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Elizabeth learned that A.J. had slept with Carly. T.J. slept with Taylor after he saw Molly kiss Rafe. Michael and Kiki learned that they were cousins. Dante confided to Anna that Carly might have been involved in Olivia's shooting.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 17, 2013 on GH
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Taylor and T.J. were on different wavelengths about their date. Taylor was excited by the limo and the potential for an adventurous evening, even though the prom had been canceled. T.J. was busy sending texts and paying very little attention to Taylor until she called him on it. At first, T.J. said that he was concerned about Danny and the effect that Danny's illness was having on Molly. Taylor said that she did not get why T.J. was interested in a girl who had "dumped [his] ass."

T.J. said that Molly had apologized and wanted to make up and get back together. Taylor asked why T.J. was not on a date with Molly. T.J. admitted that it was because he had not known how to disinvite Taylor without hurting her feelings, and he was afraid that Molly had gotten the wrong idea.

Taylor said that she did not give a hoot about what Molly thought. Taylor sipped booze from a flask and bemoaned that she had been in town only five minutes and had become the pity date for a lovesick fool. T.J. told Taylor that she was a great girl, and he was really sorry. Taylor said that she was going to have fun with or without him. Taylor cranked open the limo's sun roof and stood up in the opening.

Molly and Rafe took a walk in the park. Rafe told Molly that she was beautiful, and he was happy to be spending his last night, before his uncle took him away to a strange city, with her. As the teens sat on a bench and looked at the stars, Rafe said that he would never see the stars again because of the city lights. Molly said that he would still be able to see the stars sometimes and that he would have other things like museums, libraries, and Broadway plays.

Rafe gave Molly her prom flowers. Molly protested that he should not have spent money on her, but Rafe joked that he had a rich uncle. Rafe quoted a passage from A Streetcar Named Desire that Molly recognized. Rafe said that since it was their last night together, maybe they could dance. Molly agreed to the dance but said it would not be their last day together because they would stay in touch.

Rafe was not so sure because he knew that life could get in the way. As they danced, Rafe told Molly that he wanted to thank her and let her know that before going to Port Charles, he had never had the chance to make friends. Rafe added that Molly was the only friend that he had ever had, and she meant the world to him. Rafe said that he knew that Molly's heart belonged to T.J., but he wondered if she would share one kiss with him. Molly agreed.

T.J. asked the limo driver to stop and then begged Taylor to close the roof and sit down. Taylor glanced across the street to the park and saw Rafe holding Molly. Taylor told T.J. that she would go back inside if he would join her briefly to look out through the sunroof. T.J. said that he would. When T.J. stood and looked out of the car, he saw Rafe and Molly kissing.

Alexis confronted Shawn about Olivia's shooting. She demanded to know if Sonny had ordered Shawn to kill Franco and if Shawn had hit Olivia instead. Shawn denied that Sonny had ordered the shooting and tried to evade her questions, but Alexis was relentless. Alexis said that she had tried not to ask herself what Shawn did for Sonny, but the talk that she'd had with Nikolas in the hospital after Shawn had left her alone, despite Alexis' plea that he stay, had opened her eyes, and she could not shut them.

Shawn told Alexis that she was cross-examining him like an attorney. Alexis did not let Shawn distract her and continued to speculate about Shawn's role in the shooting. When she finally told Shawn that he had been a wreck when he returned to the hospital and Alexis knew how much guilt he had to be feeling about Olivia and then followed that up by asking if Shawn had considered what effect Shawn's actions would have on T.J., Shawn cracked and admitted that he had shot Olivia.

Shawn defended himself by saying that Franco had hurt a lot of people and there were many individuals who wanted Franco dead, including Alexis. Alexis said that she would dance on Franco's grave, but she did not kill her enemies; Sonny did. Shawn denied that Sonny had ordered the hit and took full responsibility for attempting to kill Franco. Shawn said that he could live with killing Franco.

Alexis asked if he could live with killing Olivia. Shawn said that he did not know and that he was hoping and praying for Olivia's full recovery. Alexis said that they were in agreement about that at least. Shawn looked at Alexis and asked what Alexis would do, since she knew everything.

After a limo ride to Kiki's relatives' home, Morgan was surprised to find himself in the Quartermaine foyer with Alice, whom he had recognized in Michael's apartment as a wrestler named the Dominator. Alice cleared up some of Morgan's confusion when she told him that Kiki was Franco's daughter and a cousin to Michael.

Morgan remembered walking in on what had seemed to be an intimate moment between Michael and Kiki, both wearing towels, and snickered with relief. Alice hugged Morgan when Morgan revealed that he was Michael's brother, "Little Morgan," as she called him. Alice took Morgan upstairs to his room.

Kiki arrived at Michael's apartment, looking for Morgan, because she wanted to call off the move to her family's residence. Kiki poured out her fears and concerns as Michael listened. Kiki mentioned her psycho father's return from the dead as she ranted about her crazy family. Michael told Kiki that he had had a similar experience with his dad, who had kidnapped him as a child, apparently died, and then returned six months earlier, claiming to be a changed man who only wanted a relationship with his son, Michael.

Michael said that he was glad that he had not been influenced by history or what others had told him because it had worked out well for him and his dad. Michael was very glad that he had gotten to know his biological father. Kiki was very glad for Michael's insight and said that she would take his advice and give her father a chance to prove himself.

Kiki said that she had to go rescue Morgan, but before she did, she had something to say to Michael, even though she knew he hated her. Michael quickly interjected that he did not hate Kiki, who quickly said that she did not hate Michael, either. Kiki thanked Michael for all his help. Each seemed reluctant to part from the other. Michael and Kiki hugged awkwardly. Kiki kissed Michael on the cheek, and that led to a much more passionate kiss.

Both acted guilty when they broke apart. Michael apologized and said that he was the worst brother in the world. Kiki told Michael not to blame himself because the kiss had not been one-sided. Michael wanted to talk about what had happened, but Kiki said there was nothing to talk about because she had to get to Morgan. Kiki rushed out of the apartment, leaving a perplexed Michael looking after her.

In the Quartermaine drawing room, Franco enjoyed the verbal sparring as both Tracy and A.J. tried to persuade Franco to vote his Quartermaine shares with them. A.J. told Franco about Tracy's involvement with the Soleito crime family, how she had laundered money through ELQ, and how that had almost ruined the company until A.J. had saved it. Tracy pointed out the decline in stock prices, which A.J. blamed on the poisoned relish and not A.J.'s management.

When it was Tracy's turn, she said that she was not the one who had tried to strangle Franco on the Haunted Star. Tracy called A.J. a "parasitic bottom feeder." She told Franco that he could get revenge for A.J.'s attack by siding with Tracy.

A.J. did not take Tracy's diatribe lying down. He told Franco that he had changed in order to have a relationship with his son. A.J. told Franco that Franco could understand where A.J. was coming from because they had similar problems and similar aims where their children were concerned. A.J. mentioned that his son was about Kiki's age and could encourage her to give Franco a chance by telling Kiki how well things were working out. Tracy accused A.J. of pimping out his son.

A.J. said that Tracy was offering Franco a chance for revenge, but A.J. was offering Franco a chance at redemption. A.J. left the room, but not before Tracy had an opportunity to ask Franco if he was taking A.J., the "idiot," seriously. Franco told Tracy that all he wanted was a relationship with his daughter. Tracy asked if Franco really thought that A.J. could deliver that for him. She accused A.J. of driving Kiki away earlier, but Franco said that it had just been bad timing.

Tracy went back to the revenge angle and asked Franco how great it would feel to make A.J. pay for attacking Franco. Tracy said that with her, there would be no cheap manipulations. Tracy said that A.J. might be the one doing the talking, but she was the one bonding with Kiki and the one who could influence her. Tracy asked if she could count on Franco.

In the foyer, A.J. met Kiki as she returned to the estate with her bags. A.J. wanted to discuss his son and her cousin but Kiki said she had to find her boyfriend. A.J. received a call from Michael and excused himself. Michael was distraught because he had just kissed Morgan's girlfriend and felt that he had to find Morgan and tell him. A.J. said that Morgan could wait because A.J. needed help immediately. Michael agreed to make haste to the estate.

When A.J. got off the phone, Kiki asked if A.J.'s son was okay. A.J. said that his son had girl problems but would be over soon. A.J. helped Kiki take her bags to her room. Morgan and Alice descended by another staircase and missed Kiki and A.J. Alice showed Morgan into the drawing room. She explained that Morgan was Michael's brother and Kiki's boyfriend. Franco smiled, offered his hand, and said that he was happy to meet his twin brother's namesake.

Kiki burst in a few minutes later and was shocked to learn that Morgan knew the Quartermaines -- and speechless when he added that he did not know them as well as his brother Michael. When she asked what "Mikey" had to do with the Quartermaines, Morgan said that Michael was one of them. Tracy exited with Alice and said that she had things to do. As they were leaving, Michael arrived, still upset about the kiss with Kiki.

A.J. said that it could wait because Michael needed to meet his cousin. As they entered the drawing room, A.J. invited Michael to meet Kiki Jerome. A gleeful Morgan told a still stunned Kiki that Michael was her cousin. Both Michael and Kiki were astonished to learn of their connection.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kiki was curious what Michael had to do with her family. "He's one of them," Morgan explained as A.J. and Michael entered the study. Michael and Kiki were stunned when they were told that they were cousins. Michael was certain that there was a mistake because his cousin's name was Lauren. "That's me. I'm Lauren," Kiki told Michael before she explained that Kiki was a nickname. Franco was curious about Michael's odd reaction, but A.J. quickly put the pieces together when he realized that Kiki was Morgan's girlfriend.

A.J. kept quiet about Michael and Kiki's kiss as Michael demanded to know why Kiki hadn't mentioned that she was a Quartermaine, but Kiki turned the question around on Michael. "Ain't family grand?" Morgan cheerily asked as he draped his arm across Kiki's shoulder. Michael suddenly realized that Franco was the father whom Kiki had complained about. Franco conceded that he had some issues, but Kiki argued that it went beyond that because Franco had told her about his evil side that had died along with his twin, Jason. Franco assured Kiki that he would never hurt his nephew, but Kiki didn't believe him.

Franco turned to Michael to ask Michael to confirm that Franco had provided proof that Franco hadn't been responsible for the rape. Kiki argued that Franco had put the idea into Carter's head. Morgan demanded to know what they were talking about, so Michael told Morgan about the rape in Pentonville. Morgan was horrified, so Michael quickly assured his brother that Jason had killed Carter. Morgan couldn't understand what Franco had to do with any of it, so Michael revealed that Franco had wanted to torture Jason by making it appear that Franco had sent Carter to rape Michael.

Franco quickly assured Morgan that it had merely been an illusion; Franco had proven that he hadn't asked Carter to rape Michael. Kiki suddenly realized that Franco was the man that Michael had told her about when Michael had opened up to her about the rape. Morgan was confused about why Michael had confided to Kiki, not Morgan, about the rape. Kiki insisted that it wasn't important, but Morgan disagreed because Michael didn't trust or even like Kiki.

Morgan wanted to know when Michael and Kiki had gotten so close. Meanwhile, Franco couldn't understand why it was a big deal, since Michael and Kiki were cousins. A.J. decided that Michael needed a breather, so he ushered Michael out of the study. Meanwhile, Morgan demanded an answer from Kiki about what was going on between Michael and Kiki. Kiki reminded Morgan of a saying that sometimes it was easier to talk to a stranger, but Morgan didn't buy it because Kiki wasn't a stranger to Michael. "Close enough," Kiki argued.

Kiki quickly changed the subject by reminding Morgan that they were in their "new digs," so she offered to fetch them a few beers to celebrate. Morgan started to follow Kiki, but Franco wanted a moment alone with Kiki's boyfriend, so Morgan agreed.

In the foyer, Michael confirmed to A.J. that Michael had kissed Kiki; however, Michael insisted that they hadn't known that they were cousins. Michael felt like he was stuck in a nightmare. Moments later, Kiki left the study, so A.J. quietly stepped aside to give Michael and Kiki some privacy. Michael wanted to talk about the kiss, but Kiki refused to acknowledge that there had been a kiss. "Do you understand? It never happened. Never," Kiki insisted.

In the study, Franco hoped that Morgan didn't have the same propensity for violence as Sonny did. A.J. entered the study and glared at Franco as Franco suggested that Sonny tended to be moody. Franco then switched gears to ask something that had been puzzling him. Franco pointed out that Michael was Jason's nephew who had been named after Sonny, while Morgan was Sonny's son who had been named after Jason. "Don't you think that's a little weird?" Franco asked.

A.J. carefully asked Morgan how things were going. "Great," Franco replied. Franco claimed that he was just trying to unravel the family dynamics, especially the shifting alliances and underlying threat of alliances. Franco then told Morgan that Sonny and Carly wanted Franco dead. "Do you blame them?" Morgan asked. Franco shook his head. "Not really," Franco admitted. Franco suspected that A.J. felt the same, and then burst out laughing because Franco loved having the upper hand. "It's just so much fun," Franco said.

In the foyer, Michael reminded Kiki that they hadn't known that they were cousins when they had kissed, but Kiki insisted that she had already forgotten the kiss. Moments later, Morgan stepped out of the study and noticed that Kiki hadn't fetched the beers. Kiki explained that she hadn't had a chance, so Morgan suggested that they check out their suite of rooms. Kiki took a step towards the staircase, but Morgan lingered behind to let Michael know how sorry Morgan was for everything that Michael had gone through in Pentonville.

Michael assured Morgan that everything was fine. Satisfied, Morgan patted Michael on the shoulder and then led Kiki upstairs. Kiki looked back at Michael as Michael watched her walk away with Morgan.

In the park, Rafe and Molly slow danced to a song that Rafe had found on his iPod. Rafe knew that Molly's heart belonged to T.J., but, since it was Rafe's last night in Port Charles, Rafe wanted to kiss Molly goodbye. Molly agreed, so the two shared a tender kiss. "Wow," Rafe whispered when the kiss ended. He compared the kiss to stars falling on Alabama. Molly had no idea what that meant, so Rafe explained that it was an expression that his mother had used to describe something magical.

"And that was magic," Rafe confessed. Molly smiled, but Rafe realized that Molly hadn't felt the same way about the kiss. Molly assured Rafe that he was important to her because she didn't have a lot of friends and even fewer male friends. She confessed that as good of a kisser as Rafe was, T.J. was the one that she wanted to be with. Molly was surprised when Rafe admitted that he hoped that T.J. and Molly worked things out because he wanted her to be happy.

Molly reminded Rafe that T.J. had moved on, but Rafe assured Molly that T.J. wasn't interested in Taylor. He reminded Molly that T.J. had sent Shawn to check on Molly, but she thought that it was strange that T.J. hadn't stopped by himself. She suspected that it had something to do with Taylor, but Rafe doubted it. Molly confessed that something seemed off with Taylor because it seemed like Taylor had enjoyed Molly's misery when Molly had seen T.J. and Taylor in Kelly's the other day. Molly suddenly realized that perhaps she was overreacting to everything because T.J. wouldn't want to be with someone like Taylor.

Rafe and Molly's conversation then drifted to Rafe's move with Silas. Molly hated that Rafe had to leave with Silas, but she was hopeful that Rafe would learn to like the city. A short time later, Rafe and Molly arrived at the lake house. They decided to pretend that they would see each other soon, so they wouldn't have to say goodbye. "I'll see you sometime," Rafe quietly said to Molly. After Rafe left, Molly began to cry and then fled to her bedroom.

In the limousine, Taylor tricked T.J. into joining her to look out of the sunroof so that he would see Rafe and Molly slow dancing in the park. T.J. was stunned when he saw Molly kiss Rafe, so he dropped back into his seat and demanded that they leave the park. Taylor seized the opportunity to paint Molly as a "player" who had clearly moved on. She handed T.J. the flask of alcohol as T.J. ranted about how he had been foolish to worry about Molly.

Taylor suggested that she could make T.J. feel better and kissed him. Things quickly heated up, but T.J. pulled away when Taylor reached for the button on his pants. Frustrated, Taylor explained that she had decided to visit her brother for the summer because she had wanted the freedom to do as she pleased. She confessed that she was attracted to T.J., and then pointed out that T.J. and Molly probably wouldn't have lasted because they were all still in high school. Taylor insisted that Molly had clearly moved on, so T.J. should do the same.

Taylor smiled suggestively at T.J., so he tactfully explained that he didn't have any protection with him. Taylor quickly dug through her purse to pull out a condom package. T.J.'s eyes rounded with surprise, so Taylor explained that she had planned for their evening to be special. T.J. hesitated and then grabbed the condom out of her hand, ripped off the top, and kissed her.

At the lake house, Shawn admitted that Alexis knew everything; he had shot Olivia. He wondered what Alexis intended to do, but Alexis avoided the question because she suspected that Shawn was sorry that he had been caught, not because a woman might die. Shawn assured Alexis that he would never forgive himself if Olivia died, but Olivia's fate was out of his control.

Alexis tearfully reminded Shawn that he had shot an innocent woman, but Shawn argued that it had been an accident. Alexis insisted that there wasn't any such thing as an accident in the court of law, so she was certain that it was only a matter of time before Anna arrested Shawn. Shawn revealed that Anna had already questioned and released him. Alexis suspected that Anna had let Shawn go because Anna hadn't finished building a case against Shawn.

Shawn assured Alexis that there wasn't any evidence against him because only one person knew what he had done: Alexis. "Aren't you forgetting someone?" Alexis asked. She reminded Shawn that Sonny had put the hit on Franco, so Sonny knew what Shawn had done. "Who said anything about Sonny?" Shawn asked. Alexis pointed out that Shawn worked for Sonny, so it made sense that Sonny had ordered Shawn to kill Franco.

Shawn reminded Alexis that she worked for Sonny, too, covering up Sonny's crimes. Alexis refused to let Shawn turn things around on her, but she warned Shawn to expect Sonny to retaliate. Shawn acknowledged that it was a possibility, but he assured Alexis that he was not at the top of Sonny's list. Shawn explained that Sonny was more furious at someone else. Alexis couldn't imagine who, but Shawn changed the subject because he wanted to know if Alexis planned to turn him in. "I can't," Alexis tearfully confessed.

Alexis explained that she had always been drawn to the worst kind of men until she had met Shawn. She had thought that Shawn was like the proverbial cake, except that she could have it and eat it. However, she refused to be with him after what had happened because he was a killer. Shawn argued that Alexis was a killer too. According to Shawn, Alexis had seen Kiefer in the headlights of her car, but she hadn't swerved to avoid him. Alexis was stunned when Shawn accused her of leaving Kiefer in the road to die, so she wasn't in any position to judge Shawn.

Alexis insisted that there wasn't any comparison between what had happened to Kiefer and Olivia's shooting. Shawn disagreed, but Molly's arrival abruptly ended the argument. Shawn stormed out, so Alexis could deal with Molly who had dashed off to the bedroom.

At Carly's house, Carly was startled when she saw Sonny sitting in her living room in the dark, so she asked him what he was doing there. "Like I told you, Olivia dies, you die," Sonny answered as he pointed a gun at Carly. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she asked if Olivia had died. Sonny didn't answer her, so Carly assumed the worst and began to offer her condolences to him. Sonny growled that Olivia's condition hadn't changed, but he had wanted Carly to know what would happen to Carly if Olivia should pass away.

Furious, Carly told Sonny to leave, but he shouted that he, not Carly, gave the orders. Sonny wondered if Carly had any idea of the pain and chaos that she had caused. Carly assured him that she was well aware that Olivia was fighting to stay alive, but Sonny argued that Olivia wasn't the only person affected by what Carly had done. He reminded her that Olivia had a son who was praying for his mother to live.

Carly promised Sonny that she hadn't stopped thinking about Olivia since Carly had seen Olivia shot. Carly insisted that she had never meant for anyone besides Franco to be hurt, but Carly's old song and dance no longer cut it with Sonny. Sonny reminded Carly that he had called off the hit against Franco for a reason, yet Carly had gone behind his back, and as a result, Olivia had been shot, and Franco was alive and well -- and aware that Sonny and Carly had planned the hit.

Sonny was curious if Carly even realized what she had done to Shawn. Sonny reminded Carly that Shawn had only agreed to kill Franco because Shawn had been concerned that Franco would continue to terrorize Carly and Josslyn. Sonny accused Carly of taking advantage of Shawn's feelings for Carly's safety by lying and manipulating Shawn to do her bidding. Sonny insisted that Carly had made a bad situation worse because it was only a matter of time before Alexis put the pieces together. He also pointed out that Franco could use the incriminating evidence against Sonny and Carly whenever Franco pleased.

Carly reminded Sonny that Franco had promised to stay quiet about what they had done, but Sonny argued that it didn't matter because even if Olivia survived, Anna and Dante would be hot on Sonny and Carly's trail. Sonny confessed that he wouldn't blame Shawn for turning against Carly after what Carly had done, so he advised Carly to start praying and then stormed out.

At the hospital, Dante and Lulu sat at Olivia's bedside offering Olivia words of encouragement, but Olivia remained unresponsive. Lulu begged her mother-in-law to return to them so Lulu could apologize for how she had treated Olivia at the airport when Lulu had returned from Cassadine Island. Dante assured Lulu that it wasn't necessary because it hadn't been Lulu's fault that Lulu had had amnesia. Dante vowed to find the person responsible for the shooting and to hold them accountable, even if it was Sonny.

Dante confessed to Lulu that, on some level, he could relate to his father's desire to kill Franco, but Lulu insisted that things didn't work that way. Dante agreed, which was why he had become a police officer. He had wanted to protect innocent people through legal means. Lulu suggested that Sonny wasn't the only person who'd had the means and opportunity to order a hit on Franco. Confused, Dante wondered who else could have done it.

"Carly," Lulu quietly suggested. Lulu reminded Dante of the heated confrontation that she had witnessed between Sonny and Carly. Lulu hadn't heard the details, but it had been intense and clear that Carly had been intimidated for the first time in Carly's life. Dante was curious if Lulu thought that Sonny and Carly had conspired to kill Franco. Lulu confessed that she didn't know, but it was possible.

Dante conceded that the suggestion had merit, but he couldn't imagine why Sonny would be angry at Carly because of the botched hit. Lulu heard a noise behind her, so she turned and saw Sonny standing in the doorway. She quickly plastered on a friendly smile as she greeted her father-in-law. Lulu decided to give Dante some time alone with Sonny, so she announced that she was running home to fetch a change of clothes.

After Lulu left, Sonny sat at Olivia's bedside. Sonny confessed that he didn't know why Olivia had been shot, but he was deeply sorry. Dante seethed with rage as he watched his father. Sonny sensed the tension in his son, so Sonny told Dante how much Olivia meant to him. Dante was curious why Sonny had left if Olivia was so important to Sonny. Sonny explained that he had wanted to clear his head.

"Did you?" Dante asked in an accusing tone. "Is there something you want to ask me, Dante?" Sonny wondered. Dante explained that all he cared about was Olivia's recovery and making certain that the person responsible for hurting Olivia got what they deserved.

Meanwhile, Lulu went to Carly's house to talk to her cousin. Carly feared that Olivia had passed away, but Lulu assured Carly that Olivia was still alive. Carly was curious why Lulu was there instead of at the hospital, so Lulu explained that she had wanted to apologize to Carly for helping Franco to plan the party on the Haunted Star. Carly assured Lulu that it wasn't necessary because Carly appreciated that Lulu had had amnesia, so Lulu hadn't known who Franco was.

Lulu confessed that it had been unsettling to realize that Lulu had helped the man who had once strapped Lulu to a chair that had been rigged with explosives. However, Lulu imagined that it had been a lot more difficult for Carly and her family to learn that Franco was alive. "You know, what can you do?" Carly replied.

Carly was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so she reminded Lulu that Lulu was needed at the hospital. Lulu confessed that Dante was taking his mother's shooting very hard, so Carly assured Lulu that all Dante needed was Lulu at his side. Lulu disagreed; Dante needed to find the person responsible for the shooting and for his mother to wake up.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

T.J. was sitting on a park bench when Shawn walked up. Shawn wondered if something was bothering T.J., but T.J. was curious how Shawn had found him. Shawn admitted that he had asked the limousine driver. T.J. resented that Shawn had been checking up on him, but Shawn insisted that he had been concerned about T.J. because T.J. hadn't returned home after dropping off Taylor. T.J. explained that he had needed to clear his head because T.J. had been in a bad place after witnessing Molly kiss Rafe.

Shawn felt bad for T.J., but T.J. tried to brush off the kiss as unimportant. Shawn saw through the lie because he knew how T.J. felt about Molly. Shawn suggested that perhaps things were not as they had seemed, but T.J. assured Shawn that there had been no mistake. T.J. told Shawn that Molly had initiated the kiss, so it was clear to T.J. that Molly had never really wanted to work things out with T.J.

Shawn suggested that T.J. put Molly in the past and move on, so T.J. admitted that he had already done that. "With Taylor," T.J. added. T.J. bragged that he had shown Molly, prompting Shawn to wonder what that meant. T.J. immediately clammed up, so Shawn assured T.J. that T.J. could tell him. T.J. doubted that Shawn wanted to know, but Shawn promised that he had T.J.'s back. T.J. reluctantly confessed to having sex with Taylor.

Shawn suspected that T.J. had slept with Taylor to spite Molly, but T.J. insisted that it hadn't been like that. T.J. confessed that it had been Taylor's idea and that it likely wouldn't have happened if T.J. and Taylor hadn't been drinking. Shawn was worried about the possible consequences of the teens having had sex, but T.J. quickly assured Shawn that T.J. and Taylor had used protection. Shawn was relieved that T.J. had shown at least a little common sense, but he was disappointed that T.J.'s first time hadn't been with someone that T.J. respected and cared about.

"Who said it was my first time?" T.J. asked defensively. "Was it?" Shawn asked. T.J. grudgingly admitted that it had been, but T.J. insisted that he respected Taylor. Shawn wondered if T.J. was in love with Taylor, so T.J. conceded that he wasn't. However, T.J. argued that what was done was done and that T.J. and Molly had each moved on.

Shawn decided to take T.J. home to get something to eat, but T.J. wasn't hungry. Shawn suggested that it was because T.J. had a hangover, which was a consequence of underage drinking. Shawn explained that minors couldn't buy alcohol because they weren't physically or psychologically capable of handling it, which was why T.J. had ended up having sex with a girl that T.J. barely knew. T.J. realized that he had messed up.

Shawn pointed out that it was the second time that T.J. had gotten into trouble with alcohol; the first time had been the out-of-control party that T.J. had thrown at the lake house. Shawn made it clear that there would not be a third time, so he grounded T.J. and made certain that T.J. understood that T.J. would have a curfew. T.J. accepted Shawn's decision, but he asked Shawn not to tell Alexis about what had happened with Taylor. Shawn thought about his talk with Alexis the previous evening. "You don't have to worry about that," Shawn told T.J.

At the apartment, Felix was waiting when Taylor slipped into the apartment. Felix was disappointed that his sister, who was still in high school, was doing the "walk of shame." "Do I look ashamed?" Taylor asked without a hint of remorse. Felix thought that she should be, but he was more interested in knowing what "tawdry" business she had been up to all night. Taylor plopped down on the sofa, propped her feet up on the coffee table, and asked Felix to rub them. Disgusted, Felix refused, but he wanted answers, including why half a bottle of his booze was missing.

Taylor denied that she had taken the alcohol, but Felix didn't believe her because Sabrina rarely indulged in alcohol. Britt entered the room in her wheelchair, complaining about the "squawking." Taylor suggested that perhaps Britt had taken the alcohol, so Britt reminded Taylor that Britt was pregnant. Felix was livid that Taylor had been running around all night with boys and drinking, but Taylor refused to apologize for something that Felix had done himself. Felix pointed to Britt as he explained that unlike Britt and Taylor, he couldn't get pregnant.

Britt made it clear that she didn't want to get dragged into Felix and Taylor's family drama. Taylor assured Felix that he need not worry about a pregnancy, but Felix wasn't satisfied. He was furious that Taylor had refused to abide by his rules, so Taylor invited him to complain to their parents. "I'm sure they'd love to hear from me about everything," Taylor smugly replied. Felix immediately backed down and announced that he had to get to work.

After Felix left, Britt clapped because she was impressed with how Taylor had handled him. Taylor explained that she'd had plenty of practice, so Britt was curious what Taylor had on Felix. Taylor's eyes narrowed as she wondered if Britt was trying to get between Taylor and her brother. Britt carefully assured Taylor that she had merely been curious. Satisfied, Taylor decided to get some rest and to ditch the flask. Britt offered Taylor some advice about how to deal with the hangover, so Taylor thanked Britt and then left the room.

Later, Taylor returned to the living room. Britt struck up a conversation by asking Taylor how the prom had been. Taylor was surprised when Britt confessed that Britt had never gone to the prom because Britt's mother had thought that it was beneath Britt. Taylor explained that the prom had been cancelled, so T.J. and Taylor had driven around, drunk, and had sex. Britt was curious if T.J. and Taylor had used protection, so Taylor assured her that they had.

Britt confessed that she was a bit surprised that T.J. had slept with Taylor. Taylor gloated that she had shown T.J. how to have a good time, so he was over Molly and would never look back. Britt warned Taylor that was not the way to hold on to a guy because Britt had tried the same thing with the father of Britt's baby. Britt admitted that she had thought that she could make Patrick love her, but he had wanted someone else.

Britt grudgingly conceded that Felix had been right; Patrick had picked Sabrina, and Britt had ended up out in the cold with a baby on the way. Taylor insisted that she just wanted to have a good time, not land a husband, so their situations were completely different. Britt hoped so for Taylor's sake because Britt didn't want anyone to make the same mistakes that Britt and Britt's mother had made.

At the hospital, Patrick and Sabrina slipped into an examination room as they kissed. Things quickly heated up, but Sabrina argued that it was wrong because he was a top surgeon, while she was a "lowly" nurse. Plus, Sabrina was afraid that they would be caught. Patrick continued to kiss Sabrina as he assured her that it was okay because Monica Quartermaine owed him. Sabrina was curious why. "You don't want to know," Patrick said between kisses.

Sabrina stiffened, prompting Patrick to realize that his remark had killed the mood. Sabrina suggested that it was for the best because they had a date with Ellie Trout. Confused, Patrick wondered why. Sabrina explained that Ellie could take a swab Patrick's mouth for DNA to run a paternity test. Patrick doubted that Britt would consent to a paternity test, so Sabrina revealed that they could use a sample of the blood that Brad had taken the other day from Britt.

Patrick was reluctant to agree to the secret paternity test because it was unethical. Sabrina conceded that Patrick was right, but she feared that it was the only way for Patrick to get the answers that he needed. She told Patrick about Britt's refusal to consider a paternity test when Felix had mentioned it, so Sabrina suspected that Britt had something to hide. Sabrina realized that a covert paternity test was shady, but she insisted that Patrick needed to know the truth.

Patrick hated stooping to Britt's duplicitous level. Moments later, Felix knocked on the door then asked if it was safe to enter. Sabrina opened the door because she feared that Epiphany was looking for her. Felix calmed Sabrina's fears, but suggested that next time Sabrina use a little more discretion when sneaking off with Patrick. Patrick took full responsibility for the tryst, so Felix shifted gears.

"Please, tell me that Sabrina has convinced you to smoke out Britt once and for all?" Felix implored Patrick. Patrick hesitated a moment and then agreed to go along with the secret paternity test. Relieved, Felix suggested that they hightail it to the lab. Patrick was concerned about Brad finding out about their plans, but Felix promised to take care of it. Sabrina had reservations about Felix tangling with Brad, but Felix assured her that he knew how to handle the "horny hobgoblin" without resorting to sexual favors. However, Felix wanted the honors of evicting Britt when they exposed the truth.

In the lab, Spinelli confirmed that Brad was not around. Ellie suspected that Brad was off stalking Felix. Spinelli reminded Ellie that it was the perfect opportunity to search for Britt's medical file in Brad's desk, but Ellie hesitated. Spinelli thought that it was important that they find out what Brad and Britt were hiding, but Ellie argued that Brad was onto them, so it was unlikely that Brad had returned the file to where he knew Ellie had found it before. Spinelli suspected that Brad had probably assumed that Ellie wouldn't look in the same spot twice, so Brad had left the file where it was.

Ellie finally agreed to look in Brad's desk for the medical file. She smiled triumphantly when she found it, but her victory was short-lived when she realized that it was empty except for a Post-it note. Spinelli was curious what the note said. "Pack your things and go," Ellie read. She had no idea what the message meant. Brad appeared in the doorway and offered to explain. "In the words of the Donald, 'You're fired'," Brad said.

Ellie was shocked that Brad had fired her, but Spinelli informed Brad that Brad didn't have the power to fire anyone without Monica Quartermaine's approval. Brad didn't believe Spinelli, but Spinelli insisted that the human resource manual was very clear that the chief of staff had the final word on all terminations. Spinelli warned Brad that if Brad fired Ellie then Brad would have to answer for his actions at a hearing. Spinelli doubted that Brad or Britt would want to answer any uncomfortable questions about the medical file that Ellie had been looking for.

Later, in the hallway outside of the lab, Ellie admitted that she was impressed that Spinelli had memorized the hospital's human resources handbook. Spinelli confessed that he had made everything up, but he doubted that Brad would ever know. Felix walked up and spotted Brad working in the lab. Spinelli quickly excused himself to run an errand, so Felix asked for Ellie's help to lure Brad out of the lab. Ellie opened the door to the lab a crack as Felix loudly asked Ellie to run some tests.

Ellie offered to work on it right away and to get the results to Felix as soon as possible. Felix explained that he was leaving for the day, but first he was headed to the locker room to take a lengthy shower. Moments after Felix walked away, Brad emerged from the lab to announce that he was taking a break.

Shortly after Brad left, Patrick and Sabrina arrived. Sabrina explained that they needed Ellie's help to run a paternity test to find out if Patrick was the father of Britt's baby. Ellie readily agreed, but asked for Britt's consent form. Patrick explained the situation to Ellie, so Ellie agreed to run the paternity test.

Later, Felix entered the lab. Felix confessed that he could still feel Brad's eyes on him as Brad had spied on Felix during the shower. Sabrina felt terrible for Felix, so she promised to do the dishes for the next month. Meanwhile, Ellie assured Patrick that she had everything she needed to do the paternity test and promised that Brad would not get wind of it. Ellie admitted that Patrick was right to question Britt because Brad and Britt were in cahoots.

Ellie told Patrick, Sabrina, and Felix about Britt's medical file that Brad had hidden in Brad's desk. Sabrina wondered if Britt's secret medical file had information about the baby's paternity, but Patrick insisted that it didn't matter because once Ellie completed the paternity test, they would know if Patrick was the baby's father.

At the apartment, Britt was surprised when Brad showed up in a good mood. Brad confessed that he had just seen a memorable show and then handed Britt her medical file. He thought that it would be safer in Britt's hands.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke entered the study to ask if Tracy was receiving visitors. Tracy informed him that the bar was closed, so he needed to find a drink elsewhere. Luke explained that he wasn't there for a drink, so Tracy assumed that Luke wanted money. Luke surprised Tracy by revealing that he had been hoping to whisk Tracy away on a date. Tracy's temper flared as she told Luke that he wasn't worthy of taking her out on a date because he was a coward.

Luke reminded Tracy that she hadn't had a problem dating a mobster. Tracy argued that Joe Scully had given her a life-saving serum, instead of taking it himself, so Joe hadn't been afraid to face death. Luke explained that he had intended to take Tracy to the hospital because he had made an appointment with his doctor to go over the results of his tests. Luke smiled with relief when Tracy agreed to go with him.

At the lake house, Molly was downcast as she entered the living room. Alexis tried to cheer her daughter by announcing that Sam, Danny, and Rafe were on their way over for a pancake breakfast before Silas picked up Rafe, and Sam and Alexis took Danny for Danny's first chemotherapy treatment. Molly appreciated the effort that Alexis had made, but Molly remained sad.

Later, Sam, Danny, and Rafe arrived. Rafe and Molly realized that they had been right not to say goodbye the previous evening because it hadn't really been goodbye. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Molly feared that it was Silas, but Alexis assured Molly that it was probably Lucy, since "that jerk" wasn't due for another hour. Alexis opened the door to discover Silas leaning against the doorframe. Silas admitted that he had heard Alexis through the door, so he denied being a jerk. "Just mean Uncle Silas ready to take his nephew home," Silas added.

Alexis reminded Silas that he wasn't supposed to pick up Rafe for another hour and twenty minutes. Silas explained that he wanted to get to the airport early, but Alexis didn't care. Alexis refused to let Rafe leave one minute earlier than they had arranged. Silas wondered if Alexis intended to kick out the man who had helped Danny, so Alexis reluctantly allowed Silas to enter. Silas approached Sam and Danny as he asked how Danny was doing.

Sam admitted that Danny's test results had confirmed Silas' diagnosis of cancer, so she sarcastically invited everyone to give Silas a round of applause. Sam suggested that perhaps Silas could conjure up some compassion for his next trick, but then reconsidered because she suspected that it would be too much to expect from a man who didn't care about Danny or Rafe. Silas pointed out that he didn't have to prove to Sam that he was concerned about his nephew; he just had to convince the judge. Silas then assured Sam that the truth and an early diagnosis would save Danny's life.

Meanwhile, Molly and Rafe sat in the living room. Molly felt bad for Rafe because Rafe would have to live with Silas, but Rafe thought that it was better than living at a group home. Moments later, Lucy arrived, but she stopped short when she saw Silas. Lucy resented Silas being there during their time to say goodbye to Rafe, so Silas suggested that Lucy pretend that he wasn't there. However, he reminded everyone that he and Rafe had a plane to catch.

Later, Sam prepared to take Danny to the hospital, so Rafe said his farewells to her and Danny. Rafe kissed Sam on the cheek and assured Sam that he was certain that Danny would make a full recovery. Sam reminded Rafe that she was only a phone call away, so if he needed her then all he had to do was call her. After Alexis, Sam, and Danny left for the hospital, Silas reminded Rafe that it was time to leave. Lucy shooed the teens outside to say goodbye so Lucy could have a private word with Silas.

On the porch, Molly surprised Rafe with a copy of a new manuscript that she had written titled Maine Squeeze. Rafe was touched that he was the first person to read it. Molly invited him to read the dedication, so he turned to the first page. It read, "To Rafe, who taught me to depend on the kindness of friends." Rafe was deeply moved, so he hugged her.

Inside, Lucy confessed that she had been wrong about Stephen Clay being a vampire. She conceded that Stephen had taken refuge in his madness out of grief over losing Livvie, which was a human emotion. According to Lucy, Silas was the vampire because Silas had ripped Rafe away from the only home that Rafe had ever known, which only a soulless person would do. Silas decided that it was time to leave, so he called out to Rafe.

Lucy followed Silas to the porch to tell Rafe that Rafe was an amazing and smart kid. After a warm hug from Lucy, Rafe turned to Molly. "See ya," Rafe quietly told Molly and then left with Silas.

Later, Molly confessed that she didn't understand why Silas had taken Rafe away because it was clear that Rafe meant nothing to Silas. Lucy didn't have an answer. "Sometimes the good guys don't win," Lucy confessed. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Molly was stunned when she opened the door and saw Rafe standing on her doorstep. Molly wondered what he was doing there, so Rafe happily revealed that Silas had changed his mind.

At the hospital, Sam was surprised when she and Alexis bumped into Spinelli. Spinelli confessed that he had hacked into the hospital's mainframe to find out when Danny was scheduled for a chemotherapy appointment. Sam appreciated Spinelli's support, so Alexis asked Spinelli to stay with Sam, while Alexis looked for Monica to give Monica an update.

Alexis spotted Luke and Tracy at the nurses' station, so Alexis approached them to tell them about Danny's illness. Luke and Tracy offered to help in any way that they could. Alexis thanked them, but she was curious why they were at the hospital. Tracy covered for Luke by claiming that Luke had agreed to accompany Tracy to a doctor's appointment to review the results of Tracy's tests.

Elsewhere, Sam looked through the window of a door to an examination room. She was startled when Silas walked up behind her and asked if she was looking for a doctor. "Don't you have a plane to catch?" Sam asked. "Not anymore," Silas admitted.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

At the lake house, Molly was stunned when she saw Rafe standing on her doorstep. She wondered what he was doing there, so Rafe explained that Silas had apparently changed his mind about returning to New York. According to Rafe, Silas had muttered something about not being a vampire and then had turned the car around to drop off Rafe. Lucy was certain that her talk with Silas had been responsible for Silas' turnaround. Molly led Rafe into the living room, while Lucy returned to the door to answer a knock.

Shawn asked if Alexis was home, so Lucy stepped out onto the porch to explain that Alexis had gone with Sam to the hospital for Danny's first chemotherapy appointment. Lucy suggested that Shawn go to the hospital because she was certain that Alexis would welcome his support. Shawn pointed out that Lucy didn't know him, so Lucy admitted that he was right. However, she knew T.J. and recalled how highly T.J. had spoken of his guardian. Lucy could tell that T.J. looked up to Shawn, so she trusted T.J.'s judgment.

Shawn became uncomfortable and decided to leave when Lucy confided that T.J. thought of Shawn as a hero. Lucy offered to pass along a message to Alexis, but Shawn told her that it wasn't necessary.

At the hospital, Anna was on the phone with Duke. She apologized for neglecting him because she had been wrapped up in the investigation, but Duke assured her that it was okay. Moments later, Anna spotted Sonny approach Olivia's door, so she quickly ended the call with Duke. Sonny saw Anna, so he walked up to ask if she was there to arrest him. "No," Anna assured him. "Then get the hell out," Sonny growled.

Anna was shocked that Sonny had ordered her to leave. "I'm sorry, was I rude?" Sonny asked in a snarky tone. Sonny insisted that Olivia was fighting for her life, so it wasn't the time for Anna to be asking questions. Dante stepped out of Olivia's hospital room to explain that he had asked Anna to stop by. Sonny wondered why Dante would do that. "So I can figure out who shot my mother," Dante answered.

Sonny argued that it wasn't the time or place, but Dante ignored his father's protests. Dante asked to speak to Anna privately, so Sonny entered Olivia's room. Connie sat at her cousin's bedside, so Sonny wondered if there had been any change in Olivia's condition. Connie tearfully shook her head and confessed that she feared that Olivia would never open her eyes again. Sonny insisted that they needed to stay positive and to believe that Olivia would recover.

Connie explained that Olivia wasn't just Connie's cousin or best friend; Olivia was the only family that Connie had left after Connie had lost her son, Trey. Sonny assured Connie that she wasn't alone. She realized that it wasn't good for her to be around Sonny, but she didn't care because she needed him at that moment. Connie didn't know what she would do without Sonny, so Sonny promised her that she could always count on him, whether they were together or not.

Meanwhile, Olivia slowly opened her eyes and saw Sonny and Connie standing at the foot of her bed. Sonny's eyes lit up when he saw Olivia, so he rushed to her bedside. Connie was overjoyed when she realized that her cousin was awake. Olivia tried to talk, but Sonny and Connie urged Olivia to conserve her strength. Connie told her cousin how much she loved Olivia, so Sonny did the same, prompting Connie to watch him closely.

Olivia was upset because she recalled seeing Sonny covered in blood. Sonny explained that it had been Olivia's blood, not his, so he was fine. However, he couldn't understand why Olivia had risked her life for him. Olivia smiled lovingly at Sonny as she told him that she would do anything for him. Sonny quietly assured Olivia that he would never forget what she had done, unaware that Connie watched him intently.

In the hallway, Dante apologized to Anna for the way that Sonny had acted, but Anna assured Dante that it wasn't necessary. She was curious how Dante was holding up, so he admitted that he had been better. Dante revealed that he had called her because he had wanted her to know that Carly might have been involved in Olivia's shooting. He told Anna that Lulu had seen Sonny and Carly together during a heated argument. According to Dante, Lulu had sensed that Sonny and Carly had been in on something together that had gone very wrong.

Dante suspected that Sonny and Carly might have collaborated on Franco's hit. Anna was curious if Dante had shared his suspicions with Sonny or Carly, so Dante revealed that had talked to Sonny, who had vehemently denied any involvement in the shooting. Meanwhile, Lulu had questioned Carly, but Carly had shut Lulu down. Anna admitted that Dante might not be grasping at straws because it had been strange that Carly had had dinner with Franco on the night of the botched hit.

Dante couldn't imagine why Carly would risk having the hit carried out at Metro Court, but Anna reminded him that the shooter had used a vacant room at the hotel. Anna also revealed that Carly had readily handed over all of the security tapes from the hotel, except from one camera. Anna explained that the camera on the side entrance had been inexplicably turned off on the night of the shooting, but no one knew why.

Anna thought that it was entirely possible that Sonny and Carly had been working together and that Shawn had carried out the hit. Dante was disappointed because he had liked Shawn. Anna reminded Dante of Shawn's military career, but conceded that Shawn appeared to be filled with remorse. Anna decided to pay Carly a visit to try to rattle her cage, so Dante returned to his mother's hospital room.

Dante was thrilled when he realized that Olivia was awake, so he raced to her bedside to grab her hands and kiss her. Olivia joked that Dante was stuck with her, so Dante told her how worried he had been about her. Connie decided to fetch Olivia's doctor, so she left the room. Meanwhile, Dante admitted that he had prayed and had made promises to God if God would spare Olivia's life. Olivia was curious what Dante had promised, so he revealed that he had vowed to find the person responsible for the shooting. Sonny tensed when Dante assured Olivia that Anna was working on helping to fulfill the promise.

In the park, Michael stopped to catch his breath, while out jogging. His thoughts immediately strayed to his kiss with Kiki in the apartment. Frustrated, Michael ripped his headphones off and prepared to throw them when Carly walked up and asked him what was going on. Michael claimed that he hadn't liked the song that he had been listening to, but Carly didn't believe that he had been about to throw his phone over an irritating song. Michael admitted that he had a lot on his mind.

Carly confessed that she had a lot on her mind, too, because she blamed herself for Olivia's shooting. Michael was curious on what planet Carly was responsible for the tragedy. Carly realized that she might have said too much, so she carefully explained that the shooting had happened at her hotel. Michael argued that his mother was not to blame, unless Carly had hired the gunman who had shot Olivia. Carly quickly changed the subject by asking about Morgan. She was surprised when Michael revealed that Morgan and Kiki had moved in with the Quartermaines.

Carly's confusion turned to shock when Michael explained that Kiki was Franco's daughter, Lauren. He told her about Kiki's nickname and how Michael and Kiki had learned that they were cousins. Carly thought that it was typical of A.J. to expect Michael to chat up Franco's daughter in the hopes of winning her over to A.J.'s side without considering how uncomfortable it might make Michael to be around anyone connected to Franco. Michael assured his mother that he didn't blame Kiki for what that Franco had done. He admitted that he had felt bad for Kiki because it had been clear that she had been horrified by Franco's actions.

Carly wondered if Morgan knew, so Michael told her that Morgan had been the one to tell Michael and Kiki that they were cousins. Carly had an uneasy feeling because she feared that it wasn't a coincidence that the girl that Morgan had met online happened to be Michael's long-lost cousin. Michael assured Carly that Kiki had been as surprised as Michael to learn of their family connection. Carly sensed that there might be an issue between Michael and Kiki, so Michael admitted that there was something troubling him. He didn't have an opportunity to explain because his cell phone rang.

Michael was concerned when he saw that it was his credit card company calling, so he took the call. Moments later, Michael ended the call and explained that he had to leave. Carly was concerned because she saw the tension in her son, but Michael assured her that it wasn't anything important. He reminded her that she wasn't to blame for Olivia's shooting and then left.

"Except, it was," Shawn said as he stepped out of the woods. Carly stiffened as she asked if Shawn was following her. Shawn assured her that he wasn't, but he was curious if she had talked to Sonny. Carly confessed that she had and revealed that Sonny had threatened to kill her if Olivia died. Shawn wasn't surprised. He confessed that he wouldn't be able to live with himself if Olivia didn't survive.

Shawn and Carly sat down on a park bench as Carly realized that Shawn was struggling with memories of what had happened in Afghanistan because of the recent shooting. She promised him that Olivia was strong, so Olivia would recover, but Shawn warned Carly that things wouldn't simply blow over if Olivia lived. Carly was furious when Shawn revealed that Alexis knew that Shawn had shot Olivia. Carly reminded Shawn that Alexis was an officer of the court, so Carly wanted to know if Shawn had told Alexis everything.

Shawn assured Carly that Alexis had assumed that Sonny had ordered the hit, since Shawn worked for Sonny. Carly relaxed and thanked Shawn for not telling Alexis about Carly's involvement. Shawn explained that Alexis wouldn't say anything because Sonny was Alexis' client, so Alexis couldn't implicate her client in a crime. However, Shawn warned Carly that just because Alexis wouldn't turn Shawn in didn't mean that Shawn wouldn't go to the police.

Carly was shocked that Shawn would consider turning himself over to the police, but he argued that it was the only honorable thing to do if he had any hope of salvaging his relationship with Alexis. Carly reminded Shawn that it would only be a matter of time before Anna linked everything back to Carly. Carly heard a noise behind her, so she turned. "Oh, my God," Carly muttered when she saw Anna standing on the pathway.

At the hospital, Sam was curious why Silas was still in Port Charles. Silas admitted that he had realized that Rafe had a special bond with Sam, so Silas had decided to remain in town while Sam was dealing with Danny's illness. Sam was skeptical of the sudden turnaround because Silas hadn't hesitated to move forward with the petition for custody when Sam had been in the hospital, receiving confirmation that her son had leukemia. Silas admitted that Lucy had made him realize that he had more of a soul than his brother, Stephen.

Silas insisted that Lucy was in desperate need of a psychological examination, but Lucy had been right about Rafe needing to be with Sam until Danny was better. Moments later, Alexis walked up and immediately demanded to know what Silas was doing there. "Loitering," Silas replied. Sam explained that Silas was pretending to have a soul, so Alexis wished Silas luck with that. "Thank you, I'm not looking forward to it," Silas admitted.

Alexis turned her focus to Sam, so they could go over the list of chemotherapy medications that Dr. Singh intended to give to Danny. Silas looked over Sam's shoulder to read the list and then recommended that Sam not go along with Dr. Singh's protocol. Alexis accused Silas of thinking that he was God's gift to medicine and trying to make Sam second-guess herself, but Sam surprised her mother by inviting Silas to speak his mind.

Silas explained that on his younger patients, he had used a different chemotherapy protocol that had had fewer side effects and equal, if not better, results than Dr. Singh's protocol. Alexis was stunned when Sam decided to follow her maternal instincts and go along with Silas' recommendation. Sam conceded that she didn't like Silas, but she was confident that he knew what he was doing because he had been able to diagnose Danny correctly simply by examining Danny's rash. Moments later, Sam, Silas, and Alexis went to talk to Dr. Singh.

Later, Sam caught up with Silas at the elevator to thank him. Silas was curious how Danny was doing, so Sam told him that things looked good so far. However, she suspected that it was typical in the beginning because it took time for the chemotherapy drugs to kick in. Silas admitted that she was right. Sam confessed to being grateful because Silas had given her hope, so she wanted him to know that she appreciated it. "Don't mention it," Silas told her as he entered the elevator.

At the lake house, Molly was worried about Danny, so Lucy asked Rafe for the St. Michael medal that Lucy had given to him. Rafe took off the necklace and handed it to Lucy as he confessed that it had protected him and Danny on the night that Lucy had given it to him. Lucy gathered the teens around her then had everyone hold the medal as she said a prayer sending positive thoughts and energy to Danny.

A short time later, Alexis arrived home. She told everyone that Danny had gotten through his first round of chemotherapy. Molly worried bout the sickly side effects, but Alexis revealed that it might not happen thanks to Silas. Lucy was surprised when Alexis explained that Rafe's uncle had swooped in and had saved the day by informing Sam that there was another chemotherapy protocol designed for children that had fewer side effects and a better chance for recovery.

Rafe was shocked, but Alexis cautioned him that there had been something in it for Silas because Silas loved to be right. However, Alexis conceded that if Danny recovered from the leukemia then they would have Silas to thank for it. Lucy decided that Silas might have a heart after all. After Molly left to text Kristina an update, with Rafe in tow, Alexis thanked Lucy for getting through to Silas. Lucy smiled then changed the subject by revealing that Shawn had stopped by to check on Alexis. However, Lucy had the impression that something else had been on Shawn's mind.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kiki was looking at a picture of Michael with A.J. and Monica as she thought about her kiss with Michael; Morgan suddenly entered the study. Startled, Kiki dropped the picture. She claimed that she had feared that it had been Franco, but Morgan was curious what Kiki had been looking at. Kiki tried to pick up the picture, but Morgan beat her to it. Morgan demanded to know if she was trying to make him jealous, because it was working.

Kiki appeared concerned until Morgan burst out laughing because he had been joking. Kiki was not amused, so Morgan reminded her that he didn't have any reason to be jealous because Michael and Kiki were cousins. Morgan was surprised that he hadn't seen the family resemblance sooner because Michael and Kiki had the same eyes. Moments later, Kiki's phone rang. It was Ava. Kiki didn't want to answer the call, but Morgan changed her mind.

Kiki coldly greeted her mother, who claimed that she had wanted to check up on Kiki. Kiki didn't believe Ava because Ava was only interested in Kiki's inheritance. Ava denied it, but Kiki abruptly ended the call.

At ELQ, Ava looked at her phone, tucked it away, and then knocked on A.J.'s office door. She entered the office, but stopped short when she saw Duke standing behind the desk. Duke explained that he worked for A.J., but A.J. was not in the office. Duke was curious who Ava was, so Ava introduced herself as Ava Jerome. "Did you say 'Jerome'?" Duke asked. Ava wondered if that was a problem, prompting Duke to confess that he had once worked for a Jerome family.

"Victor, Julian, Olivia ring any bells?" Duke asked Ava. She shook her head, but offered to check to see if she had any distant relatives by those names. Duke assured Ava that it wasn't necessary because Victor and his children were all dead. Ava was surprised, so Duke explained that the Jeromes had been in a dangerous line of work. Ava wondered what kind of work, so Duke held up the Port Charles Press featuring a front page article about the botched mob hit.

"This one," Duke answered. Duke revealed that the Jeromes had once been a prominent crime family, but Duke had left the organization a long time before to go straight. Duke confessed that his girlfriend was the police commissioner, so Ava advised Duke to stay on the straight and narrow. Duke assured Ava that it wouldn't be a problem. Ava was curious if Duke suspected the Jeromes of the botched hit, so Duke reminded her that the Jeromes were dead. "Or so I was led to believe," Duke added. Ava asked Duke to let A.J. know that she had stopped by and then quickly left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kiki ate breakfast, unaware that Morgan was using his laptop to gamble online. Kiki complained about her mother, but Morgan confessed that he liked Ava because Ava had given him a place to stay when he had gotten into trouble with the bookies. Kiki conceded that her mother could be cool, but she was more of a friend than a mother. Kiki wanted a real mother, not someone who would use Kiki for her money. Kiki feared that Ava would continue to scheme until Ava got her hands on the money.

A message flashed on the laptop from the gambling site, informing Morgan that his wager had been denied because his credit card had reached its limit. Frustrated, Morgan slammed the laptop closed. Kiki sarcastically wondered if something had happened on the porn site that Morgan had been on. Morgan chuckled because Michael had said nearly the same thing recently. "It must be genetic," Morgan concluded. Kiki's smile didn't reach her eyes, but Morgan didn't seem to notice as he suggested that they go swimming because he was eager to see her in a bikini.

Kiki revealed that she didn't have a bikini, so Morgan smiled wickedly as he suggested that that was even better. Kiki didn't smile, prompting Morgan to admit that Alice had mentioned that there were extra bathing suits in the boathouse. Morgan decided to race Kiki to the boathouse, so he took off running. Kiki lingered behind to look at the picture of Michael with A.J. and Monica and then followed Morgan to the boathouse.

At the boathouse, Morgan suggested that he and Kiki christen it. Kiki refused to consider it, so Morgan leaned down to kiss her. Kiki jerked away from the kiss, prompting Morgan to ask what her problem was. Kiki claimed that she simply wanted to go swimming, so she entered the boathouse to find a bathing suit. She suggested that Morgan cool off, so he jumped into the water. "Damn, that's cold," Morgan complained when he landed in the lake.

Meanwhile, Michael entered the mansion, looking for Morgan. He made his way to the study, where he spotted Morgan's laptop. Michael opened it and saw the message from the gambling site about Morgan exceeding the limit of the credit card. Michael was livid because he realized that Morgan had used Michael's credit card to rack up another gambling debt. Michael marched to the boathouse, looking for his younger brother.

In the boathouse, Kiki found a bikini, so she pulled off her shirt, intending to change. She jumped with fright when the boathouse door suddenly burst open. Kiki grabbed a towel to cover herself and then turned and saw Michael standing in the doorway. Michael stared at Kiki as Morgan walked up.

Friday, June 21, 2013

In the park, Carly told Shawn that he was out of his mind to turn himself over to the police, but Shawn insisted that it was the only way to salvage his relationship with Alexis. Carly argued that it would only be a matter of time before Anna traced the hit back to Carly. Carly heard a noise behind her, so she turned to look. Anna smiled at Shawn and Carly. "Just the person I was looking for," Anna said. Shawn assumed that Anna had been talking about him, but Anna quickly clarified that she was there for Carly.

Carly wondered how she could help Anna, so Anna suggested that they continue their conversation at the police station because Anna had a few questions for Carly. Carly was curious if she should ask Diane to join them, but Anna assured Carly that it wasn't necessary because Anna only wanted to ask a few routine follow-up questions about the hotel and the staff. Carly tried to push down her uneasiness as she agreed to accompany Anna to the police station.

At the hospital, Alexis approached Sonny to ask how Olivia was doing. Sonny admitted that Olivia had turned a corner, so Olivia was expected to make a full recovery. Alexis imagined that Sonny was relieved, especially since he was the reason that Olivia was in the hospital. Sonny informed Alexis that she didn't know what she was talking about, but Alexis disagreed because Shawn had confessed to her the shooting.

Alexis was furious that Sonny had asked Shawn to kill Franco. She reminded Sonny that Shawn had posttraumatic stress disorder stemming from a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan, so she was angry that Sonny had dragged Shawn into Sonny's mess at a time when Shawn had been getting his life back on track. Sonny argued that Alexis didn't understand what had really happened, so Alexis begged him to tell her everything. Sonny thought about Shawn's confession that Carly had tricked Shawn into carrying out the hit.

Moments later, Shawn walked up and asked what was going on. Alexis told Shawn that Shawn was off the hook because Olivia had woken up. Shawn was relieved, but confessed that he needed to talk to Sonny. Disgusted, Alexis decided to check on Sam and Danny. After Alexis left, Sonny explained that Alexis believed that Sonny had put the hit on Franco. Shawn was curious why Sonny hadn't told Alexis the truth, but Sonny refused to put his sons through any unnecessary pain, so Sonny didn't want anyone to know about Carly's role in the shooting.

Shawn warned Sonny that Anna might know that Carly had been behind the hit because Anna had taken Carly to the police station for questioning. Sonny was livid that Carly had acted without thinking, so she had never considered how her actions might rip apart the lives of her children. Shawn confessed that he had a solution; he would take the blame for the shooting and claim to have acted alone. Sonny insisted that it was too high of a price for Shawn to pay, but Shawn argued that it was the right thing to do.

Shawn couldn't believe that he had missed the shot because he'd had Franco in his sights. However, it was clear that Shawn had miscalculated the shot because Olivia had been hit. Shawn refused to let Sonny and Carly go down for the botched hit, so Shawn was prepared to take full responsibility for what had happened.

Later, Alexis saw Sonny, so she asked him where Shawn was. She assumed that Shawn was off running an errand for Sonny, so Sonny explained that Shawn had gone to the police station to confess to the shooting.

At the police station, a police officer told Dante that a rifle believed to have been used by the sniper at Metro Court had been recovered from a landfill. Dante went to the interrogation room to look at the rifle and the bullet that had been found with the rifle. Dante noticed that the bullet matched the shell casing that Anna had collected from the hotel suite that had been used by the sniper, so he was certain that they had found the gun used to shoot Olivia. Dante ordered the police officer to have a rush put on ballistics to confirm Dante's suspicions.

Anna showed Carly into the interrogation room. Dante watched Carly through a one-way mirror in the squad room until Anna joined him. Anna asked about Olivia, so Dante told her that his mother had regained consciousness. Anna was delighted, but switched gears to find out about the rifle that had been found in the landfill. Dante quickly updated Anna on what he knew about the rifle and then asked if he could sit in when Anna questioned Carly. Anna was reluctant to agree because she feared that Dante's temper would work against them.

Dante assured Anna that he could control himself, so Anna reluctantly agreed. Moments later, Dante and Anna entered the interrogation room. Dante stood to the side with his arms crossed, glowering at Carly, and radiating tension. Meanwhile, Anna questioned Carly about the security camera that had been turned off on the side entrance of the hotel on the night of the shooting. Anna wanted to know who had had access to the camera, so Carly admitted that her security team and the hotel owners did. Carly wondered if the police suspected that Connie had been behind the shooting.

Dante's temper flared as he informed Carly that they suspected that Carly had played a big part in what had transpired at Metro Court on the fateful night. Carly pretended to be shocked by the mere suggestion, but neither Dante nor Anna believed her. Dante wondered if Carly had really thought that they wouldn't figure out what she had done. He was curious how Carly intended to face his mother, now that Olivia was awake.

"Olivia's awake?" Carly asked with genuine relief. Dante was infuriated. He vowed that the rifle that they had recovered would eventually be tied to one of Sonny's men. Carly blurted out that it wasn't Sonny. Anna demanded who had been responsible for the botched hit, so Carly decided that it was time to call Diane Miller. Anna reluctantly led Carly to the squad room to make the call, but they bumped into Shawn. Anna was called away, while Shawn asked Carly what was going on.

Carly explained that she needed to call her attorney, but Shawn insisted that it wasn't necessary. Dante perked up when Shawn admitted that he had to tell Dante something. However, Anna called Dante over to discuss the results of the ballistics test, so Carly hustled Shawn into the interrogation room to persuade Shawn not to confess to the shooting. Meanwhile, Anna revealed to Dante that ballistics hadn't matched the rifle to the bullet recovered from Olivia.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Franco was looking at a report about ELQ's falling stock prices on his computer tablet when Ava entered the study. Franco warned Ava that if she was there to get Kiki then she was too late because Kiki and Kiki's "dumb boyfriend" had settled into the mansion. Ava doubted that Kiki had bonded with Franco, but Franco made it clear that he wouldn't give up on Kiki even if it meant putting up with Morgan.

Ava confessed that she liked Morgan, but Franco suspected that Morgan was a means for Ava to get closer to Kiki. Ava conceded that she had some work to do to repair her relationship with her daughter, but that wasn't the reason for her visit. She asked if A.J. was around, prompting Franco to make a few snide remarks about his brother. Ava was curious if A.J. was aware of how Franco talked about A.J., so Franco assured Ava that it was nothing compared to how the other family members talked to each other. Ava realized that Franco had finally found a place to belong.

Franco was curious what Ava wanted with A.J., so Ava confessed that she intended to hand Franco's head to A.J. on a silver platter. Franco went off on a tangent about the true meaning of the term, but Ava refused to be sidetracked. She warned Franco that she knew that he had been the one to taint the pickle relish that had made a lot of people sick on national television. Franco feigned innocence, so Ava admitted that she had proof.

Ava explained that after Luke had paid her a visit to tell her about Kiki's rich relatives, Ava had to leave town for work. She had been on her way to the airport when she had learned that the Quartermaines were in town to promote their relishes on a television show, so Ava had decided to go to the studio to check up on Kiki's newfound relatives. However, the studio had been practically deserted after everyone had been taken to the hospital with food poisoning. Ava had encountered a producer named Todd who had been mentioned a mystery man who had been found lurking in the green room.

Ava was certain that the mystery man had been Franco, but Franco denied it. Ava smiled as she explained that shortly after Franco had turned up alive, Ava had returned to New York City with a picture of Franco, which she had shown to Todd, the producer. Todd had confirmed that Franco had been the man in the green room. Franco didn't believe her because the police hadn't tried to question Franco about the incident. Ava explained that she had paid Todd to remain silent because she realized that it might work to her advantage.

Franco was curious what Ava wanted from him, so Ava admitted that she suspected that Franco had tainted the relish because he had hoped to drive ELQ's stock prices down, which would make ELQ ripe for a takeover. Ava revealed that she could sell the incriminating evidence against Franco to A.J. or Franco could work with Ava.

At the boathouse, Michael walked in on Kiki who was in the middle of changing into a bikini. Kiki grabbed a towel to cover herself as Morgan walked up looking for Kiki. Morgan immediately picked up on the guilty expressions on Michael and Kiki's faces. "What the hell are you doing?" Morgan angrily asked Michael. Morgan dragged Michael out of the boathouse as Michael explained that he had been looking for Morgan. Kiki called out that Michael wasn't to blame for what had happened because he hadn't known that Kiki had been in the boathouse.

Morgan was angry because it had been bad enough that Michael had been "leering" at Kiki when she had been Morgan's girlfriend. Morgan wondered what kind of "perv" Michael was for lusting after Michael's own cousin. Kiki tried to defend Michael, but Michael explained that he had been looking for Morgan because Morgan had stolen Michael's credit card. Kiki was shocked and turned to Morgan for an explanation.

Morgan denied that he had taken Michael's credit card, but Michael didn't believe him because he knew that Morgan had used it to rack up another gambling debt online. Kiki was outraged that Morgan had gambled after he had promised her that he wouldn't. Morgan argued that he had never made such a promise to her and then continued to deny that he had taken the credit card. According to Morgan, anyone could have stolen the credit card to use it to gamble online. Michael revealed that he had seen the proof on Morgan's laptop.

Annoyed, Morgan was forced to admit that he had taken the credit card, but he insisted that he had done so to win enough money to repay Sonny. Michael argued that Morgan had lost $10,000, so clearly the plan had failed. Morgan seemed unconcerned about the large amount of money that he had lost, but Kiki was livid because Morgan had racked up two substantial gambling debts in less than a month and had potentially endangered Michael.

Morgan turned on the charm as he claimed that he had gambled for Kiki. Michael pointed out the inconsistencies in Morgan's story because earlier Morgan had insisted that the gambling had been an effort to win enough money to repay Sonny. Morgan argued that he had done it for Sonny and for Kiki because Morgan knew that Kiki hated living under the same roof as Franco. According to Morgan, Morgan had hoped to win enough money to not only repay Sonny, but also afford a new place for Kiki. Michael was disgusted when Kiki readily believed Morgan.

Michael reminded Morgan and Kiki that Morgan had still stolen the credit card. Morgan offered to return the credit card to Michael, but Michael wanted Morgan to also cancel the account on the gambling website. Morgan agreed, provided that Michael stopped gawking at Kiki. After Morgan stormed off to fetch Michael's credit card, Kiki apologized for Morgan's behavior. She was certain that Morgan had regretted stealing from Michael, but Michael admitted that he wasn't surprised by Morgan's behavior.

Kiki assured Michael that she had no idea that Morgan had been gambling again, but she advised Michael to keep better track of his credit cards. Michael confessed that he'd had more important things on his mind. "We have to figure out what we are going to do," Michael told Kiki. "About what?" she nervously asked. "About us," Michael quietly answered.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Morgan overheard raised voices in the study, so he leaned against the door to listen. Morgan heard Ava conspiring with Franco.

At ELQ, A.J. and Duke discussed the company's falling stock prices, which had started to plummet after the debacle with the relishes on national television. A.J. thought that it was more important than ever to find the person responsible for tainting the pickle relishes. A.J. confessed that he had been certain that Tracy had done the deed until the test results had cleared her. A.J. couldn't imagine which of their business rivals would sabotage the relishes because none of the companies were in the condiment business.

Duke wondered if A.J. had considered the possibility that Ava Jerome might have been responsible for the tainted relishes. A.J. was surprised by the suggestion, so Duke told A.J. about Ava's visit. A.J. recalled that Duke had mentioned working for a crime family in the past, but he hadn't realized that Duke had worked for the Jeromes. However, A.J. pointed out that Jerome was a common enough name, so Ava might not be related to the infamous crime family.

Duke conceded that it was entirely possible that Ava was not related to Victor, Julian, or Olivia Jerome, but Duke had had a feeling that Ava had been playing a game of cat-and-mouse with Duke, which she had seemed to enjoy. A.J. confessed that first impressions shouldn't be ignored because they sometimes warned of trouble. A.J. pointed to Kiki as an example. Duke was surprised when A.J. revealed that Morgan's girlfriend, Kiki, had turned out to be Michael's cousin, Lauren.

Duke was surprised that Michael hadn't known that Kiki was Michael's cousin, but A.J. assured Duke that it was true because A.J. doubted that Michael would have kissed Kiki otherwise. A.J. had reservations about Michael's relationship with Kiki, so he thought that it would be best for Michael to stay away from her, even if it helped ELQ. A.J. feared that Kiki could be disastrous for Michael.

A.J. suddenly noted the time and announced that he had to leave because he had a date with Elizabeth. Duke was happy for A.J., so A.J. confessed that he had hit a slight snag that could have caused problems for A.J. and Elizabeth, but A.J. was confident that it had been resolved, so nothing stood in the way of his happiness with Elizabeth.

In the park, Elizabeth reminded Cameron to behave and listen to his uncle, Nikolas. Moments later, Nikolas walked up with Spencer. The boys warmly greeted each other and then took off to play. Elizabeth thanked Nikolas for inviting Cam to hang out with Spencer and then started to leave. Nikolas reached out for her to ask her to stay. Elizabeth explained that she had a date with A.J. in an hour, so she couldn't. Nikolas argued that there was plenty of time for a short visit, but Elizabeth didn't think that it was a good idea.

Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he respected her decision to date A.J., even though he didn't agree with it. Elizabeth groaned in frustration, so Nikolas changed tactics by reminding Elizabeth that Nikolas and Elizabeth had gone to high school together and that their children were cousins, so they should be able to hang out as friends. Elizabeth relented, but only if Nikolas promised not to make any snide remarks about A.J.

Elizabeth assured Nikolas that she knew how he felt about A.J., so it wasn't necessary for him to constantly remind her. Nikolas recalled his promise to A.J. not to say anything to Elizabeth about A.J.'s tryst with Carly as long as A.J. didn't hurt Elizabeth. Nikolas returned to the present to assure Elizabeth that he would not interfere in her life. Elizabeth smiled with gratitude.

Later, Nikolas and Elizabeth were sitting on a park bench chatting about Nikolas' plans to buy a new company, which would require Nikolas to remain in town. He hoped that Elizabeth wouldn't mind. Meanwhile, Cam and Spencer quietly crept up and then opened fire on their parents with a pair of water guns. Nikolas and Elizabeth shrieked with surprise and then burst out laughing as they were blasted with water. Nikolas managed to get the water guns away from the boys. Cam and Spencer apologized, and then asked for the water guns back.

Nikolas handed the boys the water guns with instructions that they were only to shoot at each other, not the adults, with the water guns. They boys agreed and ran off to play. Nikolas pulled off his shirt, so Elizabeth could change out of her wet blouse. Elizabeth tried to avert her eyes from Nikolas' bare chest as she thanked him for the shirt and then walked away to change.

A short time later, Elizabeth returned wearing Nikolas' shirt. She was curious how Nikolas' phone was doing, so he admitted that it was soaked. Cam offered to take a look at it, so Elizabeth confessed that her son was a genius with electronics. Nikolas handed the phone to Cam and then apologized to Elizabeth for ruining her day by getting her drenched with the water guns. Elizabeth confessed that she'd had fun. Nikolas smiled because he had too.

Elizabeth decided to get going because she had to stop off at home to change clothes before her date with A.J. Cam and Spencer ran up with Nikolas' phone and announced that Cam had fixed it. Spencer proved it to his father by playing a recording. Nikolas tried to grab the phone from his son, but Elizabeth slapped Nikolas' hand away because she had heard A.J.'s confession about sleeping with Carly.

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