General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 24, 2013 on GH

Franco and Ava made a pact. Ava was revealed to be the sniper who had shot Olivia. Elizabeth confronted A.J. about sleeping with Carly. Luke learned that Helena had poisoned him with Polonium-210, but there was one chance for him to save his life.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 24, 2013 on GH
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Tracy and Luke pigged out on junk food from the vending machines as they waited for a doctor to update them on the results of Luke's tests. Luke got impatient, but Tracy told Luke in no uncertain terms that she was not going to let him chicken out. Luke told Tracy that she was making "it" all about her. Tracy told Luke that "it" was all about her. Tracy said that if she were not there with Luke, she could be at home preventing A.J. from getting Kiki and Franco on his side.

The doctor arrived. Tracy wanted to know why they had been kept waiting so long. The doctor replied that Luke had shown no sense of urgency, so the doctor had not thought that Luke would mind waiting. Luke wanted the results and jokingly told the doctor to tell Tracy that Luke's liver was humming along like a finely tuned Maserati. Both Tracy and Luke were speechless when the doctor said that nothing was wrong with Luke's liver.

Luke was ready to leave and said that he had the liver of a Mormon. The doctor stopped them in their tracks as he told Tracy and Luke that something else was wrong. When Luke asked what it was, the doctor said that Luke had a toxic substance in his body that had been introduced somehow because the substance was not naturally occurring. He said he did not know what the substance was or how to stop it from destroying Luke's body.

Luke and Tracy were devastated. As they sat eating the remaining junk food and digesting the glum information, Luke mumbled that nothing was wrong with his liver. Tracy replied that she could not believe what she was saying, but in her heart of hearts, she wished that something had been wrong with Luke's liver because that diagnosis would have been better that the one that Luke had received.

At the police station, Anna and Dante were stunned to find out that while the bullet casing that they had found in the hotel room had matched the gun they had found in the dump, the bullet that had been taken from Olivia did not match either the gun or the casing. They concluded that there had to be a second gun.

Shawn and Carly talked in the interview room. Shawn wanted to confess. Carly cautioned against it, but Shawn said that the guilt over hurting Olivia was tearing him up. Dante and Anna joined them, and Dante immediately demanded to know what Shawn had done with the second gun. Shawn was obviously perplexed and had no knowledge of a second gun. Both Carly and Shawn were very relieved to find out that the bullet taken from Olivia did not match the gun found in the dump or the bullet casing that Shawn had left behind.

Dante questioned Shawn and tried to get him to confess to whatever he had been planning to say earlier. A calm, collected Shawn smoothly said that he was at their disposal and would help in any way that he could. Carly just as smoothly asked if the information about the gun and bullet meant that the police had no evidence that linked either Carly or Shawn to the crime. Anna agreed that it did.

Carly sincerely said that she was truly sorry about Olivia and genuinely hoped that Dante and Anna found the person who had done the deed. Carly told Dante that she was incredibly relieved that Olivia had awakened. As Carly and Shawn walked out of the station, she asked him if he understood what had just happened. Carly said that she was innocent, and so was Shawn. Carly emphasized that the shooter could not have been Shawn.

Shawn realized that someone else had fired at the same moment that he had. He and Carly agreed that ballistics did not lie. Shawn said that he was relieved to know that he had not hurt Olivia. Carly pointed out that Shawn's bullet was still out there. She said that they had to find it before the police did so that the cops would have nothing on them and the other person who wanted Franco dead would be the one who got caught.

As Dante and Anna tried to sort out the case, Dante said that someone else besides Sonny, Carly, and Shawn had taken a shot at Franco. Anna said that the evidence proved that was what had happened, and they had to figure who else wanted Franco dead. Dante was relieved that Sonny, Carly, and Shawn were not responsible. Anna said that Sonny, Shawn, and Carly might be off the hook, but the investigation into Olivia's shooting was far from over.

Morgan was listening at the door of the Quartermaine drawing room as Ava tried to blackmail Franco with her knowledge that Franco had poisoned the relish when the Quartermaines had appeared on The Chew. Franco stopped Ava and opened the door to confront Morgan. Franco accused Morgan of eavesdropping, but Morgan denied hearing anything and said that he just wanted to get his laptop. Franco called Morgan "horny ears" and then sent him on his way.

Ava said that picking on Kiki's boyfriend gave Kiki another reason to dislike Franco. Franco wondered how much Morgan had heard. Ava got back to the point and said that she had thought that Franco was a decent person when they had first met. Franco reminisced about their first meeting, and both had fond memories. When Franco recalled the smile of a food cart vendor, Ava reminded him that in the past, he had said that she had the brightest smile in New York. Franco said that he had not seen that smile recently.

Ava said that there had not been much to smile about lately. Franco asked whose fault that was. He blamed Ava for keeping his daughter away from him. Ava said that Franco had been obsessed, and it had not been an easy choice for her either. Franco said that he could have loved Kiki. Ava replied that Franco could have loved Kiki too much. Franco asked if that was possible, and Ava said, "Yes."

Franco said that since Ava had decided everything about their daughter then Ava should decide what to do about the boyfriend. Ava said that there was nothing to be done. Franco said that Ava blamed everything on him, including Kiki's creepy obsession with Michael. Franco added that he did not care what Ava thought; he only cared about his daughter.

Ava said that she would like to believe Franco when he said that he had reformed, but his actions with the poisoned relish showed that he had not changed at all. Ava told Franco that she had two choices. She could either go to the police and tell them what Franco had done, or she could keep the secret while Franco snatched ELQ out from under A.J.'s nose. Ava said that she just wanted her share.

Franco agreed that he would cut Ava in if she agreed to one condition. Ava replied that she was in control, and Franco was not in a position to bargain. Franco accused Ava of bluffing. Ava said she would wait for A.J. and see what he offered. Franco warned Ava that if he did not get a chance to bond with Kiki then he had nothing to lose. Ava asked what Franco wanted, and Franco told her that he wanted help winning his daughter back.

Ava said that she did not want Kiki to get hurt. Franco said that he would never hurt Kiki and he would not let Kiki get hurt. Franco told Ava that she had been right to keep Kiki away from Franco while she was growing up. Franco shared his vision that he, Ava, and Kiki could be a family again, though Franco noted that it would be a weird, broken family. Franco assured Ava that he wanted to win back his daughter's trust and affection and that he was serious about his intentions. Ava agreed to help Franco with Kiki as long as she got her share of the money.

Ava noted that Franco's plan would not work if he were dead. Franco said that he was not easy to kill. He told Ava that he knew who had tried to get him and that they would not try again. Ava flashed back in her memory to sighting Franco on the Metro Court terrace through a silenced rifle and pulling the trigger. To Franco, she merely said that he seemed to have it all figured out.

In the Quartermaine boathouse, Michael told Kiki that they had to figure out what to do. Kiki said that they were first cousins and that they could not be attracted to each other. She added that it was wrong "on so many levels," including that she was Morgan's girlfriend. Kiki said that she wished that she had met Michael first. Michael said that they would still have to get around the whole being related thing. Kiki said that she did not know how Michael could look at her and not hate her.

Michael told Kiki not to blame herself for something that her father had put in motion. Michael said that nothing Franco had done affected how Michael felt about Kiki. Michael said that his feelings were crazy, and he had to find a way to shut them off. Kiki wanted to know how they would do that. Michael said that they had to forget each other and try to stay out of each other's orbit. Michael agreed to stay away from the Quartermaine estate and see both A.J. and Morgan elsewhere.

Morgan walked in as they shook hands. Morgan noted that they were not the first couple he had seen making a deal. Morgan told Kiki that he had just seen her parents in a very intense conversation. Kiki said that she did not want to hear about her parents. Morgan said that it was a beautiful night, and life was good, especially with Michael and Kiki looking after him.

Morgan asked Michael to join him and Kiki for a swim, but Michael said that he had to work. Michael added that he would have to work very hard during the summer and might not see much of them. Morgan responded, "All work and no play."

Elizabeth was enjoying a day in the park with Cam, Spencer, and Nikolas, but the outing turned serious when Spencer played the recording of A.J. admitting that he had "hate sex" with Carly, and Elizabeth heard it. When questioned, Nikolas admitted everything, including that he had purchased the recording from Tracy and kept it as insurance that A.J. would not hurt Elizabeth again.

Elizabeth got a call from A.J. reminding her of their date. Elizabeth said that she was on her way. Elizabeth told Cam that she loved him and sent him home with Nikolas. Nikolas asked if they should talk, but Elizabeth merely said that she would return his shirt later, along with his phone, before she rushed off. Spencer asked if Nikolas was mad at him, but Nikolas said that he was mad at himself.

Lucy and A.J. chatted in the Metro Court bar while A.J. waited for Elizabeth, and Lucy waited for Scott and Laura. When Scott and Laura arrived, A.J. congratulated them on their marriage. Lucy left Scott to talk with A.J. while Lucy took Laura to a nearby table. A.J. told Scott about Nikolas and his rivalry with A.J. for Elizabeth's affections. Scott told A.J. that he had won Elizabeth fair and square.

Lucy told Laura that Lucy was looking for something to focus on and to give her real purpose, and for that, she needed Laura. Laura was perplexed, and when Lucy mentioned deception, Laura thought that Lucy was talking about telling lies. Lucy quickly reminded Laura of their company, Deception. Lucy said that she wanted to partner with Laura and return the company to its former glory. Laura said that the company had always been Lucy's baby, never hers, because Laura had bought it to demonstrate her independence.

Lucy said that Laura had good sense and Lucy had big dreams, so they would make a perfect team. She added that Scott had said that Laura was looking for a second act, and this was it. Lucy said that Laura would be running the company for the right reasons. When Laura asked if Lucy had any money, Lucy said that the question demonstrated Laura's good sense. Lucy added that the money would materialize.

Scott arrived at the table in time to ask what Laura and Lucy were toasting. Lucy said. "To your marriage and ours." At first Scott was not sure that a partnership between Lucy and Laura was a good idea, but when Laura was enthusiastic about the deal, Scott said that he was also in. They raised their glasses in a toast.

A.J. was not happy to see Carly when she walked in with Shawn. Carly said that she owned the place and had a right to be there. A.J. said that he was meeting up with Elizabeth, and he did not want Carly around. Carly said that she had bigger fish to fry and went to the terrace with Shawn.

Shawn found the missing bullet in a planter and was very relieved to know that he had not fired the shot that had hit Olivia.

Elizabeth arrived at Metro Court. A.J. could tell that something was wrong. When he asked what it was, Elizabeth played the conversation that Tracy had recorded of A.J. admitting to having sex with Carly.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

At the Haunted Star, Tracy was dismayed when Luke poured himself a celebratory drink. Luke insisted that he had been assured that he had the liver of a healthy child, but Tracy didn't recall the doctor telling Luke that. She reminded Luke that he already had an unknown toxin poisoning his system, so she didn't think that it was a good idea for him to further pollute his system with alcohol. Luke ignored Tracy as he downed the contents of his glass. Moments later, a deliveryman arrived with a get well basket for Luke. Luke assumed that Tracy had sent the basket, but she shook her head.

Luke feared that Tracy had told someone about his health problems, but Tracy assured him that she hadn't told anyone. She took the basket from the deliveryman to search for a card, while Luke questioned the deliveryman about who had sent the basket. The deliveryman explained that he wasn't given information about the clients, so Luke sent the deliveryman on his way without a tip. Meanwhile, Tracy found a DVD in the basket with "play me" written on it. She suggested that perhaps Franco had sent the DVD, but Luke argued that Franco barely knew Luke.

Luke decided to play the DVD on his laptop. Moments later, Helena's image appeared on the monitor. "Hello, Luke. Miss me?" Helena cheerily asked. Shocked, Luke and Tracy watched as Helena confessed that she wished that she could see Luke's face because Helena imagined that his surprise would soon turn to anger. However, Helena was equally confident that under the anger, there would be a flicker of admiration when he learned what she had done.

"What the hell?" Luke muttered. Tracy was stunned because she thought that Luke had killed Helena. Luke assured Tracy that Helena was dead. Meanwhile, Helena conceded that if Luke was watching the DVD then it meant that Helena was dead. Helena confessed that she had always known that she and Luke would meet their death at the other's hand. Luke and Tracy were shocked when Helena began to describe the strange symptoms that Luke had experienced in recent weeks and the diagnosis that Luke had been given a slow-killing toxin. Helena admitted that she had put the toxin in Luke's system.

Helena invited Luke to hit the pause button, so that he could take a moment to absorb what she had revealed. Luke ignored the instruction, so the DVD continued with Helena chuckling. Helena revealed that she had designed a backup plan in case Luke managed to kill her. According to Helena, Luke's demise had never been in doubt. "Thanks to this," Helena explained as she held up a small item. Tracy couldn't tell what Helena was holding, but Luke recognized his silver earring.

Helena confessed that she had dipped the earring in the deadly toxin then had ordered one of her henchman to exchange Luke's earring for the poisoned earring while Luke had been unconscious on the Haunted Star during Luke, Laura, and Dante's attempt to rescue Lulu. Helena thought that it was remarkable that something as unremarkable and tacky as the earring could be so deadly with just a drop of toxin. Helena conceded that Luke might have killed her, but she had killed Luke in return.

Luke ripped the tainted jewelry out of his ear as Helena admitted that she could afford to be generous. Helena explained that that Luke had a chance of saving himself from the poison that was killing him -- if he was smart enough. Helena suggested that Luke consider it her final challenge and gift to him all rolled into one. According to Helena, the cure could not be found at General Hospital, so if he had any wits left in his booze-addled brain then he should figure out his salvation. Helena wished Luke well, but if not, she intended to see him soon. Helena blew Luke a kiss as the DVD ended.

At Wyndemere, Alexis asked Nikolas for advice about Shawn but explained that she couldn't discuss things in detail for legal reasons. Nikolas reminded his aunt that he read the newspapers, so he knew about the shooting at Metro Court Restaurant. Nikolas was certain that Shawn had shot Olivia, which meant that Shawn had taken Jason's place as Sonny's enforcer. Alexis reluctantly reminded Nikolas that she couldn't discuss it, but Nikolas assured her that it wasn't necessary. Nikolas suspected that Alexis had finally realized that Shawn wasn't the man that she had thought and that she could no longer hide from what she had known all along.

Nikolas advised Alexis to make a clean break from Shawn, so she didn't end up like Sam. Alexis insisted that her situation with Shawn was nothing like Sam's relationship with Jason, but Nikolas disagreed. He pointed out that Sam had loved and accepted Jason, knowing that Jason killed on Sonny's orders. Nikolas reminded his aunt that Shawn's decision to work for Sonny went against everything that Alexis believed in and worked for. He conceded that Morgan appeared unscathed by Sonny's lifestyle, but Sonny's other children had paid a high price for Sonny's choices.

Nikolas wondered if Alexis was prepared to continue a relationship with Shawn knowing that it put Molly at risk. Alexis pointed out that she wasn't any better than Shawn because she had killed Kiefer. Nikolas argued that Alexis had been rushing Kristina, who Kiefer had severely beaten, to the hospital when Kiefer had darted out into the road, so there hadn't been any intent to kill, which was a far cry from being a hired killer like Shawn. Alexis appreciated Nikolas' insight, but it didn't change that Alexis was in love with Shawn.

Alexis noticed that her cell phone was almost dead, so she asked to use Nikolas' cell phone because she wanted to check in on Sam. He admitted that she would have to use the landline because Elizabeth had taken his cell phone. Alexis was curious why Elizabeth had the cell phone, so Nikolas revealed that it was "Exhibit A" in Elizabeth's case against A.J. Alexis was surprised that Nikolas had given Elizabeth the recording of A.J.'s confession.

Nikolas explained that his phone had gotten wet when Spencer and Cam had sprayed Nikolas and Elizabeth in the park with water guns, so Cam had tried to fix the phone but had inadvertently stumbled across the recording, which Elizabeth had heard. Alexis suspected that Nikolas had been relieved that Elizabeth knew the truth because it would clear the path for him. Nikolas refused to apologize for wanting Elizabeth, but he assured Alexis that he didn't want Elizabeth like that. He had no idea what the future held for him and Elizabeth, so Alexis confessed that she felt the same about her future with Shawn.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Franco assured Ava that he knew the identity of the person who had tried to kill him and that the person knew that he knew, so he was confident that another attempt wouldn't be made on his life. "Enlighten me, Franco. Who tried to have you killed?" Ava carefully asked as she recalled taking the shot that had nearly killed Olivia. Franco evaded the question by suggesting that they discuss something else, but Ava pointed out that many people wanted to kill Franco, so needed an answer. Franco thought about his conversation with Carly when he had realized that Carly had been behind the attempted hit on him.

Franco refused to answer Ava, so Ava suggested that Franco didn't know the identity of the killer. Franco saw through Ava's attempt to work him, but Ava wanted an answer. Franco reminded Ava that she had tried to kill him with a letter opener, so Ava explained that she had spent years protecting Kiki from the truth about him. Franco wondered if Ava had at least shown their daughter some of his artwork, so Ava confessed that she had been afraid that Kiki would like it, especially his later work, which had been morbid. Ava had also feared that showing Kiki the artwork would weaken Ava's resolve to keep the truth from Kiki.

Franco assured Ava that he was no longer a monster, so there was no reason for Ava to protect Kiki from him. Ava claimed that she was trying to believe him; however, in the meantime, she needed to safeguard Kiki's financial interests. Ava pointed out that she had no idea what would happen to his shares of ELQ if he were to die, so she needed him to stay alive. Franco promised that he wasn't going anywhere and admitted that he liked the idea of her needing him. Ava argued that she had never been interested in exploiting him, so she had never needed him.

Ava had always thought of Franco as a genius, until she had seen the dark side of his work. Franco argued that she had always been drawn to his dark side, so he didn't believe her. Ava was curious if Franco planned to talk to Kiki about the ugly part of his life, so he admitted that he intended to be honest with their daughter because no one was all bad. Ava warned Franco that he would need her help to get closer to Kiki, but Franco pointed out that Ava's relationship with Kiki was strained.

Ava assured Franco that she would be able to work things out with Kiki because Kiki loved her mother. Franco conceded that Ava had always been a great negotiator, so he was curious what she planned to do to help him win Kiki over. Franco was surprised when Ava suggested that they announce that they were getting back together. She was confident that Kiki would be open to getting to know Franco if Kiki believed that Ava had forgiven him. Franco doubted that anyone would believe that Franco and Ava were a couple, so Ava reminded him that they had always had a natural attraction to each other.

Ava passionately kissed Franco to prove her point. Afterwards, she assured him that they wouldn't have a problem proving that they had reconciled. Franco smiled as he watched Ava leave. She stopped in the foyer to look back at the study as Franco watched the door intently. Ava secretly smiled and then left.

On the terrace of Metro Court Restaurant, Shawn showed Carly the bullet that he had recovered. He confirmed that it was the bullet that he had fired, so another sniper had shot Olivia. Carly was relieved that they hadn't been responsible for Olivia's shooting, but she wondered who had tried to kill Franco. Shawn insisted that it didn't matter; he was just grateful that it hadn't been them. Carly was eager to let Sonny know, so Shawn suggested that he tell Sonny because Sonny might not be ready to see Carly. Before Shawn departed, he told Carly to go home and give her daughter a kiss.

In Olivia's hospital room, Olivia was cranky because she was eager to shower and change out of her hospital gown. Connie assured Olivia that Sonny hadn't minded how Olivia had looked and then confided that he had sat by Olivia's bedside while Olivia had been unconscious. Connie confessed that Sonny genuinely cared about Olivia, but Olivia became uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation, so she shifted the focus on Connie. Olivia admitted that when she had opened her eyes, she had seen the way that Sonny and Connie had looked at each other. Meanwhile, Sonny stood in the hallway, watching the cousins through the window.

Olivia and Connie warmly greeted Sonny when he entered the room. He admitted that he was glad that Olivia and Connie were together because he had something important to tell them about the shooting. Olivia assumed that Sonny was upset about why she had run out to the terrace, so she told him about her terrifying vision. Connie gently suggested that perhaps Sonny was there to explain that Franco had been the intended target. Olivia admitted that it made sense because Franco had hurt a lot of people.

Seconds later, Shawn popped his head into the hospital room to ask for a moment of Sonny's time. Sonny excused himself then followed Shawn to a quiet corner in the hallway and asked why Shawn wasn't at the police station. Shawn revealed that he had been about to confess to the shooting until new evidence had surfaced. Sonny was stunned when Shawn told him about the second sniper and the bullet that Shawn had recovered from the terrace. Sonny argued that Carly wasn't completely off the hook because she had lied to both of them and had almost taken them all down.

Shawn defended Carly by reminding Sonny that Carly had been trying to keep her children safe. Shawn suggested that Carly needed time to adjust because she no longer had Jason around to keep out of trouble.

In Olivia's hospital room, Olivia wanted to know what Connie knew about the shooting. Connie didn't want to upset Olivia, but Olivia demanded answers. Connie revealed that the police suspected that Sonny had ordered the hit on Franco. Olivia conceded that it made sense because of what Franco had done to Sonny and Jason's loved ones. Connie was stunned by Olivia's easy acceptance, so Olivia wondered if knowing that Sonny had ordered the hit would change how Connie felt about Sonny.

Connie insisted that she couldn't be with Sonny, but Olivia recalled that Sonny and Connie had looked at each other as if they were the only two people in the world when Olivia had woken up. Olivia wondered if Connie wanted Sonny back, but Connie turned the question around on her cousin because Connie had seen the way that Olivia had looked at Sonny. It was clear to Connie that Olivia had deep feelings for Sonny because Olivia had risked her own life to save Sonny. Olivia refused to acknowledge her feelings for Sonny because she suspected that Connie had never gotten over Sonny.

Connie explained that if Sonny had anything to do with the shooting then Connie could never go back to Sonny, and neither could Olivia. Moments later, Sonny entered the hospital room, so Olivia demanded to know what Sonny had intended to tell them. Sonny assured both ladies that he hadn't had anything to do with the shooting and vowed to find the person responsible.

At Metro Court Restaurant, A.J. was shocked when Elizabeth played the recording of him confessing to sleeping with Carly. "Have a nice life, A.J.," Elizabeth told him as she pressed stop and then turned to leave. A.J. ran after Elizabeth, begging for a chance to be heard. Elizabeth didn't see the point, but A.J. thought that it had been unfair of her to play the tape without giving him an opportunity to explain. He wanted to know where she had acquired the recording. Elizabeth was stunned that he was more interested in knowing where she had gotten the confession rather than explaining why he had slept with Carly.

A.J. realized that Nikolas had given Elizabeth the recording, which meant that Nikolas had broken his promise to A.J. Elizabeth assured A.J. that Nikolas hadn't gone back on his word because the recording had surfaced by accident. A.J. was skeptical because he was certain that Nikolas had hoped to whisk Elizabeth to Spoon Island to play "hide the scepter." Furious, Elizabeth accused A.J. of sounding like a spiteful child who was trying to deflect blame rather than take responsibility for his actions.

Elizabeth suspected that A.J. would try to claim that his tryst with Carly had been a one-time thing because he had been weak and Carly had preyed on him. A.J. assured Elizabeth that it had only happened once and that it would never happen again because Carly meant nothing to him. A.J. insisted that Elizabeth was his future and the one he cared about.

Elizabeth spotted Carly at the bar. "Speaking of Carly, there's the slut now," Elizabeth said loudly enough for Carly to hear. Shocked, Carly turned to look at A.J. and Elizabeth. Elizabeth marched up to Carly to reveal that she knew that Carly had slept with A.J. Carly was horrified, especially when Elizabeth admitted that several people knew about the sexual encounter.

Elizabeth conceded that she had never expected her and Carly to be friends, but Elizabeth had thought that they had reached an understanding after everything that had happened with Josslyn and Jake. Carly assured Elizabeth that they had, so Elizabeth wanted to know why Carly had slept with the man that Elizabeth had been dating. Carly asked A.J. to chime in, so Elizabeth admitted that she was interested in hearing what A.J. had to say about cheating on her.

A.J. explained that he hadn't cheated on Elizabeth. He reminded her that she had ended things with him when he had become territorial over her because of Nikolas. A.J. admitted that he had been upset and tempted to drink. Elizabeth was immediately concerned that A.J. had relapsed, but he assured her that he hadn't. However, A.J. admitted that he had slept with Carly in a moment of weakness. A.J. insisted that it would never happen again.

Elizabeth recalled ending things with A.J., but she reminded him that she had regretted it immediately, so she had gone to the mansion to talk to him. Elizabeth suddenly realized why Monica had been reluctant to let Elizabeth go to A.J.'s room. Carly rushed to explain that she hadn't been in A.J.'s room at the time, but Elizabeth wasn't appeased because A.J. hadn't told her about the sexual encounter from the beginning. A.J. confessed that he had been afraid that Elizabeth would end things with him for good if she knew that he had slept with Carly. He wondered if he and Elizabeth would have stayed together if he had told her the truth.

"Are we together now?" Elizabeth asked. A.J. had his answer, so he started to walk away. Carly spoke up by admitting that she could give Elizabeth a million reasons why Elizabeth shouldn't be with A.J., but Carly wasn't one of those reasons. Carly insisted that sleeping with A.J. had been a terrible mistake that Carly didn't intend to repeat. Carly thought that it was foolish for Elizabeth to be with A.J., but Carly conceded that A.J. genuinely cared about Elizabeth.

Carly promised that she hadn't slept with A.J. to get back at Elizabeth; it had been an act of "supreme" self-destruction. Elizabeth was startled when Carly suggested that Elizabeth was partly to blame for what had happened because Elizabeth had been fully aware that A.J. was extremely insecure. Carly insisted that Elizabeth should have known that A.J. would "freak out" over Nikolas and jump to the wrong conclusion about Elizabeth's relationship with Nikolas. Carly acknowledged that A.J. had overreacted, but so had Elizabeth.

"Don't say I never did anything for you," Carly whispered to A.J. as she walked away. A.J. admitted that he had made bad choices with Carly, but he insisted that he deeply cared about Elizabeth. A.J. begged Elizabeth not to cut him out of her life or tell him that he had lost her, so Elizabeth quietly admitted that she had to think things over.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At the Haunted Star, Lulu informed Dante that they couldn't afford a baby. She showed him a list that she had compiled on the laptop of the things that they would need to welcome their baby home, so Dante reviewed it. He quickly eliminated several things on the list as unimportant. Lulu conceded that perhaps they didn't need everything on the list, but they would need clothes. She reminded him that they didn't even have "Onesies" for their child, but Dante assured her that they would be ready for the baby when it arrived.

Dante pointed out that both he and Lulu had generous families and that they hadn't even had a baby shower yet. Dante was confident that their friends and family would give them everything that they would need to make certain the baby didn't want for anything. Lulu pounced on the opportunity to suggest that they find a bigger place to live, but Dante thought that it could wait until after the baby was born. He assured her that if they needed more room after the baby arrived then they could look for a new home.

Lulu felt frustrated because it seemed as if Maxie was doing all the work, even though it wasn't Maxie's baby. Dante appreciated that Lulu felt a bit left out because Maxie was the one who was carrying the baby, but he assured Lulu that everything would change when the baby arrived. Lulu's eyes filled with unshed tears as she explained that she envied Maxie's swollen feet, stretch marks, and weight gain, but especially that Maxie was able to feel their baby kick. Dante dried his wife's tears by reminding her that Maxie would only care for their little "Rocco" or "Juliet" for another three months, and then it was Lulu's turn to take over.

Lulu laughingly warned Dante that they had to stop referring to their baby as Rocco or Juliet because she was afraid that the "placeholder" name would stick. She couldn't imagine having to explain to their child how he or she had ended up with the name Rocco or Juliet. Dante admitted that Lulu had made a great point; their child would ask Lulu that question because Lulu, not Maxie, was the baby's mother. Lulu offered Dante a watery smile as she thanked Dante for helping to put things into perspective.

At the apartment, Maxie felt the baby kick when she put on some music. She smiled because she was certain that the baby would grow up to be a dancer. Spinelli entered the living room as Maxie swayed to the music and softly talked to the baby. She immediately tensed when Spinelli observed that it was clear that Maxie was growing attached to the baby. She argued that it was natural, since the baby was growing inside of her, and then quickly changed the subject by asking why Spinelli was there when Ellie was at work.

Spinelli started to explain, but a knock at the door drew Maxie's attention. She opened the door to Mac, who warmly greeted her with a kiss. Maxie was agitated as she asked where her mother was. Mac explained that Felicia was running late, which further annoyed Maxie. She handed Mac a binder with wedding instructions that she expected Mac and Felicia to follow to the letter, so the wedding would run smoothly.

Mac was concerned because Maxie was behaving oddly, so he wondered if "our baby" was okay. Maxie reminded Mac that they didn't have any connection to the baby that she carried and then deftly turned the conversation back to the wedding preparations by sending Mac off on an errand. Mac warned Maxie that he intended to find out what was troubling her, but he would wait until she had calmed down. After Mac left, Spinelli apologized for upsetting Maxie. She denied that he had, but he argued that she had snapped at him and had been downright mean to Mac.

Maxie insisted that Mac would get over her rudeness, but Spinelli suspected that Maxie was upset because she would soon have to hand the baby to Dante and Lulu. Maxie reminded Spinelli that it was part of the surrogacy process, but Spinelli knew that Maxie had gone to great lengths to give Dante and Lulu a baby. Maxie wondered what Spinelli's point was, so he confessed that he cared about her, but he was worried because he was certain that she had fallen in love with the baby.

Maxie conceded that Spinelli was right; she had grown attached to the baby. "It's because," Maxie started. Spinelli waited for Maxie to complete the thought, but Maxie couldn't find the words. Moments later, Dante and Lulu arrived to pick Maxie up for a prenatal checkup. Maxie quickly gathered her things and then left with Dante and Lulu.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Duke and Anna spotted Luke sitting at a table and watching something on his laptop. They stopped to say hello, but Luke simply looked up and then resumed watching the video. Duke and Anna continued on their way, but Anna was concerned about Luke's strange behavior. Duke attributed it to Luke losing Anna to Duke, but Anna suspected that it had something to do with what Luke had been watching on the laptop.

Anna led Duke to a table on the terrace. Duke thought that it was an interesting choice of seating, so Anna claimed that she had wanted to enjoy the nice day. Duke smiled knowingly as he asked if they were sitting at the table where Franco had been seated during the assassination attempt. Anna grudgingly admitted that she was mixing business with pleasure, so Duke wondered if he was business or pleasure. "Pleasure," Anna assured him and then added that it had better stay that way. Duke promised Anna that she didn't have anything to worry about.

Duke asked Anna about the investigation into the botched hit, but Anna explained that she couldn't discuss an active case. She suggested that they talk about his work at ELQ, so he told her about his encounter with Ava Jerome. Anna worried that Ava was related to the Jerome crime family, so Duke admitted that he had questioned Ava about it and that Ava had denied it. Anna sensed that Duke hadn't believed Ava, so Duke conceded that the jury was still out because there had been something "dodgy" about Ava.

Anna warned Duke to be careful not to get mixed up with organized crime. Duke insisted that he refused to risk losing her by returning to his old ways. A short time later, Mac and Felicia walked up and explained that they had been looking for Duke and Anna because they had something important to ask them. Mac led Duke to the bar, while Felicia sat down at the table with Anna.

At the bar, Mac revealed that he wanted Duke to be Mac's best man at the wedding. Mac explained that Duke had been the only person to fully support Mac's relationship with Felicia when Frisco had been trying to woo Felicia. Meanwhile, Felicia asked Anna to be her maid of honor. Anna was surprised because she had assumed that Felicia would ask Maxie. Felicia assured Anna that Maxie was fine with it.

Nearby, Luke watched the DVD of Helena on his laptop. Helena taunted Luke about poisoning him with a deadly toxin. Laura walked up and greeted Luke. She was curious what he had been watching so intently, so he claimed that it was a funny video. He closed his laptop and removed his headphones as he asked Laura about her wedding to Scott. She told him that it had taken place at Wyndemere, which Luke thought was appropriate.

Laura was surprised when Luke assured her that he wished her all the best. Luke explained that he just wanted Laura to be happy. Laura sat down as their conversation drifted to Lulu. Laura confessed that she was relieved that Lulu's memory had returned, so Luke mumbled that the Cassadines could never get the best of the Spencers. Laura agreed and added that the Cassadines would never be a problem for the Spencers again.

Laura changed the subject by asking how Tracy was doing. Luke appeared confused, so Laura explained that Lulu had been concerned about Tracy because Tracy had recently undergone some tests. Luke quickly assured Laura that it had been a false alarm and that Tracy had the constitution of a "yak." Laura laughed, but she sobered when she noticed that Luke seemed pale. Luke assured her that he was fine, but Laura didn't appear convinced.

Moments later, Lucy arrived to drag Laura away. Laura wanted to finish her conversation with Luke, but Lucy insisted that she and Laura had an important business meeting. After Lucy hustled Laura to a nearby table, Luke resumed watching the DVD of Helena. Helena informed Luke that there was a way to save his life, but the answer couldn't be found at General Hospital.

At the lab, Tracy held out a plastic bag with Luke's earring in it as she asked Ellie to test it for a toxin. Tracy warned Ellie that the toxin on the earring was deadly, so Ellie should be careful, but they needed to know what the toxin was before it killed Luke. Ellie appeared confused, so Tracy asked if Ellie had been working to isolate the poison in Luke's system. Ellie nodded, prompting Tracy to explain that the earring would help Ellie identify the toxin.

Tracy was stunned when Ellie revealed that she had already determined what Luke had been poisoned with. Tracy wanted to know what the deadly toxin was and how to get it out of Luke's system, but Ellie explained that she couldn't give the information to anyone except Luke's doctor or Luke. Frustrated, Tracy called Luke and ordered him to get to the tenth floor lab at General Hospital if he wanted answers.

A short time later, Luke arrived at the lab. Ellie was reluctant to tell Luke the results of her tests because she thought that Luke's doctor should be on hand, but Luke demanded answers. Ellie revealed that Luke had been poisoned with Polonium-210. According to Ellie, Polonium-210 was extremely radioactive and had been first introduced in the Manhattan Project. Luke and Tracy were shocked as Ellie revealed that Polonium-210 had been the critical part of the weapon design for the Fat Man bomb that had been dropped on Nagasaki.

"The old bitch nuked me?" Luke asked in disbelief. Luke wanted to know what happened next, so Ellie explained that Luke hadn't been given a dose strong enough to kill him right away, but she admitted that it was inevitable that radiation poisoning would set in. Tracy was distraught as she demanded to know if there was a treatment available. Ellie revealed that some doctors believed that a person could be successfully decontaminated with "chelation" therapy, but the protocol was controversial and there were no guarantees that it would work.

Tracy wanted to call the doctor to get the chelation therapy started, but Luke decided against it. Ellie stepped away to give Luke and Tracy some privacy to talk, so Tracy tried to get Luke to change his mind. He reminded Tracy that Helena had warned him that the cure could not be found at General Hospital. Tracy insisted that they had to try, but Luke revealed that he had another idea. After Luke left, Ellie returned to check on Tracy. Ellie was curious where Luke was, so Tracy admitted that Luke was looking for an alternative treatment.

Ellie warned Tracy that there wasn't another treatment available, so Tracy suggested that Ellie get busy figuring out another way to help Luke because Tracy refused to allow Luke to die.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Laura watched Luke leave. Lucy reminded Laura that Laura was married to Scott, so Lucy couldn't understand why Laura had stopped to talk to Luke. Laura insisted that like Scott and Lucy, Luke and Laura had children together. Lucy immediately apologized because she knew that Luke and Laura had been worried about Lulu. Laura promised that she was fully committed to Scott, so there was nothing for Lucy to worry about. Appeased, Lucy turned the discussion to their new business venture.

Lucy confessed that she had a lot of ideas for Deception Cosmetics, but Laura revealed that she had some reservations about Lucy's plans. Alarmed, Lucy reminded Laura that they had struck a deal, so Laura couldn't back out. Laura rushed to explain that she wanted to revive Deception, but she wanted the company to be about more than just cosmetics. Laura explained that her own journey to wellness had taught her that beauty started from within.

Laura thought that she and Lucy should think bigger because Laura was confident that they could answer a much bigger need. Lucy loved the idea and fully endorsed it. Laura noticed Luke's return to the restaurant as he made his way to the terrace. He stopped when he saw Mac, Felicia, Duke, and Anna toasting with champagne. Lucy noticed Laura's distraction, so Lucy turned to look at Luke. Lucy confided that Luke didn't look well.

On the terrace, Mac, Felicia, Duke, and Anna sipped champagne as they celebrated Duke and Anna's agreement to be the best man and maid of honor at Mac and Felicia's wedding. Felicia was curious when Duke and Anna intended to get married. Anna coughed nervously, but she was spared from having to answer the question when Luke stepped forward to ask for a moment of Anna's time because Luke needed her help.

At the Drake residence, Patrick and Sabrina tried to catch their breath after they had made love. Patrick confessed that he was happy that Emma had spent the night with Anna because Sabrina had been noisy. Embarrassed, Sabrina denied it, but Patrick assured her that it was true. He started to nuzzle her neck, but Sabrina insisted that they had to get to the hospital because the paternity test results were due back later that day. Patrick groaned but admitted that at least he would find out if Britt had been lying.

Sabrina wondered if he was still bothered about the circumstances of the paternity test. Patrick confessed that it troubled him, but he realized that it had been the only way for him to find out if Britt had been stringing him along. Sabrina thought that it was telling that Britt had refused to take a paternity test that could have easily proven that Patrick was the baby's father. However, Sabrina was relieved that Britt didn't know about the paternity test because they wouldn't have to worry about Britt tampering with the results.

At the apartment, Britt wheeled herself into the living room as she called out asking if the man of the house was around. Felix groggily woke up on the sofa to let her know that he was at home. Britt snidely explained that she had been referring to the roommate with the "boyish" figure, Sabrina. Felix informed Britt that Sabrina, and Sabrina's boyish figure, had spent the night at Patrick's place. Britt's smile immediately faded, so Felix continued to goad her by wondering if Patrick and Sabrina realized that they had Britt to thank for their sex marathons.

Felix pointed out that if Britt hadn't stood between Patrick and Sabrina for so long, then the lovebirds would not have felt the need to make up for lost time. Britt confessed that she had lost her appetite, but Felix insisted that it was important for her to eat for the sake of the baby. "Whosever it is," Felix muttered under his breath. "What did you say?" Britt demanded. Felix claimed that he had simply been assuring her that he would make breakfast.

Britt suggested that that Patrick was only interested in Sabrina because of the makeover, so Felix revealed that Patrick had wanted Sabrina before Patrick had seen Sabrina's transformation. Britt bragged that it didn't matter because she was the one who was pregnant with Patrick's baby. "I guess we're going to find out if that's true, aren't we?" Felix asked as he headed to the kitchen.

Britt demanded to know what Felix meant by that, so Felix quickly backtracked by reminding Britt that he had never made it a secret that he questioned the paternity of Britt's baby. According to Felix, the likelihood of Britt carrying Patrick's baby were the same as Felix carrying Milo's child. Britt repeated Felix's words and then pointed out that the only way to confirm her child's paternity was through a paternity test. Felix argued that Britt had refused to take one, but Britt realized that there were ways to get around that. Felix disagreed because Britt's "toadie" worked in the lab, so it was unlikely that Brad would agree to run a secret paternity test on Britt's baby.

Britt argued that Ellie wouldn't hesitate to run the paternity test, but Felix insisted that Ellie was an ethical person. Britt decided to go to the lab to check for herself. Felix reminded Britt that she couldn't leave the apartment because it would put the baby at risk, but Britt threatened to call the police if he didn't let her leave. Felix wished Britt luck finding a cab that would take her and her wheelchair to the hospital, but Britt was confident that she wouldn't have a problem. After Britt left the apartment, Felix called Sabrina to warn Sabrina that Britt knew about the paternity test and was on her way to the hospital.

Later, Britt arrived at the lab, but Ellie refused to let Britt enter. Britt ordered Ellie to stop the paternity test. Patrick stepped forward to reveal that it was too late; he had the results of the paternity test in his hand.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Anna led Luke into her office as Luke thanked her for taking the time to hear him out. He explained that it was a matter of life or death and then showed her the DVD that Helena had sent to him. Anna watched the DVD as tears filled her eyes. Afterwards, Luke conceded that he should have known that Helena wouldn't go "into the long, dark night" without leaving him with some kind of "gift." Anna had no idea what to say, so Luke confessed that he didn't want people weeping over his grave before he was in it. Anna apologized, pulled herself together, and then asked what he needed her to do.

Luke explained that he wanted Anna to share every trick in the book that the World Security Bureau had taught her on how to cheat death. He also needed her to gather information. Anna decided to start by finding someone to identify the deadly toxin that Helena had poisoned Luke with, so Luke revealed that he already knew the answer. Anna was shocked when Luke told her that Helena had poisoned him with Polonium-210. Anna demanded to know why Luke wasn't at General Hospital, seeking treatment, so Luke reminded her that Helena had specifically told him that the cure could not be found at the hospital.

Luke was certain that the WSB had been monitoring the Cassadines, so he wanted Anna to reach out to her contacts at the WSB to find out everything that the WSB knew about the Cassadines. Luke admitted that he would also need some state-of-the-art weapons from the WSB. Anna agreed, so Luke called Frisco Jones to fill Frisco in on what had happened and to enlist Frisco's help to keep an eye on Cassadine Island.

Afterwards, Anna told Luke that she had done a quick search of the WSB's database for all Polonium-210 poisonings. She wondered if he had heard about a Russian spy who had succumbed to Polonium-210 poisoning in 2006. "Alexander Litvinenko," Luke recalled. Luke was curious if Alexander had had any connections to the Cassadines, but Anna couldn't find one. Moments later, a shocked Anna looked up from her computer monitor because she had discovered another Polonium-210 incident that had occurred in Port Charles the previous summer.

Anna reminded Luke of the deadly toxin that Jerry Jacks had unleashed in the town's water supply. Anna explained that Jasper Jacks had told the authorities that Jerry had been shot with a bullet laced with Polonium-210. The bullet had been removed, but Jerry had already been exposed to the Polonium-210, so Jerry had offered to sell the antidote to the virus in the town's water supply. The town's wealthiest citizens had raised the money, but Jerry had been presumed killed in a boat explosion on the piers. Anna conceded that they had never recovered Jerry's body or the money.

Luke was certain that Jerry had survived the blast and had purchased the cure from Helena. Anna couldn't discount it, but she thought that it was unlikely. Luke disagreed; he was confident that the "demon from Down Under" was alive and well and in hiding. Luke was determined to find Jerry Jacks because Luke believed that Jerry had the cure that would save Luke's life. Anna wondered when Luke wanted to leave to begin the hunt for Jerry, but Luke insisted that it was a one-man operation, so he needed Anna to remain in Port Charles.

At the lake house, Sam entered the living room after putting Danny down for a nap. Rafe asked how Danny was doing, so she revealed that the nurses had assured her that Danny was doing better than most children under the same circumstances. Rafe realized that his uncle had truly helped Danny, so Sam conceded that it was true. Rafe turned pensive as he realized that Silas would take him to Manhattan when Danny recovered. Sam sadly agreed.

Moments later, Rafe and Sam tensed when someone knocked on the door. Sam was relieved when she saw Spinelli standing on the doorstep. Spinelli wondered if she had been expecting someone else, but Sam ignored the question as she invited Spinelli inside. Spinelli explained that he had stopped by to check on his godson, so Sam told him that Danny was asleep. She invited Spinelli to stay until Danny woke up from his nap, so Spinelli agreed. After Sam went to the kitchen to fetch snacks for everyone, the doorbell rang.

Rafe decided to answer the door because he didn't want to constantly worry that Silas was about to show up to whisk Rafe to Manhattan. To Rafe's dismay, Silas greeted Rafe when Rafe opened the door. Silas acknowledged that he intended to take Rafe to Manhattan, but not that day. Sam tensed when she saw Silas standing in the living room, so Silas explained that he had dropped by to check on Danny's progress.

Sam revealed that Dr. Singh was encouraged, so Sam hoped that Danny's leukemia would soon be behind them. Silas warned Sam that she had a long road ahead of her, but Sam argued that Danny was doing well. Silas was glad to hear that, but he assured her that Danny's battle with cancer was far from over. Spinelli resented Silas' deplorable bedside manner, so Silas asked who Spinelli was. Spinelli introduced himself and then explained that he was Sam's business partner, a family friend, and Danny's godfather.

"The Jester," Silas suddenly recalled. "Actually, it's the Jackal," Spinelli corrected Silas. Spinelli shifted gears to reiterate that, as Danny's godfather, Spinelli was appalled by Silas' lack of compassion for Sam's situation. Silas assured Spinelli that they were all on the same side, but he suggested that Spinelli keep quiet, so the "grownups" could talk. Sam resented Silas' attitude towards Spinelli, but Silas ignored her to impress upon her that she needed to do more for Danny.

Silas explained that the treatment protocol was working, but Danny would need a bone marrow transplant to beat the cancer. Sam recalled that Dr. Singh had mentioned the possibility of a transplant down the road, but nothing specific. According to Silas, Dr. Singh hadn't wanted to worry Sam until Dr. Singh was certain that the bone marrow transplant was necessary. However, Silas didn't have any such qualms, so he urged Sam to accept that the bone marrow transplant would be needed. Spinelli accused Silas of having a "God complex," while Rafe insisted that Silas was scaring Sam.

Silas argued that the bone marrow transplant would be the only way to save Danny's life, so Sam needed to get her fears out of her system, so she could focus on helping her son by looking for a bone marrow donor. Silas suggested that the sooner Sam found one, the better it would be for Danny. Sam wondered where she should start, so Silas suggested that Sam get tested, and if she wasn't a match, then she should ask those most closely related to Danny to be tested, followed by the extended family until a match was found. Spinelli decided to go to work on a list of donors, so he left, followed by Silas.

At the apartment, Felix left a frantic voicemail message for Sabrina. He hoped that Sabrina was on her way to the hospital before Britt was able to change the results of the paternity test, so he was anxious to know what had happened. After Felix ended the call, Taylor stumbled into the living room, complaining that she had been rudely awakened. Felix insisted that it was Britt's fault because Britt had gone to the hospital to stop the paternity test. Taylor was confused because she hadn't recalled Britt mentioning a paternity test.

Felix explained that he had inadvertently let it slip to Britt that Patrick had ordered a secret paternity test to determine if Britt was pregnant with Patrick's baby. Taylor was outraged and defended Britt by suggesting that Patrick, Sabrina, and Felix should all be arrested for what they had done. Taylor suspected that Patrick wanted to get out of taking responsibility for his unborn child, but Felix argued that Taylor was wrong. He told her that Britt had seduced Patrick, had used her position at the hospital to torment Sabrina, and had defiled the Nurses Ball by announcing Britt's "tawdry" pregnancy.

According to Felix, Britt was relentless, remorseless, and had lied "like a rug" about the paternity of the unborn baby. Taylor was curious if her brother had ever bothered to look at things from Britt's perspective. She suggested that perhaps Britt genuinely cared for Patrick but had been sabotaged at every turn by Sabrina's team of supporters, leaving Britt alone and pregnant. Felix insisted that Taylor had no idea what she was talking about, but Taylor argued that Britt had opened up to Taylor when Taylor had told Britt about T.J. and Taylor.

Felix reminded Taylor that T.J. cared about Molly, so there was no T.J. and Taylor. Taylor wondered why, if that were true, T.J. had slept with Taylor. Stunned, Felix confessed that he hadn't realized that things had gone that far between T.J. and Taylor. Taylor assured her brother that she and T.J. had used protection and then admitted that it wasn't a big deal because it hadn't been the first time that Taylor had had sex. Felix was disappointed by Taylor's blasť attitude about sex, but he suggested that she congratulate herself because she had gotten T.J.

"I guess so," Taylor replied, prompting Felix to question her odd response. Taylor admitted that T.J. hadn't called her since they'd had sex. Felix was furious that T.J. had treated his sister so poorly, so he marched to the door, intent on confronting T.J. Taylor was surprised by Felix's reaction, but she assured Felix that it wasn't necessary for him to talk to T.J. because she could handle things herself. However, she was touched that Felix had been ready to defend her honor.

Later, Felix was alone in the apartment when he saw a snapshot of him and Taylor smiling for the camera a few years earlier. "They sure grow up fast, don't they?" Felix commented in a wistful tone.

At Kelly's, Molly stopped by to talk to T.J. T.J. coldly asked her why, so Molly admitted that she knew that T.J. had asked Shawn to check on her when T.J. had learned about Danny's cancer. T.J.'s demeanor changed as he admitted that he was deeply sorry for what Molly was going through and that he wished Danny well. Molly appreciated the support and confessed that Danny had been the only thing that she had been able to think about since the diagnosis. T.J. snarkily muttered that he doubted that, so Molly asked him what he meant by that.

T.J. revealed that he had seen Molly kiss Rafe in the park on the night of the prom, so T.J. didn't believe that Molly had only been thinking about Danny. Molly recovered from her surprise and conceded that it had to have been hard for T.J. to see, but she assured T.J. that he didn't know the whole story. She was hurt that he had jumped to the worst possible conclusion without giving her a chance to explain. It was T.J.'s turn to be surprised when Molly told him that it had actually been a goodbye kiss.

Molly confided that Rafe had realized from the kiss that Molly only felt friendship for Rafe. Molly admitted that the kiss hadn't felt the same way. "What way?" T.J. carefully asked. "The way it feels when I kiss you," Molly admitted. T.J. felt like a fool because he had believed the worst without even talking to Molly. Molly assured T.J. that she didn't hold it against him because she would have been upset, too, if their roles had been reversed. T.J. suddenly had a flashback of tearing open the condom package with his teeth before having sex with Taylor.

Molly sensed that something was troubling T.J., so he tried to brush it off. Molly changed the subject by asking if he would be interested in getting back together with her. T.J. admitted that he wanted nothing more, but he had made some mistakes that she might not forgive. Molly insisted that she had been partly to blame for their breakup because she had gotten upset about T.J.'s concerns instead of talking things through with him, so she just wanted to put the past few weeks behind them.

Molly was overjoyed when T.J. agreed, so she kissed him. Afterwards, she confessed that she couldn't remember the last time that she had been that happy. Molly felt guilty for feeling that way because of what Danny was going through, but T.J. admitted that he was happy too. Molly decided to return to the lake house to check on Sam and Danny, so she promised to text message T.J. and left. "A clean slate. I like the sound of that," T.J. said as he watched Molly leave.

Outside, Molly bumped into Taylor. The two teens exchanged saccharine smiles, prompting Molly to wonder if Taylor had a problem with her. Taylor confessed that she was surprised to see Molly, so Molly told Taylor about T.J. and Molly's reconciliation. Taylor hid her hurt as Molly bragged that T.J. and Molly had told each other everything and had worked things out, so there were no more secrets between them. Taylor was curious if T.J. had mentioned that he had slept with Taylor.

At the hospital, Dante and Lulu were excited because Maxie had been scheduled for an ultrasound. Dante and Lulu were eager to see their baby because it would finally look like an infant rather than a "garbanzo bean." Lulu's happiness dimmed when she noticed that Maxie seemed troubled. Maxie denied that anything was bothering her, but Lulu feared that something had happened between Spinelli and Maxie because Lulu had noticed the tension between the exes at the apartment.

Maxie recalled the conversation that she'd had with Spinelli when he observed that it was clear that Maxie had grown attached to the baby that she would have to hand over to Dante and Lulu in a few short months. Maxie returned to the present when Lulu asked what Spinelli had said to Maxie. Dante tactfully stepped forward to remind his wife that they had agreed to give Maxie some space, so Spinelli and Maxie's conversation was private. Lulu argued that Lulu and Maxie were best friends, so it was only natural that they would confide to each other when something was bothering them.

Dante pointed out that Maxie's relationship with Spinelli was complicated, especially because Spinelli was dating Maxie's roommate. Lulu realized that Dante had a point. Meanwhile, Maxie appreciated Dante's insight, but she carefully admitted that her talk with Spinelli had reminded her of the situation that they were all in.

Later, Maxie's new doctor, Dr. Chu, prepared to do the ultrasound as Dante and Lulu anxiously waited to see the baby on the monitor. Maxie remained subdued, but Dante and Lulu were too distracted to notice. Moments later, the sound of the baby's heartbeat filled the room as its image appeared on the monitor. Maxie stared at the monitor, as Dante and Lulu gushed about the baby. Dr. Chu was curious if Dante and Lulu wanted to know the sex of the baby. Dante explained that they had decided against it, but Lulu surprised everyone when she revealed that she had changed her mind because she thought that it would help them to better prepare for the baby if they knew the baby's gender.

Maxie was startled when Lulu asked if Maxie was okay with finding out if the baby was a boy or a girl. Maxie quietly assured Lulu that she wanted what was best for Dante, Lulu, and the baby.

At the lab, Britt demanded that Ellie halt the unauthorized paternity test, but Patrick and Sabrina stepped out of the lab. Patrick informed Britt that it was too late because he had the results of the paternity test in his hand. Britt was furious, so she demanded that he hand them to her, or she would have everyone who'd had a hand in the paternity test fired. Sabrina was surprised when Patrick decided to give Britt the paternity test results because he didn't want anyone to lose their job. Britt quickly ripped up the paternity test results.

Britt's satisfaction was short-lived as Patrick thanked Britt for confirming what he had known all along. He realized that the baby wasn't his because Britt had torn up the results of the paternity test, which she wouldn't have done if the baby had indeed been his. Patrick informed Britt that he was done with her and her lies. Patrick and Sabrina started to leave, but Britt called out to Patrick.

Britt conceded that her emotions had been all over the place, but she assured Patrick that the baby was his. Britt claimed that she was willing to prove it by taking another paternity test. Sabrina explained that the point of conducting a secret paternity test had been to make certain that Britt's minion, Brad, wouldn't tamper with the results. Britt pointed out that Ellie could tell Patrick what the results of the paternity test had been because Ellie had done the test. Ellie quietly confirmed that Britt was right, so Britt instructed Ellie to tell Patrick what the results of the paternity test had been.

Ellie regretfully admitted that Patrick was the baby's father. Britt smiled victoriously as she suggested that Patrick accept that she and baby would be a part of his life forever. After Britt and Ellie left, Sabrina apologized to Patrick. Sabrina confessed that she had been certain that Britt had been lying, so Patrick assured her that he didn't blame her because he had thought the same thing.

Dante and Lulu left the examination room after the ultrasound. They were overjoyed that they knew the gender of their baby, so they hugged each other.

Nearby, Britt received a text message from her mother, Dr. Obrecht. The text message read, "I told you everything would work out." Britt glanced at Dante and Lulu as another text message arrived. The text message read, "You should always trust your mother," prompting Britt to smile.

In the examination room, Dr. Chu asked if Maxie was okay. Maxie nodded as she explained that she was trying to process everything. "I'm having a girl," Maxie whispered to herself in a bittersweet tone.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Carly went to the Quartermaine mansion to talk to her son. Morgan invited her in to see his new "digs," but Carly noticed that his arm was in a cast. Morgan confessed that he had broken his arm while arm wrestling the "Dominator." He rushed to assure his mother that Alice felt terrible for hurting him, but Carly decided to call a specialist when they returned home. Confused, Morgan asked what Carly was talking about, so she explained that she intended to take Morgan home to his own family.

Morgan objected, but Carly thought that Michael was right about Kiki being a bad influence. Morgan had no idea what Michael had told Carly, but Morgan promised that he would repay Michael the money. Carly's brow furrowed as she realized that Morgan owed Michael money. Morgan assured his mother that it wasn't a big deal; he claimed that he only owed Michael $20. He then shifted gears to make it clear that he was staying at the mansion with Kiki.

Carly argued that Kiki wasn't really the issue; Franco was the problem. Carly refused to let Morgan live under the same roof as that "psychopath." Morgan assured his mother that she didn't have to worry because the mansion was huge, so he never saw Franco. Carly insisted that Franco was dangerous and that Morgan had no idea what Franco had done to Michael. Carly was shocked when Morgan admitted that he knew about Michael's rape, so she demanded to know how he had found out.

Morgan explained that Franco had told him about Carter's attack because Morgan's own family hadn't bothered to tell Morgan what had happened to Michael. Carly reminded Morgan that Michael had suffered a trauma, so it hadn't been easy for Michael to talk about it. Morgan didn't believe her because Michael had confided to Kiki about the rape. Morgan suspected that Michael had hoped to use the rape as a means to get closer to Kiki.

Carly couldn't believe that Morgan would judge his brother so harshly. Morgan resented that Michael had trusted Kiki with the truth over Morgan. Carly suggested that perhaps Michael had realized that Morgan was too young to handle the truth. She admitted that it made sense given the immature way that Morgan was behaving. Carly pointed out that Michael had to learn to deal with a horrible violation, so if Morgan couldn't muster up any compassion for what Michael had been through then perhaps Morgan could at least respect how Michael had moved on with his life after the rape.

Morgan assured Carly that he appreciated what Michael had been through, but he was certain that Michael had been attracted to Kiki before it was revealed that Michael and Kiki were cousins. Carly insisted that Michael couldn't stand Kiki and that Kiki felt the same way about Michael, but Morgan disagreed. Carly thought that perhaps it was best for Morgan and Michael to stay away from Kiki, but Morgan refused to break up with Kiki.

In the study, Franco checked the stock report online. He feigned disappointment when he read that ELQ's stock prices had dropped two-tenths of a point. Meanwhile, Ava recalled firing the shot at Franco that had hit Olivia. "Penny for your thoughts," Franco said, prompting Ava to return to the present. Moments later, Kiki entered the study. She started to leave when she saw her parents, but Ava rushed over to ask her daughter to stay because Franco and Ava had something to tell Kiki. Kiki informed them that Morgan had told her about the deal that Franco and Ava had made.

Franco was curious what exactly Morgan had said, so Kiki admitted that Morgan had only told her that Franco and Ava had made a deal. Kiki assumed that it had to do with each of her parents trying to get a bigger piece of the Quartermaine pie. Franco and Ava relaxed when they realized that Kiki didn't know about their pact to help each other out. Ava admitted that she and Franco had made a deal, but it had nothing to do with ELQ. Kiki was stunned when her parents revealed that they had gotten back together.

Kiki pointed out that they had never really been together in the first place. According to Kiki, Franco and Ava had had a casual sexual relationship until Ava had gotten pregnant with Kiki. Ava explained that what she had shared with Franco had been complicated, while Franco insisted that Ava had been special. Kiki was skeptical because Ava had always told Kiki that they had been better off without Franco in their lives.

Franco explained that he hadn't been better off because he had thought about Kiki everyday and had hoped to one day run into her, but Kiki argued that Franco had never bothered to try to find her. Ava admitted that she had been wrong to keep Franco away from Kiki, prompting Kiki to question Ava's sudden turnaround about Franco. Ava explained that seeing Kiki embrace the Quartermaines had made Ava realize that she and Franco could have given Kiki the family that Kiki had never had. Kiki wasn't swayed, so Ava wondered what she would have to do to convince Kiki.

Franco decided to show Kiki that he and Ava were back together by kissing Ava passionately. Kiki watched her parents with a mixture of horror and disgust as Morgan and Carly entered the room. Carly's jaw dropped when she saw Franco and Ava kissing. Kiki accused Franco of being a freak. Carly smiled because even Kiki knew that Franco was a freak. Franco advised Carly not to call him names. "I'm the man who was almost killed the other day," Franco pointedly reminded Carly.

Carly taunted Franco by suggesting it would take the police too long to wade through the suspects who had wanted Franco dead to find the person responsible for the assassination attempt. Carly insisted that was why she wanted to get her son away from Franco. Kiki objected to Morgan leaving with Carly, but Carly refused to let Morgan remain anywhere near Franco. Franco assured Carly that he had changed, so he wouldn't hurt Morgan, but Carly wasn't moved. Carly argued that Franco couldn't fix what he had broken or make whole what he had destroyed.

Franco wondered if Carly believed in the power of redemption but changed his mind. Franco suggested that they focus on the present, so he turned to Morgan to invite Morgan to assure Carly that Franco and Morgan were "pals." Carly didn't wait for Morgan to respond, and she started to drag her son out of the door. Ava suggested that Carly was being reactionary, prompting Carly to turn to look at Ava. Ava held out her hand as she introduced herself and explained that she was Kiki's mother.

Carly ignored Ava's extended hand as Carly confessed that she had no idea how Ava had ended up pregnant with Franco's child. However, the fact that Ava had chosen to reconcile with Franco meant that Ava was not the kind of person that Carly wanted to know. Ava conceded that it was Carly's prerogative, but Ava thought that Carly should accept that their children were crazy about each other and made each other happy. Carly insisted that Morgan's physical and emotional safety were Carly's priority.

Ava assured Carly that Franco had started a new chapter of his life, so he was "harmless." Carly refused to take a chance with Morgan's life, so Franco asked Morgan and Kiki to give the "grownups" some privacy. Morgan and Kiki gladly left. Franco suggested that Carly listen carefully because he would only say what he was about to say one time. "You either let Morgan stay here, or I will tell him that you tried to kill me," Franco quietly threatened.

At the hospital, Sonny entered Olivia's room, so she immediately questioned him about the shooting. Sonny swore on their son's life that Sonny had had nothing to do with the botched hit on Franco. Dante and Lulu entered the room in time to hear what Sonny had said, prompting Dante to question if Sonny really wanted to swear on Dante's life. Sonny reiterated that he'd had nothing to do with the shooting, but Dante remained skeptical. Lulu suggested that they table the discussion because Sonny and Dante were unlikely to resolve anything soon.

Olivia didn't want any tension between her "two favorite guys," so she agreed with Lulu. Lulu announced that they had news about the baby, so Olivia was eager to find out what it was. Dante teased his mother by claiming that the baby was a wolf. Olivia was not amused, so Lulu confessed that the latest ultrasound revealed that the baby was a girl. Olivia was delighted because she had always wanted a little girl. Sonny was equally happy about the news, so he congratulated his son and Lulu.

Lulu wanted to share the news with her own parents, so she decided to pay them a visit. After Dante walked Lulu out, Olivia smiled up at Sonny and gushed that she was excited about their granddaughter.

Later, Dante encountered Sonny in the hallway. Dante admitted that he knew that Sonny, Carly, and Shawn had conspired to kill Franco. Dante conceded that he didn't have proof, but he warned Sonny that Sonny, Carly, and Shawn were all guilty of attempted murder. Sonny argued that Dante didn't have all of the facts, so Dante invited Sonny to provide them. Sonny admitted that it didn't matter, as long as they caught the person responsible for shooting Olivia.

Moments later, Sonny returned to Olivia's hospital room. Olivia was in high spirits because she had been told that she was well enough to go home the following day. Olivia was startled when Sonny insisted that Olivia recuperate at Greystone Manor.

In Luke's hotel suite, Luke collapsed while he was packing for his trip. Moments later, Tracy knocked on the door. She became frustrated when Luke didn't open the door, so she asked a passing maid to open the door. The maid explained that Mr. Spencer had a policy about his privacy, so she couldn't open the door. Tracy claimed that she was Luke's wife, so she was well aware of Luke's privacy issues. The maid wondered why Luke wouldn't let his wife into the suite, so Tracy decided to cut to the chase by offering the maid $100. The maid took the cash and then unlocked the door.

Tracy entered the room and immediately saw Luke on the floor. She rushed to his side as he slowly regained consciousness. Tracy helped Luke to the sofa as she insisted that Luke immediately begin the "chelation" therapy. Luke argued that Helena had warned him that the cure for his Polonium-210 poisoning couldn't be found at General Hospital, so he needed to find Jerry Jacks. Tracy was confused because Jerry Jacks had been killed in a boat explosion. Luke reminded Tracy that Jerry's body had never been recovered, so Luke was certain that Jerry was alive and in hiding.

Tracy conceded that Jerry might be alive because the money that Jerry had extorted had never been found. Moments later, Lulu knocked on the door. Luke was reluctant to answer it, but Tracy insisted that he needed to. Luke warned Tracy not to say anything about the Polonium-210 poisoning. Tracy agreed, so Luke opened the door to his daughter. Lulu picked up on the tension in the room, so she asked if she had interrupted Luke and Tracy. Luke and Tracy assured Lulu that she hadn't, but Lulu sensed that something was going on.

Lulu immediately became concerned because she recalled that Tracy had recently undergone some tests. Tracy promised that she was fit as a fiddle, so she intended to be around long enough to shower Lulu's baby with graduation gifts. Lulu was relieved because she loved Tracy like a mother, so Lulu couldn't imagine losing a parent. Luke smiled uncomfortably, but Lulu didn't notice. Lulu announced that she had some good news about the baby and then revealed that they had found out that Maxie was pregnant with a girl.

Luke and Tracy were happy for Lulu. After a round of hugs, Lulu confessed that she was certain that her daughter would grow up to love Luke as much as Lulu did. Luke confessed that Lulu had been the most amazing surprise and that he had loved her from the moment that he had first held her. Lulu became concerned when she noticed that Luke seemed unusually sentimental and emotional. Luke assured his daughter that he was okay. Tracy quickly stepped forward to distract Lulu by giving Lulu a hug.

Lulu noticed that Luke's luggage was out, so she asked her father if he was going somewhere. Luke admitted that he was leaving for one of his trips. Lulu wasn't surprised, but she made him promise that he would return in time for her daughter's birth. Luke agreed, prompting Lulu to remind him that Maxie was due in three months, so Lulu expected him to return in two months. Luke assured her that he would do his best, but Lulu wanted him to promise. Luke reluctantly capitulated, so Lulu smiled, told him to be careful, and then left.

"I just lied to her," Luke told Tracy. Tracy disagreed because she was certain that Luke would return as promised. Luke feared that he might be too sick by then, but Tracy refused to accept that. She was determined that everything would work out, so she decided to join him on the trip to ensure that Luke returned home safe and sound.

At the hospital, Dante smiled when he spotted his wife carrying a box of pizza. Lulu revealed that she hadn't been able to track down her mother, but she had talked to Luke. Dante wasn't surprised that Luke was leaving town, but Lulu confessed that there had been something in Luke's voice that had given her the feeling that there was something different about Luke's latest trip.

At Kelly's, T.J. was singing and dancing in the kitchen when Shawn walked in. Shawn was curious why T.J. was in a good mood, so T.J. revealed that T.J. and Molly had gotten back together. T.J. credited Shawn for playing a role in the reconciliation, prompting Shawn to recall his last talk with Alexis when she had confronted Shawn about the shooting at Metro Court Restaurant. T.J. noticed how quiet Shawn became, so T.J. asked why Shawn wasn't happier for T.J.

Shawn pointed out that T.J. had been upset about Molly kissing Rafe in the park, so T.J. confessed that it had been a misunderstanding because Molly had simply been kissing Rafe goodbye. Shawn was curious where Taylor fit in with everything, since T.J. and Molly had patched things up. T.J. shrugged, but made it clear that he would not tell Molly that he had slept with Taylor. T.J. explained that he and Molly had decided to wait to have sex, so she would be crushed if she found out that T.J. had slept with Taylor. Shawn warned T.J. that it wasn't a good idea to keep that kind of secret from Molly.

Shawn also advised T.J. to talk to Taylor. T.J. didn't see the point, but Shawn insisted that T.J. needed to "man up" because Taylor deserved to know what was going on. T.J. realized that he didn't have any reason to be concerned about Taylor's reaction because she had made it clear that having sex hadn't been a big deal to her.

Outside of Kelly's, Molly was stunned when Taylor announced that T.J. and Taylor had had sex. Molly refused to believe it, but Taylor assured Molly that it was true. Molly demanded to know when it had happened, so Taylor admitted that she had slept with T.J. on the night of the prom. Molly insisted that Taylor was lying because T.J. wouldn't have done that. Taylor invited Molly to ask T.J. if she didn't believe Taylor, but Molly argued that it wasn't necessary because Molly knew T.J. had wanted to wait.

Taylor shrugged as she suggested that T.J. had clearly changed his mind about waiting to have sex. Taylor bragged that T.J. was into Taylor, but Molly remained in denial. Taylor spotted T.J. exiting the diner, so she suggested that Molly ask T.J. T.J. nervously asked Molly and Taylor what was going on. Molly told T.J. about Taylor's claim and then waited for him to deny it. T.J. was forced to admit that he had had sex with Taylor. Molly was devastated.

T.J. tried to explain that that he had thought that Molly had moved on with Rafe, so he had foolishly slept with Taylor. T.J. conceded that he had been a jerk, but Molly ran off in tears. Taylor pretended to feel bad for Molly. T.J. assured Taylor that it wasn't her fault; he was to blame for not telling Molly. Taylor asked if it was true that T.J. and Molly were back together. "Ah, not anymore," T.J. replied and then returned to the diner. Taylor smiled with satisfaction.

Alexis entered the lake house and called out to find out if anyone was at home. No one replied, so Alexis put her things down and then picked up the newspaper. The newspaper sported a front-page article about a "new wrinkle" in the Metro Court shooting. "What new wrinkle?" Alexis wondered as she started to read the article. Moments later, Rafe and Sam entered the living room. Sam was startled when she saw her mother because she hadn't heard Alexis arrive home.

Alexis apologized for not being at Danny's latest appointment, but Sam assured her mother that it was fine because Sam knew that Alexis had been busy with work. Alexis was curious how Danny was doing, so Sam told Alexis that Silas had warned Sam that Danny would need a bone marrow transplant to beat the cancer. Alexis immediately offered to be tested, as did Rafe. Sam was touched by Rafe's offer because she considered him to be a part of their family. Alexis agreed.

Later, Sam offered to move out of the lake house because she felt as if she was getting in the way. Alexis disagreed, but Sam pointed out that Shawn hadn't been around lately. Alexis cryptically revealed that there had been a new wrinkle in Alexis' relationship with Shawn. Sam started to ask her mother about it, but the doorbell saved Alexis. Alexis sprinted to the door, but her smile faded when she saw Shawn standing on her doorstep.

Meanwhile, Rafe entered the living room to announce that they were low on diapers. Sam told Rafe that she had a case of diapers in the car, so Rafe went to the car to fetch them. Shawn told Sam how sorry he was to hear about Danny. Sam thanked Shawn and then excused herself to take a nap. After Sam left the room, Shawn confessed that he suspected that Sam had purposefully left them alone. Alexis admitted that she was surprised that Shawn was there instead of at the police station, making a confession.

Shawn realized that Alexis hadn't heard. "Heard what?" Alexis asked. Shawn revealed that they had a lot to discuss, especially about their relationship.

On the porch, Rafe was about to enter the house with the case of diapers when he heard Molly crying. He turned in time to see Molly approaching the porch. Rafe set the box down just as Molly ran into his arms and cried on his shoulder.

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