General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 29, 2014 on GH

Ava revealed to Morgan and Kiki that Sonny had killed A.J.. A hit man tried to kill Michael. Sam, Danny, and Elizabeth felt drawn to the mystery patient. Franco discovered that Sonny and Carly had slept together again. Jason woke up.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 29, 2014 on GH
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ned stretched at the gym. Olivia entered, looking at her phone. She tripped over Ned and fell right on top of him. She apologized profusely for not being able to take her eyes off of her phone. "I won't complain when a beautiful woman lands in my lap," he replied. He asked Olivia how Dante and Lulu were. Olivia gushed over them and told Ned about how she was struggling to not smother them.

Ned and Olivia discussed the mixed martial arts class they were about to take. Ned had hoped that Alexis would join him, but he hadn't yet heard back from her. Later, Ned stared at his phone. Olivia busted him for doing the same thing she'd done. He wasn't surprised that he still hadn't heard from Alexis because she didn't like working out or violence. He thought the class would be a good start after Alexis had told him that she'd wanted to make a change in her life.

Olivia wondered why Ned was taking the class. He admitted that he thought it would be cool to be able to do some of the moves he'd seen in action movies, and she enthusiastically agreed. As the two walked off to start the class, Ned remarked that it never hurt to be prepared, "especially in this town!"

Franco was thinking about the previous night's events when Carly asked him what he was up to. "It's so clear what I have to do," he replied. He concluded the thought by telling her that he had to go to work. However, he wanted to give her something before he left. He took out a jewelry box from behind his back, and Carly maintained that she didn't need a ring. He told her that rings were a bit "pricy." She opened the box and marveled at the beautiful but "morbid" necklace inside.

As Franco helped Carly put the large necklace on, he explained to her that it was an evil eye -- a talisman that was supposed to ward off misfortune. Later, Franco was gone. As Carly admired her necklace in the mirror, there was a knock on the door. She was annoyed to answer the door to Sonny. She demanded to know why he was there. He confessed that Michael had told him that Carly and Franco had gotten engaged, and he asked her what she was thinking.

"Lay off," Carly warned Sonny. She reminded him that he'd said he would back off. He wondered if they'd set a date. She informed him that she would marry Franco the next month. "On Halloween?" Sonny joked, but he was livid when Carly confirmed it. When she was having no more of the conversation, she asked, "Anything else?" Sonny confided that he'd sent Shawn and Max to get Ava the night before, but Ava had gotten away.

Carly knew that Sonny wanted Ava to pay for killing Connie, but she suggested that Ava disappearing "for good" would solve all of their problems. Sonny wondered why Ava would "go quietly." He knew that she wanted power and to make their lives miserable in the process. He wanted Ava to pay for everything she'd done.

At the hospital, Shawn made a call. He told the person on the other end of the line to stay on top of Ava's whereabouts and that money was no object. Nina, interested in the subject, wheeled herself up to Shawn. After he hung up the phone, she wondered if Shawn had been talking about Ava Jerome. She told him that Ava was a good friend of her husband's, so he would want to know if something had happened to Ava. Shawn claimed to have been talking about someone else and walked away. Nina muttered that, if anyone were to make Ava disappear, it should be her.

Nina took out her phone and sent a clumsily typed text to Rosalie about Michael. She bumped into Franco and asked him how his party had been. He apologized for yelling at her the day before, and she apologized for telling gossip. He nonchalantly told a shocked Nina that Carly really had slept with Sonny. She wondered if he'd ended things. "Hell, no. I proposed," he informed an open-mouthed Nina.

Nina wondered if "congratulations" was correct to say. Franco reasoned that Carly wouldn't have accepted his proposal if she still had feelings for Sonny. Nina commended him for being a bigger person than she was and wondered if Franco trusted Carly. "I don't trust her as far as I can throw her," he said. However, he wanted to trust her, and he'd believed it when Kiki had said that Carly and Sonny sleeping together had been a "one-time thing."

Franco vowed not to let anything stand between him and his happiness. He added that he'd made sure that he could trust Carly again before they got married. He cryptically told Nina that he would have a "front row seat" to everything Carly did between then and the wedding. He thought about the camera he'd put into Carly's necklace.

Julian informed Jordan that Kobe was in Port Charles to kill Michael because Ava had failed to do so. Jordan was horrified that their boss would "take out an innocent kid." Jordan claimed that the hit needed to be stopped because Sonny would retaliate. She reasoned that Michael wasn't even involved in "the business" and that he was Julian's niece's boyfriend. Julian commented that Jordan had the same "misgivings" as Ava. Jordan reminded him that he should have misgivings, as well, after the boss had targeted Lucas.

Jordan warned Julian that "this isn't war. This is Armageddon." He ordered her to get back to work. Jordan left the penthouse and immediately called Shawn. He picked up and wondered if she was calling about Ava. She insisted that what she had to say was more important, but Shawn hung up.

A short while later, Jordan ran into the hospital, out breath and extremely thankful to find Shawn. She warned him that there was a hit on Michael, probably going down as they spoke, and that he needed to stop it before it was too late.

Patrick suggested to Sam that Julian was working for Luke. Sam wanted to ask Julian point-blank if he was working for Luke. Patrick was skeptical that Julian would give her any information. Though Julian felt guilty for missing most of Sam's life, Patrick didn't think Sam had that much of a hold on Julian. "I do," Alexis stated.

Alexis told Sam and Patrick about Julian's clearly jealous interference during her date with Ned the previous night. She thought that she could use Julian's feelings to get the information out of him, but Sam flat-out refused to allow her mother to do so.

A short while later, Patrick marveled at how persuasive Alexis was. Sam was worried that, even if Alexis got out of the situation physically all right, she would be hurt emotionally. She was amazed at her mother's ability to be in the same room with someone that she had to try not to be attracted to. "I understand that," Patrick related.

Julian was surprised to open his door to Alexis but invited her in. "I need a drink," she said immediately and walked to the table to make drinks. He said he'd known she wouldn't be able to stay away from him and grabbed her from behind. Getting out of the embrace, Alexis handed him a drink. "To bad boys," she toasted. She admitted that, while Ned was nice, "I want you." She leaned in to kiss him, but he stopped her. "What are you really up to?" he asked.

Keeping up the ruse, Alexis chastised him for making things "weird." Julian was suspicious of her complete change of heart. "What do you want?" he asked. "One thing. Are you working for Luke Spencer?" she spat out.

Dante told Lulu and Tracy the police department's suspicions that Luke was in charge of the Jerome family. Lulu remembered that it wouldn't be the first time he had been a crime boss, but Tracy argued that he had done that decades before. She wondered why he would go back to the business. Lulu knew things weren't adding up and that the evidence was pointing toward Dante's suspicions. Dante related the importance of getting in touch with Luke and implored Tracy to help.

Lulu helped Dante by telling Tracy how strange it was that Luke hadn't tried to contact Lulu after she'd been kidnapped. Tracy didn't want to "sell out" her husband. Minutes later, Tracy left a message for Luke. She told him that she'd seen Lulu, who was safe and happy. She also said that she needed to talk to him in person about why Dante was "asking questions." After she hung up, Lulu informed Tracy how much she and Dante appreciated Tracy's help.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Lulu opened it to Sam and Patrick. Lulu told them that she was in the middle of something, but Sam insisted that she and Patrick needed to talk to Lulu about Luke.

Kiki entered the house and screamed when someone grabbed her. Once she realized that it was Morgan, she demanded to know what was going on. "It was because of me," Ava said stepping out of the shadows. Ava told her daughter that Morgan had been trying to protect her because "someone wants me dead." She updated Kiki on the events at the penthouse the previous night.

Kiki wondered who would want to hurt Ava. Ava reluctantly told her that it was Sonny. Kiki didn't believe it, but Ava insisted that it was more complicated than Kiki thought. Kiki thought that Michael could help, but Ava begged Kiki not to tell Michael. Kiki apologized to her mother and took out her phone to call Michael.

Michael, clad only in a towel, ran to answer the knock on his door. He was surprised to see Rosalie, who needed to talk to him. She entered his apartment and apologized for causing trouble between Michael and Kiki. He accepted her apology. He told her that she could see herself out while he changed. Just then, Rosalie saw Nina's text. "Give it a rest," she said rolling her eyes. She opened the door to leave, and Kobe, Luke's thug, was standing there.

Kobe asked Rosalie if the apartment belonged to Michael. She confirmed it and told the man that Michael was getting changed, and she was on her way out. Kobe tried to push his way into the apartment, but Rosalie told him that he could wait outside. She asked for his name, and he called her nosy. "Old habits die hard," she explained. She asked again who he was and wondered if Kobe was trying to "surprise Michael or something." "Or something," Kobe said, and he pushed past her into the apartment. "Surprise," he called out and pointed a gun at Michael.

Michael said that if Kobe were there to rob him, the man could take whatever he wanted. Kobe informed Michael that he had a bullet "with your name on it." Michael told the man to let Rosalie go, but Kobe couldn't leave witnesses. Michael dropped his father's name and demanded to know who Kobe was working for. "Why the hell not? You might have heard of him," Kobe started, but he was cut off when Shawn kicked down the door and pointed his gun at Kobe.

Kiki thought it was strange that Michael hadn't answered the phone. She promised that Michael wouldn't say anything to Sonny and admitted that Michael had covered for Ava before. Ava blurted out that Michael was the reason why Sonny wanted her dead. Kiki and Morgan demanded that Ava tell them what was going on. "I saw Sonny kill Michael's father," Ava finally confessed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

At the Jerome apartment, Julian questioned Alexis' motives for dropping by because he was reluctant to get his hopes shattered again. Alexis admitted that she wanted to know if he had been reporting to Luke. Julian quickly covered his surprise by scoffing at the suggestion then reminding Alexis that she had lost the right to question him about his private life when she had ended things. Frustrated, Alexis explained that she needed to know for the sake of their daughter, Sam. She revealed that Luke's name had cropped up in the course of Sam and Patrick's investigation into Patrick's crash.

Julian reminded Alexis that Ric Lansing had been the head of the Jerome organization, but Alexis argued that questions had been raised about Luke in part because Alexis recalled that she had seen Ric with Cameron, not Julian on the night of Nikolas' engagement party. Desperate, Alexis reminded Julian that Patrick had lost a son because of the crash, so Julian carefully vowed on their daughter's life that the man Julian answered to was not Luke Spencer. Alexis appeared skeptical, but she thanked him for answering the question then started to leave, but Julian called out to her because he had a question of his own.

At the door, Julian asked Alexis why she had taken it upon herself to question him about Luke instead of leaving it to Sam. Alexis claimed that she had thought that she would have a better chance of getting the truth from Julian than Sam would, but Julian didn't believe Alexis. He admitted he had hated seeing Alexis with another man because he still wanted her then dared Alexis to deny that she still wanted Julian. Alexis's defenses crumbled as she confessed that she couldn't then she kissed Julian.

Things quickly heated up as Julian and Alexis started to tear each other's clothes off as their kisses turned passionate. However, Julian shocked Alexis when he suddenly put the brakes on things because as much as he loved her, he couldn't watch her walk out the door the way that she had the last time. Julian admitted that he wanted her more than any woman he had ever met, but he refused to make love to Alexis if she intended to leave him again. Alexis' eyes glistened with emotion as she repeatedly promised Julian that she wouldn't leave him. Satisfied, Julian kissed Alexis then made love to her.

At the loft, Patrick and Sam asked Dante, Lulu, and Tracy if there was a way to contact Luke. Lulu was curious why Patrick and Sam wanted to speak to her father, so Sam quietly admitted that they had reason to believe that Luke might have been involved in Patrick's crash. Dante, Lulu, and Tracy were stunned, but Tracy was the first to recover by dismissing the possibility. Dante wanted to hear what Patrick and Sam had to say, but Tracy refused to listen because Luke would never intentionally endanger a child's life after Luke's role in Jake's tragic death.

Sam assured Tracy that they wouldn't make such a serious accusation simply because of a random theory, so Tracy demanded to know the source of Patrick and Sam's information against Luke. Tracy insisted that Patrick and Sam's information was not credible when Patrick revealed that their source was Spencer. Lulu agreed that Spencer was not reliable, but Sam explained that Luke had made a threat to Spencer then later had confirmed to Spencer that Luke had arranged for Patrick's accident. Sam conceded that Spencer had a vivid imagination, but she insisted that he had been genuinely terrified of Luke.

Dante was curious who Patrick and Sam suspected Luke had met with to plot against Sonny, so Sam reluctantly admitted that she feared that it might have been her father, Julian. Dante, Lulu, and Tracy immediately tensed because Tracy recalled that Luke had met with Julian in Wyndemere's stables. Dante added that Luke was also under investigation about an unrelated case, so Patrick begged Dante to share whatever information Dante could. Dante revealed that an undercover police officer had identified Luke's voice during a phone call with a known Jerome associate.

Patrick and Sam wondered what to do next, so Dante admitted that a plan was already in motion because Tracy had reached out to Luke. Moments later, Tracy's cell phone alerted her that she had received a new text message. It was from Luke revealing that he was in Amsterdam and wanted to meet with her. Patrick and Sam realized that they were headed on a road trip to get some answers.

Near the nurses' station, Franco confided to Nina about his plans for Carly. He bragged that he had arranged to have a front row seat to everything Carly would say and do until the wedding, so Nina was curious how Franco intended to accomplish that. Franco proudly held up his cell phone as he explained that he had an application on his cell phone that had been connected to a spy camera in a necklace that Franco had given to Carly earlier that morning. Franco revealed that clicking on the icon would enable him to see and hear everything that Carly said and did.

Nina snatched the phone out of Franco's hand to examine the phone, but Franco quickly took the phone away from her before she clicked on the icon. Nina was surprised that Franco would spy on his new fiancée, but Franco preferred to think of it as being proactive because he needed to make certain that Carly was truly over Sonny. Nina was curious what Franco would do if he learned that Carly had told the truth about being through with Sonny, so Franco smiled as he confessed that he would marry Carly.

Nina wondered what would happen if Franco found out that Carly and Sonny weren't over. Franco revealed that he had information on both Sonny and Carly that would ruin both of their lives, which he would use if he had to. Franco admitted that he hoped that it wouldn't get to that, but there was only one way for him to find out. Franco clicked on the icon to open the application, which immediately showed him a live image of Sonny standing in Carly's living room. Franco and Nina watched as Carly ordered Sonny to leave.

Instead, Sonny asked Carly for a kiss goodbye. Carly hesitated until Sonny's phone suddenly rang. Nina grabbed Franco's phone away from Franco as she turned off the feed then dropped the phone down the front of her shirt. She reminded Franco that Carly had told Sonny to leave, but Franco wasn't satisfied because it wasn't sufficient proof that Carly wouldn't betray him with Sonny. As a friend, Nina warned Franco that he had to stop before things went past the point of no return.

Nina knew that Franco loved Carly and wanted to start a life with her, so Nina asked if he would rather trust Carly. "Yes," Franco answered as he deftly fished his phone from the front of Nina's top then clicked on the spy icon. Franco became concerned when he saw an image of Sonny hugging Michael.

At Carly's residence, Sonny and Carly discussed the situation with Ava. Carly warned Sonny that Ava was dangerous, so he assured Carly that he was determined to neutralize Ava to make certain that Ava did not spill any secrets. Sonny vowed that no one would know that he had killed A.J. Carly agreed that Ava needed to be dealt with because Ava could easily reveal Carly's role in the cover-up of A.J.'s murder. Sonny assured Carly that Ava would soon be back under his control, so all that was left was for them to wait for Shawn's phone call.

Sonny switched gears by asking if Carly still had the coffeemaker that he had given her. Carly tensed when Sonny began to reminisce about how he would wake Carly up in the mornings to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. Carly decided that it was time for Sonny to leave, but Sonny refused because he wanted to discuss Carly's marriage to Franco. Sonny couldn't believe that Carly would marry Franco after what Franco had put both Michael and Jason through, but Carly defended Franco by reminding Sonny that Franco had been driven to do horrible things because of a brain tumor.

Sonny dismissed the brain tumor excuse because Franco had nearly told Michael the truth about A.J.'s death because Franco had been jealous. Carly argued that it had been a moment of weakness, but Sonny shifted gears to point out that Franco hadn't even cared enough about Carly to buy her an engagement ring. Carly stubbornly countered that Franco had bought her a necklace. Sonny glared at the hideous thing as Carly explained that it was an evil eye intended to protect her, but Sonny argued that the necklace was ineffective because Franco was still around.

Carly insisted that she intended to marry Franco, so Sonny asked for a kiss goodbye. However, Shawn called to let Sonny know that Sonny was needed at Michael's place immediately because there had been an incident that required Sonny's attention.

At Michael's apartment, Kobe threateningly pointed a gun at Michael as Rosalie cowered behind Michael. Michael insisted that he deserved to know who had given the order to kill Michael, so Kobe agreed to reveal the identity of the man. However, Shawn suddenly burst through the door before Kobe could name his boss. In the confusion, Rosalie dashed for safety as Kobe grabbed Michael then pressed a gun to Michael's side. Shawn aimed his gun at Kobe as he ordered Kobe to release Michael.

Kobe refused to comply, but Kobe was curious how Shawn had ended up at Michael's apartment. Kobe suspected that Shawn had been tipped off to the hit, but Shawn refused to confirm Kobe's suspicions. Kobe was certain that he knew who had given Kobe up, but Shawn shifted gears to warn Kobe that Kobe would not leave the apartment alive if anything happened to Michael. Michael gave his word to Kobe that Kobe could leave unharmed if Kobe cooperated, but Kobe was determined to carry out his orders.

Kobe reminded Shawn that they were both mercenaries, so he suggested that Shawn walk away to allow Kobe to finish the job. Shawn tried to compromise by suggesting that Kobe allow Rosalie to leave, but Kobe refused. Terrified, Rosalie suddenly sprinted for the door. The distraction allowed Michael to grab for Kobe's gun. Shawn pulled Rosalie down behind the sofa then tried to take aim at Kobe, but Michael and Kobe's struggle prevented Shawn from getting a clear shot.

Seconds later, a shot rang out as Michael's eyes rounded with surprise. Kobe appeared equally startled as he slowly fell to the ground. Shawn rushed over to check Kobe's pulse then confirmed that the assassin was dead. Rosalie became hysterical, so Michael quickly gathered her in his arms to try to comfort her. Rosalie assured Michael that Michael had shot in self-defense, but she seemed terrified of having to testify in court. Michael assured Rosalie that it wouldn't be necessary because Michael would fix everything.

Michael instructed Shawn to call Sonny then grabbed a beer from the refrigerator to offer to Rosalie to calm her nerves. He apologized that he didn't have anything stronger on hand, but Rosalie didn't mind. Michael thanked Rosalie for saving his life by distracting Kobe, but she was curious if things like that were common occurrences in Michael's life. Michael confessed that it hadn't happened to him in a long time, so Rosalie chuckled nervously as she confessed that she had thought that Morgan had been the "exciting" one in the family.

A short time later, Sonny and Carly arrived. Shawn quickly filled Michael's parents in about what had transpired in the apartment, so Michael credited Shawn with saving Michael and Rosalie's lives. Carly became upset when she realized that her son had killed a man, but Rosalie insisted that it had been in self-defense. Sonny ordered Shawn to find out who Kobe had worked for, so Michael revealed that Kobe had been about to name the man before Shawn had arrived.

Later, Sonny's men removed Kobe's body from the apartment. Sonny pointedly informed Rosalie that he didn't want the police involved, so he told her that nothing had happened in the apartment. After Rosalie readily agreed, Sonny instructed Shawn to take Rosalie home. Michael assured Rosalie that everything would be okay.

After Shawn and Rosalie left, Carly blasted Sonny for once again exposing their sons to mob violence. Michael tried to calm his mother down, but she was furious that Sonny's lifestyle had endangered Michael. Carly hugged her son then released him, so Sonny could embrace Michael next. Sonny vowed that he would not let anything happen to Michael.

At the brownstone, Ava confessed to Kiki and Morgan that Ava had witnessed Sonny kill A.J. Morgan immediately denied it, but Ava assured Morgan that it was true. Kiki argued Carlos had confessed to the crime then added that Ava was able to lie quite easily. Kiki was curious why Carlos would admit to a crime he hadn't committed, so Ava carefully explained that she had given Carlos the proper incentive to cooperate. Kiki wasn't satisfied with Ava's answer because she wanted details. Ava reminded Kiki that loyalty meant everything in Ava's line of work, so Carlos had taken "one for the team."

Kiki remained skeptical, so Morgan demanded to know how Ava knew that Sonny had been responsible for A.J.'s death. Ava revealed that she had witnessed the shooting firsthand, but Kiki argued that Ava had claimed to have been in New York City with Delia during the time of the shooting. Ava confessed that she had lied because she had returned just prior to the shooting. According to Ava, A.J. had pushed Sonny until Sonny had snapped, but Morgan argued that Sonny had promised Michael to leave A.J. alone.

Ava continued to spin her tale of half-truths, careful to paint herself as an innocent bystander, but Kiki questioned her mother's story because she was curious why Sonny hadn't killed Ava right after shooting A.J. Ava claimed that she had proven her loyalty to Sonny, but it had only been a temporary measure because Sonny intended to kill Ava after the baby was born to make certain that there weren't any witnesses that could point to Sonny as A.J.'s killer. Morgan suddenly recalled his conversation with Sonny at the hospital when Sonny had revealed that Ava had goaded Sonny into doing something that Ava had held over Sonny's head.

Morgan realized that Ava had told the truth about Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder, so he assured Kiki that Ava wasn't lying. Ava confessed that there was one more thing Morgan and Kiki should know; A.J. had made a deathbed confession to Carly about Sonny pulling the trigger. Morgan was shocked as Ava explained that Carly had decided to keep the truth from Michael out of fear that it would tear Michael apart. Outraged, Kiki insisted that Michael had a right to know the truth about how A.J. had died.

Morgan agreed with Kiki in principal but added that Michael had been through enough. Morgan feared that it would irrevocably damage Michael's relationship with Sonny and Carly if Michael were to learn the truth about Sonny's role in A.J.'s death, so Morgan insisted that it was best for Michael not to know.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In Julian's apartment, Julian spoke to his sister on the phone. He was relieved that Ava was safe, but he decided that it would be best for him not to know where she was because their boss was not pleased with her. Julian confided that their boss had tried to have Michael killed the previous evening then quickly ended the call to join Alexis in bed before Alexis overheard him talking. Julian kissed Alexis awake then made love to her.

Later, Julian asked where Alexis' cell phone was because he expected her to call Ned to make it clear that Alexis and Julian were back together. Alexis smiled as she informed Julian that she would not humor his male pride by making the phone call, but she was eager to call Sam to let their daughter know that Alexis had failed to find out anything useful about Luke. Alexis also decided to check in with Molly. After Alexis slipped out of bed, pulled on Julian's robe, and walked to the living room, Julian called out for her to make some coffee.

Alexis jumped with fright when she entered the living room and heard Sonny quietly ask what she was looking for. "If it's your dignity, you lost that when you crawled back into bed with Julian," Sonny added as he casually reclined in a chair. Furious, Alexis demanded to know how Sonny had gotten into the apartment, but Sonny thought it was obvious. Alexis ordered Sonny to leave as Julian strolled in suggesting that he and Alexis order breakfast. Julian tensed when he saw Sonny, but Sonny cut to the chase by demanding to know what Julian knew about the attack on Michael.

Julian asked Alexis to wait in the bedroom, but Alexis refused to budge until she heard Julian's answer. Moments later, Shawn slipped into the apartment to report that the rest of the guards had been "disposed" of. Alexis was livid, but Sonny invited Julian to tell Alexis why Julian had recently paid Sonny a visit and then explain the threats that Julian had made against Sonny's family. Julian conceded that he had threatened Sonny but only because Sonny had tried to kidnap Ava. Sonny accused Julian of targeting Michael in retaliation for Ava's disappearance, but Julian denied the allegation.

Julian reminded Alexis that Julian knew firsthand what it had been like to watch his son shot and then to sit at Lucas' bedside, holding his son's hand while praying for Lucas to live. Julian insisted that he would never put another father through that, but Sonny scoffed because Sonny was certain that Julian had been behind the attempt on Michael's life. Julian challenged Sonny to provide proof of the allegations. Alexis smirked because she knew that Sonny didn't have anything to definitively point to Julian's guilt because Sonny would have already killed Julian if there had been even a shred of evidence.

Alexis angrily invited Sonny to kill Julian -- the only hope for Danny's survival if her grandson should get sick with cancer again. Sonny resented Julian hiding behind Danny, so he vowed to find another donor match for Danny. As Sonny marched to the door, he stopped to inform Alexis that she was fired, and he left. Afterwards, Alexis warned Julian that he had better not be lying to her, or their relationship would be finished.

At Michael's apartment, Kiki was not pleased when a guard stopped her in the hallway. Michael appeared in the doorway, wearing pajama bottoms as he assured the guard that Kiki would always be welcomed. The guard quietly apologized and addressed Kiki with respect as he ushered Kiki inside. Kiki waited until Michael closed the door then demanded to know what was going on. Michael tried to change the subject by offering Kiki breakfast, but Kiki wanted an answer. She suspected that it had something to do with why Michael had told her to spend the night at the brownstone rather than meeting him at the apartment as they had planned.

Before Michael could reply, Kiki noticed what appeared to be a drop of blood on the floor. Michael was forced to tell Kiki about the incident with Kobe but quickly added that Shawn had saved the day. Kiki was horrified that Sonny's lifestyle had once again endangered Michael, but Michael reminded Kiki that she had known what line of work his father had been in from the beginning. Michael assured Kiki that everything had worked out, but his father had decided to get rid of the body because of Michael's past history. Kiki remained uneasy because it wasn't normal for people to constantly be in a position to kill someone to defend themselves.

Kiki continued to blame Sonny for Michael's near brush with death, so Michael became concerned because he couldn't understand Kiki's sudden hostility toward Sonny. Kiki recalled her conversation with Morgan when Morgan had pointed out that it would destroy Michael if Michael ever found out that Sonny had killed A.J. and that Carly had known. Kiki guilty pushed the memory away as she explained that it bothered her that Michael had to pay for the consequences of being close to Sonny. Michael assured Kiki that everything had worked out, but she stiffened when he mentioned that Rosalie had been present during the shooting.

Michael explained that Rosalie had stopped by to apologize for the misunderstanding about Kiki and Morgan keeping something from Michael, but Kiki was not pleased. Michael pointed out that it wasn't as if Kiki and Morgan were actually keeping something from Michael that could hurt him, so there was no harm or foul.

At the brownstone, Morgan groaned with annoyance when the doorbell rang. He reminded Ava to remain out of sight as he set a breakfast tray down then answered the door. Morgan's mood didn't improve when he saw Maxie standing on his doorstep. Morgan ordered her to leave, but Maxie pushed her way in as she explained that she desperately needed to talk to him. She assured him that she didn't intend to claim squatter's rights again then launched into an explanation about Levi's deceptions. Maxie apologized for her role in the trouble that she had caused Morgan, Michael, and Kiki, so Morgan quickly accepted the apology and tried to get Maxie to leave.

Maxie's eyes landed on the breakfast tray. She noticed the gourmet muffin and flower, so she asked if he was entertaining someone special. Morgan claimed that the breakfast was for Kiki, prompting Maxie to wonder if Morgan and Kiki were back together. Morgan insisted that he and Kiki were just friends, so Maxie grabbed the muffin and took a big bite. Morgan was shocked as he watched Maxie moan with joy because of the delicious bite, so Maxie confessed that her vegan days were in the past.

Morgan tried to hustle Maxie out the door, but she began to ramble about needing Morgan's help then blurted out a question about whether Morgan thought she should go out with Nathan. Confused, Morgan asked what Maxie was talking about, so she revealed that she could no longer trust her own judgment regarding men, but she had agreed to meet Nathan for dinner. Maxie conceded that kissing Nathan had been wonderful, but she feared that she might have acted on the rebound. Morgan was curious why Maxie had turned to Morgan for advice, so Maxie pointed out that everyone agreed that Morgan had a "big" heart.

Morgan was flattered by the compliment but reluctant to offer Maxie advice. However, she refused to leave without an answer. Morgan suggested that Maxie listen to her heart but take things slowly because rushing into things hadn't helped him with Ava. Maxie realized that perhaps she shouldn't go out with Nathan, but Morgan clarified that he had not said that. Morgan insisted that closing herself off from love wasn't the answer because the worst days of being in love were far better than the best days of not being in love. Morgan urged Maxie not to look to others for answers because she needed to look within herself to determine what was right for her.

In Anna's office, Anna wiped away a stray tear as she spoke to Robin on the phone. Nathan entered Anna's office as Anna assured Robin that Anna understood Robin's decision to take some time for herself but Anna desperately tried to get Robin to return to Port Charles.

Nathan busied himself by typing a text message to Maxie, asking her if their evening dinner plans were still on. He sent the message as Anna wrapped up the phone call with Robin then asked what she could do for Nathan. Nathan was curious if Liesl remained in lockup and if charges had been filed against his mother. Anna confirmed that Liesl was behind bars, but Anna became evasive about whether or not criminal charges would be filed against Nathan's mother. Nathan urged Anna to make a decision because Britt was eager to notify the press that Liesl's rights had been violated.

Anna became defensive, but Nathan assured Anna that he was only trying to protect Anna and the police department from bad press. Anna relaxed because she believed Nathan and appreciated his support. Nathan confessed that he just wanted to put everything that had transpired at the Crichton-Clark Clinic behind him but he had a feeling that his mother might have done something at the clinic that had warranted Anna's decision to put Liesl behind bars. Anna started to broach the subject of Victor but was waylaid by a call notifying her that she had a visitor.

Moments later, Jordan entered the office. Jordan appreciated that Nathan was aware of her undercover work, so she spoke frankly by informing Anna that Ava had been driving the SUV that had struck the pedestrian. Anna was alarmed that Jordan had been making a habit of taking responsibility for the crimes that the Jerome siblings had committed, but Jordan insisted that it had been necessary to keep her investigation from collapsing. Jordan also confided that the crash had been a genuine accident because Ava had been fleeing for her life from Sonny's men, who had been sent to kidnap Ava with the intention of executing Ava.

Surprised, Anna was curious how Jordan could be certain that Sonny had been responsible for the abduction attempt, so Jordan revealed that she had been present when the men had tried to take Ava. Anna remained doubtful of Sonny's guilt until Jordan was forced to reveal that Shawn had been in charge of the kidnapping. Anna was pleased because she realized that they were not only building a strong case against the Jeromes, but Sonny's criminal organization as well. Jordan tensed as she asked for a private word with Anna.

After Nathan left, Jordan explained that she couldn't testify against Shawn. Anna assumed that it was because Jordan was intimately connected to Shawn through T.J., but Jordan surprised Anna by revealing that Jordan and Shawn were lovers. Jordan realized that it had complicated her investigation, but she confessed that it was too late to end things with Shawn because Jordan had feelings for him. Disappointed, Anna warned Jordan that if Jordan didn't pull out then things would only get worse and that both Jordan and Shawn might pay the price.

Meanwhile, Nathan smiled when he saw Maxie walk up as he exited Anna's office. He was curious if they still had plans for later that evening because he hadn't received a response to his earlier text message. Maxie confessed that she had wanted to give Nathan an answer in person.

Outside of the Jerome apartment, Sonny informed Shawn that it was time to have a chat with Jordan, so he instructed Shawn to collect Jordan.

At the hospital, Sam and Patrick discussed what their next move would be to find out if Luke had been responsible for Rafe forcing Patrick's car off the road. Sam decided it could wait until after Danny's checkup, but Patrick assured Sam that it wasn't necessary for her to go to Amsterdam with him. He admitted that it was too dangerous, but Sam reminded Patrick that she had once been one of the "bad guys" before she had made a conscious decision "not to be." Sam promised Patrick that he didn't have to worry about her.

Meanwhile, Silas approached the nurses' station and saw Sam and Patrick together. Patrick confessed that he didn't want to take any risks with Sam's life, but Sam argued that it was worth it because both Gabriel and Rafe deserved answers. Silas picked that moment to make his presence known by greeting Sam and Patrick then offering Danny a lollipop. Silas invited Patrick to join them for Danny's checkup, but Patrick declined because Patrick had stopped by the hospital to check on the status of Patrick's bid for reinstatement.

Sam and Danny followed Silas to an examination room. Silas was curious why Sam had rescheduled Danny's appointment, so she confessed that it had been necessary because she had a trip planned with Patrick. Silas carefully asked if Sam and Patrick were a couple, so she explained that she and Patrick had been working closely together, investigating the crash, but they were just friends. However, she conceded that the trip was to follow up on a lead that might identify who had arranged for Rafe to drive Patrick's car off the road.

Silas was curious who the person was, but Sam was reluctant to tell Silas until she had more information because she didn't want to taint anyone's reputation. Silas was disappointed because it was clear that Sam had trusted Patrick with the information. Silas immediately apologized then began to examine Danny. After taking some blood samples, Silas assured Sam that it appeared that Danny remained in remission. Silas promised to call to confirm the test results when they were back, so Sam agreed to let Silas know what she learned during her trip. Silas asked her to be careful.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth entered the hospital room of the mystery patient dubbed "John Doe," unaware that it was Jason. Jason's face was completely bandaged as Elizabeth asked Epiphany for an update. Epiphany noticed that Elizabeth couldn't seem to stay away from the patient, so she wondered if there was a connection between Elizabeth and the man that Epiphany was unaware of. Elizabeth admitted that she couldn't quite explain it, but she had promised the patient that she would be there for him when he woke up.

Epiphany warned Elizabeth that it might take awhile because the patient had undergone thirty-six hours of surgery, fusing bones, knitting together internal organs, and reconstructing what was left of the man's face. Epiphany doubted even the man's relatives would recognize him if they saw him. Elizabeth was concerned about possible head injuries, so Epiphany revealed that the man had not yet been seen by a neurologist because they had been shorthanded since Liesl had fired Patrick.

Later, Elizabeth approached Patrick to ask for a favor. She explained that she needed his help with a patient, but Patrick reminded her that he wasn't on staff. Elizabeth insisted that she just needed assurance that the patient hadn't suffered any significant head injuries that might require immediate attention, but Patrick remained reluctant to help because Liesl would object. Elizabeth revealed that Anna had arrested Liesl, so Patrick would be able to review the patient's records without Liesl being the wiser.

A short time later, Elizabeth and Patrick returned to Jason's hospital room. Epiphany was pleased when she saw Patrick, so she agreed to turn a blind eye while Patrick reviewed the patient's records. After Epiphany left, Elizabeth pulled up the mystery patient's files on the computer. Patrick was surprised when he noticed that there had been significant scar tissue on the patient's brain, indicating prior brain surgeries. Elizabeth worried that there might be an ongoing neurological problem, but Patrick assured her that everything appeared to be fine. However, they wouldn't know for certain until the patient woke up.

Meanwhile, Sam approached Epiphany to ask if Epiphany knew where Patrick was. Epiphany pointed Sam to the mystery man's hospital room. Moments later, Sam bumped into Elizabeth. Elizabeth revealed that Patrick had left a few minutes earlier. Danny broke away from his mother's firm grasp then ran into the patient's hospital room, unaware that the bandaged man was Jason. Sam followed but stopped short in the doorway when she noticed the condition of the patient.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

At Michael's apartment, Michael wrapped up a business call as his father entered the apartment. Michael greeted Sonny but explained that he didn't have time to chat because Michael had to get to work. Sonny informed Michael that going to work was not an option because another assassin might make an attempt on Michael's life again. Michael trusted Sonny to keep Michael safe because Sonny had "the National Guard of the underworld" staked out around Michael's apartment building and watching over Michael. Sonny also had a security team in place at ELQ, but Sonny insisted that it was necessary for Michael to go into hiding until the threat had been eliminated.

Moments later, Carly arrived, so Michael appealed to his mother to reason with Sonny. Carly surprised Michael by siding with Sonny because she agreed that it was too dangerous for Michael to remain in town. Michael immediately suspected that his parents had been in cahoots from the beginning, but Carly denied it. Michael argued that he couldn't leave town because he had a job at ELQ. Michael explained that being CEO of ELQ was important to him because it was a way for him to honor A.J.'s dream.

Carly argued that Ned could run the company during Michael's absence, so Sonny added that Michael could work remotely from Sonny's island because Sonny had a satellite link that would provide Michael with access to ELQ. Michael reminded his parents that there was Kiki to consider, so they agreed that Kiki should join Michael on the island. Michael conceded that his parents were right to be concerned so he agreed to take a trip to the island, but he made it clear that he intended to set some boundaries for his parents.

After Michael packed a few belongings, he grumbled about returning to the island where he had spent nearly half his childhood. Sonny informed Michael that a car was waiting to take Michael to the brownstone to fetch Kiki then would continue to the airport. After Michael bade farewell to his parents and left, Carly thanked Sonny for safeguarding Michael. However, she admitted that she had something to tell Sonny. Sonny hoped it was an announcement that she had decided to call off her engagement to Franco because she had realized that she and Sonny belonged together.

At the brownstone, Kiki called out for Morgan when she arrived home. Morgan entered the living room to report that Ava was enjoying breakfast and staying out of sight to avoid unexpected visitors. Kiki frowned because she thought that it was a bit late for breakfast, so Morgan told Kiki about Maxie's visit and refusal to leave without romantic guidance from Morgan. Morgan conceded that he was the last person who should give anyone advice, but Kiki was curious what Morgan had told Maxie. Morgan explained that he had urged Maxie to follow her heart.

Morgan pointed out that the bright side of Maxie's visit was that Maxie had apologized for causing Morgan, Kiki, and Michael trouble during the sit-in. Morgan shifted gears to acknowledge that he had put Kiki in a difficult position by asking her not to tell Michael the truth about Sonny shooting A.J. and about Carly covering up Sonny's role in A.J.'s death. He then carefully asked how Kiki's visit with Michael had been earlier that morning. Morgan was shocked when Kiki revealed that an assassin had made an attempt on Michael's life, but Michael had managed to kill the man, which Sonny had later covered up because of everything that had happened with Claudia.

Morgan was relieved that Michael hadn't been harmed, but he was surprised when Kiki mentioned that Rosalie had been present during the incident. Morgan admitted that he had not been happy with Rosalie since she had told Nina about Sonny and Carly's night together, but he was curious why Rosalie had been at the apartment. Kiki explained that Rosalie had wanted to apologize to Michael for causing problems by revealing that Morgan and Kiki had been keeping a secret from Michael. Kiki didn't bother to hide her skepticism, but Morgan was more concerned about Michael finding out that Sonny had killed A.J.

Kiki bristled because she resented being put in a position of having to lie to her boyfriend about everything including Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder. Morgan insisted that it was necessary because Michael was able to deal with the hardships in Michael's life like killing an intruder because of the trust that Michael had in both Sonny and Carly. Kiki admitted that she also didn't like having to keep the truth about Ava hiding out in the brownstone because Michael had a right to know, since Michael owned the building.

Morgan reminded Kiki that it was necessary, but Kiki was not pleased. Morgan worried that Kiki might spill their secrets to Michael, so he begged Kiki to reconsider because it would destroy Michael. Kiki didn't appear convinced, so Morgan tried a different tactic by confessing that he didn't want to risk losing his brother after he and Michael had finally gotten their relationship back on track. Morgan warned Kiki that the truth would cause too much damage, so he implored her to stay quiet. Moments later, Michael entered the brownstone.

At the police station, Nathan and Maxie entered Anna's office to speak privately. Nathan was eager to know if Maxie still intended to have dinner with him, but Maxie braced herself then launched into a long-winded answer by confessing that she thought about Nathan constantly, especially the little things like how wonderful the shower smelled after he used his soap and how he always offered to make her his special coffee. However, she explained that she couldn't go out to dinner with Nathan. Nathan offered to reschedule their date, but Maxie declined. Hurt, Nathan was curious why Maxie had changed her mind about having dinner with him, so she revealed that she'd had a chat with Morgan when she had stopped by the brownstone to apologize for her actions on the Fourth of July.

Nathan smiled as he and Maxie briefly reminisced about the romantic night when they had ended up handcuffed to each other, but Maxie remained adamant that she couldn't go out with Nathan because she didn't really know him any better than she had known Levi. Stunned, Nathan reminded Maxie that they had lived together for months, but Maxie pointed out that his name wasn't even really Nathan West; it was James Reeves. Maxie reminded Nathan that he had arrived in town under false pretenses and that he had recently learned that his parents were Liesl Obrecht and Victor Cassadine, but Nathan argued that he wasn't trying to deceive her about anything because she knew all of his secrets.

Nathan insisted that despite all the recent revelations about his personal life, he was still the same person inside. Maxie argued that she didn't know the little things about his life, so he promised to answer any questions that she might have over dinner. He confessed that he was eager to get to know more about Maxie too, but Maxie insisted that she needed to be alone for a while.

Nathan offered a compromise. He admitted that he had been excited about his date with Maxie, so he had made reservations for dinner at the Metro Court Restaurant for later that evening. Nathan promised to go to the restaurant, so if Maxie wanted to join him, then he would be waiting.

At the loft, Dante revealed that Tracy was headed to Amsterdam to meet with Luke and that Patrick had sent a text message to let Dante know that Patrick and Sam would be on hand when everything went down. Lulu gazed at Rocco asleep in the crib as she confessed that she couldn't believe that her father would target Patrick's daughter or plot against Sonny. She appreciated that Luke was far from perfect because he had missed large chunks of Lulu's childhood, but Luke had always been there for Lulu when she had needed her father.

Lulu reminded Dante that Luke had supported her decision to have an abortion when the Quartermaines had tried to stop her from terminating her pregnancy and that Luke had saved the day when Jerry Jacks had taken everyone hostage at Metro Court. Lulu refused to take the word of a child and a series of coincidences as proof of her father's guilt because it was impossible for her to accept that her father would traffic drugs. Dante gently reminded Lulu that even she had to admit that Luke had been a changed man since returning from Miscavige.

Dante explained that it was imperative to find out what was going on with Luke, but Lulu confessed that she didn't want to go to Amsterdam. Dante was surprised until Lulu explained that she had always hated being left in her grandmother's care as a child when Luke had taken off on an adventure. She assured her husband that she had loved her grandmother, but she had missed Luke deeply. Lulu didn't want Rocco to go through the same thing. She also didn't want to lose more time with their son than she already had.

Lulu appreciated that Dante needed to take the trip because it was his job, but Dante confessed that he hated the idea of leaving Lulu and Rocco. Lulu was startled when Dante announced that he would skip the trip, as well, because he could depend on Sam to stay on top of things. Delighted, Lulu hugged her husband. Later, Dante and Lulu beamed as they watched their son sleep.

At the hospital, Sam followed Danny into a patient's hospital room but stopped short when she saw her son holding the man's hand. Jason's face was heavily bandaged, so Sam didn't recognize her husband as she quietly called for her son to let go of the man's hand. Danny flatly refused. Sam knelt down to softly asked why her son wouldn't let go of the man's hand.

Moments later, Elizabeth entered the hospital room. Sam explained the situation with Danny, so Elizabeth pulled a lollipop out of her purse and offered it to Danny. Danny quickly let go of his father's hand as Elizabeth gave Danny the treat then set Danny down on a nearby chair. Sam smiled as she gave Elizabeth two thumbs-up for getting Danny to cooperate without Danny throwing a tantrum.

Sam and Elizabeth's conversation then drifted to the patient because Sam thought that Danny's reaction to the man had been odd. Elizabeth confessed that she had felt a similar need to stick close to the mystery patient since he had arrived at the hospital. Sam attributed it to Elizabeth being a caring nurse, but Elizabeth admitted that it went beyond that because something about the man was different. Sam was curious if Elizabeth knew who the patient was, so Elizabeth shook her head as she explained that he was known as "John Doe" because he had arrived without any form of identification.

According to Elizabeth, no one fitting the patient's description had been reported missing, but due to the extensive facial injuries, they hadn't been able to provide a picture to the public. Elizabeth hoped that once the bandages were removed, the patient would be recognizable enough that someone would be able to identify him. Sam gently held the patient's hand as she asked if the man would wake up. Elizabeth confessed that she hoped he would. Sam was certain that there had to be someone out there who loved and missed him.

Sam quietly told the patient that he was in good hands with Elizabeth because Elizabeth was one of the best nurses on staff. Sam hoped the patient improved quickly but she became worried when the alarms on his monitors suddenly went off. Elizabeth quickly checked then assured Sam that it wasn't anything to be worried about. Elizabeth explained that the patient was under heavy sedation, but it appeared that he was fighting to wake up, which was a good sign.

Elizabeth decided to fetch a doctor, so Sam announced that she had to leave to meet Patrick. Elizabeth seized the opportunity to ask about Sam and Patrick's relationship. Sam assured Elizabeth that Sam and Patrick were just friends, but Elizabeth revealed that she had the impression that Patrick wanted more. The alarms on Jason's machines grew louder, so Elizabeth quickly ducked out of the room.

Sam picked up Danny then told her son to say goodbye to the mystery man. Danny did as asked then added that he hoped that the man got better.

Near the nurses' station, Sabrina called out when she saw Patrick. She hoped that his presence at the hospital meant that he had been rehired, but Patrick explained that his appeal was moving slowly. However, he admitted that he was at the hospital to help Sam wrangle a rambunctious Danny, so Patrick had been about to track Sam down in the ICU. Sabrina became concerned about Danny, but Patrick quickly clarified that Sam had gone looking for Patrick in the ICU because he had checked on a patient as a favor to Elizabeth.

Sabrina smiled with understanding when Patrick added that the man had suffered a "cerebral edema" after being struck by a car. Sabrina was curious about the patient's prognosis, but Patrick revealed that only time would tell. However, Patrick had noticed that the patient had undergone brain surgery in the past.

Sabrina changed the subject by asking if there had been any news about the crash that had claimed their son's life. Patrick conceded that he and Sam had a new lead, but he was reluctant to elaborate until he had more information because he didn't want to wrongly accuse anyone. Sabrina insisted that she had a right to know what was going on, so Patrick revealed that Luke Spencer might have arranged for Rafe to force Patrick's car off the road. Stunned, Sabrina was curious why Patrick suspected Luke, so Patrick told her about Spencer's accusations.

Sabrina quickly dismissed Spencer's claims, but Patrick admitted that parts of Spencer's story had already checked out. Sabrina was certain that Spencer was wrong because she insisted that their son, not Emma, had been the target. Patrick found the remark odd, so he asked if Sabrina had a theory that she would like to share. Sabrina was spared from having to answer when Sam and Danny walked up. After everyone exchanged greetings, Patrick told Sam that Sabrina might have a theory about the accident, but Sabrina assured Patrick that he and Sam were doing a great job investigating the crash.

Later, Patrick held Danny in his arms as Patrick and Sam entered the elevator. Sam told Patrick about Danny wandering into a patient's room. Patrick quickly realized that it had been the mystery patient's room, but Patrick was surprised that Danny hadn't been frightened by seeing the patient because of the man's extensive injuries and bandages.

Meanwhile, a doctor confirmed to Elizabeth that the mystery patient appeared to be fighting to wake up despite the heavy sedation. The doctor decided to ease up on the sedation, but Elizabeth worried that the patient might be in pain. The doctor instructed Elizabeth to keep a close eye on the patient and let the doctor know if the man needed anything. After the doctor left, Elizabeth sat down then quietly told her patient that he might wake up soon. She hoped that it meant that they would soon be able to find out who he really was.

Friday, October 3, 2014

At the police station, Nathan dropped off some files on Anna's desk, but his thoughts were on Maxie when she had told him that she wouldn't meet him for dinner later that evening. Nathan glanced up when Dante entered the office, looking for Anna. Nathan explained that the police commissioner was in a meeting, but he sensed that something was troubling Dante, so Nathan offered to help. Dante explained that he couldn't talk about it because he was working on something that was "off the books," but Nathan reminded Dante that Nathan and Dante had just been through an extraordinary ordeal at the clinic and were partners.

Dante conceded that Nathan had a point, so he told Nathan that Luke Spencer might be the head of the Jerome crime organization. Dante explained that Tracy had arranged to meet with Luke in Amsterdam, but Dante had decided to forgo the trip because Dante had been reluctant to leave Lulu and Rocco behind after recent events. Nathan didn't blame Dante, so he offered to go in Dante's place. Dante assured Nathan that it wasn't necessary because Patrick and Sam were on the case and could be trusted to give Dante a full report of the meeting. Nathan continued to push to go to the meeting, prompting Dante to question what Nathan was running from.

Nathan tried to deny that he was avoiding anything, but Dante easily saw through the lie. Resigned, Nathan filled Dante in about Nathan and Maxie's kiss at the clinic and Maxie's decision not to meet Nathan for dinner later that evening. Nathan admitted that he had promised to wait for Maxie at the restaurant, anyway, but Nathan suspected that Maxie's mind had been made up. Dante surprised Nathan by urging Nathan not to give up on Maxie because Maxie needed someone she could depend on and who would fight for her. Dante wished Nathan luck then left.

At the loft, Lulu studied a picture of her with her father as she confessed that she couldn't believe that Luke had caused Patrick's crash. Moments later, Maxie knocked on the door then happily greeted her friend when Lulu opened the door. However, Maxie became concerned when she noticed Lulu holding a picture of Luke, so Lulu confessed that she hadn't heard from Luke. Maxie was surprised, but Lulu defended her father by suggesting that perhaps Luke was still upset over his breakup with Tracy during their honeymoon.

Maxie conceded that there had been a lot of that going around lately then began to ramble about Levi. Maxie admitted that she was glad that Levi was dead, but he continued to ruin her life. Lulu had difficultly following the discussion until Maxie suddenly blurted out that she needed Lulu to assure Maxie that Maxie hadn't made the biggest mistake of her life. Lulu was surprised when Maxie told her about Maxie and Nathan's "amazing" kiss at the clinic then confessed that Maxie had decided not to meet Nathan for dinner later that evening.

Lulu warned Maxie that it was a mistake then reminded Maxie of the things that Maxie had said while they she and Maxie had been held hostage. Lulu insisted that Maxie had regretted not staying in Port Charles when Nathan had turned up on Maxie's doorstep on New Year's Eve. Maxie claimed that her comments had been "psychological warfare" to get under Levi's skin, but Lulu didn't believe Maxie so Maxie admitted that Nathan was a wonderful man. However, Maxie refused to make another mistake after everything that had happened with Levi.

Lulu appreciated that Maxie was afraid, but Lulu insisted that Maxie couldn't hide in a corner for the rest of her life. Maxie assured Lulu that she didn't intend to, but Maxie wasn't ready to date because Maxie needed time alone. Lulu suspected that Maxie's fears were guiding Maxie's decisions, so she urged Maxie to follow her heart and meet Nathan if that was what Maxie really wanted to do.

Several hours later, Dante arrived home. Lulu surprised him with a home-cooked dinner then asked about his day. He mentioned that he had talked to Nathan, so Lulu told Dante about Maxie's visit. Lulu hoped that Maxie decided to meet Nathan at the restaurant. Lulu thought Nathan and Maxie would be good together.

At Metro Court, Nathan waited for Maxie to arrive. As the minutes dragged by, the waiter asked if Nathan wanted to order a drink or dinner, but Nathan declined. Eventually, Nathan realized that Maxie wouldn't show, so he apologized for wasting the waiter's time, handed the man a tip for his trouble, and turned to leave. However, Nathan stopped short when the elevator doors opened and Maxie stepped out.

On the flight to Amsterdam, Sam stared out the window as Patrick tried to strike up a conversation with her. He asked if she was okay when she didn't answer, so Sam confessed that she had been thinking about Elizabeth's mystery patient because Danny's reaction to the severely injured man had been surprising. Patrick admitted that it had been odd that Danny hadn't been afraid of the man's extensive injuries, but Patrick suspected that Danny might have been sympathetic to the man's pain because Danny had spent a lot of time in the hospital during his young life.

Sam knew that Elizabeth had asked Patrick to look at the patient's scans, so Sam was curious what the man's prognosis was. Patrick revealed that they wouldn't know until the man woke up, but the scar tissue on the man's brain indicated that the man had undergone several brain surgeries in the past. "Just like Jason," Sam quietly murmured. Their conversation turned to Jason as Patrick admitted that Jason had been an extremely difficult patient because Jason had refused to follow orders because he'd pushed himself too fast and too hard.

Patrick and Sam's discussion then turned to their first impression of each other. Patrick revealed that he hadn't been able to understand how all the wonderful women in Port Charles had been drawn to and staunchly defended the mobsters. Sam chuckled then reminded Patrick that she hadn't exactly been an angel in those days. She also pointed out that Patrick hadn't had any room to talk because he had been a "womanizing, sexist pig with a God complex." Patrick couldn't disagree, but he reminded Sam that he had changed a lot since then, so Sam softly agreed.

After Patrick and Sam were served drinks, Sam suddenly recalled that she hadn't checked in with her mother to find out what Julian had said. Patrick reminded Sam that it wasn't necessary because they already had confirmation that Luke had met with Julian in the stables to plot Sonny's downfall. Sam agreed but she was concerned that Alexis might have succumbed to temptation because Alexis had a penchant for dangerous men, and Sam's father had a special hold over her mother. Patrick suggested that perhaps Alexis was at the office, filing his divorce papers.

Sam was surprised when Patrick revealed that he had spoken with Robin a few days earlier and that the divorce was imminent. Sam felt bad for Patrick, so he half-joked that Sam need not be concerned that he would suddenly lean down to kiss her because he appreciated that their trip was strictly business. Later, the flight attendant quietly let Patrick know that they were about to land, so Patrick gently woke Sam up as she leaned against him, sound asleep. Sam groggily sat up then looked out the window as Patrick assured her that they were about to get some answers.

At the hospital, Nina spotted Franco in the conference room, so she stopped to ask what he was doing. Franco studied his cell phone as he asked what it looked like. Nina entered the room then closed the door as she admitted that it appeared that he was spying on his girlfriend. Franco confirmed her suspicions by revealing that Sonny and Carly were together at Michael's apartment. Nina reminded Franco that Michael was Sonny and Carly's son, but Franco argued that Michael had left the apartment earlier. Nina listened as Franco continued to watch the live feed as Sonny asked Carly if she intended to announce that she had decided to call off her wedding to Franco to be with Sonny.

Carly accused Sonny of being a "son of a bitch" then blasted him for endangering their son, Michael. Franco was elated by Carly's anger, so Nina was curious if Franco was finally satisfied that Carly was both loyal and committed to Franco. Franco ignored the question as he continued to watch the feed, but Nina suddenly snatched the phone out of his hand then slipped it down the front of her shirt. Nina insisted that it was time for Franco to let it go because Carly had said everything that Franco had needed to hear. Franco wanted his phone back, but Nina refused to give it to him because she wanted Franco to stop obsessing over Sonny and Carly.

Franco reluctantly agreed to let it go, but Nina demanded that he prove it by leaving his phone at the nurses' station while Franco and Nina went to lunch at the Metro Court Restaurant. Nina was pleasantly surprised when Franco grudgingly agreed.

In Michael's apartment, Carly was furious that Sonny hadn't anticipated that someone would make a move against Michael. Sonny was surprised by Carly's hostility because her attitude had been different while Michael had been there. Carly explained that it had been necessary to show a united front for their son's sake, but she was livid that Sonny hadn't properly protected Michael. Carly confessed that the incident had been a perfect reminder of why marrying Franco was the right decision for her. Carly ordered Sonny to leave, but Sonny resented Carly putting all the blame on him.

Sonny reminded Carly that she had been the one to choose Sonny to raise Michael, knowing full well what Sonny's world had been like. He insisted that she should have let A.J. to raise Michael if Carly had been concerned about Sonny's lifestyle. Sonny insisted that he had done as Carly had asked by loving Michael as his own, which included everything that went with that. Carly argued that she had made it clear to Sonny that she had never wanted either of her sons to become targets because of their father.

Sonny accused Carly of trying to hide behind her anger to avoid facing her true feelings for him. Carly resented Sonny psychoanalyzing her, but Sonny reminded her that he was in the best position to know her because they shared two children together and had been married four times. He was certain that she had picked a fight with him to avoid admitting that she had been wrong about Franco. Carly was adamant that she was furious because Sonny had nearly gotten Michael killed. She tearfully added that she still had nightmares of Michael being shot in the head in Sonny's warehouse.

Sonny became choked up as he assured Carly that he also relived the horrific nightmare and that he would never forget what it had felt like to drop their son off at a long-term care facility following the near-fatal shooting. Sonny started to talk about how he and Carly had made love in the limousine ride during the ride back to town, but Carly insisted that she had been numb and vulnerable because she had left her heart behind at the facility with their son. Sonny was certain that Carly felt the strong connection between the two of them that always seemed to pull them together, but Carly warned him that their relationship would end in disaster.

"Maybe," Sonny conceded. "But it's going to be a beautiful one," Sonny whispered. Carly's defenses melted as she kissed Sonny. Moments later, Sonny and Carly fell to the sofa and made love. Later, Carly stared out the window as Sonny returned to the living room, wearing just a pair of pants. Carly was wrapped up in a blanket as he asked what she was thinking about. She confessed that she was filled with guilt because she had spent the afternoon having sex with Sonny in her son's apartment while her fiancé had been oblivious.

Meanwhile, Franco and Nina returned from their long lunch. Franco approached the nurses' station to ask for his cell phone, so a nurse named Nancy handed it to him. Nina went to the conference room to fetch her book as Franco followed behind to thank her for the sage advice she had given him about Carly. Franco decided to delete the spy application from him cell phone, but as he pressed the icon, the live feed turned on just as Carly made her shocking confession to Sonny.

In the Intensive Care Unit, Elizabeth assured her mystery patient that he would soon be awake. Jason remained still as she confessed that she hoped that he would be able to provide them with his name so they could notify his family. Elizabeth was surprised when she glanced up just as Monica entered the room. Monica was curious why Elizabeth was there on her day off, so Elizabeth revealed that she had promised the man that she would be there when he woke up.

Monica picked up the patient's chart then commented that it was a miracle that he had survived after thirty-six hours of surgery and extensive facial reconstruction. Monica explained that Dr. Franklin had asked Monica to check on the patient because of the man's spike in vital signs earlier, which Dr. Franklin hoped hadn't been the result of a heart problem.

After Monica finished examining Jason, unaware that it was her own son, Elizabeth asked what the man's prognosis was. Monica conceded that the tests and scans indicated that the man's heart seemed to be in good shape. "Wish I could say the same," Elizabeth quietly muttered but then quickly apologized for the remark. Monica assured Elizabeth that she cared about Elizabeth, so Monica was happy to listen if Elizabeth needed someone to talk to.

Elizabeth smiled gratefully as she confessed that she had been lost in the romance department for quite a while because Nikolas and Elizabeth had finally decided to let go of their romance, and both Ric and A.J. were gone. Elizabeth gently asked how Monica had been dealing with A.J.'s loss, so Monica admitted that it had been difficult because she had kept A.J.'s survival a secret for so long, only to lose him shortly after he returned home. Elizabeth reminded Monica that at least Monica had been able to spend some time with A.J. because not everyone was lucky enough to get a second chance.

Monica assured Elizabeth that A.J. had truly loved Elizabeth then asked if A.J.'s drinking had led to the split. "Partially," Elizabeth conceded. However, Elizabeth admitted that she and A.J. had been together for the wrong reasons because they had both been seeking redemption. Surprised, Monica wondered why Elizabeth had felt the need for redemption. "For what I did to Lucky -- and to Jason," Elizabeth explained.

Elizabeth revealed that she had known the truth about Danny before Jason and Sam had found out, but Elizabeth had kept quiet because Elizabeth had known that it would pave the way for Jason and Sam to reconcile. Elizabeth quietly confessed that she had felt that she and Jason had never really had their moment, so Monica gently hugged Elizabeth.

Later, Nancy entered the ICU room then noticed Elizabeth seated in a chair at the patient's bedside. She quietly woke Elizabeth up then urged her co-worker to stretch her legs and get something to drink. Elizabeth reluctantly agreed, but she promised her mystery patient that she would soon return. Elizabeth started to follow Nancy out of the room when Jason suddenly shifted in the bed then opened his eyes. Stunned, Elizabeth ran to his side.

"Hey," Elizabeth quietly said. "Are you coming back to us?" she asked.

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