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Juan Santiago surprised his cousin, Sabrina. Robin was reunited with Robert, Anna, and Duke. Maxie turned up on Spinelli's doorstep. Anna and Robert set a trap and turned the tables on Faison. Anna decided that Faison had to die.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 25, 2013 on GH
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Sabrina opened her door and was surprised to find her cousin, Juan Santiago, a famous recording artist, standing on the threshold. Sabrina happily welcomed him inside and introduced Juan to Emma and Felix. Juan already knew Elizabeth from the time he had previously spent in Port Charles. Though on tour, Juan told Sabrina that he had made a brief stop to deliver a gift.

Sabrina was ecstatic to find that Juan had found and delivered Sabrina's mother's wedding dress so that Sabrina's wedding would be perfect. Sabrina was touched to know that she had such thoughtful friends. She thanked Elizabeth for calling Juan. After several hugs and words of affection, Juan had to get back on his plane.

Elizabeth walked Juan out. She thanked him for helping. Juan said that hearing her voice had reminded him of old times with Elizabeth and Emily, whom Juan had dated. Elizabeth noticed that Juan wore a wedding ring. He told her that he was married to a wonderful woman named "Becky." (A nod to Juan's real life wife, Rebecca Herbst.)

When Elizabeth returned to Sabrina, Felix, and Emma, Sabrina could not contain her joy. Sabrina said that she had it all: the perfect dress, the perfect daughter, perfect friends, and the perfect husband-to-be. Sabrina was radiant when she said that it was the happiest day of her life.

At home, Patrick got a visit from Ava. He tried to get rid of her, but Ava was very persistent. Eventually, after trying to convince Patrick to stop the wedding because Carlos loved Sabrina more than Patrick did, Ava told him that Robin was alive and that Carlos had seen her. Patrick scoffed and accused Ava of calling him while pretending to be Robin. Ava denied the accusation.

Patrick called Carlos a liar and threw Ava out. After she left, Patrick looked at a wedding photo of Robin and recalled Ava's parting word as she had asked him if he would want to know the truth if there was even the slightest chance that Robin was alive.

Brad took issue with Britt in the lab. He wanted to know what she was taking away. She said it was none of his business, but Brad said that he was tired of Britt pushing him around. Brad demanded to know if Robin had been the woman working in the lab as Carlos had claimed.

Britt denied it, but Brad said that he was dating Felix and wanted to give him a heads-up if there was going to be trouble at the wedding. Britt made fun of Brad's interest in Felix, but Brad did not relent. He told Britt that if she did not tell Brad the truth, he might have to tell everyone that he was not the father of Britt's baby.

Robert, Anna, and Luke took Wyndemere by storm. Robert kicked in an upstairs door and found Robin. They had a tearful reunion as they filled each other in on the events that had occurred to each of them since Robert had taken the needle Dr. Obrecht had meant for Robin. Robin said that she hated Faison because he was obsessed with Anna and used the people Anna loved to hurt and torture her. Robert said that it was time to deal with Faison and then celebrate. Robin told Robert that she was ready to help Robert find Faison and then kick his butt.

Anna found Dr. Obrecht holding a gun on Duke, who was tied to a post in the catacombs. Anna begged Dr. Obrecht not to hurt Duke, but Dr. Obrecht said that she did not want to hurt Duke; she wanted to hurt Anna. Dr. Obrecht raved about how Anna had infected the air Dr. Obrecht breathed. She blamed Anna for Faison's obsession.

Despite Anna's insistence that Faison repulsed her and she would like nothing better than for Faison to turn to Dr. Obrecht, Dr. Obrecht continued to threaten Duke's life. Dr. Obrecht raved about how much she hated Anna and wanted to make Anna suffer. Anna noticed Duke struggling with his bonds and diverted Dr. Obrecht's attention. Anna offered to put down her gun and let Dr. Obrecht shoot Anna in exchange for Duke's life.

Anna put down her gun. Dr. Obrecht called Anna a "stupid cow" that she could not kill because Faison would kill Dr. Obrecht. Duke freed himself and subdued Dr. Obrecht. Duke and Anna tied Dr. Obrecht to a post and caught up. Duke was astounded to find out that Robin was alive. Duke stayed with Dr. Obrecht while Anna went looking for Robin.

Luke caught up with Faison as Faison exited the tunnel. They each pointed a gun at the other. Faison taunted Luke and said that Luke would not shoot. Luke said he had plenty of reasons, including that Faison had kidnapped and brainwashed Lucky. Faison made another wisecrack, and Luke shot him. Faison went down, but when Luke checked his pulse, Faison, who had been wearing a bulletproof vest, got the drop on Luke.

As Faison prepared to shoot Luke, Robert burst into the room. He and Luke captured Faison and tied him up. Luke took Faison away. Robert was about to go into the tunnels when Anna emerged. She said she had found Duke and asked about Robin, who was standing in the doorway. When they saw each other, both Robin and Anna had tears in their eyes.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Elizabeth arrived at Patrick's house to take him to the church. Patrick complimented her outfit and admitted that she looked better without the sunglasses. Elizabeth sensed that something was troubling Patrick when she noticed him fidgeting with his bow tie, so she asked him what was wrong. "Robin," he admitted.

Patrick told Elizabeth about Ava's visit and Carlos' claim that Robin was alive. Elizabeth insisted that it was Carlos' sick way of torturing Patrick to get Patrick to postpone the wedding. Patrick conceded that he had thought the same thing, but Ava's parting words had struck a chord, so he was tempted to follow up on Carlos' story. Elizabeth warned Patrick not to undermine his future by chasing after a ghost an hour before his wedding.

Later, Elizabeth was startled when she opened Patrick's door and saw Epiphany. Epiphany was equally surprised to see Elizabeth "vertical" after the previous evening's events. "Girlfriend, you can definitely throw a bachelor party," Epiphany added with a chuckle. Epiphany burst out laughing when Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't realized that Epiphany had been at the party.

Elizabeth groaned with embarrassment when Epiphany pulled out her cell phone to show Elizabeth the pictures that Epiphany had snapped. Elizabeth was horrified when she saw a picture of herself drinking out of a shoe, so she begged Epiphany to delete the humiliating snapshots. Epiphany agreed to zap the photos after the wedding and promised not to hold Elizabeth's antics against Elizabeth at work. "Much," Epiphany added with a big grin.

Epiphany switched gears to ask where Patrick was, so Elizabeth filled Epiphany in about Carlo's claim. Epiphany reminded Elizabeth that Robin's remains had been found, so Elizabeth suggested that Patrick simply needed some peace of mind. Epiphany hoped that someone in the lab would give it to Patrick. Moments later, Epiphany and Elizabeth decided to head to the church. The phone began to ring as they left, but Epiphany insisted that Elizabeth let the answering machine pick it up.

In the hospital's lab, Brad demanded to know if Robin was alive. Britt made it clear that she wouldn't tell Brad even if she knew, so Brad threatened to reveal that he was not Ben's father. Britt was stunned, but Brad had no idea why Britt had claimed that the baby was his son when it was clear that the baby didn't look the least bit Asian. Britt explained that she had been forced to provide a name.

"And claiming a randy gay Asian dude seemed like a good idea?" Brad asked. Britt admitted that it had been because Patrick had known that she and Brad had been in cahoots, and she had known that Brad would go along with the lie. Brad regretted that he hadn't told the truth in the beginning, so Britt was curious why Brad was upset about it. He explained that he was tired of Felix thinking that he was a deadbeat father. "I thought everything was sunshine and unicorns between you and your girlfriend," Britt countered with a smirk.

Brad conceded that Felix had warmed toward him, but Brad wanted to redeem himself from the impression that he couldn't care less about his own son, so Brad wanted to know if Felix' best friend would end up humiliated at the altar. Britt suspected that Brad was more interested in looking like a hero rather than sparing Sabrina heartache, but Brad claimed that he wanted do the right thing. Britt didn't believe him and pointed out that there were things that were more important than Brad. She insisted that lives were on the line, so she told Brad to shut up about Robin.

"So, it's true. Patrick's wife is still alive," Brad said as he read between the lines. Britt and Brad looked up when Patrick suddenly appeared in the doorway. Patrick snidely asked if Brad had finally taken an interest in Britt's son, so Britt quickly changed the subject by asking why Patrick was there.

Patrick pulled out his cell phone to show Brad a picture of Robin as he asked if Brad had seen Robin in the lab. Britt tensed until Brad carefully explained that he had been hired after Robin's death. Britt was curious why Patrick had asked about Robin, so Patrick revealed that someone had spotted Robin in the lab. Britt suggested that Patrick was there because he was having second thoughts about marrying Sabrina.

Patrick refused to discuss his wedding with Britt, but Britt urged Patrick to reconsider marrying Sabrina if he was still stuck on Robin. Patrick assured Britt that he didn't have any doubts about marrying Sabrina, so he decided to head to the church because his fiancée was waiting for him and his wife was gone. "Except, I'm not so sure she is," Brad quietly said after Patrick left.

At the apartment, Sabrina was getting ready when Emma ran into the living room and announced that there might not be a wedding. Emma explained that she had overheard Felix using a lot of bad words while he worked to alter Sabrina's wedding gown, so Emma feared that the alterations hadn't gone well. Sabrina explained that Felix's sewing machine had a tendency to eat thread, so Felix was just expressing his frustration.

Emma feared that Felix would not get the dress done in time, so Sabrina assured Emma that nothing would stop Sabrina from marrying Patrick. Sabrina promised Emma that she, Emma, and Patrick would be a family by the end of the day. Moments later, Felix emerged from the bedroom to announce that he had successfully completed the alterations on the wedding dress. Pleased, Emma insisted that they gather the "four somethings" to ensure that Sabrina's day was filled with good luck.

Felix pointed out that Sabrina's mother's wedding dress was something old and something new, so Emma decided to lend Sabrina the ribbon in Emma's hair. Finally, Felix, Emma, and Sabrina tried to find something blue for Sabrina to wear. Sabrina revealed that she had a turquoise necklace that Carlos had given her, but Felix nixed the idea of Sabrina wearing turquoise from an ex-boyfriend on her wedding day. Sabrina suggested that she go without a blue item, but Emma was adamant that they not risk something bad happening to Sabrina.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie returned a stuffed animal to her daughter's crib when she heard Ellie arrive home. Maxie greeted her roommate and then confessed that she hadn't expected Ellie to spend the night with Spinelli. Ellie gently explained that she had helped Spinelli with the baby. "How is my daughter?" Maxie asked. Ellie admitted that Spinelli and the baby were settling in with Sam's help and that the baby cooed whenever Danny was around. "Sounds like one big happy family," Maxie bitterly observed.

Maxie thought that it was ironic that Ellie hadn't wanted children but had ended up being a mother to Maxie's daughter. Ellie made it clear that she was not the baby's mother; she was simply helping out for a little while. Maxie confessed that six months felt like an eternity, especially since she didn't know what the judge expected to change during that time. Maxie pointed out that she wasn't going to suddenly become a better person, but Ellie argued that Maxie was already a good person.

Maxie disagreed because she had blackmailed Ellie into keeping quiet about a lie and had almost destroyed Ellie's relationship with Spinelli. Maxie realized that it had been ridiculous for her to think that she could give her daughter away, but she was heartbroken because she couldn't get her back. Ellie reached out to comfort Maxie, but Maxie jerked away and suggested that Ellie go. Ellie quickly collected her things, so Maxie asked Ellie to give the baby a kiss from Maxie.

A short time later, Mac and Felicia arrived to take Maxie to Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Maxie reminded them that she didn't want to go, but Mac and Felicia argued that Patrick and Emma would want Maxie to be there. Maxie doubted that Patrick would notice her absence, but she assured her parents that if she could be happy for anyone, it would be Patrick because he had found love again. Maxie added that if she went to the wedding, she would spend her time thinking about what it would be like to have her daughter with her.

Felicia reminded Maxie that Emma would be expecting her "Aunt Maxie" to be at the wedding to cheer Emma on, so Maxie argued that she didn't have anything to wear. "Oh, yes you do," Mac countered as he held up a garment bag. Felicia appreciated that Maxie didn't feel like going out, but Felicia insisted that Maxie had to take care of herself for her daughter's sake. Felicia promised that there would be plenty of people in attendance at the wedding who would make Maxie feel better. "Fake it until you make it," Mac piped in.

At Sam's penthouse, Spinelli tried to give his daughter a bottle, but the baby refused to take it. Sam gently explained that the baby had had enough to eat, so Spinelli thanked Sam and then noticed that she was dressed up. Sam explained that she and Silas were going to Patrick and Sabrina's wedding

Sam checked her hair and makeup in the mirror as she commented that Ellie had seemed a natural with the baby. Spinelli agreed and admitted that he was surprised because Ellie had been adamant about not wanting children. Sam pointed out that she hadn't always been maternal, but things had changed with Danny. Spinelli smiled and then thanked Sam for taking him and the baby in. Sam assured him that she didn't mind because single parents had to stick together. Spinelli pointed out that he wouldn't have been a single parent if the judge hadn't forbidden Maxie from seeing the baby for six months.

Moments later, Silas arrived to pick up Sam. He complimented her and asked if she was sure that she wanted to be seen with him. Sam revealed that Patrick had convinced her to give Silas a chance, so Silas reminded her that all of their dates had ended in disaster. He admitted that he was curious about what would happen at the wedding.

Sam looked up when Ellie arrived. Ellie complimented Sam and Silas on their elegant attire, so Sam explained that they were headed to Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Sam was curious why Ellie wasn't going to Sabrina's wedding, since Ellie and Sabrina were friends, so Ellie explained that she hadn't received an invitation.

A short time later, Spinelli and Ellie agreed that it was odd that Ellie hadn't been invited to Sabrina's wedding when her phone suddenly rang. It was Felix calling to ask to borrow the diamond and sapphire necklace and bracelet that Ellie had worn to the Nurses Ball. Ellie agreed, so Felix suggested that she drop it off when she arrived at the church for the wedding. Ellie explained that she hadn't been invited to the wedding, so Felix covered the mouthpiece to ask why Sabrina hadn't invited Ellie. Sabrina snatched the phone from Felix to assure Ellie that she had dropped off Ellie's invitation at the lab.

After Ellie ended the call, Sam and Silas returned from the kitchen to reveal that Alexis had volunteered to babysit Spinelli's daughter if Ellie and Spinelli wanted to attend the wedding. Spinelli declined because he didn't want to be parted from his daughter.

After Sam and Silas left, Ellie offered to stay with Spinelli, but he assured her that he had things well in hand. He urged her to go to the wedding and then reminded her that Sabrina's luck was in Ellie's hands. Ellie gave the baby a kiss from Maxie and then another one from Ellie. Afterwards, Ellie opened the door to leave but froze when she saw Maxie standing on the doorstep.

At Wyndemere, Anna asked Robert if he had found Robin. "See for yourself," Robert answered as he looked toward the doorway. Anna turned and saw her daughter standing on the threshold of the parlor. Tears filled both Anna and Robin's eyes as mother and daughter stared at each other. Anna and Robin ran into each other's arms as Anna recalled another heartwarming reunion with her daughter when Robin had been much younger.

Robert watched as Anna and Robin shared an emotional reunion. Robin told her mother how frightening her ordeal had been, so Anna vowed never to lose Robin again. Anna hugged her daughter as Robin tearfully mouthed "I love you" to Robert. Robert joined Anna and Robin for a family hug.

Anna confessed that Robin was the greatest gift that Anna had ever been given and then thanked Robert for persuading Anna to search for their daughter. Anna confessed to Robin that Robert had been a true hero, but Robert insisted that he couldn't have found Robin without Anna's help.

Moments later, Duke emerged from the secret passage. His face lit with joy when he saw Robin. Robin ran to Duke's waiting arms and hugged him.

Later, Anna assured Robin that Robin could finally return home to Emma and Patrick. However, Anna warned Robin that it would be a shock because Anna had been reluctant to raise Patrick's hopes by telling him that Robin might be alive. Robin showed her mother the invitation and explained that Patrick and Sabrina intended to marry later that day. Anna insisted that Robin had to get to Patrick before the wedding, but Robin refused to go anywhere until she knew where Nikolas was. Anna explained that Faison had knocked Nikolas out, so they weren't sure where Faison had taken him.

Later, Robert and Duke returned to the parlor to report that they hadn't found any sign of Nikolas. Robert decided to question Faison, so Duke offered to accompany him. Duke took one step and then began to sway. Anna rushed to Duke's side and helped him to the sofa. Anna suggested that Duke stay with Robin while Anna went with Robert to question Faison.

After Robert and Anna left, Duke noticed the invitation, so he asked what it was. Robin told him about Patrick's wedding, so Duke pointed out that she was finally free. He insisted that Robin call Patrick and then handed her a cell phone. Robin called Patrick at home, but the answering machine picked up, so she explained to Patrick that she was alive and on her way home.

Moments later, Anna and Robert returned to announce that Faison and Luke had also disappeared.

At the apartment, Sabrina suggested that Emma go to Sabrina's bedroom to pick out a new ribbon to replace the one that Sabrina had borrowed. After Emma scampered off, Felix asked what was troubling Sabrina. Sabrina reminded Felix that she had dropped off Ellie's wedding invitation in the lab and that Carlos claimed to have seen Robin in the lab, so Sabrina suspected that Robin had taken the wedding invitation. Felix assured Sabrina that it wasn't possible.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

At the chapel where Sabrina and Patrick were preparing to wed, Silas and Sam signed the guest book. Sam was momentarily nostalgic as she thought about Jason and her wedding. She filled Silas in on how she and Patrick had exchanged pep talks about moving on and how both were doing exactly that.

Elizabeth was surprised when she saw Brad signing the book and even more so when he explained that he was there as Felix's date. Elizabeth found Patrick along with Epiphany, who told Patrick that he looked very good in a tux. Epiphany also complimented Patrick because he had not let Carlos' claim that Robin was alive stall his wedding to Sabrina.

Patrick gave his sincere thanks to Epiphany for helping him through some very tough times after Robin's death. Epiphany told Patrick that she was happy for him because he had found love again with Sabina.

Felix arrived at the chapel dressing room with Sabrina's gown. Emma worried that they would have bad luck if Ellie did not get there with something blue. Lucy arrived, and when Felix tried to give her the script, Lucy broke into tears and said that she could not perform the ceremony because her marriage was over. She explained that Lucy and Kevin had had yet another fight caused when Kevin had attended to a patient instead of attending an event with her.

Felix told Lucy that she had survived worse and gave her a pep talk. Lucy brightened up and took the script. When Emma mentioned something blue again, Lucy gave Emma the soggy blue handkerchief that she had been using to blow her nose and dry her tears. Emma, Felix, and Sabrina handled it gingerly. Lucy left, and Patrick appeared at the door and said that he needed some time alone with Sabrina.

Felix took Emma away. Patrick told Sabrina that he had heard the rumor that Robin was alive. Sabrina thought that he would be mad because she had not told him about Carlos, but Patrick said he understood. Patrick explained that he had gone to the lab for answers and had realized that he knew the truth. Patrick said that when he left the lab, he had closed the door on his old life and could not wait to start a new one with Sabrina. Patrick told Sabrina to get dressed because he loved her and wanted to be her husband.

Ellie opened Sam's door and found Maxie there with a present for Connie. Both Spinelli and Ellie told Maxie that she couldn't enter, but Maxie was both pitiful and insistent. Ellie wanted to relent when Maxie said no one would know, but Spinelli, who had read the court order carefully, said that he would lose custody and Maxie would go to jail if Spinelli let Maxie near Connie.

Maxie kept wheedling and pleading until Spinelli told Maxie to accept reality and put her child's needs before her own.

Maxie did not accept what Spinelli said and kept spinning reasons for why she should be allowed to hold her child. Eventually, a frustrated Spinelli told Maxie that he was sorry and closed the door in her face. Maxie left her present and walked away.

Bobbie went looking for Luke at Metro Court but found Jerry tied to Luke's bed instead. Jerry told Bobbie his story and begged her to get the cure for him for "old times' sake." Bobbie said that her goodwill for him had ended when Jerry was arrested on their wedding day, but she softened as Jerry cajoled her with his plight.

Bobbie called Luke and left a message for him when she got no answer. Jerry feared that his time was running out. Bobbie went to the lab to look for the cure but returned to Jerry when she did not find it. Bobbie was swayed when Jerry begged her to let him out of his handcuffs so that he could save himself.

Britt burst into Wyndemere and announced that she had the cure. She was surprised to see Anna with Robert and Robin. Robert what sarcastic when he learned that Britt's parents were Faison and Dr. Obrecht. Britt said dryly that it was not great for her either. She asked if Faison had been caught and her mother found. Anna said that Duke was taking Britt's mother to the slammer, and Faison had Nikolas. Robin wanted to help search, but Robert and Anna ordered Robin and Britt to stay put while they dealt with Faison.

Britt told Robin that she had just seen Patrick in the lab, and she knew that Patrick had doubts about marrying Sabrina. Robin told Britt that Patrick loved Sabrina. Britt said that would change if Patrick knew that Robin was still alive.

Luke had a gun on Faison and forced him to take Luke to the tack room where Faison was holding Nikolas. One of Faison's men was beating Nikolas when Luke stopped him. Momentarily, Luke was in control, but another Faison thug got the drop on Luke, who was forced to surrender his weapon. Luke tried to negotiate, but Faison said that once he had Anna, he would need only one hostage, and Faison felt that Nikolas had more wealth to offer than Luke. Faison flipped a coin and told Luke that he was about to die.

Robert and Anna overheard Faison and made a plan. Robert sneaked in through another door and hid in a stall while Anna distracted Faison. Anna held out her gun and offered to go away with Faison if he would let the hostages go. Faison said that he could not do that. Anna turned the gun on herself and said that she had nothing to live for because Dr. Obrecht had escaped and killed Robert, Duke, and Robin. Faison lunged for the gun as Anna pulled the trigger.

Anna stepped aside and stunned Faison when she hit him in the head with the gun. Robert emerged from hiding and shot both of Faison's men. Anna and Robert subdued Faison and freed Nikolas and Luke, who went to the main house to tell Robin and Britt that they were safe.

Robin searched out her parents, who had secured Faison. Robin gloated when Faison ruefully admitted that Robin had been right about Anna rescuing her. Anna told Robert to get Robin to the mainland so that she could let Patrick know that she was alive while Anna took care of Faison.

Faison remained delusional that Anna really loved him, no matter how much she denied it. When Faison said that no matter where she put him, he would be back, Anna told Faison that he was a blight on her life.

When Robert returned, he told Anna that Robin was on her way to the church, and he was ready to hand Faison over to the WSB. Anna said no. She told Robert that the only place for Faison was hell and that "this time," Faison had to die.

Britt asked if they should give the cure to Jerry, but Luke said to let Jerry die, and Luke would take the cure to Sean Donely. Luke got a call from Bobbie. Jerry had a knife at her throat and said that he would kill her if Luke did not deliver the cure to him.

After a brief debate about who would give the bride away, Patrick and Elizabeth made their way down the aisle where Lucy was waiting to officiate. Emma scattered petals, and Patrick greeted her with a smile and a kiss when she reached the front of the chapel. The bridal march started, and Felix walked a glowing Sabrina down the aisle. Emma said that Sabrina looked pretty, and Brad smiled at Felix.

Robin arrived at the chapel as Sabrina reached Patrick. As the ceremony started, Robin looked through the door but did not enter the sanctuary or reveal her presence.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air today. This preemption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 2, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 27 episode concluded.

We'd like to take a moment to thank our Soap Central family of fans and readers a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Your love and passion of all things soap and your continued support of our site is more than enough reason for us to be thankful -- not just today, but every day of the year.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air today. This preemption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 2, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 27 episode concluded.

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