General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 8, 2013 on GH

Sam learned that Danny would need a bone marrow transplant. Brad tried to blackmail Michael after catching Michael and Kiki kissing. Maxie received a visit from her sister, Georgie. Olivia was crushed when Connie announced that she wanted Sonny back.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 8, 2013 on GH
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Spinelli woke Ellie from a nightmare. When he asked her about the bad dream, instead of revealing that she had been dreaming about telling Spinelli that he was the father of Maxie's baby, Ellie said that she was sorry for disturbing Spinelli, who was awake and using his phone. Ellie asked what he was working on. Spinelli said that he was compiling a list of bone marrow donors for Sam's baby, Danny.

Spinelli told Ellie that she had mumbled something about Maxie's baby and wondered if Ellie was worried about keeping Maxie's baby secret, which was that the second of Dante and Lulu's eggs had been implanted without their knowledge. Ellie agreed that Spinelli was correct. Spinelli told Ellie that her distress spoke to her conscience and good character and that she was a good person. They kissed passionately.

After Spinelli and Eliie made love, he told her how happy he was to have her in his life. Ellie was flattered by Spinelli's compliments. Spinelli said that he had spent a lot of time pining for Maxie before realizing that Ellie was out there waiting for him to notice. Spinelli said that he had never believed that he could be so happy. Spinelli added that he was glad that Ellie no longer believed that Spinelli would hurt her. Ellie replied that it was more likely that she would hurt Spinelli.

Spinelli was optimistic as he took Ellie in his arms and told her that nothing could get between them. Ellie hugged Spinelli back and said that she hoped he was right. Spinelli invited Ellie to have breakfast with him at Kelly's before his upcoming meeting. Ellie agreed, and they fell back into bed.

Lulu woke up in the loft after dreaming that her baby had disappeared from its crib. Dante told Lulu that she had had a stress dream caused by Maxie's rapidly approaching delivery date. Dante assured Lulu that no one would take their baby. Lulu decided that Dante was right. Dante gave Lulu a gift. She was delighted with the small pink baby dress that Dante had picked out.

Lulu teased that Dante was already in love with his daughter. He replied that he could not help it if his daughter was anything like her mother. Lulu joked that she felt sorry for their daughter's boyfriends when they appeared at the door and found out that their date's father was a cop. Lulu suddenly realized that there was a problem.

When Dante inquired, Lulu said that they did not have a name. When Dante said Juliette, Lulu replied that she was not going to name her daughter after a girl who had killed herself. Dante playfully suggested that "Rocco" could serve temporarily. Lulu said no boy would date a girl named Rocco. Dante countered that their daughter would not have time to date because she would be too busy running the country and curing cancer. Dante invited Lulu to breakfast at Kelly's. They bantered playfully about who would shower first and then started kissing and fell back into bed.

In the boathouse, Kiki had dreams of Michael. She woke up and shouted that it was wrong, just as dream Michael was about to kiss her. Morgan asked what was "wrong." Kiki quickly replied that she had been dreaming about her parents getting back together, and that was what was "wrong." Morgan said that he was the last person who wanted to see "parental P.D.A.," but he liked Kiki's parents because they had convinced Carly to let Morgan stay with Kiki.

Morgan said that there was no place he would rather be than with Kiki because she was smoking hot. He tried to take Kiki back to bed, but Kiki said that she had to get to the hospital to take a bone marrow test to see if she was a match for Danny. Morgan wanted to go along to give moral support, but Kiki told Morgan that he needed to get busy looking for a job so that he could pay back the money that Sonny and Michael had given him.

Kiki left for the hospital, but before Morgan could start his day, Ava stopped in for a social visit. She called the boathouse a "nest in the backyard" and then asked if she should be offended that Morgan and Kiki were not living in the big house. Morgan said that he had just been trying to do something nice for Kiki. When Ava asked about Kiki's whereabouts, Morgan said that Kiki had gone to the hospital.

Morgan told Ava not to worry because Kiki was getting tested as a potential bone marrow match to her cousin Danny. Ava wanted to leave for the hospital, but Morgan stopped her. Morgan said that he had the feeling that Kiki wanted to be alone with Michael because Kiki was attracted to him. Ava pointed out that Kiki and Michael were first cousins, and even if they were attracted to each other, they could not act on that attraction. Ava assured Morgan that everything would be okay for Morgan and Kiki.

Morgan said that he hoped so because he really loved Kiki. Ava told Morgan that love was a big word. Morgan said that he was not sure that Kiki felt the same way about him. Ava offered to help Morgan with Kiki because Ava thought that Morgan was a good person and would be good for Kiki. Ava advised Morgan to go buy something expensive, because no matter how much Kiki denied it, expensive things impressed her.

Morgan said he had no money. Ava loaned Morgan a credit card and said to keep it confidential. Morgan accepted and agreed. Ava went off to chat with Kiki while Morgan used the Internet to locate the perfect gift that, he mumbled to himself, would take Kiki's mind off Michael.

Olivia was daydreaming about the kiss she had shared with Sonny the previous evening when she got a call from Connie inquiring about Olivia's health. Olivia barely had time to say that she was fine before Sonny entered with breakfast for Olivia, who quickly said goodbye to Connie.

Olivia told Sonny that Connie had called and then blurted out that they had to talk. When Sonny seemed puzzled, Olivia asked him if he remembered the previous evening. Sonny said that he remembered the kiss, and it had been very nice. Olivia agreed that the kiss had been nice but worried because they had retreated to their separate rooms afterwards and had not talked about it.

Olivia said that there was really no need to overanalyze. She said that they had simply gotten caught up in the moment. Sonny did not agree and said that Olivia was trying to make nothing out of something. Sonny said that the kiss had felt right to him. Olivia admitted that it had felt right to her, too, but she worried about Connie's feelings.

Sonny said that Connie had given him no choice but to move on, and Sonny said that he wanted to move on with Olivia. Olivia was not sure that she could. Sonny said that they had not acknowledged their feelings until they kissed, but when they had kissed, it had not felt wrong. Sonny took Olivia in his arms, and they shared another long, passionate kiss. When they parted, Olivia said that she was tired and needed to rest. Sonny watched Olivia as she climbed the stairs.

Maxie worked on a story for Crimson magazine about mother and daughter fashion. She pictured herself with a cute fashionable toddler. Maxie shook the image when Connie shouted out for her. Maxie answered sarcastically and asked if Connie had bellowed. Maxie asked what was so important. When Connie showed Maxie a banana with a few brown spots and wanted a fresher one, Maxie wanted to know if Connie was in a bad mood. Connie told Maxie that she would be in a bad mood, too, if another woman was moving in on the love of Maxie's life.

When Connie said that Maxie would not understand, Maxie shut the office door and demanded to know the name of the hussy chasing after Sonny. Connie admitted that it was Olivia but said that Olivia was not a hussy; Olivia was Connie's best friend, and it was Connie's own fault. Connie admitted that she had thrown Olivia and Sonny together, or at least, had not stood in the way when Sonny had asked Olivia to recuperate at his place. Olivia had asked Connie if it would bother Connie if she accepted Sonny's invitation, and Connie had said that it would not. Connie told Maxie that she was wondering if she had made the biggest mistake of her life.

Maxie told Connie about her experience with Spinelli and how she had kept him at a distance, despite knowing that he loved her and was pining for her. Maxie said that when she finally realized how Spinelli understood her and accepted her better than anyone else and tried to find Spinelli to tell him how much she loved him, she had waited too long, and Maxie's chance of happiness with Spinelli was gone.

Maxie said her point was that Connie had a window of opportunity, which could be lost to her best friend if Connie waited too long to tell both Sonny and Olivia how Connie felt. Connie worried that getting back with Sonny would cause her DID to recur. Maxie advised Connie to speak to her shrink and make a decision but to do it quickly because her chances to tell Sonny how she felt were diminishing.

At General Hospital, Sam had a nightmare as she daydreamed that Silas would tell her that no donor match could be found anywhere that would save Danny. Brad interrupted her dark thoughts to take a bone marrow sample for testing. Sam left the room and met Michael, who had arrived for his test, outside the door.

Sam told Michael about the list of potential donors that Spinelli had developed. Michael told Sam that Danny's cousin, Kiki Jerome, would also appear that day for testing. Michael said that he wanted to get his test done and leave GH before Kiki got there because he and Kiki did not get along. Brad appeared and asked for the next person to be tested. Michael followed Brad into the exam room.

Sam was surprised to see Silas in a white GH lab coat. She told him he looked just like a doctor. Silas replied that he was a doctor. Sam said she meant a GH doctor. Silas quipped back that he was a GH doctor. Sam demanded to know what Silas meant. Silas told Sam that he had talked to Monica about the GH oncology department and had given her several suggestions for improvements.

Monica had liked what she'd heard and had promptly offered Silas a job as head of the department, and Silas had accepted. When Sam asked why Silas was willing to leave New York, Silas said that the department was a mess and needed him and that he would not have to relocate Rafe. Silas added that he had been offered an obscene amount of money. Sam took that as the real reason that Silas had accepted the job.

Silas told Sam that he would be replacing the doctor on Danny's case because Silas had fired him. Sam replied that she sure hoped that Silas was as good as he said he was.

Brad was very attentive to Michael, but Michael paid no attention to Brad. Brad left Michael to fill out forms while Brad took the test samples to the lab. Kiki arrived before Michael finished his paperwork. Michael said that he was almost done, but Kiki did not let him leave and instead told him about her dream. She said that her subconscious had to have known it was wrong because she had woken up before she actually kissed Michael.

Michael asked why Kiki was telling him. Kiki said that it was because she hated the way she felt about him. Michael said that he hated how he felt also. Michael said that they had to stay away from each other because what they felt was wrong. Kiki demanded to know why the universe kept throwing them together.

Michael asked Kiki if she cared about Morgan. Kiki said that she had before she had met Michael. Michael said that they had to stay away from each other. Kiki agreed. Then, they grabbed each other and kissed passionately.

Ava got off the elevator. She approached Silas, who had his back to her. When Silas turned, in response to Ava's inquiries about Kiki's whereabouts, each was stunned to see the other.

Dante and Lulu shared breakfast and laughs at Kelly's as they tried out baby names. When Dante suggested Mildred, Lulu said that she'd had a math teacher with that name. Dante said that he had had a dog named "Mildred," and he had really liked the dog. Lulu said that they were not naming their daughter after a dog, especially after Olivia's vision of heir dog child.

Ellie and Spinelli arrived and were happy to hear about the gender of the baby. Spinelli said that he had not known that Maxie was having a girl. Dante corrected him and said that Dante and Lulu were having a girl. Lulu was bubbling over with happiness when she said that knowing that they were having a girl made their child a person. Lulu said that Dante was already in overprotective mode and would probably not let their daughter date until she was 30. Dante added, "with a chaperon." Everyone laughed.

Ellie and Spinelli sat at the counter. Ellie was pensive. Spinelli apologized for gushing that he would be happy to have a daughter. Ellie told Spinelli that he was the last person who should apologize. Dante and Lulu were still going over potential names when Lulu had a "Eureka" moment and told Dante that Lulu had to talk to Maxie because Maxie would be the perfect person to help them pick a name.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

At the lake house, Alexis looked at a picture of her and Shawn on the red carpet during the Nurses Ball. Her thoughts drifted to their last conversation when Shawn had explained that he couldn't give up working for Sonny. Alexis quickly returned to the present when Sam entered the living room. Alexis was eager for news about Danny, so Sam assured Alexis that Danny was doing as well as could be expected. Alexis was shocked when Sam revealed that Dr. Singh had been taken off of Danny's case and replaced with Silas.

Alexis objected to Silas overseeing Danny's care, but Sam explained that Monica had hired Silas to head the oncology department at General Hospital. Alexis argued that Silas had "zero" bedside manners, so she couldn't understand why Monica would hire Silas. Sam reminded her mother that the protocol that Silas had recommended for Danny seemed to be working. Sam added that she suspected that Silas had taken the job so he wouldn't have to move Rafe to Manhattan. Alexis was certain that Silas had another reason for taking the job, so Sam conceded that Monica had offered Silas a handsome salary because Silas had promised to make General Hospital the premier cancer center in the northeast.

Alexis smiled because she believed that money had been the real motivator for Silas accepting Monica's job offer. Sam didn't care why Silas had taken the job as long as Silas saved Danny's life. Alexis was concerned that Silas might continue to give Sam more grief, which wouldn't help Danny. However, Sam was confident that she could handle Silas. Alexis continued to have reservations, so Sam decided to reserve judgment about Silas' competency as a doctor until after Danny was in remission. Alexis agreed to remain positive about Danny's recovery, which led to a discussion about possible bone marrow donors.

Sam revealed that everyone had been contacted except one person, whom Sam intended to deal with herself because Sam feared that he might refuse to get tested. Alexis wondered who could possibly turn down the opportunity to save Danny's life. "Franco," Sam replied. Alexis was frustrated that they had reached the point where they had to ask Franco to be tested as a possible bone marrow match. Sam admitted that she wasn't happy about it, but Sam was prepared to do whatever was necessary for Danny. Alexis couldn't believe that there wasn't anyone else that they could turn to.

Sam pointed out that Danny didn't have a full-blooded sibling, so Sam had been forced to cast a wide net that included Jason's twin brother. Alexis sarcastically suggested that if Sam was entertaining outrageous ideas then Sam might as well consider another option. Sam admitted that she had thought about having a baby with Franco, but it was a last resort if all other avenues failed. Sam explained that she didn't care what Franco had done in the past as long as Franco could save Danny.

Alexis agreed, but she insisted that she be the one to approach Franco with the request because Alexis wanted Franco to understand that the bone marrow donation would not give Franco any rights to Danny. Sam feared that it might not be a good idea for Alexis to be around Franco, so Alexis reminded Sam that Alexis represented criminals for a living. Plus, Alexis added, Alexis wanted to feel like she was doing something to help Danny. Sam asked Alexis to take Shawn with her, so Sam wouldn't have to worry about Alexis' safety.

Alexis admitted that she and Shawn had ended things because of irreconcilable differences. Sam recovered from her shock and asked what had happened. "Sonny," Alexis revealed. Alexis explained that she had given Shawn an ultimatum because she hadn't been able to live with Shawn's career choice. Sam was disappointed because Sam believed that Shawn and Alexis had been good together. Alexis confessed that she had known that it would eventually end because Shawn had taken over for Jason.

Alexis was curious how Sam had been able to accept Jason's choices, so Sam explained that Jason had been honest about who he was and what he did. Sam had loved Jason, so she had accepted his choices and had never regretted it.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Shawn discussed Shawn's commitment to Sonny's organization. Shawn made it clear that he was fully in Sonny's corner, so Sonny asked about Alexis. Shawn admitted that Alexis was no longer a factor because Shawn and Alexis had ended things. Sonny feared that he was somehow responsible for what had happened between Shawn and Alexis, so Shawn explained that the breakup had been completely Shawn's fault. Satisfied, Sonny revealed that he wanted to make certain that Franco understood that Sonny's loved ones were off-limits. Sonny realized that they couldn't kill Franco, but he was confident that they could find another way to get the message through to Franco.

At the boathouse, Morgan ordered Kiki an expensive gold compass from an online vendor. He was certain that the present would get Kiki's mind off of Michael, since Morgan had spent a considerable amount of Ava's money to ensure Kiki's happiness. Seconds later, Franco appeared in the doorway. Franco confessed that he was all for making Kiki happy, but Franco was curious what made Morgan think that Kiki's affections were for sale. Morgan closed the laptop as Franco entered the boathouse.

Franco looked around the small boathouse as he explained that he had moved into the mansion to get to know his daughter, so Franco was not pleased that Morgan had arranged to stay with Kiki in the boathouse. Morgan admitted that it made sense why Franco and Ava had reconciled because Ava had made a similar remark earlier, so it was clear that Franco and Ava were a lot alike. Franco thought about Ava's plan to win their daughter over. "You're so bright and perceptive," Franco replied with a saccharine smile. Franco suggested that they find Kiki so they could embrace the Quartermaine lifestyle together by going sailing or "poking poor people with sticks."

Morgan explained that Kiki was at the hospital to help her cousin. Franco assumed that Morgan had meant Michael, so Morgan quickly clarified that Danny was sick and might die. Franco was stunned as Morgan added that Michael and Kiki were being tested as possible bone marrow matches for Danny. Franco was furious that no one had told him that his nephew was sick or had asked him to be tested, since Franco was Jason's twin and likely the best match. Franco decided to go to the hospital to be tested, but Sonny and Shawn suddenly appeared in the doorway and blocked Franco's exit. Sonny offered Morgan some money to take Kiki out, so Morgan took the money and left.

Afterwards, Sonny introduced Shawn to Franco and revealed that Jason had hired Shawn to guard Carly and Josslyn when Franco had threatened Carly and Josslyn. Franco was curious if Sonny and Shawn intended to shoot him, so Sonny explained that they were there to make a point, not to kill Franco. "If you lay a finger on anyone that I love, the retribution is gonna be swift and terrible," Sonny warned in a menacing tone. Franco sarcastically suggested that the threat had sounded almost biblical.

Sonny fetched a bottle of water from the refrigerator as he confessed that he was not happy that Franco was living under the same roof as Morgan, so Sonny wanted Franco to move out. Franco explained that the Quartermaine mansion was Franco's ancestral home, so Franco refused to leave. Franco added that he would soon be sent to Pentonville, so Franco wanted to spend his few remaining weeks of freedom getting to know Kiki. Sonny grew tired of the conversation, so he ordered Shawn to take action. Shawn pummeled Franco for several minutes until Sonny called a halt to the beating long enough to ask if Franco had changed his mind about moving out.

Franco refused to comply, so Sonny ordered Shawn to resume the assault. Moments later, Alexis entered the boathouse but stopped short when she saw Shawn relentlessly punching Franco as Sonny watched.

At the hospital, Michael insisted that he didn't want to hear about Kiki's dreams because they needed to keep their distance from each other. Kiki argued that their efforts had been in vain because nothing had seemed to work, which was the point of her telling him about the dream. Michael insisted that they needed to find a way to stay away from each other because they were cousins and Kiki was dating Michael's brother. Kiki admitted that she cared about Morgan, but she hadn't counted on having feelings for Michael too. Michael argued that they couldn't be together, but then he kissed her.

Moments later, Brad entered the hospital room. Michael and Kiki quickly jumped apart, but it was too late because Brad had seen the kiss. Brad found it was odd that Michael, who was related by blood to Danny, had been kissing another blood relative of Danny's. Brad suspected that he had witnessed a display of love "inbred-style."

"J''s incest," Brad added with a smirk. "And you say gays are sick," he said. Michael and Kiki quickly denied that they had made any such remark about gay people, but Brad argued that plenty of others had. Brad accused Michael and Kiki of being the true deviants, so Kiki pointed out that Michael and Kiki didn't have to be related to each other in order to be related to Danny.

Brad conceded that Kiki had a point, so he asked Michael and Kiki if they were related to each other. Michael and Kiki refused to answer Brad, so Brad decided to check the medical files. Michael objected, but Brad insisted that the records were hospital property, which meant that Brad was entitled to look at them. Seconds later, Brad smiled smugly as he confirmed that Michael and Kiki's fathers were Danny's uncles. "In conclusion, A.J. and Franco are half-brothers, thereby making you two first cousins. Boom. Advantage, Brad," Brad said with satisfaction.

Kiki was disgusted that Brad had talked about himself in the third person, prompting Brad to suggest that Kiki adjust her attitude because she wasn't in a position to accuse Brad of being gross when she had been kissing her own cousin. Brad claimed that he would hate for the information to get out because he knew that it would hurt the Quartermaine name. However, Brad felt that he had an obligation to protect the sanctity of the gene pool by exposing the illicit romance. Kiki was offended when Brad made a reference to Flowers in the Attic because she and Michael were not siblings. Brad doubted that it would matter to anyone, so Michael decided to cut to the chase by asking what Brad wanted, certain that it was money.

Brad shocked Michael by revealing that Brad wanted one night with Michael. Michael refused to consider it because Michael was attracted to women not men. Brad was confident that he could change Michael's mind, especially after seeing Michael's striptease performance during the Nurses Ball. Disgusted, Michael reiterated that he would not have sex with Brad ever, so Brad could shout from the rooftop that Michael had kissed Kiki. Kiki backed Michael up, but Brad was certain that Michael and Kiki were bluffing, so Brad vowed to tell the next person who entered the room that Michael and Kiki had kissed. Moments later, Morgan walked in.

Ava approached the nurses' station to ask Silas for information about Kiki. She was stunned when Silas turned to face her because she knew Silas. Silas offered Ava a frosty greeting. Ava noted that it had been a long time since she had seen Silas, so she asked what he was doing in Port Charles. Silas pointed out that he worked there and then turned to leave, but Ava wasn't ready to watch him walk away from her again. She begged him to have a cup of coffee with her until he reluctantly agreed.

At Kelly's, Carly explained that she had been detained at work, so she apologized to Spinelli for being late for the meeting. Spinelli gently reminded Carly that she wasn't the only one with responsibilities, so Carly admitted that her life had been "hell" since Franco had returned. She also confessed that she had been distracted because of Danny's illness, so she had a lot on her plate. Carly once again apologized and then revealed that she had asked to meet Spinelli because she had a job for him. Carly wanted Spinelli to investigate Ava because Carly was determined to figure out why Ava had reconciled with Franco after years of trying to keep Franco away from Kiki.

Spinelli conceded that it seemed odd, but he was curious why it mattered to Carly that Franco and Ava had worked things out. Carly explained that Morgan had moved into the Quartermaine mansion with Kiki, so Carly wanted to find out what had motivated the reunion between Franco and Ava because Carly feared that Morgan might get caught in the crossfire if someone made another attempt on Franco's life. Carly was relieved when Spinelli agreed to take the case.

Outside, Duke greeted Anna by presenting her with a single rose. He was pleased that she had been able to take a break from work. Anna grumbled that she was frustrated with the investigation into Olivia's shooting because the trail had gone cold when "Carly and her merry band of mobsters" had been ruled out as suspects. Anna regretted that she had focused on Sonny and Carly instead of looking at other suspects. However, Anna revealed that they had put together a list of possible suspects, but the list was long. Duke offered to help by checking some other channels that Anna didn't have access to.

Anna admitted that she would prefer that Duke kept his distance from his former life, so he promised her that he would, but he wanted to help. Anna assured him that being there for her and being someone that she could trust was all the help that she needed. Anna confided that she could understand why Mac had resigned as the police commissioner because the job was extremely stressful. However, she was determined to make certain that the person who had shot Olivia faced justice for the crime.

Duke and Anna glanced up as Silas and Ava approached. "Ava Jerome," Duke said by way of greeting. "Duke Lavery. We meet again," Ava replied. Anna shot Duke a questioning look, so Duke quickly introduced Anna to Ava and then revealed that Anna was the police commissioner. Ava started to introduce Silas, but Anna recognized Stephen Clay's brother. Anna knew Silas by reputation, so she welcomed him to town. Silas nodded and then ushered Ava into the diner. "That was interesting," Anna remarked. Duke agreed.

After Silas and Ava were seated, Ava confessed that she had often wondered what she would say if she ever met Silas again. Silas didn't see any point in rehashing the past, but Ava thought that perhaps they could resolve some things. "We owe each other that, don't you think?" Ava asked. Ava slowly moved her hand across the table to stroke the top of Silas' hand. "You can't deny that we meant something to each other once," Ava quietly said.

"Maybe we still do," Ava added. Silas pulled his hand away, dropped some cash on the table, and then walked out.

Outside, Duke confessed that it was odd that Ava had been with Silas. Anna agreed and admitted that she was curious what Silas and Ava's connection was. Duke told Anna that he hadn't found a connection between Ava and the Jerome crime family. However, he and Anna became distracted when they saw Silas storm out of the diner. Anna was curious why Ava had been keeping company with the brother of a serial killer and why Silas had left in such a hurry. Duke suggested that perhaps Silas had been unwell. Moments later, Ava rushed out of the diner, so Anna suggested that perhaps it was going around.

In Kelly's, Carly saw Silas and Ava enter, so she pointed them out to Spinelli. Carly was surprised when Spinelli revealed that Stephen's brother, Silas, had diagnosed Danny with leukemia. Carly was grateful because she knew that a diagnosis was the first step to getting well. However, Carly was curious what Silas and Ava were doing together. Carly's curiosity was further piqued when she saw Ava reach for Silas' hand and Silas pull back.

Carly wondered why Ava would reach for another man's hand when Ava was supposed to be with Franco. Determined to get some answers, Carly wrote a check for Spinelli's retainer, so he could begin the investigation.

At the lake house, Sam reviewed the list of potential bone marrow donors as she called Spinelli. Spinelli was eager to know how Danny was doing, so Sam gave him a quick update. She then revealed that she had contacted most of the people on the list and that Alexis was on her way to talk to Franco. Spinelli hoped that Franco's bone marrow wouldn't be needed, but Sam didn't care as long as they found a match for Danny. Sam suddenly realized that there was someone missing from the list, prompting Spinelli to ask who. Sam didn't reply because she quickly ended the call when Silas knocked on the door.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

At the boathouse, Sonny called a temporary halt to Franco's beating to ask if Franco was ready to move out of the Quartermaine mansion. Franco refused, so Sonny ordered Shawn to continue the pummeling. Moments later, Alexis appeared in the doorway. She was horrified by what she saw unfolding before her eyes. "What the hell is going on?" Alexis demanded as she rushed to Franco's side. Alexis decided to call 9-1-1 when she saw Franco's injuries, but Sonny ordered Shawn to take the cell phone away from her.

Alexis warned Shawn to back off. She was disgusted that Shawn's calling was to assault people on Sonny's behest. Shawn suggested that Alexis dial down her outrage and think about who Franco was. Sonny ranted about how Franco had made Michael a target to a rapist, so Sonny refused to let Franco get away with it. Alexis argued that it was for the courts to decide Franco's guilt, but Sonny bellowed with rage that Franco was an animal whom no one cared about.

"I care," Alexis shouted. She warned Sonny that Franco's death might kill Danny because Danny might need a bone marrow transplant. Alexis explained that Franco, as Jason's twin brother, might be Danny's best chance at beating the cancer. Shawn assured Alexis that they hadn't intended to kill Franco, but Alexis wasn't appeased. Sonny advised Alexis to stay out of Sonny's business with Franco, but Alexis refused because she needed Franco to be tested.

Franco appreciated Alexis' help, but he pointed out that he hadn't agreed to be tested. Sonny was curious why Alexis would want to protect someone who was willing to let a child die, so Franco clarified that he had simply wanted to be asked. Alexis formally asked Franco to be tested. Franco immediately agreed, but he didn't understand why it was so hard for people to believe that he wanted to do everything possible to right the wrongs of his past. "I owe a lot of people in this town, especially your daughter," Franco admitted to Alexis.

Alexis helped Franco to his feet and then started to leave the boathouse with him in tow. However, she stopped in the doorway to inform Shawn that whatever doubts that she'd had about ending their relationship were gone. After Alexis and Franco left, Shawn wondered what Sonny intended to do next. Sonny explained that first they would have to find out if Franco was a bone marrow match for Danny. "Then we'll end this once and for all," Sonny promised.

At Kelly's, Laura left Luke a voicemail message asking him to return her call because she had a bad feeling about him. Moments later, Lucy arrived with news that she had found an investor for Deception who had agreed to meet them to sign the contract. Laura was livid because Lucy had approached an investor without consulting Laura. Laura feared that Lucy was moving too fast, but Lucy assured Laura that they could trust the investor.

Lucy smiled when she spotted Nikolas enter the diner. Laura's mood didn't improve when she realized that Lucy had approached Nikolas about investing in Deception. Laura explained to her son that she had wanted to launch Deception on her own merits, so Nikolas wasn't obligated to invest in the company. Nikolas assured his mother that he had looked over Laura and Lucy's business plan, so he was certain that it would be a good investment. Satisfied, Lucy handed Nikolas a contract, which Nikolas promptly signed.

Afterwards, Nikolas explained that he had to go to the hospital to be tested because Danny might need a bone marrow transplant. Laura recalled that Nikolas had once done the same thing for Lulu, which had saved Lulu's life. Nikolas hoped that he could do the same for Danny.

After Nikolas left, Laura blasted Lucy for going behind Laura's back to approach Nikolas for money. Lucy tried to explain why she had turned to Nikolas for money, but Laura continued to rant. Scott entered the diner as Lucy's temper flared. Scott was curious what was going on, so Lucy filled him in and then stormed out. Scott asked Laura if it was possible that Laura had overreacted to the situation. "Yes," Laura reluctantly admitted.

Scott realized that something else was bothering Laura, so Laura confessed that she was worried about Luke. Scott was frustrated because he thought that Luke was behind him. Laura told Scott about Luke's sudden departure and Tracy's odd behavior, which had raised concerns about Luke's health. Laura was touched when Scott offered to talk to Tracy, but Scott pointed out that it was their anniversary, so he wanted to make Laura happy. Laura reminded him that they had only been married for a little over a month.

Scott reminded Laura that it was the thirty-fourth anniversary of their first wedding. Laura was embarrassed that she hadn't remembered, but Scott assured her that it was okay.

Shortly after Scott left to talk to Tracy, Lucy returned to find out if Laura had calmed down. Laura explained that she had been upset because Lucy hadn't included Laura in the plans to raise money, even though they were business partners. Lucy conceded that Laura had a point, so Laura apologized for snapping at Lucy and then admitted that something else had upset Laura.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy read Luke's note asking her not to tell anyone about his illness. "Damn you, Luke Spencer," Tracy muttered as Ava entered the salon, poured a drink, and then polished it off in one gulp. Tracy was curious what had Ava worked up. "My ex," Ava replied as she poured another drink and then sat down on the sofa. Tracy assumed that Ava had been referring to Franco, so Tracy confessed that she had known Franco and Ava were doomed from the moment that Ava had moved into Tracy's home. Ava pointed out that the mansion belonged to Monica, not Tracy.

Annoyed, Tracy argued that the mansion had originally belonged to her brother, Alan, so Franco and Ava were guests in the mansion out of deference to Alan. Ava offered a toast to Alan and then took a sip of her drink. Tracy was curious what Franco had done. "Use your blood to tag a bus?" Tracy asked. "Who said I was talking about Franco?" Ava asked. Before Tracy could reply, Ava made it clear that she didn't have any interest in opening up to Tracy.

Tracy confessed that she despised Ava the least out of all of the people currently staying at the mansion. Ava chuckled and clinked Tracy's glass before they each took a sip of their drink. Ava opened up about running into her ex, whom Ava hadn't seen for years. Ava talked about how she had first met the man, years earlier, when Ava had arrived in the city as a young woman. Ava conceded that she had been green but very ambitious.

Ava revealed that her relationship with her ex had become passionate shortly after meeting him, so she had been certain that she would spend the rest of her life with him. Ava confided that she hadn't handled the breakup well, prompting Tracy to wonder what had gone wrong. According to Ava, one minute she and her ex had been each other's entire world, and the next he had left her picking up the pieces of her shattered life. Tracy sympathized because Tracy had gone through something similar.

Tracy told Ava about Luke, without mentioning him by name, and how she had tried to help him through a health crisis. Tracy explained that Luke had decided to keep his family in the dark, so Tracy had agreed to let everyone believe that she had been the one who had undergone tests because she had never been able to say no to him. Ava knew what that was like, but she didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression that she and Tracy had suddenly become friends.

Tracy was curious why that would be such a bad thing. Ava insisted that she hadn't decided whether to back A.J. or Tracy as head of ELQ, so Tracy advised that Ava consider what was best for Kiki because Ava couldn't remain on the fence much longer. Their talk was cut short when Scott strolled into the study. After Scott introduced himself to Ava, he informed Tracy that he needed to talk to Tracy. Ava quickly excused herself and left.

Annoyed, Tracy informed Scott that marriage hadn't improved his manners. Scott was curious if Tracy was jealous, so Tracy assured him that she thought that Scott and "Laura Vining Webber Baldwin Spencer Baldwin" were perfectly suited. Scott agreed and then explained that he had stopped by to catch up with Tracy.

Meanwhile, Ava stood on the back patio, thinking about her talk with Silas at Kelly's.

At the lake house, Silas explained that he had stopped by to pick up Rafe because he wanted Rafe to live with him. Sam pointed out that Silas didn't even have a place to live yet, so it would be unfair to force Rafe to live in temporary lodgings with Silas when Rafe could remain with Sam. Silas insisted that his mind was made up, so he didn't want to argue with Sam. Sam accused Silas of being unreasonable, so she was curious who had put him in a foul mood. Silas reminded Sam that he had been awarded custody of his nephew, so the matter was closed.

Sam suggested that Silas make an effort to get to know Rafe before forcing Rafe to live with him. She advised Silas to take Rafe out to dinner or invite Rafe to have a cup of coffee. "Oh, what is with everyone wanting to grab coffee?" Silas complained. Sam accused Silas of being irrational, so she wanted to know what was bothering him. Silas reluctantly admitted that he had bumped into a woman from his past, whom he hadn't seen in years.

Silas confided that he and his ex had had an intense relationship and that there had been a time when the woman had meant everything to him. However, the relationship had gone to "hell." Sam wondered why, but Silas changed the subject by asking about Danny. Sam was curious if the change of subject meant that he had also changed his mind about uprooting Rafe. Silas ignored the question as he asked to see Danny. Sam realized that Silas was uncomfortable because he had revealed too much about his personal life, so she let the matter drop by giving him an update on Danny.

Silas was pleased that Danny's temperature was back to normal, but he wanted to give Danny a quick checkup. Sam agreed to fetch her son, who had been napping. Moments later, Sam returned with Danny in her arms. Silas was pleased that Danny didn't seem to have a temperature and that the child seemed "spry." Sam was happy that Danny appeared to be responding well to the chemotherapy treatments. Satisfied, Silas shifted gears by commenting on the toy truck that Danny was holding.

Sam confessed that she had given her son the toy earlier that day because it was her brother's birthday. She revealed that she had always given Danny's namesake a truck for his birthday because her younger brother, who had been a special needs child, had loved trucks. Silas was curious what had happened to Sam's brother, so she told Silas that Danny had died suddenly and unexpectedly. Sam told Silas how she had taken care of her brother and had tried to protect him, but she hadn't been able to save Danny.

Sam became emotional as she confessed that she refused to let her son meet the same fate as her brother. Silas squeezed her shoulder as he assured her that Danny would be fine because they would find a bone marrow donor. Sam admitted that she had been on her way to meet a potential donor, but she wasn't looking forward to it. Silas offered to go along with her, so Sam accepted. Silas sensed that the potential donor was a black sheep of the family. "Second to only one other," Sam admitted.

At the nurses' station, Patrick walked up behind Sabrina to nuzzle her neck. Sabrina smiled as she turned in his arms and kissed him. Nearby, Britt watched the display of affection with an expression of disgust, so she cleared her throat to get Patrick's attention. Patrick quietly greeted Britt, so she explained that she had wanted to apologize for killing the baby. Shocked, Sabrina couldn't believe that Britt had terminated her pregnancy. Britt stood up from the wheelchair to show Patrick and Sabrina that she was still pregnant.

Sabrina was horrified that Britt had given her and Patrick such a scare, but Britt insisted that she had been referring to Baby Ariel, Emma's doll, not Britt's baby. Britt explained that she had picked up a new doll for Emma as an apology. Patrick appreciated the gesture, but he was concerned that Britt had gone shopping when Britt was supposed to be on bed rest. Britt assured Patrick that she was feeling much better, so Sabrina suggested that perhaps Britt had never been sick in the first place.

Offended, Britt lashed out at Sabrina for continually making unfounded accusations. Patrick suggested that they speak in private, but Britt wanted everyone to know that each one of Sabrina's outrageous accusations had been proven to be false, including the paternity of Britt's baby. Britt assured Patrick that she had the lab tests to confirm that her health had improved, so Sabrina was curious if Brad had conducted the tests. Britt snapped at Sabrina and pointed out that Sabrina had won Patrick, so there wasn't any need to kick Britt while Britt was down.

After Britt stormed off, she bumped into Nikolas. Nikolas immediately sensed that Britt was upset, so Britt told him about her encounter with Patrick and Sabrina, but she didn't reveal any names. She conceded that the father of her baby had left her for the woman he had truly wanted shortly before Britt had discovered that she was pregnant. Britt admitted that she had hoped that her pregnancy would sway him to give their relationship another try, but it hadn't.

Nikolas asked if the father of the baby had abandoned Britt and the child, so Britt quickly assured him that the father was in the picture and supportive. Nikolas confessed that he was going through a similar situation because he was in love with a woman who had picked the wrong man. He insisted that if the people that they were in love with couldn't see what a great catch he and Britt were then it was on them, not Nikolas and Britt. Britt chuckled and asked why Nikolas was at the hospital, so Nikolas told her about the bone marrow test.

Later, Patrick and Sabrina arrived at Kelly's and made their way to the counter. Sabrina conceded that Britt had been right about Sabrina kicking Britt while Britt was down. Patrick didn't want Sabrina to be too hard on herself because Britt had given them plenty of reasons to be distrustful. Patrick insisted that Sabrina had merely said what they all had been thinking. Sabrina appreciated Patrick's support, but she realized that it was time to follow through on the things that she had told Emma about finding a way to get along with Britt for the sake of the baby.

Patrick agreed that they all could do better. Sabrina nodded, but she confessed that a part of her still sensed that Britt was hiding something. Patrick didn't blame Sabrina for having questions, but he pointed out that regardless whether or not Britt was hiding something or had faked her illness, the baby was still his and therefore it would be a part of their lives. Sabrina assured Patrick that she wasn't going anywhere, so Patrick vowed that he would not let Britt get between them.

Brad closed the door to the examination room because he was confident that Michael and Kiki didn't want him to tell anyone about the steamy kiss that he had witnessed between the cousins. However, Brad threatened to tell the next person to walk into the room about Michael and Kiki's kiss if Michael didn't agree to Brad's terms. As if on cue, Morgan entered the room. Michael and Kiki tensed as Brad warmly greeted Morgan. Brad's smile grew when he learned that Morgan was Michael's brother.

Brad announced that he had something important to discuss with Morgan, prompting Michael to step forward. Brad preened with satisfaction when Michael pointedly explained that Morgan and Michael had different fathers, so Morgan was not related to Danny. Brad played along with Michael by apologizing for the misunderstanding. Brad promised to return to collect a sample for testing from Kiki and then asked Michael to follow him because Brad had some papers for Michael to sign. Kiki watched nervously as Michael left the room with Brad.

Morgan noticed that Kiki seemed "weirded out," so he asked her if everything was okay. Kiki carefully explained that she was worried about her cousin, knowing that Morgan would assume that she had meant Danny. Morgan decided to cheer Kiki up by giving her the present that he had purchased for her online. Kiki was stunned when he pulled out the gold compass pendant necklace. He explained that he had picked the pendant so that they would always know how to find their way to each other if either of them ever became lost.

Kiki was touched by the sentiment, so Morgan put the necklace on her. However, Kiki could tell that it was expensive, so she wanted to know where he had gotten the money to pay for it. Kiki feared that he was gambling again, but Morgan assured her that those days were over. Kiki demanded to know how he had paid for the necklace, prompting Morgan to recall Ava lending him the credit card with a warning that it was their secret. Morgan lied by claiming that he had cashed in a savings bond that his grandmother, Bobbie, had given to him as a graduation gift. Kiki was disappointed that he hadn't used the money to repay Michael, but Morgan wanted Kiki to let him worry about it.

In the hallway, Brad made it clear that he expected Michael to honor their agreement. Michael ignored Brad's leering expression as he offered to pay Brad off, but Brad wasn't interested in the money. Michael tried another tactic by offering to fix Brad up with one of Michael's gay friends. However Brad was only interested in Michael. Michael made it clear that he was not gay. "I could work around that," Brad promised with a lascivious smile. "I can't," Michael argued. Brad didn't care about Michael's objections, so he ordered Michael to be ready at eight o'clock that evening.

Later, Kiki spotted Michael near the nurses' station, so she ran up to find out what had happened with Brad. "Nothing," Michael told her and then added that he also didn't have a clue about what would happen later that evening. Kiki realized that Michael had agreed to meet Brad. Horrified, she refused to let Michael go through with it. Kiki insisted that it was time to tell Morgan everything, regardless of how much it would upset Morgan. Michael noticed Kiki's new necklace and realized that Morgan had given it to her, so he decided to have another talk with Brad because Michael didn't want to hurt Morgan.

A short time later, Kiki returned to the examination room. Morgan wondered if she had found Brad, so they could leave, or if it was time for Morgan to take a cold shower. Kiki ignored the remark about the cold shower as she admitted that she hadn't found Brad, but she assured Morgan that Brad should return shortly.

Meanwhile, Brad overheard Nikolas mention to Britt that Nikolas had an appointment with someone named Brad. Brad rounded the corner to introduce himself. Nikolas explained that he was there to be tested as a possible bone marrow match for Danny. "Really?" Brad said as he gave Nikolas an appreciative once-over. "That kid's family just gets more and more interesting," Brad confessed before he sent Nikolas to a nearby examination room.

Nikolas handed a card to Britt and invited her to call him if she wanted to talk. After Nikolas left, Brad remarked that Nikolas was quite a catch. However, Brad admitted that he had his eye on someone else. Britt ordered Brad to shut up because she needed Brad to run another test to prove to Patrick and his "little fuzzball" that her condition had improved. "Is that all?" Brad asked.

Brad was curious how long much longer Britt thought that they could get away with their ruse. Britt ordered him to keep his "excruciating noise" down because neither of them could afford for anyone to find out what they had done. Britt warned Brad that they could both lose their jobs. After Britt left, Brad turned the corner, but stopped short when he saw Michael standing there.

Brad was curious why Michael wasn't getting ready for their date, so Michael informed Brad that there wouldn't be a date. Brad threatened to tell everyone about Michael's incestuous kiss with Kiki, prompting Michael to fire back his own threat. Michael revealed that he had overheard Brad's conversation with Britt. Brad tensed when Michael revealed that Monica Quartermaine, the hospital's chief of staff, was also Michael's grandmother. Michael wondered if Brad wanted Michael to tell Monica about Brad's secret. "No," Brad answered.

"That's what I thought. Game over, Brad," Michael replied with satisfaction.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

At Kelly's, T.J. greeted Shawn as Shawn entered the diner, but T.J.'s smile quickly disappeared when he noticed the tension in Shawn and saw the red splatter on Shawn's shirt. T.J. feared that Shawn had been in an accident, but Shawn assured T.J. that everything was fine. T.J. wanted to know what was on Shawn's shirt, prompting Shawn to recall the violent encounter with Franco in the Quartermaine boathouse. Shawn cryptically replied "occupational hazard" and grabbed a rag to clean up. Satisfied, T.J. changed the subject by asking if Shawn had seen Molly on the Fourth of July.

Shawn shook his head as he explained that Alexis had ended things with him. Shocked, T.J. wanted to know what had gone wrong. Shawn took the blame for the breakup, so T.J. wondered if Shawn had cheated on Alexis the way that T.J. had cheated on Molly. T.J. became confused when Shawn explained that Alexis had objected to Shawn's job. T.J. hadn't realized that Alexis had a problem with Shawn working at Kelly's, so Shawn clarified that he had been referring to his work for Sonny. Shawn was certain that T.J. had an inkling that Shawn occasionally worked for Sonny, so T.J. nodded.

Shawn realized that his work for Sonny was dangerous, but he promised that it would never touch T.J because T.J. was the most important person in Shawn's life. T.J. assured his guardian that he believed Shawn. Shawn offered to answer any questions that T.J. might have, but T.J. declined because he was headed out. However, T.J. changed his mind because he did have one question. "It's not ketchup on your shirt, is it?" T.J. asked. T.J. didn't wait for a reply because Shawn's expression answered the question.

At the lake house, Molly promised to take Danny to Italy for his sixteenth birthday. She intended to pay for the trip with the proceeds from one of her best-selling novels. "You mean like this one?" Rafe asked as he entered the living room, holding the manuscript to her second novel. Molly smiled with pride when he confessed that he had enjoyed the book so much that he had lost track of time.

Rafe was curious where Sam was, so Molly explained that Sam had gone to talk to a potential bone marrow donor. Rafe was surprised when Molly told him that Silas had gone with Sam because Silas had taken a job at General Hospital and was Danny's new doctor. Rafe realized that Silas' job change meant that Rafe wouldn't have to leave Port Charles or Molly. Molly confessed that she was glad that Rafe would not be moving away because she didn't know what she would have done if Rafe hadn't been there to help her with Danny and "everything else."

Rafe knew that Molly was referring to the situation with T.J., so he advised her to text message or call T.J. because they needed to talk things out. Molly doubted that she could ever get past T.J. sleeping with Taylor after T.J. and Molly had promised each other that they would wait. Rafe argued that Silas settling down in Port Charles was proof that anything was possible. Molly thought that it was best if she forgot about T.J. and focused on planning her trip to Italy with Danny. Rafe wondered when she intended to take Danny to Italy, so she told Rafe about the promise that she had made to her young nephew.

Rafe picked up Danny to play with the little boy but quickly grew concerned when he noticed that Danny's eyes seemed glassy. Molly rushed over to feel Danny's forehead, which was burning up. She quickly took Danny's temperature and confirmed that Danny had a high fever. Rafe decided to call Silas, while Molly called Sam.

At Miscavige Institute, Sam warned Silas that he probably would regret joining her. Silas was curious if that was because Danny's cousin, "however times removed," resided in an institution for the criminally insane. Sam confessed that there was more, but Silas wanted to get the visit over with, so he entered the visitors' room without hearing Sam out. Heather Webber jumped to her feet and grabbed a chair to shield herself when she saw Silas. Heather ordered Silas to stay away from her, prompting Silas to assure her that he wouldn't harm her.

Heather's terror turned to outrage when Sam entered the room. Heather was furious that Sam been behind Stephen Clay's visit. Sam rushed to explain that Silas was Stephen's brother and a doctor. Heather calmed down as she informed Silas that her own son, Steven Lars, was a doctor and a murderer. However, Heather quickly clarified that Steven Lars was a good man. Sam promised Heather that Silas wasn't like Stephen, prompting Heather to recount how Stephen had strangled Heather and then dumped her into the water to die.

Silas apologized for what his brother had done to Heather and reiterated that he was not there to hurt her. Sam explained that they needed Heather's help and then told her about Danny's situation. Heather seemed genuinely shocked that Danny had been diagnosed with leukemia, so Sam revealed that they needed Heather to take a test to find out if Heather's bone marrow would be compatible with Danny's. Sam assured Heather that it was just a simple swab test.

"I'd throw myself off of the Miscavige Institute before I agree to that," Heather replied with a sinister smile. Heather wondered why she should give her bone marrow to Sam's son when Sam had refused to deliver a letter to Heather's son. Sam's temper flared as she blasted Heather for sacrificing an innocent child's life out of petty revenge. Sam insisted that she had suffered enough at Heather's hand when Heather had allowed Sam to believe that Danny had died and then had given Danny to another woman to raise.

Silas stepped forward to calm Sam down. He assured Sam that Heather would be tested and then turned his attention to Heather. Silas sat down and calmly explained that he had some influence at the institute because he was a doctor, so he wondered what it would take to get Heather to cooperate. Heather demanded that Silas arrange for Steven Lars to receive the stack of letters that she had written to her son. Silas assured her that he would take care of it. Satisfied, Heather explained that the food at Miscavige was horrible, so she desperately wanted a B.L.T. from Kelly's.

Heather was pleased when Silas promised to arrange for Heather to receive a B.L.T. from Kelly's once a week. Finally, Heather demanded another visit from Franco. Sam was startled to realize that Franco had been there before. Heather bragged that she had been Franco's first stop when he had arrived in town because he would never ignore his number one fan. Sam sensed that there had been another reason for the visit, so Heather revealed that Franco had given Heather a DVD to hold onto that proved that Franco had never raped Sam. Silas quickly turned the focus back to their bargain by agreeing to Heather's terms.

Heather shook Silas' hand. Afterwards, he swabbed the inside of Heather's cheek. Silas and Sam started to leave, but Sam stopped to tell Heather that she appreciated what Heather had done for Danny. "Wouldn't it be something if I was the match? Then you'd owe me your son's life," Heather replied.

In the hallway, Sam thanked Silas for what he had done. Silas admitted that he would have torn Heather limb from limb if he had been in Sam's shoes. Sam smiled and teased Silas because she was certain that Heather had been smitten with Silas because he had been charming. Silas changed the subject by assuring Sam that they were bound to find a bone marrow match because so many people had been tested. Moments later, Silas and Sam received word from Rafe and Molly that Danny was sick.

At Crimson, Maxie was working on a fashion column when she felt the baby kick. She stroked her belly as she assured the baby that "Mommy's here." "Maxie?" Lulu asked as she walked up. Maxie looked up at Lulu with a guilty expression as Lulu confessed that she had heard what Maxie had said to the baby.

Maxie rushed to explain that she had been referring to Lulu because she had seen Lulu approaching. Maxie held up a compact mirror that had been perched on the desk. According to Maxie, she used it to keep an eye out for Connie. Lulu believed the lie, so Lulu explained that she needed a favor.

Lulu admitted that she and Dante hadn't been able to settle on a name for their daughter, so they needed Maxie's help. Maxie looked uncomfortable as she realized that Lulu wanted Maxie to name the baby. Lulu insisted that it made sense because Maxie was creative, had amazing style, and kept tabs on what was trending. Lulu suspected that Maxie already had the perfect name in mind, but Maxie reminded Lulu that it was Lulu's baby. Lulu feared that she and Dante would make a horrible choice, so she insisted on Maxie's help.

Resigned, Maxie handed Lulu a photograph of Maxie and Maxie's sister, Georgie, who had died a few years earlier. "Georgie," Maxie suggested. Lulu was touched that Maxie wanted to name the baby after Georgie. Maxie recalled what a wonderful, caring, smart, and loyal person Georgie had been. Lulu was honored, but confessed that it didn't feel right because Lulu thought that Maxie should save the special name for Maxie's own daughter. Maxie sighed. "Lulu, I need to tell you something," Maxie quietly confessed.

Seconds later, Connie burst out of the elevator and ordered Maxie to join her in the office. Lulu resented Connie's rude interruption, but Connie insisted that it was important and invited Lulu to join them. Maxie and Lulu entered Connie's office as Connie explained that she needed Maxie and Lulu's help to pick out an outfit because Connie intended to win back Sonny. Shocked, Maxie and Lulu reminded Connie that Connie had ended things with Sonny because Connie had feared that her alter personalities wouldn't remain integrated around Sonny. Connie argued that Sonny was the love of her life then assured them that she was stronger and had talked to her doctor about it.

Later, Maxie and Lulu returned various garments to a rack filled with designer clothes. Lulu offered to buy Maxie dinner, but Maxie declined because Maxie still had work to do. Lulu tried to persuade Maxie to change her mind, but Maxie was adamant about working. Lulu warned Maxie that they still had to brainstorm baby names, so Maxie promised to get together with Lulu soon. Pleased, Lulu shifted gears by asking what Maxie had intended to tell Lulu earlier. Maxie claimed that she had simply wanted to admit that Lulu had been right about saving Georgie's name for Maxie's daughter.

Lulu was certain that Maxie would have a Georgie of her own one day and then left. "But you are mine," Maxie softly told her baby. Maxie was startled when the intercom buzzed. She assumed that it was Connie, so she went to the office to ask how her boss had managed to slip past the desk unnoticed. Maxie was stunned when she saw her sister, Georgie, sitting behind Connie's desk.

Dante paid his mother a visit at Greystone Manor. Olivia was delighted when her son handed her a box of pastries. Dante wondered if she was doing okay living under Sonny's roof. Olivia thought about her steamy kiss with Sonny on the Fourth of July during the fireworks. "Yeah, better than okay," Olivia answered with a secret smile. She promised her son that his father was taking excellent care of her, but Dante admitted that he and Lulu wanted Olivia to recuperate at the loft because it wasn't safe to be around Sonny.

Olivia assured Dante that Sonny hadn't been responsible for the attempt on Franco's life. Meanwhile, Sonny arrived home and overheard what Olivia had told Dante, so he quickly joined them. Dante greeted his father but made it clear that he wasn't happy that Olivia was staying with Sonny. Sonny promised Dante that Olivia was safe, so Olivia insisted that it was enough for her. She reminded Dante that she was an adult and capable of making her own decisions. Dante acknowledged that she was certainly well enough to defend Sonny by claiming that Sonny hadn't laid a hand on Franco.

Sonny thought about Franco's assault and assured Dante that Olivia had been right; Sonny had never laid a hand on Franco. Dante was certain that Sonny was hiding something, so Sonny tried to shift gears by asking about the investigation into Olivia's shooting. Dante informed his father that it was an ongoing investigation, so Dante wasn't at liberty to discuss the case. Moments later, Dante received a call about an assault. Dante agreed to go to the hospital to take a statement, so he asked the caller who the victim was.

Dante ended the call and told Sonny and Olivia that someone had attacked Franco. Dante looked knowingly at his father, but Sonny denied assaulting Franco. Olivia objected when Dante started to question Sonny about the attack, so Dante pointed out that he was just doing his job. However, Dante agreed to back off because he had to get to the hospital. After Dante left, Olivia confessed that she had noticed that Sonny had chosen his words carefully, indicating that Sonny had likely ordered the beating.

Sonny refused to discuss it because he didn't want to put Olivia in a difficult position. Olivia smiled because Sonny's response had confirmed her suspicions, so Sonny explained that he had done what was necessary to protect Morgan. He wondered if she intended to turn him in, so she admitted that she probably would have done the same thing.

Sonny relaxed when Olivia assured him that she wouldn't say a word because she was on his side. "Don't you know that?" Olivia asked. "I do now," Sonny answered as he drew close to kiss her. A phone call from Morgan cut their kiss short.

Morgan told Sonny that Franco was at the hospital and that Dante had arrived to take a statement. Sonny didn't seem alarmed, but Morgan had connected the dots, so he knew that Sonny had been responsible for Franco's assault. Sonny insisted that he would take care of everything, so it would be fine. After Sonny ended the call, Olivia asked if Morgan was okay. Sonny assured her that there was nothing to worry about, prompting Olivia to ask if Sonny was telling her what she wanted to hear so they could make out again.

Sonny smiled as he admitted that it would be nice, especially if things went further. Olivia reminded him that they had "almost gone there" earlier, so Sonny pointed out that she had pulled back. He promised her that he understood if she was still hurting, but she assured him that she had made a "miraculous" recovery. However, Olivia refused to lie to Connie if Olivia and Sonny became intimate. Sonny agreed, so he decided that they would talk to Connie the following day.

Passion flared as Sonny kissed Olivia. They made their way to the staircase but stopped when someone rang the doorbell. Sonny breathlessly promised to get rid of whoever was at the door and return to Olivia quickly. Olivia waited as Sonny went to answer the door. He was surprised when he saw a smiling Connie standing on his doorstep.

At the hospital, Morgan noticed that Kiki seemed a million miles away. He wondered if she wanted to leave, but Kiki stalled. Moments later, Kiki received a text message from Michael assuring her that he had managed to get Brad to back off. Relieved, Kiki looked up at Morgan and explained that she had been worried about her cousin. "Danny," she quickly added. She started to suggest that they leave when Alexis arrived at the hospital with Franco.

Kiki stared in horror at Franco's bloody face, while Alexis called out for help. Medical personnel rushed to Franco's aid and helped him to an examination room. Kiki demanded to know what had happened to her father, but no one was able to give her an answer. Morgan recalled Sonny handing him money to leave so Sonny and Shawn could have a talk with Franco in the boathouse. Kiki noticed Morgan's tense expression, so she asked him if he knew who might have hurt Franco. Morgan snapped back to the present to remind Kiki that he had been at the hospital with her, so he had no idea.

In the examination room, Franco asked Alexis if she had noticed Kiki's look of concern. Alexis ignored Franco because she wanted to call the police. A nurse entered the room to inform them that the police had already been notified because it was hospital policy. Moments later, Kiki entered the room, eager to check on her father. Franco confessed that the beating had been worth it because he had seen how concerned Kiki had been.

Kiki demanded to know who had attacked Franco. Dante appeared in the doorway as he admitted that he wanted to know the answer to Kiki's question too. Franco glanced at Alexis, prompting Dante to wonder if Alexis was Franco's attorney. Alexis quickly clarified that she had been the one to find Franco, so Dante asked Kiki to leave the room because Dante wanted to question Franco and Alexis. After Kiki reluctantly left, Dante asked what had happened.

Franco and Alexis glanced at each other and became evasive. Alexis explained that she had found Franco injured in the boathouse, so Franco claimed that he had been hurt running into a door, repeatedly. Dante wondered if the door's name was Sonny Corinthos. Franco made light of the remark by laughing and explaining that the Quartermaines didn't name their doors, so it was a silly question.

Frustrated, Dante left. Afterwards, Alexis wondered why Franco hadn't told Dante the truth. Franco suggested that perhaps it was because Franco believed that he had deserved the beating or because Franco wanted something to hold over Sonny's head.

In the waiting area, Kiki walked up as Morgan ended his phone call with Sonny. Kiki thought that Morgan looked freaked out, but she became distracted when she saw Dante leave Franco's room. She was eager to know what Franco had said, but Dante explained that Franco had only told him that the incident had happened at the boathouse.

Kiki was stunned because she lived at the boathouse with Morgan. Dante was confident that Kiki didn't know who had attacked Franco, so he turned to his brother, Morgan, for answers. Morgan insisted that he didn't know anything because he had been at the hospital with Kiki.

Friday, July 12, 2013

At Crimson, Maxie was shocked when she saw her beloved younger sister, Georgie, sitting behind Connie's desk. Tears swam in Maxie's eyes as she looked at the spirit of her murdered sister. "Hey, Sis, long time no see," Georgie said with a loving smile. Maxie feared that she might be dying, but Georgie assured Maxie that Maxie was fine. However, Georgie admitted that Maxie had made a royal mess of things, which had prompted Georgie's visit.

Maxie became defensive as she insisted that her life was great. Maxie pointed around the office to prove her point, but Georgie knew that the office belonged to Maxie's boss, not Maxie. Georgie warned Maxie that the office would never become Maxie's at the rate that Maxie was going, but Maxie believed that she made great choices. Georgie disagreed because Maxie had once slept with Franco.

Maxie stiffened when Georgie broached the subject of Maxie's pregnancy. Maxie insisted that she had started the pregnancy with the best of intentions because she had wanted to do something good and selfless like Georgie might have done. Maxie conceded that she had made mistakes, but she had been handling them as best as she could. Georgie argued that Maxie wasn't doing anything to distance herself from the baby, so Maxie's bond with the baby had grown stronger over time.

Maxie denied it because she had never bonded with anyone except for Georgie. Georgie pointed out that Maxie talked and sang to the baby like any other loving mother would. Georgie then reminded Maxie that the little girl growing inside of Maxie was Maxie and Georgie's flesh and blood, as well as Spinelli's. Georgie was curious if Maxie had ever considered that Spinelli had a right to know about his own child. Maxie grumbled that Georgie sounded like Ellie, so Georgie revealed that she knew about Ellie, as well as a lot of other things. Frustrated, Maxie asked Georgie to provide her with some useful information such as what would be trending in the spring of 2014.

Georgie refused to let her sister change the subject, but Maxie didn't want to talk about Spinelli's "spindly ginger" girlfriend. Georgie defended Ellie because Ellie was smart, pretty, geeky, and perfect for Spinelli, which was why Georgie hated Ellie. "Me too," Maxie admitted. Georgie confessed that she hadn't been over her crush on Spinelli when she had passed on, so if Ellie made Spinelli happy then it wasn't Georgie's place to complain. However, Georgie questioned if Spinelli could be truly happy with someone who didn't want to have children.

Georgie recalled how Spinelli's face had lit up when he had learned that Maxie was having a girl. Maxie was shocked when Georgie told her that Spinelli had confessed to Dante and Lulu that Spinelli would never let a daughter of his date until she was thirty. Georgie and Maxie chuckled because Spinelli had sounded just like Mac.

Georgie was certain that Spinelli would be a wonderful father if Maxie let him. Maxie tearfully explained that she couldn't give Spinelli his daughter without taking away Dante and Lulu's child. Georgie argued that Maxie loved the baby because she was Maxie's child, but Maxie continued to worry about Dante and Lulu. Georgie appreciated that Maxie always worked hard to make everyone happy, but Georgie insisted that Maxie had gone about it the wrong way.

Maxie thought that it was too late to change things because Dante and Lulu believed that the baby was theirs. Maxie was certain that it would destroy Lulu, but Georgie feared that it would destroy Maxie more to give birth to a daughter and then have to give her child away. Maxie realized that it wouldn't be easy, but she was determined to do it because she didn't have any other alternative.

Maxie explained that Dante and Lulu had fallen in love with the baby, so Maxie refused to rip their hearts out just before the baby's birth. Georgie conceded that it was Maxie's decision to make, so Georgie promised that she would be with Maxie always. Maxie reached for a tissue to wipe her tears and then turned back to ask her sister something, but Georgie was gone.

At Kelly's, Spinelli had his laptop open to a page about Ava Jerome as he booked a flight to New York City for later that day. Moments later, Ellie entered the diner. She smiled with relief when she saw Spinelli because she had feared that he had already left town. Ellie sat down as she explained that she hadn't liked the way that things had ended between them earlier, so she wanted Spinelli to know that he didn't have to feel guilty whenever he smiled at a baby because he had every right to want a child.

Spinelli was stunned when Ellie revealed that she had changed her mind about having children because she wanted to give him a child when he was ready. Ellie rushed to assure him that she hadn't changed her beliefs; she simply saw them in a different light. "If there had to be one more person on this earth, it could do worse than come from you, Damian," Ellie quietly told him. Spinelli pointed out that it wasn't like Ellie to change her mind, so she conceded that it hadn't been an easy decision. However, she didn't want Spinelli to give up his most cherished desire for her because she loved him too much.

Spinelli was deeply touched by Ellie's offer, but he couldn't expect her to carry a child if she didn't want to. He pointed out that they didn't have to make a decision right away, so they could talk about it later. Spinelli wanted Ellie to focus on finding a bone marrow donor for Danny, so she assured him that she would get to work on it right away. However, she had expected their conversation to go another way. Spinelli promised that he was content with how things were between them and then hugged her tightly.

Nearby, Georgie watched Spinelli and Ellie with a sad smile. After Ellie left, Georgie appeared behind Spinelli to quietly urge him to be happy and not be too hard on Maxie when the truth was revealed. Spinelli looked behind him as if he had sensed a presence, but Georgie was gone.

At the loft, Dante reported that Franco had refused to name the attacker. Lulu arrived home, so Dante quickly wrapped up the call and then greeted his wife. He was curious if Lulu and Maxie had picked a name for the baby, so Lulu told him about Maxie's suggestion. "Georgianna Falconeri," Dante said. He admitted that he could get used to the name, but Lulu assured him that it wasn't necessary because she had declined the offer because Lulu thought that Maxie should save the name for Maxie's own daughter.

Later, Dante noticed that Lulu seemed distracted, so she confessed that she had been thinking about Georgie. Dante wondered if they had been close. "Yes and no," Lulu answered. She admitted that she hadn't been very nice to Georgie in high school, even though Georgie had been sweet and outgoing, and everyone had liked her. Lulu was ashamed to admit that she had been a mean girl back then, so she had slept with Georgie's boyfriend, Dillon Quartermaine.

Lulu regretted that she had never had a chance to make things up to Georgie, so Dante gently comforted his wife and then steered the conversation back to baby names. However, Lulu was too hungry to think about names, so Dante decided to check on their order.

Later, Lulu asked about Olivia, which led to a conversation about the shooting. Dante was certain that Sonny and Carly had been behind the first shooting, but Lulu pointed out that the second shooter had been the one to hit Olivia. Dante explained that one didn't cancel out the other, which meant that Sonny still wanted Franco dead. He told her about Franco's attack. Dante knew that Sonny had been behind the assault, but Franco and Alexis had refused to name Sonny.

Lulu tried to distract Dante by talking about the baby, but Dante's mind remained on Sonny. Dante was frustrated that something always happened every time he got close to Sonny. Lulu pointed out that he didn't have proof that Sonny had been responsible for Franco's injuries, so she was curious if Dante was prepared to have his father sitting in jail during their daughter's christening. Dante explained that he just wanted Sonny to respect the law.

Lulu suggested that Alexis, who represented Sonny and was the mother of one of Sonny's children, wanted the same thing. Dante thought that Alexis should stop defending Sonny and lying for him. He couldn't understand why women continually lined up to defend Sonny, even at their own expense.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Lulu was relieved that their dinner had finally arrived. However, Dante opened the door to Maxie.

At Greystone Manor, Olivia warned Sonny that they would have to tell Connie about their relationship. Sonny agreed that they would talk to Connie in the morning. They started to make their way to his bedroom when the doorbell rang. Sonny broke away from the heated kiss and promised to get rid of whoever was at the door. Moments later, Sonny saw Connie standing on his doorstep.

Connie greeted Sonny with a smile as she entered the house. She immediately picked up on the tension between Sonny and Olivia as Olivia appeared in the doorway to the parlor. "Am I interrupting something?" Connie asked. Sonny carefully explained that he and Olivia had been about to turn in for the night, so Connie revealed that she had stopped by about an urgent matter. Olivia assumed that Connie had hoped to persuade Olivia to recuperate at Connie's penthouse, but Connie surprised her cousin by clarifying that it wasn't about Olivia. "It's about me and Sonny," Connie explained.

Sonny and Olivia exchanged worried glances. Olivia offered to leave, but Connie asked her cousin to stay because she wanted Olivia to hear what Connie had to say. Sonny and Olivia were stunned when Connie confessed that she wanted Sonny back.

Connie explained that when she had left treatment, her goal had been to remain healthy and whole. At the time, she had been cautioned to avoid the stresses that had triggered her dissociative identity disorder, which had included Sonny. However, time hadn't diminished her love for Sonny; her feelings had only grown stronger. Connie revealed that she had talked to her doctor about Sonny and how she felt that something was missing from her life. "That something is you," Connie told Sonny.

Connie was confident that there wasn't any reason to fear that her personalities would split again. "There's nothing standing in our way," Connie explained. Olivia's eyes filled with sadness as Sonny gently reminded Connie how Connie had pushed him away and had implored him to move on. Sonny admitted that he had been prepared to wait for as long as it took, but Connie had been adamant that she couldn't be with him.

Connie wondered if Sonny was trying to tell her that he was seeing someone. Sonny explained that he had never expected Connie to want him back, so he had done as she had asked by moving on. Crushed, Connie asked if it was too late. Connie's fears mounted when she noticed the way that Olivia looked at Sonny. "Are you with Olivia now?" Connie suddenly asked in a horrified tone. Connie looked at her cousin accusingly as she reminded Olivia that Olivia had assured Connie that nothing was going on between Olivia and Sonny.

"That was the truth," Olivia promised. Sonny started to talk, but Olivia cut him off. Olivia conceded that she had always loved Sonny, but not in the way that Connie thought. Olivia reminded her cousin that Olivia and Sonny shared a son, so the love that Olivia and Sonny felt for each other was about their son, nothing more. Olivia insisted that it didn't compare to the love that Sonny had with Connie.

Connie relaxed as Olivia admitted that it was clear that Sonny loved Connie and that he wanted Connie back. Connie looked at Sonny expectantly, but Sonny insisted that it wasn't that simple. Connie assured him that she knew that it would take work, but she was willing to try if he was. Olivia took that as her cue to go pack because she didn't want to get in the way. Sonny objected, but Olivia insisted that it was for the best.

Connie thanked Olivia for supporting her through everything and for taking care of Sonny when Connie couldn't. Olivia offered a watery smile as she promised that she was happy for Connie. Olivia left, so Sonny followed her on the pretext of helping Olivia with the luggage.

In the foyer, Olivia asked Sonny not to say anything because she was happy that things hadn't gone too far between them before he had worked things out with Connie. Sonny insisted that he had meant what he had said, but Olivia just wanted Sonny to be happy. "What about you? What about your happiness?" Sonny asked.

Sam arrived at the lake house with Silas in tow. Sam immediately took her son from Molly to check Danny's forehead, which remained feverish. Silas examined Danny as Molly explained that Rafe had noticed that Danny's eyes had seemed glassy, so Molly had taken Danny's temperature, which had been elevated. Sam assured Molly that Molly and Rafe had done everything right. Silas gently told Sam that they needed to get Danny to the hospital as quickly as possible.

After Sam and Silas left, Molly text messaged someone. Rafe assumed that it was her mother, but Molly admitted that it was her father because she had promised to let him know about Danny. Rafe was surprised because he had thought that Sam would have kept the man in the loop. Molly explained that it was a sore subject, but Sam never talked to Ric.

Molly told Rafe that her father had moved to Los Angeles a few years earlier and that she had lost contact with Ric for a while. However, Molly had reconnected with Ric, so they had been exchanging letters for a year. Molly admitted that Alexis knew about it, but Alexis didn't want to know any details because Ric and Alexis weren't on good terms. She confided that Alexis had no idea that Molly had been giving Ric updates about Danny.

Rafe thought that it was odd that Alexis didn't think that Ric would want to know how his own grandson was doing. Molly quickly explained that Sam, Kristina, and Molly each had different fathers, so Ric wasn't Danny's grandfather.

In Franco's hospital room, Alexis offered Franco some water, but Franco declined. Alexis made it clear that she was only there for her grandson's sake and sat down. Moments later, Ava entered the room. Ava spotted Alexis seated in the corner, so Ava made a show of fussing over Franco and pretending to be upset about his condition. Ava wanted to know who had attacked Franco, so he told Ava that he had fallen down a flight of stairs at the Quartermaine mansion.

Ava didn't believe him, so she looked to Alexis. "How long will he be laid up, nurse?" Ava asked. Franco clarified that Alexis was Sonny's attorney and Sam Morgan's mother. Ava recognized the name of Danny's mother, so she asked Alexis how Danny was doing. Alexis didn't realize that Danny's illness was common knowledge, so Ava explained that her daughter, Kiki, had been tested as a possible bone marrow donor. Alexis relaxed and expressed her gratitude for Kiki's generosity. Franco claimed that Kiki had inherited the trait from him and then reminded everyone that he was Jason's twin, so he was Danny's best hope.

Alexis decided to fetch someone to get Franco's DNA sample, since he was so enthusiastic about donating his bone marrow. "So, that's Sonny's lawyer," Ava asked after Alexis left. Franco revealed that Alexis was also the mother to one of Sonny's children, prompting Ava to concede that Sonny was lucky to have an attorney in the family.

Ava then turned her attention to Franco's injuries and how he had sustained them. Franco confided that Sonny had been responsible for the attack. Ava was curious if Franco had turned Sonny in, so Franco admitted that he hadn't because he couldn't expect people to give him a second chance when he refused to give Sonny one. Ava suspected that Franco simply had wanted something to hold over Sonny's head, prompting Franco to laugh because she knew him so well.

Franco wasn't surprised that he and Ava had found their way back to each other, but Ava laughed because their relationship had been nothing compared to what she had once shared with another. Franco seemed disappointed that he hadn't been the love of Ava's life. Ava wondered if he truly thought that there hadn't been anyone before or after their affair. Franco remarked that the man couldn't have been very good if she was no longer with him, so Franco was curious what had happened. Ava refused to discuss it.

Silas and Sam arrived at the hospital. Silas barked orders to several nurses to prepare a room for Danny, while Sam spotted her mother at the nurses' station. Sam explained to Alexis that Danny was sick, so Alexis followed Sam and Silas to a hospital room. Silas immediately went to work, drawing Danny's blood for tests, while Sam filled Alexis in on what had happened. Sam felt responsible for Danny's setback because she hadn't been with her son.

After Silas left to have the blood samples analyzed, Alexis decided to make certain that Franco and Heather's DNA samples were sent to the lab to be tested. Sam hugged her son tightly and waited anxiously for Silas to return.

Later, Silas entered the room with bleak news. He explained that Danny's chemotherapy protocol was no longer working, so Danny needed a bone marrow transplant. Sam's disbelief quickly turned to anger as she accused Silas of lying to her about the protocol. She regretted that she had trusted him, but Silas reminded her that he had warned her that there might be a possibility that Danny would need a transplant, so he had urged her to have family members tested. Sam cried as she realized that she would lose her son if Danny didn't have a bone marrow transplant.

"Where's Jason? Why would he leave me alone at a time like this?" Sam tearfully asked as she hugged Danny. Silas gently wrapped his arms around Sam and Danny and held them as Sam cried. He softly promised her that everything would be okay.

Later, Alexis returned to the hospital room to check on Sam and Danny. Sam broke the news to her mother. Silas promised to do everything in his power to save Danny and assured Sam and Alexis that he was the best. Alexis hoped that Silas was right. After Silas left, Alexis reminded Sam that all of Danny's family members had been tested. Sam disagreed, prompting Alexis to wonder who they had missed. "My father," Sam answered.

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