General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 18, 2013 on GH

The judge granted Spinelli full custody of the baby. Ava destroyed evidence. Robert reunited with his daughter. Anna found Duke. Carlos saw Robin. Sabrina had a surprise visitor.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 18, 2013 on GH
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Monday, November 18, 2013

In court, Diane questioned Dante on the stand. She asked him if Lulu had been lying when she had said that she had not discussed taking baby Connie and running away. Dante was evasive, but after a reminder from both Diane and the judge that Dante was under oath and an officer of the law, Dante told the truth. That gave Diane the opportunity to show Lulu in the worst possible light, despite Dante's protest that running away was never a serious option.

After the questioning, Dante told Lulu that he had had no choice, but Lulu said that he had, but had not chosen their family. Maxie and Diane were relieved that Dante's testimony had strengthened their case. Diane told the judge that she had no more witnesses, but Spinelli insisted on making a statement. Diane tried to direct him, but when she called his friendship with Lulu "alleged," Spinelli said there was nothing alleged about it, that Lulu was his friend and he was sorry for everything that was happening.

Spinelli defended Lulu and her character. He said that she would not have run with the baby, but would have made the correct decision because she always did. Diane was not happy with Spinelli's defense of Lulu, but brightened considerably when Spinelli testified about his sincere desire to know and love his child.

In their summations, Alexis stressed the investment, both emotional and financial, that Dante and Lulu had made in the baby. Diane stressed that under the law, Spinelli and Maxie were the biological, and therefore, legal parents. The judge said it was a complicated case and took it under advisement. He dismissed the court.

Maxie, Spinelli, Ellie, Diane, Mac, and Felicia remained in the courtroom and talked. Mac and Felicia comforted Maxie. Diane said that they had a good chance of winning. Spinelli interjected that he wished it were not at Lulu's expense. When Diane asked if it would be worth it if he got his daughter back, Spinelli reluctantly admitted that it would.

Outside the courtroom, Sonny was also sorry about the pain that the trial was causing everyone. Alexis told Sonny, Olivia, Dante, and Lulu that it would be awhile before the judge ruled. She advised them to get some rest. Lulu said that she needed a minute alone.

At General Hospital, Patrick and Sabrina gave Luke, Tracy and baby Connie, whom they were babysitting, the good news that Luke had been completely cured of polonium poisoning. Luke and Tracy were overjoyed. Tracy was so ebullient that both Sabrina and Patrick commented on it. Tracy's good mood made her chatty, and as Luke and Tracy explained how Luke had gotten the cure, Patrick filled them in on Anna and Robert's disappearance. Luke and Tracy made the connection between Faison, Dr. Obrecht, Jerry Jacks, and Cassadine Island.

When Patrick added that Duke had last been seen on his way to question Nikolas, Luke immediately left for Wyndemere after telling Tracy and Patrick, who wanted to contact the police, that some things were better handled outside the law. Tracy stayed behind with Connie. Tracy lovingly admonished Connie not to fall for a dashing rogue because he would break her heart while she had the time of her life.

Tracy and Connie boarded the same elevator as Ellie, who said the trial was over and the judge would announce his decision soon. As Tracy hugged Connie close, Dante, Lulu, Alexis, Diane, Maxie, and Spinelli were summoned to the courtroom, where they waited to hear the judge's decision. Diane and Alexis were both surprised that the judge had ruled so quickly.

Carlos burst into the GH lab and found Robin, who, when her back was turned, he had mistaken for Sabrina. Carlos thought Robin looked familiar, but could not place her. Carlos asked for her name, and Robin blurted out Epiphany Johnson. As Carlos turned to leave, Robin stopped him and asked if he was Sabrina's ex. Carlos wanted to know why she was interested, but Robin said it was hospital gossip and she was curious. Carlos sensed a kindred spirit when he said that he still loved Sabrina and intended to stop her wedding to Patrick.

As Carlos left the lab, Robin advised Carlos to never give up in his pursuit of Sabrina and wished him good luck in his quest. As soon as she tested Luke's blood and found that it was producing antibodies, Robin got busy on the cure. Robin started processing the serum, which would take 24 hours, donned her mask and cap, and then left the lab.

Carlos looked for Sabrina but found a wall of photos instead. One of them was Head Nurse Epiphany Johnson, who was definitely not the woman he had met in the lab. As Carlos thought about it, he noticed a photo of Patrick and immediately flashed to the wedding photo he had seen in Patrick's house, and he recognized Robin. Carlos rushed back to the lab. Instead of Robin, he found Sabrina. He boldly told her that Patrick Drake's wife was still alive.

Robert's trick with the chewing gum fingerprint worked, and the lab door on Cassadine Island opened, but alarms started blaring. Gerry and his guards assembled outside the second door. They entered but saw no one. As the guards followed Jerry into the lab, Anna and Robert hit the two guards from behind and grabbed their guns. Jerry turned and pointed his gun at them, but Anna and Robert already had their guns pointed at Jerry.

Jerry thought he had them over a barrel when he showed Anna and Robert a picture of Duke, who was being held by Faison, but that changed quickly when Anna shot him in the leg, and Jerry fell to the ground, where he was quickly subdued. Anna and Robert tied up the guards and prepared to depart. Jerry told them they would never find Robin without him, and he wanted a deal. Anna put a gun to his head and said they would find Robin with or without him. Jerry caved in and said he would lead them to Robin.

In the catacombs under Wyndemere, Duke successfully instigated an argument about Anna, which led to a knockdown-dragout fight, between Faison and Dr. Obrecht. During the argument Faison mentioned that Robin was alive. Duke was startled but did not let on that he had noticed. Faison eventually won the battle and tied Obrecht up to the post next to the one where Duke was tied up. Faison told her that he would never give up on Anna because Anna was his reason for living.

Faison left the cavern as Dr. Obrecht begged him not to go. Duke and Obrecht argued. She was sorry she had listened to Duke, but Duke was made of sterner stuff. He told Obrecht that in her position, he would want revenge, and there was no better way to get it than to put Faison behind bars where he could never have Anna. Obrecht saw the logic but said that Jerry had Robert and Anna. Duke said not to count Robert and Anna out. Duke said he was positive that Anna would find him.

Obrecht worried that if she gave herself up, she would go to jail. Duke told her not to worry because there were lots of people living in Port Charles who had cut deals. Duke worked on loosening the rope that bound him to a post.

Upstairs, Nikolas and Britt acted on their attraction to each other, and they kissed. Britt tried to explain it as the result of the stressful situation that they were in, but Nikolas said that they both knew better. Britt said that she was not a nice person and that Nikolas was the best friend that she had ever had, and she was afraid of losing that. Nikolas kissed Britt again with even more passion. Faison interrupted and told Britt that she could do better than Nikolas because Nikolas was weak and not fit to be a Cassadine.

Britt defended Nikolas, but Faison murderously told Britt not to defy him. Britt said that she had agreed to go along with his plan, but he did not control her life. Faison told her that they would talk later. Britt asked about her mother. Faison said that he did not know anything. He said that he enjoyed exploring the catacombs, and perhaps Obrecht did too. Faison swept out of the room.

Robin got home safely and told Nikolas and Britt that she had started the process, and they would have a cure for Jerry in 48 hours. She did not mention conversing with Carlos. Outside the door, Luke started shouting that he needed to talk to Nikolas.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

At Wyndemere, Robin explained to Nikolas and Britt that Luke's antibodies should have reproduced enough within forty-eight hours for Robin to synthesize the cure for Jerry. Nikolas and Britt were relieved that everything would be over soon, so Robin reminded them that they just needed to make sure no one saw Robin before Jerry held up his end of the bargain.

Moments later, Luke called out, demanding to talk to Nikolas. Nikolas hustled Robin into the secret passage just as Luke entered the room. Nikolas carefully stepped away from the passage's entrance to introduce Britt to Luke. Luke recognized Britt's name because he knew that Britt's mother was Faison's sidekick and "pinup queen for the SS."

Nikolas steered the conversation away from Britt's parents by asking if there was something that he could do for Luke. Luke revealed that he had reason to believe that Jerry Jacks, Liesl, and Faison were hiding out on Cassadine Island. Nikolas feigned surprise that Jerry was alive, so Luke conceded that Jerry didn't have long to live because Jerry was withering away on the island, along with the doctor who had saved Luke's life.

Luke realized that Nikolas hadn't seemed surprised by the news, so Nikolas admitted that he had been aware of the situation on the island and had been monitoring it. Luke expected Nikolas to do more than monitor things, so he demanded that Nikolas fire up the jet. Luke explained that Anna and Robert had disappeared and might be Jerry's prisoners on the island, but Nikolas ordered Luke to stay out of it. Luke refused to back down and announced his intention to take matters into his own hands.

"Luke, no," Robin cried out as she stepped into the room. Stunned, Luke stared at Robin with disbelief, so she assured him that it was really her. Luke wanted to know how it was possible, but Robin explained that it was a long story and that they didn't have time. However, Robin confirmed that Jerry had been holding Anna and Robert captive and that she had also been Jerry's prisoner on the island. Luke realized that Robin had been the doctor responsible for saving his life.

Robin confirmed Luke's suspicion and then filled him in on Jerry's terms for her parents' release. Luke reminded Robin that Jerry couldn't be trusted, so he wanted to rescue Anna and Robert right away. Luke insisted that Robert needed to know that Robin was alive and then told Robin about her father's suicide attempt. Nikolas argued that they couldn't risk endangering lives, but Luke was determined to find a way to help his friends. Robin revealed that Luke had already helped because the cure was in Luke's blood. Luke wanted to give the cure to Sean and allow Jerry to die, but Nikolas made it clear that was not an option.

At the hospital, Felix and Brad made their way to the nurses' station after failing to find Sabrina the perfect wedding dress. Brad pointed out that time wasn't on their side, so he suggested that Felix compromise. Felix refused because he was determined to make certain that his best friend had the perfect wedding dress. However, Felix had appreciated Brad's help, but he hoped that he hadn't pulled Brad away from anything important.

Brad winced and confessed that there had been something that he should have been doing, so he had to leave. However, first Brad nervously asked if Felix would be interested in getting together for dinner. Brad was stunned when Felix accepted the invitation for a date.

After Brad left, Patrick walked up and admitted that he hoped that Felix would not get involved with Brad because Brad could not be trusted. Felix assured Patrick that he hadn't forgotten what Brad had done nor would Felix give Brad a free pass on those transgressions, but Felix appreciated that Brad was trying to do better. Felix grudgingly admitted that Brad also had a point about the baby; Brad had never agreed to be anything other than a sperm donor. Felix pointed out that even Britt didn't appear to have an issue with Brad's lack of involvement.

However, Felix conceded that he had noticed that Brad never looked at the baby, so Felix suspected that Brad might even question if he had fathered the baby because the baby didn't look anything like Brad. Patrick insisted that Felix deserved better than someone like Brad, but Patrick believed that Felix was capable of drawing the good out in Brad. Felix appreciated the vote of confidence and then chatted about Patrick's upcoming wedding to Sabrina.

Patrick grumbled about Carlos, who had stopped by Patrick's house to convince Sabrina that Patrick was still "hung up" on Robin. Felix didn't want to offend Patrick, but he was curious if there was any truth to what Carlos had said. Patrick admitted that Robin had been his first priority when she had been alive, but he promised to put Sabrina first and to make certain that she was happy. Pleased, Felix asked if it would be weird for them hug. Patrick thought that it would be, but he suggested that they do it anyway.

Outside of the hospital laboratory, Carlos insisted that Sabrina needed to hear what he had to say about Patrick, but Sabrina wasn't interested. "What if I tell you his wife is still alive?" Carlos asked. Shocked, Sabrina asked him what he was talking about. Carlos explained that Patrick's wife hadn't died in a tragic accident and was very much alive, but Sabrina didn't believe him. Carlos insisted that he had seen Robin, so Sabrina wanted to know where.

Carlos told Sabrina about his encounter in the lab with a woman who had claimed to be Epiphany Johnson, but it had been a lie because he had later seen what the real Epiphany looked like. He admitted that was when he had realized that the familiar-looking woman had been Robin. Sabrina questioned how Carlos would know what Robin looked like, so he reminded Sabrina that he had seen Robin's picture the first time that he had stopped by Patrick's house to talk to Sabrina.

"It's your fiancÚ's wife," Carlos assured Sabrina as Brad rounded the corner. Sabrina quickly enlisted Brad's help to settle the argument by asking Brad who had worked in the lab earlier that day. Brad glanced nervously at the lab and informed Sabrina and Carlos that it was none their business. Brad spotted the file, so Sabrina explained that she had been dropping it off. Brad snatched it out of Sabrina's hand and then went to the lab's door.

"Where the hell did she go?" Brad muttered as he looked into the lab. Carlos' eyes lit up with vindication, prompting Sabrina to ask who Brad had been talking about. Brad immediately became evasive, but Carlos refused to allow Brad to flee without answering the question. Carlos ordered Brad to confirm that Patrick's wife had been in the lab earlier. Startled, Brad reminded Carlos that Robin had died, but then suddenly recalled Nikolas' visit. Brad quickly claimed that Ellie Trout had been working in the lab and then left.

Sabrina was certain that Carlos had seen Ellie, but Carlos was curious if Ellie looked like Robin. Sabrina reluctantly admitted that the women didn't resemble each other, but Sabrina was adamant that the woman that Carlos had seen hadn't been Robin because Robin wouldn't stay away from Patrick and Emma. Frustrated, Carlos told Sabrina to go ahead with her wedding to Patrick, but he warned her that it would all be for nothing.

Later, Sabrina was working at the nurses' station when Patrick walked up and nuzzled the back of her neck. He was curious if she had lost her way to the lab because she had been gone awhile. Sabrina smiled as she turned to look at Patrick, but she caught a glimpse of Carlos in the corner of her eye as Carlos made his way to the elevator, so she explained that she had gotten tangled up in something. However, Sabrina assured Patrick that it hadn't been anything that she couldn't handle. At the elevator, Carlos shook his head as he watched Sabrina and Patrick hug.

Meanwhile, Felix dropped by the lab to invite Brad to Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Brad was reluctant to agree because he suspected that the bride and groom would not appreciate Brad's presence, but Felix assured Brad that Felix and Patrick had reached an understanding. Brad appeared relieved and agreed to go.

At the hotel, Tracy offered Connie advice about men as Tracy made her way into Luke's suite with the baby. Olivia emerged from the bedroom and was relieved when she saw Tracy and Connie. Tracy demanded to know how Olivia had gotten into Luke's suite, so Olivia reminded Tracy that Olivia was the hotel's manager. Olivia picked up Connie as she confessed that she had been worried about Connie. Tracy assured Olivia that no one would take the baby away, but Olivia reminded Tracy that it was up to the judge.

Olivia and Tracy settled down to wait to hear from Dante and Lulu. Olivia confessed that she and Sonny had been deeply touched when Dante and Lulu had decided to name the baby after her cousin. Tracy couldn't believe that Connie was gone, so Olivia thanked Tracy for the flowers that Tracy had sent when Connie had died. Tracy admitted that she felt responsible for Connie's death because Tracy had urged Connie to run the story about Kiki not being a Quartermaine. Olivia argued that no one was to blame for Connie's death except the person who had pulled the trigger, A.J.

In the courtroom, Lulu was worried because the judge had made a quick decision. Across the room, Maxie was equally concerned that the judge hadn't taken longer to deliberate.

Moments later, the judge entered the courtroom as Ellie made her way to a seat. The judge explained that that he had reviewed Dante and Lulu's petition for permanent legal custody and that he had listened to both sides. According to the judge, Maxie's lies had weighed in Dante and Lulu's favor, but Lulu's perjury had hurt the Falconeris.

Maxie and Spinelli were elated when the judge announced that he had denied Dante and Lulu's petition. Distraught, Lulu tried to apologize for lying on the stand, but the judge explained that he had been forced to deny her petition because Connie was not Dante and Lulu's biological child. Lulu tearfully begged the judge to reconsider, but the judge insisted that his decision had been made.

Lulu fled the courtroom in tears. Dante called out to his wife as he tried to catch up with her, but Lulu ignored him. Alexis apologized for failing Dante and Lulu, but he assured Alexis that she had done everything possible for them. The judge was not pleased when Dante walked out, so Alexis promised to pass along the information to her clients about surrendering the child.

Maxie was delighted that she and Spinelli had won, so she thanked both Diane and the judge and then asked when she and Spinelli could pick up their baby. Maxie's smile faltered when the judge sternly ordered Maxie to sit and informed her that she would not be picking up the baby. Maxie assumed that the judge wanted Dante and Lulu to have one more night with her daughter, but she insisted that the baby belonged with her and Spinelli.

"No, she doesn't," the judge replied. The judge explained that he didn't think that it was in the baby's best interest to be raised by Maxie because Maxie's actions had been nothing short of appalling from the moment that she had miscarried the Falconeris' baby right up to and including the court proceedings. Diane conceded that Maxie's actions hadn't been sterling, but insisted that it wasn't fair to punish Maxie by taking away her baby.

The judge argued that he wasn't punishing Maxie for her many lies because he had believed Spinelli's assurances that Maxie had never intended to hurt anyone. However, the judge was obligated to consider what was in the best interest of the baby.

According to the judge, Maxie had shown a flagrant lack of ethical decision making when she had allowed Dante and Lulu to believe a lie that resulted in tremendous pain and damage, all of which could have been avoided if Maxie had told the truth. The judge didn't think that someone who had shown such a complete lack of judgment was qualified to raise a child.

Maxie was outraged and upset that the judge would take her child away from her and Spinelli and demanded to know what would happen to their daughter. The judge explained that he had decided to grant full parent rights and custody of the baby to the father, Damian Spinelli. Maxie and Spinelli were stunned.

The judge pointed out that Spinelli had been innocent of any deception and had been as deceived and manipulated by Maxie as Dante and Lulu, yet Spinelli had behaved gallantly and had expressed empathy for what Dante and Lulu had gone through. Maxie implored Spinelli to do something, so Spinelli asked the judge if Maxie would be granted visitation rights. Startled, Maxie glared at Spinelli and sputtered with indignation.

The judge made it clear that Maxie was not to have any contact with the baby. Maxie was furious that she couldn't see her own daughter, so the judge suggested that perhaps Spinelli could send her pictures. The judge wanted Maxie to think about what she had done and the damage that she had inflicted on everyone, including herself. Maxie's eyes filled with tears as she assured the judge that she hadn't done anything else for months.

The judge informed Maxie that she had committed fraud and had violated the terms of the contract that she'd had with the Falconeris. He reminded Maxie that Dante and Lulu had paid a lot of money for Maxie's medical care and then pointed out that Maxie had endangered the baby by not disclosing the baby's accurate medical history. The judge believed that it would be detrimental to the baby to have any contact with Maxie.

Maxie strongly disagreed, but the judge made it clear that Maxie was not to have any contact with the baby for six months. The judge agreed to revisit the issue after that, provided that Maxie stayed out of trouble.

In Luke's hotel suite, Tracy and Olivia were anxious for news, so they decided to pack up the baby and head to the courthouse. Tracy opened the door, but stopped when she saw Lulu standing on the doorstep. Tracy and Olivia immediately asked what the judge had decided, so Lulu smiled and claimed that the judge had ruled in favor of her and Dante. Tracy and Olivia were delighted.

Lulu quickly took Connie from Olivia's arms, so Olivia asked where her son was. Lulu claimed that Dante had decided to head to the loft to get everything ready, but Tracy questioned why that was necessary. Lulu quickly covered for the lie by suggesting that Dante had used the feeble excuse to arrange a surprise for Lulu and Connie. Tracy appeared to sense that something was off, so she offered to tag along with Lulu, but Lulu insisted that it wasn't necessary.

Moments later, Dante burst through the door. Olivia ran to congratulate her son, but Dante revealed that he and Lulu had lost. Confused, Olivia wondered why Lulu had told her that they had won, so Dante explained that Lulu had intended to go on the run with Connie. He dared Lulu to deny it, so she pleaded with him to get out of her way. Dante insisted that he couldn't let Lulu leave with the baby because it was wrong. He was certain that Lulu knew it.

Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she cried that she couldn't accept losing their baby. Dante's eyes filled with compassion as he gently explained that it had already happened. Lulu began to weep, so Dante reached out to his wife and held her and the baby.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Metro Court's lobby, Felix told Carly about his plans for Sabrina's wedding, but Carly was lost in her own thoughts. Felix was startled when Carly suddenly blurted out that she had slept with Franco. She quickly clarified that she hadn't told Felix because she didn't want his permission or to have him talk her out of it; she simply wanted someone to listen without judging her. "Can you do that?" Carly asked. Felix admitted that he wasn't sure because it had sounded as if Carly had confessed to sleeping with Franco.

Carly revealed that it had happened after the art show disaster and the revelation that Franco wasn't a Quartermaine. Felix reminded Carly that Franco had been having an affair with Diane, so Carly explained that Franco had used Diane as a smokescreen to hide his involvement with Heather. Felix was shocked when Carly told him that Heather was Franco's mother, so he urged Carly to run before things got worse.

Nearby, Heather lurked in the shadows, clutching a knife as she watched Carly and Felix.

Felix gently reminded Carly that Franco had put Michael directly in the path of a rapist, so Carly assured Felix that no one had hated Franco more than she. However, Carly believed that Franco had never intended for Michael to get hurt. She confessed that there had been a time when she had never thought it possible for her to get past what Franco had done, but then Franco had saved Michael's life. Carly quickly filled Felix in on what had transpired on the pier when Michael had nearly drowned.

Felix suggested that Carly had been driven by gratitude, but she assured Felix that he was wrong. Carly explained that she had seen a different side of Franco, even before the brain tumor had been discovered. According to Carly, Franco had tried to fight the darkness inside of himself before the surgery and that she honestly believed that he had changed since the tumor had been removed. Felix warned Carly about Heather, but Carly was confident that Heather would not be a problem because Scott had promised to increase security at the Miscavige Institute.

Felix remained skeptical, so Carly reminded Felix that Brad wasn't perfect either. Felix started to deny that he had romantic feelings for "Brad the cad," but Carly easily saw through the lie. Felix reluctantly admitted that there was something between him and Brad, so Carly suggested that they not judge each other's choices. She promised Felix that Franco was a good man, but Felix wasn't convinced.

In Franco's suite, Franco called the institute to request that a nurse check on his mother to make certain that Heather was securely locked up. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Franco assumed that it was Heather, so he ended the call and picked up a heavy vase before opening the door. Scott jumped back when he saw the vase, so Franco quickly apologized and explained that he had been expecting Heather.

Scott reminded Franco that Heather was locked up, but Franco argued that Heather had a habit of sneaking out. Franco showed Scott the note that Heather had enclosed with the black roses, so Scott conceded that it sounded like a threat against Carly. Franco immediately demanded that Scott take steps to keep Carly safe because Franco didn't want to risk losing her.

Scott admitted that the news about Heather and Franco had put Scott in a sticky situation because Lazaro's supporters had mobilized to demand a recount. Scott explained that he wanted to downplay the scandal by distancing himself from both Heather and Franco. However, Scott promised to tighten up security at the institute so Heather couldn't escape again. Franco sarcastically thanked Scott and then asked why Scott had stopped by.

Scott reiterated that he was trying to reestablish himself in Port Charles because he was confident that he could do a lot of good for the city, but he needed to maintain his distance from Franco. Disgusted, Franco assured his father that it wouldn't be a problem and opened the door to make it clear that he wanted Scott to leave. Moments later, Scott's easy smile vanished as he stood alone in the hallway.

Meanwhile, Franco decided to pay his mother visit, so he opened the door, intending to leave, but bumped into Heather instead. Franco quickly pulled Heather into his suite and shut the door. "Hello, mother dearest," Franco greeted Heather as he shoved her against the wall. Franco growled for Heather to stay away from Carly, but Heather insisted that she only wanted to protect him. Heather explained that Franco was her son, so she would do anything to keep him from being hurt by Carly. Frustrated, Franco began to choke Heather with one hand to make her understand that he was deadly serious.

Moments later, orderlies from Miscavige began to pound on the door, asking Franco to let them in because they were there to collect Heather. Franco reluctantly released his mother and then opened the door. The two orderlies quickly grabbed Heather and assured Franco that there wouldn't be any more problems because they were "plugging up the holes" to prevent Heather from escaping again.

The orderlies marched Heather out of the suite as Heather assured Franco that everything she had done had been for Franco. Franco closed the door and then ripped up the note, confident that Heather would no longer be a problem.

In the hallway, Heather asked the orderlies if they had noticed how angry her son had been. She insisted that she just wanted to be the best mother that she could be and then confessed that perhaps it had been for the best that Franco hadn't known that the men who had been sent to fetch her were the same men who had helped her to escape. The orderlies smiled and then linked arms with Heather and walked out.

At the nurses' station, Ellie asked if Elizabeth had heard the news. Elizabeth assumed that Ellie had meant the district attorney's claim that the case against A.J. was "open and shut," so Ellie quickly clarified that she had been referring to the judge's decision in the custody hearing. Elizabeth was stunned when Ellie revealed that the judge had granted Spinelli full custody because Maxie had been declared an unfit mother.

Elizabeth felt terrible for Maxie and assured Ellie that it had never been her intention to keep Maxie from the baby. Ellie believed Elizabeth, so Elizabeth added that she had been forced to dredge up the past because of Alexis' line of questioning. Elizabeth admitted that she hated courtrooms, prompting Ellie to wonder if Elizabeth intended to attend A.J.'s trial.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie sat quietly on the sofa and stared at a picture of her daughter as Spinelli packed up the last of his things. Spinelli insisted that it was unfair that Maxie had been denied any contact with the baby and that he had been forced to completely vacate the apartment. Diane appeared in the doorway to remind both Spinelli and Maxie that Maxie was not permitted within twenty feet of the baby and then impressed upon Spinelli the importance of heeding the judge's ruling.

Diane reminded Spinelli that Maxie had a history of hearing only what she wanted to and ignoring what was inconvenient to Maxie, so for Maxie's sake, Diane urged Spinelli to keep Maxie away from the baby. Diane warned Spinelli that Maxie could end up in jail if she ignored the judge's order, and Spinelli could lose custody of the baby if he helped Maxie in any way.

Diane asked if Maxie understood what the judge expected of Maxie, so Maxie reluctantly nodded. Satisfied, Diane handed Spinelli a bill for his share of her services. Diane explained that she would waive Maxie's fee because things had not worked out as Diane had hoped, so she was deeply sorry for failing Maxie.

After Diane left, Spinelli offered to call someone to keep Maxie company because he didn't want to leave Maxie alone. Maxie stared at the picture of her daughter without responding, so Spinelli started to leave. At the last moment, Maxie looked up and tearfully asked Spinelli to take good care of their little girl, so he promised her that he would.

Later, Maxie gazed at her daughter's picture until someone knocked on the door. Maxie ignored it, but the knocking continued. Frustrated, Maxie marched to the door as she cried that she didn't want to see or talk to anyone. Maxie's protests died on her lips when she opened the door and saw Mac and Felicia. Mac and Felicia entered the apartment and hugged Maxie but scolded her for not calling them with the heartbreaking news. Maxie confessed that she hadn't known what to say, so Mac and Felicia assured Maxie that they would help her get through the ordeal.

At the hospital, Spinelli caught up with Ellie to let her know that he had cleared the last of his things out of her apartment. He revealed that Sam had happily agreed to let Spinelli and the baby stay at the penthouse until Spinelli could make other arrangements. Ellie wondered how Maxie had been holding up, so he admitted that Maxie was shattered and hadn't said anything except to ask him to take care of the baby. Moments later, he received a text message notifying him of when to pick up his daughter. Ellie offered to go with him for support, so he gladly accepted.

At the loft, Lulu offered to bundle up Connie and take the baby to the park or aquarium. Dante quietly asked if Lulu was okay, but she ignored him as she kept talking to the baby. Moments later, Olivia and Sonny arrived to say goodbye to Connie. Lulu handed the baby to a teary-eyed Olivia who cooed to the baby and then confessed that she would miss the baby like "nobody's business." Sonny promised to never forget Connie and told the baby that he loved her.

Lulu took Connie back from Olivia and admitted that she couldn't accept that Maxie would be raising the baby. Olivia realized that Dante and Lulu hadn't heard the news, so Olivia revealed that the judge had awarded full custody to Spinelli and had prohibited Maxie from having any contact with the baby because Maxie was an unfit mother.

After Sonny and Olivia left, Lulu put Connie into the crib. "Well, how is that for a hollow victory?" Lulu asked. She pointed out that they had proven their case that Maxie was an unfit mother, but still had to give their daughter up. "And it's all your fault," Lulu accused Dante. Lulu was hurt that Dante hadn't had her back in court, but Dante argued that he was a police officer and couldn't lie under oath.

Lulu countered that Dante had given false testimony during Sonny's trial when Sonny had shot Dante point-blank in the chest. "Why couldn't you do the same for your wife?" she demanded. Dante gently explained that the odds had been against them winning custody of Connie, but Lulu insisted that Dante could have tried harder and told one tiny lie for Lulu and Connie. Dante admitted that he couldn't have because Connie didn't belong with them and never had, so they needed to face it and accept that they were under court order to surrender the baby.

Later, Lulu confessed that she had no idea how to give up Connie. Dante suggested that he and Lulu stick together.

Moments later, Spinelli, accompanied by Ellie, a police officer, and a social worker, arrived to pick up the baby. Spinelli assured Lulu that he was deeply sorry for hurting her, but she didn't believe him because Spinelli had taken her to court. Dante handed Spinelli some of Connie's toys and clothes, so Lulu reluctantly gave Spinelli tips on how to get Connie to sleep and what the baby's favorite music was.

After a heart-wrenching goodbye, Lulu handed the baby to Spinelli. Spinelli and Ellie left with the baby as Lulu watched. Lulu's legs gave out, and she began to sob, as Dante quickly reached out to catch his devastated wife.

At the courthouse, Kiki spotted a penny on the ground, so she picked it up and handed it to Michael. Michael declined, but Kiki explained that it had been a heads-up penny, so it was good luck.

Moments later, Monica walked up and greeted her grandson. Monica was curious if Michael had seen A.J. just as A.J., dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit and wearing handcuffs, was escorted into the courthouse by a police officer. Monica greeted her son and handed him the suit that she had picked up for him. A.J. thanked his family and Kiki for being there for him, but he realized that someone was missing.

Nearby, Sonny and Olivia approached Scott. Sonny informed Scott that Morgan had planted the bug in his office for Julian Jerome, which meant that Scott was indebted to Julian for securing the election. Scott insisted that the people had elected him, but Sonny ignored him. Sonny made it clear that he wanted A.J. to go to jail for good, so he warned Scott not to screw up the trial. Scott accused Sonny of threatening him, but Sonny smiled and walked away.

Diane tapped Scott on the shoulder and remarked that it looked like Scott had a lot to lose.

After A.J. changed into his suit, he joined his family in the courtroom. A.J. was disappointed that Elizabeth wasn't there, so Michael told his father not to give up on her because she could make an appearance. Moments later, Elizabeth walked in. A.J. lit up with relief as he greeted her. Elizabeth tried to tell him something, but the judge entered the courtroom, so everyone was asked to be seated.

The judge listed the charges against A.J. and then invited Scott to make an opening statement. Scott addressed the jury as he promised to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that A.J. had murdered Connie Falconeri. Scott was confident that the jury would punish the cold, heartless killer seated before them once they had all of the facts.

Diane spoke next, insisting that the case against A.J. was purely circumstantial and unfounded. According to Diane, the charges and the time that A.J. had spent in jail had constituted a gross miscarriage of justice. Diane insisted that A.J. was a victim of the state and that the real murderer was still out there.

After Diane sat down, the judge asked Scott to begin, so Scott called Sonny to the stand. Sonny testified about the night that he had walked in on A.J. choking Connie in Sonny's home and then told the jury about finding Connie shot in her office. Sonny revealed that A.J. had vowed to make Connie pay and that Connie had written "AJ" in blood before she had died in Sonny's arms.

Diane cross-examined Sonny and quickly established that Sonny had a vendetta against A.J. because of a long history of animosity between the two men. Diane also forced Sonny to admit that Connie hadn't told him that A.J. had killed her and that she hadn't written "AJ shot me" in blood, so the initials weren't proof of A.J.'s guilt.

After Sonny stepped down from the witness stand, Scott called Elizabeth to testify. A.J. was shocked as Elizabeth made her way to the stand and was sworn in. Scott questioned Elizabeth about A.J.'s state of mind and what he had said after the confrontation with Connie in Sonny's home. Elizabeth reluctantly confessed that A.J. had threatened to kill Connie, but she insisted that A.J. had been upset because he had lost everything.

Olivia was outraged when Elizabeth revealed that A.J. had threatened to kill Connie if he'd had a gun. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Olivia asked Elizabeth. The judge ordered Olivia to be seated and then invited Diane to question Elizabeth. Elizabeth quickly explained that she hadn't taken A.J.'s threat to heart because A.J. had been venting, so she had interpreted the remark as a figure of speech.

After Diane finished questioning Elizabeth, Scott questioned Elizabeth under re-direct about A.J.'s state of mind. Elizabeth was forced to concede that A.J. might have killed Connie during the confrontation in Sonny's home if A.J. had had a gun.

After Elizabeth left the courtroom, Scott called Olivia to the stand. Olivia was sworn in and then testified that she and Connie had been as close as sisters. Scott asked what Olivia did for a living, so she revealed that she was the manager of Metro Court. Scott suddenly announced that he had security footage from Metro Court that he wanted Olivia to authenticate. Diane immediately objected, but Scott argued that the tape had captured the events of the fateful night in question and could prove that A.J. had murdered Connie.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

At Wyndemere, Nikolas noticed Robin looking at Patrick and Sabrina's wedding invitation, so he joked that his and Britt's invitation had probably been sent by carrier pigeon. Robin chuckled and then admitted that she had swiped the invitation from Ellie when Sabrina had dropped it off in the hospital's laboratory.

Nikolas was stunned when Robin told him about what had transpired in the lab when Patrick and Sabrina had nearly walked in on her. She admitted that it had been difficult to listen to Patrick being affectionate with Sabrina, so Nikolas reminded Robin that she couldn't risk being caught because a lot was at stake.

Robin was forced to reveal that Sabrina's ex-boyfriend, Carlos, had seen her, but she was confident that Carlos hadn't realized who she was. Nikolas was not pleased, but Robin insisted that what was done was done, so all they could do was cross their fingers and hope that Carlos didn't put everything together.

Nikolas realized that Robin's secret was likely safe because he doubted that Carlos would have sat on the information if he had realized who Robin was. Robin doubted that Sabrina would have changed her mind about marrying Patrick, but Nikolas argued that Patrick was only marrying Sabrina because Patrick believed that Robin was dead. Robin argued that the issue was that Patrick had fallen in love with someone else, so she didn't expect Patrick's feelings for Sabrina to suddenly disappear simply because Patrick learned that Robin was alive.

Nikolas admired Robin's strength because she was in a difficult situation, but he promised Robin that it would be over soon. Robin explained that she and Patrick couldn't simply pick up where they had left off because Patrick had moved on, which was ironic because Patrick had done exactly as Robin had asked.

Robin wondered how fair it would be for her to waltz in and disrupt Patrick and Emma's happy lives, but Nikolas insisted that Patrick and Emma still needed her. Robin disagreed because her husband and daughter had Sabrina. Nikolas appreciated that Robin was afraid that she wouldn't get the response from Patrick that she had been hoping for, but he implored Robin to remember that Robin was the mother of Patrick's daughter and the woman that Patrick had fallen in love with and married.

Robin pointed out that Patrick had also fallen in love with Sabrina and that Emma considered Sabrina her new "mommy." "What am I supposed to do with that?" Robin asked in frustration. Nikolas was confident that Robin would figure everything out and then hugged her. Robin's eyes strayed to the wedding invitation on the coffee table.

Sabrina entered Metro Court's lobby and immediately apologized to Felix for being late. Felix grumbled, so Sabrina offered to make it up to him by booking him a massage appointment with a handsome therapist at Deception Spa. Felix pointed out that the spa wasn't open yet, so Sabrina threw in a "mani-pedi" to make up for the wait.

Felix warned Sabrina that she might not make it down the aisle because of the lackadaisical way that she had been planning her wedding. Sabrina muttered that Carlos was doing his best to stop the wedding, too, so Felix offered to have a talk with Carlos. Sabrina made it clear that she didn't want Felix near Carlos because Carlos worked for the mobster, Julian Jerome. Felix chuckled as he realized that Carlos really was "Carlos Danger." Sabrina was not amused and reiterated that she wanted Felix to stay away from Carlos.

Sabrina decided that she would deal with Carlos herself, but Felix urged Sabrina to reconsider because Felix was certain that Carlos simply wanted Sabrina's attention. Sabrina argued that ignoring Carlos hadn't worked because it encouraged Carlos to find bigger and crazier objections to her relationship with Patrick. Felix was curious what Carlos had done, so Sabrina told Felix about Carlos' claim that Robin was alive.

Sabrina was surprised when Felix suggested that that perhaps Carlos has seen Robin's spirit in the lab because it was where Robin had died. Sabrina confessed that she would love to believe that Carlos had seen a ghost, but she was certain that Carlos had lied because she believed that Carlos had also been behind the phone call that Patrick had supposedly received from Robin. She feared that Carlos would find a way to stop the wedding, but Felix assured her that he would not let that happen.

Sabrina smiled as she and Felix began to talk about the wedding plans. She confessed that she had a favor to ask and then revealed that she wanted Felix to be her maid of honor. Stunned, Felix confessed that he had tried drag once, but it had ended in disaster because of the high heels. "Person of honor," Sabrina amended with a chuckle. She was startled when Felix turned down her offer, so she tried to cover up her hurt by assuring Felix that she appreciated everything that he had done to help her pull the wedding together.

Felix laughed and admitted that he had been joking. Felix was privileged to have a friend like Sabrina, so he was delighted to be her person of honor. Relieved, Sabrina thanked him. Felix insisted that she deserved to be happy and then noticed that the groom hadn't arrived. Felix wondered where Patrick was.

At the nurses' station, Patrick called out Elizabeth's name several times before she heard him and looked up from her work on the computer. Elizabeth apologized and explained that it had been a long day, so Patrick asked how things had gone in court. Elizabeth admitted that she had hated testifying against A.J. and that she had felt bad because A.J. had assumed that she had been in court to support him. Patrick was surprised that Diane hadn't warned A.J. that Elizabeth would be testifying.

Elizabeth suspected that Diane had told A.J., but A.J. had either ignored Diane or he had refused to believe it. Elizabeth explained that she had been forced to tell the truth on the witness stand, but she had tried to make the jury understand that A.J. had been blowing off steam when A.J. had made the threat against Connie. However, she conceded that the damage had already been done, so she was afraid that she had sent A.J. to jail for the rest of his life.

Patrick insisted that Elizabeth had simply told the truth, but Elizabeth argued that she had felt terrible for A.J. because he had looked miserable, as if A.J. had realized that he was all alone. Patrick pointed out that A.J. had Monica and Michael, so A.J. was not alone. Elizabeth sensed that Patrick had wanted to add her to the list, so she admitted that her relationship with A.J. was over. She confessed that she had thought that things would be different with A.J., but she realized that she and A.J. had been doomed from the beginning because they had been looking to change their lives and find redemption.

However, Elizabeth was happy for Patrick and Sabrina, so she looked forward to attending the wedding the following day. Patrick seized the opportunity to ask Elizabeth an important question; he wanted her to be his "best man." Patrick rushed to explain that he would have asked his brother, but Matt wasn't in a position to accept. Patrick also admitted that Elizabeth had been there for him and for Emma during all of the difficult times, so he considered Elizabeth a close and dear friend. Elizabeth was moved to tears and agreed to be Patrick's "best person."

Relieved, Patrick announced that he had to meet Sabrina and Felix at Metro Court, so he reminded Elizabeth to be at the church early. Elizabeth informed Patrick that she would see him in three hours because she intended to take him out for a bachelor party, so she would send a cab to pick him up at his house.

Later, Felix approached Elizabeth to brainstorm hair and makeup for the wedding, but Elizabeth explained that she and Patrick had plans to go pub-crawling. Disappointed, Felix wondered how Elizabeth felt about spray tans.

At Metro Court, Patrick and Sabrina walked hand-in-hand through the lobby as they agreed that they were pleased with the wedding arrangements. Patrick suggested that they head home, but Sabrina explained that it would be bad luck for her to spend the night with Patrick on the eve of their wedding. Patrick assured Sabrina that the wedding would be perfect, but Sabrina didn't want to risk something going wrong.

On the waterfront, Ava spotted Carlos, who appeared to be in deep thought as he paced the pier. She immediately suspected that the source of his troubles was a woman, so she approached him. Carlos greeted Ava and then confirmed that he had been thinking about Sabrina. Ava was surprised when Carlos explained that he had seen Patrick's wife, so she reminded him that Robin was dead. Carlos assured Ava that Robin was very much alive because he had seen Robin with his own eyes.

Ava conceded that it was possible. "Julian came back from the dead, so to speak. What's one more?" Ava asked. Carlos told Ava about his encounter with Robin and how he had put the pieces together when he had caught Robin in a lie. Carlos could tell that Ava remained skeptical about his story, so she conceded that the timing was questionable, since it was on the eve of Sabrina's wedding. Ava gently reminded Carlos that he had been pining for Sabrina for years, but Carlos assured Ava that Robin was alive.

However, Carlos conceded that Sabrina had had a right to dismiss Carlos' revelation as a desperate lie because even he had difficulty believing that he had actually seen Patrick's wife. Ava suggested that Carlos talk to Patrick about it, so Carlos confided that he had gone to Patrick's home to do just that, but Carlos hadn't been able to figure out a way to break the news to Patrick in a believable way.

Carlos explained that there was nothing left for him to do because Sabrina's fate was in Robin's hands. Ava confessed that she knew what it was like to have one's world wrapped up in someone who didn't reciprocate those feelings. Surprised, Carlos asked what idiot had spurned Ava. Ava smiled but clarified that the man hadn't been an idiot; he had been arrogant and unwilling to compromise. Ava quickly steered the conversation back to Carlos because she didn't want him to end up like her.

Carlos argued that Ava seemed to be doing all right from where he was standing, but Ava merely smiled politely and offered to talk to Patrick on Carlos' behalf. Carlos declined because he doubted that Patrick would believe Ava any more than Patrick would believe Carlos. Carlos insisted that Patrick and Sabrina would have to see Robin with their own eyes in order to believe that Robin was alive. Carlos thanked Ava for trying to help and then left.

At the courthouse, Scott asked Olivia to authenticate a DVD of security footage taken at Metro Court on the night of Connie's murder. Diane immediately objected because the defense had never been made aware of the existence of the footage. Scott held up the DVD. "Here's the footage. Now, you're aware of it," Scott replied.

Diane was appalled, but the judge wanted to see where Scott intended to go with the DVD, so she ordered Scott to continue. Olivia looked at the DVD and confirmed that it was security footage from Metro Court. Scott assured the jury that they would soon discover that A.J. had indeed murdered Connie, but Diane objected to Scott's remarks. The judge ordered that Scott's remarks be stricken from the record and then warned Scott to tread lightly or face contempt charges.

Scott agreed and then went to insert the DVD into a player, but Diane argued that Scott couldn't show a piece of evidence that had been held back from the defense during discovery. Scott claimed that his office had just received the DVD, but Diane questioned the "fortuitous" timing of the "evidence." Diane explained that she had requested copies of the footage months earlier, but had been told by Metro Court's management that the footage had been lost.

The judge asked Olivia why the footage had been turned over to the prosecution, but not the defense, so Olivia claimed that there had been a small flood in the security office on the night of Connie's murder. According to Olivia, things had been lost and misplaced during the cleanup. Diane requested that the DVD not be entered in as evidence, but Sonny was furious. Sonny pointed out that a woman was dead, so he wanted to know why Scott couldn't use evidence that proved who had killed Connie.

The judge ordered Sonny to sit and then announced that she would take a brief recess to review the footage and determine if the prosecution could use it. The jury filed out, so Kiki asked Michael if he wanted to leave before the footage was shown. Michael was determined to be there for both of his fathers, so he insisted that they stay.

On the other side of the courtroom, Olivia asked Sonny if he wanted to see what was on the footage. Sonny explained that he had to watch it because he felt that Connie would not be able to rest in peace until he knew what had happened and had made certain that A.J. was locked away for life.

Meanwhile, Diane instructed A.J. to keep it together because everyone, especially the jury, would be gauging his reaction to the footage, looking for any sign of guilt or innocence.

After the jury left the courtroom, the judge instructed Scott to play the DVD. The DVD showed A.J. stagger into Metro Court's lobby and then stumble to the elevator. Diane insisted that the footage wasn't clear enough to determine if the man in the footage was A.J., but Scott argued that he had a signed affidavit from an expert in facial recognition software who had concluded that the man in the footage was A.J. Scott also assured the judge that the bellhop seen in the footage had picked A.J. out of a lineup and would testify that A.J. was the man seen on the footage.

Scott put in another DVD showing the inside of an elevator as A.J. entered. A.J. was shown to hit the button for the floor where the Crimson offices were located and then pulling out a gun. A.J. swayed as he was seen checking the gun for bullets and then readying it to be fired.

Scott claimed that the footage showed A.J. on his way to commit an execution, so Scott wanted the jury to view it. Diane agreed to allow the footage to be seen by the jury, but only if the footage could be seen in its entirety. Scott nervously asked what Diane was talking about, so Diane pointed out that they had only seen snippets of the security footage, not the portions that had captured A.J. shooting Connie or getting back on the elevator after the shooting.

"Oh, my God, I really did it. I killed Connie," A.J. whispered to himself under his breath.

The judge was curious where the rest of the footage was, so Scott reminded the judge that Olivia had explained that some files had been lost or misplaced after the flood. Diane argued that the footage was incomplete and prejudicial, so she wanted it barred from the trial. The judge agreed with Diane and ruled that the footage could not be used.

After the judge called an end to the proceedings for the day, Michael thanked Diane. Kiki wondered if the tapes were really out, but A.J. admitted that it didn't matter because he realized that he had killed Connie. Michael was curious if A.J. had recalled the shooting, so A.J. shook his head. However, A.J. wondered what other explanation there could be. Diane suggested that they would never know what had really happened unless the rest of the footage was found.

On the pier, Ava looked around to make certain that she was alone. After she deemed that it was safe, she pulled out a stack of DVDs from her purse. Each DVD was labeled Metro Court security footage. She tossed the DVDs into a barrel, doused them with lighter fluid, and then lit a match. She smiled with satisfaction as she watched the DVDs catch fire and burn.

Friday, November 22, 2013

At the apartment, Sabrina was looking through pictures of herself and Patrick when the phone rang. It was Patrick calling to check on his bride-to-be. Sabrina confessed that she was excited that she would soon be Mrs. Patrick Drake, provided that Patrick didn't stand her up at the altar. Patrick assured Sabrina that nothing would keep him from marrying her, so Sabrina smiled and shifted gears to ask him about his bachelor party.

Moments later, Felix arrived and whispered for Sabrina to get off of the phone because she had to get ready for the wedding. Sabrina told Patrick that she loved him and then ended the call as she approached Felix. She reminded Felix that they had plenty of time to get ready because they had opted to stay in and watch classic movies instead of going out the previous night.

Felix held up a garment bag to show Sabrina the wedding dress that he and Brad had picked up in Corinth. She smiled when she saw the dress, but Felix sensed that something was wrong. Sabrina assured Felix that the gown was beautiful, but she admitted that she had wanted her mother's wedding gown because it would have felt like her mother had given her blessing. Felix hugged Sabrina and assured her that the wedding would be perfect because the most important thing was the love that Sabrina and Patrick shared.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth arrived at Patrick's house, sporting a pair of sunglasses and moving slowly. She snatched the cup of coffee out of Patrick's hand and made her way to the sofa. Elizabeth informed Patrick that he owed her, but Patrick pointed out that the party had been her idea. Elizabeth was curious why Patrick didn't have a hangover, so he reminded her that it hadn't been his first time "at the rodeo." He explained that he had been hydrating himself since dawn because he had to look good for his bride.

Later, Mac and Emma arrived. Emma ran into her father's arms and then looked down at her "Aunt Elizabeth" and asked why Elizabeth had sunglasses on. Patrick explained that Elizabeth had a headache, but he promised that she would feel better in time for the wedding. Mac chuckled as Elizabeth leaned back to rest. Moments later, Elizabeth groaned when an obnoxious melody suddenly blared from her cell phone. Patrick smiled as he revealed that Elizabeth had downloaded the ringtone the previous evening

Elizabeth grumpily answered the call. Felix informed her that they had an emergency, so he needed to see her right away. A short time later, Elizabeth and Emma left.

Patrick wondered if Mac had heard from Anna, so Mac shook his head and then carefully pointed out that Anna had a habit of disappearing because of her work for the WSB. Patrick nodded in agreement and then thanked Mac for agreeing to attend his wedding. Mac admitted that he and Patrick had had a rocky start, but Patrick had proved time and again that he had loved Robin, so Mac considered Patrick a part of the family. Mac was also certain that Robin would want him to be there. Mac offered Patrick some parting advice about marriage and then casually asked if Patrick had heard from Duke, but Patrick shook his head.

Later, Patrick gazed at his and Robin's wedding portrait until the doorbell rang. He put the picture down and then answered the door. Patrick appeared surprised when he saw who was standing on his doorstep.

At the apartment, Felix was relieved when Elizabeth and Emma arrived. Emma dashed off to check on Sabrina, so Felix quickly explained that Sabrina had hated the wedding dress because nothing except Sabrina's mother's wedding gown would do. Elizabeth assured Felix that she had reached out to her friend, but she had no idea if their plan would work.

Sabrina and Emma entered the living room in time to hear the tail end of Elizabeth and Felix's conversation, so Sabrina wondered what they had been talking about. Felix admitted that it was a wedding surprise, but he refused to elaborate. Sabrina smiled and then showed Elizabeth the wedding dress that Felix had picked up. Elizabeth loved the gown and was certain that Patrick would not be able to take his eyes off of Sabrina when he saw her in it.

Emma complained that she was hungry, so Felix took Emma to the kitchen to grab a bite to each. Elizabeth and Sabrina talked about the wedding dress until someone knocked on the door. Felix popped out of the kitchen as Sabrina went to the door. "Oh, my God," Sabrina said in shock when she saw her visitor.

In Luke's hotel suite, Luke was on the phone with Dante, explaining that Spencers weren't chatty, so Dante should simply love Lulu and stick close to her. Luke asked Dante to let Lulu know that Luke loved her and to call him when she was ready to talk.

Luke ended the call as someone knocked, so he tucked his phone away and opened the door. He was taken aback when he saw Robert smiling back at him. Robert greeted his old friend and invited Luke to admit how much he had missed Robert. Luke wondered what Robert was doing in town, but Anna suddenly appeared with her prisoner, Jerry Jacks, and shoved Jerry into Luke's room.

Luke noticed that Jerry had been shot, so he was curious who had done the honors. Jerry glared at Luke because it was clear that Luke felt better than the last time that Jerry had seen him. Luke confirmed that he had been cured of the polonium poisoning, so the serum had worked. Robert informed Luke that Robin had created the life-saving serum, so Anna revealed that Robin was alive. Luke surprised everyone when he admitted that he had seen Robin.

Luke told Robert and Anna about his encounter with Robin at Wyndemere and the threat that Jerry had been holding over Robin's head. Luke was delighted because Robin no longer had any reason to remain in hiding, but Anna disagreed and told Luke about Duke's capture. Jerry pointed out that Robert and Anna still needed him because Faison had orders to kill Duke if Faison didn't hear from Jerry every twenty-four hours. Jerry made it clear that he would not make the next phone call, which was due within the hour, unless he had the antidote for the polonium poisoning.

Luke argued that an hour was sufficient time to go to Wyndemere and rescue both Robin and Duke. Robert and Anna agreed, so they armed themselves and ordered Luke to keep an eye on Jerry. Luke insisted that Robert and Anna needed backup and reminded the duo that he had unfinished business with Faison because Faison had once kidnapped and brainwashed Lucky. Luke decided to handcuff Jerry to the bed, confident that Jerry was too weak to escape, and then joined Robert and Anna as they left for Spoon Island.

In Nikolas' bedroom, Nikolas was startled awake by a knock on the door. Moments later, Britt entered but quickly looked away when she realized that Nikolas was bare-chested. Nikolas immediately sensed that something was troubling Britt, so she told him that she was worried because she hadn't seen her mother. Nikolas pointed out that it was a big castle and suggested that perhaps Britt and Liesl had simply missed each other.

Britt reminded Nikolas that her father had behaved strangely when she had asked Faison where her mother was, but Nikolas argued that Faison always acted that way. Britt conceded that her father was "consistently creepy," but Faison had been more evasive than usual, so Britt hadn't believed his claims that her mother had gone exploring. She admitted that she was concerned because her mother's bed hadn't been slept in.

Britt felt foolish for caring because her mother had done terrible things to a lot of people, including Nikolas. Nikolas assured her that everyone was fine and that soon they would all return to their lives. Britt realized that her mother deserved whatever happened to her because Liesl had hurt a lot of people, but Britt couldn't stop worrying about her.

Nikolas admitted that he knew what it felt like to love someone that he knew, deep down, he shouldn't. Nikolas told Britt about his uncle, Stefan, and how Stefan had always believed that the end had justified the means. He admitted that he hadn't stop loving his uncle, even when Stefan had given in to his worst impulses as a Cassadine. Britt pointed out that at least Nikolas had had fond memories of Stefan to hold onto, whereas Britt and Liesl had never shared a single warm moment.

Nikolas assured Britt that, even on her worst day, Liesl hadn't been as bad as Nikolas' own father, Stavros. Nikolas revealed that his father had been a murderer, rapist, and a danger to everyone around him. However, Nikolas couldn't say that he had been indifferent when Stavros had died. Nikolas had felt the same way about his grandmother, Helena. According to Nikolas, Helena had been a formidable influence on his life, and even though he hadn't loved Helena, her death had left a void.

Britt chuckled because she and Nikolas were a "sorry lot." Nikolas pointed out that at least they had each other. He tenderly kissed her hand and then suggested that they get dressed so they could look for her mother.

In the parlor, Robin was looking at Patrick and Sabrina's wedding invitation when Faison entered the room. He was curious why she was so sad when she was on the verge of being reunited with her family. Robin told Faison to leave her alone and suggested that he find someone else to torment. Faison resented her tone and reminded her that all he had to do was make one phone call. Robin wasn't intimidated because Jerry Jacks, not Faison, called the shots.

Robin was also confident that Faison would never do anything to hurt Anna. Faison agreed, but he pointed out that Robert was another matter. Robin warned Faison that her parents would find a way to escape from Cassadine Island and track him down. Faison's temper flared, so he grabbed her arm and told her to stop acting like a kid. "Grow up," Faison barked.

Robin refused to back down because she had spent her life watching her parents do the impossible. Robin assured Faison that Anna would never have anything to do with Faison because Anna despised him. Furious, Faison pulled a gun out of the back of his waistband and cocked it.

Robin smirked and informed Faison that no matter how much he obsessed over Anna, Anna would never love him. Faison conceded that he loved Anna, but he couldn't care less about Robin. He decided that Robin was more trouble than she was worth, so he reached for her. "Faison," Nikolas shouted as he appeared in the doorway with his gun aimed with deadly accuracy at Faison.

Faison immediately took a step back, but Nikolas wasn't satisfied and made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to kill Faison if Faison harmed a single hair on Robin's head. Britt demanded to know where her mother was, so Faison claimed that Liesl had mentioned going to town. Britt didn't believe him, but Faison suggested that Britt be more concerned about what was happening at the hospital's laboratory rather than Liesl.

Robin admitted that Faison had a point because Luke's blood sample should be ready for her to create the cure for Jerry. Robin decided to go to the hospital to fetch the blood sample, but Faison blocked her path and made it clear that she could not leave. Robin objected, but Faison ordered Britt to go to the hospital. Britt was reluctant to leave, but Nikolas assured her that he would keep an eye on things and look for her mother.

After Britt left, Nikolas decided to search the catacombs for Liesl. Robin started to follow Nikolas, but Faison wanted Robin to stay. Nikolas refused to consider it because Faison had threatened Robin earlier, but Robin assured Nikolas that she would be fine because Faison couldn't afford to hurt her. Robin explained that she was still needed to create the serum and to safely administer it.

After Nikolas left, Faison remarked that Robin had always been too brave for her own good. Robin continued to goad Faison by insisting that her parents would find him and make him pay for everything that he had done. Robin kept pushing Faison until he grabbed her and marched her out of the room at gunpoint.

In the catacombs, Duke blamed Liesl for their predicament because she had helped Faison escape from Steinmauer prison. Liesl suggested that Duke blame Luke Spencer because Luke's search for the cure for polonium poisoning had landed them in the catacombs. Duke worked to loosen the ropes binding his hands as he pointed out that polonium poisoning couldn't be cured. Liesl revealed that there had been a cure, but Luke had stolen it from Jerry Jacks.

"Brilliant," Duke murmured with a smile, but he had no idea what that had to do with Duke and Liesl being held captive in the catacombs. Liesl explained that Faison had helped a gifted physician develop the life-saving serum. Duke assumed that Liesl had been the "gifted" physician, but Liesl confessed that he was wrong. However, she admitted that he knew the doctor well. Duke wanted to know who the doctor was, but Liesl refused to tell him.

Frustrated, Duke suggested that he and Liesl focus on finding a way out of the catacombs because Duke wanted to go home to Anna. Liesl was sick of hearing about Anna, but Duke ignored her because he had managed to loosen the rope enough to move his hand. Surprised, Liesl wondered if he could free himself from the rope. Duke admitted that he couldn't, but he was confident that he could untie Liesl.

Liesl was curious why he would untie her hands when she could easily flee and leave him behind. Duke explained that they needed to put their mutual hatred for each other aside to work together. Liesl conceded that he had a point, so Duke began to work on the rope binding her hands together. They immediately stopped when they heard someone approach.

Moments later, Nikolas appeared in the doorway with his gun raised. "Duke?" Nikolas asked as he looked at the two people tied to the pipes in the room. Nikolas started loosening the rope around Liesl's wrists as he explained that Britt had been worried about her. Liesl seemed genuinely surprised by the news. She suddenly looked up and cried out a warning to Nikolas, but it was too late.

Faison bashed Nikolas in the head. Nikolas crumbled to the ground as Faison kicked Nikolas. Liesl begged Faison to let them go, but Faison refused. He informed Liesl that her loyalty had been her only worth to him, but that was gone. Faison leaned down and then picked up Nikolas' feet to drag Nikolas out of the room.

After Faison left, Liesl went to work on her ropes and quickly freed herself. Duke was elated and asked her to untie him. Liesl picked up the gun that Nikolas had dropped. "I'm afraid I can't do that, Mr. Lavery," Liesl said as she aimed the gun at him. Liesl couldn't risk Duke turning her over to the WSB, so Duke pointed out that Liesl could work out a deal because the WSB wanted Faison, not her.

Meanwhile, Robert, Anna, and Luke arrived at Wyndemere and did a quick search of the ground floor. They were surprised that they hadn't seen anyone, so they decided to split up and search the castle. Robert took the second floor, while Luke decided to take another look around the ground floor. Anna opted to go "down the rabbit hole" and entered the secret passage leading to the catacombs.

A short time later, Anna stumbled on Liesl threatening Duke with a gun.

In the parlor, Luke called out to Faison, demanding that his nemesis show himself. Faison stepped out of the secret passage with his gun raised and greeted Luke.

Elsewhere in the castle, Robert found a locked door, so he decided to kick it in and enter the room. Robert was startled when Robin suddenly charged out of her hiding spot, wielding a heavy statute as a weapon. Robert's face lit with joy as Robin stopped short and stared at him.

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