General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 4, 2015 on GH

Lucas accepted Brad's proposal. Courtney paid Spencer a visit. Elizabeth decided to keep quiet about Jake's real identity so she could pursue a relationship with him. Hayden blackmailed Nikolas. Carlos cornered Duke in the parking garage.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 4, 2015 on GH
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As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me

Monday, May 4, 2015

"Lucas Jones, will you marry me?" Brad asked into the microphone so that everyone could hear him. There were gasps until people excitedly started to take videos and pictures on their phones. Lucas covered the microphone and said that Brad was caught up in the moment, so he shouldn't ask the question of Lucas unless he meant it. Brad assured Lucas that he'd meant every word. Lucas grabbed the microphone out of Brad's hand and exclaimed, "Yes, Brad Cooper, I will marry you!" The two shared a kiss as the audience cheered.

A short while later, Julian put one arm around Lucas and one arm around Brad as he welcomed Brad to the family. Just then, Lucy ran over and whispered that it was almost time for the Magic Milo act to begin. Brad and Lucas started off in opposite directions. Before leaving to get ready, Lucas teasingly reminded Brad not to look at any of the guys except for him.

Cameron was sitting dejectedly backstage when Emma found him. He was sad that Elizabeth and Ric wouldn't be getting married because of Ric's lies. Emma suggested that they skip out on their dance number, but Cameron assured her that it would only make his night better. As the two walked away, Spencer entered the backstage area in a cape.

Onstage, Lucy announced the next act, Magic Milo and the Magic Wands. The number started out with Lucas dressed as "the Doctor." It continued with Felix dressed as "the Nurse," Michael dressed as "the Executive," T.J. as "the Student," Nathan as "the Cop," and finally, Milo as "the Pizza Guy." The women in the audience went crazy as the guys danced. Ellie took a video of the performance, to the judging of Maxie and Spinelli. The guys went into the audience and danced in the crowd. At the end of the number, the guys tore off their pants to reveal "Nurses Ball" written on the backs of their briefs. Epiphany went up onstage and kissed Milo as the crowd cheered.

When the performance was over, Dante found Valerie out in the hall, checking out the "swag bags." He teased Valerie about her excitement about the bags.

Backstage, Emma and Cameron ran into Spencer, who claimed to be the "Phantom of the Nurses Ball." He wanted to "whisk Emma away on an adventure through the catacombs of Wyndemere." Emma didn't want to go, and Spencer accused her of being horrified by his face. She didn't care how he looked, only how he treated her, which, to her, was like "a prize to be won." She hoped he could be happy again and left with Cameron. "You won't get away with this," Spencer muttered.

Onstage, Lucy announced the Haunted Starlets. Dancing and singing to Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband" were Sabrina, Maxie, Ellie, Lulu, Valerie, and Sam. Both Maxie and Ellie, and Lulu and Valerie clashed during the number. Amid the cheers when the number was over, Nathan and Spinelli remarked on Ellie and Maxie's beauty, respectively, and awkwardly commented on their respective exes' beauty as well.

The next number was a tango performed by Emma and Cameron. During the dance, Anna and Duke shared a meaningful look. Suddenly, sandbags began to fall to the stage. Anna and Patrick quickly got the kids off the stage as Spencer appeared on the video screen. "I am the Phantom of the Nurses Ball! If you think I'm a monster, I'll give you a monster!" he cried.

Spencer continued that everyone should be afraid because, "you never know when I'll strike!" He appeared onstage, and Dante wondered where Nikolas was. Lulu went up onstage with Spencer and wondered why he'd almost hurt Cameron and Emma. Spencer claimed that Cameron had started the fire at his birthday party on purpose. Lulu took Spencer off the stage and went to find Nikolas.

Backstage, Lucy looked on as Duke peered through the curtain to make sure that Emma was all right. Lucy told him to go check on Emma, but Duke refused. Lucy knew that Duke still loved Anna, so she urged him to go fight for her. Duke didn't think there was a point. As Lucy scolded him for wanting to live a miserable life, the curtain opened. As per tradition, Lucy was in only a bodysuit.

Kyle asked Anna if the lack of clothing was normal for the Nurses Ball. "Unfortunately, yes," Anna replied. Lucy hid behind Duke as she announced that Duke had offered to step in to perform the tango. "I did?" he wondered. Lucy continued that Duke and Anna would be performing the dance, and she ran off the stage. "Join me for old time's sake?" Duke asked. The music started, and Anna went up on stage. The two danced and received thunderous applause when it was over.

Carly was sorry for all the lies that Jake had been told but told him that the upside was that he got to move on. He demanded to know why he would humiliate Elizabeth in front of everyone. Carly reasoned that she'd needed to out Ric "loud and in public" so he didn't get away with it, and she regretted that Elizabeth had been caught in the crossfire. Jake understood her rationale, but he still wished Carly had gone about things differently.

Carly wondered if Jake still wanted to be her friend. He joked that he wouldn't be able to get rid of her even if he wanted to. He thanked Carly for what she'd done for him, because he stood a chance with Elizabeth. Carly wondered if he really wanted to rush into a relationship with Elizabeth, since he could have a family somewhere. Jake doubted he would remember anything from his past, and he refused to put his life on hold for something that could not even exist. He thought he'd deal with the situation if it ever happened.

Jake told Carly that he liked Elizabeth, and he thought she liked him too. He wanted to fight for her, and he hoped Carly would back him up. She promised to always have Jake's back, and the two shared a hug. A few minutes later, Jake had gone to find Elizabeth. Brad and Lucas ran by Carly, and Lucas shouted to her that he and Brad were engaged. She wanted the details, but the couple ran away giddily.

Elizabeth explained to Nikolas that she didn't care who Jake had been. She liked Jake, and she wanted to be with him. Nikolas tried to talk her out of it when he finally blurted out, "Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan!" He continued that she didn't deserve to get "the rug pulled out" from under her again. She didn't believe him and turned to leave, but Nikolas swore on Spencer's life, which stopped Elizabeth in her tracks. She demanded to know how Nikolas knew.

Nikolas explained that Helena had known, because she'd been at Crichton-Clark with Jason. They'd escaped before the explosion, and that was the night that Jason had been hit by a car. Elizabeth realized that was why she'd felt a connection to Jake as soon as she'd met him. She realized that Jake hadn't had a connection to the name "Jake" because it had been his own name and that it was because he vaguely remembered his son with Elizabeth.

Nikolas admitted that he'd known for months. Elizabeth yelled that Jason had a right to his life and that Jason's family and friends had a right to know that their loved one was alive. She thought that Emily only would have forgiven Nikolas after finding out that Helena had forced Nikolas to keep the secret, and she asked if that was what had happened. Nikolas told her that Helena had threatened to send him to prison, but really, he'd been planning to take over ELQ, and Jason being alive would "ruin everything." He stated that he'd stayed quiet because he'd chosen to. Elizabeth slapped him hard across the face.

Elizabeth demanded to know why Nikolas would do that to someone who'd never been anything but decent to Nikolas. He explained that the last two years of his life had been "a disaster" and that he was "reclaiming my life." He continued that most of the people Jason loved were better off, since Jason had always been torn between his family and the mob. Elizabeth cried that it wasn't Nikolas' call to make.

Elizabeth wondered why Nikolas had chosen to tell her. Nikolas cared about Elizabeth and didn't want to see her in pain. He thought that if he allowed her to be with Jake and then the news was revealed, she would be even more devastated. She turned to leave so she could "tell Jason the truth." She thought that everyone deserved to know the truth. "I won't stop you," Nikolas said, and Elizabeth left.

Spencer, Lulu, Dante, and Valerie were back at Wyndemere. Lulu understood that Spencer had been going through a tough time, but she didn't think it gave him an excuse to hurt others. He said he was sorry, and she believed him. Lulu wanted to wait for Nikolas to arrive home, but Dante thought Spencer needed some space. Spencer promised not to "do anything stupid," so Lulu agreed. She promised to check in with him the next day, and they left Spencer in the living room. Dante made sure that Valerie would keep an eye on Spencer, and she agreed to.

Spencer was facedown on the couch when he felt a hand on his back. He told whoever it was to leave him alone. He turned over and gaped as he recognized the woman: "Mother?"

Onstage at the Nurses Ball, Patrick and Emma played guitar and sang together. They sang of Emma's ability to do anything she chose to do as home movies and picture of Emma as a baby and toddler played in the background. Elizabeth entered the room and saw Sam happily watching Patrick and Emma. As the song ended, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Lucy got onstage and dubbed the performance as the most touching thing she'd ever seen. Just then, Elizabeth ran onstage and grabbed the microphone as Nikolas, Carly, and Jake entered the room. Elizabeth apologized for interrupting and announced that there was something she needed to say.

Elizabeth decides not to tell Jake the truth

Elizabeth decides not to tell Jake the truth

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

At the Nurses Ball, Patrick and Emma performed a song together as they each strummed a guitar. Elizabeth stood in the background and watched, but her gaze drifted to Sam, who watched the performance with a big smile on her face. After the song ended, Anna ran up to kiss her granddaughter as Sam clapped for both Patrick and Emma. At the same time, Lucy returned to the stage to thank Patrick and Emma, for the "amazing" performance.

Lucy was about to introduce the next act, but Elizabeth suddenly ran to the stage to grab the microphone from Lucy. The applause died down as Elizabeth announced that she had something to say. "It's about Jason," Elizabeth added as Nikolas entered the ballroom. Elizabeth appeared undecided what to say next, prompting Carly to ask what Elizabeth had to say. Elizabeth looked at Jake as Nikolas' shocking confession about Jake being Jason replayed in her mind.

Jake quietly remarked to Carly that Elizabeth seemed upset, but Carly wanted an answer. Elizabeth recalled the special moments she had shared with Jason through the years, including reconnecting with him after his facial reconstruction and amnesia, so she decided to share a poignant story about Robin's tragic love story with Stone and courageous confession during a Nurses Ball that Robin was a "face of HIV" during a time when the virus meant almost certain death. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears as she talked about the emotional toll the admission had had on Robin and how Jason had carried Robin off stage.

Elizabeth's voice quivered with emotion as she added that Jason had died, but Robin was happily living in France. However, each had been an example of acceptance and courage to those who loved them. Elizabeth confessed that Jason and Robin had been the two bravest people she had ever met and then quietly added that she wished she could have had some of Robin and Jason's courage. Suddenly feeling awkward, Elizabeth apologized for taking up everyone's time, handed the microphone to Lucy, and ran out of the ballroom. Jake tensed when he noticed Nikolas follow her, but he turned his attention to Carly as he admitted that he finally understood who Jason had been.

In the hallway, Elizabeth ran until she found a quiet corner in which to cry as her legs gave out. Moments later, Nikolas appeared and handed her a handkerchief, so she accepted it then invited him to ask why she hadn't told everyone that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan. Elizabeth conceded that she had been about to reveal the truth until she had seen Jason standing next to Carly.

According to Elizabeth, she no longer saw Jake when she looked at him -- she saw Jason. Everything had changed for her, so she had decided not to say anything. "And I'm not going to," Elizabeth added with determination. Nikolas urged her to reconsider because he didn't want her to make a decision that she would grow to regret, but Elizabeth assured Nikolas that she wouldn't. She explained that Jason would no longer belong to her once the truth had been revealed.

Elizabeth knew there wasn't a place for her in Jason's life, but she could have a chance at happiness with Jake. Elizabeth wanted that opportunity because she and Jason had always been cheated out of it in the past, but Nikolas suggested there might have been a reason for that. Elizabeth refused to lose Jason to Sonny and Carly, who would expect Jason to clean up their messes, but Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that others, including Jason's wife, Sam, would be hurt. Elizabeth rationalized that Sam and Danny were happy with Patrick, who could put Sam and Danny first. Nikolas remained uneasy because it wasn't in Elizabeth's nature to hurt people.

Elizabeth's temper flared because good and honest people like Patrick and Sabrina were always made to suffer for it. Elizabeth was tired of always doing the right thing when half the town constantly got away with lying, cheating, and stealing to get what they wanted without any repercussions. She added that Jason couldn't remember any of his loved ones, so she would be sparing everyone tremendous hurt and disappointment, but Nikolas wasn't sure he could watch Elizabeth make such a big mistake. Elizabeth insisted it wasn't his decision, so she begged him -- if he had ever truly loved her -- to keep her secret. Reluctantly, Nikolas agreed then hugged her.

At Wyndemere, Spencer stared in disbelief at his mother, but Courtney assured him that she was there. Spencer reminded Courtney that she had died moments after his birth, but Courtney told her son that they had always shared a special connection because she had loved him. She wondered if he had felt her love, so Spencer admitted that he had. Courtney smiled but admitted that she was disappointed by his behavior at the Nurses Ball because he could have seriously hurt Cameron and Emma. It was the moment when Courtney had decided Spencer had needed to do more than feel her love -- he had needed to hear her voice.

Spencer defended his actions by accusing "that townie," Cameron, of taking advantage of Spencer's "disfigurement" to steal Emma. Courtney admonished her son because she didn't approve of him saying that he was disfigured or calling people names. Spencer argued that Cameron was a "nobody from low blood," so Courtney revealed she was a townie like Cameron, since she had grown up poor in Atlantic City. Courtney pointed out that calling Cameron a townie hurt Cameron as much as it had hurt her when people had made fun of her social status.

Courtney sensed something else was bothering her son, so she tried to get to the root of Spencer's resentment toward Cameron. Spencer claimed everyone liked Cameron better than they did Spencer, but Courtney knew it went deeper than that. Resigned, Spencer opened up about his fears about his "hideous" scars, so Courtney was curious how Spencer knew what his face looked like, since he had never looked at his injuries. She assured him that beautify was on the inside, so she wanted him to trust her to take off the mask. Spencer reluctantly agreed.

A few minutes later, Courtney invited Spencer to look in the mirror. Spencer slowly turned his head until he saw a small red scar on his cheek. Surprised, he confessed the scar was smaller than he had realized. Courtney grinned as she suggested that it added character to his face. Spencer realized that his time with Courtney was at an end when she began to tearfully talk about his future. Courtney promised that she would always be watching over him and be in his heart then hugged her son tightly.

A short time later, Nikolas arrived home. Nikolas was startled when he noticed his son wasn't wearing the mask, so Spencer cryptically revealed that someone had helped him realize that he could get through difficult times no matter how bad they were. Pleased, Nikolas sat down next to Spencer on the sofa. Courtney appeared behind father and son to rest her hand on each one's shoulder. Spencer smiled knowingly.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Carly and Jake approached the bar. Carly wiped away a stray tear after Elizabeth's speech, so Jake asked if she wanted to talk. Carly declined because she doubted it would help, but she urged Jake to go after Elizabeth. Jake seemed undecided, but Carly shooed him away.

Moments later, Carly bumped into Michael. She quickly seized the opportunity to ask if she could have a private word with him. Michael glanced pointedly at Sabrina, but Sabrina reminded him that she had to get ready for her performance. She urged Michael to stay, and she left. Pleased, Carly talked to Michael about Jason and how she saw a lot of Jason's best qualities in Michael. She admitted that she had wanted her son to become his own man who did what he believed was right, regardless what anyone else thought.

"Not even you?" Michael asked. Carly chuckled. "Just like Jason," she added with a grin.

Nearby, Kyle called out to Jake as Jake passed by. Jake explained that he didn't have time to talk, but Kyle made it clear that it wasn't an option, since the Jeromes had attempted to kill Jordan. Jake admitted that he had doubts that Jordan had been the intended target because Hayden had caught Carlos Rivera, armed with a rifle, in Jake's hotel room on the same day. Jake explained that his room had a bird's-eye view of the restaurant's terrace, so Jake advised Kyle to find out who had been on the terrace that day. Kyle decided to check if Jake's room could double as a "sniper's nest," but he was certain the Jeromes wanted Jordan dead.

Kyle suspected that Carlos had been in Jake's hotel room to frame Jake in case the hit went awry. Jake agreed that was possible, so Kyle advised Jake to use the incident to broach the subject with Julian in the hopes of finding out what was really going on.

In the ballroom, the performances continued with Ned singing a lively rendition of Crazy Little Thing Called Love, while Epiphany, Felix, and Sabrina served as backup singers. During the performance, Ned danced with Olivia, as the audience clapped along. Once the song ended, Patrick asked how Sam was holding up. Sam assured him that she didn't intend to create a scene, but she would have a few questions for Olivia after the ball.

Meanwhile, Carly approached Sabrina in the dressing room to thank Sabrina for encouraging Michael to talk to Carly and for believing in Michael when everyone else, including Carly, had rushed to judgment. Embarrassed, Sabrina confessed that Michael had been good to Sabrina, so she had wanted to return the favor.

In the ballroom, Duke's phone rang, but Shawn and Jordan walked up before he could answer it. Shawn revealed that Julian Jerome had slipped out of the ballroom, so Shawn wanted to go after Julian. Jordan didn't think it was a good idea because it would draw unnecessary attention to them, so Duke agreed with Jordan. Moments later, Duke slipped into the alley to return the call he had missed. He greeted Bruce then instructed Bruce to proceed with the plan to kill Jordan.

In the ballroom, Kyle noticed that Anna had been watching Duke. He knew she was in love with Duke, so he encouraged her to go to Duke to talk things out. Surprised by Kyle's insight, Anna agreed. She caught up with Duke just as he assured Bruce that there wasn't any reason to call the hit off.

At Nathan and Ellie's table, Nathan caught Maxie and Spinelli watching them, so he instructed Ellie to put her arms around his neck and laugh. Ellie did as Nathan requested just as Maxie and Spinelli stood up. Both Maxie and Spinelli tensed when they saw Nathan and Ellie appearing to have a good time. Nathan smiled as he whispered to Ellie that their plan appeared to be working.

A few minutes later, Spinelli took to the stage to sing the romantic ballad It Might Be You. Ellie wiped away a stray tear as Spinelli serenaded Maxie, but his eyes kept straying to Ellie. Nathan and Maxie also kept glancing at each other during Spinelli's performance. After the song ended, everyone clapped, but Spinelli appeared to be deep in thought.

After Spinelli's song ended, Lucy stepped onto the stage to thank everyone, including the Nurses Ball's sponsor, Aveeno; the performers; those who had helped out with the ball; and the generous people who had donated money to the charity. Afterwards, she introduced Epiphany and Sabrina, who closed the show with the song You're Not Alone. During the performance, Lucy invited guests to join Epiphany and Sabrina on stage.

Jake watched from the doorway until he sensed someone standing behind him. He turned and saw Elizabeth in the hallway, so he walked toward her as the ballroom door slowly closed.

Hayden blackmails Nikolas

Hayden blackmails Nikolas

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

After the Nurses Ball ended, Patrick and Sam watched as Julian and Alexis approached Ned and Olivia. Alexis apologized for missing Ned's performance but explained that it had been unavoidable because Molly had had a meltdown. Ned didn't blame Molly for being upset about the fiasco with Ric, so he promised Alexis that it was fine. Julian seized the opportunity to ask how Olivia and the baby were, but Olivia became defensive and began to babble. Ned tactfully intervened by graciously telling Alexis that he hoped both Alexis and Julian enjoyed their evening.

Nearby, Sam admitted that it was difficult for her to watch her father say goodnight to a baby that Julian had no idea was his. Sam decided it was time to do something about it, but Patrick advised Sam against it. Sam ignored him as she marched off to have a talk with Olivia.

In Lucy's dressing room, Maxie recalled seeing Ellie pat Nathan on the rear as he had prepared to perform in the Magic Milo act during the Nurses Ball. However, she shook the memory away as Spinelli suddenly entered the room. He was curious why she was in the dressing room, so Maxie pasted on a smile as she held up her purse and explained that she had collected something she had left behind.

In the ballroom, Ellie reported to Nathan that Spinelli and Maxie had slipped backstage. She wondered if they should follow the couple, but Nathan didn't see the point, since he had no idea what to say to Spinelli and Maxie. Nathan confessed that scheming wasn't his forte, so Ellie assured him that she didn't have much experience with it either. Ellie was dejected because their earlier attempts to get through to Spinelli and Maxie had failed, but Nathan wasn't ready to give up. Ellie had no idea what to do next, so Nathan decided to show her when he saw Spinelli and Maxie approach.

Spinelli and Maxie stopped short when they saw Nathan passionately kiss Ellie. Spinelli quickly recovered from the shock and marched up to Nathan and Ellie, demanding that Nathan unhand Ellie. Spinelli shoved Nathan away then accused Nathan of pawing at Ellie, but Ellie was curious why Spinelli cared. Spinelli sputtered with outrage as he reminded Ellie that she was on the rebound, so Maxie chimed in that Nathan and Ellie barely knew each other. Nathan reminded Maxie that she had her own storybook romance with Spinelli, so Nathan and Ellie were free to write their own.

Ellie added that the next chapter would begin with Nathan taking her home to rock her world. After Ellie took Nathan's arm and started to leave, Maxie asked Nathan to stop because she didn't want him to leave with Ellie; Maxie wanted him to leave with her. Stunned, Nathan asked why Maxie had sent him away when he had gone to her with his heart in his hand, so Maxie explained that she had felt obligated to reject him because she had already promised to be a family with Spinelli. Maxie confided that she had been on her way to tell Nathan that he was the one for her until the "ridiculous" fight with Spinelli at the gym.

Spinelli quietly asked if everything Maxie had said was true, so she apologized for hurting Spinelli once again. However, Maxie believed that she and Spinelli would be better co-parents as friends because Spinelli was meant to be with someone better than Maxie, like Ellie, since Maxie's heart belonged to Nathan. Spinelli surprised Maxie by confessing that Ellie would always be the one for him.

Confused, Maxie asked why Spinelli had tried to make things work with Maxie if Ellie was the one he loved. Spinelli blamed Ellie for making him question if he had unresolved feelings for Maxie. Spinelli had thought things could work with Maxie, but he had realized that he was passionately in love with Ellie. Overjoyed, Ellie kissed Spinelli. Afterwards, Spinelli begged Ellie to take him back, so she grinned and told him to get her out of there.

"Good for him," Nathan said as he watched Spinelli and Ellie run out of the ballroom together. Maxie wondered if Nathan would believe that she, too, had realized that she loved Nathan and had for a long time. Maxie acknowledged that she had sent Nathan mixed signals, but she promised that she was deeply in love with him because he was a kind and honest man who had never given up on her. Sensing the sincerity in her voice and expression, Nathan kissed her.

In an alley outside Metro Court, Duke spoke on the phone with Bruce to confirm that he wanted Bruce to kill Jordan. Duke tensed when Anna suddenly appeared in the doorway, but he remained on the phone as Bruce vowed that Jordan would be dead by morning. After the call, Duke distracted Anna by mentioning their tango during the Nurses Ball. However, his soft smile vanished when Anna admitted that Kyle had sent her. Duke resented Anna's boyfriend sending her to pump Duke for information, but Anna clarified that she and Kyle weren't involved.

Duke was skeptical because of his encounter with Kyle in Anna's hotel room, so Anna explained that it had been an innocent situation, and she hadn't been in the room when Kyle had showered. She quickly shifted gears by admitting that she had felt a connection with Duke during their performance, even though he was dating Lucy. Duke confessed that he and Lucy had ended things because they had each agreed that they were better as friends, which was why Duke had gone to Anna's room. Anna's expression filled with hope as she wondered if there had been anything else Duke had wanted to tell her, so he took her hand then confessed that his life had been empty without her.

Duke regretted the mistakes he had made, including not fighting harder for Anna. However, he pointed out that they could try again, but Anna's eyes filled with tears as she reminded Duke that they remained on opposite sides of the law. Duke was curious if Anna would give him another chance if he removed the obstacles keeping them apart, but Anna doubted that Sonny would make it easy for Duke to walk away. She also admitted the FBI investigation against him wouldn't simply vanish because Duke and Anna had rekindled their romance. Duke didn't expect the investigation to disappear, but he thought perhaps he and Anna could run away to a faraway place where no one knew them.

Duke was confident that Anna could find a safe place with her connections, but Anna wondered if Duke appreciated what he was asking her to give up. Duke reminded Anna that it was the only way for them to be together, but Anna questioned him about his vendetta against Julian. Duke realized that Julian had cost him too much, so Duke refused to risk losing Anna again if she agreed to take him back. Duke assured her that he loved her and that he would make her new life worth it. "Don't we deserve this?" Duke asked.

Anna smiled as tears shimmered in her eyes. Duke was relieved when Anna happily agreed to leave town with him later that night. Duke explained that he had something to take care of, but he promised to meet her at midnight. Anna kissed Duke and then left. Moments later, Duke called Bruce to call off the hit on Jordan, but the call went to voicemail.

At the hotel's elevator, Bruce skulked in the shadows as he spied on Shawn and Jordan. After a heated kiss, Jordan asked if Shawn was ready to go to the bar to mingle and have a cocktail before they ended the evening in bed. Shawn grabbed Jordan's hand and started to lead her away until he spotted Julian and Alexis rounding the corner. Shawn immediately attacked by grabbing Julian's lapels and shoving Julian against the wall. Jordan and Alexis tried to pull Shawn off Julian, but Shawn was livid because Julian had ordered a hit on Jordan.

Julian refused to be intimidated, but he assured Shawn that he hadn't sent anyone to kill Jordan. Shawn released Julian, even though he didn't believe Julian's denial. Julian promised that Shawn could rest easy because Julian wouldn't waste the bullets on Shawn's "piece of ass." Infuriated, Shawn knocked Julian to the ground with a single punch. Rather than cower, Julian stood up and took off his jacket as he invited Shawn to take another swing. Shawn was surprised that Julian would have the courage to face him without Julian's new soldier, Jake, backing Julian up.

Julian reiterated that he hadn't ordered the hit on Jordan. "Then who did?" Shawn demanded in frustration. Julian pointed out that Sonny had a lot of enemies, so it was anyone's guess. However, Julian was adamant that it hadn't been him. Shawn warned Julian not to lie because Shawn would hunt Julian down, but Julian remained firm. After Shawn and Jordan walked away, Bruce carefully followed them.

Meanwhile, Julian was annoyed that Shawn had falsely accused him of putting a hit on Jordan. Alexis ignored the remark as she advised Julian to follow her to the bar so they could put some ice on Julian's injury.

At the bar, Sam approached Olivia to talk about Olivia and Julian. Olivia became nervous, so Ned tried to brush Sam off, but Sam revealed that she knew Julian was the father of Olivia's unborn child. Olivia tried to deny it, but Sam repeated verbatim what she had overheard Olivia and Ned say at General Hospital. Sam suggested it was time for her father, Julian, to learn the truth but Olivia implored Sam to keep the secret. Patrick was surprised, since a father had a right to know about his child, but Olivia disagreed.

Olivia reminded Sam and Patrick that Julian was a mobster. Olivia explained that she had lied about Dante's paternity to give Dante a safe and happy childhood, which Sam, as a mother, should understand. Olivia knew that Sam was uniquely qualified to understand the dangers that surrounded men like Sonny and Julian because of the attempt on Lucas' life during a family dinner. Ned sensed Sam's indecision, so he promised that he would love the baby as his own, but Sam didn't want to betray her entire family. Olivia tearfully reminded Sam that each of Sonny's children had paid a high price for being raised in his world, so Olivia didn't want her child to grow up with car bombs, bullets, and threats of kidnapping.

Olivia insisted that the most important thing was to keep the baby safe, but Sam argued that she couldn't simply lie to her father. "Lie to me about what?" Julian asked as he and Alexis walked up.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was annoyed when he entered his bedroom and saw Hayden lounging naked in his bed. He was curious why she was there, so she admitted that she had been tossed out of the hotel. Hayden seductively invited Nikolas to join her in bed, but he declined and ordered her to leave. Hayden sensed that Nikolas was stressed, so she offered to help him unwind. She playfully promised to keep her voice down, unless he did "that thing with your tongue," but Nikolas wasn't amused.

Hayden stood up to let him take in her nudity as she asked if Nikolas really wanted her to leave. Nikolas remained silent, so she urged him to stop fighting his attraction to her and take her. Later, Hayden stretched out in bed with a satisfied smile until Nikolas made it clear that she was not welcome to stay. Hayden suspected Nikolas' sour mood had something to do with Elizabeth then made a few disparaging comments about Elizabeth until Nikolas warned Hayden to stop because he would not allow her to disrespect Elizabeth. Hayden assured Nikolas that he had nothing to worry about because Jake would help Elizabeth pick up the pieces, since Ric and Hayden were out of the picture.

Nikolas reminded Hayden to leave, but she made it clear that she would stay for as long as necessary. Nikolas disagreed, but Hayden threatened to tell everyone who would listen that Nikolas knew the truth about Jake's identity. Nikolas was curious what Hayden thought she knew, so she revealed that Jake was Jason Morgan.

Outside the ballroom, Jake asked if Elizabeth was okay. Elizabeth couldn't find the words to answer as she thought about Nikolas' confession that Jake was Jason. Jake became increasingly concerned about Elizabeth, so she decided to get some fresh air, fetch her son, and go home. Jake offered to take her. Elizabeth appeared momentarily undecided but then decided to accept.

Later, Elizabeth stared at a picture of her and Jason until Jake returned to the living room to let her know that Cameron was sound asleep. Elizabeth set the picture down as she thanked Jake for his help with Cameron because she wouldn't have had the strength to carry her sleeping son to bed. Jake quietly asked if they could talk, but Elizabeth didn't know where to begin. Jake suggested they start with Hayden not being his wife.

Jake regretted that he hadn't heeded Carly's warning instead of relying on Hayden's word, but Elizabeth insisted that Ric had provided Hayden with convincing evidence. Elizabeth felt horrible that Ric had given Jake false hope about a past so Ric could get Elizabeth back, but Jake argued that Elizabeth was not to blame for Jake being in the dark about who he was. Her expression clouded with guilt as she recalled pleading with Nikolas to accept her decision not to tell Jake that Jake was Jason.

"I wouldn't go so far," Elizabeth murmured quietly in response to what Jake had said, but Jake didn't hear her. He remained concerned about her because he didn't want her to beat herself up for something that had been beyond her control. Elizabeth realized that Ric had to have been desperate to go to the lengths he had, but Ric had paid a price by losing what he had wanted most. Jake agreed then changed the subject by admitting that he wanted to explore a relationship with Elizabeth.

A short time later, Jake and Elizabeth ate sandwiches by candlelight. He surprised her by revealing that he wanted to focus on the present and put the past behind him. Hayden's appearance had made Jake realize that there wasn't anything in his past worth remembering, so he finally felt free to live his life. Elizabeth felt the same way because she had let Ric go, but Jake disagreed because he knew how important Jason had been to her. Jake didn't want Elizabeth to leave those feelings behind, so she admitted that she couldn't because it had become clear to her earlier that evening that Jason would never be far from her even though life went on.

"He'll always be in my heart," Elizabeth softly added. Later, Jake joined Elizabeth in the living room as he asked her if she wanted to be with him. Jake confessed that he had known months before that she was the one for him, but Elizabeth thought about Nikolas' warning that there would be consequences if she lied to Jake. Elizabeth recalled telling Nikolas that Patrick, unlike Jason, would always put Sam and Danny first.

Elizabeth shook off the memory then told Jake that she had wanted him far longer than he realized. Jake smiled and kissed her passionately.

Couples make love and a deadly shot rings out

Couples make love and a deadly shot rings out

Thursday, May 7, 2015

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was curious how Hayden even knew about Jason Morgan, so she coyly explained that a lot of "cool people" had been talking about Jason. Nikolas wondered what had given Hayden the misguided notion that Jake was Jason. Hayden smiled with satisfaction as she admitted that she had slipped back into the hotel after Carly had tossed her out, but Hayden had spotted Nikolas and Elizabeth huddled together talking about Jason. Nikolas was certain that Hayden had been deliberately eavesdropping, but Hayden was unrepentant.

Nikolas tried to suggest that Hayden had misheard things, but Hayden insisted that it explained why Nikolas had wanted to keep Jake's real identity secret. She realized that Jason could easily block Nikolas' attempt to take over ELQ, which she suspected was driven by a desire for sport rather than more wealth. Hayden shifted gears to confess that she couldn't see Jake and Elizabeth's relationship working long-term, since Elizabeth was keeping Jake from his real wife, child, and extended family. Hayden didn't feel sorry for Elizabeth, but Nikolas resented Hayden making snide remarks about Elizabeth.

Hayden changed the subject by asking when she could move in, but Nikolas refused to let Hayden stay at Wyndemere. Hayden warned him that she wouldn't hesitate to tell everyone the truth about Jake, including Jason's mobster best friend, Sonny. Hayden reminded Nikolas of the ramifications that both he and Elizabeth faced if the truth was revealed, so Nikolas appeared to back down. Confident that she held all the cards, Hayden assured Nikolas that their agreement didn't have to be a bad thing because she was willing to make it fun for him if he was willing to play ball.

Nikolas wondered how to explain Hayden's presence in his home, but she told him that it was his problem. Nikolas warned Hayden not to get too comfortable, but she merely smiled and asked if he was up for another round of sex. "In your dreams," Nikolas replied as he slipped out of bed.

At the Webber residence, Jake admitted that he had known for months that Elizabeth was the one he wanted to be with. However, he questioned if Elizabeth felt the same way about him. Elizabeth recalled her argument with Nikolas when Nikolas had warned her that it wasn't in Elizabeth to hurt other people, but she had argued that Patrick, unlike Jason, could put Sam and Danny first. Elizabeth returned to the present as she quietly told Jake that she had wanted him far longer than he knew.

Jake smiled as he leaned down to kiss Elizabeth. Moments later, he pulled away, determined to do the right thing by leaving because he refused to take advantage of her when she was vulnerable. Elizabeth reached for Jake's hand as she asked him to stay. She insisted they were finally free to be together, so she invited him to her bedroom. Jake asked if she was sure. "I've never been more sure about anything in my life," Elizabeth answered as she led him upstairs.

Several minutes later, Elizabeth closed her bedroom door and made love to Jake. Afterwards, Jake confided that being with her had felt "natural" and "almost familiar." Elizabeth smiled because being with him had been everything she had imagined, so he kissed her. However, Elizabeth stopped him before things went too far because she needed him to leave before Cameron woke up. Elizabeth explained that Aiden was too young, but Cameron was still reeling from losing Ric again, so she needed time to tell her son about her relationship with Jake. She rushed to assure Jake that she wanted him to stay but thought it was best it was in Cameron's best interest if Jake left.

Jake assured Elizabeth that it was fine because he appreciated her concerns about Cameron. Elizabeth relaxed but wondered where he planned to spend the night. Jake teased Elizabeth about him sleeping on the docks but admitted that he could return to his hotel room because Carly had thrown Hayden out. Satisfied, Elizabeth snuggled next to Jake as he wrapped his arms around her.

Later, Elizabeth walked Jake to the door. They shared a kiss, but Elizabeth was uneasy. She begged him to promise that everything wouldn't go to "hell" once he left, so Jake assured her that nothing would get between them again. After Jake left, Elizabeth picked up a photograph of her and Jason. She apologized to Jason for the situation and admitted that she hated keeping him from Sam and Danny, but she promised Jason that Sam and Danny were happy. Elizabeth explained that she couldn't tell him the truth because she refused to pass up an opportunity to have a real relationship with him.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia tearfully implored Sam not to tell Julian the truth about the baby, but Sam resented being asked to lie to her own father. "Lie to me about what?" Julian asked as he and Alexis walked up. Startled, Olivia demanded to know what Julian was doing there, but Julian ignored the question and repeated his question to Sam. Sam remained silent, so Julian begged his daughter not to let someone put her in a position to lie to him. Sam carefully explained that it wasn't quite that simple, so Julian asked her to enlighten him. Patrick promised Sam would tell Julian when she was ready, but Julian's temper flared because everyone knew the secret except him.

Ned tried to distract Julian by asking why Julian was still at the hotel, so Alexis explained that they needed ice because Julian and Shawn had had an altercation in the lobby. Sam was concerned about her father, but Ned seized the opportunity to point out that it was an example of Julian's violent lifestyle. Julian assured Sam that he was fine but quickly added that Shawn and "that traitorous Jordan" would each get what they deserved. Olivia warned Julian to keep his mob business out of her hotel, even though it was hypocritical of her, since she permitted Sonny to conduct business in the restaurant.

Julian resumed questioning Sam about what he had walked in on, but Patrick suggested they save the discussion for the following day because everyone was exhausted. Julian refused to be brushed off, since he suspected the secret had to do with the paternity of Olivia's baby. Julian put Sam on the spot by asking her directly if it was true, but Alexis resented Julian's harsh tone. Julian reined in his temper then softly repeated the question, but Sam floundered for an answer until Olivia suddenly cried out in pain then doubled over.

Julian accused Olivia of faking the pain to keep Sam from confirming his suspicions, but Ned barked that Olivia had spent the previous evening in the hospital. Concerned, Julian begged Sam to tell him the truth because he had a right to know if his unborn child was in trouble. Sam seemed undecided, so Julian opened up about his regrets that he hadn't been there for Sam or Lucas. Julian implored Sam to give him the opportunity to be a father to his child as Patrick rushed forward to check on Olivia.

Sam stood silent, debating what to do, while everyone waited with bated breath. "Yes, the baby is yours," Sam finally answered. Hurt that he had been lied to, Julian started to lecture Olivia, but Alexis warned Julian that it wasn't the time. Seconds later, Patrick announced that Olivia's water had broken.

In Anna's suite, Anna recalled agreeing to run away with Duke and his promise to meet her on the docks at midnight after he had tied up one loose end. Anna ran to the bedroom to fetch clothes to pack but froze when someone knocked on the door. It was Kyle. Kyle revealed he had new information about the hit on Jordan, so Anna reluctantly invited him in. When he noticed the pile of clothes on the sofa, she quickly explained that she had been packing for a trip to Washington to meet with her boss.

Kyle appeared skeptical but let the matter drop to tell her about his informant's room in the hotel, Carlos' unexplained appearance in the hotel room facing the restaurant's terrace, and Kyle's suspicion that Carlos had wanted to frame Kyle's informant. Anna agreed that it sounded logical, but Kyle added that his information suspected the real target had been someone on the terrace. Anna stiffened when Kyle gently suggested that perhaps Duke had sent an assassin to kill Jordan because Duke knew that Jordan had worn a wire.

Anna immediately defended Duke by arguing that Duke was merely a figurehead who didn't have the power to order a hit, but Kyle argued that Duke had been running the Corinthos organization. It didn't escape Kyle's notice how defensive Anna was, so Anna admitted that she had taken Kyle's advice and talked to Duke. Anna revealed that she and Duke loved each other and had worked things out. Kyle didn't appear surprised when Anna added that she and Duke had decided to take their second chance by running away together.

Outside Jordan's apartment, Jordan and Shawn kissed. Jordan was eager to wrap up their evening in bed, but Shawn asked Jordan to give him some time to get his head back in the game because he was keyed up from his encounter with Julian. Jordan wondered if Shawn had actually expected Julian to tell the truth about ordering Jordan's death, so Shawn confessed that he had hoped Julian would have been man enough to take responsibility for his actions. He was frustrated that Julian had denied any involvement, since no one else would want her dead.

Meanwhile, Bruce lurked around a corner, spying on Shawn and Jordan. After the couple entered the apartment, Bruce stealthily crept to the door then glanced at his phone. He saw a couple of missed calls from Duke but ignored them because he assumed that Duke was eager for an update on the hit. Bruce muttered that he would get the job done, and he pressed his ear to Jordan's door.

Inside the apartment, Shawn decided to wait until the following morning to update Duke about the fight with Julian. Shawn knew Duke wouldn't be happy that Shawn had lost control, but Shawn didn't have any regrets because Julian had threatened the woman Shawn loved. Touched, Jordan kissed Shawn.

After Shawn and Jordan made love, Jordan asked if Shawn would be interested in another round of lovemaking, but Shawn's cell phone rang. It was Bruce. Bruce claimed that Duke wanted Shawn to go to pier 54 to oversee the unloading of an important shipment. Shawn was surprised because it was the first he had heard of the shipment, but he agreed to go. After Shawn ended the call, he quickly got dressed. Jordan was disappointed, but Shawn promised to return in a few hours, so they could pick up where they had left off. After a quick kiss, Shawn left.

In the hallway, Bruce waited until Shawn was gone then quietly approached the door. Bruce was pleased when the door easily opened because it had been left it unlocked.

In Metro Court's parking garage, Duke left a second voicemail message for Bruce, making it clear that Jordan was not to be killed. Duke insisted the hit had been called off, and he ended the call. He was about to enter his car when Carlos suddenly walked up asking to have a word with Duke. Annoyed, Duke explained that he didn't have the time, but Carlos clarified that it wasn't a request by pulling out a gun and aiming it at Duke. Carlos grinned with malice as he informed Duke that Duke was about to die for trying to weaken the Jerome organization.

Duke doubted Julian would approve of the move, but Carlos revealed that Julian had ordered Duke's death. However, Carlos relished adding that he had planted the idea in Julian's mind. Duke warned Carlos that Duke's death would jump-start a mob war, but Carlos argued that it was good for business to eliminate the competition. Carlos admitted that he had tried for days to kill Duke, but Duke's bodyguard, Bruce, had always gotten in the way. Confident that he had the upper hand, Carlos let his guard down long enough for Duke to grab the muzzle of the gun.

Duke and Carlos struggled for the gun until a shot suddenly rang out.

A short time later, Jake walked through the parking garage but stopped short when he saw a small pool of blood and discarded handgun near Duke's car.

Olivia gives birth to a premature baby boy

Olivia gives birth to a premature baby boy

Friday, May 8, 2015

Outside Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina thanked Michael for an entertaining evening, but she assured him that it hadn't been necessary for him to walk her to her door. Michael confessed that he'd had an ulterior motive, and he kissed her. Sabrina shyly pulled back as Michael admitted that their kisses kept getting better, so she decided to invite him inside to talk about the changing nature of their relationship.

In the apartment, Sabrina called out to Felix, but he was still out with the red carpet announcer, Donny Sheldon. Sabrina cut to the chase by asking what Michael expected from her. She admitted that she'd had a wonderful evening with him, but she would return to being baby A.J.'s nanny the following day. Michael conceded that Sabrina was a perfect nanny for his sister, A.J., so he offered to take a step back if Sabrina wasn't comfortable with his interest in her. Michael admitted that he was attracted to her, but he would respect her because her belief in him when everyone else had turned their backs on him had meant more than he could say.

Michael rushed to remind Sabrina that he had told her after their first kiss that it hadn't had anything to do with gratitude, but Sabrina questioned Michael's feelings for Kiki because of Michael's reaction to seeing Morgan and Kiki at Metro Court. Michael explained that it had been difficult to watch his brother and ex carry on because a part of him would always care for Kiki, but he promised that he and Kiki were in the past just like Patrick and Carlos were in the past for Sabrina. Sabrina acknowledged that she would always share a bond with Patrick because of their son, Gabriel, but she agreed that she had moved on from both Patrick and Carlos, who had chosen a life of crime over a life with her.

However, Sabrina remained hesitant to agree to date Michael because she worked for him. Michael promised not to push her or fire her if things didn't work out for them romantically. Sabrina smiled as she agreed to give it a try, provided they took things slowly. She reminded him that she had been through a lot of heartache, so Michael assured her that he would let her set the pace. Sabrina grinned when Michael eagerly asked her out to dinner the following evening, so she readily agreed and kissed him.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Patrick announced that Olivia's water had broken. Confused, Julian asked what that meant, so Olivia shouted that she was in labor. Moments later, Olivia cried out in pain as another contraction hit her. Everyone began to speak at once, but Patrick cut through the chatter by informing Julian, Alexis, Sam, Ned, and Olivia that Olivia wouldn't have time to get to the hospital. Julian began to rant at Olivia for lying to him as Alexis and Sam rushed to help Olivia.

Patrick quickly set up a delivery area then instructed Sam and Ned to call 9-1-1. Alexis knelt at Olivia's head to help Olivia during labor, but Olivia balked when Julian took vigil on Olivia's other side. Julian insisted that he had a right to be there because he was the baby's father, but Patrick asked Alexis to take Julian away. Julian resented being dragged away, but Alexis explained that Olivia's wishes superseded everyone else's. Moments later, Ned and Sam returned, so Ned calmly coached Olivia through labor as Sam assisted Patrick.

Nearby, Julian remained sullen because he had been prohibited from being present at his child's birth. Alexis reminded Julian that fathers had waited in waiting areas in the past, but Julian wanted to be there when his child was born because Olivia and Ned had tried to keep him from the baby. Julian tensed when he heard Olivia cry out in agony, so he asked Alexis why Olivia was screaming. "Because it hurts," Alexis answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

Meanwhile, Sam apologized to Olivia for stressing Olivia out, but Olivia didn't blame Sam. Olivia realized that it had been wrong of her to put Sam in a position to lie to Julian. Olivia suddenly cried out as Patrick urged her to push. Moments later, Sam happily announced that Olivia had delivered a beautiful baby boy, but Olivia became concerned when she noticed that her baby hadn't cried.

In the ballroom, Nathan and Maxie slow danced, despite the lack of music, until Nathan quietly reminded his dance partner that the party was over. Maxie was fine with that as long as her evening with Nathan wasn't over too. He flashed a devilish smile as he assured her that they were just getting started and then kissed her. Afterwards, Nathan invited Maxie to his place, since Spinelli and Ellie would likely spend the night at Maxie's apartment. Maxie happily accepted Nathan's offer.

Meanwhile, Jake walked through the parking garage but stopped short when he noticed a small pool of what appeared to be blood and a discarded gun near Duke's car. Jake stepped closer to investigate just as the stairwell door opened. On instinct, Jake grabbed the gun from the ground then aimed it at Nathan, while Nathan just as quickly drew his gun and pointed it at Jake. Maxie panicked out of fear that Jake would shoot Nathan again, but Jake quickly set the gun down and followed Nathan's instructions.

After Nathan made certain Jason wasn't armed with another weapon, he questioned Jake about the apparent crime scene. Jake denied any knowledge of it, but Nathan was skeptical because Jake worked for Julian. Maxie was equally concerned because she was certain that Jake was a trained assassin. Jake explained he had stumbled upon the scene just moments before Nathan and Maxie's arrival, but Nathan decided to call in the incident and report that he had a potential suspect in custody.

Later, Nathan gave the patrol officers instructions to secure the crime scene so the evidence could be collected. Jake admitted that he had picked up the gun, but he denied firing a weapon. Nathan decided to continue the discussion at the police station, so he waited until Jake was led away before asking if Maxie was okay. Maxie admitted that she was afraid someone they knew might have been the victim of a crime, since a lot of their friends and loved ones had been at the ball.

At Jordan's apartment, Shawn kissed Jordan, and he left. Skulking in the shadows, Bruce waited until Shawn disappeared down the building's hallway then quietly slipped into Jordan's apartment with a gun fitted with a silencer. Bruce soundlessly approached the bed and fired several times at point-blank range. Afterwards, he lifted the bedcovers to check if Jordan was dead, but he was surprised to discover the bed was empty.

Meanwhile, Jordan crept out of the bathroom to confront her would-be assassin. She was stunned when she recognized Bruce. Bruce desperately begged for a chance to explain, but Jordan fired her gun twice, killing Bruce instantly.

On pier 54, Shawn was startled when he bumped into T.J. Shawn demanded to know what T.J. was doing on the piers late at night, but T.J. wasn't concerned about the danger. T.J. explained that he had been returning from Molly's place, but he was curious why Shawn was on the docks. Shawn admitted that Duke had asked Shawn to oversee a shipment, but there hadn't been any sign of the shipment. Shawn was annoyed because Duke had dragged Shawn out of bed.

"You mean Mom's bed," T.J. grumbled. Surprised, Shawn wondered what was troubling T.J., since T.J. had seemed fine with Shawn and Jordan's relationship. T.J. explained that he was worried about Shawn and Jordan's line of work because T.J. didn't want to lose another parent. Shawn assured T.J. that both Shawn and Jordan had each other's back, so nothing would happen to either of them. Shawn decided to leave Bruce a voicemail message informing Duke's bodyguard that the shipment had not arrived then he walked T.J. home.

In Anna's suite, Anna defended her decision to run away and start a new life with Duke. Anna reminded Kyle that he didn't have any evidence against Duke to justify an arrest, so Duke was free to leave. Kyle feared it was a mistake, but Anna insisted that she and Duke had found each other after decades apart, so she refused to let their second chance at a life together slip away. Kyle reminded Anna that Duke might have ordered a hit on Jordan, but Anna stubbornly defended Duke by arguing that Duke hadn't had the authority to order a hit.

Kyle watched helplessly as Anna continued to pack for her journey with Duke, so he asked if she was truly prepared to toss away her career and leave her family behind. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she admitted that she and Duke had discussed it. She was confident that she could find a way to occasionally visit with her loved ones, but Kyle refused to let Anna leave. He reminded her that she had been on the verge of taking down the mob, so she would be letting down the people of Port Charles. Anna argued that she loved Duke and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Anna reached for the doorknob but stopped when her phone rang. It was Jordan. Jordan explained that she needed to see Anna and Kyle right away because Jordan had just killed someone.

At Jordan's apartment, Anna stared in shock as Kyle examined Bruce's dead body, while Jordan filled them in about the attempt on her life. Kyle immediately recognized Duke's trusted bodyguard, which told him that Duke had ordered the hit on Jordan at the piers. Anna was horrified when she noticed that Bruce's jacket was missing a button similar to the one she had found on the pier following the botched hit at the piers. However, Anna argued that Duke's guilt was mere speculation. Frustrated, Kyle told Anna to stop lying to herself, so Jordan demanded to know what was going on.

Kyle explained that it didn't matter because the plans were off. "No, they're not," Anna replied. Anna suggested that Bruce might have acted on his own, but Kyle scoffed at the idea then asked where Anna planned to meet Duke. Anna refused to answer and ran out, so Kyle gave chase.

Later, the coroner bagged up Bruce's body as Kyle returned. Jordan realized that Kyle had failed to catch up with Anna, so she assured him that Anna was a good cop and would make the right decision. Kyle decided to call in an APB on both Duke and Anna because he had less faith in Anna than Jordan did.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina was about to turn in for the night when someone knocked on her door. Assuming it was Michael, she smiled as she went to the door. She was stunned when she saw Carlos standing on her doorstep, begging for her help.

On the pier, Anna desperately looked around for Duke until she saw him approach. She ran up to him to ask him where he had been, but Duke stumbled and collapsed as the church bell began to toll midnight.

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