General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 28, 2014 on GH

Madeline revealed that Nina was alive. Morgan realized that Sonny had slept with Ava. Carly and Franco stumbled across evidence that might expose all of Ava's secrets. Patrick called Robin, but she refused to return home.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 28, 2014 on GH
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Monday, April 28, 2014

At the Metro Court, a concerned Olivia wanted Morgan to confide in her. Sonny walked into the hotel and wondered what was going on. Morgan glared at his father, flashing back to finding Sonny and Ava in the Quartermaine mausoleum. "Am I interrupting?" Sonny asked. "Not at all. You're right on time," Morgan replied.

Morgan and Sonny cryptically argued about whether or not it was the right time to "tell Olivia." Olivia demanded that one of the Corinthos men talk. Morgan decided that Sonny should be the one to tell Olivia what had happened between Sonny and Ava, but before Sonny could say anything, one of Olivia's employees informed her of a phone call. It was the police.

When Olivia reluctantly walked away, Morgan requested one reason from Sonny as to why Olivia shouldn't know about Sonny and Ava sleeping together. Sonny allowed that Morgan could hate Sonny, but pleaded with him not to hurt Olivia. "I'm the messenger. You hurt her," Morgan shot back. "You should have thought of that before you hooked up with Ava," he added.

Olivia returned, distressed about the fact that Carly had gotten Franco out of prison after he'd vandalized his hotel room. She turned the conversation back to Sonny and Ava. "Ask my dad," Morgan stated, and he left. Sonny lied that Morgan was angry because Sonny had found out about Morgan and Ava's forbidden relationship and had put a stop to it. Olivia wondered what that had to do with her.

At the hospital, Sabrina begged Felix to let her see her son. Felix tried to reassure her until Epiphany arrived. Epiphany told Sabrina that, while Sabrina's son was tiny, he was alive and fighting. Epiphany made sure that Sabrina wasn't in any pain, told her to get some rest, and left the room.

Felix followed Epiphany out of the room and asked her for more detailed information on the baby's condition. Epiphany maintained that the baby was fighting, and she advised Felix to keep an eye on Sabrina. Felix returned to Sabrina's room and found her trying to get out of bed. He reminded her that she needed her rest after surviving a car wreck and giving birth on the side of the road.

Sabrina screamed that she didn't care about herself and that her child needed her. "Don't get in my way," she warned. Giving in, Felix made sure that Epiphany was gone and helped Sabrina into a wheelchair. "Let's go see your son," he told her.

Patrick watched the doctors work on his son. He thought about feeling the baby kick, the crash, and the delivery, and he prayed for his son. A doctor exited the baby's room, and Patrick ambushed her. She informed him that they were working to stabilize the baby, and that she would update him as more information was available.

As the doctor walked away, Britt entered and offered her services. Patrick pleaded with her to help save his son. She reassured him that General Hospital was top notch, and that the best doctors in the state were working on the baby. As she put on a gown to enter the room, Patrick thanked her for everything she'd done to help. She reminded him that the baby was considered family at the hospital, so no one would give up on him.

A short while later, Britt exited the room. She reported to Patrick that the two big issues being worked on with the baby were fighting infections and improving his lungs. Asking for honesty from his colleague, Patrick wondered what the odds were that the baby would survive. After assuring him that the odds were far better than they would have been ten years ago, she settled on fifty-fifty.

Britt continued that things would be a struggle and advised Patrick to take advantage of friends that were willing to pitch in. Patrick wondered when he could see his son. "How about right now?" she offered. "Is there room for one more?" Sabrina asked. Felix explained to a surprised Patrick that Sabrina had been "unstoppable."

Sabrina and Patrick put on gowns and entered their baby's room. As they admired their son, Felix thanked Britt for helping out his best friend. "I owe you one," he promised.

Kiki entered the Quartermaine mausoleum and found Michael standing in front of A.J.'s place in the crypt. Michael thanked Kiki for being there for him, and she reminded him that a lot of people had been there for him. She was amazed that Michael and Morgan had been "acting like brothers again" so quickly after their falling-out. "All it took was our mom being kidnapped and A.J. dying," Michael said.

Kiki knew that A.J. wouldn't have wanted to die in order for Michael and Morgan to get closer, but she also knew that A.J. wouldn't have wanted Michael to waste the chance to reconnect with his brother. Michael was happy that Kiki and Morgan also seemed to be getting along. He swore that he would never again take his family for granted.

Kiki wondered what Michael wanted to do. Michael admitted that he wanted to go to the police station and beat a confession out of Carlos. He thought that Kiki should try to get information out of Ava about the shooting. Kiki thought that Ava would have said something had she known anything. "Unless she was involved," Michael suggested.

Kiki didn't think that Ava had had anything to do with it, but she agreed to help Michael out. Kiki continued that, to her, the shooting "felt personal. Like whoever killed A.J. knew him and hated him." However, Kiki wanted to help get justice for A.J., and to put Michael's mind at ease. As the two walked toward the door of the mausoleum, Kiki picked one lone earring up from the floor.

"How could you do that to Sabrina?" Carlos screamed at Ava from his jail cell. Ava denied being responsible for the car accident, but Carlos didn't believe her. As a mother, she wondered how Carlos could think that she would hurt a pregnant woman. However, for "argument's sake," Ava thought that, if she had caused the accident, she had warned Carlos that his actions had consequences, so she would have been justified in making good on her threat.

Ava specifically asked Carlos if he'd told Franco anything, because she'd heard that Franco and Carlos had been locked up together. She repeated her question over and over, and Carlos told her the same lie over and over - that he hadn't said anything to Franco about Ava. She reminded Carlos that if he were lying, Sabrina "might not recover from her injuries," and she left.

At the police station, Franco informed Anna that he and Carly had information for the commissioner. Anna told them that she was busy, but she gained interest when Carly mentioned that the information was about Ava. Anna warned them that she would question the origin of the information, but Carly promised that it was legitimate and serious. Anna led the pair to the interrogation room for a private chat.

Before Anna could follow Carly and Franco into the interrogation room, Nathan intercepted her. He updated her on his conversation with Britt, who had denied causing Patrick and Sabrina's accident. Nathan believed Britt, but Anna warned him that Britt was a seasoned liar who had been raised by "two world-class criminals." She instructed him to question the doctor again and to try to match the tire tracks on the road to Britt's car.

Franco wondered what was taking Anna so long. Carly worried that their information wouldn't be enough because they would need something "airtight" to put Ava in jail. She reminded Franco that they had no idea what Ava's motive would have been.

Nathan wanted to tell Anna about his "relationship" to Britt. Anna questioned whether it was a romantic relationship. He promised her that it wasn't, but he still thought that she needed to know about it. Just then, Franco poked his head out of the interrogation room to make sure that Anna hadn't forgotten about him and Carly. Anna told Nathan that the conversation could wait, and she followed Franco back into the interrogation room. "So you have information on Ava?" she asked.

Just then, there was a knock on the door of the interrogation room. Nathan entered and informed Anna that Carlos wanted to give a statement, but he refused to give it to anyone other than Anna. Minutes later, Carlos entered the room. He glared at Franco as Franco and Carly left the room. Anna promised to finish the conversation later, and they were gone.

Once it was only Anna and Carlos left in the room, Carlos asked Anna about Sabrina, and requested to talk to her. Anna responded that she would think about letting Carlos call Sabrina if she was satisfied with what Carlos had to say. "It's about who shot A.J.," he stated.

Outside the interrogation room, Carly and Franco were speculating about what Carlos was telling Anna when they saw Ava leave the station. Carly didn't have a good feeling and suspected that Ava had gotten to Carlos. A few minutes later, Anna left the interrogation room. As Carly listened in, Anna disclosed to Nathan that Carlos had confessed to A.J.'s murder.

Alone in the interrogation room, a crying Carlos prayed for Sabrina and her baby. He prayed that Sabrina could forgive him for putting her and her son in danger. He swore on her life and his own that he would "never make that mistake again."

As Ava let herself into her penthouse, she left Morgan a message. She begged for him to call her or "better yet, come over." She apologized and told him that she loved him. It was after taking the phone away from her ear that she realized she was missing an earring.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On Pier 54, Jordan paced as she recalled her conversation with Julian, asking to be a part of his lucrative drug trade. Moments later, she heard a sound, so she called out to ask who was there and then warned the person that she had a gun. Shawn stepped out of the shadows and asked if it was true about the gun. Jordan confessed that she had lied, so Shawn switched gears to ask why she was on the docks at night. Jordan claimed that she had decided to take a stroll for some fresh air, but Shawn didn't believe her and asked if she was waiting for a drug drop for her new boss.

Jordan insisted that she was a legitimate gallery employee, but Shawn didn't believe her because she had been a drug dealer who had spent two years in jail. Jordan assured Shawn that she would never risk losing her son again by getting mixed up with drugs, but Shawn argued that she would stay away from the Jeromes if that were true. Jordan insisted that she liked her job and that she needed it to build a life and reconnect with her son, but Shawn was curious what Jordan thought would happen when T.J. learned the truth. He reminded her that she had blamed T.J.'s troubled behavior for sending T.J. to live with Shawn, so Jordan assured him that it was the truth, but Shawn argued that she had been the problem because she had been caught dealing drugs.

Shawn was desperate to get Jordan away from the Jeromes and threatened to tell T.J. about Jordan's stint in jail, but Jordan refused to be blackmailed and countered that if Shawn trashed her to T.J. then she would tell him the truth about what had really happened to T.J.'s father. Jordan insisted that there hadn't been anything friendly about "Tommy's" death. Shawn was shocked that Jordan would go there, but she argued that Shawn hadn't given her any choice. Jordan agreed to keep quiet if Shawn did the same, so Shawn reluctantly acquiesced.

Shawn warned Jordan that Sonny did not want drugs in Port Charles, so Sonny would take action to stop it. Shawn was certain that things would not end well for anyone, but Jordan seemed unmoved by the threat. Shawn cautioned Jordan that she not only stood to lose T.J., but her very freedom. Unconcerned, Jordan assured Shawn that there wasn't anything to worry about, so Shawn told her that it wasn't too late for her to get out and then left.

At Kelly's, T.J. smiled as he handed Molly an envelope. She opened it and then squealed with delight when she realized that it was a letter of acceptance from Port Charles University. T.J. admitted that he couldn't wait to share the news with his mother, but he had no idea when she would be home because even though she was supposed to be at work, she hadn't been at the gallery each time he had called. Molly wondered if he had called his mother on her cell phone, but T.J. had decided to wait because he would rather see Jordan's expression when he gave her the good news.

T.J. and Ava talked about Jordan's work at the gallery, so T.J. confided that he had been reluctant to tell his mother about the Jeromes' criminal enterprises because Jordan had been excited about working for the gallery. However, Shawn had been quick to burst his mother's bubble. Molly thought that it was hypocritical of Shawn to object to Jordan working at the gallery when Shawn worked for Sonny. T.J. reminded Molly that Ric also worked for the Jeromes, but Molly revealed that her father had decided to quit to avoid any misconceptions.

T.J. insisted that his mother was "as straight as they come" and reminded Molly that Jordan had moved to town because of Shawn's association with Sonny, so T.J. was confident that his mother would never get involved in the Jeromes' illegal activity. Molly added whipped cream to the top of his sundae as she admitted that she couldn't wait for Shawn to arrive and see Shawn's reaction to T.J.'s good news. T.J. suddenly grew silent, so she asked him about it. T.J. admitted that he wished that he could share the news about being accepted to PCU with his father, but it hadn't been in the cards because his father had been killed in a friendly-fire incident while stationed in Afghanistan. T.J. found it both sad and ironic that Shawn, T.J.'s father's best friend, had been the one to mistakenly kill T.J.'s father.

T.J. opened up about how angry and "messed up" T.J. had been when T.J. had arrived in Port Charles, but T.J. had eventually realized that Shawn had been just as torn up about T.J.'s father's death as T.J. had been. T.J. regretted how badly he had treated Shawn in the beginning because T.J. knew that Shawn had loved T.J.'s father as much as T.J. had. T.J. missed his father, but he was certain that his father would be proud that T.J. had been accepted into college and that Shawn was a part of T.J.'s life.

A short time later, Shawn arrived and was overjoyed when T.J. showed Shawn the acceptance letter from PCU. T.J. smiled as Shawn hugged him and then confessed that T.J. had been waiting for Jordan to arrive home. Shawn's expression clouded as T.J. admitted that he couldn't understand what could be keeping his mother at the gallery so late.

At the Jerome Gallery, Alexis lit candles for a romantic dinner as Julian entered the room, grumbling that she would rather sneak around than have anyone see them together. Alexis apologized and conceded that she was probably being paranoid because Molly and others had been onto Alexis and Julian's relationship since the disastrous engagement party at Wyndemere.

Julian kissed Alexis and then asked when they could go public with their relationship because he doubted that their secret would last long. As if to prove Julian's point, Morgan marched into the gallery, demanding to talk to Julian about what Ava had done. Julian informed Morgan that the gallery was closed, but Morgan was confident that Julian would want to hear what Morgan had to say. Julian wasn't interested because Morgan had run back to Sonny "screaming like a little girl." Morgan insisted that Ava, not Morgan, had been working against Julian.

Alexis tried to leave, but Morgan told her to stay and then revealed that he was tired of keeping Ava's secrets. Morgan told Julian that Ava had been spoon-feeding information to Sonny for months and that Ava had downloaded Julian's computer files on a flash drive and then had given it to Sonny. Morgan admitted that it had been his idea; he had wanted Ava to prove her trust to Sonny, so Morgan and Ava could continue to date. Julian was curious why Morgan had suddenly decided to "squeal" on Ava, so Morgan confessed that Ava had cheated on him.

Julian felt bad that Ava had broken Morgan's heart, but Julian pointed out that he had warned Morgan. Alexis scolded Julian for rubbing salt in Morgan's wound, but Morgan admitted that Ava had never denied having feelings for Silas. Alarmed, Julian wanted to know if Ava had cheated on Julian and Alexis' daughter, Sam, with Silas. Morgan quickly assured Julian that Silas hadn't been Ava's latest lover, so Julian wondered who the other man was. Morgan grabbed his jacket and then suggested that Julian focus on worrying about what Ava had been doing behind Julian's back, not Morgan's.

After Morgan left, Julian apologized to Alexis because he had to cut their evening short. Alexis worried about what Julian intended to do and then reminded him that he had already suspected Ava of double-crossing him. Julian explained that he had to deal with his sister because he had confirmation of her betrayal. Alexis was concerned because she had lowered her guard and had let him in. "Don't make me sorry," Alexis quietly said.

Julian promised Alexis that he wouldn't let her down, but Alexis warned Julian not to do anything that they might both regret. She kissed him and then left. A short time later, Jordan returned to the gallery with a briefcase. She set it on Julian's desk and confirmed that she had picked up the delivery. Julian wondered if there had been any problems, so she admitted that she had hit a snag, but she had taken care of it. "This should prove that I'm on your side," Jordan said as she slid the briefcase toward him.

After Jordan left, Julian called his sister, but the call when to voicemail. Julian toyed with his gun as he left his sister a message requesting that she return his call because they needed to discuss an important matter.

Meanwhile, Morgan ended up on the piers with a bottle of booze. His eyes clouded with hurt as he decided to listen to Ava's voicemail message.

In Metro Court's lobby, Olivia felt terrible for Morgan because she could tell that Morgan had cared deeply about Ava by how hurt he had been by Ava's betrayal. However, Olivia couldn't understand why Morgan had sought Olivia out to talk about what had happened.

Sonny suggested that perhaps Morgan had thought that Olivia would be more sympathetic than Carly because Carly disliked Ava. Olivia was flattered, but she regretted that she hadn't been able to help Morgan. Sonny admitted that Morgan blamed Sonny for Morgan and Ava's breakup, so Morgan wanted Sonny to regret what Sonny had done. Olivia immediately defended Sonny by reminding Sonny that Sonny had only wanted to protect Morgan from getting hurt by Ava.

Olivia conceded that Morgan was young, but she was confident that he would eventually see that Sonny had had Morgan's best interest at heart. They talked about Sonny's troubled relationship with Morgan and then Olivia confided that whatever Sonny had done to pull Morgan and Ava apart was okay with Olivia, but she was curious what Sonny had done to break up the "mismatched lovebirds." Sonny quickly changed the subject by reminding her about their argument and Olivia's decision to move out.

Olivia confessed that she had changed her mind and then told him about her talk with Duke. Olivia appreciated that Sonny had been going through something that he wasn't ready to talk to her about, but she didn't want to lose what they had. She assured Sonny that he could take all of the time that he needed, and if he never wanted to talk about what had been on his mind lately, then she would accept that.

Sonny promised Olivia that she wouldn't lose him; he was all hers. Olivia smiled with relief as she kissed and then hugged Sonny. Sonny silently bit back tears as he held Olivia but quickly pulled himself together when she looked up into his eyes to assure him that she would be there for him when he was ready to talk about what had been troubling him. Sonny hugged her again and continued to fight back the tears.

Olivia confessed that it felt good that they had resolved things because she had missed him. Sonny assured Olivia that he had missed her too, so Olivia suggested that they head home or slip into one of the hotel rooms when the night manager arrived to take over for Olivia. She was surprised when Sonny declined because it had been a long day, so he just wanted to go home, shower, and then sleep. Olivia relaxed when he assured her that they could start fresh the following day. Sonny smiled, but it didn't quite reach his eyes, as he confessed that he didn't know what he would do without her.

Later, Alexis approached Sonny in the lobby of the hotel, but Sonny informed her that he didn't have time to deal with her. Alexis suggested that he make some time because Morgan had paid Julian a visit to warn Julian that Ava had cheated on Morgan. Sonny tensed until Alexis added that Morgan hadn't mentioned Ava's lover's name. However, she added that Morgan had revealed that Ava had been funneling information to Sonny about Julian's operation and that Julian was not happy.

At the apartment, Ava left Morgan a voicemail message explaining that sleeping with Sonny had been a mistake and that it hadn't meant anything to her because she loved Morgan. She ended the call and then reached up to remove her earring, only to realize that it was missing.

Moments later, Kiki knocked on the door. Ava assumed that Kiki wanted to talk about Ava walking out after seeing Morgan comforting Kiki, but Kiki clarified that she wished to discuss Carlos. Kiki entered her mother's apartment as she asked if Ava had heard about Carlos' arrest. Ava confessed that Ava had been at the gallery when the police had arrived to arrest Carlos. Ava pretended to be shocked that Carlos had been involved in A.J.'s murder, but Kiki wondered if that was true.

Ava seemed surprised by the question, but Kiki pointed out that Ava and Carlos had been friends for years, even though Kiki hadn't known about the relationship until recently because of Ava's habit of keeping secrets. Ava was hurt that her daughter would suspect that Ava had somehow been involved in what Carlos had done, so Kiki explained that Michael needed answers, and Kiki had hoped that Ava could shed some light on why Carlos had targeted A.J. Ava insisted that she had been busy trying to get the new gallery off of the ground, so she hadn't seen Carlos in months.

Kiki sensed that Ava was holding back, prompting Ava to recall Ava and Carlos' conversation in lockup when Carlos had confronted Ava about Connie's murder, hiring Carlos to kill A.J., and Sabrina's accident. Ava returned to the present to assure Kiki that whatever Carlos confessed to the police, it would not involve Ava. Ava was surprised when Kiki admitted that Kiki had defended Ava to Michael, but Kiki had needed to ask.

Kiki then shifted gears to ask how her mother's earring had ended up in the Quartermaine mausoleum, so Ava claimed that she had to have lost it when she had ended up in the crypt to pay her respects to A.J. Kiki's brow furrowed because Ava had never cared about A.J. and had even sided with Tracy against A.J. when A.J. had tried to seize control of ELQ. Ava's defenses went up as she insisted that she wasn't completely uncaring. Kiki assured Ava that Ava could relax, but Kiki had found it odd that Ava had ended up in the mausoleum after Ava had seen Morgan comforting Kiki.

Ava deflected by claiming that A.J.'s death had been a reminder to all of them of how fragile life could be. Kiki admitted that she wasn't ready to discuss what had happened to upset Kiki, but Kiki promised her mother that Morgan had merely been comforting Kiki as a friend. Kiki confessed that despite Kiki's doubts, it had been clear to Kiki that Morgan genuinely cared about Ava. Ava hid her discomfort as Kiki continued to talk about Morgan's search for Ava and how Morgan should have checked the "creepy crypt."

Ava was curious if Kiki's "interrogation" was over, so Kiki excused herself to check in with Michael and let Michael know that Ava hadn't known anything about Carlos' involvement in A.J.'s death. Ava realized that something had happened by the surprise in Kiki's voice as Kiki spoke to Michael. After Kiki ended the call, Ava asked her daughter what had happened, so Kiki revealed that Carlos had confessed to shooting A.J. and had claimed to have acted alone.

Ava was genuinely surprised, but suggested that they to put everything behind them. Ava's phone suddenly rang, but she let it go to voicemail when she saw that it was Julian. Kiki knew that Ava and Carlos were friends, so she was curious if Ava knew why Carlos had suddenly decided to confess to murdering A.J. Ava suggested that it didn't matter because A.J. was dead, and Carlos had taken responsibility, so the ordeal was over, and they were all free to move on with their lives.

At the police station, Franco and Carly were stunned when they overheard Anna mention that Carlos had confessed to murdering A.J. Carly pointed out to Franco that it was a lie because she and Franco knew that Sonny had done it. "Sonny did what?" Michael asked as he suddenly appeared behind his mother.

Franco covered for Carly when she floundered for an answer. He reminded Michael that Sonny had been certain that A.J.'s murder would be solved quickly. Michael was stunned when Franco revealed that Franco and Carly had overheard Anna mention that Carlos had confessed to shooting A.J. Michael wanted details, so he quickly walked away to find Anna.

Carly feared that Michael might have sensed that she had been deceptive, but Franco assured her that Michael hadn't noticed anything. Carly explained that it was difficult for her to lie to her son, so Franco suggested that honesty was the best policy between parents and their children. Carly agreed, but she insisted that it was important that Michael not find out that Sonny had shot A.J. Carly then wondered why Carlos would confess. Franco revealed that Carlos had been terrified of what Ava would do to Sabrina and the baby.

Meanwhile, Anna wrapped up a phone call with the hospital as Michael walked up. Michael demanded to know if Carlos had confessed and why Carlos had murdered A.J. Anna was frustrated that Michael had heard about Carlos' confession, so she explained that she was about to get an official statement from Carlos. Michael wanted to join Anna when she took Carlos' statement, but Anna put her foot down and reminded Michael that it would be inappropriate.

Franco and Carly tried to figure out why Carlos would lie and why Ava would want A.J. dead. Carly was certain that A.J. had had something on Ava, but Carly was more concerned about Michael being hit hard by Carlos' confession. Franco didn't want to add to Michael's distress, so he suggested that Carly go to her son while Franco waited for her. Carly smiled and thanked Franco.

Michael stood outside the interrogation room and watched through the window as Anna questioned Carlos about A.J.'s murder. Carlos refused to say anything until he knew how Sabrina and the baby were doing. Anna revealed that Sabrina was stable, but the baby was fifteen weeks premature and fighting for his life. Carlos began to weep. Startled, Anna asked if he was okay. Carlos quickly pulled himself together and assured her that he was ready to make his statement.

According to Carlos, he had gone to the Quartermaine mansion for Sabrina and the baby because he hadn't trusted Patrick to financially support the baby. He claimed that his intention had been to rob the Quartermaine mansion to make extra money without Ava or Julian knowing about it, but A.J. had surprised Carlos during the robbery. Carlos admitted that he had intended to kill A.J. to avoid leaving behind a witness, but Tracy and Luke had foiled Carlos' plans.

Afterwards, Carlos admitted that he had gone to Ava and Julian's apartment, following the attempt on A.J.'s life, to ask for a raise, but no one had been home, so Carlos had let himself into the apartment with his own key and then had called Ava. Carlos claimed that Ava had been out of town and had suggested that Carlos wait until Julian had arrived home.

Carlos told Anna that instead, A.J. had shown up drunk, angry, and rambling about going to work for the Jeromes. However, A.J. had quickly recognized Carlos as the intruder, but Anna questioned that because Carlos had worn a mask when Carlos had broken into the Quartermaine mansion. Carlos claimed that A.J. had recognized Carlos' voice, so Carlos had been forced to take action when A.J. had threatened to call the police to report Carlos. Carlos -- knowing where Julian had kept the gun -- had grabbed Julian's gun and then shot A.J. Carlos claimed that he had thought that he had killed A.J. instantly, so Carlos had dropped the gun and then had fled.

After the confession, Anna entered the squad room and played part of the recording for Michael. Michael was stunned by how matter-of-fact Carlos had sounded recounting the murder. Carly walked up to her son and then hugged him as Anna agreed that A.J.'s murder had been cold and senseless.

Later, Carlos and Michael exchanged a long glance before Carlos was returned to lockup. Anna told Michael that she hoped that the truth would give Michael closure and allow him to heal.

After Carlos was led away, Carly returned to Franco's side to fill him in about Carlos' fabricated confession. She was frustrated because Carlos had absolved Ava of any involvement. Carly wondered if they should talk to Anna about what Carlos had told Franco, but Franco suggested that they let Ava think that she had fooled everyone so that Franco and Carly could have time to dig up dirt on Ava and then bury Ava with it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At Kelly's, Jordan complimented T.J. on the egg-white omelet that he had made her for breakfast. T.J. credited Shawn with teaching T.J. a few things in the kitchen, so Jordan smiled and reminded her son that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Shawn sidled over and started to give Jordan a hard time about working at the Jerome Gallery because Julian was a part owner. T.J. defended his mother, but he had been disappointed that she had worked late the previous evening because T.J. had some good news that he had wanted to share with his mother.

T.J. handed Jordan the acceptance letter to Port Charles University. Jordan was delighted and warmly hugged her son as she smiled with pride. T.J. assured her that he was proud of her, too, because she had secured a job that she had gone after. Shawn suggested that T.J. not be too proud because Jordan worked for the Jeromes. Shawn and Jordan began to bicker about her working for the Jeromes and Shawn working for Sonny, so T.J. announced that he had to get to school.

After T.J. left to fetch his backpack, Jordan demanded to know what Shawn's problem was because she had been under the impression that they had reached an understanding the previous evening. Jordan warned Shawn to back off unless he wanted T.J. to learn the truth about what Shawn had done to T.J.'s father.

Jordan was gone by the time T.J. returned to the dining room with his backpack, so T.J. asked Shawn what was really going on between Shawn and Jordan. Shawn tried to shrug it off, but T.J. sensed that something was troubling Shawn beyond Jordan working for the Jerome Gallery. Shawn insisted that it was nothing, so T.J. asked Shawn to stop arguing with Jordan. T.J. realized that Jordan had dropped out of T.J.'s life for a couple of years, but T.J. loved both Jordan and Shawn.

At the Jerome Gallery, Julian left Ava a voicemail message urging her to return his phone call. After the call, Julian began to read the newspaper until Luke strolled in and asked if Julian was hard at work. Julian reminded Luke that Julian was also a newspaper publisher, but Luke scoffed and dismissed it as a hobby. "Who the hell reads newspapers anymore?" Luke asked.

Julian ignored the remark and commented on Patrick and Emma's car accident. Julian was surprised when Luke informed Julian that it hadn't been an accident, so Julian wondered why Luke would say that. Luke chuckled and suggested that Julian read the end of the article where it stated that Patrick had been forced off of the road. Luke realized that Julian hadn't proofread the article, but Julian explained that he had been too busy taking care of other business matters to read each article.

Luke pounced on the opportunity to discuss their new drug trade, so Julian handed Luke the briefcase of cash. Pleased, Luke thanked Julian for a job well done and decided to take the money directly to ELQ to be "laundered." Julian admitted that the credit went to the new head of distribution, Jordan Ashford. Luke was infuriated that Julian had hired Jordan because Luke didn't know if Jordan could be trusted. Julian promised that he had made certain that Jordan hadn't been wearing a wire and that her references had been checked.

Luke resented that Julian hadn't discussed it with Luke first, but Julian pointed out that he couldn't run every little aspect of the business past Luke while dealing with the day-to-day operations of running the organization. Luke conceded that Julian had a point, but Luke couldn't risk exposure. Julian promised that as far as Jordan was concerned, she worked for Julian and only Julian. Both men looked up when they suddenly heard a noise.

Jordan stood in the doorway, smiling politely. Luke and Julian each relaxed when it became clear that Jordan hadn't overheard anything revealing. Luke began to flirt as Jordan offered to show Luke a few new paintings. Luke declined, but he leered at Jordan and then kissed her hand before leaving. Julian apologized for Luke's behavior, but Jordan waved away Julian's concerns.

However, Jordan was curious why the briefcase of money was out in the open. Julian explained that no one would question what was in the ordinary-looking briefcase and then added that the illegal money was on its way to be laundered. He immediately became suspicious when she offered to take it to the launderer herself to avoid extra hands handling the money. Julian assured her that he would take care of it, so Jordan shrugged and admitted that it didn't matter as long as she received her share of the profits.

At Kelly's, Luke greeted Shawn and then struck up a conversation about the search for Julian's silent partner. Shawn revealed that it didn't appear to be Ric because Ric had quit working for Julian, but Luke suggested that it might have been a ploy to throw Sonny off. Luke was certain that Ric and Julian were still in cahoots. Shawn conceded that it was possible because people weren't always what they seemed. Luke smiled and agreed as Shawn walked away.

At the hospital, Lucy exited the elevator as she wrapped up a phone call about the upcoming Nurses Ball. Kevin had overheard Lucy mention to the person on the phone that she had a meeting with someone very important, so Kevin asked who his wife was meeting. Lucy smiled as she held up a bag of muffins and a cup of coffee that she had picked up for Kevin. Lucy and Kevin sat down as they talked about Patrick and Sabrina's premature son. Lucy had picked up breakfast for Patrick and Sabrina, too, but she realized that it was far from enough.

Kevin disagreed because the gesture would reinforce to Patrick and Sabrina that they were a family at the hospital and that Patrick and Sabrina had the support of the entire community. Kevin confided that one of the reasons that he had returned to working at General Hospital was that everyone at the hospital was eager to help in times of crisis. Lucy shifted gears to assure Kevin that she was determined to make the 2014 Nurses Ball perfect, but she felt overwhelmed by everything that she had to do. Kevin appreciated that she had been delivering breakfast and lunch to him everyday for months, but he insisted that Lucy stop and focus on the Nurses Ball.

Kevin was curious, though, why Lucy had suddenly picked up the habit, so Lucy recalled admitting to Scott that she wanted to be with Scott, but she was desperate to save her marriage because she loved her husband. Lucy returned to the present and explained that she had wanted Kevin to know that he would always be her number one priority. Kevin appreciated her dedication to him, but he was adamant that she focus all of her attention on the Nurses Ball, so she smiled with gratitude and admitted that she felt lucky to be married to him.

At the nurses' station, Britt asked a nurse if the results of the laboratory tests on Patrick and Sabrina's premature infant son were back, but the nurse hadn't heard anything. Britt asked the nurse to contact the lab to let Brad know that Britt wanted a rush on the test results, so the nurse agreed but then suggested that Britt take a nap in the on-call room because Britt looked exhausted after being up all night in NICU. Britt refused to rest until she knew that Patrick and Sabrina's baby would be okay.

Moments later, Nathan walked up to ask for a few minutes of Britt's time. Britt insisted that she was busy, but Nathan wanted to know how Patrick and Sabrina's baby was doing. Britt gave him an update, so he revealed that the tests on Britt's car tires had ruled her out as the driver who had forced Patrick off of the road. Vindicated, she reminded him that she had told him that she hadn't been involved. Britt started to leave, but Nathan insisted that he needed to discuss another matter with her that he had been trying to talk to her about for several days.

Britt smiled politely as she admitted that she wasn't interested in going out with Nathan, so he quickly assured her that that was the last thing on his mind. Britt's smile faded. "Really? And why's that?" Britt asked, slightly offended. "Because, you're my sister," Nathan answered. Nathan explained that Madeline and Liesl were sisters and that Liesl had given Nathan up for adoption to Madeline. Shocked, Britt suddenly realized that she and Nathan had almost slept together.

Nathan was grateful that Maxie had stopped things before Nathan and Britt had ended up in their own personal Greek tragedy. Britt changed the subject by asking where she and Nathan went from there because she had no idea what it was like to have a sibling. Nathan explained that Nina had been an adult when he had been a child, so he had essentially been an only child too. Britt suggested that she and Nathan take some time to figure things out, but later, because she had to get back to NICU, and Nathan was still on duty. Nathan agreed and then watched his newfound sister walk away.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas read the newspaper, which featured a story about Patrick's car accident and Britt's heroic efforts to deliver Sabrina's extremely premature baby on the roadside. Elizabeth entered the parlor to let Nikolas know that she had spoken to NICU and that Patrick and Sabrina's baby remained in critical condition. However, the infant had been so premature that no one was certain if the tiny infant would make it. Nikolas pointed out that the baby wouldn't have survived as long as he had if it hadn't been for Britt. Surprised, Elizabeth took the newspaper and read the article that Nikolas had been reading.

Nikolas mentioned that it had been lucky that Britt had arrived at the scene of the accident when she had. "Yeah, lucky," Elizabeth muttered with a skeptical expression. A short time later, Lulu arrived with her son. Nikolas greeted the baby as Ben, so Lulu reminded her brother that they had renamed the baby Rocco. Nikolas apologized for forgetting and then carried his nephew into the parlor as Lulu and Elizabeth followed.

Nikolas was eager to see Liesl pay for everything that Liesl had done, prompting Lulu to reveal the primary reason that she had stopped by for a visit. Nikolas and Elizabeth were stunned when Lulu explained that Liesl had confessed to having Dante and Lulu's third frozen embryo, but Liesl had refused to turn it over to Dante and Lulu until all of the charges against Liesl had been dropped. Elizabeth questioned Liesl's claim because Elizabeth recalled that Britt's letter had mentioned that the first embryo that Liesl had implanted hadn't been viable. Lulu explained that Liesl had lied to Britt about the first embryo and that Britt had never actually seen the embryo to confirm if it had or hadn't been viable.

Nikolas was disgusted that Liesl would try to use Dante and Lulu's frozen embryo as a bargaining chip. He insisted that Liesl was a vile sociopath who should be locked up until the end of time. Lulu agreed, but pointed out that the frozen embryo would be Dante and Lulu's only chance of giving Rocco a sibling. Lulu felt lucky and blessed that she had her son, but she admitted that she and Dante had decided to drop the charges against Liesl because they wanted their remaining frozen embryo. Lulu realized that it was a lot to ask, but she wondered if Nikolas and Elizabeth would also drop the charges so Liesl would cooperate and give Dante and Lulu the information that they needed to collect the final missing frozen embryo.

After Lulu and Rocco left, Elizabeth checked on Nikolas because she suspected that it had been difficult for him to see the baby. Nikolas conceded that it helped knowing that he still had a connection to Rocco and then changed the subject to ask if Elizabeth was okay with the decision that they had made. Elizabeth pointed out that they hadn't really had a choice in the matter, so they had made the only decision that they could.

In the squad room, Dante greeted Scott and noticed that Scott was in a good mood. Scott admitted that Carlos' confession had given Scott a slam-dunk case, so it was a good day. Dante seized the opportunity to ask if Scott would consider dropping the charges against Liesl. Surprised, Scott reminded Dante that Liesl had been charged with kidnapping and shooting Elizabeth. Dante explained that Liesl had revealed that Liesl had Dante and Lulu's last frozen embryo, but Liesl refused to turn it over unless all of the charges against Liesl had been dropped.

Scott refused to consider dropping the charges against Liesl because Scott felt that he had an obligation to all of Liesl's victims, not just Dante and Lulu, so Dante revealed that Lulu had gone to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas and Elizabeth about Liesl's request. Scott appreciated the situation that Dante was in, but Scott insisted that Liesl was a lunatic who deserved to be behind bars. Frustrated, Dante realized that Scott couldn't understand the situation that Dante and Lulu were in, but Scott surprised Dante by disagreeing.

Scott talked about his wife, Dominique, who had been diagnosed with cancer, but had been desperate to give Scott a child. Dante was stunned when Scott revealed that Lucy had agreed to be Scott and Dominique's surrogate and that Lucy had given birth to Scott and Dominique's daughter, Serena. Scott agreed to drop the charges against Liesl, as long as Nikolas and Elizabeth didn't object. Moments later, Lulu entered the squad room.

In the police station's lockup, Madeline slowly woke up and then began to stretch out on the small cramped cot. "Guten Morgen, Magda," Liesl greeted her sister. Madeline complained about Liesl's accent, which Madeline insisted was like nails on a chalkboard, but Liesl refused to apologize for being proud of her heritage. Liesl took a bite of oatmeal and then confessed that it reminded her of the porridge that their "Mutter" served them as children.

Liesl informed her sister that the guard had dropped off a breakfast tray for Madeline, but Liesl had told the man to take it away because Madeline had slept through breakfast. Madeline wasn't disappointed because she doubted that the breakfast had included an egg-white omelet. The sisters began to bicker until Madeline asked what had happened to Liesl's "exit strategy" to get out of jail. Liesl countered by pointing out that Madeline's plan had appeared to be as dead as "that daughter of yours."

Madeline assured Liesl that Madeline's plan was still "alive and kicking," but Madeline refused to elaborate, despite Liesl's request to know what Madeline had planned. Madeline didn't trust Liesl to keep quiet because Liesl had never been able to keep a secret. Liesl defended herself. "I've kept all kinds of secrets. For instance, I never told anyone that you were born a man," Liesl snickered. Madeline was not amused and suggested that Liesl worry about Liesl's own plan.

Liesl kept pushing for information, but Madeline refused to confide to her sister, so Liesl threatened to tell Nathan the truth about who his mother was. Madeline smirked as she revealed that she had already told Nathan that Liesl was his biological mother. Liesl was shocked when Madeline explained that Liesl had been right about Nathan and Britt being attracted to each other. "Don't get your Dirndl in a twist," Madeline quickly added as she assured Liesl that the siblings hadn't slept together.

After the shock wore off, Liesl confessed that it wasn't a surprise that "two gorgeous creatures" like Nathan and Britt wouldn't be able to keep their hands off of each other. Liesl was certain that her children would have been destined to copulate if Fate had had them cross paths sooner. Stunned, Madeline asked if Liesl had been watching Game of Thrones. Before Liesl replied, Madeline reiterated that nothing had happened between Nathan and Britt, but Madeline realized that she hadn't been able to risk keeping the secret, so she had told Nathan that Britt was his sister.

Liesl was curious if Nathan had asked about Liesl. "No," Madeline replied. "He doesn't give a rat's ass about you," Madeline added. Liesl vowed to rectify that situation as soon as Liesl got out of jail. Madeline wished her sister luck with the plan.

Later, Liesl was escorted to the squad room to face Dante and Lulu. Liesl smiled with satisfaction as she asked if she and Dante had a deal.

Meanwhile, Nathan paid Madeline a visit. She tried to reach through the bars to give him a hug, but he backed away before she could touch him. Nathan informed Madeline that she would be sent to Riker's Island to await trail and then revealed that he had told Britt everything. Madeline imagined that the talk had been a difficult one, so Nathan conceded that Britt had been both surprised and shocked. However, Nathan was hopeful that he and Britt could eventually have a relationship because she was the only sister that he had left.

Madeline insisted that there were things that Nathan needed to know, but he wasn't interested in hearing what she had to say. He explained that he had given his statement about her role in Nina's murder, but Madeline argued that there was more to it. She begged Nathan to let her explain. "Explain what?" Nathan asked in frustration. Nathan angrily accused Madeline of imprisoning Nina in a coma for two decades in an effort to kill Nina's baby.

Nathan was disgusted that Madeline had robbed her own daughter of a full life and a chance at motherhood by killing Nina. "No, I didn't," Madeline said.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Patrick and Sabrina gazed at their premature son as he breathed with the help of a ventilator in an incubator. Sabrina quietly admitted that she would give anything to hear their son cry and then wondered if the results of the baby's laboratory work were in. Patrick decided to check, so he left to look for Britt.

In the hallway, Patrick was startled when Victor called out to him. Patrick immediately demanded to know where Robin was and if she was okay. Victor assured him that Robin was fine, but Robin had heard about the accident and had wanted to check on Patrick and Emma. Patrick argued that she was too "enamored" with helping Jason to reach out to her family, but Victor disagreed and offered Patrick an opportunity to talk to Robin. Victor handed Patrick a piece of paper with a phone number where Robin could be reached for the following hour.

Patrick walked away and then called Robin. He quickly assured Robin that Emma was fine, but Sabrina had gone into premature labor and had delivered the baby fifteen weeks early. He revealed that his son was thirteen inches long and a little over one and half pounds, but strong. However, his son was far from out of the woods, so Patrick's voice cracked with emotion as he begged Robin to return home because he and Emma needed her. His tears turned to anger when Robin explained that she was at a critical point in her work, so she couldn't leave.

Furious, Patrick accused Jason of being more important than Robin's own family, so she shouldn't bother to return home at all if she couldn't be there for Patrick and Emma when they needed her the most. As Patrick ended the call, Victor walked up and expressed how sorry he was for Patrick's troubles. Patrick warned Victor to get away from him before Patrick tore Victor apart. Victor nodded and then quietly walked away.

In NICU, Sabrina softly sang a lullaby to her son as Britt entered. "That's beautiful," Britt quietly said when Sabrina looked up. Sabrina revealed that it was a song that Sabrina's mother had sung to her. However, Sabrina was more concerned about the baby's test results. Britt revealed that the baby's blood gases had started to improve, but they were far from the point where they could take Sabrina's son off of the ventilator. Sabrina was disappointed, but Britt tried to remain positive by reminding Sabrina that the improvement was a good sign and that the baby's odds would eventually turn in the baby's favor.

Sabrina began to cry as she was overcome with emotion because she loved her son and didn't know what she would do without him. "Hey, let's not find out," Britt quietly told Sabrina as Britt gently rubbed Sabrina on the back to offer Sabrina comfort. Sabrina continued to cry, so Britt allowed Sabrina to lean on her until Sabrina was able to pull herself together. Sabrina apologized for breaking down, but Britt assured Sabrina that it was fine.

Britt then shifted gears to let Sabrina know that the police had been working overtime to find out who had forced Patrick off of the road. Sabrina was curious if there were any leads, so Britt suggested that Sabrina ask Britt's brother, Detective Nathan West. Britt quickly changed the subject by asking if there was anything that Britt could do. Sabrina assured Britt that Felix had taken care of everything, but she appreciated everything that Britt had done for the baby.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Silas bumped into Sam as she exited the elevator. He smiled as he greeted her and admitted that he couldn't understand how she continued to become more beautiful each time he saw her. "Magic, I guess," Sam joked and then sobered as she explained that she was there to visit Patrick and the baby. Sam asked Silas to tell her the truth about the baby's chances of survival, so Silas admitted that they weren't good because premature babies were susceptible to infections and complications.

Silas warned Sam that Patrick and Sabrina would have their hands full because their son faced an uphill battle. However, Silas reminded Sam that the hospital had an incredible NICU team and had made great strides in saving babies born extremely premature like Patrick and Sabrina's son. Sam became upset at the thought of what Patrick and Sabrina were going through because she knew what it was like to watch her child fight for his life. Sam asked Silas to help distract her because she wanted to get her emotions under control before she saw Patrick.

Silas revealed that he had learned that Madeline would soon be transferred to New York City to stand trial for her crimes. Silas wanted Madeline to pay for what she had done to Nina, but he feared that Madeline might have something up her sleeve. Sam was curious what Madeline could possibly do to escape a conviction, but Silas didn't know. He conceded that he might be paranoid about Madeline, so he decided to head to the police station to see her off. He asked Sam to let Patrick know that Patrick and the baby were in his thoughts and then left.

Meanwhile, Patrick wrapped up a phone call with Emma. He told his daughter that he loved her and asked her to be good for Uncle Duke. After Patrick ended the call, Sam walked up. The two exchanged a sad smile as Sam squeezed Patrick's shoulder in a gesture of support and comfort.

In the police station's lockup, Nathan was stunned when Madeline confided that she hadn't killed Nina. Initially, Nathan didn't believe her and accused her of playing games, but Madeline promised that it was the truth. She explained that she had been financially destitute, while Nina's fortune had been left untouched for decades, so Madeline had been forced to lie to get her hands on Nina's money for her own sake as well as Nathan's. Nathan was infuriated and made it clear that he had never cared about his sister's money.

Nathan was disgusted that Madeline had put Nina in a coma in an effort to kill Nina's unborn child, so Madeline assured him that she wouldn't have done it if she had known what would happen to Nina. Nathan wasn't moved and wondered if Madeline was proud of herself for lying to him for decades. Madeline tearfully admitted that it was the last thing that she felt and then begged Nathan to tell her what she could do to make things right. Nathan suggested that she start by telling the truth and revealing where Nina was.

Madeline's eyes clouded with sadness as she confessed that she couldn't tell him except to confirm that she had moved Nina to another facility. Madeline didn't want Nathan to become complicit in her fraud, but Nathan informed Madeline that it was too late because that was exactly what had happened when Madeline had told him that Nina was alive. Nathan vowed that Madeline would never see a single cent of Nina's money and then again demanded to know where his sister was. He reminded Madeline that she would stand trial for a murder she hadn't committed if she didn't cooperate.

Madeline pointed out that it wouldn't make a difference because she still was facing charges for killing Henry Nakamura. Nathan continued to try to get Madeline to reveal Nina's whereabouts, but Madeline remained tightlipped and asked Nathan to trust that she had everything well in hand. Nathan made it clear that he would never trust Madeline, so she conceded that he had good reason to be angry with her. However, she begged him to keep what she had told him to himself because she couldn't risk Silas learning the truth.

As if on cue, Silas walked up and asked if he had interrupted. Nathan glared at Madeline and then stormed off without revealing the truth about Nina. Madeline smiled, but it vanished when she looked at Silas. She realized that Silas was there to make certain that Madeline was transported to New York City. A police officer arrived to handcuff Madeline. As she was led away, she accused Silas of causing Nina nothing but pain and misery, so Madeline took comfort knowing that Silas would never get near Nina again.

In the squad room, Liesl asked if Dante and Lulu had decided to meet her terms. Dante assured Liesl that Liesl had her deal and then demanded to know where Dante and Lulu's last remaining frozen embryo was. Liesl refused to divulge any information until she had the paperwork in hand, confirming that all of the criminal charges against both Liesl and Britt had been dropped. Dante assured Liesl that the district attorney was working on it, so Liesl suggested that Dante put a rush on the documents.

Later, Dante handed Liesl the documents that she had requested. However, he warned her that there were stipulations to the terms of the agreement. Liesl was not pleased, but Lulu ignored Liesl's objections and explained that the agreement would be voided if it was determined that the frozen embryo didn't belong to Dante and Lulu or was not viable. Liesl smiled with confidence as she reached for the pen and then signed the documents. After the documents were signed, Dante demanded to know where the frozen embryo was.

Liesl explained that she had to make a phone call to set things up, so Dante and Lulu stepped away to give Liesl privacy. Liesl called Victor, who quickly apologized for not returning her other phone calls. Liesl assured him that she had taken care of everything, so Victor asked to meet her. Liesl insisted that it wasn't a good idea because she didn't want to go through another painful goodbye. She made it clear that she was unable to give him what he needed, but she appreciated everything that he had done for her.

Liesl then shifted gears to tell him why she had called. Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu watched as Liesl spoke on the phone. Lulu feared that something would go wrong, but Dante was confident that everything would work out. He noticed Liesl end the call, so he approached Liesl. Liesl handed Dante a piece of paper with written instructions on how to retrieve the embryo.

Later, Liesl was livid when she learned that she would be fitted with an ankle monitor. Liesl insisted that it hadn't been part of the deal, but Scott's assistant informed Liesl that Liesl should consider herself lucky. After Scott's assistant left to file the paperwork at the courthouse, Liesl demanded to know which of the police officers would have the temerity to put their hands on her. "That would be me," Nathan answered as he walked up.

Nathan quickly strapped on the ankle monitor as Liesl stared down at her son with tears of pride. Nathan made it clear that she could not leave town, so she assured him that she had plenty of reasons to stay including Nathan. Liesl admitted that she knew that Madeline had told Nathan that Liesl was his mother, but Nathan quickly made it clear that he didn't want to discuss it because as far as he was concerned, he had traded one "psycho" for another.

Liesl tearfully explained that she had given him up for adoption because she had wanted to provide him with a better life. She assured him that she loved him and hoped that one day he would feel the same about her. Nathan pointed out that he didn't even know her and then turned to leave, but Liesl reached out to stop him because she wanted him to know that her greatest wish was for her, Nathan, and Britt to be a family.

Nathan's temper flared as he pointed out that in the past twenty-four hours, he had lost his mother and sister, who had then been replaced by two complete strangers. Additionally, Nathan explained that he didn't even know who his father was. Liesl tensed as she told him that his father was someone that she had known a long time before. Nathan argued that it shouldn't matter then if she told him the man's name, but Liesl insisted that Nathan's father was irrelevant. Nathan was curious if his father was dead, so Liesl carefully explained that he was long gone and then promised that the man would never be a part of either of their lives.

At Kelly's, Maxie and Levi kissed, but Maxie pulled away and admitted that it might not be a good idea because her father, Mac, might object. She confessed that she wanted her parents to love Levi as much as she did and that she also wanted her friends to like him, too, but Levi was only interested in impressing those who cared about Maxie. Maxie hoped that one day that list would include Dante and Lulu. Levi was curious if Maxie intended to introduce him to the couple, so Maxie admitted that she preferred to test the waters by talking to Lulu first. Maxie explained that she and Lulu hadn't been in a good place the last time that they had talked because Maxie had decimated Lulu's family.

Levi reminded Maxie that everything had balanced out because Lulu had gotten the child that Lulu had wanted, but Maxie countered that it hadn't negated what Maxie had done to Dante and Lulu. Levi argued that Maxie had made a mistake, but she had put herself back together, so it was time for Maxie to do the same with her and Lulu's friendship. Maxie feared that her friendship with Dante and Lulu was beyond repair because Maxie had tried to play God with Lulu's life, but Levi insisted that Maxie was a beautiful person worthy of forgiveness and a second chance. Maxie smiled and leaned forward to kiss Levi.

Moments later, Mac cleared his throat and then ordered Levi to remove Levi's tongue from Mac's daughter's mouth. Maxie chuckled at the expected reaction, but quickly tried to calm Mac down by introducing her parents to Levi Dunkleman. Felicia warmly greeted Levi, but Mac was not impressed with Maxie's boyfriend. Felicia noticed Levi's Australian accent, so Maxie revealed that Mac was from Australia. Levi was surprised because Mac didn't have an accent.

Mac explained that he had lost his accent over the years, living in Port Charles, while raising Maxie. Mac also made it clear that he was extremely protective of his daughter. Felicia tried to lighten the mood by jokingly asking if Maxie had met Levi during the love portion of Maxie's Eat, Pray, Love journey, but Mac remained surly and commented about Levi's long hair. Felicia desperately tried to break the tension by telling Levi that Mac was a co-owner of the Floating Rib, which had the best ribs in town, but Levi confessed that he'd rather die than eat ribs because Levi was a vegan.

Mac's annoyance with Levi mounted, so Felicia asked her husband to keep an open mind. Levi invited Mac and Felicia over for dinner later that evening for a delicious vegan dinner, but Mac confessed that he would rather die than eat a vegan dinner. The conversation quickly halted when Maxie noticed Dante and Lulu enter the dinner with the baby.

Maxie decided to approach Dante and Lulu to greet them and congratulate them on the baby. When Dante revealed that they had named their son Rocco, Maxie smiled because she liked the name. They continued to chat until Maxie explained that she didn't want to take up Dante and Lulu's time. However, Maxie appreciated that Rocco's existence hadn't given Maxie a free pass or changed what Maxie had done to Dante and Lulu. Maxie admitted that she was a different person and that she was truly sorry for the hurt that she had caused, but she hoped that they could one day be friends again because Maxie had missed Lulu.

Maxie was startled when Lulu quietly confessed that she wanted to try to be friends with Maxie again because Lulu had missed Maxie. Maxie and Lulu hugged as Dante received a text message. He quietly told Lulu that it was time, so Maxie said her goodbyes and then returned to the table.

Felicia promised that she hadn't been spying, but she had noticed that Maxie and Lulu had had a breakthrough. Maxie smiled and then credited Levi for making it possible. Levi insisted that it had been all Maxie's doing because Mac and Felicia had a strong daughter. Mac smiled as he conceded that he and Levi could agree on that and then shook Levi's hand. Felicia was curious if they should invite Dante and Lulu to join them, but Maxie admitted that it had seemed as if Dante and Lulu had something urgent to take care of.

Outside, Dante and Lulu waited for the frozen embryo to be delivered. Moments later, Victor walked up and handed them a small container. "With Dr. Obrecht's compliments," Victor said as Dante took the container. Dante and Lulu wanted to know who Victor was, but Victor refused to provide a name and then left.

In an undisclosed location, a mystery woman in a hospital bed suddenly opened her eyes and then whispered Silas' name.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Outside of Kelly's, Alexis spotted Ned and greeted him with a warm hug. She quickly offered her condolences on A.J.'s death but admitted that she was happy to see Ned. Ned sat down at Alexis' table as he confessed that he had been so focused on keeping A.J. out of ELQ that he hadn't realized that he should have been looking elsewhere. Alexis was surprised when Ned revealed that there was "a new fox in the henhouse," and then added that Luke had decided to take a job at ELQ because Luke didn't want to be separated from Tracy during the workday. "The mind reels," Ned confessed.

"And the frequent multi-month sabbaticals are no problem?" Alexis asked as she pointed out why Luke's reasoning didn't make any sense. Ned agreed and then confided that something didn't add up. Ned feared that Luke was once again trying to take get his hands on Tracy's money. Alexis conceded that Luke had married Tracy in the past for her money, but she admitted that Luke appeared to genuinely love Tracy this time around. Ned was skeptical because not too long before, Tracy and Luke had ended things.

Alexis suggested that some couples occasionally broke up and then made up, but Ned didn't think that it was normal nor was it normal for Luke to hit on Michael's girlfriend. "Kiki?" Alexis asked with a mixture of disbelief and disgust. Ned assured her that it was true because he had heard it directly from Morgan and Kiki. Alexis warned Ned to take what Morgan and Kiki had said with a grain of salt because Morgan had a history of deception, and Kiki tended to be flighty. Ned told Alexis about his failed attempt to expose Luke, so she suggested that perhaps Ned's problem was that he was slightly possessive of his mother, but Ned remained adamant that something was off with Luke.

Alexis decided to shift gears by asking about Ned's love life. She revealed that Jax had expressed concerns because Ned hadn't been getting out enough. Ned chuckled and admitted that it was true, but Ned was willing to rectify the problem. He asked if Alexis had plans for the evening, so she confessed that she was dating Julian Jerome. Ned was surprised because she had dated gangsters in the past, and things had never ended well. Alexis confided that she cared about Julian and that Julian was Sam's father and Danny's grandfather.

However, Alexis confessed that she was concerned about Ava because Ava had been leaking information to Sonny. Ned realized that Alexis feared that Julian would make Ava "sleep with the fishes." Alexis was not amused, so Ned apologized and then explained that he couldn't help himself. Alexis accepted the apology and then revealed that she had tried to talk Julian down, so she was hopeful that she had gotten through to Julian.

Ned noticed the time, so he announced that he had to leave, but he had enjoyed his visit with Alexis. Alexis decided to offer Ned a piece of advice. She admitted that she and Tracy were somewhat alike, so if Tracy had her heart set on something, then Tracy would follow it no matter who tried to talk her out of it, including Ned. Alexis urged Ned to give his blessing to Luke, unless Ned wanted to lose Tracy to Luke.

At ELQ, Luke pulled a credit card out of his wallet and then began to cut lines of cocaine on a small tray. His assistant buzzed him on the intercom to let him know that Julian Jerome was there to see Luke, so Luke quickly put the cocaine away as he instructed the woman to send Julian in. Moments later, Julian entered the office. Luke immediately demanded to know what Julian was doing there, but Julian assured Luke that Luke could relax because Julian had claimed to be there to drop off the receipt for the painting that Luke had bought for Tracy. Julian then placed the briefcase filled with Luke's share of the drug money on Luke's desk.

Julian realized that Luke had been forced to leave the briefcase behind because Luke hadn't wanted Jordan to realize that Luke was involved in the organization. Luke was pleased that Julian had dropped off the money, but admitted that they had another issue to deal with. Luke wanted to know what was going on with Ava. Julian revealed that they had been right; Ava had been feeding Sonny information about the organization for months. Luke was curious how Julian had discovered the betrayal, so Julian told Luke about Morgan's visit to the gallery the previous evening.

Luke was surprised because he had been under the impression that Morgan had aligned with Sonny and that Morgan had been "knocking boots" with Ava. Julian explained that things had changed when Morgan had discovered that Ava had been sleeping with someone else. Luke wanted to know who, but Julian pointed out that it didn't matter because the problem was that Ava had been giving Sonny inside information about the organization. Luke decided that the only way to eliminate the problem was for Julian to kill Ava.

Shocked, Julian thought that it was a rather extreme solution when there were other options available. Luke refused to appear weak to Sonny, so Luke made it clear that if Julian didn't kill Ava, then Luke would find someone else to take care of it and then kill Julian because Luke couldn't afford to have Julian show more loyalty to Ava than to Luke. "Now, get out of my office. I don't want to see you again until the job is done," Luke ordered.

After Julian left, Luke opened the briefcase and stacked the bundles of cash in neat piles on his desk. "I know, buddy. The objective is to punish Corinthos, but there's no harm in making a little extra cash along the way, is there now?" Luke asked as he looked up as if speaking to someone who had passed away.

Meanwhile, Ned approached Luke's office, but Luke's assistant stopped Ned by informing him that Luke didn't want to be disturbed. Ned ignored the assistant because Ned was certain that Luke would want to hear what Ned had to say. Ned opened the door, but he stopped short as the apology died on his lips when he noticed the pile of cash on Luke's desk. "What the hell is going on here?" Ned demanded.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava left Morgan another voicemail message conceding that what she had done with Sonny had been horrible, but she insisted that she still loved Morgan. She was certain that, deep down inside, Morgan still loved her too. She ended the call when she spotted Sonny enter the gallery. Ava warned Sonny that it wasn't a good idea for him to be there because of Julian, but Sonny quietly demanded to know why Carlos had confessed to murdering A.J. Ava explained that the police had had Carlos "dead to rights" on the attempted murder at the Quartermaine mansion, so she had convinced Carlos to "take one for the team" by confessing to killing.

Sonny was curious how Ava had managed to persuade Carlos to agree. Ava suggested that Sonny not underestimate the power of friendship because she and Carlos had been friends for a very long time. Sonny was surprised that she would treat a friend like that, but Ava thought that Sonny should be grateful because Carlos' confession had ensured that Sonny was in the clear. Ava then changed the subject by explaining that they had a more urgent matter to discuss because Morgan was hurting and might lash out. Ava was stunned when Sonny admitted that it was too late because Morgan had told Julian about Ava and Sonny's tryst and that Ava had been feeding Sonny information about Julian's organization for months.

Ava realized that was why Julian had left her numerous voicemail messages, but she couldn't figure out why her brother hadn't simply sought her out. Sonny suggested that perhaps Julian had to discuss things with Julian's boss first. He warned her that they had to be careful because they didn't know who Julian answered to, so Sonny thought that it would be best for Ava to leave town. Ava objected because she had a life in Port Charles, but Sonny argued that it was too dangerous. Ava was surprised when Sonny explained that he had made arrangements for Ava to hide out on Sonny's private island off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Sonny instructed Ava to pack her things and then meet Shawn at Kelly's. Shawn would take Ava to a private jet that had been readied to take Ava to the island. Ava thanked Sonny, so Sonny admitted that it was the least that he could do for her after everything that she had done for him.

Shortly after Sonny left, Ava closed the gallery and then went to a safe to retrieve some documents and money. She shoved everything into her purse but tensed when she sensed that someone stood behind her. It was Julian. Julian asked if Ava was headed out of town, so Ava claimed that she intended to take a quick trip to check out a new artist. She resumed placing things into her purse, unaware that Julian had pulled out a gun.

Julian informed Ava that he couldn't let her leave, so Ava turned to discuss it with her brother, but her eyes rounded with shock when she noticed that he had a gun aimed at her.

In the interrogation room, Anna gave Carlos one last time to change his story about shooting A.J., but Carlos remained determined to plead guilty. Anna revealed that she had looked at the visitors log and had noticed that Ava had paid Carlos a visit right before Carlos had confessed to A.J.'s murder, so she wanted to know what Ava and Carlos had discussed. Carlos realized that Anna suspected that Ava had coerced him into confessing. He recalled Ava threatening Sabrina's life, but he refused to share that information with Anna.

Instead, Carlos claimed that Ava had tried to talk Carlos out of confessing. Anna realized that Carlos intended to stick to his story, so she ordered the guard to return Carlos to lockup.

At Kelly's, Carly and Franco tried to figure out why Carlos had confessed to a crime that Carlos hadn't committed. Franco was certain that Ava had blackmailed Carlos by threatening to hurt Sabrina and the baby, so he suggested that he and Carly proceed with caution because Ava might target their loved ones if Ava realized that Carly and Franco were trying to uncover Ava's secret. Franco pointed out that it had to be big if Ava had been willing to kill A.J. The conversation was cut short when Anna called to order Carly and Franco to meet Anna at the police station.

A short time later, Carly and Franco entered the squad room. Anna reminded the couple that they had been eager to tell her something before Carlos had confessed, so Anna was curious if it had something to do with A.J.'s murder. Carly lied by claiming that it had been about Franco's vandalism at the hotel. Anna didn't appear to believe Carly but let it drop and then shifted gears to ask if Carly might know where A.J.'s cell phone was. Anna explained that it had disappeared, but Anna needed it to confirm that Carlos had told the truth about A.J. attempting to call 9-1-1.

Anna revealed that a 9-1-1 call from A.J. hadn't been received, so Anna wanted to take a look at A.J.'s phone. Carly was curious if Anna had checked to see if A.J. had had a "Find my phone app." Anna confirmed that A.J. had, but Anna hadn't been able to access it because no one knew A.J.'s password. Franco surprised both Anna and Carly by revealing that he knew A.J.'s password.

Franco admitted that he had made a point of learning each of the Quartermaines' passwords when he had attempted to take over ELQ. Anna quickly walked over to a laptop and asked for the password. Franco revealed that it was "Pickle-Lila," so Anna keyed in the password and discovered that A.J.'s cell phone had been at General Hospital when the battery had died. A police officer called out to Anna to let her know that the district attorney was on the phone, so Anna decided to take the call in her office. Anna thanked Carly and Franco for their help and then left. Carly and Franco decided to head to the hospital to find A.J.'s missing phone because they were hopeful that it might yield a clue about Ava's secret.

A short time later, Carly and Franco exited the elevator at the hospital. Carly saw Felix, so she called out to him and then greeted him with a hug. She quickly explained that she had been looking for A.J.'s cell phone, so Felix handed her a plastic bin of lost and found items. Carly and Franco dug through the bin until they found a cell phone. They quickly took it to an examination room to charge it.

Moments later, Carly confirmed that it was A.J.'s cell phone when a picture of A.J. and Michael popped up on the screen. She was stunned when a system message alerted her that a recording had been in progress when the battery had been depleted. Carly was certain that A.J. had intentionally recorded something important.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Sam walked up to talk to Patrick. She immediately picked up on the tension in him, so she asked him if something was wrong. Patrick recalled his conversation with Robin when he had accused Robin of caring more about Jason than her own family, but he opted not to share that with Sam. Sam asked how the baby was doing, so Patrick revealed that the baby was holding his own, which was encouraging but far from good. Sam was glad to hear it, so she tried to get Patrick to open up about what else was troubling him.

Patrick remained tense and silent, so Sam reminded him that they were friends. She wanted to help him the way that he had helped her when Danny had been battling cancer. Sam appreciated that Patrick had not only helped her through that crisis, but also had helped her move on from losing Jason. Patrick confessed that his marriage to Robin might be over because Robin had refused to return home when he had told her about the accident and the baby's premature birth. He gave her an edited version of his conversation with Robin, including his ultimatum.

Sam suggested that Patrick had spoken in the heat of the moment and might change his mind once he calmed down, but Patrick doubted it because he resented that Robin's work was more important than her family. Sam felt bad for Patrick and tried to hug him, but he pulled away and surprised her by confessing that she was the last person that he needed to be comforted by. Taken aback, Sam apologized for not being a good friend to Patrick in recent weeks, but she promised him that she was there for him. Patrick mumbled his thanks and then decided to return to the neonatal intensive care unit.

In NICU, Felix told Sabrina that the baby's vitals were up. Sabrina acknowledged that it was a step in the right direction, but she knew that her son was not out of the woods. She thanked Felix for everything that he had done and for being there for her. Felix insisted that he wouldn't be anywhere else and then asked where Patrick was. Sabrina explained that Patrick had left to check on Emma.

Sabrina and Felix gazed at the baby in the incubator and then agreed that the newborn was adorable. Felix's tone changed as he quietly revealed that he had news about Carlos. He handed her the newspaper that featured an article about Carlos' confession. Sabrina read the story and was stunned that Carlos had claimed that he had broken into the Quartermaine mansion because he had needed money to support Sabrina and the baby. She insisted that none of it made sense and that the confession wasn't true because Carlos had sworn to her that he hadn't killed A.J.

Felix reminded Sabrina that Carlos was a criminal and that criminals lied. Sabrina argued that Carlos wouldn't have lied to her. Moments later, Patrick entered the room, so Sabrina asked how Emma was. Patrick revealed that Emma was fine, but he had caught his daughter in the middle of a tango lesson with Duke. Felix excused himself so Sabrina could share the good news with Patrick about the baby.

After Felix left, Sabrina told Patrick that tests showed that their son was stable. Patrick was thrilled, but he could tell that Sabrina was exhausted. He insisted that she go home to get some rest while he stayed with their son. Sabrina reluctantly agreed and then left.

A short time later, Felix entered NICU with two cups of coffee and handed one to Patrick. Patrick thanked Felix for the coffee and for everything that Felix had done for both Patrick and Sabrina. Felix was curious where Sabrina was, so Patrick explained that he had sent her home to rest.

Meanwhile, Sabrina entered the squad room as Carlos was about to be transported to Pentonville.

At Kelly's, Sam approached her mother's table and apologized for being late. Sam explained that she had been talking to Patrick, prompting Alexis to ask how Patrick's son was. Sam gave Alexis an update and then admitted that Patrick was a total disaster. Alexis didn't blame him because she had been beside herself when Molly had been born under less than ideal circumstances. Sam explained that besides the baby's premature birth, Patrick's marriage might be over because Robin had refused to return home.

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