General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 1, 2014 on GH

Victor foiled Dante and Nathan's rescue attempt. Sabrina vowed to make Ava pay for Gabriel's death. Sam caught Patrick in a lie. Kiki learned that Sonny and Carly had slept together.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 1, 2014 on GH
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Due to the Labor Day holiday, General Hospital was not shown today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumes Tuesday, September 2, and will pick up where the Friday, August 29, episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In the visitors' room at Pentonville, Sabrina demanded to know if Ava had been responsible for the car crash that had led to Gabriel's death. Carlos implored Sabrina to drop it, but that only fueled Sabrina's certainty that Ava had been involved. Sabrina insisted that Gabriel had been her life, so she had a right to know who had killed her son, but Carlos warned Sabrina that it was too dangerous. Sabrina continued to push for an answer until Carlos reluctantly admitted that Ava had killed Gabriel.

Carlos tearfully explained that the car accident had been intended as a message to Carlos because Ava had wanted Carlos to confess to shooting A.J. He quickly added that Ava had never admitted to him that she had shot A.J., but he suspected that she had pulled the trigger. Sabrina insisted that Ava had to pay for killing Gabriel and forcing Carlos to take the fall for a murder Ava had committed, but Carlos begged Sabrina to leave it alone because Ava was lethal.

Carlos reminded Sabrina that Ava had hired someone to run a pregnant woman and child off the road and had murdered before A.J., but Sabrina was undaunted because she wasn't afraid of Ava. Sabrina explained that she had nothing left to live for without Gabriel, but Carlos argued that she wasn't the type who could take someone like Ava down. Sabrina disagreed because losing Gabriel had changed her. Carlos regretted that he had confided to Sabrina, but Sabrina remained determined to take Ava down.

The prison guard warned both Carlos and Sabrina that their time was almost up, so Carlos made a last-ditch plea for Sabrina to promise that she would leave things alone. Sabrina refused, so Carlos was forced to watch helplessly as she walked out of the room.

At the hospital, Franco was working with a patient in the art room, while Carly stood in the doorway silently observing. Franco was unaware of Carly's presence as he offered the patient words of encouragement by talking about passion, yearning, and a lust for life. Carly's thoughts drifted to her intimate encounter with Sonny, but she pushed them away when she realized that Franco had wrapped up the art therapy session with the grateful patient. Franco was pleasantly surprised when he saw Carly, so he wondered how long she had been standing in the doorway. She confessed that it had been long enough to get a better understanding of how he helped people, but Franco smiled with embarrassment.

Franco appreciated the flattery, but he knew that Carly was concerned about Lulu's abduction. Carly agreed but explained that she had picked up lunch because she had wanted to spend time with Franco while she waited for word about her cousin. Franco explained that he had an appointment, but Carly smiled mischievously as she confessed that she had booked the appointment to ensure he had time for lunch with her. Franco grinned as he playfully asked if Carly had any repressed desires or longings that she needed to unleash.

Later, Franco admitted that he had enjoyed the lunch. Carly confessed that it had been needed because they had gone through a rough patch lately. Franco insisted that all that mattered was that they had worked through it and were in a good place. He assured Carly that he loved her then kissed her tenderly. Carly was touched when he urged her to go to her family to wait for news about Lulu. Grateful, Carly gave him a quick kiss then left.

In Silas' office, Kiki greeted her father with a hug. Silas was delighted to see his daughter, but he was curious why she had stopped by. Kiki explained that she had decided to check in with him after her visit with Alice, who was due to be discharged from the hospital the following day. Silas was happy for Alice and the Quartermaines, so Kiki thanked her father then asked how he had been doing.

Silas admitted that he had been fine until his exchange with Franco. Silas confessed that he had initiated the encounter because he had wanted to talk to Franco about Nina skipping physical therapy sessions to attend Franco's art therapy classes. However, the conversation had taken an unpleasant turn when Franco had implied that Franco knew Silas' wife better than Silas did. Kiki hadn't realized that Franco and Nina knew each other, but she assured Silas that Silas had nothing to be concerned about. She conceded that Franco could be irritating and childish at times but she promised that Franco was harmless.

Silas disagreed in part because Franco had made cryptic remarks that had led Silas to believe that something might be brewing between Franco and Nina. Kiki scoffed at the suggestion because she knew that Nina was in love with Silas and eager to get Silas off the sofa and into the bedroom, so Silas sheepishly admitted that he and Nina had spent the night together as husband and wife. Surprised, Kiki wondered if perhaps Silas might have rekindled things with Nina on the rebound after breaking up with Sam.

Silas conceded that he hadn't thought things through all the way. He explained that knowing that Nina had wanted to recapture what they had lost, including having a baby, he'd realized that they couldn't continue to live in limbo. Startled, Kiki questioned if it was even possible for Nina to get pregnant, so Silas admitted that it was unlikely. However, Silas remained determined to try to make things work with Nina because they had once shared something very special. Kiki assured her father that she would support whatever he decided then left to catch up with Michael.

Near the hospital elevators, Ava apologized after she accidently bumped into Nina. Nina assured Ava that it was fine then in a passive-aggressive manner implied that Ava was uncomfortable around disabled people. Offended, Ava explained that she simply hadn't been paying attention to where she was going. Nina confessed that she recognized Ava from a picture that had been taken during an illicit tryst when Ava's legs had been wrapped around Nina's husband. "Like a noose," Nina added with a smirk.

Ava decided to walk away, but Nina quickly followed in the wheelchair, determined to have her say. Nina made a few snide remarks about the affair then decided to introduce herself to Ava, but Ava confessed that it wasn't necessary because Ava knew who Nina was. Nina was relieved because she had grown weary of the cat-and-mouse game, but Ava explained that she didn't have time for Nina. Furious, Nina grabbed Ava's arm as Ava turned to leave then informed Ava that Ava owed it to Nina to hear Nina out because Nina had been waiting twenty years.

Ava's bodyguards quickly stepped forward, but Ava assured them that she was fine as she pulled her wrist out of Nina's strong grip. Ava decided to cut to the chase by kneeling down to look Nina in the eye as she apologized to Nina for how Nina had found out about Silas' affair with Ava, Silas' failure to tell Nina that he had been dissatisfied with his marriage to Nina, and for the pain that Nina had endured. Nina wasn't impressed with the apology. "I said I'm sorry, didn't I?" Ava shot back.

Ava pointed out that Nina had won in the end because Silas had broken off the affair with Ava when Nina had slipped into a coma. Nina regretted that she hadn't been around to appreciate Silas' gesture, but Ava argued that it was ancient history. Nina disagreed because Ava had had Silas' child. Ava tensed at the mention of Kiki, but Nina merely smiled then taunted Ava by revealing that Nina and Kiki had been getting to know each other. Ava glared at Nina as she made it clear that Nina and Kiki would not have a relationship.

Nina was curious why Ava was so "stingy," since Ava had a spare. Ava informed Nina that her unborn baby wasn't a child she could keep in her back pocket in case she misplaced the other. Ava snidely suggested that perhaps Nina wouldn't be so "flippant" if Nina had had her own child. Nina's smile turned brittle as she conceded that she was childless. Ava assured Nina that Silas wasn't the baby's father, so Nina confessed that she had heard that the father could be Ava's college-age boyfriend or his mob boss father.

Ava was shocked when Nina confessed that Franco had told her all about Ava's scandalous pregnancy. Nina admitted that she was jealous because Nina would love to be pregnant. However, Nina confided that things might change soon because Silas and Nina had rekindled their marriage and had been cleared by the doctor to have a baby. Ava was startled when Nina suddenly reached out with both hands to feel Ava's unborn baby.

Ava's bodyguards immediately stepped forward as Ava slapped Nina's hands way with a warning not to touch Ava again. Ava assured the bodyguards that she had everything under control then admonished Nina for not asking permission. Unrepentant, Nina asked if she could feel the baby, but Ava refused to let Nina near her again. Nina shrugged then announced that she was off to share the doctor's good news with Silas. Nina was confident that she would see Ava again soon, but Ava was eager to get away from Nina.

After Nina disappeared around a corner, Ava bumped into Franco. Franco noticed that Ava appeared "strung out," so Ava confessed that she'd had the "displeasure" of meeting Franco's new friend, Nina. Franco sang Nina's praises, but Ava changed the subject to ask for Franco's help to take down Sonny. Franco refused, but Ava warned him that Sonny would remain a threat to Franco's happiness with Carly. Franco disagreed then walked away. Annoyed, Ava returned to the elevators just as Sabrina exited one of them.

Meanwhile, Nina entered Silas' office. She confessed that she had missed another physical therapy session, but she assured Silas that it had been for a good reason. Nina told him about her appointment with Britt but lied when she announced that Britt had cleared Nina and Silas to have a baby.

At Corinthos Coffee, Michael and Morgan greeted their father. Sonny was delighted that his sons had stopped by for a visit, so Michael and Morgan revealed that they had heard about Lulu's abduction. Sonny sobered as he revealed that Dante had managed to track down Maxie and Lulu, so he was confident that Dante would soon return home with Lulu. Morgan was curious where Carly was because they should all be together as a family, since Lulu was Carly's cousin.

Sonny carefully explained that Carly had been kept updated, so Morgan confessed that it was a shame that he and Michael had found out about Lulu's abduction through a newscast. Michael tactfully reminded Morgan that he and Morgan had been out of touch because they had been busy at the hospital with Alice. However, Michael conceded that he had taken a break to have dinner with Kiki and Ava. Michael admitted that it hadn't been a pleasant experience, but he had done it for Kiki. Sonny appreciated that Michael had been up-front about it, so Michael explained that he wanted to have a civil relationship with Ava for the baby's sake as well as Kiki's.

Morgan was relieved that the baby would have at least one relative with their head on straight, but Michael admitted that another reason he had gone to Ava's apartment was because he had needed to see the place where Carlos had shot A.J. Michael confessed that he never wanted to forget what "that bastard" had done to A.J., but Sonny reminded Michael that Carlos had been dealt with. Morgan warned Michal that killing Carlos wasn't the answer because Michael would end up back at Pentonville. Morgan broke the tension by jokingly reminding Michael that the traumatic experience had affected Morgan deeply.

Later, Carly arrived as Michael and Morgan decided to head to the police station to find out if there was any news about Lulu. After a brief exchange with their mother, Michael and Morgan left. Carly admitted that she was pleased that things were better between Sonny and Morgan, so Sonny smiled because he and Morgan had been getting along. Carly changed the subject by revealing that she had wanted to talk to Sonny about Franco.

Carly explained that she intended to make things work with Franco, so she warned Sonny that Franco could never find out that she and Sonny had slept together. Neither Sonny nor Carly were aware that Kiki had inadvertently overheard their revealing exchange as she approached Sonny's office door.

At an undisclosed location, Levi/Peter started to untie Lulu as he announced that it was time for them to leave. Maxie demanded to know where Peter intended to take them, but Dante's voice suddenly carried over a bullhorn, informing Peter that police had surrounded the house. Maxie and Lulu smiled with satisfaction as Dante ordered Peter to exit the house with his hands in the air.

Outside, Nathan suggested that he and Dante devise another plan in case the negotiations with Peter broke down. Peter suddenly appeared in the doorway with Lulu. Peter held Lulu at gunpoint as he ordered Dante to have the police fall back. Dante warned Peter that it wasn't an option, but Peter threatened to kill Lulu and then Maxie if Dante refused to cooperate.

Peter demanded that Dante arrange for a helicopter to pick up Peter, but Dante refused. Peter claimed that he had plenty of bullets to kill both hostages, so Dante agreed to meet Peter's terms if Peter released Lulu.

Meanwhile, Nathan mouthed assurances to Maxie as he watched her through the doorway then quietly slipped away without Peter noticing. Peter continued to bark orders including a demand for $100,000 in unmarked non-sequential bills. Peter agreed to release Maxie when the helicopter arrived, but Dante demanded that both Maxie and Lulu be released. Peter explained that Lulu was valuable where he was going because there were plans for her. Alarmed, Dante demanded to know what Peter was talking about, but Lulu caught Peter off guard by elbowing him in the stomach then breaking away.

Dante immediately fired a shot at Peter. As Peter collapsed, Dante rushed to Lulu's side then hugged her. Other police officers swarmed into the house to check on Peter and untie Maxie, but Maxie became concerned because she noticed that Nathan was missing. Dante recalled Nathan circling around the back of the house, but before he could search for his partner, someone tossed a gas bomb into the house. Within seconds, everyone collapsed.

Moments later, men in yellow suits and gas masks entered the house. A mystery man sporting a black suit and gasmask soon joined them. He approached Lulu's unconscious form.

Outside, Nathan watched everything unfold through a window.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

At Corinthos Coffee, Carly was adamant that she wanted to make her relationship with Franco work, so it was imperative that Franco not find out that she and Sonny had slept together. Sonny didn't seem concerned about Franco's feelings, but Carly begged Sonny to keep quiet. She insisted that he would honor her wishes if he truly loved her as he claimed.

Outside Sonny's office door, Kiki had inadvertently overheard Sonny and Carly's shocking exchange, so she tried to slip away without being noticed. However, Kiki tripped in her haste to leave, which immediately drew Sonny and Carly's attention. Horrified, Kiki looked up at Sonny and Carly as she apologized for her clumsiness then explained that she had stopped by looking for Michael. Sonny revealed that Michael and Morgan had gone to the police station to check for an update on Lulu, so Kiki seized the opportunity to leave.

Carly asked Kiki to wait because Carly suspected that Kiki had overheard Sonny and Carly talking. Kiki claimed that she had been too preoccupied with her own thoughts to pay attention, but Carly easily saw through the lie. To Kiki's dismay, Carly followed Kiki to the reception area for a private "girl-to-girl" chat with Kiki. Carly promised that the sexual encounter with Sonny had been an isolated incident, so she begged Kiki not to say anything to Franco.

Kiki hated the idea of lying to Franco because she cared about him, but Carly warned Kiki that she would be needlessly hurting Franco by telling him that Sonny and Carly had slept together. Kiki resented Carly putting the entire burden on Kiki when Carly was the one who had cheated on Franco, so Carly apologized. However, Carly insisted that she wanted to spare Franco unnecessary pain. Kiki refused to make any promises and left.

Frustrated, Carly returned to Sonny's office. She feared that Kiki would run straight to Franco, but Sonny assured Carly that Carly didn't have anything to worry about. Carly reminded Sonny that a jealous and enraged Franco wouldn't hesitate to tell Michael the truth about Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder, but Sonny was confident that Kiki would decide to keep quiet because Kiki wouldn't want to hurt Franco. Carly admitted that she lacked Sonny's confidence.

At the hospital, Franco informed Ava that he refused to help her obtain the incriminating recording of Sonny shooting A.J. Ava warned Franco that it was a mistake that could ultimately hurt Kiki, but Franco resented Ava trying to use Kiki to manipulate him. Ava promised Franco that Sonny would remain a thorn in Franco's side, but Franco stubbornly insisted that he had nothing to worry about.

After Franco walked away, Ava turned to leave but she bumped into Sabrina as Sabrina exited an elevator. "I'm very sorry," Ava said, but Sabrina glared at her. "You should be," Sabrina shot back with venom. Surprised, Ava asked if Sabrina had a problem with her. Ava was startled when Sabrina admitted that she did.

Sabrina introduced herself then explained that she was a friend of Carlos, who was rotting in jail because of Ava. Ava recognized Sabrina's name but pointed out that Carlos had confessed to killing A.J. Quartermaine. Ava denied any involvement, but Sabrina scoffed because Carlos had worked for both Ava and Julian. Ava confessed that she had always cared about Carlos, but she pointed out that Carlos had been responsible for the choices he had made.

According to Ava, they all made choices, knowing that their actions had consequences. Sabrina explained that she knew that better than anyone else because she had lost her baby because of someone else's choices. Sabrina walked away, but Ava followed. The two ladies sat down as Sabrina revealed that her son had been born four months premature on the side of the road. Ava recalled reading about Patrick and Sabrina's car accident, but Sabrina clarified that it hadn't been an accident; someone had put Rafe behind the wheel of the car on that fateful night.

Ava was genuinely surprised, but Sabrina didn't appear to notice as Sabrina assured Ava that it was only a matter of time before the culprit was identified. Sabrina revealed that both the police and a private investigator were working on the case. Ava admitted that she hoped that Sabrina found the person who had been responsible for Gabriel's death, so Sabrina assured Ava that she would.

In Silas' office, Nina lied when she claimed that Britt had cleared Nina and Silas to have a baby to replace the one that they had lost. She became concerned when she noticed Silas tense, so he confessed that he was a bit surprised that Britt had been able to give Nina answers that quickly. Nina smiled innocently but deftly changed the subject by confessing that she felt lucky to have family like Nathan and Silas, whom she could trust, especially after everything her mother had done.

Nina shifted gears to announce that she had to leave because she had promised Travis that she would go to her physical therapy after her appointment with Britt. Nina was confident that her physical therapy session would be as successful as her appointment with Britt had been. She smiled brightly as she confided that she was in a better place because she felt as if she was finally on the verge of getting back everything she had missed and lost, including a child. Silas carefully explained that they needed to talk because having a baby was a big decision.

Nina agreed but then turned to leave. However, she stopped in the doorway to let Silas know that she had bumped into Ava. Silas imagined that it had been an awkward encounter. Nina conceded that Silas was right, but Nina was determined to find a way to coexist with Ava, since they both lived in Port Charles and would likely run into each other.

Shortly after Nina left, Patrick knocked on the door. Patrick explained that he had stopped by the hospital to check on his appeal for reinstatement. Silas confessed that he had strongly urged Liesl to hire Patrick back, so Patrick thanked Silas. Silas realized that Patrick's visit wasn't a social call, so Patrick sat down as he explained that he had wanted to talk to Silas about Rafe because Patrick knew that Sam had asked to go through Rafe's things.

Silas surprised Patrick by showing Patrick the business card from the Crichton-Clark facility that Silas had found among Rafe's possessions. Silas admitted that he had questioned Nina about it because Nina had been a patient at the facility for a long time, but Nina hadn't recognized the card and had suggested that perhaps it had been attached to one of her medical files. Silas admitted that he intended to question Rosalie about the card, so Patrick asked Silas to let him know what Rosalie had to say.

After Patrick left Silas' office, he spotted Sabrina at the elevator. Sabrina was surprised when Patrick revealed that he might know who was responsible for their car accident.

In the art room, Franco was determined to prove Ava wrong by calling Carly, but the call went to voicemail. He left Carly a message but abruptly ended the call when Nina entered the room. After they exchanged greetings, Franco told Nina about his lunch with Carly. Nina was happy that Franco and Carly's relationship was back on track, so Franco was curious how things were between Nina and Silas. Nina confessed that they were great because she and Silas had reconnected as lovers.

Nina giggled as she admitted that she and Silas had been making up for lost time, so Franco mentioned that he and Silas had had a talk. Startled, Nina was curious what Franco and Silas discussed. Franco explained that Silas didn't like him, but Nina couldn't imagine why. Franco confessed that most people had a problem with him, but he added that the source of Silas' bitterness was Nina because she had been skipping her physical therapy sessions to attend Franco's art therapy classes. Nina was annoyed that Silas was obsessed about her physical therapy, but Franco confessed that Silas' main concern was that Nina had confided to Franco about her desire to have Silas' baby.

Nina was surprised, but Franco suspected that it would blow over, since it was clear that Nina intended to get pregnant sooner rather than later. Nina revealed that she had seen her OB/GYN, so Franco was curious how it had gone. Nina cryptically explained that she hadn't been given the news that she had hoped for, but Franco had no idea what that meant. Nina claimed that she could have a baby, but it would be a little more difficult than she had anticipated. Franco wasn't concerned because he knew that Nina was determined to have a baby "come hell or high water."

Nina smiled as she confessed that she would get back everything she had lost including a baby. Franco questioned if Nina really wanted to have a baby with Silas because he knew that Nina harbored some resentment toward Silas for betraying her. Nina bristled as she assured Franco that she knew what she was doing, so Franco explained that he was just trying to be a friend. Nina suggested that he be a friend by minding his own business.

Shortly after Nina left, Franco checked his phone for messages. He was disappointed when he noticed that Carly hadn't returned his call. After he left the art room, he was pleasantly surprised when he ran into Kiki.

Meanwhile, Nina returned to Silas' office to tell him that her physical therapy session had been cut short.

At the police station, Britt was surprised when she saw her mother enter the squad room. Liesl explained that she had stopped by to take Nathan to lunch, so she invited Britt to join them if Britt was free. Britt explained that Nathan and Dante had left to rescue Maxie and Lulu. Liesl had no idea what Britt was talking about, so Britt quickly filled her mother in about the theft and abduction. Liesl recalled hearing something about the abduction on the news, but she hadn't realized that Nathan had been involved.

Liesl admitted that Levi Dunkleman was obviously an alias name because his Australian accent had been phony. Britt disagreed, but Liesl smirked and insisted that Levi was no more Australian than Liesl was Canadian. Britt explained that regardless of where Levi hailed from, there was a standoff between Levi and the police. Liesl became concerned because she feared that Anna had gotten Nathan mixed up in something dangerous.

Liesl decided to have a talk with Anna to keep Nathan out of harm's way, but Britt stopped her mother with a warning because Anna was busy updating Nikolas as well as Dante's brothers about the standoff. Liesl remained concerned about Nathan because she believed that police training in the United States was lacking. Liesl was certain that Anna would get Nathan killed because Anna had killed Faison. Britt was shocked by the accusation, so she reminded her mother that Faison had been sent to Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison.

Liesl disagreed with Britt because Liesl had made several attempts to contact Faison at Steinmauer, to no avail. Britt pointed out that the authorities at Steinmauer had likely blocked Liesl's contact with Faison because Liesl had helped Britt's father escape in the past. Liesl argued that she had proof thanks to Victor Cassadine who had provided Liesl with documents confirming that Faison had never arrived at Steinmauer.

Alarmed, Britt dragged Liesl into the interrogation room to continue their talk in private. Britt was curious why Victor would help Liesl, but Liesl became evasive. Britt realized that her mother was hiding something, so she demanded to know how Liesl knew Victor. Liesl claimed that Victor had known about Liesl's relationship with Faison, but Britt sensed that there was more to it because Britt doubted that Victor would help Liesl out of the kindness of his heart.

Liesl conceded that she and Victor were old acquaintances, but Britt was certain that Liesl was hiding something. Britt recalled that Liesl had been desperate to move in with Britt and Nikolas until Liesl had found out that Victor would be staying at Wyndemere. Liesl reluctantly admitted that Victor had carried a torch for Liesl, but Britt wasn't satisfied because she sensed that her mother was hiding something. Liesl was shocked when Britt suddenly asked if Victor was Nathan's father.

Liesl was curious what would give Britt such a ludicrous idea, but Britt realized that she was onto something. Britt was certain that Faison wasn't Nathan's father because it had been Liesl's life mission to give Faison a son. Britt pointed out that Victor was the only other man that had ever been linked to Liesl, so it made sense that Victor was Nathan's father. Liesl claimed that she'd had enough with Britt's "crazy theory" then suggested that Britt not stick her nose in where it didn't belong.

At an undisclosed location, Dante held Lulu as Maxie looked around for Nathan. Maxie was curious where Nathan was, so Dante decided to find him. However, everyone was started when a smoking bomb was suddenly tossed into the house. Within seconds, everyone collapsed as smoke filled the room.

Moments later, men in yellow suits and gas masks entered the house, followed by a man dressed in back. After the smoke cleared, one of the men told the man in black that it was safe to remove his gas mask. It was Victor Cassadine.

Outside, Nathan spied on the men as Victor stood over Levi/Peter's unconscious body. Victor was disappointed that Peter had managed to get shot despite Peter's extensive training. However, Victor's mood quickly improved when one of the men in yellow suits announced that they had found the Aztec jewels. Pleased, Victor made his way to Dante and Lulu's unconscious bodies. He admitted that he had been impressed with Dante's efforts to rescue Lulu, although they had been in vain.

Victor looked around as he noticed that Nathan was unaccounted for, so he called out to Nathan to surrender. Nathan remained hidden until Victor threatened to shoot Maxie if Nathan failed to cooperate. Nathan quickly stepped forward, but he kept his gun steadily trained on Victor. Victor advised Nathan to drop the weapon because the hostages would pay the price, starting with Maxie. Nathan dropped the gun then rushed to Maxie's side to check on her. Nathan demanded to know what was wrong with Maxie, so Victor assured Nathan that everyone would wake up refreshed from their sleep.

However, Victor confessed that Nathan wouldn't be as lucky. Victor raised his gun to shoot Nathan, but Nathan demanded to know who Victor was. After Victor introduced himself, Nathan realized that Victor was related to Nikolas. Victor was curious how Nathan knew Nikolas, so Nathan revealed that his sister, Britt, had been engaged to Nikolas at one time.

Stunned, Victor demanded to know if Liesl was Nathan's mother. Nathan argued that it wasn't any of Victor's business, but Victor insisted that Nathan answer the question. Nathan reluctantly confirmed that his mother was Liesl Obrecht, prompting Victor to demand to know who Nathan's father was. Nathan confessed that he had no idea and he didn't care. Victor continued to ask questions until Nathan revealed that Liesl had given her newborn son to her sister to raise.

Victor was certain that Liesl wouldn't have given Nathan away if Faison had been Nathan's father. Nathan admitted that his sister, Britt, had also doubted that Faison was Nathan's father, so Victor wondered if Liesl had said anything about Nathan's father. Nathan explained that Liesl had only revealed that Nathan's father had been "long gone." Fed up with the direction of the conversation, Nathan invited Victor to shoot if Victor intended to kill Nathan. Victor decided to put his plans for Nathan on hold.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

At the hospital, Nina pulled Rosalie into Silas' office then locked the door so they could speak privately. Nina confessed that she had met Silas' "mistress" prompting Rosalie to reach for Nina's hand as she asked if Nina had scratched Ava's eyes out. Rosalie noticed Nina holding a business card, so Nina handed the card from the Crichton-Clark Clinic as she asked if Rosalie had any idea how Rafe had ended up with it. Rosalie shook her head because she hadn't seen it before, not even on Nina's falsified medical documents. Nina explained that Patrick and Sam were investigating Rafe's first car crash, so Nina was concerned that the card might somehow be linked to her.

Rosalie assured Nina that there wasn't anything to worry about because Rosalie and Nina hadn't had anything to do with Rafe forcing Patrick's car off the road. Nina admitted that she still wanted to know why Rafe had had the business card in his possession, but Rosalie insisted that it didn't matter because Rafe was dead. Rosalie quickly turned the conversation back to Ava because Rosalie was eager to hear about Nina's encounter with Silas' ex-mistress.

Nina grinned as she confessed that it had been uncomfortable -- for Ava. Rosalie admitted that she would have slapped Ava, but Nina claimed that she had refrained from attacking Ava out of concern for Ava's unborn child. However, Nina revealed that Ava had lost her mind when Nina had touched the baby. Nina grumbled that Ava hadn't had a right to be that selfish, but Rosalie carefully pointed out that Nina had touched Ava's stomach, not the baby. Nina was unapologetic because she was furious that Ava gotten the right to carry Silas' "bastard child."

Nina insisted that she wanted a baby of her own who would love her unconditionally, so Rosalie explained that the first step was to find out if Nina could have a baby. Nina admitted that she had seen a doctor then told Rosalie about Britt's findings. Rosalie wasn't surprised that Britt had determined that Nina was in menopause and unable to conceive children, but Nina was livid that Britt had dared to suggest that Nina talk to a psychiatrist when it was clear to everyone that Nina was as sane as the next person. Rosalie refrained from commenting about Nina's sanity but gently pointed out that being in a coma for two decades had taken a toll on Nina's body.

Nina vowed to prove Britt wrong by having a child. Rosalie became alarmed when Nina suddenly decided to get online to start shopping for things she would need for the baby and then asked if Rosalie thought that Ava was having a boy or a girl. "Nina, you're not planning on stealing that woman's baby, are you?" Rosalie asked. Nina blinked a few times at Rosalie then unconvincingly suggested that Rosalie was crazy for thinking such a thing.

At Corinthos Coffee, Carly warned Sonny that Kiki had no idea that telling Franco about Sonny and Carly's tryst would send Franco running straight to Michael with the truth about A.J.'s murder. Sonny was confident that Kiki would keep quiet because Kiki cared about Franco and wouldn't want to hurt him. Carly admitted that she lacked Sonny's confidence, so Sonny pointed out that Carly had done everything she could to persuade Kiki to keep quiet. Carly remained worried because she knew that Kiki hadn't believed Carly's assurance that it was over between Sonny and Carly. Carly insisted that it could never happen again, but Sonny proved her wrong by kissing her. Carly reluctantly pulled away from Sonny then reminded him that they needed to remain focused on Dante and Lulu.

Sonny confessed that he had kissed Carly to comfort her and to make her feel better, but Carly looked upset. "I can't do this. I'm sorry," Carly quietly said as she rushed out the door.

A short time later, Shawn stopped by to check in with Sonny. Sonny revealed that Dante and Nathan had followed up on a lead, but Sonny hadn't heard if Lulu and Maxie had been rescued. Shawn offered to find out, but Sonny declined because Max, Michael, and Morgan were all working on it. Sonny shifted gears by confiding that Kiki had found out that Sonny and Carly had slept together. He quickly filled Shawn in about what had transpired in the office earlier.

Sonny admitted that he wasn't concerned about Franco walking out on Carly, but Sonny couldn't afford for Franco to tell Michael the truth about A.J.'s shooting. Shawn pointed out that killing Franco would solve all of Sonny's problems, but Sonny wanted Shawn to focus on getting Ava back because Sonny feared that Julian would soon send Ava into hiding. Sonny became concerned when Shawn revealed that Ava had gone to the hospital to have a chat with Franco, so he made it clear that he wanted Shawn to make a move soon. Shawn admitted that he had been working on a plan to snatch Ava from the apartment, but he would need a little more time.

Sonny warned Shawn to be careful because Sonny did not want the baby endangered or harmed in any way. Shawn realized that they would only get one chance to get to Ava but she assured Sonny that he would be careful.

At the hospital, Franco was pleasantly surprised when he bumped into Kiki outside the art room. Kiki nervously explained that she had stopped by to tell him something, but she didn't elaborate beyond that. Franco followed Kiki into his art room then suggested that she try to work out her anxiety through art therapy. Kiki declined, but she confessed that what she had to tell him was difficult. Kiki explained that she had gone to track down Michael but she had encountered Carly instead.

Franco smiled because he realized that Carly hadn't returned his call because she had been with Kiki. He was curious where Kiki had met up with Carly, but Kiki hesitated to answer as she thought about Carly's assurance that sleeping with Sonny had been a terrible lapse in judgment on Carly's part. Franco became alarmed when he noticed Kiki's reluctance to tell him. Franco kept pushing for an answer, but Kiki was spared from having to tell him when Carly suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Carly greeted Franco then looked pointedly at Kiki as she claimed that she and Kiki had run into each other at Metro Court. Kiki went along with Carly's lie then excused herself and left. Franco questioned Kiki's strange behavior, but Carly attributed it to concern for Michael then deftly changed the subject by assuring Franco that she hadn't been avoiding him. Carly explained that she hadn't returned his phone call because things had been chaotic with Lulu's abduction. Franco promised Carly that he hadn't been checking up on her because he knew that things were good between them. Carly relaxed when Franco suggested that they go home.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Patrick confided to Sabrina that he might know who had been behind the crash that had killed their son. Sabrina glanced at Ava near the nurses' station then turned back to Patrick as Patrick explained that Silas had found a business card from the Crichton-Clark Clinic among Rafe's things. Patrick suspected that whoever had forced Robin to help save Jason had been responsible for Rafe driving Patrick's car off the road. Patrick explained that Robin worked for a dangerous man who might have wanted to keep Robin in line by orchestrating the accident or punish Robin for sharing confidential information with Patrick.

Sabrina confessed that she thought that Patrick was way off course because she believed that the business card had simply been a fluke, since Silas' wife, Nina, had spent time at the clinic. Patrick questioned Sabrina's certainty then asked if Sabrina knew something that she hadn't told him. Sabrina assured him that she didn't but warned Patrick that if he didn't drop it, he might have to tell Sam about Jason.

Later, Sabrina was at the nurses' station, looking Ava up online until Kiki walked up. Kiki quietly introduced herself then revealed that Rafe had been her cousin. Kiki extended her condolences to Sabrina for the loss of Sabrina's son, so Sabrina thanked Kiki then revealed that she had talked to Kiki's mother, Ava, earlier. Sabrina thought that it was "crazy" how the world worked because Ava was having a baby while Sabrina had lost hers.

Kiki once again extended her condolences, so Sabrina assured Kiki that Kiki need not worry about Rafe because it wasn't Kiki's fault that Kiki's own flesh and blood had been capable of killing a baby. Kiki appeared taken aback by the remark but left without commenting. After Kiki walked away, Sabrina returned to scrolling through pictures of Ava on the computer. Sabrina promised to make Ava pay because she was certain Ava had killed Gabriel.

At the penthouse, Sam was on the phone with Spinelli, hoping that he had news about the phone number she had pulled from Rafe's cell phone.

In the hallway, Alexis paused before entering the penthouse when she received a text message. It was from Julian telling her that he missed her and begging her to reconsider ending things with him. Alexis sent Julian a text message explaining that she couldn't be with him.

Moments later, Alexis entered the penthouse as Sam wrapped up the call with Spinelli. Alexis noticed that Sam seemed frustrated, so Sam explained that Spinelli hadn't had any success tracing the phone number that Sam had found on Rafe's cell phone. Sam couldn't understand it because she had been able to find everyone else that Rafe had talked to, including his dealer. Alexis agreed that it was odd that someone had managed to disappear so thoroughly. Sam insisted that Rafe deserved better and that Patrick had a right to know who had put Rafe behind the wheel of the car the night Patrick's car had been forced off the road.

Alexis asked Sam about Sam and Patrick's trip to the Crichton-Clark Clinic, so Sam revealed that Patrick had posed as a doctor to help Sam get a look at Nina's medical file. Sam explained that she had wanted to prove that Nina could walk because Sam suspected that Nina had been on the roof when Sam had told Silas that Patrick had confessed to thinking about letting Rafe die on the operating table. Sam was certain that Nina had been pretending to be wheelchair-bound in order to appear fragile and manipulate Silas into taking care of her. Sam wanted to expose Nina's lies because Sam cared about Silas, but Alexis wondered if there was more to it.

Alexis suggested that Sam might not be ready to let go of Silas. Sam explained that she had to because Silas was with Nina, which was exactly how Nina had planned it. Alexis felt bad for Sam but admitted that she was in the same boat. Sam was surprised because she had assumed that Alexis' breakup with Julian had been for show to appease Molly.

Alexis assured Sam that the breakup had been real but conceded that it had been difficult to move on because Julian kept sending text messages. As Alexis and Sam sipped on wine, Alexis received another text message from Julian asking if Alexis could deny what they had shared. Sam smiled when her mother showed Sam the text messages, but Alexis remained determined to stay away from Julian. Alexis suggested that both she and Sam find new men to move on with, but Sam wasn't interested because it had taken Sam a long time to get over Jason and put her trust in Silas.

Alexis refused to let Sam go through life alone, so she suggested that Sam consider dating someone like Patrick. Shocked, Sam insisted that nothing romantic had been going on between her and Patrick. Moments later, Patrick knocked on the door. Alexis smiled as Sam greeted Patrick then noticed that he had shaved his beard to honor the bet he had lost to Sam.

After Alexis slipped out to the balcony, Patrick asked if Sam had learned anything new about the crash. Sam shook her head then asked if he had any leads. Patrick recalled Sabrina's warning about the repercussions if he continued to look into why Rafe had had a business card from Crichton-Clark, so he decided not to tell Sam about Rafe's possible connection to the clinic. Sam promised to keep digging for answers.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian received Alexis' reply to his text message, but he remained determined not to give up on her. Moments later, Ava arrived home. She admitted that she was glad to be there, so Julian wondered how Ava's meeting with Franco had gone. Ava grumbled that Franco had refused to help because he was convinced that Sonny wasn't a threat to Franco's relationship with Carly even though Carly always jumped when Sonny snapped his fingers. Ava feared that their boss would target Kiki if Ava failed to deliver the evidence against Sonny, so Julian offered to try to smooth things over with Luke Spencer's lookalike.

Ava was skeptical that Julian would succeed, but Julian reminded her that he had managed to put their boss off of the idea of killing Ava. Julian was hopeful that he would be able to help his sister out again. Ava was curious why Julian was being nice to her, so Julian admitted that he felt bad for her because her life was in shambles. He also admitted that he hated their boss with a burning passion. Julian insisted that he and Ava needed to stick together because they had a common enemy that they needed to protect their family from. Julian urged Ava to focus on taking care of his unborn niece or nephew because, in spite of everything, he and Ava were family.

Julian became concerned when Ava's eyes suddenly filled with tears. She confessed that she'd had a really bad day because she'd had an encounter with Nina after the failed meeting with Franco. Ava revealed that she had been dreading running into Nina ever since she had learned that Nina had moved to town. According to Ava, it had been worse than she had imagined because Nina had behaved strangely and had been far too interested in Ava's unborn child.

Ava confessed that after the unsettling encounter with Nina, she had bumped into Sabrina. Ava told her brother about Sabrina's remarks then confided that it had seemed as if Sabrina had implied that Ava had arranged for Rafe to force Patrick's car off the road. Julian conceded that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility, so Ava reluctantly admitted that she had considered it and had even put someone in place to carry out the order. However, Ava assured her brother that she hadn't put the plan in motion.

Ava revealed that she had allowed Carlos to believe that she had been behind the crash to force Carlos to stick with the script by confessing to A.J.'s murder. Julian couldn't understand why Ava had protected Sonny, but Ava evaded the question by wondering if Carlos might have said something to Sabrina. Julian conceded that it was possible because Ava had screwed Carlos over. Ava admitted that she had acted out of desperation, so she wasn't proud of what she had done to Carlos. Julian assured Ava that it didn't matter because she had bigger problems to deal with.

Ava sarcastically thanked her brother for the reminder then noticed Julian glance at his phone. She quickly realized that Julian was expecting to hear from Alexis.

Later, Julian and Ava sat down to share a Chinese takeout feast. Ava complained about Julian's choice of movie for them to watch because she didn't want to expose her child to the violence. Julian chuckled because she sounded like Alexis. Julian thought that it was ironic that the business had given him everything except the one thing that he wanted most.

Moments later, Alexis sent Julian a text message reiterating that it was over between them and asking him to leave her alone. Ava noticed the sadness in Julian's eyes, so she handed him a box of Lo Mein.

At the penthouse, Alexis stood on the balcony, quietly weeping.

Friday, September 5, 2014

At the Drake residence, Patrick tried to get Emma ready for her first day of school, but Emma refused to cooperate and threw a bowl of cereal across the room because she didn't want to go to school. Startled, Patrick looked at his daughter for a long moment then calmly told her to clean up the mess. He kneeled down to help her as he gently asked why she was upset. Emma's voice cracked as she tearfully confessed that she didn't want to go to school because her mother wasn't there to take her -- again.

Patrick assured Emma that her mother missed her, but Emma wasn't satisfied because she didn't understand what was so important that it would keep Robin away. Emma wanted to know where her mother was, so Patrick hugged Emma then called the Crichton-Clark Clinic. However, a recording notified callers that the voicemail system was temporarily at full capacity.

Patrick ended the call then quietly explained that Robin was busy with a patient, but Emma was hurt because she believed that her mother never had time for her. Patrick offered his daughter assurances of her mother's love until Emma appeared to calm down. Her spirits lifted a little when Patrick announced that he would take her to Kelly's for chocolate chip pancakes when Elizabeth and Cameron joined them.

A short time later, Elizabeth and Cameron arrived, so Patrick told them about the detour before school then sent Cameron to help Emma finish getting ready. As they waited for the children to return, Patrick and Elizabeth talked about Maxie and Lulu's abduction then Sam's investigation into Patrick's crash. They were unaware that Emma lurked around the corner, eavesdropping, when Elizabeth asked if there had been any progress identifying the person who had ordered Rafe to force Patrick's car off the road.

At the hospital, Silas wrapped up an appointment with a patient in his office as Sam stood in the hallway, waiting and listening. The patient was overjoyed when Silas revealed that her cancer was in remission, so she profusely thanked Silas for saving her life. Embarrassed, Silas walked her to the door then turned his attention to Sam after the patient walked away. Sam smiled because she realized that Silas truly was a miracle worker. Silas humbly downplayed his role in his patient's recovery then changed the subject by wondering why Sam had stopped by.

Sam explained that she hadn't had any luck tracing the mystery phone number they had found on Rafe's cell phone. She assured Silas that she would keep trying but admitted that it appeared to be a dead end at the moment. Silas commented that there had been a lot of that lately then showed her the business card from the Crichton-Clark Clinic. He explained that he had questioned Nina, Rosalie, and Kiki, but none of them had had any idea how it had ended up in Rafe's things. Sam doubted that it was a coincidence that Rafe had had the business card. Silas agreed, but he noticed that she had seemed surprised by its existence, so he was curious if Patrick had told her about his visit with Silas.

Silas was surprised when Sam admitted that Patrick hadn't mentioned it, but he suggested that perhaps Patrick hadn't thought it was important because at the time, Silas hadn't yet questioned Rosalie about the business card. Silas shifted gears to admit that he had noticed that Patrick had been familiar with the clinic, which had struck Silas as odd because the clinic wasn't well known. Sam admitted that she had enlisted Patrick's help when she had gone to the clinic to investigate Nina. Silas tensed but quickly surmised that Sam hadn't found anything incriminating about Nina because Sam hadn't said anything sooner.

Sam explained that just because she hadn't found anything didn't mean that Nina didn't have anything to hide. She admitted that she still believed that Nina was keeping something from Silas and then left. Silas sat down behind his desk then picked up the business card as his expression turned troubled.

Outside Kelly's, Franco debated sending Nina a text message apologizing for their argument about Silas but ultimately decided against it.

Meanwhile, Carly called Kiki, while waiting for Franco to join her. Carly was disappointed when Kiki's voicemail picked up, but she left a message apologizing to Kiki for putting Kiki in a difficult position and assuring Kiki that it had meant the world to her that Kiki hadn't said anything to Franco. She abruptly ended the call when she noticed Franco standing in the doorway then claimed that she had been calling for an update about Lulu and Maxie. Franco assured Carly that everything would work out then kissed her affectionately.

"Gag me," Josslyn sneered as she and Michael entered Kelly's. Carly ignored the remark as she greeted her children then asked if Josslyn was ready for the first day of school. Josslyn glared at Franco as she admitted that she was then suggested that she and Carly head out right away. Instead, Carly asked Josslyn about her visit with Michael to the brownstone. Josslyn continued to make her dislike for Franco known by asking if she could live at the brownstone when the renovations were complete.

Franco tried to extend an olive branch by asking Josslyn to give him a chance, but Josslyn refused. Michael changed the subject by revealing that he knew the truth about what had happened under Carly's roof. Carly tensed until she realized that Michael had been referring to Spencer hiding out in Josslyn's bedroom for a few days. Franco tried to score points by crediting Josslyn and Spencer's keen intelligence for getting away with the ruse for as long as they had, but Josslyn continued to scowl at Franco. Michael cleared his throat and announced that he had to leave because he had promised to take Alice home from the hospital.

Josslyn spotted Spencer outside, so she dashed off to catch up with her friend. After Michael left, Franco and Carly sat down for breakfast. Carly assured Franco that her children would eventually warm to him, but Franco was skeptical. He pointed out that he didn't have anything in common with Morgan, and it was unlikely that Michael would ever forgive him. Franco admitted that he was hurt because he had done a lot to protect Michael.

Carly reminded Franco that they were in it together, so he was not alone. Franco smiled because he knew that he could count on her. Carly's eyes clouded with guilt as Franco paid the tab, gave her a quick kiss goodbye, and left for work.

Outside, Spencer enjoyed breakfast while his driver, Chandler, sat next to him, reading a newspaper. Josslyn walked up and greeted Spencer, but he was not happy to see her. Disappointed, Josslyn asked if Spencer was mad at her, so Spencer revealed that he knew that she had ratted him out. Josslyn explained that she hadn't meant to, but Cameron had kept asking her questions until she had blurted it out. Josslyn confessed that she hadn't been able to help herself because she was in love with Cameron.

Spencer groaned with frustration because he couldn't understand why all the girls liked Cameron. Josslyn sang Cameron's praises, but Spencer reminded her that Cameron was her cousin. Josslyn disagreed because her "Uncle Lucky" wasn't Cameron's biological father. Spencer argued that Lucky had adopted Cameron, but Josslyn admitted that she wasn't certain because Cameron's last name had changed from Webber to Spencer then back to Webber again. Regardless, Josslyn insisted that Cameron was dreamy, but Spencer disagreed.

Spencer began to rant about Cameron until Chandler looked at Spencer with concern. "Breathe," Chandler calmly advised Spencer until Spencer took several deep, calming breaths then sat back down. Josslyn again apologized for getting Spencer in trouble but insisted that she had done it for love. Spencer was suddenly struck by inspiration, so he asked Chandler for some privacy.

After Chandler moved to a nearby table, Spencer pointed out that it would be mutually beneficial to both Spencer and Josslyn if they found a way to break up Cameron and Emma. Spencer suggested that he and Josslyn "divide and conquer" then looked just as Cameron and Emma arrived with Patrick and Elizabeth. "And now is our chance," Spencer added with a mischievous grin.

Josslyn promptly ran to Cameron to ask him to take a look at the art project she had worked on over the summer. Cameron agreed and invited Emma to join them, but Josslyn confessed that she wanted Cameron's opinion first before anyone else saw it. Emma assured Cameron that it was fine then joined Spencer at the table, while Cameron and Josslyn entered the diner. Spencer noticed that Emma appeared upset, so she revealed that she was afraid because she had overheard her father and Aunt Elizabeth talking about the accident. Spencer was stunned when Emma told him what she'd heard then confided that no one knew who had told Rafe to cause the accident. "I think I do," Spencer quietly said.

Nearby, Patrick took a phone call from Diane, so Elizabeth followed Cameron and Josslyn into Kelly's. Moments later, Sam walked up as Patrick ended the call. After they exchanged greetings, Sam told him about her visit with Silas then asked why Patrick hadn't mentioned the business card from Crichton-Clark that Silas had found among Rafe's possessions.

In Franco's art room at the hospital, Nina recalled Franco questioning the wisdom of Nina tying herself to Silas through a child when it was clear that Nina harbored resentment toward her husband. She pushed the memory away when Rosalie walked in. Rosalie wasn't surprised that she had found Nina in the art room because Rosalie suspected that Nina had been hoping to run into Nina's new "boyfriend." Nina insisted that she and Franco were just friends but quickly amended herself by admitting that the friendship was in the past.

Rosalie was shocked because Franco and Nina had seemed as thick as thieves, so Nina explained that Franco had made the mistake of judging Nina's feelings for Silas. "Oh," Rosalie said in a way that had Nina questioning Rosalie's tone. Rosalie didn't want to end up on Nina's list, so she carefully admitted that Nina's feelings for Silas were difficult for anyone except Nina to decipher because Nina was all over the map. Nina bristled, so Rosalie tactfully changed the subject by asking why Nina was in the art room.

Nina revealed that she had wanted a private place where she and Rosalie could decide how to go after Kiki. Rosalie was confused because she had thought that Ava had been next on Nina's list, so Nina pointed out that she needed to wait until Ava's baby was finished "baking." In the meantime, Nina intended to cross Kiki off the list, but she had no idea how to ruin Kiki's life because Kiki didn't have a career or a fortune to take away. As Nina muttered to herself, she suddenly realized that there was one way to hurt Kiki; she could steal Kiki's boyfriend.

Rosalie's eyes rounded with disbelief as she asked if Nina intended to seduce Michael. Nina was offended by the suggestion that she couldn't do it, so Rosalie quickly smoothed things over by assuring Nina that she had simply meant that Michael was attracted to someone like Kiki, not a tall, sophisticated lady like Nina. Appeased, Nina pointed out that if Ava had been able to get someone like Morgan then Nina could easily "bag" a young CEO and have him begging for more. Rosalie carefully reminded Nina that it might prove difficult from a wheelchair, so Nina conceded that Rosalie was right.

Nina also realized that she couldn't afford for Silas to find out that she had been sleeping with his daughter's boyfriend. Nina decided that Rosalie should be the one to seduce Michael, but Rosalie immediately objected because she wasn't a hooker. Nina scoffed at Rosalie's delicate sensibilities then reminded Rosalie that Rosalie was paid to do whatever Nina asked. Rosalie grumbled prompting Nina to question Rosalie's sexual preference. Rosalie assured Nina that she liked men then confided that she was interested in Michael's brother, Morgan. Nina didn't care who Rosalie liked as long as Rosalie broke Kiki's heart by stealing Michael away from Kiki.

Later, Nina bumped into Franco as she left the art room. She tried to continue on her way without talking to him, but Franco begged her to wait. He explained that he was sorry for their argument because it hadn't been his place to question her feelings for her husband. Franco admitted that he didn't have many friends because it took someone brave and special to befriend him, so he desperately wanted to put the argument behind them and salvage their friendship. Nina confessed that Franco had been right; her feelings for Silas were complicated, so she valued her friendship with Franco because it was an uncomplicated respite from her chaotic life.

Relieved, Franco suggested that in the future, they speak up when one of them went too far with the other. Nina readily agreed.

At the brownstone, Kiki didn't notice her phone buzzing as she painted one of the walls while lost in thought. Kiki recalled her conversation with Carly when Carly had begged Kiki not to tell Franco that Carly and Sonny had slept together. Kiki returned to the present when a shirtless Morgan entered the room then asked if she had a problem with the faceplates for the light switches. Kiki was horrified when she realized that she had inadvertently painted over the faceplate, so she quickly apologized. Morgan assured Kiki that it was fine, but he was curious why she seemed troubled.

Kiki claimed that she was worried about Michael because Michael had seemed upset about not hearing from Dante when Michael had been at the brownstone earlier, but Morgan easily saw through the lie. Morgan reminded Kiki that they had been married once, so he knew when she was hiding something. Kiki denied that anything else was troubling her, but Morgan kept pushing until Kiki reluctantly admitted that she had a problem with Morgan's mother. Surprised, Morgan was curious what had happened between Kiki and Carly, but Kiki refused to tell him because she had promised Carly that she wouldn't say anything.

Morgan assured Kiki that she could trust him not to tell anyone. Kiki remained reluctant, but Morgan argued that he couldn't help Kiki if he didn't know what was going on. Kiki warned Morgan that it was imperative no one find out then revealed that Carly and Sonny had slept together. Morgan was disgusted, not because Morgan cared about Franco's feeling but rather because Sonny had once again slept with someone who was in a relationship with another person.

Kiki immediately regretted telling Morgan because she feared that Morgan would say something. Kiki didn't want to risk being at odds with Michael over Franco again because it had nearly destroyed her relationship with Michael the last time. She reminded Morgan that she trusted him to keep the secret from Michael unaware that Michael had walked in. "Keep what from me?" Michael asked.

Kiki lied by claiming that she had accidently painted over one of the faceplates and had wanted to clean it up before Michael found out. Michael was surprised that Kiki had been worried that he might be upset about a ruined faceplate, so Kiki quickly apologized for overreacting. Michael assured her that it was fine then reminded Kiki and Morgan that they had to get to the hospital to pick up Alice. As Kiki and Morgan went to their rooms to get ready, Kiki mouthed her thanks to Morgan for not saying anything to Michael about Carly and Sonny.

Later, Michael, Kiki, and Morgan arrived at the hospital with balloons for Alice. When they neared the nurses' station, Morgan spotted Rosalie, so he called out to her. After they exchanged pleasantries, Morgan introduced Rosalie to Kiki and Michael. Rosalie admitted that she was already acquainted with Kiki then smiled awkwardly as she shook Michael's hand.

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