General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 7, 2013 on GH

Tracy confronted Jerry with a gun. Robert emerged from the coma and told Anna that Robin was alive. Britt confessed to Nikolas that Faison was her father. Obrecht wore an Anna mask to gain access to her jailed lover. Robin found Jerry's cell phone.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 7, 2013 on GH
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Derek went looking for Ava, but a hotel maintenance worker told him that Ava had left without a forwarding address when she had abruptly departed the Metro Court with a young man in tow. Derek called Ava and told her that he would track her down.

Shawn and Sonny were discussing how to handle the sabotaged shipment when Carly barged into Sonny's restaurant office. Sonny said he was conducting important business, but Carly said that they had a family emergency that was more important than business. Shawn left them alone. Carly asked if Sonny was taking his meds. Sonny assured her that he was and added that Carly would be able to tell if he was not. Sonny asked about the family problem.

Carly explained that Morgan was in serious trouble. Sonny said that Morgan was mad at him because of Sonny's illness-related actions at Morgan's wedding reception. Sonny said that Morgan was not returning Sonny's calls because Morgan thought that Sonny loved Michael more than Sonny loved Morgan. Carly told Sonny not to feel guilty because both she and Sonny knew that they loved their children equally.

Carly said that Morgan was in trouble not only because he believed that it was okay to lie and to marry Kiki under false pretenses, but because Morgan was sleeping with Ava Jerome. Carly believed that Ava had taken advantage of Morgan. She worried that Morgan would be hurt again if Ava got her claws into Morgan.

Sonny said he would find Ava. Carly said that they had to handle the situation with Morgan carefully, because if they tried to separate him from Ava forcefully, Morgan would stay with her to spite them. Sonny said that he understood that Morgan would have to make the decision about Ava on his own. Carly left to look for Ava.

Shawn reported back that nothing new had turned up but that his men on the street had their ears to the ground. Sonny asked Shawn to find Ava for him.

Morgan put the moves on Ava in her empty new apartment. Ava was reluctant. She told Morgan that Carly would be angry. Ava jumped when she heard a loud knock on her door. Morgan answered it and found moving men delivering Ava's furniture from New York. Morgan directed the placement of the furniture. As they left, one of the moving men referred to Morgan as Ava's son.

When Morgan tried to embrace Ava, she pointed out that Morgan was younger than her daughter. Morgan said that age was just a number. Ava resisted Morgan's advances, but Morgan said that they had their own private world and asked Ava why they should be miserable when they could make each other feel so good. Ava relented, and they made love on her sofa.

Afterwards, Ava was shocked by her own behavior, but Morgan said that they were not hurting anyone. Morgan told Ava to stop punishing herself because she deserved to be happy. Ava was touched. Morgan left to take a shower. Derek started pounding on the door. Ava let him in. Derek laughed at Ava and her "young" man. Derek told Ava not get distracted because they still had to take care of Sonny. Ava noticed that Morgan was standing in the doorway.

Morgan said he was sorry to interrupt but that he could not find the shampoo. While Ava looked for shampoo, Derek introduced himself as an art client. Derek recognized Morgan by name. Derek said that he knew Morgan because Connie had worked for Derek, and Derek had attended her funeral. When Derek asked how Sonny was doing, Morgan said that he did not care.

Ava found the shampoo, and Morgan went back to the shower. Derek joked that Ava had not been successful at getting Kiki married into the Corinthos clan, so Ava was shacking up with a Corinthos instead. As he left, Derek told Ava to keep up the good work.

Shawn returned as Sonny finished a phone call to Max advising Max that finding the family that was challenging him was the number one priority. Shawn had good news for Sonny. Shawn had found Ava Jerome.

Shortly after Derek returned to his suite at the Metro Court, Carly pounded on his door. When Derek opened it, Carly demanded to know the whereabouts of Ava Jerome.

When Morgan finished showering, he asked Ava if she had finished her conversation. Ava said that she and Derek had been talking about art. Morgan said that he could have sworn that Ava and Derek had been talking about his father and that Derek had said something about "taking care of Sonny." Morgan asked what that was all about.

A weakened Luke sparred verbally with Jerry until Jerry left the room. Once Jerry exited the bedroom, the guard left in the room with Luke was revealed to be Tracy in disguise. Luke was amazed, especially when Tracy said that Luke had called for her in one of Olivia's vision. Tracy noted that Luke had asked for "Spanks," not "Blaze," "English," or "Slim." Tracy said she was the Bonnie to Luke's Clyde, and she was there to rescue him. Tracy said that she had a boat standing by.

Luke said that he had to stay until Jerry's doctor developed the cure. Tracy snipped that Luke was being used as a guinea pig for a psychopath. Luke said that if he left without the cure, he was dead. Tracy said that she would sneak around and try to get to the doctor. Luke worried about her, but Tracy said she was resourceful and would not get caught.

Robin tricked Liesl, Dr. Obrecht, into looking at a microscope and then conked her on the head. Robin used Liesl's fingerprint to open the lab, grabbed Ben, and tried to escape, but Jerry stopped her. Jerry asked Robin how she expected to escape. Robin said she would activate the cryogenic chamber and freeze the cure if Jerry tried to stop her. Jerry said that it would also freeze Dr. Obrecht, and he did not think that Robin would kill another human. Jerry dared Robin to hit the switch. Robin did, but nothing happened.

Jerry joked that Robin was more ruthless that he had imagined and that her parents would be proud. He told her that the cryogenic chamber had been removed to create the lab. Dr. Obrecht awoke and was very angry. She wanted to kill Robin and finish the antidote, but Jerry intervened and said that Robin would finish the cure. Robin and Ben were forced to return to the lab. Jerry told Dr. Obrecht that the cure would soon be finished, and their association would be over. Tracy overheard.

Robin pounded on the lab door, demanding to be let out, but no one responded. Ben started crying. Robin apologized for frightening him and soothed Ben's anxieties. Once Ben fell asleep, Robin went back to work. Tracy returned to Luke and told him that she had not been able to get to the doctor. As Tracy checked her gun, she said that the cure would find them. Luke realized that Tracy was planning to ambush Jerry. Luke was smiling as he complimented Tracy for being full of surprises.

In the Swiss clinic where he was recovering, Robert told Anna that Robin was alive and being held by Dr. Obrecht. Anna thought that Robert was delusional and refused to take him seriously. Robert told Anna that Dr. Obrecht worked hand in hand with Faison, who was more than capable of faking Robin's death. Anna remembered that Faison had mentioned not being able to fool someone whom Anna had thought at the time might be Robin.

Anna quickly rejected that notion, but Robert insisted that if Anna found Dr. Obrecht, she would find Robin. Anna said that Dr. Obrecht had tried to kill Duke and had recently kidnapped a child. Robert said, "Our child." Robert advised Anna to get back on the doctor's trail before it went cold. Anna said that she had to see Faison. She made a phone call and an appointment. Robert said that he was going with her because Faison had a hold on Anna.

Anna said that she had nothing but contempt for Faison and could see him without Robert, who needed to rest and recover. Robert agreed not to tell anyone that Robin was alive until Anna and Robert had proof that Robin had not died in the lab fire.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In Franco's suite, Franco attempted to paint something similar to Heather's painting, but he quickly became frustrated because he couldn't tap into whatever had inspired Heather. Franco's anxiety mounted when Sebastian called to check on Franco's progress. Franco promised that he was hard at work and then quickly ended the call.

Moments later, Franco answered a knock at the door. It was Heather disguised in a red hat, sunglasses, and trench coat. Franco quickly hustled Heather into his suite before anyone saw her and asked her if she was crazy. Heather resented the term "crazy," so Franco adjusted his tone as he asked why she was there.

Heather doubted that Franco would have wanted the guards to listen in on their conversation, so she had decided to meet Franco in private to find out what he had wanted. He confessed that he needed Heather's help, so Heather assumed it had something to do with Carly. She readily offered to get rid of Carly for Franco, but he assured her that Carly was not the problem.

Franco revealed that he needed a series of paintings from Heather, so she agreed to help -- provided that he stayed away from Carly. Franco was curious what Heather had against Carly, so Heather reminded him that Carly had once tried to kill him. Franco dismissed the assassination attempt as a mistake and suggested that there was another side to Carly, but Heather argued that a scorpion only had one side. "If you're not careful, she'll lure you to your doom," Heather warned Franco. Franco opted to lie by assuring Heather that he had not seen Carly since the last time that Heather had dropped by for a visit.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Carly banged on Derek's door until he opened it. Carly peeled her eyes away from his shirtless chest and then demanded to know where Ava was because Carly intended to wring Ava's "scrawny" neck. Carly pushed her way past Derek, so he sarcastically muttered that he could take a shower later. Carly ignored the remark as she demanded to know where his art dealer was. Derek suggested that Carly check Ava's hotel suite, but Carly explained that Ava had left.

Derek was curious if Ava had checked out because Carly had barged into Ava's suite too. Carly made it clear that she owned the hotel, so she reserved the right to enter any of the guests' rooms. However, Carly was more concerned about locating Ava because Ava had slept with Carly's son, Morgan. Derek pointed out that Morgan was an adult, but Carly argued that a parent didn't stop worrying about their child regardless of their child's age.

According to Carly, Ava had taken advantage of Morgan's immaturity. She conceded that her son might legally be an adult, but he behaved like a twelve-year-old. Carly accused Ava of abusing Ava's position of trust as Morgan's mother-in-law, but Derek was more interested in knowing why Carly was so preoccupied with her son's life. "Is it because you're sleeping alone?" Derek asked.

Carly was taken aback by Derek's bold question, but Derek pointed out that he knew that she had recently ended things with the man that she had been arguing with on the piers. Derek confessed that he had doubted that Carly could have ever been truly satisfied with Felix because it was clear that Felix was gay, so Derek suspected that Carly's discontent was behind her fixation with her son's sex life. Carly claimed that she had no idea what Derek was talking about, but Derek simply asked her if she was seeing someone new.

Carly's thoughts drifted to her recent steamy kiss with Franco, but she ruthlessly pushed it aside and caught Derek off guard by inviting Derek out to dinner. After Derek recovered from his surprise, he questioned her motives. Carly recalled asking Spinelli to dig into Derek's background, but she carefully kept that to herself and claimed that Derek's observations had resonated. She also told him that she was a little lonely and would like to have dinner with someone who wasn't a family member. Derek smiled and agreed to meet her in the restaurant in twenty minutes.

In Franco's hotel room, Franco started to hustle Heather out of the door, but then quickly shoved her back into his suite when he spotted Carly rounding the corner. Franco slammed the door closed, but Carly had noticed the commotion, so she asked him who he was hiding in his room. Franco tried to deny that he had anyone in his suite, but Carly didn't believe him. She assumed that it was one of his groupies, so she announced that she didn't care because she had to get ready for her date with Derek Wells.

Franco tensed as Carly gushed that Derek Wells was an amazing man who was an upstanding member of society, unlike Franco. Carly then taunted Franco that she might find out just how "upstanding" Derek was if the evening went well.

After Carly flounced away, Franco entered his suite. Heather had overheard the exchange, so she suggested that Franco should consider himself fortunate because Carly had found someone who was as unworthy as Carly was.

Shortly after Heather left, Franco paid Derek a visit.

At Ava's penthouse, Morgan asked what Ava and Derek had been talking about because Morgan had overheard Sonny's name. Ava went on the offensive by informing Morgan that she resented Morgan eavesdropping on her private conversations. She threatened to toss Morgan out, but he assured her that it wouldn't happen again. However, he wanted an answer. Ava conceded that she and Derek had been talking about Sonny.

Ava explained that Derek owned the Port Charles Press newspaper, so Derek had asked for an off-the-record statement about Sonny's "setback." Morgan was disappointed when Ava assured Morgan that she had refused to give Derek any information. Morgan confessed that he would have gladly given Derek a statement and wouldn't have hidden behind anonymity because Morgan didn't care about his father.

Moments later, Sonny knocked on Ava's penthouse door. Ava offered to step out of the room to give Morgan and Sonny privacy, but Morgan rejected the idea. Morgan was filled with hostility as he opened the door. His mood didn't improve when Sonny ordered Morgan to collect Morgan's things so they could leave. Morgan made it clear that he wouldn't go anywhere with Sonny and then proceeded to blast his father for choosing Michael over Morgan.

Ava quietly slipped away, so Morgan and Sonny could hash things out, but the argument escalated as Morgan accused Sonny of betraying him. Sonny insisted that he shouldn't have agreed to keep Morgan's secret because it had been wrong to deceive Kiki, but Morgan wasn't satisfied. "You're just some guy who can't keep his word. My father is dead to me," Morgan shouted and then stormed out of the room.

Sonny turned to leave, but Ava returned to the living room and quietly told Sonny that she was sorry for the trouble between Sonny and Morgan. Sonny made it clear that he didn't trust Ava and that he regretted defending her to his family when they had warned him that Ava couldn't be trusted. Ava tried to explain that she hadn't meant to get involved with Morgan, but Sonny didn't care. She was stunned when Sonny made a few veiled threats and then revealed that he didn't need to go off of his medication to go to the dark place.

"I live in that dark place," Sonny whispered with menace as he leaned close to Ava. Ava was rattled when Sonny informed Ava that she had made an enemy of him and then warned her that she had a target on her back.

Morgan returned to the living room and demanded to know why Sonny was still in the penthouse. Sonny told Morgan that he loved Morgan, regardless what Morgan believed. However, Sonny conceded that Morgan was an adult, so Sonny couldn't protect Morgan from harm, but he advised Morgan to watch his back around Ava and then left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia leaned back in her chair when she saw Spinelli and Maxie walk in. "Well, well, well," Olivia coolly greeted Spinelli and Maxie. "If it isn't the Jackal himself and his trusty sidekick, the Backstabber," Olivia added. Olivia uttered a few more unkind remarks until Maxie admitted that it had been a bad idea to show up at the restaurant. Olivia snidely suggested that it hadn't been as bad of an idea as lying to Dante and Lulu and breaking the young couple's hearts.

Maxie agreed, but Spinelli felt compelled to point out that Maxie had had the best of intentions. Olivia scoffed and implored Maxie to help Olivia understand how Maxie could have allowed Dante and Lulu to fall in love with a baby that hadn't been theirs. Olivia was also curious why Spinelli wasn't furious that Maxie had tried to give their daughter away. Spinelli explained that it was between him and Maxie, so Olivia ordered Spinelli and Maxie to leave.

Maxie took full responsibility for the decisions that she had made and insisted it hadn't been Spinelli's fault. Olivia reminded the couple that Dante was her son, so Maxie's "wistful" expression and desire to take the blame for everything didn't mean anything to Olivia. Spinelli stepped forward to remind Olivia that they needed to figure out where they went from there.

Olivia quickly realized that Spinelli and Maxie had decided to claim their daughter, so Spinelli and Maxie confirmed that they wanted to raise their child. Olivia wasn't surprised despite Spinelli had Maxie's assurances to Dante and Lulu that nothing had changed.

Olivia was curious how Maxie had thought that she could walk away from the baby in the first place. Maxie admitted that she had been na´ve, but Brad's confession had changed everything. Spinelli assured Olivia that he and Maxie had agonized about their decision, but they had realized that they couldn't live without their daughter. Olivia admitted that she had warned Dante and Lulu that it was a possibility.

Spinelli seemed relieved that Dante and Lulu were prepared for Spinelli and Maxie to claim their daughter, but Olivia was disgusted with both Spinelli and Maxie's reactions. Olivia warned Spinelli and Maxie to tread lightly and to respect Dante and Lulu's feelings because Spinelli and Maxie would be able to walk away with their child, whereas Dante and Lulu would be left with an empty crib where Dante and Lulu's daughter had once slept.

After Olivia walked away, Maxie received a phone call from Lulu asking Maxie and Spinelli to meet at the loft, so the two couples could discuss the situation with Connie. After Maxie ended the call, she filled Spinelli in. Maxie was hopeful that the meeting meant that Dante and Lulu were on the same page as Maxie and Spinelli.

Later, Olivia spotted Carly as Carly entered the restaurant. Olivia showed Carly the newspaper headline that featured an unflattering story about Sonny. Carly revealed that she had talked to Sonny earlier and that he had seemed more stable. Olivia was pleased, but admitted that she was concerned about Derek Wells's desire to constantly crucify Sonny in the press. Carly conceded that it seemed as if Derek had an axe to grind, so she promised to try to get to the bottom of things over dinner with Derek.

Olivia was stunned that Carly had dinner plans with Derek, so Carly rushed to assure Olivia that it was just dinner. Carly claimed that she could handle Derek, but Olivia was skeptical. "Famous last words," Olivia said as she walked away.

At the loft, Dante and Lulu welcomed Alexis. Alexis was eager to see the baby, but Connie was asleep, so Alexis was curious why Dante and Lulu had called. Lulu explained that their surrogacy contract had been voided because Maxie hadn't given birth to Dante and Lulu's biological child. Dante revealed that Connie was Maxie's biological daughter.

Dante and Lulu wanted to formally adopt Connie to make certain that Connie remained in their custody. Alexis warned Dante and Lulu that it could be complicated because both Spinelli and Maxie would have to agree to the adoption. However, Alexis promised to help Dante and Lulu, so she pulled out her laptop and printed up the necessary documents to proceed with the adoption. Dante collected the documents from his printer and then handed them to Lulu. Alexis showed Dante and Lulu where everyone needed to sign and then instructed Dante and Lulu to return the papers to Alexis, so Alexis could file them.

Dante and Lulu appreciated Alexis' help. They realized that Alexis had had more important matters to deal with because of Danny's battle with cancer. Alexis seized the opportunity to broach the subject of Lucas. Alexis told Dante and Lulu about her suspicions that Julian Jerome might be Sam's father, so Alexis needed to find out if Lucas and Sam were siblings. Lulu confessed that she didn't talk to her cousin often, so she advised Alexis to talk to Lucas' sister, Carly.

Shortly after Alexis left, Spinelli and Maxie arrived. After the couples exchanged stilted greetings, Lulu handed Maxie the papers to sign. Maxie was confused about the documents, so Lulu explained that they were adoption papers, so Dante and Lulu could keep Connie.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis approached Carly at the bar. Carly was startled when Alexis revealed that she needed to talk to Carly about Lucas because Alexis needed to know more about Lucas' father.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rafe and Molly stopped by Sam's penthouse with balloons and gifts to celebrate Danny's homecoming. Sam explained that it wasn't a good time because Danny was asleep, but things took an awkward turn when Silas descended the staircase without a shirt on. Rafe and Molly appeared embarrassed, so Silas quickly explained that Danny had tossed a "sippy cup" at him before Danny had fallen asleep. Rafe and Molly immediately relaxed and then offered to return the following day. Sam agreed that it would be for the best, so Rafe and Molly decided to grab a bite to eat.

After, Rafe and Molly left, Sam thanked Silas for helping her get Danny settled in. Silas assured her that it hadn't been a problem, so Sam insisting on washing his shirt for his troubles. Silas took her up on the offer, so Sam popped the shirt into the washer and then fetched a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Silas and Sam settled on the living room floor and sipped on wine as they chatted and laughed. Silas confessed that he liked the sound of Sam's laughter, so she reminded him that she hadn't had a lot to laugh about over the past year. However, Danny's recovery meant that she could finally relax. Sam and Silas' easy camaraderie soon turned to passion as they kissed. They were breathless when the kiss ended and they decided to go to the bedroom, but Danny put a crimp in their plans when he woke up crying.

Later, Sam returned to the living room to announce that Danny had fallen asleep. "Where were we?" Sam quietly asked. Silas started to kiss her, but his cell phone beeped. Silas feared that it might be the hospital, so Sam urged him to check the text message. He was disappointed when he realized that he had to leave because the laboratory had the results of some tests that Silas had ordered. Sam assured Silas that it was fine.

"Until next time," Silas told Sam as he walked to the door. "I look forward to it," he added and then left.

In the hallway, Rafe and Molly laughed because they had each feared that Silas and Sam had been "hooking up." Molly realized that it would be crazy, but Rafe was less quick to agree. It suddenly dawned on Molly that Silas and Sam might be attracted to each other, but Rafe didn't want to think about it.

Molly changed the subject by asking about Rafe and Taylor's relationship. She was curious if Rafe and Taylor were really a couple. Rafe confirmed that he was dating Taylor, so Molly confessed that she was surprised because Rafe had claimed to have feelings for Molly until Molly had decided to get back with T.J. Rafe admitted that it had been rough, so Molly apologized because she had never intended to hurt him.

Rafe assured Molly that it was okay because it had led to him and Taylor commiserating. "Define 'commiserating,'" Molly asked. Rafe cryptically explained that one thing had led to another.

At Kelly's, T.J. was working when Taylor walked in and ordered a shake. She reminded him that she liked whipped cream on top, but T.J. grumbled that he wouldn't know because she had been spending all of her time with her new boyfriend. Taylor reminded T.J. that boyfriends and girlfriends usually spent time together, but T.J. remained surly.

Taylor was curious where Molly was, so T.J. revealed that Molly had gone to see Danny. Taylor recalled that "Rafey" had mentioned going to Sam's penthouse, but T.J. scoffed at Taylor's nickname for Rafe. He admitted that he and Molly didn't have nicknames for each other, which Taylor thought was strange. Taylor prattled about how wonderful Rafe was, but T.J. told her to "cut the crap" because he knew that Taylor wasn't into Rafe.

Taylor insisted that T.J. was wrong and wondered why it was so hard for him to believe that she and Rafe liked each other. T.J. reminded her that she had been "dogging" T.J. until recently. Taylor accused T.J. of being "such a guy," but T.J. argued that he had simply called things they way that he had seen them. Taylor explained that she had been forced to move on when T.J. and Molly had reconciled.

According to Taylor, she and Rafe had commiserated, so T.J. wondered if that was code for something else. Taylor didn't have a chance to reply because Rafe and Molly arrived. Taylor ran into Rafe's waiting arms, so T.J. decided to fetch a present that he had picked up for Danny. Molly followed T.J. when Taylor and Rafe began to kiss.

After T.J. and Molly disappeared upstairs, Taylor and Rafe compared notes. They both agreed that their plan was working because T.J. and Molly were clearly jealous. A short time later, T.J. and Molly returned to the dinning area, but stopped when they saw Taylor and Rafe acting affectionate towards each other. T.J. and Molly agreed that Rafe and Taylor's public displays of affection were "so middle school."

At Metro Court, Franco paid Derek a visit to warn Derek that it wouldn't be wise for Derek to have dinner with Carly. Derek was curious why, so Franco explained that Carly was trouble. "And by that, I mean certifiable trouble," Franco added. Derek had no idea what Franco was talking about, so Franco revealed that Carly had been ready to kill Ava when Carly had caught Morgan and Ava in bed together.

Derek thanked Franco for the insight, but Derek was prepared to take his chances. "With your life," Franco cautioned. Derek was curious why Franco cared, so Franco opted for the truth. Franco revealed that he cared about Carly and that the feeling was mutual, so dinner with Derek might "screw things" up.

Derek explained that Carly had asked Derek out to dinner, prompting Franco to suggest that Derek was merely a "rebound" guy for Carly. Derek admitted that he was fine with that, so Franco changed tactics by explaining that he would consider it a personal favor to him if Derek bowed out of the date.

Franco confessed that Carly was the first woman that Franco had cared about in a long time, but Derek was unimpressed, so he refused to cancel the date. "You sure you wanna cross me?" Franco quietly asked. Franco reminded Derek of Franco's reputation, but Derek only laughed. "So much for 'the tumor made me do it' theory," Derek said. Derek admitted that he had to hand it to Diane because she had made a convincing argument that Franco was no longer a danger to anyone.

Derek pushed past Franco and told "Mr. Franco" to have a good evening. Frustrated, Franco clarified that it was just Franco. Diane walked up as Franco continued to grumble with irritation, so she stopped to ask if Franco was okay. Franco assured her that he was fine, but he was annoyed that everyone continually asked him if he was okay.

Diane ignored the remark and explained that she had been on her way to talk to Franco because she had the art show contracts that she needed him to sign. Diane suggested that they go to Franco's room to discuss things, but Franco invited Diane to dinner instead. Diane was curious how Franco intended to pay, so he explained that he would charge the dinner to his room. Diane liked the restaurant's duck, so she agreed to accompany him to dinner.

In the restaurant, Alexis approached Carly to explain that she needed to talk to Carly about Lucas' father. Carly assumed that Alexis had meant Tony Jones, but Alexis clarified that she had been referring to Lucas' biological father, Julian Jerome. Startled, Carly admitted that she hadn't realized that the identity of Lucas' birth father had been common knowledge, so Alexis quickly explained that she had only recently learned of Lucas' connection to Julian.

Alexis revealed that she'd had a one-night stand with a young man named Julian years earlier, so Alexis needed to find out if the man had been Julian Jerome. Carly wondered why Alexis suspected that it had been Julian Jerome, so Alexis explained that Julian Jerome had attended college in New Hampshire during the same time period as Alexis' sexual encounter.

Carly didn't see why it mattered, since Julian Jerome was dead, so Alexis confided that Julian Jerome might be Sam's father. Stunned, Carly realized that Lucas and Sam might be half-siblings. "That makes Sam and me...," Carly said as she tried to find the words. "Nothing. You're nothing," Alexis explained.

Alexis was annoyed when Carly appeared relieved, so Carly rushed to assure Alexis that Carly and Sam were in a better place. Alexis was glad to hear it, but she needed Carly to ask Lucas to take a DNA test to determine if Lucas and Sam had the same father. Carly suggested that Alexis call to ask Lucas, but Alexis didn't know Lucas well enough to request something like that.

Carly conceded that she didn't know how much her brother knew about his biological father, but she agreed to talk to Lucas. However, Carly would do it after her date. Carly smiled when Derek arrived, so she walked up to greet him. Alexis' jaw dropped when she realized that Derek was Carly's date. Derek greeted both ladies and then asked Alexis how Danny was doing. Derek was delighted when Alexis assured him that Danny was back at home.

Carly took the opportunity to thank Derek for saving Danny's life. Derek was surprised that Carly knew Danny, so Carly explained that Danny's father had been a close friend.

Meanwhile, Alexis received an urgent call from Dante asking her to return to the loft, so Alexis agreed to be right there.

After Alexis left, Carly and Derek sat down for dinner. Carly was curious if Derek had noticed Alexis' strange behavior. Derek admitted that he hadn't, so Carly admitted that Alexis had looked like a deer caught in the headlights when Alexis had learned that Derek was Carly's date. Carly suddenly realized why Alexis might have reacted so strongly to the news, so she asked if there was anything going on between Derek and Alexis.

Derek promised Carly that there wasn't anything between him and Alexis that would prevent him from having dinner with Carly. Pleased, Carly relaxed. Derek confessed that things had seemed "intense" between Carly and Alexis when he had walked up, so Carly explained that Alexis had been asking questions about Carly's brother.

However, Carly became distracted when she noticed Franco and Diane enter the restaurant. "What the hell?" Carly muttered as Franco and Diane made their way to a nearby table. Derek asked if something was wrong, but Carly brushed it off and tried to focus on Derek.

At Franco and Diane's table, Franco's eyes repeatedly strayed to Carly, who watched him just as closely. Franco decided to make Carly jealous by flirting with Diane and then kissing Diane's hand. Diane asked if they were on a hidden camera show, so Franco promised to give Diane ten percent of his earnings if she played along. Diane wanted clarification, but Franco simply stood up and then rounded the table to plant a passionate kiss on Diane's unsuspecting lips.

Nearby, Carly was infuriated when she saw Franco kiss Diane, so Carly stormed over to his table, shoved Franco away from Diane, and demanded to know what Franco was doing. Franco claimed that Diane had been the "groupie" that had been spending time in his suite. Carly refused to believe him, but Diane went along with Franco's lie and assured Carly that it was true.

Disgusted, Carly returned to her table and gave Franco a taste of his own medicine by kissing Derek. Derek broke the kiss to ask if the show was for Franco's benefit, so Carly admitted that it was. Derek assured her that he didn't mind and then kissed her again.

Meanwhile, Diane was furious that Franco had sullied her reputation by referring to her as a groupie. Franco explained that he had been trying to make Carly jealous, so Diane looked at Carly, who was in the midst of a heated kiss with Derek, and sarcastically remarked that Franco's plan appeared to have worked well.

At the loft, Dante and Lulu invited Spinelli and Maxie inside. Lulu explained that she was eager to clear the air and settle things between them. Spinelli and Maxie were surprised when Lulu handed them some documents to sign, so they asked Lulu what the papers were for. Lulu revealed that she and Dante wanted to formally adopt Connie. "So, now you guys want to keep the baby?" Maxie asked.

Surprised, Lulu insisted that Connie was Lulu and Dante's daughter, so the adoption was just a formality. Lulu handed Spinelli a pen, but Spinelli and Maxie hesitated to sign the papers. Dante assured Spinelli and Maxie that the documents were standard, but Spinelli explained that they couldn't sign the papers. Maxie revealed that she and Spinelli had decided that they wanted to raise their daughter.

Dante wasn't surprised that Spinelli and Maxie had gone back on their word, but Lulu was shocked and demanded to know what had changed Spinelli and Maxie's minds. Lulu reminded Spinelli and Maxie that they had assured Dante and Lulu at the christening that Dante and Lulu could keep Connie.

Maxie quietly explained that things were different and that she and Spinelli had talked things over and had agreed that giving up their daughter was impossible. Maxie conceded that they had been willing to make the sacrifice when Dante and Lulu hadn't known the truth, but that had changed. "I'm sorry, but we want our daughter," Maxie confessed.

Lulu was offended by Maxie referring to Connie as "our daughter" because it implied that Dante and Lulu had stolen the baby and that Spinelli and Maxie were victims. Maxie assured Lulu that she and Spinelli didn't think that, but the baby was Maxie and Spinelli's child. Lulu argued that Maxie and Spinelli weren't even together. "So?" Maxie asked.

Lulu was curious if Maxie and Spinelli intended to shuttle Connie between their homes or if Maxie and Spinelli had made a plan for Connie. Maxie admitted that they hadn't discussed that, so Spinelli quickly added that they would. "We made her, and I gave birth to her," Maxie reminded Lulu. "For us," Lulu argued. Maxie ignored the remark as she announced that she and Spinelli wanted to take the baby home, but Lulu made it clear that she would not allow Spinelli and Maxie to walk out of the door with Connie.

Stunned, Spinelli asked if Lulu refused to relinquish Spinelli and Maxie's child to its parents. "I'm saying I won't relinquish our child," Lulu clarified. Maxie argued that Lulu didn't have the right to do that, so Dante informed Maxie that Dante and Lulu were Connie's legal parents because their names were on Connie's birth certificate.

"That's a lie," Maxie argued. Infuriated, Lulu reminded Maxie that it was Maxie's lie that had put them in the position that they were in. Maxie couldn't believe that Dante and Lulu were willing to keep a child away from its parents, but Lulu couldn't understand why Maxie kept forgetting the promises that Maxie had made. Maxie explained that the circumstances had changed, but Dante and Lulu weren't moved.

Dante suggested that Spinelli and Maxie leave, so Spinelli gently led Maxie out of the door. Lulu locked the door behind Spinelli and Maxie and then decided to call Alexis.

A short time later, Alexis arrived. Dante and Lulu explained that Spinelli and Maxie had changed their minds about giving Connie up for adoption, so Dante and Lulu wanted to take steps to secure custody of Connie. Alexis warned them that it would be difficult without Spinelli and Maxie's cooperation, but Dante and Lulu were willing to do whatever was necessary to keep Connie.

Outside of Kelly's, Maxie was upset that Dante and Lulu hadn't handed over the baby. Spinelli suspected that Dante and Lulu's anger had fueled their desire to keep the baby. "Well, that's too bad," Maxie snapped. Maxie realized that she had created the situation that they were in, but she couldn't understand why Dante and Lulu would want to keep the baby, knowing that she was Spinelli and Maxie's daughter. Spinelli decided to call Diane to ask for Diane's help.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

At Kelly's, Patrick told Emma to eat her breakfast, but Emma wasn't interested in the food because she was "in the zone" coloring. Moments later, Elizabeth entered the diner, so Patrick and Emma warmly greeted her. Elizabeth noticed Emma's untouched food, prompting Patrick to remind his daughter to eat, so Emma dutifully took a bite and then resumed coloring. Elizabeth showed Patrick the front page of the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about the jury selection for A.J.'s murder trial.

Patrick asked if Elizabeth had visited A.J., so she confessed that she hadn't seen A.J. since the arraignment. She explained that she hadn't been able to force herself to go to the jail, but she missed A.J. because he had been a big presence in her life, and he had been great with the boys. Patrick felt bad that he hadn't been there for her because she had been there for him and Emma after Robin had died, but Elizabeth assured him that it was okay.

"Aunty Elizabeth? Did Daddy tell you what today is?" Emma asked. Elizabeth smiled when Emma announced that it was Robin's birthday and that Emma had made Robin a card. Emma proudly presented the card to Elizabeth and then invited Elizabeth to read what Emma had written. Elizabeth was impressed with the picture that Emma had drawn depicting Robin as an angel looking down on Patrick and Emma. Elizabeth read the note that Emma had written wishing Robin a happy birthday and confessing that Patrick and Emma missed Robin every day.

Emma explained that she intended to put the card in a special box where Robin and Patrick's wedding rings had been placed for safekeeping. Patrick suggested that Emma show the card to T.J. because T.J. had asked to see it when Emma was done. Emma called out to T.J. as she scampered off.

Elizabeth admitted that she had wondered when Patrick would take off his wedding ring. She appreciated that it had been a big decision, so Patrick explained that it hadn't been fair to Sabrina for him to hold on to the past because Sabrina had been wonderful throughout the ordeal with Britt and the baby. Elizabeth suspected that Sabrina's ex-boyfriend showing up out of the blue might have influenced Patrick's decision, but Patrick assured her that Carlos was not the reason that Patrick had taken off the wedding ring.

Patrick explained that he loved Sabrina and had been ready to move forward. Elizabeth was curious how it had felt to take off the ring. Patrick's eyes welled up with tears as he confided that his connection to Robin felt stronger than ever and that he still had difficulty believing that Robin would never return.

Moments later, Emma returned to the table with a muffin and a birthday candle that T.J. had given to Emma to celebrate Robin's birthday. Patrick lit the candle and then invited Emma to make a wish for her mother. After Emma blew out the candle, she asked if her father wanted to know the wish that she had made for her mother. Patrick nodded, so Emma confided that "Mommy" had wished to return home to Patrick and Emma.

Emma suddenly realized that she had left the card on the counter, so she ran off to fetch it. Elizabeth took the opportunity to ask if Patrick was okay. Patrick sadly recalled Robin's last birthday when he had surprised Robin with plane tickets to Tokyo, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro. Elizabeth smiled because Robin had told her about the special gift.

Patrick confessed that he had thought that he and Robin would have their whole lives to travel, but Robin's life had been cut short. Elizabeth pointed out that Patrick couldn't have known that, so she urged him to focus on the good times and how much Robin had loved him. She suspected that Patrick felt especially close to Robin at the moment because he realized that it was time to let Robin go. Patrick agreed, but he admitted that taking off the ring had been painful.

Elizabeth suggested that it had been painful for Patrick because it meant that he was saying goodbye to Robin. Elizabeth suddenly noticed the time and told Patrick that she had to leave. She affectionately kissed the top of his head and then invited him to call her if he needed to talk.

After Elizabeth left, Emma returned to the table with the birthday card, so Patrick announced that it was time for Emma to go to school. Emma asked him to hold onto the card until they could put it in the memory box, so Patrick took the card. Emma gathered her things as Patrick looked at the angel on the card and quietly whispered, "Happy birthday, my love."

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia smiled at Duke as she asked if he wanted his usual table for two. Duke explained that Anna had been called out of town, so he was alone. Olivia became concerned because trouble tended to follow Anna and Duke, but Duke assured her that it was good news; Robert Scorpio had emerged from the coma. Olivia was delighted, but she sensed that something was troubling Duke. Duke admitted that he was relieved that Robert would make a full recovery, but Duke was concerned that Robert might want Anna back.

"What's the matter with you?" Olivia asked as she smacked Duke upside the head. Olivia insisted that Anna wasn't interested in Robert, but Duke argued that Robert and Anna had a complicated history. According to Olivia, Anna's heart was in her eyes whenever Anna looked at Duke, so Olivia was certain that Anna was deeply in love with Duke. Duke thanked Olivia because it was exactly what he had needed to hear.

Olivia smiled and then confessed that Robert was "smokin' hot" with a great smile, sense of style, and an accent that reached into her soul. She admitted that being a spy added to his appeal. Duke pointed out that he had an accent, too, so Olivia conceded that Duke's accent was "adorable," but nothing like Robert's.

Duke was surprised that Olivia knew "Robbie" so well, so she confided that she'd had a big crush on Robert the last time that Robert had been in town. Olivia revealed that Robert had been investigating Duke, except Duke had turned out to be Cesar Faison in disguise.

Duke's good humor faded at the reminder of Faison's attempt to steal Duke's life. Olivia had no idea how Duke had survived the nightmare, so Duke admitted that he was eager to ask Robert how Robert had uncovered the truth. Olivia smiled as she confessed that she had helped Robert. Intrigued, Duke was curious how Olivia had helped Robert.

Olivia reminded Duke about her visions and then revealed that she'd had a vision of Duke, except it hadn't been Duke. Olivia had told Lulu about the puzzling vision, so Lulu had mentioned it to Robert. Robert had enlisted Elizabeth's help to draw a sketch based on the description that Olivia had provided of the man in the vision, which had resulted in a drawing of Faison. Duke admitted that he was deeply grateful for everything that Olivia had done, but Olivia was just happy that Faison was locked up behind bars because it meant that she wouldn't have any more visions about the frightening-looking man.

Duke agreed and then changed the subject by confiding that it was Robin's birthday, so he was worried about Anna because it was a difficult day for her. Olivia hadn't known Robin well, but she admitted that everyone had talked highly of the late doctor. Duke smiled as he told Olivia that he had loved his stepdaughter and would always treasure the memories that he had of Robin.

Later, Duke was about to leave when Olivia suddenly had a vision of Faison and Anna. Duke noticed the stunned expression on Olivia's face, so he asked her what was wrong. She told him about her unsettling vision.

At the clinic in Lucerne, Switzerland, Robert left Anna a voicemail message offering her advice on how to handle Faison when she questioned Faison about Robin. Mac appeared in the doorway as Robert ended the call, so Mac wondered who Robert had called. Robert admitted that he had left Anna a message.

Mac was curious where Anna had disappeared to, so Robert carefully suggested that Anna might have gotten a lead on a bad guy. Mac assumed that it had something to do with Liesl Obrecht, so he told his brother that Liesl had knocked out her own daughter to kidnap Liesl's newborn grandson. Robert hoped that an angel was watching over the baby, but Mac feared that Liesl would use the baby as a lab rat.

The conversation then turned to Robin's birthday. Robert regretted that he had missed many of his daughter's birthdays as well as her funeral. "Even though...," Robert started to say before he caught himself. "'Even though' what?" Mac asked. Robert managed to cover his slip by confessing that he wished that he had stayed to say goodbye to his daughter.

Mac assured Robert that Luke had read the letter that Robert had written, but Robert was disappointed in himself because he hadn't been stronger. Mac revealed that AMFAR had asked that the funeral be taped because AMFAR had wanted to do a tribute to Robin, so Robert asked to see the footage. Mac pulled it up online and then handed the laptop to Robert.

Robert watched the funeral, which started with Mac talking about his niece's capacity for love and her unwavering courage. Next, Elizabeth spoke about how Robin had fought hard for what Robin had believed in and that Robin had been irreplaceable. Robert agreed. Mac's eyes misted as he listened to Patrick's eulogy. Patrick had confessed that Robin had changed his life by opening him up to a new world that included love and a family, and she had taught Patrick about compassion and perseverance.

Robert noticed the tears in his brother's eyes, so Mac explained that he continued to miss Robin deeply. Robert confessed that he had something to tell Mac, but then Robert suddenly recalled Anna's warning not to tell Mac that Robin might be alive because Anna knew what it was like to get her hopes up only to have them dashed. Robert decided not to put his brother through that, so he suggested that he and Mac focus on how Robin had been full of hope and had believed that anything was possible.

Robert hoped that Robin could hear them, wherever she was. "Happy birthday, Robin," Robert said. "Happy birthday, Sweetheart. We love you," Mac added.

On Cassadine Island, Jerry entered the laboratory with a breakfast tray. Robin rocked the baby as she warned Jerry that the cure would have to wait. Jerry offered Robin incentive by revealing that he had a jet plane fueled and ready to take her home. Jerry handed her a glass of water, but Robin was reluctant to accept it. Jerry told her that she was lucky to have gotten anything after the stunt that she had pulled the previous day.

Robin refused to apologize for knocking Liesl out and trying to escape, but she was curious where Liesl had gone. Jerry informed Robin that it was none of Robin's concern, but Robin confessed that her interest had been piqued because Liesl had mentioned visiting someone that Liesl loved as much as Robin loved Patrick. Robin couldn't understand why Liesl hadn't taken the baby with her, so Jerry was curious why Robin questioned the motives of a "sociopathic" woman.

Robin shrugged and admitted that she was grateful that she had the baby for company. Jerry warned Robin not to become sidetracked from her work and then lifted the lid off of a plate. Robin looked at the muffin with a small candle in its center but appeared confused. Jerry explained that it was a small gesture to celebrate her birthday.

Robin pointed out that she had no idea what day it was, so she was skeptical that it was her birthday. Jerry assured her that on that very date, Robin had been born across the Ionian Sea in Italy. He recalled that Anna had named her Robin Soltini to protect Robin from Robert and Anna's enemies and then had allowed Robin to grow up believing that Anna was a family friend. Robin sarcastically assured him that he would be her first call if she ever needed a biographer.

Robin knew that Jerry didn't care about her, so she was curious why he had gone through the trouble of commemorating her birthday. Jerry confessed that he had hoped that it would give her incentive to work harder so she could celebrate her next birthday with her family. He reminded her that if she failed to formulate a cure then she would die right along with him.

Robin assured Jerry that he had threatened her enough times for her to appreciate the consequences of failing. Jerry ordered Robin to get back to work and then left. Robin lit the candle on the muffin, made a wish, blew it out, and then returned to her research. She was determined to find a cure so she could return home that very day.

Later, Robin went to the intercom and demanded that Jerry get in the lab right away. Moments later, Jerry walked through the door, so she informed him that he would not die of polonium poisoning because she had the cure.

At Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison in Geneva, Switzerland, Anna approached the front desk to show a guard her identification. The guard checked his records to confirm that she had been granted permission by the WSB to meet with Cesar Faison, so Anna asked to retain her sidearm because Faison was a dangerous criminal. The guard agreed and then led her to a small room.

Moments later, Faison was led into the room in shackles. After the guards left, Anna took a seat. Faison smiled at her, but Anna quickly informed him that she was not there to reminisce. She explained that she had something of great importance to ask him, but Faison wanted Anna to know how much he loved her. Anna didn't want to talk about that, but he insisted that they could have been happy together if his plan hadn't gone awry. He was curious if she could forgive him.

Anna held back her tears as she conceded that perhaps one day she could. However, it depended on Faison's response to what she had to tell him. Faison promised that he would do anything to make things up to her, so Anna told him that it was about Robin.

Faison was certain that Robin was never far from Anna's thoughts, especially on that day. Anna was surprised that he had known that it was Robin's birthday, so he explained that anything that was important to Anna was important to him. A tear slid down Anna's cheek as she admitted that it was unbearable knowing that she would never touch or see her daughter again.

Faison quietly revealed that Robin was alive. Anna refused to believe it, but Faison assured her that it was true. She immediately demanded to know how he had kept Robin hidden. Faison admitted that he'd had help, so Anna wanted names. Faison admitted that Jerry Jacks, the late Dr. Ewen Keenan, and Liesl Obrecht had been his accomplices.

Anna confessed that she was familiar with Dr. Obrecht, so she knew that Dr. Obrecht would die for him. Faison assured Anna that he was fully aware of Liesl's feelings, but he insisted that he had never returned them because he had always been in love with Anna. Anna was certain that there had to be some attachment to Liesl after everything the doctor had done for Faison, but Faison was adamant that Anna was the only woman in his life.

Faison stood up and then slowly approached Anna until he had backed her against the door. Anna stood still as he leaned in to kiss her. After the kiss ended, Faison was filled with hope because Anna had kissed him back. "Yes, I did," Anna admitted. Faison was certain that she returned his feelings, so she conceded that she loved him. Faison smiled with satisfaction because he had been certain that she would love him once he had told her about Robin.

Faison's happiness quickly turned to shock when the woman before him began to speak German and accuse him of being a dirty man. To his horror, she pulled off a latex mask to reveal that she was Liesl Obrecht.

Meanwhile, the real Anna Devane approached the front desk at the prison and showed the guard her identification.

Friday, October 11, 2013

At Wyndemere, Britt looked up from the laptop and saw her son's crib. She thought about her last encounter with her mother and Anna's revelation that someone powerful had helped Liesl to disappear with Ben.

Nikolas entered the parlor to let Britt know that he had called Anna. Britt was anxious to know if there was any news, so Nikolas admitted that Anna had been called to Switzerland because Robert had emerged from a coma. Britt assumed that Anna had called a halt to the search for Ben, but Nikolas assured Britt that no one had given up on finding Ben and that Anna had her best people working on it.

Britt realized that she sounded like a crazy person, so she apologized because she knew that her mother, not Anna was the villain. Britt admitted that her mother was an "evil, inhuman bitch" who had never acted like a mother except when she had given birth to Britt. Britt insisted that her mother didn't have a heart because Liesl had tried to kill Duke and had put Robert in a coma. She suddenly realized the irony of the situation; Liesl's "psychotic antics" had waylaid Anna from the search.

Britt was certain that her mother didn't care if Britt ever saw Ben again, but Nikolas argued that they couldn't know that for certain. He suggested that she focus on Ben and then asked what she had been doing when he had walked in. Britt revealed that she had been checking websites for missing people in the hopes of finding someone who had seen a "crazy German woman" with Ben.

"Oh, my God," Britt suddenly said as she glanced at the laptop. She discovered that she had a message with a video attachment from her mother, so Nikolas urged Britt to play it. Britt was relieved when an image of Liesl holding Ben appeared on the screen because she saw that Ben was unharmed.

Liesl greeted her daughter and then confirmed that Ben was fine. Liesl promised that Ben would not be harmed and that he had a great future ahead of him. "Soon, we will all be together," Liesl said with a smile. "One big happy family at last," Liesl added before she helped the baby to wave goodbye to Britt.

Britt was frustrated when the video ended because it hadn't yielded a clue that would help them find Ben. Nikolas was curious if Britt knew what Liesl had meant when Liesl had said that Ben had a great future ahead of him. Britt decided to watch the video again. After the video ended, Britt admitted that she might know where Liesl and Ben were headed. "Where?" Nikolas asked. Britt was forced to reveal that Liesl had likely taken Ben to see Cesar Faison because Faison was Britt's father.

At Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison in Geneva, Switzerland, Faison was horrified when he realized that the woman that he had kissed was not Anna. Liesl pulled off the latex mask with disgust as she spat a German insult at Faison. Faison was furious that Liesl had deceived him and looked away from her because the sight of her repulsed him.

Faison demanded to know the meaning of Liesl's masquerade, so Liesl coldly pointed out that she had taken a page out of his book. Faison insisted that he'd had a very good reason to disguise himself as Duke, but he resented Liesl passing herself off as Anna because the thoughts that he had shared with Anna had been private and not meant for Liesl's ears.

Liesl blinked back tears as Faison explained that he had pretended to be Duke as a way to get close to Anna. Liesl reminded Faison that she was the mother of his child, but he ordered Liesl to go away because she deserved to suffer after what she had put him through. Faison accused Liesl of dashing his hopes "in the most cruel way possible" by allowing him to believe that she was Anna. He conceded that her plot for revenge had worked, so she was free to leave.

"Not so fast," Liesl replied. She confessed that the yearning for the touch of his lips had not been the only reason for her visit; she wanted him to know about his grandchild. Faison looked at her with sudden interest and asked her what she was talking about. "Surely, you remember Britta?" Liesl asked. "Vaguely," Faison replied with a sneer. Liesl realized that their daughter had been a disappointment to Faison because he had wanted a son, but Liesl informed Faison that their daughter had given him a grandson.

Faison's scowl immediately turned to a smile. "A grandson?" Faison asked. Liesl assured him that their grandson was a perfect little boy who would one day carry on Faison's legacy. She took delight in pointing out that even his "sainted Anna" couldn't have done that for him. Faison disregarded the remark. "And we call him?" Faison asked.

Liesl conceded that their daughter had given the baby a "pedestrian American name," but they would christen the baby "little Cesar" when Faison was united with his grandson. Faison's temper flared as he pointed out that he was in prison, so she couldn't visit with a baby. Liesl calmly explained that she intended to take Faison to their grandson. Faison accused her of tormenting him by dangling the promise of seeing his grandson, even though he was imprisoned in a "Gulag" with no way out. He then reminded her that he couldn't go to Port Charles even if he were to escape.

Liesl revealed that she had "relocated" their grandson to Cassadine Island and had put the baby in Robin's care. Liesl looked forward to placing the baby in Faison's arms, but Faison insisted that it was madness because she couldn't simply march him out of the prison. Liesl agreed, but she pointed out that Anna Devane could.

Liesl explained that she intended to don the latex mask and alert the prison authorities that her interrogation of Faison had yielded vital information that threatened national security, so she had to transfer Faison to a WSB facility in the United Sates. "It's foolproof," Liesl gloated. Faison was skeptical because she had made "colossal" mistakes in the past. However, Faison wanted to see his grandson, so he agreed to go along with Liesl's plan.

Liesl pulled the latex mask on and then asked Faison how she looked. "Never better," Faison replied. Liesl ordered him to stop drooling or she would call the whole thing off. Faison scowled, so Liesl told him to sit tight and then left.

Meanwhile, Anna approached the guard's desk to show her identification and inform the guard that the WSB had cleared her to see Faison. The guard was puzzled because his records indicated that Anna had signed in thirty minutes earlier. Anna pointed out that it was impossible because she had just arrived, so she suggested that perhaps it had been a clerical error. The guard insisted that they were not in the habit of making mistakes at Steinmauer.

Anna argued that an imposter had signed in, so she marched to the interrogation room with the intention of exposing the culprit. The guard immediately blocked her from entering the room, but Anna insisted that it was a matter of life or death that she question Faison, so she needed to get to the bottom of things. The guard ordered Anna to wait while he checked with his supervisor. Anna agreed to give the guard ten minutes to get everything straightened out.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Duke was stunned when Olivia told him about the unsettling vision that she'd had of Faison kissing Anna. Duke insisted that it was insane because Anna loathed the man and would never allow it happen. Olivia knew that the vision was preposterous because Anna was in Switzerland with Robert. Duke was uneasy because he realized that anything was possible with Faison, so he decided to call Anna.

At Steinmauer, Anna answered a call from Duke. He asked how Robert was doing and then told Anna about Olivia's vision. Anna hoped that Duke had told Olivia that the vision had been insane, so he assured her that he had. Anna promised Duke that she would not kiss Faison. "That's repulsive," Anna added. Duke pointed out that it was also impossible because Anna was at the clinic with Robert.

Anna was forced to admit that she was at Steinmauer to question Faison about something that Robert had recalled. Duke wanted details, but Anna explained that she couldn't discuss it. However, she assured Duke that the prison was a high-security facility, so she was perfectly safe.

After Anna ended the call with Duke, the guard returned to inform her that he had talked to the guard who had personally escorted Anna Devane into the interrogation room. Anna insisted that the guard had been mistaken because she was Anna Devane. She decided to put an end to the confusion by confronting the person who had impersonated her. Anna turned to enter the interrogation room just as Liesl, disguised at Anna, exited the room.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia slid a glass of cognac towards Duke as he sat down at the bar. She figured that he could use it, but Duke was reluctant to imbibe. Olivia reminded him that it was five o'clock somewhere, so Duke chuckled as he accepted the drink. Olivia was curious if he had talked to Anna. Duke nodded and revealed that that Anna was with Faison. "In prison?" Olivia asked. Duke explained that Anna needed answers that only "that maniac" could provide, but Anna had refused to elaborate.

In Patrick's office, Patrick retrieved the plane tickets that he had given to Robin for her birthday and thought about the plans that they had made and his promise that they would have the rest of their lives to find the time to go on the trips.

Moments later, Sabrina entered Patrick's office. Startled, Patrick dropped the tickets, so Sabrina stepped forward to help him pick them up. She saw the tickets to Paris and assumed that they were a surprise for her upcoming birthday. Patrick looked pained as Sabrina smiled with joy and promised to pretend that she had not seen them. Patrick confessed that the tickets were not for her. Sabrina's smile disappeared when Patrick explained that he had bought the plane tickets as a gift for Robin before she had died.

Sabrina was mortified when Patrick revealed that it was Robin's birthday, so she quickly apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion and then tried to make an excuse to leave. Patrick asked Sabrina to wait because he wanted her to understand why he had been looking at the tickets. Patrick assured Sabrina that he was ready to move forward, but he had been thinking a lot about Robin lately. He admitted that he had talked to Elizabeth about it and that Elizabeth had suggested that Robin had been on his mind because he knew that it was time for him to let go of the past.

Sabrina was curious what Patrick thought. He admitted that he wasn't certain that he would ever fully accept that Robin had died, so Sabrina reminded him that it was a process. Patrick felt bad because he knew that it wasn't fair to Sabrina, but she argued that it wasn't about her. She promised him that she understood that he needed to grieve, so he told her that she was amazing.

Patrick confessed that he wanted to plan trips with Sabrina, but first he needed to let go of the past. Sabrina was surprised when he ripped up the plane tickets and then dropped them into a wastepaper basket. Sabrina assured him that it hadn't been necessary, but Patrick explained that he had done it for himself because he wanted to make plans with her. Sabrina smiled and told him that she loved him. He assured her that he felt the same, so Sabrina confessed that she had always wanted to go to Rome.

On Cassadine Island, Tracy sat at Luke's bedside and tried to ease his discomfort by applying a cool washrag to his forehead as he tossed and turned in his sleep. Luke pushed her hand away and ordered her to get away from him. Tracy gently told him that it was okay, so Luke slowly opened his eyes. His voice was weak as he told her that Helena had been there, surrounded by flames, and had tried to push him into the abyss. Tracy assured Luke that it had been a dream, but Luke confessed that it had seemed real.

Tracy vowed that she would not allow Luke to die and that Helena would have to go through her to get to him. Luke chuckled as he admitted that he would pay good money to watch Tracy and Helena go a round. Tracy reminded Luke that he didn't have any money and then shifted the focus to their plight. She warned Luke that Jerry would return shortly, so they needed to get a jump on Jerry.

Luke feared that he was beyond help, but Tracy didn't want to hear it. Luke decided to tell Tracy how he felt about her before his time ran out. Tracy bristled, but Luke ignored her as he told her that she was a beautiful and resourceful woman who had risked her life to find him. Tracy didn't want to hear his gratitude, but Luke assured her that he wasn't thanking her. "I'm telling you I love you," Luke clarified.

Tracy ordered Luke to shut up because it sounded like he had given up. Tracy resented Luke trying to give her a partying gift to ease the pain of saying goodbye, so she demanded that he be real with her. Luke assured her that he was. "Tracy Quartermaine, you beautiful, infuriating, brilliant woman, I love you," Luke said. Tracy thanked him and then pointed out that it had been easy for him to say that because he didn't have to live with the consequences.

Confused, Luke wondered what kind of consequences Tracy was referring to. "Me. Us. Living a life of domesticated hell," she answered. She begged him to stop pretending, but Luke promised that if he survived the polonium poisoning then he would give her "the whole meal," provided that she still wanted it. "More than anything," Tracy admitted and then warned him that she would hold him to the promise.

Meanwhile, Jerry entered the laboratory to find out why Robin had demanded his presence. Robin assured Jerry that he would not die of polonium poisoning because she had the cure. She held up the vial of lifesaving serum as she demanded that he hold up his end the bargain. Jerry warned Robin that it would not be that easy because he needed to make certain that the elixir wouldn't kill him. Robin reminded Jerry that he had recently pointed out that she was not a murderer, but he argued that he had said that before she had tried to kill Dr. Obrecht.

Robin didn't know how to prove that she was telling the truth about the serum. "I do," Jerry replied. He explained that he intended to test the serum on someone. Horrified, Robin offered to take the serum herself to show him that it wouldn't kill him. Jerry argued that her HIV cocktail might protect her from the side effects of the serum. Robin wondered if he intended to poison someone with polonium to test out the drug.

"Oh, you do think the worst of me," Jerry groused. He revealed that he already had someone stashed in one of the bedrooms who had been exposed to the deadly toxin. Jerry explained that he intended to give the patient just enough of the drug to make certain that it wouldn't kill Jerry and then Jerry would inject himself with the remainder of the serum.

Disgusted, Robin realized that Jerry intended to allow the other patient to die. Jerry was unrepentant as he confided that the man's illness was advanced, so it was likely that the man would die sooner rather than later. Robin wanted to know who the man was, but Jerry refused to tell her. Robin shifted gears by requesting that Jerry provide her with a sample of his blood. She explained that she would be able to confirm that the serum had worked by comparing the blood sample to a second blood sample taken after Jerry had been injected with the drug.

Jerry agreed, so Robin helped him take off his jacket. Jerry was surprised by her eagerness, so she reminded him that she wanted to get home to her family. Jerry balked when she approached him with a needle, but she pointed out that she couldn't kill him with an empty syringe. Jerry conceded that she was right, so he sat down and allowed her to draw a blood sample.

Afterwards, Jerry collected the vial of serum and left. The baby began to cry, so Robin picked him up and confided that Jerry was a bad man even though Jerry was charming at times. Robin feared that Jerry might not hold up his end the bargain because she knew too much, but then scolded herself for thinking like that. Robin suddenly noticed that Jerry had left his jacket behind with a cell phone in it.

In Luke's bedroom, Tracy heard Jerry's approach, so she quickly took her place by the door and carefully kept her head down. Jerry barely noticed her as he entered the room and dismissed her. Tracy stepped into the hallway, but kept a close eye on Jerry as Jerry held up the vial and announce that it was the cure. "The moment of truth," Jerry said as he extracted a small amount of the serum from the vial with a syringe.

Jerry tucked the vial into his back pocket and then leaned down to inject Luke, but Tracy walked up behind Jerry, pressed a gun to his back, and then ordered Jerry to hand over the vial.

In the lab, Robin held up the cell phone and walked around until the phone received a signal. She quickly dialed a number.

In Patrick's office, Patrick's cell phone rang. He noticed that it was a blocked number but answered the call.

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