General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 5, 2015 on GH

Sabrina took a pregnancy test. Sonny received bad news. Hayden overheard a revealing conversation. Olivia claimed that she had adopted a baby boy. Jake enlisted Sam's help to find out who he really was. Dillon kissed Lulu.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 5, 2015 on GH
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Sam thought Laura was acting oddly

Sam thought Laura was acting oddly

Monday, October 5, 2015

Nina and Franco entered the Floating Rib, intending to celebrate their decision to move in together. As Franco verified that Nina was sure about the decision, they noticed Kiki at the bar, doing shots with an unknown guy. The guy got a little too close, and she tried to push him away. "You were begging for it last night," he reminded her. Just then, Franco pounced on the guy and told him to "keep your hands off my daughter."

"If you value your life, forget you ever met her," Franco warned the guy. Nina advised the guy to take advantage and leave. Franco instructed him to learn how to "take 'no' for an answer, because the next father might not be so understanding." The guy, clearly scared, ran out of the bar. Franco grabbed the shot out of Kiki's hand and took it himself. He left money for the bill and told Kiki that he was going to take her home. Kiki refused to go, because "my dad is dead, and your crazy girlfriend's crazy mother stabbed him." However, she relented and left with Franco and Nina.

Back at Silas' apartment, Kiki wanted to go to bed. She apologized to Nina for blaming Madeline's murderous actions on Nina, and Nina apologized for always blaming Ava's actions on Kiki. Kiki thanked them for handling the guy at the bar, and for getting her home. Franco instructed Nina to make Kiki some coffee, but Nina argued that water would be better. Kiki yelled that Franco was trying to get Nina to go into the kitchen so that he could "lecture me in private."

When Nina was gone, Franco asked Kiki why she'd lied. She answered that she didn't want anyone's sympathy, and she didn't want to bore anyone with her whining. She told Franco truthfully that, since Silas' death, she didn't know what she was going to do with her life. She admitted to almost wishing that she hadn't found out about Morgan and Ava, because she was that "desperately lonely."

Franco knew that he wasn't Kiki's father, but he reminded her that, for twenty years, he'd thought she was his, and he'd longed to meet her. He informed her that the time he'd spent getting to know her as his daughter were some of the "best moments of my life." Kiki confided that she couldn't stand living at the apartment alone, but she had nowhere else to go. She admitted that all she did was sleep all day, because everyone in her life was either "dead, or dead to me." Just as Franco suggested that he and Nina buy the place and live there with Kiki, Nina entered, refusing to do just that.

Outside Kelly's, Emma told Anna about a report she had to write for school about the person she admired most. She informed her grandmother that she'd decided to write about Anna because "you're the best person I know." Anna suggested that Emma write about Patrick, but Emma stated that she was the only one in school with a grandmother who had once been a spy and the police chief.

Just then, Sabrina walked up to Kelly's and greeted Emma and Anna. She told Emma that she was there to pick up cookies for Michael and his family, but if Emma picked them out for Sabrina, Emma could get a few for herself. Emma ran into Kelly's. Anna asked Sabrina to wish Michael the best for Sonny. Sabrina took the opportunity to ask Anna about Carlos.

Anna divulged that there was a "manhunt" going on for Carlos. Sabrina thought that, if Carlos was back in town, she would have already heard from him. Sabrina wondered if she should tell the cops, but Anna warned her about making herself an accessory after the fact. Emma returned with the cookies. She and Sabrina exchanged "I love you's," and Sabrina left.

Emma wanted to read what she had written so far about Anna. She read that Anna was "smart, strong, beautiful, and lets me play with her jewelry. She also knows how to shoot a gun, but only for good reasons," she concluded. She also wanted to write about how Anna "brings justice" to the "bad guys," and how she always did the right thing. Guiltily remembering her conversation with Paul about killing Carlos, Anna commented that Emma couldn't portray Anna as flawless.

Anna mentioned that she was an awful cook. Emma reasoned that Anna didn't have to be good in the kitchen when she was a "hero." Anna hoped she wouldn't disappoint Emma, and Emma replied that "you never could." Anna suggested that they get home so that Emma could finish her essay, and she promised to think of more of her own flaws on the way.

Tracy wanted Paul to tell her about all the criminals he was putting behind bars. He replied that there were "so many" to focus on. Michael entered and informed Tracy and Paul that Sonny had taken a turn for the worse. He asked Paul for updates in the search for Carlos, and Paul assured Michael that everyone was cooperating to make sure that Carlos was found. Tracy found it ironic that federal forces were trying to get justice for a lifelong criminal.

Michael reminded Tracy that his father had been "gravely injured." Tracy shot back that Sonny had shot Michael's father. Michael argued that how he dealt with A.J.'s death was his own business, and that Tracy should try keeping her feelings to herself. He excused himself to go get cleaned up.

Tracy explained to Paul that she would never understand Michael's feelings toward Sonny. She thought that, if Sonny's shooter hadn't also been a criminal, she might have thanked him for ridding Michael of Sonny's influence. Paul was glad that Michael couldn't hear Tracy's words and instructed her that Michael needed her support.

A short while later, Michael returned, feeling better. Paul excused himself to make a phone call. Michael poured himself a drink and asked Tracy to tell Sabrina upon her arrival that he was upstairs. Tracy hoped that Carlos was found and wondered when he'd become a suspect. Michael cryptically explained that Ava had told him at "a meeting." Tracy informed Michael that he'd been Edward's best hope for the future of the Quartermaines, and she urged him not to "blow it" by throwing in with the mob. Michael stated that he was only doing what he had to do.

Just then, Sabrina entered, happy to see "my two favorite Quartermaines." Tracy went outside to "commune with my mother's memory and pray for patience." Sabrina presented Michael with the cookies and wished there was more she could do for his family. She wondered what Tracy seemed to be upset about. Michael explained that Tracy thought Michael should stay out of the investigation of Sonny's shooting. Sabrina related that she didn't think it was Carlos, because she had a "good sense" when something involved Carlos. Michael admitted to having his doubts but stated that they would know "either way" once Carlos was found.

Sabrina knew that Michael wanted to help Sonny, but she implored him to let the cops handle it. "That's the plan," he agreed. "If it is Carlos, so be it," she added. She thought he needed to save his strength for his family. Speaking of his family, Michael had to get back to the hospital, so the two left together. When they were gone, Paul entered while talking on the phone. He said into the phone that it was important for him "not to be tied to this," as Tracy listened from the doorway.

Sam was surprised to open the front door to Laura, who had gone straight to Patrick's from the airport. She apologized for interrupting their day. Sam wondered what was on Laura's mind. As Laura thought about when she'd confronted Elizabeth about Jake's real identity, she told Sam, "where to begin..."

Sam assumed that Laura wanted to talk about Nikolas and informed Laura that he'd been making some "rotten choices." Laura agreed as she entered the candlelit house. She noticed Emma's large play ring on Sam's finger, and Sam and Patrick happily informed her that they were engaged. Laura apologized for interrupting the celebration but was honored that she was the first person to hear.

Sam remembered that Laura had something to talk to her and Patrick about, so she urged Laura to continue. Laura told them that she'd decided to stay in Port Charles "indefinitely," and she lied that she'd wanted to ask Patrick to be her local neurologist due to a condition of hers that needed constant monitoring. Patrick agreed and promised to set her up immediately. Before leaving, Laura asked Sam if she was happy. "Really happy," Sam said, smiling. Laura smiled and left. "That was weird," Sam observed.

A short while later, Sam and Patrick were playing with Danny when Anna and Emma arrived. Patrick told Anna and Emma that he and Sam had an announcement. Patrick informed their family that he and Sam were getting married. As Emma and Danny celebrated, Sam took Anna aside and asked if it made her uncomfortable. Anna assured Sam that she made Patrick happy, which made Anna happy.

On the computer at Wyndemere, Hayden read about her shooting. Nikolas entered and scooped the computer up off her lap. She explained that she was curious about her "incident," but Nikolas advised her to find a more accurate source than Julian's "rag." He insisted that he'd told her all she needed to know, but she still had questioned. She wondered if Shawn, the shooter, had actually intended to hit her. Nikolas thought Hayden was accusing him of keeping secrets from her, and she called him paranoid. He wanted to take a swim, so he left the room. "In October?" she wondered.

At Kelly's, Jake told Elizabeth about how Sonny's family hadn't had any appetite for the food he'd gotten for them, but it hadn't been a waste, since he hadn't even been charged for it. He explained the strange night he'd had with Sam at the Noodle Buddha. He also confided that a part of Sam believed that Jason was still alive. "That's crazy," Elizabeth said, shrugging it off. "Is it?" Jake wondered. He reminded her that her son had turned up alive, but Elizabeth thought there wasn't much chance of a miracle like that happening again.

Jake continued that Sam had said Jason would have found his way back to her if he were alive. He was flabbergasted that two different people had thought he was Jason in one week. Just then, Elizabeth's phone rang. She was shocked to answer it to Hayden. She excused herself from the table to talk. Hayden started off by acknowledging that Elizabeth didn't like her, but she asked Elizabeth why Hayden had broken an expensive vase at Nikolas'. Elizabeth claimed ignorance, but Hayden remembered Elizabeth being there.

Just then, Nikolas took the phone out of Hayden's hand. He promised Elizabeth that he had things under control, and he hung up the phone. Nikolas demanded to know what Hayden was doing. She had thought that Elizabeth might remember why Hayden had broken the vase. He accused her of going behind his back and talking to his friends, and she accused him of "massively overreacting." She wondered whether he didn't want her to find out about her secrets -- or his.

Hayden continued that Nikolas was trying to keep her in the dark and control her. She'd noticed that, every time she asked him a question, he either got defensive or flirty. She admitted that it was "enjoyable and effective," but it wouldn't work "in the long run." "Why?" he wondered, getting seductively close to her. She yelled that no one would control her and turned to walk away. However, Nikolas grabbed her arm and pulled her into a deep kiss just as Laura appeared in the doorway.

Elizabeth shakily returned to the table and told Jake that her phone call had been a misunderstanding at work. She realized that they needed to pick up the boys soon. Jake noticed that she was upset and asked what was going on. She insisted that the call had just caught her off guard, and that it wasn't important. She suddenly remembered a potluck at work the next day and got up to order some muffins. Jake looked at Elizabeth's phone and saw the unknown number on her call log.

Sonny wakes up and learns that he is paralyzed

Sonny wakes up and learns that he is paralyzed

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

In Silas' apartment, Kiki revealed that she usually spent her days sleeping because she had nowhere to go and felt alone. Franco promised Kiki that she was not alone, and he suggested that perhaps Nina could buy the apartment and the three of them could live there together. Nina heard Franco as she entered the room and immediately objected. Kiki wasn't surprised by Nina's reaction, but Franco was certain that he could easily change Nina's mind. Nina explained that she refused to purchase a "death apartment" and had no intention of inviting Kiki to live in whatever "humble abode" Nina and Franco picked.

Relieved, Kiki thanked Nina for saving her from the awkwardness of having to turn down Franco's offer. Franco wondered why they couldn't all get along. "Because she hates me," Nina and Kiki answered in unison. Nina was surprised by Kiki's response, so Nina quickly clarified that she didn't hate Kiki. Kiki didn't believe Nina because Kiki was the product of an affair between Nina's husband and Ava. Kiki hadn't had a choice in the matter, but she was sorry for the pain it had caused Nina.

Nina admitted that it had been wrong of her to blame Kiki for the affair, but Nina explained that it had been a confusing time when Nina had emerged from the twenty-year coma. Encouraged, Franco suggested they continue to work things out through art therapy. Kiki grabbed her purse, advised Franco to help by finding a buyer for the apartment, and then left. Franco immediately went down on bended knee to plead with Nina to invest in the apartment, but Nina refused because it would be a constant reminder that her mother had murdered Silas.

Franco conceded that the apartment had some "unpleasant" memories, but he argued that, as horrible as Silas' death had been, it had been the catalyst for Franco to prove his unwavering faith and trust in Nina. Franco gently suggested that Nina owed it to Silas to help Kiki, so Nina agreed to buy the apartment. However, she refused to budge on the issue of Kiki living with them, since it might interfere with Franco and Nina's intimate life. Franco smiled confidently as he assured Nina that it wouldn't be a problem.

Franco pointed out that inviting Kiki to live with him and Nina would give both Franco and Nina an opportunity to have the family they had both been denied and drive Ava crazy as an added bonus.

At the Floating Rib, Julian and Ava were seated at a table for dinner as they smiled and cooed to Avery, who was perched in a highchair. Julian welcomed his niece to the family. Ava beamed with pride as she added that she was the only real mother that both Kiki and Avery would ever have. Julian expressed his concern about Ava heading the Jerome organization, but Ava assured him that she could take care of business and keep her daughter safe.

Julian hoped that Ava was right, but Ava became distracted when she saw Kiki approach the bar. Julian offered to talk to his niece on Ava's behalf, but Ava decided to personally reach out to Kiki. Julian remained with Avery as Ava walked up to Kiki. Kiki knocked back a shot of vodka then ordered another as she pointedly ignored Ava. Ava begged Kiki to talk to her, but Kiki continued to block out her mother and swill vodka. Desperate, Ava invited Kiki to the table to visit with Avery, but Ava's offer fell on deaf ears.

Eventually, Kiki ordered one more drink then settled the tab. Ava implored Kiki to say hello to both Julian and Avery because they were Kiki's family, but Kiki's temper flared. Kiki informed Ava that no one -- not Ava nor Julian -- had called to check on her when Silas had died. Ava claimed that she had tried to give Kiki space because of the affair with Morgan, which Ava assured Kiki was over. Ava insisted that Kiki needed her family. Kiki agreed but said the Jeromes were not it.

After Kiki stormed out, Ava returned to the table and picked up Avery. She held the baby close as she promised Avery that Kiki would have a change of heart. Ava looked forward to when she could finally have both her daughters with her where they belonged.

Meanwhile, Kiki stopped short when she saw Franco and Nina waiting for her when she returned home. Franco happily announced that Nina had decided to buy the apartment. Kiki promised to be out by morning, but Franco explained that it wasn't necessary because they wanted Kiki to stay. Kiki was skeptical. Nina pointed out that she and Kiki had a lot in common, since they had both been betrayed by people they had loved, especially their mothers. Nina urged Kiki to allow herself to believe that wonderful things would happen, since it had worked for Nina.

Kiki wondered if Franco and Nina thought that her problems would vanish by simply trusting them. "No," Franco admitted. However, he pointed out that Kiki would not be alone because she would have Franco and Nina. Franco realized that they weren't a family, but they could be if Kiki wanted it. Kiki's eyes filled with tears as she threw herself into Franco's arms and wept. Franco held her tightly as he and Nina exchanged soft smiles.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy stood on the patio as she eavesdropped on Paul's end of a phone call. Paul warned the person on the other end of the call that he couldn't have anything tied to him and stressed the importance that his reputation remain intact. After Paul ended the call, Tracy sauntered into the living room and admitted that she had overheard what Paul had said. Paul remained calm as Tracy asked what the "newly minted D.A." was trying to cover up. Paul made a show of expressing his frustration at having to clean up both Scott and Ric's messes.

Tracy agreed that it was ridiculous that Ric had managed to lose the recording of Ava's confession, but she questioned why Paul had readily believed Ava's claims about Carlos shooting Sonny. Paul explained that he had received the information from a reliable third party. Tracy realized that he was referring to Michael, which concerned her because it meant that Michael had attended a mob sit-down. Paul pointed out that being raised by Sonny had put Michael in a good position to handle the situation, but Tracy was concerned about her great-nephew.

Tracy admitted that she had never thought there would be a day when she prayed that Sonny lived a long life because she feared that Sonny's demise would suck Michael into Sonny's world. Paul assured her that she need not be worried, since Paul intended to shut down the mob activity in Port Charles. Tracy was not comforted by the idea because it would be a dangerous undertaking. Paul promised that he would be fine, but Tracy warned him that Ava was not to be underestimated. However, Tracy wanted Paul to succeed for Michael's sake.

Paul offered to have a chat with Michael, but Tracy doubted it would help because Michael had quickly shut her down when she had raised the topic. Paul reminded Tracy that he'd faced an equally difficult task with Dillon, but he had finally gotten through to their son. Tracy conceded that he had a point, but she insisted that Paul be careful around Ava because Ava was a viper who easily lied to a person's face then stabbed them in the heart for believing her.

At Kelly's, Jake checked Elizabeth's call log as she returned to the table. He quickly put the phone down, but she had noticed. She was curious why he had been looking at it, so he confessed that he had wanted to see who had called and upset her. Elizabeth recalled her earlier conversation with Hayden when Hayden had asked if Elizabeth knew why Hayden had smashed an expensive vase during an argument with Nikolas at Wyndemere. Elizabeth pushed the memory of the phone call away as she reminded Jake that she had told him that the call had been from someone at the hospital.

Jake continued to have doubts, but Patrick and Sam walked in. The couples greeted each other before Patrick and Sam announced that they were engaged to be married. Elizabeth jumped up to hug Patrick, while Jake congratulated the couple. Patrick admitted that they had wanted to wait until after Jake and Elizabeth's wedding to share their news, but Elizabeth assured the happy couple that it was fine. Jake seemed a little surprised when Elizabeth commented that the sooner they were all married, the better.

Moments later, Patrick and Elizabeth each received a call from the hospital. Patrick and Elizabeth excused themselves to take the calls, leaving Sam alone with Jake. Sam thanked Jake for playing along at the Noodle Buddha during the vow renewal service because it had helped her to move forward and let Jason go. Jake was happy for Sam. Patrick and Elizabeth returned to announce that they were both needed at the hospital, so Sam assured Patrick that she would meet him back at home. Patrick gave Sam a quick kiss then offered Elizabeth a ride to the hospital.

After Patrick and Elizabeth left, Jake revealed that he needed Sam's help tracing a phone number. Sam arranged for Kelly's to deliver dinner to the house then called to let Anna know that Sam would be a little late. After the call, Jake apologized for inconveniencing Sam, but she brushed it off as she keyed the phone number that Jake had memorized into her tablet. She was surprised to discover that it traced back to a landline at Wyndemere. Jake admitted that it made sense for Nikolas to call Elizabeth, but Sam was skeptical, since Nikolas usually called from his cell phone.

Jake and Sam agreed that it was unlikely to have been Spencer because they couldn't imagine what Spencer would say to upset Elizabeth. Sam deduced that Hayden had been the caller, but Jake argued that Elizabeth hadn't talked to Hayden since Hayden had emerged from the coma. Sam thought it was odd, but she was certain that Hayden had called. Sam wondered what Hayden could have possibly said to rattle Elizabeth. Jake didn't know, but he intended to find out.

At Wyndemere, Hayden acknowledged that she had "blank spots" in her memory, but she was certain that she was not the type to let anyone control her. Nikolas caught Hayden off guard by kissing her, but she quickly shoved him away when she spotted Laura out of the corner of her eye. Startled by what she had walked in on, Laura turned to leave, but Nikolas called out to his mother. Laura smiled awkwardly as she apologized for intruding, but Nikolas seemed embarrassed to have been caught kissing Hayden. Laura waited for Nikolas to introduce her to the woman he had been kissing, so Nikolas simply referred to Hayden as a friend.

Hayden stepped forward to formally introduce herself. Laura was shocked because she hadn't realized that Hayden had emerged from the coma. Hayden explained that it had been recent, but she suffered from extensive amnesia. Laura thought it was convenient that Hayden no longer remembered who Jake was, but Hayden bristled because forgetting Jake's identity was nothing compared to forgetting everything else about Hayden's life. Laura immediately apologized for the insensitive remark.

Nikolas became uncomfortable when Hayden mentioned that Nikolas had suggested that Helena had confided the truth about Jake's identity to Hayden but not to Nikolas. Nikolas changed the subject by offering to get his mother settled in, but Elizabeth called. Nikolas claimed that it was important ELQ business and excused himself.

In the hallway, Nikolas warned Elizabeth that it wasn't a good time, but Elizabeth wasn't happy about Hayden's earlier phone call because Elizabeth had been with Jake at the time. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that everything was fine, but she didn't believe him because Hayden had been asking questions about the argument when Hayden had threatened to reveal that Jake was Jason. Elizabeth's concerns mounted when Nikolas mentioned that Laura was back in town. Elizabeth recalled telling Laura that Hayden had blackmailed Nikolas and that Elizabeth suspected that Nikolas had arranged for Hayden to be shot. Elizabeth turned her attention back to the phone call by begging Nikolas to keep Laura distracted and Hayden from digging any further.

In the living room, Hayden admitted that she had picked up on the tension between Nikolas and Laura, but Laura attributed it to walking in on Nikolas and Hayden. Hayden apologized for the awkward moment then changed the subject by mentioning that Spencer would be excited by Laura's arrival. As Hayden chatted, Laura realized that Hayden lived at Wyndemere. Hayden worried that Laura objected, so she said that she had been considering leaving.

Laura assured Hayden that it wasn't necessary. Moments later, Nikolas returned. Hayden quickly excused herself to ask the chef to prepare a special dinner to celebrate Laura's arrival. After Hayden left, Laura demanded to know what was going on between Nikolas and Hayden. Nikolas explained that he had to keep a close eye on Hayden, but the old spark of passion had flared back to life.

Laura was curious if Nikolas had feelings for Hayden, and he confessed that he did. Laura wondered how he intended to have a relationship with a woman that he had once tried to have killed.

At the hospital, Carly sat at Sonny's beside and tearfully told him that she refused to believe that he might not wake up. She reminded him that he had too much left to do and too many people who needed him, including Carly. Carly begged Sonny to return to her. Sonny moved his hand. Filled with hope, Carly asked him to open his eyes. Sonny's eyes slowly fluttered open. "You're so bossy," Sonny whispered as he turned to look at Carly.

Overjoyed, Carly told Sonny about their wedding ceremony, the embolism, and the emergency surgery. She promised that he was doing well and vowed not to leave his side. Carly warned Sonny that Patrick wasn't certain how the embolism had affected Sonny. Sonny was eager to see Avery, but Carly carefully explained that he needed to take it easy. Sonny didn't care, but Patrick arrived before Carly was forced to tell Sonny about Ava securing temporary custody of Avery.

Patrick immediately picked up on Sonny's anxiety, so he calmly explained that it was a common side effect of anesthesia then shifted gears by asking Carly to step out of the room while he examined Sonny. Things went well until Patrick tested the bottom of Sonny's feet and Sonny didn't respond.

In the hallway, Elizabeth spotted Carly. Carly told her that Patrick was with Sonny. Moments later, Patrick stepped out and instructed Elizabeth to give Sonny a tranquilizer. Alarmed, Carly wondered what was going on. Patrick revealed that he needed to speak privately to both Carly and Sonny. After Elizabeth exited the room, Patrick closed the door and gently explained that the embolism had caused partial paralysis in Sonny's legs. Sonny demanded to know if it was permanent. Patrick admitted that it was too soon to tell without further testing.

After Patrick left to order the necessary tests, Carly assured Sonny that everything would be fine. Sonny was upset, but Carly insisted that she wanted to marry Sonny. Sonny refused to marry her until he knew for certain that he would be able to walk again.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth bumped into Jake. Jake explained that he wanted to know why Hayden had called her.

Jake asks for Sam's help to find out who he is

Jake asks for Sam's help to find out who he is

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

At the Drake-Morgan residence, Anna helped Emma make a beaded necklace as they talked about Robin's upcoming birthday. Anna smiled wistfully as she told Emma that a mother never forgot her child's birth because it was an incredible feeling to become a mother, but Emma wondered if Robin felt the same way about Emma. Anna quickly assured her granddaughter that Robin loved Emma and would be delighted by the special necklace Emma was working on for Robin's birthday. Anna and Emma looked up when Sam arrived home. "No, don't come in," Emma cried as she quickly hid the necklace.

Sam and Anna were alarmed by Emma's reaction, but Emma explained that she didn't want to hurt Sam's feelings because Emma had been making a necklace for Robin. Sam promised Emma that it was fine and assured the little girl that Emma was free to think and talk about Robin whenever Emma liked. Sam acknowledged that she could never take the place of Emma's real mother, but Sam loved Emma and hoped to be a different kind of mother to her stepdaughter. Emma was relieved because she adored Sam and thought Danny would make an "awesome" little brother.

Emma continued to work on the necklace then proudly showed it to Sam. Sam was impressed, so Emma offered to make one for Sam to wear on Sam's wedding day. Emma's smile suddenly faded when it occurred to her that something terrible might happen as it had when Patrick and Sabrina had exchanged vows. Anna quickly explained that Robin's return had been an extraordinary miracle because Robin hadn't really died. She reminded Emma that Robin and Patrick were divorced. Emma remained worried because she feared that Patrick might be the one who would end up getting hurt.

Sam and Anna gently explained that Jason was in heaven just like Duke, so nothing could stop Sam from marrying Patrick. Emma hoped that Sam was right because Emma didn't want to lose Sam the way she had lost both Robin and Sabrina. Anna's eyes filled with tears at her granddaughter's heartbreaking admission, but she managed to paste on a smile as she instructed Emma to get ready for bed. After Emma gave both Sam and Anna a hug, she scampered off. Anna commented that her granddaughter was a sensitive soul then changed the subject by asking if Sam had learned anything new about Sonny's shooting.

Sam was curious why Anna was determined to clear Carlos' name in Sonny's shooting when Carlos had murdered Duke. Anna remained evasive until Emma returned to announce that she had brushed and flossed her teeth and was ready for bed. Anna stood up, eager to tuck Emma in bed. Emma admitted that she couldn't wait for Patrick and Sam to marry because they would all be family. Emma hugged Sam and then disappeared into the bedroom with Anna.

At the hospital, Elizabeth called out to Jake as she raced to catch up with him, but Jake was frustrated because she had tried to cover up the phone call from Hayden. Elizabeth insisted that it had been a misunderstanding, but Jake informed her that he had asked Sam to trace the phone number. Elizabeth was hurt that Jake had enlisted Sam's help. Jake was unapologetic as Elizabeth walked to the nurses' station. She explained that Hayden had called to ask about an argument that Hayden had had with Nikolas prior to the shooting, but it had been the sound of Hayden's voice that had set Elizabeth off because it reminded Elizabeth of everything Hayden had done to Jake.

Jake appeared to believe Elizabeth, but she had to rush off when Ava arrived with Avery, calling out for help. Elizabeth led Ava to an examination room where Elizabeth examined the baby. Ava was frantic with worry because she didn't have Avery's medical records and feared that Avery's rash was a sign of a serious illness. Elizabeth calmly explained that Avery's pediatrician was on staff, so Avery's medical records were in the system. Elizabeth decided to fetch a dermatologist because she suspected that Avery had a simple case of eczema.

Ava relaxed as she revealed that being without her baby had been like a piece of her had been missing. Ava admitted that she lived in constant fear that everything would be ripped away at a moment's notice. Elizabeth's expression turned pensive as Ava's words struck a chord.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was stunned that Laura would think he was capable of murder. Laura admitted that she didn't want to believe it, but Elizabeth had made a very convincing argument. Nikolas seemed startled that Elizabeth had spoken to his mother about Hayden, but he wanted to know if his mother thought it was possible. Laura conceded that Elizabeth's theory was plausible, but Laura hoped Elizabeth's concerns were unfounded because Laura wanted to clear her conscience and allow Jason to live the life that Jason was meant to live.

Meanwhile, Hayden lurked in the hallway, eavesdropping as Nikolas strongly objected to Laura saying anything to Jason. Nikolas' outburst confirmed Laura's worst fear, but she demanded that her son admit that he had tried to have Hayden killed to keep Hayden from telling Jake that Jake was Jason. Nikolas reminded Laura that she had been known to resort to desperate measures when she had been pushed into a corner because when he had been a baby, she had left him with the Cassadines so she could escape the island. Nikolas promised that he had forgiven his mother, but she wondered if he expected her to accept what he had done.

Nikolas argued that Luke had caused Laura endless pain, but she had found a way to accept it and then let it go because she had loved Luke. Nikolas was certain that Laura loved him, so he asked for her to do the same for her son. Nikolas begged Laura to allow Elizabeth to be happy with the man she loved, but Laura argued that Jason had a family to consider. Nikolas insisted that Jason had new family with Elizabeth.

In the hallway, Hayden jumped when Jake suddenly approached her. To warn Nikolas of the arrival, she loudly asked what Jake was doing there. Nikolas tensed as Jake and Hayden entered the living room. Jake explained that he had stopped by to discuss Hayden's phone call with Elizabeth. Nikolas feigned confusion, so Hayden decided to play along by carefully explaining that she had hoped Elizabeth could shed some light on an argument with Nikolas that Hayden had suddenly recalled. Hayden claimed that she'd had the impression the argument had been about Elizabeth.

Jake warned Hayden to leave his future wife alone. Laura was startled by the news that Jake and Elizabeth were engaged. She questioned the wisdom of Jake getting married when he had no memory of his past. Nikolas tensed but remained silent as Laura warned Jake that history had a way to catching up with a person, so he owed it to Elizabeth to search for answers before he made her his wife. Jake appreciated the advice but ordered Hayden to leave Elizabeth alone because he refused to allow anyone or anything to jeopardize the love he had in his life.

After Jake stormed out, Nikolas asked for a moment alone with his mother, but Laura explained that it wasn't necessary because it was all in Jake's hands. Laura decided to check on her grandson and turn in for the night. After Laura left, Hayden revealed that she had overheard Nikolas' conversation with Laura. Nikolas was curious what Hayden had heard, but she carefully told him that she knew the argument had been about her. Nikolas claimed that he had told Laura that he cared enough about Hayden that Laura's opinion didn't matter. Hayden smiled sweetly as she told him that he was good to her then promised to pay him back for everything.

Outside Sonny's hospital room, Morgan, Michael, and Sabrina approached Felix. Michael thanked Felix for the phone call to let them know that Sonny was awake, but he was eager to know if there had been any repercussions from the embolism. Felix revealed that Sonny was paralyzed. Sabrina assured Michael and Morgan that people had recovered from similar circumstances with time and physical therapy. Michael and Morgan agreed that their father would be one of the success stories.

In Sonny's hospital room, Carly told Sonny that she wanted to marry him right away, but Sonny refused to consider it until he knew for certain that he would be able to walk again. Carly tearfully insisted that it didn't matter to her, but Sonny stubbornly refused to change his mind because he didn't want to be a burden. Carly was determined to remain by Sonny's side throughout his recovery because she was confident that he would eventually regain the use of his legs.

Sonny assured Carly that he loved her and acknowledged that they had agreed to get married to keep Ava from taking custody of Avery. Sonny suddenly wondered if Ric had made any progress in blocking Ava's attempt to secure custody of Avery, but Carly urged him to focus on his recovery. She assured him there was nothing to worry about. Michael and Morgan entered the room to greet their father. Sonny smiled but apologized for not having the strength to give each of his sons a hug. Sonny told Michael and Morgan about Carly's attempt to persuade him to marry her, and Michael and Morgan agreed that it was a good idea.

Carly quickly cut her sons off before they could mention that Ava had custody of Avery. Moments later, a nurse entered the room to fetch Sonny for an MRI. Sonny looked at the wheelchair with trepidation, but the nurse insisted that it was necessary.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth offered to take Avery's prescription for cream to the pharmacy. Ava thanked Elizabeth for being kind because Ava hadn't seen much kindness lately. Elizabeth confided that she knew what it was like to finally get what she wanted yet still be afraid that everything would crash down on her at any time. After Elizabeth went to the pharmacy, Ava sat down with Avery to wait for Elizabeth's return. Seconds later, Sonny rounded the corner.

Ava smirked when she saw Sonny's shocked expression. Sonny immediately ordered the nurse to step away then demanded to know what Ava was doing with Avery. Ava gloated that the courts had given her temporary custody until Sonny had recovered enough for a real custody battle in court. Ava pointedly looked at the wheelchair as she noted that it appeared Sonny would not be ready for quite some time. Livid, Sonny warned Ava to tread carefully. Ava feigned fear as she asked if he was threatening her, but Sonny glared at her as he advised her to research the people who had crossed him.

Sonny quietly informed Ava that his enemies all disappeared. In a menacing tone, he added that Ava was gone too; she simply didn't realize it. Ava's smile faded as Sonny called out to the nurse and asked to be taken back to his family. Sonny called over his shoulder that he would see Ava soon as she held her daughter closer.

In Sonny's hospital room, Michael and Morgan asked if Sonny knew that Ava had custody of Avery. Carly explained that she had avoided telling Sonny because he hadn't been strong enough. Michael and Morgan advised their mother to tell Sonny before he found out another way, but Carly confessed that she hadn't even told Sonny that Carlos was the prime suspect in the shooting. Michael warned Carly that Sonny needed to know because Ava had declared herself the head of the Jerome organization, which meant that Ava had likely put the hit on Sonny.

Carly decided that Sonny should discuss mob business with Max because Sonny wouldn't be pleased to learn that Michael had attended a meeting with the five families. Michael explained that it had been necessary because they had needed answers, but Carly insisted that Sonny had never wanted his sons to be involved with the mob. Carly tensed when Sonny unexpectedly returned to the hospital room and asked to be left alone with his family.

After the nurse and bodyguard left, Sonny told Carly, Michael, and Morgan about his encounter with Ava and Avery. Carly was worried about Avery's well-being, but Sonny assured Carly that their daughter appeared fine. However, he realized that he and Carly needed to get married. Sonny hated not being able to stand on his feet as he proposed, but he asked Carly to marry him. Carly's eyes filled with tears of joy as Michael and Morgan congratulated their parents then left to start making plans for the wedding.

Carly asked Sonny to tell her what she had wanted to hear. "You're right," Sonny answered with a smile. Sonny admitted that he had always needed her and always would, but he wanted full disclosure between them from that point forward. Carly agreed then officially accepted his proposal of marriage.

At the elevators, Michael and Morgan spotted Ava. Morgan decided to handle her. Michael left as Morgan approached Ava. Ava smiled, but Morgan quickly informed her that Sonny and Carly were getting married. Ava warned him that it wouldn't help, but she was curious why they couldn't find a way to get along for Avery's sake. Morgan resented Ava using Avery to manipulate everyone. He assured his sister that "Mommy and Daddy" would soon fetch Avery.

Michael returned to Sonny's hospital room with three cans of soda. After he handed both Sonny and Carly a can, he offered a toast to the happy couple. Michael admitted that Sonny and Carly were the strongest people he knew, and he hoped they never gave up on each other. Sonny grinned when Michael promised to always be there for Sonny.

Elsewhere, Jake caught up to Elizabeth to tell her about his talk with Hayden. Elizabeth became concerned when he mentioned that he had also spoken to Laura. She asked if Laura had said anything. Jake admitted that Laura had been surprised about the engagement. Elizabeth started to question Jake further, but Ava approached to ask for Avery's cream. Elizabeth offered to take Ava to the pharmacy to speed things along. Jake waited until Elizabeth had left then called Sam to ask for her help because he wanted to know who he was before he married Elizabeth.

At the Floating Rib, Sabrina and Felix sat down to have dinner and catch up. Felix was curious why Sabrina was drinking club soda. She reminded him that she was the designated driver. Felix smiled then gushed about his relationship with Donny. Sabrina was happy for her friend, but she suddenly felt sick when the food arrived. Sabrina ran to the bathroom, pressing her hand to her mouth.

A short time later, Sabrina returned and apologized. She blamed her nausea on a stomach flu, but Felix smiled knowingly as he asked if perhaps the condom had broken or Sabrina had forgotten to take a pill. Sabrina was shocked at the implication that she might be pregnant, but Felix reminded her that she'd had similar symptoms during her last pregnancy. Sabrina denied that she was pregnant, but Felix pushed for her to take a pregnancy test until she agreed to take one in the morning. Felix was certain that Michael would be "over the moon" if Sabrina was pregnant.

Dillon overhears a shocking confrontation

Dillon overhears a shocking confrontation

Thursday, October 8, 2015

On the Haunted Star, Nathan escorted Maxie to the set of Dillon's movie and looked around. Maxie grumbled about the working conditions, so Nathan decided to have a few words with Dillon to "lay down the law."

Nearby, Dillon was on the phone with Valerie, who wanted his assurance that he wouldn't tell Lulu about Dante's one-night stand with Valerie. Dillon reminded Valerie that he had promised to keep quiet, but Valerie feared that he might have changed his mind. Dillon admitted that it was unfair to keep Lulu in the dark about her unfaithful husband because Lulu deserved better, but Valerie warned Dillon that telling Lulu about Dante's indiscretion wouldn't send Lulu running into Dillon's arms. She reminded Dillon that Dante and Lulu loved each other and were committed to their marriage, so it was pointless to hurt Lulu over something that wouldn't happen again.

Meanwhile, Andy reviewed the footage from his camera and realized that he had recorded Dillon and Valerie's private conversation. Andy approached Dillon to let Dillon know, but Dillon cut him off to remind Andy that the documentary footage was Andy's responsibility. Dillon instructed Andy to deal with the footage as Andy saw fit -- unaware that it was a recording of Dillon and Valerie's conversation about Dante's affair. Dillon dismissed Andy and assured Valerie that he wouldn't do anything "stupid."

After Dillon ended the call, Nathan walked up to make veiled threats about shutting down the movie if the working conditions didn't improve. Frustrated, Dillon assured Nathan that all the paperwork was in order and no laws had been broken. Nathan whispered to Dillon to keep his hands off Maxie then he marched out. Maxie hid her embarrassment by suggesting that she and Dillon get to work, but he demanded an explanation for Nathan's hostility. Maxie revealed that Nathan wasn't happy about the sex scenes in the movie, but Dillon pointed out that it was choreographed and pretend, not actual intercourse.

Maxie assured Dillon that she had told Nathan that, but Nathan had remained uneasy about the scenes. She quickly changed the subject by confessing that she was concerned about a scene that required her to cry. Maxie explained that she had gone to the library to borrow a few books on acting, but she hadn't discovered any useful tips. Dillon advised Maxie to think of the saddest moment in her life. Her eyes filled with tears as she recalled her sister's death. Dillon confided that he also thought of Georgie's passing when he had to cry.

At the hospital, Dante and Lulu walked to the elevators as they talked about Sonny's prognosis. Lulu was encouraged by Sonny's optimistic view, but Dante worried that his father had not quite grasped the extent of Sonny's injuries. He reminded her that his father might not regain use of his legs even with surgery, but Lulu was confident that Sonny was tough enough to bounce back . Dante remained uneasy because it meant that Sonny would pick up where he had left off.

Dante vowed to find Sonny's shooter and make the person face justice. Lulu was certain that Dante would succeed, but she assured Dante that Sonny would be fine because Sonny had the support of Carly, his five children, and "awesome" grandchild, all of whom would help Sonny through the difficult journey ahead. Dante agreed then broached the subject of him and Lulu expanding their own family. Lulu was pleasantly surprised, but cautious because she didn't want Dante's desire for another child to be about his guilt over the kiss with Valerie. Dante promised that it was about how much he and Lulu loved each other, so she happily agreed to make an appointment with her doctor.

After Lulu walked away, Olivia exited the elevator. Olivia warmly greeted her son with an affectionate hug and asked about Sonny. Dante admitted there were concerns, but Sonny had improved. Olivia relaxed but sensed something was on her son's mind. He revealed that he and Lulu had decided to have a second child. Olivia squealed with delight over the prospect of another grandchild, but Dante asked her to control herself around Lulu because Lulu didn't need the added pressure. Olivia nodded in understanding but admitted that she couldn't wait to share the news with his brother Leo.

Dante was stunned when Olivia confided that Leo was in her hotel room with a nanny. He warned Olivia that it had been a big risk, but Olivia explained that she was tired of being separated from Dante and his family. She wanted both of her children to be together, but Dante argued that Julian would find out about Leo. Olivia wondered if it was possible that Julian had truly left the mob. Dante conceded that Ava had cleared Julian of any involvement in the mob and Sonny's shooting. However, he pointed out that Julian still faced charges for hijacking Sonny's shipments.

Olivia argued that it wasn't proof of Julian's guilt, but Dante wasn't swayed. He asked Olivia to hold off on making any decisions until he and Lulu had had a chance to sit down with her and talk things out as a family. Olivia agreed then left to check on Sonny. Moments later, Dante's phone rang. It was Nathan.

On the Haunted Star, Dillon and Maxie acted out an emotional scene between Declan and Marjorie. Lulu arrived carrying paper bags filled with food. The noise forced Dillon to stop filming. Annoyed, Dillon approached Lulu and blasted her for interrupting the shoot. Shocked, Lulu apologized but explained that she had picked up food for the crew, since she knew Dillon hadn't been able to pay a craft service. Dillon continued to berate Lulu for her lack of awareness then ranted about how people did whatever they pleased regardless of who it hurt.

Lulu appeared confused. Dillon told everyone to take a break and stormed out. Lulu admitted that she had never seen Dillon behave like that. Maxie explained that it had been an intense scene, so Dillon needed time to cool off because he had lost his focus. Lulu sensed there had been more to Dillon's anger and quickly realized that Maxie knew what it was. Maxie refused to tell Lulu, but Lulu continued to push until Maxie blurted out that Dillon was in love with Lulu.

At Kelly's, Sabrina sat at the counter as she spoke to Felix on the phone. She looked at the white paper bag and assured him that she had picked up the pregnancy test, but she admitted that she had been too busy to take it. Sabrina promised to do it as soon as possible so they'd know for sure if she was pregnant. "Pregnant?" Michael asked as he appeared beside her. Sabrina quickly wrapped up the call with Felix and then greeted Michael. She was relieved when he assumed that she and Felix had been talking about a patient.

Sabrina quickly changed the subject by asking about Sonny. He told her about Sonny and Carly's plans to get married. Sabrina smiled with approval. Moments later, Valerie approached the counter in a rush to place an order. Valerie set down a small white paper bag next to Sabrina's as she complained that she needed to pick up coffee and doughnuts for the district attorney. Michael revealed that he had an appointment with Paul, and he promised to keep Paul busy to buy Valerie some time. Grateful, Valerie thanked Michael.

Sabrina decided to leave with Michael and inadvertently picked up Valerie's bag as she grabbed her purse. A short time later, Valerie walked out juggling a box of doughnuts, a tray with four cups of coffee, and the small white paper bag when she bumped into Nathan. The box of doughnuts and paper bag fell to the ground, so Nathan leaned down to pick up the mess. Valerie became upset because she was already late, but Nathan calmly assured her that everything would be fine. He offered to fetch another box of doughnuts and meet Valerie at the police station.

After Valerie left, Nathan noticed the white paper bag on the ground. He called out to Valerie, but it was too late. He picked it up but tensed when a pregnancy test kit slid out.

Later, Dante entered the squad room. Nathan apologized for calling his friend, but Nathan had thought about what he would want if their situations had been reversed. Dante had no idea what Nathan was talking about. Nathan handed Dante the white paper bag as he explained that Valerie had dropped it. Dante looked in the bag just as Valerie approached the front desk. Nathan quickly excused himself.

In Paul's office, Paul was on the phone as he assured Ava that their plans were on track. He set down a copy of the Port Charles Press featuring a story about the unsuccessful search for Carlos and gloated that soon he would have what he needed to shut down the investigation into Sonny's shooting. After Paul ended the call, Tracy arrived bearing a gift. Paul warmly welcomed Tracy, but her eyes narrowed because he seemed to be trying too hard. Paul assured her that he was simply being his charming self, but Tracy thrust the small box at him. It contained a sand timer to help Paul keep his meetings from running too late.

Paul was curious why Tracy had really stopped by. Tracy admitted that she was curious if he had talked to Michael because she was concerned that the longer Michael remained at Sonny's side, the more likely Michael would get sucked into Sonny's world. Paul questioned Tracy's sincerity, so she explained that Michael controlled the largest number of ELQ shares next to Nikolas. Tracy didn't want to jeopardize Dillon's inheritance by having Sonny get his hands on Michael's shares of ELQ. Satisfied, Paul told her that he had a meeting scheduled with Michael for later that morning. Tracy glanced at the timer on his desk, advised him to manage his time better, and left.

A short time later, Michael arrived. Paul greeted Michael, but Michael was curious why Paul had called. Paul asked if Michael intended to pick up Sonny's mantle by taking over Sonny's business. Michael immediately became defensive as Paul warned Michael that it would be a mistake to enter Sonny's world because it could cost both Michael and those close to Michael. Michael's temper flared when he suddenly spotted the sand timer -- a familiar gift that Tracy handed out to all business associates.

Paul explained that he had been talking to Michael as the district attorney, not as a favor to Tracy, but Michael didn't believe him. Michael advised Paul to tell Tracy to deal with Michael directly. Paul revealed that he knew Sonny's organization remained active despite Sonny being sidelined, so whoever had stepped in for Sonny would feel heat from the police department. "Noted," Michael replied, and he stormed out.

In Julian's hotel suite, Julian tempted Alexis to wake up with a promise of breakfast. Alexis grumpily opened her eyes when he revealed that he had bacon, but all thoughts of breakfast vanished when she smiled up at him. Julian tossed the tray aside then jumped back into bed with her. After they made love, Julian surprised Alexis with a gift. It was a photo album with page after page of pictures of Alexis and her daughters through the years. She was stunned when Julian told her that Molly had helped with the project because Molly's love for Alexis had been stronger than Molly's hatred of him.

Julian showed Alexis that the back pages of the photo album were blank for new pictures. He fetched two glasses of Champagne and handed one to her as he conceded that he and Alexis still had some challenges to face because Julian still had the hijacking charges looming over his head. Alexis didn't care because she wanted to build a future with him. Julian was startled when Alexis suddenly asked him to move in with her. He warned her that Molly might object, but Alexis disagreed, since Molly had helped him with the album.

Julian relented. Alexis happily started to make plans, but Julian cautioned her to be careful because his future remained uncertain. Moments later, Paul called to talk to Alexis about Julian's case. After the call, Alexis announced that Paul had decided to drop the charges against Julian because the only witness against Julian had died. Alexis and Julian celebrated their good fortune.

Later, Alexis prepared to leave. She and Julian were elated that their troubles were finally behind them and they were free to focus on their future. Julian kissed Alexis goodbye and promised to meet her at the penthouse. After Alexis left, Julian noticed that she had forgotten something, so he ran to the door. He was shocked when he opened it and saw Olivia walk by holding a baby.

Meanwhile, Dillon paid his father a visit. Paul was pleasantly surprised, so Dillon told him about Nathan's veiled threats to shut down filming. Paul wondered if Dillon wanted Paul to intervene. Dillon reluctantly agreed because he couldn't allow Nathan's jealousy get in the way of the film's production. Paul sensed something else was on Dillon's mind. Dillon admitted that he cared about someone he couldn't have.

Paul empathized because Paul had been in a similar situation with Jenny before they had married. Paul advised Dillon to either be honest about his feelings or find a way to live with things as they were. Dillon explained that he didn't have a choice, which meant that he had to suffer in silence. After Dillon left Paul's office, he rounded a corner as Dante privately confronted Valerie about the pregnancy test.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina was confused when she found a box of candy in her paper bag instead of a pregnancy test kit. A short time later, Sabrina spoke to Felix on the phone. She claimed that she had lost her pregnancy test kit, so she'd had to dash out to get a new one. She claimed that she hadn't had time to take it, but she promised to call him once she had an answer. After the call, Sabrina looked at the test stick in her hand, which read positive.

Later, Sabrina sat on the floor, munching on the candy as numerous pregnancy test sticks with positive results were scattered on the coffee table. She was deep in thought until someone knocked on the door. Sabrina quickly tossed the sticks into a box, shoved them into a drawer, and answered the door. Tracy was curious why Sabrina had stood her up for breakfast. Sabrina immediately apologized, but Tracy noticed that Sabrina seemed distracted. Tracy suspected that it had to do with Michael. Sabrina admitted that everything was a mess.

Tracy warned Sabrina that things would get worse if Michael followed in Sonny's footsteps. Tracy urged Sabrina to help Michael get his head on straight just as Michael walked in. Michael was furious with Tracy's constant meddling, so he ordered her to leave. He made it clear that Sonny was his father, and he would do whatever was necessary to keep Sonny safe. In the hallway, Tracy appealed to Michael by reminding him that they were family, but he slammed the door in her face.

Inside the apartment, Michael regained his composure and asked how Sabrina's day had been. "Uneventful," Sabrina replied.

Olivia tells Julian that she adopted a baby

Olivia tells Julian that she adopted a baby

Friday, October 9, 2015

In Metro Court's hallway, Julian was startled when he saw Olivia holding a baby as she passed his hotel room. He assumed that she was babysitting for a friend, but Olivia surprised him by announcing that she had adopted the baby boy. According to Olivia, she had volunteered at a church in Bensonhurst, where a pregnant teenager had turned to the parish counselor for help to find a home for her unborn child. Olivia claimed that the counselor had thought of Olivia and the loss that Olivia had suffered with Leo's passing, so he had talked to Olivia about adopting the baby. Olivia told Julian that she had been reluctant at first, but had quickly changed her mind and adopted Mateo through a closed adoption.

Julian believed the story, but he admitted that it seemed strange to see Olivia with a baby who was the same age that their son would have been if Leo had lived. Olivia quickly explained that Mateo was a few weeks younger then started to rush off, but the diaper bag slipped from her shoulder. Rattled, Olivia tried to pick it up while juggling the baby, even though Julian had offered to clean up the scattered contents from the bag. Eventually, Julian just snatched the baby out of Olivia's arms when "Mateo" began to fuss. Olivia tensed when Julian noticed the baby's blanket had Leo's name stitched into it.

Olivia quickly explained that a friend had made the blanket as a gift to help Olivia remember Leo. She claimed that she had felt obligated to accept it but had decided to put it to use when she'd adopted "Mateo." Julian easily accepted the lie. After he handed the baby back to Olivia and returned to his room, Olivia breathed a sigh of relief because she had successfully fooled Julian and managed to find a way for her and Leo to remain in Port Charles without any questions.

At the police station, Dante pulled Valerie to a quiet corner in the hallway to confront her about the pregnancy test. Dillon started to pass by, but he quickly stepped back when he saw Dante and Valerie. Dillon eavesdropped as Dante demanded to know when Valerie had intended to tell him about the pregnancy. Nathan walked by and noticed Dillon, so Dillon quickly ducked out before Nathan realized what Dillon had been doing.

Meanwhile, Valerie marched into the interrogation room as she informed Dante that she was not pregnant and that the pregnancy test kit didn't belong to her. Dante told her that Nathan had seen her drop the bag with the kit in it, but Valerie angrily explained that it had clearly gotten mixed up with her bag of candy somewhere along the line. Valerie was offended by Dante's attitude. "Who the hell do you think you are?" she asked. Dante immediately apologized for the misunderstanding and admitted that he had panicked when he had thought she was pregnant.

Valerie assured Dante that she wasn't pregnant and added that he needn't worry because she wouldn't have kept it if she had been. Dante was shocked that Valerie thought that he would pressure her to not to have a child, but she assured him that he could never make her do anything against her will. However, she was curious what he would have done if she had been pregnant. Dante confessed that he had no idea.

Valerie appeared hurt, but she appreciated Dante's honesty. Dante begged her to forgive him because he deeply regretted his outburst. Valerie immediately softened as she admitted that he made it impossible for her to hate him. Dante promised that he wanted the best for Valerie and hoped that things worked out between her and Dillon. Valerie assured Dante that she wanted the best for him too.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu was stunned when Maxie blurted out that Dillon was in love with Lulu. Lulu insisted that Maxie was wrong because Lulu and Dillon's past relationship had been a colossal mistake. Maxie assured Lulu that Dillon had confided the truth about his feelings to Maxie, but Maxie had reminded Dillon of Lulu's commitment to Dante and Rocco. "I am right about that, aren't I?" Maxie asked. Before Lulu could reply, Dillon walked in.

Dillon asked to speak privately to Lulu, but Maxie didn't think it was a good idea. Lulu assured Maxie that it was fine. After Maxie reluctantly left, Dillon tried to find the right words to break the news about what he had witnessed at the police station between Dante and Valerie. Lulu cut him off because she assumed that he was trying to work up the nerve to declare his feelings for her. She admitted that she already knew what he wanted to tell her and promised that it was okay. As Lulu talked, Dillon became confused until she revealed that Maxie had told her about his feelings for Lulu.

Lulu conceded that she and Dillon had left a lot of things unresolved in the past, but she assured him that they could work through it and remain good friends. Dillon became increasingly frustrated as Lulu talked about her life with Dante and her devotion to her marriage. Dillon argued that Dante was not worthy of Lulu, but Lulu resented Dillon's insulting remark about her husband. Dillon insisted that Lulu didn't understand, and he caught her off guard with a passionate kiss.

In the squad room, Nathan was working at his desk when Maxie waltzed in and kissed him. Nathan grinned, but he was curious why she had stopped by. Maxie admitted that she was grateful for their "uncomplicated" relationship. She added that she loved him and always would, even when she became an A-list movie star. Her expression clouded with concern because she worried that Dillon would let his personal issues derail the movie, unless she found a way to keep him on track. Maxie decided to get back to the set. She gave Nathan a quick kiss and left.

Moments later, Dante approached Nathan's desk to reveal that Valerie was not pregnant and that it had been a big misunderstanding. Nathan was relieved but apologized for needlessly worrying Dante. Dante assured his friend and partner that he appreciated that Nathan had been looking out for him.

Meanwhile, Maxie passed the interrogation room as Valerie dropped the pregnancy test kit into the garbage can and watched Dante talk to Nathan. Maxie greeted Valerie but quickly picked up on Valerie's subdued tone. Valerie promised that she was fine and left. Maxie glanced into the squad room then started to follow Valerie out, but she froze when she noticed what Valerie had dropped into the garbage can.

At Wyndemere, Hayden nibbled on sliced apples as she thought about the conversation she had overheard between Nikolas and Laura when Nikolas had asked his mother to forget about Elizabeth's suspicions that he had tried to have Hayden killed and that Jake was Jason. "Penny for your thoughts," Nikolas said as he entered the room. Hayden smiled sweetly as she told him that she had been looking forward to the day because she had big plans for him. However, she confessed that she needed a favor.

Hayden explained that she wanted to take Nikolas out on a date, but she needed a proper outfit for the special evening. Nikolas grinned when Hayden suggested that they spend the day shopping then turn it into a romantic evening. Hayden insisted that she wanted to start living her life.

At Kelly's, Jake thanked Sam for meeting him because he had less than a month to find out about his past. Sam reminded him that it had been a year, and no one had reported him missing, but he argued that they couldn't be certain of that, since he had a new face. Sam doubted that Jake's past would matter to Elizabeth, but Jake confessed that Laura had made him realize that he owed it to Elizabeth to learn the truth about who he was because he might have a wife and child waiting for him to return home. Jake added that Laura had suggested it would be a gift if Jake could tell Elizabeth his real identity on their wedding day.

Sam promised to do whatever she could to help Jake, but she wondered where to start. Sam realized that Hayden was the key, but Jake insisted that Hayden had suffered amnesia as a result of the shooting. Sam pointed out that Hayden hadn't known the truth about Jake when Hayden had first arrived in town to help Ric scam Jake, which meant that Hayden had likely discovered Jake's real identity during her stay with Nikolas. Jake and Sam agreed that Nikolas knew the truth, but Jake couldn't imagine how it would benefit Nikolas to keep Jake's real identity a secret.

Sam was confident that she and Jake could get some answers from Nikolas' computer, since the safe hadn't yielded any answers. Jake and Sam perked up when they saw Nikolas and Hayden enter the diner. They realized that it was their chance to get into Wyndemere without being caught because Nikolas and Hayden were busy in town. Jake and Sam pulled on their jackets and started to leave as Nikolas and Hayden dropped several shopping bags on a chair.

Hayden gushed that Nikolas was a gentleman, but Sam stopped to clarify that her cousin had once been famous for his gentlemanly manners until he had lost his ethics. Hayden was curious if Sam always insulted people at first sight. Nikolas appreciated Hayden having his back, but he knew that Sam wasn't happy with him any more than he was happy with the company his cousin kept. Nikolas pointedly glanced at Jake, but Sam informed Nikolas that she hadn't asked his opinion.

Hayden thought it was clear that Nikolas wasn't interested in a relationship with Sam, but Sam confessed that she missed the man that Nikolas had once been. After Sam and Jake left, Nikolas and Hayden sat down. Nikolas shifted gears to ask what Hayden had bought. She decided to give him a glimpse by unbuttoning her blouse enough to show him the black bustier she had picked up. Nikolas was taken aback that she would practically strip in a family diner. It made him wonder what was really going on.

Hayden was pleased to notice that Nikolas had blushed, but she reminded him of the attraction simmering between them. Hayden explained that she wanted to repay Nikolas for all his kindness. Nikolas questioned if it was just about "payback." Hayden smiled seductively as she told him it was, but it would take time. He grinned as he assured her that he looked forward to it.

Hayden asked if Nikolas had feelings for her, and he admitted that he didn't "not care" about her. Nikolas suddenly decided that he wasn't hungry and suggested that they return to Wyndemere.

At Wyndemere, Sam and Jake slipped into the parlor and immediately approached the desk where they hoped Nikolas had stored the laptop. Sam used her skills to pick the lock on the drawers, but the laptop was nowhere to be found. Seconds later, they heard Nikolas and Hayden return. Sam and Jake managed to slip out the patio door just as Nikolas and Hayden entered the room. Nikolas was eager for Hayden to model her new purchases, but Hayden warned him that she had bought a lot of clothes and wanted to surprise him with her outfit for dinner. Nikolas suggested that she model everything except what she planned to wear later.

Outside, Sam and Jake decided to break into Nikolas' office, so they scaled the castle wall to the second floor. Sam was surprised when the door leading to the office was locked, since she couldn't imagine why anyone would lock a balcony door on the second floor. She once again picked the lock. Jake followed her to the desk, where they located the laptop. Sam used a "thumb drive" from Spinelli to hack into Nikolas' computer and downloaded everything onto a flash drive.

Moments later, Sam and Jake escaped through the balcony door when they heard Nikolas and Hayden. Hayden was curious why Nikolas had decided to take her to his office. He kissed her passionately as he leaned her across his desk.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth tried on wedding veils. She smiled as she realized that she and Jason were really getting married. Moments later, she answered a knock at the door. It was Laura. Elizabeth tensed, but Laura smiled pleasantly as she greeted Elizabeth and entered the house. Laura revealed that she had heard about Jason and Elizabeth's engagement, and she urged Elizabeth to tell Jason the truth before it was too late.

Elizabeth insisted that too many people would be hurt by the truth, especially Sam and Patrick, who had created a new family with Emma and Danny. Laura argued that Jason's memories might return, which meant that Elizabeth's marriage would be invalid, since he already had a wife. Elizabeth was willing to risk it because it had been a year, and Jason hadn't remembered anything. Laura promised that she cared about Elizabeth, but she wondered if Elizabeth had considered how the truth might affect Cameron, Aiden, and little Jake. Laura thought that little Jake had a right to know that Jake was his real father.

Laura pointed out that Helena, Nikolas, Laura, Lucky, and Elizabeth knew the truth. "And let's not forget about Hayden," Laura added. Elizabeth was confident that Hayden's memories wouldn't return, but Laura admitted that she didn't trust Hayden. Moments later, little Jake arrived home. Elizabeth became alarmed when she noticed a cut above his eyebrow, so she asked what had happened. Little Jake claimed that he had fallen and promised that he was fine, but Elizabeth insisted on cleaning up the cut.

After Elizabeth dashed off to fetch a first aid kit, Laura took the opportunity to ask little Jake how things had been going since his return from Cassadine Island. Little Jake ignored the question as Elizabeth returned to the room and quickly cleaned and patched up the cut. Laura smiled as she remarked that little Jake was lucky to have a mother who was a nurse. Little Jake agreed as Elizabeth lovingly hugged him. Laura's expression turned concerned as she studied the boy.

After little Jake left to play, Laura asked Elizabeth how little Jake had been adjusting. Elizabeth assured Laura that little Jake was doing well in school, but Laura was curious if he had made any friends. Elizabeth conceded that it hadn't been easy for little Jake and that his teachers had expressed some concern, but little Jake had Cameron and Aiden. Elizabeth was confident that things would change with time, but Laura reminded Elizabeth that none of them knew what little Jake had endured during his four years on the island. Elizabeth assured Laura that she had asked little Jake about it, but all he had told her was that the food had been good, the nannies had been nice, and he'd had a lot of time to play.

Laura pointed out that little Jake had been isolated from other children during that time. She suggested that perhaps it might help little Jake to talk to a professional. Elizabeth became defensive because her son had been through enough, but Laura continued to push by adding that little Jake deserved to know that Jake was Jason. Neither Elizabeth nor Laura realized that little Jake had been sitting on the staircase listening to their conversations with an expression of rage, his eyes narrowed.

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