General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 4, 2014 on GH

Robin lied to Patrick to keep Jason safe. Victor was revealed to be the mastermind behind Patrick's crash. Alexis ended things with Julian when he admitted that he was in the mob. Sonny arranged for Alice to receive a new heart.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 4, 2014 on GH
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Kiki exited Kelly's with her arms full of cups of coffee and bags of pastries. She bumped right into Olivia, who helped Kiki carry the food and drinks over to a table. Kiki explained how she had volunteered to get the Quartermaines, who had been spending all day every day at the hospital with Alice, some "drinkable" coffee and food not from a hospital vending machine.

Olivia inquired about Alice's condition. Kiki replied that Alice was stable but weak, but there was a new possibility of a donor heart. Olivia blurted out that Ned was probably very relieved. She backtracked and said that all of the Quartermaines were probably relieved. She explained to Kiki how she'd been crying on Ned's shoulder. She vowed to stop "wallowing" and start taking some positive action. She helped Kiki get the food and drinks to the car.

At the hospital, Silas wheeled Nina out of the elevator. She remarked how working at the hospital had to be easier without Patrick around. She immediately apologized for the comment and hoped that Patrick would get "everything that's coming to him" and that Sam would open her eyes. Silas stated that he just wanted to make peace, and he didn't want to talk about it.

Silas reminded Nina that she had to go to physical therapy and decided to go along with her in order to thank Travis for his hard work. When the excuse of "I don't want to take you away from your patients" didn't work, she told him that he could accompany her when she could finally walk down a flight of stairs. "Deal," he relented. Nina advised Silas not to push himself, and he walked away.

Silas bumped into Kiki, who wondered how he was doing. "Fine," he replied, but Kiki asked him to promise that, if he wasn't going to talk to her, he would talk to Sam. He admitted that he and Sam had broken up. Kiki was sad to hear the news and listened to Silas' explanation that several things had contributed to the relationship's demise. Kiki hoped that Silas and Sam could work things out.

Silas continued that his and Sam's biggest problem had been Nina. He admitted that he'd been na´ve to think that he'd "only" given Nina a place to stay. Kiki wondered if Sam thought that Nina was trying to break the couple up. Silas didn't think Nina was malicious at all. Kiki offered an ear if he ever wanted to talk or her presence if he ever wanted to "brood silently with another person." He told her that Michael needed her. She hugged him and walked away.

Patrick was on the phone with Emma, who was at camp. He instructed her to listen to "Aunt Elizabeth." She expressed her worry for Spencer, but Patrick assured her that Spencer would return home soon. Emma handed the phone to Elizabeth, who promised to keep an eye on Emma. She wondered what had taken him away so abruptly. "Something came up," he told her, waiting with Sam in the lobby of the Crichton-Clark Clinic, where Nina had been.

At camp, Cameron made an origami bird, which Josslyn complimented. Emma sadly sat down at the table. She was worried about Spencer and feared that she was to blame for him running away because she had turned him down so many times. Josslyn said that Emma was wrong and ridiculous, and she called Emma a "self-centered princess." Emma ran away to tell Elizabeth what Josslyn had said.

Cameron called Josslyn mean for talking like that to Emma. Cameron wanted to know what Josslyn knew about Spencer. After a little prodding, Josslyn finally confided that Spencer had been hiding out at her house. She made Cameron promise not to tell anyone.

Emma ran to Elizabeth and told her that Josslyn was teasing her. The two walked back over to the picnic table to talk to Josslyn. Josslyn stated that not agreeing with what Emma said made her honest, not mean. "You are so much like your mother," Elizabeth muttered. "Thank you!" Josslyn said sincerely. Elizabeth told Josslyn to apologize. Josslyn played dumb. Emma asked Cameron to tell Elizabeth what Josslyn had said about Spencer.

Sam warned Patrick that the clinic was like a fortress. She was determined to find out if Nina was a liar, and she was happy to have a doctor along with her in order to decipher medical records. Patrick promised to distract the guards long enough for her to hack into the computers. He wondered how she would get into the clinic, since she was banned after breaking in and knocking out security guards. She put on a pair of glasses and told him that Sabrina Santiago wasn't banned.

Sam and Patrick walked up to the front desk and introduced themselves as Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago. Patrick explained to the man at the desk, William, that they had booked the tour of the facility, hoping that the clinic would be their "new home" after not seeing eye to eye with their new chief of staff. William asked for identification, since they'd had a "security issue" a few months before. Patrick showed his ID and turned to go down the hall. The man wanted to see "Sabrina's" identification as well. Sam handed Sabrina's hospital ID to William. He inspected it and finally approved.

Patrick and Sabrina followed William down the hall as he explained the "state-of-the-art" facility. As the man touched on the research labs, Sam asked William where the bathroom was. He pointed her in the right direction, and she walked away. Sam managed to get back to the front desk and inserted a flash drive of Spinelli's into the computer, which was to help her break into the password-protected computer.

Patrick told William about his success waking Michael up from a year-long coma after he'd been shot in the head. He didn't think his experimental procedure would have worked had Michael been older, so he asked if there had ever been any success at the clinic with waking up older coma patients. The man seemed suspicious, so Patrick asked to see the research lab, which was behind a door marked "Restricted." Just then, William's pager went off. He excused himself for a minute and offered for Patrick to explore.

When William was gone, Patrick attempted to open the door, but it was locked. A minute later, the door's lock clicked open, and the door was opened from the inside. Patrick looked through the doorway in shock.

As Sam typed Nina's name into the clinic's computer system, William grabbed her hand and wondered what she was doing.

Britt called Spencer. Getting no answer, she left him a voicemail demanding to know where he was. She said that she couldn't "rescue" him without knowing where he was.

Spencer creeped around Carly's house in order to plug in his dead cell phone. He heard someone approaching and dove underneath the coffee table. However, it was only Franco, who advised Spencer to be more discreet. Spencer waved it off, since Carly had "just left" to take Josslyn to camp. Just then, Carly walked through the front door.

Franco pounced on her and kissed her passionately, effectively keeping her in the foyer so that Spencer could get back to his phone. "Oh boy," Spencer said when he saw that he had six new messages. Breaking the kiss, Carly told Franco that she'd returned because Josslyn had forgotten her bathing suit.

Carly wondered why Franco was acting "weird" and if he was trying to distract her from something. She asked about Nina and if Franco was hiding her. He admitted to Carly that he might run into Nina at work that day. Carly was happy that Franco had made a friend. She told him that, as long as he was up-front about everything with Carly, she would always trust him.

Britt's phone rang. She answered it and demanded to know where Spencer was. He apologized for his phone's dead battery. She wondered how she was supposed to "rescue" him if she didn't know where he was. He told her where he was. He added that Josslyn had been a "valuable ally" -- since her family was "messed up," she understood why Spencer wanted to get Nikolas and Britt back together. He asked about her progress with Nikolas, but Britt heard Nikolas on the phone in the hall. She told Spencer to stay put and hung up.

Nikolas entered the living room, and Britt urged him to try to relax and take a nap while she went to check a lead out. She told a curious Nikolas that she wanted to talk to Carly, as she was the other owner of the Metro Court. He insisted that he was going with her, and they left.

As Carly talked about what a weird day it had been, Spencer scurried upstairs and hid. She commented on how Josslyn had been acting strangely, as well, and Carly thought her daughter was hiding something. She brushed it off as a phase and turned to go upstairs, but Franco blocked her way. Just then, the doorbell rang.

Carly opened the door to Nikolas and Britt. Franco nonchalantly made sure that Spencer was gone from the living room. Satisfied, he told Carly that he had to get to work, kissed her, and left. Nikolas got down to business, asking Carly questions. Britt claimed that she had to call a patient, so Carly directed her up the stairs for privacy. Britt searched for Spencer.

Spencer popped up from behind a table and asked if Britt was going to "get me out of here." Britt told Spencer that she needed to "miraculously" find him. She instructed him to meet her at the park one hour from then, and she would say that she'd found him camping out.

A short while later, Carly got off the phone with someone at the hotel. She informed Nikolas that the police had already interviewed everyone who had been working the day that Spencer had checked in. Nikolas thanked her for her time and wondered where Britt was. The two went up the stairs to look for her. They found her looking at pictures of Carly's "beautiful family." Carly assured Nikolas that he would find Spencer, and Nikolas and Britt left.

Nikolas stormed through his house a short while later and spouted off that the best chance of finding a missing child was within twenty-four hours. Britt reminded him that Spencer wasn't missing; he'd run away. She urged him to rest while she went out looking for Spencer. Nikolas hugged Britt and told her that he didn't how he would have gotten through the ordeal without Britt.

A few minutes later, Britt arrived at the park. She looked at her phone and wondered where Spencer was.

Spencer tiptoed down the stairs. There was a knock on the door, and he dove under the coffee table again. Carly answered the door to Elizabeth. She told Carly that Cameron had heard from Josslyn that Spencer had been hiding out at Carly's. Carly didn't believe it, but she let Elizabeth look around the house. The two women saw legs sticking out from underneath the coffee table. Elizabeth pulled him out.

A short while later, Nikolas stared out the window. The front door opened, and he saw Elizabeth in the doorway of the living room. "I have something that belongs to you," she told him and pushed Spencer into the room.

At the hospital, Franco held Spencer's missing person flyer. Nina wondered if Franco knew the missing child. Franco replied that he'd met Spencer before but suggested that Spencer didn't want to be found. Changing the subject, he wondered why she was playing hooky from physical therapy again. She claimed to find art therapy more therapeutic. He wondered if her husband agreed. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him," she responded.

Nina continued that her husband wasn't the jealous type, but Franco admitted to being the jealous type. He was worried about his girlfriend's ex-husband, but Carly seemed to have an active imagination about Franco and Nina. He told her that Carly had been asking questions about Nina, which she thought was odd. Franco admitted that he'd used Nina as a cover one night. She wondered what he was up to.

Franco reluctantly told Nina that another woman had offered him a way to get Sonny out of the way, but he would have to go behind Carly's back to do it. He continued that he had planned to go through with it, but he'd gotten caught. He'd found something to shut the other person up. "It's the kid, isn't it?" Nina guessed. Franco swore that he hadn't kidnapped Spencer, and she believed him.

Franco deduced that Nina wasn't as "muddled" as she claimed to be and wondered what else she was hiding. She advised him to be less worried about what she was up to and more worried about letting his secret out. He turned and saw Carly in the doorway.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In the park, Britt paced as she waited for Spencer to arrive. She was startled when she felt a tap on her shoulder, but her surprise turned to disappointment when she realized that it was Brad. Brad sensed that Britt was worried, so she explained that Spencer was an hour late meeting her in the park. She revealed that she had intended to return Spencer to Wyndemere, so Brad pointed out that running late was to be expected, since Spencer was a kid. Britt decided to call Spencer because he wasn't the type of child to run late.

Britt was shocked when Nikolas answered the phone. She listened as Nikolas, assuming that she was Josslyn, informed her that Spencer had been returned home and then abruptly disconnected the call. Britt groaned because she realized that Spencer's reunion with Nikolas meant that the plan for her to be the hero was ruined. She quickly relayed what Nikolas had said and admitted that he had sounded furious. Britt feared that Spencer might tell Nikolas everything or that Nikolas might decide to call Josslyn back and realize that it had been Britt's number that had called Spencer.

Brad assured Britt that everything would be fine, but she confessed that she had a really bad feeling. However, Britt would rather the broom fell sooner rather than later, so she could see if there was anything left to salvage of her relationship with Nikolas. Brad decided that it was time for him to do the same with Lucas.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas appeared in deep thought as he stared out the window. He looked up when he heard the front door close. Moments later, Elizabeth appeared in the doorway and announced that she had something that belonged to him. Nikolas was filled with relief when Elizabeth stepped aside for Spencer to enter the room. Nikolas picked up and then hugged his son tightly as he told Spencer how much he had missed him. Afterwards, Nikolas whispered a heartfelt thank you to Elizabeth.

Eventually, Nikolas set Spencer down then asked if Spencer was okay. Spencer assured his father that he was fine, but Nikolas wanted to take Spencer to a doctor just to be certain. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that Spencer was unharmed, so Nikolas relaxed then demanded to know where Spencer had been. Elizabeth was forced to answer when Spencer became evasive. Stunned, Nikolas was curious if Spencer had been at Carly's house when Nikolas and Britt had stopped by. Spencer looked away sheepishly, which upset Nikolas further because he realized that Spencer had kept quiet even after Spencer had heard how upset and worried Nikolas had been.

Moments later, Spencer's phone rang. Spencer tried to muffle the sound with his hand, but Nikolas had heard the phone. Nikolas angrily asked who was calling Spencer, so Spencer suggested that perhaps it was Josslyn. Nikolas snatched the phone out of his son's hand to sternly inform Josslyn that Spencer had been safely returned home.

After Nikolas disconnected the call, he asked how Elizabeth had found Spencer. Elizabeth revealed that Josslyn had confessed to Cam who in turn had told Elizabeth. Spencer was surprised that Josslyn had betrayed him but accused Cam of being a snitch. Furious, Nikolas informed Spencer that Cam had done the right thing, but Spencer disagreed. Nikolas was curious if Spencer had any idea what he had put Nikolas through by running away. Nikolas admitted that he had badgered the police and had even tried to track Spencer through GPS phone application until it had been disabled.

Nikolas suddenly realized that the phone he had taken from Spencer wasn't his son's phone. Spencer admitted that he had ditched his phone because he hadn't wanted to be found, but he pointed out that he had left his father a note explaining why he had left. Nikolas sensed that something besides a broken heart had prompted Spencer's disappearance, but Britt's timely arrival gave Spencer a perfect opportunity to avoid his father's probing questions. Spencer ran into Britt's waiting arms.

Britt hugged Spencer as she quietly asked him where he had been, but Spencer was unable to answer her, so she set him down and asked how Nikolas had found him. Britt's curiosity turned to shock when Nikolas confessed that Elizabeth had found Spencer. Britt forced a smile as Nikolas gazed at Elizabeth with tenderness and gratitude. Moments later, Elizabeth decided to leave because she wanted to fetch Cam and Emma from Mac and Felicia's house and take the children for ice cream to reward them for helping to find Spencer. Nikolas warned Spencer that Spencer was in a world of trouble because Spencer had put Nikolas through hell.

After Nikolas left to walk Elizabeth to the door, Britt asked Spencer how Elizabeth had gotten involved. Spencer revealed that he had been about to leave Carly's house when his Aunt Elizabeth had stormed in and found him. Spencer blamed his partner-in-crime's loose lips. Britt was upset because the whole point of him disappearing had been to provide Nikolas and Britt with an opportunity to rekindle their relationship. Spencer apologized for failing her, but Britt assured him that she didn't blame him.

Britt was frustrated that their scheme had backfired but she hoped that her time spent comforting Nikolas would outweigh Nikolas' gratitude for Elizabeth's role in reuniting Nikolas and Spencer. Britt's hopes were dashed when Nikolas and Elizabeth returned to the parlor. Nikolas explained that he had persuaded Elizabeth to stay for a proper thank you dinner. He revealed that Mac and Felicia would drop off Cam and Emma shortly but Spencer wouldn't be permitted to join them for dinner because Spencer was grounded.

Nikolas admitted that he didn't know what he would have done without Britt by his side, so he invited her to stay for dinner too. Britt was forced to decline when she received a text message alerting her that a patient had gone into labor.

At the hospital, Franco conceded that Nina was far sharper than she had let on, so he was curious what else she was hiding. Nina suggested that he worry less about what she was hiding and more about what she intended to do with his secret about Spencer. Franco turned when he heard a noise from the doorway. He was startled when he saw Carly but tried to cover his surprise by greeting Carly with a kiss then introducing her to Nina.

Carly was curious what Franco and Nina had been talking about, so Nina held up a flyer as she revealed that they had been discussing Spencer's disappearance. Carly assured Franco and Nina that they could both relax because Spencer had been found. Franco pretended to be shocked when Carly revealed Spencer had spent days in Josslyn's bedroom. Carly reminded Franco that she had suspected that Josslyn had been hiding something just as Carly had sensed that Franco had been keeping a secret.

Franco nervously glanced at Nina then reminded Carly that they had an audience. Carly noticed that Franco seemed jumpy, so she accused him of acting guilty. It was clear that Carly suspected that Franco might have been aware that Spencer had been hiding in Josslyn's bedroom, but Franco denied it. Carly remained suspicious because Franco had left the house in a rush earlier that morning, but Franco explained that he had merely been running late for work. Carly appeared skeptical, prompting Franco to ask why he would keep Spencer's whereabouts a secret.

Carly confessed that she had no idea, but Nina spoke up to suggest that there might be a reason Franco wouldn't tell Carly that Spencer had been hiding in Josslyn's bedroom. Franco tensed as Carly invited Nina to continue. Nina suggested that perhaps Franco had kept quiet because Spencer had been fleeing an abusive home. Carly assured Nina that Nikolas was a very good father, so Nina pointed out that Franco wouldn't have any other reason not to say anything to Carly because it had been Nina's experience that Franco was a kind person. Carly smiled politely as she observed that Franco clearly had a fan.

Franco relaxed as he assured Carly that he was just glad that Spencer had been found and was safe. Moments later, Carly left, but her footsteps slowed in the hallway as her expression turned thoughtful.

In the art room, Franco confessed that he had been afraid that Nina had been about to tell Carly that he had known that Spencer had been hiding out in Josslyn's bedroom. Nina admitted that she had been tempted, but she had decided to keep quite because Spencer had been reunited with his father. Nina had also appreciated that it would have caused problems between Franco and Carly, which Nina had been reluctant to do. Finally, Nina confessed that she wasn't in a position to judge because of her own checkered past. "To be perfectly honest, I haven't always been perfectly honest," Nina admitted.

Franco invited Nina to elaborate, so she revealed that she had once allowed her snooty neighbor to choke when the neighbor's scarf had gotten caught in the garbage disposal. Franco's eyes narrowed because he had seen a similar plot on television. Nina conceded that he had caught her in a lie, but she doubted that Franco had seriously expected her to incriminate herself that easily. Franco claimed that he had just been trying to appeal to her sense of fair play, but Nina argued that he would have told her why he had agreed to go along with Spencer's blackmail if that were true.

Franco recalled Spencer agreeing to keep quiet about Franco trying to hack into Carly's email and take Sonny down in exchange for Franco keeping quiet about Spencer hiding out in Josslyn's bedroom. Nina smiled when he remained tightlipped, so she suggested that they would each have to work to discover each other's deepest secrets. "Game on," Franco replied with sly smile.

At Carly's residence, Lucas was forced to answer the door in a towel when he realized that no one else was at home. It was Felix. Felix announced that he had picked up a couple of bottles of wine and the deluxe boxed set of Knots Landing for them to watch, but Lucas declined because he had intended to go job hunting. Felix agreed to leave, but he wanted to know why Lucas hadn't returned any of his phone calls. Lucas tensed, but Felix refused to back down because he blamed Brad for everything that had gone wrong.

Felix insisted that he had been minding his own business when Brad had kissed him in the locker room. Lucas pointed out that Felix hadn't pushed Brad away, but Felix argued that he had been too stunned to react right away. Felix reminded Lucas that Brad had done the same thing to Lucas at the Nurses Ball, but Lucas was tried of arguing because he had heard everything before from other men in his past. Felix refused to leave it at that because had had grown to care for Lucas.

Felix wanted to know who Lucas had decided to date before showing up in the locker room, but Lucas insisted that it no longer mattered because he was done with both Felix and Brad. Felix demanded an answer, but Brad's appearance in the doorway distracted Felix and Lucas. Brad entered the foyer, eager to hear Lucas' answer until he saw the DVDs in Felix's hand. Furious, Brad accused Felix of plotting to get Lucas under the covers before Valene's babies had been returned to the beleaguered Knots Landing heroine.

Lucas didn't understand the big deal about the DVDs, so Brad explained that Knots Landing was the "gay's gateway from casual to carnal." Lucas shrugged as he suggested that perhaps he wanted Felix to seduce him. Felix immediately handed Brad the bottles of wine then tried to shove him out the door, but Brad dug in his heels because he believed that he and Lucas had shared a strong connection. Brad reminded Lucas that Lucas had practically stalked him because Lucas hadn't been able to get enough of Brad.

According to Brad, Felix was a cold fish who likely hadn't been with another man. Offended, Felix countered that Brad had never inspired Felix's passion and that there had been plenty of men who would never forget their night in the "rich earthy forest that is Felix Dubois." Brad challenged Felix to reveal the last time Felix had been with another man, but Lucas quickly ended the argument by suggesting that both Felix and Brad could have him. Stunned, Felix and Brad appeared at a loss for words until Lucas assured both men that he had been joking.

Moments later, Carly arrived home but stopped short in the foyer when she saw Brad, Felix, and her towel-clad brother standing in the living room. She was curious what was going on, so all three men began to stammer that they had merely been talking. Carly confessed that there seemed to be a lot of that going on lately.

At the Crichton-Clark facility in Westchester, New York, Sam hacked into Nina's medical records. However, William returned before she could read the file. Believing that Sam was Sabrina Santiago, William demanded to know what Sam was doing on his computer. Sam claimed that she had received a text message from work to check her email for a schedule change. According to Sam, she had been forced to check on the computer because her phone was unreliable.

William appeared to relax as he offered to help Sam get through the security walls, so she quickly closed the window as William rounded the desk. After a few keystrokes, William accessed the General Hospital website then invited Sam to key in her password. Sam entered the wrong password, so she pretended to suddenly recall that her email had been hacked the previous week. William decided to try something else, but as he clicked through a few things on his computer, he realized that someone had tried to access Nina Clay's patient file just before he had walked in.

Sam suggested that perhaps William had been hacked from someone on the outside, but William dismissed the possibility because the security on the clinic's computer system was too tight. He was certain that Sam had tried to access Nina's file, so he demanded to know who Sam really was. Sam insisted that she was Sabrina Santiago, but William didn't believe her. He quickly pulled up a security alert from months earlier when Sam and Silas had tried to break into Nina's room. Sam denied that the picture on the computer screen was her, but William ripped away Sam's glasses to confirm that it she was indeed Sam Morgan. He demanded to know what she and Patrick were doing at the facility.

In another area of Crichton-Clark, Patrick tried to enter a room, but it was locked. He started to walk away until he heard a beep as someone unlocked the door. He was stunned when he saw Robin emerge from the room seconds later. Robin was equally shocked when she saw Patrick standing in the hallway, so she nervously asked what he was doing there.

Patrick's disbelief turned to anger as he realized that Robin had only been an hour away from Port Charles since she had left five months earlier, but she hadn't once tried to visit him or their daughter. Robin explained that she hadn't been able to, but Patrick wasn't satisfied because she hadn't made any effort to be there for her family when they had needed her most. Patrick accused Robin of putting Jason ahead of everyone else, including Emma, but Robin insisted that Patrick was wrong.

Patrick reminded Robin that Emma had been devastated when Gabriel had died, but Robin argued that she hadn't been able to return home because she wasn't permitted to leave the facility. Patrick insisted that Robin could have used her famous mind to find a way to sneak a visit with Emma, but Robin continued to make excuses, while Patrick accused her of putting Jason first. Robin tried to explain that her work was important, but Patrick argued that her work was only important to the psychopaths around the world who hoped to return from the dead.

Patrick admitted that he had given up on saving their marriage but he hated what Robin's absence had done to Emma. Robin became teary-eyed as she begged Patrick to explain how he had found her. She was stunned when he revealed that he wasn't there for her; he had accompanied Sam. Robin was shocked to realize that Sam was on the premises, but Patrick assured Robin that he hadn't told Sam about Jason.

Patrick explained that he had agreed to help Sam get some answers about Silas' wife, Nina. Robin was confused because she thought that Sam and Silas were involved, so Patrick pointedly reminded Robin that some relationships didn't work out. Patrick appeared to take pleasure in letting Robin know that Sam had been there for him when Robin hadn't. He admitted that he had agreed to help Sam because he felt that he owed her for everything that she had done for him after Gabriel's death.

Robin assured Patrick that she cared about him but she insisted that Patrick and Sam had to leave the facility immediately. Patrick became angry and demanded to know if Helena and Stavros Cassadine were on the other side of the door, ready to pounce. Robin began to squirm, so Patrick decided to check for himself. Robin pleaded with Patrick to leave, but he grabbed her key card then opened the door to the room Robin had vacated.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

At the gallery, Jordan was on the phone with Julian. Julian demanded to know why he hadn't heard from her sooner, so she reminded him that she had saved his "ass from prosecution" by taking the fall for shooting Mickey Diamond. Julian was curious how Jordan had explained away Julian's gun, so she claimed that she had told the police that she had taken the gun from the gallery, where Julian had kept it, without his permission. Julian relaxed as Jordan assured him that they were the only two people who knew that Julian, not Jordan, had killed Mickey.

Moments later, Shawn entered the gallery, so Jordan quickly ended her call with Julian despite Julian's objections. Shawn raised an eyebrow as he asked if she'd had trouble with her boss. Jordan easily lied as she told Shawn that she had been on the phone with Anna because the police commissioner had had a few more questions about the shooting.

Jordan tensed when Shawn warned her that he didn't believe her claim that she had slipped into Mickey's hotel room for a lover's tryst because Shawn knew Jordan well enough to recognize that she hadn't been attracted to Mickey, especially after Shawn and Jordan's passionate kiss. Jordan confessed that she had sought Mickey out to get ahead in the organization because Julian's resignation had provided her with an opportunity to move up. Shawn's temper flared because he realized that Jordan's admission meant that T.J. had been right to suspect that she had never left the Jerome organization. Jordan pretended not to care as she invited Shawn to leave, but he refused.

Jordan was curious if Shawn enjoyed the little dance between them, but Shawn turned the tables on her by slowly advancing on her as she tried to back away until her back met the wall. Shawn leaned in close as he suggested that he and Jordan be honest with each other. Jordan's resolve appeared to melt away as she quietly confessed that she wished that things could be difference because she felt something for Shawn. Shawn closed the distance between them with a smoldering kiss that quickly had them ripping off each other's clothes and making love.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian was in a foul mood when he answered a knock at the door. It was a bodyguard announcing that Julian had a visitor. Julian explained that he wasn't in the mood to see anyone, but he changed his mind when Alexis stepped forward. Julian quickly invited her into his apartment then tried to hug her, but Alexis pulled away from his embrace. Julian explained that he was desperate to hold Alexis because he had experienced the worst moment of his life when he had feared that she had perished in the fire.

Julian appreciated that he and Alexis had agreed to date each other secretly for Molly's sake until Molly could grow to accept him, but he was happy that Alexis was there. Alexis revealed that her visit wasn't what he thought it was; she was there to ask him if he had killed Mickey. Julian claimed that he didn't know who Mickey was, but Alexis knew that it was a lie because the shooting had been covered extensively in Julian's newspaper.

Alexis begged Julian to be honest with her because she was certain that Jordan had covered for Julian. Julian was curious why Alexis suspected him of killing Mickey, so she admitted that she had recently met Mickey at the hospital and that Mickey had introduced himself as Julian's business associate. She had put the pieces together when she had learned about the shooting because she recalled that Julian had left the lake house abruptly after learning that no one had been harmed in the fire. Alexis reminded him that he had also assured her that the person responsible for the explosion had been taken care of.

Alexis once again demanded to know if Julian had killed Mickey in retaliation for burning down her house. "You're damn right I did," Julian answered unapologetically. Alexis was stunned as Julian freely admitted that he wouldn't hesitate to go after anyone who tried to target his loved ones. He hoped that Alexis could understand that, so she admitted that she could. However, she couldn't fathom why Jordan had confessed to the shooting.

In the hallway outside Alice's hospital room, Michael and Morgan talked about Alice. Morgan agreed with Tracy that Alice did not want to know exactly how dire the situation was. He pointed out that it wasn't really necessary to tell Alice because she was smart enough to realize that things were bad. Michael thought that they owed it to Alice to be realistic about her situation and be truthful with Alice, but Morgan argued that it wasn't necessary because they would find a heart in time to save her.

Moments later, Sonny walked up. Morgan scowled at his father as he demanded to know what Sonny was doing there. Sonny explained that he had stopped by to check on Alice, but Morgan doubted that Sonny even knew Alice. Sonny assured Morgan that he was acquainted with Alice, so he wanted the best for her, in part because she meant a great deal to both Morgan and Michael. Unmoved, Morgan coldly ordered his father to leave.

Michael quickly intervened by thanking Sonny for stopping by. Michael admitted that things did not look good for Alice because they hadn't been able to find a suitable donor heart for her. He conceded that there had been a possible candidate but the brain-dead patient hadn't been an organ donor, and attempts to track down the man's family had been unsuccessful. Sonny was certain that Alice would be fine because she had Michael and Morgan in her corner.

Morgan resented Sonny's attempt to offer support, so he suggested that Sonny return home to Ava because Morgan and Michael didn't need Sonny. Sonny admitted that he wanted to get a few things out in the open about Ava, but Morgan wasn't interested in hearing anything Sonny had to say. After Morgan stormed off, Michael confided that Alice's situation reminded him of what he had gone through when A.J. had died.

Michael insisted that he wanted to stay positive, but he feared that Alice might die despite all their efforts just as A.J. had. Michael conceded that Morgan wasn't ready to face that possibility, so Sonny confessed that he was happy that Morgan had Michael to lean on. Sonny decided to leave, but he asked Michael to pass along a message to Morgan. Michael was surprised when Sonny revealed that Ava had moved out.

Later, Michael wrapped up a phone call with Monica by thanking his grandmother for the update. Morgan walked up as Michael ended the call, so Michael revealed that the family in Baltimore had changed their mind about donating their loved one's organs. Morgan was frustrated because he realized what that meant for Alice.

Morgan suddenly looked around as he asked if Sonny had left. Michael nodded but admitted that their father had asked Michael to let Morgan know that Ava had moved out of Sonny's home. Michael confessed that he didn't know why, but he sensed that Sonny had wanted to explain everything to Morgan in person. Michael gently suggested that Morgan consider finding a way to make peace with their father, but Morgan insisted that it wasn't possible because Ava would still be pregnant with either Sonny or Morgan's child.

Michael warned Morgan that Sonny wouldn't stop trying to work things out with Morgan because Sonny loved his youngest son. Michael insisted that they were all family and that nothing would change that, but Morgan appeared skeptical. Michael explained that Sonny had hated that Michael had grown to love A.J. as a father, but Sonny had never asked Michael to make a choice between Sonny and A.J. Michael reminded his brother that their father had even shown up at A.J.'s funeral because Sonny had known that Michael had needed Sonny at his side.

Morgan agreed that Sonny would walk on broken glass for Michael, but Morgan doubted that Sonny would do the same for him. Michael implored his brother not to give up on Sonny because Sonny would never give up on Morgan.

Elsewhere, Ned snapped at Monica over the phone when she gave him bad news about the donor heart in Baltimore. However, he immediately regretted his outburst because he appreciated that Monica had done everything possible to help Alice. After the call, Ned raised his arm to vent his frustration by throwing his phone, but Olivia stopped him because someone might get hurt. Ned became concerned that she was at the hospital, so she quickly assured him that she was fully recovered from her hangover.

Olivia seized the opportunity to apologize for being a "nasty messy" drunk, but Ned assured her that she had nothing to be sorry for. Olivia confessed she was grateful that he had stopped her from adopting a bunch of animals, so Ned reminded her that was what friends were for.

Olivia smiled as she handed Ned a bag of food she had prepared for the Quartermaines. Ned was touched by the gesture, so Olivia smiled as she reminded him that they were friends. Their conversation turned serious as Ned revealed that another donor heart had fallen through for Alice. Olivia tried to encourage Ned not to give up hope, but he was frustrated because he felt that he had let down his family by failing to find a way to save Alice.

Ned confessed that his grandfather, Edward, would have succeeded where Ned had failed, but Olivia disagreed because Edward had not been a god. Olivia was certain that Edward would be proud of Ned because Ned showed people that he cared. Ned thanked Olivia for her kind words and support, but Olivia became distracted when she noticed Sonny lurking nearby.

Ned was startled when Olivia suddenly kissed him passionately. Sonny waited until the kiss ended then approached Ned and Olivia. Olivia pretended to be surprised to see Sonny, but Ned smiled knowingly. Sonny told Ned that he was sorry to hear about Alice then asked Ned to pass along his regards to Ned's ex-wife, Lois. After Sonny walked away, Olivia apologized to Ned for kissing him.

Olivia admitted that she had no idea what had gotten into her, but Ned knew that she had wanted to stick it to Sonny. Olivia was surprised when Ned assured her that he had been happy to oblige.

A short time later, Ned joined Michael and Morgan outside Alice's hospital room. Ned and Michael agreed that it was time to talk to Alice because she deserved the right to say goodbye to her loved ones.

At the Crichton-Clark facility in Westchester, New York, William realized that Sam was not who she had claimed to be. He grabbed her arm, intending to drag her with him to find Patrick, but Sam managed to break free. She promised to explain everything, so William offered her the opportunity. Sam revealed that Nina Clay had been a patient at the facility until Nina had emerged from a twenty-year coma. Sam admitted that she wanted to look at Nina's medical records to find out if Nina's claims of not being able to stand or walk were true.

William pointed out that patient records were confidential, which Sam would know if she had been a real medical professional. Sam begged William to grant her access to Nina's medical file, but William refused. Sam switched tactics by confiding that she was a wealthy woman and fully prepared to fatten his wallet for his trouble. William's lecherous gaze slowly traveled up and down Sam's body as he confessed that he would rather she "fatten something else instead." Sam hid her disdain as she realized that William wanted to have sex with her in exchange for his help.

William confirmed Sam's suspicions when he grabbed her arm to pull her to a janitor's closet, but Sam kneed him in the groin then broke loose. She ran to the computer but couldn't remember the password. Moments later, William stumbled to the hall, shouting for security.

Meanwhile, Patrick decided that he had a right to know what was going on in the room that Robin had been working in, so he snatched her key card from her then opened the door. Robin panicked as she begged Patrick not to enter the room, but he ignored her. Robin followed Patrick imploring him to turn back, but Patrick kept walking until he entered a room with a cryogenic chamber. Patrick demanded to know if Jason was in the chamber, but Robin refused to answer.

Patrick made it clear that he would not leave until he had some answers. He tried to open the chamber, but Robin beseeched him to stop because it would kill the person inside. Patrick demanded to know whose body was in the chamber, so she reluctantly revealed that it was Stavros Cassadine. Patrick wanted to know where Helena Cassadine and Jason Morgan were, but Robin insisted that she couldn't talk about it. Patrick kept pushing until Robin finally confessed that Jason was dead.

Patrick was stunned as Robin explained that she had developed a promising protocol but it had been in the early stages. According to Robin, Victor had forced her to use the experimental protocol on Jason despite her warnings that the protocol hadn't been ready for testing on humans. She admitted that Jason had been close to death, but initially the protocol had worked. However, the tide had turned when Jason's organs had begun to shut down. Robin blamed herself for letting both Jason and his loved ones down.

Patrick admitted that he was sorry because he knew that it had been difficult for Robin to lose a friend, but he pointed out that with Jason gone, there wasn't anything to keep Robin at the clinic. Robin disagreed because she insisted that her work was important and could revolutionize medicine. Patrick argued that her family should be more important than her research, but Robin insisted that her work could save lives because a terminally ill patient could be put in a cryogenic stasis until a cure was found.

Robin was startled when Patrick announced that their marriage was over. Her eyes clouded with sadness as she begged Patrick to give her more time, but Patrick refused because he was tired of waiting for her. Robin tearfully promised Patrick that she loved him and always would, but Patrick quietly told her goodbye then wished her luck with her "corpses" as he walked away.

Moments later, Patrick bumped into Sam as she ran down the hallway.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

At the Crichton Clark facility in Westchester, New York, Robin assured Patrick that she loved him and always would, but Patrick tearfully told her goodbye then wished her luck with her "corpses." Robin watched helplessly as Patrick left the lab.

Moments later, Patrick bumped into Sam in the hallway as Sam ran from the security guards. She stopped to let Patrick know that they had to leave quickly, so Patrick followed her. Before he rounded the corner, he looked back and saw Robin standing by the door to her lab, watching him.

Robin returned to her lab and vented her frustration by knocking over some equipment, unaware that Victor had appeared in the doorway. He warned her to be careful because the equipment was expensive then threatened to charge her if she had broken anything. Robin snapped at him, so he asked her about her visitors. Robin assured Victor that Patrick and Sam hadn't been at the clinic for her then admitted that she had told Patrick that Jason had died. Victor was surprised.

"In other words, you lied," Victor said as he rested his hand on the cryogenic chamber. Robin admitted that it had been necessary because Patrick had correctly guessed that Jason had been in the cryogenic chamber. Victor assured her that she had done the right thing, but Robin disagreed because her husband hadn't been able to understand why she would continue to help Victor if Jason was dead.

Robin explained that the lie had cost her because Patrick had decided to file for divorce because she had put her work head of her own family. Victor clucked with sympathy but he was more concerned about what Patrick might tell Sam. Robin was confident that Patrick wouldn't say anything to Sam about Jason because Patrick wouldn't want to open old wounds only to dash Sam's hopes again by revealing that Jason was dead. Victor hoped that Robin was right because he would hate to have to arrange another accident for Patrick.

Robin accused Victor of being a monster because he had manipulated Rafe Kovich into driving Patrick's car off the road, which had killed Patrick's son. Victor was unapologetic as he pointed out that sometimes "a little collateral damage" was unavoidable. Robin insisted that it hadn't been necessary because she had been helping to revive Victor's "psychotic" family. Victor resented Robin's attitude because she was cooperating to save her beloved Jason Morgan.

Victor explained that the accident had served its purpose to motivate Robin, so Robin asked how Victor had known Rafe. Victor insisted that all that mattered was that Rafe had followed Victor's instructions after Victor had dangled the possibility that Rafe's mother, Alison, might be alive. After Victor left, Robin approached Jason's cryogenic chamber to confide that she hated lying to everyone, but she conceded that it would be worth it once Jason was okay. Robin vowed that she and Jason would make the Cassadines pay for everything, so she hoped that her family would understand the choices that she had made once they learned the truth.

At Ryan's bar, Patrick and Sam each ordered a beer as they took a seat at a table. Sam filled Patrick in about what had happened when William had caught her hacking into the computer system, including William's offer to help Sam in exchange for sexual favors. She assured a stunned Patrick that she had made William pay for the inappropriate proposition, but William had managed to get away and alert security. Sam frowned when she noticed that Patrick had downed half his beer, so she asked what was troubling him. Patrick recalled Robin telling him that Jason had died, but he decided not to share the news with Sam.

Patrick assured Sam that he was fine, so Sam began to talk about her certainty that Nina had lied, but Patrick wanted to focus on the present rather than the past. He suggested that they take advantage of their trip to New York City by finding a nice restaurant to have dinner. Sam agreed, so Patrick paid the tab.

At the hospital, Nina approached the nurses' station in her wheelchair as Silas finished up his shift. He asked about Nina's physical therapy session, so she told him that her therapist had been impressed with her progress then added that she was confident that she would be walking soon. Silas suggested that they pick up dinner on the way home, but Nina wanted to cook. She offered to make her famous tomato soup, but Silas chuckled because it was from a can. Nina smiled as she playfully argued that she added a special touch to her soup that set it apart from the rest.

Silas and Nina's banter died down when Molly called out to Silas. Silas quickly introduced Molly to Nina then asked Molly about the fire. Molly assured him that no one had been hurt then added that she and Alexis had moved in with Sam. Silas covered the momentary awkwardness by inviting Molly to let him know if she needed anything because he knew that she'd been through a lot in recent months. Molly quietly confessed that she was sorry that things hadn't worked out for Silas and Sam, so Nina tactfully excused herself.

Molly quickly apologized if she had made Nina uncomfortable, but Nina assured Molly that it was fine. After Nina left, Molly asked if there was any chance that Silas and Sam would reconcile, but Silas shook his head because too much had happened. Molly was disappointed because she thought that Silas and Sam had been good together. Silas smiled politely then thanked her for being a good friend to Rafe. Silas realized that Rafe had made things difficult for Molly and T.J. but Silas appreciated that she had been good to his troubled nephew.

As Silas and Molly talked about the accident, Molly suddenly had a flashback of Rafe confessing that Patrick's crash hadn't been an accident. Molly quickly shared the memory with Silas, prompting Silas to wonder if Rafe had felt responsible for the crash because his nephew had been on drugs. Molly recalled Rafe denying that he had been on drugs then clarifying that someone had put him up to driving Patrick off the road. Silas was desperate for answers, but Molly admitted that Rafe had crashed before he could reveal who had been behind Patrick's accident.

Outside the hospital, Sonny wrapped up a phone call as Carly walked up. She was curious why Sonny was there, so he revealed that he had stopped by to check on Alice. Carly was saddened when Sonny admitted that things didn't look good for the Quartermaine maid because Carly knew that Alice had a special place in both Michael and Morgan's hearts. However, Carly was certain that both Michael and Morgan had appreciated Sonny's visit. Sonny confessed that Morgan hadn't because Morgan had stormed off before Sonny could tell him that Ava had moved out.

Carly promised to let Morgan know, but Sonny explained that Michael had already agreed to take care of it. Carly chuckled because she couldn't imagine how their family would survive if they didn't have Michael to referee. Sonny agreed then confided that he didn't know what would be worse: Michael learning the truth about A.J. or Morgan never forgiving Sonny. Carly assured Sonny that Michael would never learn the truth about A.J.'s shooting, and she was confident that Morgan and Sonny would make peace one day.

Meanwhile, Nina stopped in the lobby when she spotted Sonny and Carly standing outside. Nina watched as Sonny confessed that he had never imagined that things would get so bad with Morgan. Carly quipped that she could understand why, given the way Morgan had entered the world. She immediately apologized, but Sonny admitted that she was right. He conceded that shooting her had been part of a pattern for him because he had misread things the night Lorenzo Alcazar had delivered Morgan just as Sonny had misread the situation between Ava and A.J.

Carly made it clear that she had never blamed Sonny for accidently shooting her then reminded him that their son was safe because Morgan had finally seen Ava's true colors. Sonny agreed that Morgan had needed a wake-up call, but Sonny also thought Carly needed one too. Carly tensed because she didn't want to argue about Franco, but Sonny insisted that she was lying to herself about Franco.

In the lobby, Nina was startled when she saw Sonny suddenly kiss Carly. She watched the heated kiss for several heartbeats then turned her wheelchair around and left before she was discovered.

Eventually, Carly pushed away from the passionate kiss then angrily demanded to know what Sonny had been doing. Sonny admitted that it had been something he hadn't done in a long time. "It still feels the same -- wrong as it ever did," Sonny added with a smile. Carly was not amused, but Sonny reminded her that wrong had always been right for them. Carly made it clear that she and Sonny were not an "us" because she was in love with Franco.

Sonny refused to believe that Carly loved Franco, but Carly insisted that she and Sonny were nothing more than parents and friends. Sonny wondered why, if that were true, she seemed flustered, but Carly was adamant that she loved Franco. She also reminded Sonny that he was still in love with Olivia, but he confessed that Olivia had moved on because he had seen Olivia kissing Ned. Carly calmed down when she realized that Sonny had kissed her because he wanted to move on too.

Carly decided to change the subject by informing Sonny that Spencer had been found and that her daughter had been harboring Sonny's nephew. She couldn't imagine where Josslyn had gotten the "guts" to pull something like that off. "I couldn't imagine," Sonny sarcastically replied with a smirk. Carly conceded that she might have an idea, but her smile vanished when Sonny mentioned that it might be karma. He quickly clarified that he had meant that as a compliment because Josslyn was brave and strong like her mother.

Carly relaxed then turned the conversation back to their kiss because she wanted Sonny to understand that she was committed to Franco. She explained that she needed Sonny to respect her relationship with Franco, so Sonny promised her that he had heard her. Moments later, Carly left. "You don't know what you need, Carly," Sonny said as he watched her walk away.

Meanwhile, Nina returned to Silas' side. He quickly filled her in about Rafe's final words.

In Alice's hospital room, Kiki tried to get Alice to eat something, but Alice wasn't hungry. Tracy thanked Kiki for everything that Kiki had done. Alice appeared uncomfortable as Tracy feigned remorse for not believing Kiki's claims about Luke sooner. Moments later, Ned, Michael, and Morgan entered the room. Ned broke the news to everyone that the donor heart in Baltimore hadn't worked out because the patient's family had changed their mind. Alice realized that it had been her third strike because Rafe Kovich's heart hadn't been viable and Mickey Diamond hadn't been a donor.

Morgan refused to allow Alice to give up because there were more avenues to explore. Tracy agreed then added that she had Diane Miller working on it. Alice made it clear that she would not accept a donor heart bought on the black market, so Alice decided that it was time for them to say their goodbyes. Alice confessed that she had loved getting to know Morgan and Kiki and that she would always consider them to be honorary Quartermaines. However, Alice's greatest privilege in life had been to take care of the Quartermaine family.

Tracy was skeptical because at times the family had acted crazy and had made Alice's life miserable. Alice insisted that she wouldn't have had it any other way because she had loved managing the Quartermaines' chaos. Alice assured her loved ones that they didn't have to worry about her because she would be joining Lila, Edward, Alan, Emily, A.J., and Jason on the other side. She didn't think that she could ask for better company.

Moments later, a woman knocked on the door. Tracy barked at the woman for intruding, so the woman apologized then introduced herself as Selma Diamond. Selma explained that she was Mickey Diamond's sister. Michael was surprised because they had been told that the hospital had failed to locate Mickey's next of kin. Selma revealed that she and her brother had been estranged because Selma hadn't approved of some of her brother's choices, but she had rushed to the hospital when she'd heard about Mickey's shooting.

Alice and the Quartermaines were stunned when Selma revealed that she wanted her brain-dead brother's heart to go to Alice. Selma assured Alice that Mickey had had a good heart despite the poor choices he had made. Alice's eyes filled with tears of gratitude as she thanked Selma then promised to honor Selma's amazing gift. After the rest of the family thanked Selma, Michael and Kiki took Selma to sign the paperwork that would get the transplant going.

A short time later, Michael and Kiki returned to update the family. Michael announced that Monica had returned from Baltimore and had assembled the transplant team. Everyone was delighted that Alice would soon receive her new heart.

Outside, Selma approached Sonny. "Renata," Sonny warmly greeted the woman. Renata assured Sonny that the false identification he had provided her with had done the trick. Pleased, Sonny offered to pay Renata, but she insisted that he had done enough for her family. Sonny refused to take no for an answer, so Renata thanked him. She admitted that he had done a great thing then added that Morgan most of all had seemed happiest that Alice would get a new heart.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian confessed that he had killed Mickey. He explained that he had done it to protect his family because Julian refused to allow anyone to attack or hurt his loved ones. Alexis conceded that she could understand that, but she couldn't understand why Jordan had taken the fall for Julian. Julian pretended that he had no idea, but Alexis knew better. She pointed out that it didn't make sense for Jordan to confess to Julian's crime unless Jordan had wanted to protect Julian. Alexis was certain that the only reason Jordan would do that was if Julian was still in the mob.

"That's right, I am," Julian admitted. Alexis' eyes filled with unshed tears as Julian explained that he had to lie. "I am who I am," Julian admitted. He apologized for lying to Alexis but he promised her that he was still the same man she had fallen in love with. Alexis disagreed, but Julian insisted that his feelings for her hadn't changed. He was certain that hers hadn't either.

Julian kissed Alexis to prove to her that they still loved each other. Alexis' willpower evaporated as she gave in to the passion and made love with Julian. Afterwards, Julian was confident that he had proven to Alexis that they had a strong attraction and undeniable pull between them. Alexis appeared shaken as she pulled her clothes on then tearfully explained that she couldn't be with him. Julian argued that it didn't have to end, but Alexis disagreed.

Julian insisted that he had only wanted to protect his family, so Alexis explained that she did too. She conceded that she loved Julian, but she was determined to keep her family safe. Alexis pointed out that she couldn't do that as long as Julian remained in the mob.

Friday, August 8, 2014

At the hospital's entrance, Franco tried to get off the phone with Ava, but she threatened to tell Carly about their recent "tryst" if he didn't hear her out. Annoyed, Franco made it clear that he would not help Ava get her hands on A.J.'s recording because there wasn't any reason for him to try to get Sonny out of Carly's life. According to Franco, Sonny was already out of it. Franco tensed when he glanced up and saw Sonny. It was clear that Sonny had heard the last part of Franco's remark, so Franco informed Ava that he had to go. Ava warned Franco that Sonny would always be a problem, but Franco ended the call.

Franco tried to shift Sonny's focus from the phone call by warning Sonny that there were security cameras everywhere, so it wouldn't be a good place to shoot Franco. Sonny explained that he didn't have any reason to kill Franco because Franco had agreed to keep quiet about A.J.'s shooting. Franco reminded Sonny that there wasn't any reason for anyone to know that Sonny had shot A.J. as long as Sonny kept his distance from Carly. Sonny smiled as he recalled his kiss with Carly earlier that day, but he wisely kept silent.

Nearby, Nina exited the hospital but stopped when she saw Franco talking to Sonny. She decided to spy on the two men, so she wheeled herself to an outside corner then pretended to text message someone.

Meanwhile, Sonny tried to push Franco's buttons by accusing Franco of being jealous, but Franco refused to play Sonny's games because Franco trusted Carly. Sonny chuckled because he didn't believe Franco.

After Sonny left, Nina approached Franco to ask who the man in the expensive suit had been. Franco grumbled that it had been Sonny. He complained that Sonny liked to make Carly jump at his bidding and thought that he was better than Franco. However, Franco assured Nina that Carly had made a point of keeping her distance from Sonny. Nina recalled seeing Sonny and Carly kiss, so she questioned if that was true.

Franco became defensive. He conceded that Sonny and Carly had two children together, but he insisted that they were just friends. Nina remained skeptical, so Franco asked if she knew something that he wasn't aware of. Nina assured him that she didn't know anything about Carly's relationship with Sonny, but she confessed that she was protective of Franco because she considered Franco a friend. Franco seemed pleasantly surprised by the admission, so Nina returned his smile then offered to accompany him to his art room.

In the hospital, Morgan walked his mother to the elevator. He thanked Carly for stopping by, so she confessed that she was worried about Morgan because he hadn't left the hospital since Alice had gone into surgery. Morgan assured Carly that he was fine, but Carly wanted to take him to the brownstone or her house to get some rest. She reminded Morgan that he still had clothes at her house, so he could freshen up after a nap. Morgan made it clear that he would not leave until Alice was out of recovery.

Carly admitted that it had been a miracle that Mickey Diamond's sister, Selma, had shown up in time to sign the papers to proceed with the heart transplant. Carly was certain that Alice had a guardian angel who had been watching over the beloved Quartermaine maid. Morgan smiled as he agreed.

Carly shifted gears by revealing that she had talked to Sonny earlier. Morgan tensed when Carly explained that Sonny had wanted to let Morgan know that Ava had moved out. . Morgan insisted that it didn't matter because it couldn't undo what had happened between Sonny and Ava or the questions surrounding Ava's pregnancy. Carly appreciated that it was a difficult situation, but she was concerned because Morgan hadn't talked to anyone about what had happened. Morgan explained that he simply wanted to put it all behind him, but he couldn't do that as long as the paternity of Ava's baby remained a mystery.

Morgan confessed that he had never felt as if he had been a part of their family. Carly was crushed that her son had felt that way, so she rushed to assure Morgan that he was loved.

A short time later, Morgan saw Sonny exit the elevator. He turned to walk away, but Sonny called out to ask Morgan for an update on Alice. Morgan revealed that they had found a donor heart for Alice and that she was in recovery following the transplant. Relieved, Sonny seized the opportunity to talk to Morgan about Ava. Morgan tried to walk away, but Sonny begged his son to hear him out. Morgan reluctantly agreed, so Sonny and Morgan found a quiet corner.

Sonny acknowledged that he couldn't tell Morgan everything because Sonny wanted to protect Morgan from the fallout of Sonny's actions. However, Sonny realized that Morgan deserved to have some answers. Sonny explained that he had crossed a line that he could never return from. Morgan wanted to know what it was, but Sonny refused to burden Morgan with that secret. However, Sonny wanted Morgan to understand that Ava had used Morgan to get to Sonny and Sonny's organization.

According to Sonny, Ava had played Sonny for months before goading Sonny into doing something terrible that she had held over Sonny's head. Morgan wondered if Sonny was suggesting that Ava had blackmailed Sonny into sleeping with her. Sonny shook his head then explained that Ava had used the secret to isolate Sonny and make him feel as if she had been the only person Sonny could trust. Morgan wondered why Ava had moved in with Sonny, so Sonny carefully explained that it had been the only way for Sonny to keep tabs on Ava.

Sonny realized that he hadn't answered all of Morgan's questions but he felt that Morgan had deserved some of the truth. Morgan conceded that it hadn't changed Sonny and Ava's betrayal but Morgan appreciated that his father had made an effort to give him some answers.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava was reading a book on pregnancy when a guard announced that she had a visitor. Ava grabbed her compact mirror to primp as she waited for her guest to enter. She assumed that it was Franco, but Carly greeted Ava instead. "You," Ava said with a sneer. "Expecting someone else?" Carly asked.

Ava demanded to know why Carly was there, so Carly explained that Ava had "sideswiped" Morgan with the pregnancy. Carly realized that Ava viewed the pregnancy as an insurance policy but it meant more than that to Morgan. Carly admitted that Morgan couldn't move forward until he had some answers about the baby's paternity. Ava admitted that she wanted to know who the father of her child was, too, but they would have to wait until the baby was born.

Carly disagreed because Ava's pregnancy was far enough along that it would be safe for Ava to have an amniocentesis. Carly announced that she intended to take Ava to the hospital for a paternity test, but Ava balked. Ava refused to put her child's life at risk because Carly was impatient, but Carly argued that it was a safe procedure. Ava was curious if Carly was prepared to explain to Morgan that Ava had miscarried his child because Carly couldn't wait a few months for an answer. Carly was furious, but Ava was unmoved.

Ava revealed that her doctor made house calls, so she intended to stay put in the apartment until the baby was born. Carly accused Ava of not loving Morgan because Ava was willing to let Morgan "twist in the wind" for a few more months. Ava suggested that Carly worry less about Ava and Morgan's relationship and more about Carly and Franco's. Carly immediately became defensive, but Ava tired of the argument and ordered Carly to leave. Carly agreed, but she warned Ava that they were not through.

Elsewhere, Nathan approached Maxie's apartment door. He hesitated to knock until he recalled Nina's advice to fight for Maxie. He braced himself then knocked on the door. Nathan was startled when Mac greeted him then revealed that Maxie was at the Haunted Star, getting ready for the wedding. Nathan entered the apartment then sat down on the sofa as Mac explained that Diane had urged Maxie to marry Levi sooner rather than later because of Levi's immigration issue. Nathan was frustrated because Levi's visa could have easily been renewed.

Mac agreed then admitted that he wasn't thrilled with Maxie's decision to marry Levi because the wedding was rushed, and the reasons raised concerns. However, Felicia had made him realize that he had to support Maxie's decision, even though he feared it was a disastrous mistake. Nathan agreed then confessed that he had strong feelings for Maxie. Mac perked up as he urged Nathan to talk to Maxie, but Nathan explained that it was too late because Maxie had made her choice.

Mac argued that Maxie was focused on saving Levi, so she hadn't considered what it would be like to be married to a man she barely knew. Mac confided that something seemed off with Levi because Levi was far too charming and eager to say what people wanted to hear. Mac was not pleased that Maxie had left to find herself but ended up with a man who had reinforced every doubt she had ever had about herself. He was also furious that Levi lived off of Maxie and had almost gotten her arrested.

Nathan continued to listen to Mac's rant until Mac mentioned Levi's interest in Felicia's Aztec heritage. Nathan wondered if it was possible that Levi had an agenda, so Mac conceded that it was possible, but he had to give Levi the benefit of the doubt for Maxie's sake. Mac redoubled his effort to change Nathan's mind about attending the wedding, but Nathan declined because it wasn't his style to crash a wedding. "Boy, did you come to the wrong town," Mac said with a big grin. Mac made it clear that Nathan would be welcomed if Nathan changed his mind, but Nathan insisted that he had to get to work.

At the police station, Dante reviewed the police report on Mickey Diamond's murder, including Jordan's claim that Mickey's boss had sounded like Luke Spencer. Dante set the file down as he muttered to himself that it had to have been a mistake. "Mistake about what?" Lulu asked as she walked up with coffee and breakfast. Dante evaded the question by greeting his wife with a kiss then digging into the bags of food. They chatted about Rocco until Lulu revealed that Dr. Chu had cleared her to get pregnant.

Lulu admitted that Dr. Chu had an appointment available the following day if they wanted to take the next step to have their second child, but she assured Dante that she would wait if he felt the time wasn't right. Dante realized that Lulu wanted to go to the appointment, so he confessed that he was ready. Delighted, Lulu hugged her husband.

Later, Dante had changed into a suit as he and Lulu made their way through the squad room. "Nice suit," Nathan said with a smirk as he passed Dante. Dante seemed reluctant to explain where he and Lulu were headed, so Nathan revealed that he knew about Maxie's wedding. Lulu appreciated that Nathan had misgivings about the wedding, but she explained that she and Dante cared about Maxie and wanted to be supportive. Nathan assured Lulu that he understood because he wanted Maxie to be happy too.

On the Haunted Star, Felicia entered the bedroom with Maxie's wedding gown and a camera. Felicia admitted that she was happy that Maxie had agreed to get married on the ship rather than running off to the courthouse because it felt more like a real wedding on the Haunted Star. Maxie smiled as she hugged her mother then changed into the simple white gown.

Felicia gushed because Maxie looked like a bride. She reached for her camera then snapped a quick picture with a promise to get another picture when Maxie's hair was perfect. Moments later, Levi knocked on the door as he entered the room. Felicia immediately ordered Levi to turn around because it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Levi assured Felicia that he and Maxie made their own luck, but Felicia wouldn't let him turn around until she had helped Maxie into a robe to cover the wedding gown.

Levi showered Maxie with compliments then noticed Felicia's ring. Felicia proudly revealed that it was part of her Aztec family heirlooms. She revealed that most of her family's Aztec treasure was in a museum in New Mexico, but she had been allowed to keep two pieces: the ring and a scepter. Felicia explained that the scepter hadn't been practical, so she'd had it made into a pair of earrings and a necklace. Maxie and Levi were stunned when Felicia confessed that she had traded the necklace for a camera.

Felicia told Maxie and Levi about her encounter with the reporter without mentioning Lucy's name or sharing the details about why it had been necessary to trade the necklace for the camera. Maxie was shocked because the necklace had been priceless, but Felicia insisted that protecting a friend had been more important. Maxie conceded that Felicia had done the right thing, so Levi changed the subject by announcing that he had to change into his tuxedo. Felicia became concerned when she noticed Maxie's pensive expression as Levi left.

Felicia gently reminded Maxie that it wasn't too late to back out of the wedding. She assured her daughter that everyone would understand because Maxie and Levi had only known each other for a short time, but Maxie resented people questioning her decision to marry Levi. Maxie insisted that she loved Levi because he was kind, good, and thoughtful. She also credited Levi with pulling her from the depths of despair because she had been miserable and filled with regret when she had met Levi.

Maxie assured her mother that Levi was the one, so Felicia relaxed then handed Maxie the Aztec ring. Felicia explained that the ring had been passed down from mother to daughter for generations, so she had always intended to give it to Maxie on Maxie's wedding day. Touched, Maxie hugged her mother, but Maxie's smile quickly vanished as she rested her head on her mother's shoulder.

A short time later, Mac arrived. Maxie wondered if she and Levi had Mac's blessing, so Mac asked to speak to Maxie alone. Felicia excused herself then left the room. Maxie warned Mac that she wasn't in the mood for a lecture, so Mac agreed to give Maxie his blessing if she heard him out. Maxie sat down next to Mac as he explained that he loved her.

Mac confessed that he had reservations about Maxie's wedding, but he trusted Maxie to make the right decision for herself. However, Mac feared that Maxie lacked some important information needed to make a proper decision. Maxie tensed when Mac revealed that she should know how Nathan felt about her.

At the police station, a man stumbled into the squad room, clutching his wounded head and demanding to talk to the police commissioner. Nathan offered to help the man, so the man revealed that someone had broken into his home, bashed him on the head, and then stolen a valuable Aztec family heirloom necklace.

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