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Morgan and Denise couldn't keep their hands off each other. Lucky's kidnappers instructed Luke and Laura to go to the Triple L diner. Lulu realized Nikolas was behind the hostile takeover of ELQ. Maxie confronted Valerie.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 15, 2015 on GH
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Kiss and tell Kiss and tell

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sabrina tried to help get Tracy's engagement ring off, to no avail. As Sabrina suggested trying pliers, Sam entered the house. She asked to speak with Sabrina privately, but Sabrina thought that Tracy should hear what Sam had to say as well. Sabrina explained that Sam had been investigating a spy at ELQ, because Sabrina had a "hunch" that Rosalie wasn't as loyal as she seemed. Sam continued that she'd bugged Rosalie's phone, so they would soon know if Rosalie had been double-crossing Michael.

If Sam successfully closed the case, Tracy pledged that Sam would have earned Tracy's "esteem" back, and Tracy offered Sam the engagement ring. Sam promised to do her best. Tracy muttered that she'd have to get the ring off first. "Easy!" Sam exclaimed. She got some ice, rubbed it on the ring, and the ring popped right off. Tracy held it out to Sam, just in case Patrick wanted to propose. Both Sabrina and Sam thought that Tracy should hold on to the ring.

Tracy decided that she needed the ring "gone." She reasoned that only Luke deserved the "bad karma" of the obviously cursed ring. She left intending to give the ring back to Luke. Sam looked at her computer to see if Rosalie had used the phone. Sam was puzzled as to why the receiver wasn't sending a signal. Suddenly, she was receiving a signal from the bug and promised that the next time Rosalie used the phone, they would hear everything.

"Everything that happened last night is a lie!" Luke exploded. "I can't go on like this. We have to tell the truth," he told Laura. Laura reminded Luke that they would be putting Lulu in danger. Dillon offered to be put in danger in order to know the secret, because "I'm no one to you." Laura reluctantly told Lulu and Dillon that Lucky had vanished.

Laura explained that she'd had plans to visit Lucky the week before, but he hadn't shown up to pick her up at the airport. When he hadn't answered his phone, either, Laura had rented a car to go to Lucky's. When she'd gotten there, she'd found Lucky's place ransacked and Lucky nowhere in sight. She'd been about to call the police when her phone had rung. Someone with a disguised voice had said that he or she had Lucky and that Lucky would be killed if Laura didn't follow instructions.

Laura continued that she'd been told to convince everyone that she and Luke were back together, and only Luke could know about the situation. Luke promised Dillon that he'd never hurt Tracy for anything less than the safety of one of his children. Dillon refused to keep the secret from Tracy. Luke yelled that it was a life-and-death situation. Dillon thought the situation was the "consequences" of Luke and Laura's choices.

Dillon refused to lie to his mother. Luke shot back that Dillon had lied to Tracy for "half your life." Dillon clarified that he wouldn't lie for Luke. Dillon informed Luke that he would be telling Tracy strictly as payback. Luke told Dillon that there would be plenty of opportunity for payback, but he shouldn't do it "at Lucky's expense." He thought that Tracy would rather have "a son who lies than one with blood on his hands." Lulu took Dillon aside and begged him not to say anything to Tracy, just as Tracy entered.

On the phone, Rosalie told Nikolas in hushed tones that Michael had hired Jake "to smoke us out," and she wondered if he had a plan. He only told her not to worry, and she reminded him that she was at ELQ, "doing your dirty work." Nikolas muttered how ironic it was that Michael had hired Jake. Rosalie wanted to know why, but Nikolas thought it was irrelevant. He advised her to keep an eye on Jake.

As Nikolas hung up the phone, Kyle entered. Kyle informed Nikolas that he'd gotten ahold of Brook Lynn's ELQ shares. He divulged that he'd walked in on Brook Lynn babysitting Olivia's supposedly deceased baby, and Brook Lynn had been happy to part with her shares in exchange for Kyle's silence. Nikolas promised Kyle a place at ELQ after the takeover for his job well done.

Nikolas confided that he was "working on" getting Dillon's shares, and he advised Kyle to work on getting Maya's just in case. Just then, Rosalie entered. Nikolas cryptically instructed Kyle to keep his eye on the "next target," and Kyle left. Rosalie needed to talk to Nikolas and told him that it was no longer safe to talk at the office. She informed him that her work phone wasn't working. She couldn't hear anything from Michael's office, so she had no idea what Jake was up to.

Jake informed Michael that someone had been spying at ELQ, and he believed it was Sam. Michael didn't believe it. Jake explained how he'd found Sam at Rosalie's desk when he'd entered the office, and she'd claimed to have been there to invite Michael for dinner. He showed Michael the bug he'd recovered from Rosalie's phone. He took apart Michael's phone to make sure there wasn't another listening device, which there wasn't.

Michael insisted that Sam was family, but Jake reminded Michael that Sam was still a Cassadine. Michael knew that Sam and Helena despised each other. Jake suggested that Sam had been working with Nikolas. Michael thought Nikolas was an "honorable man." Jake thought the company had been vulnerable with the recent happenings, so it probably wasn't a personal attack. Trying to set a trap for Sam, Jake put the bug back into Rosalie's phone.

Silas scolded Ava for showing up at his apartment when Kiki was still around, and he ushered her inside. She'd seen Kiki leave and assured him that no one could see through her act. She gushed that she'd seen Avery and that Michael had no idea who Ava really was. Just then, Kiki returned to retrieve her wallet, and she was surprised to see Denise.

Ava said that she was there to visit Kiki. Kiki invited her to lunch along with, Morgan, Sonny, and Carly, but Ava thought that Sonny didn't like her very much. She told Kiki how much fun dinner had been, and they both hoped to get together again soon. Kiki asked if Denise wanted to walk downstairs together, but Ava claimed to want to get to know Silas. She expressed how much she liked talking to people who'd known Ava. "Did I ever!" Silas cracked as Kiki left.

Ava was upset at Silas for not telling her that Kiki and Morgan had gotten back together. Silas replied that, "it might have come up" if she hadn't started threatening him almost immediately after he'd found out. She complained about how awkward the dinner had been. "Oh, the horror!" Silas cried sarcastically, having no sympathy for her after he'd saved her from certain death.

Silas firmly told Ava that she and Morgan had cut ties the year before. Ava replied that Ava and Morgan were done, but Denise and Morgan "have only just begun!" She explained how the kiss between her and Morgan had happened. Silas spat that, although Ava hadn't known that Kiki and Morgan were together, "the lying tool" had known. She promised Silas that it would never happen again. "Your eyes are saying something else," he observed.

Silas warned Ava that being with Morgan would not only attract unwanted attention, but it would hurt Kiki. Ava thought of one easy way to put Morgan out of her mind. "This," she said, and she kissed Silas.

Sitting at a table at the Metro Court Restaurant, Morgan apologized to Sonny and Carly for letting them down. He promised he would never do something as stupid as drugging someone ever again. Carly thought the apology was a start, although it didn't excuse his actions. Sonny added that Michael was the one that Morgan should have the conversation with. Morgan updated his parents on his "truce" with Michael, and they were pleasantly surprised.

Morgan thought that the truce might be the first step in seeing Avery again. Through Sonny and Carly's warnings about risking Morgan and Michael's relationship, Morgan informed them that Denise had seen Avery. Carly strongly advised Morgan to stay away from Denise. Morgan responded that he was capable of making decision about his own personal life. Carly got a call and had to leave to take care of some hotel business.

Sonny wanted to make sure that Morgan wasn't going down the same path with Denise that he had with Ava. Morgan didn't want to say anything so that he didn't put Sonny in the position of lying to Carly. "For crying out loud," Sonny moaned. Morgan explained how the kiss between him and Denise had happened but promised that it would never happen again.

Just then, Kiki entered. She apologized for being late, but she had run into Denise. Sonny asked if the two women had been getting along. "Like we've known each other for years," Kiki gushed. Sonny advised Kiki to be wary, because he was always cautious when long-lost family members appeared out of the blue. Just then, Sonny got a text message. He learned that T.J.'s arraignment had been moved up, and he promised Shawn that he would look after T.J. He advised Morgan to think about what he'd said, and he left.

Carly returned and told Morgan, "Lunch on me. Duty calls." She apologized to Morgan for trying to order him around, and she did recognize that he was a man who could make his own decisions. When she was gone, Kiki admitted that she was happy it was just the two of them. She asked what Morgan and Sonny had been talking about.

Luke and Laura heard from Lucky's kidnappers Luke and Laura heard from Lucky's kidnappers

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In Silas' living room, Silas warned Ava to be careful because she would invite unwanted attention, and more importantly, hurt their daughter, if she continued to pursue a romance with Morgan. Ava assured Silas that she was well aware of the consequences, but he didn't believe her and urged her to put Morgan out of her mind. Ava's eyes lit up as she announced that she had a solution to the problem, and she suddenly kissed Silas. Startled, Silas pulled back for a moment to study her face but quickly kissed her again.

However, Silas quickly put the brakes on the passion before things went too far because he needed to know why Ava had kissed him. Ava smiled seductively as she pointed out that an affair with Silas would be the perfect distraction from Morgan. "I'm sorry, did we just time warp back to the eighth grade?" Silas asked. Ava realized how her words had sounded, so she reminded him that they had once shared a special bond. Silas argued that it had been based on lies because Madeline had hired Ava to seduce him away from his wife.

Ava explained that she had fallen in love with Silas as their affair had blossomed then reminded him how close they had grown during her battle with cancer. She was certain that Silas had felt the spark of more than friendship between them because she had heard everything he had said when he had sedated her for the bone marrow transplant. Ava wanted to explore the feelings she had for Silas, but he refused to play second fiddle to a "kid" like Morgan. Ava insisted her desire to rekindle their romance wasn't about Morgan, but Silas called her out on the lie because she had admitted that the kiss had been a distraction from Morgan. Frustrated, Ava assured Silas that she had real feelings for Silas, but he was unmoved, since she also had feelings for Morgan.

Silas refused to get involved with Ava when she was unable to control herself around their daughter's boyfriend, so he suggested Ava act like a grownup by keeping her "tongue" out of Morgan's mouth and leaving town. Ava objected to disappearing, which confirmed Silas' suspicion that Ava was using Kiki and Avery as an excuse to "sniff" around Morgan. Ava vehemently denied it as she stormed out of the apartment.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki confessed that she was happy to have some time alone with Morgan because she was curious what Morgan and Sonny had been talking about when she had walked up. Morgan's expression clouded with guilt as Kiki revealed that she had overheard Morgan admit that he didn't want Kiki to find something out. Morgan's mind drifted to his passionate encounter with Denise, but he pushed the memory away when Kiki asked what Morgan was hiding. Morgan easily lied by claiming that he had hoped to surprise Kiki with a quick getaway to Atlantic City, where they would stay in a penthouse suite at one of Sonny's newly acquired properties.

Kiki was touched by the gesture but admitted that she didn't want to leave town because of her aunt. Kiki mistook Morgan's disappointment for frustration and apologized because she realized that she had put Morgan in an awkward position by inviting him to hang out with Kiki and Denise. Kiki acknowledged that Denise bore an eerie resemblance to Ava, which Kiki knew couldn't be easy for Morgan because of Morgan and Ava's history. Kiki assured Morgan that she understood, so Morgan promised that whatever feelings Denise might have stirred up in him hadn't in any way detracted from what he felt for Kiki. Morgan insisted that he was fully committed to Kiki and ready to move forward, so Kiki assured Morgan she felt the same.

However, Kiki wanted to spend as much time as possible with her aunt before Denise left town. Kiki confided that as odd as it might sound, Denise made her feel closer to Ava.

In the squad room, Jordan turned away from the window as Molly stood inside the interrogation room, helping T.J. get ready for court. Ric approached Jordan to question what kind of mother she was for allowing her son to spend a night in jail. Annoyed, Jordan assured Ric that she had hated every minute of it, especially since she was required to uphold the law even when it penalized her son. Jordan knew it had been wrong of her son to shove the security guard, but she couldn't blame T.J.'s frustration with the situation. Jordan admitted her hands were tied as the police commissioner, but she vowed to make Ric pay if he didn't do everything in his power to help T.J.

In the interrogation room, Molly nervously asked if T.J. approved of the necktie she had picked out for him. T.J. smiled gently as he took the tie to slide under his shirt collar, while Molly asked about his night in jail. T.J. conceded that he hadn't slept well, but he had been more upset about the argument he'd had with his mother. Molly was stunned when T.J. told her about the contract hit Duke had put out on Jordan. She quickly surmised Duke's offer to pay T.J.'s tuition had been "blood money," but she also feared her uncle had been involved because Duke had been a figurehead for Sonny's organization.

Molly tried to distract herself from the troubling thoughts by helping T.J. with his necktie, but her hands shook too much. T.J. took over the task as he tried to calm Molly's nerves. Moments later, Jordan and Ric entered the room, so Molly greeted her father with a hug while Jordan offered to help T.J. with the necktie. Jordan hid her hurt when T.J. declined by turning away and leaving. Ric announced that the credit card company had corroborated T.J.'s claims, so Wyndham's Department Store had wrongfully detained the young man. Molly was delighted, since it meant T.J. had a strong case, but T.J. sensed Ric had bad news too.

Meanwhile, Scott entered the courtroom but stopped when he saw Sonny seated in one of the chairs. Scott was impressed the "Godfather of Port Charles" was in the courtroom to watch Scott go another round by putting T.J. in prison. Sonny pointed out that shoving a security guard was merely a misdemeanor, which wouldn't lead to jail time, but Scott explained that the charges had been upgraded to a felony. Scott was confident that it was merely a matter of time before he would have the pleasure of sending Sonny to prison, but Sonny demanded to know why the charges had been upgraded to a felony. Scott explained the guard had suffered a dislocated shoulder when T.J. had shoved him to the ground, so T.J. faced aggravated battery charges, which might land T.J. in jail for one to twenty-five years.

Moments later, Sonny stepped into the hallway to make a phone call. After he wrapped it up, Ric, T.J., Molly, and Jordan arrived. Sonny greeted the group as they filed into the courtroom, but Ric lingered in the hallway to talk to Sonny privately because Ric wanted Sonny to stay away from the proceedings. Sonny wanted to show his support to T.J., but Ric explained that Sonny's presence would hurt T.J.'s case because it would be difficult to claim T.J.'s innocence when a mobster was in the courtroom. Sonny agreed but insisted on waiting in the hallway.

In the courtroom, Scott greeted Jordan. He appreciated the difficult position she was in because he had been in the same situation when his own son had been at the defendant's table. Jordan insisted the security guard had been out of line when he'd called the police, but Scott reminded her that Mayor Lomax didn't want anyone to get the idea that they had shown favoritism to the new police commissioner's son. Scott pointed to a seat on his side of the courtroom, which he had saved for her, so she reluctantly sat down as Scott stepped away to take a call.

At the defendant's table, T.J. was disappointed when he saw where his mother had sat down because she had put her job ahead of her son. Ric walked up to prepare for the hearing and offer T.J. words of encouragement, but Scott announced that it wouldn't be necessary because the guard had decided not to pursue the assault charges. Everyone was stunned by the news, so Scott advised T.J. to make good use of the second chance.

Relieved, Jordan left the courtroom but stopped when she saw Sonny in the hallway. She immediately realized Sonny had been behind the guard's change of heart, so she asked him to confirm her suspicion. Sonny denied any involvement, but he was pleased justice had been done.

In the squad room, Valerie let Dante know that Jordan had gone to T.J.'s arraignment. Dante appeared troubled but decided to focus on work. He asked for his messages, so Valerie stepped away to check as a reporter and photographer rushed up to Dante, shoved a microphone in his face, and accused him of being a racist. Dante was speechless as the reporter went on to suggest that Dante had arrested T.J. because of the color of T.J.'s skin. Outraged, Valerie sprang to Dante's defense by denying the slanderous accusations and adding that Dante was a fair, objective, professional, and courageous man who had put his life on the line to protect the people of Port Charles.

Dante watched in awe as Valerie accused the reporter of being a "shameless hack" who was only interested in sensational headlines rather than the truth. Valerie insisted Dante had done his job then ordered the reporter to leave before she had a police officer escort him out. After the reporter left, Valerie asked if Dante was okay, so he thanked her for having his back throughout the difficult ordeal. Valerie was adamant that he was a good man then playfully reminded him they were family.

Later, Dante surprised Valerie with a cup of coffee. Valerie smiled brightly in gratitude because she had desperately needed it.

At the Haunted Star, Dillon confessed that he didn't care about endangering Lucky because Dillon wanted to hurt Luke for breaking Tracy's heart. Luke acknowledged that Dillon had every right to be furious, but he begged Dillon not to punish Luke at Lucky's expense. Luke was certain that Tracy would rather have Dillon lie to her than to have blood on his hands. Laura also tried to persuade Dillon to keep quiet, but Dillon stubbornly refused to be swayed, so Lulu appealed to Dillon not to tell Tracy the truth.

Everyone jumped when Tracy suddenly walked in and demanded to know what they were talking about. Dillon looked at Lulu then decided to lie by claiming that Lulu had asked Dillon to keep quiet about Luke and Laura's engagement, which they planned to celebrate by going on a trip. Luke and Laura immediately played along by assuring Tracy that they hadn't wanted to add to her pain, but Tracy was glad her son had been willing to be honest with her. Laura asked Tracy not to take her anger out on Lulu because it had been their decision to keep Tracy in the dark. Tracy pasted on a brave smile as she offered her engagement ring to Laura to make the engagement official, but Laura refused to take it.

Tracy grabbed Luke's hand, placed the ring in his palm, and told him to enjoy his new life because she never wanted to see or hear from him again. Tracy started to walk away, but Luke called out to her to tell her that he loved her. Tracy resented Luke insulting her intelligence, so she marched out with her head held high. Dillon felt terrible for adding to his mother's pain, but Lulu thanked Dillon for keeping quiet. Laura also appreciated Dillon's silence, but Dillon made it clear that he had done it for Lulu.

Moments later, the kidnappers sent Laura a text message of an address in British Columbia. Laura reminded both Lulu and Dillon that it was imperative to keep quiet about Lucky's abduction and the real reason for Luke and Laura's reconciliation. Lulu balked when Luke added that even Dante couldn't know, but Luke explained that the kidnappers had made it clear that they could not involve the police. Lulu reluctantly agreed to keep the secret from her husband for her brother's sake.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was in a foul mood when she entered the living room. She complained about the toys scattered around the room, even though Sabrina had been busy cleaning up. Tracy made her way to the bar to pour herself a drink as Sabrina followed to ask if Tracy was okay. Tracy snapped that she was fine, but Sabrina easily saw through the lie. Resigned, Tracy revealed that she had returned the engagement ring to Luke, which had been perfect timing because Luke had asked Laura to marry him.

A short time later, Ava stopped by the Quartermaine mansion to spend time with Avery. Ava tensed when Sabrina answered the door, but Ava feigned a friendly smiled as she introduced herself as Denise. Ava explained that she was there to visit her niece, but Sabrina was reluctant to fetch the baby without Michael being present. Ava assured Sabrina that Michael wouldn't mind, but Sabrina explained that she would feel better if she'd had Michael's permission. Ava hid her fury behind a thin veneer of friendliness when Sabrina advised Denise call ahead next time to make an appointment.

Jake discovered Sam worked for Tracy Jake discovered Sam worked for Tracy

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Elizabeth woke up and groggily asked what time it was when she noticed Jake was awake and working in bed. "Early," Jake answered, and he confessed that Sam was on his mind. Alarmed, Elizabeth asked why, so Jake told her about the spy at ELQ and the bug he had found planted in Rosalie's office phone. Jake suspected Sam was in cahoots with the person trying to seize control of ELQ, so he and his security team had been following her. Elizabeth appeared skeptical about Sam's involvement, but Jake reminded Elizabeth that Sam had a criminal past.

Elizabeth defended Sam by assuring him that Sam had left that life behind her long before, so Jake promised to get to the bottom of things. He started to get out bed, but Elizabeth tried to persuade him to stay with her a bit longer. Jake was tempted, but he had to relieve the person who had been assigned to watch Sam. Jake asked Elizabeth to keep what he had told her to private, so she assured him that she would. Jake smiled because he knew he could trust Elizabeth above all others. Elizabeth's expression clouded with guilt as Jake climbed out of bed.

At the Drake residence, Sam had the laptop open as she listened to Rosalie make a phone call to a man. However, the call abruptly ended before Sam could determine who Rosalie had been talking to. Patrick woke up in bed next to Sam when he heard her grumbling, so she apologized for disturbing his sleep. Patrick was curious what Sam had been working on, prompting her to tell him about her efforts to find the mole at ELQ. Patrick wondered if Michael had hired her, but Sam revealed that someone close to Michael had.

Patrick was surprised when Sam told him about Sabrina's concerns, but it was clear that he was uneasy with the idea of Sam working for Sabrina. Sam assured Patrick that Sabrina hadn't said anything to Sam about Patrick because Sabrina had been too busy talking about Michael. Patrick recalled seeing Sabrina and Michael together at the Nurses Ball, so he was happy that Sabrina had found someone after what Patrick had put her through. Sam refused to allow Patrick to blame himself for hurting Sabrina because Patrick had been in an impossible situation when his presumed-dead wife had returned.

Sam suddenly realized that perhaps Jake had found the bug that Sam had planted in Rosalie's phone, but Patrick was curious why Jake would even be involved. Sam explained that Michael had hired Jake as the new head of ELQ's security team, which was ironic because it meant that both Jake and Sam were working toward the same objective. Patrick had concerns about Sam working with Jake because Jake was dangerous, but Sam promised to be careful around him. Satisfied, Patrick let the matter drop and made love to Sam.

At ELQ, Rosalie picked up the office phone to call Nikolas, but Michael suddenly disconnected the call before Rosalie could do more than greet Nikolas. Michael curtly asked Rosalie to join him in his office, so she nervously followed him. Rosalie tensed when Michael revealed that Jake had discovered a listening device in her office phone. Shocked, Rosalie wondered how long her phone had been tapped. Michael wasn't certain, but he doubted it had been for too long.

Rosalie relaxed, but she was curious who had put it there. Michael easily evaded the question as he warned Rosalie that he and Jake had decided to put the bug back in the phone to avoid arousing suspicion. He instructed Rosalie to keep using her office phone for mundane business calls, but to use her cell phone for all important ELQ matters. Michael was confident the ruse wouldn't be necessary for long because Jake was close to smoking out the person behind the attempt to take over ELQ.

Later, Rosalie was about to call Nikolas when Jake walked up. Rosalie greeted Jake then invited him to enter Michael's office because Michael had been expecting him. After Jake disappeared into the office, Rosalie called Nikolas to warn him that her work phone had been bugged. She explained that she had no idea who had planted the listening device, but Michael and Jake were certain the person worked for whoever was trying to seize control of ELQ. Rosalie admitted that it appeared Michael and Jake had a lead, but Michael had refused to share any of the details with her.

In Michael's office, Michael confided to Jake that Rosalie knew about the bugged phone. Jake questioned if it had been wise to share the information with Rosalie, but Michael assured Jake that Rosalie could be trusted. Michael told Jake about an incident the previous year when a hit man had been sent to kill Michael. Michael admitted that Rosalie could have easily panicked, but instead, she had stood by Michael's side. Michael explained that he trusted Rosalie, but he had refrained from mentioning Sam's possible involvement.

After Jake left, Rosalie knocked on Michael's office door. She tried to fish for information about what Jake had uncovered, but Michael would only assure her that Jake was close to smoking out the person trying to take over ELQ.

At Metro Court, Nikolas ended the call with Rosalie when he spotted Elizabeth approach his table. Nikolas invited Elizabeth to join him for breakfast, but she explained that she had to get to work, so she could only stay for a few minutes. Nikolas assumed Elizabeth had wanted to warn him about the listening device Jake had found, so he assured her that he knew about the tapped phones. However, Nikolas was curious if Jake had any suspects. Nikolas was shocked when Elizabeth revealed that Sam was at the top of the list, and he didn't want his cousin involved.

Elizabeth confessed that she didn't know if she could keep lying to Jake because it was entirely possible for Jake to wake up one day and remember everything. She believed that Jake could forgive her for everything except hurting for Michael by remaining silent about Nikolas' attempt to seize control of ELQ. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that she need not worry because Nikolas would soon be ELQ's new CEO, since he had already secured 50 percent of the shares, which meant that Jake would be working for Nikolas rather than the Quartermaines.

Elizabeth was curious how Nikolas intended to secure control of ELQ, so Nikolas confided that he was working to get his hands on Maya Ward's shares. Elizabeth worried that Maya might not relinquish the necessary shares, so Nikolas revealed that he might be able to persuade Dillon to sign over his shares. Elizabeth hadn't realized that Nikolas and Dillon were friends, so Nikolas revealed that he intended to exploit Dillon's friendship with Lulu to obtain the necessary shares.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy entered the living room and immediately complained about the mess. Sabrina continued to pick up A.J.'s scattered toys as she greeted Tracy, but Tracy groused about Sabrina's chipper mood. Sabrina suspected Tracy was in a foul mood because of Luke, but Tracy refused to discuss Luke, so she asked if Sam had called with an update. Sabrina shook her head, which annoyed Tracy because Tracy suspected Sam was too busy playing house with Patrick to care about ELQ's future.

Moments later, Dillon entered the living room to grab something to drink after his workout and swim. Tracy introduced her son to Sabrina, but Sabrina confessed they had already met. Dillon was curious how his mother had been holding up, so Tracy assured him that she was "surviving." Tracy refused to dwell on her troubles with Luke, so she was determined to focus on ELQ. However, she appreciated her son's unwavering support because it had helped keep her sane.

After Dillon left, Sabrina praised Tracy for raising a fine young man because Dillon was smart and compassionate and genuinely cared about his mother. Tracy offered to fix Sabrina up with Dillon, but Sabrina quickly reminded Tracy that Sabrina was dating Michael. Sabrina also suspected Dillon had left a trail of broken hearts behind when he had left Port Charles, so Sabrina was confident Dillon would find someone eager to rekindle things with him. Tracy revealed that her son had been married as a teenager to Maxie's younger sister, but the marriage had been doomed.

Tracy went on to explain that Dillon had also been involved with Lulu, but the couple had managed to remain friends when the relationship had ended. Tracy realized that her son had had the same bad luck with relationships as she had, but she shifted gears to ask about Sabrina and Michael's romance. Sabrina admitted that she and Michael had agreed to take things slowly, but Tracy suspected Sabrina had strong feelings for Michael because Sabrina had hired Sam to investigate Rosalie.

Sabrina explained that she knew how important ELQ was to Michael, so Tracy hoped Sam found something useful before it was too late to save the family business. A short time later, Sam stopped by to talk to Sabrina and Tracy. Jake lurked in the bushes as Tracy opened the door then eagerly asked if Sam had any news about ELQ. Sam admitted that she did, so Tracy invited Sam inside. Outside, Jake realized that Sam was working for Tracy.

At the loft, Dillon banged on the door until Lulu opened it. Dillon was agitated as he asked if Lulu had told anyone about Lucky's abduction and Luke and Laura's attempt to rescue her brother. Lulu confessed that she had told Dante, but she reminded Dillon that Dante was her husband and completely trustworthy. Dillon explained that it had been a mistake because Dante had asked the World Security Bureau to help find Lucky. Lulu was horrified when Dillon explained that the kidnappers had gotten wind of the WSB and Dante's involvement, so they had killed Lucky.

Distraught, Lulu began to weep hysterically until she suddenly bolted awake from the nightmare. Concerned, Dante sat up with Lulu to ask if she was okay. She admitted that she'd had a nightmare but claimed that she couldn't recall the details. Lulu remained visibly shaken, so Dante tried to comfort her by reminding her that he and Rocco were safe. Lulu allowed Dante to wrap his arms around her then she snuggled next to him in bed, but her expression remained troubled.

Later, Lulu read the Port Charles Press online, which featured a picture of Valerie and Dante with a headline claiming that Dante's "gal-pal" had defended Dante against accusations of racism. Dante entered the living room as he finished getting ready for work, so Lulu asked him about the incident. Dante quickly filled her in about what had transpired when the reporter had stormed into the police station to accuse Dante of arresting T.J. based solely on the color of T.J.'s skin. Lulu regretted that she hadn't been available to help Dante during the difficult ordeal, but he assured her that he understood that she'd had her hands full with her own family drama.

Dante added that he wanted to put the whole ugly mess behind him, so Lulu agreed to drop it. After Dante left, Lulu called Dillon to ask him to stop by because she needed to talk to him.

A short time later, Dillon arrived. Lulu told Dillon about her nightmare then admitted that she hated lying to her husband because Dante was everything to her, and he hadn't hesitated to trust her with his secrets. Dillon insisted it was necessary because Lucky's life was at stake. Lulu knew Dillon was right, but she began to cry as she confessed that keeping the truth from Dante was tearing her apart. Dillon held Lulu as she wept, but she pulled away when Rocco suddenly woke up.

Lulu wiped away her tears then fetched her son. Dillon smiled when she returned to the living room to introduce him to her son. After Lulu set Rocco on the floor to play, Lulu opened up about her struggles to have a baby. She revealed that she had blamed her fertility issues on her abortion, but a doctor had explained that the abortion had not been responsible. Lulu revealed that even if she hadn't terminated the pregnancy, she likely wouldn't have been able to carry her baby with Dillon to term.

Dillon admitted that Lulu had made the right decision by terminating the pregnancy because both he and Lulu had been too young to be parents. He realized that he would have missed out on a lot of opportunities if Lulu had gone through with the pregnancy, so he didn't hold any resentment toward Lulu for the choice she had made. Their conversation drifted back to Dante and to Lulu's guilt over lying to her husband. Dillon pointed out that with any luck, Luke and Laura would soon rescue Lucky, but Lulu feared that her parents had been sent on a wild goose chase.

Meanwhile, Maxie entered the squad room to return Nathan's cell phone, which had left behind at her place. Valerie explained that Nathan had left, but she offered to give Nathan the phone when he returned. Maxie decided to seize the opportunity to have a little chat with Valerie about Valerie's intentions toward Dante. Valerie appeared confused until Maxie held up a tablet to show Valerie the Port Charles Press headline. Valerie was shocked by the suggestion that she and Dante were more than friends but defended her actions because it had been wrong for the reporter to accuse Dante of being a racist for arresting T.J.

Maxie suggested that Valerie find another man to champion because Dante was married. Valerie denied being romantically interested in Dante, but Maxie questioned why Valerie had taken a job with the police department. Valerie calmly explained that she had minored in criminology in college, but Maxie suspected Valerie wanted to steal Dante away from Lulu. Dante entered the squad room in time to hear what Maxie had said, so he quickly pulled her aside to clear things up. Dante assured Maxie that nothing was going on, but Maxie didn't trust Valerie.

Dante suggested that Maxie focus on something else -- like finding a job -- but Maxie reminded him that she was both a wedding planner and personal shopper. Dante switched tactics by pointing out that Valerie was family, but Maxie argued that Valerie wasn't related to him except through marriage. Dante urged Maxie to let it go because he was devoted to his wife, so she reluctantly agreed. Pleased, Dante asked Maxie to apologize to Valerie. Maxie grudgingly complied but added that she had been looking out for Lulu.

Valerie accepted Maxie's apology, so Dante thanked Maxie for looking out for him and Lulu. However, he promised that he and Lulu were solid. "Nothing and no one will come between us," Dante vowed. After Maxie left, Valerie assured him that it hadn't been necessary for him to be hard on Maxie, but Dante disagreed because Maxie's fears had been groundless. Valerie smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

Michael realized Rosalie was the mole at ELQ Michael realized Rosalie was the mole at ELQ

Thursday, June 18, 2015

At the loft, Lulu looked at an array of framed family photographs while Dillon put Rocco down for a nap. Dillon was impressed with how easily Rocco had fallen asleep, so he wondered if Rocco had always been like that. Lulu smiled, but it was strained because it bothered her to have to lie to everyone about Lucky's abduction and the real reason Luke had broken off his engagement to Tracy. Dillon reminded Lulu that Lucky's safety was at stake, but Lulu hated lying to both her husband and Tracy. Lulu didn't think she could lie to another person, but a knock at the door immediately put her to the test.

Nikolas greeted his sister as he entered the apartment to talk to her about their mother's unexpected visit. He perked up when he saw Dillon standing in the living room because Nikolas realized it was an opportunity to persuade Dillon to relinquish controlling shares of ELQ. However, Nikolas put business on hold to ask what Lulu knew about their mother's decision to rekindle things with Luke. Dillon quickly jumped to Lulu's rescue by answering the difficult questions then revealing that Luke and Laura had left town to celebrate their engagement.

Nikolas was stunned by the news because it was completely out of character for Laura to make rash decisions, but Dillon explained that the impromptu trip had been an attempt to spare Tracy further hurt. Nikolas feigned concern about Tracy and offered to help in any way possible, but Dillon assured Nikolas that it wasn't necessary because Nikolas was not to blame for Luke's actions. Nikolas smiled politely then deftly changed the subject by asking about Dillon's film career.

Lulu was surprised to learn that Dillon had a production company as he opened up to Nikolas about getting a film off the ground once Dillon had secured financial backing. Dillon was shocked when Nikolas offered to invest in the film, but Nikolas explained that he needed to replenish the Cassadine coffers, which Victor had used to fund the Crichton-Clark Clinic. Dillon was uncomfortable accepting Nikolas' generous offer because independent films seldom generated a profit, so Nikolas suggested Dillon sell .5% of Dillon's 11.5% shares of ELQ to Nikolas.

Dillon was reluctant to part with any of his shares of the family company, but Nikolas insisted it would be an investment in Dillon's future, since it would increase the revenue of Dillon's production company. Nikolas turned up the pressure by extending his hand and asking if he and Dillon had a deal.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth was frazzled as she arrived to work. Her thoughts were on her earlier meeting with Nikolas when she had expressed reservations about lying to Jason. Elizabeth recalled telling Nikolas that Jason might understand why she had done what she had, but he would never forgive her for hurting Michael. Elizabeth remembered how Nikolas had assured her that he would keep Jake away from the Quartermaines once Nikolas had seized control of ELQ, but Elizabeth remained uneasy about her role in the takeover.

Patrick walked up and immediately noticed Elizabeth intently staring at the computer. He assumed she was trying to remember the new password, so he offered to log in to the system for her. Elizabeth pushed her unsettling thoughts away as she apologized for being distracted. Patrick realized something was troubling her, so he offered to listen if she needed someone to talk to. Elizabeth insisted she was fine but confessed that she had been thinking about Jake and his new job.

Elizabeth was startled when Patrick admitted that he had heard about Michael hiring Jake to run ELQ's security department, so she asked how he had heard about it. Elizabeth relaxed when Patrick explained that Sam had bumped into Jake shortly after Jake had gotten the job. Patrick didn't appear to notice that Elizabeth remained on edge as he confessed that he had been surprised Michael had hired someone with a blank résumé, but Elizabeth defended the decision by explaining Jake and Michael had gotten to know each other during Jake's stay in the hospital. Patrick changed the subject by asking if Jake had mentioned Sam's suggestion for the four of them to have dinner, but Elizabeth didn't think it was a good idea.

Patrick suspected Elizabeth might be uneasy around Sam because both Elizabeth and Sam had had a child with Jason, but Elizabeth assured Patrick that she was fine with Sam. Patrick realized that he and Jake hadn't gotten off on the right foot in part because Jake had had a strange vision of Jake and Sam in bed together, which Jake had never fully explained, but Elizabeth attributed the vision to the side effects of Helena's implant. Elizabeth promised there had never been anything between Jake and Sam, so Patrick agreed.

However, Patrick thought it was ironic that both Sam and Jake were working on the same side. Elizabeth immediately tensed as she questioned Patrick about the remark. Patrick tried to avoid elaborating, but she was insistent. Eventually, Patrick shared what he knew about Sam's assignment, but he asked Elizabeth not to tell anyone. She assured him that his secret was safe, but she immediately called Nikolas when Patrick walked away. She left Nikolas a voicemail message warning him that Sam had been hired to investigate Rosalie, so his time to was running out.

In Silas' office, Silas picked up a file labeled "Jane Doe" as he thought about the recent kiss he had shared with Ava. He returned to the present when Kiki knocked on the door then entered. She held up a bag as she announced that she had picked up lunch from Kelly's. Silas was delighted to spend time with his daughter, but he sensed there was more to her visit than a desire to have lunch with him. Kiki set out the food as she confessed that she had wanted to talk to him about Morgan. Silas feared that Morgan had broken Kiki's heart, so he told her that he had never thought Morgan was good enough for her.

Kiki appreciated her father unwavering support, but she assured him that Morgan hadn't done anything wrong. Silas recalled Ava's confession about kissing Morgan but kept the secret to himself while Kiki explained that she had felt bad about turning down Morgan's invitation to go to Atlantic City for a few days. Kiki revealed that she had decided to postpone the trip because she had wanted to spend as much time as possible with Denise before her aunt left town. Silas assured Kiki that she had a valid reason for wanting to remain in town, but Kiki regretted jumping to the wrong conclusion when she had overheard Morgan and Sonny talking.

At Metro Court, Sonny assured Morgan that everything was in place for Morgan and Kiki's trip to Atlantic City, but Morgan admitted that he had to cancel the trip because of Denise. Sonny implored Morgan to stay away from Denise, but Morgan clarified that Kiki had been reluctant to leave town because Kiki wanted a chance to get to know her aunt. Morgan was uncomfortable spending time with Denise but he felt obligated because Kiki kept inviting him, so he was tempted to ask Kiki to stop. Sonny warned Morgan not to get between niece and aunt.

Morgan realized Sonny was right, so Morgan decided to focus on other things like spending time with his brother Michael. Morgan hoped to persuade Michael to allow Sonny to spend time with Avery, since Michael had finally consented to Morgan and Kiki visiting their sister. Sonny warned Morgan that Michael wasn't ready to let Sonny be a part of Avery's life, so he begged Morgan not to jeopardize Morgan's relationship with Michael. Morgan insisted that he and Sonny were a package deal, so Morgan was determined to make things right.

Later, Kiki arrived looking for Morgan, but Sonny revealed that Morgan had gone to ELQ to talk to Michael. Sonny added that Morgan hoped to convince Michael to let Sonny visit Avery, so Kiki's expression filled with regret because she realized that Sonny had sacrificed his daughter for Morgan and Kiki's sakes. Kiki promised that neither she nor Morgan had ever intended for things to get out of hand, but Sonny insisted all that mattered was that no one had been hurt. Kiki agreed, but she worried that Morgan might get into trouble at ELQ, so she decided to head to Michael's office to check on the brothers.

At ELQ, Michael answered a call from Jake, who informed Michael that he had discovered the identity of Sam's boss. However, the call was abruptly disconnected when "Denise" pressed her finger on the switch-hook of Michael's office phone. Annoyed, Michael glared at Denise, but she was unapologetic as she innocently asked if she had interrupted him. Michael called out to Rosalie, but Denise revealed that Rosalie had gone on break. Michael was curious why Denise was in his office, so she told him about her attempt to visit her baby "niece" the previous evening. Denise was upset because the nanny had refused to allow Denise to visit "Avery."

"A.J.," Michael corrected. Michael explained that Sabrina had been right to turn Denise away, but Denise disagreed because Michael had promised to let Denise visit with her niece. Michael reminded Denise that he had expressly told her that she could arrange visits with the baby, but he didn't know Denise well enough to permit her to have unsupervised visits with his sister. Michael appreciated that Denise wanted to get to know A.J., but Michael insisted on being present during the visits. Denise readily agreed to his terms, so she suggested they return to the mansion to spend time with the baby.

Michael pointed out that he was busy with work but invited Denise to schedule a time with his assistant when he was free. Denise was not pleased, but Michael ignored her to answer his phone. It was Jake calling with an update about Sam. Michael was stunned by what Jake revealed, so he quickly ended the call then left the office.

Minutes later, Ava marched out of the office but stopped in front of Edward Quartermaine's portrait to vent her frustration over being prohibited from seeing her daughter. She jumped when the elevator door suddenly opened. She turned and saw Morgan, but he quickly picked up on her distress. Ava told him about her efforts to spend time with Avery and about Michael's demand that she make an appointment to schedule visits. Ava began to cry as she talked about the connection she had felt with Avery and her fears that she wouldn't be able to have a meaningful relationship with the baby.

Morgan hugged "Denise" as she wept, but the embrace quickly turned to more when she looked into his eyes. Passion flared between the two, but Morgan pulled back before he gave in to temptation. Denise agreed it would be best for him to leave, but she was curious if he had told Kiki about their kiss. Morgan shook his head because he hadn't seen any reason to needlessly hurt Kiki. However, Morgan conceded it was difficult for him to see Denise and not be reminded of Ava.

Morgan confessed that all the old feelings he'd had for Ava, without all the baggage, returned when he was around Denise. Moved by his heartfelt confession, Denise kissed him. Passion once again flared to life as Morgan and Denise made their way into Michael's office, tearing off each other's clothes and falling to the sofa as they started to make love.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Jake lurked in the bushes as Tracy stood at the front door, questioning Sam about what Sam had discovered about ELQ. Sam entered the mansion as Jake realized Tracy had hired Sam. He called to report the new development to Michael, but the line went dead seconds after Michael answered the phone. Jake waited a few minutes then called Michael back to let Michael know what he had discovered.

Meanwhile, Tracy led Sam to the living room to ask for an update. Sam was curious where Sabrina was, so Tracy explained that Sabrina was in the nursery, taking care of A.J. Tracy assured Sam that Sam could trust Tracy with the information, so Sam told Tracy about Rosalie's phone call. Sam had no idea who Rosalie's boss was, but the man's voice had seemed familiar. Frustrated, Tracy wondered what their next move should be. Sam didn't know, but she was certain the person trying to take over ELQ was someone they knew.

A short time later, Michael met Jake at the front door. Michael decided the best way to approach the situation was to confront Tracy head-on, so Michael entered the mansion. Jake followed but stopped in the foyer as a sense of déjà vu washed over him. Jake walked over to the staircase and looked up as he tried to figure out why everything seemed familiar. However, he brushed off the eerie sense of familiarity when he heard Michael shouting at Tracy.

In the living room, Michael angrily confronted his great-aunt about hiring Sam to spy on him. Michael was certain Tracy was behind the attempt to take over ELQ, but Tracy informed Michael that he was wrong. Sam agreed, so Michael demanded to know who had hired Sam. "I did," Sabrina answered from the doorway. Sabrina explained that she'd had reservations about Rosalie, but Michael quickly defended his assistant. Sam gently revealed that Sabrina had had good reason to be concerned about Rosalie because Sam had discovered that Nina's story about selling the ELQ shares had checked out.

Michael was shocked when Sam told him what she had uncovered about Nina's sudden financial windfall and Rosalie's phone call with a man earlier in the morning. Tracy was certain Rosalie had bought Nina's shares on behalf of the mystery man. Michael regretted not listening to Sabrina sooner because it was clear Rosalie was indeed the mole. Tracy assured Michael that they would get to the bottom of things and work together as a family to stop the corporate raider from seizing control of ELQ.

Nearby, Sam admitted that she was impressed because Jake hadn't given any inkling that he had caught her planting the bug in the phone when they had talked. However, he had made a mistake by jumping to the wrong conclusion about why she had done it. Jake disagreed, since Sam had been working behind Michael's back, except her bosses had been Sabrina and Tracy, not the mystery man.

Luke and Laura returned to the Triple L diner Luke and Laura returned to the Triple L diner

Friday, June 19, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie was delighted when Nathan arrived for lunch. Nathan warned her that he wouldn't always be able to get away from work, so Maxie reminded him of other ways they could spend their lunch hour. Nathan smiled as he offered to get them a room, but Maxie declined because she had a busy afternoon, getting her hair done and shopping for clients. Maxie explained that she was boycotting Wyndham's Department Store because of the incident between T.J. and the racist guard, so she had branched out to other stores. Nathan was surprised Maxie had had the time in her busy schedule to confront Valerie, but Maxie pretended she had no idea what he was talking about.

Nathan explained it was pointless to lie because Dante had told him about Maxie's accusations. Maxie refused to apologize for standing up for her friend by questioning Valerie's intentions toward Dante. Nathan appreciated Maxie's loyalty to Lulu, but he insisted there was nothing to worry about. Nathan's voice softened as he assured Maxie that he loved her protective nature, and he promised to always support her. Satisfied, Maxie met him halfway when he leaned over the table to kiss her.

Later, Nathan and Maxie stood to leave. Maxie asked Nathan to tell Dante that she was sorry, so Nathan wondered if she wanted him to pass along her apologies to Valerie too. Maxie didn't think Valerie deserved it, but Nathan reminded her that even if Valerie had feelings for Dante, it wouldn't matter because Dante and Lulu were solid. Nathan promised nothing would get between the happily married couple.

In the squad room, Valerie was busy working when Dante handed her a tall cup of coffee from Corinthos Coffee. Valerie was surprised that he actually bought coffee from the "alleged" mobster's coffee shop, but Dante assured her it was quite good. He also explained that it wasn't necessary to refer to his father as an alleged mobster, unless she was talking to the press. Valerie's smile dimmed at the inadvertent reminder of the newspaper headline suggesting that she and Dante were romantically involved. Dante refused to let the salacious innuendo dictate his friendships, but Valerie feared Lulu might have a problem with it.

Dante promised there was nothing to worry about, but Valerie disagreed because she suspected Lulu had sent Maxie to confront Valerie. Dante chuckled then clarified that it wasn't his wife's style to use a go-between. Dante assured Valerie that Lulu had always fought her own battles, but Valerie doubted Lulu had been happy about the headline. Dante explained that Lulu had dismissed it because Lulu was more interested in having a relationship with her newfound cousin, but he offered to talk to Lulu if it helped settle Valerie's concerns. Valerie preferred to talk to Lulu directly, so she decided to use her lunch hour to visit her cousin.

At the loft, Nikolas tried to persuade Dillon to sell .5% of Dillon's ELQ shares in exchange for enough money for Dillon to produce three independent films. Lulu admitted that it was a generous offer, but Dillon declined. Dillon confessed that he had been tempted, but he couldn't let go of the shares because ELQ was under threat from a hostile takeover. Nikolas hid his frustration behind a friendly veneer as he tried to push Dillon to change his mind, but Dillon stood firm, so Lulu suggested Nikolas and Dillon work out another way for Nikolas to invest in Dillon's production company. Nikolas smiled, but it didn't quite reach his eyes as he invited Dillon to draw up a business plan for Nikolas to look over.

After Nikolas left, Dillon wondered if he had made a huge mistake turning down the money. Lulu assured Dillon that he had done the right thing, but she suddenly realized that something had been off with her brother's desire to buy the share from Dillon. Lulu recalled walking in on Nikolas and Rosalie, and Nikolas' claim that he was dating Rosalie, but Lulu didn't recall Nikolas ever mentioning the woman again or being seen with her. Lulu wondered if Nikolas might be behind the hostile takeover, so Dillon decided to call his mother to let Tracy know what he and Lulu suspected.

After the call, Lulu walked Dillon to the door as they talked about the possibility that Nikolas was behind ELQ's troubles. Dillon reminded her that they might be wrong, but Lulu was relieved they had warned Tracy because they owed it to her after keeping the truth from her about Luke and Laura's reconciliation. In the hallway, Valerie exited the elevator, unnoticed, as Lulu and Dillon talked about keeping their secret from Dante. Valerie ducked around a corner and spied on the couple as they hugged.

Meanwhile, Michael, Tracy, Sabrina, Sam, and Jake were gathered in the Quartermaine living room as Tracy announced that she and Michael had been working at cross purposes, so they should join forces and collaborate on their next move to save ELQ. Jake suggested they use Rosalie's secret to force her to reveal the identity of her boss, but Michael admitted that he had respected Rosalie's privacy by not prying. Tracy implored Sam to think hard about the familiar voice she had heard answer Rosalie's call, but Sam couldn't place a face with the voice because she had only heard one word. Sam suggested Michael act as if everything were fine and keep the bug in place on Rosalie's phone, but Jake explained that it wasn't an option because Michael had told Rosalie about the listening device.

Frustrated, Michael wanted to confront Rosalie head-on, but Sabrina warned him that Rosalie wouldn't respond to the tactic. Tracy pointed out that they had two options: bribe Rosalie with money or resort to threats. Tracy refused to give Rosalie a penny on principal, so she volunteered to take care of the latter. Jake and Sam had a better plan, so they quickly filled everyone in. Afterwards, Michael and Jake started to leave to put the plan into motion, but Jake stopped when Sam followed them. Jake explained that Sam's presence wouldn't help, so Sam reluctantly agreed to stay put, but she wanted an update.

Nearby, Michael thanked Sabrina for listening to her instincts about Rosalie, so Sabrina admitted that she had helped him because she cared about Michael. After Michael and Jake left, Dillon called Tracy. Tracy put her son on speaker, so Sabrina and Sam could hear what he had to say. Dillon told the ladies about Nikolas' offer to buy .5% of Dillon's ELQ's shares and the possibility that Nikolas might be the one behind the hostile takeover. After Sam left, Tracy remarked to Sabrina that they might have Dillon to thank if the Quartermaines outmaneuvered Nikolas.

Later, Sam approached Nikolas at Metro Court Restaurant's bar. He invited Sam to join him for a drink, but she declined because she had some questions about his relationship with Rosalie.

At ELQ, Morgan and "Denise" stumbled into Michael's office as they ripped each other's clothes off during a passionate kiss. They fell onto the sofa, but Morgan quickly put the brakes on before he and Denise went too far. Denise agreed that Morgan had been right to put a stop to things because neither wanted to hurt Kiki. Morgan and Denise jumped when someone suddenly entered the office.

Rosalie smirked as Morgan grabbed his shirt then pulled it on, while Denise tried to straighten her rumpled clothes. Morgan tried to dismiss Rosalie, but she reminded him that she worked there, and it was her responsibility to make certain that no one was in Michael's office when Michael wasn't around. Rosalie taunted Morgan about catching Morgan and Denise in a compromising position, so Morgan implored Rosalie not to say anything because he didn't want Kiki needlessly hurt, since he and Denise had stopped before things had gone too far.

Morgan and Denise tensed when Kiki suddenly appeared in the doorway. Rosalie decided to keep Morgan's secret, but she made a point of cryptically teasing him about it. Denise was curious why Kiki was there, so Kiki admitted that she had stopped by when she had heard about Morgan's decision to discuss Avery's visitation with Michael. Kiki wondered what Denise was doing in Michael's office prompting Denise to rant about being denied access to her "niece" and Michael rushing off to attend to a business crisis. Kiki didn't appear to notice Morgan and Denise's nervousness, so she invited them to grab a bite to eat with her.

Shortly after Kiki, Morgan, and Denise left, Michael returned to his office. He was curt with Rosalie as he passed her desk. Moments later, Jake arrived and entered Michael's office, closing the door behind him. Rosalie hovered by the closed door until Jake suddenly swung it open. Michael ordered Rosalie to take a seat, so she nervously asked if he wanted her to take notes for a meeting. Michael explained that it wouldn't be necessary because she was the subject of the meeting.

Rosalie's anxiety mounted when Dante suddenly appeared in the doorway. Michael introduced Rosalie to his brother, the police officer, so Rosalie asked why Dante was there. Michael informed Rosalie that she faced corporate espionage charges.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Morgan, Kiki, and Denise were seated at a table as Kiki bragged that Morgan had persuaded Michael to allow Kiki and Morgan to visit with Avery. Kiki was certain that Morgan could talk to Michael on Denise's behalf, but Denise didn't want to put Morgan in a difficult position. Kiki seemed oblivious to the guilty glances Morgan and Denise exchanged as she asked how long Denise intended to remain in town. Denise explained that she wasn't in a rush to return home, so Kiki wondered if Denise had a boyfriend.

Morgan became increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation when Denise explained that it had been a while since she had dated anyone. Kiki lit up with excitement at the prospect of introducing Denise to Silas, but Morgan quietly suggested that it might not be wise for Kiki to play matchmaker. Kiki returned to the topic of spending time with Avery as a family, but Ava couldn't continue pretending to be Denise, so she quickly excused herself then fled. Kiki was surprised by Denise's abrupt departure, but she suspected her aunt's visit to ELQ had taken more out of her than Kiki had realized.

In British Columbia, Luke and Laura entered the Triple L diner, using an old key Laura hadn't expected to work. The diner was deserted, but Laura spotted a framed photograph of her, Luke, and Lucky, taken decades earlier, hanging on the wall. Luke searched the place as Laura looked around the dining area with a soft expression of nostalgia.

Later, Luke returned from starting the generator. He was stunned that it had still had juice in it, but Laura reminded him that it had been a quality generator. Luke was curious if she had heard from Lucky's kidnappers, but Laura sadly shook her head. Her memories drifted to the past as she remarked that it had been twenty years since they had lost their friend Dan. Luke reminded her that Dan hadn't been lost; Frank Smith had murdered Dan. Luke wondered why he and Laura had been lured to the diner.

"Who, among our old enemies, even knew about the Triple L?" Luke asked. Laura didn't have an answer, but she recalled that she, Luke, and Lucky had had a nice life while running the diner. Luke and Laura reminisced about their days in British Columbia, so she confessed they had been idyllic for her. However, she realized that Luke had felt different because he had missed the adventure. Luke opened up to Laura about his childhood as he explained that he had never felt as if he had deserved Laura.

Luke had also been terrified of family life, which had made him restless. In hindsight, Luke realized what had driven his fears, but he promised Laura that he was grateful for the life they had shared and didn't regret having a family with her.

Later, Laura became anxious because they hadn't heard from their son's kidnappers. Luke explained that it was part of the game because the kidnappers wanted to wear Luke and Laura down to make them more cooperative. Laura resented feeling like a dog being led around on a leash and lying to everyone, but she was relieved that they had confided the truth to Lulu and Dillon. Laura wondered if they could trust Dillon to keep quiet, but Luke was confident that Dillon cared too much about their daughter to say anything. Laura assured Luke that when Lucky was found and everything was done, he would get the chance to repair his relationship with Tracy.

Moments later, Laura's phone rang. She put it on speaker, so she and Luke could talk to the kidnappers. A man welcomed Luke and Laura to the Triple L diner, but Luke demanded to know where Lucky was. The man assured Luke that Luke and Laura would be rewarded for following the instructions but disconnected the call. Seconds later, the bells over the door jingled as someone entered. "What the hell?" Luke asked with disbelief.

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