiki, so Morgan conceded that he had lashed out because of his own insecurities. The brothers settled their differences then Morgan mentioned that Kiki was working on getting an apartment. Michael was curious what Kiki was up to, so Morgan told him about Kiki's decision to meet her rich relatives.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ava marched into the study to inform A.J. and Tracy that they needed to discuss Franco. Ava was startled when she realized that Franco was in the room. Franco introduced Ava to his half-brother and aunt, but Tracy was repulsed when Franco tried to drape his arm over Tracy's shoulder. Tracy stepped away then warned Franco to never touch her again. Ava demanded to know what Franco was doing there, but Franco turned the question around on her, even though he was certain that he already knew the answer.

Tracy decided that she'd had enough of Franco and Ava, so she ordered them out of her house. A.J. quickly clarified that the house belonged to Monica, not Tracy. Franco recalled that Alan had given the house to Monica, so he was certain that his father would have wanted the family to welcome Franco into their home. Tracy disagreed, but A.J. was interested in knowing what Franco wanted. Franco suggested that the Quartermaines band together because Ava was plotting to get herself "a big piece of the pie."

Tracy seized the opportunity to take advantage of her arrangement with Ava by reminding Ava that they had some business to conclude. A.J. offered to double whatever Tracy had promised Ava, but Tracy bragged that she had a deal with Ava, so Lauren's shares belonged Tracy. "You sure about that?" Franco asked. Franco warned Tracy that Ava was not to be trusted, so Tracy demanded to know if her "degenerate nephew" was telling the truth.

Naturally, Ava denied that she was playing Tracy, so Tracy asked for the signed proxy. Franco wanted Ava to produce Lauren instead because he wanted to apologize to his daughter for not being a part of her life. Ava vowed that Franco would never get near Kiki, but Franco reminded her that their daughter was an adult. Ava made it clear that the only way that Franco would see Lauren was over Ava's dead body. "What an interesting thought," Franco said as he picked up a letter opener. Ava dared Franco to follow through on the threat.

"Oh joy, our homicidal relative is threatening his ex right here in our study," Tracy told A.J. Franco put the letter opener down as he warned Ava that one day their daughter would show up. As if on cue, Kiki appeared in the doorway. Franco immediately recognized his daughter, while Kiki squirmed from the sudden intense scrutiny from everyone in the room. "I'm guessing you're Lauren Frank," A.J. said.

Lauren was stunned when Franco introduced himself to his daughter. She turned to her mother for confirmation then demanded to know why Ava had told her that Franco was dead. Ava explained that she had believed it to be true at the time, but Kiki was skeptical. Franco was happy to finally meet Lauren and confessed that he was eager to catch up with her.

Ava grabbed the letter opener then pointed it threateningly at Franco as she warned him to stay away from Kiki. Tracy stepped forward to take the letter opener away from Ava and explained that they needed to get to know eccentric relatives, not murder them. Tracy introduced herself to her great-niece, who quickly clarified that she preferred to be called Kiki. Tracy smiled as she confessed that she had known a Kiki in boarding school then offered to show Kiki the yearbook.

A.J. blocked Tracy from leaving with Kiki by introducing himself and then advising Kiki not to leave with Tracy. "The last person who went off with Tracy wound up put in a gingerbread house. It did not end well." A.J. explained. Tracy smiled with malice at her nephew as she suggested that A.J. should have been shoved into the oven. Franco also stopped Tracy from leading Kiki out of the room by reminding everyone that he wanted an opportunity to get to know his daughter.

Everyone began to argue at once until Kiki whistled loudly to get their attention then ordered them all to shut up. Kiki explained that she wasn't interested in the family's power struggles; she had only stopped by to introduce herself and to ask for an advance on her inheritance because she and her boyfriend wanted to rent an apartment. Tracy informed Kiki that Quartermaines didn't rent, they purchased. "Well, or freeload. Right, Aunt Tracy?" A.J. asked.

A.J. invited Kiki to move into one of the bedrooms, prompting Tracy to readily agree. A.J. and Tracy immediately ushered Kiki to the upstairs to pick out a bedroom, leaving Franco alone with Ava. Franco pointed out that it appeared that he would get to know his daughter after all. Ava vowed to follow through with her earlier threat, but Franco reminded her that he was hard to kill. Franco resented that Ava hadn't even told him the name that his daughter used, but Ava was unapologetic.

At Pozzulo's, Shawn explained that Franco had been surrounded by Quartermaines, so it hadn't been safe to take a shot. Sonny decided to postpone the hit, but Carly strongly objected. She reminded Sonny that he had gotten to people in tighter places, but Sonny argued that Franco wasn't an immediate danger to anyone, so Sonny didn't want to put Shawn at risk. Carly was furious, but Sonny insisted that they needed to bide their time because they would only get one shot at killing Franco.

"I want Franco dead yesterday," Carly demanded. Sonny assured her that they would wipe "that freak" off the face of the planet, but when the time was right. Carly was certain that Franco would hurt someone in the interim. She reminded Sonny that Franco had already targeted Josslyn, kidnapped Carly, and hurt Michael, so Franco might go after Morgan next. Sonny promised to deal with Franco, but Carly wasn't satisfied.

Moments later, Shawn received a call from Alexis telling him that Danny was in the hospital. Shawn promised to meet Alexis at the hospital then ended the call and told Sonny and Carly that Danny was ill. Sonny and Shawn were shocked when Carly immediately accused Franco of poisoning Danny. Sonny calmly pointed out that they didn't even know what was wrong with Danny, but Carly argued that Danny had fallen ill right after Franco had appeared. According to Carly, there weren't any coincidences with Franco.

Carly wanted Sonny to take action, but Sonny preferred to proceed with caution. "This is Danny, Sonny. Franco has to die, and he has to die now," Carly insisted. Sonny asked Shawn to go to the hospital to check in with Sam and to find out what was wrong with Danny. After Shawn left, Sonny promised Carly that they would get to the bottom of things. Sonny became concerned when Carly was suddenly in a rush to leave.

Sonny made it clear that the hit was off until he had further information, so he warned Carly not to do anything until she heard from him. Carly agreed then walked out of the office. "Killing Franco will be the smartest thing I ever did, Carly muttered as she walked through the restaurant.

At the hospital, Sabrina bumped into Patrick and immediately apologized for being distracted. She confessed that she had been thinking about their plans for later that evening. Patrick looked forward to their date too. He promised to pick her up when he finished up at the hospital. Patrick explained that he wanted to be on hand for a friend during a procedure. Sabrina smiled because his loyalty was one of the things that she loved about Patrick.

Sabrina realized what she had said, so she quickly clarified that she hadn't meant that she loved him. Patrick chuckled as he assured her that it was okay.

Nearby, Brad was on the phone with Britt who demanded to know where Brad was. Brad had no idea what Britt was talking about, so she reminded him that they had spoken around 10:30 a.m. about Sabrina and her "rainbow coalition" trying to expose Britt's lie. Brad recalled that he had been at Kelly's at that time, but he didn't remember talking to Britt. Britt suspected that Brad had been high on marijuana, so she ordered him to grab his phlebotomy kit and meet her at the apartment because she needed new labs to prove that she was sick with hyperemesis gravidarum. "Do I make myself clear?" Britt demanded.

"Crystal," Felix replied as he appeared in the doorway of the apartment. Britt quickly ended the call, but Felix assured her that it wasn't necessary for her to stop conspiring on his account. Britt claimed that she had been catching up with a girlfriend, but Felix didn't believe her because he doubted a female of the species would get within fifty feet of Britt without Britt bribing them with Botox.

To Britt's relief, Sabrina arrived home, so Britt complained about Felix. Sabrina explained that Britt would have to deal with it because Felix would be overseeing Britt's care for the rest of the evening. Britt demanded to know why, so Felix and Sabrina reminded Britt that Sabrina had a date with Patrick. Sabrina smiled innocently as she announced that she would get ready once she took a sample of Britt's blood to make certain that Britt was receiving proper care for her condition.

At the hospital, Brad checked his cell phone's call log and saw that Britt had indeed called him earlier that morning. He suddenly recalled rushing to the bathroom to clean up after Spinelli had spilled a drink in Brad's lap.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Spinelli and Ellie were enjoying a rare evening out. Spinelli promised to take Ellie out on a slew of dates, but Ellie feared that Brad wouldn't be accommodating with her work schedule. Spinelli doubted that Brad would remain Ellie's boss for long because Spinelli was determined to discern how Brad had wrangled the promotion. Ellie smiled because great minds thought alike; she explained that she was working on the same thing, although she was an amateur compared to Spinelli.

Ellie was eager to know what Spinelli had uncovered, so he told her about his encounter with Brad at Kelly's and Britt's odd phone call. Ellie suspected that Brad's sudden association with Britt might have something to do with Britt's medical file that she had found in Brad's desk. Spinelli was surprised when Ellie confessed that she hadn't opened the file because she had learned her lesson from snooping through Maxie's medical file. Spinelli and Ellie agreed that Britt's medical file might hold the key to why Brad had been promoted, so they decided to return to the hospital to take a look at the file.

Elizabeth entered Danny's examination room with a big smile because she knew that it was Danny's birthday. Elizabeth wished Danny a happy birthday then noticed Alexis and Sam's somber demeanors. Alexis explained that Danny needed a bone marrow biopsy, so Sam revealed that Danny might have leukemia. Elizabeth recovered from her shock then assured Sam that sometimes symptoms that appeared to be serious turned out to be minor.

Sam wondered where Patrick was, so Alexis offered to fetch him. However, Alexis didn't want to leave Sam alone. Elizabeth had to get Danny prepped for the procedure, so she promised to stay with Sam until Alexis returned. Grateful, Alexis left. Elizabeth wondered if Sam had any questions, but Sam didn't appear to know where to begin. Elizabeth assured Sam that the biopsy was a simple procedure that was routinely performed. Elizabeth promised that Danny would be given medication to make the biopsy painless.

Sam remained tense and upset, so Elizabeth assured Sam that everything would be okay. Sam couldn't understand how Elizabeth, of all people, could say that. Sam knew that Elizabeth meant well, but Sam was dealing with the possibility that Danny might have cancer. Elizabeth gently advised Sam not to jump to conclusions until Sam had all of the facts, but Sam wished that she could take Danny's place. Elizabeth explained that Danny would need his mother's strength and Sam's unwavering belief that he would get better, so she urged Sam to stay positive and to take it one step at a time.

Moments later, Alexis returned with Patrick and Dr. Singh in tow. Patrick explained that Dr. Singh would perform the procedure, so Dr. Singh walked Sam through the steps of the biopsy. Sam panicked when she saw the large needle, so Patrick reminded her that it was the only way to properly diagnose Danny and deal with what was ailing him.

After the procedure, Sam asked to take Danny home, but Dr. Singh wanted to monitor Danny for a short while. Patrick asked Elizabeth to put a rush on the biopsy, so Elizabeth promised to take care of it.

In the hallway, Elizabeth called out to Ellie to ask if Ellie knew where Brad was because Elizabeth needed a rush on a biopsy. Ellie offered to take care of it then noted that the biopsy was for Daniel Morgan. Concerned, Spinelli asked Elizabeth what was going on. Elizabeth reminded him that the law prohibited her from telling him, but she let him know where to find Sam. After Elizabeth left, Ellie urged Spinelli to check on Sam. Spinelli was concerned about the medical file, but Ellie assured him that she could handle it.

Moments later, Spinelli entered Danny's examination room to check on Sam and Danny. Sam explained that Danny could be in a lot of trouble. Spinelli promised that they would get through it together.

Meanwhile, Shawn arrived at the hospital to check on Alexis. Alexis hugged him then filled him in on what was going on with Danny. A short time later, Shawn called to report to Sonny. Shawn pointed out that it was clear that Franco hadn't been responsible for Danny's illness, but Sonny didn't know if it would be enough to satisfy Carly.

At Felix and Sabrina's apartment, Britt objected to giving Sabrina a sample of blood. Felix wondered if Britt was hiding something, but Britt was saved by a knock at the door. It was Brad. Relieved, Britt explained that she had asked Brad to stop by to take a sample of her blood for routine testing. Sabrina pointed out that she was perfectly capable of drawing Britt's blood, but Britt argued that Brad was a phlebotomist.

Britt suggested that Sabrina take her fairy godmother, Felix, into the bedroom to get ready for the date with Patrick. After Felix and Sabrina left, Britt instructed Brad to make certain that the results of the blood test confirmed the diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum. Brad assured her that he understood then revealed that he had figured out who she had talked to earlier that morning. Britt was surprised when Brad told her that Spinelli had answered Brad's phone.

Britt reminded herself that there wasn't any reason to panic because there was nothing that could expose her deception. Brad sheepishly admitted that he had a medical file with the real results of her blood tests. Britt was livid, so she ordered Brad to destroy the file immediately. Britt grumbled about being surrounded by idiots as Brad scurried to the door to leave. Britt quickly quieted down when Brad opened the door to reveal that Patrick had been about to knock. Patrick entered the apartment as Brad left, so Britt explained that Brad had been there to collect a blood sample for routine tests.

Patrick became distracted when Sabrina entered the living room. Patrick complimented Sabrina then kissed her as Britt watched with barely concealed hostility. Britt tried to shift the focus to her by pretending to be startled that the baby had kicked. Britt invited Patrick to feel, so he walked over to touch her stomach. Patrick smiled when he felt the baby kick, prompting Felix to remind Patrick that Patrick and Sabrina had reservations. After Patrick and Sabrina left, Felix turned to Britt. "Alone at last," Felix told Britt.

In the lab, Ellie was about to open Britt's medical file when Brad walked in. Brad snatched the file out of her hand as he asked her what she was doing. Ellie made it clear that she intended to find out what Brad and Britt were hiding. Brad advised Ellie to drop it if she knew what was good for her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Franco was standing in the study alone when Carly entered through the patio doors. "Hello, Franco," Carly said with a cold smile.

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