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Patrick and Sabrina's son passed away. Nina Clay crashed Danny's birthday party. Nathan stood by Maxie's side in court. Rafe stole money for drugs. Sonny insisted that Ava move in with him when a blood test confirmed her pregnancy.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 2, 2014 on GH
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Nikolas arrived at Elizabeth's and made sure she was all right. He expressed his sympathy for Ric being arrested. Elizabeth told him that Ric was innocent, and she put in a call to Diane. Nikolas wondered why she was helping Ric, and she maintained his innocence. Nikolas recounted the evidence that the police had again Ric, including his fingerprints all over the gun that had shot Lucas.

Elizabeth reluctantly took the paper from Nikolas and read. "He lied to me?" she uttered. Nikolas was glad that she'd found out before she'd gotten in too deep with Ric, but Elizabeth admitted that she'd been in Ric's bed when the police had "barged in." She admonished herself for believing Ric. Nikolas offered to do anything he could to help her feel better. She collapsed into his arms, crying.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth regained her composure and apologized for falling apart. She realized that everything she thought she'd had with Ric was over.

Brad exited the elevator at the hospital, and Britt immediately cornered him. He was complaining to Britt about the gay wedding he'd taken the weekend off to attend, and Britt couldn't get a word in edgewise. "Shut up!" she finally exclaimed. She said she'd been trying to get ahold of him for days about something important. He didn't see how important it could have been unless someone had died. "Lucas almost did," she told him.

Britt informed Brad that Lucas had been the target of a hit man at a dinner party held by Julian. It had been touch-and-go, and Lucas had needed surgery, but she'd heard that he was going to make a full recovery. She told him that Lucas was in the ICU, and Brad ran off to find him.

Julian was sitting at Lucas' bedside when Lucas opened his eyes. Julian wondered if he could get Lucas anything. "Just answers," Lucas responded. Julian explained that his boss hadn't taken his departure from the business very well, so he'd sent a hit man to send a message to Julian. He apologized for Lucas paying the price. He assured Lucas that Julian's boss was "out of the picture." Before Julian could answer, Felix entered to change Lucas' bandage. Julian had to go get ready for Danny's birthday party later that afternoon. He promised to check in with Lucas later, and left the room.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Bobbie demanded to know when she saw Julian outside of Lucas' room. He responded that he was seeing his son. "Not if I have anything to say about it," she shot back. She warned him to stay away from Lucas, because she'd known that Julian would put Lucas in danger. Julian thought that Lucas was in more trouble from Bobbie's family than Julian's.

Julian lied to a confused Bobbie that Carly was dating a serial killer. Bobbie reminded him that Franco had had nothing to do with Lucas' shooting. "I love my son, and I'll do everything in my power to protect him," Julian said and walked away.

Felix began changing Lucas' bandage when Brad burst into the room. He apologized for not being there sooner. "It's not like we're together," Lucas told him. He continued that Felix was taking good care of him. Brad wondered if Lucas and Felix were dating. "We're very much dating," Felix said. "We had a lovely dinner the other night until the gunfire," he added.

Brad and Felix began to argue over Lucas until Bobbie entered the room. She demanded that Felix and Brad leave and said that she would finish changing the bandage. "You're welcome," she said to Lucas once Felix and Brad were gone.

At the hospital, Nathan was on the phone, asking someone about Nina. He ended the call when Patrick and Sabrina exited Gabe's room. He asked about the baby, and he was pleased to hear that things were looking up. He got down to business and told Patrick and Sabrina that the cops didn't have many leads on the person who'd caused the accident. He wanted to go through Patrick and Sabrina's version of events one more time.

Patrick remembered paying attention to the road when a car started swerving into his lane out of nowhere. He added that if he hadn't turned into the ditch, the cars would have crashed head-on. He couldn't tell if the other driver had swerved intentionally. Nathan asked about the other car. Patrick responded that he thought it had been a dark-colored sedan, but he wasn't totally sure. Sabrina wished they could be of more help. Nathan promised to do everything he could to solve the case.

Nathan walked away and ran into Britt. He wondered how she was doing and if she'd talked to Nikolas. "Not since his epic blow-off at the Nurses' Ball," she revealed. Britt still couldn't believe that their mother had sung to her and Nathan at the ball, and she expressed her amazement at how Obrecht always seemed to get away with her crimes. Nathan was happy that his "mother -- I mean aunt" was paying for killing Nina.

Nathan couldn't get used to calling Nina his cousin. Britt assured him that Nina "was your sister in every way that counted." "Is," he corrected. Britt apologized for putting Nina in the past tense. Nathan clarified that, according to Madeline, Nina was still alive. He continued that Madeline had apparently moved Nina to a different facility but had refused to tell Nathan where it was.

Nathan admitted that he hadn't said anything to Silas since he hadn't had any luck tracking Nina down. He didn't want to take Madeline's word for it, just in case she'd been lying, especially since he'd already made Silas' life miserable. Britt knew that it made her sound like a hypocrite, but she advised him to tell Silas the truth, because secrets always tended to be revealed. She had to get back to work but told Nathan, "I like having a brother," and asked him to get lunch sometime.

Patrick and Sabrina went back into Gabe's room. They discussed the "outrageous" possibility of someone trying to intentionally hurt them. Patrick assured Sabrina that they were all fine, and he trusted Nathan to handle the case. Patrick begged Gabe to let him see Gabe kick his legs, since Gabe had done it for Sabrina when Patrick had been out of the room. Gabe kicked one of his legs, and Patrick was ecstatic.

Suddenly, one of the machines started beeping. Patrick was alarmed, but Sabrina assured him that a nurse had told her that the machine would go off every once in a while and that it wasn't a big deal. It stopped beeping a moment later. They fantasized about the day when being in the hospital would be a "distant memory."

Suddenly, more machines started beeping. A handful of doctors and nurses, including Britt, rushed in moments later and began to work on Gabe. Sabrina questioned Britt. Britt knew that Sabrina was terrified but told her to give them room to work on Gabe.

At Silas', Sam wasn't surprised to learn from the paper that Ric had been Julian's boss all along. She saw Silas, who wasn't listening, was looking at something, and she asked him what it was. She saw that it was a picture of Silas and Nina from their wedding day. He didn't know where it had been since he'd boxed up all of his and Nina's things years before.

Sam knew that letting go hurt, but Silas thought that it was time for him to start letting go of Nina. He confided that he'd focused on his guilt for years, but that he wanted to move forward. He told Sam that she had freed him from his monotonous life and that he loved her. He continued that he'd held back from saying it "a million times" partially because of Nina, but since she was at peace, it was "as close to closure as I'm going to get." He confessed that he'd also been scared.

Silas assured her that he didn't need to hear it back, but he'd just wanted her to know. He got up to go to the kitchen, but she stopped him. She admitted that it was scary, but she could be brave just like him. "I love you too," she said simply. "Are you sure?" he asked. "I, Sam, love you, Silas. Happy now?" she asked playfully. He hugged her and spun her around.

Just like Silas, Sam had thought that she'd never connect with someone ever again after Jason had died. They agreed that they both felt lucky and shared a kiss. Silas had to go to the hospital, and Sam begged him not to go. He told her he'd have to go if he wanted to get out in time for Danny's birthday party. He kissed her and left.

A short while later, Sam called Monica. Sam told Monica that Monica was welcome to attend Danny's party, and that Sam would be over soon to pick Danny up. As she hung up the phone, there was a knock on the door. Sam opened the door and stood in stunned silence.

A short while later, Silas exited the elevator out of the hospital and bumped into Nathan. "There's something you need to know," Nathan told Silas.

Alexis looked at the front page of the paper about Ric's arrest. Molly happily entered the living room and told Alexis what a good mood she was in. She apologized for not having the time to talk to Alexis the night before and wondered what was wrong. Alexis informed Molly that the police had arrested the person responsible for Lucas' shooting. "Good, I hope he rots in jail for life," she spat. Alexis doubted that Molly would think that once she found out who it was. "Your father," she confessed.

Molly didn't understand why Ric would want to hurt Lucas when he barely even knew Julian. Alexis told Molly that Ric was Julian's boss and handed her the newspaper. Molly told her mother that the paper was Julian's, so he could write whatever he wanted, and it was all lies. Alexis told Molly about the evidence given by Julian. "Because he's never been dishonest before," Molly said sarcastically.

Molly demanded to know why Alexis wasn't at the police station, helping Ric. "I can't," Alexis stated. Molly blew up at her mother, saying that Alexis could help her other daughters' fathers, but not Molly's. She accused Alexis of turning her back on Ric and yelled that she never would, and she stormed off into her room.

Alexis was begging Molly to return to the living room when there was a knock on the door. Alexis opened the door to Julian, who noticed her irritation. "I just talked to Molly about Ric," she revealed. He expressed his sympathy and hugged Alexis. "I wish I could do something," he said. "There is," Molly said, appearing at the foot of the stairs. "Admit you're lying about my father," she challenged him.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In the neonatal intensive care unit, Sabrina and Patrick panicked when the alarms on their son's monitors went off and a team of doctors rushed into the room and then swarmed Gabriel's incubator. Sabrina begged Britt to tell Sabrina what was going on, but Britt didn't have any answers and needed to focus on Gabriel. Patrick gently led Sabrina to the door, but Sabrina stopped to beg Britt to save Gabriel.

Later, Patrick and Sabrina waited anxiously for word about their son. Britt stepped out of the room and then reluctantly admitted that she didn't have good news. Britt explained that the infection that Gabriel had suffered had spread to his intestines, which was common for premature babies like Gabriel. According to Britt, Gabriel had experienced necrotizing enterocolitis, which had prevented Gabriel from properly absorbing nutrients, resulting in Gabriel's organs slowly shutting down. Sabrina argued that Gabriel had been gaining weight, so she suggested that Gabriel be put on antibiotics.

Britt confessed that antibiotics wouldn't help and that Gabriel wouldn't survive surgery. Sabrina began to cry as she insisted on getting a second opinion. Britt didn't object, but explained that they would need to make Gabriel as comfortable as possible. Patrick tearfully asked how much time he and Sabrina would have with their son, so Britt quietly admitted that Gabriel only had a few more hours to live.

Later, Patrick and Sabrina received confirmation of Britt's diagnosis. They tried to make sense of their son's situation, but Sabrina was too heartbroken and doubted that she would have the strength to say goodbye to Gabriel. Patrick felt the same way, but he promised that they would find the strength together to assure their son that they loved him, that he was safe, and that Gabriel would always remain in their hearts. Moments later, Patrick and Sabrina braced themselves and then entered the son's NICU room.

In the hospital's elevator, Ava asked if it was necessary for Sonny to point a gun at her. Sonny assured her that it was because he didn't trust Ava. Ava assured Sonny that she was pregnant with either his or Morgan's child.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Nathan greeted Silas as Silas exited the elevator and then revealed that he had something to tell Silas. Silas explained that he was in a hurry because Silas had plans to meet Sam and Danny in the park for Danny's birthday party. Nathan insisted that it was important, so he followed Silas to the nurses' station to try to explain that Nina might be alive. However, Ava and Sonny walked up before Nathan could tell Silas.

Ava seized the opportunity to explain that she had been out of town, so she was eager for news about Julian. Nathan revealed that Julian had been released from police custody in exchange for the name of Julian's boss. Sonny was stunned when Nathan revealed that Ric Lansing had been arrested. Ava offered to go with Nathan to the police station to make a statement, but Sonny objected by carefully reminding Ava that Ava had an important appointment. Ava understood the veiled threat, so she promised to meet the detective at the police station after her appointment.

"That was odd," Nathan muttered as Sonny led Ava away. Silas glanced at Ava's retreating form as he explained that for Ava, odd was any day that ended in a "Y." Nathan shrugged and then changed the subject to explain that he needed to talk to Silas about Nina. Silas assumed that Nathan had wanted to apologize for repeatedly accusing Silas of harming Nina, but Silas assured Nathan that it hadn't been necessary because Silas appreciated that Nathan had been seeking justice for Nina.

Nathan confessed that Nina wasn't his sister, so Silas confessed that he had heard that Nathan had traded a Reeves for an Obrecht. "Is that better or worse or just a sidestep to another kind of hell?" Silas wondered. Silas admitted that it didn't matter because Nathan had Silas' condolences. Silas assured Nathan that Nina wouldn't have cared who Nathan's biological mother was because Nina would have still viewed Nathan as her brother and have been thankful that Nathan had put Nina's killer behind bars.

Nathan tried to tell Silas that Nina might be alive, but Silas cut him off by suggesting that Nathan move forward and put the past behind him because Silas had. Nathan wasn't surprised when Silas confessed that Silas was in love with Sam and finally happy. Nathan couldn't let it drop, but rather than reveal that Nina might be alive, Nathan confessed that he had been trying to track Nina's remains. Silas offered to help in any way that he could, but Silas realized the time and dashed off to make it in time for Danny's birthday party.

In an examination room, Sonny and Ava waited for a doctor to arrive. However, Sonny's thoughts were also on Ric and how Ric had been revealed to be Julian's boss. Ava assured Sonny that she had never known about Ric and Julian's association. She had thought that Julian had first met Ric when Ric had arrived in town and then had agreed to represent Julian in a legal matter. Sonny appeared skeptical, but she assured him that she had told the truth just as she had about the baby.

Later, Britt retrieved a vial of blood from Ava for the pregnancy test and then promised to have it sent directly to the lab. Sonny questioned how reliable the test would be because of Britt's history of changing tests results. Britt acknowledged that Sonny had a right to have doubts, so she offered to have Sonny follow her to the lab and watch her hand the vial of blood directly to the lab tech. Britt then assured Sonny that the results could be given to Dr. Chu, who could share the results with Sonny and Ava. Pleased, Sonny agreed.

Ava was curious how accurate the blood test was, so Britt promised Ava that the test would eliminate any doubt about whether or not Ava was pregnant. Ava sensed that Britt seemed upset. Britt quickly apologized and then carefully explained that she had just given parents bad news about their baby. Ava felt bad for Britt, so Ava suggested that perhaps Britt could mitigate the bad news by giving Sonny and Ava good news. Sonny glared at Ava with contempt simmering in his eyes.

Later, Nathan spotted his sister, so he called out to Britt. He immediately picked up on the tension in her, so she revealed that it had been a difficult day. However, she quickly changed the subject to ask why Nathan was still at the hospital. Nathan admitted that he had intended to tell Silas about Nina but had changed his mind because he was reluctant to destroy Silas' happiness based on what might have been Madeline's lie about Nina.

In the park, Franco spoke to Carly on the phone about Sonny. Carly was concerned because Sonny hadn't returned any of her phone calls nor replied to any of her text messages. Franco suggested that perhaps Sonny was in a "dead zone," but Carly was not amused. Franco wondered if perhaps Ava had managed to turn the tables on Sonny, but Carly immediately dismissed the possibility, so Franco suggested that perhaps Sonny had decided to stay on the island to work on his tan after Sonny had killed Ava. Franco reminded Carly that everyone was better off with Ava gone, but Carly disagreed when she spotted Morgan.

After Carly ended the call, Franco went to work drawing caricatures of the people passing through the park. His project was not well received when one woman took one look at what he had drawn and then proclaimed that the drawing looked nothing like her. She reluctantly dropped five dollars into Franco's hat, despite his request for twenty dollars, and then stormed off.

Moments later, Kiki jogged by but stopped when she saw Franco. She chuckled when she realized what he had been doing. However, she felt bad for him when she looked into his hat and saw that he had only collected fifteen dollars and a box of raisins for his work. Franco confessed that it had been worse than that because an urchin had tried to rob him. Kiki felt bad for Franco, so she agreed to pay him twenty dollars for a caricature provided that he took his time and made her look pretty.

Franco assured Kiki that she was pretty, but she waved the compliment away and then explained that she had plenty of time to sit for Franco because she didn't have plans until later that evening when she intended to meet her mother for dinner. Franco tensed as he warned Kiki that Ava might not make the dinner. Surprised, Kiki wondered why he would say that, so Franco carefully reminded Kiki that Ava had a tendency to get distracted.

Kiki confided that she had talked to her mother and that Ava had vowed to turn over a new leaf. Franco doubted that Ava would be turning over any leaves and then decided to be honest with Kiki because he liked Kiki. Kiki was shocked when Franco explained that Ava was very likely dead. Horrified, Kiki demanded an explanation, but Franco refused to betray Carly, so he reminded Kiki that Ava had made a long list of enemies, many of whom wanted to kill Ava. Kiki insisted that she had spoken to her mother the previous evening and that Ava hadn't given any indication that something was wrong.

Kiki decided to check on her mother by calling Ava. Franco was stunned when Ava answered Kiki's phone call. Relieved, Kiki confirmed that Ava was fine and then asked where Ava was. Ava revealed that she was in Port Charles and then promised to meet Kiki for dinner later that evening. After Kiki ended the call, Kiki demanded to know why Franco had suggested that her mother had been killed. Franco refused to answer, so Kiki marched off in a huff.

At the hospital, Carly ended the call with Franco to approach Morgan, who stood outside of Lucas' hospital room, unaware of Carly's presence. Morgan warmly greeted Carly with a hug, so Carly pulled away and then quietly admitted that she had heard about Sonny and Ava's illicit tryst. Carly wanted to know how Morgan was doing, but it was clear that he was still upset about his father and Ava's betrayal. He shared the details about Sonny and Ava's one-night stand in the crypt following A.J.'s funeral. Morgan was disgusted that Sonny and Ava would have sex in "the poor man's resting place."

Carly remained quiet until Morgan invited her to say, "I told you so," because she had warned him about Ava from the beginning. Carly assured her son that she wasn't interested in gloating, but she assured him that he would never again be hurt by Ava. Morgan was curious how Carly could be certain of that, since he had gone back to Ava in the past. Morgan admitted that it was probably for the best that Sonny and Ava were on Sonny's island. Carly was startled that Morgan knew where Sonny and Ava were, but she warned Morgan that he would eventually have to make peace with Sonny because Sonny would return from the island even if Ava didn't.

Confused, Morgan wondered why Carly didn't think that Ava would return to Port Charles. Carly quickly reminded Morgan that Julian would kill Ava for betraying Julian to Sonny, so Carly was confident that Ava wouldn't risk returning to a town to face certain death. Carly changed the subject by inviting Morgan to lunch, but Franco called to warn Carly that Kiki had spoken to Ava. Shocked, Carly ended the call with Franco just as Sonny and Ava walked up. Carly immediately sensed that something was going on, so she asked Sonny. Ava answered Carly's question by announcing that Ava was pregnant.

At Silas' apartment, Sam set the wedding snapshot of Silas and Nina on the coffee table to answer a knock at the door. Sam was surprised when she saw Rafe standing on the doorstep, accompanied by a police officer. The police officer asked if Sam was Rafe's mother, so Sam quickly clarified that she was Rafe's legal guardian. Rafe asked if the police officer was satisfied that Rafe had told the truth about where Rafe lived, so the police officer released his hold on Rafe.

Rafe marched into the apartment as the police officer explained to Sam that Rafe had been caught trying to steal from someone in the park. The victim had declined to press charges, so the police officer asked Sam to set Rafe straight about not breaking the law. Sam readily agreed and then closed the door to discuss the incident with Rafe. Rafe insisted that he had only taken five dollars, but he had quickly returned it.

Sam wasn't satisfied that Rafe had returned the money because Rafe had been caught. She wanted to know why Rafe had resorted to stealing for money. Rafe claimed that he had wanted to buy Danny a birthday gift, but Rafe had spent all of his allowance. Sam insisted that Rafe wasn't obligated to get Danny a gift because it was enough that Rafe was like a big brother to Danny. Rafe disagreed because Silas and Sam had done so much for Rafe.

Sam decided to let the matter drop until after Danny's birthday party, when they could include Silas in the conversation. Rafe revealed that he didn't want to attend Danny's party in the park because Rafe still felt uncomfortable being around Molly and T.J. after Rafe had told Alexis about Molly and T.J.'s plans to spend the night at Metro Court. Sam was disappointed that Rafe wouldn't be at the party, so she offered to talk to Molly, but Rafe asked her not to. Moments later, Sam stepped away to take the phone call from Monica. Meanwhile, Rafe noticed some money sticking out of Sam's purse.

A short time later, Sam returned to the living room after she had changed into a summer dress. She made another appeal for Rafe to change his mind about going to the park with her, but Rafe continued to decline the invitation. After Sam collected her things, she rushed out the door. Rafe waited until he was alone and then pulled some cash out of his pocket.

Later, Silas arrived home to pick up the birthday present that he had left behind for Danny. He noticed the wedding picture on the coffee table, so he picked it up and then dropped it into a box. Shortly after Silas left, Rafe returned to the apartment. He pulled a small baggie of white powdery substance from his pants pocket and then sprinkled a small pile of what appeared to be cocaine onto the table.

At the lake house, Julian confessed to Alexis that he felt bad for Molly and that he wished that he could do something for the teen. Molly rounded the corner to suggest that Julian start by telling the truth about her father. Molly dared Julian to look her in the eye and confirm that her father was the monster that Julian had made Ric out to be. Alexis gently interceded by reminding Molly that Ric had a history of stepping outside the law, but Molly insisted that Ric had changed. Alexis argued that the police hadn't just taken Julian's word for it; there had been evidence to back up Julian's claims.

Molly wasn't satisfied and angrily accused Julian of using Ric as a scapegoat. Julian agreed that he had been facing jail time, so he had agreed to name his boss to avoid going to prison. However, Julian insisted that everything that he had said about his boss had been true and that Ric had wanted to take Sonny down from the beginning. Molly refused to believe Julian and decided to go to the jail to talk to her father.

On the porch, Molly was surprised when she bumped into T.J. T.J. explained that he had heard about Ric's arrest, so T.J. had stopped by to check on Molly. Molly insisted that Julian had lied, but T.J. wondered if Molly had any proof. Molly explained that it was a hypothesis based on Julian's history of lying and criminal activity, so she intended to pay her father a visit. T.J. offered to go with Molly, but she worried that he might not want to have to face Jordan.

T.J. surprised Molly by revealing that Jordan had been released from jail because of a mistake during the arrest. "Looks like all of the Jerome crew are getting off easy," T.J. grumbled. Molly was curious if T.J. knew where his mother was, but T.J. shook his head. However, he was confident that Shawn could find her and then suggested that perhaps they could use Jordan's guilt to their advantage to find out if Julian had lied about who the top boss was.

Molly appreciated T.J.'s offer to help, but she wanted to talk to her father first. She was about to leave when Alexis walked out onto the porch to reveal that Anna had called with an update. Anna had told Alexis that the FBI had picked up Ric to question him, so Anna would let Alexis know when Ric would be available to receive visitors. Molly was furious that she couldn't visit Ric, but Alexis gently asked if Molly could set aside her anger toward Julian for a while, so they could celebrate Danny's birthday in the park. Molly agreed, but she made it clear that she would not let it go.

Later, in the park, Molly glared at Julian as Alexis and Julian put up a birthday banner for Danny. T.J. asked if Molly was okay. Molly questioned how Alexis could be with a man like Julian and then groused that Julian couldn't even properly hang a banner. Meanwhile, Alexis quietly asked Julian if Molly was still watching them. "Like a hawk," Julian confirmed.

Julian doubted that Molly would stop watching him until she knew for certain that he had told the truth. Alexis warned Julian that Molly would not give up easily. Julian expected nothing less because Molly was Alexis' daughter. Alexis confessed that she was furious with Ric for sending a hit man after Lucas, so Alexis felt that Ric didn't deserve to be Molly's father.

Moments later, Sam and Danny arrived for the party. Sam explained that Rafe had decided to skip the party, but Silas would be along shortly.

Later, Sam decided to return to the car to fetch a jacket for Danny. She was happy when she ran into Silas as he arrived for the party. Sam was curious if Rafe was with him, but Silas shook his head. Sam was disappointed that Rafe had decided to remain at the apartment, but Silas confessed that he hadn't seen Rafe when Silas had stopped off to fetch Danny's birthday present. Sam and Silas assumed that Rafe had been in Rafe's bedroom.

Silas then shifted gears to tell Sam about Nathan's visit and how Silas had told Nathan that Silas had finally moved on. Silas was determined that the day would be about his and Sam's future, not the past. Alexis greeted the couple as they returned to the party and then confided that Danny had made a new friend. Silas tensed when he heard a woman talking to Danny. Silas and Sam were shocked when the woman turned to greet them. It was Nina Clay.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

At the courthouse, Nathan was on the phone with an administrator from the Crichton Clark facility, demanding information about his sister, Nina. Maxie walked up as Nathan made it clear that he expected answers by the end of the day and then ended the call. Concerned, she asked him what was wrong. Nathan claimed that it was work-related then changed the subject by wondering why Maxie was at the courthouse. Maxie revealed that she and Diane were trying to reschedule the custody hearing that she had missed the previous week.

Nathan was happy that Maxie had decided to fight for her daughter, but he was curious where Levi was. She confided that she hadn't talked to Levi about her decision because Levi believed that it had been written in the "cosmos" for Maxie to lose custody of Maxie, so Maxie should move forward. Nathan thought that it was ridiculous of Levi to expect Maxie to give up on Georgie, but Maxie assured Nathan that Levi was supportive. However, she conceded that she and Levi had differing views on the subject of her daughter. Maxie was touched when Nathan admitted that he was proud of Maxie for taking the step that she had to reunite with her daughter.

Nathan offered to stay with Maxie as a show of support, so Maxie thanked him. Moments later, Diane rounded the corner but stopped short when she saw Nathan and then asked why he was there. Maxie assured Diane that it was fine because Nathan was on Maxie's side. Diane relaxed and then realized that she could use Nathan to their advantage because Judge Walters might be impressed that a police officer supported Maxie's bid to have contact with Georgie.

A short time later, Maxie, Diane, and Nathan entered the judge's chambers to formally request that he grant permission for the custody hearing to be rescheduled. Judge Walters refused to consider it because Maxie had missed the previous week's hearing, which the judge believed illustrated Maxie's lack of responsibility. The judge insisted that Maxie would have to wait another six months, but Maxie assured the judge that she had done everything that he had asked of her and had even volunteered for charities and aided with disaster relief. Diane offered to show Judge Walters the proof of Maxie's claims, but the judge wasn't interested.

Nathan stepped forward to smooth things over by claiming that it had been his fault that Maxie had missed the hearing. According to Nathan, Nathan had inadvertently put the notice in the junk mail pile and then had thrown it out without realizing his mistake until it had been too late for Maxie. Nathan praised Maxie and then requested that the judge reconsider. The judge believed Nathan and decided to grant Diane and Maxie's request for a second hearing.

After Judge Walters left, Maxie hugged Diane and then thanked Nathan for his help. Diane decided to schedule a hearing with the clerk, so she hugged Maxie once again and then whispered to Maxie that Nathan was a keeper. Maxie smiled at Nathan as Diane left the office.

At Maxie's apartment, Levi answered the door when Mac knocked. Mac was not pleased when he saw Levi but asked if Maxie was home because Mac had picked up lunch. Levi admitted that he had no idea where Maxie was, but reminded Mac that Maxie was a vegan. Mac explained that the bags contained cornbread and macaroni and cheese, but Levi insisted that the food had been made with animal products and therefore was not vegan.

Levi appeared annoyed when Mac entered the apartment, so Mac quickly informed Levi that Felicia and Mac paid for Maxie's portion of the rent on the apartment, which meant that the apartment belonged to Mac, not Levi. Levi confessed that he had a feeling that Mac had a problem with Levi, so Mac conceded that Levi was right because Mac was concerned about his daughter. Levi pointed out that Mac technically wasn't Maxie's father.

Mac bristled at the remark as he informed Levi that Mac had raised Maxie since Maxie had been a child. Levi appeared unapologetic as he argued that he had merely stated fact. Mac countered that Mac knew Maxie better than Levi, so Mac had concerns about Maxie's relationship with Levi. Mac explained that Maxie gone through something traumatic and had decided to leave town with the intention of finding herself, but instead she had found Levi.

Levi demanded an opportunity to defend himself and then claimed that he had made a genuine effort to get to know Maxie's family. Levi regretted that Mac was unhappy that Maxie had evolved, but Levi thought that Maxie was a better person that the "extremely self-centered materialistic" person who had done something terrible to Lulu. Mac agreed but added that Maxie had been haunted by what had happened with Lulu. Mac was curious if Levi had ever made a mistake, so Levi admitted that he had, but Levi had learned from those mistakes.

Levi promised that Maxie had also learned from her mistakes and had put the nightmare behind her, but Mac argued that Georgie was Maxie's daughter and that Maxie should be fighting for her child, not putting Georgie behind her. Levi didn't want to waste energy arguing with Mac, so Levi suggested that they bury the hatchet for Maxie's sake. Mac grudgingly agreed, but Mac made it clear that he would never stop watching out for Maxie's best interests. Mac asked Levi to have Maxie call Mac and then left.

In the park, Silas and Sam were shocked when they realized that the woman that Danny had befriended was Silas' wife, Nina Clay. Nina sat in a wheelchair as she greeted Silas with a big smile. Silas slowly recovered from his shock as Sam and the rest of Sam's family stepped away to give Silas and Nina some privacy. Nina was anxious for Silas to say something, but Silas admitted that it had been a long time.

"It seems like yesterday for me," Nina nervously joked. However, she quickly sobered and assured Silas that she knew that she hadn't been stuck in a time machine. Silas smiled softly as he admitted that she looked the same, but he confessed that Madeline had told him that Nina had died. Nina wasn't surprised because her mother would have done anything to keep Nina and Silas apart. However, Nina promised that she would not let Madeline nor his mistress, Ava, succeed.

Silas assured Nina that he was no longer with Ava. Nina was almost as delighted by the news as she had been when she had discovered that Silas had never filed for divorce. Nina confessed that it had made her realize that he had remained as committed to their marriage as she was. Silas squirmed uncomfortably, but Nina didn't appear to notice as she changed the subject by asking about the party.

Alexis decided to call an end to the party by asking Molly and T.J. to take Danny to the swings or to Kelly's then text message Alexis when they arrived. Molly and T.J. quickly scooped up Danny and then left.

Meanwhile, Silas seized the opportunity to question Nina about her appearance in Port Charles and how she had managed to find him in the park. Nina explained that she had searched the Internet and then had called his office. According to Nina, Silas' assistant had told Nina that Silas was at the park. Silas was curious how long Nina had been awake, so she admitted that it hadn't been long, but she had made a lot of progress despite being stuck in a wheelchair.

Silas assured Nina that he had tried to visit her, but she revealed that she had been moved to a facility that specialized in rehabilitation. She confessed that she had worked hard because she'd wanted to return to Silas. Nina explained that she hadn't known how to contact him, so she'd decided to send him a bouquet of the flowers that they had used in their wedding with a card that she'd hoped would make him realize they had been from Nina.

Nearby, Alexis and Julian hovered near Sam, but she ignored her parents as she stepped forward to explain that Silas had assumed that Sam had sent Silas the flowers. Sam carefully explained that Danny's second birthday party had been a celebration of Danny's birthday and Danny's remission from leukemia. Sam credited Silas with saving Danny's life, so Nina beamed at Silas as she congratulated Sam on Danny's recovery.

Nina's smile quickly faded as she confessed that she was exhausted and eager to catch up with Silas at home. Silas and Sam tensed, so Julian told Nina that her brother, Nathan, was in town. Nina referred to Nathan as James as she confessed that she would visit with her brother when she felt less overwhelmed because James had been five years old when Nina had last seen him, so she wasn't prepared to see him as a grown man.

Silas appeared uncertain about what to do, so Sam encouraged Silas to take Nina home. Silas reluctantly pushed Nina's wheelchair out of the park. Alexis and Julian hugged their daughter as Sam watched Silas leave.

At the hospital, Carly and Morgan were shocked when Ava revealed that Ava and Sonny had just received confirmation that Ava was pregnant. Morgan thought that Ava was joking, but she quickly assured Morgan that it was true. Carly argued that pregnancy tests were often inaccurate, but Ava clarified that Ava had taken a blood test. Morgan snidely wondered if Sonny or Morgan was the father, so Sonny launched into another apology by explaining that Sonny had never meant for it to happen.

Morgan suggested that Sonny have those words tattooed on Sonny's forehead, but Ava interrupted the argument by asking to speak to Morgan privately. Sonny strongly objected, but Ava assured Sonny that she and Morgan would be nearby. Sonny reluctantly gave Ava his consent by slightly nodding his head. Stunned by the exchange, Morgan suggested that Sonny buy Ava a leash. Ava and Sonny ignored the remark as Ava led Morgan to an examination room.

After Ava and Morgan left, Carly realized that Sonny hadn't killed Ava because of the pregnancy. Sonny was frustrated because he couldn't make Ava pay for murdering Connie. Carly was horrified that Ava might be carrying Carly's grandchild, so Sonny invited Carly to gloat because Carly had warned him about Ava. Carly assured him that she wanted to, but instead, Carly shifted gears to remind Sonny that they could turn A.J.'s recording over to the police with the incriminating information against Sonny edited out. Sonny argued that it wouldn't matter because Ava would immediately accuse Sonny of shooting A.J.

Carly doubted that anyone would believe Ava over Sonny, but Sonny refused to take the chance that Michael would. Carly assured Sonny that she wouldn't have any qualms lying to Michael to protect their son, but Sonny admitted that he didn't want his child or their grandchild born behind bars. However, he fully intended to make Ava pay for what Ava had done to Connie after the baby was born. Carly pointed out that Sonny had the upper hand because Sonny knew what Ava was capable of. Carly was confident that Sonny wouldn't easily fall for Ava's lies and manipulations.

In the examination room, Morgan made it clear to Ava that he had no desire to be near her. However, he wanted to know if the baby was his child. Ava admitted that she didn't know, but she and Sonny had only slept together once. Morgan pointed out that once was all it required. Ava quickly reminded Morgan that she and Morgan hadn't always been careful, especially on the morning of A.J.'s funeral. Morgan wondered if Ava realized how disgusting it was that she had slept with both Morgan and Sonny on the same day.

Ava implored Morgan to look past his anger and bitterness so he could appreciate what a blessing the baby was. Ava pointed out that the baby could be a fresh start for them because she still loved Morgan, but Morgan shocked her by suggesting that she terminate the pregnancy. Morgan insisted that they wouldn't know the baby's paternity for a long time, but regardless, it was a "sick" situation that would cause everyone more pain. Ava was stunned that Morgan would want her to abort their child, but Morgan made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Ava.

Ava informed Morgan that she would not terminate the pregnancy, but Morgan couldn't understand why she would have the baby only to throw all the "twisted crap" at it. Ava's decision was made, so Morgan stormed out of the room. Ava followed Morgan to try to continue their conversation, but Sonny and Carly stopped Ava. Sonny asked Carly to keep an eye on Ava and then ordered Ava to stay put. "I have a lot to say to this bitch," Carly confessed as Sonny left to catch up with Morgan.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Epiphany and Felix stood outside of the neonatal intensive care unit as they watched a heartbroken Patrick and Sabrina say goodbye to Gabriel. Felix begged Epiphany to tell him that it was one of Britt's sick jokes, but Epiphany couldn't. Epiphany assured Felix that Gabriel's organs were slowly shutting down and that there was nothing that anyone could do to save the baby.

In NICU, Sabrina tried to convince herself that Gabriel looked better and might turn a corner, but Patrick quietly reminded Sabrina that it was impossible. The devastated parents looked up when Epiphany and Felix entered the room and then gently offered Sabrina the opportunity to hold the dying infant. Sabrina readily agreed, so Felix handed the bundled baby to Sabrina.

Patrick stood beside Sabrina, his arm wrapped around her shoulders, as they gazed at their son with tears swimming in their eyes. Sabrina conceded that Gabriel was tiny, but she assured her son that he was perfect. She tearfully apologized for not properly protecting her son, but she promised him that there wouldn't be any windows or plastic barriers between them ever again. Felix asked if there was anything else that he and Epiphany could do, so Sabrina confessed that she wanted her son to be baptized.

Epiphany agreed to fetch someone, so Patrick followed Epiphany into the hall, while Felix stayed with Sabrina and Gabriel. Patrick gazed through the window as he broke down and admitted that he didn't know if he had the strength to get through the loss of his son or the ability to help Sabrina. Epiphany knew the pain that Patrick felt because Epiphany had experienced it when her son had died. Epiphany promised Patrick that he would eventually get through it and then vowed to make sure to help Patrick.

Later, Father Reyes entered the NICU to baptize Gabriel. Sabrina asked Epiphany and Felix to stay, so they agreed. Father Reyes began the baptism as Sabrina held her son with Patrick at her side.

After the baptism, Patrick and Sabrina were left alone with their son. Patrick held Gabriel as Sabrina noticed that Gabriel's breathing had begun to slow down. She quietly wept that she wasn't ready to let their son go, but Patrick promised her that it would be okay because Sabrina's mother would be waiting to take care of Gabriel.

Moments later, Felix entered the NICU to hand Sabrina's mother's stethoscope to Sabrina. Felix thought that Sabrina would want to use it to listen to Gabriel's heartbeat. Sabrina tearfully thanked Felix. After Felix left, Patrick waited until Sabrina had donned the stethoscope and then handed their son back into her waiting arms. Sabrina's smile was bittersweet as she listened to her son's heartbeat.

In the hallway, Epiphany tearfully praised Felix for what he had done and then began to cry as she watched Patrick and Sabrina through the window.

In the NICU, Patrick held Sabrina as she continued to listen to their son's heartbeat. She quietly told Gabriel that she had never known such love as she felt for her son. She urged Gabriel to hold on to it and to take it with him. Her tears began to fall as Gabriel's heartbeat slowed and then stopped.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

At the hospital, Sonny asked Carly not to let Ava out of her sight and then chased after Morgan. Carly readily agreed. "I have a lot to say to this bitch," Carly admitted. Ava taunted Carly by asking if that was any way for Carly to talk to the woman who would make Carly a grandmother, but Carly ignored the remark because Carly was curious if Ava appreciated how deeply Ava had hurt Morgan. Ava quietly confessed that she felt bad for Morgan, but Carly didn't believe Ava.

Carly confided that she had nearly thrown up when Olivia had told Carly about Sonny and Ava's one-night stand. Ava smiled maliciously as she accused Carly of being jealous because Ava had slept with Sonny. Ava suggested that Carly felt threatened because Ava would soon share a similar "spiritual" connection with Sonny as the mother of his child that Carly had enjoyed. Carly pointed out that the baby might be the product of the "sick" relationship that Ava had had with Morgan. Ava shrugged because regardless who the father was, the baby would a Corinthos.

Carly promised Ava that Sonny would never have gone near Ava if Sonny had known that Ava had murdered Connie. Carly conceded that Ava had had quite a party at Morgan's expense, but both Sonny and Morgan knew the truth about Ava, so the party was over thanks to Carly. "How do you like me now, baby mama?" Carly asked. Carly talked about finding A.J.'s recording, having it cleaned up, and then giving it to Sonny.

Ava couldn't believe that A.J., the "drunken slob," had had the wits to record his conversation with Ava, but Ava was more surprised that Carly had given the recording to Sonny, knowing that Carly would be signing Ava's death warrant. Carly assured Ava that Carly had slept peacefully that night and then had kept a bottle of champagne at the ready, waiting for Sonny's phone call to confirm that Ava had been disposed of as Ava had deserved. Ava pointed out that the champagne would have to wait because the baby had provided Ava with a little insurance policy against Sonny's wrath.

However, Ava made it clear that she considered Carly a genuine threat, much as Connie had been, so Carly should be careful. Carly was startled when Ava mentioned that Ava had been responsible for Olivia's shooting, prompting Carly to ask if Ava had made a habit of shooting innocent women. Ava admitted that she had been gunning for Franco, but Olivia had gotten in the way. Ava had enjoyed watching Shawn and Carly scramble when it had appeared that the shooting had been Shawn and Carly's fault. Ava then shifted gears to advise Carly to make her peace because Ava intended to strike when Carly least expected it.

Carly scoffed at the suggestion that Ava was a threat because Ava didn't stand a chance against Sonny because of what Ava had done to both Olivia and Connie. Ava reminded Carly that Ava had thirty-six weeks to change Sonny's mind, which Ava was confident was possible because family meant everything to Sonny. Carly argued that the baby, not Ava, was part of Sonny's family.

In the hospital's parking garage, Morgan stopped to take a deep breath as his conversation with Ava suggesting that the baby could be a fresh start for them replayed in his head. Sonny suddenly reached out to Morgan, but Morgan violently pulled away from Sonny's grip. Sonny begged Morgan to hear him out because Sonny and Morgan needed to find a way to work things out. Morgan argued that it wasn't possible because Sonny had slept with Morgan's girlfriend. Morgan had no idea how to wrap his mind around the possibility that he might be Ava's baby's father or brother.

Sonny realized that it was a messed up situation, but Morgan wasn't satisfied. Morgan confessed that things had almost started to feel normal again until he had bumped into Sonny and Ava when Ava had dropped her bombshell. Morgan demanded to know how Sonny had found out about the pregnancy, but Sonny refused to tell his son about the trip to the island to kill Ava. Morgan assumed that Sonny had flown to the island for romantic time with Ava, but Sonny insisted that the tryst had been a one-time thing.

Sonny admitted that he had gone to the island to talk to Ava, but it hadn't been romantic in nature. Morgan didn't believe Sonny because Sonny could have called Ava rather than fly to the island. Sonny insisted that he hated himself and the situation because he had hurt Morgan, but Sonny was desperate to find a way to repair his relationship with Morgan. Morgan made it clear that baby or no baby, Morgan had been finished with Sonny the moment that Sonny had slept with Ava. Sonny refused to give up on Morgan because Morgan was his son, but Morgan was unmoved and stormed off.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, the argument between Carly and Ava escalated as Ava continued to push Carly's buttons until Carly raised her hand to strike Ava. Sonny returned in time to stop Carly from slapping Ava. Ava smiled smugly, but Carly ignored Ava to ask where Morgan was. Sonny admitted that Morgan had left, so Carly decided to track down their son. However, first, Carly told Sonny about Ava's intention to use the pregnancy to manipulate Sonny into changing his mind about killing Ava. Sonny wasn't surprised, so Carly added that Ava considered Carly a threat.

Sonny conceded that Ava was right about Carly. Carly smiled with satisfaction and then informed Sonny that Ava had also threatened to kill Carly. Sonny assured Carly that he would not let that happen, so she promised him that she wasn't worried and then left. Ava seized the opportunity to announce her intention of going home, but Sonny stopped Ava to explain that Ava would be staying with Sonny because Sonny didn't trust Ava out of his sight, especially after threatening Carly.

In the park, Sam helped Alexis clean up after Danny's birthday party, but Sam had been rattled by Nina's appearance. Sam admitted that the old Sam McCall would have gone after Silas to seduce him away from Nina, so Alexis pulled a bottle of wine from the cooler and then poured each of them a cup of wine. Afterwards, Alexis and Sam sat down to talk about the situation with Silas and Nina.

Sam revealed that ironically, Silas had told Sam that very morning that he had been ready to put Nina in the past and move forward. Sam admitted that Silas had even told Sam that he loved her. Surprised, Alexis was curious how Sam had responded. Sam confessed that she was in love with Silas, too, so the day had been the beginning of a new chapter for both Sam and Silas. However, Sam feared that Nina's appearance had changed everything because Silas might still be in love with his wife.

Alexis urged Sam not to jump to any conclusions, but Sam was worried that Nina might assume that Silas and Nina could pick up where they had left off. Alexis was confident that Sam could handle whatever happened and then wrapped her arms around her daughter to hold her. Alexis gently rocked Sam as she assured her daughter that Silas would do the right thing and have everything resolved by the following day. Sam feared that Silas might decide that staying with Nina was the right thing.

Meanwhile, Silas carried Nina to his apartment door. Nina apologized for the inconvenience, but Silas pointed out that she was not to blame for the elevator being out of order. Nina's face lit with joy when Silas carried her into the apartment because she thought that it was fitting for her husband to carry her over the threshold. Silas smiled awkwardly as he settled Nina onto the sofa. Nina looked around and smiled because she liked the apartment.

Silas said little as Nina talked about their past and then touched on the subject of her mother's determination to drive them apart. Nina then began to talk about how everything had changed and that she was still trying to adjust to the idea that she had fallen asleep one night and then woke up twenty years later. She confessed that her biggest regret was how much time she had lost with Silas, but she was curious why he had never divorced her. She assumed that he'd had relationships over the years, but Silas was saved from having to answer her questions about his love life when someone knocked on the door.

Rosalie Martinez, Nina's nurse, arrived with Nina's things, including the wheelchair. Nina introduced Silas to the nurse and the instructed Rosalie to put Nina's things in Silas' bedroom, so Silas gave the nurse directions to his bedroom. Nina confessed that she was eager to spend the night in her husband's arms, but Silas quietly suggested that it might be best if he slept in the living room. Nina was hurt until she assumed that Silas had made the offer because he was concerned about Nina's fragility. Silas smiled uncomfortably but didn't deny it.

Nina vowed that she would work hard to make a full recovery because she wanted Silas to know how much he meant to her. She confessed that the thought of him had given her the will to live and then changed the subject by asking if he still liked to listen to jazz. Silas confirmed that he did, so she suggested that they spend the following day, listening to jazz music, while she read her "trashy romance" novels, the way that they had in the past. After Rosalie returned to collect Nina, Silas bid Nina goodnight. Nina smiled with adoration at Silas as Rosalie pushed the wheelchair to Silas' bedroom.

Elizabeth approached Felix outside of Gabriel's hospital room in the neonatal intensive care unit. She immediately realized that the worst had happened when she saw Felix's grief-stricken expression. Felix confirmed that Patrick and Sabrina's son had passed a few minutes earlier, so Elizabeth ran into Felix's arms. The two cried as they held each other.

In the NICU, Patrick and Sabrina were heartbroken as they looked at their motionless son. Felix and Elizabeth quietly entered the room and expressed their condolences. Elizabeth gently told Patrick and Sabrina to let her know when they were ready for her to take Gabriel but quickly added that they should take all the time that they needed. Elizabeth promised that she and Felix would be waiting in the hallway if Patrick or Sabrina needed anything.

After Felix and Elizabeth left, Sabrina tearfully confessed that she didn't want anyone to take their son away. She wished that time would just stop because she didn't know how she and Patrick could be expected to let go of Gabriel. Patrick's voice cracked with emotion as he promised Sabrina that they would find a way to do it together.

Later, Patrick and Sabrina walked out of Gabriel's hospital room. The baby was cradled in Sabrina's arms as tears flowed down her face. Sabrina implored Elizabeth and Felix to promise that Gabriel would not be left alone, so both Elizabeth and Felix promised that they would stay with Gabriel if necessary. Satisfied, Sabrina reluctantly handed her son to Elizabeth.

Later, Elizabeth and Felix returned to Gabriel's hospital room to assure Patrick and Sabrina that Gabriel had been left in good hands and that everyone would take good care of Patrick and Sabrina's son. Elizabeth gently asked if there was anything else that she could do, while Felix added that he would do whatever Patrick or Sabrina needed. Sabrina confessed that she just wanted to go home, so Felix agreed to take her.

At the door, Sabrina apologized to Patrick, but Patrick rushed to her side to assure her that she had nothing to be sorry for. Patrick promised Sabrina that their son would remain in their hearts forever, so Sabrina agreed and then left. After Felix closed the door, Patrick broke down crying. Elizabeth quickly went to her friend to offer him a shoulder to lean on.

Later, Felix and Sabrina arrived home. She was startled when she noticed the boxes scattered throughout the living room. Felix immediately apologized for not getting rid of the things that they had ordered for the baby. He offered to take care of it, but Sabrina told him to leave the boxes alone because she wanted to remember how wonderful and excited she had been before the accident. Felix didn't think that it was a good idea, but Sabrina insisted that she needed to look through the things that they had ordered for Gabriel.

Sabrina opened a box and pulled out a small shirt and baby gym shoes that she had picked out for her son. Her eyes filled with tears, so Felix tried to get her to put the items away and allow him to get rid of the boxes. He suggested that they talk over a glass of wine, but Sabrina explained that she needed some time alone. Felix reluctantly agreed to go to his bedroom, but he made it clear that he would periodically check on Sabrina. Sabrina offered him a watery smile of gratitude, so he handed her the stethoscope that had once belonged to her mother and then left the room. Sabrina's eyes welled up with tears as she looked at the clothes that she had bought for her son.

At the hospital, Patrick and Elizabeth sat in a quiet corner outside of Gabriel's hospital room to talk about Gabriel. Patrick confessed that he had thought that his son had been getting stronger and would make it. Elizabeth reminded Patrick that she knew the pain of losing a child because she had gone through it when Jake had died, so she appreciated how hard it was for Patrick to wrap his mind around the reality that Gabriel was gone. However, she promised that Gabriel would remain in Patrick's heart and memory forever.

Later, Elizabeth left Gabriel's hospital room with a bag of stuffed animals that Patrick asked to be taken to the pediatrics ward. However, he stopped her to fish out the koala bear that Emma had given to Gabriel. His eyes filled with tears as he confessed that he had no idea how to break the news to Emma that her little brother had died. Elizabeth was confident that Patrick would handle it with the same love, compassion, and support that he had done everything else. Patrick wished that he had the same confidence in himself that Elizabeth had.

Elizabeth admitted that it wouldn't be easy because she had broken down when she had been forced to tell Cam about Jake's death. However, she'd had Lucky there to help her through it. Patrick pointed out that he didn't have Robin, but Elizabeth promised that she would be there for Patrick to help him. Patrick argued that it wasn't necessary, but Elizabeth made it clear that she wanted to be there for Patrick, so Patrick thanked her. Later, Elizabeth hovered near Patrick as he folded the blanket that had been draped over Gabriel's incubator and then left Gabriel's hospital room for the last time.

Friday, June 6, 2014

In the park, Franco had an easel set up with a sign promoting his portrait business. Desperate to strum up business, Franco offered to sketch Olivia's portrait when she walked up, but she declined. However, she quickly helped herself to all of the money that he had collected. Franco objected, but Olivia explained that he still owed for damages to his hotel suite. Franco argued that Carly had dropped the charges, but Olivia tucked the money away and then left.

Frustrated, Franco decided to channel his rage into his creativity, but he quickly realized that he had lost his talent when he looked at the portrait that he had been working on. Moments later, Carly walked up, so Franco accused her of making him cranky because he had spent a restless night, worrying about her. Carly explained that she had gone home to wait for Morgan, so they could talk, but Morgan had stayed out all night.

Franco assumed that Morgan had wandered the streets, lamenting about Ava rather than mourning her passing, which made Franco wonder why Sonny hadn't killed Ava. Carly revealed that Ava had escaped certain death by announcing that Ava was pregnant with either Sonny or Morgan's child. Carly grumbled that she wasn't surprised that Ava had had unprotected sex with both a father and son on the same day, so Franco suggested that Carly find Morgan to talk to her son. Carly immediately became suspicious when she sensed that Franco wanted to get rid of her, but Franco assured her that he simply needed to focus on his work because Olivia had taken the money that he had collected from the students at a school for the visually impaired.

Carly scolded Franco for taking money from blind children, but Franco insisted that he had hoped that the parents of the children would hang the "self-portraits" on their refrigerators and that someone somewhere would like one of his works of art. Carly felt bad for Franco, so she offered to sit for a portrait, but Franco refused to do a caricature of someone as beautiful as Carly. Carly refused to take no for an answer as she sat down and then invited Franco to get started.

Later, Carly asked to see the finished portrait, but Franco objected. Determined, Carly wrestled the portrait out of Franco's hand and then took a long look at it. She confessed that she was impressed but pointed out that the portrait was of Olivia. Franco felt like an abject failure because his life had been all about his art. Carly assured him that he would find his place in the world again and then surprised him by insisting that he move in with her. Franco tried to refuse, but Carly threatened to charge him rent at the hotel if he didn't move in with her.

At Michael's apartment, Kiki stopped short when she opened the front door to leave but saw Morgan standing on Michael's doorstep. Kiki explained that Michael had left earlier that morning and that she had been on her way out, but she immediately sensed that something was troubling Morgan, so she pulled Morgan into the apartment to talk. She asked him what was wrong. "Your mother," Morgan answered.

Morgan confessed that he had been walking around all night, trying to wrap his mind around what had happened. Kiki feared the worst and asked if her mother had been killed. Startled, Morgan assured her that Ava was alive, but he was curious why Kiki feared otherwise. Kiki ignored the question to demand to know what her mother had done. She was horrified when Morgan told her about Ava's pregnancy and the possibility that Sonny might be the baby's father.

Kiki questioned if her mother was really pregnant, but Morgan assured Kiki that it was true because he had bumped into Sonny and Ava at the hospital. Kiki suddenly realized why Ava had bailed on the dinner plans the previous evening, but she was shocked that there was a chance that Ava was pregnant with Kiki's ex-husband's child. Morgan quickly added that the baby might also be Morgan's sibling, which was why he had suggested that Ava have an abortion. Kiki frowned at Morgan as she reminded him that it was Ava's choice to make and that he was free to walk away from the child if he didn't want to be a father to the baby.

Morgan assured Kiki that Ava was determined to keep the baby and then revealed that Ava hoped that Morgan was the father because Ava wanted Morgan back. Kiki was curious if Morgan still loved her mother. "Yeah, I guess I still do," Morgan reluctantly answered, but Kiki wasn't satisfied. She wondered if Morgan loved Ava enough to forgive Ava and deal with the baby even if Sonny was the father. Morgan admitted that he didn't know, so Kiki promised that she and Michael would support whatever Morgan decided to do.

At Greystone Manor, Ava balked when Max escorted her into parlor. She ordered Max to remove his hand from her arm, but Max ignored her until Sonny dismissed Max. After Max left, Sonny suggested that Ava improve her manners because Max would remain her shadow during her pregnancy. Sonny added that she wouldn't have to worry about after her pregnancy because Sonny intended to kill her. Ava insisted that Sonny couldn't treat her like a prisoner, but he disagreed because she'd lost any right to freedom when she had shot Olivia and then murdered Connie.

Sonny made it clear that he called the shots and then yelled for Max to accompany Ava to her apartment so Ava could collect her things. Ava sputtered with outrage and vowed to make Sonny sorry, but Sonny wasn't intimidated.

Later, Olivia stopped by to talk to Sonny about their relationship. She explained that she wanted to find a way for them to be amicable toward each other for the sake of their grandchild, Dante, and Lulu. Sonny argued that he wanted to work things out with Olivia because he still loved her. Olivia refused to consider it, but Sonny didn't believe her and asked if she still loved him. She reluctantly admitted that she did, so Sonny urged her to give their relationship another try.

Olivia's eyes filled with unshed tears as she warned Sonny that they would have to take things slowly. He readily agreed, but he realized that he had to tell her about the baby. Sonny started to explain that Ava was pregnant when Ava suddenly returned and loudly announced, "Sonny, I'm home." Olivia's back straightened as she angrily demanded to know what Ava was doing there. Sonny warned Ava not to say anything, but Ava ignored him and explained that Sonny had invited Ava to move in.

Olivia looked to Sonny for answers, so Sonny revealed that Ava was pregnant. Ava quickly added that there was an equal chance that the baby might be Morgan's child, but Olivia was too upset that Sonny had decided to move Ava into his home. Sonny explained that he had done it for health reasons, but Olivia countered that Sonny could have hired a nurse for Ava. Ava agreed with Olivia, but Olivia ignored Ava as Sonny assured Olivia that Ava's baby had nothing to do with how Sonny felt about Olivia. Olivia made it clear that she refused to be in the same house as Ava and then stormed out.

Later, Morgan arrived to talk to Sonny. Sonny explained that he didn't want to argue with Morgan, so Morgan revealed that he had made a decision. Morgan informed his father that Morgan wanted to work things out with Ava and do right by the baby regardless of who the father was. Ava suddenly entered the room, warning Sonny that she would need more closet space if their living arrangement had any hope of working. However, she immediately froze when she saw Morgan standing next to his father.

In Maxie's apartment, Nathan, freshly showered with a towel wrapped around his waist, ran out of the bathroom to answer his cell phone. He answered the call and then barked at the phone solicitor who wanted him to change his cable service. Nathan ended the call then apologized to Maxie, who calmly sat in a chair and watched Nathan. Nathan explained that he had been expecting a phone call about Nina, so Maxie joined him at the sofa as he opened up to her about his twisted family dynamics and his concern for Nina.

Maxie assured Nathan that she appreciated his frustrations about not knowing what was going on with Nina because Maxie had experienced similar feelings about Georgie. Maxie seized the opportunity to thank Nathan for his support and help with the judge the previous day. Nathan insisted that it hadn't been a big deal, but Maxie disagreed because he had put himself on the line for her. Maxie was eager to repay him, but he promised her that it was enough that she listened to him vent about Nina.

Maxie and Nathan appeared to have a close moment when Levi suddenly entered the living room. Levi stretched and yawned until he noticed Nathan and Maxie together on the sofa. Maxie assured Levi that she and Nathan had just been talking, but Levi resented Nathan sitting around dripping wet on the sofa. Nathan reminded Levi that Levi didn't have a job or pay rent, so Levi didn't have any right to complain.

After Nathan left to get ready for the day, Levi questioned Maxie about her relationship with Nathan. Maxie insisted that Nathan was simply a friend who had supported her in court when she had requested the judge to schedule a new hearing about visitation with Georgie. Levi was disappointed because Levi and Maxie had agreed that she would put Georgie in the past and move forward. Maxie carefully explained that she had changed her mind, but Levi was curious why she hadn't discussed it with him first. Maxie explained that she had hoped to avoid an argument because Levi hadn't been supportive of her decision to try to see her daughter.

Levi resented that Maxie had discussed it with Nathan, but Maxie clarified that she had merely bumped into Nathan at the courthouse. Levi seemed question why Nathan had been at the courthouse, but Maxie reminded Levi that Nathan was a police officer. Maxie defended Nathan by explaining how Nathan had helped her when the judge had been reluctant to schedule a new hearing. Levi pounced on the opportunity to point out that Maxie had invited bad karma into her life by lying to a judge.

Nathan appeared in the doorway to inform Levi that all that mattered was that Maxie might have a chance to spend time with her daughter, but Levi explained that Nathan couldn't possibly understand how shattered Maxie had been to lose custody of the baby. Levi didn't want to risk Maxie getting hurt again if the judge ruled against her. Nathan argued that Maxie had to take the chance and that things might work out differently. Nathan then changed the subject to explain that he needed to leave, so Maxie wished him luck with the Nina situation.

After Nathan left, Levi asked if there was more to Maxie and Nathan's relationship than friendship. Maxie quickly assured Levi that he was the only man for her, so Levi relaxed and admitted that he thought that he and Maxie had something special, so he didn't want to lose her.

At Silas' apartment, Silas spoke to Sam on the phone. She was eager to know how things had gone with Nina, so Silas revealed that Nina had spent the night in the bedroom while he had slept on the sofa. Silas assured Sam that he intended to tell Nina about his relationship with Sam, but Sam questioned if it was a good idea because Nina seemed fragile, weak, and under the assumption that Silas and Nina could pick up where they had left off decades earlier.

"Morning, Babe," Nina suddenly called out as she wheeled herself into the living room. Nina quickly apologized when she realized that Silas was on the phone, but Silas smiled politely and then wrapped up the call with Sam by promising to talk to Sam later. Nina assumed that Silas had been on the phone with a patient, so he didn't correct her as he deftly changed the subject by asking how she had slept. Nina confessed that she had slept great, but she had missed having Silas' arms around her.

Silas braced himself to gently break the news to Nina that he was involved with Sam, but Nina cut him off to apologize because she realized that while it had been twenty years for Silas since they had slept together, it had seemed like she had only spent one night apart from him. Nina smiled as she confessed that the years had been kind to Silas and then shifted gears to ask him for a cup of coffee. Silas ducked into the kitchen to brew a pot as Nina talked about how different everything seemed.

Silas returned to the living room as Nina confessed that she was eager to catch up with him. Silas suggested that she call her brother because he was certain that her brother would want to see her. Nina surprised Silas by admitting that she wasn't ready to reunite with "James" because he had been a young boy when she had last seen him. She feared that seeing him as an adult would be too overwhelming. Silas promised Nina that her brother had been devoted to her, but Nina changed the subject by suddenly asking if Silas thought that they'd had a good marriage.

Nina seemed to relax when Silas assured her that he did believe they'd had a good marriage. She smiled as she confessed that she wanted to sit on the sofa, but she feared that she wasn't strong enough to move from the wheelchair to the sofa. Silas picked Nina up and then settled her on the sofa, so Nina seized the opportunity to lean close to him. Silas tensed until Rafe passed through the living room on his way to the front door. Silas stopped Rafe to a introduce Rafe to Nina.

Nina was surprised when Silas explained that Rafe was Stephen's son and that Stephen had died. Nina was sad to hear about Stephen, but she was curious how he had died. Silas cryptically explained that it had been an illness, but Rafe assured Silas that it was fine to tell Nina the truth and then added that Stephen had been a serial killer. Silas quickly explained that Stephen had suffered a psychotic break after the death of Stephen's wife, but Stephen had left behind a great kid. Silas smiled at Rafe, but Rafe appeared to shift uncomfortably as he reiterated that he had to leave.

Silas wanted to know where Rafe was headed, so Rafe claimed that he had to drop by Sam's apartment. Nina was curious if Rafe had been referring to the same woman that Nina had met in the park the previous day, so Silas nodded. Rafe offered to stay with Sam to give Silas and Nina some space, but Silas assured Rafe that it wasn't necessary because Rafe's home was with Silas. Rafe thanked Silas and then left.

Nina was curious why Rafe was close to the mother of one of Silas' patients, so Silas admitted that it was a long story. Nina sensed that she was missing something, so she wondered if there was more to Silas and Sam's relationship than Nina realized. Silas prepared to tell Nina about his love for Sam when Kiki suddenly entered the apartment. After Silas and Kiki exchanged greetings, Silas introduced Kiki to Nina. Kiki quickly recovered from her shock as Nina asked if Kiki was one of Stephen's children. Silas shook his head and then gently explained that Kiki was his daughter.

At Kelly's, Sam sat down with Alexis, Julian, and Danny to enjoy breakfast. Sam quietly asked her mother how Molly had been handling Ric's arrest, so Alexis confessed that Molly hadn't taken the news well. However, Alexis wanted to focus on Danny's birthday "do-over." Julian confessed that he had been surprised by what had unfolded in the park the previous day during Danny's party and wondered if Nina knew that Silas and Sam were together. Sam assured her father that Silas intended to break the news to Nina soon, but Julian wasn't satisfied.

Sam explained that she had asked Silas to wait, so Nina could have time to adjust to everything. Julian warned Sam that if Silas didn't say anything to Nina right away then Nina might get the wrong idea and assume that Silas and Nina could work on their marriage. Sam suggested that Julian focus on spoiling Danny, not Sam's day, so Julian apologized for being overprotective because he hadn't been there for Sam when Sam had been growing up. Sam appreciated having her father's support, but she promised him that she was perfectly capable to taking care of herself. Alexis smiled when Julian leaned down to give his daughter an affectionate peck on the cheek and then left.

Later, Sam opened her wallet to pay for the bill but realized that her cash was missing. She seemed confused as she pulled out a credit card to settle the tab. Moments later, Nathan entered the diner. Sam greeted him and then asked if he had been excited about the news regarding Nina. Nathan had no idea what Sam was talking about, so she explained that Nina was alive.

Meanwhile, Rafe scored drugs in the park with the money that he had taken from Sam.

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