General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 23, 2013 on GH

Dante suspected that Morgan had shot Max. A.J. succumbed to the temptation of alcohol. Patrick returned home to his wife and daughter. Felix questioned if Sabrina might be pregnant.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 23, 2013 on GH
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Max, Sonny, and Shawn got into a shootout with Morgan, Julian, and Carlos at Sonny's waterfront warehouse. T.J. was caught in the crossfire. Shawn got to T.J., who saw Sonny shoot Carlos. Sonny told Shawn to get T.J to safety, which Shawn did. Carlos managed to crawl to the cargo bay doors, open them, and escape. Morgan got the drop on Sonny, who refused to shoot his son.

Julian yelled for Morgan to shoot Sonny, but Morgan hesitated. Max startled Morgan, who had a knee-jerk reaction and shot him. As Max lay bleeding, Morgan said he was sorry. Sonny asked him to call for an ambulance and to help keep pressure on the wound. Instead, Morgan left with Julian when Julian told Morgan it was "now or never." As Max lay on the ground, he was incredulous that Morgan had shot him.

Ava arrived home and found Molly at her penthouse. Molly told Ava that she was waiting for Morgan and Julian, who had gone looking for T.J. and Carlos. Ava comforted Molly as they waited and worried. Diane knocked on the door with urgent news. Diane had been at the gallery and had overheard that a policeman was trying to get in touch with Ava. Diane feared that it was about the fraud that Franco had committed and wanted to make sure that she and Ava both denied knowledge of the fraud.

Ava agreed, but flashed back to a conversation she had had with Silas, who had been concerned because a policeman had been trying to question Silas about something that had happened in their distant past. Diane got a phone call as Morgan and Julian got to the apartment. They told a frantic Molly that T.J. was okay. Molly was relieved until Diane finished her call and told them that Max had been shot. She and Molly rushed out.

Ava was furious with Julian. He explained that they had gone to get Carlos, but Sonny had shot Carlos. Morgan added that he had shot Max. Morgan was tearful as he said that he had not meant to shoot Max. Morgan said that he loved Max and could not bear to think that Max could die because of him. Ava hugged him, Morgan wanted to go to the hospital to check on Max, but Ava said that he would be arrested or shot by Sonny's goons if he did.

Shawn took T.J. to Kelly's. Shawn was furious when he heard what T.J. had done. He tried to tell T.J. that by interfering in Shawn's business, T.J. had caused the shootout, but all T.J. could focus on was that he had saved Shawn from being a cold-blooded killer. Before Shawn could say more, Molly arrived and Shawn learned that she had gone to Morgan. Shawn tried to send Molly away and T.J. to bed, but T.J. was sarcastic about stopping Shawn's "killing spree."

Sabrina was surprised when she opened the door and saw Patrick. Patrick said that he owed her an apology for leaving her hanging. Sabrina said that she understood that he needed time, and even though she was not officially his wife, she had meant her vows. Patrick said that he had meant his vows, also. He said that he loved Sabrina and had fully intended to spend the rest of his life with her. Patrick told Sabrina that he had loved her for herself and not just because she had nursed him back to life.

Patrick said that Sam had helped him have a new perspective and that he was delaying the inevitable because he was trying not to hurt anyone, which was impossible. Sabrina realized that Patrick was choosing Robin. Patrick said that if he had had any inkling that Robin was alive, he would never have stopped searching for her, and he would never have fallen in love with anyone else.

Patrick asked Sabrina to forgive him. Tearfully, she did. They hugged. Patrick wanted to linger, but Sabrina gave him the presents that she had for Emma and sent Patrick on his way. A few minutes later, there was another knock. When Sabrina opened the door, Carlos was leaning against the frame, bleeding.

Emma, Robin, Duke, and Anna got a visit from Santa, whom Emma quickly recognized as Robert in a costume and padding. They laughed and shared one present with Emma, a musical instrument from Australia, the didgeridoo. Robert asked why Patrick was not there, but Robin told him to "butt out." Anna got a call about a shooting on the waterfront and left, after speculating that it had something to do with the brewing mob war between Sonny and Julian.

Robin said that she had not yet spoken to Sonny. Anna said that she had had several conversations with Sonny and she had no doubt that Sonny loved Robin, but Anna said that Sonny was a criminal by choice, and she could not ignore that. After Anna left, Duke sent a text message to Sonny that Anna was on the way. As Duke and Emma played with the didgeridoo, Robin told Robert that Patrick had promised to make his decision by Christmas.

Robert grumbled, and Duke decided to go looking for Anna. Robert said it was better for Duke to let Anna tend to work and that it was a very good thing that this time, Duke and Anna were on the same side of the law. Robert offered to buy Duke a drink while they waited for Anna to finish her job. Duke agreed.

Robin was startled by a knock on her front door, which she opened to Patrick. Robin said that she had not been expecting him, but Patrick replied that she should have been. Patrick told Robin that he should have been home a long time before, but he had been an idiot.

Patrick vowed to Robin that he was where he belonged for good. Patrick said that he was Robin's husband, "this" was their family and their life, and he wanted it all back, if Robin would have him. Robin was deliriously happy as she said she would. They kissed passionately.

Anna arrived on the waterfront as Sonny was about to get in the ambulance with Max. She refused to let Sonny leave until she questioned him. When Anna asked what had happened, Sonny said that he had shot Max when the gun that Sonny was cleaning had accidentally discharged. Anna walked Sonny through the crime scene and pointed out the obvious discrepancies. Sonny stuck to his story. Anna arrested Sonny and read him his rights.

Silas was off-duty and joking with Sam at General Hospital when Silas was called to tend an injured teen that turned out to be Rafe. Rafe told Sam and Silas that he had injured his hand by punching a wall out of frustration. Under questioning, Rafe admitted that his plan with Taylor, to make Molly and T.J. jealous, had backfired. Silas ignored two calls as they talked, but remembered a conversation with Ava about an incident in their past and the act about which the police wanted to question Silas.

While Silas and Rafe were discussing Rafe's teenage angst, Silas was paged to tend an emergency victim. Diane refused to leave Max's side, and he was wheeled in. She asked who had shot him and told Silas to work around her. Silas rushed Max to surgery.

Sam continued to chat with Rafe and urged him to find another girl. Rafe said that being the son of a serial killer was not in his favor. Sam laughed that some girls liked the dark and broody type. Silas' phone rang for the third time, and Sam noted that someone seemed anxious to contact Silas.

Morgan was frantic to find out what had happened to Max. Ava suggested that he call the hospital and give a fake name. Morgan followed her advice but was disheartened to find that Max was in dire condition. Ava chastised Julian for giving Sonny even more cause to retaliate against them. Julian challenged Ava to do better. Ava asked what had happened to Carlos, but Julian had lost track of Carlos during the shootout.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Due to the Christmas Eve holiday, General Hospital did not air a new episode today. This programming change was accounted for in scheduling, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Thursday, December 26, and pick up where the Monday, December 23 episode concluded.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Central, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a holiday filled with peace and love.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Due to the Christmas Eve holiday, General Hospital did not air a new episode today. This programming change was accounted for in scheduling, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Thursday, December 26, and pick up where the Monday, December 23 episode concluded.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Central, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a holiday filled with peace and love.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Liesl sat in a jail cell, reminiscing about her childhood Christmases. She confessed that she would fall asleep dreaming about holiday wishes, but as she grew older, she had learned the hard way that not every little girl got what she wanted for Christmas. "Even on this special day, people can still be sad," Liesl said and then mused that they could also be feeling scared and guilty. She had finally realized that Christmas was not about mistletoe, snowmen, or gifts; it was a reminder to seek refuge with loved ones from a cruel world. She supposed that was what had made it difficult for both her and Sonny to be locked up in jail on Christmas.

At the Drake residence, Patrick and Robin woke up in bed together. Robin smiled as she snuggled close to Patrick and reminded herself that she hadn't been dreaming. "We found our way back to each other," she quietly said. Patrick promised his wife that nothing would ever tear them apart again, so she leaned up to kiss him. Afterwards, Patrick apologized that it had taken him so long realize that his heart had always belonged to her. Robin told him that she loved him, so she refused to let a few days of indecision stand in her way.

Robin knew that Patrick had ended things with Sabrina, so she was curious how Sabrina had taken it. Patrick admitted that Sabrina had tried to be strong, but it had been clear that she had been deeply hurt. Robin felt bad, but she refused to regret having her husband back. Patrick confessed that he was the happiest that he had ever been and then kissed his wife.

Later, Robin confided that she had been apprehensive about being intimate with Patrick again because she had been afraid that things had changed. However, she was relieved that everything was as wonderful as it had been in the past. Patrick leaned down to kiss his wife, but a loud noise drew his attention. Robin groaned as she explained that her father, Robert, had given Emma a didgeridoo for Christmas. Moments later, Emma burst through the door, blowing into the didgeridoo and then adopting an Australian accent to announce that it was Christmas.

Robin, Patrick, and Emma went to the living room to open presents. Emma ripped into the present that Robin had picked up for her daughter, but Emma's enthusiasm waned when she saw that it was a Koala bear because Emma already had one. Patrick tactfully pointed out that the new Koala bear could be a buddy to "Snowflake" and keep it from being lonely. Emma smiled and then dove under the tree to retrieve another gift.

Emma held up a present and announced that it was from Sabrina, so she opened it and then exclaimed with delight because it was a Dyna Girl adventure kit and exactly what she had wanted. Emma was eager to thank Sabrina, so Robin assured her daughter that it would be fine. Satisfied, Emma returned to the tree to play with her gifts, so Patrick quietly asked if Robin was okay. "Not yet, but I will be," Robin assured him.

Later, Patrick surprised Robin by handing her a small box. Nestled inside, was Robin's wedding ring. Patrick slid the ring onto Robin's finger as she confessed that it was prettier than she had remembered. Robin's eyes filled with tears of joy as Patrick kissed her. Emma saw the tears and worried that something was wrong, but Robin assured her daughter that everything was okay. However, Robin felt bad that she hadn't gotten Patrick a present, but he quickly assured Robin that his gift had been her returning home.

In Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina sat on the sofa, quietly crying until Carlos entered the room. Carlos sported a bandage that wrapped around his shoulder and chest as he faced Sabrina and asked if she was okay. Sabrina put on a brave face, but Carlos accused her of looking terrible. Sabrina countered that he wasn't in a position to talk, so Carlos pointed out that he had an excuse; he had been shot.

Sabrina confessed that she had been afraid that he would die, but Carlos rushed to assure her that he was fine because an incredible nurse had saved his life by digging out the bullet and patching him up. Sabrina decided that she deserved to know the truth about what had happened, so she demanded to know who had shot him. Carlos explained that he couldn't tell her, but Sabrina wasn't fooled. She knew that Carlos had become involved with mob, so he admitted that she was right.

Sabrina wanted one good reason why she shouldn't call the police, so Carlos warned her that it would be too dangerous because Sonny wanted to finish the job, and Sonny's eldest son was a lead detective with the Port Charles Police Department. Sabrina agreed not to call the police, but she made it clear that Carlos couldn't stay. Carlos begged Sabrina to reconsider because he needed time to figure things out. Sabrina reminded him that he had an apartment, but Carlos explained that it would be too dangerous because he couldn't risk Sonny or the Jeromes tracking him down.

Carlos revealed that he hadn't been in contact with Julian or Ava in days, so he was afraid that they might suspect Carlos of revealing their secrets to the enemy like Vince had. Sabrina was curious who Vince was, but Carlos insisted that it didn't matter because Vince was dead. Rattled, Sabrina agreed to let Carlos stay. Carlos thanked her and then confessed that it was nice to spend Christmas with her. Sabrina muttered that she hadn't had anywhere else to go, so Carlos realized that Patrick had gone back to Robin.

Sabrina's eyes filled with tears of anger as she invited Carlos to gloat that he had been right all along. Carlos assured Sabrina that he had never wanted her to be hurt, but he had known all along that Patrick would break her heart. Sabrina cried as she confessed that she was deeply hurt.

At the loft, Lulu sipped on a cup of coffee as she gazed at a picture of baby Connie. Dante emerged from the bathroom and announced that he had to dash out to question Sonny because Olivia had gone to the hospital to check on Max. Lulu felt terrible for Milo because she knew how much Milo loved his brother, Max. Dante conceded that Max was a good guy despite being on the opposite side of the law.

Dante and Lulu decided to exchange gifts first, so they went to the bedroom. Lulu opened a present and was somewhat surprised when she pulled out a sports jersey. Dante explained that she should have her own instead of wearing his to bed all of the time. He also confessed that it was his understanding that cotton was customary for a second wedding anniversary gift. Lulu was horrified that she had forgotten their anniversary, but Dante rushed to assure her that it was okay because he recognized that she'd had other things on her mind.

Lulu admitted that things had seemed more hopeful for her and Dante when they had married, so Dante pulled his wife close and then assured her that they would get through their latest setback.

Shortly after Dante left, Nikolas stopped by with Britt and Ben in tow. Britt hid her discomfort behind a brittle smile as Lulu wished the baby a Merry Christmas. Nikolas greeted his sister and then asked how the baby plans were going. Lulu explained that a paperwork snafu had resulted in the embryos being destroyed, so her and Dante's hopes of having a baby had been shattered. Britt disagreed and then explained that she would be happy to help Lulu and Dante start the process over again. Britt pointed out that Dante and Lulu could be parents to a child of their own by the next Christmas.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Kiki watched as A.J. opened his gift from them. A.J. looked at the tickets as Michael explained that they were for the play, Peter and the Starcatcher. A.J. thanked them, but Michael sensed that something was troubling A.J. Kiki excused herself to answer the door when the doorbell rang, so A.J. took the opportunity to apologize to his son. A.J. admitted that he had been having difficulty enjoying anything since the trial.

Michael appreciated what A.J. had been through, but he reminded A.J. that A.J. had a lot to be grateful for. A.J. disagreed; A.J. had been acquitted because of a lack of evidence rather than a lack of guilt. Michael insisted that there had been room for reasonable doubt, so he urged his father to consider the possibility that A.J.'s lack of memory of the murder meant that A.J. hadn't killed Connie. A.J. thought that it was a nice sentiment, but he wondered who else could have killed Connie.

Meanwhile, Ava stood on the doorstep of the mansion as she left a voicemail message for Morgan. She was upset that he had left without waking her up because she already had enough to worry about with Carlos missing. Ava hoped that Morgan had decided to lay low instead of going to the hospital to check on Max.

Moments later, Kiki opened the door. Kiki was not pleased to see her mother, but Ava held up a bag as she explained that she had Christmas presents for Kiki and Michael. Kiki wasn't interested, but Ava ignored her daughter as she brushed past Kiki and entered the mansion, uninvited.

Kiki explained that it had been bad enough to know that Ava had been sleeping with Morgan, but it was worse knowing that Ava had turned Morgan into a killer. Ava tensed as she carefully asked what Kiki had been talking about. Kiki reminded her mother that Morgan had left Michael to drown in the harbor after a physical altercation on the piers. Kiki noticed her mother sag with relief, so she realized that Ava was hiding something. However, Michael stepped out of the parlor before Kiki could question her mother.

Michael explained that Milo had called, so Michael and Kiki had to get to the hospital. Michael promised to explain everything while en route.

After Michael and Kiki left, Ava entered the parlor on the pretext of dropping off Christmas presents for Michael and Kiki. She put the presents under the tree and then poured herself a drink as she asked why Michael and Kiki had left in a hurry. A.J. revealed that Sonny had done it again and then explained that Sonny had apparently shot another bodyguard, which was standard behavior for Sonny.

Ava accused A.J. of being hard on Sonny, especially for a man who had murdered the woman that Sonny had loved. "Excuse me?" A.J. asked. Ava smiled pleasantly and then congratulated A.J. on his victory in court. A.J. reminded Ava that she no longer lived there, so he ordered her to leave. Ava recalled that she and A.J. had once been as thick as thieves, so she was curious what had changed. A.J. admitted that he had only been interested in Ava's shares of ELQ.

Ava suggested that A.J. celebrate. "After all, you did get away with murder," Ava added. A.J.'s temper flared as he once again ordered Ava to leave. Ava argued that she had merely spoken the truth and then reminded him that they were practically family, so he could trust her if he needed someone to confide to. A.J. ignored her invitation, so Ava warned him that it might be difficult to live with a woman's death on his conscience.

A.J. refused to rise to the bait, so Ava set her glass down and then left. A.J. closed the door behind her and then picked up her drink and downed the contents of the glass.

At the hospital, Morgan stood outside of Max's hospital room as Milo and Diane sat vigil at Max's bedside. Olivia walked up and wondered what Morgan was doing there. Morgan reminded her that he cared about Max because Max had been a close family friend. Olivia was certain that Sonny would be pleased that Morgan was there with Max, so he asked where Sonny was. Olivia revealed that Sonny had been arrested because something "bad" had gone down at the warehouse. She conceded that she didn't know the details, but she was confident that things would be cleared up soon. She invited Morgan to visit Max with her, but Morgan declined because the room was crowded.

In Max's hospital room, Olivia greeted Milo and Diane and then asked for an update. Milo explained that it was too soon to know, but Max was stable for the moment. Olivia couldn't understand how Max had been shot, so Diane suggested that Olivia ask Sonny. Milo quickly reminded Diane that there wasn't any proof, but Olivia wanted to know what they were talking about. Diane explained that Sonny had confessed to shooting Max, but Milo quickly added that Sonny had claimed that it had been an accident.

Later, Morgan called out to Olivia when she left Max's room. Olivia gave him an update on Max's condition and then revealed that Sonny had confessed to accidentally shooting Max. She insisted that something was off with the story, so she intended to talk to Sonny.

In Max's hospital room, Milo confessed that he felt responsible for his brother being shot because Sonny had needed two bodyguards, not one. Diane refused to let Milo blame himself because both Max and Sonny had made their choice to be a part of the mob. Diane reminded Milo that both she and Milo had made the choice to break away from that lifestyle, so she was certain that Max would not want Milo to trade places with Max. However, Diane conceded that something about the shooting hadn't added up. Milo agreed and then admitted that he wanted to find the person responsible for shooting his brother.

Meanwhile, Michael and Kiki bumped into Morgan when they arrived at the hospital to visit Max. Michael was surprised when he saw Morgan standing outside of Max's room. Morgan reminded his brother that Max had been a part of their lives for a long time, and then shifted gears to claim that it had been good to see Michael. Kiki couldn't believe that was all that Morgan had to say to Michael after leaving Michael to drown in the harbor.

Morgan insisted that he could explain, but Kiki wasn't interested in hearing Morgan's excuses because Michael had nearly died. Michael quietly asked Kiki to give him a moment alone with Morgan, so Kiki reluctantly entered Max's room.

Michael demanded to know what Morgan knew about the shooting at the warehouse, so Morgan tried to play innocent. Michael was certain that Sonny had confessed to the shooting to protect someone close to Sonny. Morgan denied any knowledge of the shooting, but Michael didn't believe his brother.

Michael reminded Morgan that Michael had warned Morgan that organized crime wasn't a video game; there had been real bullets fired at the warehouse. Morgan went on the offensive. "Do you really hate me like Kiki does?" Morgan asked with an expression of hurt. Michael wasn't moved because he was certain that Sonny had confessed to protect Morgan. Kiki poked her head into the hallway to let Michael know that Milo and Diane had been asking for him, so Michael reluctantly let the matter drop and entered Max's room.

Meanwhile, Sonny paced the jail cell and then sent a table flying in frustration. Liesl warned Sonny that when a caged animal paced, it was an indication that it was about to lose its mind. Sonny agreed to take that under advisement, so Liesl asked why he had been arrested. Sonny refused to discuss it, but Liesl knew what Sonny did for a living. Sonny insisted that he was a coffee importer, but Liesl reminded him that her daughter's father had tried to take over Sonny's territory not too long before.

Liesl conceded that Sonny had defended his territory admirably, but not before Faison had killed Sonny's enforcer. Sonny warned Liesl to stop talking, but she assured him that she had great respect for Sonny. According to Liesl, mob families "come and go in Port Charles like the wind," but Sonny had managed to retain a firm hold on Port Charles for twenty years. Liesl was impressed that Sonny had eluded death, rivals, and capture, so she was curious what had finally landed Sonny behind bars.

Liesl refused to believe that Anna had managed to take Sonny down, so Liesl was certain that Sonny was there by choice. Sonny growled another warning, but Liesl continued to work out the mystery. She was certain that Sonny was protecting someone close to him, and then reasoned that only a child would inspire such devotion.

Moments later, Dante arrived, so Liesl perked up and made a remark about Dante being one of Sonny's children. Dante ordered Liesl to sit quietly on her cot or he would handcuff her to the table in the interrogation room, so she couldn't have any visitors. Liesl sat down, but she listened intently as Dante tried to question Sonny about the shooting at the warehouse. Sonny insisted that it had been an accident, but Dante knew that his father was lying because the warehouse had been riddled with bullets.

Sonny ordered Dante to leave it alone, but Dante suspected that Sonny was trying to protect someone. Sonny stuck to his story, prompting Dante to surmise that Morgan had somehow been involved in the shootout. Dante quickly dropped the matter when Olivia arrived for a visit, but she had picked up on the hostility between father and son, so she reminded both men that it was Christmas.

"How can you forget in a festive place like this?" Liesl sarcastically asked. "Shut up," Dante and Sonny shouted at Liesl in unison. Olivia ignored Liesl and let Dante know that Olivia intended to drop by the loft with some food later that day. Olivia wanted to know how Lulu had been holding up, so Dante admitted that it had been rough because of what had happened to the frozen embryos. Liesl smiled to herself as Olivia advised Dante to sue the hospital.

Sonny shifted gears to ask Olivia about Max. Olivia admitted that Max remained unconscious, but Milo, Diane, and Morgan were at the hospital with Max. Dante decided to head to the hospital to have a talk with his brother, so he left. Sonny tried to call Dante back, but Dante ignored his father. "How sharper than a serpent's tooth is it to have a thankless child?" Liesl quietly said.

Olivia ignored Liesl and whispered to Sonny that she didn't think that he had shot Max. However, she agreed to wait until Sonny was ready to confide to her. Sonny was curious how Morgan had been, so Olivia admitted that Morgan had been shaken by what had happened to Max. She hoped that it was the wakeup call that Morgan needed to know how important family was. Moments later, a police officer arrived to take Sonny to the interrogation room.

At the hospital, Dante saw Morgan in a waiting area across from Max's room, so he sat down to have a chat with Morgan. Dante revealed that he had spoken to their father, so Dante was certain that Sonny had confessed to cover for Morgan. Morgan refused to discuss it and started to leave, but Dante stopped Morgan. Dante assured Morgan that he wanted to help Morgan, so Dante urged Morgan to trust him with the truth. Morgan insisted that he wouldn't take the blame for Sonny and then advised Dante to keep a close eye on their father in case Sonny was "loosing it" again. Dante confessed that Morgan was more like Sonny than Morgan would ever admit and then walked away.

Shortly after Dante left, Morgan saw Max open his eyes. Moments later, Ava walked up, so Morgan pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

Meanwhile, Dante arrived home and saw Lulu seated on the bed, playing with Ben, so he sat down to join them as Britt looked on with guilt clouding her expression.

Liesl watched from her jail cell as Sonny was led away. "It was a merry Christmas indeed," Liesl said as she sat down on the cot and then began to sing O Tannenbaum.

Friday, December 27, 2013

At the hospital, Sam was thrilled when Silas revealed that Danny's latest tests results were clear, so Danny wouldn't need follow-up blood work for another six months. Sam was eager to celebrate, so Silas suggested that they get together later that evening to start off the New Year with a bang. Sam reminded Silas that their dates always ended in disaster, but Silas assured her that he was willing to take the risk if it meant that he would get to see her in a dress.

Sam worried about possible work-related interruptions because she knew that Silas continued to get calls from the restricted number. She was curious if Silas had figured out what was wrong with the patient, so he explained that it was complicated and then deftly changed the subject by urging her to get a babysitter. He promised that there wouldn't be any interruptions, so Sam smiled and then invited him to pick her up at eight. After Sam left, Silas' phone rang; it was the restricted number.

Later, Silas entered an examination room where a military veteran was waiting. Chief Petty Officer Hicks wanted to know if he had cancer or not, so he asked Silas what the results of the tests were. Silas explained that the results were not in, but he was curious why CPO Hicks hadn't gone to the Veterans Affairs Hospital. CPO Hicks explained that his wife worked at the VA Hospital, so he didn't want her to find out about the cancer scare. Silas questioned the wisdom of the decision, but CPO Hicks insisted that his wife had worried enough during CPO Hicks's tour of duty.

Moments later, a nurse dropped off the test results, so CPO Hicks was eager to learn if he had survived the war only to die at home. Silas scanned the test results and then revealed that CPO Hicks did not have cancer. CPO Hicks was relieved because it meant that he could finally be honest with his wife. Silas was surprised that CPO Hicks had considered lying to be worse than having cancer, but CPO Hicks insisted that it felt as if a huge rock had been lifted off of his chest because he had hated deceiving his wife. Silas seemed to consider what CPO Hicks had said when Silas received another call from the restricted number.

At the Drake residence, Patrick was taking down the Christmas stockings from the mantel when Robin entered the room and announced that Emma had decided to spend the afternoon at a friend's house because Emma had had fun at Reece's sleepover. Patrick was surprised because he had expected Emma to be eager to return home because she had missed Robin. "Well, I guess the thrill is gone," Robin replied with a smile. Patrick assured her that the thrill of having Robin home hadn't faded for him.

Robin was curious why Patrick had been taking down the Christmas decorations before they rang in the New Year, so he explained that he wanted their lives to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Robin admitted that she looked forward to that, too, so she didn't object to him packing up the Christmas things.

Moments later, Maxie called demanding to see Robin on an urgent matter. Robin quickly ended the call and then changed out of her pajamas. Patrick was disappointed that Robin was leaving. Robin assured him that she would return home and then promised that nothing would ever keep her from her family again. She told him that she loved him and then left.

A short time later, Sam stopped by to share the good news about Danny's blood work and to check on Patrick. Patrick was happy for both Sam and Danny and admitted that it was the best news that he had heard since discovering that Robin was alive. Sam guessed that Patrick had decided to return home to Robin, so Patrick confirmed that he had ended things with Sabrina. He regretted that it had taken him so long to realize what his heart had already known because he had ended up hurting both Robin and Sabrina in the end.

Patrick admitted that it had been painful to say goodbye to Sabrina, but he insisted that going home to Robin had been the right decision. He confessed that it had felt like a dream. "A dream come true," Sam replied. Patrick smiled and then talked about how wonderful it was to have his wife back and how much he had missed Robin's quirky habits. Sam confided that she had once dreamed of Jason returning home to her, but that kind of miracle could only happen once. According to Sam, Patrick had gotten his miracle, so she had accepted that it wouldn't happen for her.

Patrick was curious how things were between Sam and Silas. Sam smiled as she confessed that Patrick had been right to encourage her to give Silas a chance, but she admitted that she and Silas hadn't "closed the deal" yet. Patrick wondered what was holding Sam and Silas back, so she explained that the timing hadn't been right in part because she and Silas had had a lot to deal with. Sam then confided that Ava had repeatedly suggested that Silas was hiding something. Patrick cautioned Sam not dismiss Ava's warnings as spiteful remarks from a jealous ex-girlfriend because Ava had tried to warn him that Robin was alive.

Sam insisted that Ava couldn't be trusted because Ava wanted Silas back. Patrick decided to let the matter drop as long as Sam was happy. "I am," she assured him and then announced that it was time to go, provided that she could tear her son away from Patrick. Patrick smiled as he bounced Danny on his knee and confessed that he had been deeply disappointed to learn that he had not been the father of Britt's baby because he had looked forward to being a father again. Sam pointed out that Patrick's wife had returned home, so perhaps Patrick should talk to Robin about expanding their family.

A short time later, Sam returned to the hospital. She was curious why Silas had asked to see her, so he revealed that he had to tell her something.

Meanwhile, Mac and Felecia arrived at Maxie's apartment, anxious to know why Maxie had demanded to see them. Maxie refused to tell Mac and Felicia anything until Robin arrived because the three of them were the most important people in Maxie's life since Spinelli and "Baby Georgie" had left. Felicia couldn't understand why her daughter wanted to keep them in suspense, but Mac worried that Maxie was in some kind of trouble. Maxie conceded that her parents had a right to be somewhat paranoid, but she assured Felicia and Mac that they could relax. Felicia continued to press for an answer until Maxie confessed that she had decided to leave town.

A short time later, Robin arrived. Maxie hugged her cousin and then grimaced when she noticed Robin's out-of-date jacket. Maxie was surprised that Patrick had held on to it, but Robin was more concerned about why Maxie had called. Felicia and Mac entered the room and announced that Maxie had decided to leave town. Felicia insisted that it had been an impulsive decision, while Mac worried that Maxie intended to go to Portland.

Maxie promised that she would not go to Portland, but she explained that she had to leave town for a few months because she needed some distance and to find perspective on everything that had happened over the past year. Maxie admitted that she wanted to take a similar journey of self-discovery that the heroine in Eat, Pray, Love had, so she begged Mac, Felicia, and Robin for their support. Maxie promised that Port Charles would always be her home, but she intended to leave by midnight before the New Year.

Maxie conceded that she had been to blame for everything that had happened, but she refused to watch the clock tick down to the new year, surrounded by reminders of everything that she had done. Robin assured Maxie that they loved Maxie and then promised that she had Robin's blessing. Maxie promised to return in a few months, so Robin hugged Maxie and then left.

Felicia and Mac braced themselves to say goodbye to Maxie, but Maxie warned them that it wasn't necessary because she needed their help with the luggage and a ride to the airport. However, first Maxie wanted to take care of one last thing.

Later, Mac continued to grumble about Maxie's decision to leave town, but Felicia admitted that it was the happiest that she had seen Maxie in a long time. Mac noticed the time, so he wondered where their daughter was.

Meanwhile, Patrick was relieved when Robin arrived home. Robin reminded him that she had promised him that she would return and then shifted gears to suggest that they go to Kelly's for a BLT. Robin confessed that she had been craving the popular BLTs for two years. Patrick agreed to go to Kelly's, but he revealed that he wanted to talk to her about something first. "What do you say we have another baby?" Patrick asked.

At the loft, Lulu sat beside Dante on the bed as she watched him wake up. Dante smiled at his wife, so she confessed that she had been awake for hours. Concerned, Dante wondered what was troubling Lulu. She surprised him by revealing that she wanted to try to have another baby. Dante was delighted, but he was curious what had changed her mind. "You," Lulu revealed.

Lulu explained that she had realized that they were still together because Dante had refused to give up on them. Lulu told him about her talk with Britt on Christmas Day when Britt had offered to help them through the process of creating new embryos for a surrogate. Lulu conceded that it had taken everything in her to even consider trying again, so it had been difficult to discover that their two remaining embryos had been destroyed, especially since Lulu had ruined any chance of them qualifying for adoption. However, she was prepared to move forward despite her fears.

Dante hugged Lulu and then assured her that they would get through the process together. Lulu smiled, so Dante kissed her and then led her to the bedroom. After Dante and Lulu made love, Dante confessed that he couldn't wait to hold their child and make plans for their future. He also looked forward to seeing his wife happy again. Lulu admitted that she was happy that they had decided to have a baby because it was exactly a year earlier that Maxie had miscarried their baby, which had changed their lives without them realizing it.

Lulu confessed that it felt right to make a fresh start by letting go of the pain of the past and focusing on their future. Dante kissed his wife, but then groaned with frustration when his cell phone rang. Dante's mood didn't improve when he read the text message requesting his presence at the police station to question Sonny. Lulu recalled that Dante had mentioned that Max would make a full recovery, but Dante explained that the shooting remained under investigation.

Shortly after Dante left, Lulu answered a knock at the door. She tensed when she saw Maxie standing on the doorstep.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Britt woke up in bed together. Britt was surprised when Nikolas confessed that he wanted to make their relationship official, so she asked him what that meant. Nikolas explained that he wanted Britt and Ben to officially move in with him. Britt confessed that she would like that, but she feared that it would strain Nikolas' relationship with Lulu.

Britt reminded Nikolas that Lulu had been cold towards her on Christmas. Nikolas conceded that Britt wasn't Lulu's favorite person because of Britt's role in Maxie's pregnancy, but he insisted that he didn't care what anyone thought. Britt declined Nikolas' invitation to move in because she didn't think that she deserved him. Nikolas was stunned that she would say something like that, but his cell phone rang before he could probe further into the remark.

Nikolas greeted his sister and then handed the phone to Britt when Lulu asked to speak to Britt. Britt was startled when Lulu revealed that she and Dante had decided to take Britt up on the offer to help them have a baby. Britt offered to get everything set up with the hospital so Lulu could start the process that very day. Lulu appreciated Britt's help, so Britt thanked Lulu for trusting her and then promised not to let Lulu down. "You'll get your baby," Britt assured Lulu.

After Britt ended the call, Nikolas smiled with satisfaction because Britt no longer had to worry about Lulu. Britt gladly agreed to move in with Nikolas and make Wyndemere her home. Nikolas sealed their agreement with a kiss.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina was startled when Felix unexpectedly arrived home. Felix greeted his roommate and then explained that he had escaped from the family gathering. He quickly changed the subject by commenting that Patrick clearly hadn't made a decision, since Sabrina hadn't called or text-messaged Felix with an update. "He decided," Sabrina quietly admitted.

Felix realized that Patrick had gone back to Robin, so he hugged Sabrina and then began to berate Patrick for being selfish and foolish. Felix was certain that Patrick would soon realize that Patrick had made a big mistake by choosing Robin. Sabrina insisted that Patrick had never meant to break her heart and then pointed out that Patrick couldn't help that he had wanted to be with his wife. Felix demanded to know when Patrick had made the decision, so Sabrina revealed that it had been Christmas Eve.

Felix was furious that Patrick had ended things with Sabrina on Christmas Eve, but Sabrina wondered if it would have been better for Patrick to wait until Christmas Day or New Year's Eve. Felix decided to get Sabrina's mind off of Patrick by taking her out, but first he wanted to take a shower. Sabrina panicked as Felix headed to his bedroom, so she called out for him to stop, but he ignored her.

Moments later, Felix returned to the living room to ask why Carlos was asleep in Felix's bed. Sabrina claimed that it was complicated, but Felix demanded to know what was going on because he feared that Carlos had taken advantage of Sabrina's vulnerability. Sabrina assured Felix that she and Carlos had not had sex, but Felix remained skeptical, so she reluctantly confessed that Carlos was hiding from the police and then filled him in on what had happened.

Felix was outraged that Sabrina had aided and abetted a criminal, especially since they could lose their jobs because they were legally obligated to report gunshot wounds. Felix continued to lecture Sabrina until she was suddenly seized by a bout of nausea that sent her running for the bathroom.

A short time later, Sabrina emerged from the bathroom. She blotted her forehead with a washcloth as she admitted that she had vomited. Sabrina blamed it on stress or a possible illness, but Felix suggested that perhaps Sabrina was pregnant.

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