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Ava was arrested after she admitted the truth about her identity in court. Carly and Sonny talked to Morgan about their concerns, but he denied having bipolar disorder. Franco told Kiki about Ava and Morgan's affair. Ric led the police to Silas' killer.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 24, 2015 on GH
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The Cat is Out of the Bag

The Cat is Out of the Bag

Monday, August 24, 2015

One of Sonny's guards announced a visitor, and Julian entered the room. Sonny wondered if Julian was there to confess his sins. He poured two drinks and offered to forgive all of Julian's transgressions if he would report to Sonny. He offered to "take care of your loyalty problem" and "exterminate" the man claiming to be under Julian's orders. Julian suddenly exploded on Sonny, accusing him of hiring the "plant" and setting Julian up. "You think I attacked my own organization?" Sonny asked.

Sonny wanted to tell Julian something about Alexis. He informed Julian that Alexis was intelligent, and she wouldn't let Julian lie to her forever. She would leave him and turn on him. Sonny wanted Julian where he belonged, "with my boot on your neck." Julian warned that, while Sonny was attacking Julian, Sonny's "true enemy" would have his "gun at your back."

Alexis was at Julian's, watching the news about Franco's trial, when there was a knock on the door. Alexis was delighted to answer the door to Sam. Sam inquired after Julian, who Alexis said had "important business" to attend to. Alexis observed that Sam seemed to think that Julian was "up to something." "Don't you?" Sam wondered. She wanted to know Julian's side of the story and reminded Alexis that Julian was "capable of anything."

Alexis was relying on her instincts and her faith. She thought she would drive herself crazy second-guessing everything about Julian, and she vowed to trust him until he gave her a reason not to. She told Sam that she envied Sam and Jason's relationship: they'd made no compromises, and they hadn't tried to change each other.

Changing the subject, Alexis asked about Sam, who said she'd be all right once Franco's trial was over. She admitted that she wasn't sure that Franco had killed Silas, and Kiki wasn't either. Alexis promised that "someone" would pay for killing Silas. Sam acknowledged how much the late doctor had done for her and Danny. He'd saved Danny's life, and he'd shown Sam that she was capable of loving again. She would be "forever grateful" to Silas for that.

Sam excused herself because she was going to pick Patrick up from work at the hospital. Sam asked Alexis to let Julian know that Sam was on Julian's side. Sam left, and Julian returned a short while later. Alexis shared the news of Sam's support with Julian, who was happy to hear it. Julian asked for updates on the trial and wondered why Denise was taking so long.

Elizabeth was admiring her engagement ring when Patrick walked up to her and congratulated her. He suggested that she have Maxie help plan the wedding. Just then, Liesl entered. Elizabeth retrieved a glass from under the desk that Brad had dropped off for Liesl. Liesl flashed back to when she'd been at Julian's, arguing with Ava. Julian had returned and started a conversation with Ava, and Liesl had taken the opportunity to grab the glass that Ava had drunk from.

Elizabeth wondered if Liesl wanted the glass. "No, I got what I needed from it," she replied. She remembered calling Scott after Morgan's testimony in court. She'd ordered Scott to get to the hospital for some important information. Elizabeth offered to store the glass for Liesl, but she asked Elizabeth to "discard" it. "I'd rather not have it traced back to me," Liesl muttered.

Liesl entered the elevator as she thought about when Scott had finally shown up to the hospital. She'd given him some test results. He'd demanded to know what he was looking at, and she'd told him that the papers in his hand proved that Denise was actually Ava. Liesl called Scott and demanded an update on the trial. She remembered explaining to Scott how Silas had helped Ava.

Liesl had handed Scott another paper, the sign-in sheet from Julian's apartment building, which showed Silas signing in only hours before he'd been killed. Scott had wanted Liesl to get on the stand, but she'd known that outing Ava would make Ava show off the picture she had of Nina kneeling over Silas' body, which Franco would never forgive Liesl for. Liesl had instructed that Denise was the only witness that Scott would need. "Please forgive me, Franco," Liesl said as she stepped off the elevator.

Patrick knew that Elizabeth's situation was overwhelming, but he wondered if she was having "misgivings" about Jake. He talked about how dangerous people from Jake's past could start knocking at her door. Elizabeth refused to put her life on hold for something she could never end up finding out. She admitted that she'd run away from Jake's proposal because of her bad track record. She told him that she'd gone to the chapel, where Sam had urged Elizabeth to take a chance on Jake.

Patrick expressed that he trusted both Sam and Elizabeth, and he was happy for Elizabeth. She wondered when Patrick would propose to Sam. He told her that Brad and Lucas had already been pestering him about it, and Elizabeth agreed that marriage was the "next logical step." He confided that he and Sam loved each other, but she got a certain look on her face when she heard a motorcycle drive by or a certain song on the radio.

Patrick understood that he might have to live with Sam never totally being over Jason, but he believed in the life they were building together. Sam entered and kissed Patrick. They left to go to dinner. Sam told Patrick about her talk with Alexis and said they were both convinced that Julian had turned over a new leaf.

Scott presented the papers that proved Denise was really Ava. She demanded to know where Scott had gotten them and denounced them as fake. He announced that Franco was innocent of the murder, but the "guilty party" was sitting on the stand. He divulged that Brad had run the tests at General Hospital, where the records could confirm the test's authenticity. He explained that "Denise" had had a blood smear in May, and her saliva was the specimen used for the most recent test. While the same person had been tested, the samples didn't match.

Scott continued that, while the DNA in hair, skin, and saliva couldn't change, the DNA in blood could, "especially when you receive a bone marrow transplant" from one's own daughter, "Avery." He explained to the court that Silas had nursed Ava back to health after her fall, and after she had been diagnosed with cancer. He suggested that Silas' conscience had gotten the better of him, and he'd threatened to tell Kiki who Denise really was. In order to keep Silas quiet, Ava had killed him. A shocked Kiki looked on in tears.

Scott accused Ava of not caring for her daughters as long as she was "in the clear." Without an accent, Ava yelled that Kiki and Avery were her "heart and soul. I came back for them!" "Who came back?" Scott asked. "Ava! Ava, damn it. I'm Ava Jerome!" she cried.

"Am I hallucinating?" Kiki asked Morgan as Scott called for the charges against Franco to be dropped. Ava insisted that she hadn't killed Silas and immediately whipped out the picture of Nina kneeling over Silas' body. Scott, Ric, and the judge all looked at it, shocked. Scott realized that Ava had admitted that she'd been at the scene of the crime. "Your wife did it," she spat at Ric.

Ava maintained that she had gone to Silas' in order to convince him not to tell Kiki that she was really Ava. She claimed that, when she'd arrived, the door had been opened, and she'd seen Nina kneeling over Silas with the knife. Scott wondered why she hadn't tried to help Silas. She said that she'd known just by looking that Silas was gone, and she'd been afraid to confront Nina while she had a weapon.

Ric called for a recess because, "I have no choice but to charge my wife with murder." The judge agreed to a ten-minute recess. She warned Ava not to think about leaving. Kiki hugged her mother and expressed how much she'd missed Ava. Ava apologized for having to keep the secret. Just then, a cop handcuffed Ava and arrested her for Connie's murder. As the cop read her her rights, she assured Kiki that everything would be all right and that Morgan would take care of Kiki. "Yeah, he'll do that," Franco scoffed. The cop herded Ava out of the courtroom, and Kiki ran after them.

Maxie was sitting at the Metro Court restaurant when Nathan arrived. He divulged that he had visited Nina, who'd told him that Silas had been the one to kidnap Avery. A shocked Maxie knew that Nina was impulsive and wondered why she would blame it on Silas. Nathan replied that Nina had refused to tell him because Franco had made her promise to stay quiet.

Although Nathan wished Nina would trust him more, she had confided in him about Madeline's latest scheme. He showed Maxie the papers Madeline had wanted Nina to sign that would grant Madeline and Ric access to Nina's inheritance. Just then, Nathan's phone rang, and he begrudgingly answered it to Ric. Ric told Nathan about some "new evidence" and sent him the picture of Nina kneeling over Silas' body. He ended the call and excused himself to go get Nina.

Franco was angry at Scott for causing exactly what he hadn't wanted to happen. Scott replied that it was the only way to keep Franco out of jail. Franco knew that Liesl had helped Scott, and Scott assured Franco that he and Liesl only wanted the best for Franco.

On the phone with Ric, Sonny asked if he'd put Franco away yet. Ric admitted to a "slight change of plans." Sonny was annoyed until Ric told his shocked brother that Ava was alive.

A short while later, the court reconvened. Scott suggested that, "in light of the last testimony, any further prosecution of my client would be a waste of time and money." He moved that all charges against Franco be dropped. Desperate, Franco stopped Scott and announced, "I did it! I killed Silas Clay!"

Nina, Franco, and Ava were taken into custody

Nina, Franco, and Ava were taken into custody

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy watched Access Port Charles until the television announcer informed viewers that Fashion Cops had been preempted because another host had resigned. Annoyed, Tracy turned off the television as she grumbled about "those Hollywood types" needing to get their act together. She picked up a magazine but noticed Dillon's screenplay had been under it. Tracy debated whether or not to read the screenplay without Dillon's permission, but decided that Dillon couldn't object, since it had been left in the living room.

Tracy's brow immediately furrowed as she read the setting for the scene. "Int coffeehouse?" Tracy asked in confusion. "Interior," Paul clarified as he entered the room. Tracy was surprised that Paul knew what it had meant, so he explained that he had been trying to get to know their son better then mentioned that the movie would be shot in Port Charles. Tracy was hurt because Dillon hadn't told her about the movie.

Paul reminded Tracy that there weren't a lot of filmmakers in the Quartermaine family, but Tracy argued that Quartermaines had always followed their passions. She pointed out that Alan had become a doctor, Jason had become a hit man, and both of her sons had gone into the arts, so she couldn't have been prouder of both Ned and Dillon. Paul suggested that Tracy tell Dillon how she felt about their son when Dillon returned home. Paul assured Tracy that it would be soon, since most of the movie would be filmed on the Haunted Star. Tracy suddenly wondered where Dillon had gotten the funding for the movie; she feared that he had been foolish enough to sell Nikolas more voting stocks.

Paul explained that he had given Dillon the financial backing to produce the film. Tracy immediately became suspicious, but Paul assured her that he had obtained the money through hard work from a successful business that he had started a few years back, which he would likely lose in the divorce settlement, so he had decided to invest in his son while he could afford to. Tracy thought it had been an extravagant gesture, but Paul explained that it had been the least he could have done for Dillon, since he hadn't been around for much of Dillon's life. Tracy admitted that she hadn't made it easy on Paul by constantly traveling with Dillon when their son had been a child.

Paul argued that he could have tried harder to be a part of Dillon's life instead of focusing on building a life and family with Jenny. Paul assured Tracy that he considered it money well spent if it allowed him time with Dillon. Paul added that he also wanted to be there for Tracy to lean on if she needed it, but Tracy insisted that she didn't lean on anyone -- least of all him. Paul was certain that Tracy missed Luke, but Tracy became defensive. Paul admitted that he could use someone to lean on too.

Tracy appeared to waver as Paul leaned close as if to kiss her, but she pulled back at the last moment and laughed because she knew he had been trying to get her into bed. Paul argued that they had already slept together, but Tracy countered that "satisfied customers" always returned for more. Paul questioned the term she had used, but Tracy was certain that he knew what she had meant. Tracy explained that even if she had been interested in Paul, she wasn't ready to move on. Paul admitted that he wasn't either, but he was there to build a relationship with Dillon, which would be easier if Paul and Tracy were friends.

Tracy questioned how a friendship between her and Paul could ever be possible. Paul suggested that they start with dinner. Tracy smiled as she agreed. A short time later, Tracy and Paul sat down for a candlelight dinner. Paul offered a toast to the beginning of a beautiful friendship, but Tracy suggested that they drink to their son. Paul agreed then touched his glass to hers before they each took a sip.

At the courthouse, Morgan caught up with Kiki as she ran out of the courtroom. He asked where she was going. Kiki explained that she had to get to the police station to see her mother, but Morgan urged her to reconsider because he didn't think it was a good idea. Morgan reminded her that Ava had lied to both of them, but Kiki admitted that she understood why her mother had done it. Kiki realized that it had been the only way for Ava to see both Kiki and Avery without Sonny going after Ava. Morgan admitted that he was furious with Ava, so Kiki asked why.

Morgan explained that what Ava had done to him had been "way worse" than what Ava had done to Kiki. Confused, Kiki wondered what her mother had done to Morgan, so he carefully reminded Kiki that he and Ava had once been lovers. According to Morgan, Ava's deception had been a deep betrayal of their past relationship. Kiki acknowledged that Morgan had a right to be hurt, but Ava was Kiki's mother, so Kiki remained determined to see her. Kiki invited Morgan to go to the police station with her, but Morgan declined.

In the courtroom, Scott asked Judge Chua to drop the murder charges against Franco, but Franco jumped up to loudly confess to Silas' murder. Scott ordered Franco to sit down, but Franco refused because he wanted the judge to lock him up and throw away the key. Scott explained that Franco had only confessed to the murder to protect Nina, but both the judge and Ric wanted to hear what Franco had to say. Franco claimed that he and Silas had argued, so Franco had stabbed him.

Scott pointed out that there was photographic evidence pointing to Nina as the killer. Franco claimed that Nina had arrived while Franco had been washing his hands. According to Franco, that was when Ava had snapped the picture. Franco insisted that he had been surprised when he had returned and found Nina trying to help Silas, so Franco had threatened to stab her too if she hadn't returned to Shadybrook. Franco appealed to the judge to release Nina from police custody, but Judge Chua opted to let Ric make the decision.

Scott objected because he suspected that Ric would do whatever was possible to protect Nina, but Ric surprised both Scott and Franco by announcing that it would be best for all three of the suspects -- Ava, Nina, and Franco -- to remain in police custody until the police could sort things out. Judge Chua agreed, so she ordered that Franco be locked up at the police station.

At Greystone Manor, Carly entered the living room, eager to tell Sonny something. He revealed that he had news, too, but Carly insisted on going first because Madeline had offered surprising insight into Morgan's situation. Carly explained that she had bumped into Madeline at the hotel, and the two women had discussed their children. Carly revealed that Madeline had noticed that Nina had been troubled during Nina's teenage years, but Madeline had tried to blame others for Nina's actions. Carly had realized that she and Sonny wouldn't be doing Morgan any favors by blaming Morgan's erratic behavior on people like Denise.

Carly was startled when Sonny blurted out that Denise did not exist; Ava was alive. Sonny quickly filled Carly in about Ava's remarkable survival from a near drowning, Silas' discovery that Ava had cancer, and Silas' decision to kidnap Avery to give Ava a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Carly was speechless, but Sonny vowed to make Ava pay for killing Connie. Carly suddenly realized that Sonny had known the truth about Ava's deception all along, but she was curious how Ava had managed to fool a DNA test. Sonny wasn't certain about the particulars, but he had been told that Ava's blood had changed with the bone marrow transplant, while Ava's hair, skin, and saliva had remained the same.

Sonny regretted not demanding another DNA test to prove that "Denise" was Ava. Carly wished that the police and Morgan had listened to Sonny. Her expression turned horrified when she suddenly realized that Morgan hadn't slept with Kiki's aunt; he had slept with Ava again. Sonny and Carly talked about how Ava had manipulated their son then expressed concern about how Morgan would handle the news. Sonny feared that Morgan would want to kill Ava with his bare hands.

Carly realized that they still didn't know who had killed Silas. "Actually, we do," Morgan said as he entered the living room. Morgan filled his parents in about what had transpired in court, including the picture Ava had snapped of Nina clutching the murder weapon while leaning over Silas' body. Morgan was agitated and upset, so Carly wrapped her arm around her son and promised that they would get through it as a family. Sonny squeezed Morgan's shoulder to show his support.

On the Haunted Star, a man approached Lulu to ask where to store a piece of film equipment. Lulu was taken aback when he referred to her as "Toots." Dillon heard the exchange as he entered the bar, and he quickly gave the man instructions. After the man left, Lulu asked if the man had been part of Dillon's film crew. Dillon assured Lulu that he had a "no jackass" policy then added that the man was from the rental company that had provided everything Dillon would need to film the movie. Satisfied, Lulu shifted gears to remark that he was running late.

Dillon explained that he had been delayed because Valerie had dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant. Lulu was stunned, so Dillon admitted that he could barely process it. However, he realized that it wasn't hard to believe, since he and Valerie had been out on three dates. He figured it had been about time he had put a baby in Valerie. Lulu's eyes narrowed when she realized that Dillon had been joking. She accused him of being a jerk, but he was unapologetic because Lulu had been pressuring him to settle down and have children.

Lulu insisted that she simply wanted Dillon to be happy, but Dillon explained that he was happy making movies. He pointed out that not everyone needed a spouse and children, and he was curious if it had really been about him or Lulu's fear that Valerie might still have feelings for Dante. Lulu deflected by asking why Dillon wanted to know. He admitted that he had noticed the tension between Lulu and Valerie over Dante. Lulu denied it and reminded Dillon that Dante and Valerie had only shared a single kiss.

Lulu assured Dillon that she and Dante had put the kiss behind them, and she was ready to get to know her newfound cousin. Lulu promised that she simply wanted Dillon and Valerie to be happy, but Lulu agreed to stop interfering in their relationship. Satisfied, Dillon changed the subject by talking about his movie.

In the interrogation room, Valerie absently rubbed her belly as she read her electronic tablet. She looked up when Dante suddenly entered the room. After they greeted each other, Dante was curious why she was in the interrogation room. She explained that she had decided to take a coffee break to look over real estate listings because she had temporarily moved in with Carly when Nikolas had invited Hayden to live at Wyndemere. Dante offered to fetch Valerie a cup of coffee, but she declined because it might keep her up all night.

Dante shifted gears by assuring Valerie that Carly wouldn't expect Valerie to rush to find a new place to live. Valerie smiled because it was clear that Carly loved having a full house, but Valerie admitted that she wanted to be self-reliant rather than depending on others for housing, especially since she had overstepped her boundaries with the Spencers already. Dante sobered as he and Valerie talked about their one-night stand. Dante realized that things hadn't been easy on Valerie, but he warned her that it had been a mistake for them to sleep together.

Dante insisted that he and Valerie had to forgive themselves in order to move on. Valerie's smile was strained as Dante confessed that his relationship with Lulu was stronger than ever. Valerie appeared to brace herself as she prepared to tell Dante something, but he became distracted when he heard a commotion in the squad room.

In the squad room, a police officer escorted Ava to a desk. She complained about the man being too rough with her, but he ignored her as he ordered her to take a seat. Ava resented being arrested when she had provided crucial information about Silas' killer. Ava insisted that Nina, not Ava, should be in handcuffs. As if on cue, Nathan arrived with Nina.

Nina's hands had been confined to handcuffs as she glared at Ava. Ava immediately began to taunt Nina, so Nina asked her brother to get her away from Ava because Ava was a "lying witch." Nina was determined to make certain that Ava would not get away with Silas' murder, but Ava accused Nina of being the killer. Ava explained that Nina would go down because Franco had betrayed Ava. Nina argued that Ava had murdered Silas to keep Silas from exposing Ava's secrets, but Ava insisted that Nina was a "lunatic" who was beyond saving.

Nina lunged at Ava. Nathan and another police officer were forced to pull the women apart as Ava and Nina continued to trade insults. Eventually, Dante stepped out of the interrogation room to find out what the ruckus had been about. Nathan quickly explained that Nina had been arrested for Silas' murder and that "Denise" had been revealed to be Ava. Dante was shocked as Nathan explained how Ava had managed to fool a DNA test.

Meanwhile, Valerie entered the squad room to find out what had been going on. Dante introduced Valerie to Connie's murderer. Ava argued that the only killer in the room was Nina. Ava claimed to fear Nina and demanded that she not be locked up with Nina, but Ava had a quick change of heart when Dante threatened to send Ava to county lockup. After Nathan left to book Nina, Dante ordered Ava to sit then assigned a police officer to keep an eye on her.

Concerned, Valerie assured Dante that she was there for him if he needed to talk. Valerie reassuringly squeezed his arm, but he stepped back and announced that he had to find Lulu to share the news with her. Valerie revealed that Lulu and Dillon were on the Haunted Star, moving in film equipment. She admitted that she had planned to meet Dillon, so she invited Dante to tag along.

On the Haunted Star, Dillon revealed that he had made some changes to a particular scene in the screenplay, based on Lulu's notes. He asked if Lulu would read through the scene with him to make certain that the changes worked. Lulu was surprised that Dillon would want her to play the part of Marjorie, the woman who had broken his heart, because she feared that he might see her as Marjorie. Dillon insisted the screenplay was fiction, but Lulu disagreed, since it was clear that the character of Declan was Dillon.

Dillon promised Lulu that she was not Marjorie. He explained that a person couldn't write about something personal until they'd had distance from a difficult situation and knew that the person they had written about was no longer a part of their lives. Dillon admitted that he had always known that he would see Lulu again. Lulu relaxed as she sat down with the script.

The scene appeared to strike a chord with Lulu when the characters talked about chasing their dreams. As Declan, Dillon admitted that "Marjorie" had been one of the wildest and most fearless girls he had ever known. Lulu, reading the dialogue, explained that she had grown up, but "Declan" accused her of no longer taking chances and believing in herself. However, he promised that he still believed in her. Dillon reached for Lulu's hand as he revealed that he had returned to help her be who she really was. Lulu pulled her hand away as she looked into Dillon's eyes.

Moments later, Dante and Valerie arrived. Lulu jumped up to greet her husband, and he told her about the stunning turn of events at Franco's trial when Denise had been revealed to be Ava and that Ava had led them to Silas' real killer.

At the police station, a police officer announced that the police commissioner had wanted Ava to wait in the interrogation room because Jordan had some questions for Ava. Kiki arrived and quickly followed her mother into the interrogation room. After the police officer secured Ava's handcuffs to the table and left, Kiki asked if Ava had killed Silas. Ava insisted that Nina was the killer, but Kiki wondered how she could trust her mother after Ava's lies and Connie's murder.

Ava tearfully promised that she would never take her daughter's father away from Kiki and begged Kiki to believe her. Kiki's eyes filled with tears as she assured Ava that she did. However, Kiki was curious why Ava had returned to town instead of living life a free woman elsewhere. Ava explained that she hadn't been able to stay away from Kiki and Avery. Ava wrapped her free arm around Kiki as Kiki leaned down to hug her mother. Ava promised to make things up to Kiki, but Kiki confessed that Morgan had been more upset about Ava's deception than Kiki had been.

In the police station's lockup, Nina objected to being put behind bars. She implored Nathan to find the evidence that would exonerate her and prove that Ava had killed Silas. After Nathan agreed and left, Nina began to vent her frustration by tossing things around her jail cell. She froze when she saw Franco escorted to a cell across from hers. After the guard left, Franco asked if Nina was okay.

Nina asked why Franco had confessed, so Franco admitted that he refused to let Nina take the fall for killing Silas. Nina argued that Franco was innocent, but Franco didn't care. He regretted that his father had thrown Nina under the bus and promised that he wouldn't have agreed to let Scott represent him if he had known. Nina was glad that Scott had tried to clear Franco's name and took solace in knowing that Franco believed in her. Nina reminded Franco that they were in it together, so they would get out of it together.

"Right?" Nina asked. Franco softly smiled as he agreed.

Nathan zeroed in on a suspect in Silas' murder

Nathan zeroed in on a suspect in Silas' murder

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

At the Jerome apartment, Julian opened the front door to greet Alexis and ask about her evening. Alexis admitted that she'd had a great night of watching movies with Molly, but Alexis' good humor had vanished when she'd woken up and seen the morning headlines. Alexis waved a copy of the Port Charles Press under his nose. It featured a story about "Denise" being revealed to be Ava. Alexis finally understood why Scott had called Ava to testify the previous day.

Alexis grudgingly gave Sonny credit for seeing what no one else had because everyone had believed the results of "Denise's" DNA test except for Sonny. Julian defended his sister by explaining that Ava had passed herself off as Denise to be close to Kiki and Avery. Alexis was amazed by how easily Ava had fooled everyone, but Julian confessed that he had known. Alexis tensed, but Julian quickly clarified that Ava had told him the truth moments before the process server had arrived to take Ava to court the previous day.

Alexis sarcastically noted that she and Julian had made progress because he had only lied to her for twenty-four hours. Julian didn't want to argue, but Alexis assured him that she was calm. However, she was curious what had prompted Ava to suddenly confess to Julian after months of lying. Julian recalled Ava imploring him to steal the recording of her confession to Connie's murder. However, he opted to omit Ava's request when he explained that he had walked in on Ava and Liesl during a heated argument, and he had confronted his sister after Liesl had left.

Alexis wondered why Julian hadn't shared the news with her when she had stopped by after Ava had been escorted to court. Julian remembered Ava's promise to help him take Sonny down, but Julian decided to blame it on concern for Alexis because he hadn't wanted to implicate her in him unknowingly harboring a fugitive. Alexis explained that it wouldn't have been a problem, but she warned him that Ava would be facing charges for Connie's murder. Julian didn't deny that Ava had been wrong to shoot Connie, but he reminded Alexis that Ava had done it to protect him.

Stunned, Alexis wondered if Julian was trying to excuse Ava's actions, but Julian explained that he couldn't help but be loyal to his sister. Julian was certain that Alexis would understand his position because of her own dysfunctional family. However, he promised that he regretted not confiding to Alexis sooner and begged for her forgiveness. Julian realized that he had been wrong to continually test her faith in him, but Alexis assured him that she was wiling to move past it. Alexis warned that she couldn't represent Ava for Silas' murder, since Alexis had agreed to represent Nina. Julian assured Alexis that he understood, but he wanted assurance that he and Alexis were good.

"Yes," Alexis answered with a smile. After Alexis gathered her things and left, Julian recalled his conversation with Ava about the recording of her incriminating confession to Connie's murder being in the district attorney's office. Ava had told Julian that without the recording, the case against her would fall apart.

Meanwhile, Madeline barged into Ric's office as he wrapped up a phone call. She was infuriated that Nina was in jail, but Ric reminded her that he and Madeline had had one common goal -- to get Nina out of the way. "Mission accomplished," Ric said with smug satisfaction. Madeline was not pleased because their agreement had been to send Nina to a nice "cushy" sanitarium, not jail. Ric explained that the matter had been out of his hands because Ava had produced a picture of Nina kneeling over Silas' "bloody corpse with the murder weapon in her hand."

Madeline argued that Franco, a known serial killer, had confessed to the crime. Ric explained that Ava had done Ric and Madeline a huge favor because the picture had allowed Ric to "kill two birds with one stone." Ric pointed out that he and Madeline couldn't have known that Nina would murder Silas, but the unexpected twist meant that both Nina and Franco would go down for Silas' death, which would free up Nina's money for Ric and Madeline. Ric assured Madeline that they could sail off into the sunset together in a boat bought with Nina's money, but Madeline informed him that he was wrong.

Madeline explained that she had tried to persuade Nina to sign the necessary papers transferring control of Nina's fortune to Ric and Madeline, but Ric suspected that Madeline had tried to do an end-run around him. Madeline claimed that she had merely been trying to be expedient, but Ric shifted gears by asking what had happened with the legal documents. Madeline admitted that Nina had refused to sign anything until Nina had had a chance to review the paperwork, but Nina had been arrested before that had happened.

Madeline revealed that she had stopped by Shadybrook earlier to collect the legal papers, but Nathan had beaten her to the punch. Madeline had been forced to hide out of sight as Nathan had walked out of the sanitarium with a box filled with Nina's belongings. Ric advised Madeline to retrieve the documents from Nathan, but Madeline doubted that Nathan would cooperate. However, she was certain that Ric could use his position as district attorney to force Nathan to hand over the box under the guise of evidence. Madeline had complete faith that Ric would be able to successfully charm Nina into signing the legal papers.

Moments later, Ric received a call informing him that Nina's arraignment was set to begin. After the call, Ric conceded that he would have to recuse himself, but he suggested that Madeline try to act like a supportive mother by making an appearance at the hearing. Madeline promised to give a convincing performance, but she instructed Ric to find Nathan, get the documents, and then convince Nina to sign them as soon as the arraignment was over.

In the hallway, Julian skulked around a corner until he saw Madeline exit. He quietly approached the door as Ric prepared to follow Madeline out of the office.

At Greystone Manor, Morgan thought about his various encounters with "Denise" when he had confessed how much she had reminded him of Ava and how she had told him that she had been equally drawn to him. His thoughts then drifted to his last passionate encounter with Ava before Silas had walked in on them. Morgan pushed the memories away as he vented his frustration by smashing a glass in the fireplace. "What the hell are you doing?" Kiki asked in disbelief as she appeared in the living room's doorway.

Kiki reminded Morgan there was a baby in the house, but Morgan assured her that Carly had taken Avery to the park. Kiki relaxed a bit, but she was concerned about Morgan's outburst. Morgan explained that he was furious because Ava had thoroughly deceived all of them, but Kiki sensed there was more to it. Morgan insisted Ava should have trusted them with the truth, but Kiki defended her mother's decision. Morgan growled that Ava hadn't had any excuse for lying to everyone, so Kiki asked if Morgan still had romantic feelings for her mother.

Kiki admitted that it seemed like the logical explanation for Morgan's anger, but Morgan claimed that he suspected Ava had killed Silas to keep Silas from exposing Ava's identity. Kiki argued that the picture proved that Nina had killed Kiki's father, but Morgan insisted that the picture also established that Ava had been at the scene of the crime. He was disgusted that Ava had opted to snap a picture rather than help Silas, but Kiki continued to make excuses for Ava. Morgan reminded Kiki that Ava had murdered Connie and had continually lied, but Kiki resented Morgan's attitude because she had just found out that her mother was alive, only to face the likelihood that Ava would be sent to jail for life.

Kiki's eyes filled with tears as she added that she couldn't lose her mother again. Morgan's anger quickly leeched out as he reached for Kiki's hands and apologized for making it all about him instead of focusing on how much worse Kiki had it. Kiki confided that Ava had promised to make things up to Kiki, but she couldn't imagine how her mother intended to accomplish that. Morgan suggested that perhaps he could.

Morgan vowed to find a way to put all the ugliness behind him and Kiki so they could focus on what was good and real. Morgan wanted to make a fresh start by finding a new place to live because it would allow him and Kiki to make new memories. Morgan admitted that she was the most important person in the world to him. Kiki was touched by the heartfelt words, and she kissed Morgan. Afterwards, she told him that her father's apartment had been cleared as a crime scene.

Morgan offered to accompany Kiki to the apartment, but she revealed that she had an errand to run first. Morgan cryptically explained that he did, too, and they arranged to meet up at the apartment later. After Morgan left, Kiki thought about Morgan's desire to focus on building a future with her.

In the police station's lockup, Ava quietly prayed that Julian would help her. Moments later, a guard approached her jail cell. She immediately demanded to make a phone call, but the guard informed her that she had a visitor. Ava's expression of hope quickly fell when her eyes landed on Sonny. After the guard stepped away, Sonny gloated that she had never fooled him. Ava conceded that Sonny was right, but he didn't care because he looked forward to Ava's bleak future in prison.

Sonny admitted that it was fitting that Ava had been locked up on that particular day, but Ava was confused. Sonny explained that it was the two-year anniversary of Connie's murder. He admitted that he vividly remembered finding Connie on the floor of her office, clinging to life and too weak to speak when he had asked who had shot her. Ava smirked because Connie had signed A.J. Quartermaine's death warrant by using her dying breath to write the initials "AJ" in blood.

Sonny refused to allow Ava to blame Connie for A.J.'s death, since Ava had made every effort to frame A.J. Sonny explained that A.J.'s death was on Sonny the same way that Connie's murder was on Ava. Sonny was furious that Ava had killed an innocent woman who had been healing from a devastating illness simply to keep him from finding out that Derek Wells had really been Julian Jerome. However, he acknowledged that Ava had been consistent because she had killed Silas to keep secrets buried.

Ava denied any involvement in Silas' murder, but Sonny didn't care as long as Ava went to jail for killing Connie. Sonny promised that his brother Ric would make it happen, which meant that Ava would never be a part of Avery's life. Sonny relished pushing Ava's buttons by taunting her that Avery loved Carly and called her "Mama." Ava argued that Avery was Ava's daughter, but Sonny explained that he intended to make things official with Carly the following Wednesday when he and Carly would marry. "What goes around comes around. Carly took your daughter the same way you tried to take our son," Sonny said as he grinned maliciously.

Infuriated, Ava turned the tables on Sonny by gloating that she hadn't seduced Morgan because Morgan had always been in love with her. Sonny accused her of taking advantage of Morgan, but he promised her that his son no longer cared about her. Sonny suggested that he could also rip Kiki away from Ava by telling Kiki about Ava's affair with Morgan, but Sonny refused to lower himself to Ava's level by hurting children. Sonny told Ava that she was beyond hope, and he started to leave, but Ava wasn't through.

"That's what you think, Sonny," Ava said in a tone rife with promise. Ava pointed out that Sonny had no way of knowing how her trial might go, and Sonny, more than anyone, knew that there were ways for a guilty person to walk away from their crimes. Sonny reminded her that the district attorney had a recording of Ava confessing in detail to Connie's murder. He promised Ava that her life would be over regardless of how things played out then delivered a parting shot by assuring Ava that Avery would never have a single memory of Ava.

After Sonny left, Ava prayed for Julian to help her. A short time later, Morgan paid Ava a visit.

Elsewhere in lockup, a guard handed Nina a box drink "compliments" of Franco. Nina beamed as she looked at the cell across from hers and saw Franco smiling at her. As the guard walked away, Franco told Nina that just because he had been charged with murder, it didn't mean that he couldn't send a beautiful lady a drink. He once again apologized for his father throwing Nina under the bus, but she didn't care because all that mattered was that Franco had believed in her.

Franco and Nina raised their drink boxes then toasted to themselves for loving and believing in each other. However, Nina wished that Franco hadn't confessed to killing Silas, but Franco explained that he had done it to protect her. He hadn't expected the plan to backfire as it had because it meant that Ric would likely send both Franco and Nina to jail then Ric and Madeline could steal Nina's fortune. Nina revealed that she had good news, and Franco asked if a house had dropped on Madeline or if someone had tossed water on Nina's mother to make Madeline melt.

Nina chuckled but confided that Nathan had agreed with Franco about Madeline and Ric's intentions. Nina quickly filled Franco in about the legal papers Madeline had asked Nina to sign, which would transfer control of Nina's money to Madeline and Ric. Franco was pleased when Nina assured him that she hadn't done as Madeline had requested because Shadybrook had helped Nina to grow mentally stronger and stop hallucinating. Franco suspected that Nina's episodes had ceased because she no longer lived with Ric.

Nina was stunned when Franco shared his theory about Ric orchestrating the hallucinations to drive Nina over the edge. Nina was furious when she realized that Franco might be right because the worst incident had occurred when she had asked Ric for a divorce so she could be with Franco. Nina vowed to find a way for her and Franco to have it all, but Franco had his doubts because their predicament was dire. Nina was confident that her brother would expose the real killer.

A short time later, the guard returned to fetch Nina because her attorney had arrived. Franco urged Nina to plead not guilty at the arraignment.

In the squad room, Dante handed his partner a cup of coffee and a bag of doughnuts for breakfast. Nathan was grateful because he had spent the night trying to figure out if someone other than Nina had killed Silas. Dante sat down as Nathan confided that he questioned the incriminating picture of Nina because Ava had taken it. Dante hated to defend Ava, but he assured Nathan that the laboratory had confirmed that the photograph of Nina hadn't been altered.

Nathan explained that Nina had claimed that Silas had been dead when she had arrived at the apartment, but she had rushed to Silas' side and pulled out the knife, hoping to somehow save him. Dante reminded Nathan that if Nina hadn't committed the crime, then Franco had to be guilty. Nathan disagreed because he had talked to several patients at Shadybrook who had revealed that they had seen and overheard Franco tell Nina about Silas' role in Avery's abduction then had seen Nina run out of the sanitarium. Nathan pointed out that it would have been impossible for Franco to beat Nina to the apartment in time to kill Silas without being caught in the act.

Dante suggested he and Nathan review the evidence because it was the only way to exonerate Nina. The two detectives pulled files from the box of evidence then painstakingly went over everything. Dante reviewed the logbook for Ava's apartment building and became alarmed when he noticed that Morgan had signed in as a visitor an hour before Silas had arrived. Nathan suggested that perhaps Morgan had paid Kiki a visit, but Dante reminded Nathan that Kiki had been out of town. Nathan wondered if it was possible that Morgan had been sleeping with Ava behind Kiki's back and knew the truth about Ava's ruse.

Dante confessed that it was hard to tell with Morgan. Nathan continued to review the files and logbook. Moments later, Nathan perked up when he found something in the logbook. Dante nervously asked if Nathan had discovered something that might point to Morgan as the killer, but Nathan shook his head. However, Nathan admitted that he might have found the person responsible for Silas' murder.

Ric was arrested for Silas' murder

Ric was arrested for Silas' murder

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Maxie arrived on the Haunted Star to meet Dillon, but she became annoyed when she realized that he wasn't there. Moments later, Dillon entered. Maxie immediately berated him for being late, but he insisted that he had been on time. Maxie argued that being on time was the same as being late because she was a professional who had a tight schedule. "Doing what?" Dillon asked. Unfazed, she explained that she would have been happy to tell him if he hadn't been late.

Maxie cut to the chase by asking why Dillon had wanted to see her. However, she didn't give him an opportunity to explain as she began to send text messages and make phone calls. Eventually, Dillon snatched her phone out of her hand because she had wasted fifteen minutes of his time, "playing" on her phone. Maxie threatened to leave, but Dillon admitted that she had reminded him of all the reasons he hadn't wanted to work with her. Maxie's temper flared as she accused him of being the same selfish person he had always been.

Maxie lectured Dillon about cheating on Georgie with Lulu and not returning to town for Georgie's funeral. She was surprised when Dillon agreed with her assessment of him. He promised that he had loved Georgie, but he hadn't known how to deal with her death, so he had buried himself in his work. Maxie's anger quickly evaporated when she heard the sincerity in Dillon's voice. She realized that Georgie would want Maxie and Dillon to help each other, and she invited Dillon to explain why he had called.

Dillon was curious what Maxie knew about costume design because he needed someone to help him clothe the actors in a way that would allow the characters, not the clothes, to define his movie. Dillon told Maxie about the character of Marjorie, whom he described as "effortlessly stylish," but Maxie warned him that it would cost a lot of money to achieve that look. Dillon explained that he had very little money for the wardrobe's budget. Maxie decided to give a friend a call. Dillon was leery about hiring someone else, but Maxie assured him that "Reeves" would be perfect because Reeves had great fashion sense and experience working with a small budget for independent films.

Maxie appreciated that the movie was important to Dillon. She wanted to help him because she knew it was what Georgie would have wanted. Dillon thanked Maxie, and she promised to call when he heard back from Reeves.

At Greystone Manor, Carly entered the living room in a cheerful mood because she only had a few loose ends to tie up before she was officially ready to marry Sonny. Sonny was glad to hear it because it had taken too long to get the wedding off the ground. Surprised, Carly asked what he was talking about; she found it hard to believe how quickly she had pulled everything together. Sonny remarked that, lately, a lot of things had been hard to believe.

Sonny opened up about his visit with Ava, but Carly was curious why Sonny had even bothered to talk to Ava. Sonny explained that he had done it for Connie because he wanted Ava to know that he intended to see things through to the end to ensure that Ava paid for Connie's senseless murder. Carly realized that Sonny had done it for closure, but he insisted that he would not have that until Ava was convicted and sent to prison. Carly assured Sonny that it would happen, but he had his doubts because Ava had indicated that she had a few tricks up her sleeve. Carly was certain that Ava had been bluffing because the police had a recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder.

Sonny revealed how he had made it clear that Ava would never be a part of Avery's life and that Carly would be Avery's new mother. Carly smiled, but she worried that Ava might try to sink her claws into Morgan as payback. Sonny pointed out that Carly had just reminded him that Ava was headed to jail for life. Carly continued to have reservations about Morgan because she suspected that Morgan and Ava's relationship had gone much deeper than either Sonny or Carly was willing to admit.

Sonny assured Carly that Morgan's love for Ava had died when Ava had lied to Morgan about being Denise. Carly remained uneasy because it would be incredibly easy for Ava to win back Morgan. Sonny reminded Carly that Morgan had been torn up the previous night because of Ava's lies, but Carly argued that Morgan had been impulsive in recent months. She worried that Ava would find a way to turn things around with a few clever lies that would sway Morgan. Sonny explained that it wouldn't matter, since Ava would spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Carly argued that Morgan's erratic and volatile behavior was another concern, but Sonny knew Carly was hinting that their son suffered from bipolar disorder. He reminded Carly that they didn't know anything for certain, but Carly countered that they both knew it was possible. Carly insisted that they needed to get Morgan help sooner rather than later because the longer they waited, the worse things might get for Morgan. Carly knew that Sonny was reluctant to talk about it, but she was adamant that they owed it to Morgan to help him.

Meanwhile, Morgan paid Ava a visit at the police station's lockup. His anger was palpable as he told Ava that she might as well be a stranger to him because he had no idea who she really was. Ava conceded that he had a right to be angry, but if he looked closely, he would see that she was the same person she had always been. "Like the same person who killed Connie?" Morgan asked. Ava resented the question, but Morgan didn't care.

Morgan accused Ava of playing him as she had everyone else, but she promised that she had never intended to hurt him. Morgan's temper rose as he reminded Ava that she had known he had been falling for her all over again from the moment he had laid eyes on her as Denise. He suspected that she had laughed at what a fool he had been, but Ava insisted that she loved him. Morgan didn't believe her, otherwise she would have told him the truth. Ava admitted that she hadn't been able to risk Morgan letting her secret slip.

Morgan denied that he would have betrayed Ava's secret, but she argued that he had sent Sonny to the brownstone when she had been pregnant with Avery. Morgan explained that it had been weeks before the baby's due date, so he had assumed that he'd have time to persuade Sonny to spare Ava's life. Morgan assured Ava that he had always wondered how things might have been different if he hadn't told his father. Ava reiterated that she loved Morgan, but she hadn't been able to fully trust him.

Morgan was hurt by Ava's deception, but she was certain that Morgan had known deep down inside that she had been Ava when they had made love. Ava believed they had been fated for each other because their love had survived Sonny's wrath and her death, so all Morgan had to do was reach out to her. Morgan explained that it was impossible because whatever they had once shared had been over the moment Ava had been exposed as Connie's killer. He also pointed out that she was fated to spend the rest of her life in jail, but Ava disagreed.

Morgan wondered what Ava thought would happen if she somehow managed to get away with Connie's murder. He reminded Ava that he was with Kiki, but Ava argued that Morgan and Ava's bond was stronger. Morgan asked Ava to stop because what he had with Kiki was real. He warned her not to tell Kiki about their recent affair, but Ava insisted that she loved him. Morgan explained that he couldn't hurt Kiki, so he begged Ava to let it go for her daughter's sake.

In another area of lockup, Kiki folded her arms and tapped her foot as she watched Franco pace in his jail cell. She was curious where his "homicidal" girlfriend was, so Franco stopped to clarify that Nina hadn't killed Silas. However, he added that Nina had been taken to her arraignment. Kiki wondered why Franco couldn't see Nina for who she really was. Kiki reminded him that Nina had nearly killed Avery and had murdered Silas, but Franco explained that he loved Nina. He promised that Nina wasn't the monster Kiki believed she was.

Kiki knew Franco had perjured himself to protect Nina, but the picture of Nina with the murder weapon in hand proved that Nina had killed Silas. Franco explained that Nina had been devastated when she had found Silas, so she had pulled the knife out of Silas' back in an effort to save him. Kiki was skeptical, but Franco was adamant that Nina hadn't killed Silas. He warned Kiki that nothing she said would change his mind, so Kiki shifted gears to ask how Franco had been able to look at her, knowing that Ava was alive.

Franco's expression clouded with guilt, but Kiki demanded to know how long he had known the truth about Ava. Franco admitted that he had found out on the Fourth of July because Ava had needed his help. Franco told Kiki about Ava's request for Franco to slip into his father's office to steal the incriminating recording of Ava's confession. However, Franco hadn't had the opportunity because Silas had entered Scott's office, intending to confess to Avery's kidnapping.

Surprised, Kiki was curious what had stopped her father. Franco recalled his admission to Ava that he had told Silas about Ava and Morgan's affair, but he opted to tell Kiki that Scott hadn't been in the office. Kiki suddenly realized that Silas had wanted to confess the whole truth to her first. Franco was prepared to let Kiki believe that was all Silas had intended to tell her until she mentioned sharing the news with Morgan.

Franco quietly admitted that there had been more that Silas had wanted to tell Kiki, so she asked Franco to elaborate. Franco warned her that it would hurt her, but Kiki didn't care because she needed answers. Franco gently revealed that Ava had lied then added that it was about Morgan.

Outside of Ric's office, Julian eavesdropped as Ric took a call from Mayor Lomax. Ric assured the mayor that he would not allow his relationship with Nina to cloud his judgment, so he had assigned his best assistant district attorney to prosecute his wife's case. Ric vowed to focus on important matters like convicting Julian and Ava.

Julian recalled how Ava had tried to persuade him to steal the recording of her confession from the district attorney's office so Julian and Ava could join forces to take Sonny down for good and reclaim their territory. Meanwhile, Ric promised the mayor that by the time Ric was done, there wouldn't be anyone left in Port Charles to prosecute. Julian decided to make his presence known by knocking on the door then entering the office. Ric quickly wrapped up the call so he could deal with Julian.

Ric explained that it was inappropriate for Julian to be in his office without an attorney present, since Ric was prosecuting Julian for hijacking Sonny's shipments. Julian accused Ric of doing Sonny's dirty work. Ric decided to close the door to ask if Julian were implying that Ric would use his position as district attorney to help Sonny. Julian was certain of it, but Ric insisted that he had enough evidence against Julian to send Julian to jail. Ric was also confident with his case against Ava, since she had made a full confession.

Ric explained that pleasing Sonny would merely be an added bonus. Julian threatened to use his media resources to discredit Ric's reputation and go after everyone close to Ric. Ric smiled because he doubted Julian would risk infuriating Alexis by smearing Molly in the newspaper. Ric became distracted when he received a text message from Madeline, reminding him to get the legal papers from Nathan for Nina to sign after the arraignment. Ric announced that he had to go, so he hustled Julian to the door.

Julian carefully used his foot to keep the door from closing as Ric pulled it shut on the way out. Once Julian was certain that Ric had left, Julian slipped back into the office to look for the recording.

Meanwhile, Jordan entered the squad room to ask for an update on Silas' murder. She pointed out that they had three suspects in custody, and she needed to know which one had killed Silas. Dante admitted that none of them had killed Silas, but Nathan added that he might have found the real killer.

Later, Jordan agreed that Nathan and Dante had a compelling case because their suspect had had sufficient motive, the means, and ample opportunity to kill Silas. She warned her detectives that there would be major fallout if they were right, and she wanted Nathan and Dante to be certain before they made an arrest. Dante explained that they needed her permission to dig around for additional proof. Jordan agreed, and the detectives went to work.

After Dante wrapped up a phone call, Nathan returned to announce that everything was ready on his end. Moments later, Ric walked in under the guise of checking on Nathan. Ric quickly seized the opportunity to claim that Madeline had asked Ric to pick up some legal papers that had been among Nina's things at Shadybrook. Nathan explained that he couldn't give Ric the documents but added that Dante had something for Ric.

Ric was stunned when Dante slapped a pair of handcuffs on Ric and announced that Ric was under arrest for Silas Clay's murder. Ric immediately objected because they had three viable suspects in custody for the murder, but Nathan and Dante ignored Ric's protests as Dante recited Ric's Miranda rights and marched Ric into the interrogation room. Ric sputtered with outrage and threatened to have Nathan and Dante fired, but the detectives weren't intimidated.

Ric insisted that he had barely known Silas, so Ric refused to answer questions until his attorney arrived. Dante suggested that Ric listen to what Nathan and Dante had to say.

In Ric's office, Julian continued to search for the recording of Ava's confession when he heard approaching footsteps. He quickly grabbed a magazine then perched himself on the edge of the desk to make it appear that he had been casually skimming through the magazine. Seconds later, Jordan entered the office. Surprised, Jordan asked what he was doing in Ric's office. Julian explained that he had wanted to give Ric an opportunity to recuse himself from prosecuting both Julian and Ava.

Jordan ordered Julian to leave the office, but Julian argued that it wasn't her place, since it wasn't her office. Jordan revealed that the office was being closed to collect evidence, but she refused to elaborate. Julian hid his frustration as he was forced to leave.

Franco told Kiki about Ava and Morgan's affair

Franco told Kiki about Ava and Morgan's affair

Friday, August 28, 2015

On the Haunted Star, Lulu noticed that Dillon was in a sour mood. He revealed that his lead actress had taken a job as a bit player on Game of Thrones. Lulu was impressed but hid her smile behind a scowl to keep Dillon from feeling worse. Dillon surprised Lulu when he offered her the job, but she warned him that it was a bad idea. Dillon disagreed, but Lulu feared that she would let him down.

Moments later, Maxie sailed in to announce that she had bad news; her friend could not work on Dillon's movie because he had accepted another job offer. Dillon sarcastically wondered if it was for Game of Thrones. Shocked, Maxie wondered how Dillon had known. "Unlucky guess," Dillon answered as Lulu fought back a smile. Maxie sensed that Dillon and Lulu were hiding something, so Lulu revealed that the lead actress for Dillon's movie had quit.

Maxie was curious if Dillon had someone else in mind to play Marjorie. He explained that he had hoped that Lulu would fill the role. Maxie was stunned when Lulu quickly added that she wasn't interested in being in a movie because Lulu had never acted before. Dillon assured Lulu that it would be his job as a director to guide her performance, but Lulu wasn't interested. Maxie thought Lulu was foolish to pass up the chance of a lifetime. Lulu suggested that Maxie portray Marjorie.

In the police station's lockup, Ava tearfully told Morgan that she loved him, but he refused to hurt Kiki again. He explained that he had promised Kiki a fresh start and a new life, and he asked Ava to promise not to tell Kiki about their affair. Ava assured him that she wanted both Morgan and Kiki to be happy then quietly added that Kiki would not hear about their affair from her. Satisfied, Morgan left.

Later, Ava rested on her cot as she cried. She quickly wiped away the tears when Julian arrived to discuss the "package" that she had asked him to pick up. Ava's expression filled with hope as she approached the jail cell's bars to ask if he had secured the incriminating recording of her confession. Julian reluctantly admitted that he had failed because Ric's office had been sealed for an investigation. Dejected, Ava realized that she would spend the rest of her life in prison for Connie's murder.

However, Ava appreciated that Julian had tried to help because she hadn't been certain if her promise to join forces with him to take down Sonny had been sufficient incentive. Ava was curious if she had been right about Julian still being in the mob, but he hesitated to answer. Ava decided that it didn't matter because she would spend the rest of her life behind bars. Julian urged his sister not to give up, but Ava insisted that she needed to accept the inevitable. She explained that she had done all that she could to hold onto her daughters and her freedom, but it was over.

Ava shifted gears as she opened up to her brother about her affair with Morgan. Julian was disappointed, since Morgan had been dating her daughter. Ava assured him that the affair was over, despite Ava and Morgan's love for each other, because Morgan wanted to make things work with Kiki. Julian could tell that Ava wasn't happy about the decision, and she admitted that instead of fearing a life sentence behind bars, all she could focus on was how much it had hurt to let Morgan go. Julian was certain that Ava had known that her relationship with Morgan had been doomed from the start, and she conceded that she had.

Julian assured Ava that she was stronger without Morgan. Ava appreciated the support, but she asked Julian not to breathe a word about her affair with Morgan to anyone because she had made a promise to Morgan.

At Greystone Manor, Carly warned Sonny that their son was in crisis and needed their help. Sonny believed that Morgan was an emotional wreck because of Ava rather than because Morgan had bipolar disorder. Sonny agreed that Morgan should see a psychiatrist, but he wanted to wait until after the wedding to broach the subject with their son. Carly argued that the sooner the better because the longer they waited, the worse things might get for Morgan. Carly suggested that they talk to Morgan and put everything out on the table because their son would need to take an active role in his treatment.

Sonny confessed that he was afraid of how Morgan might react. Carly insisted that they had to deal with it, but Sonny didn't want it to be a reality because it meant that Morgan might suffer as Sonny had. Seconds later, Morgan entered the living room in high spirits because he had paid Ava a visit to break things off with her for good. Carly and Sonny were pleased, and Morgan confessed that he felt good and truly free.

Sonny's expression was etched with concern as he watched Morgan bounce around the room and ramble excitedly about moving forward. Morgan suddenly noticed how quiet his parents were, and he asked if something was wrong. Carly guided Morgan to the sofa as she gently explained that she and Sonny were concerned about him. Morgan assured her that everything was great because he was moving forward with Kiki, but Carly admitted that Morgan's behavior had changed since he had left school.

"It's been unexpected," Carly carefully added. Morgan tensed because he realized that his parents thought something was wrong with him. Carly reminded Morgan that he had been on an emotional rollercoaster lately, and she urged him to talk to a professional like Kevin Collins. Morgan balked at the idea. "No way in hell," Morgan said. He was hurt that Carly and Sonny thought he was "crazy," but Sonny clarified that they feared Morgan might have bipolar disorder.

Morgan was offended, but Carly reminded him that bipolar disorder could be hereditary. Sonny rushed to add that they simply wanted Morgan to be evaluated. Morgan asked what had prompted his parents' concern. Carly explained that Morgan had been exhibiting erratic behavior. Morgan acknowledged that it had been wrong for him to drug Michael, but Sonny argued that it hadn't been an isolated incident.

Carly reminded Morgan that he had been deeply depressed after it had been revealed that Sonny, not Morgan, was Avery's father, but Morgan became defensive. Carly admitted that Morgan's impulsive and volatile behavior had led her and Sonny to fear that Morgan had killed Silas, but Morgan remained adamant that he was fine. Sonny explained that the symptoms of bipolar disorder usually manifested when a person was in their early twenties. Morgan grew increasingly agitated.

Sonny admitted that he had been impulsive and hotheaded like Morgan, so Sonny knew firsthand the feeling of invincibility followed by a crash that left a person feeling hopeless. Sonny's words appeared to hit a nerve, and Morgan asked his father to stop talking because Sonny, not Morgan, was the one who was "sick." Sonny switched tactics by asking if Morgan thought that Sonny enjoyed taking the medication needed to stabilize the disorder. Morgan didn't answer. Sonny explained that he took the pills because they kept him from turning into a wrecking ball that hurt everyone Sonny loved.

Sonny didn't want Morgan to suffer as Sonny had. He begged Morgan to talk to a doctor and to get help, but Morgan remained firmly entrenched in denial. Morgan promised that he was nothing like Sonny because Ava had been at the root of all of Morgan's problems. However, Morgan had cut all ties with Ava, and all Morgan needed was Kiki. Carly made another attempt to get through to Morgan, but Morgan announced that he had to meet Kiki at Silas' apartment.

After Morgan left, Carly admitted that she was disappointed. Sonny confessed that things had gone better than he had expected. Carly feared that things would get worse because Morgan had refused to even entertain the idea that he might have bipolar disorder.

Meanwhile, Kiki glared at Franco between the bars of his jail cell as she waited for him to explain what her mother had lied about. Franco promised to tell her, but first he reminded Kiki how she had once struggled with whether or not to tell him about Carly and Sonny's affair. Franco admitted that the truth had hurt, but he had appreciated Kiki's honesty. Franco insisted that Kiki deserved the same, and he revealed Silas had wanted to tell Kiki that Ava had been having an affair with Morgan.

Kiki refused to believe Franco, but Franco assured her that it was true. He revealed that he had caught Morgan and Ava in a compromising position. Kiki was certain that Franco was mistaken, but Franco revealed that Ava had eventually admitted the truth. Tears suddenly filled Kiki's eyes as she realized that Franco wasn't lying. Franco assured her that he had wanted to tell her, but Ava had promised to help him win Nina back.

Kiki was hurt that Franco had picked Nina over her, but Franco assured Kiki that he had tried to put an end to the affair. Franco revealed that Morgan had lied on the witness stand about why Franco had threatened Morgan with a knife; Franco had used the knife to warn Morgan to stay away from Ava. Franco admitted that Morgan had been desperate to keep Kiki from finding out about the affair. Kiki wondered if Morgan might have killed her father.

Franco doubted it; his money was on Ava because she'd had motive and opportunity, and she was capable of murder. Kiki was crushed by the betrayal, so Franco tried to soften the blow by assuring Kiki that Morgan hadn't known that Denise was really Ava. Kiki cried that it only made things worse because Morgan had slept with her "aunt."

Later, Kiki entered her father's apartment. She stared at the spot where Silas had died. "Dad," she tearfully whispered as her eyes landed on a photograph of her and Silas. Kiki was certain that Silas had intended to tell her about the affair, but she admitted that she needed Silas because she had no idea what to do next. Seconds later, Morgan knocked on the door as if he didn't have a care in the world. Kiki opened the door, but Morgan's smile instantly vanished as he realized that something was wrong.

In the interrogation room, Ric refused to speak without an attorney present. Dante suggested that Ric hear what Dante and Nathan had to say then decide whether or not Ric wanted to cooperate. Nathan was confident that Ric would have a change of heart.

In the squad room, Jordan spotted Dante as he left the interrogation room. She approached him for an update because she had everyone breathing down her neck, demanding an explanation for Ric's arrest. Dante assured her that they had laid everything out for Ric, and Ric had decided to mull over his options. Dante was confident that Ric would agree to cooperate, but Jordan had her doubts, since the day had been full of surprises.

Jordan told Dante about her odd encounter with Julian in Ric's office and Julian's claim that he had wanted to persuade Ric to recuse himself from prosecuting Julian and Ava's cases. Dante was curious why Julian hadn't sent Alexis to talk to Ric, but Jordan didn't have an answer. Moments later, Nathan exited the interrogation room to let Jordan and Dante know that Ric had made a decision.

In the courtroom, Alexis was annoyed that she and Nina had been kept waiting. Nina admitted that she wished Franco had been there, but Alexis reminded Nina that Franco had confessed to killing Silas, which Alexis might be able to use to their advantage. Nina argued that Franco hadn't killed Silas, but Alexis urged Nina to worry about herself rather than Franco. Madeline agreed with Alexis as Madeline entered the courtroom. Nina wondered what her mother was doing there. Madeline claimed that she wanted to support her daughter.

Nina suspected that Madeline had only made an appearance to find out if Nina had signed the documents. Alexis perked up as she asked what Nina was talking about, so Nina explained that Madeline wanted Nina to transfer control of Nina's funds to Madeline and Ric. Madeline insisted that she only cared about Nina's welfare, not the legal papers, but she smoothly changed the subject by asking why Nina had been charged with Silas' murder if Franco had confessed to the crime. Nina reiterated that Franco was innocent, but Alexis explained that the photograph of Nina kneeling over Silas' body had been compelling evidence.

However, Alexis admitted that Franco's confession had helped Nina's case. Nina once again insisted that Franco was innocent, but Madeline advised Nina to listen to Alexis because Alexis knew what was best for Nina. Alexis instructed Nina to plead not guilty then to keep quiet for the remainder of the proceedings. Nina was curious why Ric hadn't arrived yet. Alexis explained that Ric would have to recuse himself, since he was married to Nina.

Moments later, the assistant district attorney entered the courtroom, followed by Judge Roth. The judge announced that she had a full docket, and she wanted to expedite the arraignment. She asked for Nina's plea. "Not guilty," Nina answered. Alexis immediately requested that the case be dismissed because Franco had confessed to the crime, but Nina jumped up to defend Franco.

Seconds later, Ric entered the courtroom and sat next to Madeline. The judge was not pleased with Nina's outburst, but Nina kept talking until Alexis dragged Nina back to the defense table and instructed Nina to remain silent. The judge denied Alexis' motion to drop the charges and Alexis' request for bail. After the judge left the courtroom, Nina asked Alexis what would happen next. Alexis admitted that Nina would have to return to jail.

Nina appealed to Ric for help, but Ric insisted that his hands were tied because Mayor Lomax wanted the case prosecuted. Ric promised that he would give anything to spare Nina the anguish of a trial, but the picture of Nina had been damaging.

In the squad room, Nathan assured Jordan and Dante that they should hear back from Ric soon. Moments later, Mayor Lomax called Jordan, demanding answers. Jordan assured the mayor that it hadn't been Jordan's intention to embarrass or humiliate the mayor's office. Jordan explained that the evidence against Ric had been too strong to ignore, but they had decided to cut Ric loose. After Jordan ended the call, she warned her detectives that the mayor was not happy. Nathan reminded Jordan that they couldn't risk telling the mayor the truth.

In lockup, Franco was disappointed when Nina returned to her jail cell because it meant that Alexis had failed to get the charges dropped. Nina assured Franco that she had done as he had requested by pleading not guilty. However, she had also tried to persuade the judge that Franco was innocent. Franco promised Nina that they would have their freedom and happiness.

After everyone filed out of the courtroom, Madeline asked if Ric had gotten his hands on the documents for Nina to sign. Ric admitted that he had hit a snag. He told her about the arrest but claimed that the police had been forced to release him when he had called their bluff and threatened to file a lawsuit. Ric was disappointed that his own nephew had tried to railroad him, based on some new evidence the police had uncovered. Madeline felt bad for Ric, but she was curious if he had managed to retrieve the legal papers for Nina to sign.

Ric smiled as he opened his briefcase to retrieve the documents. Madeline was pleased, but she reminded him that Nina would have to sign them. Ric assured her that he would take care of it, but he had a question for Madeline. Ric flipped to a page with signatures then asked how she had managed to get Silas to sign the documents.

Madeline recalled paying Silas a visit on the night of his murder.

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