General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 30, 2013 on GH

Jerry agreed to return Robin to her family if she provided Jerry with a cure. Brad told Dante and Lulu that their baby was Spinelli and Maxie's child. Robert emerged from the coma and told Anna that Robin was alive.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 30, 2013 on GH
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Monday, September 30, 2013

A very much alive Jerry Jacks emerged from a secret lab on Cassadine Island to confront a severely weakened Luke. Jerry and Luke bantered and then got down to business. Jerry explained that although originally Liesl Obrecht had helped Jerry out of altruism, Cesar Faison, Liesl's partner in crime, had not been so generous. Faison had demanded 88 million dollars, which Jerry had gotten by poisoning the Port Charles water supply and then blackmailing the town.

Jerry told Luke that Sean had collected the funds from the bank, and Jerry had delivered them to Faison. Luke asked if Jerry had been cured. Jerry said the current cure was temporary because Liesl had not had enough time to create the cure herself. Liesl had done the next best thing. Liesl had fond another brilliant doctor to do the work. Jerry said that the cure was almost finished, but unfortunately, there was only one dose to be had. Luke said he refused to die sitting in heap outside the lab. Jerry said he would call guard to carry Luke outside.

Jerry left Luke huddled on the floor and returned to the lab where a reluctant Robin was being held prisoner and forced to work on a cure for polonium poisoning.

Patrick met Anna at Kelly's. She told him about her various cases, including her search for Liesl. Patrick said that he had gone bananas when he heard that Liesl was Britt's mother and that was why he had decided to sue Britt for full custody, which had forced Britt to tell the truth: that Patrick was not the father of her baby.

Anna said that she was sorry for Patrick's loss, but glad that Britt was out of Patrick and Emma's lives. Patrick said that he had a lot of support from Felix and Sabrina and he was moving on. Anna sensed that Patrick was disquieted about Sabrina. Patrick opened up to Anna and told her about Carlos and his visits to Sabrina. Patrick was especially rankled by Carlos' comment that Patrick could not possibly love Sabrina or Patrick would take off his wedding ring.

Anna agreed with Patrick that it was none of Carlos' business, but she also wondered why Patrick wore the ring. Patrick admitted that although he loved Sabrina, he could not let go of Robin and could not believe that he would never see her again. Anna told Patrick that she knew how he felt, but that he had to move on, not only for his sake, but also for Emma's. Outside Kelly's, Anna got on her phone and asked to be called if there were any leads on Liesl. She took a moment to look at a photo of Robin on her phone.

At the Cassadine compound, Britt was shocked to see Liesl holding Ben. Britt told her mother to get out before the police found her. Liesl castigated Britt for her bad manners. Britt said that she was worried about the police. Liesl said she was not worried about the authorities. Liesl told Britt that nothing could stop her because she would paddle a dinghy across the Atlantic to see her grandchild. Britt again demanded her son, and Liesl put the baby in Britt's arms.

When Britt called the baby "Ben," Liesl was offended. She told Britt that "Ben" was a name for a rat, not her grandson. Liesl demanded to know why Britt had not named her baby "Cesar" after Britt's father. Britt scoffed and told Liesl that if it had not been for Nikolas, Britt would have ended up in jail after Liesl had tried unsuccessfully to kill Anna and had poisoned Duke instead. Liesl replied that Britt had made a smooth move by getting Nikolas on her side. Liesl had no doubts that Nikolas was just the catalyst to make Patrick jealous.

Britt dissuaded Liesl of that notion. When Liesl found out that Britt had told Patrick that Patrick was not Ben's father, Liesl tried to slap Britt, but Britt stopped her. Britt looked Liesl in the eye and said that Liesl would never hit Britt again. She also told Liesl that it was Liesl's fault that Patrick knew. Britt explained that Liesl's attempt on Duke's life had given Patrick reason to sue for full custody, so Britt had done what was necessary to keep Ben.

Britt told Liesl that she had a son and did not want Liesl in her life. Liesl asked what Britt would do if Liesl refused. Britt said that she would do nothing, but that she would leave it to Nikolas to handle when he got home. Liesl smiled and said that they did not have much time.

Brad interrupted the christening ceremony with the announcement that he had news about the baby. Spinelli and Maxie tried to stop him. Nikolas said that Brad had no business saying anything after the shameless way he had treated his own child. Olivia wanted to know which baby Brad was talking about, Britt's baby or the one they were christening. Everyone tried to talk at once and send Brad away.

Brad would not be denied and eventually told about hearing Spinelli and Maxie admit to each other that Connie was the biological child of Maxie and Spinelli. Lulu did not want to believe the story, and was eager to accept that Brad was crazy when both Maxie and Spinelli denied having that conversation. A frustrated Brad left the chapel and said that he had no reason to lie and that he had tried to do the right thing.

Nikolas got a phone call from Britt that was interrupted. He made apologies and went to check on her. Olivia said a big feast was planned. Maxie and Spinelli were eager to leave the chapel and forestall any more questions. Dante called a halt. His cop instincts kicked in as he remembered that Brad had stopped him another time with information about a baby. He also remembered the angry conversation between Spinelli and Ellie in the hall outside Connie's nursery. Dante said that he thought that Maxie and Spinelli were lying.

Lulu said the problem could be solved by asking Maxie. Lulu looked Maxie in the eye and asked point-blank if the baby was Maxie's. Maxie looked back and said it was not, but Lulu then remembered that early in Maxie's pregnancy, Maxie had tried to deliver bad news, but had not, because they had been interrupted. In that instant, Lulu realized the awful truth: that Maxie was not being truthful and that little Connie was Maxie's child.

At General Hospital, Sabrina found Felix stuffing his face with chocolate-covered cherries. She asked if Felix was thinking about Brad the cad. Felix admitted that he was, especially after Ellie had overheard Brad say that he was going off to do the right thing. Sabrina was very negative about Brad and advised Felix to forget Brad.

Felix said he would be happy to think about Carlos, but Sabrina said that Carlos was straight, and she knew that because Carlos was also her ex-boyfriend. Sabrina caught Felix up to date on her love life, including Carlos' disturbing comment that Sabrina could not shake, about Patrick not being able to take off his wedding ring. Felix told Sabrina that she needed to talk to Patrick about her feelings.

Sabrina ran into Patrick, who asked her if they could talk privately. Patrick said that he needed to talk about Robin. Brad found Felix. When Felix asked where Brad had been, Brad said that he had marched off to do the right thing, and the new and improved Brad had, indeed, told the truth.

Nikolas returned home to Spoon Island and found Britt unconscious and baby Ben missing.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

At the church, Lulu was horrified as she realized that Connie might be Maxie's biological child, so Lulu demanded to know if it was true. Maxie quietly admitted that it was. Outraged, Dante demanded to know if Spinelli was Connie's biological father, so Spinelli nodded. Maxie rushed to assure everyone that she could explain. "You're damn right you can," Dante replied with simmering rage.

Distraught, Lulu couldn't understand how it had all happened, so Spinelli tried to take the blame, but Maxie refused to let him. Maxie admitted that it was all on her because she had miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby when Maxie had tripped over the dog. Lulu began to weep as she realized that her unborn child had died. "You have no idea how sorry I am," Maxie quietly said.

Lulu's tears of grief turned to anger because she hadn't known about the miscarriage. Spinelli tried to defend Maxie, but Dante warned Spinelli to be quiet. Lulu felt betrayed that Maxie hadn't told Lulu about the miscarriage, so Maxie admitted that she had tried to tell Dante and Lulu, but the miscarriage had been "too fresh," and then Dante and Lulu had left to rescue Luke.

Dante resented Maxie trying to blame them, so Maxie tearfully apologized and assured them that it had not been her intention to put the blame on them. Dante insisted that Maxie had owed them the truth, but Maxie implored them to understand the difficult position that Maxie had been in.

"Screw your position," Lulu shouted. Lulu pointed out that Maxie had owed Dante and Lulu the truth, so Maxie countered that she had owed Dante and Lulu a child. Maxie admitted that she hadn't wanted Dante and Lulu to hate her or to look at her the way that they were at that moment.

Maxie explained that she had gone to Dr. Westbourne to request that one of Dante and Lulu's two remaining frozen embryos be implanted, but Dante and Lulu were flabbergasted that Maxie thought that it would be okay to replace one child with another. Dante insisted that it was "messed up" to think that it wouldn't make a difference to Dante and Lulu. Spinelli quickly assured Dante and Lulu that Maxie hadn't gone through with it, so Lulu assumed that Britt had refused to do the procedure.

Maxie revealed that Britt had discovered that Maxie had already been pregnant with Spinelli's child. Lulu admitted that she had been upset that Maxie and Spinelli had had sex on New Year's Eve because Lulu had been afraid that it would disturb the implantation process, but in hindsight, Lulu realized that Dante and Lulu's dream had already died. Maxie tearfully admitted that she had been shocked by the news because she hadn't expected to get pregnant with Spinelli's baby.

Lulu pointed out that Maxie had had months to tell Dante and Lulu the truth. "How could you do that to us?" Lulu demanded. Maxie insisted that she had thought that she could make amends by giving them her child, but Dante argued that he and Lulu had signed up to have their own baby, not Maxie and Spinelli's child. Maxie claimed that she didn't think that it would matter to Dante and Lulu because they had been willing to adopt a child. Dante explained that it hadn't given Maxie the right to pass her baby off as theirs.

Maxie assured Dante and Lulu that she had wanted to tell them the truth every single day, but Lulu wasn't satisfied. Lulu pointed out that if they had known the truth about the miscarriage then Dante and Lulu could have started over with another surrogate.

Dante and Lulu were shocked that Spinelli had gone along with Maxie's deception. "There's something wrong with you," Dante added. Spinelli conceded that he had only recently found out about his daughter, but he admitted that he had agreed to keep Maxie's secret. Lulu argued that it hadn't been a secret because Brad, Britt, and possibly others had known. Lulu insisted that Maxie had to have known that the truth would eventually leak out, so Lulu was curious what Maxie had thought would happen.

Maxie tearfully reminded Lulu that Maxie and Spinelli had given their child to Dante and Lulu. "You are her parents," Maxie reiterated. Dante turned to Spinelli for an explanation. Spinelli quietly confessed that he had agreed to go along with Maxie's plan, but Dante wasn't satisfied. Dante insisted that parenthood was life-altering and that a parent would do anything to protect their child. Maxie tried to say something, but Dante cut her off because he was too incensed.

Dante insisted that a child was not interchangeable, so a person couldn't hand it over to avoid a conversation. Heartbroken, Lulu insisted that Maxie had done the unthinkable and accused Maxie of being a cruel human being. Spinelli tried to defend Maxie, but Dante was disgusted because Spinelli had been willing to let Maxie give Spinelli's own child away. Spinelli argued that it had been the only solution, but Lulu disagreed because they could have told the truth.

Maxie explained that she hadn't wanted to hurt Dante and Lulu. Lulu was curious how ripping Dante and Lulu's hearts from their chests was easier than telling the truth. "It was never supposed to come out," Maxie cried. Lulu wondered if Maxie had ever considered what might have happened if Connie had become ill and Dante and Lulu hadn't known about Connie's true medical history.

Lulu suddenly recalled Maxie being concerned about the possibility that something might have been wrong with Connie's heart. Lulu realized that she and Dante should have figured out the truth then and when Maxie had suggested that they name the baby Georgie. "She tried to breastfeed the baby, for God's sakes," Lulu added as all of the pieces fell into place.

Maxie promised Lulu that it hadn't been easy to give up her daughter, but she had done it because Lulu was her best friend and she loved Lulu. Lulu slapped Maxie. Maxie conceded that she had deserved it, but Lulu argued that Maxie deserved worse. Lulu ordered Maxie to never refer to Lulu as Maxie's best friend because Lulu was tired of hearing that Maxie had acted out of love; Maxie was too selfish to know what love was.

Maxie agreed that she was selfish, but she insisted that she cared about people. Lulu scoffed because Maxie hadn't cared enough to tell Lulu the truth. Lulu reminded Maxie that Maxie had offered to be Lulu's surrogate in part to get over losing Spinelli. Lulu then confessed that if Maxie had been honest from the beginning then Maxie and Lulu's friendship might have been stronger than ever. However, Maxie had trapped them all in her lie. Lulu made it clear that she never wanted to lay eyes on Maxie again and then marched out of the church with Dante. Afterwards, Spinelli held Maxie as she wept.

At Kelly's, Anna's eyes welled up with tears as she scrolled through pictures of Robin on the cell phone. Moments later, Duke walked up, so Anna quickly wiped away the tears and then greeted him before he noticed that she had been crying. Duke explained that he had slipped away from work at Crimson to grab a bite to eat, so Anna smiled as she confessed that she hadn't heard him leave their bed that morning. Duke explained that he had wanted to make a good impression on Derek by getting an early start.

Duke and Anna entered the diner and then sat down at a table as Duke confessed that working for Derek had been surprisingly easy. Duke admitted that it was as if Duke and Derek had worked together before. Duke's smile faded when he noticed how quiet Anna was, so he asked what was troubling her. Anna admitted that she wasn't good company because she had been thinking about her daughter.

Anna explained that she had had a talk with Patrick about letting go and moving forward, even though Anna had been "utterly" incapable of doing so herself. Duke was surprised when Anna mentioned that Patrick had still been wearing a wedding ring because Duke hadn't noticed it before. Anna revealed that Patrick hadn't either until someone had pointed it out to Patrick. Anna confided that Patrick hadn't been able to take it off because Patrick hadn't been able to commit to life without Robin.

Anna confessed that she had urged Patrick to let go of the past for Sabrina's sake, but Anna hadn't had the right to do that because Anna hadn't moved forward either. Anna's eyes filled with fresh tears as she explained that she thought about her daughter constantly and that there had been times when Anna would spot a dress in a department store and go to buy it for Robin, but then realize that her daughter would never wear it.

Anna realized that she had to accept that Robin was gone, but it was hard to believe that her daughter had died because a part of her felt as if Robin were alive and somewhere out in the world. Duke offered to take the rest of the day off to focus on Anna, but she rejected the idea because it was Duke's first day on the job, and she was swamped with work. Anna reminded him that she still had to track down Dr. Obrecht. "She needs to pay for the hell she caused, and I intend to make sure she does," Anna added.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas rushed to Britt's side when he spotted her unconscious on the floor. He gently tried to rouse her until she slowly opened her eyes. Britt appeared dazed as Nikolas asked her what had happened. Britt revealed that her mother had been there and then suddenly recalled that Liesl had been holding Ben. Britt frantically looked at the bassinette then around the room as she realized that her son was gone.

Frantic, Britt cried that Liesl had taken Ben, so Nikolas decided to call Anna for help. Britt ripped the phone out his hand and reminded him that Anna had been ready to throw her into jail when Britt had been days away from giving birth, so Britt doubted that Anna would help. Nikolas insisted that it was Anna's job, so he demanded that Britt hand over the phone.

After Britt returned the phone to Nikolas, Nikolas called Anna. He quickly informed Anna that Britt's son had been kidnapped, so Anna promised to issue an Amber Alert and then head to Wyndemere.

A short time later, Anna arrived accompanied by several police officers. Britt remained distraught about Ben's disappearance, so Anna asked Britt to walk her through what had happened. Britt explained that she had returned from the bathroom and had found her mother holding Ben. Anna was curious if Britt had known that Dr. Obrecht was in town, so Britt shook her head. Anna was curious why Britt hadn't called the police the moment that Britt had realized that an international criminal was on the premises.

Britt realized that Anna wasn't interested in helping, so Nikolas stepped in to point out that it was unlikely that Dr. Obrecht would have allowed Britt to make the phone call. Nikolas then encouraged Britt to continue recounting what had happened. Britt explained that her mother had said something about needing the baby but had refused to elaborate. According to Britt, that was when her mother had pushed Britt. Britt claimed that she had stumbled and had hit her head. Britt had managed to call Nikolas, but then had passed out.

Anna was curious if perhaps Dr. Obrecht's desire for the baby had something to do with Britt's attempt to pass the baby off as Patrick's son. Nikolas and Britt seemed offended by the question, so Anna pointed out that to her knowledge, there hadn't been a single incident when Britt hadn't been trying to work an angle with the baby. Britt assured Anna that nothing was going on with Ben, so Anna warned Britt that holding back could complicate the search for Ben.

At Crimson, Alexis entered Derek's office to ask for his help. Derek immediately noticed that Alexis seemed troubled, so he worried that something had happened to Danny. Alexis assured him that Danny was on the road to recovery, and he was expected to be discharged from the hospital the following day. Relieved, Derek asked what was on Alexis' mind. "Julian Jerome," Alexis answered.

Derek pretended not to recognize the name, so Alexis explained that Julian had been a mobster who had been part of a ruthless crime family that had once ruled Port Charles. Derek noticed that she had used the past tense, so she revealed that it was believed that Julian and his family were dead. Derek admitted that it was fascinating, but he had no idea what it had to do with him.

Alexis revealed that Shawn had mentioned Julian's name when she had talked to Shawn about the explosion near the piers. Derek tried to steer the conversation away from his true identity by asking why someone would want to blow up a shipment of coffee, but Alexis carefully explained that she couldn't discuss it. She then returned to the topic of Julian by reminding Derek that Julian had been Sam's father's name. Alexis admitted that she feared that Sam's father might be Julian Jerome.

Derek hid his unease behind a polite smile as he asked if Alexis had anything else to connect the two men. Alexis insisted that Julian was not a common name, so Derek argued that it wasn't an uncommon name either. Derek then pointed out that it didn't matter if Julian Jerome was Sam's father because the man was dead. Alexis explained that the possibility that Julian was Sam's father would gnaw at Alexis, so Alexis had to find out if it was true.

Derek was curious how he could help, so Alexis asked him to use his media connections to dig up information about Julian. Alexis realized that she was grasping at straws, but Derek promised to have his research department do some digging. Satisfied, Alexis agreed to take Derek out to dinner to thank him, because any information about Julian Jerome would be appreciated.

Duke appeared in the doorway in time to hear what Alexis had said, so Duke announced that he could answer Alexis' questions. Surprised, Alexis wondered if Duke had known Julian Jerome. Duke admitted that he had spent quite a bit of time with Julian, so Alexis asked if Julian had ever spent time in New Hampshire in Julian's youth. "Yes, he did," Duke answered without hesitation. Derek tensed as Duke added that Julian had bragged about attending Dartmouth College.

After Duke left, Derek assured Alexis that it didn't mean anything, but Alexis argued that Dartmouth College was in Hanover, New Hampshire. Derek suggested that it was just a coincidence and that it was unlikely that a mobster had actually attended an Ivy League college. "Have you seen The Godfather? Michael Corleone went to Dartmouth," Alexis replied. Derek pointed out that The Godfather was fiction, but Alexis remained troubled. "Oh, my God, did I have another kid with a mobster?" Alexis asked with horror.

At the Drake residence, Sabrina was curious what Patrick wanted to tell her about Robin. Patrick realized that they hadn't talked about Robin since Patrick and Sabrina had become romantically involved. Sabrina assured Patrick that it hadn't made her uncomfortable when he had talked about Robin. Patrick appreciated that. However, a big part of him hadn't been able to accept that Robin was gone.

Sabrina knew what it was like to lose a loved one because she still had difficult days when she missed her mother. Patrick insisted that Sabrina was too kind because he still wore his wedding ring a year and a half after Robin's tragic death. He admitted that a part of him had been clinging to the fantasy that Robin was still alive.

Sabrina feared that Carlos' comments had made the wedding ring an issue for Patrick. Patrick hadn't appreciated Carlos' delivery, but Carlos had made a good point by questioning how serious Patrick was about Sabrina. "How serious are you?" Sabrina quietly asked.

Patrick assured Sabrina that he loved her because she was beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, and kind. He felt like a hypocrite for holding onto the ring when he had urged Sam to stop using her grief for Jason as an excuse to keep from moving forward. Patrick regretted that he had sent Sabrina mixed signals because he was serious about her.

Sabrina confessed that a part of her had wondered if Robin would always be first in Patrick's heart because of the ring, so Patrick admitted that he had been waiting for the right time to take off the ring. Patrick admitted that a part of him would always love Robin, but he had to make the choice to let go and move forward. Patrick wanted to live in the present with Sabrina, so he slid the wedding ring off of his finger and then placed it into a small jewelry box alongside Robin's wedding ring. After Patrick closed the ring box, he reached for Sabrina and then kissed her.

On Cassadine Island, Jerry Jacks entered the laboratory where Robin was working hard to develop a serum to cure him of radiation poisoning. He hoped that she had made progress, but Robin glared at him and then spit in his face. Jerry was annoyed, but calmly reminded her of their deal; she could return home if she cured him.

Jerry announced that he had some incentive to encourage Robin to complete the task with the greatest possible speed and then held up a DVD. Robin was shocked when he revealed that the DVD was of the 2013 Nurses Ball. Robin recalled that there hadn't been any funding for the ball for years, so Jerry explained that Lucy Coe had raised the money to get the Nurses Ball off of the ground. Robin appeared skeptical, but Jerry assured her that it was true and then confessed that he had made an anonymous donation to cover the expenses.

Robin wondered why Jerry would do that, so he admitted that "on a global level" the vicious disease needed to be eradicated and on a personal note he had been worried about Robin's health. Robin pointed out that she was fine. "Thanks to me," Jerry replied. He reminded her that he had provided her with the cocktail she needed to keep her disease under control, but Robin argued that he just wanted her to stay alive long enough to develop a cure.

Jerry shifted gears to ask if Robin wanted to watch the DVD, so she reluctantly put it into the computer's disk drive. Jerry warned her that there was a male strip show and then revealed that Lucy had lost her clothes "because of Richard Simmons, of all people." Robin was surprised, so Jerry admitted that it had made the whole thing worth watching.

Jerry quickly fast-forwarded the DVD to Patrick's speech about the reason behind the Nurses Ball. Robin's eyes filled with tears as she watched her beloved husband. "I love you," she told Patrick. "Worth pushing yourself a little harder to get home, isn't it?" Jerry asked.

Robin ignored Jerry as an image of Duke and Anna appeared on the screen. Robin was stunned, so Jerry confirmed that Duke was indeed alive and had reunited with Anna. Robin realized that she really had had an encounter with Duke in the clinic. The DVD then showed Emma joining Patrick on stage. Robin's eyes once again welled up with tears as she looked at her daughter, who had grown since Robin had last seen her.

Robin was puzzled when she saw Sabrina on the stage because she didn't recognize her. Jerry revealed that Sabrina was the new woman in Patrick's life. Jerry warned Robin that Patrick and Sabrina's relationship was serious, so Robin needed to get home before it was too late. Robin's tears continued as she watched Emma ask Patrick asked if Robin was watching them. Sabrina stood next to Patrick as he assured his daughter that her mother was always watching.

After Jerry left the room, Robin made a vow. "I'm coming, Patrick. I swear it," Robin whispered with determination.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

At Metro Court, Carly approached Ava's hotel room and then faced the two security guards who had accompanied her. Carly explained that Ava was pretty "in a cheap sort of way," but a predator, so Carly instructed them not to go easy on Ava when they removed Ava from the premises. The men nodded, so Carly opened the door but froze when she realized that Ava was gone.

Furious, Carly ordered the security guards to find out if Ava had checked out. Franco suddenly rounded a corner and informed Carly that Ava was long gone. "No one here but me," Franco added with a smile. Carly angrily demanded to know what Franco was doing in the suite, prompting the security guards to step forward to escort Franco out of the room.

Franco quickly explained that he was in Ava's room as a favor to Carly because he had seen how upset Carly had been about Ava and Morgan's tryst. However, Franco reported that Ava had been gone when he had stopped by. Carly was furious that Ava had flown the coop with Morgan, so Carly called Morgan. Carly's frustration mounted when the call when to Morgan's voicemail message.

Franco advised Carly to relax, but Carly couldn't because she was certain that Morgan was avoiding her. Franco suggested that Morgan simply needed time, but Carly resented Franco trying to make her feel better. She decided that if she couldn't have the pleasure of tossing Ava out of the hotel then she would settle for the satisfaction of watching Franco kicked to the curb. The security guards reached for Franco's arms, but he shook the men off and asked Carly for a moment of her time.

Carly made it clear that she was through extending charity to Franco, so Franco explained that he would be able to pay her soon because he had returned to his artwork. Franco invited her to his hotel room to see his creations, so Carly reluctantly agreed.

A short time later, Franco led Carly into the suite and then handed her one of his paintings. Carly admitted that she wasn't impressed, so she suggested that he pack his things because she didn't foresee anyone buying the paintings scattered throughout the room. Franco accused Carly of not recognizing good art, but Carly insisted that the paintings were ugly. Franco explained that he was expecting a man named Sebastian Leeds who would prove Carly wrong. Carly recognized the name of the high-profile art dealer, but she doubted that the man would be impressed with Franco's pieces.

Franco explained that Sebastian was a fan of his work and had been one of the first people to take an interest in Franco's art. Franco smiled with satisfaction when he heard a knock at the door because he was confident that Sebastian would write him a big check. Moments later, Franco greeted his friend and then introduced Sebastian to Carly. Franco led Sebastian around the room to look at the various canvases and confided that Carly had slammed the pieces.

Franco was shocked when Sebastian agreed with Carly's assessment of the paintings. According to Sebastian, the paintings lacked an edge, sense of danger, and loneliness, so Sebastian refused put his reputation behind Franco's show. Sebastian suggested that Franco consider applying for a job as an art instructor at a community college. Carly smugly informed Franco to pack his bags, but Sebastian suddenly picked up a painting that Sebastian had deemed worthy of selling.

Franco was aghast when he realized that it was Heather's painting. Franco quickly explained that the painting was not for sale, but Sebastian insisted that the work of art was a "diamond in the rough." Sebastian promised to sell the paintings if Franco produced more like it.

After Sebastian left, Carly questioned why Franco seemed upset, so he explained that the painting lacked his heart and soul. Carly agreed because it hadn't scared her like his earlier works. He explained that the paintings that had made him famous had been a reflection of how he had seen the world at the time. Carly suggested that Franco paint a few more pieces like the one that Sebastian had liked, so that Franco would have the luxury of painting something that he was passionate about.

Carly noticed that she and Franco had had a close moment, so she abruptly stood up and announced that Franco's eviction had been delayed because he had sold a painting. She wished him luck and then left. Franco glared at Heather's painting and then marched to the phone to make an appointment with the Miscavige Institute for a visit with Heather.

In the hallway, Carly called Morgan, but the call went to voicemail. Carly implored Morgan to return her phone call because she was worried about him.

Meanwhile, Morgan helped Ava move into a new apartment. He was surprised that she had found one quickly, so she revealed that she'd had her eye on it for a while. Ava explained that she had decided to rent the apartment because she refused to give Carly the satisfaction of kicking her out of the hotel.

Later, Ava started taking measurements in preparation of furnishing the apartment. Morgan's cell phone rang, but he ignored it. Ava guessed that it had been Carly, so Morgan admitted that he wasn't in the mood to hear his mother yell. Ava confessed that Carly's reaction to their tryst had been entertaining, except for the outburst of violence. Morgan admitted that Carly's reaction hadn't held a candle to how Michael and Kiki had taken the news.

Ava's smile faded as she recalled the cruel things that her daughter had said. She admitted that she had never seen Kiki so angry. "So? Too bad for her," Morgan coldly replied. Morgan reminded Ava that Kiki had been the one who had left him for his brother. Morgan thought that Kiki was a hypocrite for accusing Ava of lying when Kiki had lied to him for months. According to Morgan, Kiki deserved what she got.

"She's nothing but a lying bitch who will sleep with anyone who comes along," Morgan spat. Ava grabbed Morgan's wrist and growled a warning. "Don't you dare talk that way about my daughter," Ava said. Morgan winced with pain as he asked Ava to take it easy because it was the wrist that Alice had broken. Ava promised that the break would be nothing compared to what she would do if he said one more word about Kiki.

Morgan assured Ava that he understood and then apologized, so Ava let go. Morgan rubbed his wrist. "Is it wrong that turned me on a little bit?" Morgan asked. "Shut up," Ava replied with disgust. She appreciated that Morgan had issues with Kiki, but Ava loved her daughter. Morgan confessed that he loved Kiki, too, which was why he was hurt. However, he agreed to drop the matter.

Satisfied, Ava turned to resume measuring the walls, but Morgan slipped his hands around her waist and then began to nuzzle her neck as he suggested that they order something to eat. Ava pulled out of his embrace and faced him to ask him what he was talking about. Morgan pointed out that they'd had an intense day, so he needed something to eat before they retired to the bedroom.

Ava made it clear that Morgan couldn't stay with her and reminded him that he was married to Kiki. "Not for long," Morgan argued. Ava realized that Morgan and Kiki's marriage was over, but Ava wanted a relationship with her daughter. Ava doubted that Kiki would be interested in mending their shattered relationship as long as Ava was involved with Morgan.

Morgan complained that he didn't have anywhere to go, so Ava reminded him that he had family that loved him. Morgan argued that Michael had stolen Kiki, Carly would always side with Josslyn and Michael, and that Dante was closer to Michael than to Morgan. Ava explained that there didn't have to be any sides, but Morgan reminded her that she had seen for herself how Sonny had betrayed and humiliated Morgan in front of everyone.

Ava was certain that Sonny regretted what had happened at the party, but Morgan didn't care because he didn't believe Sonny's excuse that it had been for Morgan's own good. Morgan claimed that Ava was the only person he had left, so he asked her if she really intended to put him out on the streets. Ava reminded Morgan that she was in love with Silas, so Morgan pointed out that he was in love with Kiki. Morgan kissed Ava and then admitted that he felt better when he was with her. Eventually, Ava succumbed to his advances, and the two made love.

Afterwards, Ava was ashamed that she and Morgan had had sex again. Morgan insisted that it had been amazing, and he was certain that Ava felt better. Morgan continued to shower Ava with kisses as he asked her to let him stay so that they didn't have to be alone and miserable. Ava was curious how long Morgan thought that they could keep it up. "Till it stops hurting," Morgan answered as he shoved Ava against the wall and then kissed her passionately.

At Michael's apartment, Kiki sat on the sofa as Michael entered the living room. Kiki ignored the pizza in front of her, and she told Michael that she needed to figure out where to live "now that my mother slept with my husband." Kiki confessed that she couldn't get the image of Ava and Morgan in bed together out of her head and then shifted gears as she suggested that she could ask Silas for a place to stay, but she didn't feel comfortable with the idea because she barely knew Silas.

Kiki realized that there was only one person she could ask. "Who?" Michael wondered. "Franco," she answered. Kiki explained that she didn't have a lot of options, but Michael had concerns about Franco's stability and sanity. Kiki insisted that Franco felt more like a father than Silas, but Michael argued that Franco wasn't her family, so he wanted her to stay away from the serial killer. Michael invited Kiki to move in with him, but Kiki feared that it would cause trouble with Michel's family because she was married to Morgan.

Michael suspected that his parents would be more concerned about Morgan and Ava's affair than Michael and Kiki's relationship. Kiki conceded that he had a point. Michael realized that Kiki had had a difficult couple of days, so she assured him that he had kept her sane, but she had reservations about moving in with him. Michael reminded Kiki that her marriage was over and that he and Kiki loved each other, so they shouldn't worry about how their actions would affect others.

Michael explained that having Kiki there felt right to him, so she confessed that she felt the same way. Michael once again asked her to move in, so she agreed. Relieved, Michael kissed her. Things quickly heated up, but Kiki pulled back to ask if Michael was certain that he wanted her to move in because they hadn't made love. Michael promised Kiki that he was sure.

Kiki was touched when Michael assured her that he would wait if she wasn't ready to make love. He offered to sleep on the sofa, so she could have the bed. Kiki wondered if that was really what he wanted. Michael confessed that he had ached for her for a long time, but he didn't want to rush her. Kiki kissed him and then let him know that she was ready to take their relationship further. Michael carried Kiki to the bedroom and made love to her.

Afterwards, Michael and Kiki were breathless as they snuggled under the covers. Kiki confessed that intimacy was more intense when a couple was in love and then asked if they could stay in bed forever to escape the mess of their lives. Michael promised her that they would face things together.

At the church, Maxie pulled away from Spinelli's embrace and then apologized for crying on his shoulder. She realized that she hadn't had a right to do so because of what she had put him through. Spinelli reminded Maxie that he had played a small part in the deception, but Maxie argued that she had lied to him for months. Spinelli changed the subject by reminding her that they had more important things to consider. Maxie was curious what he was talking about. "What do we do now?" Spinelli asked her.

Maxie insisted that she couldn't think about that because she was too upset about Dante and Lulu learning that Connie was Maxie and Spinelli's child. Maxie's heartbreak turned to disbelief and anger that a random stranger had exposed their secret because they had been reckless. Spinelli confessed that he couldn't believe that Maxie had thought that they would be able to pull off the deception in the first place.

Maxie argued that it would have worked, but she had been off her game. According to Maxie the first rule of lying was to "deny, deny, deny." She reminded Spinelli that Brad hadn't had any proof that Connie wasn't Dante and Lulu's biological child, but Spinelli argued that their expressions had told Dante and Lulu the truth. Maxie blamed Spinelli because he was genuinely honest, so she was frustrated that he hadn't reacted like a real godfather who had been falsely accused. Spinelli explained that they had been at a point where denials had been pointless, but Maxie wasn't satisfied because she had lost her best friend.

Maxie suggested that Spinelli's first instinct about her had been right. "I am bad news," Maxie quietly added. Spinelli disagreed; he claimed that she was tragically misguided. Maxie agreed to a point, but Spinelli argued that she had thought that she had been doing what was best for everyone. "However warped that thinking might seem to me," Spinelli added. Maxie explained that all she had wanted was to give Dante and Lulu the baby they had wanted, but instead, Maxie had taken one from them.

Maxie quietly confessed that Ellie had wanted to tell Spinelli the truth right away, but Maxie had stopped Ellie, which had ultimately destroyed Spinelli and Ellie's relationship. Spinelli pointed out that Maxie might have pressured Ellie, but Ellie had made her own choice. "As did I," Spinelli acknowledged. Maxie leaned her head on his shoulder as she realized that it didn't matter because Dante and Lulu knew the truth.

Spinelli agreed and then carefully suggested that Dante and Lulu wouldn't want to raise a child that wasn't Dante and Lulu's biological child. Maxie was curious if he believed that Dante and Lulu wouldn't want to keep the baby. Spinelli admitted that he didn't know, but the life that Dante and Lulu had planned was with a child that Dante and Lulu had thought was theirs.

Maxie argued that she and Spinelli had decided that the baby didn't belong to them, but Spinelli insisted that the circumstances had changed. Maxie was curious if he was suggesting that they raise the baby instead of Dante and Lulu. She warned him that Dante and Lulu would hate them more, but Spinelli confessed that it had felt wrong during the christening when he had agreed to help Dante and Lulu raise his daughter. Maxie admitted that it had been the same for her.

Maxie revealed that when she looked at their daughter, she felt as if the baby knew that Maxie belonged to her. Spinelli explained that their daughter was a miracle and that he loved her, so he wanted to raise his daughter. "We can't do that, can we?" Maxie asked.

At the loft, Olivia was rocking the baby in her arms when Dante and Lulu arrived home. Lulu quickly took Connie from Olivia and held the baby close as Dante told his mother that Brad had told the truth; the baby was Maxie and Spinelli's daughter.

Stunned, Olivia tried to make sense of it all, so Dante explained that Maxie had miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby when Maxie had tripped over the dog. Dante admitted that they had thought that everything was fine, but Lulu argued that they hadn't realized that Maxie had gotten pregnant by the Jackal. Olivia suddenly realized that the puppy in her visions hadn't been a wolf pup, but a jackal pup. Olivia's visions about the dog and Maxie stabbing Lulu in the back finally made sense, but Dante didn't want to talk about the visions.

Lulu insisted that Dante had been right about Maxie; Maxie was a "selfish bitch" who shouldn't have been trusted to carry their baby. Dante gently reminded Lulu that they needed to decide what to do, but Lulu disagreed. "Nothing's changed," Lulu told him and then made it clear that she would not hand Connie over to Maxie and Spinelli.

Later, Dante and Olivia hovered over the crib as they watched Connie. Dante's eyes were filled with tears as he confessed that he had fallen in love with the baby. Olivia conceded that Maxie had done a horrible thing, but in the end, Connie was Maxie and Spinelli's daughter. "Does Lulu really think that she can keep a baby that doesn't belong to her?" Olivia asked, unaware that Lulu stood nearby.

Olivia feared that the longer that Dante and Lulu held on to the baby, the harder it would be to let Connie go. However, Olivia promised to support whatever Dante and Lulu decided. She urged Dante to talk to his wife and then left.

Later, Lulu confessed that she had overheard what Olivia had said. Lulu insisted that Olivia had been wrong; Connie was their child. "No one's taking her from us," Lulu vowed. Dante's expression clouded with concern as he held his weeping wife.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

At the hospital, Spinelli bumped into Ellie. She noticed that he seemed troubled, so he told her that the christening had been an "unmitigated" disaster. Ellie felt bad for Spinelli because she knew that it had been difficult to give up his daughter and more painful to settle for being the baby's godfather. Spinelli admitted that it had been bad, but nothing compared to when Brad had arrived and told Dante and Lulu that the baby was Spinelli and Maxie's biological child.

Shocked, Ellie quickly assured Spinelli that she hadn't told Brad about the baby, so Spinelli assured Ellie that he believed her because Brad had overheard Spinelli and Maxie talking about the secret. Ellie wondered what Brad's motive had been but then suddenly recalled what Brad had said to her. She revealed that Brad had mentioned wanting to prove that he could do the right thing. "Clearly, he thought razing Dante and Lulu's life to the ground was the right thing to do," Spinelli replied with disgust.

Ellie quietly suggested that perhaps it had been. She rushed to explain that there wasn't any reason to continue to protect Dante and Lulu because they knew the truth about the baby. "It's time you do what you wanted to all along. Claim your daughter; be a father to her," Ellie added.

Spinelli questioned if that was the right thing to do, but Ellie argued that the baby was Spinelli's daughter, so it was inevitable that she would be returned to Spinelli and Maxie. Spinelli conceded that he loved his daughter and wanted her back. He was certain that Maxie felt the same way.

At Kelly's, Mac and Felicia joined Sabrina, Patrick, and Emma for breakfast. Mac was curious if Emma had picked a costume for Halloween, but Emma confessed that she hadn't decided what she wanted to go trick-or-treating as. Felicia slid a ring off of her finger and then extended it to Emma as she suggested that Emma consider going as an Aztec princess. Emma's smile faded when she realized that the ring was too big, so Sabrina assured Emma that the ring could be resized.

Emma ran over to Felicia to hug and thank Felicia. Emma turned to her father, but noticed that he wasn't wearing his wedding band. Patrick gently explained that he had worn it to remember Robin, but he had put it in a safe place because he didn't need it anymore. Patrick admitted that he saw Robin whenever he looked at Emma and that Robin would always remain in their hearts.

Outside, Maxie stared at a picture of her daughter on her cell phone and then entered the diner. She saw her family gathered around a table, so she approached them. They warmly greeted Maxie and explained that they had been remembering Robin. Maxie smiled nervously and asked to speak privately to her parents.

After Mac and Felicia followed Maxie outside, Patrick and Sabrina stepped away from the table. Sabrina worried that she had pressured Patrick into taking off the wedding ring, but he assured her that it had been the right thing to do. He had realized that he could honor his late wife and still move forward, so it had been his decision.

Patrick was curious if Sabrina had heard from Carlos, so she revealed that Carlos had called her several times, but she had ignored the calls. She suspected that Carlos had gotten the message that she was happily taken because the calls had stopped. Moments later, a delivery person entered with a bouquet of flowers and a card for Sabrina.

Outside, Felicia wondered why Maxie wasn't at her daily appointment with Kevin. Maxie confessed that she didn't need the sessions anymore because the baby that she had given birth to was not Dante and Lulu's biological daughter. Mac and Felicia were shocked when Maxie revealed that she had miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby and then had gotten pregnant with Spinelli's child.

Felicia recovered first and smiled with joy when she realized that she had a granddaughter. Mac felt terrible that Maxie hadn't been able to talk to anyone about it, so Maxie admitted that one person had known. Felicia was furious when Maxie confessed that she had shared her secret with Frisco and that he had agreed to keep quiet. "Oh, that jackass," Felicia growled and then accused Frisco of enabling Maxie rather than helping her.

Mac agreed that Felicia had a point, but he reminded his wife that being angry at Frisco wouldn't help the situation. Maxie defended Frisco by taking full responsibility for the lie. According to Maxie, Frisco had simply respected her choice.

Mac and Felicia assumed that Maxie intended to claim her daughter, but Maxie explained that she couldn't do that because she had made a promise to Dante and Lulu. Felicia argued that Maxie had done her best to give her friends a baby, but it wouldn't be right for Maxie to let her daughter go when it wasn't what Maxie wanted. Maxie worried about Dante and Lulu, but Mac was certain that they were preparing themselves to return the baby to Maxie.

At the loft, Dante woke up and immediately looked around when he noticed that Lulu wasn't in bed. He saw her sitting by the crib, so he quietly called out to her. She looked up and smiled then admitted that she had been watching Connie sleep. Lulu made her way to the bed as she explained that she had kept waking up from a disturbing dream about being handed a bundle that turned out to be blankets because Lulu couldn't have a baby.

Dante held his wife as they talked about their baby that Maxie had miscarried. Dante gently reminded Lulu that as much as they loved Connie, the baby was Spinelli and Maxie's biological child. Lulu asked if Dante loved Connie less because she didn't have their DNA. "No, God no," he assured her and promised her that Connie owned his heart. Satisfied, Lulu admitted that Brad's announcement hadn't changed her feelings for Connie either. Lulu reminded Dante that Spinelli and Maxie had wanted Dante and Lulu to keep Connie, so that was what Lulu intended to do.

Later, Dante quietly suggested that perhaps Spinelli and Maxie had been feeling guilty when they had insisted that Dante and Lulu keep the baby. He suspected that Spinelli and Maxie would have a change of heart once they'd had a chance to think things over. Lulu argued that Spinelli and Maxie had had time to think things over, but Dante thought that they should be prepared because he suspected that Spinelli and Maxie had grown attached to the baby.

Lulu reminded Dante that Spinelli and Maxie had been prepared to let them raise the baby, but Dante was certain that Spinelli and Maxie had wanted to spare Dante and Lulu the pain of learning the truth. Lulu argued that Maxie lacked a backbone and felt guilty for lying to them, but she agreed that they should make certain that Maxie couldn't get her hands on the baby.

In Anna's office, Anna looked at a file on Liesl Obrecht and then picked up the phone to call Frisco Jones.

After Anna wrapped up the call with Frisco, Nikolas and Britt entered the office, so Anna flipped the file on her desk closed before Britt saw it. Britt was too worried about the search for her son to notice. Anna admitted that they had a lead, so Britt asked if her son had been found. Anna explained that they had learned that Dr. Obrecht had taken a boat from Spoon Island to the mainland and then had taken a car to a private airstrip and had left town. Britt began to cry when she realized that Ben had been spirited out of town on a plane.

Nikolas asked what the plane's destination had been, so Anna revealed that the flight plan had mysteriously disappeared, which indicated that someone powerful had aided Dr. Obrecht. Anna was curious if Dr. Obrecht had mentioned an associate, but Britt shook her head. Britt carefully hid her reaction when Anna mentioned that Cesar Faison might have helped Liesl Obrecht, but Faison remained in prison and hadn't had any visitors or phone calls in months.

Nikolas wondered if there was anything that they could do. Anna was curious if Britt had notified Ben's father about the abduction. Britt explained that Ben's father had merely been a sperm donor and that he didn't have any money, so her mother was unlikely to reach out to him. Nikolas promised that they would do whatever was necessary to help, but Britt was frustrated that she was expected sit around waiting. Anna assured Britt that she knew what Britt was going through, but Britt doubted it.

Anna revealed that her own daughter, Robin, had once been kidnapped when Robin had been very young. Anna recalled the heartache and pain she had experienced while Robin had been missing. Nikolas revealed that Robin had once told him that Robin had had complete faith that Anna would find her. Anna assured Britt that there was reason to hope and promised that Ben would be returned safe and sound to Britt.

Nikolas led a weeping Britt out of Anna's office, but stopped in the hallway to try to comfort her. Britt feared that she wouldn't get her son back, but Nikolas promised she would be reunited with Ben. He then hugged her.

In the laboratory on Cassadine Island, Robin fast-forwarded the DVD to pause it on images of Maxie and Anna. She then spoke into her recorder as she explained that Jerry would die if the next trial failed. Robin had no idea what would become of her, but she noted that Jerry had been holding her hostage for 289 days. She admitted that the little girl inside of her kept hoping for her mother to rescue her. Robin realized that it was silly because Anna wasn't a god, but she had always seen her mother as a superhero, so she expected Anna to burst through the door at any moment.

Robin realized that some people became accustomed to imprisonment, but time hadn't dulled her ache for her loved ones. She confessed that she constantly wondered what they were doing and if they thought about her. Robin was particularly concerned if Emma remembered her. Robin's eyes strayed to the screen and froze the DVD on an image of Patrick holding Emma.

Jerry suddenly entered the laboratory and quickly turned off the DVD. He reminded Robin that she was there to work, so Robin assured him that she had been working all day. Jerry explained that he had given Robin the DVD as an incentive not a distraction. He warned her that if he died then she would be lost to her family forever.

Robin insisted that the cure would take time to develop, but Jerry made it clear that it was a luxury that they didn't have. He insisted that she would join him in death if she failed. Robin was curious what guarantee she had that he would uphold his promise if she provided him with the cure. "My word," Jerry assured her. Robin reminded Jerry that he had nearly killed her before, so she didn't trust him.

Jerry explained that the shooting during the hostage crisis had been a means to an end. According to Jerry, he had been careful about the placement of the bullet when he had shot her, so he had given her a reasonable chance at survival. Robin wanted assurance that Jerry would let her go when she gave him the cure, but Jerry insisted that she would have to settle for his word.

Jerry ordered Robin to get back to work and then left. Robin resumed watching the DVD and was stunned when she saw Britt inform Patrick that Britt was pregnant with his child.

In the outer room, Jerry stopped short when Liesl Obrecht entered. Liesl smiled and greeted Jerry, but he demanded to know what she was doing with a baby. Liesl introduced her grandson, "Cesar," and explained that she had liberated the baby because her daughter's plans for Cesar had been "inadequate."

Jerry was livid that Liesl had risked everything by going to Port Charles to kidnap her grandson. He warned her that her daughter would not rest until the baby was found, which meant that Anna and the WSB would be alerted and track Liesl to the island. Liesl assured him that she had been deceiving more powerful women than Anna since Jerry had been in "nappies."

Jerry was not appeased. Jerry was curious if Liesl had ever heard of Skype, but Liesl argued that "little Cesar" had required more than a few digital images of his grandmother. Liesl announced that she needed a babysitter for her grandson, so Jerry made it clear that he would not do it. Liesl chuckled as she conceded that Jerry was many things, but not paternal.

Liesl revealed that she had another idea. Jerry objected when she filled him in on her plans, but Liesl reminded him that she had been the one to hand Robin to him, so she could take Robin away. Jerry dared Liesl to try. Liesl refused to back down, so Jerry stepped aside.

In the laboratory, Robin was surprised when Dr. Obrecht walked in pushing a pram. Liesl invited Robin to call her Liesl, but Robin wanted to know why Dr. Obrecht was there. Liesl revealed that she wanted Robin to take care of the baby, but Robin refused to babysit. Liesl was surprised because she thought that Robin would appreciate having a roommate.

Robin was stunned when Liesl revealed that the baby was her daughter, Britta's, son and that the father was Patrick. Robin refused to believe it, but Liesl assured Robin that it was true. Liesl claimed that Britt and Patrick had been a good match, but Patrick had moved on to Sabrina. "Patrick had a child with another woman?" Robin asked.

Robin insisted that it didn't make sense, but Liesl chuckled because Patrick hadn't been known for his fidelity and then gloated that her daughter was "very, very attractive." Robin wondered if Dr. Obrecht had helped Britt and if Britt had been involved in Robin's kidnapping. Dr. Obrecht explained that if Robin knew Britt then Robin would know what an absurd question that had been.

Friday, October 4, 2013

At the hospital, Sabrina bumped into Patrick and mentioned Britt's son's kidnapping. Sabrina felt terrible for Britt, so Patrick admitted that there was no telling what would happen to the baby because Dr. Obrecht was a psychopath. Sabrina doubted that Dr. Obrecht would hurt her own grandson, but Patrick reminded Sabrina of the horrible things that Britt's mother had done.

Moments later, a nurse walked up to ask Patrick and Sabrina what the special occasion was. Patrick and Sabrina appeared puzzled, so the nurse revealed that Sabrina had received a bouquet of flowers.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina looked at the card that had accompanied the bouquet of red roses. Patrick guessed that the flowers were from Carlos, so Sabrina confirmed that they were. She read the card aloud. It declared that Carlos would not give up on Sabrina because she was the only woman in his heart, unlike Patrick who couldn't say the same. Sabrina apologized and assured Patrick that she would make certain that Carlos left her alone.

After Sabrina left, Sam walked up to talk to Patrick. Patrick congratulated Sam because he had heard that Danny had been discharged. Sam smiled as she admitted that it had been ages since her life had felt normal. She thanked Patrick for helping her by patiently talking to her and making her feel strong. Patrick insisted that Sam was strong, but Sam waved the compliment away and asked if there was anything that she could do for Patrick.

Patrick assured Sam that it wasn't necessary, but Sam wanted to show her appreciation. Patrick told Sam that Danny's recovery was more than enough, but Sam was certain that there had to be something that she could do. Patrick glanced at the discarded bouquet of red roses on the counter and then jokingly suggested that perhaps Sam could help get rid of Carlos Rivera.

Sam was curious who Carlos was, so Patrick explained that Carlos was Sabrina's ex-boyfriend from Puerto Rico. Patrick quickly filled her in on Carlos' desire to win Sabrina back and his accusation that Patrick had been wearing the wedding band because Patrick wasn't over Robin. Sam had noticed that he had been wearing his wedding ring, so she had suspected that Patrick hadn't been as ready to move forward as he had hoped.

Sam was curious why Patrick had taken the ring off, so he revealed that it hadn't been fair to Sabrina. Sam suggested that perhaps he hadn't been fair to Robin either. She reminded him that he had told her that Jason would want Sam to be happy and to find love again. Sam was certain that Patrick had been right, but she was also certain that Robin would want the same for Patrick. Sam explained that Robin wouldn't have wanted him to wear the ring to keep him tied to the memories and the loss of his wife.

Patrick admitted that Sam was a very astute woman. Sam smiled and then reminded him that he had encouraged her to let go of Jason and to find happiness. She revealed that she had gone out on a date with Silas, which had been a disaster, but it had given her hope. She appreciated that it was hard to move on, but she urged Patrick to follow his own advice.

Patrick handed Sam the bouquet of flowers to thank her for the talk, but Sam smiled because she suspected that it was really Patrick's way of getting rid of Carlos. Patrick returned the smile and confessed that she was right. However, he also wanted Sam to have the flowers because she deserved them. Sam thanked Patrick and then left.

Moments later, Patrick appeared sad as he thought about his wedding to Robin and the vows that they had exchanged.

At Crimson, Julian looked at a newspaper clipping that had a picture of him during his youth, before he'd had plastic surgery to change his appearance. Moments later, Carlos entered the office, so Julian confessed that Carlos had been right to warn Julian that Julian had been playing a dangerous game. Julian explained that Alexis was beginning to figure out, thanks to Duke Lavery, that Julian Jerome was the boy who had gotten her pregnant as a teenager.

Carlos reminded Julian that everyone thought that Julian was dead, so they had no idea that Derek was Julian. Derek insisted that Alexis was extremely intelligent and a brilliant attorney, so she would keep digging until she discovered that the rumors of Julian's death had been greatly exaggerated. Julian warned Carlos that it would change everything for both of them.

Carlos promised to handle whatever happened. Julian smiled because he was impressed by how confident Carlos had sounded. Carlos pointed out that they had known that there would be a risk that Julian's identity would be exposed when Julian had hired Duke. Julian revealed that he had hired Duke for the sheer pleasure of seeing Duke's expression when Duke learned that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome. However, Julian wasn't ready for the truth to be known; he wanted the truth to be revealed on his, not Duke and Alexis', terms.

"This has to stay between us until I'm ready for Julian Jerome to come back from the dead," Julian told Carlos as Sabrina suddenly appeared in the doorway. It quickly became clear that Sabrina had not overheard the revealing information, so Carlos relaxed and introduced Sabrina to Derek Wells. Sabrina smiled politely until Carlos claimed that Sabrina was the light of his life.

Carlos pulled Sabrina aside to ask her if she had received his flowers and cards, so Sabrina held up the cards, ripped them, and then ordered Carlos to "back the hell off." Carlos smiled calmly because she had gone out of her way to see him. She explained that she had wanted to make it clear to him that he had to leave her alone.

Carlos suggested that he and Sabrina go somewhere more private to talk, so they wouldn't disturb Derek. Derek assured Carlos and Sabrina that it wasn't necessary because Derek had to leave. Sabrina apologized for making a scene in his office, but Derek assured her that it was fine. However, Derek suggested that she not be too hard on Carlos because she wouldn't meet a more devoted and loyal man.

After Derek left, Carlos assured Sabrina that Derek had been right. He insisted that he loved Sabrina more than Patrick ever could because Patrick's heart belonged to Patrick's wife. Frustrated, Sabrina reminded Carlos that he didn't know Patrick or Robin, so Carlos didn't have any right to talk about Patrick and Robin. She then informed Carlos that Patrick had taken his wedding ring off.

Carlos laughed and questioned Patrick's timing. Sabrina assured Carlos that Patrick hadn't done it because of what Carlos had said, but Carlos didn't believe her. He suspected that Patrick had felt threatened, but Sabrina argued that there was nothing between her and Carlos. Sabrina explained that Patrick loved her and that Patrick wanted to share his future with her. Carlos was curious who Sabrina was trying to convince, him or herself.

Sabrina resented Carlos always twisting her words. She ordered him to leave her alone and then made it clear that she didn't love him. Carlos countered that she was the love of his life, but Patrick couldn't say the same. Frustrated, Sabrina turned to leave, so Carlos vowed that he would be waiting for her when Patrick broke her heart.

At the hospital, Derek encountered Sam at the elevator. He explained that he had stopped by because he had heard the good news about Danny going home. Derek was curious if Alexis was with Danny, so Sam revealed that she hadn't seen her mother all day. According to Sam, Alexis had had something to take care of, but Sam had no idea what it was. However, Sam had sensed that it had been important.

At Kelly's, Alexis joined Duke at a table. She thanked him for taking the time to meet her, so Duke assured Alexis that he was happy to help her in any way that he could. She was surprised when he revealed that he had something for her. Alexis hoped that it was an answer to her question about Julian Jerome. She explained that she wanted to know who Sam's father was, but at the same time she didn't want to discover that she had procreated with another mobster.

Alexis feared that Sam's father was Julian Jerome because there were too many coincidences that pointed to the possibility. Duke pulled out a picture of Julian Jerome from his jacket pocket and handed it to Alexis with an explanation that the picture had been taken of Julian when Duke had known him. Alexis studied the picture but confessed that she couldn't tell if the man in the picture had been the boy that she had met in the bar the night that Sam had been conceived.

Alexis wished that there was a way to prove whether or not Julian Jerome was Sam's father, so Duke suggested that a DNA test might answer her question. Alexis reminded Duke that Julian was dead, so Duke revealed that Julian had a son.

Duke explained that a woman named Cheryl Stansbury had gotten pregnant with Julian's child and that the boy's name was Lucas Jones. Alexis recognized Bobbie Jones's son's name, so she clarified that Tony Jones was Lucas' father. Duke revealed that Bobbie and Tony had quietly adopted Lucas and that Julian hadn't known about the child. Duke pointed out that a DNA test could determine if Sam and Lucas were siblings, which would mean that Julian Jerome was Sam's father.

In the laboratory on Cassadine Island, Robin held Ben as she confessed that she and Patrick had talked about having another baby one day. "But now he has you...with someone else," Robin added with a touch sadness in her tone.

Liesl Obrecht entered the room and cooed to her grandson in German as she took the baby from Robin. Robin's attitude towards Liesl was cold, so Liesl warned Robin that Robin's hostility might affect the baby. Robin demanded to know what Liesl was doing with Patrick's son. Liesl warned Robin that Robin wasn't in a position to ask, so she suggested that Robin simply be grateful that Liesl hadn't killed her.

Robin pointed out that the only reason that Robin was still alive was because Robert had stopped Liesl from injecting Robin with the deadly propofol. Liesl conceded that Robert's timing had been unfortunate, but Robin made it clear that Liesl had only gained the upper hand because Robert had been shocked when he had seen Robin. Liesl shrugged and insisted that everything had worked out, but Robin vehemently disagreed.

Liesl warned Robin that Jerry Jacks was the only reason that Robin was still breathing. Robin was certain that Robert would wake up and tell Anna that Robin was alive, but Liesl doubted that Robert would remember the moments prior to slipping into a coma. Liesl informed Robin that Robin's only hope for freedom was to formulate Jerry's cure.

Robin refused to do anything until Liesl explained what Patrick's son was doing there. Liesl told her that the baby was important, even if Patrick wasn't. Robin didn't believe that the baby was Patrick's son because Robin couldn't imagine Patrick allowing Liesl to take the baby. Liesl laughed and admitted that she hadn't asked for Patrick's permission. Robin realized that Liesl had kidnapped the baby, so Robin worried about Patrick.

Liesl assured Robin that Sabrina would comfort Patrick. Robin was curious if Sabrina was the woman that Jerry had claimed had replaced Robin. Liesl nodded and then confessed that she had admired Sabrina's single-minded focus in pursing Patrick. Liesl pointed out that Sabrina wasn't Patrick's professional equal or a beauty, but Sabrina had managed to worm her way into Patrick's heart.

Liesl revealed that Britt was a doctor, too, but Britt was weak and principled, so Britt hadn't been a match for Sabrina. Robin was curious what Sabrina had done, so Liesl claimed that Sabrina had stalked Patrick and had used every opportunity to get close to him.

Liesl appreciated that it was a bitter pill for Robin to swallow and admitted that Robin had her sympathy. Robin didn't believe Liesl, but Liesl assured Robin that Liesl knew what it was like to have a rival. Liesl advised Robin to do what was most expedient to eliminate the competition and then confided that she had tried to remove her own rival, but had nearly killed the woman's boyfriend instead.

Robin revealed that she had left Patrick a message urging him to move forward and to find love again. Liesl appeared skeptical and continued to prey on Robin's hurt by suggesting that Sabrina had gotten to Patrick by using Robin's memory and getting close to Emma. According to Liesl, Sabrina had gleaned the information about the Nurses Ball from Emma and had used the event to reel Patrick in.

Liesl warned Robin that Robin didn't have a family to go home to because Sabrina had stolen Patrick and Emma. Robin blamed Liesl for everything because Liesl had allowed Patrick to believe that Robin had died. Liesl pointed out that it didn't matter because Robin would die if Robin failed to cure Jerry. Robin felt sorry for Liesl's daughter because no one deserved a mother like the diabolical doctor.

Liesl noticed that the baby had fallen asleep, so she announced that she had to leave. Robin wanted to know where Liesl was going. "To see someone I love as much as you love Patrick," Liesl answered. Robin went over to the microscope as Liesl started to leave. "Oh, my God," Robin suddenly said. Robin claimed that she might have discovered the key to saving Jerry.

Robin asked Liesl to take a look at the slide because Robin wanted a second opinion, so Liesl agreed. However, Liesl frowned when she failed to see what Robin had been talking about. Robin picked up heavy beaker and then smashed it over Liesl's head. Liesl fell to the ground, unconscious, so Robin vowed to return home to Port Charles and her family.

Elsewhere in the Cassadine stronghold, Jerry looked at his cell phone as a henchman walked up with a tray of food. The guard assumed that Anna Donely had contacted Jerry, so Jerry revealed that Anna wanted more elixir for Sean. Jerry admitted that he wasn't inclined to help Anna because it was Anna's fault that Luke had ended up on Cassadine Island. Jerry put the phone away and then took the tray from the henchman.

Jerry noted that Luke hadn't died yet, so he set the tray of food down and then sprinkled ice water on Luke's face to wake Luke up. Luke slowly opened his eyes and tried to sit up, but he was too weak. Jerry greeted Luke and then moved the tray of food to the bed. Luke immediately recognized the "Cassadine hellhole."

Jerry conceded that the stronghold lacked amenities, but the atmosphere made up for it. Luke hadn't expected to wake up, so he was curious why Jerry hadn't killed him. Jerry confessed that he hadn't seen the point of wasting a bullet when the polonium poisoning was doing an effective job. Luke asked Jerry to let the guard take Luke somewhere to die, but Jerry refused.

Jerry suspected that the illness had made him soft because he had decided to make Luke comfortable until the end. Luke saw through the lie and demanded to know the real reason that Jerry wanted Luke to remain alive. Jerry smiled pleasantly as he confessed that he had decided to test the formula that the doctor was working on to make certain that the doctor wouldn't try to kill Jerry. Surprised, Luke was curious why Jerry's doctor would want to kill Jerry.

"She's just not that into me," Jerry answered. Jerry started to leave, but Luke was curious what Jerry would do if the doctor's intentions were deadly. Jerry explained that the doctor had too much to lose.

In Lucerne, Switzerland, Anna stood outside of Robert's room as she spoke to Duke on the phone. She explained that Holly had been called away to help Ethan, but Duke wanted to know if it was true that Robert was awake. Anna revealed that Mac was with Robert, so she didn't know exactly what was going on, but she promised to call Duke when she had an update and then ended the call.

Moments later, Mac stepped into the hallway to invite Anna into Robert's room. Anna entered cautiously, but stopped short in the doorway when she saw Robert sitting up in bed and smiling. "Hey, Sweetheart," Robert greeted Anna. Anna's face lit up with happiness as she approached the bed and hugged Robert.

Anna admitted that she had been praying for Robert to wake up, so Robert reminded her that he would have never stayed away for long. Mac told his brother that life hadn't been the same without Robert, so Robert asked how long he had been in a coma. Anna revealed that it had been almost a year, so Mac added that Anna had been working hard to put Dr. Obrecht behind bars.

Robert had no idea who Dr. Obrecht was, so Anna explained that the evil doctor had injected Robert with a near fatal dose of propofol. Robert became alarmed when Mac mentioned that Faison had been involved, so Anna quickly assured Robert that Faison had been captured.

Anna told Robert about the events that had led to Robert's encounter with Dr. Obrecht. Duke was stunned to learn that Duke Lavery had indeed been alive and had been held captive in the clinic. Anna was curious what Robert remembered, so he confessed that he recalled hearing voices from one of the rooms and had followed the sounds but he didn't recall what had happened after that.

Robert was desperate to remember, but Anna and Mac thought that Robert should get some rest. Robert had a sense that he needed to remember something important, so he begged Anna to help him recover the memory. Anna recalled that she had found Robert alone in a room with a syringe sticking out of his chest and muttering 'We have to find her,' but Anna hadn't known what he had meant.

Robert struggled to remember, but the memory remained elusive. Anna urged Robert to rest and promised that they would try again later. Mac decided to call Felicia with an update. Robert was pleasantly surprised when Mac revealed that Mac and Felicia were married, so he congratulated his brother.

After Mac left, Robert closed his eyes to sleep, so Anna quietly made her way to the door. Robert suddenly recalled bursting into a room and finding Dr. Obrecht looming over Robin who had been tied to the bed. "Oh, my God," Robert said as his eyes snapped open. Anna rushed to his side when she heard the urgency in his voice. Robert told Anna that Dr. Obrecht had their daughter.

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