General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 22, 2015 on GH

Dante kissed Valerie. Lucy voted for Nikolas to replace Michael as CEO. Nikolas threatened to expose Rosalie's secret if she didn't retract her statement to the police. Holly Sutton turned up in British Columbia.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 22, 2015 on GH
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The Truth Always Comes Out

The Truth Always Comes Out

Monday, June 22, 2015

The door opened at the diner, so Luke and Laura immediately drew their guns. Shocked, Luke recognized Jennifer Smith. "The one and only," she confirmed. She marveled at how long it had been since she'd seen Luke and Laura. Laura remembered that she'd last seen Jennifer in Texas, "when you tried to kill me." She vowed to "return the favor" if Jennifer didn't tell them where Lucky was.

Just then, two of Jennifer's henchmen entered with guns drawn, which forced Luke and Laura to give theirs up. The three sat at a table, and Jennifer talked about the "interesting couple of years" Luke and Laura had had. She claimed to be happy to see them, but she was disappointed that they'd told Lulu what was going on. Luke countered that Lulu had had a right to know, and he knew that she would keep quiet.

Jennifer praised Laura for following Jennifer's instructions and breaking up Luke and Tracy's engagement. "You couldn't be married for what comes next," Jennifer told him. Luke exploded that it was "stupid" of Jennifer to kidnap Lucky just so she could have Luke to herself. Laura agreed that it was a "new low" for Jennifer. "Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?" Jennifer answered. To Luke and Laura's disgust, Jennifer told them that she would give Lucky back if Luke spent one night with her.

Lulu told Dillon that, while she hated the situation, she wanted to let her parents deal with Lucky's kidnapping in their own way. Lulu opened the door to let Dillon out and hugged him. Unseen by Lulu, Valerie entered and observed the exchange. The two agreed that the situation would be their secret. Just then, Valerie's phone went off, and Lulu realized that Valerie was standing there. Valerie said she would text Lulu instead, but Dillon insisted that he was just leaving.

Lulu invited Valerie into the apartment but closed the door to have another minute with Dillon. The two prayed that Valerie hadn't heard their conversation. Lulu promised to keep Dillon updated. She was glad she had someone to "wait and worry" with. He left, and she went back into her apartment. She explained to Valerie that Dillon had been there to meet Rocco for the first time and that she and Dillon were good friends. Valerie hoped that Lulu felt that same about Valerie and Dante -- that they were just good friends.

Lulu assured Valerie that the "ridiculous headline" was "typical Julian." Valerie reluctantly told Lulu about Maxie's visit. Lulu said that, while Maxie was her best friend and had nothing but good intentions, Lulu had had no idea that Maxie had been going to confront Valerie. Valerie wanted to make sure Lulu knew that Valerie wasn't after Dante.

Lulu started that, when Valerie had arrived in Port Charles, she'd leaned on Dante a lot. She hoped that Valerie hadn't been misinterpreting Dante's kindness. She admitted that Valerie's job with the police department hadn't made Lulu feel any better. Valerie insisted that, while the work was interesting, she'd just really needed a job. Lulu understood and apologized for not clearing the air earlier. Valerie didn't want to cause any kind of problem in Dante and Lulu's marriage. A "relieved" Valerie had to go back to work, so she promised to see Lulu soon and left.

Rosalie wondered why the meeting was about her. Jake informed her that she was about to be arrested for corporate espionage. She vehemently denied any wrongdoing and was offended that Michael could think that of her. She asked why she would have bugged her own phone. Jake told her that the bug had actually been planted by a private investigator. Rosalie blamed Michael's "slutty little nanny." Michael warned her not to talk like that about Sabrina, but Rosalie went on to say that Sabrina was insecure.

Rosalie thought that Jake, Michael, and Dante were wasting their time questioning her. Jake invited her to sit and told her that Nina had given her a copy of the recording she'd made when Rosalie had approached her about buying the ELQ shares. Rosalie was clearly nervous as Jake offered for Dante to listen to it. Jake wondered what the standard prison sentence for corporate espionage was. Though it was up to the judge, Dante answered that Rosalie could get up to ten years in jail.

Michael assured Rosalie that they weren't after her, only her boss. She could make her own trouble "go away" if she told them who she was working for. "I had no choice," she finally admitted. She explained that she was being blackmailed, and she was trapped worse than the last time. She feared what her boss would do to her. Dante told her to give up her boss or go to prison. "It's Nikolas Cassadine!" she cried.

Dante wanted to take Rosalie to the policy station so she could give her statement. She apologized to Michael for betraying him, since he'd been the only nice person in town. "Goodbye, Rosalie," he stated, and Dante escorted her out. Michael blamed himself for the situation, but Jake assured him that it wasn't all on him. He promised Michael that he and Sam would be fighting for Michael out of loyalty. Appreciative, Michael shook Jake's hand.

Outside the office, Rosalie insisted that she'd never meant to betray Michael. Dante reminded her that betraying Michael was exactly what she'd done. They got into the elevator.

A short while later, Rosalie was sitting in the interrogation room when Dante gave her a pad of paper and a pen in order to write her statement. He exited the room and found Valerie back from her lunch break. "There's something I need to tell you," she told him, clearly worried.

Tracy paced around, and Sabrina tried to calm her down. Trying to keep busy, Sabrina began to fold laundry, and Tracy followed suit. Tracy was thankful that Lulu had remembered seeing Rosalie at Wyndemere with Nikolas and that Dillon had warned Tracy about it. She was also grateful that Edward wasn't alive to see his legacy being taken away. Sabrina urged Tracy not to blame Michael. Tracy thought that the real problem was members of the Quartermaine family letting their shares go so easily.

Tracy got a pen and paper and tried to figure out exactly how many shares Nikolas had control of. She went person by person and estimated that Nikolas had 43.5% of the shares. Just to be on the safe side, she called Brook Lynn. A few minutes later, Tracy was insisting to Brook Lynn that she wasn't angry at her granddaughter. She said goodbye and hung up. She told Sabrina about a stranger blackmailing Brook Lynn out of her shares.

Dillon arrived and wondered what Tracy was yelling about. Tracy informed him that Nikolas had 50% of the stock. He told his mother and Sabrina how Nikolas had tried and failed to get part of Dillon's shares. Tracy ranted about how everyone thought Nikolas was so noble, but he had proven to be a typical Cassadine.

Dillon left the room to call Lulu. He asked her if Valerie had overheard their conversation. She didn't think so, and she believed that their secret was safe. Dillon was glad, because his family was about to spiral into disaster.

Nikolas was sitting at the Metro Court bar when Sam joined him. Sam asked him about his relationship with Rosalie. "What relationship?" he inquired. He claimed that he'd met "Michael's assistant" once briefly. Sam told him about Nina selling her ELQ shares to Rosalie, but Rosalie buying them for someone other than Michael. He reminded her that he knew nothing about Helena's dealings. Sam accused him of being a liar.

Sam informed Nikolas that Lulu had seen Rosalie with Nikolas at Wyndemere about a month earlier than Nikolas claimed to have met her. He maintained that he'd been trying to be a gentleman, and his personal relationships were no one else's business. She explained that she'd been hired to figure out who had been targeting ELQ, and the clues had led straight to him. She invited him to admit his involvement. "Okay, you're right," he stated.

Nikolas insisted that it was nothing personal, only business. He explained that Helena and Victor had been "siphoning" money from the family for years. He wanted to get the family's finances back in order. He didn't want himself and Spencer to have to live a life they weren't "accustomed" to. He also wanted to uphold the "Cassadine legacy."

Sam yelled that, had the situations been reversed, Jason never would have stolen from Nikolas. Nikolas claimed that it wasn't stealing, just "making superior moves." Sam charged that he sounded just like Helena. He thought he was nothing like Helena. "Are you sure?" Sam challenged. "It was lovely to see you, as always," Nikolas said to Sam, and he left. A short while later, Jake sat with Sam at the bar. She informed him that Nikolas had admitted everything to her.

Tracy arrived at ELQ and told Michael that Nikolas owned 50% of the stock. Michael knew that, since Nikolas owned half of the company, they would have to deal with him sooner or later. "Looks like it's going to be sooner," Nikolas said as he entered.

Lucy shocked everyone by voting with Nikolas

Lucy shocked everyone by voting with Nikolas

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

At the loft, Lulu spoke to Dillon on the phone about the situation with Nikolas' attempt to seize control of ELQ. Dillon was relieved that he hadn't sold Nikolas the .5% share of ELQ that Nikolas had wanted in exchange for funding several of Dillon's independent films. Their conversation then turned to Valerie when Dillon asked if Valerie had overheard anything about the real reason Luke and Laura had left town, so Lulu assured him Valerie hadn't mentioned anything about it during the visit. Moments later, Dillon wrapped up the phone call when Lucy arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, looking for Tracy.

After the call, Lulu answered a knock at the door. It was Maxie, who had stopped by with Lulu's favorite cupcakes to apologize for sticking her nose in Lulu's business. Lulu smiled because she knew about Maxie's confrontation with Valerie at the police station. Surprised, Maxie asked if Dante had told Lulu, but Lulu shook her head then told Maxie about Valerie's visit. Maxie refused to apologize for questioning Valerie's intentions toward Dante, so Lulu thanked her friend for having Lulu's back but promised it wasn't necessary because Valerie and Dante were just friends.

Maxie didn't think Lulu appeared convinced, but Lulu confessed that something else was troubling her. Maxie asked what was going on, but Lulu tried to dismiss it as Haunted Star business. Maxie didn't believe Lulu, so she pushed her friend for an answer until Lulu inadvertently blurted out that Lulu and Dillon couldn't discuss it. Alarmed, Maxie asked if Lulu and Dillon were romantically involved, but Lulu vehemently denied it then desperately begged her friend to drop it. Maxie realized it was important to Lulu, so she reluctantly agreed to stop asking questions.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon warmly greeted Lucy as Lucy entered the living room. Lucy was delighted when she saw Dillon, so the two exchanged pleasantries before Lucy explained that Tracy had sent for her. Lucy assumed Luke had changed his mind about reuniting with Laura, but Lucy was a little surprised Tracy had agreed to marry Luke so quickly. Dillon carefully revealed that Luke and Laura had left town together then clarified that his mother had wanted to talk to Lucy about ELQ. Dillon shared the details about Nikolas' attempt to take over the family business.

In the squad room, Dante asked if Valerie had talked to Lulu, so Valerie confirmed that she had. However, Valerie revealed she had to tell Dante something. Dante waited expectantly as Valerie recalled seeing Dillon and Lulu in an embrace as the couple discussed keeping a secret from Dante, but Valerie decided against telling Dante, so she simply assured him that everything was fine between her and Lulu. Dante easily saw through the lie, so he asked what Valerie was hiding.

Valerie reiterated that everything was fine, but Dante could tell from her demeanor that she was upset. He pointed out that being evasive when it was clear she was troubled only raised his concerns, so Valerie quietly confessed that she had seen Dillon and Lulu hugging in the loft's doorway and that they had been talking about a secret they were keeping from Dante. She immediately tried to downplay what she had seen, but Dante was curious how Lulu had acted when Valerie had visited with her cousin. Valerie admitted that Lulu had been a little "freaked out," but Valerie was certain there was an innocent explanation. "You're probably right," Dante replied without conviction.

Later, Dante handed Rosalie's handwritten confession to Valerie for Valerie to type up. He advised Valerie to find a new place to live because Nikolas might be spending time in jail if Rosalie's accusations were true. Valerie remained concerned about their earlier conversation, so she reminded Dante that she might have misheard Dillon and Lulu then added that she didn't want to cause trouble. Dante assured her that he knew that, but he left to talk to his wife. Valerie's expression clouded with concern as she glanced at a photograph of Dante and Lulu.

At the loft, Dante greeted Lulu with a warm kiss then talked to her about Rosalie's confession. Lulu was disappointed by her brother's conduct and mentioned his visit when Nikolas had tried to buy a portion of Dillon's shares of ELQ. Dante feigned surprised that Dillon had been there, so Lulu carefully explained that Dillon had wanted to meet Rocco. Dante couldn't hide his disappointment because he knew Lulu was hiding something. Lulu picked up on her husband's tension, so she asked him what was troubling him. He assured her he was fine then disappeared into the bathroom to shower before bed.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sam revealed to Jake that Nikolas had confessed to everything. Jake sat down next to Sam at the bar as he pointed out that at least they had found out in time to stop Nikolas. Sam agreed, but Jake warned her that Nikolas might face jail time for corporate espionage because Rosalie had gone to the police station to make a full confession. Sam admitted that she didn't feel sorry for her cousin, so Jake revealed that he had tricked Rosalie into confessing by pretending a recording of a Taylor Swift CD had been proof of Rosalie's crimes.

Sam was impressed, but she laughed when she realized what might have happened if Rosalie had called Jake's bluff. Jake and Sam were startled when Patrick and Elizabeth suddenly walked up. Sam immediately hopped off the barstool to greet Patrick with a hug and kiss, while Elizabeth smiled politely as she affectionately greeted Jake. Sam and Jake quickly filled Patrick and Elizabeth in on their investigation and Nikolas' role in the attempt to take over ELQ. Elizabeth's smile was strained as she pretended to be as shocked and surprised as everyone else by Nikolas' deceit.

Jake was confused why Nikolas had changed drastically, so Sam and Elizabeth suggested Nikolas' breakup with Britt had played a role in his changed behavior. However, Sam couldn't understand what would drive a person to completely abandon their moral compass. A fleeting expression of guilt crossed Elizabeth's face, but she hid it behind a careful smile. Meanwhile, Sam shifted gears by suggesting they continue their celebration with dinner. Elizabeth appeared ready to protest until both Patrick and Jake readily agreed.

After drinks were served at the bar, Sam wondered why Patrick and Elizabeth were at the restaurant. Patrick admitted that he and Elizabeth had hoped to unwind after a difficult but successful surgery. As the couples chatted, Jake asked how things had been for Patrick and Sam since moving in together. Sam gushed that it had been wonderful and admitted that Emma and Danny already loved each other as siblings. After they sat down for dinner, Sam asked about Jake and Elizabeth, so Jake admitted that he had gotten a place above Kelly's because he and Elizabeth had wanted to do things the right way by getting to know each other as a couple before living together.

At ELQ, Tracy assured Michael that Nikolas only had 50% of ELQ's shares, which was not the majority. Michael wasn't satisfied because it meant that they would have to deal with Nikolas sooner or later. "Looks like sooner," Nikolas said with a smirk as he sauntered into Michael's office then sat behind Michael's desk. "I'm sorry, was this seat taken?" Nikolas innocently asked as Michael and Tracy watched him with matching expressions of fury.

Michael cut to the chase by asking why Nikolas was there, so Nikolas confessed that he had intended to keep quiet about having obtained 50% of ELQ's shares until Sam had confronted him. Tracy warned Nikolas that Rosalie was at the police station, disclosing everything about what she had done on Nikolas' behalf. Michael was confident that Nikolas would be indicted for corporate espionage, but Nikolas appeared unconcerned as he decided to let the attorneys sort things out. Michael ordered Nikolas to get his feet off of Michael's desk, but Tracy opted for a less hostile tactic by suggesting that Nikolas return the ELQ shares in exchange for leniency.

Nikolas wasn't interested in giving up the shares, so Tracy accused him of blackmailing Brook Lynn. Nikolas claimed that he regretted hurting Brook Lynn, but it had been necessary. Tracy wondered what Emily would think of Nikolas, but he resented Tracy trying to throw Emily in his face, since Tracy had despised Emily. Tracy insisted that Emily had been family and had been treated as such, but Nikolas wasn't satisfied. Tracy was curious if Nikolas thought Emily would understand the lengths he had gone to in order to obtain the ELQ shares.

Tracy was disgusted, but she admitted that she had always known that Nikolas had been an "average" Cassadine. Nikolas refused to be goaded, so he suggested the constant infighting between the Quartermaines had made ELQ vulnerable to a takeover. Tracy argued that Nikolas hadn't amassed the 50% of ELQ's shares through savvy business acumen because 15.5% of the shares had been used to pay for Luke's ransom, 16.5% of the shares had been swindled out of Skye, and both Ned and Brook Lynn's shares had been coerced, which were all felonies rather than business transactions. Nikolas confidently countered that it couldn't be proven, but Michael informed Nikolas that it didn't matter because Edward had written a provision in his will to keep anyone from seizing power through owning majority shares of ELQ.

Michael handed Nikolas a copy of Edward's will, which stated that the board had the option of stripping a person of their voting rights if they owned a majority share of the company. Michael explained that Nikolas would be a "lame duck" because he would only own shares in ELQ but not have any say in how the company was managed. Tracy beamed with pride when Michael decided to call for an emergency shareholder meeting to vote Nikolas off the board. Nikolas didn't appear concerned as Michael and Tracy made the phone calls.

A short time later, Tracy returned to the office to let Michael know that Dillon and Lucy were on their way. Nikolas wondered why Tracy was involved, since she wasn't on the board, so Tracy informed him that Monica was on vacation and had given her proxy to Tracy to vote. Monica was furious and wanted Tracy to toss Nikolas out on his "ass." Moments later, Dillon and Lucy entered the office. Dillon resented Nikolas trying to use him to gain control of ELQ, but Nikolas was unrepentant. Nikolas watched Lucy closely as everyone sat down to begin the meeting.

Lucy was the tie-breaking vote, so everyone waited to see if she would support the Quartermaine family to vote Nikolas out. Nikolas smiled with satisfaction when Lucy stunned everyone by voting to keep Nikolas on the board.

In British Columbia, Luke and Laura tried to reason with Frank Smith's daughter, Jennifer. Jennifer offered to release Lucky unharmed in exchange for one night with Luke. Luke was certain Jennifer was joking, but she assured him that she wanted to consummate the marriage that "fate had cruelly" denied them. Frustrated, Laura shoved Jennifer away from Luke as she accused Jennifer of being a vile woman. Jennifer argued that it didn't concern Laura, but Laura disagreed because Jennifer had kidnapped Laura's son.

Luke suggested Jennifer needed professional help because she was delusional for thinking he would sleep with her. Jennifer admitted that she had taken time to reevaluate her life and had gone through years of therapy to figure out why she made poor choices regarding men. According to Jennifer, the only way for her to move forward was to have real closure with Luke, which meant that she needed to have a night of unbridled passion with him. Jennifer thought Luke should think of it as a business proposal like the Robert Redford movie Indecent Proposal that had also starred an actress who had looked a lot like "Jackie Templeton."

Luke insisted his sham wedding with Jennifer had been back during the "Carter administration," but Jennifer insisted it was a pragmatic solution. Laura disagreed because what Jennifer proposed was rape. Jennifer was offended, but Laura refused to back down because it was wrong to coerce Luke to have sex in exchange for Lucky's freedom. Disappointed, Jennifer thought that Laura would appreciate the poetic justice of the proposal, since it was public record that Luke had once raped Laura in a campus disco.

Laura wasn't interested in having Luke suffer in her name, but Jennifer explained that it was merely a business transaction. Luke reluctantly agreed to give Jennifer one night in exchange for Lucky, but Laura objected. Luke explained that he was willing to take "one for the team" if it meant their son's freedom. Jennifer smiled with joy because she looked forward to her "romantic" night with Luke, but Laura urged Luke to reconsider. Luke was resigned as he and Jennifer left the Triple L diner, flanked by Jennifer's bodyguards.

Jennifer confessed that she didn't have Lucky

Jennifer confessed that she didn't have Lucky

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In the squad room, Jordan asked Valerie for a quarterly budget report, which Jordan needed for a meeting. As Jordan waited for the report, she poured herself a cup of coffee and grumbled that she had never imagined how much time a police commissioner spent in meetings. Valerie tactfully changed the subject by admitting that she was glad the charges against T.J. had been dropped. Jordan agreed, but she confided that things were not as they appeared because the security guard hadn't simply changed his mind.

Jordan reminded Valerie that the security guard had been determined to send T.J. to jail and had even gone as far as finding a doctor to corroborate the guard's bogus claim of injury, so Jordan suspected someone had coerced the guard into backing off. Valerie was curious who would do such a thing, but Jordan decided to take Valerie to the privacy of the interrogation room to continue their discussion. Once the door was closed, Jordan explained that she had encountered Sonny at the courthouse following T.J.'s arraignment, so Jordan was certain that Sonny had arranged for the guard to drop the charges.

Jordan hated herself for being grateful to Sonny' for intervening, but Valerie didn't blame Jordan because T.J. was Jordan's son, and Jordan's hands had been tied. Jordan was frustrated because she should have been able to help her son, since Jordan was the highest-ranking police officer, but the mayor had been afraid of public backlash. Jordan also resented that she had spent years putting mobsters behind bars, only to have one save her son, but Valerie insisted it had been necessary. Jordan agreed, but she didn't want T.J. to think the only way to beat the system and get justice was by using strong-arm tactics.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny read the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about Nikolas Cassadine conquering ELQ. Sonny's waitress glanced at the headline as she poured his coffee, so she confessed that she thought Michael had gotten what he deserved for taking Sonny's daughter away from Sonny. Sonny made it clear that he didn't wish anything bad to happen to his son, but the waitress was unapologetic, even though "Ms. Jacks" had said the same thing. After the waitress left, T.J. walked up.

Sonny invited T.J. to join him, so T.J. sat down to talk to Sonny about Ric's refusal to set up a payment plan for Ric's legal services. T.J. knew Ric's fees were high, but he doubted Ric had helped out of the goodness of his heart simply because Molly had asked her father to represent T.J. in court. Sonny reluctantly admitted that he had paid for T.J.'s legal services as a favor to Shawn for everything Shawn had sacrificed, but T.J. was uncomfortable accepting the money until he knew the truth about Sonny's involvement in the hit on Jordan. Sonny denied any knowledge of Duke's plans, but T.J. appeared skeptical.

Sonny promised it was true but confessed that he wouldn't have done anything different in Duke's place because Jordan had been a "snitch." Sonny explained that he had made a similar decision when he had found a mole in his organization a few years earlier. T.J. believed Sonny, so he agreed to accept the payment for Ric's legal services, but T.J. couldn't accept the money Duke had offered to pay for T.J.'s tuition. Sonny respected T.J.'s decision but offered to pay T.J.'s tuition instead. T.J. declined because he was determined to find another way, but Sonny felt obligated to help T.J.

Sonny explained that he had made Shawn a promise to watch over T.J., but T.J. stubbornly refused to accept the generous offer. Sonny shifted gears by asking where T.J. had been living since summer break had started. T.J. confessed that he had been crashing on various sofas, but he would soon be moving in with Molly. Sonny chuckled because Sonny doubted Alexis would approve of Molly and T.J. living together. Sonny invited T.J. to stay at Greystone Manor until classes started in the fall, but T.J. didn't think it was a good idea.

However, T.J. quickly changed his mind when he saw Jordan exit the elevator. Jordan immediately approached the table when she saw Sonny and T.J. together, so she heard T.J. pointedly accept Sonny's generous offer to pay his tuition and live under Sonny's roof. Jordan vehemently objected by promising to cover T.J.'s tuition and rent him an apartment, but T.J. growled that he wanted nothing from his mother. Infuriated, Jordan warned Sonny to back off, but Sonny calmly reminded her that it was up to T.J. Jordan appealed to her son to reconsider, but T.J. explained that he trusted Sonny far more than he trusted Jordan. Jordan warned Sonny that he couldn't replace the son he had lost with her son, and she stormed off.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Nikolas skulked about on the patio with a movie script tucked under his arm. He peeked through the French door window until he saw Dillon. Dillon scowled but opened the door to find out what Nikolas wanted. Nikolas asked for a few minutes of Dillon's time, but Dillon wasn't interested in hearing Nikolas' excuses. Nikolas insisted it was important, so Dillon reluctantly invited Nikolas inside.

Nikolas started off by reminding Dillon that the situation with ELQ had been business rather than personal, but Dillon was unmoved. Nikolas decided to get to the point by revealing that he had read Dillon's movie script and wanted to finance it. "You've got to be kidding me," Dillon replied with contempt. Nikolas assured Dillon that he believed the movie would be a good investment and might make a profit, but Dillon wasn't interested in working with someone who had stolen 50% of ELQ's shares. Nikolas admitted that a part of him felt indebted to Dillon because Dillon had saved Nikolas' life by giving Nikolas a serum to reverse the effects of an encephalitis virus that had claimed Courtney's life.

Dillon refused to take Nikolas' guilt money, but Nikolas continued to sing the film's praises. Dillon advised Nikolas to stop embarrassing himself because Dillon refused to work with a "dirtbag" who was trying to find a way to improve his image in Lulu's eyes. Dillon reminded Nikolas that Lulu had always looked up to Nikolas, but Dillon doubted that Lulu was proud of what Nikolas had done. Dillon was furious that Nikolas had taken advantage of the trust the Quartermaines had placed in Nikolas and Emily's memory, so he ordered Nikolas to leave because Nikolas couldn't buy his way out of the betrayal.

At ELQ, Michael decided to pay Lucy a visit in an attempt to reason with her. Tracy doubted that Lucy had fully appreciated the mistake Lucy had made by supporting Nikolas, so Michael promised to impress upon Lucy why it was imperative to keep Nikolas out of ELQ. As if on cue, Lucy entered Michael's office. Lucy started to talk about how delighted she was to have the good fortune to visit with Michael and Tracy two days in a row, but Tracy cut to the chase by demanding to know why Lucy had voted with Nikolas. Tracy insisted it hadn't been in ELQ's best interest, but Michael tried to give Lucy the benefit of the doubt by suggesting that Lucy had had a reasonable explanation.

Michael offered to call another meeting, so the shareholders could vote again, but Lucy revealed it wasn't necessary because she had voted with Nikolas intentionally. Tracy assumed Nikolas had dirt on Lucy, but Lucy denied being blackmailed or bribed to support Nikolas' position on the board. Michael and Tracy were stunned, but Lucy was unapologetic because she had done it for Duke. Lucy resented how Michael had turned against Duke, but Michael felt justified because his father had given Duke a chance when no one else had.

Michael was hurt that Duke had repaid A.J.'s kindness by covering up Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder. Lucy argued that Michael had shown questionable ethics and impulse control problems by enlisting Monica's help to have Avery taken away from Sonny. Michael assured Lucy that his sister was safer under his care than with Sonny, but Lucy accused Michael of trying to punish Sonny by using the baby. Lucy doubted that Lila would have approved, but Tracy was livid that Lucy had dared to mention Tracy's beloved mother's name.

Tracy pointed out that Lucy wasn't in any position to judge anyone, since Lucy had once seduced Alan to trick him into marriage while Lucy had been having an affair with Scott, whose baby Lucy had tried to pass off as Alan's child. Lucy ignored the harsh reminder of her shady past to gently suggest that Michael take time to grow up and rein in his impulsive nature while studying under Nikolas' wise tutelage. "Thank you," Nikolas said from the doorway.

Michael glowered at Nikolas as he demanded to know what Nikolas was doing at ELQ. Nikolas revealed that he wanted to call a vote to replace Michael as CEO. Once again, Lucy was the deciding vote, so Michael appealed to her to vote with the Quartermaines. Michael reminded her that ELQ had profited under his leadership and that he desperately wanted to honor his family's legacy. Tracy added that Michael had also created new jobs, but Nikolas argued that it was time to take the company in a different direction. Nikolas promised that he could increase profits tenfold.

Lucy admitted that she hadn't voted for Nikolas to remain on the board so he could take over ELQ, but she decided ELQ would be safer with Nikolas in charge. Michael and Tracy were shocked, but Lucy made a point of warning Nikolas to honor Edward's vision, or he would lose her support. Disgusted, Tracy blasted Lucy then congratulated Nikolas on living down to the Cassadine reputation. Tracy was certain that Helena would be proud of her grandson, but Tracy doubted both Emily and Edward would be pleased by Nikolas' underhanded tactics and betrayal. After Michael and Tracy left, Lucy conceded that sometimes victory felt hollow, especially since Tracy hadn't deserved the blow after losing Luke.

In the reception area, Michael took down the portrait of Edward. He felt responsible for the fiasco, but Tracy assured him that Edward would have been proud of him. Tracy blamed herself for losing control of ELQ because she had been the one to make the company vulnerable by trading her shares for Luke's freedom. Defeated, Michael and Tracy entered the elevator.

At the loft, Lulu was relieved when she finally reached Laura. Lulu was eager for an update, but Laura explained that it wasn't a good time to talk because Laura was being watched and didn't have any easy answers for Lulu. Lulu assured her mother that the secret remained safe with Lulu then added that she hadn't even told Dante. Laura appreciated Lulu's support, but Laura had to get off the phone. Lulu told her mother that she loved her then ended the call, unaware that Dante had entered the living room in time to hear Lulu mention the secret and her declaration of love.

Dante cleared his throat as he asked who Lulu had been talking to, so Lulu claimed it had been Maxie. According to Lulu, Maxie had wanted to make certain that everything was fine between Maxie and Lulu following Maxie's confrontation with Valerie. Dante easily saw through the lie, but didn't challenge her. Instead, he seized the opportunity to make certain that Lulu knew there was nothing except friendship between him and Valerie. Lulu assured him that she didn't have any concerns but changed the subject by announcing that Bobbie intended to pick Rocco up from daycare.

Dante explained that he had to get to work, but he promised to call Lulu later in the day to make plans for dinner. After Dante kissed his wife and left, Lulu called Dillon. She left him a voicemail message imploring him to call her back because she had spoken to her mother. After she ended the call, Lulu grabbed her keys and purse. Meanwhile, Dante hid out of sight in the hallway as he watched his wife leave their apartment, so he decided to follow her.

A short time later, Lulu knocked on the French doors at the Quartermaine mansion until Dillon, clad only in a low-slung towel, opened the doors. Lulu was curious why the doors had been locked, so he mentioned that he'd had an unwelcome visitor earlier. Lulu explained that she needed to talk to him, so he ushered her inside and closed the door. Nearby, Dante watched Lulu enter the parlor.

Inside, Lulu quickly filled Dillon in about her phone call with Laura. Lulu confessed that she was concerned about her parents' mental health because they were each vulnerable. Lulu hated lying to Dante, but she realized that she had to track down her parents and brother. Dillon decided to join Lulu in the search, but she objected because she didn't want to endanger him. Dillon refused to be swayed, so Lulu thanked him for his help. However, she had no idea what to tell Dante. Dillon was confident she would think of something because her brother's life depended on it.

At the police station, Valerie greeted Dante then asked if he had talked to Lulu about Dillon. Dante admitted that he had then relayed what Lulu had told him about Dillon's visit. Valerie smiled with relief until Dante confided that Valerie had been right about Lulu and Dillon keeping a secret from him. He told her about Lulu's phone call earlier that morning and how he had followed his wife to the Quartermaine mansion. Valerie was certain there was an innocent explanation, but Dante appeared uncertain.

Moments later, Lulu called Dante to explain that she had to leave town immediately. According to Lulu, she had to fly to Italy to help her grandmother, Lesley, who had broken her ankle and needed help.

In British Columbia, Laura ended the call with Lulu then continued to pace the hotel hallway as two of Jennifer Smith's goons guarded Jennifer's hotel room.

Inside the hotel room, Luke slowly woke up. His hands were bound and his shirt was torn as he groaned in misery. Jennifer slept peacefully next to him until she heard him stir. She greeted Luke with a bright smile, but reminded him that he hadn't held up his end of the bargain, so she had no reason to return Lucky.

Meanwhile, Laura grew impatient waiting. She tried to push past the burly bodyguards, but they easily blocked her from entering the hotel room. Outraged, Laura began kicking and yelling until Jennifer heard the commotion and opened the door. Jennifer ordered the men to release Laura then invited Laura to enter. After Jennifer closed the door, she resumed buttoning her blouse as Laura desperately looked around for Luke. Laura panicked when she didn't see him, so she called out to him.

Luke stumbled out of the bathroom, so Laura anxiously asked what had happened to Luke. Jennifer informed Laura that Luke had failed to give Jennifer closure by sleeping with her because Luke had gotten drunk and passed out. Luke blamed Jennifer for ordering the numerous bottles of wine they had consumed, but Jennifer insisted it had been necessary because she had needed "liquid courage." Luke suggested that it was because she knew deep down inside that they didn't want each other. Jennifer was curious if Luke had ever wanted her, so Luke admitted that he had been young and selfish when her father had arranged their marriage.

Luke confessed that he had never cared about Jennifer's feelings, but he was deeply sorry for the pain he had caused her. However, Luke reminded her that it had been 35 years since their engagement, so it was time for her to move forward and return Lucky to his parents. Luke and Laura were shocked when Jennifer admitted that she didn't have Lucky. Jennifer explained that someone had contacted her to give her information that would secure her the leverage needed to get Luke back. However, Jennifer had no idea who the person was, but she was confident Luke and Laura would hear from the kidnapper soon.

Madeline kissed Ric

Madeline kissed Ric

Thursday, June 25, 2015

At Greystone Manor, Carly turned off the television in disgust because she was tired of listening to the news and furious that Nikolas had taken ELQ away from Michael, who had poured his heart and soul into the company. Carly reminded Sonny that ELQ had been Michael's last connection to A.J., so Nikolas had stripped Michael of everything. Sonny disagreed because Michael still had custody of Sonny's daughter Avery.

Moments later, Morgan walked in. Carly was curious if Morgan had heard about Michael's troubles, so Morgan told her it was all over the news. Sonny wondered if Michael had said anything about the hostile takeover when Morgan had paid his brother a visit at ELQ, but Morgan shook his head and explained that Michael had been out of the office. Morgan recalled his heated encounter with Denise, so he carefully avoided looking at his parents.

Sonny was disappointed that Morgan hadn't had an opportunity to broach the subject of Sonny and Avery with Michael, but Morgan assured his father that he would. Carly didn't think it was wise because Michael might view losing ELQ as a failure rather than the underhanded grab for power it had been.

Sonny assured Carly that Michael had dealt with adversity in the past and had emerged stronger, but Carly wanted her son to know that he could lean on Carly and Sonny during difficult times. Later, Carly decided to get to work, but she warned Morgan not to antagonize Michael by pushing Michael about Avery's visitation.

After Carly left, Morgan complained about his mother's attitude, but Sonny reminded Morgan that Morgan had drugged Michael. Morgan insisted it had been a mistake and that no one had been hurt, but Sonny wasn't moved by the argument. Sonny explained it was difficult for Carly because she had never been estranged from Michael, but Morgan assured his father that he simply wanted to reunite their family. Sonny appreciated that Morgan's heart was in the right place, so Morgan opened up about his heated encounter with Denise in Michael's office. Sonny was stunned, but Morgan promised things hadn't gone too far because neither Morgan nor Denise wanted to hurt Kiki.

Sonny warned Morgan that Denise was trouble, but Morgan reiterated that Morgan and Denise had stopped in time, thanks to Rosalie. Sonny wondered what Rosalie had to do with anything, so Morgan explained that Rosalie had walked in on Morgan and Denise. Sonny feared that Rosalie might tell Kiki, but Morgan was confident Rosalie could be trusted. Sonny reminded Morgan that Michael had foolishly thought the same thing, but Morgan argued that Morgan and Rosalie had been friends long before she had ever met Michael. However, Morgan suspected there was more to the story with Nikolas because Morgan couldn't imagine Rosalie willingly betraying Michael.

At the hospital, Ava, posing as Denise, stopped a nurse to ask where Silas was. The nurse explained that Silas was busy with a patient but offered to pass along a message when he was available. Ava insisted it was a family matter then managed to trick the nurse into revealing where Silas was. The nurse desperately tried to stop Ava from barging in on Silas, but Ava whipped the trauma bay's curtain aside to demand to talk to Silas.

Silas pointed out that he was busy with a patient, but Ava didn't care. She told the patient she had an appointment with Silas, so she advised the man to take two aspirin and call Silas in the morning. Silas apologized as Ava hustled the confused patient out of the trauma bay then closed the curtain as she explained that she had a problem. Silas was not amused by Ava's antics, but she cried that things had not worked out as she had planned. Ava feared that she might have to do something drastic like drop her disguise if she wasn't granted free access to her baby, so Silas reminded Ava that it wasn't an option because they would both end up in jail.

Ava was frustrated because she had created a twin sister in order to spend time with her daughters. She resented having to schedule an appointment to visit Avery, so Michael could supervise, but Silas thought Michael sounded like a responsible guardian. Ava argued that Avery was surrounded by "cutthroat" Quartermaines and a nanny Ava despised. Silas realized Ava was in a difficult position, but Ava's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she felt alone.

Silas was startled when Ava mentioned that she'd had another passionate encounter with Morgan. Silas feared Kiki would get hurt, but Ava explained that Ava and Morgan had shared a far stronger bond than Morgan and Kiki. Ava reminded Silas that Kiki had been in love with Michael during Kiki's marriage to Morgan, but Silas didn't care because it was wrong of Ava to lust after their daughter's boyfriend. Ava insisted it wouldn't have been a problem if Silas had kept her distracted, but Silas coldly advised her take up needlepoint because he wasn't interested in a romantic relationship.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina folded laundry as she watched the local news about the changes at ELQ. She turned off the television then answered the door when she heard a knock. It was Michael. She quickly invited him inside then hugged him as she wondered how he had been holding up. "Don't ask," Michael dejectedly replied as he returned the hug.

Later, Michael expressed his frustration that Nikolas had stolen ELQ out from under him, so Sabrina asked how it was possible, since Nikolas only controlled 50% of ELQ's shares. Michael quickly filled Sabrina in about Lucy's vote and why Lucy had sided with Nikolas. Sabrina was shocked that Lucy would punish Michael for being upset with Duke when Duke had helped cover up Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder. Michael admitted that Lucy had also accused Michael of acting out of spite by taking Sonny's daughter away, but Sabrina defended Michael's decision to protect his sister.

Michael admitted that Lucy had been right because he had wanted to punish Sonny for shooting A.J., so Michael had used concern for his sister's safety as an excuse. Michael realized that A.J. hadn't always been a good man, but A.J. had been trying to be a better person at the time of the murder. Sabrina sensed the conflict in Michael, so she gently suggested that perhaps it was time to end the war with Sonny. She wondered if there was any way for Michael to forgive Sonny.

Michael explained that Sonny had done horrible things to A.J. like hanging A.J. from a meat hook to force A.J. to relinquish A.J.'s parental rights. Michael felt he would be betraying his father by forgiving Sonny and Carly. Sabrina hadn't known A.J. well, but she was certain that A.J. would have wanted Michael to be happy. Michael didn't know where to begin, so Sabrina suggested Michael start by giving Sonny's daughter back to her father.

At ELQ, Nikolas was watching a news report online about his new position at ELQ when Rosalie entered the office. Rosalie smiled as she conceded that Nikolas was the king of the castle, but she wondered if he was the master of his domain. Nikolas' good humor fled as he glared at Rosalie. After he turned off the computer, he explained that he had seized control of ELQ because Lucy, not Rosalie, had helped him. Rosalie was upset that Nikolas had failed to recognize her efforts to help him, since she had put her neck on the line for months.

Rosalie expected some appreciation for her efforts, but Nikolas threatened to kill her for betraying him. Nikolas was furious that Rosalie had incriminated him to the police, so he wanted one good reason why he shouldn't imprison Rosalie on Cassadine Island and make her Helena's "bitch." Rosalie was taken aback by Nikolas' hostility but explained that she had been confronted with damaging evidence against her. Nikolas reined in his temper to explain that Michael, Jake, and Dante had been bluffing.

Nikolas assured Rosalie that she could make amends by recanting her statement. Rosalie doubted it would be easy, but Nikolas advised her to claim that she had been coerced. Rosalie reminded him that she didn't have an attorney, so Nikolas revealed that he had retained one to represent her, but the attorney could not be linked to Nikolas. Rosalie argued that she didn't need to make things right for Nikolas, since she no longer faced any legal ramifications for her role in the takeover.

Nikolas smiled with malice as gave Rosalie a choice: remain on Team Cassadine or prepare for her secret to be revealed. Nikolas promised that Rosalie would still have a place at ELQ if she cooperated, but if she failed him, then he wouldn't hesitate to blow her life apart by revealing what he knew about her. Reluctantly, Rosalie left to meet her attorney at the police station.

At Metro Court, Ric surprised Nina with a pearl necklace. Nina was touched by the gift as he secured it around her neck, so she suggested they spend time together by grabbing a bite to eat. Ric smiled as he explained that he wanted to change first, so he agreed to meet her in the restaurant. After Nina left, Ric fetched his briefcase to retrieve an unsigned document granting him power of attorney over Nina's interests, but he put the document down when someone knocked on the door.

Madeline was at the door. Ric had hoped he'd seen the last of her, but Madeline reminded him that they had business to discuss. Ric warned her that it wasn't a good idea for her to be seen with him because Nina might return, but Madeline waved away Ric's concerns because she could simply tell Nina that Madeline had stopped by to make amends and repair their mother/daughter relationship but had stayed to get to know her new son-in-law. Ric conceded it was a good excuse, so Madeline shifted gears by asking if he had a cigarette. Ric scowled as he informed her that he didn't smoke.

Madeline confessed that she had picked up the nasty habit during her stint in prison, along with learning how to turn a toothbrush into a knife. Her tone turned menacing as she offered to give Ric a demonstration, but he assured her that threats weren't necessary. Madeline insisted that she needed money, so Ric promised to persuade Nina to relinquish power of attorney to him. Madeline was annoyed by the delay, but Ric explained that it was unavoidable because Franco had been chirping in Nina's ear that Ric only cared about Nina's fortune. Madeline was impressed with Franco's devotion to Nina, but she remained determined to steal her daughter's fortune.

Ric reminded Madeline that they could simply get rid of Nina, but Madeline violently slapped him. She warned him that Nina was not to be harmed in any way, but Ric scoffed because Madeline had once put Nina in a coma to force Nina to miscarry. Madeline advised Ric not to comment on things he knew nothing about then suggested he devise an alternate plan, which wouldn't involve a panic room or harming Nina. Ric was curious if Madeline had any ideas, so she explained that her daughter had always been a troubled person, long before the coma. Ric smiled when he realized Madeline wanted Nina to be sent back to Shadybrook, which would automatically grant Ric guardianship over his wife.

Madeline cautioned Ric not to move too fast because she wanted a guarantee that he wouldn't cheat her out of her money once Nina had been institutionalized. Ric wondered what Madeline had in mind, so she kissed him.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki approached Franco at the bar. Franco grumbled that she looked different from when he had last seen her at Shadybrook. Kiki recalled the visit clearly because he had acted as if they would never see each other again when she had left. Franco confessed that the thought had crossed his mind, but Kiki pointed out that he had been wrong. Franco admitted that he missed Shadybrook, which quickly led to a rant about Nina marrying Ric.

Kiki reminded Franco that she would never forgive Nina for what Nina had done to Ava, but Kiki advised Franco to stay out of it and allow Nina to figure things out for herself. Franco argued that it wasn't a good idea, so he had tried to enlist Nina's family's help, including Madeline. "Excuse me?" Nina asked as she suddenly appeared behind Franco. Kiki frostily informed Nina that it had been a private conversation, but Nina disagreed because Nina had heard Madeline's name. Franco quietly explained that Nina's mother had been released from prison, but Nina refused to believe it.

Nina carried on until Carly was forced to step in and order both Franco and Nina to take it outside. After Nina and Franco went to the terrace, Carly asked Kiki why Franco and Nina had been arguing. "They're in love," Kiki answered. Carly realized she probably should have tossed Franco and Nina out of the restaurant, but Carly had been distracted by her concern for Michael. Kiki and Carly talked about Michael's business troubles then Morgan's truce with Michael. Carly was surprised when Kiki mentioned running into Denise at ELQ when Kiki had stopped by to check on Morgan and Michael.

Carly had heard about Ava's twin sister, but she hadn't had the chance to meet Kiki's aunt. As if on cue, "Denise" walked up and introduced herself to Carly, but Carly's eyes narrowed with suspicion as Denise chatted away about Michael and Morgan.

Meanwhile, on the terrace, Nina questioned Franco about Madeline's release from Pentonville. Franco assured Nina it was true then told her about his encounter with Madeline in Liesl's office. Nina insisted it was impossible, but Franco disagreed because Madeline had managed to find a skilled attorney. Franco suspected Ric had helped Madeline, but Nina refused to accept the possibility that Madeline and Ric were in cahoots. Desperate to push Franco's buttons, Nina bragged about her plans for the evening with her new husband.

Franco immediately tried to turn the tables on Nina by claiming that he had a date too. Nina saw through the desperate lie, so she invited Franco to introduce her to his mystery date. Franco ran to the doorway then frantically looked around the restaurant until his eyes landed on Denise. Nina was surprised when Franco indicated the dark-haired woman at the bar, so Nina approached the woman, confident that Franco's lie would be exposed. Nina stopped short when she saw Ava's look-alike, but Denise clarified that she was Ava's twin sister.

Nina introduced herself then explained that Ava had "screwed" Nina's first husband. Denise bit her tongue as she offered Nina a strained smile, but Nina had moved on by asking about Denise's date with Franco. Surprised, Denise glanced at Franco as his eyes silently begged her to go along with his lie.

Holly Sutton made an appearance

Holly Sutton made an appearance

Friday, June 26, 2015

At Greystone Manor, Morgan conceded that Rosalie had "screwed" over Michael, but Morgan's situation was different, so he doubted Rosalie would tell Kiki about catching Morgan and Denise in a compromising position. Sonny hoped Morgan was right, but Morgan admitted that he had bigger problems to deal with because Morgan needed to find a way stay away from Denise. Sonny warned Morgan that Denise was trouble, but Morgan explained that it was hard to fight the pull he felt toward Denise. However, Morgan admitted that both he and Denise didn't want to hurt Kiki, so they were each determined to keep their hands off each other. Sonny was skeptical because he didn't trust Denise, but he wanted Morgan to be happy.

Shortly after Morgan left, T.J. arrived with his bags, ready to move in. Sonny offered T.J. a warm welcome then ordered the bodyguard to take T.J.'s bags to Michael's old bedroom. T.J. was uncomfortable with the idea of staying in Michael's bedroom, but Sonny assured T.J. it wouldn't be a problem because Michael hadn't used it in years. At the mention of Michael, T.J. reminded Sonny that T.J. and Shawn had once struggled with a betrayal, but T.J. had been able to forgive Shawn. T.J. was confident that Michael would eventually forgive Sonny, but Sonny seemed uncertain.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina was amazed by how much "Denise" looked like Ava, so Denise reminded Nina that Denise and Ava were twins. Nina shifted gears by introducing herself then informing Denise that Ava had "screwed" Nina's first husband. Before Denise could reply, Nina switched gears to ask if Denise and Franco were dating as Franco had claimed. Franco's eyes silently pleaded with Denise as Carly and Kiki watched the scene unfold with interest.

Carly was certain that Denise was exactly the kind of woman Franco would be drawn to, especially since Franco and Ava had shared a "sick" bond. Kiki disagreed and reminded Carly that Denise had only just arrived in town, so Kiki had no idea when Franco and Denise would have met. Nina felt vindicated because Kiki's observation supported Nina's belief that Franco had lied. Denise shocked everyone by announcing that Nina was wrong; Denise and Franco were a couple.

Nina immediately accused Denise of lying, but Denise assured Nina it was true then proved it by inviting Franco to kiss her. Franco happily agreed. Everyone watched with expressions ranging from horror to disgust as the couple shared a passionate kiss in the middle of the restaurant. During the kiss, Morgan exited the elevator. Denise and Franco pulled apart, but Denise's smile of satisfaction quickly became strained when she saw Morgan. Morgan asked what was going on, so Carly quickly filled him in about Franco and Denise's newfound relationship.

Denise was forced to spin a vague story about bumping into Franco and bonding with him over Ava when Morgan asked how the couple had met. Nina remained in denial, so Franco went on the offensive by suggesting Nina track down her missing husband. After Nina left in a huff, Franco dragged Denise to a quiet corner to ask why she had helped him. Ava recalled her conversation with Silas when he had told her to find another companion because Silas wasn't interested in being used as a distraction from Morgan, but she returned to the present to claim she wanted to spare Kiki's feelings. According to Denise, Kiki wanted to set her up with Silas, but Denise wasn't interested.

Meanwhile, Carly made it clear that she had put up with Franco and Denise's antics for Kiki's sake, but Carly wouldn't hesitate to throw the couple out the next time. Kiki promised it wouldn't happen again, but Morgan quietly muttered that he wouldn't bet on it as he kept a close watch on Franco and Denise. After Carly left, Kiki questioned why Morgan seemed concerned about Denise dating Franco. Morgan reminded Kiki that Franco was a dangerous man, but Kiki argued that it was Denise's choice.

In Ric and Nina's hotel room, Madeline explained that she needed a guarantee that she would get what she was entitled to before Nina was institutionalized. Ric was curious what Madeline had in mind, so she smiled seductively then kissed him. At first, Ric passionately responded, but he pulled back to breathlessly remind her that he was a married man. Madeline laughed because she doubted that Ric had ever had any intention of remaining faithful to Nina. Ric argued that it was irrelevant because they couldn't risk being caught by Nina.

Madeline assured Ric that he need not worry about her level of discretion because she had as much to lose as Ric. Ric was pleased that they understood each other, so Madeline explained that they could be great partners in more ways than one. Ric quickly gave in to temptation when he picked up Madeline then whisked her into the bedroom to make love to her.

A short time later, Nina returned to the suite. She called out to her husband when she didn't see him in the living room then headed for the bedroom. However, Ric quickly appeared dressed in a robe to block her from entering. Nina's eyes narrowed as she asked if her mother was there. Ric guilty asked why she would think that as he spotted Madeline's purse on the chair. Nina explained that she had heard from Franco that Madeline had been released from jail then asked if Ric might have had anything to do with it.

At the apartment, Sabrina suggested that Michael return baby A.J. to Sonny because it would go a long way in healing the rift between Michael, Sonny, and Carly, but Michael objected. Sabrina urged Michael to at least consider it because he couldn't have a relationship with Sonny unless he allowed A.J. to have one too. She realized it was a drastic step for Michael, but she reminded him that he had taken A.J. from Sonny as a punishment for killing Michael's father. Michael acknowledged that she was right, but he dared Sabrina to deny that his sister wouldn't be in danger around Sonny. Michael loved his baby sister, so he believed a truly loving and caring father would want A.J. to remain with Michael because Michael could give A.J. a better life.

Sabrina confessed that she had watched Michael struggle not to forgive Sonny, but it had to stop because Michael was being torn in two. Michael questioned if handing A.J. over to Sonny was the right answer, but Sabrina urged him to do what was right for himself. She warned him that a child as young as A.J. could easily pick up on a person's unhappiness, so he owed it to his sister to let go of the anger. Michael reminded Sabrina that she would be out of a job, but she only cared about what was best for both Michael and A.J.

Sabrina admitted that taking care of A.J. had given her a measure of peace after losing Gabriel and a sense of hope that she had, in some small way, made amends to Ava. Michael confessed that the idea of returning his sister to Sonny felt wrong because it would be equivalent to agreeing that a few months in prison and a slap on the wrist had been enough punishment for murdering Michael's father. Michael felt disloyal to his father for considering it, but Sabrina reminded Michael that it wasn't Michael's place to dole out justice. She feared he would drown in his anger if he didn't let go and move forward.

Sabrina wondered if Michael would want his sister seeking vengeance in his name if anything were to happen to Michael. "No," Michael answered without hesitation. Relieved, Sabrina was confident that his father wouldn't either; A.J. would want Michael to move forward and find happiness again. Sabrina appreciated that it was a big decision for Michael to make, but she assured him that she would support whatever he decided.

At Greystone Manor, Carly returned to spend time with Sonny. He filled her in about his new resident, T.J., then confessed that he missed having Michael around and a house full of people. Carly assured Sonny that he would always be Michael and Avery's father, no matter what, but Sonny appeared discouraged. Moments later, Sonny was stunned when Michael and Sabrina arrived with the baby.

At the loft, Dante sat on the sofa, lost in thought about Lulu and Dillon's secret, but he snapped out of it when his phone suddenly rang. It was Lulu, calling to tell him that she had arrived in Italy and had wanted to check on her "boys." Dante knew it was a lie, but he played along as he told her that Rocco was down for the night. He shifted gears to ask about Lesley, so Lulu assured him that her grandmother was fine. Dante tried to force Lulu to confess the truth by asking to speak to Lesley, but Lulu claimed her grandmother was asleep.

Dante let the lie go by acknowledging the different time zones. After Lulu ended the call, Dante glared at the phone until Valerie knocked on the door as she called out to him. Dante violently threw the phone across the room then went to the door. Alarmed, Valerie asked if he was okay because she had heard a loud crash. Dante indicated the broken phone on the floor then confessed that he was grateful he hadn't woken up his son.

Dante quickly explained that he had checked up on Lulu's story about flying to Italy to help Lesley, but instead he had discovered that his wife had flown to Vancouver with Dillon, and they had checked into a hotel room together using Dillon's credit card. Dante felt foolish because he had followed Lulu to the Quartermaine mansion, where Dillon had greeted Lulu, clad only in a towel. Valerie reminded Dante that there might have been an innocent explanation because the Quartermaine mansion was filled with people, so it wasn't as if Lulu had met Dillon in a one-bedroom bachelor pad. Dante agreed, but it didn't explain Lulu and Dillon's trip.

Valerie didn't have an answer for that, so Dante thanked her for taking the time to check on him. He glanced at his son's crib then asked if she would mind watching Rocco for a while. Valerie assured him that it wouldn't be a problem, but she was curious where Dante intended to go. Dante explained that he planned to confront his cheating wife and kick Lulu's boyfriend's "ass." Valerie urged Dante to reconsider, since he didn't have all the facts.

Dante felt that he had more than enough, but Valerie advised him to at least sleep on it. Dante doubted that he would get any sleep, so Valerie offered to stay with him. She promised not to stop him if he decided to fly to Vancouver in the morning to confront Lulu and Dillon. Dante reluctantly agreed to delay his trip, so Valerie made him dinner. Later, Dante confessed that he was grateful Valerie had stopped him from going after Lulu and Dillon because he might have killed Dillon, but he had no idea how he would get through the night.

Valerie assured Dante that he didn't have to be alone. She promised him that he was not alone, so Dante looked deep into her eyes and kissed her.

In British Columbia, Lulu threw her cell phone on the hotel bed in frustration because she hated lying to Dante. Dillon explained that it had been necessary, but Lulu disagreed because she knew Dante could be trusted. Dillon wondered what would happen if Dante learned the truth about Lucky's abduction. Lulu realized that Dante would get involved, which would endanger Lucky's life because the kidnappers had made it clear that they were not to involve the police.

Lulu was grateful she had Dillon to lean on because he had a way of keeping her head on straight. He smiled then suggested they get to work, so Lulu pulled out her laptop to hack into the hotel's guest list because she and Dillon suspected Luke and Laura might be in the same hotel. Dillon was impressed with her computer skills, but Lulu credited Spinelli with teaching her a few tricks. Dillon's smile faded because Spinelli had also loved Georgie. Lulu felt bad for stirring up the painful memories, but Dillon assured her that it was okay. However, he admitted that he still missed Georgie.

Lulu regretted that she had once gotten between Georgie and Dillon, but Dillon insisted it was in the past. Moments later, Lulu saw two familiar names registered at the hotel. She immediately recognized her parents' aliases, so she quickly looked up the room number. A short time later, Dillon and Lulu approached the hotel room. Lulu became alarmed when she noticed the door was ajar, so Dillon insisted on entering the room first.

Luke and Laura suddenly sprang up from beside the bed with their guns drawn. Luke and Laura immediately lowered the guns when they realized the intruders were Lulu and Dillon. Stunned, Luke demanded to know why Lulu was in British Columbia, so Lulu explained that she had been concerned about both Luke and Laura because of her mother's cryptic remarks during their phone call. Luke and Laura admitted that they had encountered some trouble, but they were still waiting to hear from the kidnappers. Lulu wanted to know how she and Dillon could help, so they ordered their daughter to return to her room.

After Dillon and Lulu left, Luke checked his gun while Laura looked out the window for any sign of the kidnappers. Moments later, they heard a noise at the door, so they picked up their guns, turned off the light, and assumed their positions. Someone quietly crept into the room. Luke waited until the person was in the center of the room before he turned on the light and yelled, "Freeze." Luke and Laura were stunned when they were confronted by Holly wielding a gun.

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