General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 30, 2013 on GH

Maxie sublet her apartment to a detective. Sam and Silas made love. Lulu moved out. Robin and Patrick renewed their vows. Sabrina learned that she was pregnant. Morgan decided that he wanted out of the Jerome organization.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 30, 2013 on GH
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Maxie went to see Lulu at the loft to tell Lulu that Maxie was leaving Port Charles. Maxie apologized for all the hurt that she had caused Lulu, and Lulu admitted that she had said and done things that she regretted also. Maxie said that she had some things to figure out and that one of them was why she had hurt her best friend in the world in such a cruel and selfish way. Maxie said that if it was any consolation to Lulu, Maxie was feeling the baby's loss as much as Lulu.

Maxie said that if she could go back and change things, she would, and she was terribly sorry. Lulu said that she wanted to forgive Maxie, to let it go, find closure, and move on, but she could not. Maxie said she did not expect forgiveness. Maxie asked if Lulu and Dante had thought about trying again and using their remaining embryos. When Lulu said that Ellie had accidentally destroyed them, Maxie was puzzled that Ellie could make such a mistake.

Lulu told Maxie about her conversation with Britt and her pending appointment to start the egg harvesting process. In her joy for Lulu, Maxie grabbed Lulu's hand, but Lulu pulled away. She told Maxie that even if she and Dante had a baby, Lulu was not sure that it would change anything. Maxie said that she did not expect anything from Lulu.

Maxie said that it might be too late, but maybe she would return home a better person, one who deserved Lulu's friendship. When Maxie said that she wanted it more than anything, Lulu echoed her sentiments. As Maxie took her leave, each woman wished the other good luck.

At General Hospital, Silas was about to reveal a secret to Sam when Monica, who was irate because Silas was in contention for GH Chief of Staff, interrupted them. Monica had been fired by the Board of Directors because of A.J.'s arrest and wanted her job back after A.J.'s subsequent acquittal. Silas assured Monica that he had not submitted his name. Monica said that Silas was at the top of a short list, and she would be reinstated if Silas withdrew his name from consideration.

Sam interjected that Monica was being unfair to Silas, who deserved recognition for his work. Monica huffed off after Silas said that he would not withdraw. Sam asked if Silas would like the job, and he admitted that there were some changes that he would like to institute. Sam asked what Silas had wanted to tell her, but Silas got another call, which he ignored. When Sam asked again, Silas lied. He told Sam that he had wanted to tell her how happy he was that Sam had allowed Silas to spend New Year's Eve with her.

Dante went to GH to interview Max, but Max was still unconscious. Instead, Dante bumped into Britt and Ben on the way to daycare. Dante learned that Lulu was on the way to GH to start the in vitro procedure, so he decided to wait for her. As Dante held baby Ben, Britt thanked Dante for giving her another chance to help them create a baby, especially after she had kept Maxie's secret. Britt explained that she had been in an ethical quandary and had felt that patient confidentiality applied, especially since Maxie had assured Britt that she would give the baby to Dante and Lulu.

Dante said that he understood that Britt had been put in the middle and had had issues of her own going on at the time. Dante continued to bond with baby Ben. Britt watched and listened as Dante explained that in vitro was his and Lulu's last option to have a child. Dante clicked with the baby, and Britt seemed on the verge of telling him something when Lulu approached. She and Dante shared a moment with Ben before Britt swept Ben off to daycare.

Maxie went back to her apartment and packed her things, including photos of baby Georgie and a happy one of Maxie with Lulu. She was almost done when a tall, dark, and handsome stranger knocked on her door. At GH, Britt examined Lulu while Dante observed. Britt said that the harvesting could commence and then amended it with a "Hmm?" Lulu immediately asked what was wrong.

Patrick asked Robin to have another baby. Robin wanted to know why. Patrick said that Sam had stopped by with Danny, who incidentally was as stoic as Jason and Jason's spitting image, and it had started Patrick thinking about how cool it would be to have a son and that it would be a perfect way to show their renewed love. Patrick added that he had invested in Britt's baby when Patrick had thought it was his, and he had felt a loss when he had found out it was not.

Robin said that she understood all those reasons, but she was not ready to have a child. Robin said that for two years, she had dreamed about returning home to her family, the three of them, and getting back to their routine. Robin said that she needed time to get to know Emma again. Robin said that all she wanted to do was walk in the door, kiss her husband, and cuddle her daughter. Robin said that she was not ruling out having another child; she just wanted to wait until things settled down and Robin was sure that Emma was not suffering from all the changes that were taking place.

Patrick was disappointed but understood. Patrick said that he had just wanted to show the world that even though their life had been on hold for two years, they loved each other and were a family. Patrick brightened up when Robin said that there was another way. Robin made Patrick guess, but he kept guessing animals until Robin was laughing and told him it was not a pet.

When Robin said that they should renew their vows with each other and with Emma as a family to help Emma through the changes of the past year and to help Patrick and Robin, too, Patrick thought it was a great idea and wanted to do it immediately. He said he could think of no better way for them to start the new year than to commit to their marriage and family. Robin thought so, too.

As soon as Sabrina started feeling queasy, Felix suggested that she was pregnant. Sabrina tried to blame stress, but Felix convinced her that it was better to know sooner rather than later. Felix questioned Sabrina about the night she had spent with Carlos, but Sabrina assured Felix that she had never slept with Carlos, so if she was pregnant, it had to be by Patrick.

Sabrina was convinced that she had used birth control, but Felix said that no method was 100% accurate. Felix wanted to sneak a test kit from GH, but Sabrina said everyone would know and insisted that Felix go to a pharmacy. He did and returned to the apartment, where Sabrina was pacing nervously. Sabrina took the test. She and Felix quipped until time was up. Sabrina did not want to look and asked Felix to check the test. Felix did. The test was positive. Sabrina was pregnant.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Due to the New Year's Eve holiday, General Hospital did not air a new episode today. This programming change was accounted for in scheduling, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Thursday, January 2, 2014, and pick up where the Monday, December 30, 2013 episode concluded.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Central, we wish you happy and healthy New Year.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Due to the New Year's holiday, General Hospital did not air today. This programming change was accounted for in scheduling, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Thursday, January 2, 2014, and pick up where the Monday, December 30, 2013 episode concluded.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Central, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

At General Hospital, Lulu and Dante waited anxiously as Britt studied the images on the sonogram machine's monitor. "Hmm," Britt quietly uttered, prompting Lulu to ask what was wrong. "I'm sorry," Britt answered as she turned off the machine and then faced Dante and Lulu. Britt explained that she hadn't seen any indication that Lulu's eggs were viable for harvesting. Shocked, Dante and Lulu reminded Britt that Lulu's eggs had been used to create three embryos the previous year.

Britt gently asked when Lulu had last menstruated. Lulu conceded that it had been awhile, but Lulu pointed out that she had been under a tremendous amount of stress. Britt explained that Lulu's condition wasn't a result of stress, so Lulu demanded to know what had caused her infertility. Britt suspected that Lulu's body had endured too much trauma during her time as Stavros Cassadine's captive. Dante and Lulu refused to accept the diagnosis, so Britt offered to run more tests, but she was certain that the results would confirm the initial findings.

Later, Dante and Lulu returned to the loft. Lulu was devastated by the news that she was infertile. Dante suggested that they use a donated egg, but Lulu rejected the idea. Dante argued that it wouldn't be different than adopting a baby, but Lulu pointed out that the baby would be his child with another woman. Dante countered that their objective was to be parents, so it didn't matter.

Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she didn't want a child anymore because she couldn't go through the heartbreak of something going wrong again. Lulu insisted that she had nothing left to give and suggested that the universe was trying to tell them that they weren't meant to be parents.

Dante quickly assured his wife that they didn't have to make any decisions right away, so he invited her to the rooftop to enjoy the fireworks. Lulu began to cry as she confessed that she couldn't stay. "I'm leaving," Lulu clarified and then went to the bedroom to pack. Stunned, Dante asked what she had meant by that. Lulu explained that she couldn't stay in the loft because there were too many reminders of Connie and everything that they had lost. Dante insisted that they help each other through the pain of losing Connie, but Lulu argued that it wasn't just about Connie.

Dante realized that Lulu still resented him for not supporting her when she had lied in court. Lulu insisted that he hadn't had her back when she had needed him most, which had left her feeling betrayed. She appreciated that he hadn't meant to hurt her, but she couldn't stay even though she loved him. Dante watched helplessly as his wife gathered her things and then left as New Year's Eve fireworks filled the night sky.

At the apartment, Maxie was surprised when she saw a handsome stranger standing on her doorstep. The stranger explained that the realtor had sent him over, so Maxie smiled in understanding and invited him in to show him the apartment that she had decided to sublet while she was away. The man introduced himself as Nathan West and struck up a conversation with Maxie about why she was leaving. Maxie admitted that the love of her life had left town with her roommate and Maxie's daughter.

Maxie was startled when Nathan suddenly handed her a handkerchief to wipe away her tears. She hadn't realized that men still carried handkerchiefs, so Nathan explained that his mother had always insisted that he carry one in case he encountered a damsel in distress one day. He confided that he had thought that it had been a silly notion until he had met Maxie.

Maxie returned the handkerchief to Nathan and then announced that her ride would soon arrive. Nathan was curious where she was going, so she admitted that she didn't have a specific destination in mind, but she intended to take a spiritual journey of self-discovery because it had been the worst year of her life. Nathan confided that he hadn't had a good year, either, which was why he had decided to make a fresh start in Port Charles. Maxie assured him that he was in the right place for that to happen, so Nathan suggested that she stay and get a fresh start with him.

Maxie appreciated the invitation, but she explained that her problems had started the previous New Year's Eve, so she had promised herself that she would be long gone from Port Charles when the clock struck midnight.

Moments later, Maxie received a text message from her parents, so she announced that she had to leave because her parents couldn't find a parking space. Nathan offered to help Maxie with her luggage, but she declined. She asked him not to burn down her apartment and then left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sam greeted Nikolas with a warm hug. The cousins exchanged good wishes for the new year and then sat down to chat. Sam was curious if Nikolas intended to spend New Year's Eve alone, so he revealed that he was expecting Britt, who was at the hospital, trying to help Dante and Lulu have a baby. Sam recalled her own struggles with infertility and confessed that she was glad that Jason had pushed her to have corrective surgery because she had been blessed with Danny.

Sam shifted gears to ask about Nikolas and Britt's relationship. He admitted that things had gotten serious and then turned the tables on Sam by asking how things were between Sam and Silas. Sam smiled as she tried to find the words. "Please, don't hold back on my account," Silas said as he walked up.

Sam smiled warmly as Silas leaned down to give her a quick kiss and then assure her that she looked beautiful. Nikolas decided to excuse himself, but he warned Silas to be good to Sam or Silas would have to answer to Nikolas. "We Cassadines, we like to look after our own," Nikolas explained. Silas smiled good-naturedly as he promised to keep Nikolas' warning in mind.

After Silas and Sam walked away, Sam apologized for her overprotective cousin. She assured Silas that she would let Nikolas know that Silas didn't have any intention of breaking her heart. Silas smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes.

After Silas and Sam finished dinner, Silas suggested that they find a more private setting to continue their evening. Sam quietly explained that they couldn't go to her penthouse because Molly and T.J. were babysitting Danny. Silas suggested that they get a room for the evening because Rafe was at Silas' place. A waiter returned to take their order for dessert, but Sam quickly declined.

A short time later, Sam handed Silas a glass of champagne as he gazed at the city's skyline form the hotel window. Sam offered a toast to Silas because she was certain that he would be selected as the hospital's new chief of staff. Silas doubted that he would get the votes because Monica wanted the position for herself, but Sam was confident that the board would pick Silas. Things quickly heated up when Silas kissed Sam. Between kisses, he asked her if she was certain that she wanted to be with him, so she assured him that she was.

Later, Silas and Sam snuggled in bed together after making love. They watched the fireworks show through the window and wished each other a happy New Year. "Here's hoping that 2014 is a little less insane," Sam said as she smiled at Silas. Silas kissed Sam and then made love to her again. Meanwhile, Silas' phone buzzed on the nightstand as he received a call from the restricted number.

At the apartment, Detective Nathan West left Silas a voicemail message warning Silas that Silas couldn't continue to avoid Nathan's phone calls.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nikolas greeted Britt and then asked for an update on Dante and Lulu. Britt explained that she couldn't discuss Lulu's case, but she admitted that creating new embryos wouldn't be an option. Nikolas was disappointed because he knew how much having a baby had meant to his sister. Britt confessed that she felt terrible because she hadn't been able to help Lulu.

Later, Nikolas held Britt in his arms as they stood on the restaurant's terrace and watched the fireworks show. Nikolas wondered if Britt was okay because he had noticed how quiet she had been throughout dinner. Britt admitted that she felt bad for Dante and Lulu. Nikolas conceded that his sister had been through a lot, but he reminded Britt that he and Britt had as well. He turned Britt to face him because he wanted to start the new year by letting her know how much she meant to him. Nikolas kissed Britt and then hugged her, but Britt continued to be plagued by guilt.

At the Drake residence, Emma entered the living room, dressed up for the evening and sporting a pair of 2014 party glasses. Emma informed her parents that it was the biggest party night of the year, so she was determined to stay awake until midnight, unlike the previous year when Emma and Sabrina had fallen asleep. Robin's smile became strained, so Patrick tactfully changed the subject by revealing that he and Robin had decided to renew their vows with a recommitment ceremony later that evening.

Emma was excited, so she asked if they could invite Spencer and Cameron. Patrick admitted that he and Robin had wanted to keep things simple and low-key, so Emma was curious who would officiate the ceremony. Patrick and Robin confessed that they hadn't picked anyone, so Emma suggested that they call Lucy. Patrick quickly nixed the idea, but he and Robin decided that they had a perfect solution, since they didn't need someone with a license.

Later, Emma stood on a chair with a sheet draped over her shoulders as she began the recommitment ceremony. Robin suggested that they start with the vows, so she began to recite the vows that she had made on their wedding day. Patrick smiled and then followed suit by repeating the vows that he had made to Robin when they had gotten married. After Robin and Patrick exchanged vows, Patrick leaned down to kiss his wife, but Emma objected.

Emma held out Robin and Patrick's wedding rings, so each took a ring and then slid it onto their spouse's finger as they repeated "With this ring, I thee wed." Emma happily pronounced her parents husband and wife and then invited them to kiss.

Later, Patrick and Robin rang in the New Year with a toast to Robin being home with her family. Patrick was grateful that he was able to start the New Year with his wife at his side. Patrick and Robin glanced at their daughter and then smiled when they realized that she had fallen asleep before the clock had struck midnight.

At Felix and Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina was shocked when Felix revealed that the pregnancy test had been positive. "I'm pregnant with Patrick's baby," Sabrina realized. She wondered if the test could be wrong, but Felix assured her that they had followed the instructions. Sabrina began to mutter in Spanish, so Felix tried to calm her down, but she had no idea what to do about the pregnancy. Felix suggested that Sabrina tell Patrick, but Sabrina flatly refused.

Felix pointed out that Patrick would eventually notice that Sabrina was pregnant, but she insisted that she would be no better than Britt if she were to tell Patrick about the baby. Felix was curious how Sabrina had reached that conclusion, so Sabrina reminded Felix that Britt had used Britt's pregnancy to try to get Patrick back. Felix argued that the situations were completely different because Sabrina hadn't gotten pregnant on purpose nor was she trying to pass off another man's child as Patrick's baby.

Sabrina adamantly refused to tell Patrick about the pregnancy, so Felix decided to take matters into his own hands by calling Patrick. Sabrina wrenched the cell phone out of Felix's hand and made it clear that she would never speak to Felix again if he told Patrick that she was pregnant. Felix argued that Patrick had a right to know, but Sabrina refused to saddle Patrick with a child that Patrick didn't want. She also didn't want Patrick and Robin to spend the rest of their lives resenting Sabrina and saying awful things about her behind her back the way that she and Felix had when Britt had claimed to be pregnant with Patrick's child.

Felix doubted that Patrick would let that happen, but Sabrina reminded Felix that Patrick had made his choice, so she refused to ruin it by telling him about the baby. Felix reluctantly agreed to give Sabrina time to figure things out, so she relaxed. She admitted that she loved Patrick and wanted him to be happy, even if it wasn't with her.

Later, Sabrina absently rubbed her stomach as she and Felix sat on the sofa and watched a television show ring in the New Year.

Friday, January 3, 2014

At the Metro Court, Ava confronted Julian, who was very worried that Sonny would try to retaliate after the shootout that had left Max wounded. Julian had taken the precaution of stationing bodyguards in the halls. Julian worried that Morgan was a weak link and wanted to eliminate him. Ava said that Morgan was safely tucked away and would keep his mouth shut.

Ava also pointed out to Julian that there were two other people who knew what had happened: T.J., who was a witness, and Molly, who had sent Julian and Morgan to the warehouse. Ava told Julian that he could not kill everyone who might incriminate him because two of them were children, and one of those children was his daughter's sister. Julian appeared mollified, and he gloated about the article he had run in his newspaper that painted Sonny as a clumsy mobster who had accidentally shot his own bodyguard.

Ava advised Julian to lay low and let Anna investigate until she ran out of steam and dropped the investigation. Julian agreed, but as soon as Ava left his room, he made a phone call and told his henchman to put a tail on Morgan and T.J.

Sam and Silas started the New Year in bed together in a room at the Metro Court. They laughed and admitted to each other that they had no regrets about the previous evening, which Sam said had been amazing. Silas agreed. They kissed and made love again. Silas wanted to stay in bed, but Sam said that she had a son to think about. She promised Silas that the next time, she would make him work for it. Silas joked that he had been working for it since he had met her.

While Sam took a shower, Silas ignored another call from Detective Nathan West, who was getting dressed and muttering to himself that if Silas did not call him back, he would get creative. Nathan sent Silas a text message that read, "You can run but you can't hide."

When Sam exited the bathroom, she was wearing her outfit from the previous evening. Silas said that she looked as stylish as she had on New Year's Eve. Sam rejoined that if she were going to do the walk of shame, she would do it in style. They kissed at the door. Ava rounded a corner in time to see them. She waited until Sam left to approach Silas.

Ava asked what Silas wanted that was so urgent. Silas told her that the cop who kept calling him was not going to go away. Ava told him that she had been getting calls at the gallery also. Ava said that if the detective did reach her, she would refer him to her lawyer, and Silas should do the same. Silas did not trust that Ava's lawyer, Diane, would help him, if it was not to Ava's advantage, and he said that maybe he should get a lawyer of his own.

Ava cattily suggested that Silas call Alexis. As she walked out, Ava noted that if Silas did apprise Alexis of his situation then he could kiss his romantic idyll with Sam goodbye.

Duke was about to enter Anna's office when he got a call from Sonny, who wanted Duke to find out what Anna actually knew about the warehouse shooting and Morgan's involvement. Duke was reluctant, but Sonny said that it was necessary to know if Morgan was a suspect. Duke agreed to find out what he could.

When Duke walked into her office, Anna was seething because of the article about Sonny in Julian's newspaper. Anna said that it was a blatant lie, and so was Sonny's statement because forensics had confirmed that at least five different weapons had been fired in the warehouse. Anna said that she had tried to question Max, but he was still sedated.

Anna said that she could not shake the feeling that she was being stonewalled, and for the life of her, she could not conceive of a reason why Sonny would cover up for Julian. Before Anna could speculate further, Nathan arrived for his interview, and Duke excused himself.

Anna looked over Nathan's impressive credentials and questioned his motives for wanting to transfer from the big city of New York to the backwater of Port Charles. Nathan said that he wanted to be where the action was, and the brewing mob war seemed like the place to be. Anna was not convinced and told Nathan so. Nathan was impressed by Anna's acumen and insight and told her that he was there to solve a case involving Ava and Silas.

After Nathan explained his case, Anna said that if Nathan was correct and solved his case, he would certainly take down Ava, and it would definitely help stop the mob war. Nathan jumped to the conclusion that he had the job, but Anna stopped him and explained that that jumping to conclusions, instead of evaluating fact, was not an attribute that she looked for in an officer.

Anna told Nathan that she did not need another unsolved crime on her books, especially one that had occurred in another jurisdiction. Anna also sensed that Nathan still had not told her the complete truth. Nathan was about to take his leave when Anna's hopeful words stopped him. Anna complimented Nathan on how quickly he had learned the lesson she was trying to impart.

Anna said that she was short-handed and needed officers of Nathan's caliber. Anna said that she would hire Nathan as long as he did his assigned work first, worked on the Ava case in his personal time, and kept Anna informed of all developments. Nathan agreed.

A distraught Morgan went to General Hospital to check on Max. Sonny confronted him and told Morgan that Sonny would give him an update. Morgan was surprised that Sonny was out of jail, but Sonny said that it had been a mistake. Morgan said that he did not want trouble. Sonny replied that he was Morgan's father and that they needed to talk in private. Sonny ushered Morgan into an exam room.

Morgan said that he just wanted an update. Sonny said that if Morgan wanted an update, he would give Morgan an update, which was that Morgan had almost killed Max. Sonny added that Morgan had taken Julian's side over Sonny's. Sonny said he did not understand why Morgan had put himself in Sonny's world, but Sonny vowed that he would never apologize for protecting his family, especially when Julian was using Sonny's own son to destroy him.

Morgan said that he was his own man and made his own decisions, but Sonny said that Julian had used Morgan. Sonny said that if what it took for Morgan to be his own man and to prove it was to destroy his own father, then so be it. Sonny took out his gun, chambered a round, handed it to Morgan and told Morgan to shoot him. Sonny urged Morgan to get rid of the father Morgan hated so much and whom Morgan believed had betrayed him.

Morgan broke down and said he could not. He spilled out how confused and regretful he had been when Max had gone down. Sonny took back his gun and told Morgan that he had to stop before someone else got hurt. Sonny urged Morgan to walk away from the Jeromes and return home. Sonny told Morgan that the mob life was no life for him and that regardless of how Morgan felt about Sonny or returning home, Morgan had to get away from the Jeromes while he still could.

Silas was full of cheer when he arrived at GH. He surprised one of the nurses with a compliment, not the usual demeanor of grumpy Dr. Clay. As Silas traded New Year's wishes with the nursing staff, Nathan walked up to him and introduced himself as the detective that Silas had been avoiding.

At Kelly's, Shawn had a talk with T.J., who did not think that he had done anything wrong when he had released Carlos. Shawn said that T.J. should not have been involved, but T.J. had not wanted Shawn to kill in cold blood. Shawn pointed out that Carlos had repaid T.J.'s gesture by taking T.J. hostage. He added that Carlos could have killed T.J.

T.J thanked Shawn for saving his life but said that he still had a problem with murder. Shawn said that the issue was not Shawn or Sonny, but saving T.J.'s life because T.J, who had witnessed the shootout, was the one in danger.

T.J. jumped to the conclusion that Sonny was the one to fear, but Shawn said that Julian Jerome was the one who would want to shut T.J. up. T.J. suggested going to the cops, but Shawn told T.J. that talking to the cops would put Morgan and Molly in danger, also, since Julian would assume that Morgan and Molly had spilled their guts, whether or not they told the police anything, and it would put T.J. and Morgan in mortal danger. Shawn said that T.J. should never have been in the warehouse, but since he had been, T.J.'s best protection was to keep his mouth shut.

Outside Kelly's, Molly, who had Danny, waited for Sam. Rafe joined her and confessed his feelings. Molly said that she did not want to send mixed messages. She admitted that she had been jealous when Rafe had been pretending with Taylor, but Molly said that she and T.J. had talked, and they wanted to make their relationship work. Molly said that all she could offer Rafe was friendship, and if Rafe could not accept that then she could not be around him.

Rafe said that he did not want to lose Molly's friendship, and even though he thought that T.J. was bad for her, Rafe would abide by Molly's terms. Duke entered Kelly's and sat at the counter as T.J. joined Molly, and Rafe excused himself. Rafe lurked around the corner and eavesdropped on the conversation between T.J. and Molly without their knowledge. T.J. told Molly about the conversation he had had with Shawn and about the potential danger he was in if the police found out what he had witnessed.

Molly said that since she had been associated with a mob family for a long time, she understood how important it was not to talk to the police or to give the police leverage to hurt their family. Sam arrived to pick up Danny, and Rafe faded away. Molly and T.J. joked with Sam about her date and how happy she seemed. Sam said that she hoped that the new year would have less tragedy that the old one.

Sonny met Duke at Kelly's. Duke told him what he had learned from Anna. Duke said that the investigation was at a standstill but that Anna knew there was a cover-up, and it would not take her long to figure out that Morgan was involved. Sonny said that might be a non-issue because he had talked to Morgan, and Sonny believed that Morgan had finally wised up and would opt out of the Jerome mob. Shawn informed Sonny that he had talked to T.J., who knew that he could become a target if he talked. Shawn told sonny that T.J. had promised to keep quiet.

Morgan went to Julian and announced that he wanted out. Rafe went to Anna and told her that he knew what had happened at the warehouse.

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