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Patrick told Sonny's loved ones that a bullet was lodged close to Sonny's spinal cord. Suspicion fell on Julian because he had been seen on the docks near the time of the shooting. Paul signed divorce papers. Kyle turned on Anna to protect Nikolas.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 7, 2015 on GH
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ENCORE: Luke leaves Port Charles

ENCORE: Luke leaves Port Charles

Monday, September 7, 2015

Due to the Labor Day holiday, General Hospital did not air. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of this pre-emption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 8, and picked up where the Friday, September 4 episode concluded.

Jake rushes to Sonny's aid and saves T.J.

Jake rushes to Sonny's aid and saves T.J.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

At Wyndemere, Hayden questioned Nikolas about the flashback she'd had of them quarreling about Jake. Hayden suspected that Nikolas knew Jake's real identity, but Nikolas denied it. He explained that only Helena had known who Jake was, but he suggested that perhaps Helena had shared the secret with Hayden. Nikolas poured two drinks and handed one to Hayden as he assured her that it was the only explanation that made sense.

Hayden argued that Nikolas' theory conflicted with her memory because she recalled him warning her, "not so nicely," to keep quiet about Jake's identity. Hayden refused to let the matter drop until she had answers. Nikolas sighed in resignation. He claimed that he had blackmailed Hayden by threatening to expose her as a fraud when he had learned about her ruse to pass herself off as Jake's wife. Hayden appeared skeptical, since her memory had given her the impression that it had been more personal -- as if her telling Jake would have had grave consequences for Nikolas.

Nikolas reiterated that he had no idea who Jake was. Hayden was curious if Nikolas had been nobly protecting Jake from her. Nikolas admitted that it was the way he remembered things, but Hayden didn't believe him. She suspected that she and Nikolas had been co-conspirators, which made her wonder why he wanted to keep the truth from Jake. Nikolas argued that all he truly recalled from the argument was that Hayden had found a different use for her mouth. Nikolas admitted that he had hoped for a repeat of their passionate kiss, but Hayden reminded him that they had agreed that sex would not be part of the bargain if she moved back into Wyndemere.

Nikolas argued that Hayden had recently tried to kiss him, but Hayden pointed out that he had wisely stopped it, proving that he was indeed a gentleman. Nikolas moved closer to her as he quietly confessed that he didn't feel like a gentleman at that moment, but Hayden decided it was time for a swim.

A short time later, Hayden and Nikolas returned to the living room. Hayden was wrapped in a towel but shivering because the pool water had been frigid. She couldn't understand why Nikolas hadn't invested in a heater. He explained that he preferred cold water because it kept him sharp and focused when he swam several miles each day, including in the winter months. Hayden's teeth chattered. Nikolas grabbed a blanket then ordered her to drop the wet towel. Hayden hesitated, but Nikolas asked her to trust him. After Hayden dropped the towel, Nikolas wrapped the blanket around her then rubbed her arms.

After Hayden warmed up, Nikolas suggested that they change into dry clothes and meet on the terrace for dinner. Hayden agreed then watched Nikolas walk away, her expression thoughtful.

In Jordan's office, Anna smiled when she saw Kyle appear in the doorway. She quickly assured him that Jordan had agreed to secure immunity for Kyle in exchange for Kyle's cooperation to expose Nikolas' role in the rigged mayoral election. Anna realized that it hadn't been easy for Kyle, but she appreciated that he had done the right thing. Kyle quietly confessed that he hadn't. Confused, Anna asked Kyle to explain, so Kyle revealed that he hadn't implicated Nikolas in election tampering or pressured Nikolas to cooperate. Anna was stunned.

Kyle explained that he had been working for Nikolas, since the mayor had fired Kyle. According to Kyle, he had been torn between helping Anna and losing his job. Kyle admitted that he had picked his job because Anna had made it clear that he and Anna would not have a chance for a future together. Anna quietly confessed that Kyle was wrong because she had realized that it had been a mistake to create obstacles where there hadn't been any, and she had changed her mind about exploring a relationship with him.

Elated, Kyle assured Anna that they could try to make things work, but she disagreed because he was not the person that she had believed he was. "You mean I'm not the man you wanted me to be," Kyle countered. Anna agreed, but Kyle insisted that it wasn't too late. Kyle pointed out that it was a war between the Cassadines and Quartermaines, but Anna believed that a relationship between her and Kyle was "unrealistic." Kyle admitted that he would have picked Anna over Nikolas in a heartbeat if he had known that she'd had a change of heart.

Anna was curious why Kyle needed a reward to be a good person and to do the right thing. She reminded him that he had been involved in election tampering that had cost her friend Felicia the campaign. Anna warned Kyle that it was too late to walk away from his role in what had happened because Anna had told Jordan everything, since Kyle had promised to help Anna expose Nikolas. She admitted that it was out of her hands, but Kyle warned her to fix things because he wasn't the only one who had secrets. He reminded her that she had killed a man in cold blood, and Kyle vowed not to go to Pentonville alone.

At Carly's home, Carly appeared at the top of the stairs with Bobbie and Maxie trailing behind. Lulu and Valerie gushed that Carly was a beautiful bride in the shimmering light blue dress with silver accents that flowed to Carly's knees. Carly beamed with joy because she was eager to marry Sonny. Bobbie pulled her daughter aside to assure Carly that Carly looked stunning. Carly grew teary-eyed at her mother's kind words and the realization that Carly would soon be starting a new life with Sonny. Bobbie confided that nothing compared to seeing one's children happy.

Lulu noticed the sadness clouding Valerie's expression, and she asked if Valerie was okay. Valerie admitted that she missed her own mother. Lulu reached for her cousin's hand to squeeze it reassuringly as she reminded Valerie that Valerie was not alone. Moments later, Maxie warned everyone to stop with the "waterworks" because it was time to head to Sonny's. Maxie insisted that they had to hurry or the wedding would not happen, but Carly objected to Maxie's poor choice of words. Lulu tactfully explained that Maxie had simply meant that they shouldn't keep Sonny waiting. Carly cheered up and followed the ladies out the door.

At Greystone Manor, Dante tried to reach Sonny by phone, but the call went to voicemail. Morgan's hands shook as he started to pour himself to glass of water, so Michael took over the task. Morgan thanked Michael as Michael handed Morgan a glass of water. Morgan confided that he had felt better earlier that morning when Sonny had been there for Morgan to lean on. Moments later, Sabrina arrived then looked around as she asked where the groom was. Michael explained that Sonny had left, but Sonny was expected to return before the wedding ceremony.

Sabrina was surprised that no one knew where Sonny was, but Michael changed the subject by announcing that the delay meant that he and Sabrina could squeeze in a visit with Avery. After Michael and Sabrina went to the nursery, Morgan stepped out onto the veranda. Dante soon joined his youngest brother to offer Morgan a glass of Champagne. Morgan declined because he still had a hangover from the previous night and wanted nothing to do with alcohol. Dante empathized because Dante had made one of the biggest mistakes of his life while under the influence.

In the nursery, Michael and Sabrina cooed over Avery as Michael held the baby. Sabrina praised Michael for doing the right thing by returning his sister to Sonny. Michael recalled the day that he had handed Avery over to Sonny, but he pushed the memory away because it had been one of the hardest things he had ever done. Sabrina lightened the mood by announcing that she had a present for Avery. It was a headband for Avery to wear during the wedding.

Michael and Sabrina smiled as Avery happily grabbed the headband. They marveled at how much the baby had grown. Michael hoped that Avery never forgot how much he loved her, but Sabrina assured him that it wouldn't be a problem because Michael would always be around to remind Avery. Michael decided to talk to his baby sister about Carly. He realized that Avery already saw Carly as a mother, but the wedding would make things official.

Michael conceded that life might not always be easy for Avery with Sonny and Carly as parents because both Sonny and Carly could be stubborn, reckless, and not the easiest of people to deal with, but he promised Avery that no one would love her more or fight harder for her than Sonny and Carly. Michael insisted that Sonny and Carly would always put Avery first. Sabrina quietly added that Michael would as well. Michael smiled because he felt lucky to have Sabrina in his life. After Michael kissed Sabrina, he and Sabrina took Avery to join the rest of the family for the wedding.

Meanwhile, Carly and the ladies arrived for the wedding. Maxie ordered everyone to stay put in the foyer because she didn't want to risk Sonny seeing Carly before the ceremony. Valerie was surprised that people still thought it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, but Bobbie explained that they didn't want to take any chances.

Moments later, Maxie entered the living room to check on everything. She was startled when she realized that Sonny had left earlier. Dante and Morgan assured her that they had tried to reach their father by phone, but they were confident that Sonny would be back in time for the wedding. Maxie decided to focus on the positive because it meant that T.J. had a little more time to arrive with the wedding cake.

In the foyer, Carly was eager to get the wedding started. Lulu shared that Dante had already sent her a text message asking if they had arrived. Valerie seemed surprised that Dante was already there. Bobbie's eyes narrowed as she studied Valerie, while Lulu explained that Dante had arrived earlier to spend some time with his father before the wedding. Seconds later, Morgan joined the ladies in the foyer to reveal that he had been instructed to ask the ladies to take Carly to the bedroom so Maxie could put some finishing touches on the wedding decorations.

Carly hugged Morgan then asked to speak to him privately before the wedding. After Morgan and Carly left, Bobbie, Valerie, and Lulu entered the living room. Dante quickly filled the ladies in on Sonny's sudden disappearance. Lulu thought it was strange that Sonny hadn't answered any of his sons' phone calls, and she asked if Dante was concerned. Dante admitted that he didn't know what to think, but he was willing to give his father a little more time.

Moments later, Michael and Sabrina descended the stairs with Avery. Lulu was eager to hold her niece, so she took the baby from Michael's arms. Lulu confessed that Avery looked like Dante, and she suspected that Avery would grow up to be a heartbreaker like Dante had been. Valerie tensed when Lulu quietly confessed to Dante that she wanted to have another baby, and Dante assured his wife that he was ready. Valerie turned away as her expression filled with sadness. Bobbie asked if Valerie was okay. Valerie explained that she missed her mother and hadn't been feeling well all day.

Bobbie offered to take Valerie home, but Valerie didn't want Bobbie to miss the wedding ceremony. Bobbie jokingly admitted that at the rate things were going, it was doubtful that Carly and Sonny would make it down the aisle before the end of the day.

In the master bedroom, Carly told Morgan that she had been sorry to hear about his breakup with Kiki. Morgan admitted that Kiki had been his "lifeline," but Carly reminded her son that Morgan still had his family to lean on. Carly confessed that Sonny had told her about his talk with Morgan about the possibility that Morgan had bipolar disorder. Morgan confessed that he had no idea what to think about it, but he had agreed to visit Kevin the following day for an evaluation. Carly was proud of her son.

Moments later, Maxie entered the bedroom. Carly was curious if it was finally time to get the wedding started. Maxie explained that Valerie had gone home sick, but Carly assured Maxie that it wasn't a problem. Maxie added that Bobbie had taken Valerie, but Carly refused to let that mar the wedding, since Bobbie had been completely supportive of Carly's decision to marry Sonny. Finally, Maxie confessed that Sonny had left earlier on an errand but hadn't returned. Carly assured Maxie there was nothing to be concerned about because Carly was certain Sonny had left to arrange a special surprise for Carly.

Carly wondered if perhaps Sonny had gone to the airport to fetch Spinelli, but Maxie and Morgan admitted that they had no idea where Sonny had gone. Carly remained upbeat as she decided to go to the living room to join her guests as they waited for Sonny to arrive.

On the veranda, Michael confided to Dante that he had a bad feeling about Sonny's continued absence. Dante decided to check in with the police station, but he quickly tucked his phone away when Carly entered the living room. Carly took Avery into her arms as she assured everyone that Sonny would arrive shortly. Morgan added that Carly was certain that Sonny was off planning a surprise for his bride. Carly realized that it might sound odd, but she felt that her fifth wedding to Sonny would be different from the rest because it would last a lifetime.

On pier 54, Sam and Jake discussed why Kyle would cover for Nikolas rather than expose Nikolas' role in the election fraud. The conversation was cut short when a shot rang out. Jake shoved Sam to safety then told her to stay put while he investigated. Sam waited a few brief seconds before she followed Jake.

In the warehouse, Sonny managed to snatch the gun away from Charlie after a brief scuffle. Sonny ordered Charlie to untie T.J. as Charlie pleaded for Sonny to spare Charlie's life. Meanwhile, someone hid in the shadows as they took aim at Sonny then fired. T.J.'s eyes rounded with disbelief as he saw blood quickly spread across Sonny's pristine white shirt. T.J. called out Sonny's name, but Sonny collapsed.

Charlie immediately sprang into action by yanking the gun out of Sonny's hand. T.J. begged Charlie to get Sonny help, but Charlie pointed the gun at T.J. as he threatened to kill T.J. if T.J. didn't stop talking. Moments later, two armed gunmen burst into the room. Charlie told his companions that someone had shot Sonny. Sonny was critically injured but still alive. Charlie decided to finish off the job that the mystery shooter had started. However, Jake suddenly appeared before Charlie could carry out the threat.

Jake quickly disarmed one of Charlie's two cohorts then shot them dead. Charlie pointed the gun at T.J.'s head and threatened to shoot, but Jake didn't hesitate to kill Charlie. After Charlie fell to the ground, dead, Sam entered the warehouse. She quickly called 9-1-1 then finished untying T.J. while Jake rushed to Sonny's side.

"I knew you'd come. You always do," Sonny weakly muttered as Jake applied pressure to Sonny's chest wound. Jake pleaded with Sonny to fight as T.J. and Sam anxiously waited for help to arrive. T.J. blamed himself for Sonny's dire predicament, but Sam insisted that T.J. was not responsible for what had happened. Sam was curious if T.J. knew who had shot Sonny, but T.J. admitted that he hadn't seen the shooter.

A short time later, the police and paramedics arrived on the scene. Sonny asked Jake to tell Carly that Sonny loved her then Sonny lost consciousness.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was happily talking to her family when they heard the front door close. Cary's smile immediately vanished and her expression filled with horror when she saw Jake enter the room, covered in blood.

Kyle blackmails Anna

Kyle blackmails Anna

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In Jordan's office, Kyle reminded Anna that he had told her about the rigged election in confidence, but Anna argued that he had also assured her that he would make things right. Kyle pointed out that he had changed his mind, but Anna explained that it had been too late because she had already told Jordan about the election tampering. Kyle demanded that Anna fix things, but she insisted that it was out of her hands. Kyle was not satisfied, so he warned her that she had better find a way to get the heat off of him or he would make certain that it landed on Anna.

Kyle threatened to go public about Anna's role in Carlos Rivera's cold-blooded murder. Stunned, Anna reminded Kyle that an immunity deal required someone to be charged with a crime, but Kyle remained adamant that Anna make things right for him or he would be forced to turn over Carlos' wallet and the gun that Anna had used to kill Carlos. Anna was shocked that Kyle had kept the incriminating evidence when he had promised her that he would get rid of it. Anna felt foolish for trusting him because she realized that he had been hedging his bets. Anna suspected that Kyle had always intended to use the evidence against her to his advantage, but Kyle resented Anna judging him when Anna had been the one to spill his secrets to Sam just to help "rich people" get their company back.

Kyle accused Anna of having been perfectly comfortable selling him down the river, so she shouldn't have been surprised that he would do the same to her. Anna wasn't shocked by Kyle's actions, since he had arrived in Port Charles with the intention of taking her down. Kyle assured Anna that he cared about her, but their circumstances had changed. Anna agreed but confessed that she had assumed that she had held back from pursuing things with Kyle because she had been afraid that she hadn't been ready for a relationship. However, she realized that the truth was that Kyle had never been half the man that Duke had been.

Kyle scoffed at the idea that Duke was a better man than Kyle, since Duke had been a mobster and had chosen a vendetta against Julian over a life with Anna. Anna was furious that Kyle would besmirch Duke's memory, and she defended Duke's actions by arguing that Duke had resumed working for the mob to avenge the child that she and Duke had lost. Kyle countered that Duke had sacrificed everything for nothing, since Anna had murdered Carlos -- the only man who could have sent Julian to prison.

Anna's eyes filled with tears as she assured Kyle that he couldn't make her feel any worse than she already felt because she knew the ramifications of her actions. Kyle's tone suddenly softened as he promised Anna that he had never wanted to hurt her, since he still cared about her. However, he refused to lose everything for a woman who didn't return his feelings.

In lockup, Ava paced her jail cell as Julian approached the bars to greet his sister. Ava perked up when he announced that he had good news for her, but her smile quickly faded when he added that Diane Miller had agreed to represent Ava. Ava wondered what the point was, since Ava's chances of avoiding a conviction were slim because the police had the recording of Ava's confession, and Ric would be prosecuting the case. Ava reminded her brother that Sonny's brother would make certain that Ava hanged for Connie's murder.

Julian cryptically explained that Sonny had other matters to occupy him. Ava was curious what Julian was talking about. He told her that it was Sonny and Carly's wedding day, but Ava revealed that she already knew about the wedding because Sonny had paid her a visit to gloat that Carly would be Avery's mother. Ava was desperate to prevent Carly from raising Avery, and she implored Julian to find a way to stop the wedding. Julian accused Ava of overreacting, since there was a chance that Sonny and Carly might not get married.

Ava's eyes narrowed as she asked Julian to explain. Julian shrugged then reminded his sister that Sonny and Carly had a history of crashing and burning. Ava refused to hang her hopes on something that might not happen, so she begged Julian to help. Ava cried that Julian had no idea what it was like to lose a child. Julian reminded Ava that Avery was still alive, while his son had died. Ava immediately apologized, but Julian quickly forgave his sister and confided that his son's name had been Leo.

Julian added that Olivia had picked the name, but he admitted that he approved. Ava agreed that Leo was a strong name. Julian opened up about his encounter with Olivia on the piers earlier that morning and how he had sensed that something had been off with her. Ava was curious why Julian had been on the piers. Julian claimed that he had simply been out for a walk to think. Ava appeared skeptical but let it drop because she remained anxious about Avery. Ava didn't know how or when, but she vowed to get Avery back.

Julian announced that he had to leave, but he promised his sister that Diane would arrive soon. Ava assured Julian that she would find a way to get out of jail. Julian chuckled because some things never changed. Ava smiled knowingly as she added that some people never changed either.

At Greystone Manor, Carly beamed with happiness as she talked about the importance of family and how they would always have each other. Carly insisted that family was a bond that could never be broken, and she wanted Michael, Dante, Morgan, and the rest of the guests to know that she and Sonny were delighted that everyone was there to wish her and Sonny well. Carly realized that it might sound odd, but she believed that her fifth wedding to Sonny would be different because it felt as if it would last forever.

Moments later, the front door closed, and Jake appeared in the doorway. Carly's smile instantly vanished when she noticed the blood on Jake's shirt. Michael, Morgan, Dante, Lulu, Maxie, and Sabrina looked at Jake with varying expressions of concern as Carly demanded to know what had happened. Jake broke the news that Sonny had been shot. Carly feared the worst, but Jake assured her that Sonny had been alive when he had left the warehouse.

Everyone began to pepper Jake with questions. He filled Sonny's loved ones in about T.J.'s abduction and the shooting. Jake admitted that he didn't have all the details. Carly decided to go to the hospital. Michael offered to have his driver take them, and Carly asked Jake to join them. After Carly, Morgan, Michael, and Jake left, Dante explained that he intended to head to the police station to find out what he could. Lulu decided to stay at Sonny's to help take care of Avery, but she asked Dante to call with updates.

After Sabrina took Avery to the nursery to change, Maxie handed Lulu a glass of Champagne. Maxie explained that Sonny had spared no expense for the wedding, and they shouldn't let the expensive Champagne go to waste. Maxie was clearly shaken by what had happened as she pointed out that Sonny was immensely powerful and wealthy, but the downside was that people wanted him dead. Maxie wondered if the power and money had been worth the risk of losing his life over.

A short time later, Sabrina returned to the living room with Avery. Sabrina was curious if there had been any word on Sonny, but the ladies shook their heads. Maxie handed Sabrina a glass of Champagne. Sabrina accepted the drink but made it clear that she would only have one glass. Maxie, Lulu, and Sabrina agreed that it was a good thing that Avery had been too young to understand what had happened to Sonny, but Maxie warned Sabrina to get used it.

The ladies stepped out to the veranda as Sabrina explained that many had accused Michael of fighting for custody of Avery out of spite. Sabrina conceded that it had been partly true, but Michael had also hoped to spare Avery the realities of Sonny's dangerous lifestyle. However, Michael had decided to return Avery for the sake of family peace. Sabrina admitted that she had supported the decision, but the events of the day had made her reconsider things. Maxie confessed that she had been shocked when Michael had turned on Sonny -- even though Sonny had killed A.J. -- because Michael had barely known A.J.

Maxie explained that Sonny had raised Michael, which was why Michael had confessed to Claudia's murder and gone to jail to save Sonny. Startled, Sabrina argued that Michael had killed Claudia. Lulu and Maxie revealed that things had been far more complicated than that. Maxie insisted that no matter how angry Michael was or how much he tried to distance himself from Sonny, Michael would always be loyal to Sonny. Maxie realized that Sabrina cared deeply for Michael, and Maxie decided that Sabrina deserved to know what Sabrina would be getting into.

According to Maxie, both Sonny and Jason had influenced Michael, and Michael had killed Claudia because Michael had believed that it had needed to be done. Sabrina disagreed that Michael had killed Claudia for that reason, but Lulu assured Sabrina that Maxie was right. Lulu added that Dante thought that Michael was just like Sonny, deep down inside. Sabrina argued that Michael was a Quartermaine and no longer wanted anything to do with Sonny's life. Sabrina conceded that Michael loved his family -- perhaps even Sonny -- but Michael had accepted that Sonny would always be surrounded by violence and that Sonny's family would inevitably pay the price.

A little later, Maxie asked Lulu for an update. Lulu explained that Sonny had been taken to the hospital, but his condition was unknown. Maxie assured Lulu that Sonny was in good hands. Lulu pointed out that some things couldn't be fixed, but Maxie reminded Lulu that Dante, Nathan, and even Michael had faced almost certain death at one time or another, yet each man had pulled through. Lulu relaxed. Sabrina decided to serenade Avery with Hush, Little Baby.

At the warehouse, Sam and T.J. watched as paramedics worked desperately to stabilize Sonny. T.J. feared the worst, but Sam assured T.J. that Sonny would pull through because Sonny had too much to live for. T.J. blamed himself for Sonny's predicament, but Sam refused to let T.J. take responsibility. She insisted that Sonny cared about T.J. and had wanted to keep T.J. safe.

Moments later, a police officer informed T.J. that T.J. had to go to the police station to make a statement. T.J. balked because he didn't want to leave Sonny's side, but Sam promised to stay with Sonny. After T.J. left, the paramedics rushed Sonny to the ambulance.

At the police station, Jordan left a message with Mrs. Shipley for Ric to return Jordan's phone call. Seconds later, a police officer approached Jordan to inform her that her son had been involved in a shooting at the pier. Jordan argued that it was impossible because T.J. was at a wedding, but the police officer explained that there hadn't been a mistake. Jordan immediately demanded to know where T.J. was just as T.J. arrived. Relieved, Jordan hugged T.J. then led him to the squad room to get some answers.

T.J. told his mother about the abduction and Sonny's heroic rescue, but Jordan was infuriated because T.J. had been used as a pawn to get to Sonny just as she had feared. Jordan began to lecture T.J. about the dangers of living with Sonny, but T.J. pointed out that he had escaped the ordeal unharmed. Jordan continued to rant about the pitfalls of Sonny's dangerous lifestyle until Dante arrived. "I hear you had an eventful day," Dante said as he approached T.J.

Jordan resented Dante making light of the situation, but he reminded her that his father had been shot. Jordan countered that T.J. had almost been killed because of Sonny. T.J. asked his mother to back off because it hadn't been Sonny's fault. T.J. insisted that Charlie had been to blame for the kidnapping and for luring Sonny into a trap. Dante and Jordan questioned T.J. about what had transpired at the warehouse.

Dante and Jordan were surprised when they realized that an unknown shooter had taken aim at Sonny and that Charlie had been answering to someone Charlie had called, "Boss." T.J. revealed that he suspected Charlie's boss had been Julian Jerome, but Charlie had never confirmed it. T.J. credited Jake with saving everyone because Jake had managed to quickly disarm and kill Charlie and Charlie's cohorts before Charlie had fired a second bullet into Sonny.

Dante called one of the police officers at the warehouse to instruct them to collect all the cell phones on the scene. Afterwards, Jordan apologized for snapping at Dante earlier because she knew that he was upset about his father. She promised that they would find Sonny's shooter. Dante thanked her then left for the hospital. However, Dante stopped short when he ran into Julian in the hallway.

At the hospital, Patrick was on hand when Sonny arrived. Patrick was surprised when she saw Sam follow the paramedics into the emergency room. She explained that she had been at the piers when Sonny had been shot. Patrick instructed the paramedics to take Sonny to a nearby trauma bay as he followed the gurney. Patrick quickly evaluated Sonny's injuries as Sonny briefly woke up. Patrick found the sign encouraging, and he told Sonny that he needed Sonny to fight.

In the waiting area, Sam called Alexis and left a voicemail message asking her mother to return the call because something terrible had happened to Sonny. Moments later, Carly, Michael, and Morgan arrived. Sam quickly updated them. Carly rushed to the trauma bay despite Sam's objections. Michael and Morgan followed their mother. Carly watched in horror as Patrick worked to stabilize Sonny. She ran over to talk to Sonny, but Patrick ordered Michael to take both Carly and Morgan to the waiting area.

Meanwhile, Jake joined Sam in the waiting area after he had changed into a clean shirt. Sam explained that Patrick had been working on Sonny, but she was concerned because the paramedics hadn't been able to stabilize Sonny. Sam was afraid for her friend, but she was grateful that Jake had saved Sonny from certain death in the warehouse. Carly, Michael, and Morgan walked up in time to hear what Sam had said. Carly wondered if what Sam had said was true, and Sam assured Carly that it was.

Carly assured Jake that they were all grateful to Jake, but Jake explained that Sonny had been holding on for Carly's sake. Jake shared that Sonny had asked him to tell Carly that Sonny loved her. Michael assured his mother that Sonny would not give up. Morgan was upset that someone had tried to kill his father.

Michael tried to talk Morgan down, but Patrick approached to update Sonny's loved ones. Patrick explained that Sonny had lost a lot of blood and was in shock, so they needed to give Sonny a blood transfusion. Patrick asked everyone to consider donating blood, even if they weren't a match to Sonny. Carly relaxed as she asked if Sonny would be okay. Patrick gently clarified that he had not said that.

Sonny's loved ones receive grim news

Sonny's loved ones receive grim news

Thursday, September 10, 2015

At Greystone Manor, Sabrina returned to the living room to let Lulu know that Maxie was reading Avery a story. Sabrina and Lulu were relieved that Avery was blissfully unaware of what had happened to Sonny. Sabrina was curious if there had been any news about Sonny, but Lulu shook her head. Lulu confided that she had been about to make a phone call that Lulu wished wasn't necessary.

Lulu called Olivia at the loft. Olivia was eager to hear about Sonny and Carly's wedding, but Lulu broke the difficult news that Sonny had been shot. Shocked, Olivia asked how Dante had been holding up. Lulu explained that Dante had decided to search for the shooter while the rest of the family had gone to the hospital to check on Sonny. Lulu asked Olivia to stay with Rocco because Lulu wanted to remain close to Avery until there was news about Sonny.

After the call, Sabrina and Lulu went to the veranda. Sabrina conceded that Lulu and Maxie had been right about Michael loving Sonny and being loyal to Sonny, deep down inside. Sabrina suspected that Michael's anger toward Sonny had been fueled by Michael's guilt because Michael had continued to love Sonny, even after Sonny had murdered Michael's father, so it would be terrible if Michael were to lose his "other father" as well. Sabrina changed the subject by revealing that she intended to fetch Michael a change of clothes from the Quartermaine mansion then head to the hospital.

Shortly after Sabrina left, Olivia arrived. Lulu was surprised when her mother-in-law entered the living room, but Olivia explained that she hadn't been able to wait at the loft for news. Olivia assured Lulu that Graciela had taken Rocco then shifted gears to ask if there had been any updates. Lulu confided that Dante suspected Julian had been behind the shooting because a known associate of Julian's had kidnapped T.J. Olivia felt vindicated for not telling Julian about Leo, since it was clear that Julian was still involved in the mob.

Olivia perked up when Lulu mentioned that Sonny had met Charlie at the pier because Olivia realized that the shooting had occurred around the time that Olivia had bumped into Julian three hours earlier. Lulu decided to share the important detail with Dante immediately. She asked Olivia to keep an eye on both Rocco and Avery while Lulu went to the police station.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy entered the living room. She chuckled when she saw Paul reviewing a document because she hadn't realized that Paul would take his role as Dillon's financial backer so seriously. Tracy poured martinis then handed one to Paul as she joined him on the sofa. Paul revealed that he hadn't been looking over Dillon's script. "It's my divorce," Paul clarified. He explained that Jenny's attorney had sent the divorce decree earlier that morning for Paul to sign.

Tracy advised Paul to have Alexis or Diane review the document, but Paul reminded his ex-wife that he was an attorney. Tracy warned Paul that an attorney who represented himself had a fool for a client, but Paul assured Tracy that it was fine because Jenny's demands had been quite reasonable. However, Paul wasn't certain that he was ready to sign the decree because he felt like a failure. Tracy pointed out that he was talking to a Quartermaine; Tracy's family had racked up plenty of failed marriage both before and after Paul.

Paul and Tracy talked about their failed marriage and Paul's decision not to fight harder to be a part of Dillon's life. Paul regretted that he had given up on seeing his son to focus on building a life with Jenny, which was why it was particularly difficult for him to accept that his marriage to Jenny was over. Tracy empathized because she knew how difficult it was to let go when a relationship was over. Moments later, Sabrina entered the living room. Tracy asked about the wedding, so Sabrina quickly filled Tracy and Paul in about the shooting.

Tracy felt terrible for Morgan and Michael, but she was glad that Avery was too young to understand what had happened. However, Tracy wasn't surprised that Sonny had been shot, since Sonny dealt in violence. Paul agreed that organized crime was a cancer. Sabrina was startled when Paul revealed that he had once been strong-armed to work for a cartel, but he had fought hard for freedom and had been lucky enough to escape with his life. Tracy wondered if Sonny would be as fortunate.

A short time later, Sabrina wrapped up a call with Epiphany. Sabrina passed along the grim update on Sonny then announced that she was headed to the hospital. Tracy asked Sabrina to let Michael know that the Quartermaines were behind him. Sabrina nodded. After Sabrina left, Tracy remarked that Sonny had woken up that morning, believing that everything had been going his way, only to end up in the hospital, fighting for his life. Tracy pointed out that things could change in an instant.

Paul agreed, and he asked Tracy to hand him a pen. Tracy realized that Paul intended to sign the divorce decree. Paul confirmed her suspicions by admitting that it was time for him to move on. Seconds later, Paul signed the divorce documents.

In Jordan's office, Jordan asked T.J. to have a seat, but he reminded her that he had already told her everything that had transpired in the warehouse. Jordan explained that she was concerned because her worst fears about T.J. living under Sonny's roof had been realized. Jordan insisted that T.J. had been targeted because of his association with Sonny, but T.J. pointed out that he had escaped the ordeal unharmed because of Sonny. Jordan was not satisfied, since T.J. could have easily been the one in the hospital, fighting for his life.

T.J. reminded his mother that he was old enough to make his own choices. Jordan conceded that she hadn't been there for her son while he had been growing up, as she should have been, but she insisted that it was her job to protect him. Jordan worried about what might happen the next time someone decided to use T.J. to get to Sonny. Jordan believed that T.J. would remain a target until he had cut all ties with Sonny, but T.J. refused to consider it.

Jordan switched tactics by revealing how she had felt when her police officer had told her about the shooting on the pier. She admitted that she had been terrified, but T.J. was unmoved. He reminded her that he had been equally frightened for her safety when she had worked as a drug dealer for the mob. Jordan argued that she had been working undercover, but T.J. countered that he hadn't known that at the time. Jordan was curious if T.J.'s determination to remain under Sonny's roof was payback for Jordan lying to T.J. about her job.

T.J. explained that Sonny had risked his life to save T.J. T.J. refused to walk away from a man who had saved T.J.'s life, but Jordan was curious if T.J. had ever considered how devastated Molly would be if T.J. were to die because of Sonny's lifestyle. T.J. argued that Sonny cared about T.J., but Jordan disagreed because she believed that Sonny's generosity toward T.J. had been motivated by guilt. Jordan reminded T.J. that Shawn was in Pentonville because of Sonny.

"Don't get it twisted, hun," Jordan advised her son. Jordan didn't want T.J. to allow Sonny's guilt to put T.J. in an early grave. T.J. insisted that his loyalty to Sonny had nothing to do with Shawn. He explained that Sonny had dropped everything on Sonny's wedding day to boldly face the kidnappers then had taken a bullet for T.J. T.J. blamed himself for Sonny's dire condition, and T.J. refused to move out of Sonny's home or walk away from Sonny.

Jordan was proud of the loyal, brave, and strong man her son had become, but she wished T.J. were younger and more malleable because she would be able to whisk him away to safety. She begged T.J. to change his mind, but he insisted that he would be forever indebted to Sonny. Jordan feared that T.J.'s connection to Sonny would lead to danger. T.J. advised his mother to find the person responsible for shooting Sonny. After T.J. left, Jordan closed the door and wept.

Elsewhere at the police station, Dante stopped short when he spotted Julian in the hallway. Dante's temper flared as he demanded to know what Julian was doing there. Julian casually explained that he had been visiting Ava. Dante dragged Julian into the squad room then forced Julian to take a seat as he confronted Julian about Sonny's shooting. Julian had no idea what Dante was talking about, but Dante didn't believe Julian. Julian asked Dante to humor him by explaining what exactly Dante was accusing him of, so Dante told him about T.J.'s abduction and Sonny's grave condition.

Julian appeared genuinely surprised as he denied any involvement in the incident, but Dante accused Julian of lying. Dante railed at Julian about Julian's long list of crimes and desire to kill Sonny when Julian had first arrived in town, but Julian calmly explained that he had left the mob. Dante countered that it was a lie because Julian's associate Charlie had kidnapped T.J. Julian was tired of Charlie's false allegations, so he asked to speak to Charlie because Julian wanted Charlie to make the accusations to Julian's face.

Dante explained that it was impossible because Charlie, along with Charlie's two cohorts, had been killed by another of Julian's employees -- Jake Doe. Julian continued to deny any involvement in T.J.'s abduction and the shooting, but Dante's temper flared as he kicked a chair and demanded that Julian drop the act. Eventually, Julian realized that Dante didn't have enough evidence to arrest Julian, so Julian decided to leave. Julian reiterated that he hadn't been responsible for what had happened at the warehouse, but Dante glared at him.

Seconds later, Lulu walked in. She was surprised that Julian hadn't been arrested for the shooting, since Julian had been on the pier at the time of the shooting. Dante was stunned when Lulu told him about Olivia's encounter with Julian.

At the hospital, Michael, Morgan, Jake, and Sam stood behind Carly as Patrick explained that the bullet appeared to be lodged dangerously close to Sonny's spinal cord. Carly's eyes filled with tears as Patrick admitted that he was concerned. Carly wanted to know what their options were, but Patrick didn't have an answer because more tests had to be done. Morgan became increasingly agitated as he asked if Sonny would be paralyzed. Michael quickly pointed out that Patrick hadn't said that, so Patrick advised everyone to follow Michael's lead by not jumping to conclusions.

Morgan demanded that Patrick remove the bullet, but Patrick explained that surgery wasn't always the answer. Patrick admitted that it might be better if the bullet were left in place. Carly begged Patrick to do whatever he could to save Sonny's mobility. Carly admitted that Sonny was a proud man, so nothing short of a full recovery would be acceptable. After Patrick left, Sam assured Carly that Sonny was in good hands. Morgan disagreed because a competent surgeon would operate to remove the bullet.

Morgan insisted that they find someone who would operate on Sonny, but Carly asked Morgan to calm down. Morgan began to shout at his mother until Jake pulled Morgan aside to remind him that Sonny would not approve of Morgan talking to Carly with such disrespect. Morgan realized that Jake was right, so he apologized to Carly. Carly hugged Morgan as she promised him that they would get through the crisis together as a family.

Afterwards, Carly asked Jake to tell her everything that had transpired at the warehouse. Jake revealed that he and Sam had been on the pier when they had heard a gunshot ring out, so they had ducked for cover. Moments later, Jake had gone to investigate. Jake told Carly about what had happened in the warehouse, but Sam quickly added that Jake had saved Sonny's life. Carly was grateful for all that Jake had done and for Sam riding with Sonny in the ambulance.

Carly and Michael feared that Jake might face charges for the shootings, so they offered to call Diane, but Sam assured Carly that it wouldn't be necessary, since T.J. would corroborate Jake's version of events. Jake excused himself to check in with the police in case they had more questions.

A short time later, Jake returned to let Sam know that the police had requested their presence at the warehouse for a few more questions. Morgan was alarmed when he saw Jake and Sam leave because he didn't trust Patrick to update the family on Sonny's condition without Sam there. Carly assured Morgan that Patrick would talk to them, but Morgan wanted to find a surgeon who would operate on Sonny. Carly argued that Patrick was a top neurosurgeon, so Sonny was in good hands.

Morgan continued to fret about his father, but Carly reminded Morgan that Sonny was alive and a fighter. She asked Morgan to focus on the positive, but she became distracted when she saw Philly walk up. Michael explained that he had called Sonny's bodyguard to make certain that everything was okay at the house. Michael stepped away to speak privately with Philly. Philly assured Michael that the guards had been doubled. Satisfied, Michael instructed Philly to have a guard posted at each entrance to the house and under Avery's nursery window.

Moments later, Ric arrived, determined to see his brother. Morgan's temper exploded as he angrily blamed Ric for the shooting. Carly appeared taken aback by Morgan's outburst, but Morgan reminded Ric that Ric had been the one to release Charlie from police custody. Ric insisted that Charlie had cut a deal to testify against Julian and that the mayor had pushed for Charlie's release. Carly argued that ultimately the decision had been Ric's, but Ric was adamant that he was loyal to his brother.

Carly pointed out that Ric had continued to lie even when he had claimed to be a changed man. She reminded him of his lies to Elizabeth and his quick marriage to Nina with the intention of stealing Nina's fortune. Ric insisted that his troubles with Sonny were in the past then added that Julian had been to blame for Sonny's shooting. Michael questioned how Ric could know that, but Ric thought it was obvious. Disgusted, Morgan stormed out.

Carly resented Ric for riling Morgan up, but Ric pointed out that Morgan was a hothead who needed little incentive. Furious, Carly ordered Ric to leave, but Ric argued that Carly didn't have any legal right to stop Ric from seeing Sonny or to make medical decisions for his brother, since she wasn't Sonny's wife. Furious, Michael shouted that he was Sonny's son, but Ric disagreed because Michael had legally changed his name to Quartermaine and had done everything possible to distance himself from Sonny. Ric added that Sonny would have been rotting away in jail if it had been left up to Michael.

Ric claimed that he had been there for his brother when Michael hadn't been, and Ric questioned how Michael had the gall to call himself Sonny's son. Carly warned Ric that Sonny was Michael's father in every way that mattered, but Ric snidely informed Carly that Michael wasn't biologically related to Sonny. Ric insisted that he was the only biological relative on hand, and he refused to leave. Michael ordered Philly to escort Ric out of the hospital. Ric warned Carly and Michael that it wasn't over, but he reluctantly left with Philly.

After the confrontation, Carly smiled with pride because Michael had referred to himself as Sonny's son. Michael assured her that he had meant it but added that Ric had been right. Carly disagreed because Sonny and Michael shared a bond that could never be broken. Michael wished that Sonny knew that. Carly assured her son that Sonny did. Patrick emerged from the trauma bay as Carly hugged Michael.

On pier 54, Sam asked if Jake was okay. She imagined that it had been difficult for him to recount the harrowing details of the shooting to the police. Jake assured her that he didn't have any regrets about killing the men who had kidnapped T.J. because they would have killed both T.J. and Sonny. Sam confided that Jason had always believed that men like the ones Jake had killed had asked to die. Sam was confident that Jason would have approved of Jake's actions because Sonny had been Jason's best friend.

Sam couldn't believe that she was talking about Jason because of where she and Jake were. Confused, Jake asked why. Sam explained that she had lost Jason at the very spot where they stood. Her eyes welled up with tears as she opened up about how happy she and Jason had been on that fateful day because they had just arrived home with Danny. She wondered if things might have been different if she and Jason had had more time together as a family or if it would have made losing Jason more difficult.

Jake didn't have an answer, which made Sam smile because Jason had never wasted time worrying what might have been. She admitted that she tried to follow Jason's example by living in the present. Sam assured Jake that she loved her life with Patrick, Danny, and Emma, but standing on the pier had made her wonder what life might have been like if Jason hadn't gone to the pier on the night he had been shot and tossed into the water.

Sam pushed the unsettling thoughts away and announced that she intended to return to the hospital. Jake thanked Sam for having his back, but he asked that she follow his instructions the next time they were in a dangerous situation because he didn't want anything to happen to her. Sam grinned but agreed.

At the police station, Morgan arrived in time to hear Dante accuse Julian of being on the piers around the time of Sonny's shooting. Morgan seethed with barely suppressed rage as he glared at Julian.

Morgan vows to kill Julian

Morgan vows to kill Julian

Friday, September 11, 2015

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on the phone with Elizabeth, asking her to keep closer tabs on Jake because Jake and Sam had turned up on his doorstep to accuse Nikolas of various things, including that Nikolas had known the truth about who Jake was. Alarmed, Elizabeth asked how Nikolas had handled the situation, so he admitted that he had suggested that Helena had confided the secret to Hayden. Nikolas quickly wrapped up the call when he noticed Hayden standing in the doorway.

Nikolas asked if Hayden was ready for their al fresco dinner. She nodded and began to chat about Spencer's antics. Hayden mentioned that Nikolas would need to help Spencer with a family tree project for school then volunteered to lend a hand with the class assignment, since it might trigger her to remember her friendship with Helena. Nikolas' expression tightened as he smiled. Hayden dropped all pretense of innocence when she confessed that she had overheard part of Nikolas' conversation. Nikolas accused her of eavesdropping, but Kyle walked in before she could respond.

Kyle demanded to have a word with the prince, and Hayden offered to leave. Kyle surprised both Nikolas and Hayden by asking Hayden to stay because she kept Nikolas honest. Kyle cut to the chase by explaining that he had covered for Nikolas by lying to Jake and Sam about Nikolas' role in the election tampering, and Kyle wanted Nikolas to pay for Kyle's continued silence. Shocked, Hayden asked if it was true. Nikolas started to deny it, but Kyle refused to let Nikolas wiggle out of it.

Nikolas resented Kyle taking the moral high ground, since Kyle had been in league with a corrupt mayor then had rented out his services to Nikolas. Kyle explained that he had lost the woman he loved by covering for Nikolas, and Kyle wanted compensation. Hayden felt bad for Kyle when he opened up about how he had let Anna slip through his fingers because Kyle had put greed ahead of a future with Anna. Kyle admitted that he would regret it for the rest of his life, but Nikolas was unsympathetic.

However, Nikolas agreed to discuss paying Kyle for his trouble the following day. Satisfied, Kyle started to leave, but Hayden stopped Kyle to encourage him not to give up on Anna. After Kyle left, Nikolas confessed that Hayden's empathy had surprised him. Hayden wondered if love even mattered to Nikolas, but he assured her that love was not for him. Hayden suspected that Nikolas had been deeply hurt in the past, and she wondered if she had broken his heart. "Actually, it was the other way around," Nikolas answered.

In Jordan's office, Jordan wept as she stared at photographs of T.J. when he had been a young boy. Anna knocked on the door, asking to talk to Jordan, but she became concerned when she realized that Jordan had been crying. Anna shut the door as she asked her friend what had happened. Jordan explained that T.J. had been abducted to lure Sonny into a deadly trap. After Jordan told Anna about the events that had unfolded at the warehouse, Jordan confessed that she felt responsible for T.J. ending up in a dangerous situation, since Jordan had sent T.J. to live with Shawn.

Anna insisted that Jordan should be commended for her undercover police work and added that Shawn had been to blame for exposing T.J. to Sonny's dangerous lifestyle. Jordan was frustrated because T.J. saw Sonny as a "badass" hero. Anna wondered if there were any leads in the abduction and shooting. Jordan explained that T.J. suspected Julian had been behind it, but Julian claimed to be a changed man who had left the mob. Anna scoffed because she was certain that Julian had been behind the hit on Duke.

Jordan reminded Anna that Julian had been charged with hijacking Sonny's shipments, but they didn't have enough evidence to add the abduction and shooting to Julian's list of criminal charges. Anna was confident that Jordan would find it. Jordan offered a weak smile then changed the subject to assure Anna that she would talk to Ric about drawing up an immunity deal for Kyle. Anna revealed that it was no longer necessary, since Kyle had turned on Anna by refusing to testify against Nikolas. Jordan offered to get a warrant to search Kyle's place for evidence. Anna quickly dissuaded Jordan from pursuing a case against Kyle because Anna feared that Jordan would find the incriminating evidence that Kyle had held onto linking Anna to Carlos' murder.

Jordan sensed that there was more going on, but Anna insisted that she simply didn't want Jordan to end up on Mayor Lomax's bad side for nothing. Jordan agreed to temporarily table the investigation. Anna regretted confiding to Jordan, but Jordan insisted that Anna had acted in good faith, believing that Kyle would cooperate. Jordan felt bad that she had encouraged Anna to pursue a relationship with Kyle, but Anna admitted that Jordan had been right; Anna had needed to move forward -- just not with Kyle.

On pier 54, Jake stared into the harbor's water as his thoughts drifted to earlier that evening when he had tried to help Sonny before the paramedics had arrived. Jake's brow furrowed as he recalled Sonny telling him, "I knew you'd come. You always do."

A short time later, Jake arrived at Elizabeth's house. She met him on the porch and immediately noticed the blood-splattered shirt under his jacket. Jake quickly assured her that the blood wasn't his. Elizabeth ushered Jake inside as he filled her in about the events that had transpired at the warehouse when Sonny had been shot. Elizabeth tensed when he revealed that Sam had been with him, but she was more concerned about T.J. and Sonny. Jake admitted that T.J. had escaped unscathed, but Sonny might have suffered a mortal wound.

Jake told Elizabeth about Sonny's first words to Jake, but she nervously passed it off as the ramblings of a patient in crisis. Jake disagreed because Sonny had been clearheaded enough to ask Jake to pass along a message to Carly. Jake admitted that Sonny had treated him as a trusted friend, and Jake had felt an odd connection to Sonny -- as if he couldn't bear to lose Sonny. Elizabeth claimed that it wasn't unusual for nurses and paramedics to occasionally bond with a trauma patient, but Jake admitted that it had felt different. Jake dropped the matter because he decided to take a quick shower and change before Elizabeth's sons saw him.

After Jake disappeared into the bathroom, Elizabeth looked at a picture of her and Jason. Tears filled her eyes as she recalled going to the pier after his shooting and seeing his blood. Overwhelmed with guilt, Elizabeth realized that she couldn't keep Jason from his family. Jake returned to the living room but became concerned when he saw Elizabeth crying. Elizabeth quietly admitted that she had something to tell him.

In the squad room, Morgan arrived as Dante confronted Julian about being on the docks around the time of Sonny's shooting. Morgan's temper exploded as he attacked Julian. Dante and two police officers had to pull Morgan off of Julian, but Morgan fought to break free as he shouted at Julian. Julian advised Dante to control Morgan, but Dante yelled at Julian to "shut up." Dante tried to calmly talk to Morgan, but Morgan explained that Sonny was in the hospital, fighting for his life, with a bullet lodged close to his spinal cord.

Morgan demanded that Julian be thrown in jail and the key tossed away, but Julian denied any involvement in Sonny's shooting. Julian started to leave, but Dante warned Julian to stay put because a witness had put Julian near the scene of the crime. Dante reminded Julian that Julian could legally be held for forty-eight hours without being charged with a crime. Morgan threatened to go after Julian if Julian was released from jail, but Julian wasn't intimidated by Morgan. Dante advised Morgan to return to the hospital and wait for Dante, but Morgan made it clear that he wanted Julian locked up.

After two police officers escorted Morgan out of the police station, Julian suggested that Dante also arrest Olivia, since Olivia had been on the piers at the time of Sonny's shooting. Lulu thought it was ridiculous to suggest that Olivia had shot Sonny, but Julian reminded Lulu that Olivia and Sonny had been romantically involved when Sonny had cheated on Olivia. Julian advised Lulu to be careful because Dante might have inherited Sonny's wandering eye.

Enraged, Dante punched Julian. Julian stumbled back, but quickly recovered and accused Dante of police brutality. Julian threatened to sue the police department, but Dante ordered a police officer to throw Julian into lockup. After Julian was taken away, Lulu urged Dante to calm down because Julian was not worth Dante losing his job over. Dante apologized then announced that he had to see his father because he didn't know what he would do if he lost Sonny.

At the hospital, T.J. walked up as Patrick told Carly, Michael, and Sam that Sonny's condition had improved. However, the bullet had lodged perilously close to Sonny's spinal cord. Patrick admitted that Sonny needed surgery, but there would be substantial risks because one wrong move could result in permanent paralysis. Concerned, Carly asked when Patrick would operate, but Patrick explained that Sonny was still too weak, and more scans were needed. Carly was eager to see Sonny. Patrick agreed that the family could visit Sonny, but only one person at a time. He also advised everyone to encourage Sonny to keep fighting.

Carly decided that Michael should go in first. After Michael approached the trauma room door, Carly asked if Sonny might die. "Yes," Patrick quietly answered. Shaken, Carly walked away. Sam handed Patrick a cup of coffee. Patrick admitted that he was troubled that Sam had been at the warehouse during the shooting, but Sam promised that she had never been in any danger. Patrick warned Sam not to tell him that Jake had kept her safe because it was the last thing that Patrick wanted to hear.

Patrick assured Sam that he loved and respected her, but it scared him that she always ran toward danger, not away from it, when she heard gunshots. Patrick hated that Sam always put her life at risk, but he also realized that he had to get used to it. Patrick acknowledged that his fears were selfish, but they were from a place of love and a deep desire to keep her with him. Sam appreciated Patrick's honesty. She assured him that she loved him and had heard everything that he had said.

Sam explained that she loved her father and cared about Sonny, but she had put the mob life behind her when Jason had died. She promised Patrick that she was happy with their life, which she hadn't thought possible after she'd lost Jason. Patrick worried that Sam missed the adrenaline rush, but she clarified that she had no desire to endanger herself. Sam knew that Carly loved Sonny, and she understood why Carly continued to stay with him, but Sam was glad that she no longer lived with the same fears as Carly because the cycle of violence would start over once Sonny recovered.

A short time later, Patrick was handed the results of Sonny's scans. Sam was eager to know Sonny's prognosis, but Patrick confided that Sonny's odds weren't great. Sam begged Patrick to do everything possible to help Sonny because once the retaliation started, it would not stop.

Meanwhile, T.J. approached Carly to apologize. Carly insisted that T.J. had nothing to be sorry for because T.J. had been used as bait. Carly admitted that they would have snatched anyone who had been close to Sonny, so T.J. was not to blame. She added that Sonny cared about T.J. as if T.J. were one of his own children.

In the trauma room, Michael approached Sonny's bed. Sonny was unconscious and hooked up to various machines. Michael fought back tears as he sat beside Sonny's bed and assured him that everyone was okay. Michael revealed that he had doubled the guards and added extra protection to keep Avery safe. Michael also assured Sonny that Dante was at the police station, trying to determine who had been behind the abduction and shooting.

Michael became choked up as he promised to do everything he could to make things right. "I love you, Dad," Michael quietly added. Michael conceded that he had tried to hate Sonny for months and be someone who wasn't Sonny's son, but it had been in vain because Michael had realized that Sonny would never give up on him. Tears filled Michael's eyes as he promised that he would not stop loving Sonny any more than Sonny would stop loving Michael. "You are my father," Michael said.

Later, Michael joined Carly in the waiting area to let her know that it was her turn. After Carly entered Sonny's hospital room, Michael questioned T.J. about what had transpired at the warehouse. T.J. admitted that Charlie had never confirmed that Julian had been calling the shots, but something had gone wrong because Sonny had suggested that Charlie's boss had abandoned Charlie. Michael was curious if T.J. had seen the shooter, but T.J. confessed that he hadn't.

Meanwhile, Carly gently stroked Sonny's hair as she tearfully told him that all she wanted was for him to live. Carly reminded Sonny of their loyalty to each other, and she didn't want to pretend they weren't "in it together for life." Carly insisted that Sonny was her partner, and she needed him to listen closely. She explained that he was in bad shape, which meant that he had to keep fighting. Carly promised that she would not leave his side because she intended for them to get through the latest crisis together.

Carly insisted that Sonny was a survivor and a fighter. She picked up his jacket and tie then held the items close as she deeply inhaled his scent. Carly pulled herself together then informed Sonny that their wedding had only been postponed. She looked forward to not only celebrating their wedding, but also his full recovery in the near future.

After Carly left the room, T.J. asked if he could visit Sonny. Carly agreed, so T.J. approached Sonny's bed. T.J. thanked Sonny for saving his life and for taking him in. T.J. appreciated that Sonny had been there for T.J., and T.J. intended to do the same for Sonny because he wanted an opportunity to repay Sonny.

In the waiting area, Morgan arrived as Michael comforted Carly. Morgan was eager for an update, but Michael and Carly admitted that there hadn't been a change. Morgan told them that he had gone to the police station, where Julian had been detained as a suspect in the abduction and shooting. Michael suggested that Morgan visit Sonny, so Morgan entered his father's room.

Moments later, Morgan approached Sonny's bed. Morgan cried that it was his fault that Sonny was in the hospital because Morgan should have gone with Sonny to the warehouse to protect his father. Morgan's despair turned to rage as he vowed to make Julian pay then added that he intended to kill Julian.

In the waiting area, Michael took Sonny's jacket from Carly. They were surprised when they saw a piece of paper fall out of a pocket. It was Sonny's wedding vows.

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