General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 10, 2014 on GH

Sonny and Carly were arrested. Franco whisked Nina and the baby to Canada. Michael slept with Rosalie. Jason moved in with Elizabeth. Britt learned that Robert and Anna might have killed her father, Cesar.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 10, 2014 on GH
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Sam thanked Alexis and Julian for supporting her and Danny at the hospital. Julian assured Sam that, even if Danny's leukemia returned, Silas had Julian's bone marrow sample. Sam had faith in Silas to successfully store the bone marrow. Sam wanted to take Danny home, so she picked him up and left. Ned entered and apologized to Alexis for not being there sooner. He blamed a "family crisis."

Alexis assured Ned that Danny was going to be all right and asked him about the Quartermaine crisis. Ned told her the whole story of Larry returning to Port Charles. Ned related that Julian and Jerry were "thick as thieves" and asked Julian to "fill in the blanks." Julian replied that he hadn't seen Jerry in a long time and that he hoped it stayed that way. Ned had to get back to his house, so he kissed Alexis and left.

A surprised Julian couldn't believe that Alexis was staying with Ned after her "breakthrough" with Julian. She accused him of being jealous. He wanted her "back where you belong." She admitted that she loved Julian, but with the combination of his lies, his refusal to leave the mob, and the danger he put Alexis' family in, she couldn't be with him. Until he decided to "rectify the situation," she asked him to respect her wishes and leave her alone.

Larry stumbled around the upstairs of the Quartermaine house, grumbling about all the doors. He opened one of them and staggered inside. He sat on the bed, drink in hand. Just then, Monica woke up as she felt Larry stretch out next to her.

Tracy was looking at a picture of Luke when Patrick entered. He wanted answers from Larry. "Get in line," she shot back, adding that Larry was nothing but trouble. As if on cue, they heard Monica scream from upstairs. They ran up the stairs and found Monica beating Larry with a pillow. Larry could have sworn that it was his room and said that he'd gotten lost. She demanded to know why he was there.

On the way downstairs, Tracy told Monica the whole story. Patrick enlightened Larry about Gabriel's death and asked if Larry knew Jerry and Luke. Larry swore that he'd been kidnapped, but Patrick didn't believe it. Patrick asked Tracy to update him if any details were revealed. He left, and Ned returned.

Monica and Ned wanted Larry gone, but Tracy reminded them that Larry could lead them to Luke. "Is that supposed to be a selling point?" Monica wondered. "What would Lila do?" Larry declared. Ned agreed to let Larry stay and told Monica that he'd take full responsibility for anything his father did. "I hope I don't live to regret it," Ned muttered. "You will," Monica replied, leaving the room. Larry was out close behind.

Larry again stumbled around upstairs, looking for his room. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the hallway and pulled out his phone. He made a phone call. He told Jerry that "phase one went according to plan. It's time to initiate phase two."

Elizabeth looked for Jason in his room but found him walking around in the hallway, using a cane. He reminded her that he would be on his own the next day. She again offered for him to stay with her, at least temporarily. Just then, Danny ran up to Jason and affixed himself to Jason's leg. Sam, who went running after Danny, scolded him for roughhousing with a hospital patient. "But I'm better!" Danny told Sam. She apologetically admitted that they hadn't yet mastered "stranger danger."

Elizabeth wondered if Danny remembered "Jake" from the day Danny had run into his room and had held his hand. "Oh, that was you," Sam said, making the connection. Jason wondered why Danny had some bruising. Sam answered that Danny had had some bloodwork done, but he was fine. She remarked on what a great nurse Elizabeth was and added that she had always treated "the Morgans" well.

"There's that name again," Jason observed. He told Sam that he kept hearing the name Jason Morgan from everyone, and she informed him that Jason had been her husband. Elizabeth told Jason that he needed to get some rest for the next day, so she ushered him into his room. As Sam watched them go, Patrick exited the elevator right behind her. "You won't believe where I just came from," he told her, updating her on the happenings at the Quartermaine residence.

Jason wondered if there would be any nursing staff at the shelter that he would probably be sent to. Elizabeth doubted it. He wondered if she knew anyone who would make an arrangement with him, exchanging room and board for "an extra pair of hands around the house."

Ava hysterically ordered Silas and Kiki to let her go get her baby. They tried to calm her down and promised that they would find her. She blamed Sonny for losing her baby. She tried to get up, but Silas injected a sedative into her I.V. Kiki promised to be there when Ava woke up. Silas assured Kiki that Ava would be all right.

Kiki was concerned because she'd never seen Ava so hysterical. She hoped that Nina wouldn't hurt the baby. Silas guaranteed that Nina wouldn't hurt the baby because a baby was what Nina wanted more than anything. Kiki also worried about Michael, who she feared would do something crazy after getting some awful news. She told Silas the whole story. When she was done, Silas' phone rang, and he walked away to take the call.

A short while later, Ava began waking up, and she immediately asked about her baby. Silas assured her that the police were doing all they could, and the Coast Guard was looking around for the boat that Nina had gotten away in. Ava clarified that Nina hadn't left in a boat. "Then how did you get to the docks?" Silas wondered. Ava explained that Sonny had cornered her at the brownstone and had stopped her from going after Nina. Michael had arrived and had let Ava go. Kiki asked what had happened between Michael and Sonny. Ava remembered that Michael had had a gun and wanted to kill Sonny, "if he hasn't already."

Nina told Madeline to call Silas, because he needed to know that Nina had had their baby. Madeline tried to discourage Nina from the decision, so Nina suggested they take the baby to visit Silas at the hospital. Madeline thought that distracting Silas from his work might anger him, so Nina went back to the original plan and asked Madeline to call him. Madeline did all she could to change Nina's mind, but Nina threatened that Madeline wouldn't see any money if she didn't help Nina.

Madeline faked a phone conversation with Silas. She invited him to their room at the Rendezvous Motel and hung up. She assured Nina that Silas was on his way, so Nina had to keep her end of the deal. Madeline called their financial advisor and handed the phone to Nina. Nina told Warren, the advisor, that he'd been doing a great job with her money and hung up the phone.

Nina told Madeline that she would never give her mother control of any money. She continued that mothers protected their young and picked up a lamp. Minutes later, Madeline was on the floor, blood pooled around her. Nina told the baby that her "wicked grandmother won't ever bother us again." She told the baby that their "prince" would be there soon to reunite their family. "Don't keep us waiting, Silas," Nina said.

"I'm not like you. I keep my promises, and I promised A.J. that I would make his killer pay," Michael said while pointing a gun right at Sonny. He added that his real father would be watching from heaven as he sent Sonny to hell. He asked if Sonny had any final words. "I don't blame you," Sonny uttered tearfully. Sonny reasoned that it was his penance for all the violence he'd practiced in his life. "Do what you need to do. I love you no matter what," Sonny told Michael. "I wish I could say the same," Michael replied.

Just then, Dante and Morgan burst through the door. Dante begged Michael to put the gun down, but Michael wanted to "end his miserable life. He's okay with it." He cited the rule of Sonny's business: "A life for a life." Dante informed Michael that he'd have to kill Sonny with both of his brothers as witnesses. Dante showed Sonny's arrest warrant to Michael and promised that Sonny would be sent to jail.

"He always finds a way out!" Michael exclaimed. Morgan went to stand in front of Sonny and told Michael that he'd have to kill Morgan first. "I thought you hated him," Michael said to Morgan. Morgan expressed to Michael how complicated the situation was. Sonny pushed Morgan out of the way and announced that he'd hurt too many innocent people in his life.

Dante told Michael that Michael was "one of the good guys" who deserved a good life. He continued that A.J. wouldn't want a Sonny-like life for Michael. "Save yourself and drop the gun. Don't turn into him," Dante finished. Michael finally lowered and set down the gun. Dante immediately picked it up. "That's the only mercy you'll ever get from me," Michael spat at Sonny. "Happy? Now do your damn job," he told Dante. Dante arrested Sonny.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In Sonny's coffee warehouse, Carly banged on the door as she begged someone to let them out of the room. Shawn and Jordan warned Carly that it was useless then resumed checking out a vent that might be used for an escape before Franco returned to kill them all. Carly was more concerned about getting to Michael to repair the damage that Franco's video had created, so Heather accused Carly of being a "drama queen" because no one cared about Carly and Michael. "What about me?" Heather asked with frustration as she pointed out that her own son had turned on her by locking her up with "morons" for reasons that Heather couldn't understand. Carly was shocked that Heather had no idea why Franco had done what he had because it should be clear that Franco was a "psycho" like Heather.

Shawn quickly reminded both Carly and Heather that they needed to focus on finding a way out before Franco returned, but they were too late because the door opened. Franco stood in the doorway, smiling and holding a gun as Carly assured Franco that he'd had his revenge. She was curious what the point was of locking her up instead of forcing her to deal with the damage that his video had wreaked. Shawn tried to make a move for the gun when he noticed Franco was distracted with Carly, but Franco remained a step ahead of Shawn by turning the gun on Shawn. Franco conceded that Shawn could probably best Franco under different circumstances, but Franco had the gun and enough bullets to kill everyone in the room, which gave Franco the upper hand.

Heather wondered why they should cooperate, since Franco intended to kill everyone in the room, so Franco announced that he had decided to put a little twist on mass murder, since killing Carly, Heather, Shawn, and Jordan with the gun would be like shooting fish in a barrel, which lacked creativity. Carly began to insult Franco, so Jordan opted to try a different tactic by urging Franco to reconsider his plan because she doubted that he truly wanted to kill them. Franco disagreed then added that he'd thought his days as an artist were over. However, Carly's betrayal with Sonny had "re-inspired" him.

Franco surprised everyone by revealing that he had decided to let Carly, Heather, Shawn, and Jordan go. Carly was immediately skeptical, so Franco admitted there was a catch. He explained that he would leave the door unlocked when he left, but the door would be rigged with explosives that would detonate if anyone tried to open it. Carly was certain that it was just another one of Franco's mind games because Franco had never changed, but Franco argued that Carly only had herself to blame because watching the video of Carly having sex with Sonny had shattered all the positive changes in Franco.

Jordan defended Carly's right to be upset, but Franco confessed that there was a possibility he was lying about the bomb. Heather began to clap because she was certain that Franco had never intended to kill her, but Shawn warned Heather that they didn't know that for certain. Franco looked pointedly at Carly as he conceded that it sucked to be in the dark about something that could destroy one's whole life. However, Franco assured everyone that if he had planted a bomb then it would be powerful enough to destroy Sonny's coffee warehouse and everyone in it. Franco slowly backed out of the room as he invited Carly, Heather, Shawn, and Jordan to discuss their options.

"Have a blast," Franco teased as he closed the door. Heather was certain that Franco hadn't planted a bomb, but Carly disagreed because Franco had a penchant for using explosives. Heather muttered that she couldn't risk returning to Ferncliff, so she would rather be blown up than locked up. Heather ran to the door, but Carly, Shawn, and Jordan managed to stop Heather before she could turn the knob. Carly refused to allow Franco to kill her, but Heather insisted that Carly was an idiot because Heather doubted there was a bomb.

Heather suspected that Franco had lied because he had wanted Carly, Heather, Shawn, and Jordan to be too afraid to open the door, while Franco killed them by other means like poison through the air vents or snakes -- knowing that Heather hated snakes. Carly, Shawn, and Jordan decided to secure Heather to a chair with shrink wrap then shoved a gag into Heather's mouth to keep Heather under control until they figured out a plan of action.

At the brownstone, Dante officially placed Sonny under arrest by handcuffing Sonny as Dante recited the Miranda Rights to Sonny. Sonny remained stoically silent, but Dante required verbal confirmation from Sonny that Sonny had understood the Miranda Rights. Sonny confirmed that he had, so Dante called the police station for backup.

Later, as police officers collected evidence, Sonny thanked Morgan for defending him then added that Morgan was a good man. Next, Sonny assured Dante that he didn't blame Dante for the arrest because it was Dante's job. Finally, Sonny turned to Michael to tell Michael that he was sorry for everything that had happened. Sonny added that he loved Michael "for what it's worth." "It's worth nothing," Michael angrily responded. Sonny appeared crushed by Michael's words as Dante led Sonny away.

After everyone left, Morgan confessed that he had no idea what to say to his brother. Michael wished that Morgan hadn't stopped Michael from shooting Sonny, but Morgan doubted that Michael had really wanted to kill their father. Michael assured Morgan that Morgan was wrong.

A short time later, Kiki rushed through the front door. She threw herself into Michael's arms as she confessed that she had been worried about Michael because she had been afraid that he had intended to kill Sonny. She was curious what had happened, so Morgan revealed that Sonny had been arrested then taken to the police station. Michael admitted that Kiki had had good reason to be concerned because Michael had wanted to kill Sonny.

Kiki felt terrible for what Michael had suffered, so Michael admitted that he felt betrayed by both Sonny and Carly because Carly had lied about A.J.'s dying words and had gone to great lengths to cover up Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder. Morgan defended their mother by insisting that Carly had only wanted to protect Michael from further suffering, but Michael argued that Sonny and Carly had offered false sympathy.

Kiki saw the pain in Michael's eyes, so she confessed that she had to tell him something. Realizing that Kiki intended to reveal that she had known about Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder, Morgan warned Kiki not to say anything, but Kiki insisted that Michael deserved the truth then admitted that she had known that Sonny had killed A.J. Resigned, Morgan added, "So did I." Shocked, Michael demanded to know how Morgan and Kiki had known, so Kiki revealed that Ava had told them about A.J.'s death a few weeks earlier.

Michael suddenly realized that was what Rosalie had been referring to when she had warned him that Morgan and Kiki had been keeping a secret. Kiki explained that Rosalie had been referring to something else, prompting Michael to wonder just how many things Morgan and Kiki had been lying to him about. Morgan insisted that it was complicated, but Michael was deeply hurt that his parents, brother, and his girlfriend had lied to him. Kiki explained that she and Morgan had kept quiet about Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder because they had wanted to protect Michael from suffering the loss of a father after already losing another father.

Michael resented that Morgan and Kiki had thought it had been in Michael's best interest to protect his relationship with the man who had murdered his father. Kiki defended the decision by reminding Michael that Michael had often credited Sonny with helping Michael get through the grief over losing A.J., but Michael angrily accused Morgan and Kiki of making a fool of Michael. Kiki was startled when Michael broke off his relationship with her. "You're not my brother -- not anymore," Michael added as he stormed out.

Kiki apologized to Morgan for confessing to Michael, but he didn't blame her because it had been the right thing to do. Kiki was upset because she feared that she had lost Michael forever, but Morgan suspected that both he and Kiki had lost Michael. Morgan gently changed the subject by telling Kiki that Ava hadn't been there when he and Dante had arrived to find Michael confronting Sonny with a gun. Kiki suddenly realized that Morgan had no idea about what had happened before Sonny's arrival, so she quickly revealed that Ava had given birth to a baby girl.

Morgan was eager to get to the hospital to see his daughter or baby sister, but Kiki admitted that the newborn infant wasn't at the hospital. "I have some bad news," Kiki quietly said.

At the Floating Rib, Bobbie wrapped up a phone call with Lucas as Scott approached the bar to order a glass of the bar's finest scotch. The bartender asked if Scott was celebrating, so Scott grinned as he bragged about catching the town's most notorious criminal. "Along with my daughter," Bobbie growled as she walked up. Bobbie accused Scott of not caring about what happened to either Carly or Bobbie, but Scott assured Bobbie that she was wrong. However, he reminded Bobbie that he had been obligated as the district attorney to turn over the jump drive with Sonny's video confession.

Bobbie accused Scott of being a hypocrite who played favorites because he had allowed his "deranged" and "agitated" son to waltz off the Haunted Star, but Scott explained that Franco hadn't broken any laws by showing the video. Bobbie wasn't satisfied because she feared that Franco had hurt Carly, since she hadn't heard from her daughter since Carly had left the ship. Scott suggested that perhaps Carly was busy trying to repair the wreckage of her relationship with Michael, but Bobbie insisted that it wasn't like her daughter not to return Bobbie's phone calls.

Bobbie explained that Franco had behaved strangely when she had encountered Scott's son in the bar earlier that evening, but Scott wasn't concerned because Franco was always slightly off and had been both hurt and upset by Carly's infidelity. Bobbie warned Scott that she would hold him personally responsible if Franco had hurt Carly.

Later, reporters swarmed Scott, asking for a statement about Sonny's arrest. Scott assured reporters that the evidence against Sonny was irrefutable then explained that he had a video of Sonny confessing to shooting A.J. A reporter was curious if Carly would be charged as an accessory after the fact, so Bobbie leaned close to Scott to warn him that there would be "hell to pay" if Carly was charged with a crime. Scott tactfully answered, "No comment," as Bobbie marched out.

At Carly's residence, Maxie and Nathan exchanged text messages. Maxie wondered if there had been any news about Nina, so Nathan answered no. Maxie confessed that she missed Nathan, prompting him to reply that he missed her too. Moments later, Lucas entered the living room to announce that Josslyn was sound asleep with a big grin on her face because Carly hadn't married Franco.

Lucas noticed Maxie check her phone, so he assumed that it had to do with Felicia's election results. Maxie explained that a recount had been ordered because the election had been too close to call but admitted that she had been looking at her phone because she had been exchanging text messages with Nathan. Lucas was furious that the judge had abused his power by prohibiting Maxie from dating Nathan, so Maxie agreed. However, she had to adhere to the judge's warning because she couldn't risk filing a complaint and further angering the judge. Lucas vowed that he would keep Maxie busy for the next couple of months to keep her mind off of things until she would ring in 2015 with Georgie and Nathan.

Moments later, Franco walked in. Both Lucas and Maxie scowled at him as Franco politely smiled back. Lucas broke the silence by ordering Franco to leave, but Franco resented the lack of sympathy because he had been the one that had been the most hurt by Carly's betrayal. Maxie insisted that sleeping with Sonny had been the "sanest" thing that Carly had done in months. According to Maxie, Franco had been petty and vindictive at the wedding by showing the video but it had also been a gift because Carly was finally free of him.

Franco changed the subject by casually asking if Carly was home because he was there to pick up his things. Lucas revealed that he hadn't heard from his sister since Carly had left the Haunted Star, and he questioned if Franco had seen her. Franco suggested that perhaps Carly was busy picking up the pieces of her "exploded" relationship with Michael then went to the bedroom to pack. A short time later, Franco returned to the living room with a packed bag.

Franco asked Lucas to say goodbye to Josslyn for Franco, but Lucas was not amused. The tension quickly mounted when Bobbie arrived home and demanded to know what was going on and where her daughter was. Franco claimed that he hadn't seen Carly then added that Carly was no longer his problem. Bobbie hoped her daughter never had to lay eyes on Franco again, so he assured her that it wouldn't be a problem.

At the loft, Lulu and Olivia watched television as a news anchor announced that a recount had been ordered in the mayoral election. Lulu groaned because it meant that they would be stuck with Mayor Lomax until a winner had been determined. Lulu and Olivia were both shocked when the next news story reported that Nina had abducted Ava's premature newborn. The news flashed a picture of Nina as viewers were asked to call the police if anyone spotted her. However, the public was cautioned not to approach the kidnapper.

Lulu checked on Rocco, who slept peacefully in his crib, as Olivia talked about how devastated Sonny had been when Rocco had been taken. Olivia couldn't imagine what Sonny was going through knowing someone as unstable as Nina had taken the baby. The conversation then drifted to Carly and Franco's wedding, which Lulu admitted she hadn't attended because Jerry Jacks had contacted Tracy. Lulu quickly filled Olivia in about Larry Ashton's unexpected arrival then admitted that she felt bad for Ned because Larry was both a loser and a lush. Olivia was certain that Alexis would be able to help Ned deal with Larry, but Lulu warned Olivia that it was a mistake for Olivia to remain silent about her feelings for Ned simply because Olivia had seen Alexis and Ned hug.

Lulu pointed out that the hug could have meant anything, but Olivia refused to risk making a fool of herself or being a "third wheel" like she had been with Sonny and all the women he had loved. Lulu and Olivia suddenly felt bad for Dante because they realized that he'd likely been dealing with the abduction. Moments later, Lulu and Olivia were startled when the news anchor announced that Sonny had been arrested for A.J.'s murder. The women watched in disbelief as reporters questioned Scott about the evidence against Sonny.

Lulu and Olivia immediately became concerned about Dante when Scott mentioned that Dante had made the shocking arrest. Olivia feared that her son would be devastated, but Lulu admitted that Dante had known for a long time that there would be a day when he would have to arrest his father. Olivia felt terrible for Michael because she knew how much Michael had loved Sonny.

At the police station, Nathan requested a police officer to look for security footage around the brownstone where Nina had fled with Ava's baby. Nathan's mood darkened when Rosalie entered the squad room, asking if there had been any news about Nina. She claimed that she had been worried and unable to sleep, which Nathan quickly attributed to a guilty conscience. Rosalie was offended, but Nathan became distracted when he saw Dante arrive with Sonny in tow, so he ordered Rosalie to take a seat and wait for his return.

Nathan approached Dante to ask if Dante was okay. Dante assured his partner that he was as they escorted Sonny to the interrogation room. Once Sonny was secured to a table, Nathan assured Sonny that everyone was working hard to find Nina and the baby. Dante had no idea what Nathan was talking about, so Nathan quickly filled Dante in about the abduction of Ava's daughter.

After Nathan left, Sonny confessed that he'd known that Nina had taken the baby before the confrontation with Michael, so he begged Dante to find the baby girl. Dante hated what Sonny had done to A.J., but Dante also understood the terror of a missing child, so he felt bad for Sonny. Sonny revealed that he had left messages with Shawn, asking for help, but Shawn hadn't returned the calls.

Dante looked at Sonny's cell phone, which had been taken into evidence when Sonny had been arrested. Dante immediately became concerned when he read the last text message from Shawn to Sonny that read, "Job's done. Franco's dead." Dante demanded an explanation for the obvious hit that Sonny had put out on Franco, but Sonny insisted that Shawn couldn't have sent the text message because it had been received before Franco had shown the video at the wedding. Dante was stunned when Sonny confided that he feared that Franco or Heather might have harmed Shawn.

Dante pointed out that Heather was locked up in Ferncliff because Dante had called to check on her himself, but Sonny assured Dante that Heather was on the loose and likely after Carly. Sonny urged Dante to start the search for Heather at the coffee warehouse.

Later, Scott watched with satisfaction as Sonny was booked and photographed for a mug shot.

In the squad room, Nathan returned to question Rosalie about Nina. Rosalie was shocked when he told her what Nina had done to Ava then asked if perhaps Rosalie had helped Nina deliver Ava's baby. Rosalie denied any involvement in the crime but conceded that she had known that Nina had been desperate to have a baby. Nathan suspected Rosalie was lying, so he demanded to know what Madeline had wanted to talk to Rosalie about. Rosalie reluctantly confessed that Madeline had blackmailed Rosalie into revealing Ava's whereabouts.

Nathan was stunned because Rosalie had knowingly endangered Ava's baby by telling Madeline that Ava was at the brownstone. Nathan wanted to know what Madeline had been holding over Rosalie's head, but Rosalie insisted that it had nothing to do with Nina or the kidnapping. Disgusted, Nathan warned Rosalie that she would be partly responsible if anything happened to the baby. Nathan informed Rosalie that she was free to leave, but he instructed her to remain in town because it was not over.

Later, Dante and Nathan entered Sonny's warehouse. They were slowly closing in on the room that Franco claimed had been rigged with a bomb when Dante's cell phone rang. It was Lulu. She wanted to know how Dante had been holding up since Sonny's arrest. He assured his wife that he was fine but explained that he couldn't talk because he was in the middle of something. Dante promised to call her back then ended the call.

In the room, Carly reminded Shawn that Franco was all about mind games, but Shawn thought it would be best for them to leave the door closed.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Dante reached for the doorknob.

At the Floating Rib, Michael ordered a shot of bourbon and a beer. As he waited for his order, he glanced at the end of the bar where Rosalie was seated.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Franco stood on the pier as he contemplated the notion of karma. He admitted that he didn't believe in the idea of karma, but he conceded that it was comforting to think that people who had hurt someone would "get theirs" in return. However, Franco believed that it was foolish to assume that all one had to do was sit back and watch as karma worked its magic because things did not work that way.

Franco was a firm believer that one had to take action against those who deserved to pay for their wrongs. He insisted that one had to blow one's enemy's world apart and take everything from them even if innocent people were caught in the crossfire. Franco insisted that one could not waver from their goal, even if those who didn't deserve the pain were hurt, because there was nothing more important than balancing the scales.

Franco's thoughts scattered when a man approached and introduced himself as "Hooper." Franco demanded to know where Quint was, so Hooper explained that Quint had landed in some legal trouble that Quint needed to take care of. However, Hooper assured Franco that he could take Franco where Franco needed to go but Hooper would need an hour to get everything ready. Franco decided that it would be enough time for Franco to tie up some loose ends then left.

At the hospital, Liesl entered her office, muttering under her breath about nurses not being able to figure out a flow chart. She sat down then checked her voicemail messages. The first message was from a board member notifying her that a decision had been made about Patrick's appeal. The man requested that Liesl return the call as soon as possible because the board also wanted to discuss the situation with Sabrina Santiago. Frustrated, Liesl deleted the voicemail message as she complained that there hadn't been any mention of her research proposal.

The next voicemail message was from Nathan asking Liesl to call him if she heard anything from Madeline or Nina because he was worried about both women. Liesl thought it was a shame that Nathan had wasted his kindness on those who didn't deserve his love. She tensed when the next voicemail message was from Madeline pointedly asking for Silas to meet Nina and Nina's newborn daughter at the Rendezvous Motel.

Moments later, Franco entered the office to talk to Liesl about his future. Liesl was delighted by the visit so she seized the opportunity to congratulate him on his wedding. Franco confessed that the wedding hadn't happened, but he had decided to leave town. Liesl felt bad for Franco, so she encouraged him to take all the time he needed. She was disappointed when he clarified that he would not be returning to Port Charles because the "heat" would soon catch up to him.

Liesl smiled in understanding as she confided that Franco wasn't the only one facing legal trouble. He was stunned when Liesl told him about the citywide manhunt for Ava's missing newborn and Nina. Franco was concerned about Nina, so Liesl explained that Nina would soon be in custody because Liesl felt obligated to tell Nathan that Madeline had left a voicemail message alerting Liesl that Nina had been hiding out at the Rendezvous Motel with the baby. Liesl feared that her niece had suffered a complete break with reality, so Franco wished Liesl luck with everything. Liesl hoped they would meet again, so Franco hugged her then left.

At the Floating Rib, Michael ordered a shot of bourbon and a beer then noticed Rosalie sitting at the end of the bar. "Rough day?" she asked. "You have no idea," Michael replied, so Rosalie admitted that she'd had a difficult day too. Michael doubted that it was as bad as his had been because he had been seconds away from killing Sonny. Rosalie was stunned as Michael opened up about Sonny shooting A.J. and the lies that Carly, Morgan, and Kiki had told to cover up the crime and hide the truth from Michael.

Michael and Rosalie continued to drink as Michael told her how Sonny had taught Michael that a person's word meant was everything, which was why Sonny had despised A.J. because Sonny believed that A.J. had been weak and had never kept his promises. However, Michael pointed out that in the end, Sonny had been the one who hadn't kept his word because Sonny had killed A.J. Rosalie felt bad for Michael, so she joined him at a table, where he admitted that he regretted that he hadn't heeded her warning about Morgan and Kiki "screwing around" and keeping secrets.

Rosalie confessed that she hadn't had Michael's best interests at heart because Nina had blackmailed Rosalie to break up Michael and Kiki by seducing Michael. Michael was shocked, but Rosalie quickly added that she had refused to go along with Nina's crazy plan to punish Kiki for being born because Michael had been a genuinely nice guy who had saved Rosalie's life when the hit man had shown up at Michael's apartment. However, she was quick to point out that she was not an angel.

Michael ignored Rosalie's warning as he leaned down to kiss her. Rosalie pushed him away then asked, "What was that?" Michael confessed that he had no idea because it had been the worst day of his life. He admitted that he felt used, cheated, and stupid, but Rosalie insisted that he was not stupid. Michael offered a drunken smile as he revealed that he didn't want to feel anything at all, so Rosalie confessed that she felt the same. Michael surprised Rosalie by inviting her to leave with him, but she asked if he was sure.

Michael confessed that he wasn't sure about anything, but that had never gotten him anywhere in the past. Rosalie smiled as she agreed to leave with him, so he quickly paid the tab then led the way out of the bar.

At the warehouse, Carly, Shawn, and Jordan discussed their options. Shawn thought it was best not to open the door because Shawn feared that Franco had rigged the door with explosives that would detonate if they tried to open it. Heather remained bound to a chair in shrink wrap with a gag in her mouth, which she spit out to demand that they open the door.

In the hallway, Dante and Nathan heard the commotion in the room, so Dante decided to investigate. He opened the door then stopped short when he saw Carly, Shawn, Jordan, and Heather in the room. Nathan followed Dante into the room as Dante demanded to know what was going on. Carly quickly filled Dante in about Franco's threat that the door had been rigged with explosives. Dante was curious where Franco had gone, but Heather tried to talk.

Dante removed the gag from Heather's mouth, so she informed him that Franco hadn't done anything wrong, since there hadn't been any explosives attached to the door. Dante pointed out that Franco had kidnapped four people, so Carly assured Dante that she intended to press charges. Dante was curious why Heather wasn't at Ferncliff then turned to Shawn for answers. Shawn was reluctant to explain until Dante pointed out that the police department had a lot on their plate at the moment.

After Nathan had taken Heather into custody and Dante had left with Carly, Shawn returned to the room to check on Jordan. He suggested that they leave, but Jordan insisted that they continue their conversation about T.J. because she was afraid that Shawn still intended to tell T.J. the truth about T.J.'s father. Shawn pointed out that both he and Jordan could have died then asked if Jordan really wanted T.J. to never know the truth. Jordan realized that Shawn was right, but she made it clear that they needed to tell T.J. the truth together.

At Carly's residence, Carly returned to the living room after checking on Josslyn, who was sound asleep in bed. However, Carly remained worried about Michael because she feared that Michael would go after Sonny. Dante told Carly about the confrontation at the brownstone and Morgan's intervention to save Sonny's life. Carly was shocked that Michael had threatened to kill Sonny, but she was grateful that Dante hadn't arrested Michael. Dante admitted that Michael had been through enough.

Carly's relief turned to frustration when Dante added that he had been forced to take Sonny into custody because Franco had turned the video evidence over to Scott. Furious, Carly admitted that she had hated "that stupid ugly necklace" that Franco had given her the instant that she had seen it. She was livid that she had allowed Franco to manipulate her instead of realizing that he had been setting her up. Dante warned her that Scott wanted to make certain that Carly paid for her role in covering up A.J.'s murder, but Carly didn't care because she was only concerned about her children.

Dante was curious if Carly had spoken to Morgan, so she shook her head then asked him why. Dante quickly filled her in about Nina kidnapping Ava's newborn daughter. Worried, Carly called Morgan, but the call went to voicemail, so she implored Morgan to call her back. Dante decided to head back to the police station, but Carly wanted Dante to know that she appreciated all that he had done for Michael. She was certain that Michael would have regretted shooting Sonny once Michael's anger had cooled down because Michael loved Sonny.

Dante reminded Carly that he loved his brother then shifted gears to assure Carly that a squad car would be parked in front of her house until Franco was found. Carly thanked Dante then walked him to the door. After Dante left, Carly flipped through her mail but stopped when she saw an envelope with just her name on it. She opened the envelope, which contained a DVD that read, "Play me." It also had Franco's old tag of CO77X. Carly put the DVD into her laptop.

Moments later, an image of Franco reclining on her bed appeared. Franco realized that if she was watching the DVD then she had figured out that he had lied about the bomb on the warehouse door. Franco admitted that he had wanted Carly to die, but then he had realized that death wouldn't give him the satisfaction of watching her suffer. Franco wanted Carly to live with the fear of knowing that he might return one day to make her pay for what she had done. Until then, Franco wanted Carly to have to constantly look over her shoulder in fear.

Franco ended the recording by asking Carly to give "sweet Joss" a goodnight kiss for him. Disgusted, Carly slammed her laptop closed.

At the police station, Anna walked through the squad room as she spoke on the phone with one of her police officers. She asked the police officer to keep her apprised of the search for Ava's kidnapped daughter then wrapped up the call as Morgan and Kiki arrived desperate for news about the missing baby.

Anna assured both Morgan and Kiki that hotlines had been set up and that they had already received some tips. Morgan was eager to follow up on the leads, but Anna insisted that it was a police matter, so Morgan and Kiki needed to stay out of it. Anna promised that she had every available police officer watching every possible exit out of town, so Nina would not be able to escape. Morgan explained that it didn't matter if the baby was his daughter or his sister; she was still a part of his family.

Morgan and Kiki went to the interrogation room to wait for news about Nina and the baby. Morgan blamed himself for leaving Ava to confront Sonny, but Kiki refused to allow him to take responsibility for what Nina had done. Kiki confessed that she was worried sick about her mother because the police hadn't learned yet that Ava had murdered Connie. However, Kiki finally understood how Morgan could love Sonny because Kiki loved her mother despite the horrible things that Ava had done.

Morgan wondered if the day could get any worse because Sonny would likely spend the rest of his life in jail, and Michael would probably never speak to Morgan and Kiki again. Kiki refused to apologize for being honest with Michael because she believed that Michael had deserved the truth, even if it had meant losing Michael. Morgan assured Kiki that he didn't blame her.

Meanwhile, Nathan arrived with Heather. Anna greeted Heather, but Heather began to babble about the "BLT" man who had helped Heather to escape from Ferncliff. Anna had no idea what Heather was talking about, so Nathan explained that it was a long story, but it would be detailed in his report. Heather insisted that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Anna disagreed because Max Giambetti had pulled through and had named Heather as the shooter.

"Well, that's unfortunate," Heather said but then shifted gears to demand to see Franco. Ignoring Heather, Anna instructed Nathan to book Heather.

In police lockup, Sonny was escorted to a jail cell. Duke watched silently until the guard left then he greeted Sonny. Sonny was surprised that Duke was behind bars, but Duke wanted to know what had happened to Sonny. Sonny told Duke about the confrontation with Michael and Sonny's deep regret that Sonny had failed to kill Franco the second that Franco had returned to town.

Sonny was curious why Duke was in jail, so Duke admitted that Anna had arrested him because Franco's video had been proof that Duke had provided Sonny with a false alibi. Duke admitted that the thought of Anna had been the only thing that had gotten Duke through the decades that Duke had spent imprisoned, but it was clear to Duke that what he had once shared with Anna was over. Sonny felt bad because he had never intended for Duke to lose Anna because Duke had opted to protect him.

Duke assured Sonny that he didn't blame Sonny because Duke had made his own choices. Sonny remained filled with remorse because his actions had destroyed everything that Sonny had cared about. "Even my own son," Sonny quietly added. Sonny admitted that he'd thought that he could fix things by getting rid of Franco because it would keep Sonny's secret buried and free Carly up for Sonny. However, everything had backfired and endangered Carly because Heather was on the loose.

Moments later, Anna escorted Heather to a jail cell. Both Sonny and Duke were startled by Heather's appearance, so Sonny immediately demanded to know if Carly was okay. Anna promised that Carly was fine. Relieved, Sonny asked if there had been any news about the missing baby. Sonny assured Anna that he could help search for the baby if he was free, but Anna warned Sonny that it was not possible to let him out of jail.

Anna started to walk away, but Duke called out to her because he wanted to talk to her. Anna insisted that she was too busy then kept walking. After Anna left, Duke questioned Sonny about the baby, so Sonny told Duke about the abduction of Ava's newborn. Sonny was frustrated because he was desperate to find the baby girl who was either Sonny's daughter or granddaughter.

Meanwhile, Morgan spotted Nathan in the squad room, so he quickly approached Nathan to ask if there had been any news about Nina and the baby. Anna walked up to explain that Nathan had been working on another case, but Morgan wasn't satisfied. Moments later, Liesl called Nathan to reveal that she had something to tell him.

Later, Morgan was upset because Anna had refused to allow Morgan and Kiki to join Anna and Nathan as they followed up on the lead that Liesl had provided. Kiki explained that Anna couldn't have done her job with Morgan and Kiki in the way, so she insisted that both she and Morgan needed to stay put and wait. Morgan hoped that Nathan and Anna wouldn't be too late.

At the Rendezvous Motel, Nina cooed to the baby that the little girl was pretty. Nina went to the mirror to primp as she wondered why Silas wasn't there yet, but she was relieved when she heard a knock at the door. It was Silas. She was delighted to see him but feared that he was not alone, so she checked the hallway, despite his assurance that he was alone. After she determined that he had told the truth, Nina invited him into the room to meet his "daughter."

Silas carefully entered the room then looked down at the baby asleep in the crib. Nina quietly told him to keep his voice down because Madeline was also "sleeping." Silas glanced at the floor, where Madeline remained unconscious with a pillow under a head and a blanket tucked around her. Nina explained that she had been forced to knock Madeline out to protect the baby, so Silas assured Nina that Nina had done the right thing because Madeline had ruined their lives.

Nina was elated when Silas told her that he, Nina, and the baby could finally be a family. Nina hugged Silas then pulled away to check on the baby. She insisted that their daughter had his eyes, but he hoped that the baby had inherited Nina's looks because Nina was beautiful. Nina beamed with joy until Madeline suddenly groaned. Annoyed, Nina asked Silas what to do about Madeline, but Silas had vanished.

Confused, Nina looked around the room for Silas until Madeline slowly sat up. Nina suddenly realized Madeline had never called Silas, so she reached for Madeline's phone to find out who Madeline had spoken to. Nina ranted at her mother for lying then picked up a piece of the lamp and lunged for Madeline.

A short time later, Nathan and Anna kicked in the motel room door but quickly determined that Nina and the baby were gone. However, they saw Madeline on the floor, bleeding from a head wound and unconscious.

On the pier, Franco guided Nina and the baby to a dock. Nina was hesitant to leave with Franco because she insisted that Silas needed to see the baby, but Franco argued that Franco and Nina had to disappear before anyone found them, or they would be "screwed."

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Somewhere in Prince Edward County, Canada, Franco gazed out the window of a house as Nina sat on the sofa, cradling Ava's newborn daughter in her arms. Nina thanked Franco for his help getting her and the baby out of town then asked how long he'd had the house in Canada.

Franco turned away from the window as he shared a story with Nina about how a "soulless" killer named Jason Morgan had left him for dead in a town called Beechers Corners. Nina recalled reading about the showdown when she had researched Franco on the Internet, so he skipped ahead to explain that he had found the house because he had needed a quiet and very private place to recuperate from his injuries. Franco assured her that the house was safe, but Nina imagined that he had been lonely during his recovery.

Franco conceded that he had been but admitted that he had never imagined that he'd one day have a mother and her child visit. Nina smiled then reached for the phone because she wanted to check in with Silas. Franco frowned as he pointed out that it would be a bad idea to let Silas know where they were, but Nina insisted that Silas would be concerned about where she and the baby were because Silas was the baby's father. Franco delicately reminded Nina that she was not the infant's mother nor was Silas the baby's father because Nina had stolen the newborn from Ava.

Nina became increasingly upset, but Franco warned Nina that the police might have tapped Silas' phone, which would lead the police directly to Nina and Franco. Nina was curious why Franco was concerned about the police, so he confessed that he had kidnapped four people including Carly and his mother, held them at gunpoint, and then had threatened to blow them up. Nina's eyes filled with compassion as Franco told her about the events at his wedding, but he assured her that he had turned the incriminating video of Sonny's confession over to Scott, which had led to Sonny's arrest for murder.

Nina reached for Franco's hands to squeeze them in a gesture of comfort because she knew how much Franco had loved Carly. Nina's moment of lucidity quickly faded as she returned to talk of calling Silas and the baby being Silas' daughter. Nina firmly believed that she and Silas could be a happy family with their daughter, so Franco was forced to remind Nina that the baby wasn't Nina and Silas' daughter. However, Nina became increasingly agitated because she desperately needed the baby to be her daughter, so Franco decided to play along with her delusion in order to calm her.

Franco reminded Nina that she couldn't afford to be arrested for attacking Madeline because the baby would be left motherless. Nina realized that he had a point and admitted that she didn't want him to go to jail, either, but she didn't know what to do about Silas because she was desperate for Silas to join her and the baby. Franco promised to figure something out, but he asked for some time, so Nina reluctantly agreed to wait to call Silas.

At the hospital, Kiki left Michael a voicemail message, beseeching him to call her back because she was worried about him. She assured him that she loved him and had never meant to hurt him then ended the call.

Nearby, Silas announced that he intended to check on Ava, but he suggested that Morgan wait outside Madeline's hospital room for news. Silas hoped that Madeline would be able to tell them Nina's whereabouts.

After Silas walked away, he spotted Kiki near the nurses' station in tears, so he pulled his daughter aside to hug her and then ask why she was upset. Kiki explained that she might have lost Michael for good because she and Morgan had known the truth about A.J.'s murder but had kept the secret from Michael. Silas urged Kiki to fight for Michael if she loved him by forcing Michael to hear her out, but Kiki was reluctant to leave her mother's side. Silas assured Kiki that there were plenty of people looking after Ava, so they could spare Kiki for a little while.

In the police station's lockup, Sonny demanded to be released. He was desperate to aid in the search for the missing newborn because the baby was a part of his family, but the guards ignored Sonny. Duke urged Sonny to calm down because Duke was confident that Anna had been doing everything possible to find the abducted infant. Sonny ignored Duke by shouting that Sonny had a right to an attorney.

Moments Later, Alexis arrived. Sonny immediately asked if the baby had been found, but Alexis quietly admitted that Nina had managed to evade the police and had disappeared with the baby again. However, Alexis added that Madeline had been found in the motel where Nina had been hiding out, so everyone was hopeful that Madeline would be able to provide the police with crucial information that would lead to the return of the missing newborn.

Sonny begged Alexis to get him out of jail, but Alexis reminded Sonny that he had fired her because of her association with Julian. Sonny was certain that they could work something out as long as Alexis got Sonny out of jail, but Alexis explained that she couldn't work for Sonny because it would be a conflict of interest, since she was there to help Duke. Sonny became emotional as he insisted that he needed to find the baby, so Alexis advised Sonny to call Diane then ordered a guard to have Duke taken to a private room so Duke and Alexis could speak privately.

In the squad room, Scott approached Anna to ask if Sonny and Duke were still behind bars. Anna assured him that both men remained locked up as well as Scott's ex, Heather. Anna sarcastically wondered if Scott realized that Franco had gone on a "terror spree" the previous day because Scott had allowed Franco to leave the Haunted Star. According to Anna, Franco had terrorized Carly, Shawn, Jordan, and even Heather, but Scott doubted that Anna had had any real concern for Heather.

Anna conceded that Scott was right, but she was worried about the DVD that Franco had left behind for Carly that had been filled with threats. Anna handed Scott the DVD to look at as she demanded to know if Scott knew where Franco was. Scott revealed that Franco had left a letter for Scott then pulled it out to read it aloud to Anna. The letter thanked Scott for the bachelor party, but Franco was certain that Scott realized that he and Scott could never really have a real father/son relationship. However the evening had given Franco a taste of what might have been.

Anna quietly asked for the letter because it was evidence, so Scott asked if he could make a copy of it first. Anna agreed, but she expected Scott to issue an arrest warrant for Franco. As Scott left, Duke was escorted through the squad room with Alexis trailing behind. Anna seemed surprised that Duke had hired Alexis, but Duke confessed that Lucy had retained Alexis' services. Duke shifted gears to beg Anna to give him a chance to explain, but Anna refused to talk because she was busy trying to locate a missing infant.

In the interrogation room, Alexis strongly advised Duke that the only way to avoid jail time was to testify against Sonny.

In Madeline's hospital room, Liesl and Nathan hovered near Madeline's bedside as they waited for her to wake up. Liesl confessed that she had never seen her sister, "Magda," looking so vulnerable, but Nathan quietly thanked Liesl for leading him to the Rendezvous Motel. Liesl admitted that she hadn't enjoyed betraying her sister, but she had felt obligated to tell Nathan where Nina and Madeline were hiding because Liesl knew that he had been worried.

Liesl realized that she hadn't been the mother of Nathan's dreams, but she assured him that she cared about him. Liesl pointed out that he had been the same age as Ava's baby when Liesl had given Nathan up but she assured him that it had been the most difficult thing she had ever done. She became choked up with emotion as she assured him that she had missed him then added that she hoped her sister would be good to him by revealing Nina's whereabouts.

"James," Madeline quietly whispered as her eyes slowly opened. Madeline looked around in confusion as she asked where she was, so Nathan explained that he and Anna had found her injured at the motel, but Nina had already fled with the baby. Madeline realized that her wrist was handcuffed to the bed, prompting Nathan to inform Madeline that she was in police custody because she had helped Nina abduct the baby. Madeline claimed that she hadn't had any choice in the matter because Nina had been completely unhinged.

Madeline pointed out that she had not only been attacked, but she had tried to alert the police by leaving Liesl a voicemail message revealing where Madeline and Nina had been hiding out. Nathan was curious why Madeline hadn't called him, but Madeline insisted that she couldn't have risked Nina finding out that she had been in contact with the police. Madeline insisted that she had been terrified for her life because Nina would have killed Madeline if "he" hadn't stopped Nina.

Stunned, Nathan asked who "he" was. "It was Franco," Madeline answered. Liesl tensed because she recalled mentioning to Franco that Nina had been at the Rendezvous Motel. Nathan wondered how Franco had managed to find Nina, so Liesl suggested that perhaps Nina had called Franco because Nina and Franco were close friends. Madeline was grateful that Franco had arrived when he had because Nina had been spiraling out of control and had lost complete touch with reality. Nathan was curious if Madeline knew where Franco had taken Nina and the baby, but Madeline admitted that she had no idea.

After Nathan left, Madeline thanked Liesl for alerting Nathan by passing along Madeline's voicemail message, but Liesl knew the real reason Madeline had left the voicemail message was because Madeline had hoped to trick Nina into signing over Nina's fortune by pretending to call Silas. Madeline countered that she knew that Liesl was a huge fan of Franco's art, so Madeline was certain that her sister had told Franco about the Rendezvous Motel.

Meanwhile, Carly arrived at the hospital. She saw a newspaper with Sonny's picture splashed on the front page as a nurse walked up. The nurse noticed the headline about Sonny's arrest. "They finally got that S.O.B.," the nurse remarked.

A short time later, Carly approached Morgan. After they exchanged a hug, Carly tearfully apologized for not listening to Michael, Morgan, and Josslyn's concerns about Franco. She regretted that she had hurt her children by becoming involved with Franco, but Morgan insisted that she had nothing to apologize for because Franco had manipulated Carly. Carly and Morgan agreed that Franco was a "sick son of a bitch," then shifted gears to talk about the impact that Franco's video had had on Michael.

Carly was grateful that Morgan had stopped Michael from killing Sonny because she was certain that Michael would have lived to regret shooting Sonny. She realized that Michael didn't want anything to do with Sonny and Carly at the moment, but she was happy that he still had Morgan and Kiki to lean on. Morgan confessed that he and Kiki were also dead to Michael because Michael had found out that Morgan and Kiki had known that Sonny had killed A.J. Stunned, Carly asked how, so Morgan revealed that Ava had told them.

Infuriated, Carly was certain that Ava hadn't mentioned that Ava had murdered Connie. Morgan revealed that Sonny had told him about Connie's murder. Carly was relieved that Morgan had stuck faithfully by Sonny's side, but she was worried about Michael because she feared that Michael didn't have anyone left to talk to.

Later, Nathan updated Morgan about what Madeline had revealed. "It never stops with him," Carly grumbled when Nathan mentioned Franco's involvement in Nina's latest disappearance. Nathan was curious if Carly had any idea where Franco might have gone, but she shook her head because he had been practically homeless when she had met him. Carly saw Scott approach, so she suggested that Nathan talk to Scott because she was certain that Scott might have some answers.

Scott, who had been accompanied by a police officer, was immediately skeptical when Carly accused Franco of helping Nina escape with the missing infant. Carly insisted that Franco was an "evil freak" who had threatened Josslyn, so she demanded that Scott do something about his son. Scott revealed that an arrest warrant had been issued for Franco -- and Carly.

Morgan was shocked as the police officer stepped forward to handcuff Carly then place her under arrest. Carly assured Morgan that everything would be okay and told him not to worry. She urged her son to focus on finding the baby then quietly left with Scott and the police officer.

In Ava's hospital room, Ava slowly woke up then saw Julian standing by the window. She asked how long she had been in the hospital, so he revealed that she had arrived the previous evening. Julian assured his sister that he had rushed to her side as soon as he had heard about what had happened, so Ava's eyes filled with tears as she asked if her daughter had been found. Julian's expression clouded with sadness as he filled her in about Nina's recent escape.

Ava was desperate for answers when Julian revealed that Madeline was in the hospital, so Ava jumped out of bed, vowing to "choke the truth out of that witch." Julian quickly restrained Ava because she was too weak to traipse around the hospital, let alone search for her daughter. Ava's eyes swam with tears as she explained that Nina was "barking mad" then told him about the horror of watching Nina walk out the door with Ava's newborn. Julian held his sister as she wept in his arms.

A short time later, Silas checked in on Ava to offer her words of encouragement. Ava was certain that she could force Madeline to talk, but Morgan entered the room to announce that Madeline had revealed that Franco had helped Nina escape. Morgan conceded it wasn't much to go on, but it was a start.

Meanwhile, Sonny was surprised when he saw Scott enter lockup. Scott announced that he had company for Sonny as Carly was marched to a jail cell.

In the squad room, Nathan arrived to report to Anna about Madeline's claim that Franco had helped Nina disappear with the baby.

In Michael's apartment, Michael woke up when he heard his phone ring. He saw that it was Kiki, so he sent the call to voicemail. He then looked next to him in bed, where Rosalie remained asleep. Moments later, Rosalie opened her eyes. Michael quietly greeted her, but it was clear that Rosalie was uncomfortable as she realized that she and Michael had slept together. She tried to get out of bed, certain that he wanted her to leave, but Michael surprised her by asking why she would think that.

Rosalie was certain that once Michael cooled down, he would want to work things out with Kiki, but Michael assured Rosalie that it was over between him and Kiki. Michael explained that his entire family had lied to him under the guise of protecting him, so he had washed his hands of Sonny, Carly, Morgan, and Kiki. Michael insisted that there was no returning from what they had done to him because they had all known that solving A.J.'s murder had been the most important thing to him. Rosalie didn't want Michael to have any regrets, so Michael conceded that he had many regrets, but she was not one of them.

Rosalie thought it would be best if she left so Michael could sort things out, but Michael wanted her to stay because she had been the only person who hadn't used him. Rosalie regretfully disagreed because she had slept with him to escape from her own troubles for a short while. Rosalie confessed that she deeply regretted allowing Madeline to blackmail her into revealing where Ava was because it meant that Rosalie was partly responsible for what had happened to Ava's baby. Michael insisted that it wasn't Rosalie's fault, but Rosalie argued that even Nathan had blamed her for Nina kidnapping Ava's daughter.

Rosalie felt bad for Ava, but Michael assured Rosalie that it wasn't necessary because Ava was far from innocent. He revealed that Ava had killed Connie but had framed A.J. for the crime. Michael admitted that A.J. hadn't been convicted of the murder, but the thought that A.J. might have committed the crime had haunted A.J. until the end. Rosalie realized that the poor baby wouldn't fare any better with Ava than with Nina, so perhaps Morgan should raise the baby. Michael scoffed at the idea because Morgan was immature and a "spineless tool" who could barely take care of himself.

Michael prayed that once the baby was found, she would be given to a distant relative who knew the difference between right and wrong. Rosalie felt terrible about her role in what had happened to the newborn, so Michael suggested that he and Rosalie try to escape again by making love. Michael and Rosalie began to make love, unaware that someone had turned a key in the door.

Moments later, Kiki entered the apartment and saw Michael in bed with Rosalie.

Friday, November 14, 2014

At Wyndemere, Nikolas read a financial newspaper over breakfast as Britt sat across the table, browsing through the Port Charles Press. Britt was curious if Nikolas was reading anything interesting, but he doubted she was really interested financial news. However, he noticed the front-page story about Sonny's arrest, so he asked about the news in Julian Jerome's "rag." Britt revealed that her mother had once again landed in another scandal involving Madeline, Nina, and Ava's kidnapped infant, but Nikolas wasn't surprised. He decided to change the subject by suggesting that he and Britt return to bed, so Britt happily agreed.

However, Nikolas groaned with frustration when the doorbell rang as he and Britt passed through the foyer. Nikolas explained that Alfred had the day off, so Nikolas had to answer the door. Both he and Britt were surprised when he opened the door and a man introduced himself as Agent Sloane from the Justice Department. Agent Sloane asked to speak to Nikolas and Britt, so Nikolas invited Sloane inside then offered the agent breakfast. Sloane declined the breakfast because he had something important to discuss with Nikolas and Britt.

Agent Sloane assumed that Nikolas had been aware of the recent revelation that Victor Cassadine had been the head of the World Security Bureau, so Nikolas nodded but assured the agent that neither Nikolas nor Britt had had any involvement with Victor's activities. Sloane believed Nikolas but explained that Victor had authorized a lot of unsanctioned operations and off the book projects, which had prompted an investigation into the corruption inside the WSB. Sloane explained that the Justice Department had uncovered files indicating that Cesar Faison had never reached Steinmauer Maximum-Security Prison because Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane had murdered Britt's father. Britt was stunned as Sloane added that Robert had vanished, but Sloane intended to pursue a case against Anna for fraud, corruption, and murder -- with Britt's help.

At the hospital, Liesl was not pleased when she saw Jason walking toward her with Elizabeth's help. Liesl demanded to know what "Jake" was still doing at the hospital, so Elizabeth assured Liesl that Jake had been about to leave. "So, sadly, I guess this is goodbye," Jason said with a smirk, but Liesl was not amused because she was the only one who was allowed to make jokes at the hospital.

Liesl turned her back to Jason as she began to work on a computer but she asked if he had contacted social services to find accommodations once his "freeloading" days at the hospital were over. Liesl was surprised when Elizabeth announced that "Jake" would be staying with Elizabeth because Jake hadn't fully recuperated and still needed medical care. Liesl warned Elizabeth not to let Jake's care interfere with Elizabeth's work then pointedly looked at Jason as she reminded Elizabeth that all patients were required to be in a wheelchair when they were discharged from the hospital.

Later, Elizabeth pushed Jason's wheelchair as he asked if she was certain that it was okay for him to stay with her. Elizabeth promised "Jake" that it was fine then confided that Cameron was excited about having Jake there and had even pulled out the toolbox. Jason suddenly asked Elizabeth to stop when they passed a wall of remembrance that featured pictures of doctors and nurses who'd had a lasting impact on the hospital over the years. He stared at a picture of Alan Quartermaine as he admitted that there was something familiar about the man.

Surprised, Elizabeth revealed that the man in the picture was Alan Quartermaine, who had once been the hospital's chief of staff. She smiled as she admitted that Alan had been a wonderful man and Monica's husband. Jason also noticed pictures of Edward and Lila, so Elizabeth revealed that Edward and Lila had been Alan's parents, who had earned honorary places on the wall because each had been a great benefactor to the hospital over many years. Jason remarked that Lila had had kind eyes, so Elizabeth confessed that Lila had been as sweet as Edward had been cantankerous.

Elizabeth was curious if Jake recalled knowing any of the Quartermaines, but he shook his head. However, he admitted that something seemed familiar about them, so Elizabeth conceded that it was possible that Jake had recognized Alan and his parents because the Quartermaines were a prominent family. Dejected, Jason pointed out that they had no idea if he was even from Port Charles, but Elizabeth promised that they would find out who he was. Jason admitted that something about the Quartermaine name felt right to him, but he doubted that the family would appreciate someone like him using it as a last name instead of Doe.

A short time later, Elizabeth and Jason arrived at her house. She invited him to make himself comfortable while she fetched him some water before her sons arrived home. After Elizabeth disappeared into the kitchen, Jason noticed an array of framed photographs of Elizabeth's family, so he looked at them until his eyes landed on one of Elizabeth and a man, unaware that it was him before his facial reconstruction.

In Michael's apartment, Kiki was shocked when she walked in on Michael and Rosalie in bed together. "Oh, crap," Rosalie quietly said when she noticed Kiki in the doorway. Kiki demanded to know what was going on, but Michael unapologetically pointed out that he and Rosalie had been making love. Michael wanted to get back to what he had been doing, so he ordered Kiki to leave. Kiki refused to budge prompting Rosalie to slide out of the bed with the blanket wrapped around her.

Rosalie apologized then tried to explain that she and Michael had been drinking and that things were not as they appeared, but Kiki shouted at Rosalie to get out. Rosalie quickly slipped into the bathroom to get dressed as Kiki confronted Michael about sleeping with Rosalie. Michael calmly got out of bed then began to get dressed as he asked why Kiki was at the apartment. Kiki explained that she had been worried about him because he hadn't returned any of her phone calls or text messages.

Kiki felt foolish that she had been concerned about Michael when he had been in bed with "that tramp." Michael's temper flared because he resented Kiki referring to Rosalie as a tramp. He insisted that he liked Rosalie and had a lot in common with her. Michael also pointed out that Rosalie had been a real friend to him, so he warned Kiki never to disrespect Rosalie again. Kiki appreciated that Michael was upset that Kiki hadn't told him that Sonny had shot A.J. so she conceded that he had a right to be angry, but Michael insisted that he didn't need Kiki's permission.

Kiki switched gears by reminding Michael that she was his girlfriend and that they loved each other, but Michael disagreed. "I don't love you -- not anymore," Michael coldly told her. Michael angrily reminded Kiki how many times he had talked to her about how important honesty had been to him, but she had continually lied to him, even about Franco. Kiki explained that she had been trying to protect Michael from further pain, but Michael accused Kiki of lying because it had been easier to control what he knew and to protect his relationship with his father's murder.

Michael made it clear that it was over. Hurt, Kiki decided to collect her things, but Michael informed her that he would send her things to her and Morgan at the brownstone. Kiki was shocked at Michael's veiled suggestion that something was going on between her and Morgan, so she assured him that he was wrong. Michael appeared skeptical because he recalled that Michael had been her confidant when she had been involved with Morgan. He suggested that perhaps it was a pattern for Kiki because she seemed to want the brother she couldn't have.

Michael suspected that Kiki craved the drama because it made her feel more important. Regardless, Michael decided that she was Morgan's problem. Kiki's eyes filled with tears, but Michael was unmoved as he finished getting dressed then asked her to leave the key. Kiki insisted that she had acted out of love for him, but she was sad about how quickly he could throw what they'd shared away.

In the police station's lockup, Carly tearfully told Sonny that she loved him, so he assured her that he loved her too. However, he was furious that Scott had arrested her. Carly assured Sonny that it was okay because it had been somewhat expected after Franco had turned over the video of Sonny's confession and her admission to helping Sonny cover up the crime. Sonny became choked up as he and Carly began to talk about Michael because Sonny knew that he had lost Michael for good.

Carly was confident that Michael loved Sonny and would eventually forgive him, but Sonny explained that Michael had wanted to kill him at the brownstone. Carly admitted that she had heard about the incident, but she reminded Sonny that Michael hadn't ultimately pulled the trigger. Sonny argued that Michael had every right to hate him because he had killed Michael's father, so Carly pointed out that Michael hated her too.

Carly's eyes welled up with tears as she talked about Michael's reaction to seeing the video on the Haunted Star. She felt foolish that she had allowed Franco to manipulate her and deeply regretted that she hadn't listened to everyone's warnings. Carly apologized, but Sonny explained that it wasn't her fault because she had repeatedly warned Sonny that Franco had been a ticking time bomb who had wanted nothing more than to retaliate against Sonny by revealing the truth to Michael about A.J.'s murder.

Carly revealed that she knew about Sonny's plan to kill Franco before the wedding then added that she wished that Sonny had succeeded. Sonny regretted that he had been too arrogant and headstrong by believing that he'd had everything under control, so Carly changed the subject by reminding Sonny that he had told her that he loved her the night before the wedding. She assured him that she loved him too, but Sonny admitted that sometimes love was not enough.

Carly agreed because she had always known that she and Sonny would end in disaster, but she hadn't expected their children to get hurt. Sonny blamed himself because he had only been focused on what he had wanted to the exclusion of everything else. Carly conceded that A.J.'s death was on Sonny, but the rest was her fault because she had foolishly trusted Franco with a secret that had had the power to blow their family apart. Sonny was furious that he hadn't killed Franco the second that Franco had returned to town, but Carly reminded Sonny that she had adamantly defended Franco by insisting that Franco had been a changed man.

Carly confided that she had wanted to believe in Franco because her world had been gray since Jason's death, leaving her lost and aimless. She revealed that a part of her had hoped to hold on to a sliver of Jason by believing that a brain tumor had been responsible for Franco's terrible deeds because at the time, everyone had thought that Franco had been Jason's twin. Carly doubted that she and Sonny would be in jail if she hadn't been determined to make Franco a part of their lives.

"I accept your apology," Sonny quietly assured Carly then demanded that she stop blaming herself because Franco needed to be "put down like a dog" instead of running around while Sonny and Carly were locked up. Carly gently broke the news to Sonny that Franco had helped Nina flee town with Ava's baby. Sonny was outraged that he was stuck behind bars instead of out there searching for the newborn, but Carly assured Sonny that Anna was working on it. Sonny didn't hold out much hope because Anna had been busy trying to convict Duke.

Carly was surprised when Sonny told her about Duke's arrest. Sonny added that Alexis had been retained to represent Duke, so Sonny was concerned that Alexis would try to persuade Duke to testify against Sonny. Carly doubted that Duke would turn against Sonny, but Sonny suspected that Duke wouldn't be eager to return to prison after enduring two decades in a Turkish prison. Carly feared that Duke's testimony would be another nail in Sonny's coffin, but all Sonny cared about was seeing their son again.

Moments later, Sonny and Carly heard the guard's keys rattle as the main bars were unlocked. They were surprised when Michael entered lockup then approached Sonny's jail cell.

In the interrogation room, Alexis advised Duke to testify against Sonny, but Duke pointed out that it shouldn't be necessary, since Scott had a video confession of Sonny admitting to shooting A.J. Alexis explained that any district attorney worth their grain of salt would want corroborating evidence which Duke's testimony would provide. Alexis insisted that she could argue that Duke had lied because he had been in fear for his life, but Duke scoffed at the suggestion then made it clear that he would not roll on Sonny. Alexis warned Duke that she might not be able to work out a deal for Duke to avoid jail time if he didn't work with the district attorney, but Duke refused to budge.

In the squad room, Anna was on the phone with a police official. She explained that an amended arrest warrant had been issued for Franco because Franco had helped Nina Clay flee Port Charles with the baby, so Anna wanted the APB updated to reflect the new charges. After she ended the call, Lucy marched in demanding to visit with Duke. Anna explained that it wasn't possible, so Lucy launched into a rant about Duke's rights and Anna's betrayal of Duke. Lucy couldn't believe that Duke had gone from being the love of Anna's life to a criminal overnight because of one "teeny-weeny tiny lie" that hadn't yet been substantiated.

Anna calmly explained that Duke was busy with Alexis whom Lucy had hired to represent Duke. Anna was curious why Lucy had felt the need to retain an attorney for Duke, so Lucy explained that Duke was a friend who deserved a proper defense. Lucy admitted that Duke had always been there for Lucy in Lucy's time of need, so Lucy had wanted to return the favor. Lucy's tone turned challenging as she asked if Anna had a problem with that, but before Anna could reply, Alexis and Duke exited the interrogation room.

Lucy immediately ran to hug Duke then fussed over him because she thought he looked pale. Duke's eyes remained firmly planted on Anna as he assured Lucy that he was fine. He then focused on Lucy to thank her for retaining Alexis. Alexis quietly explained that she hadn't been able to help Duke because Duke had refused to work with her. Stunned, Lucy demanded to know why.

Anna decided to excuse herself because she couldn't be privy to their conversation, but Duke asked Anna to wait because he desperately wanted to talk to her. Anna refused, claiming that she needed to question a suspect at the hospital.

After Anna left, Lucy tried to get Duke to explain what was going on, but Duke insisted that he had made the right decision. Alexis reminded Duke that they had to leave for the courthouse because the arraignment was scheduled to begin in thirty minutes. Lucy decided that it would be sufficient time for her to persuade Duke to change his mind, so she pulled on her coat then followed Anna and Duke out of the squad room.

Later, Anna bumped into Liesl at the hospital.

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