General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 13, 2014 on GH

Heather took steps to frame Franco for Carly's 'murder.' Sabrina lied about the paternity of her baby. Luke found Carly in the boathouse. Lucas returned to town. A.J. had a flashback. Scott issued an arrest warrant for Franco.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 13, 2014 on GH
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Nathan and Dante were discussing Nathan's 20-year-old cold case when Silas rushed in and angrily confronted Nathan about his visit to Sam. Dante calmed Silas down and then said that Silas could either answer Nathan's questions or spend time in a jail cell for assaulting a police officer. Silas chose to answer questions, and Nathan agreed to leave Sam alone. Nathan thanked Dante for having his back.

Once in the interrogation room, Nathan asked Silas what he had done the day Silas' wife, Nina, had overdosed. Silas said that he had gone to the hospital at 7:00 A.M. and had found his wife unconscious at 8:00 P.M. Nathan noted that Nina had died of an overdose of antidepressants. Nathan asked Silas if Nina had known about the affair that Silas had been having with Ava Jerome, an affair that Silas had denied at the time.

Silas said that he had not told about the affair because he had not thought that it was relevant and he had not thought that Nina had known about the affair. Nathan said it was very relevant and showed Silas a prescription for the liquid form of the antidepressant, instead of the pill form, which was what Nina had used. When Nathan pointed out that Silas had written the prescription, Silas said that he had not written the prescription and he had never seen that form before.

Nathan accused Silas of trying to kill Nina so that Silas could run away with Ava. Silas appeared relieved and asked Nathan it that was the best he had. Then Silas asked if he was under arrest. When Nathan said, "No," Silas said that he was leaving and that the next time Nathan wanted to waste Silas' time, Nathan should call Silas' lawyer first. Nathan called out, "Miller with two "L's." Silas responded in the affirmative as he left the room.

As Nathan interrogated Silas, Michael approached Dante for help finding Carly. After Michael revealed his fears about Franco, Dante agreed to aid Michael in his search for Michael's missing mother.

Alexis made a visit to Sam, who told her mother all the gory details about the predicament that Silas was in and how Sam had found out that Silas was married and his wife had been in a coma for 20 years after an overdose. Alexis worried that Sam would get hurt, but Sam assured Alexis that Silas was a good man and that Sam trusted Silas, though it did bother her that Silas had not told her about Nina before Nathan had knocked on her door.

Before Alexis could say more, she got a call and had to leave for court. Silas arrived after that and told Sam that the police had shown him evidence that proved that Nina had not taken an overdose. Silas said that someone had forged his signature on a prescription that made it appear that Silas had injected his wife with an overdose. When Silas tried to figure out who might have done such a thing, Sam suggested that it might have been Ava.

At Sabrina's apartment, Carlos was trying to persuade Sabrina to marry him and raise her child as theirs in Puerto Rico when Patrick started pounding on the door. Sabrina sent Carlos to another room and opened the door to Patrick, who got straight to the point and asked if Felix was correct and Sabrina was pregnant. Sabrina hesitated but admitted it as Carlos listened. Patrick asked if Sabrina had known the night he told her that he was reconciling with Robin, but Sabrina said that she had not known at that time.

Patrick sat by Sabrina and told her that he would support whatever she wanted to do. Before Sabrina could say anything, Carlos burst into he room and told Patrick that the baby was his and had been conceived the night that Robin had returned. Carlos said that Sabrina had turned to him. He said that they had gotten drunk and had had unprotected sex. Patrick turned to Sabrina and asked if Carlos was telling the truth.

Kiki confronted Ava outside Ava's room and demanded to know what Ava had done to Carly. Ava asked if Kiki honestly believed that Ava had had anything to do with Carly's disappearance. Kiki said that Franco had overheard Ava's threats to Carly. Ava was hurt that Kiki would believe Franco before Kiki believed Ava. Kiki said that Franco had always told Kiki the truth, and Ava had always lied. Kiki said that she did not believe anything that Ava said as Kiki walked away from a very hurt Ava.

In the Quartermaine boathouse, Heather raised a large knife as if to stab Carly, but Carly stopped her and said that she had last words. Carly started screaming as soon as Heather removed the gag, but Heather just laughed. Carly then tried to convince Heather that Carly and Heather were two of a kind because they were both mothers who loved their two sons. Heather agreed that they both had sons who had gone to prison for murder.

Heather started ranting that her sons did not appreciate her because Steve had turned his back on her, and Franco had stabbed her and buried her alive, which was why Heather had to do what she had to do. Heather raised the knife, and Carly screamed. Heather exited the boathouse in her disguise. She held the bloodied knife and mumbled that she had to get rid of the evidence.

Franco found the fake letter from Carly that Heather had planted in his room. Franco was distraught as he read the letter, which said that talking to Sonny had convinced Carly that she would lose Michael if she stayed with Franco. Carly said that she was unwilling to risk her family relationships for Franco. The letter continued that Carly was sorry, but she could not be sure that Franco was not a dangerous psychopath, so she had chosen to write the letter and get out of town for a few days.

Franco was devastated when Kiki knocked on the door. Kiki told him about her encounter with Ava. Franco showed Kiki the letter. Kiki said that she was sorry. Franco blustered that Carly had not written the letter. He said it was Carly's signature, but that she had to have been forced to sign the letter, otherwise, Carly had done a 180-degree turn since he had seen her at lunch the previous day.

Kiki sympathized, and Franco wondered why she was so nice when everyone else thought he was crazy. Kiki said that Ava had lied to both of them, and they had bonded when Kiki had thought that Franco was her father. Kiki said that she had not stopped caring because they were not related. Franco was touched. He was tearful as he explained his need to find Carly. When Franco said that he did not know where to start looking, Kiki said that she would help.

Morgan confronted Julian in the Metro Court parking lot and demanded to know what Julian had done with Carly. Julian said that he had no reason to hurt Carly because Morgan had complied with Julian's demands. Morgan told Julian that he had successfully fooled Sonny, but he had been forced to hurt Ava to do it because Ava had sought him out, and Sonny had found them together.

Dante and Michael walked up and wanted to know what was going on. Julian and Morgan exchanged hostile words, and Julian went inside. When Michael asked why Morgan had been talking to Julian, Morgan said that he had thought that he had been questioning Julian about Carly, but he was convinced that Julian was not responsible for her disappearance.

Heather pulled into the parking lot in Carly's car. She got out and left the door ajar. She arranged evidence and then hid behind the car when she heard Dante, Michael, and Morgan talking. Heather was almost caught when Morgan noticed the car, but she evaded detection and got away. Morgan noticed the open door, and Dante found the bloody knife. Michael popped the trunk, and all three stared at the contents.

Ava waited outside Julian's suite and recalled Morgan's hurtful, verbal setdown to her in front of Sonny. Julian arrived, and when Ava snapped at him, he asked what had her panties in a bunch. Ava said that she was not happy about Julian's manipulation of Morgan.

Julian said that he had talked to Morgan, and Julian knew what had happened at Sonny's place. Julian also told Ava that Carly was missing. Ava said that Kiki had questioned her. Each asked if the other was responsible. When they both denied involvement, Julian and Ava began speculating about exactly who was responsible if it was not either of them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

At the apartment, Carlos claimed that Sabrina was pregnant with his baby, but Patrick wanted to hear it from Sabrina. Sabrina's eyes filled with unshed tears as she went along with Carlos' lie by admitting that Carlos was the baby's father. Shocked, Patrick seemed at a loss for words, so Sabrina begged him to say something. Patrick wondered why she had denied sleeping with Carlos, so Sabrina tearfully explained that she hadn't wanted Patrick to know what she had done in case she and Patrick could work things out.

However, Sabrina confessed that she had known that she and Patrick were over the moment that Patrick had kissed Robin in the church. She claimed that she had been devastated, so she had turned to Carlos for comfort. Carlos coldly informed Patrick that Patrick only had himself to blame and then announced that it was time for Patrick to "hit the road."

Patrick wanted to know how Sabrina could be certain that the baby wasn't Patrick's. Sabrina conceded that she couldn't be one hundred percent certain, but she and Patrick had used protection, while she and Carlos had not. Patrick explained that he and Robin had used protection when he and Robin had conceived Emma, but Sabrina argued that the timing wasn't right for Patrick to be the father. Patrick accepted the lie and then left.

Sabrina dissolved into tears as soon as the door closed. Carlos tried to comfort her, but she angrily demanded to know why he had lied. Carlos pointed out that she should be mad at Felix, not him, and then reminded her that she had easily gone along with the lie. Sabrina argued that she hadn't had a choice, but Carlos disagreed because she could have told Patrick the truth if she had really wanted to. Sabrina conceded that Carlos was right, so Carlos hugged her and assured her that everything would be okay.

At the hospital, Brad approached the nurses' station to ask if Felix's shift was over. Brad hoped that he and Felix could get a drink together, but Felix declined. Brad immediately sensed that something was troubling Felix, so Felix confessed that he had revealed to Patrick that Sabrina was pregnant. Felix explained that Sabrina hadn't intended to tell Patrick about the baby, so Brad wondered why Felix had broken the news to Patrick.

Felix claimed that Patrick had dragged the secret out of him. Brad was curious if Patrick had suspected that Sabrina was pregnant. "No," Felix answered. Brad couldn't understand how Patrick could have pulled the information out of Felix if Patrick hadn't known. "Are you implying I wanted to tell him?" Felix asked in an offended tone. "Maybe. Subliminally," Brad replied.

Brad admitted that Felix had a habit of getting into other people's business and then pointed to the fiasco with Britt's son as an example. Felix deflected by ranting about how Brad had abandoned his own child. "He's not my child," Brad blurted out.

Shocked, Felix demanded to know who the father of Britt's baby was, but Brad ignored the question and started to walk away. Felix followed Brad because Felix wanted to know why Brad had gone along with Britt's lie, but Brad was disappointed that Felix couldn't focus on the news that Brad hadn't fathered Britt's baby. Felix admitted that he was hurt that Brad hadn't told the truth sooner instead of allowing an insurmountable lie to stand between them.

Brad was curious why the lie had been insurmountable, so Felix reminded Brad that Britt had tried to use the lie to trick Patrick. "Exactly. Patrick, not you," Brad replied. Brad couldn't understand why Felix had been involved in the mess between Patrick and Britt. "Who appointed you the monitor of everyone's lives?" Brad wondered. Felix insisted that he had just been a concerned about his friend, Sabrina, but Brad accused Felix of being a "pathological buttinsky."

Felix countered that at least he wasn't a liar, but Brad pointed out that everyone lied once in a while. Brad suggested that Felix focused on everyone else's life because Felix didn't have a life of his own and then stormed off.

Nearby, Elizabeth spotted Robin sitting on the step of the staircase, so she approached her friend as she called out a greeting. Robin smiled and revealed that she had put herself into the running for chief of staff. Elizabeth was happy for Robin and wondered how Patrick had taken the news. Robin admitted that she hadn't told Patrick, but she would tell him when he returned from Sabrina's apartment.

Elizabeth was shocked when Robin confided that Sabrina was pregnant and that Sabrina hadn't intended to tell Patrick about the baby because Sabrina hadn't wanted Patrick to feel obligated. "Ah, she didn't want to be a Britt," Elizabeth concluded. Elizabeth sensed Robin's distress, so she hoped that it wasn't because Robin feared that the baby might pull Patrick and Sabrina back together. Robin admitted that she didn't want to believe that it was possible, but she had doubts.

Elizabeth reminded Robin that Patrick had chosen Robin and Emma, so nothing would change that. Robin confessed that Patrick had recently broached the subject of having another baby, but Robin had turned him down because she had felt that it hadn't been the right time. Elizabeth assured Robin that Robin had had the right to feel that way. Elizabeth insisted that nothing, not even death, had been able to keep Patrick and Robin apart, so Elizabeth was certain that the complication of Sabrina's pregnancy wouldn't hurt Patrick and Robin's relationship. Robin thanked Elizabeth for the support, so Elizabeth offered to stay with Robin until Patrick returned, but Robin insisted that Elizabeth go home to the boys.

Shortly after Elizabeth left, Patrick returned. Robin was eager for news about his visit with Sabrina, so he revealed that Sabrina was pregnant, but not with his baby. Robin breathed a sigh of relief and hugged her husband. "Everything's really going to be okay," Robin quietly whispered. Patrick smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes.

At the police station, Ava asked to talk to Detective Nathan West. Nathan stood up when he heard his name, so Ava immediately began to deny any involvement in Carly's disappearance, despite what some might suggest. Nathan had no idea who Carly was, but he was curious why someone would accuse Ava of being involved in what had happened to Carly. Rather than answer the question, Ava wondered why Nathan had asked to speak to her.

Nathan explained that he had questions about Silas Clay. Ava tensed when she realized who Nathan was. She pointed out that he was out of his jurisdiction, so he explained that he had recently transferred to the Port Charles Police Department. Ava congratulated him and then instructed him to direct all of his questions to her attorney, Diane Miller.

"So then you don't know anything about Silas Clay trying to kill his wife?" Nathan asked. Ava feigned surprise by the news that Silas was married, but Nathan saw through the lie. He pointed out that Kiki's birth record proved that Ava had been having an affair with Silas at the time of Nina Clay's overdose. Ava once again referred Nathan to her attorney, but Nathan assured Ava that there wasn't a need for an attorney because he was after Silas, not Ava.

Ava insisted that Silas would never harm his wife, but Nathan disagreed because the toxicology report had proven that Silas had injected Nina with the drug that had put Nina in a coma. Nathan urged Ava to reveal what she knew, but the phone rang before Ava could reply.

Dante informed Nathan that Nathan was urgently needed in Metro Court's parking garage because it was a possible crime scene. Nathan ended the call and announced that he had to leave. However, he asked Ava to stay until he returned. Ava balked at the idea of spending hours waiting for Nathan to return, so Nathan threatened to throw Ava in lockup. Ava warned him that she intended to call her attorney.

At the penthouse, Silas told Sam about the prescription that linked him to the drug that had led to his wife's overdose and coma. He insisted that someone had forged his signature because he hadn't written the prescription. Sam suggested that perhaps Ava had written the prescription to get Nina out of the way because Ava had wanted Silas for herself. Silas dismissed the possibility, but Sam was curious if, during the affair, Silas had ever suspected that Ava could be dangerous.

Silas shook his head because Ava had always been filled with life. Sam argued that Ava had been obsessed with Silas for a long time and in league with the mob. Silas suddenly recalled Ava threatening to kill him a few months earlier, but he became distracted when his phone rang.

"Speak of the devil," Silas said when he answered the phone and heard Ava's voice. Ava quickly filled him in on Nathan's request for her to go to the police station to answer questions about Nina. She wondered what she should do, so Silas instructed Ava to tell the truth. "Are you crazy?" Ava asked. Silas didn't have an opportunity to respond because Ava abruptly ended the call.

Silas quickly filled Sam in about Ava's visit to the police station. Sam wondered if perhaps the police suspected Ava, too, but Silas doubted it because Nathan had seemed focused on Silas. Silas doubted that Ava would say anything to incriminate herself, so he expected Ava to give him up in a "New York minute" if she felt cornered. Sam suggested that perhaps Ava would try to clear Silas of suspicion to score points, but Silas pointed out that Ava had moved on from him and had landed her hooks in someone new.

Silas had no idea what Ava would do, so Sam pointed out that Silas had a private detective in his corner. Sam was determined to clear Silas' name by proving Ava guilty.

In Metro Court's parking garage, Dante, Michael, and Morgan spotted Carly's car. They became alarmed when they noticed a blood smear on the side of the vehicle, so Dante decided to check the trunk. Morgan relaxed when the trunk only yielded a suitcase, but Michael remained on edge as he asked Dante to check inside the suitcase. Morgan was disgusted that Michael would suggest that their mother had met a grisly end and had been shoved into the suitcase, but Dante quietly asked his brothers to step away from the car. Michael and Morgan refused, so Dante reluctantly opened the suitcase in front of them.

All three men relaxed when they saw that the suitcase had been filled with clothes. Morgan immediately blasted Michael for having morbid thoughts about their mother's fate, but Michael and Dante ignored him. Dante noticed that the suitcase had been filled with clothes and lacked any toiletries, which indicated that Carly had packed in a hurry. However, the blood on the car suggested that someone had tried to stop her from leaving town.

Moments later, Franco and Kiki walked up. Michael immediately lunged at Franco, demanding to know what Franco had done to Carly. Kiki stepped between Michael and Franco to stop the altercation from going further, but Morgan objected. Morgan insisted that Michael had a right to tear Franco apart because of everything that Franco had put Michael through, but Dante calmly pulled Michael away from Franco.

Franco noticed the car with its trunk open, so he asked if it was Carly's car. Franco's curiosity turned to alarm when he saw the smear of blood along the door panel, so he demanded to know what had happened to Carly. Michael and Morgan ignored the question until Kiki asked what was going on. Dante stepped away to call the police station, while the brothers quickly filled Kiki in on what they had discovered. Michael and Morgan insisted that Carly hadn't had any reason to leave town.

Kiki recalled the letter that Carly had written to Franco, so she looked to Franco for guidance, but he subtly shook his head to silently ask her not to say anything. Michael sensed that Kiki was holding something back. Morgan demanded that she share whatever information she had, but Kiki waited until Dante returned to tell him about the letter. Dante decided to take Franco into custody until everything could be sorted out.

Later, the forensics team collected evidence and took pictures of the car, while Dante filled Nathan in on Carly's disappearance. Nathan told Dante about Nathan's encounter with Ava at the police station. Dante argued that Ava had ties to the mob, but Nathan admitted that his gut told him that Ava hadn't been involved. Dante remained skeptical, so Nathan suggested that Dante turn the case over to Nathan because Dante was too close to everyone involved.

Dante insisted that he needed to see the case through, but he wanted Nathan's assistance because he could use the help. Seconds later, a technician announced that they had found something. Dante and Nathan joined the man as the tech retrieved a bloody knife from a trashcan.

In the squad room, Morgan saw Ava on the phone, so he approached her to find out why she was at the police station. Ava quickly ended the call with Silas to assure Morgan that everything was fine. However, she was curious why Morgan was there. Morgan admitted that something had happened to his mother, so Ava reached for his hands and promised him that everything would be fine.

Morgan seized the opportunity to apologize to Ava for the harsh things that he had said to her at his father's restaurant. He promised Ava that he hadn't meant any of it, so she assured him that she believed him. She insisted that Morgan meant the world to her, but she reminded him that no one could ever know.

Morgan and Ava quickly pulled apart when they saw Michael and Kiki arrive. Michael was curious what Morgan was doing with Ava. Kiki was confused by the question, so Michael explained that Morgan had broken ties with the Jeromes and had ended things with Ava. Morgan claimed that he had bumped into Ava. Ava quietly informed everyone that she had been trying to comfort Morgan.

Morgan insisted that Ava's attention had been unwanted and then added that he wasn't even certain why Ava was there. Kiki suggested that the police suspected that Ava had been involved in Carly's disappearance, but Morgan immediately defended Ava by arguing that Ava didn't have any reason to hurt his mother. Kiki disagreed and then told Morgan about Ava's threat to Carly. Michael suggested that Kiki wanted to believe the worst of Ava because Kiki refused to accept that Franco had been responsible for Carly's disappearance.

Moments later, Franco was escorted into the squad room. Franco glared at Ava as Michael resumed hurling accusations at Franco. Finally, Franco pointed out that the longer they wasted time looking at Franco as a suspect, the more time Ava would have to cover her tracks, but Ava insisted that she'd had nothing to do with Carly's disappearance.

After Franco was taken to a holding cell, Kiki admitted that she suspected that her mother was up to something. Ava's eyes rounded with concern when Kiki vowed to find out what it was.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny thought about his conversation with Morgan about the split from the Jeromes. He glanced up when he heard Olivia enter the parlor. She greeted him with a smile and a kiss and then revealed that Max would be released from the hospital the following day. Sonny smiled, but Olivia sensed that something was bothering him.

Sonny admitted that he and Carly had argued and that no one had been able to locate Carly since Carly had left Pozzulo's. Olivia suggested that they check with Franco because Carly had been spending a lot of time with Franco, so Sonny explained Franco had denied seeing Carly. Olivia was curious what Sonny intended to do, so he revealed that he had asked Shawn to begin the search. Olivia wanted to help, but Sonny assured her that he just needed her to be there for him.

Sonny thanked Olivia for spending time with Max at the hospital, but Olivia insisted that she hadn't minded because Max was part of the family. Sonny shifted gears to express his regret for not spending a lot of time with her over the holidays. Olivia reminded him that there was always next year, so Sonny smiled and then kissed her.

Later, Sonny snuggled next to Olivia in bed after they had made love. He was curious what she had been thinking about, so she admitted that her mind had been on Morgan. She was relieved that Sonny's youngest son was home because she knew how worried Sonny had been. Sonny agreed, but Olivia realized that something was still weighing heavily on Sonny's mind. Sonny admitted that he had walked in on Morgan and Ava at Pozzulo's.

Olivia was curious if Sonny had reason to believe that Morgan was not through with Ava. Sonny pointed out that Morgan had been deeply hurt by Michael and Kiki's betrayal, but Olivia reminded Sonny had Morgan had worked through that and had moved past the Jeromes, but Sonny confessed that he couldn't understand how Morgan had been able to walk away from the Jeromes without suffering any repercussions.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

At the hospital, Michael showed a nurse a picture of Carly and asked if she had seen his mother. The nurse explained that the police had been by earlier to look for Carly, but Carly hadn't been at the hospital. Michael asked the nurse to check again in case someone had missed Carly or Carly had arrived after the police had left. The nurse assured Michael that Carly was not there, but Michael wasn't satisfied. He blasted the nurse for not cooperating and then demanded to speak to someone who could help him search the hospital for his mother.

Kiki overheard the commotion, so she quickly pulled Michael away from the nurse and urged him to calm down. Michael explained that he was worried about his mother because Carly was at Franco's mercy. Kiki cautioned Michael not to jump to conclusions, but Michael argued that Franco was a serial killer who had a history of obsessive behavior and that Franco had recently become fixated on Carly. Kiki countered that Franco had been dating Carly and then pointed out that it was possible that Ava had been behind Carly's sudden disappearance.

Michael accused Kiki of being blinded by Franco's hard luck story, but Kiki insisted that she had gotten to know a different side of Franco. Michael wondered if she believed that Franco's "twisted evil side" had suddenly ceased to exist. Kiki appreciated that Michael had good reason not to trust Franco, but she warned Michael that it wouldn't help Carly to make assumptions. Kiki assured Michael that she wanted to find his mother as much as he did and promised him that she would do whatever was necessary to make it happen.

In Metro Court's parking garage, Scott spoke to Anna on the phone about Carly's disappearance. Anna admitted that there hadn't been any new developments in the case, so Scott advised Anna to get it together because her neck was on the line. He reminded her that she hadn't made any arrests in the warehouse shooting, so there would be a lot of people who would want her "head on a stick" if she failed to find Carly.

A short time later, Scott spotted Franco standing near Carly's car, so he approached his son to question Franco. Franco denied that he'd had anything to do with Carly's disappearance and suggested that his accusers had been too blinded by their hatred for him to look elsewhere. Scott was curious if Franco had any suspects in mind, so Franco told Scott that Ava had threatened Carly just hours before Carly had vanished.

Franco implored his father to look into Ava's whereabouts, but Scott explained that he couldn't risk anyone thinking that Scott was trying to influence the investigation to keep Franco out of trouble. Franco laughed at the suggestion that his father would help him in any way. However, Franco pointed out that it was more important to find Carly than worrying about what people might think. Scott agreed to talk to Anna, but he made it clear that he would hunt Franco down to the ends of the earth if Franco had hurt Carly. Scott admitted that he didn't care much for Carly, but her mother, Bobbie, was special to Scott.

At the police station, Anna asked Dante for an update on the investigation into Carly's disappearance. Dante revealed that they were still waiting for the results from the lab and then showed Anna the latest edition of the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about Franco's possible connection to Carly's disappearance. Dante was disgusted that Julian had exploited the tragedy. Anna was curious if Dante could remain objective because of Carly's close ties to Sonny, so Dante assured her that it wouldn't be a problem. Anna was relieved because she knew that Carly's disappearance had the potential to turn ugly, since Carly had connections to both sides of the law.

Dante assured Anna that he and his new partner had been working on the case since before dawn, so Anna seized the opportunity to ask what Dante thought of Nathan West. She was pleased when Dante admitted that Nathan seemed level-headed and steady. Anna was curious where the new detective was, so Dante revealed that Nathan had left to follow up on a potential lead.

Satisfied, Anna advised Dante to keep quiet about the bloody knife that had been recovered from the parking garage, so the media didn't get wind of it. Dante agreed that it would be best not to say anything about the knife until they knew whose fingerprints were on it because Michael had been on the warpath, convinced that Franco had been responsible for Carly's disappearance.

Moments later, Bobbie walked up and asked what Dante and Anna had been talking about. Anna carefully closed the file on Dante's desk as she explained that she and Dante had been discussing police business. Bobbie wanted to know if it had been about her daughter's case, so Anna assured Bobbie that the police were doing everything possible to find Carly. Dante wondered if Bobbie had what he had requested, so Bobbie fished the plastic baggie containing Carly's toothbrush out of her purse and then handed it to Dante.

After Dante thanked Bobbie and left, Bobbie wondered if there was enough evidence against Franco to make an arrest. Anna explained that they needed to wait for the results of the lab work, but Bobbie insisted that Franco had taken Carly. Bobbie made it clear that she would take matters into her own hands if Anna didn't act quickly.

A short time later, Bobbie bumped into Scott as Scott arrived at the police station. She immediately implored Scott to arrest Franco and to force his son to confess to what Franco had done to Carly. Scott led Bobbie to the interrogation room to assure her that he wanted Carly found. However, Scott explained that he couldn't get too close to the investigation. Bobbie wasn't satisfied, so she demanded that Scott "put the screws" to Franco because she was certain that his son had abducted her daughter.

Scott suggested that the evidence didn't point to Franco, but Bobbie disagreed and accused Scott of trying to protect Franco. Scott argued that he barely knew Franco, but Bobbie refused to accept that because she was certain that Franco had been responsible for Carly's disappearance.

Scott went to the squad room to check with Anna if there had been any new developments in the search for Carly. Anna reluctantly admitted that they didn't have any new information, so Scott made it clear that he wanted to be kept in the loop. Scott also warned Anna not to botch the investigation by focusing on one person while ignoring other potential suspects. Dante took offense and demanded to know what Scott's remark had meant.

"It means it better be airtight," Scott explained. Anna was curious if Scott had any suspects in mind, so Scott admitted that he had heard some whispers about Ava Jerome's possible involvement. Anna realized that Scott had been talking to Franco.

At Carly's house, Lulu was surprised when she answered the doorbell and saw a stranger standing on Carly's doorstep. Nathan flashed his badge as he introduced himself. He explained that he was investigating Carly's disappearance, so he wanted to take a look at Carly's laptop. Lulu invited him inside and revealed that she was Carly's cousin as she led Nathan to the living room.

Nathan went to work on Carly's laptop, so Lulu asked if he was new to the police force. Nathan wondered if it was obvious that he had just moved to town, so Lulu returned his smile and admitted that she knew a lot of people on the police force. Nathan was curious if she knew his partner, Dante Falconeri. Lulu evaded the question by asking what Nathan was looking for on Carly's computer. He explained that he couldn't talk about it, but Lulu managed to get him to open up about the investigation by suggesting that they go over what they knew about the hours before Carly had vanished.

Nathan indulged Lulu. She quickly realized that he hoped to find a copy of Carly's letter on the laptop. Nathan was impressed, but quickly became distracted when he found what he had been searching for. Lulu looked at the letter, but admitted that it didn't make sense with what she knew about her cousin's feelings for Franco. Nathan suggested that perhaps Carly and Franco had had a falling out.

Lulu shook her head and explained that dating Franco had been a big step for Carly, so it was unlike Carly to suddenly have a change of heart simply because people had objected to the relationship. Nathan suspected that Lulu had been one of those people, so she admitted that Franco had once kidnapped her and had strapped her to a bomb. Lulu revealed that she would have perished if Dante hadn't saved her.

Nathan realized that Lulu did know his partner, but Lulu merely smiled and refused to elaborate on her connection to Dante. Nathan became distracted when he noticed that the timestamp on the letter established that it had been typed up after Carly had left Sonny's office. Lulu regretted that she hadn't been there to stop Carly from leaving or to foil someone's attempt to hurt Carly. Nathan reminded Lulu that they didn't have any proof that Carly had been hurt. He also pointed out that Lulu was not to blame for what had happened to Carly.

Later, Nathan noticed that Dante had called, so Nathan returned the call. Dante explained that Anna wanted a progress report. Nathan revealed that Carly's laptop had substantiated their theory, so Nathan intended to check the house to see if anything could tie Franco to Carly's disappearance. Nearby, Lulu appeared tense as she listened to Nathan talk to Dante on the phone.

At the police station, Dante gave Anna a progress report on Nathan's findings. Anna revealed that the test results were in and that the blood on the knife was Carly's. Dante was curious who the fingerprint had belonged to. "Franco," Anna answered.

At the Collins residence, Lucy had an erotic dream about Scott, but she woke up screaming when Kevin suddenly appeared in the dream to ask if her husband had a role in her romantic idyll. Kevin was startled awake, prompting Lucy to ask what he was doing there. Kevin reminded Lucy that he lived there and then wondered why she had woken up screaming. Shaken, Lucy explained that she'd had a nightmare, so Kevin invited her to tell him about it.

Lucy claimed that she had dreamed of preparing for the Nurses Ball when Richard Simmons had shown up in her dressing room with a boom box. Kevin appeared confused because he recalled something similar happening to Lucy during the Nurses Ball. Lucy admitted that it had happened, but she stuck to her story that she'd had a nightmare about it. Lucy was shocked when Kevin suddenly asked her if she had cheated on him.

Lucy insisted that the suggestion was preposterous, so Kevin admitted that he had been joking. Lucy made it clear that she had not been amused. Kevin apologized and promised to be as "serious as a heart attack," but Lucy continued to scowl at him. Kevin realized that the dream had truly shaken her. He conceded that part of his job was to interpret dreams, but he had no idea what to make of her dream about Richard Simmons.

Later, Kevin was at work when Franco suddenly barged into Kevin's office. Franco was agitated as he explained that Carly had vanished and that the police considered Franco the prime suspect. Kevin warned Franco that he would have to report Franco to the police if Franco had harmed Carly, but Franco denied any involvement in Carly's disappearance. Franco pointed out that he had killed Heather to protect Carly, so he wouldn't then turn around and hurt Carly.

According to Franco, that made as much sense as the letter that Carly had supposedly written. Kevin was curious what the letter had said, but Franco was certain that Carly hadn't written it. Kevin pointed out that Franco had been afraid that the tumor hadn't been responsible for Franco's homicidal tendencies and that Carly would eventually end things when she realized that it had been a mistake to get involved with Franco.

Franco argued that everything -- Carly's disappearance, the blood, and the letter -- was too neat and suggested that someone had tried to make it appear that Franco had hurt Carly. Kevin wondered who would do that, but Franco resented Kevin's condescending tone, so Franco decided to search for answers on his own.

At the nurses' station, Michael apologized to Kiki for jumping down her throat, but she assured him that she understood that he was upset that his mother was missing. She suggested that they head to the police station to check on the progress of the investigation, but Franco suddenly called out to Michael. Michael tensed as Franco approached. Franco admitted that he appreciated that Michael didn't trust him, but Franco denied hurting Carly. Michael explained that Kiki had persuaded him to give Franco the benefit of the doubt until evidence proved otherwise.

At Kelly's, Felicia and Duke discussed the article in the newspaper about Carly's disappearance. Felicia revealed that she intended to check on Bobbie because Felicia was concerned about her friend. However, Felicia was confident that Anna would get to the bottom of things quickly because it would take a far better man than Franco to dupe Anna.

Felicia and Duke's conversation then drifted to the tension between Sonny and Julian. Felicia was certain that a mob war was inevitable, so Duke assured Felicia that Anna had everything under control. Felicia imagined that it hadn't been easy for Duke to see Julian resurface because she recalled how "crazy" Julian and his diabolical sister, Olivia, had been when they had first arrived in Port Charles decades earlier. Duke admitted that he eagerly awaited the Jeromes' downfall.

Felicia urged Duke to stay out of the mess between Sonny and Julian because she didn't want Julian to tear Duke and Anna apart once again. Duke assured Felicia that she need not worry and then announced that he had to leave. Duke claimed that he had a volunteer commitment to see to, so Felicia suggested that Duke call Mac if Duke needed a paying job. Duke promised to keep the offer in mind but confessed that his "philanthropic" work kept him busy. Felicia smiled because she loved that Duke was one of the good guys.

Later, Lucy arrived at the diner and admitted that Felicia was a sight for sore eyes. The two friends sat down to chat, but Felicia sensed that something was troubling Lucy. Lucy confessed that she hadn't slept well, so Felicia wondered if Lucy had had a late night with Kevin. "No, with Scott," Lucy replied.

Lucy told Felicia about the dream, so Felicia reminded Lucy that dreams were not real. Lucy disagreed, so Felicia realized that Lucy was hiding something. Felicia was stunned when Lucy opened up about the one-night stand with Scott and about Kevin's visit to Scott's room the following morning. Felicia was relieved that Lucy had decided to work things out with Kevin, but Lucy confessed that she couldn't put Scott out of her mind, in part because Scott had insisted that Lucy and Scott belonged together.

Lucy was adamant that she loved Kevin, but she conceded that they had their problems. Felicia was curious how Lucy felt about Scott. Lucy admitted that Scott had gotten to her, so she wondered how long it would take Kevin to notice that something was off. As if on cue, Kevin entered the diner with Scott trailing behind him.

At Sonny's warehouse, Sonny asked Shawn for an update on the search for Carly. Shawn admitted that he hadn't found any leads, so Sonny urged Shawn to keep working on it because both Michael and Morgan were worried about their mother. Shawn decided to broach the subject of Morgan's recent return to the family fold by asking if Sonny believed that Morgan had truly split with the Jeromes.

Morgan lurked a short distance away eavesdropping on the conversation as Shawn suggested that Julian might have set Morgan up to spy on Sonny. Sonny assured Shawn that he had thought of that. However, Sonny was confident that deep down inside, Morgan loved Sonny, which was why Morgan hadn't pulled the trigger when Morgan had had the chance to kill Sonny.

Morgan decided to make his presence known by entering the office and apologizing for being late. Morgan claimed that he had been on the phone with Josslyn, who had called looking for Carly when Carly had failed to Skype Josslyn. Morgan explained that he had told his sister and Jax that Carly had lost her phone, but he warned Sonny that the lie wouldn't hold up for long. Shawn quickly excused himself to continue the search for Carly.

After Shawn left, Sonny promised his son that Carly would be found soon. Morgan regretted how he had treated his mother, so he feared that he might not have the opportunity to make amends. Sonny assured Morgan that Morgan would get the chance and then hugged Morgan.

Moments later, Duke entered the office, but stopped short when he spotted Morgan. Duke quickly tried to explain his presence away by inviting Sonny to a party that he and Anna would be hosting, but Sonny assured Duke that it wasn't necessary. Sonny wanted Morgan to be up to speed with everything, so Sonny revealed that Duke had been secretly working for Sonny to take Julian down. Duke quickly added that Anna was not aware of Duke and Sonny's association, so it was imperative that it remained that way.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

At the hospital, Nikolas and Elizabeth bumped into each other as they each rounded a corner. They were happy to see each other, but Elizabeth was curious why Nikolas was at the hospital. He explained that he had attended a board meeting to discuss the selection of the new chief of staff. Elizabeth wondered if Nikolas could share any inside information but then quickly changed her mind because she didn't want to take advantage of their friendship. Nikolas assured her that she hadn't "even remotely" done that, but he was curious where she had been during the holidays.

Nikolas had expected Elizabeth and the boys to stop by, even though he hadn't called her or extended a formal invitation. Nikolas confessed that he had missed her, so she assured him that she had missed him too. Elizabeth apologized for not keeping in touch with him during the holidays, but she admitted that things had been "scratchy" between her and Britt, so Elizabeth had been reluctant to risk ruining the holidays by spending time around Britt.

However, Robin's return had made Elizabeth realize that the important people in her life could disappear in an instant, so she invited Nikolas and Spencer to go ice-skating in the park with her and the boys later that afternoon. Elizabeth admitted that her boys spent more time falling down than ice-skating, but she assured Nikolas that it would be fun. Nikolas suspected that Elizabeth wanted him along to babysit while she ice-skated. He was also certain that she wanted the pleasure of watching him fall down.

Elizabeth assured Nikolas that she wanted the pleasure of his company, but she admitted that watching him fall down would be an added bonus. Nikolas returned her smile as he pointed out that he didn't know how to ice-skate. Elizabeth promised to help him up when he fell, but Nikolas warned her that she had seriously underestimated how difficult it would be to get him back up on his feet.

Elizabeth agreed to take no for an answer if Nikolas would admit that he was afraid of looking undignified. Nikolas readily agreed, so she accused him of slowly turning into his uncle, Stefan. Nikolas denied that he was like Stefan, but Elizabeth insisted that Nikolas' spontaneity was slowly being sucked out. She feared that soon every word he uttered would be at least three syllables and he'd begin to favor dark suits.

"Is it really that bad?" Nikolas asked in a horrified tone. "Yes," Elizabeth answered as Nikolas' phone rang. Elizabeth's smile faded when he answered Britt's call. Moments later, Nikolas explained that he had to leave because Britt and Spencer had a surprise for him. However, he made it clear that he counted on Elizabeth to rescue him if he began to turn into Stefan. "It's a deal," Elizabeth promised as Nikolas entered the elevator.

At Carly's house, Nathan returned to the living room after searching the house. Lulu was curious if he had found anything that might lead them to Carly. Nathan explained that the most important piece of evidence had been the "breakup" letter to Franco, so he thanked Lulu for her help because he knew that a lot of people would have demanded that he return with a search warrant. Lulu admitted that her father would have refused to cooperate with law enforcement based on principal alone, but she was not like that.

Nathan revealed that he had found luggage in Carly's closet that had matched the suitcase that had been recovered from the trunk of Carly's car. Lulu was stunned to realize that her cousin had intended to leave town but hadn't made it. Nathan felt bad for Lulu, so he asked if he could help her in any way. Lulu appreciated the offer, but she assured him that she would be okay. Satisfied, Nathan decided to head to the police station, so he offered to give Dante her regards.

"Why?" Lulu asked, confused. Nathan reminded her that she had told him that Dante had saved her life, but he immediately regretted dredging up the memory because of the pained expression that flashed across Lulu's face. Lulu assured him that she was upset about Carly, not the reminder of what Franco had done.

Shortly after Nathan left, Bobbie returned from the police station. Lulu told her aunt about Nathan's visit and the letter that he had found on Carly's laptop. Bobbie revealed that she had dropped off Carly's toothbrush to see if it was a DNA match to the blood on Carly's car, so Lulu assured Bobbie that Dante would find Carly because he was a great detective. Bobbie realized that she should tell Lucas about his sister's disappearance because it had been two days since Carly had vanished.

Lulu was stunned that Bobbie hadn't told Lucas, so Bobbie explained that she had been afraid that Lucas would race to her side and then run into his biological father, Julian Jerome. Bobbie suddenly realized that talking about Lucas' adoption might be difficult for Lulu because of everything that had recently happened with Lulu, but Lulu assured her aunt that it was fine. However, Lulu was surprised that Lucas didn't know about Julian, so Bobbie clarified that Lucas knew who his biological father was, but Lucas had no idea that Julian was alive nor did Julian know about Lucas or even that Julian had a son.

Later, Bobbie called Lucas to break the news about his sister's disappearance.

In Julian's hotel suite, Julian defended his decision to Ava to run the story about Franco being the prime suspect in Carly's disappearance. He explained that it was good for business and that they needed the revenue from their legitimate businesses to keep the Feds happy. Ava was curious what Julian thought might have happened to Carly. Julian had no idea because he wasn't a cop. "No, you're better dressed," Ava agreed.

Julian was surprised because it had been the first nice thing that Ava had said to him in over a month, so Ava reminded her brother that Julian had taken a blowtorch to her private life. Julian refused to apologize, but he asked Ava to let her "little grasshopper" know that he hadn't been responsible for Carly's disappearance. Ava assured Julian that she hadn't done anything to Carly, either, so Julian suggested that they keep the heat turned up on Franco.

Ava was curious why Julian wanted Franco to look guilty, prompting Julian to wonder when Ava had started to care about what happened to Franco. Ava explained that Kiki was fond of Franco, but Julian didn't care because as long as the police were focused on Franco, they wouldn't investigate the possibility that Julian or Ava had had anything to do with Carly's disappearance.

Ava suggested that it was a good time to go after Sonny because Sonny would be occupied searching for Carly. Julian assured Ava that he was already on it, but that was not why Julian had asked her to stop by. He revealed that he had wanted to talk to his sister about Bobbie Spencer. "Who's he?" Ava asked. Julian clarified that Bobbie wasn't a man; she was Carly's mother. Ava was confused because it had been her understanding that Julian hadn't had a hand in Carly's disappearance.

Julian revealed that he had known Bobbie from his "first life" in Port Charles and that he had bumped into Bobbie at Kelly's a few weeks earlier. Julian told his sister about Bobbie's phone call from Lucas and Luke's claim that Luke had "butt-dialed" Bobbie to explain who Lucas was. Ava realized that Julian believed that Lucas was the same Lucas that Sam had mentioned had a mysterious connection to Julian. Julian admitted that it wasn't a mysterious connection. "He's my son," Julian confessed.

"You certainly did spread your seed, didn't you?" Ava replied. She was curious if Bobbie had been another underage teen that Julian had had a one-night stand with. Julian explained that he had never slept with Bobbie, but he had done some digging and had discovered that Bobbie had adopted Lucas on the black market and that Lucas' birth mother had been a woman that Julian had had an affair with. Ava was curious what her brother intended to do about his long-lost son, so Julian admitted that he wanted to meet Lucas and get to know him.

Ava suspected that Julian was trying to fill the void left by his daughter when Sam had rejected Julian. She warned Julian that Lucas might follow his sister's lead, but Julian was determined to try because he didn't want to be the kind of father that Victor Jerome had been. Ava pointed out that sea turtles made better parents than their father had, so it wouldn't be difficult.

Julian opened up about how Victor had played the Jerome children against each other and how Victor had favored Duke Lavery above any of Victor's biological children. Julian then talked about their lunatic sister, Olivia. According to Julian, Ava was a bastion of sanity compared to Olivia. Julian confessed that he wanted to be the kind of father that his children could turn to, but Ava pointed out that Lucas was a grown man and that Sam wanted nothing to do with Julian. Julian admitted that he hoped that Sam would have a change of heart if Julian could get through to Lucas.

Ava argued that Bobbie clearly didn't want Julian to be a part of Lucas' life, or she would have told Julian about his son, so Ava advised Julian to drop it. Julian was curious if Ava intended to give up on Kiki. Ava's expression told him that she wouldn't, so Julian pointed out that he had a right to know his son and for his son to know him.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Franco entered his suite to find Sonny waiting for him. Sonny set the newspaper down as he explained that he had let himself into Franco's suite because Sonny wanted to ask Franco a few questions about Carly's disappearance. Franco immediately denied that he'd had anything to do with Carly vanishing, but Sonny didn't believe him. Frustrated, Franco insisted that he had been framed and then suggested that it might have been Sonny, but Sonny clarified that he preferred the direct approach when he wanted to get rid of someone.

Sonny revealed that he and Carly had argued before her disappearance because Sonny had hoped to persuade Carly to break things off with Franco. Sonny hoped that the heated exchange hadn't been the last words that he'd had with Carly. Disgusted at the suggestion that Carly might be dead, Franco asked why Sonny would say such a thing. "Because you terrorize the people in my life," Sonny explained.

Franco was curious how Sonny's attempt to persuade Carly to end her relationship with Franco had worked out for Sonny. Sonny pointed out that Carly's letter suggested that she had taken what Sonny had said to heart, but Franco was certain that someone had spied on Sonny and Carly and had used the information to make it appear that Carly had written the letter. Sonny insisted that no one else had been at Pozzulo's when Carly had stopped by, but Franco argued that things had been good between Franco and Carly when she had left, so she wouldn't have suddenly decided to end things with Franco.

Franco appealed to Sonny for understanding, certain that Sonny knew what it was like to fear losing a woman that he loved because of the horrible things that Sonny had done. Franco was frustrated that no one believed that Franco was a changed man because of his love for Carly. Sonny argued that Franco had tortured everyone close to Jason, but Franco denied that he had ever laid a finger on Carly, so he couldn't have hurt her even if she had ended things with him. Sonny vowed to make certain that Franco suffered a slow and painful death if it turned out that Franco had harmed Carly.

At the boathouse, Heather called out to Carly, who was asleep on the floor. Carly slowly sat up and winced because her arm hurt. She accused Heather of stabbing her, but Heather was unapologetic because Heather had wrapped the wound on Cary's arm and then had given Carly a sedative. Heather shifted gears to announce that she had picked up BLTs from Kelly's and a latte for Carly to make certain that all four food groups were represented.

Carly demanded to know why Heather had stabbed her, so Heather explained that she had needed Carly's blood to frame Franco for Carly's murder. Shocked, Carly wondered why Heather would do that. Heather claimed that she had given her son her love and protection, but Franco had repaid his mother by stabbing Heather and then burying her alive. Heather insisted that she couldn't forgive that, so Carly asked how Heather planned to frame Franco.

Heather was eager to share her master plan, so she revealed that she had been in the elevator when Carly had left the restaurant to track down Michael. Heather admitted that she had eavesdropped when Sonny had tried to persuade Carly to end things with Franco and that she had typed the letter to Franco on Carly's laptop. Carly warned Heather that Franco would never believe that Carly thought that he was a dangerous psychopath because the last thing that Carly had told Franco was that she knew that he was no longer like that.

Heather admitted that it didn't matter because Franco had not been Heather's target audience. Heather was confident that the police would believe every word of the letter that Heather had planted in Franco's suite, using Carly's master key. Heather admitted that Ava had nearly discovered her, but Ava had been too focused on Ava's cell phone, so Heather had managed to walk away unnoticed. Carly heard the vehemence in Heather's voice, so she was curious why Heather despised Ava. Heather reminded Carly that Ava had hurt Franco deeply by allowing Franco to believe that Kiki was his daughter. Carly pointed out that Heather's attempt to frame Franco would hurt him, too, so she urged Heather to end things before it was too late.

Heather explained that the police already had the evidence that Heather had planted. Heather revealed that she had packed Carly's suitcase and then had placed it in the trunk of Carly's car to make it appear that Carly had intended to leave town. Carly was horrified when Heather confessed that she had parked Carly's car in the hotel garage and then had made it appear that Franco had attacked Carly by smearing Carly's blood along the side of the car. Heather explained that she had wiped her own blood off of the knife that Franco had stabbed Heather with and then had used the knife to stab Carly, so that Carly's blood and Franco's fingerprints would be found on the knife.

Heather was confident that the police would assume that Carly had been the victim of the recent wave of breakup violence that Heather had seen depicted on a twenty-four hour real-life crime channel. Heather smiled with glee because she was certain that Franco would never know who had set him up, since he believed that he had killed Heather.

"Poor Franco," Carly said. Heather was outraged that Carly had sympathy for Franco rather than Heather. Carly ignored Heather's outburst and asked what Heather planned to do with Carly. Heather accused Carly of only caring about herself. Carly insisted that she'd had a foolproof security system installed in the hotel after Connie's murder, but Heather wasn't concerned.

Heather gloated that she had used Carly's master key to erase any incriminating footage. Carly was certain that Heather had made a mistake, so the police would eventually figure things out. Heather merely smiled and revealed that she intended to keep Carly around until all the pieces fell into place. Afterwards, Heather planned to give the police what they would need to secure a conviction -- Carly's body.

At the police station, Dante and Anna agreed that the evidence pointed to Franco being responsible for Carly's disappearance. Anna warned Dante that they would need more evidence because Scott had made it clear that he wanted an airtight case against Franco because it was a high-profile case. Dante feared the worst because the evidence suggested that something bad had happened to Carly.

A short time later, Nathan arrived, so Dante, Anna, and Nathan went to the interrogation room to review the evidence that they had collected. They walked through the timeline and established that Carly had gone to Sonny's office after she had left the restaurant. They speculated that Carly had decided to end things with Franco because of her talk with Sonny, so she had gone home to type a breakup letter to Franco on the laptop. They theorized that Carly had decided to leave town for a few days to give Franco some time to cool off after he had read the letter.

Dante, Anna, and Nathan agreed that Franco had likely seen Carly slip the letter under his door, so he had gone after Carly to talk to her, but things had turned violent in the parking garage. Dante realized that there was a hole in their theory. "Where did Franco get the knife?" Dante wondered. Nathan suggested that perhaps Franco had grabbed the knife on his way out of the suite, but Anna suggested that Carly had tucked the knife in her purse for protection because she had been afraid of Franco's reaction to the breakup.

Dante pointed out that Carly's fingerprints hadn't been on the knife, so Anna suggested that perhaps Carly had been wearing gloves. Satisfied, Dante speculated that Franco had panicked after the stabbing and had gotten sloppy by throwing the knife into the trashcan. Anna wondered how Franco had managed to erase the security footage, so Dante suggested that Franco had taken Carly's master key to access it. Anna conceded that it was possible, but they needed to find Carly's body to prove that Franco had murdered her.

Friday, January 17, 2014

At Metro Court, Julian and Ava stood in the elevator as they waited for the elevator to stop at Crimson. Ava was curious why Julian had asked to see her, so he explained that he intended to leave town for a few days, so he needed her to take the lead for a while. Surprised, Ava wondered where Julian was headed, so he revealed that he planned to go to Seattle to meet his son, Lucas. Ava admitted that it might not be a good idea, but Julian's mind was made up.

Moments later, Julian and Ava exited the elevator and immediately noticed moving boxes scattered throughout the reception area. The siblings made their way to Julian's office but stopped short when they saw Sonny seated behind Julian's desk. Sonny smiled at the Jeromes as Julian demanded to know why Sonny was there. Ava accused Sonny of trespassing, but Sonny informed Ava that it was not Julian's office.

Olivia suddenly appeared in the doorway and announced that she had inherited her cousin's half of the hotel, which meant that Olivia was Julian's new landlord. Olivia explained that she had decided to evict Julian, but Julian argued that he had paid a year in advance. Olivia handed Julian a copy of the lease agreement as she revealed that one of the clauses allowed her to terminate the lease if she believed that Julian had been engaging in illegal activity. Sonny smiled as Olivia informed Julian that the burden of proof was on Julian, not her.

Julian pointed out the hypocrisy of Olivia's argument because of her association with Sonny. Sonny innocently wondered if Julian had something against coffee, but Julian ignored the question. "Go organize your crime somewhere else," Olivia told Julian and Ava.

Moments later, the hotel's security team arrived with Julian's luggage. Olivia informed Julian that she had also decided to evict him from his suite. She handed him a bill, but Julian reminded Olivia that he had paid in advance. Olivia argued that Derek Wells, not Julian Jerome, had paid. Julian warned her that he intended to fight the eviction, but Olivia wasn't concerned. Sonny suggested that Julian move in with Ava or rent a room above Kelly's, but Julian was not amused.

"So much for the code of honor that people like us are supposed to operate under," Ava told Sonny. Sonny resented Ava talking to him about honor when she had targeted Morgan. As the hotel's security team escorted Julian to the elevator, Julian made it clear that it wasn't over. Olivia followed behind Julian, leaving Sonny alone with Ava. Sonny informed Ava that they were done, but Ava disagreed.

Ava conceded that she and Sonny were each other's competition, but she didn't see any reason that they couldn't be civil towards each other. Sonny was curious if it had been civil of Ava to put a gun in Morgan's hand and then send Morgan to Sonny's warehouse. Ava didn't answer the question, so Sonny admitted that he was glad that Morgan had kicked Ava to the curb. Ava warned Sonny that he had a crack in his armor because of Carly's disappearance.

Sonny vowed that there would be "hell" to pay if Carly wasn't found safe and sound, but Ava wasn't intimidated. She pointed out that the person who had killed Connie hadn't been brought to justice and then sauntered out of the office.

At Carly's house, Bobbie was looking at a picture of her son and daughter when Luke walked in. Bobbie quickly wiped away a tear and then greeted her brother, so Luke asked how she was doing. "How do you think?" Bobbie asked. She reminded Luke that Carly's blood had been found on Carly's car, but Luke rushed to assure Bobbie that Carly would be okay.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Bobbie raced to the door, hoping for news about Carly. She was surprised when she saw Lucas standing on the doorstep. Lucas greeted his mother, but she wondered why he was there. Lucas was a bit taken aback by the question, so he reminded Bobbie that his sister was missing. Lucas admitted that he wanted to be there to yell at Carly for worrying Bobbie when Carly returned home.

Luke greeted his nephew and namesake with a warm hug. Lucas was happy to see his uncle, but he wished that it could have been under better circumstances. Luke agreed. Lucas was curious if there had been any news about Carly, so Bobbie admitted that she hadn't heard anything, but she urged Lucas to return to Seattle because she didn't want him to lose his job. Lucas assured his mother that he had taken some vacation time, so it wouldn't be a problem.

Luke offered to take Lucas' bags to Morgan's room, but Lucas insisted on carrying the bags himself. After Lucas left the room, Luke advised Bobbie to tell Lucas that Julian was alive. Bobbie refused, but Luke argued that Julian wasn't in the witness protection program, so Lucas was bound to learn the truth because everyone except Julian's own son knew that Julian was alive. Bobbie made it clear that Tony, not Julian, had been Lucas' father.

Luke realized that Bobbie was afraid that she would lose Lucas to Julian, so he promised her that she need not worry. Bobbie reminded Luke that Julian was a dangerous man, but Luke pointed out that Lucas was a grown man, not a child, so it needed to be Lucas' decision to stay away from Julian. Bobbie realized that Luke was right, so she agreed to tell Lucas.

"Tell me what?" Lucas asked as he returned to the living room. Bobbie wanted to talk to Lucas alone, so Luke asked Lucas to make sure that Bobbie ate something and then left. Bobbie continued to stall, so Lucas reached for her hand to assure her that she could tell him anything. He became concerned when he realized that she was shaking, so he decided that their talk could wait until he returned with some food for his mother. Bobbie was grateful for the temporary reprieve.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. decided to add some vodka to his morning orange juice. He took a drink of the cocktail as Tracy entered the parlor. "Put it down," Tracy barked. Startled, A.J. asked what she was talking about. Tracy explained that her morning newspaper was missing, so A.J. suggested that she check the front stoop. Tracy assured him that she had, but it hadn't been there. A.J. suggested that someone might have swiped it, but Tracy was certain that A.J. had it.

A.J. assured Tracy that he hadn't seen the newspaper, so he jokingly speculated that the raccoon that he had heard scuttling around in the boathouse had taken it. Tracy's eyes rounded with concern because she was afraid that the raccoon would eventually make its way into the house. Tracy warned A.J. that raccoons could use their little "creepy hands" to turn doorknobs, so she demanded that A.J. go to the boathouse to take care of the vermin problem. A.J. refused and threatened to leave a trail of breadcrumbs that would lead the critter to Tracy's bedroom.

Moments later, Michael arrived, so A.J. asked if there had been any news about Carly. Michael shook his head and admitted that he had been going out of his mind with worry. Tracy suggested that Michael could temporarily get his mind off Carly's disappearance by dealing with the raccoon problem in the boathouse. A.J. was outraged that Tracy would make such a suggestion. Unapologetic, Tracy decided to get a real "knight in shining armor" to deal with the pest. "Alice," Tracy yelled as she left the parlor.

Michael thanked A.J. and then asked if A.J. had been drinking again. A.J. realized that Michael had talked to Monica, so Michael rushed to assure A.J. that he was happy that A.J. had attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Michael realized that A.J. felt guilty about what had happened to Connie, but he begged his father to stay on the wagon because Michael couldn't worry about A.J. when Carly was missing. A.J.'s expression clouded with guilt, but Michael became distracted when Michael's cell phone rang.

At the boathouse, Heather scowled as she read the newspaper headline that featured a story about Carly's disappearance. She was furious that Franco hadn't been arrested even though she had practically spoon-fed the police evidence. Heather accused the police of being incompetent and then confessed that she was surprised that Port Charles hadn't become like the movie The Purge.

Carly tried to tell Heather something, but the gag in Carly's mouth prevented Heather from understanding, so Heather reluctantly removed it. "Your plan is not working," Carly told Heather. Carly warned Heather that Franco wouldn't learn his lesson, so Carly urged Heather to cut her losses and let Carly go. Carly promised not to tell a soul about Heather, so Heather pretended to consider the idea. However, Heather quickly snatched up a knife and then stood over Carly and confessed that there wouldn't be any fun in abandoning the plan.

Carly feared that Heather intended to kill her, but Heather chuckled and revealed that she had been trying to get a rise out of Carly. Heather put the knife down as she admitted that she was antsy waiting for the police to arrest Franco, so Heather decided that she needed to put a fire under one of the "law and order loons." Carly encouraged Heather to go to the police station, but Heather pointed out that she was crazy, not stupid, so Heather couldn't stroll into the police station when she was supposed to be at the Miscavige Institute.

Carly panicked when Heather decided to get Michael to do the dirty work. Carly warned Heather to leave Michael alone, but Heather shoved the gag back into Carly's mouth and then called Michael.

At the mansion, Michael assumed that the call from the blocked number was someone from the police department, so he answered his cell phone. He was stunned when an unfamiliar woman's voice revealed that she had wanted to make certain that Franco paid for what he had done to Michael's mother. The woman claimed that she worked for the police department and then confided that a knife containing Carly's blood and Franco's fingerprints had been recovered from the crime scene, but the police had been sitting on it. She urged Michael to talk to the district attorney about the evidence and then quickly ended the call.

A.J. asked about the phone call, but Michael rushed out without an explanation. A.J. returned to the wet bar to add more vodka to his orange juice. He took a drink and then suddenly had a flashback of the night of Connie's murder. A.J. recalled stumbling out of Connie's office with the gun clutched in his hand as the elevator door opened. He realized that someone had been in the elevator, so he had called out for the person to identify themselves.

A.J. returned to the present and questioned if the flashback had been real. He desperately tried to recall what had happened after the elevator door had opened, but Tracy returned to the parlor and barked, "Snap out of it." A.J. glared at Tracy as she demanded that he take care of the raccoon problem in the boathouse. A.J. wondered why Alice hadn't gotten rid of the raccoon, so Tracy revealed that Alice was afraid of raccoons.

A.J. refused to go to the boathouse, so he walked out of the parlor as Luke arrived. Tracy immediately tried to enlist Luke's help to rid the boathouse of the raccoon, but Luke argued that he had bigger problems to deal with. Luke explained that if the worst had happened to Carly then he would be booted out of the hotel, and his sister, Bobbie, would be upset. Tracy suggested that Carly should have known not to get involved with Franco. Luke admitted that he felt sorry for Franco because Franco had been downgraded from a Quartermaine to the "spawn" of Scott and Heather. Tracy wasn't interested in talking about Franco, so she pleaded with Luke to get rid of the raccoon until Luke relented and headed to the boathouse.

Later, A.J. returned to the parlor and tried to recapture the fleeting memory of the night of Connie's murder. A.J. was certain that someone had been in the elevator, but before he could recall who it had been, Tracy entered the room and broke his concentration. Tracy started to goad A.J., but he asked her to give it a rest because he had been trying to remember something. Tracy laughed and asked how important it could have been if he had forgotten.

At the boathouse, Heather smiled with satisfaction as she ended the call with Michael. Heather admitted that Michael was a good son who had a strong sense of right from wrong, so she was confident that he would head to the police station. Carly perked up when Heather shifted gears and announced that it was time to move Carly to a safer location because the Quartermaines couldn't be trusted to stay safely nestled inside the mansion even though it was the middle of winter.

Shortly after Heather left to make arrangements to move Carly, Luke entered the boathouse. He was stunned when he saw Carly bound, gagged, and tethered to the floor.

Outside of Kelly's, Franco left Kiki a voicemail message thanking her for her support and for having faith in him. He admitted that he wished that the police could do the same so they could focus on finding the person who had taken Carly. Franco quickly ended the call when he spotted Sam and Silas at a table inside the diner.

In Kelly's, Silas thanked Sam for believing in him. He admitted that he still had difficulty believing that someone had tried to harm his wife. Sam explained that it was imperative to prove that Ava had been behind Nina's overdose because it was the only way to exonerate Silas. Sam suggested that they talk to people who had been close to Ava around the time of Nina's overdose, including Ava's mother, Delia. Sam also wanted to talk to the hospital pharmacy because she was certain that the forged prescription was key to solving the crime.

Silas admitted that Sam should hate him because he had lied to her about his wife, but Sam argued that the circumstances had been unique. Sam's smile vanished when she saw Franco enter the diner. Franco immediately approached Sam and explained that he wanted to hire her, but Sam refused to consider it. Franco was disappointed that Sam had been willing to accept his bone marrow for her son, but she wouldn't take his money to help find Carly. Sam reminded Franco that the police were investigating Carly's disappearance and then pointed out that Franco was the prime suspect. Franco insisted that the police were wasting their time in looking at him.

Silas hated to admit that Franco might be right and then pointedly reminded Sam that Franco wouldn't be the first man who had been falsely accused. Silas made it clear that he didn't think that Franco had been innocent of the crimes that Franco had committed when Franco has suffered from a brain tumor. However, if Franco's past crimes had kept the police from looking at another suspect then Carly would be the one to pay the price.

Sam agreed to hear what Franco had to say, so Franco revealed that he suspected that Ava had been behind Carly's disappearance. Sam and Silas exchanged a quick glance as Franco explained that Ava had threatened Carly hours before Carly's disappearance. Franco appreciated that Sam despised him, but he reminded her that Sam and Carly had a brother in common, so he implored Sam to help search for Carly.

Sam admitted that she had been investigating Ava, but Sam believed that she should leave the search for Carly to the police. Franco was curious why Sam was investigating Ava, but Sam refused to discuss it with Franco. Franco realized that Sam wouldn't help, so he decided to go to the police station to find a police officer who would believe him.

After Franco stormed out of the diner, Silas asked if Sam was okay. Sam admitted that it was difficult for her to be around Franco after everything that Franco had done to her. Silas understood, but he thought that it had been interesting that Franco had accused Ava of harming Carly. Silas pointed out that if Ava had tried to kill Nina then there was no telling what Ava was capable of.

Shortly after Silas left for work, Julian entered the diner. He greeted his daughter, but Sam made it clear that she had nothing to say to Julian. Julian explained that he had just wanted to know how she and Danny were doing. Sam refused to discuss her son with Julian, so she stood to leave. "Then how about we talk about mine," Julian suggested. Sam tensed but pretended that she had no idea what Julian had been talking about.

Julian knew that Sam was lying, so he explained that it hadn't taken much "Googling" to find out that he'd had a son with Cheryl Stansbury and that Bobbie had adopted him. Sam refused to discuss it, so she left.

Outside, Lucas called out to Sam. It was clear that she had no idea who he was. "It's Lucas," Lucas told her. Sam expression clouded with concern as she glanced from her brother to her father, who sat inside the diner, unaware that Lucas was close by.

At the police station, Anna spotted Scott in the squad room, so she approached him to let him know that she had been trying to reach him. Anna explained that she needed Scott to fast-track the arrest warrant for Franco, but Scott informed her that he wouldn't issue one until he had stronger evidence to secure a conviction. Anna was stunned because they had a knife with Franco's fingerprints and Carly's blood. Scott argued that it wasn't enough, but Anna suspected that Scott was trying to protect Franco because Franco was Scott's son.

Scott pointed out that he barely knew Franco and then explained that he refused to be embarrassed in court again because the Port Charles Police Department had failed to provide sufficient evidence to get a conviction. Anna suggested that Scott was afraid to go up against Diane Miller again. Scott blamed the jury for losing the case against A.J. because the jury had refused to settle for anything less than a video of A.J. shooting Connie.

Anna pointed out that she didn't have video footage of most of the crimes that had taken place in Port Charles, but she had provided Scott with a knife that had Carly's blood and Franco's fingerprints on it, Carly's letter, and the car that had been smeared with Carly's blood, which had been parked in the hotel where Franco resided. Anna also reminded Scott that Franco hadn't had an alibi for the time that Carly had disappeared. Anna insisted that the evidence established that Franco had had the means, motive, and opportunity.

Anna wondered what else Scott would need to issue an arrest warrant. "How about a body," Scott replied. Anna insisted that Scott could prosecute the case without a body, but Scott refused, so Anna accused Scott of abusing his power to protect his son. Scott countered that Anna, Robert, and Mac had each abused their power in the past by wasting the department's manpower to protect their family. Scott also reminded Anna that Duke had a criminal history. Anna insisted that Duke had become a law-abiding citizen, unlike Franco, who had exploited a questionable medical diagnosis to avoid a conviction.

Anna made it clear that Franco should be off the streets because Franco had been implicated in a disappearance and possible murder. Scott reminded Anna that he was the boss, but Anna decided to have a talk with Mayor Lomax.

Later, Michael stormed into the squad room and confronted Scott about the bloody knife with Franco's fingerprints on it. Scott demanded to know who had told Michael about the knife, so Michael revealed that a woman with the police department had called him. Scott assumed that Anna had made the phone call, so he angrily accused Anna of leaking the evidence. Michael realized that the knife existed, so he demanded to know why Franco hadn't been arrested.

Anna explained that she couldn't discuss it. Furious, Michael vowed to use all of his resources to destroy Scott's career if Scott refused to arrest Franco. Michael continued to issue threats until Scott relented and ordered Anna to arrest Franco.

Nearby, Franco ducked down a hallway when he overheard Scott's order.

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