General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 16, 2014 on GH

Sabrina returned to Puerto Rico with Juan after Gabriel's funeral. Molly moved in with Sam. Nina's secrets were revealed. The judge denied Maxie visitation with Georgie. Morgan agreed to renovate Bobbie's brownstone.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 16, 2014 on GH
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Felix readied himself for the funeral. Sabrina entered the living room and thanked Felix for getting her a dress. Sabrina couldn't believe that she'd gotten ready for a wedding instead of a funeral the day before. Felix promised that he, and all the people who loved Sabrina, would help her get through the difficult time. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Felix opened it to Juan.

Sabrina hugged Juan, who had gotten the first flight out of Puerto Rico when he'd heard about Gabriel. He wished he had been able to meet Gabriel. Sabrina needed a minute to get herself together before going to the church, so she left the room. Felix thought that Juan's presence had already made Sabrina feel a little better. The two men wondered how some "heartless" person could run a car off the road and then just drive away.

Patrick stood in the church, holding Gabriel's hospital bracelet in his hand. Maxie arrived and hugged Patrick, apologizing for not visiting sooner. He was glad that Maxie was back. Maxie replied that she'd missed Patrick and Robin, and she had been surprised when she'd heard that Robin had gone back to Africa. Maxie thought that Robin would have wanted to be at Gabriel's funeral. "I think our marriage is over," Patrick responded.

Maxie was shocked and offered to do anything Patrick needed. Patrick observed that Maxie seemed to be doing better. She told him that she'd been working hard with the guidance of her boyfriend, who was to meet her at the church for the funeral.

Nathan ran through the park and stopped to take a rest. "Are you exercising or running from your demons?" Levi, who was meditating nearby, asked Nathan. Levi continued that he was shocked and offended by the senseless loss of human life, referring to Nathan's "murder" of Ric. Nathan ironically spat back Levi's own words about Gabriel's death -- about the universe having a plan, and everything happening for a reason. "How did you know about that?" Levi asked.

Nathan informed Levi that he'd run into Maxie the night before. She'd been "bent out of shape" after Levi had told her that it was wrong to mourn the death of a child. Levi advised Nathan to stay out of his personal business. Nathan insisted he'd been a friend to Maxie, but Levi knew that Nathan wanted to be more than friends with Maxie.

Nathan continued that he'd had drinks with Maxie at the Floating Rib, where he'd had help eating his ribs. "Maxie ate my meat, and she liked it," Nathan told Levi. Levi lunged at Nathan and punched him. "What are you doing?" Maxie demanded to know. Levi apologized for "compromising my values" but said that Nathan had gotten under his skin by "besmirching" Maxie's honor.

After hearing the story, Maxie admitted to her "meat lapse," but she said that it was no reason for Levi to punch Nathan. Levi let it slip that he and Nathan had already been arguing at that point, and Maxie demanded to know why. Nathan told her that Levi had made a comment about Ric's death that Nathan hadn't appreciated. He warned Levi to keep his opinion to himself, or Nathan would hit back the next time. Maxie glared at Nathan and pushed Levi away.

On the phone, Anna advised the person on the other end to "keep a close eye on Ric" because he wasn't happy about being forced into the Witness Protection Program. Just then, Sonny barged into Anna's office. She abruptly ended her phone call as Sonny asked, "What the hell happened to my brother?"

Anna explained that Nathan hadn't had a choice but to shoot because Ric had tried to take the detective's gun away. Anna wondered why Sonny cared. He explained that, although he and Ric hadn't been close, they were still brothers, and Ric had sworn up and down that he was innocent. Anna reminded Sonny that Ric had never had a reputation for honesty. Sonny wanted to know if Anna thought there was any chance that Ric had been framed.

Anna repeated all of the evidence against Ric to Sonny. He was angry that he'd given her the means to take down Julian, but she'd let him go. She replied that it had been unavoidable, but advised him to feel lucky that she didn't have to time to investigate his "coffee business." Sonny told her that Duke would be going down with Sonny if that were the case. He reminded her that Duke had kept his end of his bargain with Anna, even though Anna hadn't.

Anna warned Sonny to leave Duke alone and to stay away from Julian. "I don't take orders from you," Sonny spat. "See you soon," he said as he turned to leave. "You'd better hope you don't," she retorted, and he was gone.

In the park, Julian was on the phone with Luke. He told Luke that Jordan would have the "operation" up and running soon. He also informed Luke that Ric had been killed while in police custody. "How many more people have to die before your vendetta is complete?" he wondered. He hung up the phone and saw Duke standing there.

Duke told Julian that Anna was under oath to uphold the law but, "unlucky for you, I'm not under the same constraint." Julian told Duke that he was out of the business, and he just wanted to live a peaceful life with his family. Duke remembered wanting the same thing, but Julian and his family hadn't allowed it. Julian wanted to end the feud between him and Duke.

Julian continued that he didn't want any more hatred or violence. He extended his hand to Duke. Duke reminded Julian that, because of the Jeromes, Duke had ended up in a Turkish prison. He informed Julian that the only two thoughts that had kept him going had been returning to Anna and getting revenge on Julian whether he was "reformed or not." Duke stormed away. Julian wondered how he could face Alexis, Molly, or anyone else who'd been close to Ric. Just then, Sonny appeared.

Silas rushed around his apartment, compiling a list of phone numbers for Nina just in case she needed anything while he was at work. He warned her that Rafe was in his room. He noticed her distraction and saw that she was looking at their wedding picture. She remembered how happy they'd been.

Nina didn't think she'd ever find that happiness again, but she knew that Silas had found it with Sam. She apologized and said she understood why he'd had to move on. Silas still wanted a relationship with Nina, but they would only be friends. She told him that she would be all right, so he left for work.

At the hospital, Sam ran into Elizabeth, who mentioned that she was picking up her "last paycheck." She explained to a shocked Sam that it was a long story, but she'd been fired. Sam hugged Elizabeth and offered condolences for the job and for Ric. Elizabeth still couldn't believe that Ric was gone.

A few minutes later, Sam ran into Silas. He regretted that he was "stuck" at the hospital and instructed Sam to extend his condolences to Patrick and Sabrina. He was glad she had stopped by because he wanted to let her know that he'd talked to Nina about him and Sam. He continued that she'd taken the news pretty hard and had been embarrassed to think that she and Silas could have picked up where they'd left off twenty years before.

Silas added that he was in love with Sam, and "there's no going back." He promised her that Nina wouldn't stand in their way. Sam felt guilty, since Nina was still fighting health issues. She wondered where Nina would go. Silas confessed that he'd offered for Nina to stay with him until she got back on her feet. He promised that Nina was his wife in name only. He thought that he and Sam could get through it and begged her to stand by him. She promised they would talk later and left to go to the funeral.

Nathan arrived at the hospital to talk to Silas about Nina. He wondered what Silas' intentions with Nina were. Silas intended to help Nina get her life back together and hoped that they would always be friends. Nathan believed that Silas and Nina were on different pages. He'd wanted to tell Nina about Silas and Sam, but he'd held back. Silas informed Nathan that he'd already talked to Nina about his relationship with Sam.

A short while later, Nina was still looking at the wedding picture when Rafe left his room and began rummaging around the apartment. He was surprised to see her and offered to get her something. She offered him a tissue because he had something on his nose. He told her he'd had a powdered donut for breakfast. "Did you chase it with cocaine?" she asked plainly.

Rafe protested, but Nina informed him that she'd seen so many "bored rich kids" that she knew what someone being high looked like. "Some things haven't changed," she observed. "It's not a big deal," he finally admitted. He continued that he'd only tried it once, and he didn't like it anyway. "My life is already ruined," he told her.

Rafe covered by telling Nina about "this girl. I love her, and she loves someone else." Nina agreed that there was nothing lonelier than "unreturned" love. She told him that drugs could hurt him more than any girl could. He begged her not to tell Silas, but she couldn't make that promise. He handed her a small baggie and told her that she could flush it because he was done with it.

Rafe again begged Nina not to tell Silas because he didn't want Silas to send him away. "I have nowhere else to go," he pleaded. "Well that makes two of us," she replied. She promised not to tell Silas unless she found out that Rafe was using again. "I owe you one," he said gratefully. He thanked her and left the apartment.

Elizabeth arrived at the church and handed Scorpio the koala to Patrick because Emma had wanted Gabriel to have the stuffed animal. He thanked her for being there but understood if it was too much for her because Ric had just died. She insisted that she wasn't leaving.

Sabrina, Felix, and Juan arrived at the church. Elizabeth welcomed Juan back, and they wished he were there under better circumstances.

Sabrina apologized to Patrick for her episode the day before. She wondered how they would get through it, but Patrick insisted that they would. Sabrina informed Patrick that Juan had invited Sabrina to Puerto Rico to "get away," even though she knew that Gabriel would always be with her. Patrick thought it was a good idea for someone to nurse Sabrina for once instead of the other way around.

Lulu and Olivia arrived. Olivia expressed her sympathy, and Lulu offered to babysit Emma if Patrick ever needed some time to himself. Sam arrived and hugged Patrick. She let him know that she would always be there for him.

The priest let everyone know that he was ready to begin the service. As Epiphany sang "Amazing Grace," Rafe stood at the back of the church and watched. Patrick and Sabrina held hands as they listened to the service. They placed the stuffed koala next to the tiny casket.

When the service was over, Levi admitted to Maxie that he felt like an "ass for being insensitive to your loss." He recognized that losing a child was a terrible thing to go through, and he apologized for trying to say anything otherwise. She forgave him, knowing he was a nice guy. She informed Levi that Nathan was a good guy as well. She thought that if they spent some time together, they could see the things they had in common. As she walked out of earshot, Levi said, "I can think of one thing already."

Duke stood staring off into space at the front of the church. He explained to a questioning Anna that he'd been thinking about the child they'd lost. Both admitted that they wondered every day what life would have been like if their child hadn't died. Duke told her that his problem with Julian wasn't just that Julian still "walks the earth" but that their child didn't. "I won't stand for that. Don't ask me to," he said, walking away from a stunned Anna.

Sabrina told Patrick that she would be going to Puerto Rico with Juan that afternoon. He understood, but she felt bad leaving him alone. "Remember, Emma and I are your family now too," he reminded her. He instructed her not to be gone too long and told her that he would miss her. She promised to be back soon and hugged him. He wanted her to have Gabriel's hospital bracelet, but she wanted him to keep it. She left, and he collapsed into a pew in tears.

Nina continued looking at her and Silas' wedding picture. There was a knock on the door. "Come in, it's unlocked!" she called out. Sam entered the apartment.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In the park, Julian offered his condolences to Sonny on Ric's tragic death, but Sonny merely glared at Julian. Sonny explained that Ric had denied being the head of Julian's organization, so Sonny had talked to Anna. Sonny conceded that Anna had confirmed that Julian had named Ric as the one in charge, but Sonny wanted to hear the truth directly from Julian. Julian insisted that Ric had been intent on taking Sonny down from the beginning, but Julian added that it no longer mattered because Ric was dead, and Julian had retired from the mob.

Sonny revealed that Anna had mentioned that Julian had retired, but Julian's word meant nothing to Sonny. Sonny admitted that if he could, he would put a bullet in Julian's head, but Julian's daughter, Sam, was the only thing that prevented Sonny from pulling the trigger. Sonny was curious what it felt like for Julian to hide behind Sam and Danny, but Julian blurted out in a moment of frustration that Julian wasn't Sonny's enemy. "Who is?" Sonny demanded.

Julian covered his mistake by answering, "Ava." Julian revealed that Ava had shot Olivia, but Sonny surprised Julian by defending Ava. Sonny explained that he knew about the shooting and that the bullet had been meant for Franco. However, Sonny seized the opportunity to make it clear that Julian was not to go near Ava. Julian's interest was piqued as he questioned Sonny's sudden desire to protect Ava, but Sonny refused to explain and instead pointed out that Julian shouldn't have a problem following the order since Julian was no longer in the business.

At Greystone Manor, Ava was reading a book about pregnancy when a bodyguard announced that Ava had a visitor. Seconds later, Kiki entered the parlor and greeted her mother. Ava seemed both surprised and somewhat disappointed, prompting Kiki to wonder if Ava truly expected Morgan to visit Ava after everything that Ava had done to Morgan. Kiki confessed that she felt as if she had been stuck in an episode of the Twilight Zone when Kiki had heard about her mother's pregnancy, so she was curious if Ava had known about the baby when Ava had spoken to Kiki on the phone. Ava confirmed that she had.

Kiki realized that the pregnancy was the reason for Ava's sudden desire to turn over a new leaf. However, Kiki questioned if Ava had gotten pregnant intentionally. Ava seemed shocked by the suggestion as she rushed to assure Kiki that the pregnancy had been a surprise. Kiki seemed satisfied that Ava had told the truth but explained that Morgan had been devastated by Ava's decision to move in with Sonny. Kiki couldn't understand how her mother could go from wanting the baby to be Morgan's to living with Sonny.

Ava insisted that it was complicated, but Kiki wanted an answer, so Ava claimed that she had been forced to move in with Sonny because Julian had tried to kill Ava when Morgan had revealed that Ava had flipped on Julian by sharing Jerome organization secrets with Sonny. Ava added that Morgan had saved her from Julian's wrath, but Morgan had ended things when Morgan had learned about the pregnancy.

Kiki was skeptical that Julian wanted to kill Ava, but Kiki was adamant that Ava was wrong about Morgan because Kiki knew that Morgan had been willing to take Ava back and raise the baby as his own, regardless of the baby's paternity, but had been deeply hurt when Ava had moved in with Sonny. Kiki insisted that there had to be a way for Ava to remain safe from Julian without living with Sonny, but Ava claimed that it was the only way. Kiki didn't believe Ava. Kiki suspected that either Ava had lied about the nature of Ava and Sonny's relationship or there was another reason that Ava had moved in with Sonny.

"I'm going with option B," Kiki admitted because Kiki was certain that her mother had some kind of agenda. Ava was hurt that Kiki had such a low opinion of her, but Kiki refused to apologize. Kiki realized that she would never get the truth from her mother, so she sarcastically congratulated Ava on the pregnancy and then left.

Later, Sonny arrived home. He was pleased that Ava was still under his roof, so Ava complained that she couldn't leave without a bodyguard following her. She groused that she felt like she was a prisoner, but Sonny reminded Ava that it was the price that she had to pay for murdering Connie. "Enjoy your sentence," Sonny said as he left the room. Annoyed, Ava picked up her tablet computer to read the Port Charles Press. She was stunned when she saw the story about Nina waking up from the coma.

At ELQ, Morgan entered Michael's office. Morgan grumbled that he had to get away from Carly's house because Carly had decided to ask Franco to move in, so Franco had gone from freeloading at Carly's hotel to freeloading at Carly's home. Michael was surprised that things had become that serious between Carly and Franco, but Morgan couldn't understand how their mother had even become involved with a man who had hurt Carly's loved ones, especially Michael. Michael conceded that Franco hadn't technically hurt Michael and then quickly added that there had been a video and a brain tumor to clear Franco, but Morgan scoffed at the idea that Franco wasn't to blame for the serial murders, Michael's rape, and Carly's abduction at Heather's hands.

Morgan was frustrated that their mother expected her children to accept Franco moving in with her, especially since Morgan was certain that it was a huge mistake. Michael appreciated how Morgan felt, but Michael pointed out that they had to accept Carly's decision because Carly would do whatever she wanted. Morgan conceded that he couldn't stop Carly from inviting Franco to move in any more than he could have stopped Sonny from moving Ava in. Michael was shocked, so Morgan explained that Ava was pregnant. Michael was curious how Olivia had taken the news.

Morgan revealed that Olivia had walked out on Sonny and then griped that Sonny and Ava were likely romantically involved. Michael doubted that Sonny would ever trust someone like Ava after everything that Ava had done. Morgan pointed out that things sometimes changed, because there had been a time when Carly had hated Franco. Michael tactfully changed the subject by inviting Morgan to move in with him, but Morgan admitted that it would be uncomfortable living with Michael and Morgan's ex-wife, Kiki. Morgan was resigned to sticking it out with Carly because Morgan didn't have a job, but Michael surprised Morgan by announcing that he might have a solution to Morgan's problem.

Later, Michael wrapped up a phone call with Ned when Kiki entered the office and greeted Michael. Kiki revealed that she had a lot to tell Michael, so he explained that he already knew about Ava's pregnancy and Ava's decision to move in with Sonny. He told her about Morgan's visit, so Kiki confessed that she was certain that there was more to the story about Ava moving in with Sonny.

At Carly's house, Carly watched with trepidation as Franco directed the hotel bellmen that Carly had enlisted to help unload the truck of Franco's things that had been in storage. She seemed uncomfortable with the volume of strange items that were dragged into her living room, but Franco beamed with joy because he hadn't seen his possessions in a long time. After a bellman announced that the truck was empty, Franco thanked the man. Carly's relief was short-lived when she discovered that Franco expected another truckload of items from a second storage unit.

Franco sensed Carly's unease, so he asked if she'd had second thoughts about him moving in. Carly quickly assured Franco that she looked forward to him moving in, so Franco kissed her. After they pulled apart, Carly suggested that they begin unpacking because she was eager for Franco to settle into his new home. "Over my dead body," Josslyn growled as she stepped out from behind a stack of Franco's belongings.

Carly scolded her daughter for being rude, but Josslyn was unrepentant as she marched up to confront Franco and accuse him of being a "psycho." Carly gasped then demanded to know where Josslyn had heard the term. Josslyn admitted that she had overheard her father, Jax, talking about Franco and that Jax had used the term. Carly was certain that Josslyn had misheard Jax and reminded Josslyn that they had talked about Franco moving in. Josslyn disagreed; Carly had talked, while Josslyn had listened.

Carly insisted that Franco wasn't a "psycho" and then promised that everything would work out. Franco smiled as he offered to teach Josslyn to paint, but Josslyn kicked Franco in the shin. Carly had a stern talk with Josslyn about her daughter's behavior then demanded that Josslyn apologize. "I'm sorry," Josslyn snapped, and she stomped on Franco's foot as she yelled "Sorry, you're a psycho."

"Josslyn Jacks," Carly yelled after as Josslyn darted up the stairs. Franco gently suggested that Carly give Josslyn some time to become accustomed to the changes. Carly apologized and assured Franco that everything would be fine, but Franco wondered if moving in was a good idea. Carly was surprised that Franco would let a little girl chase him away, but Franco pointed out that Josslyn wasn't an ordinary little girl. Carly smiled as she promised to have a talk with her daughter then left the room to talk to Josslyn.

Later, Carly returned to the living room as Franco played a musical instrument. She praised his skill, but Franco set the instrument aside as he apologized for getting distracted from unpacking. He shifted gears to ask how things had gone with Josslyn, so Carly assured Franco that Josslyn wouldn't be kicking him anymore.

Moments later, Morgan arrived home. Carly warmly greeted her son with a hug and began to assure him that everything would work out with Franco moving in. She was shocked when Morgan revealed that he intended to move out.

At the hospital, Silas confessed that he had told Nina about his relationship with Sam. Nathan was pleased because Nathan thought that Nina had a right to know. Nathan was curious how Nina had taken the news, so Silas admitted that she had been disappointed. Nathan couldn't blame his sister, but Silas assured Nathan that Nina understood that Silas and Nina's marriage was over. Nathan was curious what would happen next, so Silas explained that Nina would continue to live with him because Silas could afford Nina's medical care.

Nathan assured Silas that Nathan had been working to clear up the financial mess that Madeline had left behind, but it would take time. Silas appreciated Nathan's efforts, but Nina was still Silas' wife, so it was best for Nina to remain with Silas. Tension flared between the men as Nathan muttered that he was glad that Silas hadn't forgotten that Nina was Silas' wife. Silas resented the remark because he was doing his best to do what was right for everyone. Nathan quickly apologized, so Silas promised not to hurt Nina again.

At Silas' apartment, Nina confessed that she had been expecting Sam. Sam was surprised, so Nina explained that Silas had told her about his relationship with Sam. Nina felt bad that she hadn't known about Silas and Sam sooner because Nina hadn't wanted to turn Sam's life upside down. Sam insisted that Nina didn't have any reason to apologize because Nina had been the one who had been in a coma for twenty years. Sam was curious how Nina was doing, so Nina confessed that she was both tired and frustrated to be stuck in a wheelchair.

Sam wondered if the doctors had been okay with Nina leaving the facility. Nina smiled as she confessed that she hadn't given the doctors any choice. Nina then turned the subject back to Sam and Silas' relationship, so Sam confessed that she had stopped by because Sam had thought that it would be a good idea for Sam and Nina to meet. Sam and Nina formally introduced themselves to each other, but they both agreed that it hadn't made things any less awkward. Sam realized that Nina had expected things to be different between Nina and Silas, so Nina explained that she had jumped to the wrong conclusion when Nina had discovered that Silas hadn't filed for divorce.

Sam promised Nina that Silas and Sam had never intended to hurt Nina. Nina promised that she believed Sam, but Sam became distracted when she saw the photograph of Silas and Nina on their wedding day. Nina smiled sheepishly as she confessed that she had stumbled across the picture in a drawer when Nina had been looking for something. Sam appeared uncomfortable as Nina confided that all of her fantasies had vanished when Silas had told her about Sam, but Nina promised that she wouldn't try to insinuate herself or hurt Silas and Sam's relationship. Sam admitted that it might not be that easy, since Nina lived with Silas.

Nina vented her frustration at being confined to a wheelchair by pounding the armrests. Sam quickly assured Nina that Sam appreciated that Nina was in a difficult situation, so Nina admitted that she blamed her mother, Madeline, for her predicament because Madeline had not only robbed Nina of a child and twenty years of Nina's life, but Madeline had also left Nina destitute. Nina explained that she had been ready to move in with Nathan when Silas had told her about Silas and Sam's relationship, but Silas had insisted that Nina stay with Silas because Nathan lived in a small apartment with two roommates and couldn't afford to pay for Nina's around-the-clock care.

Sam assured Nina that she understood, but Nina suddenly realized that Sam might have a problem with Nina living with Silas. Sam carefully explained that she didn't know if it was the best solution in the situation. Nina reiterated that she didn't intend to cause problems for Silas and Sam. Sam promised that she believed that Nina had the best of intentions, but Sam also knew that Nina had hoped to rekindle things with Silas. Sam admitted that she knew the bond that Nina had shared with Silas because Sam had been married too.

Sam confessed that she was a widow and that she had wondered how she would react if she had been in Silas' shoes and Jason had returned. However, Sam had accepted that Jason was gone. Nina suspected that Sam knew that once a person was in love with someone, they didn't want to let that person go. Before Sam could reply, Silas arrived home.

Silas stopped short in the doorway when he saw Nina and Sam in the living room. He wondered what was going on, so Nina revealed that Sam had a problem with Nina living with Silas.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At ELQ, Michael and Kiki talked about Sonny's decision to have Ava move in with Sonny despite knowing how it would hurt Morgan. Kiki confessed that she suspected that there was more to the story than Ava and Sonny had told them. Michael felt terrible for Morgan because Sonny and Ava had completely betrayed Morgan, but Kiki gently reminded Michael that Sonny was Michael's father too. Michael conceded that he didn't know what he would have done without Sonny's unwavering support over the past few months, which was why Michael wanted to give Sonny the benefit of the doubt about Ava and avoid getting caught in the middle of Sonny and Morgan's battle.

Kiki warned Michael that Morgan might resent Michael for not taking a stand against Sonny, but Michael hoped that Kiki was wrong because Michael and Morgan were finally in a good place. Kiki smiled in understanding as she confided that she had always wanted an older sibling to fight her battles and to make her problems disappear, so Michael revealed that he had been able to help Morgan with one problem. Kiki was surprised when Michael revealed that Morgan had decided to move out because Carly had invited Franco to live with Carly.

Kiki appreciated that Michael and Morgan had a problem with Franco, but she pointed out that it was Carly's business who Carly lived with. Michael disagreed because he believed that Jax had a right to know that Franco lived under the same roof as Josslyn. Kiki argued that Carly clearly trusted Franco, but Michael countered that his mother didn't always have the best judgment. However, he realized that Kiki had a point, so Michael agreed to give Carly an opportunity to tell Jax about Franco moving in.

Kiki seemed satisfied, but Michael couldn't understand why Kiki continued to believe in Franco. Kiki explained that Franco had remained protective of her even after it was revealed that Franco was not her father, so she trusted Franco. Michael conceded that he and Kiki would likely never agree about Franco, so he shifted gears to reveal what he had done for Morgan.

Michael explained that his grandmother, Bobbie, owned a brownstone in an area of town that had fallen to ruins after the housing market had collapsed. According to Michael, ELQ had been working with the community to revitalize the area, so Michael had offered to let Morgan move into the brownstone to supervise the building's renovations in exchange for living there rent-free. Kiki was curious if she could move into the brownstone, too, because Silas' apartment had gotten crowded with Nina moving in.

Michael suggested that Kiki move in with him instead, but she didn't want to jeopardize how well things had been going between her and Michael by moving in with him before they were both ready. Michael wondered if it was a good idea for Kiki to live with her ex-husband, but Kiki smiled as she assured Michael that Michael was the only Corinthos that she wanted. Kiki kissed Michael to prove her point just as Tracy appeared in the doorway. "I see the new CEO of ELQ is getting loads of work done," Tracy snidely remarked.

At Carly's house, Carly was stunned when Morgan announced that he was moving out. Carly was curious where Morgan intended to go because Michael had a one-bedroom apartment and things were strained between Morgan and Sonny. Morgan would only tell his mother that Michael had made arrangements for Morgan, so Carly and Franco were free to live together just like Sonny and Ava were. Stunned, Carly asked what Morgan was talking about.

Morgan explained that Sonny and Ava had lied about their relationship being nothing but a one-night stand because Ava had moved in with Sonny. Carly assured Morgan that Sonny and Ava weren't romantically involved, but Morgan was curious how Carly could be certain of that, since Carly hadn't even known about Sonny and Ava's new living arrangements. Carly insisted that she knew Sonny, but Morgan shrugged then went to his room to pack.

Carly grabbed her purse, prompting Franco to ask where she was going. She explained that she needed to talk to Sonny because she feared that things would not end well with Sonny and Ava living together. Franco insisted that it was Sonny's problem, but Carly felt responsible for the situation, since she had told Sonny that Ava had killed Connie. She asked Franco to keep an eye on Josslyn if Morgan left before Carly returned and then dashed out the door with a promise not to be gone too long.

A short time later, Morgan returned to the living room and set his bags down. Morgan was curious where his mother was, so Franco explained that Carly had gone to talk to Sonny. Morgan wasn't surprised, so he changed the subject by warning Franco not to mess with Josslyn. Franco was curious why Morgan would leave if Morgan were concerned about Josslyn, but Morgan countered that Franco had assured everyone that Franco wasn't a threat. Franco tried another tactic by reminding Morgan that Carly loved Morgan and wanted Morgan close, but Morgan thought that his mother should have considered that when she had asked Franco to move in.

Franco implored Morgan to stay for Carly's sake, so Morgan explained that he was not leaving because of Franco. Morgan insisted that it was time for Morgan to stand on his own, so Morgan had decided to take advantage of the opportunity that Michael had provided. Morgan promised to visit his mother and sister, but he suggested that Franco get used to Carly running off to see Sonny. Franco claimed that he wasn't concerned about Carly and Sonny, but Morgan pointed out that even Morgan had lost the woman he loved to Sonny.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was on the phone with one of his employees, instructing the person to put the items that had been collected from the guest room into storage. Sonny then spotted the pillow and blanket that Ava had left on the sofa, so he made it clear that Ava was expected to clean up after herself. After Sonny ended the call, Dante entered the parlor. Dante extended his condolences to Sonny on the loss of Sonny's brother, Ric. Sonny was touched and thanked Dante, but Dante changed the subject by demanding to know why Sonny had betrayed Olivia. Sonny refused to discuss it, but Dante was furious and pushed Sonny for answers. "Because of Connie," Sonny blurted out in frustration.

Confused, Dante wanted to know what Connie had to do with Sonny hurting Olivia. Sonny remained stubbornly silent, but Dante refused to drop it. He ranted at Sonny and then accused Sonny of being a coward until Sonny appeared on the verge of telling Dante the truth. However, Carly walked in and asked what was going on. Dante revealed that Sonny had been about to explain why Sonny had hurt Morgan and Olivia.

Dante admitted that he couldn't understand what Connie had to do with Sonny and Ava sleeping together, so Carly revealed that Sonny had become self-destructive because of his guilt over getting involved with Olivia soon after Connie's murder. Dante didn't believe Carly, but she assured him that it was true. Dante insisted that Olivia had done nothing except love Sonny since she was a teenager, so his mother hadn't deserved what Sonny had done. Disgusted, Dante stormed out.

Carly waited until Dante was gone before she accused Sonny of almost telling Dante everything. Sonny poured himself a drink as Carly admitted that she was happy that she had shown up when she had. Sonny confessed that it was a constant battle for him to keep quiet about Ava, but he knew that he had to because it was best for Michael. Carly wondered if Sonny would be able to keep it together for the next nine months because Ava would do everything in her power to get inside Sonny's head and possibly get him off his medications.

Sonny assured Carly that it wouldn't happen, but Carly was determined to keep a close eye on Sonny. She wondered if he recalled what they had told each other the night that A.J. had died. "When the chips are down, we got each other's back," Sonny answered. "Every step of the way," Carly vowed.

In the park, Lulu and Olivia gushed about how adorable Rocco was. Olivia admitted that Gabriel's funeral had been heartbreaking but a reminder to treasure what they had. Olivia confided that she was grateful that Lulu and Dante had a child of their own, so she had made arrangements for Rocco's christening. She noticed Lulu tense, so Lulu explained that the thought of a christening reminded her of everything that had happened at Connie's christening when it had been revealed that Connie was Maxie and Spinelli's daughter.

Olivia was curious how Lulu had been doing since Maxie's return, so Lulu admitted that she and Maxie had decided to put the past behind them. Lulu assured Olivia that neither Lulu nor Maxie wanted to rush things, but the anger was gone. Lulu revealed that Maxie's custody hearing had been scheduled, so there was a strong likelihood that Maxie would get to see Georgie. Olivia worried that it might be difficult for Lulu to see Maxie's daughter, but Lulu assured Olivia that Lulu had accepted that Georgie belonged with Maxie just like Rocco belonged with Dante and Lulu.

Olivia and Lulu's conversation then drifted to the topic of Sonny and Ava. Olivia claimed that she was over Sonny's betrayal and determined to focus on the good things in life, like Rocco. Lulu opened up to Olivia about her doctor appointment and the possibility that Lulu might be able to undergo a procedure that would give Lulu an opportunity to have a baby. However, Lulu confessed that she was worried that she might miscarry the last remaining frozen embryo despite the procedure. Olivia pointed out that life was filled with risks, but the only way to guarantee failure was to give up.

A short time later, Dante arrived. Lulu was curious where he had been, so he claimed that he had been busy with work and then changed the subject by asking how Rocco was. Lulu assured him that their son was fine and revealed that she and Olivia had been discussing whether or not Lulu should have the procedure that Dr. Chu had mentioned. Dante smiled when Lulu confessed that she had decided to go through with it.

At the courthouse, Maxie fidgeted as she waited for Diane to arrive. She jumped up and began to pace until she spotted Nathan. She immediately became concerned when she noticed the gash on his forehead from Levi punching him, but Nathan assured her that he was fine. Maxie was curious why Nathan was at the courthouse, so he revealed that he had received a summons from Judge Walters. Maxie began to freak out, but Nathan was confident that she had nothing to worry about.

Maxie warned Nathan that Levi would be meeting her. Seconds later, Levi arrived, but he tensed when he saw Nathan. Levi demanded to know why Nathan was there, so Maxie explained that the judge had requested Nathan's presence at the hearing. Levi didn't have an opportunity to reply because Diane walked up and greeted Maxie and Nathan. Diane was curious who Maxie's friend was, so Levi introduced himself. Nathan chuckled when he heard Levi's last name, Dunkleman.

Moments later, Diane, Maxie, Nathan, and Levi entered the courtroom. Levi offered Maxie words of encouragement as Maxie took her seat next to Diane. The judge entered the courtroom and immediately began the hearing. Diane seized the opportunity to once again apologize on Maxie's behalf for missing the first hearing, but the judge surprised Diane by announcing that the judge had reason to believe that Nathan had lied about why Maxie had missed the first hearing.

Shocked, Diane reminded the judge that Nathan was an upstanding member of the Port Charles Police Department. Judge Walters wasn't impressed and suggested that perhaps Nathan had lied because Maxie and Nathan were more than roommates. Offended by the suggestion, Maxie assured the judge that she and Nathan were just friends. Nathan promised the judge that he had told the truth about accidently throwing the first court summons out, but the judge wanted Nathan to make the statement under oath. Diane immediately objected because it wasn't standard in a custody hearing, but the judge insisted.

Nathan agreed to testify under oath, so the judge warned Nathan that perjury could result in criminal charges and Nathan losing his job. Nathan assured the judge that he knew the consequences of lying under oath. Maxie quietly told Nathan that he didn't have to take the stand, but Nathan made it clear that he didn't mind. Levi quietly told Maxie that he hoped that Nathan knew what Nathan was getting himself into. Maxie admitted that she wanted to see Georgie more than anything, but not if it meant that Nathan had to lie under oath.

Diane quietly reminded Maxie that Nathan knew the risks and had made his choice, so she instructed Maxie to sit down and let things play out. Meanwhile, Nathan was sworn in.

At Silas' apartment, Nina explained that Sam had stopped by because Sam had a problem with Nina staying with Silas. Silas asked Sam if it was true, so Sam quickly clarified that she had never said that. Nina apologized for putting words into Sam's mouth, but Nina thought that it was best that they all be up-front about things. Nina admitted she would feel insecure, too, if she had been in Sam's shoes, but Sam denied being insecure. Nina conceded that Sam hadn't used those words, but Nina had assumed that was why Sam had asked Nina to move out.

Sam promised Silas that she had never asked Nina to move out, but conceded that she and Nina had discussed Nina's options. Sam explained that she imagined that it would be uncomfortable for Nina to have to see Silas and Sam together. Nina assured Silas that she didn't want to cause any problems for Silas and Sam, so Nina decided to excuse herself to give Silas and Sam some time to talk things out. After Nina left the room, Silas asked why Sam would stop by to talk to Nina. Sam was surprised by Silas' anger, so Silas explained that he had promised Sam that he would not let Nina affect his relationship with Sam.

Sam explained that she had merely stopped by to talk to Nina and perhaps clear the air. Sam added that as the conversation had progressed, it had made sense to at least discuss Nina's options. Silas wished that Sam had talked to him about the visit first, but Sam argued that Silas had asked Nina to stay with him without discussing it with Sam. She pointed out that his decisions affected her, but she hadn't had a say in the decision for Nina to stay with him.

Silas insisted that he felt responsible for Nina. He wondered if Sam would be able to turn her back on Jason if their roles had been reversed. Silas explained that he felt obligated to help Nina, so he asked for Sam's support. Sam assured him that she was trying, but she worried that things might get awkward because Nina still pined for Silas. Silas insisted that Nina had accepted that he had moved on with Sam, but Sam appeared skeptical.

Moments later, Nina returned to fetch her medicine. Silas revealed that he had something to tell Nina. "Sock it to me," Nina said with a smile but quickly sobered when she noticed the serious expressions on both Sam and Silas' faces. Nina reiterated that she wasn't there to cause problems for Silas and Sam, so Silas admitted that he hoped that Nina meant it because he intended to take Sam out on a date later that evening. Nina smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

At the courthouse, Judge Walters waited until Nathan had been sworn in before asking Nathan if Nathan had told the truth about throwing out the first court summons before Maxie had had a chance to see it. The judge reminded Nathan that Nathan could go to jail and lose his job if Nathan committed perjury. Nathan tried to chose his words carefully, but Levi surprised everyone by jumping up to remind the judge that the hearing wasn't about Nathan, but rather about whether or not Maxie was fit to see her child. Levi revealed that he'd had the honor to get to know Maxie over the past six months, so Levi had witnessed firsthand how much Maxie had grown as a person because she had dedicated both her time and heart to humanitarian causes across the globe.

Levi reminded Judge Walters that the judge had asked Maxie to prove that she could change, which she had done. He conceded that he had initially questioned the wisdom of Maxie seeking a relationship with her daughter, Georgie, but he had realized that it would be wrong for Maxie to be denied a chance to get to know Georgie. Levi finished his speech by asking the judge to let Nathan step down and then to grant Maxie visitation with Georgie.

Diane acknowledged that Levi had spoken out of turn, but she agreed with everything that Levi had said. Judge Walters was not impressed, so he demanded that Nathan answer the question because the judge questioned if Maxie was truly ready to be a mother to her child if she had been willing to miss the original court hearing. Before Nathan could speak, Maxie jumped up to assure the judge that Nathan had told the truth, but she had lied about not seeing the first court summons. Levi, Diane, and Nathan tried to stop Maxie from speaking, but the judge was through with the shenanigans and demanded an explanation.

Maxie claimed that Nathan had thrown out the court summons without realizing that she had seen it. She admitted that she had been filled with doubt and had been afraid of what the judge's ruling would be, but ultimately she had realized that she deserved to have a chance to be a mother to Georgie. Maxie assured the judge that she had grown as a person, but conceded that she had more growing to do. However, Maxie believed that every parent felt that way, so she implored the judge to give her a chance to be a part of Georgie's life.

At ELQ, Kiki remarked that Tracy and Luke's honeymoon had to be one of the shortest honeymoons on record. Tracy explained that Tracy and Luke had planned a long "sojourn," but things had changed when Tracy had arrived late to a couples massage only to discover that Luke and the two masseurs had already started with a "deep tissue" massage. Michael and Kiki were horrified by the mental image that Tracy had painted, so Michael changed the subject by asking where Luke was. Tracy explained that she had told Luke to take a hike and then had returned home. According to Tracy, Luke and his "magic hands twins" had flown to Amsterdam for a "grand tour of debauchery."

Michael and Kiki felt bad for Tracy, but Tracy regretted that she hadn't heeded everyone's warnings about Luke because she had wanted to believe that she and Luke could have a "happily ever after." She regretted how she had treated everyone, so she apologized to Michael and Kiki. Kiki readily accepted Tracy's apology, but Michael was a bit hesitant. Michael explained that he Ned had never intended to hurt Tracy by seizing control of ELQ, but Michael and his cousin had been determined to keep ELQ out of Luke's clutches.

Tracy was relieved when Michael forgave his great-aunt, so she thanked him and then praised him for behaving like a true Quartermaine. She claimed that she was grateful that Michael and Ned had seen Luke's true colors and then announced that she had applied for an annulment because Luke had only been interested in her money. Michael tensed when Tracy asked Michael for a job -- any job -- because she wanted to help make ELQ stable and prosperous for future generations. Michael agreed to give Tracy a job as long as her annulment papers checked out.

Pleased, Tracy thanked Michael then left. In the hallway, Tracy stopped to look at Edward's portrait and vowed to make her father proud. Moments later, Tracy's phone rang. It was Luke. Tracy smiled as she assured him that their plan had worked, but she'd hated having to apologize to Kiki. However, Tracy was determined to do whatever was necessary to regain control of ELQ.

At Silas' apartment, Nina assured Silas and Sam that she didn't have a problem with Silas taking Sam out on a date later that evening then offered to call Rosalie to stay with her. Silas reminded Nina that Rafe would be home, too, so Nina wouldn't be alone. Nina smiled brightly as Silas walked Sam out.

In the hallway, Sam appreciated Silas' offer to take her out, but she insisted that it wasn't necessary. Silas disagreed because he wanted Sam to know that she was his priority. He explained that he had wanted to do the right thing for Nina, but he realized that he hadn't given Sam any choice in the matter. However, he was confident that he and Sam would get through the awkward situation together. Sam smiled as Silas offered to take Sam wherever she liked, so she told him to pick her up at eight then kissed him.

Moments later, Silas returned to the apartment unaware that Nina had been eavesdropping on his conversation with Sam. Nina feigned frustration over her inability to properly maneuver her wheelchair because she was eager to become independent, so she wouldn't have to rely on Silas and Sam for help. Silas assured Nina that it was okay, but he admitted that he didn't want to make Nina uncomfortable by parading his relationship with Sam in front of Nina. Silas thought that it would be best if they were honest with each other, so Nina warned him to be careful what he wished for.

Nina explained that it was a bit weird for her to give her husband the green light to take up with another woman after Nina and Silas had been separated for twenty years. However, Nina pointed out that the bright side was that she was able to see her husband's impeccable taste in women because Sam was both beautiful and intelligent. Silas confessed that he had sensed the tension between Nina and Sam when he had walked in. Nina didn't deny it, but she was confident that she and Sam would eventually become friends.

Silas was surprised when Nina mentioned that Sam had talked to Nina about Jason and how Sam would have reacted if Jason had been the one who had turned up at Danny's birthday party. According to Nina, the expression on Sam's face as well as the tone of Sam's voice had made it clear to Nina that Sam had loved Jason. Nina then carefully pointed out that Sam continued to wear a wedding ring. Silas said little as Nina began to talk about Danny, whom she assumed had taken after Jason because the stoic little boy didn't look anything like Sam.

Silas explained that Danny was a tough kid who had successfully battled leukemia. Nina thought that it was sad that the little boy would grow up without his father, but Silas assured Nina that Danny and Sam had a large family, so he was confident that Danny would be fine. Nina was curious when Jason had died. "About eighteen months ago," Silas answered. Nina seemed surprised and wondered if it bothered Silas that Sam continued to wear a wedding ring.

At the lake house, Julian stood on the porch as he spoke to Luke on the phone. Julian assured Luke that he had received Luke's text messages and then promised Luke that Jordan was on top of things. However, Julian had other matters to deal with because of Ric's arrest and Molly's reaction to her father's death.

Inside the lake house, Alexis was stunned when Molly announced that Molly intended to move out because Alexis continued to date the man who had put everything into motion that had led to Ric's death. Alexis conceded that Ric's death had been tragic, but Alexis insisted that Ric had made his own choices. Alexis admitted that she was grieving for Ric, too, because he had been Molly's father, so Alexis didn't appreciate Molly treating Alexis like the enemy.

Molly clarified that Julian was the enemy, but Alexis reminded Molly that Ric had died while trying to escape from police custody. Molly refused to stay with Alexis as long as Alexis believed Julian's lies about Ric, so Molly intended to move in with Sam. "At least she doesn't take bull from anyone," Molly added. Alexis pointed out that Sam hadn't asked Molly to move in and then reminded Molly that Julian was Sam's father. Molly argued that Sam had only known about Julian for less than a year, so Molly was confident that Sam would understand why Molly couldn't remain with Alexis.

Alexis tried to persuade her daughter to change her mind, but Molly refused. Molly collected her bags then stormed out of the house. Alexis was close on Molly's heels, but Molly stopped short when Molly spotted Julian on the porch. Molly snidely wondered if Julian was on the phone with his real boss, and she marched off. Julian ended the call as Alexis watched her daughter leave.

Alexis and Julian sat down as Alexis filled Julian in about Molly's decision to move out. Julian wasn't surprised that Molly was upset about Ric's death, but he was certain that Molly would eventually get over it and return home. Alexis confessed that Molly would get over it a lot faster if Alexis ended things with Julian because Molly blamed Julian for Ric's death even though Ric's choices had led to Ric's demise. Julian surprised Alexis by suggesting that they break up because Julian didn't want to cause a rift between Alexis and Molly.

Alexis explained that Molly needed someone to blame because Molly was in pain. However, Ric, not Julian, was responsible for what had happened. Alexis insisted that Julian should be commended for walking away from the organization because Julian owned up to his mistakes, while Ric hadn't. Alexis was certain that Molly would eventually realize the truth.

Meanwhile, Anna paid Jordan a visit at the Jerome Gallery to get a progress report on Jordan's investigation. Anna was eager to put Julian and his boss behind bars, but Jordan demanded to know how Ric had ended up dead. Anna explained that the death had been a ruse to keep Ric safe in the witness protection program while Jordan tried to find out who Julian answered to. Jordan felt terrible for Molly, so Anna suggested that it was all the more reason for Jordan to wrap up the investigation because Ric couldn't return to his family until Julian and Julian's boss were in jail.

Jordan explained that Julian had ordered Jordan to get things up and running, but she suspected that Julian's boss had pressured him. Anna was eager to close the investigation, but Jordan assured Anna that Jordan was more determined to end things quickly because Jordan's son, T.J., believed that Jordan was a lowlife drug dealer. Jordan and Anna were startled when they heard the door close. Moments later, T.J. walked up.

T.J. revealed that he had stopped by to talk to his mother, but he decided to return when she wasn't busy. Anna told T.J. that it wasn't necessary because Anna had been about to leave. Anna advised Jordan to keep her nose clean and then walked out. Jordan admitted that she was glad to see T.J., but T.J. wanted to know why Jordan hadn't returned any of his phone calls after leaving him a message begging to talk to him.

Jordan explained that she had moved to Port Charles with the intention of making a fresh start and reconnecting with her son, but she had fallen into old patterns. However, the arrest had been an eye-opening experience, so she was ready to put that part of her life behind her. T.J. suggested that she could begin by quitting her job. T.J. was disappointed when Jordan explained that she needed the job, so he asked her to at least tell him if Ric had been her boss. Jordan carefully explained that she had answered to Julian, but she had no idea who had given Julian his orders.

Satisfied, T.J. turned to leave, but Jordan asked him to wait because she wanted an opportunity to spend time with him. T.J. made it clear that it wouldn't be possible as long as she continued to work for the Jeromes. After T.J. left, Jordan picked up her phone and called Julian.

At the lake house, Julian noticed a call from Jordan on his phone, so he explained that he had to leave to attend to some business. Alexis assured him that it was fine. As Julian left, Anna arrived to talk to Alexis about Ric. Alexis and Anna entered the house, where Anna handed Alexis an envelope containing Ric's personal effects. Alexis promised to give the envelope to Molly, so Anna seized the opportunity to warn Alexis that it was a mistake for Alexis to remain involved with Julian.

Meanwhile, Molly arrived at Sam's penthouse to explain that she needed to move in with her sister because Molly couldn't stay with Alexis as long as Alexis continued to believe Julian's lies. Molly appreciated that Julian was Sam's father, but Molly insisted that Julian, not Ric, had been running drugs through Port Charles. Sam pointed out that the police disagreed, but Molly argued that Julian had framed Ric by manufacturing the evidence. Molly insisted that her father, Ric, had been practicing law in Los Angeles for the past few years while Sam's father had always been associated with organized crime.

Molly questioned if Julian even had a boss, but Sam refused to engage in a debate about their fathers with Molly, so Sam switched gears by reminding Molly that Molly wasn't eighteen, which meant that Alexis could order Molly to return home. Molly was certain that Alexis would agree to let Molly stay with Sam if Sam was okay with it. Molly pointed out that Sam would have a free babysitter for Danny on hand if Molly lived with Sam. Molly then added pressure by threatening to ask Michael for help because Molly was certain that Michael would agree to let Molly move in.

However, Molly was certain that Alexis would have strong objections to Molly staying with Michael and would likely enlist Sonny's help, which meant that Carly would get involved. Molly warned Sam that Alexis would remind Sonny of all the times that Michael had been hurt because of Sonny and then accuse Carly of being too lenient. "It would cause a huge Sonny/Carly/Mom-ageddon," Molly added. Sam cringed at the thought and asked Molly to stop because Molly had had Sam at free babysitting for Danny.

Molly was delighted, but Sam insisted that Molly call Alexis to talk to their mother because, no matter what Molly believed, Alexis loved Molly. Molly grumbled that Alexis didn't love Molly enough to end things with Julian but quickly changed the subject by asking how things were going with Sam and Silas. Sam revealed that the good news was that Sam and Silas were going out on a date. "And the bad news?" Molly asked.

At the Jerome Gallery, Julian reminded Jordan that he had warned her not to call him unless it was an emergency because he couldn't afford to be seen with her when he was trying to convince everyone that he was out of the business. Jordan assured him that it was an emergency and explained that she needed to get in touch with his boss right away.

Friday, June 20, 2014

At the Jerome Gallery, Jordan insisted that she needed to get in touch with Julian's boss immediately, but Julian reminded her that she didn't give the orders. He explained that if she had a problem with something, then she could run it past him, and he would decide if their boss needed to know. Julian made it clear that Jordan would not have access to their boss, but she wasn't satisfied because she refused to risk everything on the chance that their boss was a con man. Julian assured her that it was not the case, but Jordan insisted that she would walk if she didn't know who they answered to.

Julian explained that Jordan was better off not knowing their boss's identity because if she knew, she would never be able to walk away without paying the consequences as Julian had. Julian was curious if Jordan was prepared to take a chance that her son would be shot. "Yes, I am," Jordan answered without hesitation. Jordan pointed out that she and Julian were the only people who knew that Ric hadn't been their boss, but Julian wasn't swayed.

Jordan continued to push Julian for information by insisting that she couldn't help Julian if she was flying blind. She urged him to give her the goods on their boss, so they could protect each other. Julian relented, but he reminded Jordan that he had warned her. However, before Julian could reveal the identity of their boss, a man entered the gallery and introduced himself as Mickey Diamond.

According to Mickey, their boss had sent Mickey to make certain that everything ran smoothly, but Julian informed Mickey that Julian only dealt directly with their boss. Jordan became frustrated when Mickey asked to have a private word with Julian. After Jordan reluctantly left, Mickey warned Julian that Jordan was new and not to be trusted. Julian frowned as he asked if the office had been bugged.

Mickey was curious if Julian wanted to know because Julian had been about to say or do something that would displease their boss. Julian clarified that he didn't like being spied on, but Mickey was unapologetic as he warned Julian not to make a wrong move because Mickey would know. Mickey then changed the subject by advising Julian to pay Alexis a visit to let her know that Julian would be out of town on business for a few days because their boss wanted Julian to take care of something.

Julian realized that he wasn't in a position to object, so he left. Mickey looked at the back room with a malicious grin. Moments later, Jordan returned to the main room of the gallery and struck up a conversation with Mickey by asking where his usual base of operations was. Rather than answer her question, Mickey quoted Andy Warhol. "Making money is an art and working is an art and good business is the best art," Mickey said. He then told her that all she needed to know was that they would make masterpieces together as long as she never betrayed their boss.

At the lake house, Anna warned Alexis that it was a big mistake for Alexis to continue to have a relationship with Julian. Alexis wanted to know why, but a knock at the door distracted Alexis. It was T.J. looking for Molly. Alexis explained that Molly had temporarily moved in with Sam because Molly was upset about Ric's death and determined to blame Julian. T.J. felt bad for Alexis, but thanked her for letting him know where to find Molly.

After T.J. left, Anna questioned why Alexis would continue to date Julian if Molly had moved out. Alexis made it clear that her relationships with Molly and Julian didn't concern Anna. Alexis appreciated that Anna had valid reasons to despise Julian, but Alexis pointed out that Julian was no longer a threat because he had left the mob and then had cooperated with the police. Alexis admitted that Anna's advice didn't seem right unless there was something that Anna had not told Alexis.

"No," Anna answered, but Anna was curious how Alexis could be certain that Julian had left the mob. Alexis pointed out that the same could be said for Duke. Anna conceded that Duke had returned to the mob to take down Julian, but Anna and Alexis' situations were completely different because Anna could trust Duke. Anna pointed out that Anna had been married to Duke and had been to hell and back with him, whereas Alexis had only known Julian for a short while. Anna appreciated the pull that the mob had on men, so she didn't want to see Alexis and Alexis' family hurt because Julian had been unable to walk away from organized crime.

Alexis cut the conversation short by thanking Anna for dropping off Ric's personal effects. A short time later, Julian stopped by. He was curious why Anna had paid Alexis a visit. Alexis told him about Ric's personal effects but didn't mention the conversation she'd had with the police commissioner. She then asked him about his business meeting, so he seized the opportunity to explain that he had to leave town on business for a few days.

At the courthouse, Maxie assured Judge Walters that she was not the same person who had lied to her friends about her pregnancy. She promised that she was a better person and deserved to be a part of her daughter's life, so she implored the judge to grant her visitation with Georgie. Diane wondered how the judge could possibly think that Maxie was an unfit mother, but the judge seemed unmoved. Judge Walters suggested that Nathan should consider himself fortunate that Nathan hadn't had the opportunity to lie on the witness stand.

Judge Walters announced that he needed time to review the documents and Maxie's statement and to ponder his decision, so he called a short recess. Levi suggested that he and Maxie step out for a moment, but Maxie declined. After Levi left, Maxie asked Diane if the delay was a good sign or a bad sign. Diane assured Maxie that it was promising that the judge hadn't refused Maxie's petition for visitation outright.

Nathan waited until Diane left to ask Maxie why Maxie had stopped him from testifying. Maxie explained that she couldn't let Nathan jeopardize his freedom and job for her, but Nathan insisted that he had been willing to do whatever was necessary to help Maxie be a part of her daughter's life. Levi returned to the courtroom and patted Nathan on the back as he snidely accused Nathan of screwing things up for Maxie. Maxie defended Nathan's attempt to help her, but Levi argued that another lie wouldn't have helped, which was why Levi had spoken up.

Maxie thanked Levi for the kind remarks that he had made to the judge, so Levi assured her that he had meant every word. However, Levi hoped that Nathan hadn't ruined Maxie's chance to see Georgie. Maxie was curious how the judge had even known that Nathan had lied. Nathan looked at Levi, but the judge returned before Nathan could say anything.

The judge conceded that Maxie had done noble things, but her character hadn't changed because she had continued to deceive the court and fabricate stories. Judge Walters urged Nathan not to allow Maxie to manipulate Nathan into lying to a judge again then denied Maxie's request for visitation. Maxie was crushed as the judge offered to revisit the decision in six months. After the judge left the courtroom, Levi suggested that Maxie take deep cleansing breaths, but Maxie admitted that she didn't want to breathe; she wanted to scream. Maxie ran out of the courtroom in tears, but Nathan stopped Levi from following her.

Levi insisted that Maxie needed him, but Nathan disagreed because Maxie had left rather than turn to Levi. Levi blamed Nathan for the judge's decision, but Nathan accused Levi of tipping off the judge.

At the loft, Dante arrived home and found the place in shambles and his son sleeping peacefully in the crib. Dante looked around for Lulu until he spotted her sound asleep on their bedroom floor, clutching a stuffed animal in each hand. He smiled and gently woke her up. Lulu appeared momentarily confused as she looked around until her eyes landed on Dante. After the cobwebs cleared from her tired mind, she explained that she had spent hours, trying to calm their son, who had been cutting a tooth. She wondered what time it was, so Dante revealed that it was only 7:00 p.m.

Lulu realized that Maxie's custody hearing should be over. She was eager to find out if Maxie had been granted visitation with Georgie because Lulu thought that Maxie deserved to have the opportunity to be a mother to Georgie. Lulu credited Levi for the positive changes in Maxie because Maxie seemed more thoughtful and aware of her own actions. Dante confided that Nathan had mentioned that Levi refused to allow Maxie to think for herself, prompting Lulu to suggest that perhaps Nathan had a crush on Maxie. Lulu reminded Dante that his "hot partner" had gone to bat for Maxie.

Dante playfully pouted because Lulu thought that Nathan was attractive, but Lulu was surprised that Dante didn't agree. Dante insisted that he found Lulu, not Nathan, attractive. Lulu smiled and kissed her husband. Afterwards, Dante looked around at the messy living room and wondered if Lulu was prepared to have another tornado like Rocco in their lives. He reminded her that they would have two toddlers running around, but Lulu assured him that she was ready.

Later, Dante and Lulu sat down for a quiet dinner. Lulu was curious if Olivia was okay because she had sent Olivia a picture of Rocco, but Olivia hadn't replied. Dante confessed that his mother wasn't over Sonny, so he had offered to cheer Olivia up by sending her to a Broadway show. However, Olivia had declined because the musicals had reminded Olivia of Sonny. Lulu couldn't imagine how, so Dante named a couple of popular shows including Bullets Over Broadway, Wicked, and Kinky Boots to illustrate his point.

Lulu didn't want to know what the latter show was about, but she suggested that she and Dante seize the opportunity to have some alone time while they could. Dante's smile disappeared when he received a text message calling him back to work.

After Dante left, Lulu leaned over Rocco's crib to softly tell her sleeping son how much Dante and Lulu loved him and wanted to give him a sibling. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Maxie. Lulu greeted her friend then asked what the judge had decided, but Maxie's teary-eyed expression was all the answer Lulu needed. Lulu put a comforting arm around Maxie then held her as Maxie began to cry.

At Sam's penthouse, Molly was surprised when Sam explained that Nina would continue to stay with Silas for a while. Molly thought that it sounded both complicated and embarrassing for Silas and Sam to date while Silas' wife lived with him. Sam agreed that it was an awkward situation, but Sam insisted that Silas was determined to do the right thing for Nina because Nina had been through so much. Molly was curious how Nina felt about Silas and Sam's relationship, so Sam admitted that Nina seemed extremely understanding.

Molly sensed that there was something that Sam wasn't saying. Sam confessed that she felt like a monster for being suspicious of Nina, but Nina had said some things to make it appear to Silas that Sam had a problem with Nina living under Silas' roof. Molly wondered if Sam thought that Nina's remarks had been deliberate, so Sam explained that Nina seemed passive-aggressive. Sam conceded that she couldn't blame Nina after everything that had happened, but Sam wished that she could be a fly on the wall at Silas' apartment to find out what Nina was really thinking.

Sam decided to drop the subject because she didn't want to burden Molly with her problems while Molly was grieving for Ric. Moments later, T.J. knocked on the door. Molly was delighted to see him and ran into his arms. He offered Molly his condolences as he handed her a bouquet a flowers. Molly thanked him and confessed that she couldn't believe that her father was gone. However, her grief was made worse by Alexis' decision to pick Julian over Molly.

Sam defended their mother by reminding Molly that Alexis loved Molly. Molly didn't want to argue with Sam because Sam had done a lot for Molly, so Molly urged Sam to get ready for the date with Silas. Sam was reluctant to leave while Molly was upset, but Molly promised that she was fine because Molly had T.J. to talk to.

After Sam went to the bedroom to change, Molly conceded that her father had once been involved with organized crime, but that had changed when Ric had moved to Los Angeles. Molly insisted that he had practiced law, so he hadn't been involved in any illegal activity when he had returned to town to reconnect with Molly. Molly resented Alexis believing Julian's lies. T.J. felt the same way about his mother, Jordan. He told Molly about his visit with Jordan and the ultimatum that he had given Jordan.

T.J. was hurt and disappointed that Jordan refused to quit her job at the gallery because she believed that Julian had gone legitimate. However, T.J. had asked Jordan if Ric had been her boss. Molly was curious what Jordan had said, so T.J. revealed that Jordan had told him that Jordan had only answered to Julian. He admitted that he had believed his mother. Molly feared that she was the only person who believed in Ric's innocence, but T.J. assured her that he believed Molly. Moments later, Sam returned to the living room, looking stunning in a white summer dress.

At Silas' apartment, Nina wondered if it had bothered Silas that Sam continued to wear a wedding ring even though Jason had been gone over a year. Nina confided that she'd had the impression that Sam might have difficulty letting Jason go based on how Sam had looked and sounded as Sam had talked about Jason. Silas assured Nina that all that mattered to him was that he and Sam were together. Nina reminded Silas that he had told her that he hadn't been able to give his heart to Sam until he had consciously put Nina in the past after being told that Nina had died. Nina was curious if Sam had met Silas halfway, but Silas would only reveal that what Sam had told him had been enough.

Nina continued to plant seeds out doubt about Sam by talking about Sam's refusal to take off her wedding ring. Nina noticed Silas' silence, which she knew was an indication that she had said something that he didn't want to admit to. Silas assured Nina that Sam would take off the wedding ring when Sam was ready. Nina agreed, but Nina knew firsthand what it was like to have to get over a spouse whom she loved with all of her heart and soul. Silas felt bad for the position that he had put Nina in, but Nina insisted that it wasn't his fault.

Nina pointed out that Silas had had twenty years to get past losing her, while she had only had a few months to process everything. However, Nina was confident that she would get there in time, as would Sam over losing Jason. Nina then confessed that she was glad that he hadn't let go of everything from their past even though he had taken off his wedding ring. Silas appeared confused, so she revealed that she had found a picture from their wedding day in a drawer, and she had noticed that he had kept a special memento that she had given to him when he had graduated from medical school.

Nina wheeled herself over to the bookcase to point to the plaque that she had given to Silas. Silas reached for it then handed it to Nina. "To my husband, Dr. Silas Clay. All my love, Nina," she read aloud. Silas smiled as they reminisced about the day that she had given him the gift. Nina assumed that the plaque had been cracked over the years, but Silas confided that it had been damaged recently when her mother, Madeline, had broken into his apartment to destroy everything.

Nina was curious why Madeline had done that, but Silas couldn't say for certain. However, he assumed that Madeline had hoped to intimidate him into relinquishing his rights to Nina's fortune. Nina felt bad for Silas, but he changed the subject by announcing that he had to get ready for his date with Sam. Nina assured him that Rosalie was on her way, so he didn't have worry about her. A short time later, Silas returned to the living room. Nina complimented him on his appearance and told him to have a good time.

Later, Silas arrived at Sam's penthouse. He confessed that she looked fantastic, and he kissed her.

Meanwhile, Nina waited until she was certain that Silas was gone before standing up, angrily kicking the wheelchair away from her, and then screaming in frustration. "Much better," she told herself before walking to the bookcase to retrieve the crystal plaque. She clutched it closely as she recalled breaking into Silas' apartment and trashing it in a fit of rage.

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