General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 7, 2014 on GH

Lulu's surgery was a success. Rafe was pronounced brain-dead following surgery. Silas was certain that Patrick had tried to kill Rafe. Alice learned that she needed a heart transplant. Levi faced deportation.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 7, 2014 on GH
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Monday, July 7, 2014

At Greystone Manor, Sonny entered the parlor from the veranda as fireworks lit up the night sky. He set a framed photograph of him with Olivia on the credenza, nestled in between other family snapshots, and looked up when he heard a noise. Olivia entered the room and smiled as she softly greeted him. Sonny wondered what she was doing there, so she confessed that she had been thinking about their previous Fourth of July when they had watched the fireworks as they had reminisced about Jones Beach and a long-ago Bruce Springsteen concert. Olivia wondered if they could recapture what they had once had, so Sonny confessed that he would want more.

"Penny for your thoughts," Delia suddenly said. Sonny blinked away the fantasy as Delia asked for a drink. Sonny explained that he had removed all the alcohol from the premises because of Ava. Delia quickly became distracted when she noticed a photograph on the credenza of Sonny with her husband, Roger. Sonny explained that the man in the picture was his father, Mike, not Delia's husband. Delia was shocked because Mike was a "dead ringer" for her husband.

Sonny changed the subject by asking if there was anything that he could do for Delia. Delia sensed that Sonny was troubled, so she suggested that they talk because she was a good listener. Sonny declined, prompting Delia to realize that he had been thinking about a woman. She asked him who the woman was just as Ava entered the room. Sonny seized the opportunity to leave the room on the pretext of giving Ava and Delia some time alone to catch up.

After Sonny left, Ava revealed that she had thoroughly searched Sonny's bedroom but hadn't located the damaging audio recording. Delia was confident that the audio recording wasn't in Sonny's home because she and Ava had searched it from top to bottom. Ava agreed, so she suggested that they expand the search by having Delia check Sonny's office. Delia balked at the idea of breaking into Sonny's office, but Ava explained that she had a key that would make it easy. Delia reminded Ava that it would be impossible because Sonny knew that Delia and Ava were in cahoots, so Sonny would send a guard to follow Delia if Delia left the house.

Ava reluctantly agreed, so she tried to think of another plan that would allow Delia to leave without suspicion. Delia took matters into her own hands by tossing the water from her glass into Ava's face. "How dare you?" Delia angrily demanded as Sonny appeared in the doorway. Ava sputtered with outrage but played along with her mother. The two women argued as Delia accused Ava of being ungrateful, while Ava expressed resentment over Delia's decision to give Ava up for adoption.

Sonny ignored the women as he made his way to his desk. Eventually, Delia announced that she intended to move out. After Delia stomped up the stairs to her room, Sonny smiled.

A short time later, Delia returned with a suitcase in tow. Ava pretended to be apologetic as she followed Delia to the front door, begging her mother to stay. Ava quickly handed her mother the key to Sonny's office as Delia explained that she intended to spend some time getting to know her granddaughter, Kiki, and she left. "Alone at least," Sonny said with smug satisfaction as he joined Ava in the foyer. Sonny confessed that he couldn't wait to see what Ava had planned next.

Later, Delia, dressed entirely in black, took the elevator to the Corinthos Coffee offices. With a flashlight and key in hand, she made her way to Sonny's office door. Within seconds, Delia was inside Sonny's inner sanctum.

At the hospital, Olivia smiled as Lulu slowly woke up. Lulu looked around the hospital room then realized that Dante wasn't there. Olivia assured Lulu that Dante was fine and explained that he had been called to work. Olivia told Lulu about the encounter with Patrick and Silas, but clarified that she didn't know the details. Lulu sensed that Olivia wasn't telling her something because Olivia seemed upset, so Olivia admitted that she had been thinking abut Sonny and the previous Fourth of July when Sonny had first kissed Olivia.

Olivia confessed that the kiss had been the beginning of something wonderful until Sonny had slept with Ava. Olivia was upset because she didn't want her problems with Sonny to affect Dante's relationship with his father, so Lulu explained that Dante was disappointed because Sonny always seemed to chase the wrong thing. However, Lulu reminded Olivia that Dante was a good man, so Lulu was confident that everything would work out. Olivia agreed then checked her phone when she received a text message from work.

Olivia decided to deal with work the following day, but Lulu insisted that it wasn't necessary for Olivia to stay because Lulu was fine. Olivia seemed reluctant to leave, but Lulu was adamant.

At Silas' apartment, Nina rested her head on Silas' shoulder as they watched the fireworks through the window. After the fireworks ended, Nina confessed that the light show had been beautiful, but she admitted that it couldn't compare to the fireworks in the Hamptons on the beach. Silas smiled politely then stood up to check his phone, but there weren't any missed calls or text messages. Nina tried to downplay Rafe's situation, but Silas was filled with regret for not being there for his nephew or recognizing that Rafe had been in trouble. Nina insisted that it wasn't Silas' fault, but Silas disagreed.

Silas suggested that it had been for the best that he hadn't raised a child because he clearly would have made a lousy father, but Nina disagreed and insisted that he would have made a wonderful father. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Nina carefully hid her annoyance as Silas greeted Kiki, who had stopped by to find out if there had been any news about Rafe. Kiki was shocked when Silas told her that Rafe had assaulted Nina and then fled.

In the park, T.J. left a message for Molly, asking her to return his call because he and Alexis had been waiting for her. T.J. admitted that he was worried, so Alexis asked him to let Molly know that Alexis was worried as well. After T.J. relayed the message and ended the call, Alexis confessed that she had eaten all the fries. T.J. realized that Alexis' nervousness stemmed from fear that Molly was in trouble. Alexis quickly denied it but suggested that she and T.J. go to Silas' apartment to check on Molly.

Meanwhile, Patrick called Sam for an update. He left her a message asking her to call him with news about Rafe as soon as she was able. "What's this about Rafe?" Alexis asked as she and T.J. walked up. Patrick carefully asked Alexis what she knew, so Alexis admitted that T.J. had told her about Rafe's drug use. Patrick was stunned, but admitted that it explained a lot. Alexis asked what Patrick was talking about, so he filled her in about Sam's investigation and their suspicions that Rafe had caused the accident that had led to Patrick's son's death. Alexis became alarmed when Patrick revealed that Rafe had decided to go on the run and that Molly had been in the car with the troubled teenager.

In the car, Molly was shocked when Rafe denied being high on drugs at the time of the accident then confessed that he had been forced to drive Patrick off the road. Molly demanded to know who had put Rafe up to such a horrible thing, but she suddenly screamed when she glanced out the window and realized that they were speeding toward a roadblock. Molly tried to warn Rafe, but it was too late. He slammed on the brakes as the car careened through the roadblock and crashed.

Moments later, Rafe slowly opened his eyes and saw that Molly was unconscious and bleeding in the passenger seat. He stumbled out of the car to get help, but he only made it a few steps before collapsing. A short time later, Sam and Dante arrived on the scene. Sam raced to Molly's side as Dante checked on Rafe. Sam and Dante realized that both teens were in trouble, so Dante called an ambulance.

Later, Rafe and Molly were loaded into ambulances. Dante suggested that Sam ride with her sister, while he followed in his car. After Dante left, Sam started to call her mother but took an incoming call from Silas instead. Sam quickly explained that Rafe and Molly had been in a car accident and that they would soon be taken to the hospital. Silas offered to call Alexis then promised to meet Sam at the hospital.

In the apartment, Nina hid her irritation as Silas ended his phone call to Sam with a declaration of love. Moments later, Nina carefully feigned concern when Silas explained that Rafe had been involved in a car accident and was being taken to the hospital. Silas surprised Nina by asking Kiki to stay with Nina because he needed to get to the hospital but couldn't leave Nina alone. Nina assured Silas that it wasn't necessary for anyone to stay with her for a few short hours but Silas disagreed.

Kiki assured her father that she would be happy to stay with Nina, so Silas thanked Kiki, and he left. After Silas left, Kiki paced nervously as she worried about her cousin. Nina recalled confessing to Rosalie that she resented Silas' daughter because Kiki had lived while Nina's baby had died. Nina returned to the present and coldly asked if Kiki was afraid that Rafe and Molly had been killed in the crash.

Kiki was startled by Nina's insensitivity, so Nina quickly apologized and explained that her frank manner in dealing with difficult situations stemmed from being a doctor's wife. Nina quickly shifted gears to invite Kiki to go to the hospital to check on her cousin, but Kiki refused to leave because Kiki had promised Silas that she would stay with Nina. Nina promised that she would be fine, so Kiki was curious if Nina wanted to get rid of Kiki. Nina nervously asked why Kiki would think that. "Because of my mother," Kiki answered.

Kiki conceded that it couldn't be easy for Nina to see Silas' child with another woman. Nina assured Kiki that she didn't blame Kiki for Silas and Ava's affair. Nina reached for Kiki's hand as Nina insisted that it would be like blaming Nina for the terrible things that Madeline had done. Kiki appeared to relax when Nina added that she wanted a chance to get to know Kiki.

At the hospital, Monica approached Tracy to ask what had happened to Alice. Tracy claimed that she didn't know because she had found Alice unconscious at ELQ. However, Tracy speculated that Alice had suffered a heart attack. Monica was determined to get to the bottom of things, so she asked a nurse where Alice was. "Trauma Unit One," the nurse answered.

Moments later, Monica and Tracy entered the trauma unit. Michael and Morgan stood at Alice's bedside while Alice remained unconscious and hooked to a ventilator. Monica was touched that Michael was there, so Michael admitted that he considered Alice a part of their family. "The best part," Monica agreed. Monica was curious why Morgan was there, so Michael revealed that Morgan had given Alice CPR before the paramedics had arrived.

Monica praised Morgan because the CPR had likely saved Alice's life. Tracy stood in the background with a mixture of guilt and concern clouding her eyes as Monica asked for an update. Michael and Morgan explained that the doctors had left to attend to another emergency without providing them with any information about Alice's condition. Monica was infuriated, so she decided to take over Alice's care. Michael and Morgan offered Alice words of encouragement then followed Tracy out while Monica went to work.

In the waiting area, Michael called out to Tracy, but Tracy insisted that she had to call Ned to let him know what was going on with Alice. Michael admitted that he didn't trust Tracy, so he wanted to know why Alice had called to talk to him about Tracy. Tracy was spared from having to answer the question when she saw Molly arrive by ambulance. "Isn't that your cousin?" Tracy asked.

Michael and Morgan immediately rushed to Molly's side to find out what had happened to her. They were stunned when Sam explained that Molly had been involved in a car accident and that Rafe had been driving. Moments later, paramedics wheeled in a dazed Rafe, followed by Alexis and T.J. Sam assured Rafe that everything would be okay, but Alexis immediately confronted Rafe about the accident.

Sam and Dante explained to Alexis that it wasn't the time, so Alexis backed down. After Rafe and Molly were taken to separate trauma units, Dante approached his brothers to find out why they were at the hospital. Michael revealed that Alice had collapsed, so Dante asked Michael and Morgan to keep him updated on Alice's condition. Michael and Morgan decided to check on Alice when they noticed Tracy slip into Alice's trauma unit.

In the trauma unit, Michael and Morgan asked Monica for an update. Monica appeared shaken as she tried to find the right words. Michael asked Monica for assurance that Alice would be okay, but Monica remained silent and grim-faced.

Meanwhile, Patrick waited until Rafe had been left alone before approaching Rafe's gurney. Rafe appeared weak as Patrick admitted that he probably shouldn't enjoy seeing Rafe's pain, but Patrick found it ironic that Rafe had been injured in a car accident after killing Gabriel in one. Patrick angrily blamed Rafe for Gabriel's death, so Rafe apologized. Patrick's temper flared as he shouted for Rafe to "shut up." Dante appeared in the doorway and immediately began to pull Patrick away from Rafe. Patrick broke free of Dante's grip as he angrily reminded Dante that Rafe had killed Patrick's son. However, Silas intervened before Patrick could return to Rafe's side.

Dante started to drag Patrick away while Silas insisted that Rafe rest and save his strength. Instead, Rafe lifted his head enough to ask Patrick to stay because Rafe needed to tell him something about the accident.

In a nearby trauma unit, Sam offered her mother a comforting hug and words of encouragement as T.J. sat at Molly's bedside. T.J. asked Molly to wake up because he wanted to tell her again how much he loved her.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In the park, Shawn and Jordan collided on the jogging path. Shawn quickly apologized for not seeing Jordan, but she was irritated and grumbled that she had been trying to clear her mind of her troubles with T.J. who hadn't returned any of her phone calls. Shawn suggested that perhaps T.J.'s continued silence was a response in and of itself, but Jordan refused to accept that and accused Shawn of condoning T.J.'s disrespectful treatment of Jordan.

Shawn explained that T.J. was a grown man and capable of making his own decisions about Jordan, so he suggested that Jordan try harder if she wanted to heal her relationship with T.J. Jordan insisted that it wouldn't matter as long as T.J. continued to believe that she was a drug runner. Shawn pointed out that she had been arrested during a drug bust and that she continued to work at the gallery, which was a known front for the Jeromes. Jordan argued that Julian had answered to Ric Lansing, so Ric had been responsible for the drugs in Port Charles.

Shawn insisted that Jordan needed to take the first step if she hoped to have a relationship with her son. Jordan resented Shawn offering her advice because she considered Shawn a hypocrite for telling her to stay away from organized crime when he worked for Sonny. Shawn pointed out that it wasn't about him, but Jordan disagreed because Shawn had made her out to be the bad guy in her son's eyes. She reminded Shawn what the consequences would be if he got in the way of her relationship with T.J., so she decided that it was time for T.J. to learn the truth about what had transpired between Shawn and T.J.'s father. However, Shawn stopped her before she could leave the park.

Shawn warned Jordan that she risked losing just as much as he did if she told T.J. the truth because she had also betrayed T.J.'s father. Anger quickly flared to passion as Shawn and Jordan stared at each other. The spell was broken when Sonny called to ask Shawn to meet Sonny at Corinthos Coffee. After Shawn ended the call, he assured Jordan that he would support Jordan's relationship with T.J. if she broke ties with the Jeromes. Once Jordan was alone, her thoughts strayed to the close moment that she had shared with Shawn.

At Corinthos Coffee, Delia stood in Sonny's office and tried to decide where to begin her search for the incriminating audio recording that Ava had sent her to find. Delia's search was interrupted by a phone call from Ava, who was eager for an update. Delia admitted that she had gained entry to the office but she hadn't located the flash drive. After Delia searched Sonny's desk to no avail, Ava suggested that Delia check the safe in the office that had once belonged to Julian. Ava directed Delia to the safe, but warned Delia that Sonny had likely changed the combination to keep Julian out.

Delia revealed that it wasn't a problem because she knew how to crack a safe. After Ava quickly ended the call, Delia went to work. Within minutes, she had the safe opened and her hands on the flash drive. However, Olivia blocked Delia's hasty exit when Olivia suddenly appeared in the doorway. Delia introduced herself as Jillian Coleridge and claimed that she was Sonny's new assistant, but Olivia didn't believe Delia.

At Greystone Manor, Ava was startled when Sonny entered the parlor while she was on the phone with Delia, so she pretended to be talking to Kiki. After Ava quickly wrapped up the phone call, she informed Sonny that her daughter refused to speak to her because of Sonny. "Whatever gets you through the night," Sonny replied. Ava was disappointed because she had "foolishly" hoped that Sonny would sympathize with her plight due to his troubles with Morgan.

Sonny explained that the difference between his situation with Morgan and the rift between Ava and Kiki was that Sonny would have years to mend fences with Morgan, while Ava would only have a few months to make peace with Kiki. Ava bristled at the reminder that Sonny intended to kill her, but he was unapologetic. Ava shifted gears by accusing Sonny of driving her mother away, but Sonny insisted that Ava's "toxic" personality had been to blame for Delia's departure. Sonny taunted Ava by suggesting that she get busy repairing her relationships because the clock was ticking.

A short time later, Olivia called to tell Sonny about her encounter with his new assistant. Sonny frowned as he explained that he didn't have an assistant, so Olivia advised him to get to his office as quickly as possible. After Olivia ended the phone call, Delia tried to intimidate Olivia into stepping aside, but Olivia refused to budge.

The women continued to argue until Sonny arrived. Delia tried to explain her presence in Sonny's office, but Sonny became distracted when her cell phone rang. Delia tried to slip out of Sonny's office on the pretext of taking the call, but Sonny snatched Delia's cell phone out of her hand. Ava assumed that Delia had answered the call, so she asked if Delia had managed to retrieve the flash drive from Sonny's safe. Sonny smugly informed Ava that Delia couldn't talk and abruptly ended the call.

A short time later, Delia tensed as she listened to Sonny's phone call with Shawn. After Sonny ended the call, Delia explained that she had been obligated to help Ava because Ava was her daughter, but Sonny demanded that Delia hand over the keys to his office and the flash drive that she had taken from his safe. Delia complied and begged Sonny not to kill her. Sonny assured Delia that she would be returned to the city unharmed, so Olivia decided that it was Olivia's cue to leave.

Sonny thanked Olivia for her help, so Olivia warned Sonny not to read into it. However, Olivia advised Sonny to hide the flash drive in a safer location if Ava had been desperate enough to send Delia after it.

A short time later, Shawn escorted Delia to the elevator. Delia warned Shawn that if anything happened to her daughter then Delia would reveal everything that she knew about Sonny and Ava's situation to the police.

At Greystone Manor, Ava waited anxiously waited for Sonny to return. The moment he stepped into the foyer, she demanded to know what he had done to her mother. Sonny cryptically explained that it had been far friendlier than what he planned to do to Ava. Ava was caught off guard when Sonny plucked her cell phone out of her hand and informed her that her stunt had cost Ava her phone privileges. Outraged, Ava insisted that he couldn't do that, but Sonny disagreed, since he had already taken her phone away. Ava's eyes narrowed with fury when Sonny showed her the flash drive and vowed that it would be the last time that she saw it.

At Carly's residence, Franco entered the bedroom to ask if he was still welcome. Carly looked up from the bed as she pointed out that it had been Franco's decision to sleep on the sofa the previous evening. She assured Franco that his jealously had been misplaced, but she was concerned about what he might do with the information that she had entrusted him with. Carly reminded Franco that Sonny's secret had the power to destroy and devastate her family, so it scared her that Franco had used it to lash out at Sonny. Franco realized that he had made a terrible mistake by going to Michael, but he assured Carly that it wouldn't happen again.

Franco explained that he could make that promise because he had found a job and was determined to be a better person. Carly was surprised when he told her about his visit with Liesl Obrecht and how he had persuaded General Hospital's chief of staff to hire him to help patients through art therapy. Carly was genuinely happy for Franco because it was clear that the job was perfectly suited for him. Franco confessed that he had missed being creative, so he looked forward to helping others through art.

Later, Franco was unable to fall asleep because he was nervous about his first day on the job. Carly rolled over to assure Franco that he would do fine. Franco smiled then passionately kissed Carly.

In trauma unit one, Alice remained unconscious and hooked to a ventilator as Michael, Morgan, and Tracy waited for Monica to tell them what was wrong with Alice. Monica started by crediting Morgan with saving Alice's life by performing CPR on Alice until the paramedics had arrived. However, Monica explained, the cardiac event had revealed that Alice's heart was failing.

Monica led the group to the nurses' station to confide that Alice's situation was dire because Alice's coronary tissue had degraded beyond typical surgical interventions like stents and heart bypasses. Michael, Morgan, and Tracy were stunned when Monica added that Alice's only hope for survival was a heart transplant. Monica realized that it was difficult news to take in, but she insisted that they all needed to pull together for Alice's sake because Alice's situation was grim enough to move Alice to the top of the transplant list. Michael and Morgan were curious how long it would take for Alice to get a new heart, so Monica explained that there were a lot of contributing factors to consider including the size of the heart and blood type. Monica also pointed out that someone would have to die in order for Alice to receive a viable heart.

Later, Monica, Michael, Morgan, and Tracy returned to Alice's bedside. Monica quietly warned everyone that Alice would be upset when Alice learned about the need for a heart transplant, so they needed to show Alice unwavering support.

In a nearby trauma unit, Alexis, Sam, and T.J. stood by Molly's bed, waiting for her to wake up. Sam assured Alexis that Molly's injuries looked far worse than they actually were, but Alexis wanted to hear that from Molly. T.J. promised Alexis that Molly would be awake soon.

Meanwhile, Molly relived the moments leading to the crash. She recalled Rafe's shocking confession that he'd deliberately caused the crash that had killed Patrick's son and the admission that someone had forced Rafe to do it. Molly's eyes slowly fluttered open as Alexis, Sam, and T.J. smiled down at her with relief. Molly looked around in confusion then asked where Rafe was. Sam decided to fetch a doctor for Molly and check on Rafe, while Alexis and T.J. ignored her questions. Molly sensed that Alexis and T.J. were hiding something, but Alexis was spared from having to answer when the doctor arrived to examine Molly.

In another trauma unit, Rafe lifted his head from the gurney to apologize to Patrick. Patrick wasn't interested in hearing Rafe's apology, so Rafe explained that he needed to tell Patrick something about the accident. Patrick insisted that all he needed to know was that Gabriel had died, but Rafe explained that there was more. Silas urged Rafe to rest, but Rafe was determined to make a full confession. However, Rafe suddenly suffered a terrible seizure.

Patrick left the trauma unit as doctors rushed in to help Rafe. Sam saw the commotion, so she followed Patrick to ask what had happened. Patrick quickly filled Sam in about his angry confrontation with Rafe and then Rafe's cryptic words before the seizure had hit. Patrick admitted that it had seemed as if there had been more to the story, but he didn't know what. Sam assured Patrick that they would find out once Rafe was well enough to talk.

A short time later, Silas walked out, so Sam asked for an update on Rafe. Silas explained that the seizure that Rafe had suffered had been the result of a traumatic brain injury that Rafe had sustained in the crash. Silas revealed that a CT scan had confirmed that fluid had built up on Rafe's brain, so Rafe would need immediate surgery to relieve the pressure.

Liesl Obrecht walked up to confirm Silas' diagnosis then shocked everyone by insisting that Patrick perform the surgery. Silas objected, but Liesl explained that time was of the essence. Silas wanted another neurosurgeon to perform the operation, but Liesl revealed that Patrick was the only one available. Patrick flatly refused to operate on Rafe because Rafe had been responsible for Gabriel's death.

Liesl appreciated that Patrick had misgivings but she expected him to put them aside to save a boy's life. Silas threatened to go to the board with a complaint, but Liesl argued that time wasn't a luxury that Rafe could afford. Sam assured Silas that she had complete faith in Patrick because Patrick had once saved Jason's life when Patrick had had every reason to hate Jason. Patrick reluctantly agreed to operate, so Silas warned Patrick not to use the scalpel to exact revenge on Rafe, or Silas would make Patrick regret it.

Meanwhile, Dante entered the trauma unit as Molly's doctor announced that Molly was well enough to go home. Dante was relieved that Molly would make a full recovery but he explained that he needed to ask her a few questions about the accident. Alexis and T.J. objected, but Dante insisted that it was necessary to confirm some revealing statements that Rafe had made.

Molly agreed to answer Dante's questions, so he asked her to walk him through how she had ended up in the car with Rafe. Molly told Dante about Rafe's drug use and her intention to talk to Silas. She explained that she had spotted Rafe in the garage, so she had stopped to talk to Rafe, but Rafe had been upset and jumpy. Molly continued to recount the events leading up to the crash, but her memory became hazy. Alexis decided that Molly had answered enough for the evening, so Dante agreed to pay Molly a visit at a later time to go over everything.

Alexis insisted that it wasn't necessary, but Dante disagreed because Molly would likely remember more details as she recovered from her injuries.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

At Maxie's apartment, Nathan and Maxie remained handcuffed to each other when they woke up on the sofa. The apartment was in shambles, but neither seemed to notice as they gazed into each other's eyes and smiled. Their smiles faded when Levi arrived home, saw the handcuffs, and then angrily accused Nathan and Maxie of playing sex games while Levi had spent the night in jail. Maxie quickly explained how she and Nathan had ended up handcuffed together and their unsuccessful search for the key, but Levi was unmoved because he had nearly been deported while Maxie had been handcuffed to "Dudley Do-Right."

Shocked, Maxie demanded an explanation, so Levi revealed that his visa had expired. Levi rushed to assure Maxie that he had avoided a problem with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency because the police had cut Levi loose without booking him. Maxie was stunned that Levi was in the country illegally, but Levi assured her that it was only temporary because he had filed the proper paperwork to request a new visa. Maxie was curious how Levi had managed to avoid being booked, so Levi admitted that he had reached out to Diane Miller for help.

According to Levi, Diane had persuaded the police to drop the charges because Michael had been tied up with a family emergency and Nathan hadn't been available. Levi promised Maxie that the police didn't know about his visa problem, but Nathan disagreed. Nathan explained that he was obligated to report Levi, so Maxie asked Nathan to keep quiet about Levi's visa status as a personal favor to her. Nathan reluctantly agreed then changed the subject by suggesting that he and Maxie head to the police station to remove the handcuffs. Nathan and Maxie were startled when Levi easily located the missing key on a small table tucked into the corner of the living room.

Nathan took the key and quickly unlocked the handcuffs. Levi became concerned when he noticed the bruises on Maxie's wrist, but she assured Levi that she was fine. Levi imagined that it had to have been terrible for Maxie to spend the entire night, trapped in a handcuff, but Maxie smiled softly as she looked at Nathan and quietly confessed that it hadn't been all bad.

Anna met Jordan in a secluded spot in the park to ask for an update on Jordan's investigation. Jordan revealed that she had tried to force Julian to divulge the identity of Julian's boss by threatening to walk away from the organization, but Julian had insisted that Jordan had been better off not knowing the man's name. Jordan admitted that Julian had been close to changing his mind when she had switched tactics by reminding Julian that Jordan and Julian needed to look out for each other, but Julian had clammed up when a man named Mickey Diamond had arrived at the gallery. Jordan explained that Julian's boss had sent Mickey to oversee things and to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Jordan revealed that Mickey had sent Julian out of town and had been watching her like a hawk ever since. Anna worried that Mickey might suspect that Jordan had been working undercover, so Jordan conceded that it was possible. However, Jordan had asked her handler at the Drug Enforcement Agency to check into Mickey Diamond, but there hadn't been any record of the man. Anna offered to get in touch with her contacts at the World Security Bureau to find out what they knew about Mickey Diamond, so Jordan decided that to seize the opportunity to get closer to Mickey.

After Anna left, Jordan turned to leave, but she stopped short when Mickey suddenly stepped forward. He immediately demanded to know why Jordan had been talking to the police commissioner, so Jordan explained that Anna had been harassing her ever since Jordan had been released from jail on a technicality. Jordan quickly changed the subject by suggesting that she and Mickey go somewhere to strategize their next move. Mickey liked the way that Jordan thought, but he admitted that he had an appointment to get to. However, he invited Jordan to join him for dinner at Metro Court. Jordan readily agreed, so Mickey suggested that she wear something nice.

Silas called his apartment to check on Nina. She assured him that she was fine, so he asked if Kiki was still there. Nina explained that Kiki had left to check on Michael, but Nina promised that Rosalie would arrive shortly. Nina changed the subject by asking about Rafe. Silas revealed that his nephew remained in surgery, so Nina suggested that Silas grab a bite to eat to keep his strength up. Silas told her that he would get some coffee and promised to call her when he had news about Rafe.

After Silas ended the call, Nina picked up her list of people that she believed had wronged her. She was studying it when Rosalie arrived with muffins and coffee. Nina jumped up to complain that she had been stuck with Kiki for the entire evening, while Silas had been at the hospital with his "trashy" girlfriend. Nina explained that things had been going well between her and Silas as they had watched the fireworks until Silas' "bastard" daughter had barged in. Rosalie reminded Nina that Kiki lived in the apartment, but Nina argued that Kiki had a boyfriend whom Kiki could stay with.

Nina continued her rant about Silas and Sam. Nina feared that Rafe's accident would undo the headway that Nina had made with Silas. Rosalie warned Nina that Nina had other problems to worry about because Rafe knew that Nina could walk and that Nina had an agenda. Nina realized that Rosalie was right, but Nina took comfort in knowing that the surgeon operating on Rafe had a grudge against Rafe, so the surgeon might take care of Rafe for her.

At the hospital, Dante and Lulu made their way to the elevator as Dante admitted that he regretted questioning Molly the previous evening. Lulu insisted that Dante had been doing his job, but Dante argued that he should have waited, even though the doctor had assured Dante that Molly was fine. Lulu reminded Dante that Molly would have tried to help Dante regardless because that was the kind of person that Molly was. Dante agreed then shifted gears to talk about Rafe.

Dante told Lulu about Patrick's confrontation with Rafe, Silas' determination to protect Rafe, and Rafe's desperate attempt to apologize to Patrick. Dante explained that Patrick had refused to listen and had insisted that Rafe hadn't deserved forgiveness. Lulu appreciated that Patrick was in pain, but she agreed with Dante that it had been wrong of Patrick to confront Rafe in the emergency room.

Dante revealed that the situation had been made worse when Patrick had been ordered to perform the life-saving surgery on Rafe because Patrick had been the only neurosurgeon available. Dante and Lulu agreed that they should count their blessings for everything they had. Moments later, the elevator doors opened, so Dante offered to take Lulu home before he went to the police station. Lulu declined because she decided to pay Maxie a visit.

Meanwhile, Julian approached the nurses' station to ask where Molly was, so the nurse pointed him to a nearby trauma unit. Julian became concerned when he found Alexis sitting on Molly's empty bed and crying. Alexis glanced up then ran into Julian's waiting arms as she told him about the car accident and Molly's injuries. She revealed that she had been assured that Molly was fine, so Dante had questioned Molly about the accident. According to Alexis, twenty minutes into the interview, Molly had experienced sudden sharp pain in her head.

Alexis tearfully explained that the doctor had taken Molly for a CT scan, but he had sent Alexis back to the trauma unit because Alexis had been upsetting Molly. Julian assured Alexis that Molly would be fine, but Alexis insisted that everyone had said the same thing about Rafe until Rafe had suffered a seizure and had been rushed into surgery. Julian urged Alexis to relax until she talked to the doctor, but Alexis was too distraught. Julian decided to take matters into his own hands by ordering Alexis to sit and close her eyes. Once Alexis complied, Julian began to massage her back.

Alexis slowly calmed down as Julian continued to assure her that Molly would be fine. Alexis believed him because she realized that Molly and Rafe's situations were different, since Molly hadn't been on drugs. Julian tensed as Alexis filled him in about Rafe's recent drug use. Alexis admitted that she was happy that Julian had left organized crime when he had then mentioned Anna's visit when Anna had urged Alexis to end things with Julian. Alexis quickly assured Julian that she had defended him to Anna, but Julian doubted that it had changed Anna's mind about him.

Alexis conceded that she couldn't blame Anna for despising Julian because of everything Julian had done to Anna. Alexis then changed the subject by admitting that she felt calm enough to check on Molly. She invited Julian to join her, but Julian declined because he feared that his presence might upset Molly. Alexis reluctantly agreed, so Julian kissed her and watched her leave.

Moments later, Julian bumped into Anna at the nurses' station. Anna explained that she was there to check on Molly, so Julian revealed that Molly had been taken to radiology for a CT scan. However, he was confident that Molly would be fine. Julian then shifted gears to let Anna know that he was aware of her attempt to persuade Alexis to leave him. Anna didn't deny it, but she admitted that Alexis had been adamant that Julian was through with the mob. Julian assured Anna that it was true, but Anna argued that only time would tell.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sam handed Silas a cup of coffee as she sat down next to him. Silas revealed that he had checked in with Nina and that Nina had been concerned about Rafe. Sam assured him that they all were, but Silas admitted that he was uneasy about Patrick operating on Rafe. Sam promised Silas that Patrick would set aside his personal feelings to save Rafe's life because Patrick had done the same thing for Jason. Silas argued that the difference was that Patrick hadn't wanted Jason dead.

Sam confessed that Silas was wrong. She explained that Patrick had been grieving for Robin and had told Sam that Jason's life hadn't been worth saving, but in the end, Patrick had saved Jason's life. Silas reminded Sam that Patrick was human like everyone else. Sam was startled when Silas began to blame himself for everything that had happened because it had been Silas' responsibility to know what was going on with his nephew. Silas felt guilty because Rafe hadn't turned to him for help, but Sam reminded Silas that Rafe had been used to being on his own for a long time.

However, Sam confessed that she had something important to tell Silas. Silas was stunned when she revealed that she and Patrick had learned that Rafe had been using drugs. Silas was furious that she hadn't told him sooner because he wouldn't have allowed Patrick to operate on Rafe.

Nearby, Rosalie and Nina arrived at the hospital. Nina smiled when she heard the anger in Silas' voice as he talked to Sam, but Nina quickly adopted an expression of concern as she called out to Silas to ask if everything was okay. Silas greeted Nina and Rosalie then told Nina that he had just found out that Rafe had been using drugs. Silas feared that Patrick would hold it against Rafe, so Nina feigned concern as she offered Silas words of comfort. She invited Silas to let her know if he needed anything.

Silas appreciated Nina's offer, but he knew that she was scheduled for a physical therapy appointment. Nina insisted that she could skip the therapy session, but Silas insisted that she needed to focus on her health and recovery. He promised to keep her posted, so Nina assured him that Rafe would be in her thoughts.

In the operating room, Epiphany asked how Patrick was holding up. Patrick assured her that he was fine. He continued to operate on Rafe until he glanced up and saw himself standing at the head of the operating table.

Confused, Patrick looked at himself until the fantasy version of Patrick explained that Liesl Obrecht had done Patrick a favor by demanding that Patrick operate on Rafe. The fantasy version of Patrick urged Patrick to seize the opportunity to avenge Gabriel's death by taking Rafe's life. According to the fantasy version of Patrick, no one would blame Patrick or accuse Patrick of premeditation because Patrick had initially refused to operate on Rafe.

Patrick argued that no one knew the circumstances of the accident, so there wasn't any reason to believe that Rafe had set out to hurt Patrick's family. The fantasy version of Patrick countered that Rafe could have been text messaging someone, drinking, or high at the time of the crash, but Patrick remained reluctant to condemn Rafe to death. The fantasy version of Patrick reminded Patrick that Sabrina had lost her son and nearly her mind, so Patrick should do it for Sabrina. Patrick insisted that it wasn't his place to play judge, jury, and executioner. The fantasy version of Patrick warned Patrick that Rafe would get away with only a slap on the wrist.

Moments later, Epiphany called out Patrick's name as the monitors hooked to Rafe sounded an alarm. Epiphany warned Patrick that Rafe was bleeding internally and would die if Patrick didn't do something. Patrick demanded a sponge as he shifted his attention back to the surgery.

Later, Sam followed Silas to the nurses' station when he decided to call the operating room for an update. Silas picked up the phone as Patrick walked up.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

At Carly's residence, a shirtless Lucas entered the living room and extended a cup of coffee to Felix, who had spent the night on the sofa. Felix was grateful for the coffee because he had been in need of it after consuming two bottles of wine with Lucas the previous evening. Lucas clarified that they had shared three bottles of wine. Felix wasn't surprised because he and Lucas had been binge-watching The Golden Girls on DVD, but Felix was thankful that he and Carly were friends because he feared that she might have freaked out to find a half-naked man asleep in her house. Lucas smiled flirtatiously as he suggested that Felix wouldn't have had to worry if Felix had spent the night in Lucas' bed.

Felix thanked Lucas for an entertaining evening because it had been a long time since Felix had last laughed. Lucas confessed that he hoped he and Felix could spend more time together, but the moment was shattered when the doorbell rang. Felix decided that it was his cue to leave, so Lucas walked Felix to the door. Lucas' smile evaporated when he saw Brad standing on the doorstep.

After Felix left, Brad demanded to know if Felix had spent the night. Lucas resented the question, but answered Brad truthfully. Lucas defiantly asked what Brad intended to do about it, so Brad kissed Lucas. Startled, Lucas pushed Brad away and asked what Brad was doing. Brad confessed that he wasn't ready to give up on their relationship, but Lucas explained that he couldn't trust Brad after the heartache that Brad had put Lucas' cousin, Lulu, through.

Lucas conceded that he still had feelings for Brad, but Lucas couldn't get past the lies. Brad wondered if Lucas intended to hook up with Felix to get back at Brad. Insulted, Lucas shot back that it was the kind of thing Brad would do. Lucas immediately apologized for the harsh comment, but Brad conceded that it had been well deserved. Brad promised that he was still the same man that Lucas had met at the Floating Rib, but Lucas confessed that he didn't know if he could ever trust Brad again.

Lucas admitted that he hadn't slept with Felix, but Lucas didn't know what would happen in the future because Lucas genuinely liked Felix. Lucas admired Felix because Felix was the type of person who would bend over backwards for someone in need even at Felix's own detriment. Brad insisted that he and Lucas had been good together, but Lucas refused to discuss it further and asked Brad to leave.

At the apartment, Maxie sat on the sofa, munching on breakfast, when she heard Nathan walk toward the bathroom. She called out to let him know that Levi was in the shower, trying to wash away the grime of a night in jail. Nathan rolled his eyes because Maxie continued to complain about the arrest, so he reminded her that Levi had been given ample opportunity to leave the brownstone, but Levi had declined because Levi had wanted to get arrested. Maxie insisted that Levi had been standing up for his beliefs and fighting for the "little guy." She couldn't understand why Nathan was determined to think the worst of Levi instead of giving Levi a chance, but Nathan explained that he had done just than when he had agreed to look the other way while Levi obtained a visa to remain in the country.

Maxie assured Nathan that she appreciated what he had done, but Nathan became frustrated when he realized that Levi was still in the shower. Nathan wondered if Levi had forgotten Levi's aversion to long showers and then suggested that perhaps Levi's ethics were situational in regards to water conservation. Maxie's temper flared because she resented Nathan's remark after she had thanked him for helping with Levi's immigration problem. Nathan reminded Maxie that Levi's lack of visa was more serious than a "problem."

Nathan and Maxie began to rehash who had been responsible for their predicament the previous evening when they had ended up handcuffed together. Eventually, Nathan grew weary of the argument, so he decided to grab a shower in the police station's locker room. He suggested that she be grateful that the Quartermaines had been too busy with a family emergency to press charges against her and Levi then he left.

Later, Lulu stopped by the apartment for a visit. Maxie greeted Lulu with a warm hug then asked about Lulu's surgical procedure, so Lulu happily revealed that she would be able to carry a baby to term. Maxie was happy for her friend but cautioned Lulu not to speak too loudly because Levi had just fallen asleep after spending the night in jail thanks to Nathan. Maxie quickly filled Lulu in about the protest at the brownstone, Levi's arrest, and the snafu with the handcuffs.

Lulu pointed out that Nathan had been doing his job because Maxie and Levi had been asked to leave the brownstone several times. Maxie continued to blame Nathan for everything, but Lulu chuckled because Maxie's account of Nathan and Maxie's trek home through the park during the fireworks had seemed romantic. Maxie was horrified by the idea, but Lulu defended Nathan because she knew him well and thought he was a great guy.

Maxie reluctantly conceded that Nathan was good-looking, but she insisted that he was also arrogant, smug, and frustrating. Maxie admitted that she was eager to kick Nathan out because she was certain that he intentionally provoked arguments with Levi for the sheer enjoyment. However, Maxie conceded that she would have to wait until she and Levi each found jobs. "Methinks the lady doth protest too much," Lulu replied with a knowing grin. Maxie denied that she was attracted to Nathan, but Lulu didn't believe her.

Lulu announced that she had to leave because she wanted to check on Lucas before fetching Rocco from Olivia's. She suggested that Maxie not beat herself up for being attracted to a tall, dark, and handsome man; it happened to the best of them. After Lulu left, Maxie thought about her night with Nathan and realized that Lulu might have been right. Moments later, an immigration agent looking for Levi knocked on the front door.

At the police station, Nathan took out his frustration on his locker as Dante entered the locker room. Dante wondered what was troubling Nathan, so Nathan grumbled, "Maxie Jones." Dante smiled because he knew that Maxie had gift for exasperating people. Dante admitted that he was aware that Maxie and her boyfriend had been mixed up with some trouble at the brownstone, so Nathan told him about Maxie and Levi's protest and the arrest. However, Nathan quickly changed the subject by asking about Lulu's surgery.

Dante assured Nathan that Lulu was fine but confessed that he had encountered a situation at the hospital. Dante filled Nathan in about Rafe's accident and Rafe's grave injuries. Nathan was glad to hear that Molly would be fine but shocked when Dante revealed that Rafe had been responsible for Patrick's accident. Dante became uncomfortable talking about Rafe's crash, so he decided to leave. However, Dante stopped when he noticed Nathan's chafed wrist.

Dante immediately recognized the signs of a handcuffed wrist, so Nathan told Dante about his long walk home with Maxie after they had ended up handcuffed to each other. Dante laughed and admitted that Maxie could be charming in her own "rambling way," but Nathan insisted that he hadn't wanted to spend his Fourth of July, listening to Maxie talk about Levi. Dante empathized because he didn't like Levi either. Nathan felt vindicated, so he told Dante about his suspicions that Levi had tipped off the judge. Dante was surprised that Nathan would perjure himself for Maxie, unless Nathan had fallen for Maxie. Nathan denied it but confessed that he was tempted to report Levi to the U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency.

Dante was curious if Levi was in the country illegally. Nathan told Dante about Levi's visa issues, so Dante advised Nathan to turn Levi in if Nathan believed that Levi was bad news. Nathan explained that he couldn't because he had promised Maxie. Dante reminded Nathan that Nathan had denied having feelings for Maxie and then left.

A short time later, Dante returned, looking for his keys, as Nathan finished getting ready after his shower. Dante assured Nathan that Nathan wouldn't have to worry about Levi for much longer because Maxie was smarter than most gave her credit for. Dante was confident that Maxie would figure things out and give Levi the boot.

At Carly's residence, Lulu stopped by to visit with Lucas. She noticed him smirking, so she asked what was on his mind. Lucas admitted that he had been thinking about "WWBD." Lulu appeared confused, so he smiled. "What would Blanche do?" Lucas clarified as he held up The Golden Girls DVD.

In Alice's hospital room, Alice slowly opened her eyes and looked around until she saw Michael, Tracy, and Monica's concerned faces. She weakly asked what had happened, so Monica explained that Alice had collapsed at ELQ after suffering a heart attack. Alice suddenly recalled accusing Tracy of betraying Michael, so she looked at Michael and told him that there was something that he needed to know. Tracy interjected by urging Alice to rest. Michael backed Tracy up and assured Alice that there would be plenty of time to talk later, but Alice sensed that they were holding something back.

Tracy demanded that Monica tell Alice everything, so Monica reluctantly broke the news to Alice about Alice's desperate need for a heart transplant, which had put Alice at the very top of the hospital's transplant list. Alice was stunned, but argued that she wasn't the type to sit in bed. Monica explained that it was necessary because Monica needed Alice ready for the upcoming surgery.

In the seating area outside Alice's hospital room, Morgan confessed to Kiki that it was strange to see Alice helpless because Alice was the Dominator, a women's wrestling legend. He feared that Alice wouldn't get a heart in time, so Kiki urged him not to give up hope. Morgan appreciated Kiki's support, but he felt bad for dumping his problems on Kiki when she was dealing with her own crisis because of Rafe's accident. Kiki appreciated Morgan's concern, but she urged him to go to Alice. Morgan admitted that he would rather wait until Alice woke up

Morgan became choked up as he recalled how wonderful Alice had always been to him. Kiki admitted that Alice had always had a soft spot for him, in part because he had immediately recognized Alice as the Dominator. Morgan smiled fondly as the thought about the kind things that Alice had done for him, including getting the boathouse ready for Morgan and Kiki and helping put together a special proposal for Kiki. Kiki admitted that it had been wrong of her to agree to marry Morgan when she'd had feelings for Michael.

Morgan refused to let Kiki shoulder the blame for their failed relationship because he had lied and tricked her into marriage. He realized that it had also been a mistake to sleep with Ava, who might be pregnant with his child. Kiki insisted that all that mattered was that she and Morgan had worked things out and would always have each other's backs. Morgan and Kiki hugged, but they both tensed when an unexpected spark of awareness flared to life. They awkwardly pulled away from each other and quickly parted when Kiki left to check on Rafe.

A short time later, Michael joined Morgan in the waiting area. The brothers talked about Alice's need for a new heart. Michael decided to check if ELQ's resources could locate a compatible heart for Alice, but he realized that he had left his phone in Alice's hospital room.

Moments later, Michael entered Alice's room. She called out to Michael, but he told her to rest. Alice thought about her confrontation with Tracy at ELQ then insisted on having a word with Michael.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Nina lurked around a corner as Patrick approached the nurses' station to talk to Silas and Sam. Silas was eager for news about Rafe, but Patrick appeared to struggle to find the right words. "I'm sorry," Patrick finally said. Silas tensed as he demanded to know what Patrick was sorry for.

Patrick quietly explained that things had gone smoothly until the end of the operation when Rafe had suffered a ruptured blood vessel that had resulted in hemorrhaging. Patrick assured Silas and Sam that he had tried to stop the bleeding, but his efforts had failed. Silas asked if Rafe was dead, so Patrick revealed that tests indicated that Rafe didn't have any brain activity. Nearby, Nina appeared shocked as she heard the devastating news.

Silas insisted that brain dead was the same as being dead, but Sam implored Silas not to give up. She reminded Silas that Nina had woken up from a coma, so Patrick explained that Rafe wasn't in a coma; Rafe's brain function had ceased, requiring him to be put on life support. Silas clarified that Rafe was gone. Patrick quietly extended his condolences, but Silas was furious because he was certain that Patrick had killed Rafe, either by letting him die or nicking the blood vessel.

Patrick promised that he had done everything he could to save Rafe, but Silas didn't believe Patrick because Patrick had boldly stated that Patrick had wanted Rafe to die. Sam quickly intervened before Silas turned violent, so Patrick told Silas and Sam that Rafe was in the intensive care unit, and he left.

Later, Patrick remained haunted by Rafe's operation as he showered in the hospital's locker room. After Patrick finished up, Felix entered and immediately noticed that Patrick seemed upset. Patrick explained that he had lost a patient then told Felix about Rafe's accident. Felix felt terrible for Rafe, so Patrick told Felix that Rafe had been responsible for the accident that had claimed Gabriel's life.

Felix was shocked when Patrick revealed that he had been forced to operate on Rafe because Patrick had been the only neurosurgeon available. "No wonder you look like hell," Felix said. Patrick confided that he had been debating whether or not to tell Sabrina, so Felix admitted that Juan had assured Felix that Sabrina had been getting stronger and that she had sounded more like herself when Felix had talked to her on the phone.

Shortly after Patrick left, Felix stepped into the shower. However, he was startled when Brad suddenly appeared to explain that he had a bone to pick with Felix.

Meanwhile, Silas entered Rafe's hospital room and immediately became upset when he saw his nephew hooked up to machines. Tears filled Silas' eyes as he softly stroked Rafe's hair and conceded that Rafe had had a rough life because everyone had continually failed Rafe. Silas assured Rafe that Rafe could rest knowing that it would never happen again. Sam entered the room, so Silas turned to her and then began to cry as she held him.

Moments later, Kiki walked in. "Oh, my God," Kiki said when she saw her cousin. Silas spent some time with Kiki and Sam then asked for a moment alone with Rafe. Kiki approached her cousin's bedside to confess that she wished that she and Rafe had known each other better. After Kiki left, Sam took a moment to run her fingers lovingly through Rafe's hair.

Sam kissed the top of Rafe's head as she tearfully told him that she loved him. She was happy that he had been a part of her life and vowed that he would always be a part of her family. Sam was grateful for everything that Rafe had done for Danny, so she was determined to make certain that Danny would never forgot Rafe. Sam kissed Rafe one last time then left the room.

Silas sat down next to Rafe's bed as he opened up about his regrets. Silas admitted that he had been in a hurry to get away from his brother, Stephen, and the rest of Silas' family and that he had shut down emotionally after Nina had slipped into a coma. However, meeting Rafe had changed everything because Rafe had helped Silas heal and open his heart to falling in love with Sam. Silas wanted Rafe to know that Silas would always love Rafe and that Silas would make certain that Patrick paid if Patrick was responsible for Rafe's death. Silas glanced up when he felt someone gently touch his shoulder. It was Nina.

Elsewhere, Sam caught up with Patrick at the elevator. She explained that Silas suspected that Patrick had intentionally allowed Rafe to die, so she had to ask Patrick something. "Did you?" Sam wondered.

Outside Alice's hospital room, Morgan was startled when he saw Kiki return in tears. She explained that Rafe was brain dead and then threw herself in Morgan's comforting arms. Nearby, Tracy appeared to realize what Kiki's tragedy might mean for Alice.


Friday, July 11, 2014

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie was stunned when a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent showed up on her doorstep, looking for Levi. The man identified himself as Agent Scribner then revealed that Levi had listed Maxie's address as his place of residence in the United States. Maxie played dumb by claiming that she didn't know Levi, but Agent Scribner warned her that she could be in deep trouble if she knowingly harbored an illegal alien and refused to cooperate with the authorities. Maxie was curious how much trouble she could face, so Agent Scribner explained that the government didn't take aiding and abetting lightly.

Maxie asked for a warrant, but Agent Scribner informed her that he didn't need one because he didn't intend to arrest anyone. However, Agent Scribner was tired of the runaround, so he demanded an answer to his question. Maxie once again denied knowing Levi and insisted that he wasn't there, but Levi walked out when he heard his name. Maxie tried to warn Levi that Agent Scribner was there for him, but Levi didn't pick up on the signals, so Agent Scribner explained that an anonymous tipster had reported that Levi's visa had expired.

Maxie was certain that the caller had been Nathan, but Agent Scribner revealed that he wasn't at liberty to discuss it. Maxie argued that Levi had a right to face his accuser, but Agent Scribner informed Maxie that Levi didn't have any rights because Levi lacked a visa and wasn't a U.S. citizen. However, Agent Scribner intended to rectify Levi's illegal status by deporting him. Agent Scribner gave Levi time to say goodbye but promised to return to collect him.

After the agent left, Maxie called Diane and left a frantic message for her to return Maxie's phone call. Afterwards, Maxie fumed about Nathan. Levi assured Maxie that everything would work out, but she knew that he didn't believe that. Levi was curious if she really believed that Nathan had called in the tip about Levi's visa status. Before Maxie could reply, Nathan arrived home.

At Carly's house, Lucas confided to Lulu that he might have been swept up in a love triangle. Lulu's interest was piqued, but Lucas decided to change the subject because he didn't think that his love life was important. Lulu assured Lucas that she wanted to hear about it because she had been involved in a few love triangles. She warned her cousin that he was treading down a dangerous path that would inevitably end in disaster. Lucas explained that he and Felix had grown closer since the shooting at the gallery and that he enjoyed Felix's company because Felix was smart, fun, and cool.

Lulu asked who the third party in the love triangle was, so Lucas reluctantly admitted that it was Brad Cooper. Lucas insisted that he was through with Brad, but he had liked Brad because they'd had so much in common, including their adoptions and mobster fathers. Lulu was curious what else had drawn Lucas to Brad beyond their similar backgrounds. Lucas smiled as he confessed that the sex had been good.

However, Lucas insisted that there wasn't any going back from finding out that the man he had been involved with had stolen Lulu's embryos. Lulu conceded that Brad wasn't her favorite person, but she didn't want Lucas to walk away from exploring a relationship with someone because of her. She pointed out that she had Rocco back, as well as her embryo, and then revealed that she would be able to carry the baby to term because the surgery had been a success. Lucas was delighted for his cousin. After Lucas congratulated her on the good news, Lulu turned the conversation back to Lucas' love life by suggesting that Lucas already knew who he wanted to be with.

At the hospital, Felix was startled when Brad interrupted Felix's shower by announcing that he had a bone to pick with Felix. Felix quickly turned off the water and then grabbed a towel as he demanded to know what Brad was doing. Brad dismissed Felix's bout of modesty because Brad had seen everything before, but Felix growled that it was because Brad was a "perv" who had spied on Felix during a shower. Brad shot back that Felix wasn't in a position to complain because Felix had put on a show, knowing that Brad had been watching.

Brad cut to the chase by accusing Felix of being hungry for Lucas. "You're a Hungry Hungry Hippo homosexual, and you're famished," Brad added with a sneer. Felix was offended by the accusation and made it clear that he had spent the night on the sofa. Brad admitted that Lucas had already confirmed that Lucas and Felix hadn't had sex but Brad considered watching The Golden Girls a form of foreplay. According to Brad the next step would be watching Knots Landing in bed, which would be a hop, skip, and jump away from an over-the-top wedding that included chocolate fountains, ducks, and Wilson-Phillips.

Brad insisted that Lucas belonged to him, so he warned Felix to back off. Felix informed Brad that what went on between Felix and Lucas didn't concern Brad, but Brad disagreed because Felix was a "frigid, uptight, prude" who could never give Lucas what Brad could. Felix was curious what that was. "Passion," Brad shouted and then caught Felix off guard with a passionate kiss. Felix's arms flailed for a moment before he pushed Brad away.

"What the hell?" Lucas asked from the doorway in shock. Disgusted, Lucas turned away as Brad chased after him, begging for a chance to explain what Lucas had walked in on. Eventually, Brad caught up with Lucas in the hallway. Brad assured Lucas that he hadn't meant to kiss Felix, but Brad had gotten carried away during the argument. Lucas revealed that he had made a decision about who he had wanted to pursue a relationship with, but he had changed his mind.

"Who?" Felix asked as he emerged from the locker room. Felix confessed that he hadn't realized that he had been in the running, so Brad pounced on the opportunity to dismiss Felix's relationship with Lucas as nothing more than friendship. Felix bristled when Brad insisted that Felix leave. Lucas watched Brad and Felix bicker back and forth until he became fed up with both men and walked away.

In the waiting area outside Alice's hospital room, Morgan became concerned when he saw Kiki approach in tears, so he quickly rushed to her side to find out what had upset her. Kiki cried that her cousin, Rafe, was brain-dead. Stunned, Morgan comforted her. Nearby, Tracy watched the scene unfold with a speculative gleam in her eyes.

Moments later, Tracy extended her condolences to Kiki then broached the subject of organ donation by asking if Rafe had been an organ donor. Stunned, Kiki sputtered with outrage but confirmed that he had been. Tracy perked up and asked Morgan where Monica and Michael were. Morgan admitted that he had no idea where Monica was, but Michael had returned to Alice's hospital room.

After Tracy walked away, Kiki ranted about Tracy's insensitivity. Morgan agreed that Tracy had been blunt and rude, but he admitted that he couldn't fault Tracy for loving Alice and wanting to save Alice's life.

In Alice's hospital room, Alice insisted on talking to Michael, but Michael urged her to relax and conserve her strength. Alice explained that she had to get what she wanted to say off her chest because holding it in was too stressful. Michael reluctantly agreed to hear her out, but only if she promised to get some rest when she was done. Alice agreed and then revealed that she had called Michael because she had something to tell him about Tracy.

Before Alice could elaborate, Tracy barged into the room to announce that she had found Alice a donor heart. Michael and Alice were shocked when Tracy explained that a young man had been declared brain-dead following a car accident, so his organs were available. Both Michael and Alice objected to Tracy's heartless words, but Tracy was unapologetic, since Rafe Kovich's heart could save Alice. Michael was stunned when he realized that Tracy had been talking about Kiki's cousin.

Michael cautioned Tracy not to jump to conclusions because not only had Rafe been a minor, but his heart might not be compatible. Tracy refused to accept that Rafe wasn't the answer to their prayers, but she seized the opportunity to carefully remind Alice that Tracy had been the one to find a donor heart and therefore was the only person that Alice could trust.

In the waiting area, Michael told Kiki how sorry he was to hear the news about Rafe. Michael wished that he could fix things for Rafe, but Tracy argued that the tragedy could save Alice. Annoyed, Michael warned Tracy that she had gone too far. Kiki assured Michael that it was okay because Morgan had helped her to put things into perspective. Pleased, Tracy revealed that Alice's blood type was B-positive, so Tracy was curious if Kiki knew Rafe's blood type.

Kiki promised to find out, but Tracy decided to speak to Silas herself. Morgan objected because Tracy had a habit of making people angry. Kiki quickly made it clear that she would be the one to talk to her father about Rafe's heart and then left.

Later, Morgan suggested that he and Michael help Kiki with Silas, but Michael explained that it would be a bad idea because Silas wouldn't want to see them. Morgan felt bad for Rafe, but he feared that every second they waited was another second that Alice would be closer to death. Tracy rounded the corner in time to hear Morgan's remark, so she assured Morgan that Alice would not die. Tracy insisted that she trusted Silas to do the right thing because he was a smart man. Michael reminded Tracy that Rafe might not be a match, but Tracy argued that he had to be.

At the elevator, Sam kept the door from closing as she explained that she had to ask Patrick if he had taken his need for revenge out on Rafe. Sam apologized for having to ask the question, but she had loved her foster son, and she needed answers for Silas because Silas was hurt and angry. Patrick assured Sam that he wasn't offended because he understood why she needed an answer. The elevator's alarm went off so Patrick suggested that they go somewhere private to continue the conversation.

Sam followed Patrick to a nearby examination room then asked if she had been wrong to entrust Rafe's care to Patrick. Patrick revealed that the surgery had been by the book in the beginning and that everything had gone well. However, he admitted that he had been wrestling with his conscience because his inner voice had continually urged him to get justice for Gabriel by allowing Rafe to die. Patrick confided that all it would have taken was a small slice and that no one would have questioned it. Sam carefully asked if he had listened to his inner voice.

Patrick's eyes clouded with tears as he explained that the blood vessel had burst on its own and that there had been nothing that he could have done to save Rafe. Patrick assured Sam that he hadn't faltered in his efforts to save Rafe's life and that it wouldn't have mattered who had been on the table because they couldn't have survived the devastating complication. Patrick begged Sam to tell him that she believed him, so Sam promised Patrick that she did.

Sam warned Patrick that Silas had taken the news about Rafe hard, so it would take time for Silas to accept that Patrick hadn't been responsible for the complication that had left Rafe brain-dead. She promised Patrick that she would do everything in her power to help Silas, so Patrick quietly apologized for failing to save Rafe. Sam hugged her friend because she knew his apology had been sincere.

In Rafe's hospital room, Silas vowed to make Patrick pay if Patrick had been responsible for Rafe's condition. Silas looked up when he suddenly felt someone touch his shoulder. It was Nina. She explained that she had cut her physical therapy session short because she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Rafe. She asked how the teen was, so Silas revealed that Rafe was brain-dead. Nina assured Silas that Rafe would pull through just as she had, but Silas explained that Rafe's situation was different.

Silas revealed that Rafe would never wake up or have a conscious thought again, so Rafe was dead for all intents and purposes. Nina reached for Silas' hand and squeezed it as she told him how sorry she was for his loss. She knew that Silas had loved his nephew and appreciated that Rafe had been the last link that Silas had had to Stephen and the rest of Silas' family. However, she was confident that the surgeon had done everything possible for Rafe. "Did he?" Silas asked.

Nina feigned surprise that Silas suspected Patrick of intentionally hurting Rafe, but she conceded that it would be foolish to dismiss the possibility because of the circumstances. Nina admitted that one should never underestimate someone's longing for revenge. Silas insisted that Patrick would pay, but Nina advised Silas to proceed with caution. She suggested that he start gathering evidence against Patrick by asking Sam to use her private investigation skills.

Nina looked around as if she had suddenly realized that Sam hadn't been in the room. Silas explained that he had asked Kiki and Sam to leave because he had wanted a moment alone with Rafe. Nina quickly apologized for intruding, but Silas assured her that it was fine because he appreciated having someone who understood how he felt. Nina pretended to be shocked when Silas confided that Sam had defended Patrick when Silas had accused Patrick of harming Rafe during surgery. Nina quietly suggested that Sam had been disloyal by siding with Patrick rather than Silas.

Moments later, Kiki entered Rafe's room to check on her father and to ask to speak to Silas privately. Nina assured Silas that she would stay with Rafe, so Silas thanked Nina and then followed Kiki into the hallway. Kiki admitted that Silas looked like he was barely holding on, but Silas assured her that she need not worry about him. Kiki appreciated that Silas didn't want her to hover, so she agreed to worry about him from afar as long as he promised to let her know when he needed her. Silas agreed, so Kiki reminded Silas that Sam was in his corner too.

Silas smiled but didn't respond. Kiki shifted gears to tell her father about Alice's failing heart and Tracy's reaction to hearing about Rafe's grim prognosis. Silas realized that he should have expected the topic of organ donation to arise, but he warned Kiki that the Quartermaines would have to jump through a lot of hoops before a transplant could be approved. Kiki assured him that she understood that, but she was curious what Rafe's blood type was. Silas revealed that Rafe had been B-positive.

In Rafe's hospital room, Nina admitted that Rafe had been young and handsome. She conceded that she saw shades of both Stephen and Silas in Rafe as well as the potential that could have been. Nina acknowledged that the accident had been a terrible tragedy, but what had been bad for Rafe had turned out to be good for her. "So good for me," Nina added with a smile.

Nina confided that Rafe's death would help her to drive a wedge between Silas and Sam and then gloated that he wouldn't be able to tell anyone about Nina's plans for Silas. However, she was thankful to Rafe and vowed to make certain that he had a great funeral with all the trimmings. Nina was startled when she felt Rafe's hand move. She looked up just as his eyes suddenly snapped opened and then zeroed in on her.

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