General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 14, 2013 on GH

Faison escaped. Anna and Robert headed to Cassadine Island. Patrick proposed marriage to Sabrina. Sonny deduced that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome. Tracy injected Luke with the serum that Robin had developed.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 14, 2013 on GH
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Monday, October 14, 2013

On Cassadine Island, Tracy got the drop on Jerry and forced him to give her the vial containing the antidote. Jerry quipped that Tracy would not kill him in cold blood, but both Tracy and Luke assured Jerry that Tracy would shoot him because Tracy held Jerry responsible for both Alan and Edward's deaths.

Tracy ordered Jerry to fill the syringe. Luke held the gun on Jerry while Tracy injected Luke with the cure. Tracy took the gun back, and then shot Jerry in the shoulder when he lunged for Luke. Despite threats from Jerry that the guards would kill Tracy and Luke before they could get away, Luke and Tracy locked Jerry in the bedroom where Luke had been held, and they took off.

In the lab, Robin found Jerry's cell phone and called Patrick. Static marred the connection, and Patrick was only able to understand Robin's name before the connection was lost and Jerry's phone battery died. Robin got a thirty-second recharge using a baby blanket to create static electricity, a trick she had learned from Maxie.

As Robin assured the baby that Patrick would soon find them and tried to call Patrick again, Jerry burst into the lab and said that the cure had been stolen from him. He ordered Robin to make another dose. When Robin demanded to be let go, Jerry said that their deal still stood. He would let Robin go when she completed the cure, and if Jerry died, Robin died.

In his office at General Hospital, Patrick could not believe his ears when he received a garbled call from Robin. When the connection was lost, Patrick tried unsuccessfully to get it back. Outside, Sabrina and Felix discussed Carlos and his attempts to derail the romance between Patrick and Sabrina. Felix encouraged Sabrina to look at Patrick's actions in a positive light, but Sabrina feared that every time Patrick took one step forward, he took one step back.

Sabrina perked up when Felix suggested that Puerto Rico would be the perfect place for Sabina and Patrick to have an adventure and start new memories together. Sabrina's joy was short-lived, when an obviously distraught Patrick burst out of his office and told her that he had just had a call from Robin and had to tell Anna. Sabrina tried to convince Patrick that it was his imagination playing tricks, but Patrick insisted that he had heard Robin's voice as Sabrina held him and comforted him.

At the Swiss prison, Dr. Obrecht, wearing an Anna mask, left Faison's cell, and Anna and a prison guard confronted her. Both Anna and Dr. Obrecht pulled guns and insisted that they were the real Anna Devane. Anna was stunned, as was the prison guard who ordered both women to put down their guns. Both women appeared to comply, but when Anna let go of her gun, Dr. Obrecht shot the prison guard. Dr. Obrecht missed Anna, who ducked, and after a physical fight, Anna clocked Dr. Obrecht and removed her mask.

Faison left his cell and complimented Anna on getting the best of Dr. Obrecht. Anna begged Faison to tell her if Robin was alive. Faison finally admitted that he had taken Robin as part of his plot to return her in his guise as Duke so that Anna would finally love Faison. Anna begged Faison to tell her where Robin was being held. He was about to relent when Dr. Obrecht recovered and knocked Anna out.

Faison stopped Dr. Obrecht from killing Anna. Faison wanted to stay with Anna, but Dr. Obrecht pointed out that Faison finally had the heir he wanted and that the future was with Dr. Obrecht and his grandson, not with Anna. When a guard eventually revived Anna, Faison and Dr. Obrecht had escaped.

On Spoon Island, Britt told Nikolas the horrible truth, that she was Faison's daughter. Britt believed that her mother's plan was to reunite Britt, Ben, Faison, and Dr. Obrecht into one big happy family. Nikolas thought that the idea was farfetched, but Brita said that no plan was too demented for her mother, who was obsessed by Faison and would do anything to gain his attention.

Nikolas assured Britt that he would call friends and have them check on Faison at the prison. When he asked Britt why she had not told anyone that Faison was her father, Britt said that she was ashamed. She explained that Faison did not care about Britt because she was a girl. She added that her mother's plan to ensnare Patrick had been based on the same plot that Dr. Obrecht had used with Faison, with a similar spectacular failure.

Nikolas told Britt about his crazy family, though Britt noted that Nikolas had had one sane parent and she had had none. Britt apologized to Nikolas for lying to him about Faison and for letting her problems spill onto him. Nikolas, ever the gentleman, told Britt that who her parents were did not matter to him. Britt said that she felt tainted, but Nikolas said that she was an amazing doctor with a wry sense of humor.

Britt and Nikolas hugged when he convinced her that he would find Ben. Nikolas made another phone call to his friend, who said that he had not been able to reach the prison but would keep trying. As Nikolas and Britt watched Dr. Obrecht's video again, Nikolas noticed that a painting on the wall looked exactly like one on Cassadine Island.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

At Michael's apartment, Michael and Kiki fell back on the bed's pillows as Kiki breathlessly confessed that making love kept getting "better and better." Michael was startled when the alarm clock suddenly buzzed, so Kiki explained that she needed to get up to look for work. Michael was surprised when she revealed that she intended to ask her father for help.

Later, Michael munched on a bowl of cereal in bed as Kiki finished getting dressed. Kiki nervously confessed that she hoped that a college dropout without any skills could get a job at the hospital. Michael told Kiki not to underestimate herself, but Kiki hoped that Silas was still caught up in the novelty of fatherhood and receptive to helping her find work. Michael assured Kiki that it wasn't necessary, but she was determined to pay her share of the bills.

Michael regretted that he couldn't touch his trust fund for a few more years. Kiki was surprised that he had one, so he admitted that he would become quite wealthy when the funds were released to him, but until then, he had to work. Michael decided to follow Kiki's lead, since he had been banned from ELQ and was out of a job.

At Metro Court's Restaurant, Carly read a text message from Derek inviting her out to lunch. Carly looked up when Alexis called out to her. Alexis approached the bar and asked if Carly had talked to Bobbie about Lucas providing a DNA sample to determine if Julian Jerome was Sam's father. Carly wondered why Alexis had stopped by instead of calling. Alexis became defensive as she explained that it had been a courtesy, but Carly suspected that Alexis wanted to dig for information about Carly's date with Derek.

Alexis immediately denied it and assured Carly that nothing had been going on between Alexis and Derek. "That's not what he said," Carly countered. Carly explained that Derek had told her that Alexis and Derek had grown close during Danny's illness. Alexis tried to downplay things, but Carly was certain that Alexis was attracted to Derek. Alexis was curious why it mattered because Derek had made a point of revealing that Carly had asked Derek out.

Carly didn't deny it because she thought that Derek was hot. Alexis agreed that Derek was "very fit," so Carly admitted that she had asked Derek out to get information about Derek's art dealer, Ava. Alexis was shocked when Carly told her about Morgan's torrid affair with Ava. Carly admitted that things had started out innocently with Derek, but that had changed when Franco had made an appearance during the date. Alexis quickly figured out that Carly was drawn to Franco.

Carly was spared from having to answer Alexis' questions when an overnight letter was dropped off. Carly passed the envelope to Alexis. "What is it?" Alexis asked. "Lucas' DNA sample," Carly answered. Alexis recovered from her surprise and thanked Carly.

Carly worried about Sam's reaction to learning that Sam's father had been a mobster, but Alexis pointed out that Sam would have that much more in common with Sam's sisters. "And she'll have a great brother," Carly added with a genuine smile.

At the hospital, Sam approached Silas to drop of his laundered shirt that Danny had sullied with a sippy cup a few days earlier. Silas was curious how Danny was, so Sam revealed that Danny's grandmother, Monica, had the little boy for the day. Silas wondered if Monica had heard that the chief of staff position remained open. Sam was certain of it and equally confident that Monica would tell Danny all about it.

Sam handed the shirt to Silas, so he confessed that he was impressed that "Sam's Laundry" included delivery service. Sam smiled as she reminded him that it had also included a kiss. He assured her that he hadn't forgotten and then revealed that he was free for the evening, so he wanted a "do-over." Sam was curious if he had anything special in mind and if the plans were "interruption-proof." Silas started to answer, but Kiki walked up to talk to Silas.

After the trio exchanged greetings, Kiki told Sam that she was happy that Danny was on the mend. Sam credited Kiki's father with saving Danny's life. Silas smiled awkwardly and then apologized for running out on Kiki's wedding reception. Kiki surprised Silas and Sam with the news that Kiki's marriage was over because Kiki had moved in with Michael, and Morgan had ended up in bed with Ava.

Kiki realized that it had been wrong of her to marry Morgan when she had been in love with Michael, but Kiki was more concerned about Silas' opinion of her. She feared that Silas would think that she was "trampy" for leaving her husband for her husband's brother. Silas rushed to assure Kiki that he didn't think less of her and pointed out that Ava was to blame because Ava had allowed Kiki and Michael to believe a lie.

Kiki was curious how Silas and Ava had ended up together because she couldn't imagine Silas being interested in Ava. Silas admitted that he had been drawn to Ava when he had met her during his final year of medical school. Silas explained that Ava had been trying to open her first art gallery, so Ava had turned to her brother for financial help. Kiki was stunned because Ava had told Kiki that Ava had been an only child. Kiki was curious if Ava had mentioned the brother's name, so Silas shook his head, but he recalled that Ava had claimed that the brother had been "connected" and wealthy.

Sam explained that she was a private investigator, so she offered to find out what she could about Ava's brother. Kiki appreciated the offer, but Kiki didn't have any money, which had been the reason for Kiki's visit.

Kiki had hoped that Silas could help Kiki find work in the administrative department. Silas was curious why Kiki wanted to work at the hospital, so she admitted that she wanted an opportunity to get to know her father. Silas smiled. "That would be great," he added.

Later, Sam confessed that Silas had an amazing daughter who was clearly a fighter. Silas agreed, but he had no idea how to be a father, so he decided to start by dropping off Kiki's résumé. Sam announced her intention to start the search for Ava's brother, so Silas pointed out that they hadn't had a chance to plan their date. Sam was curious what he had in mind, so he told her that she would have to wait and see.

"At least I have a clean shirt to wear," Silas said as he started to walk away. Sam flirtatiously told him that he might get to take it off again -- if he was lucky.

Later, Alexis handed a lab technician the envelope with Lucas' DNA sample. The lab tech questioned if all the proper paperwork had been completed for the testing, so Alexis assured the young woman that Sam had given consent. Sam walked up in time to hear what her mother had said, so Sam was curious what Sam had consented to.

At Ava's penthouse, Ava sat on the sofa, working on her laptop, when Morgan walked up behind her and began to nuzzle her neck. Ava's eyes drifted closed as she imagined that it was Silas raining kisses on her neck. Morgan's eyes were also closed as he fantasized that the woman on the sofa was Kiki. Ava stretched out on the sofa, caught up in her daydream, as Morgan leaned down to kiss her. Ava's eyes snapped open when she heard Morgan call out Kiki's name.

Morgan quickly realized what he had done, so he pulled away and waited for Ava's reaction. Ava appeared relieved when someone suddenly knocked on the door, so she quickly jumped up to answer the door.

Diane greeted Ava, but stopped short when she saw a shirtless Morgan seated on the sofa. "Seems like just yesterday you were a little boy practicing your karate moves," Diane said by way of greeting. Ava remarked that time had a way of flying by, so Diane agreed. "You blink, and someone's reaching the age of consent," Diane quipped.

Ava was curious why Diane was there, so Diane revealed that she wanted to discuss Franco's upcoming art show with Ava. Diane had hoped to hold the exhibit at the most popular art gallery in town, but she had been told that Ava was the gallery's new owner. Morgan was surprised by the news, so Ava explained that the purchase had been in the works for a while because Ava had decided to move her business to Port Charles.

However, Ava made it clear that she wasn't interested in Franco's art show. Diane decided to approach Ava's competitor, who had an art gallery across the street from Ava's new business, prompting Ava to have a change of heart. Satisfied, Diane handed Ava a contract and explained that Ava and Ava's silent partner would have to sign it.

Ava balked at involving her silent partner, but Morgan demanded to know who Ava's business partner was. Ava pointed out to Morgan that the purpose of being silent was to remain anonymous. Diane pointed out that Diane was bound by attorney/client privilege, so the partner could sign the contract without fear of the information being made public.

Ava agreed to have the contract signed, so Diane offered Ava some advice; Diane explained that Morgan's parents were fiercely loyal, so Ava should tread carefully. Diane turned to leave, but Morgan called out to ask for Diane's help with a legal matter. Diane doubted that Morgan could afford her services, but she was curious what Morgan needed. Morgan explained that he wanted to get out of his marriage to Kiki.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny and Shawn discussed the recent attack on Sonny's shipment. Sonny was frustrated that they hadn't discovered who had been responsible for the explosion. Shawn explained that no one was talking, but Shawn promised to continue to dig for information.

Satisfied, Sonny shifted gears to discuss Morgan's new living arrangements Sonny was curious what Shawn had uncovered about Ava, so Shawn revealed that Ava was Derek Wells's art dealer and that Carly had witnessed an intense encounter between Derek and Ava on the pier a few nights before Sonny's shipment had been attacked. Sonny doubted that it had been a coincidence that Ava had met with the man who had been attacking Sonny in the Port Charles Press on a regular basis.

Shawn confided that Derek had been in Kelly's the day after the explosion and had practically gloated about Sonny's losses. Sonny asked Shawn to find out why Derek was so interested in Sonny's business.

At Volonino's gym, Derek pummeled a punching bag until Franco walked up. "You didn't really think you'd get away with it so easily, did you?" Franco asked Derek. Derek was curious how Franco had known that Derek had been at the gym, so Franco freely admitted that he had followed Derek.

Derek assumed that Carly was the reason for Franco's visit. Franco was impressed by Derek's insight and warned Derek to stay away from Carly. Derek wondered what Franco would do if Derek decided to choose to spend time with Carly. "What are you going to do, kill me?" Derek taunted with a smile.

Franco simply repeated his demand for Derek to stay away from Carly, but Derek pointed out that it hadn't worked the first time, so Franco had tried to make Carly jealous by showing up at the restaurant with Diane. Franco started to deny it, but then wondered if he had succeeded. Derek sarcastically asked if Franco wanted Derek to pass Carly a note in Algebra.

"Yes," Franco replied and then added that he also wanted to know if Carly had written his name with a magic marker on her jeans. Derek assured Franco that Carly hadn't been jealous because her attention had been on Derek. Franco was certain that Carly had kissed Derek to get back at Franco for kissing Diane. Derek admitted that it didn't matter because Carly was an attractive woman, so Derek looked forward to getting to know her better.

Franco accused Derek of not respecting Carly, so Franco refused to allow Derek to use her. Derek thought that it was hypocritical of Franco to play Carly's protector because he doubted that something or someone as evil as Franco could experience love. "And if they can, in fact, experience love, are they still evil?" Derek mused.

"A query completely exhausted during the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Franco replied. Franco changed tactics by asking how much it would cost Franco for Derek to leave Carly alone. Derek made it clear that he didn't need Franco's money nor did Carly need Franco's protection. Franco demanded an answer, so Derek offered to fight Franco in the boxing ring for Carly.

Shawn lurked nearby as Derek challenged Franco. Derek agreed to walk away from Carly if Franco beat Derek in the boxing ring. However, if Franco lost then Franco had to leave Carly alone and avoid any further contact with Derek. Franco agreed to Derek's terms.

Later, Franco and Derek entered the boxing ring. Franco managed to deflect a few of Derek's punches, so Derek began to goad Franco by bragging about Carly's kiss. Franco landed a couple of powerful punches, so Derek was forced to concede that he had underestimated Franco. Derek spotted Carly enter the gym, so he made a point of asking Franco to remind him why they were in the boxing ring. Franco circled Derek and saw Carly.

Carly's smile disappeared when Franco revealed that he and Derek were fighting for Carly. Derek took advantage of Franco's distraction by landing a knockout blow on Franco's chin. "Franco," Carly cried out with alarm as Franco crumbled in a heap.

In Sonny's office, Michael greeted his father and asked how Sonny was holding up. Sonny admitted that he had resumed taking his medication, so things were better. Sonny conceded that he had made a lot of mistakes, so he apologized for not telling Michael that Michael and Kiki were not related. Sonny hoped that Michael could forgive Sonny because Sonny didn't want to lose Michael too. Michael assured Sonny that Sonny would always be his father and that nothing could change that.

Relieved, Sonny asked how Michael had been doing. Sonny was surprised when Michael revealed that Kiki had moved in with Michael. Michael started to tell Sonny about Morgan and Ava's affair, but Sonny admitted that he already knew because Sonny had gone to Ava's penthouse to try to talk to Morgan. Michael was shocked that Morgan had moved in with Ava because Michael had been certain that Morgan's tryst with Ava had been a one-time thing to get back at Kiki and Michael.

Sonny explained that Morgan intended to stay with Ava indefinitely and that Morgan was through with Sonny. Michael assured Sonny that Morgan would calm down, but Sonny warned Michael that Morgan was "really pissed off" at Sonny. Sonny understood why Morgan was with Ava, but Sonny couldn't figure out why Ava was with Morgan.

Sonny confided to Michael about what Shawn had uncovered regarding the gambling ring and Julian Jerome. Sonny admitted that he had concerns about Ava because Ava had the same last name as the infamous crime family and had dangled Kiki under Morgan's nose. According to Sonny, when Ava's original plan had fallen apart, Ava had gone after Morgan.

Michael assured his father that Kiki didn't want anything to do with Ava. Sonny advised Michael to keep Kiki away from Ava and then asked Michael not to confide to anyone about their conversation. Michael agreed, so Sonny asked why Michael had stopped by.

Michael explained that he needed a job, but Sonny reminded Michael that Sonny didn't want Michael to be a part of Sonny's organization. Michael assured Sonny that he wanted a legitimate job, but it had been difficult to find because of Michael's criminal record, so Michael thought that he could work at the coffee warehouse. Sonny feared that Carly would object because of the recent attack on Sonny's shipment, so Sonny suggested that they talk to Carly.

Moments later, Kiki arrived, followed by Shawn. Shawn pulled Sonny aside to give him an update about Derek Wells, while Kiki told Michael about her talk with Silas. Sonny and Shawn looked up when they overheard Kiki mention that Ava had a brother.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

At Ava's penthouse, Diane was surprised that Morgan was involved with Ava, while married to Kiki. "Morgan, you've been busy," Diane snickered. She recalled that it hadn't been that long before when he had been able to entertain himself with just a bucket of Legos. "But, who am I to judge?" Diane asked.

"Well, clearly that's not stopping you," Ava observed. Diane was surprised that Morgan was around to need a divorce, so Morgan quickly clarified that he hadn't hooked up with Kiki's mother until Kiki had slept with Morgan's brother, Michael. Diane suggested that Ava get the contracts signed so Diane could have a private word with Morgan.

After Ava left, Diane admitted that she had no idea what Morgan's financial situation was, but she advised him to go to his father's attorney for help. Morgan barked that it was out of the question because Morgan wanted nothing to do with his father. Diane could see the anger in Morgan, so she gently urged him to talk to Sonny, but Morgan's temper flared because he blamed Sonny for Kiki walking out on the marriage.

Morgan insisted that Sonny had betrayed Morgan so that Michael could have Kiki. Morgan claimed that Sonny had always favored Michael, so Diane was curious if Morgan had discussed his concerns with Sonny. Morgan argued that Sonny could talk a good game, but Sonny only cared about Michael, not Morgan. Diane appeared to hold back her laughter as she cleared her throat and then apologized in advance for the expression that she intended to use. "That's the biggest pot of crap I ever heard," Diane added.

Morgan glared at Diane, but she ignored him. Diane acknowledged that she and Sonny had had their differences, but she respected Sonny because Sonny had managed to remain standing long after his rivals. "You gotta admire that," Diane said. Morgan disagreed, but she insisted that family was more important to Sonny than power.

Diane explained that she had gotten to know Sonny through the years, so it was abundantly clear to her that Sonny loved all of his children fiercely and equally. Morgan quietly explained that it hadn't felt that way to him. Diane appreciated that Morgan was angry, but she was certain that he would see the truth once he calmed down and looked deep into his heart.

Diane conceded that Sonny wasn't perfect, but she didn't have any doubt that Sonny loved Morgan. Morgan snidely wondered when Diane would be done dispensing advice and ready to do her work. Diane laughed and admitted that his remark would have been funny if it hadn't been so incredibly rude. However, she pointed out that Morgan had sounded just like his father.

Later, Diane jotted down notes to formulate a strategy as Morgan told her about his courthouse wedding to Kiki and Ava's offer to host a party for the newlyweds. Diane continued to scribble as Morgan went on a tirade about how Sonny had decided to announce in the middle of the party that Morgan had known that Kiki wasn't a Quartermaine and had accused Morgan of deliberately keeping the truth from Michael and Kiki.

According to Morgan, Kiki had immediately left him. "She ran to Michael so fast she left a vapor trail," Morgan complained. Diane patiently explained that Morgan had perpetrated the lie, but Morgan argued that Kiki had lied by claiming to love Morgan. Diane handed the notepad to Morgan with instructions for him to write everything down. He relaxed when she assured him that she would find sufficient cause for an annulment.

Diane then switched gears to discuss her fee, so Morgan promised her that she would get paid. Diane wasn't concerned because she could tell from the penthouse that Morgan had a wealthy "benefactress." Morgan wanted Diane's promise that she wouldn't flip on him by siding with Michael, so Diane explained that she had formally committed to Morgan when she had agreed to represent him. However, Diane conceded that she would always have a soft spot for Michael.

Morgan sullenly wondered what Michael had ever done for Diane. Diane explained that she had been largely to blame for Michael going to prison because she had mishandled Sonny's case and had alienated the judge, which had led to Michael's harsh sentence. Diane knew that Morgan loved his brother because she recalled how heartbroken Morgan had been after the hearing. She urged Morgan take into account what she had told him about Sonny because Michael had two fathers, but Morgan only had one.

At Volonino's gym, Carly raced to Franco's side in the boxing ring after Derek had knocked Franco to the ground. Carly was furious that Derek had engaged Franco in a round of boxing because Franco had recently undergone brain surgery. Derek assured Carly that Franco seemed fine, but Franco had difficulty standing up. Carly called out for one of the gym's employees to help her as she guided Franco out of the boxing ring. Derek continued to defend his actions and imply that Franco was taking advantage of Carly's concern.

Carly demanded to know what Derek and Franco had been fighting about, so Derek invited Franco to tell her. Carly was too concerned about Franco's unsteady walk and confused ramblings, so she decided to take him to the hospital. Franco objected because he was far more resilient than she gave him credit for. Carly ignored Franco's protest as she led him out of the gym. Derek called out to ask if he could have a rain check for their lunch, but Carly only glared at him.

Later, Ava entered the gym and approached her brother. She looked around and noted that the gym seemed "déclassé" even for Julian. Julian was curious why she was there, so Ava explained that she needed a favor. However, she became concerned when she noticed Julian's split lip. Julian assured her that he was fine and quipped that she should see the other guy.

Ava let it drop and handed him the contract. Ava explained that she had been asked to host an art exhibit in her new gallery, which could earn them a lot of money, but she needed Julian's signature. He was curious who the artist was, so she reluctantly admitted that it was Franco. Julian refused to sign the contract because he didn't want to risk anyone finding out that he was Ava's brother. Ava pointed out that the attorneys would be bound by attorney/client privilege and that they had established that Derek Wells had a keen interest in art.

Julian decided that he liked he idea of his rival for Carly's affections giving him ten percent of his earnings. Stunned, Ava demanded to know what Julian was talking about, so Julian admitted that he had been seeing Carly. Ava was outraged because Carly despised Ava, so Julian suggested that Ava learn to be nicer to people. Ava ignored the remark and advised Julian to be careful. Julian assured his sister that he always was.

Later, Ava returned to the penthouse. Morgan assured her that Diane had left, so Ava closed the door and then dropped her purse on the sofa. Morgan was seated in a chair as he stared at the notepad on the coffee table. Ava asked if he was okay, so he nodded. She seemed to sense that Morgan needed time alone, so she decided to finish unpacking her things.

After Ava left the room, Morgan looked around for a pen, so he went to Ava's purse. He spotted the contract tucked into the purse. He pulled it out and saw Derek Wells's signature on the bottom of the page.

At Metro Court hotel, Carly helped Franco to his suite. Carly was frustrated that he hadn't agreed to go to the hospital to be checked out, but Franco insisted that he was fine. He sat down on the sofa and told her that he just needed a nap. Carly immediately objected because she was concerned that Franco might have a concussion.

Carly sat next to Franco to keep him sitting upright, so Franco seized the opportunity to turn their conversation to more personal matters, but Carly jumped up to fetch a washrag and some ice for his cheek. Franco smiled when she returned to his side and gently pressed the makeshift ice pack to his cheek. Franco admitted that it felt good, so Carly reminded him that the hospital had painkillers that would help. Franco reminded her that he didn't need the hospital.

"All I want is..." Franco said as he slowly leaned towards Carly. Carly suddenly pulled back before their lips touched and asked him what he had been doing. Franco admitted that he had wanted to kiss her, but Carly reminded him of his lover, Diane. Franco admitted that he had lied about Diane, but Carly didn't believe him because she knew that someone had been in his suite. Franco appreciated that things looked bad, but he promised Carly that nothing had been going on with Diane.

"Franco, I need you," Diane said as she suddenly burst through the door. Diane froze when she saw Carly and then immediately apologized for the interruption. Carly glared at Franco and then told Diane that Franco was all Diane's. Franco tried to stop Carly, but she stormed out of the suite.

A short time later, Carly returned to Volonino's gym to ask Derek if it was too late to take him up on his invitation to lunch.

At the hospital, Sam wanted to know why Alexis had needed Sam's consent, so the lab technician excused herself. Alexis pulled her daughter aside to explain that it had to do with Sam's father. Alexis began to ramble, which Sam recognized as a sign of nervousness. Sam promised that she wasn't mad and asked Alexis to calm down.

Sam was stunned when Alexis admitted that Julian Jerome might be Sam's father. Sam immediately feared that she might be related to Ava, so Alexis rushed to assure Sam that Ava had denied any connection to Julian. Sam relaxed and then asked who Julian Jerome was.

Alexis explained that shortly after mobster Frank Smith had gone to prison in the 1980s, Victor Jerome had taken over the Port Charles territory. Alexis revealed that Victor's son, Julian, had been groomed to take over for Victor, but Julian had been a bit volatile and ruthless. "Are you telling me that my father is a mobster?" Sam asked. Alexis admitted that Julian was dead.

Alexis and Sam sat down in a quiet corner as Sam tried to make sense of what her mother had told her. Sam couldn't understand why Alexis had continued the search after they had found a donor for Danny. Alexis admitted that she hadn't been able to let it go because she had wanted to know if Sam's father was alive. Sam understood Alexis' curiosity, but Sam wondered how Alexis had jumped to the conclusion that Julian Jerome might be Sam's father.

Alexis pointed out that Julian wasn't a common name, so Alexis had been surprised when Shawn had mentioned questioning a thug in connection to the attack on Sonny's shipment and that the thug had claimed that Julian Jerome had been responsible for the explosion. Alexis knew that Julian was dead, but it had made her wonder if it was possible that Julian Jerome was the same Julian that Alexis had met in the New Hampshire bar.

Alexis revealed that she had found out that Julian Jerome had been in New Hampshire during the time that Alexis had met Sam's father, so Alexis had turned to Julian's son for a DNA sample to test against Sam. Sam was shocked when Alexis explained that Bobbie and Tony Jones's son, Lucas, was Julian Jerome's biological son. Sam realized that Lucas could be her half-brother.

"And Carly would be my...," Sam added as she floundered for an answer. Alexis assured Sam that Sam and Carly would not be related because Carly was not Lucas' biological sister. Sam was relieved, so Alexis admitted that Carly had had a similar reaction. Sam was surprised that Alexis had talked to Carly about it, so Alexis admitted that it would have been awkward to approach Lucas with the request for DNA. Sam conceded that her mother had a point.

Alexis was curious how Sam wanted to proceed, so Sam confessed that it was sad that Julian Jerome was dead because it meant that Sam would not have an opportunity to get to know her father nor would Danny have a chance to know his grandfather. Alexis confided that if Julian Jerome were Sam's father then it would prove that Alexis had had an unerring instinct for bad romantic relationships since high school. Sam chuckled and then decided to proceed with the DNA test.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Kiki was curious why Sonny wanted to know about her mother's brother. Michael explained that Sonny had a theory that Ava might have a connection to the Jerome crime family. Sonny asked what Kiki knew about her uncle, so Kiki recounted what Silas had told her about Ava's mysterious brother. Shawn's interest was piqued when Kiki mentioned that Ava's brother had been "connected."

Shawn was curious what Silas had meant, but Kiki didn't know. Kiki explained that it hadn't been an in-depth conversation, but Silas had told her that Ava had bragged that Ava's brother had financed Ava's first art gallery. Sonny thanked Kiki for her help, so Michael decided that it was time to leave.

Outside, Kiki was frustrated that her mother had lied to her once again. Kiki wondered if she would one day learn that Ava wasn't really her mother but then decided that it would be welcome news. Kiki debated confronting Ava about Ava's brother but then realized that Ava would likely end up lying. Kiki also admitted that she had no idea where to find her mother.

Michael confessed that he knew where Ava was. "Where is she?" Kiki asked. "She's living with Morgan," Michael answered. Stunned, Kiki confessed that she had thought that Morgan and Ava's sexual encounter had been a one-time thing. Michael was surprised when Kiki suddenly insisted that they get Morgan away from Ava.

Kiki blamed herself for Morgan's situation because Kiki had known from the moment that she had kissed Michael that she had loved Michael. Kiki regretted that she hadn't been honest with Morgan from the beginning instead of trying to spare hurting him. Michael insisted that Kiki blame Michael, too, so she confessed that she did. Kiki explained that everything would have been fine if Michael hadn't been so perfect. Michael regretted that he had hurt his brother, but Michael refused to apologize for loving Kiki.

After Kiki kissed Michael, Michael explained that he understood why Morgan had gotten involved with Ava, but he couldn't fathom why Ava was interested in Morgan. Kiki was certain that her mother had an agenda, so Kiki insisted that they get Morgan away from Ava because Morgan was in over his head.

In Sonny's office, Sonny and Shawn discussed the possibility that Ava might have lied about having a brother. They agreed that Ava could have told Silas that there was a brother to cover up a rich benefactor that she didn't want Silas to know about. However, Sonny was certain that Ava's mystery brother was real, so he wondered why Ava wouldn't want to acknowledge him. Shawn suggested that perhaps Ava hadn't wanted to be connected to the Jerome crime family.

Sonny conceded that it was possible, but Sonny argued that it wouldn't have mattered once Julian had died. Sonny pointed out that there were too many coincidences, so he was certain that Ava would eventually reach out to her brother. Sonny suddenly recalled that Ava had recently met with Derek on the piers days before the attack on Sonny's shipment and that Derek had been going after Sonny in the newspaper and had recently gloated about Sonny's financial loss when the shipment had been sabotaged.

"Is Derek Wells really Julian Jerome?" Sonny mused aloud with a sinister smile.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

At the nurses' station, Patrick called Duke to find out if Anna was in town. Duke admitted that he had no idea when Anna would return from Switzerland because she had been "dealing with a situation." Patrick asked if it was serious, so Duke reminded Patrick that Anna could handle herself. Patrick agreed and then asked Duke to let Anna know that Patrick needed to talk to Anna about something important. Sabrina walked up in time to catch the last part of Patrick's conversation, so she asked him if he intended to tell Anna about the phone call from Robin.

Later, Sabrina handed Patrick a cup of coffee as a peace offering, but he assured her that it wasn't necessary because he had called Duke to let Anna know that Robin had called. Sabrina reminded Patrick that they had agreed that it would be wrong to get Anna's hopes up over nothing, but Patrick couldn't discount the phone call because he was certain that Robin had called him.

Sabrina suggested that perhaps Patrick had merely heard what he had wanted because it had been Robin's birthday and his thoughts had been on his late wife. Patrick was adamant that he knew Robin's voice and pointed out that he had irrefutable proof that someone had called him. Sabrina argued that it could have been a prank call, but Patrick couldn't imagine a kid calling from a blocked number to pretend to be Robin. Sabrina conceded that it was unlikely, but she insisted that it couldn't have been Robin because Robin had died.

Patrick wondered who would have a reason to call him, pretending to be Robin. Sabrina insisted that there had to be an explanation and then suddenly tensed. She quickly changed the subject by claiming that she had promised to meet Felix, so she promised to catch up with Patrick later. She kissed Patrick and then asked him not to let the phone call get to him because Robin had loved him and would not want that.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Sony found an old newspaper article online about Julian Jerome, and it included a photograph. Shawn pointed out that the picture didn't look anything like Derek Wells. Sonny warned Shawn not to underestimate Julian.

Moments later, Duke arrived. Sonny thanked Duke for stopping by, so Duke explained that Shawn had made it clear that Duke hadn't had a choice in the matter. Sonny smiled pleasantly as he invited Duke to take a seat and then revealed that he wanted to talk to Duke about Duke's old friend, Julian Jerome. Duke made it clear that Julian had not been a friend.

Sonny told Duke about the recent attack on Sonny's coffee shipment and Shawn's interrogation of a henchman who had claimed that Julian Jerome had been behind the incident. Duke pointed out that Shawn had been misinformed because Julian was dead, so Sonny asked Duke how Julian had died.

Duke revealed that a man named Jonathan Paget, who'd had plastic surgery to look like Duke, had killed Julian during a shootout. Sonny questioned if there could have been a mistake, but Duke assured Sonny that Robert Scorpio had identified both Julian and Jonathan's bodies. Sonny pointed out that Robert had a history of faking deaths, but Duke countered that Robert wouldn't have helped Julian because Julian had been a threat to both Anna and Robin. According to Duke, Victor had been "pathological and greedy," while Olivia had been a lunatic. Julian had been sane compared to Victor and Olivia, even though Julian had been "dangerous and evil."

Duke was confident that Julian was dead, so the man that Shawn had talked to had been wrong. Shawn argued that the man had been convincing, so Duke conceded that perhaps Sonny's new enemy simply had the same name as Julian Jerome. Sonny wondered if perhaps it could be Julian's son, but Duke doubted it because Carly's adopted brother, Lucas Jones, was Julian's only son.

Sonny shifted gears to ask Duke how much Duke knew about Derek Wells. Duke was curious why Sonny wanted to know, so Sonny explained that Derek had been going after Sonny in the Port Charles Press. Sonny wanted some insight into Derek, but Duke couldn't help Sonny because Duke barely knew Derek on a personal level.

Sonny was curious how Duke had landed a job with Derek, so Duke explained that he had submitted a résumé. Duke admitted that it had been difficult to find work because of Duke's past connection to organized crime, but Derek had given Duke a chance when Duke had assured Derek that Duke's life of crime was dead and buried. Sonny thanked Duke for stopping by, so Duke asked Sonny to keep him in the loop if anything should turn up that might concern Duke and Anna.

After Duke left, Shawn admitted that Duke had made a convincing argument that Julian Jerome was dead, which meant that Derek was not Julian. Sonny explained that Julian had been a symbol of what Duke had left behind, so Duke wanted to believe that Julian was dead. However, that didn't make it true. Shawn suggested that Sonny was too attached to the theory that Derek was Julian, but Sonny insisted that his gut told him that something wasn't right with Derek Wells.

On a plane bound for Greece, Britt watched her mother's video message on a laptop. Nikolas sat down in the seat next to Britt, so she stopped the video and removed her headphones. Nikolas explained that they had to turn off their electronic devices because the plane would be landing within thirty minutes. Britt was curious what their plans were once they landed, so Nikolas revealed that he had arranged for a car to pick them up in Athens and take them to a boat that would whisk them to Cassadine Island.

Britt couldn't understand why her mother would take Ben to Cassadine Island when Faison was in Switzerland. Nikolas explained that the island was close enough to Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison in Switzerland that it made an ideal base of operations. Britt wondered how her mother even knew about the island, so Nikolas confided that his grandmother, Helena, had once hired Faison to kidnap Nikolas' half-brother, Lucky, who had been imprisoned on the island. He also pointed out that Stavros had recuperated at the clinic where Liesl had worked. Nikolas explained that the island was remote and unoccupied because most of the Cassadines had been wiped out, and Nikolas rarely visited his birthplace.

Britt pointed out that her mother couldn't take Ben to Steinmauer, which meant that Liesl would try to help Faison escape. Nikolas reminded Britt that Steinmauer was reputed to be escape-proof, but Britt sensed that something was troubling Nikolas. Nikolas admitted that he had talked to the Steinmauer representatives, but they had clammed up, indicating that something big had happened.

Later, the passengers were informed that the plane would continue to taxi until a gate became available. Frustrated, Britt asked Nikolas to distract her by telling her about the island. Nikolas admitted that the island was beautiful -- from a distance -- but it had also been his mother's prison for several years.

Nikolas revealed that his uncle, Stefan, had raised Nikolas on Cassadine Island for the first sixteen years of Nikolas' life. Nikolas acknowledged that Stefan had had flaws, but he had been good to Nikolas. Britt was curious what living on the island had been like, so Nikolas recalled a frightening incident at the tender age of eight when his grandmother had staged a "coup" and had tossed Stefan off of the island. Nikolas admitted that it had taken Stefan a year to turn the tables on Helena and rescue Nikolas. Britt felt terrible for Nikolas, but he assured her that despite everything, he'd had a very privileged childhood.

An announcement was made alerting the passengers that they could turn their electronic devices back on, so Nikolas checked his phone. He noticed that he had missed a call from Anna, so he listened to her voicemail message. Nikolas revealed that Anna had news about Britt's mother and then called Anna.

In Lucerne, Switzerland, Robert limped around the room with the aid of a cane as Mac watched. Robert was eager to leave the clinic, but Mac suspected that Robert was frustrated because Mac had shown Robert the video of Robin's funeral. Robert insisted that he had needed to watch the video, so Mac asked why Robert was so ticked off.

Robert recalled Anna warning Robert not to tell anyone that Robin might be alive, so he carefully explained that he was worried about Anna. Mac pointed out that Anna could hold her own in the field, so Mac wanted to know what was really going on. Robert appeared on the verge of telling his brother about Robin when Anna suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Robert cryptically asked Anna if she had talked to "the thing" about "the thing." Mac assured Robert and Anna that it wasn't necessary to talk in code in front of him. Mac claimed that Robert had filled him in, so Mac offered to help in any way that he could. Anna relaxed when she realized that Mac had been referring to the search for Liesl Obrecht, not Robin, so Anna assured Mac that she had things well in hand. Mac sensed that Anna was eager to talk to Robert in private, so he decided to check in with Felicia.

After Mac left, Anna closed the door and then revealed that Faison had confirmed that Robin was alive. Robert smiled with relief, but Anna warned him that Faison couldn't be trusted because Faison would say anything to get inside of Anna's head. She feared that Faison had simply confirmed that Robin was alive because it was what Anna had wanted to hear.

Robert insisted that Anna had Robert's word for it, so Faison's confirmation hadn't been necessary. Robert assured Anna that he had seen their daughter and that Robin had looked directly into Robert's eyes as Liesl had taken their daughter out of the clinic. Anna was forced to break the news to Robert that Faison had escaped with Liesl before Anna could find out where Robin was.

Moments later, Nikolas called to get an update from Anna. Anna told Nikolas about Faison's escape but admitted that she had no idea where Faison and Liesl had disappeared to. Nikolas told Anna about Liesl's video message and Nikolas' suspicions that Liesl was hiding out on Cassadine Island. Anna assured Nikolas that she would investigate the island immediately, so Nikolas admitted that he had already landed in Greece. Anna reminded Nikolas that Faison and Liesl were dangerous, so she ordered Nikolas and Britt to remain in Athens until they heard from Anna.

After Anna ended the call with Nikolas, she told Robert about Nikolas' suspicions. Robert insisted on leaving right away, but Anna objected because Robert hadn't fully recovered from being in a coma. Robert made it clear that he would go with or without Anna.

Moments later, Mac returned. Mac sensed that something was going on, but Robert and Anna refused to tell him about the possibility that Robin might be alive. Mac seemed resigned to being left in the dark, so he revealed that he had to return to Port Charles because there was a problem with Maxie. Anna and Robert expressed concern for Maxie, so Mac assured them that everything would be fine.

After Mac left, Anna tried to dissuade Robert from going to Cassadine Island, but Robert refused to let their daughter slip through his fingers for a second time.

On the plane, Nikolas told Britt about Anna's request for them to wait in Athens. Britt wanted her son back, so she refused to consider waiting.

In the laboratory, Robin paced the floor because she didn't have any idea where to begin to make a new batch of medicine in time to save Jerry. Robin picked up the baby and admitted that she didn't have any reason to believe that Jerry wouldn't carry out his threat to kill her, so she was worried about what would become of the baby. She placed the baby back into the pram as the door opened.

"My God, Mom?" Robin asked in shock as Anna appeared in the doorway. Anna smiled and then ran to embrace her daughter. Robin tearfully hugged her mother as Anna warned her that they had to move fast because there wasn't much time. Robin smiled with relief until Anna began to laugh.

"Do you think I'm here to save you, little twit?" Liesl Obrecht whispered into Robin's ear. Robin watched in horror as Liesl ripped the mask off and cackled that she hadn't been able to resist pulling the prank on Robin. Furious, Robin demanded to know where Jerry was, so Liesl revealed that he was recovering from a gunshot.

Robin wondered if Liesl intended to kidnap Anna and then pass herself off as Robin's mother. Liesl laughed at the suggestion and then revealed that she had needed the mask to "procure" someone else. "Who?" Robin asked. "That would be me," Faison said as he stepped into the room.

Robin was visibly shaken when she saw Faison, so ordered him to stay away from her. Robin turned to Liesl and glared at the evil doctor with disgust because she couldn't believe that Liesl had helped a "psychopath" like Faison escape from jail. Liesl smiled with satisfaction as she made her way to the pram to retrieve her grandson, so he could meet Faison. Faison happily took the crying baby from Liesl and cooed to his grandson that they would accomplish many things together.

Liesl insisted that the baby was the spitting image of his "Opa." Robin was stunned when she realized that Faison was the baby's grandfather. Liesl confirmed that Faison was Britta's father, so Robin wondered if Patrick knew. Liesl was tired of answering Robin's questions, but she admitted that Patrick hadn't known about Britta's lineage.

Faison played with his grandson as Liesl smiled with pride. She wondered if Faison regretted leaving with her. Faison confessed that he didn't, but he wished that it hadn't been at Anna's expense. Robin demanded to know what they were talking about. To Liesl's frustration, Faison filled Robin in on what had transpired at Steinmauer.

Robin was excited when she realized that her father had woken up from the coma and that both of her parents knew that she was alive. Liesl pointed out that Robert and Anna had no idea where Robin was, but Robin insisted that her parents would find her and that they would make Liesl and Faison pay.

Liesl suggested that she and Faison take the baby to a more private setting, so Faison could get to know his grandson. Robin warned Liesl that nothing would stop Robert and Anna from finding Robin. "We'll see," Liesl snarled and then followed Faison and the baby out of the lab. Robin banged on the door and demanded to be let out, but the door remained closed.

Friday, October 18, 2013

At Crimson, Sabrina stormed into Carlos' office and angrily accused him of arranging for Patrick to receive a phone call from Robin. Shocked, Carlos insisted that he would never have done such a thing, but Sabrina didn't believe him because Carlos had repeatedly tried to drive a wedge between her and Patrick. Carlos conceded that it was clear to everyone that Patrick wasn't over Robin, but Sabrina disagreed. She insisted that Carlos had messed with Patrick's head by arranging for Patrick to receive the unsettling phone call. Carlos once again denied it, but Sabrina insisted that it couldn't have been Robin because Robin was dead.

Carlos was hurt that Sabrina had such a low opinion of him that she thought that he'd use Patrick's grief to hurt Patrick. Sabrina argued that Carlos had done it in the past by suggesting that Patrick had continued to wear the wedding band because Patrick hadn't been committed to Sabrina. Carlos pointed out that it had ultimately led to Patrick taking the ring off, so Sabrina should be thankful.

Sabrina was outraged by the suggestion and accused Carlos of not respecting her wishes. She resented him trying to drown her in flowers and claiming that she would always be second to Patrick behind Robin. "Tell me I'm wrong," Carlos challenged Sabrina.

Sabrina suspected that Carlos hoped to keep Robin front and center so Patrick wouldn't have room in his life for Sabrina. Carlos denied the accusation, but he conceded that he would have done it if he had thought of it because it had obviously worked. Sabrina made it clear that she wasn't mad that Patrick had loved his late wife, but rather because Carlos had tried to undermine Patrick's efforts to move forward.

Carlos resented Patrick "heaping" affection on Robin because it meant that Sabrina went without. Sabrina assured Carlos that she hadn't gone without anything, but Carlos didn't believe her because she stood in his office. Sabrina explained that she was there to tell him once and for all to back off and to leave Patrick alone.

Carlos doubted that Sabrina would have been upset if she had felt secure about her relationship with Patrick. Sabrina argued that Carlos didn't know her, but Carlos warned her that Patrick would continue to give Sabrina less and less until there was nothing left to give. Sabrina ordered Carlos to stay away from her and then turned to leave.

Carlos was confident that Sabrina knew that he hadn't been responsible for the phone call that Patrick had received. However, he urged her to open her eyes because Patrick was in love with a dead woman. Sabrina's back was to him, so he didn't see her squeeze her eyes shut as the words hit home. She quickly straightened her back, reminded Carlos not to contact her again, and then left.

At the Drake residence, Elizabeth wiped down the table as Patrick arrived home. Patrick felt bad that he had asked Elizabeth to babysit on her day off, but she assured him that she hadn't minded because Cam and Aiden were visiting her sister, Sarah. Elizabeth filled Patrick in about her evening with Emma, which had included a game that Emma had been competitive about. Patrick chuckled and confided that Emma always went easy on Sabrina when they played the game, so Elizabeth suspected that it was because Emma adored Sabrina.

Elizabeth sensed that something was troubling Patrick, so he told her about the phone call from Robin. She pointed out that what he had described was improbable because Robin had died. Patrick agreed, but he admitted that it had hit him like a ton of bricks to hear Robin's voice, so he couldn't seem to let the incident go.

Elizabeth confessed that she knew firsthand how grief could make a person believe things that weren't real because she had gone through something similar after Jake had died. She told Patrick about a time that she had seen Jake in the grocery store and then admitted that the visions had continued. Patrick was curious how she had moved on, so she credited Cam. Elizabeth explained that she had called out Jake's name one too many times, and Cam had finally been forced to remind his mother that Jake was gone.

Elizabeth had realized that holding on to Jake hadn't been fair to Cam or Aiden. Patrick added that it hadn't been fair to her either. Elizabeth agreed and told Patrick that he couldn't keep expecting Robin to walk through the door because it was beyond Robin's capabilities. "Robin's not coming back," Elizabeth gently reminded him.

Later, Patrick walked Elizabeth to the door and thanked her for sharing her story about Jake. Elizabeth explained that she hadn't wanted Patrick to feel alone, so Patrick admitted that it had helped him put things into perspective. Elizabeth urged Patrick to think about what Robin would want for him and then left.

Patrick returned to the living room and fetched a DVD, which he put in the laptop's disk drive. Moments later, Robin's image filled the screen as she implored Patrick to find a way to be happy again. She reminded him that their daughter was still young, so she wanted Emma to grow up in a happy home. Robin begged Patrick to honor her memory by opening his heart to another woman. Robin was confident that there was a woman out there for Patrick who would love him and love their daughter as her own.

Patrick quickly closed the laptop when he heard Sabrina open the front door and walk in. Sabrina apologized for being late but tensed when she sensed that something was troubling Patrick. Patrick assured Sabrina that everything was finally right and then took both of her hands in his. "Patrick, what's wrong?" Sabrina asked with concern. "Marry me," Patrick replied.

On a flight from Greece, Luke asked Mandy, the flight attendant, for warm nuts, chocolate chip cookies, and a heated towel for his hands. Mandy laughingly offered to warm the champagne, but Luke declined. Tracy looked at Luke with an expression of disbelief as Mandy walked away, so Luke pointed out that they had reason to celebrate. Tracy suddenly recalled Luke's declaration of love to her when he had been on his deathbed. "That remains to be seen," she muttered under her breath, but Luke heard her, so he reminded her that he had been cured, and Jerry Jacks was as good as dead.

Later, Luke flirted with Mandy as she handed a glass of champagne to him. Tracy waited until Mandy walked away and then accused Luke of being "nauseatingly expansive" all day. Luke attributed his change in disposition to the life-saving elixir that she had injected into him. Tracy questioned if it was a good idea for Luke to drink champagne when they had no idea how the serum would affect him. Luke agreed but then asked Mandy to fetch him some whiskey.

Tracy resented Luke drinking whiskey after she had risked her life to rescue him. Luke reminded Tracy that his liver had been healthy when he had been diagnosed with polonium poisoning, so he intended to celebrate his new lease on life with Tracy at his side. Luke toasted to the woman who had made it all possible and then took a drink of whiskey.

Later, Tracy's thoughts drifted to Luke's promise to give her the whole meal, not just the enchilada. She returned to the present when Luke snapped his fingers under her nose and then asked if he could use her slippers because his were too snug. Annoyed, Tracy handed Luke the slippers.

Luke was curious why Tracy was upset, so Tracy pointed out that they had no way of knowing if he had received the cure or if it had just been a vial of colored water. Luke pointed out that he felt better, but Tracy suggested that the improvement could be a combination of adrenaline, champagne, and "your warm nuts." Tracy reminded Luke that even Jerry hadn't trusted the doctor, so it was possible that the doctor had "doctored" the cure.

Tracy regretted that she and Luke had left the doctor behind on the island because Luke might not have been the only person in need of rescuing. Luke refused to return to Greece because he didn't want to risk another encounter with Jerry. Tracy conceded that Luke had a point, but she made it clear that their first stop would be General Hospital because she wanted Luke to have a complete checkup.

Satisfied, Luke put on his headphones and then nibbled on his nuts. A short time later, the flight attendant approached to take Tracy's order for dinner. Tracy smiled when Mandy mentioned that an enchilada was one of the choices. "What do you think?" Tracy asked Luke, who remained oblivious to the question because of the headphones. "I'll have the pig," Tracy decided as she glared at Luke.

On Cassadine Island, Faison cooed to his grandson in Danish as Liesl entered the room to announce that their chambers had been readied. "Shall we?" Liesl asked as she smiled at the baby and then admitted that their grandson was a "darling." Faison thought that it had been fortunate that the baby had inherited Faison's looks. Liesl promised that the baby would be a testament to Faison's name. "Together, we will raise a glorious Wunderkind," Liesl promised.

Faison thought that the baby's mother might have something to say about that, but Liesl merely chuckled as she led Faison to their rooms.

A short time later, Faison and Liesl entered their rooms as they discussed their daughter. Faison was horrified when Liesl revealed that Britt had intended to have an abortion until Liesl had persuaded Britt to keep the baby. Disgusted, Faison accused their daughter of being weak. Liesl conceded that their daughter was a competent doctor, but Liesl was certain that the baby was better off with Faison and Liesl raising him.

Later, Faison held his grandson as he invited his grandson to call him "Papa" and vowed to give his grandson whatever the baby wanted. Faison's smile faded when Liesl sauntered into the bedroom, dressed in a negligee. Liesl suggested that they retire for the night, so Faison tried to ignore her. Frustrated, Liesl asked if he had heard her. "Yes, of course I heard you. I'm standing five feet away," Faison growled.

Faison claimed that he wasn't tired, so Liesl pointed out that they didn't have to sleep. Faison wanted to spend more time with his grandson, but Liesl insisted that they needed to give the baby a strong upbringing by raising their grandson together as a couple. Faison warned Liesl that he couldn't make her happy.

"Happiness is for dogs and Americans," Liesl spat. She explained that she desired allegiance, which she didn't think was too much to ask for after everything that she had done for Faison. Liesl smiled seductively as she promised to give him more, so Faison put the baby down and then picked up the latex mask that Liesl had worn to pass herself off as Anna.

Liesl imagined that Faison felt "stymied" after spending the better part of a year in confinement, so she offered to "clear the blockage." Faison agreed, but he wanted her to grant him one request. "The clamps?" Liesl asked with excitement. Faison held out the mask as he explained that he wanted her to wear it.

Liesl's eyes filled with tears of hurt and anger, but Faison ignored them as he suggested that it could be fun for her to wear the mask. He reminded her that she had promised that she would do anything for him, but that infuriated her. Liesl knocked the mask out of his hand and then slapped him. "How dare you?" she asked. Faison warned Liesl to watch her step, but Liesl was not intimidated.

Liesl dared Faison to try to stick the guards on her because he would quickly discover that his influence had diminished considerably while hers had grown exponentially. She advised Faison to watch his step around her and then turned to leave. Faison demanded to know where she was going, but Liesl refused to answer him. She suggested that he don the mask and behold his reflection if he became lonely because she was certain that it would give him hours of pleasure.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Britt entered the main room. Britt was eager to start the search for her son, but Nikolas cautioned her to wait. He assured her that she would get Ben back and vowed to take care of her parents, but they had to proceed with caution. Nikolas spotted a baby's bottle, so he picked it up and noted that it was still warm, which meant that the baby was close. Britt immediately recognized it as Ben's bottle, so she hugged Nikolas in gratitude.

"Freeze!" a guard ordered from the doorway with his gun aimed at Nikolas and Britt. Nikolas glared at the guard and demanded that the guard lower the gun. "I don't pay you to confront me in my own home," Nikolas informed the man. The guard immediately complied and apologized because he hadn't been alerted of Nikolas' arrival. Nikolas explained that he had intended it that way because Nikolas had heard about the visitors on the island.

At Nikolas' urging, the guard revealed that they had been led to believe that the visitors were Nikolas' guests. Nikolas wondered if anyone had had a baby with them, but the guard didn't recall seeing a child. However, he suggested that Nikolas talk to Dr. Obrecht because she might know if there was a baby on the island. Nikolas was curious who else was on the island, so the guard told him that Jerry Jacks had taken charge of the security team.

Britt wondered if Jerry Jacks was the same "psycho" who had poisoned the Port Charles water supply. Nikolas realized that the reports of Jerry's death had been exaggerated, so he questioned the guard about Jerry's whereabouts. Nikolas instructed the guard to have security round up the interlopers and to keep an eye out for a baby.

After the guard left, Nikolas told Britt to stay put while Nikolas dealt with Jerry. Britt wanted to go with Nikolas, but he refused to consider it. Nikolas promised Britt that she would get Ben back and then left. Britt paced around the main room until she heard a door slam. Britt called out, hoping that it was Nikolas, but her mother appeared in the doorway. Liesl muttered angrily about Faison, but Britt demanded to know where Ben was.

Liesl admitted that the baby was in one of the bedrooms, so Britt turned to leave with the intention of fetching her son. Liesl grabbed her daughter's arm because she insisted that Britt needed to know something, but Britt shoved her mother away and left, unaware that Liesl had fallen and hit her head on the floor.

A short time later, Britt entered a bedroom. She stopped short when she saw her father hovering over Ben's pram.

In the laboratory, Robin worked furiously to try to develop another dose of serum for Jerry, but she knew that it was a fruitless endeavor because she would not be able to formulate it in time to save Jerry. She prayed that her parents found her before Jerry carried out his threat to kill her.

Moments later, the door opened. Robin looked up expectantly, but Jerry entered the room. Robin immediately began examining Jerry to determine how advanced the radiation poisoning was, but Jerry pulled away from her when he noticed that the baby was missing. He demanded to know where the baby was, so Robin sarcastically explained that the baby had decided to escape through a duct. Jerry was not amused, prompting Robin to ask why he cared.

Jerry avoided the question by accusing Robin of not caring about the baby because the baby wasn't her child. He suspected that Robin wanted the baby out of the way, so she could focus on her other competition. "Nurse Santiago," Jerry added.

Robin agreed that she wanted to get back to Patrick and Emma as well as the rest of the life that Jerry had ripped her away from. Jerry reminded Robin that it hadn't been personal; she had been a means to an end. Robin wasn't interested in hearing his justification because she wanted to get back to work on the serum without any interruptions from Jerry, Liesl, or Faison.

Jerry was surprised when he heard Faison's name, so Robin told him that Liesl had helped Faison escape from Steinmauer and had collected the baby. Jerry was furious because he was certain that WSB wouldn't be far behind Liesl and Faison. Robin warned Jerry that the cavalry might have arrived already, but Jerry warned Robin that no one would save her. Robin smirked because he had underestimated her parents.

Jerry assured Robin that Robert and Anna were not on the island. Jerry decided that it was time for him to go home to visit his mother and brother one last time. Robin was hopeful that Jerry would let her go, but Jerry quickly clarified that he intended to carry out his threat. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at Robin, so Robin quickly revealed that she could still save him. Jerry didn't believe her, but Robin explained that the person who had taken the dose of serum could carry the antidote in their bloodstream.

Robin was stunned when Jerry revealed that Luke Spencer had taken the serum and had left the island with Tracy Quartermaine. Robin wondered if they had been on the island, looking for her, so Jerry clarified that Luke had been searching for the cure because Helena Cassadine had exposed Luke to polonium.

Jerry decided to go to Port Charles to collect Luke's blood and then to kill the man, but Robin explained that one transfusion would not be enough to save Jerry, so they needed Luke alive. Robin insisted that it would be best if she went with Jerry to Port Charles. Jerry agreed to mull it over, but he had other matters to attend to first. Robin warned Jerry that time was of the essence.

Moments later, Nikolas, armed with a gun, cautiously made his way into the outer chamber of the lab. He saw the light on in the lab, so he decided to check it out. Nikolas opened the door, but froze when he saw Robin standing in the lab. Robin turned and stared in shock at Nikolas.

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