General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 2, 2013 on GH

Robin reunited with her loved ones. Julian's interest was piqued when Sam mentioned Lucas. Jerry Jacks survived a fall from Metro Court's roof and escaped with Julian's help. Ellie received a job offer.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 2, 2013 on GH
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Robin arrived at the chapel in time to stop Patrick's wedding to Sabrina, but did not, even when Lucy asked if anyone had a reason to do so. Instead, Robin stood just outside the door and watched as the ceremony proceeded. Robin listen tearfully as Mac read a moving passage from the Bible about love. Felix and Brad smiled at each other. Felicia looked at Mac.

Sabrina handed Felix her bouquet and Elizabeth, looking lovely in gold, stood next to Patrick. Sabrina told Patrick how he had given her a family, something that she had never really had and had always wanted after her mother died. Sabrina told Patrick that he was her fairy tale made real. Patrick told Sabrina that she had healed him and had saved him and Emma from the darkness after the devastating loss of a loved one. Silas and Sam shared a glance as Epiphany sang a moving song with the refrain, "You're not alone."

Tears rolled down Robin's cheeks as she watched Emma, Sabrina and Patrick all light one candle together as a symbol of their new family. After Sabrina and Patrick said their "I do's," Robin turned to leave the chapel. Emma noticed her, called out, "Mommy," and ran to her. Robin picked Emma up and faced the crowd, notably Patrick and Sabrina, who were stunned.

Jerry held a knife to Bobbie's throat, while he spoke with Luke by phone. Jerry demanded that Luke deliver the poison cure in exchange for Bobbie's life. Jerry told Bobbie that he did not want to hurt her, but that he did not want to die either. He forced her out of Luke's room at the Metro Court and towards the terrace, where he expected to meet his getaway helicopter. Carly confronted them on the terrace and demanded to know what Jerry was doing with Carly's mother, Bobbie.

As soon as Jerry mentioned Luke, Carly started ranting. Luke arrived on the scene, and Jerry demanded the cure. Carly also demanded that Luke give Jerry whatever he wanted. Luke said that there was no guarantee that Jerry would act in good faith. Carly did not care. As a helicopter circled, jerry held a knife to Bobbie's throat and threatened to kill her if Luke did not hand over the cure. Luke said he had a different plan. He held the vial over the rail and threatened to drop it unless Jerry released Bobbie.

In the prince's bedroom at Wyndemere, Britt tended to Nikolas' wounds as she apologized for Faison and his hurtful actions towards Nikolas. Nikolas said that he was fine and that they could relax because the whole ordeal was finally over. Britt agreed that she would be glad to go back to work and get into some kind of routine. Nick joked that she could be his private doctor and asked what General Hospital paid her.

Britt said that she would always be the concierge doctor for Nikolas because he had taken her in and had been a friend to her when she'd had none. Nikolas kissed her and said that he would do it all again.

Nikolas called Leslie to check on Ben and Spencer. After a brief conversation with his son, Nikolas told Britt that their children were fine and would be home the next morning. Britt seemed sad, and when Nikolas asked what was wrong, she was contemplative as she told him that her son had spent more time away from home than at home and should never have been kept from his family in the first place.

Nikolas sputtered that Brad could have stepped up. Nikolas said he did not know how a father could turn his back on his son. Britt remembered her earlier conversation with Brad when he had threatened to tell Felix that he was not the father of Britt's baby and blurted out that Brad was not the father. When Nikolas asked, Britt said that she had meant that she did not think of Brad as the father any more than she would any other sperm donor.

Nikolas was not convinced, but Britt said that DNA did not make a father. She told Nikolas that the way that he had spoken with Spencer on the phone was what made a father. Britt was tired, but Nikolas did not want her to leave. Nikolas told Britt that even though they had met only five months earlier, Britt had become very important to him. Nikolas said that their relationship was intense and had developed quickly, but it did not matter; Nikolas did not want to lose what they had together.

Nikolas said that he wanted to move forward, not backwards, and asked Britt to spend the night with him. He said that they did not have to do anything; Nikolas just wanted to be near Britt and hold her. They kissed, and Britt fell asleep in Nikolas' arms. Later, Britt was awakened by a bad dream and a pervasive silence.

Elsewhere at Wyndemere, Robert and Anna held Faison captive in the tack room. Robert wanted to put Faison in prison, but Anna said it was time to end Faison once and for all. Faison taunted them that he would escape and be back in their lives again. Robert gagged Faison. Anna said that Faison would escape and make their lives miserable again because no prison could ever hold Faison.

Robert played devil's advocate and asked Anna if she could really live with herself if she played judge, jury, and executioner. Anna asked Robert if he could live with himself if he did not.

Anna pointed out all the horrible things that Faison had done to their family, including the kidnapping of Robin, as well as the potential future harm to Emma, whom Faison would target next. Anna's logic persuaded Robert, but he was reluctant to kill in cold blood. Anna told Robert to go, that she would handle it. Anna said that she would not regret her actions because she would be ensuring the safety of both Robin and Emma for the rest of their lives.

Robert left the tack room but returned and stood beside Anna. As they raised their guns and pointed them at Faison, Robert told her that they were in it together. After the deed was done, Robert told Anna that she had been right, after all. He had no regrets, knowing that their family was safe. Robert said that they had done the right thing. Anna and Robert huggedRecap --->

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

At Metro Court Restaurant, Luke threatened to drop the vial of life-saving serum unless Jerry released Bobbie. Jerry saw the helicopter approach to rescue him, so he agreed to Luke's terms. Bobbie immediately ran to her daughter as Luke ordered Jerry to drop the knife that Jerry had been wielding. Jerry reluctantly complied and then demanded that Luke hand over the serum. Luke refused because he intended for the cure to go to Sean Donely.

Furious, Jerry advanced on Luke, and a brief struggle ensued. Carly and Bobbie looked on in horror as Luke and Jerry suddenly tumbled over the side of the balcony and disappeared. Bobbie was too terrified to look, so Carly ran to the edge of the balcony to check on her uncle. Bobbie was relieved when Carly quickly assured her mother that Luke had managed to grab onto a protruding ledge, so Bobbie raced over to help her daughter pull Luke to safety.

Luke brushed off the dust as Carly angrily demanded to know why Luke had refused to turn over the serum when Bobbie's life had been on the line. Bobbie assured her daughter that Luke had been bluffing but conceded that Luke had gone a bit too far. Appeased, Carly asked about Jerry. Bobbie doubted that Jerry could have survived the fall from the top of the building, but Luke wasn't so certain, so he decided to have a look at Jerry's body to make sure Jerry was dead.

After Luke left, Carly led Bobbie to the bar for a drink. They chatted for a few minutes until Carly suddenly realized that Patrick and Sabrina's wedding guests hadn't arrived for the reception.

In the hotel's lobby, a waiter dropped off a drink for Julian and politely referred to Julian as "Mr. Wells." Annoyed, Julian insisted that he be addressed as Mr. Jerome. The waiter quickly apologized and complied. "Was that necessary?" Ava asked as the waiter walked away. Julian ignored the question and asked where Morgan was. "Studying for the SATs?" Julian snidely asked.

Ava wasn't amused, so she reminded her brother that they were there to discuss how to deal with Duke Lavery. Ava thought that it was odd that Duke hadn't confronted them yet, so Julian suggested that Duke was on vacation and hadn't heard the news that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome. Ava scoffed because she was certain that Duke knew unless Duke had been locked up underground, which she insisted was unlikely. Ava suspected that Duke had been intentionally keeping a low profile to bide his time before taking Ava and Julian down.

Julian warned Ava that there was another enemy to worry about, but Ava pointed out that Sonny couldn't make a move against Julian in case Danny needed another bone marrow transplant. Julian pointed out that the same was not true for Ava, so Ava should watch her back. Ava was rattled at the realization that she wasn't safe from Sonny's wrath, so she jumped with fright when she suddenly heard a loud thump outside.

Julian and Ava went to the alley to investigate the noise and were shocked when they saw Jerry Jacks unconscious and bleeding on the ground. Ava wondered if Jerry was alive, so Julian checked for a pulse. Julian was surprised when he found one, so he said his former associate's name until Jerry slowly opened his eyes. Julian wryly noted that Jerry was a hard man to kill. "I can say the same about you," Jerry weakly replied.

Moments later, the waiter appeared in the alley to find out the source of the loud disturbance. The waiter became alarmed when he saw Jerry on the ground, so he quickly offered to call an ambulance. Jerry refused and then begged Julian for help by promising to do anything that Julian wanted. Julian accepted Jerry's offer, so he sent the waiter to fetch a towel and plenty of ice to stanch the bleeding. Ava had reservations about getting involved with Jerry again, but Julian ignored her.

Later, Julian and Jerry sat in the back of Julian's limousine as Jerry was whisked to Julian's boat. Julian made it clear that he intended to collect on Jerry's promise.

Meanwhile, Luke arrived in the alley. He was stunned when he realized that Jerry's body had disappeared. Moments later, Ava rounded the corner, so he demanded to know what had happened to Jerry Jacks. Ava feigned innocence as she claimed that she had no idea who Jerry Jacks was.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny was looking at a picture of Michael and Morgan during happier times when Shawn knocked. Sonny invited Shawn to enter the office, so Shawn was curious why Sonny had asked to see him. Sonny explained that they had to find a permanent solution to take care of Julian because Julian had caused too much damage to Sonny's business. Shawn was curious what Sonny had in mind, so Sonny suggested that they target someone close to Julian, since Julian was untouchable.

Shawn realized that Sonny intended to go after Ava. Sonny pointed out that Ava was up to her neck in Julian's business, but Sonny couldn't kill Ava because he had promised Kiki that he wouldn't touch her. Sonny refused to risk further alienating Morgan and Michael by killing Ava, so they had to find someone else. "Duke Lavery," Shawn suggested.

Sonny explained that there was a "river of bad blood" between Duke and Julian. Shawn was surprised because Julian had hired Duke. Sonny suspected that it was part of a strategy similar to Julian's move to pull Morgan to Julian's side. Sonny was certain that Duke wanted Julian taken down as much as Sonny did.

At the police station, Duke was waiting for Anna when she entered her office. Anna immediately apologized for not calling him sooner, but Duke assured her that it was okay because he knew that she had been busy. Anna seemed uneasy as she told him that Liesl Obrecht had been booked and processed. Duke asked if Robin had gone to the church, so Anna nodded and explained that she hoped that Robin had made it in time to stop the wedding.

Duke admitted that he was still amazed that Robin was alive, but he insisted that what Jerry Jacks, Liesl Obrecht, and Cesar Faison had put Robin through had been unacceptable. Anna's eyes filled with tears of anger as she agreed that Robin had suffered unimaginably at the criminal trio's hands. Duke quickly reminded Anna that Robin's ordeal was over, so Robin deserved nothing but happiness from that moment on.

"With her husband and child," Anna replied in agreement. Duke's eyes narrowed with concern as he asked if Anna was okay. Anna explained that she had been in Robin's shoes before, so she knew what it was like to return home only to discover that everything had changed. Duke pointed out that he also knew what that was like, but he assured Anna that they would work together to help Robin settle back into her life.

Duke was curious why Anna hadn't gone to the church with Robin, so Anna avoided eye contact with Duke as she cryptically explained that she had remained on Spoon Island with Robert to deal with Faison. Duke feared that Faison had hurt Anna because he sensed that something was amiss. Anna quickly assured Duke that she was fine, prompting Duke to wonder where Faison was. Anna carefully revealed that she had left Faison with Robert.

Duke assumed that Robert had returned Faison to Steinmauer prison, so Anna didn't correct him. Duke remained concerned about Anna because he continued to pick up on her tension. Anna assured him that she was okay, but she made it clear that she didn't want to talk about Faison anymore. Duke respected her wishes because he knew that Faison had put Anna through "hell."

Duke was eager to celebrate Robin's homecoming, so he decided to take a few extra days off from work. Anna suddenly recalled what Robert had told her about Derek Wells, so she broke the news to Duke that Derek was really Julian Jerome. Duke's shock turned to fury when Anna revealed that the World Security Bureau had aided Julian and had put the mobster into the witness protection program.

Duke was certain that Julian had hired Duke as a joke and that Julian had been laughing behind Duke's back the entire time. Enraged, Duke started to storm out of Anna's office, but Anna demanded to know what Duke planned to do. "I'm going to kill him," Duke answered between clenched teeth. Anna implored Duke to reconsider, but Duke reminded Anna of everything that Julian had taken from them, including their child. Anna tearfully argued that she couldn't lose Duke again, so she begged him to let the police handle Julian.

Anna wanted Duke to focus on Robin and the second chance that they had been given. Anna beseeched Duke not to go after Julian, so Duke reluctantly agreed. Relieved, Anna thanked Duke and then announced that she had to get to the church to check on Robin. Anna reminded Duke that it was a happy day for their family, so she asked Duke not to allow Julian to take that away from them. "I love you," Anna added. "I love you too," Duke replied.

After Anna left, Duke sat down to read the online edition of the Port Charles Press about Julian Jerome's return. Moments later, Duke's cell phone rang. It was Sonny requesting that Duke meet him. Duke wondered why Sonny wanted to see him. "I think you know the answer to that," Sonny replied and then ended the call. Duke looked at the picture of Julian that had accompanied the article about Julian's resurrection from the dead.

At the church, Lucy was about to pronounce Patrick and Sabrina husband and wife when Emma spotted her mother standing in the doorway of the church. "Mommy?" Emma asked. Emma took off running into her mother's arms when Robin turned to look at her daughter. All heads turned to Robin as Robin swept her daughter up into her arms. "Mommy's here," Robin tearfully whispered to Emma as she held her daughter and Emma tightly wrapped her arms around her mother.

Robin looked at Patrick as he continued to stare at her with disbelief. Next to him, Sabrina swayed on her feet, so Felix reached out keep her from collapsing. Behind Patrick and Sabrina, Lucy whispered to Elizabeth that it was a true miracle that Robin was alive.

Nearby, Mac started for his niece, but Felicia stopped him with a reminder that Emma needed time with Robin.

Meanwhile, Robin tearfully assured her daughter that she had thought about Emma every single day and that she had never stopped loving Emma. Emma promised Robin that she had never stopped loving Robin either.

At the altar, Patrick's eyes filled with tears as he whispered Robin's name. "Patrick," Robin quietly replied as her voice cracked with emotion. Patrick approached Robin and asked if she was real. Robin placed her hand over his heart as she confirmed that she was indeed alive.

Sabrina leaned on Felix as Felix wondered if the woman in the doorway was truly Robin. Lucy joyfully assured Felix that it was.

At the back of the church, Patrick desperately tried to make sense of everything because he had seen Robin perish in the explosion with his own eyes. Robin explained that she had been kidnapped and that a body had been left in her place. She admitted that it was a long story, but she wanted him to know that she had spent every single day trying to get back to him and Emma. She pointed out that she had finally made it, only to discover that he had been about to marry another woman. Patrick glanced at a heartbroken Sabrina, but then turned his attention back to Robin as Robin revealed that she had made several attempts to reach him.

Robin told him about her phone call on Emma's birthday. Emma quickly reminded her father that she had told Patrick that her mother had called, so Patrick wondered if Robin had called him several weeks earlier. Robin confirmed that she had, but she hadn't thought that Patrick had heard her.

At the front of the church, Sabrina's eyes brimmed with unshed tears as Robin told Patrick about recently working in the hospital's laboratory. Robin explained that she hadn't been able to let anyone know that she had been alive because it had been too dangerous and lives had been on the line. Overwhelmed with emotion, Patrick leaned down to kiss Robin.

Sabrina crumbled to her knees and wept. Patrick was oblivious to Sabrina's crushed heart as Robin admitted that she had dreamed of reuniting with Patrick and kissing him. Robin confessed that the reality had been better than the fantasy. Patrick admitted that he had dreamed of it too, but he had never thought it would ever happen.

Emma quietly told her father that Sabrina was crying, so Patrick turned to look at Sabrina. Sabrina fled the church in tears as Felix followed, so gently Robin urged Patrick to go after Sabrina. Robin promised Patrick that she wasn't angry at him, but she knew that he truly loved Sabrina. Patrick was afraid to leave Robin's side because he might lose her again, but Robin assured him that he wouldn't. Patrick ordered Robin not to move and then left.

Moments later, Mac approached his niece and then hugged her tightly as he confessed that he couldn't believe that he was holding Robin. Next, Felicia hugged Robin.

Anna appeared in the doorway, so Emma ran to her grandmother to share the wonderful news. Anna joined her family as they enjoyed a tearful reunion. Mac suddenly realized that Robert and Anna had left the clinic in Switzerland because they had known that Robin was alive. Anna confirmed his suspicions and then explained that they hadn't told Mac that Robin might be alive for fear of needlessly getting his hopes up.

Nearby, Elizabeth felt terrible that she had talked Patrick out of the idea that Robin was alive, but Epiphany pointed out that no one could have known. Lucy admitted that she was happy for Mac, but she felt terrible for Sabrina. Elizabeth confessed that she couldn't imagine what Sabrina was going through.

In the bride's changing room, Sabrina wept inconsolably as Felix tried to comfort her. Sabrina realized that she should be happy for Patrick and Emma. "This is their dream come true," Sabrina explained, but Felix argued that it wasn't fair to Sabrina. Sabrina insisted that it was clear that she had been a placeholder for Patrick's true love, Robin. Felix argued that Sabrina shouldn't assume that it was over between her and Patrick, but Sabrina pointed out that Patrick hadn't even wanted to see her. Just then, Patrick entered the room.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In the bride's changing room at the church, Sabrina tearfully explained to Felix that Patrick had only ever had eyes for Robin and that Sabrina had been a distant second. Felix cautioned Sabrina not to jump to conclusions about who Patrick wanted, but Sabrina argued that Patrick hadn't even wanted to see her.

Moments later, Patrick appeared in the doorway, so Felix quickly slipped into the hallway to give Patrick and Sabrina privacy. Sabrina wiped away her tears and plastered on a false smile as she claimed to be happy for Patrick and Emma. Patrick gently explained to Sabrina that they needed to talk, but Sabrina pointed out that there wasn't anything to left to say because Patrick's wife was alive. Sabrina's eyes filled with tears as she insisted that it was wonderful that Patrick and Emma had Robin back.

Patrick agreed, but he couldn't pretend that the two years since Robin's "death" hadn't happened. Sabrina was curious if she and Patrick would have gotten together if Robin hadn't left. Patrick slowly shook his head. "That's what I thought," Sabrina tearfully replied. Patrick resented Sabrina declaring that they were through, but Sabrina argued that it had been evident that she had lost Patrick to Robin when Patrick had kissed his wife in the church.

"It's like I didn't even exist," Sabrina cried. Patrick apologized and assured her that he had never intended to hurt her, but everything seemed surreal to him. Sabrina took off the engagement ring and wedding band and then held them out to Patrick. Patrick knew that she was trying to push him away, so Sabrina begged Patrick to take the rings and let her go, but Patrick refused.

Sabrina pointed out that Patrick didn't have a choice because his wife had returned, and it was clear that he loved Robin. Patrick explained that he still loved Sabrina, too, and that what they had shared had been real. He promised her that everything he had told her at the altar had been true and that she had never been a replacement. Sabrina conceded that he could love her and Robin, but he couldn't have both of them, so he had to choose.

"Me or your wife?" Sabrina asked. Patrick admitted that he needed time to figure things out because his life had been turned upside down. He implored her to understand.

Elsewhere in the church, Robin reunited with Elizabeth, Epiphany, and Lucy. Mac gently reminded Robin that Robin could leave if she wanted to, but Robin insisted on staying because she had promised Patrick that she would wait for him. Anna imagined that things were difficult for everyone, so Robin agreed because Robin had thought that reuniting with Patrick and Emma would be the easy part.

Anna appreciated that during Robin's captivity, Robin had held on to a fantasy about what it would be like to reunite with Patrick and Emma, but she cautioned Robin to let the fantasy go and focus on the reality. Robin realized that everything had changed, which was why Robin had told Patrick to go to Sabrina, but she had no idea what would happen after Patrick's talk with Sabrina. Anna and Mac assured Robin that Patrick had never stopped loving his wife, so Patrick and Robin's love would get them through the difficult days ahead.

Nearby, Lucy explained to Brad that she had to leave, so she didn't know what to do about Patrick and Sabrina. Brad volunteered to check on the couple, so he went to find Felix.

Moments later, Brad spotted Felix sitting in the hallway. Felix admitted that he had been trying to eavesdrop on Patrick and Sabrina's conversation, but he hadn't heard much. However, Felix's gut told him that things were not good -- in part because of Patrick and Robin's kiss that they had all witnessed. Felix and Brad decided to creep closer to the door to listen but tensed when they suddenly realized how close they stood to each other.

They jumped away from the door when Patrick suddenly emerged from the room. Patrick's eyes were filled with tears of sadness as he quietly told Felix that Sabrina needed her friend. Felix didn't hesitate to enter the room and hold Sabrina as she wept on his shoulder.

Sabrina confessed that she had felt sorry for Patrick because he had looked lost, as if Patrick couldn't find his footing no matter where Patrick stepped. Felix had little sympathy for Patrick as he suggested that Patrick should have thought about that before. Startled, Sabrina reminded Felix that Patrick couldn't have known that Robin was alive, so what had happened had not been Patrick's fault.

"But whatever happens next will be," Felix countered. Sabrina explained that Patrick had asked her to give him time to figure things out, but she had told Patrick to go back to his wife, Robin. Felix promised to be there for Sabrina and then suggested that she get out of the dress.

A short time later, Brad entered the room to check on Felix. Felix rounded the corner in a panic because Sabrina had taken off.

In the church, Emma asked Mac when her mother would be returning to heaven. Mac and Felix revealed that Robin had never been in heaven, so Emma's mother would be staying. Emma remained confused so Anna explained that someone had played a "mean trick" on them, but she quickly assured Emma that it was all over.

Nearby, Robin offered her condolences to Sam on Jason's passing. Sam thanked Robin and then talked about Danny, whom Robin was eager to meet.

Meanwhile, Anna overheard Robin mention Faison's name during the conversation with Sam. Robin bragged that her parents, Robert and Anna, had made certain that Faison would never again hurt someone. Sam hoped that Robin was right.

After Sam left, Lucy approached Robin. Robin confessed that she was delighted that Lucy was back in town and then thanked Lucy for all the work that Lucy had done to get the Nurses Ball off of the ground. Lucy was pleased that Robin had seen it and had enjoyed it. Robin realized that Sabrina also deserved credit for resurrecting the Nurses Ball and admitted that Sabrina seemed like a good person.

Later, Robin and Elizabeth talked about Emma and how much Emma had grown. Robin was upset that she had missed important milestones in her daughter's life, but Elizabeth reminded Robin that Emma was still young, so there were many important moments to enjoy in the future. Robin smiled with appreciation when Elizabeth added that they had made certain that Emma had always felt her mother's presence.

Robin confided to Elizabeth how difficult it had been on Halloween when Emma had unwittingly introduced Sabrina to Robin as Emma's new mother. Robin conceded that she had encouraged Patrick to move on and to find someone to love, but she was afraid that he might not return to her. Robin immediately relaxed when Patrick suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Everyone quickly began to file out of the church to give Patrick and Robin some time alone. Anna grabbed Emma's hand, quietly reminded Patrick and Robin that they had plenty of time to figure things out, and then left. Patrick and Robin exchanged watery smiles before Robin walked up and kissed him.

Afterwards, Robin wondered if Patrick thought that their kiss had felt different. Patrick shook his head, but Robin pointed out that everything else had changed. She was curious how Sabrina was, so Patrick admitted that Sabrina wanted to be strong but was deeply hurt. Robin felt terrible for Sabrina, which was why Robin had tried to slip out of the church, so she could find a better time to break the news to Patrick that she was alive.

Patrick assured Robin that he was happy that she had returned, but he desperately wanted to do the right thing. Robin tensed when Patrick agreed that Anna had been right to advise them not to rush to figure everything out right away. He admitted that he simply wanted to take Robin home, so their family could be under one roof again.

Patrick was startled when Robin quietly told him no. Before she could explain, Anna and Emma returned. Anna immediately picked up on the tension between Robin and Patrick, so she suggested that Robin and Emma spend the night with her. Anna admitted that she was desperate to have some time with her girls. Robin smiled and readily agreed. After Anna and Emma went to the car, Patrick asked if Robin really wanted to spend the night at her mother's.

"No," Robin confessed, but she didn't know what else to do. Patrick assured Robin that he loved her very much. Robin smiled sadly as she told him that she loved him too. After Robin left, Patrick sat down and quietly began to cry.

On the piers, Carlos wondered what Julian was doing on the waterfront. Julian explained that he had been seeing off an old friend who owed Julian a favor. Julian confided that he might be collecting on the favor when they made their next move against Sonny.

Julian noticed that Carlos seemed distracted, so he suspected that it had something to do with Sabrina's wedding. Carlos told Julian that Patrick's wife was alive, but Sabrina refused to believe that Carlos had seen Robin. Julian told his friend that Sabrina would have to work things out for herself and that Carlos should be prepared to be there for Sabrina when she needed a shoulder to cry on. Carlos explained that he wasn't Sabrina's favorite person, so she'd likely turn to her friend, Felix.

Nearby, Silas and Sam stopped to talk about Patrick and Sabrina's wedding. Sam confessed that seeing Robin had made her think of Jason and what it would be like if Jason returned. Silas was curious how Sam would feel, so she explained that she had already been given her miracle when Danny had gone into remission. Silas lightened the mood by noting that another person had returned from the dead, which happened a lot in Port Charles.

Moments later, Silas and Sam bumped into Julian and Carlos. Sam made it clear that she didn't want to talk to her father, but Julian assured her that he genuinely cared about her and Danny. Sam didn't believe him and looked away. Julian explained that he was not the man that she thought he was; he had refused to bank his bone marrow because it had been the only way for him to stay alive.

Sam angrily accused Julian of instigating the mob war with Sonny, but Julian argued that she didn't know the whole story. Silas interrupted to assure Julian that Sam knew enough. Julian claimed that Sonny had gone after him, but Sam dared her father to deny that he had declared war on Sonny. Julian reiterated that he cared about Sam and Danny and that his business with Sonny was a separate matter.

Disgusted, Silas accused Julian of using Danny as a shield to protect Julian's "sorry ass." Julian ignored Silas to ask Sam for a chance to have a relationship with her. Sam made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with Julian's world, and she doubted that Lucas would either. Confused, Julian wondered who Lucas was. "Nobody," Sam replied as she turned and then left.

Later, Carlos stood alone on the dock when he spotted Sabrina in a wedding dress. "Sabrina?" Carlos asked with concern. Sabrina's eyes filled with tears as she ran into Carlos' arms and wept.

At Metro Court, Carly returned to the lobby to let her mother know that Jerry had disappeared. Stunned, Bobbie wondered how that had been possible, so Carly explained that Luke suspected that the awning had broken Jerry's fall and that Ava had helped Jerry because Ava been seen skulking in the alley. Carly admitted that she didn't trust Ava, so Bobbie assumed that it was because Ava had been sleeping with Bobbie's grandson, Morgan.

Bobbie shuddered at the thought and admitted that she couldn't believe that Julian had had another sister. Carly gently broke the news to her mother that Julian was alive. Bobbie insisted that it wasn't possible, so Carly apologized and explained that she had meant to call Lucas to warn him that his biological father was alive, but the words had failed her. Bobbie made it clear that Tony had been Lucas' father in every way that mattered and that Julian had never had a role in Lucas' life. Carly was curious if Julian had even known about Lucas, so Bobbie admitted that it was unlikely. However, Bobbie realized that it wouldn't remain a secret for much longer.

Moments later, Julian marched through the lobby in a surly mood. At the elevator, Julian noticed Carly watching him, so he glared at her and asked her what she wanted. Carly held her tongue as Julian entered the elevator and waited for the door to close. Bobbie had noticed the grumpy man at the elevator, so Carly revealed that the man had been Julian Jerome.

In the elevator, Julian was deep in thought as he replayed Sam's remark about Lucas over and over in his mind.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny thanked Duke for dropping by so quickly. Duke assumed that Sonny had wanted to talk to Duke about Julian, so Duke explained that he had just found out about Derek's true identity. Sonny was pleased when Duke grumbled that Julian was one of the few people in the world that Duke wanted to hurt. Sonny was confident that Duke wouldn't have second thoughts about taking Julian down, but Duke quickly clarified that he had promised Anna that he would not kill Julian.

However, Duke made it clear that he wouldn't stop Sonny if Sonny wanted to go after Julian. Sonny admitted that he couldn't kill Julian because Julian was the key to saving Danny's life if Danny's cancer returned. Sonny also revealed that Ava was off-limits, so Sonny needed to know who was next in line.

"That would be Carlos Rivera," Duke answered. "Did you say Rivera?" Sonny asked. Duke nodded and explained that Carlos was Julian's right-hand man who had recently arrived from Puerto Rico. Sonny confided that he knew a Rivera family from Puerto Rico, but Duke pointed out that it was a common name in that region.

Sonny wanted to make certain that Carlos wasn't connected to the Riveras that Sonny knew before he made a move, so Duke wondered what kind of move Sonny intended to make. Sonny explained that Julian had been trying to slowly dismantle Sonny's businesses, but that was about to change because Sonny had gained the upper hand because of Duke, who knew Julian better than anyone else. Duke was startled when Sonny suddenly offered him a job.

Duke quickly explained that he had promised Anna to stay away from organized crime. Sonny insisted that he and Duke were the only two people who could neutralize Julian, so Anna need not know about Sonny and Duke's arrangement.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Robin returned to Anna's hotel suite after sending Emma off to school with Felicia. Anna assured Robin that it was important to stick to Emma's routine, so Emma would know that it wasn't necessary to keep watch over Robin. Robin agreed but admitted that she could have happily spent the day cuddled up in bed with Emma. Anna reminded her daughter that Robin could pick Emma up in five hours. Robin looked forward to it because it would be a good distraction from thinking about Patrick not being with her.

Anna realized that Robin and Patrick's reunion hadn't gone as Robin had hoped, so she urged her daughter to let go of the fantasy and concentrate on the reality because Patrick and Emma's lives hadn't stopped when Robin had been kidnapped. Robin told her mother about the message that Robin had recorded encouraging Patrick to find love again, which Patrick had done.

Anna reminded Robin that Robin had been psychologically tortured for two years, so Robin shouldn't blame herself because Patrick had found Sabrina. Robin argued that she couldn't ignore that Patrick had fallen in love with Sabrina, so Anna conceded that there would be heartache, but Anna was confident that Patrick would find his way back to Robin because he loved his wife and the mother of his child. Robin wished that she had as much faith in Patrick's love for Robin as her mother had, but everything had changed.

Robin and Anna talked about Jason's sudden death and Edward's passing. Robin was surprised when Anna revealed that Edward had saved Emma's life by giving Emma the last dose of life-saving serum when Jerry had poisoned the town's water supply. However, Anna reminded Robin that some good things had happened during Robin's absence because Mac and Felicia had found their way back to each other. Anna was certain that Patrick and Robin would do the same.

Robin confessed that she was afraid that Patrick would decide that Robin was his past and Sabrina was his future. Anna pointed out that Patrick wouldn't be the man that Robin loved if he had easily cut Sabrina out of his life, so Robin conceded that Anna had a point.

A short time later, Robin decided to step out for fresh air. Anna offered to go with her, but Robin declined because Robin needed some time alone to think. Anna reluctantly agreed to give Robin space, but she assured her daughter that she loved her. Robin promised that she loved Anna, too, and admitted that Anna was her hero.

Mac wrapped up a phone call with Felicia as he knocked on Maxie's apartment door. Moments later, Ellie greeted Mac and explained that Maxie wasn't home. Mac was eager to share some news with Maxie, so he called Maxie's cell phone, but it went to voicemail. After he left a message asking Maxie to return his call, Ellie confessed that Maxie might have turned off the cell phone because of what had happened the previous evening. Alarmed, Mac wondered what Ellie was talking about.

Ellie revealed that Maxie had gone to the penthouse to spend some time with the baby, but Spinelli had refused to let Maxie stay. Mac was disappointed, but Ellie explained that Spinelli had been afraid that that the judge would decide to take the baby away from him if he had given in to Maxie's demands.

Later, Mac checked in with Felicia to find out if Felicia had heard from Maxie. Felicia was concerned about her daughter, but Mac assured his wife that Maxie was fine. He claimed that Maxie had likely gone shopping and had lost track of time. Mac promised to let Felicia know when he tracked Maxie down and then ended the call.

Ellie could tell that Mac was worried about Maxie, so Mac reminded Ellie that Maxie had a tendency to make poor decisions. Mac was desperate to find Maxie because he had wonderful news to share with her that he was certain would give Maxie a reason to go on. Ellie was stunned when Mac told her about Robin and what had transpired at the church.

Later, Mac decided to go out and look for Maxie. Ellie was certain that Mac's news would lift Maxie's spirits. Mac agreed and confided that everyone had loved Robin. However, he admitted that not everyone was happy about Robin's return. "What? Who could possibly have a problem with Robin finally coming...? Oh, sugar. Sabrina," Ellie realized.

Mac nodded and gathered his things. Ellie promised to call him if Maxie returned home. Shortly after Mac left, Ellie's phone rang, but it wasn't Maxie.

Later, Mac stopped by Anna's hotel suite to ask if Anna had seen Maxie. Mac revealed that he hadn't had a chance to tell Maxie that Robin was alive.

At the cemetery, Maxie gazed down at Georgie's grave. Maxie confessed that she had screwed up her life beyond repair and had put everyone that she cared about through "hell," including her own daughter. Maxie explained that a judge had threatened her with jail if she had any contact with her daughter, so Maxie felt as if she couldn't go on. She conceded that the judge had agreed to revisit his decision in six months, but Maxie confessed that it might as well be six years. Maxie pulled a bottle of prescription pills from her purse as she cried that she needed her daughter.

Georgie's spirit suddenly appeared beside her sister. Georgie put her hand over Maxie's as Maxie clutched the bottle of pills, but Maxie seemed unaware of her sister's presence. Maxie knew that she would eventually violate the judge's order, so she decided that it would be best for everyone if she stayed away forever.

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Georgie said. Georgie desperately tried to talk Maxie out of ending her life, but Maxie felt that she would be righting the wrong that she had done to Robin by dying. Georgie explained that Robin wasn't dead, but she realized that Maxie couldn't hear her because Maxie was too blinded by dark thoughts to see what was right in front of her.

Maxie asked her sister for forgiveness and then read the letter that Maxie had written to everyone, explaining why she had decided to leave them. Afterwards, Maxie folded the letter and set it on Georgie's headstone before dumping the pills into her hand.

Nearby, Robin saw the plaque dedicated to her. She was startled when she felt someone's hand on her shoulder, not knowing that it had been Georgie. Robin looked around, but didn't see anyone, so she walked away. Moments later, Robin spotted Maxie.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny ordered Shawn to dig up information about Carlos' personal life and to watch Julian's right-hand man around the clock. Sonny recalled that Shawn had had an encounter with Carlos on the night of Franco's art show, but Shawn assured Sonny that he could handle Carlos.

Sonny explained that he couldn't go after Julian or Ava, but Julian's second in command was another matter. However, Sonny admitted that he knew a family from Puerto Rico named Rivera, so Sonny wanted to make certain that Carlos was not connected to them. Until then, Sonny made it clear that no one was to touch Carlos. Shawn was curious who the Riveras were, so Sonny told Shawn about Lily.

Sonny revealed that he had inherited his territory from his first wife's father, Hernando Rivera. Sonny pulled out a picture of Lily and looked at it as he told Shawn about Lily's tragic death in a car explosion meant for Sonny. Sonny confided that Lily's father had planted the bomb, unaware that Lily had been out with Sonny, celebrating because she had learned that she was pregnant.

Sonny insisted that he owed it to Lily to find out if Carlos was related to her. However, Sonny made it clear that if Carlos was not a member of Lily's family then Shawn would be free to kill Julian's right-hand man.

At the nurses' station, a doctor was surprised when he saw Patrick working, so he asked why Patrick wasn't on his honeymoon. The doctor jokingly wondered if Sabrina had left him for a real man. Patrick quietly explained that there had been a change of plans. The doctor started to ask Patrick about it, but Felix ran up to warn the doctor that Epiphany was on the warpath because of the improper use of the computers at the nurses' stations. The doctor thanked Felix for the heads-up and fled.

After the doctor left, Felix approached Patrick to talk about Sabrina, but Patrick made it clear that he wasn't ready. Felix explained that he was concerned about Sabrina because she had disappeared and hadn't returned any of Felix's phone calls. Patrick pointed out that Sabrina wasn't the type to harm herself. Felix agreed, but he feared that something might have happened to Sabrina because her bed hadn't been slept in.

At Carlos' apartment, Carlos picked up an empty bottle of tequila from the floor and set it on a table. He then made his way to the bed to wake up Sabrina. Sabrina slowly opened her eyes and groggily looked around in confusion until she realized that she was naked in Carlos' bed. She immediately panicked and demanded to know if they had slept together.

Carlos insisted that he would never take advantage of an intoxicated woman and then explained that Sabrina had had the "spins," after drinking too much tequila, so he had helped her out of the wedding dress in case she became sick. Sabrina wasn't pleased that he had seen her naked, but he assured her that he had averted his eyes.

Sabrina's shoulders sagged as she confessed that she didn't know what to believe anymore. She regretted that she hadn't listened to Carlos when he had told her that Robin was alive. Carlos argued that she'd had good reason to question him and to suspect that he had been motivated by jealousy. Sabrina explained that she could have been spared witnessing the kiss between Patrick and Sabrina if she had believed Carlos.

Moments later, Sabrina's phone rang. It was Felix. Felix was relieved that Sabrina had finally answered his call, so he demanded to know where she was. Sabrina admitted that she had spent the night with Carlos, but she quickly clarified that she hadn't had sex with her ex. Sabrina perked up when Felix told her that Patrick had been out of his mind with worry because she had disappeared. Sabrina begged Felix not to tell Patrick where she had spent the night and then quickly ended the call.

At the hospital, Patrick demanded to know who Felix had been talking to. Patrick suspected that it had been Sabrina, but Felix denied it. However, Felix assured Patrick that Sabrina was safe and had spent the night at a fellow nurse's apartment. Patrick was certain that Felix was lying, but Felix assured Patrick that Sabrina was with Joyce.

Moments later, Joyce emerged from the elevator and greeted Patrick. Patrick immediately dragged Felix into the elevator and ordered Felix to talk.

At Carlos's apartment, Sabrina quickly gathered her things. She explained that Patrick had been looking for her, so she needed to find him. According to Sabrina, Patrick had simply needed some time to think things over, but Carlos warned Sabrina that she was fooling herself. Carlos was certain that Patrick intended to end things with Sabrina, but she disagreed because she believed that there was something left for her and Patrick to salvage.

Sabrina opened the door to leave, but Carlos insisted that Patrick didn't love her. "I do," Carlos declared. Sabrina explained that she didn't return Carlos' feelings, but Carlos didn't believe her, so he pulled her close and kissed her. Moments later, Patrick walked up.

Friday, December 6, 2013

At the cemetery, Maxie prepared to take a handful of prescription pills when Robin called out to Maxie. Maxie assumed that Robin was a ghost sent by Georgie, so she ordered Robin to stay away. Maxie conceded that Georgie had been right to send Robin because Maxie felt responsible for Robin's death and therefore would be more apt to listen to Robin, but Maxie wasn't interested in being talked out of her plans. Robin tried to clarify that she wasn't a ghost, but Maxie was too caught up in blaming herself for Robin's death to listen.

Frustrated, Robin slapped Maxie to shock Maxie into being quiet. Maxie rubbed her cheek and glared at Robin until it dawned on Maxie that she had felt the slap. Maxie reached out to touch Robin and realized that Robin wasn't a ghost. Robin smiled as she confirmed that she was real and then hugged Maxie.

Robin explained that the explosion had been a cover for Jerry to kidnap Robin, so Maxie hadn't been to blame for what had happened in the lab. Robin also added that even if the broken gas valve had caused the explosion it would have been an accident. Maxie admitted that others had told her the same thing, but she had needed to hear it from Robin.

Robin quietly asked what Maxie had intended to do with the pills. Maxie told Robin about the baby and the judge's decision to deny Maxie custody and visitation of the infant. Maxie conceded that she had acted without thinking and had hurt a lot of people, but Robin insisted that Maxie had acted out of love because Maxie had wanted to make everyone happy.

Maxie wondered if Robin truly believed that, so Robin assured Maxie that she did. Maxie appreciated that Robin saw things that way, but Maxie pointed out that Maxie still couldn't see her daughter for six months. Robin realized that it would be difficult, but she assured Maxie that the wait wouldn't be impossible. "How would you know?" Maxie snapped with irritation. Robin reminded Maxie that Robin had spent nearly two years away from Emma.

Maxie immediately apologized for the thoughtless remark and suggested that it was another example of Maxie's selfishness. Robin waved away Maxie's apology as she explained that she had simply wanted Maxie to know that Robin understood what Maxie was going through. Robin was confident that Maxie was a lot stronger than Maxie realized.

Maxie smiled and admitted that she couldn't believe that Robin had found her when Maxie had needed Robin the most. Robin explained that she had stopped by the cemetery to look at the memorial but had felt a presence that had eventually guided her to Maxie. Maxie was glad and hugged Robin again.

Maxie was curious why Robin wasn't with Patrick and Emma, so Robin told Maxie about what had transpired at the church during Patrick's wedding. Maxie was concerned that Patrick had married Sabrina, but Robin explained that Emma had seen Robin before the wedding ceremony had ended. Robin confided that she didn't know who Patrick wanted to be with because it was clear that Patrick had genuine feelings for Sabrina.

Maxie insisted that Patrick was Robin's husband, so Robin needed to fight for him. Robin agreed, but she wanted a promise from Maxie first. Robin implored Maxie to never touch the pills again because Robin couldn't take the pain of losing Maxie. Maxie agreed by assuring Robin that they would both be around for a long time.

At Carlos' apartment, Patrick stopped short when he saw Carlos and Sabrina kissing. Patrick quickly recovered from his surprise and stepped forward to shove Carlos away from Sabrina. Patrick ordered Carlos to keep his hands off of Sabrina, but Carlos refused to apologize. Patrick questioned what kind of man would take advantage of Sabrina when she had been in a vulnerable state, so Carlos assured Patrick that he was twice the man that Patrick was.

Sabrina stepped between the men and asked them to back off, but Patrick continued the seethe with anger. Sabrina explained that she had bumped into Carlos on the pier and that they had returned to his place for drinks, nothing else. Sabrina conceded that Carlos had kissed her, but she assured Patrick that she had only responded out of reflex.

Patrick asked Sabrina to collect her things, so they could leave, but Carlos was curious why Patrick thought that Sabrina would leave with Patrick after Patrick had stranded Sabrina at the altar. Sabrina warned Carlos to stay out of it, but Carlos insisted that she had made it his business when she had cried on his shoulder. Carlos reminded Sabrina that he had warned her that Patrick would forget all about Sabrina when Robin showed up.

Patrick denied it, but Carlos was curious if Patrick was there to tell Sabrina who Patrick had chosen. Sabrina informed Carlos that it was unfair to expect Patrick to sort everything out within twenty-four hours. She assured Patrick that the last thing that she wanted to do was to make him have to choose between her and Robin, but she agreed with Carlos that she deserved an answer. Patrick looked pained as he explained that he needed time, but he promised her that he had never meant to hurt her.

Carlos accused Patrick of seeing Sabrina as a consolation prize, so Carlos announced that he would take Sabrina home. Sabrina made it clear to Carlos that she was a grown woman and perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

After Sabrina left, Carlos snickered, "Nice work, Doc." Patrick turned and punched Carlos. Carlos fell to the ground, so Patrick kneeled down to explain that he was obligated to warn Carlos that a head injury could mess with a person's sense of direction. Patrick made it clear that he would kill Carlos if Carlos went near Sabrina.

Later, Sabrina stood in her living room as she pulled her hair back and put on her glasses. Someone knocked on the door so Sabrina opened the door. She was stunned when she saw Robin standing on the doorstep.

Ellie was relieved when Spinelli arrived at her apartment. She wondered what had taken him so long, so he explained that he had been forced to find a babysitter for his daughter, since Maxie wasn't allowed to be around the baby. Ellie apologized, but Spinelli assured her that it was okay. However, he hoped that Maxie wouldn't show up while Mercedes was watching the baby.

Spinelli changed the subject by asking why Ellie had been eager to see him. Ellie explained that she had big news and then revealed that she had been offered her dream job. Spinelli was delighted for Ellie, but she admitted that she couldn't take the job because it was in Portland, Oregon, and she wasn't interested in having a long-distance relationship with Spinelli. Spinelli admitted that it might not be necessary.

Ellie was shocked when Spinelli offered to pack up the baby and move to Portland with Ellie. He admitted that the city's reputation appealed to his quirky nature. Ellie loved the idea of Spinelli and the baby moving to Portland with her, but she wondered how they could do that to Maxie. "Do what to Maxie?" Maxie asked as she suddenly appeared in the doorway.

In Franco's hotel suite, Carly suggested that she and Franco order lunch from room service. Franco wanted to go to the restaurant, but Carly balked. She told Franco about the recent events in the restaurant when Jerry Jacks had briefly held her mother hostage. Carly realized that she would have to break the news about Jerry to Jax and Lady Jane, but she wanted to put it off for a while longer.

Carly changed the subject by asking what had been going on with Franco. He told her about his father's visit and Scott's desire to distance himself from Franco to protect Scott's political career. Carly admitted that she had tried to give Scott the benefit of the doubt, but Scott had always been a weasel and hadn't deserved it.

However, Carly felt bad for Franco, so she suggested that perhaps Scott would have a change of heart. Franco was surprised by Carly's optimism, so she told him about her own adoption and her rocky relationship with her birth father. She admitted that her father had been a federal prosecutor who had tried to put Sonny behind bars, so there had been friction between her and her father in the beginning, but they had eventually gotten past it.

Carly went on to reveal that her father had been killed in a shootout, prompting Franco to wonder what the point of her story was. Carly explained that not everyone could have a Ward Cleaver or a Cliff Huxtable for a father; in Carly's case, she'd had "Arnie Becker" for a father.

Carly urged Franco to focus on the good things in his life, so he reminded her of who his mother was and his dire financial situation. Carly kissed Franco and assured him that she was there for him. Franco confessed that she made his life worth living and then led her to the bedroom and made love to her.

Later, Carly snuggled with Franco under the covers and mentioned Heather. Franco suggested that they set some ground rules -- starting with not discussing his mother while they were in bed. Carly giggled but admitted that she wanted to know if he had heard from Heather.

Franco recalled his last encounter with Heather when two orderlies from the Miscavige Institute had led her away. Heather had promised Franco that he would one day understand that everything that she had done, she had done for Franco. However, he decided not to share that memory with Carly, so he claimed that he hadn't heard a peep from Heather since the fiasco at the art gallery. Carly was relieved that Heather was locked up. "After all, what can Heather do to me from Miscavige?" Carly asked with a serene smile.

Meanwhile, Heather skulked outside of Franco's suite. She made certain that the coast was clear and then called Franco, pretending to work for the dean of Port Charles University. Heather claimed that they were interested in hiring Franco to work in the art department and asked to meet him right away. Franco agreed.

Later, Carly was impressed when Franco emerged from the bathroom, dressed for his job interview. She wished him luck and offered to wait for him. Franco suggested that she order room service and then left.

Carly slipped into the bathroom to take a shower as Heather used a keycard to enter Franco's suite. Heather slowly made her way to Franco's bedroom and then removed a large knife from her purse.

In the courthouse hallway, Ava left Carlos a voicemail message asking him to return her call because she was concerned about him. Ava knew that Sabrina had gotten married the previous day.

Nearby, Sonny rounded the corner as he wrapped up a phone call. Ava's eyes rounded with fear when she saw Sonny, but she quickly masked it behind a pleasant smile. Sonny offered her a cold greeting and made it clear that he resented her and her brother turning his son against him. Sonny warned Ava that she and Julian didn't have any reason to act smug because Sonny intended to strike back at them. Rattled, Ava asked what that was supposed to mean.

Sonny pointed out that Danny didn't need Ava's bone marrow, so Ava reminded Sonny that she was Kiki's mother. Sonny shrugged, confident that Kiki wouldn't mourn her mother for long. Ava quickly reminded Sonny that he needed her because she had been called to testify against A.J. about the night of Connie's murder. Ava assured Sonny that she intended to keep her promise to him, so there wasn't any reason for them to be enemies.

In the courtroom, Diane thanked Michael and Kiki for attending A.J.'s trial. Diane was delighted that the judge had deemed Scott's security footage as inadmissible, but Scott clarified that it was because the tapes hadn't been complete, not because A.J. had been innocent. Scott admitted that he would give his right arm to find out where the rest of the security footage had disappeared to.

Later, the judge invited Scott to call his next witness. Kiki and Michael were stunned when Scott called Ava to the stand. After Ava was sworn in, she testified that A.J. had been infuriated and ranting about Connie on the night of the murder. "I have no doubt that he killed her," Ava added. Diane objected, so the judge warned Ava to refrain from sharing her opinion.

Meanwhile, Michael was curious if Ava had mentioned to Kiki that she would be testifying. Kiki admitted that she had been avoiding her mother's phone calls, so Ava hadn't had a chance.

After Scott finished questioning Ava, Diane asked if Ava had any proof of who had killed Connie. Ava thought about the Metro Court Security DVDs that she had burned on the pier. "No, I don't," Ava replied.

Later, Kiki caught up with her mother in the hallway. "What the hell was that?" Kiki asked. Ava claimed that she had just been telling the truth, but Kiki didn't believe her mother. Ava refused to fight with her daughter, so she suggested that they go somewhere for lunch to talk. Kiki refused to leave Michael's side, so she returned to the courtroom.

In the courtroom, Sonny asked for a moment of Michael's time. Sonny pointed out that A.J.'s trial hadn't gone well for A.J., so Sonny urged Michael to be prepared for the worst because A.J. would be going down. Michael resented Sonny's remarks, but A.J. conceded that Sonny was right.

Moments later, Scott called a ballistics expert to the stand; the expert testified that A.J.'s fingerprints had been found on the gun that had been taken into evidence. A.J. was surprised when Diane declined to question the witness. She explained to A.J. that the expert's evidence had been circumstantial, so questioning the man would give his evidence credence.

Scott rested his case, so the judge invited Diane to call her first witness. Diane announced that she didn't have any witnesses to call. A.J. objected and demanded an opportunity to testify.

In the hallway, Shawn told Sonny that Carlos was not related to Lily Rivera. Pleased, Sonny instructed Shawn to proceed with the plan as they had discussed.

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