General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 10, 2015 on GH

Silas haunted Ava. Rosalie was revealed to be Brad's wife. Elizabeth accepted Jake's marriage proposal. Hayden agreed to recuperate at Wyndemere. Lulu and Dillon went into business together. Olivia returned home.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 10, 2015 on GH
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Tough Questions

Tough Questions

Monday, August 10, 2015

Scott was looking at Franco's file at the police department when there was a knock on his office door. Jordan entered, and Scott ordered her to get Franco out of jail, "now!" She talked about the strong case against Franco, but Scott saw all of the evidence as circumstantial. She advised him that the case was still being built. Scott suggested that she let Franco go while the case was being built, but she informed Scott that his son was a "flight risk."

Scott warned Jordan that she didn't want to be his enemy, but she reminded him that she didn't take orders from him. Right on cue, Mayor Lomax entered and told Scott that Jordan took her orders from the mayor. She stated that Franco would be "staying right where he is." She reminded Scott that his son was a serial killer, and "the people" wanted Franco to pay. She vowed to make sure that happened.

Scott argued that he didn't answer to Lomax. Lomax threatened that, if he interfered in the case against Franco, Scott would be investigated for misconduct. She ordered him to prosecute Franco "to the fullest extent of the law," or she would "ruin" Scott. He promised to "return fire," which she laughed off. "It's your funeral," he yelled at her retreating back. She shot back the question of whether he was willing to sacrifice his career for a son he barely knew who had blood on his hands.

Nathan hung up the phone. He instructed Nina not to get her hopes up, but he'd just heard about a new suspect in Silas' murder. She asked who the new suspect was, but Nathan replied that he couldn't tell her what he didn't know. He told Nina that Liesl had been the one to call Nathan. She'd met with Franco, who had another theory on who had killed Silas. He speculated that it could have just been a plan between the two of them.

Nina jumped all over Nathan, saying that, since he was a cop, he had to follow every lead. She wondered what Franco thought. Nathan divulged that Franco thought Silas had been killed over a secret he'd been keeping. "Oh, my God," Nina muttered. She brushed off her comment by insisting that she was worried about Franco. Nathan wondered if she knew what Franco had been talking about. "I have an inkling," she confessed, thinking that Franco was referring to Nina killing Silas over Avery's kidnapping.

Nathan asked Nina who she thought Franco was referring to. She told Nathan that he should talk to Franco and that she had nothing more to say. "Keep it together, Nina," Nina told herself later, when Nathan was gone. She told herself that Franco had been referring to someone else and that they believed in each other. She looked at the painting she'd been working on. The painting depicted a church with a single gravestone out front that read, "Silas Clay R.I.P."

In the interrogation room, Franco told Ava that he knew she'd been the one to kill Silas. "You won't say anything," she said smugly. She explained that if he said anything, he'd also have to explain why Nina had been at the crime scene. He covered that Nina had been at Shadybrook all night. Ava took out her phone and showed Franco a picture of Nina kneeling next to Silas with the knife in her hand.

Franco swiped at the phone, but Ava pulled it out of his reach. She threatened that the cops would get a copy of the picture if Franco talked. However, he knew that Ava had done it. In his version of events, Ava had begged Silas not to tell Kiki about Ava and Morgan. Silas had thought Kiki deserved to know what was going on, and he had promised to be there for her. Ava had reminded Silas that they would both be in jail. "It's better than fraud," Silas had said as he picked up his phone to call Kiki. Ava had grabbed a knife and stabbed Silas as he walked away from her.

"That doesn't explain the picture," Ava stated. "I'm getting there," Franco snapped. In his version of things, Nina had arrived at Silas' door, pounding on it and screaming about Silas being a traitor. She had entered the apartment after finding the door unlocked but had immediately been shocked at the sight of Silas on the floor with a knife in his back. As she'd been distraught over Silas, Ava had stealthily slipped out of the apartment, wiping off the doorknob behind her.

Before leaving, Ava had taken a picture of Nina kneeling over Silas with the knife in her hand. Moments later, Franco had walked up to the door and entered the apartment. "A picture is worth a thousand words. Or, in this case, twenty to life," Ava cracked.

Franco informed Ava that giving the picture to the cops would incriminate Ava as well. She told him that she planned to give up the picture anonymously. Ava told her version of things, starting with Silas opening his apartment door to Nina. She'd burst into the apartment, ranting about Silas letting her blame herself and drive herself crazy, thinking she'd kidnapped Avery. He'd promised that he had planned to turn himself in. Nina had accused Silas of protecting Ava, "your whore, at my expense!" As he'd tried to explain himself, Nina had grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

Nina had told Franco that she hadn't killed Silas, and Franco believed her. He begged Ava not to give the picture to the cops and to give it to him instead. She proposed a trade: the picture for the recording of Ava's confession. She advised him to take the deal and left.

Moments later, Nathan entered. He told Franco that he'd talked to Liesl, who'd convinced Nathan to talk to Franco about Franco's theory. "If you didn't kill Silas, then who did?" Nathan wondered. Franco refused to say another word until his lawyer arrived.

Sonny and Carly told Morgan that if he killed Silas, he needed to tell them. He wondered why he would kill his girlfriend's father. Carly blurted out that Silas had threatened to tell Kiki about Morgan cheating on her with Denise. Morgan was horrified and offended at what his parents were accusing him of. Carly thought he could have done it if he hadn't been in his right mind.

In Carly's version of events, Silas had opened the apartment door to Morgan, who had begged Silas not to say anything to Kiki. Silas had replied that he'd warned Morgan to stop making a fool of Kiki. He'd offered his phone to Morgan and suggested that Morgan "be a man" and tell Kiki himself. "Didn't think so," Silas had said when Morgan hadn't taken the phone. Silas had started to call Kiki, but Morgan had grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

Morgan thought it looked like Sonny and Carly had already made up their minds. Carly gently told him that the facts made him look guilty. Sonny said that, the sooner they dealt with the truth, the sooner they could bury the truth so no one would find out about it. Carly knew that Morgan's relationship with Denise would surface sooner or later after the cops searched "every inch" of Silas' apartment and phone. She added that Denise would save herself and lead the cops straight to Morgan.

Carly continued that Scott hated their family and would be happy to put Morgan in jail. Morgan informed his parents that Franco had been arrested for the murder. He announced that he needed to get back to Kiki, and he stormed out of the house. Carly and Sonny discussed how it fit that Franco had murdered Silas, but one thing was still bothering Carly. She told Sonny that, though they'd asked "more than once" if Morgan had killed Silas, "he never said 'no.'"

At Carly's, Kiki sat on the couch, crying. The doorbell rang, and she got up to answer the door. She opened the door and was shocked to see Silas, but he was wearing his bloody clothes, and he collapsed onto Kiki. Kiki awoke with a start from her nightmare to the actual doorbell. She opened the door to Sam, who immediately embraced her cousin.

A short while later, Sam and Kiki sat on the couch and talked. Kiki informed Sam that Franco had been arrested for killing Silas, and they speculated on what Franco's motive could have been. Kiki kicked herself for not listening to everyone's warnings about Franco, but she still had the feeling that there was more to the story.

Sam mentioned a memorial service and assured Kiki that she didn't have to do everything alone. Sam hugged Kiki and promised to check on her again. Kiki had learned never to take anyone for granted ever again after losing both of her parents. Sam told Kiki that Silas had been a great man, and that she'd loved him. "Me, too. I always will," Kiki agreed.

Later, Morgan arrived home. He hugged Kiki and apologized for being out for so long. She replied that she'd felt better after Sam had visited, and Morgan helped make things easier as well. She was appreciative of the good talk she'd had with Sam about Silas and Franco. She told him that, the more she thought about it, the harder it was to accept that Franco had killed Silas.

Nikolas closed the blinds in Hayden's room as she woke up. He wondered if she knew who he was. She recited his name but told him that Jake had given her an uncanny description of Nikolas. "I have holes in my memory, not my brain," she joked. Nikolas wanted to see how she was doing. She answered that no memories were returning.

Hayden wanted Nikolas to tell her about their apparent relationship. He replied that they were "friends," but she wanted him to be more specific. He admitted that they had an "on and off thing." She wondered what had gone wrong in their relationship that Hayden's "fake husband" had beaten Nikolas to visit her. He told her that they just hadn't been a good match, but he wondered if he could have handled things differently. His change of heart from "horrible" to "wistful" confused her. "I want you to move in with me," Nikolas blurted out.

Jake surprised Elizabeth at the hospital. She looked stressed, as the hospital had been understaffed since Silas' death. Jake informed Elizabeth that he'd seen Hayden, who still hadn't regained her memory. Jake had tried to "jog" Hayden's memory, but it hadn't worked. Elizabeth suggested that therapy might help, but Jake remembered that it hadn't helped him.

Jake took Elizabeth aside and asked about her relationship with Nikolas. She replied that they were "like family." He wondered if that meant that she would do things for him that she wouldn't normally do. She asked if he thought she was hiding something. He responded that he was the one keeping something from her. He confessed that he and Sam were investigating Nikolas in order to get ELQ back to the Quartermaines.

Jake continued that he and Sam were following one lead: Hayden had told Jake that she wasn't the only person who knew his true identity, and he and Sam believed the other person was Nikolas. He hadn't wanted to put Elizabeth in a position that she had to choose between Jake and Nikolas, but he realized that a relationship couldn't be built on "secrets and lies." He added that he wanted to be with Elizabeth more than he wanted to know about his past.

Jake apologized to Elizabeth for keeping a secret from her and asked for her forgiveness. She understood why he'd been hesitant to tell her and immediately granted her forgiveness. He thought that he didn't deserve her kindness and generosity and that she deserved the best. He vowed to give her "a lifetime" of the best if she gave him that chance. She wondered what that meant. "Will you marry me?" he asked.

Elizabeth accepted Jake's proposal of marriage

Elizabeth accepted Jake's proposal of marriage

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon returned from a long run and entered the living room from the patio, but he stopped short when he saw his father. Paul admitted that he had been waiting for his son because he had something for Dillon. Dillon was startled when Paul handed him a check for $500,000,000, but Dillon refused to take it. Paul urged Dillon to accept the money because Paul wanted to invest in Dillon's future, but Dillon was no more interested in his father's money than he had been to accept Nikolas' offer to invest in the movie.

After Dillon showered and changed, he returned to the living room where Paul patiently waited. Dillon appreciated his father's desire to have a relationship, but Dillon explained that they couldn't rewind time and change all the years and special moments Paul had missed. Paul started to blame Tracy for the distance between father and son, but Dillon argued that Paul had never made an effort to reach out to Dillon when Dillon had been old enough to make his own choices. Dillon told Paul to keep the money because it wouldn't buy Paul the warm, fuzzy father/son bond that Paul wanted, especially since Dillon and Paul had nothing in common.

Paul disagreed then picked up the script he had found in Dillon's bedroom. Dillon was outraged that Paul had invaded his space, but Paul refused to apologize because the script had given Paul insight into Dillon's life. Paul knew the main character, Declan, had been based on Dillon, so Paul assumed the heartache Declan had experienced over Marjorie's infidelity had been real. Paul confided that he had identified with Dillon's pain because Paul had gone through a similar situation when Jenny Eckert had left Paul for another man whom Jenny had worked with. Dillon's tension slowly eased as Paul quietly asked if Dillon was still in love with the woman who had broken Dillon's heart, but Dillon admitted that he had moved on.

Paul was surprised because the betrayal had "destroyed" Declan, so Paul was curious how Dillon had gotten past the heartache. Dillon revealed that he had started to date someone but quickly added that the relationship with Valerie was still in the early stages. Paul picked up on the lack of spark when Dillon talked about Valerie, so he wondered if Dillon had truly gotten past the woman who had hurt him, but he but let the matter drop by shifting gears to explain that he wanted to make peace with the past by investing in Dillon's movie. Paul promised that he believed in the project and wanted to help Dillon achieve his dreams.

Paul insisted that he could afford it, but he urged Dillon to take the check in case Paul lost the money in a divorce settlement. Dillon seemed hesitant until Paul confessed that it gave him genuine joy to do something for Dillon. Dillon wasn't pleased that Paul had taken the script from Dillon's bedroom, but Dillon accepted the money. Relieved, Paul hugged Dillon then offered Dillon advice by suggesting that Dillon not give up on finding the woman "who will make the stars fall" for him. After Paul left, Dillon pulled out the cell phone and scrolled to Lulu's phone number.

At the loft, Dante arrived home, grumbling about Silas' murder investigation being a priority because Mayor Lomax had been breathing down their necks. Dante became alarmed when he noticed that Lulu was in tears, so he rushed over to the sofa to ask what was troubling his wife. Lulu tearfully explained that she'd had some free time after putting Rocco down to sleep, so she had decided to look over Dillon's screenplay, which had been revised based on a few of her suggestions. Dante wondered what the script had been about. Lulu admitted it was a story about a couple who had been completely destroyed because of an infidelity.

Dante tensed as Lulu confessed that it had made her think about Dante and Valerie's kiss, but not for the reasons that Dante might fear. Lulu explained that the story had been about a full-blown affair, but it hadn't been the cheating that had ruined the relationship; it had been the lies. Lulu wiped at her tears as she confessed that the lies had irrevocably broken the trust between the couple. Lulu admitted that Dillon's story had given her a greater understanding of what she had put Dante through when she had flown to Canada with Dillon.

Lulu apologized for putting Dante through that kind of pain, and she promised not to let one kiss with Valerie tear them apart because she understood Dante had been driven by hurt not passion. Lulu loved Dante too much to hold on to the anger and jealousy, so she had forgiven him for kissing Valerie. Dante thanked her. Lulu smiled because she felt lighter. She promised Dante that their relationship was in a good place then quietly reminded him that they hadn't made love since before the Fourth of July. Dante pointed out that a lot had been going on, but Lulu made it clear that she wanted to rectify the situation.

Dante checked to make certain Rocco remained asleep then returned to his wife. He kissed Lulu but stopped long enough to let her know that he had missed her and was grateful that she had forgiven him. Lulu beamed with joy as she wrapped her arms around his neck and told him that she was secure in the knowledge that he would never jeopardize their relationship again. Dante vowed that he was Lulu's forever then took her to the bedroom to make love.

Later, Dante and Lulu snuggled in bed together. Lulu was delighted that things were back on track between her and Dante and that they were stronger than ever.

In Jordan's office, Valerie confided to her boss that everyone was anxious to see if Scott would prosecute Franco. Jordan wasn't concerned about Scott because Jordan was determined to make certain that Silas' killer faced justice regardless of Scott. Jordan closed the office door then changed the subject by asking how things were between Dante and Valerie. Jordan knew Valerie had hoped to have a future with Dante, but Valerie claimed it had merely been wishful thinking. Valerie insisted she had already moved on then confided to Jordan about Dillon and how they had met at the Floating Rib following a confrontation with Maxie when Maxie had accused Valerie of being a home wrecker.

Jordan questioned the wisdom of Valerie dating Lulu's close friend, but Valerie pointed out that she didn't know a lot of people in town and wasn't the type to go hang out in nightclubs. Jordan feared that Valerie might see Dillon as a way to stay close to Dante, but Valerie denied it.

After Valerie left Jordan's office, Dillon called. Valerie confessed that she had been talking about him, so he admitted that she had been on his mind too. Dillon decided it was a sign that they should get together. Valerie happily agreed.

In Hayden's hospital room, Hayden was surprised by Nikolas' offer for her to move back into Wyndemere. Nikolas explained that it made sense, since she had lived with him before the shooting. Hayden sensed Nikolas had an ulterior motive because they weren't even a couple, but Nikolas warned her that she couldn't afford to turn his offer down. He revealed that she was destitute, and Dr. Obrecht wouldn't hesitate to toss her out of the hospital at the first opportunity. Hayden remained certain Nikolas had an agenda.

Resigned, Nikolas confessed that he had made some "questionable" business moves lately, so he could use an "image upgrade." Hayden doubted Nikolas cared about what others thought of him, and she wanted to know the real reason he wanted her under his thumb. Hayden realized nothing in life was free, but she refused to have sex with a man in exchange for a place to stay. Nikolas assured Hayden that even though they'd had "damn good chemistry," he wasn't interested in forcing her into "sexual servitude." Hayden was pleased to hear it because she was not that kind of lady.

Nikolas laughed. "You were exactly that kind of lady," Nikolas explained. However, he conceded that Hayden might have changed because of her head injury, and he apologized. Satisfied, Hayden asked him to promise that he wanted nothing from her, so he offered her a private wing in the castle if it would put her at ease. Relieved, Hayden agreed then added that perhaps roaming around the castle might trigger her memories to return.

At the hospital, Patrick spotted Sam as she exited the elevator. She quickly assured him that she wasn't there to badger Hayden, but she was curious if there was anything new to report. Patrick explained that Hayden was physically fine, but her memory hadn't returned. Sam reiterated that she hadn't intended to go after Hayden, but Patrick assured Sam that he understood that Sam had been driven by grief for Silas during the confrontation. Sam relaxed because Patrick knew her so well.

Patrick was curious how Sam had been holding up, and she told him about her visit with Kiki. Sam admitted that her heart ached for Kiki because Kiki had lost both parents in a relatively short time, so Sam had offered to take care of the memorial service for Silas by paying the hospital's chaplain to make arrangements. However, Sam worried that Patrick might have a problem with her and Jake working together to investigate Nikolas. Patrick assured Sam that he wasn't jealous because he knew she only had eyes for him, and Jake was clearly in love with Elizabeth.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Elizabeth was stunned when Jake proposed marriage to her. He realized that it might not be the most romantic setting, but the landing was a special place because she had helped him regain his mobility by making him climb the staircase leading to the landing, where they would enjoy picnic lunches. Jake confessed that Elizabeth had changed his life. He realized that he didn't have an engagement ring for her, but he promised that she had his heart. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears as she ran off without giving him an answer.

Moments later, Patrick called out to Jake as Jake descended the stairs. Patrick realized Jake was upset, so Jake told him about the proposal of marriage and Elizabeth's reaction. Jake worried that Elizabeth might be upset because he had confessed to investigating Nikolas with Sam, but Patrick suspected the problem was Sam, not the investigation.

Patrick explained that Elizabeth and Sam had a lot of history, but Jake doubted that Elizabeth's reaction had anything to do with Sam. Patrick reminded Jake that Elizabeth's last proposal had been from Ric, who had later been exposed as a liar, so Elizabeth might simply need some time. Patrick offered Jake some words of encouragement, and Jake explained that he loved Elizabeth and would treat her right.

In the chapel, Elizabeth tearfully talked to God because she sensed that God had drawn her there. She was confused because she had no idea what God's plan was for her, since He had taken her son from her only to return him and then had done the same with Jason. She admitted that she had prayed for what she had with Jason, but she acknowledged that it had all been based on a lie. Elizabeth insisted that Jason was not the man who had loved Sam and been a father to Danny nor was he involved in the world of crime.

Elizabeth wondered if God wanted her to be happy or if He was testing her. She questioned if perhaps she needed to turn down Jason's proposal of marriage to redeem herself or if she was expected to give Jason back to Sam. Elizabeth wept as she begged God for a sign. Seconds later, Sam appeared in the doorway. Elizabeth quickly wiped away her tears then offered her condolences to Sam because Elizabeth knew what Silas had meant to Sam.

Concerned, Sam asked if Elizabeth was okay. Elizabeth told Sam about Jake's marriage proposal but admitted that she hadn't been able to give Jake an answer. "Because of you," Elizabeth added. Sam assumed Elizabeth was upset because Jake and Sam had been secretly working together, so she tried to assure Elizabeth that Jake hadn't wanted to put Elizabeth in an awkward situation with Nikolas. Sam kept rambling then blamed Ric for violating Elizabeth's trust, which might have led to Elizabeth's lack of faith in Jake.

Sam promised that Jake was one of the good guys then opened up about how Silas had made Sam realize that she could love again. Sam admitted that she had been afraid when she and Patrick had gotten close, but Sam had refused to allow that fear to hold her back from a relationship and love. Sam knew Jake made Elizabeth happy, but Elizabeth explained that Sam didn't understand. Elizabeth appeared to try to tell Sam the truth about Jason, but Sam cut Elizabeth off by pleading Jake's case until Elizabeth agreed to take everything Sam had said into consideration.

Sam smiled then thanked Elizabeth for allowing Danny to be a part of little Jake's life. Elizabeth promised that she would never stop the brothers from having a relationship. Sam relaxed because Sam was certain it was what Jason would have wanted. Elizabeth decided to find Jake to give him an answer to the proposal. Sam urged Elizabeth to do what was right for Elizabeth because it wouldn't do anyone any good to hide from her feelings. Sam encouraged Elizabeth to give Jake the answer that would give Elizabeth the most joy and peace. Elizabeth hugged Sam then left.

Sam lit two candles as her eyes filled with tears. She spoke to Jason as she confessed that she tried to live each day the way she had advised Elizabeth to. Sam admitted that he was never far from her mind because she thought of him whenever she saw fireworks in the sky, heard motorcycles, and saw their son take chances the way Jason had. Sam promised that Jason would always be a part of her heart even though she had let him go.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth exited the elevator and immediately bumped into Jake. She apologized for running off then admitted that his proposal had been beautiful, and he deserved an answer. She smiled as she happily agreed to marry him. Jake grinned with joy as he confessed that she had made him the happiest man on earth. Elizabeth promised that she would never let him go, and he kissed her.

Silas haunted Ava

Silas haunted Ava

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

At Greystone Manor, Sonny read a front-page story in the Port Charles Press about Franco's arrest. Carly entered the living room and remarked that Franco might view murder as a hobby, but she couldn't imagine Franco killing Silas because Franco cared about Kiki. Carly shifted gears by revealing that she had sent flowers in lieu of attending Silas' memorial service. Carly thought it was wise to avoid Morgan because Morgan was still upset that they had accused him of murdering Silas. Sonny clarified that they had simply asked if Morgan had killed Silas, but Carly quietly reminded Sonny that Morgan had never denied the accusation.

Moments later, T.J. walked in, and Sonny invited T.J. to join them. Carly smiled as she started to talk about wedding plans. She revealed that she and Sonny had decided on a small gathering at home with close family and friends. T.J. offered to find a place to stay for a few days, but Sonny refused to hear of it because T.J. was part of the family. "Is that so?" Jordan asked from the doorway. T.J. immediately chastised his mother for "barging" in, but Sonny explained that he had invited Jordan to stop by because Sonny had wanted to give Jordan something.

Sonny handed Jordan an envelope with the names of the men who had hijacked Sonny's shipments. He warned her that the men were known Jerome associates, which Jordan found rather convenient for Sonny. She suspected Sonny had served up two men to get them out of the way, but he urged Jordan to question the men before jumping to conclusions. Jordan agreed to take a look at the information then announced that she was leaving with T.J. T.J. tensed, and Jordan acknowledged that T.J. had every right to be angry with her because of Shawn's arrest, but she begged T.J. to talk things out with her.

Sonny assured Jordan that T.J. was safe under Sonny's roof, but Jordan argued that Michael had once taken a bullet in the head meant for Sonny. Carly quickly stepped forward to suggest that they leave their kids out of it, but Jordan insisted it was impossible, since they were discussing T.J.'s living arrangements. Carly was curious where Jordan's parental concern had been during the years Jordan had worked undercover while Shawn had raised T.J. Jordan and Carly exchanged words as Jordan accused Carly of thinking it was fine to be a murderer and racketeer as long as the person was honest.

T.J. finally spoke up to assure Carly that he could handle his mother. He coldly informed Jordan that Sonny and Carly were good to him and trustworthy, so he intended to stay in Sonny's home. Jordan was disappointed but assured T.J. that her door would always be open.

After Jordan left, Carly gently advised T.J. give Jordan a chance because Carly knew what it felt like to be rejected by her son. Carly was certain that Jordan was hurting because Jordan loved T.J., but T.J. explained that there was nothing his mother could do to fix things. Carly asked T.J. not to write off his mother then let the matter drop.

At the Jerome apartment, Alexis emerged from the bedroom as Julian worked out with a set of weights. He noticed Alexis glaring at him as she entered the living room, so he asked if she was okay. Alexis grumbled that she needed caffeine, but he had forgotten to pick up coffee. She went to the door and was pleasantly surprised when she saw a basket filled with goodies. Julian was curious who had sent the basket, and Alexis held up a big bag of Corinthos coffee. Julian looked at the basket with distaste as Alexis dug through it, delighted that Sonny had included two of everything.

Julian warned Alexis that the food might not be safe to eat, but Alexis doubted Sonny would poison anything in the basket, since Sonny knew Alexis was likely to be in Julian's apartment and indulge in the treats. She noticed a card with the basket, so Julian invited her to read it. The note was cordial on the surface but cryptically advised Julian to remain abreast of the news. Alexis held up a copy of the New York News, which had a front-page story about a murdered mobster. Julian recognized the picture of Serge, and he explained that he had done business with the mobster in the past.

Alexis wondered why Sonny would want Julian to know about Serge's death. Julian suggested that Sonny had killed the mobster to send a message to Julian, but Julian wasn't concerned because Julian was no longer in the mob. Alexis argued that Sonny tended to be more discreet, but Julian insisted that he had no idea what went through Sonny's mind.

Later, Julian finished getting dressed as Alexis entered the living room, wearing a dark, somber dress. Alexis assured Julian that she wasn't concerned that Julian had returned to a life of crime, but she was concerned about what Sonny might think. Julian promised Alexis there was nothing to worry about because he was out of the mob. Moments later, Julian's cell phone rang. Alexis' brow furrowed with worry as she listened to Julian's side of the conversation.

After the call, Julian explained that he would need to meet Alexis at Silas' memorial service because Jordan had asked Julian to stop by Jordan's office. Alexis refused to allow Julian to talk to Jordan without an attorney present, so Alexis decided to accompany Julian.

A short time later, Julian and Alexis entered Jordan's office. Jordan wasn't surprised that Alexis was with him, but Julian cut to the chase by asking why Jordan had called. Jordan showed Julian pictures of two different men as she asked if he recognized either man. Julian smirked because Jordan knew the answer to the question, since she had worked undercover for him. Julian confirmed that both men had once worked for him, and Jordan informed Julian that the men were suspected of hijacking Sonny's shipment. Jordan offered Julian an opportunity to explain himself before the men were picked up for questioning.

In the interrogation room, Franco was given a phone. He waited until the police officer left then called Nina. Nina was relieved to hear from Franco, but she was curious where he was. Franco explained that he was still in jail, but Nina was confused because Nathan had told her about Liesl's phone call and Franco's offer to give Nathan the name of a new viable suspect. Franco heard the worry in Nina's tone and assured her that he would never name her because he truly believed in Nina's innocence.

Franco revealed that Ava had killed Silas because Franco had told Silas about Ava and Morgan's affair. Franco suspected that Silas had threatened to tell Kiki the truth about Ava's affair and Ava's ruse as Denise, so Ava had murdered Silas out of fear of losing Kiki and being sent back to prison. "She's a murdering skank," Nina growled. Nina wanted Ava to pay, but she was curious why Franco hadn't told Nathan about Ava. Franco confessed that Ava had managed to snap a picture of Nina holding the murder weapon as Nina had kneeled over Silas' body.

Franco and Nina agreed the picture confirmed that Ava had been at the scene of the crime, but it also left Nina vulnerable. Nina's fury mounted when Franco confided that Ava had threatened to turn the picture over to the police unless Franco produced the recording of Ava's confession to murdering Connie Falconeri. Franco assured Nina that he had someone reliable working on getting the recording, but Nina's hopes plummeted when she learned that Franco had enlisted Liesl's help.

After Franco ended the call, he was surprised when his father entered the room. Scott grinned as he explained that he had decided to resign as District Attorney so he could represent Franco. Scott was determined to stop Mayor Lomax from railroading Franco into Pentonville, but Franco realized that he had an opportunity to get his hands on the incriminating tape that Ava wanted, so he asked if Scott had cleaned out Scott's old desk yet. Scott insisted everything in his former office could stay because Scott didn't want to risk being accused of theft.

Scott turned the subject to Franco because Scott needed to know everything that had happened the night of Silas' murder. Franco covered the basics, but Scott wanted to know why the police had found the murder weapon on Franco. Scott became frustrated when Franco claimed that he had simply grabbed the wrong reusable grocery bag. Scott knew Franco was hiding something, but Franco promised he hadn't killed Silas. Franco added that he hadn't even had a motive to commit the murder, so Scott decided to pay his replacement a visit to persuade the acting district attorney to drop the charges.

Outside the new district attorney's office, Liesl approached Mrs. Shipley to ask to speak to the D.A. on an urgent matter. Mrs. Shipley popped her head into the office for several seconds then invited Liesl to enter. Liesl was startled when she saw Ric Lansing seated behind the desk. Ric explained that the mayor had asked Ric to step in when Scott had quit. Liesl tried to play on her familial connection with Ric to help Franco, but Ric made it clear that he intended to pursue charges against Franco to the fullest extent of the law.

A short time later, Liesl entered the squad room as Franco was handcuffed to the desk before being transported to the courthouse for arraignment. Liesl confessed that her mission had failed then added that she had bad news for Franco.

Meanwhile, Scott smirked when he saw Ric seated behind Scott's old desk. Scott warned Ric that the case against Franco was weak because Franco hadn't had any reason to kill Silas. Ric disagreed then gestured to Mrs. Shipley to join him. Ric explained that Mrs. Shipley would provide testimony that would establish that Franco had had motive to kill Silas.

At Shadybrook, Nina sat down to play checkers with a catatonic patient named Heidi. Nina confided everything to Heidi then asked for Heidi's advice because Nina didn't know if she could trust Franco. Nina became frustrated by Heidi's lack of advice, so Nina decided to take matters into her own hands.

At the hospital, Morgan and Kiki approached the chapel, but Kiki hesitated. Kiki's eyes welled up with tears as she admitted that she couldn't believe a monster had taken away her father. Morgan hugged her as she cried on his shoulder then quietly revealed that Franco's arraignment had been scheduled for later that day. Morgan hoped the judge threw the book at Franco, but Kiki confessed that she had doubts about Franco's guilt. Kiki reminded Morgan that Franco hadn't had any reason to kill Silas, but Morgan argued that she had caught Franco in the act.

Kiki clarified that she had seen Franco leaving the apartment, not killing her father, but Morgan pointed out that the murder weapon had been in Franco's bag. Kiki explained that she needed to know why Silas had been killed, but Morgan urged her to let the police investigate the murder. Morgan reiterated that Franco had been found with the murder weapon, so all that mattered was that Franco went away for good. Kiki disagreed and wanted answers because she couldn't spend the rest of her life without knowing the truth. Morgan urged Kiki to focus on Silas then quietly reminded her that her father would want her to find a way to say goodbye and move on.

In the chapel, Ava became choked up as she looked at Silas' framed photograph and apologized. "I wish it hadn't happened like this, but it did, and now you're gone," Ava quietly said. Ava vowed that she would not allow Franco or anyone else to keep her from what she wanted. Ava kissed her fingertips then touched the photograph as she said goodbye and added that she hoped he had found peace.

"I didn't get any while I was alive," Silas said as he manifested behind Ava. Startled, Ava turned to look at Silas. "And neither will you," Silas added as she stared at him with disbelief. She knew he couldn't be real, but Silas taunted her by reminding her that she knew better than anyone that he was dead because she had been there when it had happened. Rattled, Ava refused to have a conversation with a dead man, but Silas pointed out that the last time they had spoken, he had bled out from a knife in the back.

Silas accused Ava of being calm enough about the incident that she'd had the presence of mind to pull out her phone to take an incriminating picture of Nina. Ava claimed it had been reflexive, but Silas was certain that Ava had intended to use the picture to blackmail Franco. Ava defended her action by claiming that Franco had forced her hand when he had threatened to expose the truth about her. Silas had little sympathy for Ava's plight, but Ava reminded him that his efforts to save her life would have been in vain if Franco had followed through on the threat.

Ava tearfully insisted that she had to stop Franco. "Like you stopped me?" Silas asked. Ava apologized, but he was not moved by her "crocodile tears." Ava promised that if she could do things over again, she would have done things differently because she loved him. She reminded Silas of their daughter, but Silas yelled that he had saved Ave because of their daughter only for Ava to betray him. Disgusted, Silas wondered if Ava even loved their daughter.

Horrified by the question, Ava assured Silas that she did, but Silas admitted that Ava's love meant nothing. He was furious that Kiki only had a "snake" for a mother and a lying, cheating boyfriend to comfort her. He suspected Ava had been hiding out in the chapel because she was terrified that Kiki would see the guilt in Ava's eyes. Ava started to deny it, but Kiki and Morgan entered the chapel.

Kiki immediately noticed how distraught Denise seemed, so she asked if Denise was okay. Ava swiped at the tears as she explained that she had been saying goodbye to Silas then she quickly shifted the focus to Kiki by asking how Kiki had been holding up. Silas lurked in the background, tormenting Ava with ugly accusations as she tried to comfort Kiki. Eventually, Ava couldn't handle the strain of dealing with Kiki and listening to Silas, so she made her excuses then fled. In the hallway, Silas accused Ava of being a coward and warned her that he would be seeing her.

A short time later, Ava arrived home. Silas appeared as she dug through her purse for the keys, startling her when he told her that she could run but not hide. Silas vowed to remain with Ava, so she quickly unlocked the door and slipped into the apartment. After she closed the door, Nina rounded the corner. "Hi there, remember me? I remember you -- Ava," Nina said.

Meanwhile, Kiki stared at her father's picture as she swore to him that she would make his murderer pay. She also promised to find out what Silas had been desperate to tell her. Nearby, Morgan's expression tightened with tension.

Nina paid Ava a visit

Nina paid Ava a visit

Thursday, August 13, 2015

At Greystone Manor, Carly greeted Sonny as he returned home. She knew Max had called earlier, so she asked if everything was okay. Sonny assured her there was nothing to worry about then changed the subject by asking if T.J. was at home. Carly revealed that T.J. had gone out with Molly because he had been shaken up by Jordan's visit and had needed to vent. Sonny sensed that Carly was also upset, so she admitted that Jordan's visit had dredged up memories of Carly's troubles with Michael.

Sonny reminded Carly that Michael was back in Carly's life, which meant that she could put all that pain behind her. Carly agreed, but she empathized with Jordan's situation. Sonny conceded that it wasn't easy to be estranged from one's mother, which was why he was eager to make Carly his wife and Avery's mother. Carly smiled as Sonny kissed her, but she quickly put the brakes on things because she had important wedding errands to attend to. Sonny was disappointed, but Carly explained that she planned to pick out a wedding dress.

Sonny pointed out that he and Carly had agreed to keep the wedding simple, but Carly wanted a special dress for the occasion because she and Sonny would be opening a new door to the rest of their lives. Carly hoped that Sonny would see her on their wedding day and realize how lucky they both were to have a new beginning. Sonny assured her that a new dress wasn't needed, but he wanted her to be happy. Pleased, Carly kissed him.

Later, Sonny warned Carly that he might not be home when she returned from shopping. Carly became concerned, but Sonny assured her that there was nothing to worry about. Carly agreed to assume that everything was great with business until he told her otherwise, but she urged him to consider putting Diane Miller on retainer because Diane had been the best and most loyal attorney Sonny had ever had. Sonny appreciated the advice, but he promised that he had things well in hand.

At a local motel, Nathan and Dante approached a door then knocked and identified themselves. Someone inside the room moaned but didn't open the door, so Nathan and Dante decided to kick the door open. They rushed in when they saw a man writhing on the floor in pain and bleeding from a gunshot wound. Nathan looked around for the shooter as Dante check on the injured man. Dante tried to question the man about the shooter, but the man died before he could reveal the name of the gunman.

In Jordan's office, Jordan showed Julian pictures of two men who had been named as suspects in Sonny's hijacked shipments. Jordan explained that her detectives had been sent to apprehend the suspects, so she offered Julian an opportunity to tell his side of things before the mobsters pointed their fingers at Julian. Julian admitted that the men had once worked for him, but he explained that he had left that life behind him. Jordan was certain that the suspects would name Julian as their boss, but Alexis accused Jordan of engaging in hyperbole. Alexis insisted that Julian had nothing to hide, which was why he had agreed to talk to Jordan.

Jordan continued to question Julian about the men, but Alexis decided the meeting was over because she didn't appreciate Jordan's accusatory tone. Jordan warned Julian that cutting the meeting short would make it appear that he had something to hide, but Julian wasn't concerned because he was confident that neither man would falsely accuse him. Jordan was surprised that Julian wasn't even slightly concerned about what the suspects might say, but Julian reiterated that he was no longer in the "business" and hadn't had contact with either man in quite some time.

Julian suggested that his former associates had either been in business for themselves or had answered to someone else. Alexis interjected that she and Julian had to get to Silas' memorial service, but Jordan had a few more questions for Julian. However, Nathan knocked on the door before Jordan could continue the interrogation. Jordan was eager for an update. Nathan explained that one of the suspects had vanished, while the other had been shot dead.

Jordan glanced at Julian because the development seemed rather convenient for him, but Julian resented the implication that he'd been responsible for the turn of events. Julian advised Jordan to focus her attention on Sonny, since Sonny had been the victim of the crimes. After Julian marched out, Jordan asked if Alexis thought that Sonny had been behind the suspect's shooting. Alexis admitted it was unlikely, since Sonny had alerted Jordan to the suspects and had always been careful to cover his tracks in the past.

"Better than Julian?" Jordan asked. Alexis simply glared at the police commission rather than answer the question. "My sentiments exactly," Jordan replied with a smirk.

On the Haunted Star, Dillon called out to Lulu as she checked a case of vodka. Lulu stopped working to greet her friend because she had finally had a chance to read his screenplay. Dillon was eager to hear Lulu's thoughts. She admitted that she'd had a problem with the story because it had made her cry. Dillon grinned when she added that the beautiful story had torn her apart, which was unusual, since she was seldom moved by a film.

Dillon credited Lulu for the screenplay's improvements, but Lulu argued that Dillon deserved the accolades because he had written it. Lulu confessed that the story of Declan and Marjorie had given her insight into what Dante had gone through, so she and Dante had talked things out when Dante had seen her crying. Lulu confided that she had forgiven Dante for kissing Valerie, which had made it possible for Dante and Lulu to move forward. Dillon's smile became strained when she told him that she and Dante had connected as husband and wife for the first time since the trip to Canada.

Lulu appeared oblivious to Dillon's discomfort as he deftly changed the subject by revealing that he'd gone out with Valerie the previous evening. He admitted that things had gone surprisingly well. Lulu assured him that she would always be there for him if he needed to talk because she appreciated their friendship. Relieved, Dillon told her about Paul's generous investment in the movie then asked if she would be interested in renting the Haunted Star for filming. Lulu reminded Dillon that Helena had once cursed the ship, but Dillon wasn't concerned because the Haunted Star had plenty of room and storage space for the film crew's equipment when they weren't working.

Lulu pointed out that the ship was a nightclub, but Dillon assured her that most of the filming would be during the day, and he would compensate her for the few nights he would need to shoot. Lulu admitted that she and Dante could use the extra money to help with their finances, especially if they decided to have another baby. Startled, Dillon asked if Dante and Lulu had plans to expand their family. "Maybe," Lulu answered.

In the squad room, Valerie demanded to know why Franco was handcuffed to her desk. A police officer explained that Franco was about to be transferred to the courthouse for arraignment. Franco assured her that she need not worry about any "killer cooties" being left behind on her chair because Franco hadn't killed Silas. Franco added that his father would soon have the charges dropped then smiled when he saw Scott enter the squad room. Franco's good humor faltered when Scott asked to have a private word with his client before the arraignment.

The police officer unlocked Franco's handcuffs then watched as Scott led Franco to the interrogation room. Valerie immediately wiped down her chair, but tensed when Maxie suddenly appeared. Valerie explained that Nathan wasn't there. Maxie was disappointed but not surprised, since Nathan had a busy job. Maxie began to ramble about her own hectic schedule when she had worked for Crimson, but Valerie was curious if there was another reason for Maxie's visit. Maxie admitted that she owed Valerie an apology for the way she had treated Valerie at Metro Court Restaurant.

Maxie recognized that she had taken things too far because there had been extenuating circumstances that had led to the kiss between Dante and Valerie. Maxie promised to believe Valerie if Valerie denied having romantic feelings for Dante. Valerie thanked Maxie for the apology but confessed that she hadn't appreciated being accused of being a "home wrecker." However, Valerie respected Maxie's desire to protect Lulu. Maxie explained that Dante and Lulu were touchy subjects for Maxie because Maxie had hurt the couple in the past and tended to be protective of them.

Valerie assured Maxie that what had happened between Valerie and Dante was in the past and that Valerie had moved on. As if to test Valerie's resolve, Dante entered the squad room, covered in blood. Alarmed, Valerie ran over to check on Dante. Maxie noticed Valerie's concern but focused on Dante as she asked what had happened. Dante assured both Valerie and Maxie that the blood wasn't his and filled both women in on what had transpired at the motel. Afterwards, Valerie ushered Dante into the break room to clean up.

Moments later, Nathan entered the squad room. Maxie happily greeted him because she had heard about the incident at the motel. Nathan assured Maxie that he was fine, but he sensed that something was troubling her. Maxie confessed that Valerie had seemed far more worried about Dante than a woman should be if there weren't any romantic feelings for Nathan's partner. Nathan reminded Maxie that Valerie was new to the job and might have been "freaked out" when she'd seen the blood.

In the interrogation room, Franco asked if the charges against him had been dropped. Scott admitted that Scott might have been "overly optimistic" about persuading the interim district attorney to cut Franco loose. Franco wasn't surprised because Ric despised Franco, but Franco insisted that he hadn't had a motive to kill Silas. Scott disagreed because Scott's ex-executive assistant Mrs. Shipley had overheard a heated argument between Franco and Silas just a few hours prior to Silas' murder. Scott was curious what Franco and Silas had been arguing about.

Franco recalled confronting Silas about abducting Avery to give Ava a life-saving bone marrow transplant, but Franco decided not to share the secret with Scott. Instead, Franco claimed that he couldn't remember, but Scott didn't believe his son. Franco was curious what Mrs. Shipley had said. Scott revealed that Mrs. Shipley had heard Franco and Silas mention Nina's name. Scott demanded an explanation, but Franco became evasive as he reminded his father that both Franco and Silas had been involved with Nina in the past. Scott suspected that Franco was covering for Nina, but Franco insisted Nina had been in Shadybrook at the time of Silas' murder.

Moments later, a police officer popped his head into the room to announce that it was time for Franco's arraignment. Scott asked for another minute alone with Franco, so the police officer left. Scott instructed Franco to plead not guilty then remain quiet. After Franco agreed, Scott tried to persuade his son to confide to him because Franco might end up taking the fall for a crime someone else had committed.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava was startled when Nina rounded the corner and confronted Ava. Ava adopted a heavy New York accent as she demanded to know how Nina had managed to get into the apartment. "Stop with the make believe because things are about to get very real between us," Nina warned. Ava stuck to her act as Denise while she tried to push Nina's buttons by accusing Nina of being crazy.

Nina explained that she had voluntarily checked into Shadybrook, which meant that Nina could leave at any time. Nina added that she had signed herself out to have a chat with Ava, so Ava could drop the phony accent. Ava tried to maintain the pretense of being Denise, but Nina revealed that Franco had told Nina everything, including Silas' intention to expose all of Ava's lies. Nina was certain that Ava had killed Silas and warned Ava the truth would soon be revealed. Ava was confident that no one would hear it from Nina.

Ava held up the picture she had snapped of Nina kneeling over Silas' body with a bloody knife clutched in Nina's hand. Ava gloated that the picture proved that Nina had "dispatched" Silas into the afterlife. Furious, Nina lunged at Ava to snatch the cell phone with the incriminating picture out of Ava's hand. After a brief tussle, Nina emerged victorious with the phone then promptly deleted the damaging picture. Ava bragged that the picture had been saved on several electronic devices and in "the cloud."

Ava chuckled because Nina had no idea what Ava was referring to. Ava clarified that nothing could ever be deleted, which meant that Nina didn't have any leverage to hold over Ava. Nina conceded that Ava might have a photograph implicating Nina in Silas' murder, but Ava couldn't risk showing it to anyone because Franco and Nina would make certain to expose Ava and force the police to run another DNA test, which would confirm Ava's real identity. After Nina left, Ava's confident smile vanished.

Rosalie was revealed to be Brad's wife

Rosalie was revealed to be Brad's wife

Friday, August 14, 2015

At Greystone Manor, Carly was reading a front-page story about Sonny in the Port Charles Press when Jake walked in. He had to tap her on the shoulder to get her attention, so she waved around the newspaper as she complained that the press had once again vilified Sonny by blaming him for the murder of a Jerome associate. She was frustrated because the press seemed to blame Sonny for every crime committed, but she realized that Jake wasn't there to talk about Sonny. Jake surprised her when he opened a small box with a diamond engagement ring nestled inside then explained that he had a question to ask her. Alarmed, Carly cautiously asked who the ring was for, so Jake humored her by explaining that it was for Elizabeth.

Carly immediately warned Jake that it was a mistake to get married, but he ignored the remark because he wanted her opinion about the ring. Carly conceded that it was lovely, but she thought it was too soon for Jake to ask Elizabeth to marry him. Jake clarified that he had already asked Elizabeth, so Carly assumed that Elizabeth had accepted. She offered a saccharine smile as she congratulated Jake on the engagement even though she feared that he had mistaken gratitude for love.

Jake assured Carly that he was in love with Elizabeth and eager to share a future with her. He considered himself fortunate that she had accepted his proposal because he had kept a secret from her. Intrigued, Carly wondered what Jake had hidden from Elizabeth, so he told her about his work with Sam to dig up dirt on Nikolas to use as leverage to force Nikolas to return ELQ to Michael. Carly smiled with approval, but Jake explained that he had kept the secret from Elizabeth because he'd been reluctant to put her in a position where she might have to choose between her friend and Jake.

Carly assured Jake that it wouldn't have been a contest because Elizabeth would have chosen Jake. However, she was curious if Jake had found anything interesting to use against Nikolas. He confided that moments before Hayden had been shot, Hayden had mentioned that another person knew Jake's real identity. Jake confided that he and Sam suspected that Hayden had been referring to Nikolas. Carly was delighted because it meant that Jake might finally get answers about his past.

Jake explained that Hayden had amnesia, so Carly cautioned Jake not to marry Elizabeth until Hayden had fully recovered because he might have a wife. Jake refused to put his life on hold for something that might not happen. He insisted that he wanted a future with Elizabeth then added that he had simply stopped by to share the good news with his "best friend." Carly's face lit with joy when she realized that she was his best friend, so she threw her arms around him just as Sonny entered the room.

Sonny smiled, but there was tension in his tone as he asked what was going on. Carly happily shared the news about Jake and Elizabeth's engagement. Sonny congratulated Jake then asked if the couple had set a date. Jake shook his head, but promised that the wedding wouldn't happen before Sonny and Carly's nuptials. After Jake left, Sonny confessed that he had concerns about Carly's friendship with Jake. Carly tensed as she asked if Sonny expected her to cut ties with Jake. Sonny assured her that he would never presume to tell her what to do.

However, Sonny pointed out that Jake was capable of quickly and efficiently killing someone, which was a skill that one didn't acquire easily. Carly defended Jake by reminding Sonny that Jake simply wanted to start a new life, but Sonny wasn't satisfied because Jake clearly had a violent and deadly past. Sonny warned her that Jake's past would eventually catch up with Jake, and Sonny didn't want Carly to be caught in the crossfire. Sonny asked Carly to be aware of the danger and to take care. She assured him that she would.

Carly decided to change the subject by letting Sonny know that their wedding plans had been progressing smoothly, which was more than she could say for her brother. Sonny was surprised when Carly revealed that Brad was married. As Sonny and Carly talked, Carly asked Sonny about the story in the newspaper. Sonny accused Julian of trying to deflect suspicion by pointing the finger at Sonny, but Carly asked Sonny to be careful because she didn't trust Julian. Sonny promised that nothing would happen to him because he had too much to live for with Carly by his side.

In Nathan's apartment, Nathan woke up and immediately noticed that Maxie wasn't next to him. She was perched on the foot of the bed, reading the Port Charles Press on her tablet. Nathan wondered if she was engrossed with a fashion article, but she told him that she had been reading about the case that had concerned Valerie enough to throw herself into Dante's arms. Nathan heard the censure in Maxie's tone, but she was unapologetic because he hadn't seen the way Valerie had behaved. Nathan insisted that it had been natural for Valerie to be concerned about a friend covered in blood.

Maxie groaned as she flopped down next to Nathan on the bed because she realized he was right. She acknowledged that she had agreed to bury the hatchet with Valerie, so Maxie intended to honor her word. Nathan wondered when Maxie had extended the olive branch to Valerie. Maxie sheepishly confessed that it had happened after she had accused Valerie of being a "home-wrecking bitch," but she quickly added that she had been under tremendous duress because Nathan had left Maxie alone with Madeline in the restaurant.

Maxie admitted it had been wrong to blame Valerie for the kiss, since Dante had initiated it, and Maxie was relieved that it hadn't gone further. Nathan recalled Dante's recent confession to sleeping with Valerie, but he pushed the memory away when Maxie asked him what was wrong. Nathan claimed he was troubled because he suspected that Madeline had been messing with Nina's mind to make it appear that Nina was crazy. Maxie apologized for dredging up the unsettling thought, but Nathan assured her that it was okay. He admitted that he liked her passion, and he kissed her.

At the loft, Lulu handed Dante a cup of coffee as he dressed for work. Lulu was curious if Dante thought Sonny had been responsible for the murder in the motel room, but Dante doubted it, since it wasn't his father's style. Lulu was grateful that Dante hadn't arrived during the shooting because she feared what might have happened, but Dante assured her that he wasn't going anywhere. Lulu wondered if the rumors about the Jerome crime family being active were true. Dante didn't know because Julian kept denying it. Lulu didn't trust Julian because he had lied about leaving the mob in the past.

Dante admitted that he was glad his mother and baby brother were far away from Julian because neither would be safe until Dante knew what was going on with Julian. Lulu appreciated that it was difficult for Dante because he missed his mother, but he reminded her that he couldn't risk visiting Olivia or the baby because Julian had to believe that the baby had died. However, Dante hated thinking about his mother being alone. Lulu pointed out that Olivia had Ned and Brook Lynn to support her.

Lulu hugged Dante then noticed the time. She explained that she had to get to the Haunted Star, but Dante was confused, since the nightclub wouldn't open for hours. Lulu told Dante about her agreement to let Dillon shoot a movie on the ship during the daytime hours. Lulu confessed that she had agreed to rent the ship because she had thought of the extra income and their frozen embryo in storage. Dante assured her that he trusted her, especially since she accepted him working with Valerie. Lulu tensed for a moment then admitted that she couldn't wait until they were past the point where they tripped over their words to avoid uncomfortable reminders of the kiss.

Dante suggested that he and Lulu make up their minds to move forward, so Lulu agreed. Dante kissed then made love to his wife. Afterwards, they got dressed then picked up. Moments later, Dante answered at knock at the door. It was Olivia.

At the nurses' station, Lucas looked for a file from the laboratory. Brad walked up and offered it to Lucas, but he snatched it out of Lucas' reach at the last second because Brad wanted Lucas to hear him out first. Lucas was not amused by Brad's unprofessional behavior, but Brad was unapologetic as he reminded Lucas that he had confided something very personal to Lucas, which Brad hadn't told anyone else. "Except Felix," Brad added under his breath. "I'm sorry, what was that?" Lucas asked.

Brad ignored the question as he implored Lucas to hear him out, but Lucas doubted that Liesl would appreciate Brad withholding test results to force Lucas to talk. Resigned, Brad agreed to give Lucas the file as long as Lucas promised to hear Brad out after Lucas had passed the results along to Hayden. Lucas agreed then grabbed the file and walked away.

In Hayden's hospital room, Hayden was eager to leave the hospital. Patrick smiled as he assured her that they just needed the results of the latest round of tests, but he was confident that everything would check out. However, he was curious where Hayden would be staying, since she needed to remain in town for outpatient treatment. Hayden assured Patrick that someone had agreed to take her in. As if on cue, Nikolas appeared in the doorway. Patrick recalled that Nikolas and Hayden had history, so Nikolas added that Hayden had been staying at Wyndemere at the time of the shooting.

Nikolas promised that Hayden would be in good hands at Wyndemere just as Rosalie arrived with a change of clothes for Hayden. Patrick made a snide remark about Rosalie being Nikolas' partner in crime, and Hayden wondered what Patrick had been referring to. Nikolas changed the subject by introducing Rosalie as his executive assistant. Moments later, Lucas appeared and announced that Hayden's test results were good, so she was free to leave. Hayden jumped out of bed with glee.

After Hayden changed, Patrick and Lucas explained that Hayden would need to leave the hospital in a wheelchair. Hayden balked, but the doctors insisted that it was policy. Hayden reluctantly sat down in the wheelchair. Nikolas instructed Rosalie to take care of the hospital bill then left with Hayden. Later, Rosalie grumbled about the paperwork as Lucas asked Patrick to review an MRI. After Patrick agreed, Lucas started to leave, but Rosalie called out to him.

Rosalie explained that she needed help with the paperwork, so she invited Lucas to join her in the cafeteria to help her. Patrick smiled as he listened to the exchange, while Lucas explained that they had a patient advocate who could help Rosalie. Undeterred, Rosalie asked Lucas to dinner, but Lucas seemed at a loss for words. Rosalie jokingly wondered if Lucas was gay, engaged, or if it was complicated. "All of the above," Lucas answered. Patrick finally stepped forward to help Lucas out by offering to take Rosalie to a patient advocate.

At Wyndemere, Valerie finished gathering her luggage as Dillon entered the living room. He was curious why Valerie's bags were packed, so she explained that she had decided to move out because Nikolas had invited another woman to move in. Dillon thought the castle was big enough for more than one guest, but Valerie admitted that she had issues with Nikolas' new guest. She also confided that she had been considering moving for a while, but she had been trying to keep a low profile ever since Nikolas had taken over ELQ. Dillon explained that Nikolas' betrayal had cut deep because Nikolas had once been considered a member of the Quartermaine family.

Dillon shifted gears to ask where Valerie intended to go. She revealed that she would be staying with her cousin Carly until Valerie found a permanent residence. She assured Dillon that she would not end up on Dante and Lulu's doorstep, but Dillon grew quiet. He wondered why every conversation he and Valerie had ended up on Dante and Lulu. Valerie pointed out that it was hard to avoid talking about the couple, since she worked with Dante. Dillon confessed that he and Lulu had gone into business.

Dillon told Valerie about his movie then mentioned a romantic scene. Things quickly heated up between the two when Dillon kissed Valerie, but the couple jumped apart when Nikolas suddenly cleared his throat. Hayden assured Dillon and Valerie that it hadn't been necessary to stop because Hayden enjoyed a good show, but Valerie smiled awkwardly. Nikolas was curious why Valerie's bags were packed. Dillon stepped forward to explain that Valerie no longer wanted to live with a blackmailing thief. Nikolas smiled politely through the insults until Valerie assured Dillon that she could speak for herself.

Valerie explained that it was time for her to move out then graciously thanked Nikolas for his hospitality. After Dillon carried Valerie's luggage to the launch, Dillon warned Nikolas to be careful because eventually Nikolas would "screw over" the wrong person and end up with a knife in his back. Dillon admitted that he looked forward to the day.

A short time later, Hayden was left alone in the living room as she looked around. She decided that she would like living in the castle but stopped in her tracks when she saw an expensive vase on a table. Hayden suddenly had a flashback of smashing one of the priceless vases during an argument with Nikolas.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth recalled Jake's confession that he and Sam had teamed up to find leverage on Nikolas and their suspicion that Nikolas might know who Jake really was. Her expression clouded with worry as she looked at her phone and contemplated calling Nikolas. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Sam and Danny. Elizabeth pasted on a smile as she greeted Sam and Danny, and she invited the two inside. Sam thanked Elizabeth for agreeing to allow little Jake and Danny to spend time together.

After Elizabeth left to fetch little Jake, Sam assured Danny that he would have fun. Her eyes landed on a picture of Elizabeth and Jason, so Sam picked it up then showed it to Danny because she wanted him to see his father. Sam admitted that Danny looked exactly like Jason, but she quickly returned the photograph to the shelf as Elizabeth and little Jake returned to the living room.

Sam and Elizabeth introduced the two brothers. Little Jake explained that he had two fathers -- Lucky, who had left town, and Jason, who had died. Elizabeth told her son that Danny was also Jason's son, which made little Jake and Danny brothers. The brothers quickly bonded over motorcycles then scampered off to play. Sam and Elizabeth smiled as they watched their sons. Elizabeth's expression filled with guilt as Sam commented that Jason would be happy.

Sam changed the subject by asking if Elizabeth had made a decision about Jake's proposal of marriage. Elizabeth revealed that she had agreed to marry him. Sam smiled as she congratulated Elizabeth because she thought it was great that Jake and Elizabeth had found each other, since both had been through difficult times and had lost a lot.

Later, little Jake thanked Danny for visiting. Sam was thrilled that the brothers would have an opportunity to grow up together, but she wished that Jason could have seen it. Seconds later, Jake arrived. Sam congratulated Jake on his engagement to Elizabeth then left with Danny. Jake revealed that he had a present for little Jake, so he handed the young boy a bag. Elizabeth accused Jake of spoiling her sons, but Jake smiled because he also had a gift for Elizabeth. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears as Jake went down on bended knee and presented her with an engagement ring, which he slid onto her finger.

After Jake and Elizabeth kissed, her phone rang. Jake decided to check on the boys upstairs, and Elizabeth answered the phone. It was Nikolas calling to report that Hayden had returned to Wyndemere, where he could keep an eye on her.

At the hospital, Sam approached Patrick at the nurses' station. She told him about Danny's visit with little Jake then revealed that Jake and Elizabeth were engaged. Patrick was happy for the couple.

Meanwhile, Brad slipped into the hospital room that Hayden had recently vacated. He announced that he would not give up Lucas without a fight, but Lucas doubted there was anything that Brad could say that would make things okay. Brad explained that things were not as they seemed because Brad hadn't married for love.

Seconds later, Rosalie entered the room, looking for Lucas, but she was startled when she saw Brad. "Brad?" Rosalie asked with disbelief. "Oh, my God," Brad said in shock. Rosalie wondered what Brad was doing there, but Lucas was curious how Brad and Rosalie knew each other. Brad revealed that Rosalie was Brad's wife.

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