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Paul passionately kissed Ava. Spinelli's software program created an image of Jake before the surgery. Sabrina confessed that Carlos might be her baby's father. Dillon's sizzle reel was mixed up with Andy's recording of Valerie's confession about Dante.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 26, 2015 on GH
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Maybe, Baby

Maybe, Baby

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sam arrived at the police station just as Spinelli was telling Jordan that if there had been a glitch in General Hospital's computer system, it had not been his doing. Sam informed the two that she was there to make sure Spinelli exercised his "right to remain silent" without a lawyer present. Right on cue, Diane entered the station.

Diane advised Jordan that, if Jordan didn't let Spinelli go, it would be a waste of the department's time and resources. Jordan informed Diane that the security breach in the hospital's mainframe had been traced back to Spinelli. Diane requested a room in which to interview Spinelli. Jordan agreed, but only after she had processed Spinelli. Diane warned him not to say a word, and he left with Jordan.

In the interrogation room, Diane demanded an explanation from Sam as to how Spinelli had gotten caught. Sam explained about how they were helping Jake discover his real identity. As she wrapped up the story, Diane noticed Sam's engagement ring and said, "Is that wise?" Sam assured Diane that she and Patrick hadn't rushed into the decision. Diane reminded Sam that she'd "had a front row seat" for Sam and Jason's relationship. She respected Patrick, but she knew that Sam thrived on adventure.

Sam told Diane that she had grieved for Jason and needed to move on with her life. Diane suddenly understood why Sam was going so far to help someone she barely knew.

As Elizabeth entered her house, she caught little Jake insisting that big Jake was his father. Jake told the boy that he couldn't wait to be little Jake's stepfather. Elizabeth sent big Jake into the kitchen and sat down with her son. Elizabeth explained that, once she and Jake were married, Jake would be little Jake's stepfather. "That's not what you told grandma," little Jake countered.

Jake returned from the kitchen with milk and cookies. Elizabeth grabbed them from him. She took little Jake upstairs to "get him settled." A few minutes later, she returned, expressing worry about her son. She thought about taking Laura's suggestion and calling Kevin. She suggested that little Jake needed more "one-on-one" time with his mother. Jake replied that he had something to take care of anyway, so he kissed her, and she returned upstairs. Jake called Sam and asked her to meet him. She suggested the pier, and they agreed to meet soon.

A short while later, Elizabeth and little Jake sat downstairs talking. She told little Jake that she and Laura had been talking about "grown-up things that you wouldn't understand." Little Jake remembered hearing Elizabeth say that he had both his mother and his father. She didn't think it mattered because they would all be a family "in a few weeks." She knew things were confusing, but she believed that they would all be happy.

Sam left Spinelli's case in Diane's hands. As Sam left, Diane called out for Sam to give her regards to Jake. Shortly after Sam left, Spinelli returned, escorted by Jordan. Diane instructed Jordan to check her messages, since there would be a message from the judge.

When Jordan was gone, Diane demanded to know why Spinelli had taken so many risks. Spinelli had thought it important to uncover Jake's identity. Moments later, Jordan returned. She informed Spinelli that he was "free to go" but warned him that, if he broke into the hospital's records again, even Diane wouldn't be able to save him. Jordan left, and Spinelli hugged Diane. She instructed him not to do any more hacking, since his skills were "not as they once were." He promised to stop -- as soon as he figured out who Jake really was.

At the pier, Jake apologized to Sam for taking out his frustration on her and Spinelli. He informed her that Elizabeth had asked him to let his search for his past go. He continued that, after little Jake had insisted that big Jake was his father, he'd realized how invested Elizabeth and her family were in him. "What if I'm the worst thing to happen to them?" he wondered.

Sam assured Jake that she didn't get a "shady" vibe from him. "Yeah, I recently killed three men," he reminded her. She believed that he was a good man with an instinct for protecting people. "It's a good thing we kept digging," Sam divulged. She quickly updated him on Spinelli's situation, and Jake regretted causing it. "If the truth is as bad as I think, I'm prepared to walk away from Elizabeth," he confessed.

Sam promised that Spinelli would uncover Jake's identity. She reassured him that if he were really a bad guy, he would be hiding from his identity. "I wish I shared your faith," he admitted. Sam vowed that by the time he married Elizabeth, he would know who he really was.

At the hospital, Dante wished that he and Lulu didn't have to "jump through hoops" in order to have another child. Lulu couldn't wait to start the process, and Dante promised to do all he could in order to support her. She was surprised to learn that he would even take a desk job at the station because he had reevaluated his priorities. "Family is irreplaceable," he told her as Dr. Lee arrived.

"We have lots to discuss," Dr. Lee told Dante and Lulu when they were in her office. She explained the procedures of implanting the embryo and warned them about the "steep" odds. With only one embryo, they stood a sixteen percent chance of having a successful pregnancy. Dr. Lee left Dante and a tearful Lulu to talk about it.

Dante thought that he and Lulu could change their minds. He didn't want Lulu to blame herself and feel like a failure should she lose the baby. He suggested that they count their blessings and "be done." Lulu was happy with their family, but she wanted a chance to carry their child. She insisted that they could handle anything together. Dante agreed, and Lulu thought it was perfect timing, explaining, "I can get the Halloween fundraiser out of the way so I can focus on our child." She decided to tell Dr. Lee that they would start the procedures the day after Halloween.

"We have big news," Michael told Sonny and Carly. He happily announced that he and Sabrina were having a baby. He admitted to his shocked parents that he'd been surprised, but it had been the "best news of my life." Both Sonny and Carly told him how nothing was more important than being a parent. Michael divulged that Sabrina had been nervous to tell him, but he'd known that his parents would be "thrilled." He wanted them to know in order to lift their spirits but also to get Sonny's "wisdom."

Sonny revealed that, after Michael had been born, his focus had changed from gaining power to protecting his son. "Nothing matters more to me," he added. Michael babbled on about all the preparations they needed to make. Carly advised him to slow down because they had time. Sonny asked for a minute with Michael, so Carly and Sabrina left the room. Sonny advised Michael that he needed to do "the right thing" and marry Sabrina.

Sabrina thanked Carly for her support. In return, Carly advised her not to rush into anything. Michael exited Sonny's room and made sure his mother was all right. She tearfully told him that he was her firstborn, and she prayed that Michael and Sabrina's child would give them as much joy as Michael had given to Sonny and Carly. Michael told Sabrina that they had "lots to talk about," so the two left.

Back in Sonny's room, Carly wondered what Sonny had told Michael. "I told him he should marry Sabrina," he answered plainly. "Hell, no," Carly exclaimed. Sonny explained that Sabrina was carrying Michael's child. "So what?" Carly asked. "You didn't marry every woman you got pregnant," she retorted. Carly divulged that Michael and Sabrina didn't know or love each other. She believed that the two had only been consoling each other after losses, which wasn't a foundation for a marriage.

Sonny informed Carly that Sabrina had stood by Michael through some low points. "Babies change things," he added. He wondered why Carly was suddenly talking badly about Sabrina. Carly insisted that she liked Sabrina, but she wouldn't let Michael marry her. "It's not up to you," Sonny lightly reminded her. He thought that Michael would do what he thought was right, and his "track record" with that kind of thing was better than Sonny's or Carly's. He knew that nothing would sway Michael's opinion.

"Heaven help that kid," Carly said as she got into bed next to Sonny. They reminisced about Michael's younger years. Sonny teased that Michael having a child would mean that Carly was going to be a grandmother.

On the terrace of the Quartermaine mansion, Sabrina praised Michael for being "so wonderful" about the bombshell she'd dropped on him. He promised to do everything he could in order to give their baby the best life. "I would do anything for this child," she agreed. "I was hoping you would say that," Michael replied cryptically.

Michael told Sabrina that, through his "intense childhood, I never doubted my parents' love." He wanted them to be a family. He got down on one knee and asked, "Will you do me the honor of marrying me?" "Michael, the honor would be mine," she replied. She continued that, while he was "the best man I know, I can't marry you."

Sabrina turns down Michael's marriage proposal

Sabrina turns down Michael's marriage proposal

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

At Anna's new home, Emma walked down the staircase to model a Halloween costume. Emma admitted that she'd hoped being "Joy" from Inside Out would cheer Anna up. Anna appreciated Emma's concern, but assured her that it was simply a temporary "rough patch." Moments later, the doorbell rang. Emma was excited because she hoped Patrick had managed to get off work early, and she ran to the door. However, she jumped with fright when a man wearing a skull mask greeted her.

Paul chuckled as he pulled off the mask and apologized for startling Emma. He tried to make it up to her by offering her a lollipop, but Emma explained that she wasn't allowed to take candy from strangers. Anna assured Emma that it was fine, so Emma took the lollipop. Paul remarked about the cute costume, but Emma revealed that she had others to try on because Anna had bought several, since Emma hadn't been able to make up her mind what to be for Halloween. Anna added that she intended to return the costumes Emma didn't select.

After Anna sent Emma to try on the next costume, Paul admitted that Anna's granddaughter was delightful. He couldn't wait until Dillon settled down and gave him grandchildren. Anna cut to the chase by asking why Paul had dropped by. Paul admitted that he wanted to talk to her about Carlos. Anna led him to the living room, where he admitted that he knew she had been snooping around the morgue and asking about Carlos' autopsy. Anna claimed that she had hoped seeing Carlos' body would give her closure, but Paul didn't believe her.

Emma entered the living room, wearing a different costume. Paul praised the costume, but he was curious who Emma was. Emma told him she was the evil queen's daughter Princess Evie from the movie Descendants. Emma explained that Anna had helped Emma understand that Evie wasn't evil because Evie followed her heart rather than her brain, which had led Evie to do some bad things. Paul admitted that it was an excuse that criminals often used.

Paul wondered if Emma had other costumes to try on, so Emma scampered off to change. After Emma left, Paul asked why Anna had really been at the morgue. Anna admitted that it was suspicious that the body identified as Carlos had been quickly cremated, and there had been inconsistencies with the medical examiner's report. Paul assured Anna that the medical examiner hadn't made any mistakes, but Anna questioned if the body had been Carlos. Paul conceded that Anna had been in a unique position to know.

Alarmed, Anna asked what Paul had meant by the comment, but Emma returned. Paul was curious who Emma was dressed as, but Emma explained that she hadn't liked the last costume and had put on her own clothes. Paul admitted that the first costume had been nice, but the second costume had had an edge. Emma was curious if having an edge was good. Paul assured her that it was because it made people think twice about messing with a person.

Emma didn't know what to think of that. Paul smiled because Emma had spirit. Anna announced that it was time for Emma to do homework. After Emma left, Paul admitted that he liked Emma, but Anna asked Paul to leave by claiming she was too busy for guests. Paul promised to remain in touch and left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Sabrina stood on the patio as he asked her to marry him. Sabrina was honored and admitted that he was the best man she knew, but she declined the proposal. Stunned, Michael wondered why, since Sabrina had already agreed to move in with him and they had a baby on the way. Sabrina assured Michael that she loved him, which only served to add to his confusion. They entered the living room as she explained that it was too soon for them to get married. Sabrina feared that their relationship wasn't strong enough for marriage, and she felt as if he were being forced into it.

Michael reminded Sabrina that they would forever be connected to each other through their child, but she didn't want him to feel obligated to marry her because she was pregnant. Michael promised that he would have asked her eventually because they loved each other. Sabrina insisted that love wasn't enough; they needed to spend time living together and see if they could deal with the pressure of the pregnancy before taking the next step. Michael and Sabrina suddenly heard Tracy yell to Monica to stop walking away from Tracy, but Monica was unapologetic as she entered the living room, explaining that she wasn't interested in hearing what Tracy had to say. Hot on Monica's heels, Tracy walked in complaining about Danny being in Tracy's bedroom.

Monica accused Tracy of being mad because Danny had slipped into Tracy's closet and played hide-and-seek with Tracy's vast array of "support hose." Tracy argued that it was the principle, but she smiled when she saw Michael and Sabrina because Tracy decided to make an exception for their baby. Stunned, Monica asked what Tracy was talking about. Michael admitted that Sabrina was pregnant, but Sabrina quickly clarified that Tracy had figured things out before Sabrina had had a chance to tell Michael.

Tracy suggested that Michael might have noticed if he hadn't been busy running Sonny's criminal organization. Michael denied being involved with the mob and added that Tracy wouldn't need to continue to sic her boyfriend Paul on Michael. Tracy changed the subject by asking if Michael and Sabrina intended to get married. Michael admitted that they had put marriage plans on hold, which fueled Tracy's suspicions that Sabrina wisely had reservations about Michael's role in Sonny's world. Monica warned Tracy that Michael and Sabrina's plans weren't of any concern to Tracy, but Tracy disagreed because the baby would be a Quartermaine. Monica and Tracy began to bicker, but Michael asked everyone to get along.

Monica backed down but asked when Sabrina was due. Sabrina suddenly decided that she needed fresh air and ran out to the patio. Michael followed and apologized for Monica and Tracy's behavior. Michael assumed that Sabrina had been overwhelmed and promised to put both Sabrina and the baby first.

Inside, Tracy admitted that Edward would have been delighted that the Quartermaine family was flourishing. Monica smiled as she agreed because little Jake had returned, Danny was asleep in one of the bedrooms, and soon Michael would be a father. Monica smiled because even though both A.J. and Jason were gone, their spirits lived on. Tracy and Monica each held up a flute of Champagne to toast to their growing family.

At the Floating Rib, Nikolas invited Hayden to order a drink with dinner. Hayden was reluctant because she didn't know if her coworkers at ELQ would approve of her showing up on the first day with a hangover. She worried that they might question why she'd been hired. Nikolas replied that it was because she was his girlfriend. Hayden wondered if she truly was his girlfriend, but Nikolas became distracted when he saw his cousin at the bar. Despite Hayden's objection, Nikolas approached Sam to confront her about breaking into his home and hacking his computer.

Sam claimed that she didn't have time because she had plans to meet her father. Nikolas was disappointed by his cousin's attitude, but Sam refused to apologize because she was certain that Nikolas knew who Jake really was and that Hayden was being deceptive. Nikolas threatened to press charges against Sam the next time she broke into his home, but Sam countered that Jake could press charges against Nikolas for running a DNA test without Jake's authorization. Sam suggested that they call it a draw, since both Nikolas and Hayden's strategy had worked because Jake had given up on his quest for answers.

Satisfied, Nikolas mentioned that he would see Sam at the wedding, but she warned him that he would be an outcast. Sam walked away. Near the door, Sam received a text message from Spinelli informing her that he had hit a snag, but he was hard at work searching for answers.

Meanwhile, Hayden was curious if Nikolas had believed Sam. Nikolas was confident that Sam had told the truth. Hayden wondered if Sam had also been right about Nikolas being an outcast at the wedding, but Nikolas was certain he could count on Lulu. Hayden suggested that Nikolas would have more support if he made their relationship official by taking her as a date. Nikolas seemed reluctant, but Hayden continued to push until Nikolas asked why it was important to her. Hayden claimed that she was eager to feel alive again by cutting loose, and the wedding would provide her with an opportunity.

Nikolas smiled and politely invited Hayden to be his date for the wedding. She happily accepted then suggested that perhaps the wedding might spark her to remember who Jake really was. Nikolas' smile faded.

At the hospital, Julian sent Lucas a text message asking Lucas and Sam to meet him at 2183 Belleforest Drive because Julian had a surprise for his children. Lucas replied that he hoped it was a nice surprise.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Dante and Lulu were relieved when they saw Olivia. Lulu explained that she and Dante had been worried about Olivia because Julian had learned the truth about Leo. Olivia assured Dante and Lulu that everything was fine because Julian and Olivia had managed to work out a satisfactory custody arrangement. Lulu was pleased, but Olivia changed the subject by asking both Dante and Lulu to be Leo's godparents. Lulu happily agreed, but Dante didn't answer.

Olivia worried about Dante's reaction, but he brushed it off as being concerned about Lulu. Lulu assured both Dante and Olivia that she intended to rely on her faith to help her through the process and deliver a healthy baby. Pleased, Olivia realized that she had made the right choice with Lulu. Dante assured his mother that he would be honored to be Leo's godfather.

At Julian and Alexis' new home, Alexis and Julian were seated on the floor as Alexis demonstrated how to properly change Leo's diaper. Julian remained uncertain, but Alexis promised that he would master the skill quickly. Alexis picked Leo up and held him tightly as Julian apologized for how Leo had changed everything. Alexis assured Julian that she didn't have any regrets and that seeing Julian with Leo made her fall deeper in love with Julian. Julian kissed Alexis then admitted that he couldn't wait to introduce Sam and Lucas to their brother.

Later, Sam and Lucas arrived. They questioned whose house it was, so Alexis revealed that Julian had bought the house for Alexis. Sam was stunned but happy for her mother. Sam decided to give Alexis a "housewarming gift" by showing off the engagement ring. Alexis was thrilled for Sam and Patrick. Sam was curious where Julian was. "Here I am," Julian answered as he entered the living room with Leo.

After Julian introduced Sam and Lucas to Leo, Sam admitted that she couldn't believe it was real. Lucas was shocked that Olivia had lied about Leo because he recalled how brokenhearted Julian had been. Julian assured Lucas that Julian and Olivia had worked everything out and settled on a custody arrangement that made everyone happy. Sam and Lucas were impressed and promised to make a point of reminding Leo that Julian was a good father.

Later, Olivia arrived. Olivia was relieved that Julian and Alexis lived in a safe neighborhood and pleased when she saw all the toys Julian and Alexis had for Leo. Julian promised that Olivia didn't have to worry about Leo's safety, but Alexis explained that a mother always worried. Olivia seized the opportunity to apologize to both Sam and Lucas for lying about Leo. Sam admitted that she was just happy that Leo was alive, but Lucas seemed less enthusiastic as he accepted Olivia's apology.

After Olivia collected Leo's things and prepared to leave with her son, she bragged that Leo was the best baby. Julian agreed that they had created a miracle. Nearby, Sam received a text message update from Spinelli informing her that he had made progress in the search for Jake's real identity.

On the Haunted Star, Dillon was working on the laptop when Maxie walked in to announce that she had made headway raising money online for the film. She also waved a generous check in front of Dillon's face but refused to turn it over until he told her what he knew about Dante. Dillon agreed, but first he wanted to show her a short reel of the movie he had made. Dillon hoped to play it during the Halloween party to help raise funds. Maxie was stunned there was a secret about Dante, but she focused on the reel because she hoped to use it online to generate more interest in the movie.

Later, Maxie's excitement dwindled because she hated the way she looked on film. She insisted that she had "Donald Trump" hair, but Dillon disagreed. Dillon decided to continue editing what he had filmed for the movie as Lulu and Dante arrived to start decorating for the Halloween party. Lulu approached Maxie, prompting Maxie to ask for Lulu's advice about Maxie's hair.

Meanwhile, Dillon continued to view footage of the film. After one scene ended, Lulu appeared on camera, so Dillon paused the footage and zoomed in on Lulu's smiling face, unaware that Dante had walked up. Dante coldly asked what Dillon was staring at. Dillon claimed that he had been working on the film, but Dante demanded to know why Lulu's face was on the screen. Dillon explained that he had been editing the film, but Dante didn't believe him. Dillon resented Dante's attitude because Dante had been the one who had betrayed Lulu.

Dante reminded Dillon that Dillon had promised not to say anything about the affair, but Dillon was sick of Dante's "sanctimonious, holier-than-thou hypocrisy."

Nearby, Lulu asked what Dillon had said when Maxie had given him Nina's check. Maxie confessed that she had withheld the check until Dillon told her what he was hiding about Dante. Lulu reminded Maxie that Dillon had been bluffing, but Maxie explained that Dillon had let it slip that he knew something. Moments later, Dillon walked up and announced that he had something to tell Lulu.

Ava turns to Kiki for help

Ava turns to Kiki for help

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

At the Floating Rib, Spinelli thanked Jake for stopping by. Jake apologized for his angry outburst the last time they had seen each other, but Spinelli empathized with Jake's frustration. Spinelli explained that he had designed software that would provide them with a picture of what Jake had looked like prior to the facial reconstruction surgery, but Spinelli had hit a snag when the police had arrested him for illegally downloading Jake's medical files. Jake realized that Spinelli needed another set and agreed to take care of it. Pleased, Spinelli gave Jake an email address to send the files to.

At the hospital, Ric bumped into Elizabeth. Ric explained that he was there to see Sonny. Elizabeth revealed that Sonny had been moved to another room. Ric admitted that he had heard about Elizabeth's engagement and surprised her by congratulating her. Elizabeth relaxed and thanked Ric.

After Ric left, Jake showed up to surprise Elizabeth with lunch from the Floating Rib. Elizabeth was delighted until Jake started to leave. He admitted that he didn't want to get her in trouble with Dr. Obrecht, but Elizabeth insisted that Jake stay for lunch and led him to the conference room. A short time later, Elizabeth gently wiped her mouth and warned Jake that he spoiled her. Jake assured her that he enjoyed it. Smiling, Elizabeth announced that she had a present for him, but it was in her locker.

Jake waited until Elizabeth had left before he went to the nurses' station to ask a nurse to release his medical records and email them to a specific address. After the nurse left to take care of the request, Elizabeth returned to give Jake the gift. She conceded that it might be "cheesy," but she wanted him to know that his past wasn't important to her. Jake smiled when he pulled a sign for the house that read "Mr. and Mrs. Jake Doe 145 Lexington Ave" from the gift bag.

Later, Elizabeth and Jake entered an unoccupied room because they had been kicked out of the conference room. She explained that they had to go to the courthouse together to apply for a marriage license, but she had decided to print up a copy of the application to give them an idea of what kind of questions Jake would have to answer. It quickly became clear that all Jake could provide was a name, address, and social security number. Elizabeth assured him that it was fine because all that mattered was that they would be married.

Jake hoped he made Elizabeth happy and began to nibble on her neck. He kissed her, but she reluctantly pulled back because she didn't want to risk being caught by Dr. Obrecht. Jake warned her that he intended to pick up where they had left off when they arrived home. Elizabeth smiled.

At the apartment, Kiki lounged on the sofa as she sipped a glass of wine. Eventually, she scrolled through her phone list until she found Morgan's number. Kiki quickly typed out an apology then sent the text message to Morgan.

Outside Sonny's hospital room, Morgan blocked Ric from entering. Ric insisted he was there to discuss the custody hearing, but Morgan warned Ric not to screw things up because it was important for Sonny to get Avery back. Ric assured Morgan that he was well aware of what it meant to Sonny and entered Sonny's room. Ric greeted his brother, but Sonny immediately questioned Ric about the status of the custody hearing, while Carly stood by the door with an expression of contempt as she glared at Ric. Ric started to get his paperwork in order as Morgan entered the room.

Sonny and Carly assured Morgan that it wasn't necessary for him to stay, but Morgan wanted to hear what Ric had to say. Moments later, Morgan received Kiki's text message. Puzzled by the apology, Morgan excused himself and left. Sonny quickly grew tired of waiting for Ric to get the paperwork together and demanded to know when Avery would be returned home. Ric admitted that Sonny's hospitalization posed a problem because Sonny had been injured by a "business rival." Sonny became defensive when Ric commented that Sonny wasn't strong enough to deal with the custody issue.

Carly stepped in and asked Ric to join her in the hallway. Sonny objected, but Carly explained that she didn't want Sonny getting upset and promised everything would be fine. In the hallway, Carly blasted Ric for suggesting that Sonny wasn't strong enough to deal with the obstacles of a custody hearing, but Ric assured Carly that it had merely been a poor choice of words. However, he reminded Carly that Sonny had been through a lot. Carly agreed, but she argued that it was imperative to get Avery away from Ava because Ava was a sociopath.

After Ric left, Carly returned to Sonny's hospital room. Sonny admitted that he hated having to rely on the legal system to get Avery back, but Carly insisted that they had to do things the right way to keep Avery safe from Ava. Carly reminded Sonny that he had his family's support, and she was confident that they would have Avery back where she belonged. Sonny smiled because he was glad that he had married Carly.

Later, Carly announced that she had to leave to put the finishing touches on Josslyn's Halloween costume, since Josslyn had outgrown the ear of corn costume. Sonny was curious what Josslyn had decided to go as, but Carly explained that she couldn't tell him because Josslyn wanted to surprise him. Sonny regretted not being able to take Josslyn trick-or-treating, but he vowed that he would the next year. Carly was thrilled with Sonny's positive outlook and added that Ric had been wrong to question Sonny's strength.

At the Jerome Gallery, Scott suggested that Ava hang the picture of Avery on the wall because he couldn't make heads or tails out of the rest of the artwork. Ava set the framed photograph on her desk then reminded Scott that she had hired him for his legal advice. Ava wanted to know her chances of securing full custody of her daughter. Scott admitted that it had helped having the murder charges against Ava dropped, but it was an uphill battle because Sonny made Ava look like a monster.

Scott explained that Sonny was a local celebrity, despite being a criminal, and he had a passel of children practically lining up for a Christmas card photo, ready to sing Sonny's praises as a father. Scott added that Sonny had also married Carly, which meant that Sonny could provide Avery with a two-parent home. Ava insisted that single parents were perfectly capable of raising children and pointed to her daughter Kiki as an example of Ava's ability to parent. Scott argued that Kiki wanted nothing to do with Ava, but Ava explained that Kiki was merely upset.

Ava was confident that her bond with Kiki hadn't been broken and that Kiki loved Avery enough to help Ava. Scott was curious if Kiki's love for Ava would surface before the custody hearing because it would help if Kiki testified on Ava's behalf. Ava assured him that it wouldn't be a problem.

At the apartment, Kiki was pleased when Morgan stopped by for a visit. Morgan explained that he had been surprised to receive her text message. Kiki confessed that she regretted the way she had treated him on the Haunted Star and invited him inside. She offered to fetch some snacks, but Morgan suggested that she pour him a glass of wine while he grabbed hors d'oeuvres. After Morgan disappeared into the kitchen, his cell phone beeped. Kiki checked it and saw a text message from Darby inviting Morgan to meet Darby at the Floating Rib.

Kiki replied with a text message that read, "Sorry, can't -- busy having sex with Kiki." Moments later, Morgan returned. The two started to chat, but Morgan's phone beeped again. Kiki tried to discourage him from checking it, but he picked it up. Morgan's expression clouded with confusion as he read, "Thanks for the heads-up -- whatever floats your boat." Morgan wondered why Darby would send him a message like that and scrolled through the chat until he saw Kiki's message to Darby.

Stunned, Morgan asked why Kiki had sent the text message to Darby. Kiki claimed that she had been joking around, but Morgan wasn't amused. He couldn't understand why Kiki seemed to always run hot and cold. Annoyed, Kiki reminded Morgan that he had been the one to cheat on her with her mother. Morgan admitted that it had been stupid, and he apologized, but Kiki informed him that she would never forgive him for the betrayal.

After Morgan left, Kiki chugged a glass of wine. She quickly put the glass down when someone knocked on the door. Her hope that Morgan had returned died when she saw Ava standing on the doorstep. Kiki demanded to know what Ava wanted, but Ava noticed the wine bottle on the table and became concerned about Kiki drinking. Kiki doubted it was the reason for Ava's visit. Ava conceded that she had stopped by to ask Kiki a favor.

Ava explained that she needed Kiki to testify on Ava's behalf at the custody hearing. Kiki scoffed at the idea, but Ava begged Kiki to do it for Avery's sake. Ava reminded Kiki that things hadn't always been bad, but Kiki pointed out all the horrible ways Ava had betrayed Kiki. Kiki insisted Silas had been the only person she had been able to trust because he had always cared and had never lied to her. Disgusted, Kiki ordered Ava to leave.

At the Floating Rib, Morgan spotted Darby at the pool table. He was surprised that she played, but Darby gave him the cold shoulder because of his text message. Morgan explained that Kiki had sent the text message out of spite because he had hurt Kiki deeply, but he promised that he hadn't slept with Kiki. Darby relaxed and confessed that she'd had a horrible day at school. She was eager to unwind and mentioned the Halloween party on the Haunted Star the following evening. Morgan revealed that the owner was his cousin. Darby perked up because she looked forward to seeing him there, but he admitted that he might not attend.

Nearby, Spinelli grinned when he received an email with Jake's medical records. He quickly went to work transferring the information to the program he had designed. Spinelli bragged that he was a "cyber god" as the program finished uploading because he was certain he would soon have a picture of what Jake had looked like prior to the reconstruction surgery.

On the Haunted Star, Dillon decided that he'd had enough of Dante's "crap." Dillon announced that he had something to tell Lulu, but Nathan and Valerie arrived before Dillon could elaborate. Nathan insisted that Lulu was needed on the deck because there was a problem with a delivery. Lulu left to take care of it, but she promised to return soon. "What the hell just happened?" Maxie asked Nathan.

Valerie dragged Dillon away for a private word as Maxie told Nathan that she had tricked Dillon into revealing that he had a secret about Dante, which she was certain Dillon had intended to tell Lulu. Nathan tried to change the subject by asking about the movie, but Maxie easily saw through the attempt to distract her. She wondered if perhaps Dillon's secret was somehow connected to Nathan's, but Nathan insisted that he had no idea. Maxie tried desperately to get Nathan to tell her what he was hiding, but Nathan refused because it wasn't his secret to share.

Maxie turned to Dante for help because she believed that couples should share everything with each other. Dante reminded Maxie that she wasn't in a position to complain about someone keeping secrets when she had spent her entire pregnancy keeping the truth about Georgie from everyone. Maxie seemed surprised by the harsh reminder of her past but agreed that Dante had a valid point. Dante immediately apologized and claimed that his and Lulu's decision to have a second baby had dredged up painful memories.

Meanwhile, Valerie confronted Dillon in a stateroom about what he had intended to tell Lulu. Dillon admitted that he and Dante had exchanged heated words when Dante had walked up while Dillon had been working on editing the movie. Valerie didn't believe Dillon's claim that Lulu's image had coincidentally been on his laptop screen, since Lulu wasn't part of the movie. Dillon insisted that Dante was arrogant and didn't have a right to be angry when Dante had been the one who had betrayed Lulu.

Dillon accused Dante of being a hypocrite and a liar. Valerie reminded Dillon that blurting out the truth would hurt both Lulu and Valerie. Seconds later, Lulu entered the stateroom to ask what Dillon had intended to tell her. Lulu warned him that she hoped it hadn't been about Dante, but Valerie surprised Dillon by suddenly announcing that Valerie and Dillon had decided to give their relationship another try. After Valerie left to start decorating, Lulu confessed that she hadn't believed Valerie.

Dillon decided to back up Valerie's lie but added that he and Valerie hadn't decided to get back together because they were in love. He claimed that he was determined to move on from Lulu and that he had a genuine attraction and fondness for Valerie. Satisfied, Lulu made it clear that she intended to distance herself from Dillon once their business arrangement was concluded because she and Dante had an arduous process ahead of them having another baby, and she didn't need Dillon constantly putting Dante down.

Moments later, Lulu returned to the main salon to organize the decorating process. After everyone worked on their assigned duties, Lulu pulled her cousin aside to express her concerns that Dillon was on the rebound. Valerie promised that she wasn't concerned about Dillon because Valerie enjoyed spending time with him. Lulu smiled and hugged her cousin as she admitted that she was glad that she and Valerie had put everything behind them.

Meanwhile, Maxie conceded that Dante had made a good point earlier, so she agreed to stop asking Nathan about the secret if he promised to wear the costume Maxie had picked out for him, sight unseen. Nathan reluctantly agreed, but he wanted to know what the costume was. Maxie refused to tell him.

At the bar, the tension was thick as Dillon and Dante unloaded cases of alcohol. Dillon resented Dante's attitude because Dante had been the one to betray Lulu. Dante acknowledged that he had been wrong to cheat on Lulu, but he warned Dillon that it would destroy her if learned about the affair. Dillon agreed not to say anything unless Dante gave him reason to, but he warned Dante that too many people knew about Dante and Valerie's affair for the truth to remain buried for long.

Sonny persuades Dante to be honest with Lulu

Sonny persuades Dante to be honest with Lulu

Thursday, October 29, 2015

In Sonny's hospital room, Dante told his father about Leo. Sonny was happy for Olivia that Leo was alive, but he felt bad that she had to share custody of Leo with Julian. Dante told Sonny about taking Rocco and Leo trick-or-treating and mentioned that Olivia wanted Leo christened before Thanksgiving. Sonny thought Olivia had made a good choice by picking Dante and Lulu as godparents, but Dante seemed uncertain about his suitability as a godfather. Sonny was curious what was troubling Dante, but Dante became evasive.

Sonny kept pushing until Dante confessed that he had betrayed Lulu. Dante reminded his father how hurt and angry Dante had been when he had erroneously assumed that Lulu and Dillon had been having an affair. Sonny recalled that Dante had kissed Valerie, but Dante admitted that he and Valerie had slept together. Sonny was stunned, but Dante quickly added that it had only happened once and that Dante had made it clear to Valerie that it had been a mistake. Sonny praised Dante for doing the right thing, but Dante explained that he was haunted by regrets.

Sonny empathized and advised Dante to talk to a priest. Dante explained it wasn't that simple because Dillon Quartermaine knew about the affair. Sonny wondered if Dillon had made any threats. "Yes," Dante confirmed. Sonny urged Dante to be honest with Lulu before Dillon beat Dante to it. Sonny believed it was the only way for Dante to salvage his marriage. Dante agreed and decided to tell Lulu everything after the Halloween party.

On the Haunted Star, Dillon -- sporting a leather jacket and slicked-back hair -- approached Lulu to share some good news. He had entered a film reel of his movie in a competition for a prestigious film school in Chicago, and it had been accepted. Lulu was happy for Dillon and hugged him, but she quickly stepped back when she realized that she had crossed a boundary. Lulu turned to leave on the pretext of changing into her costume, but Dillon wondered if they would ever be friends again. Lulu admitted that she doubted it was possible. Valerie, wearing saddle shoes, a poodle skirt, and sweater, watched the exchange and quickly followed her cousin.

Moments later, Paul arrived to check on Dillon. Paul noticed that Dillon looked as if he had lost his best friend, prompting Dillon to open up about Lulu. Paul encouraged Dillon not to give up and to keep fighting for Lulu. Dillon was reluctant to heed his father's advice, but Paul feared Dillon might regret it.

In the stateroom, Andy worked on his behind-the-scenes documentary. He stared in disbelief as he repeatedly watched Valerie's confession about sleeping with Dante. He hit pause and took off his headphone when he noticed Lulu enter the cabin. Lulu explained that she had reserved the room for anyone who might need to change into their costume. Andy, dressed as an old-time movie director, apologized and left to check if the music was ready for the evening's festivities.

In the hallway, Andy saw Valerie approach looking for her cousin. He greeted her then expressed genuine concern as he admitted that he hoped she had found a better relationship. Valerie smiled politely, but it was clear that she was baffled by Andy's odd remarks. Andy realized his mistake and changed the subject by letting Valerie know that Lulu was in the stateroom.

After Andy walked away, Valerie entered the stateroom as Lulu finished changing into a sexy police uniform. Lulu admitted that she had decided to wear the costume -- while she still looked good in it. Valerie wore a brittle smile to hide her discomfort at the reminder of Lulu and Dante's plans to have a baby. Valerie admitted that Lulu looked great -- and happy. Lulu revealed that she had good reason to be happy because everything had fallen nicely into place.

Valerie decided to broach the subject of Dillon by asking if Lulu was truly prepared to lose a long-standing friendship over one mistake. Valerie reminded Lulu that Dillon had been a good friend to Lulu and had even helped rescue Lulu's brother.

Meanwhile, Andy approached Dillon at the bar to ask Dillon to look at provocative behind-the-scenes footage from the documentary. Dillon agreed and followed Andy to the stateroom. When Dillon and Andy entered, Lulu asked for a moment alone with Dillon. Andy reluctantly followed Valerie out as Lulu explained that she wanted to clear the air with Dillon. She realized that she had been hard on Dillon because of the kiss, but he insisted that it had been out of line. Lulu agreed, but she realized that one mistake was not worth losing their friendship over.

Dillon seemed surprised by Lulu's change of heart but agreed they should put the kiss behind them. Lulu warned Dillon that she wouldn't hesitate to sever ties with him if he once again tried to get between her and her husband, but Dillon promised that it wouldn't be a problem. Dillon and Lulu hugged, but her eyes drifted to Andy's laptop, where she saw Valerie and Dillon on the screen. She was curious what Andy had recorded and decided to play it.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava saw a woman from behind and assumed that it was Kiki. Her happiness turned to disappointment when she realized her mistake. After the woman left, Ava called Kiki and left a voicemail message, pleading with Kiki to testify on Ava's behalf because it was Ava's only hope to keep Avery. Ava tearfully insisted that she had been a good mother and loved Kiki. Ava added that she hoped to hear from Kiki soon then ended the call. "Doubtful," Tracy said from the doorway.

Ava demanded to know what Tracy wanted. Tracy explained that she was there to buy a painting by Paul's favorite artist, since Ava's gallery was the only one that featured the artist's work. However, Tracy quickly turned the conversation to Avery because Tracy believed that Avery should have stayed with Michael. Ava's anger mounted when Tracy added that even a mob boss was a better choice to raise Avery than Ava because Ava was a sociopath. Tracy was confident that a judge would never grant Ava custody of the baby.

Furious, Ava ordered Tracy to leave. Tracy started to walk out but bumped into Paul as he entered. Startled, Tracy was curious why Paul was there. He explained that he had hoped to view a few of his favorite artist's paintings. Tracy admitted that she had intended to buy one as a gift for Paul's office, but Tracy had changed her mind because she refused to do business with Ava. Tracy revealed that she was headed to the Haunted Star for their son's fundraiser. Paul promised to join Tracy after he perused the paintings.

Tracy warned Paul to be careful because Ava could easily stab Paul in the heart and eat it. After Tracy left, Paul smiled with satisfaction as he admitted that he needed someone exactly like Ava to help him take down Sonny. Ava admitted that, thanks to Tracy, all she could think about was what a horrible person and mother she was. Paul advised Ava not to let Tracy get under Ava's skin, but Ava informed him that it was too late. Moments later, Scott sent Ava a text message, letting her know that Kiki had contacted Scott to inform him that she would not testify on Ava's behalf.

Ava began to weep because she realized that she didn't have any hope of keeping Avery. Paul consoled Ava when she threw herself into his arms and cried on his shoulder. He promised that everything would be okay, but Ava didn't believe him. Paul asked her to trust him then surprised her by kissing her passionately. After the kiss, Paul urged Ava not to give up. Ava's expression was slightly dazed as she watched him leave.

At the Drake-Morgan residence, Spinelli was furiously working on the laptop as Sam showed off her evil queen costume to Emma. Emma, dressed as Evie, admitted that she was happy that Sam had decided to go as Evie's mom because it made Emma feel special. Moments later, Patrick and Danny entered the living room, dressed as surgeons. Emma was curious why Spinelli wasn't in costume for Halloween, but Spinelli appeared oblivious to the conversation. Sam explained that Spinelli was working on something important for a friend then shifted gears to suggest that they head out.

Everyone went to the door as Sam called over her shoulder to remind Spinelli to hand out candy. Spinelli assured her that he would and returned to work. A short time later, Spinelli closed the door after a group of trick-or-treaters had left, but the doorbell rang again. He started to hand the latest arrival candy, but it was Maxie. Spinelli was delighted to see her, but she was hurt that she'd had to find out that he was in town through a Skype call with Ellie and Georgie.

Maxie, dressed up as an Egyptian goddess, followed Spinelli into the living room as he apologized for neglecting to call her. Maxie quickly forgave him as they chatted about their relationships with Ellie and Nathan. After they talked to Ellie and Georgie on Skype, Spinelli and Maxie gushed about how beautiful and smart their daughter was. Spinelli was eager to get home. Maxie wondered if his project was nearly completed. Spinelli admitted that it was then shifted gears by fetching Maxie a present from him, Georgie, and Ellie.

Spinelli handed the gift to Maxie as he wished her an early happy birthday. Maxie was touched because it was a book about goddesses. She thanked him for the gift as Patrick, Sam, Emma, and Danny returned. Excited, Emma ran to greet Maxie. Maxie complimented Emma's costume and chatted with her cousin as Sam quietly asked Spinelli about his progress. Spinelli anticipated that they'd know what Jake had looked like before the facial reconstruction surgery within an hour or two.

Later, Emma told Patrick that she had promised to stop by Cameron's house. She invited Danny to join them, but Sam explained that it was Danny's bedtime. Maxie decided it was her cue to leave too. After Patrick and Emma left, Maxie reached for her present, but accidently knocked over a cup of tea, which splashed all over the keyboard. Spinelli's expression was horrified as Sam sprang into action by using her cape to mop up the mess. Maxie profusely apologized, but Spinelli assured Maxie that he knew it had been an accident.

After Maxie left, Sam asked how bad it was. Spinelli admitted that the mess was an unmitigated disaster.

At the Webber residence, Jake, little Jake, Cameron, and Aiden were dressed in matching football uniforms as they prepared to go trick-or-treating. Little Jake was apprehensive about going out for Halloween, but Cameron assured his brother that little Jake would have fun once the candy rolled in. Little Jake worried that people might hurt him, but Jake promised to stay with the boys at all times. Seconds later, Elizabeth arrived home.

Elizabeth loved the costumes and admitted that she was grateful Dr. Obrecht had let her off early. After Elizabeth changed into a cheerleader uniform, she handed out candy until Jake and the boys returned from trick-or-treating. Aiden dashed off to hide his candy from Cameron, while Cameron and little Jake sat down to go through their bags of goodies. Little Jake admitted that it had been fun, but Cameron was puzzled when his brother referred to Jake as "Daddy." Cameron pointed out that Jake wasn't little Jake's father, but little Jake vehemently disagreed. Elizabeth sent Cameron to hand out candy and assured little Jake that it was fine to refer to Jake as "Daddy."

"It better be," little Jake replied. Jake warned little Jake not to talk to Elizabeth like that, but Elizabeth brushed it off and sent little Jake off to play. After Jake left, Elizabeth confessed that she had been thinking about Jake's relationship with her sons. She explained that Aiden had Lucky, but Cameron and little Jake's fathers were gone. Elizabeth admitted that she had hoped Jake might consider adopting Cameron and little Jake after she and Jake were married. Jake happily agreed because he had wanted to but hadn't been certain how to broach the subject.

Elizabeth was eager to share the news with Cameron and little Jake, but Jake thought it might be best for Elizabeth to talk to the boys alone in case one of the boys expressed concerns. Elizabeth agreed. Jake excused himself by announcing that he had to run out to buy more candy. After Jake left, Elizabeth called the boys into the living room and told them about their plans for Jake to adopt them. Cameron was excited. Little Jake also agreed, even though he didn't think it was necessary, since Jake was already his father.

A short time later, Patrick and Emma arrived. After the children disappeared into the other room to play, Patrick remarked about the sign that Elizabeth had given Jake the previous day. Elizabeth explained that she had wanted to show Jake that she didn't care about his past. Patrick's expression clouded with guilt when Elizabeth added that she was glad that Jake had given up the quest because it had pulled Jake away from their family. Moments later, Emma returned to the living room to show her father the origami pumpkin that Cameron had made.

Meanwhile, Jake stopped to get a progress report from Sam and Spinelli. Jake's frustration mounted when they admitted that they had hit a snag that might have set them back quite a bit. Sam put Danny to bed and returned to the living room, but she noticed Jake's absence. Spinelli revealed that Jake had been disappointed and left. Sam wondered if Spinelli's laptop was salvageable after their efforts to dry it. Spinelli turned it on and was relieved to find it was in perfect working order, which meant that the program he had designed hadn't been compromised.

At the Webber residence, Jake was about to enter the house when he received a text message from an unknown sender that read, "We're coming for you." Jake looked around nervously.

At the Haunted Star, Maxie greeted Tracy and bragged about Maxie's efforts to raise money for Dillon's movie. Tracy assured Maxie that she would invest in Dillon's movie, but Tracy wanted recognition as a producer and to have some say on the final edit. After Tracy handed Maxie a check, Andy passed Tracy. He remarked that Tracy's costume was "something else," but Tracy informed him that she wasn't wearing a costume.

Nearby, Maxie asked Valerie where Dillon and Lulu were.

Lulu witnesses a shocking confession

Lulu witnesses a shocking confession

Friday, October 30, 2015

At Nina and Franco's apartment, Nina covered her eyes as she watched a horror movie, but she quickly turned it off when she heard a key in the door. She jumped up to greet Franco as he entered, but he quickly realized that she had been watching horror movies without him. Nina promised that she hadn't; she had been watching Real Housewives of Beechers Corner. Franco grimaced, but changed the subject as he announced that he had dinner. He held up a package of noodles, but Nina suggested they get "bloody" and attend the party on the Haunted Star.

Franco assured Nina they could dance and drink at home and went to fetch a bottle of vodka. "Found it," Nina said as Kiki stumbled through the front door. Later, Franco and Nina were curled up on the sofa, watching a movie, when Kiki returned to the living room, dressed in Goth attire. Kiki announced that she was headed to a party, but Franco objected to Kiki driving. He demanded that she hand over the car keys. Kiki complained because one of the drivers from the car service she had used had given Kiki a bad review.

Nina jokingly wondered if Kiki had "barfed" in the car, but Kiki became defensive as she insisted that the driver's poor driving had been to blame. Franco tried to persuade Kiki to stay with them, but Kiki decided she would hitchhike if necessary. Kiki prepared to leave but stopped short when she saw Ava and Avery standing on the doorstep. Ava smiled at Kiki, but Kiki demanded to know why Ava was there. Ava explained that she had wanted Kiki to see Avery's cute unicorn costume and had hoped the three of them could spend the evening watching movies.

Nina quickly objected because it was Nina's apartment. Kiki added that she wasn't interested in spending time with Ava. Kiki also refused to testify on Ava's behalf, but Ava implored Kiki to reconsider for Avery's sake. Kiki threatened to tell the judge all of Ava's dirty secrets if Ava refused to leave Kiki out of it. Ava was hurt that Kiki would rather see Avery with Sonny than with Ava. Kiki informed Ava that Nina would make a better mother than Ava because Nina had been more of a mother to Kiki over the past couple of weeks than Ava had been throughout most of Kiki's life.

"Thank you," Nina said with a big smile. Ava made a snide remark about Nina, which Kiki thought was a perfect example of Ava's poor parenting skills because Avery had heard everything. Franco decided Ava should to leave. As Franco and Ava bickered, Kiki seized the opportunity to swipe the car keys from the table, along with her purse. Ava vowed not give up on Kiki, but Kiki explained that she had already written Ava off and left. Concerned, Nina admitted that Kiki had been drinking because of Ava.

Ava begged Franco to persuade Kiki to testify on Ava's behalf. Ava insisted that Franco owed it to Ava after he had abandoned Ava on the bridge with Carlos. Franco agreed to consider it.

At the hospital, Elizabeth had her hands full with packages when she bumped into Patrick. She explained that she had stopped by to pick up the rest of her bridal shower gifts. Patrick warned Elizabeth to leave before Dr. Obrecht saw her and decided to put Elizabeth to work. Elizabeth was confident that she was safe and added that she intended to ride her lucky streak all the way to her wedding and beyond. Patrick suddenly recalled that Elizabeth had one more present, which had been delivered earlier. He handed her a package as he asked if she knew anyone from Vienna.

Elizabeth smiled because her grandmother Audrey was stuck in Vienna after twisting her ankle. Elizabeth had been disappointed because Audrey wouldn't make it home in time for the wedding, but she was elated that Audrey had sent something. Elizabeth opened the package and read the touching letter Audrey had written praising Elizabeth for blossoming into a confident, spirited woman and mother. Audrey insisted Elizabeth deserved happiness and hoped that Elizabeth and Jake had a long and joyful marriage like Audrey and Steve had had.

Touched, Elizabeth opened the gift and was moved to tears when she saw a familiar cameo necklace that Audrey had always worn. Inside the cameo were two pictures -- one of Elizabeth and another of Audrey. Audrey wanted Elizabeth to have Audrey close to her heart on Elizabeth's special day. Elizabeth began to cry. Patrick quickly fetched Elizabeth a bottle of water then led her to a seat to ask if Elizabeth was okay.

Elizabeth assured Patrick that she was fine, but he suspected she had cold feet. Elizabeth promised that she didn't have any doubts about marrying Jake, but Patrick appeared skeptical. He reminded her that she didn't have to marry Jake if she didn't want to.

At the Floating Rib, Carly removed Jake's blindfold as Michael, Sam, and a handful of people greeted Jake. Carly announced that it was Jake's bachelor party, but Jake insisted that it wasn't necessary. Carly disagreed and promised to make it an unforgettable night. "After tonight, everything changes," Sam added with a grin. Jake remained uncomfortable, but Michael explained that they simply wanted to celebrate Jake's happiness.

Sam excused herself to take a phone call while Michael went to the stage to introduce Jake and start the party with karaoke. Carly and Michael preformed a number, which had everyone clapping. Carly insisted that Jake perform next, but he refused. Sam dragged him to the stage and persuaded him to sing Everybody Loves Somebody with her. After Jake and Sam's performance, the crowd erupted in applause.

As the party began to wind down, Carly and Michael left. Sam promised Jake that she would have Spinelli hack into Carly's phone to remove all evidence of the party to keep Elizabeth from finding out what had happened. Jake chuckled and thanked Sam for being a friend. Jake acknowledged that he had no idea what kind of man he had been, but he was confident that he had been a decent person based on the friends he currently had. Sam hugged Jake.

At Metro Court Hotel, Spinelli spoke to Georgie on the phone as he told his daughter about his software program. He promised to celebrate the program's success with root beer floats when he returned home. A short time later, Spinelli called Sam to warn her that the program might take longer than he had anticipated, which meant that Jake likely wouldn't have any answers in time for the wedding.

Later, Ellie called Spinelli to tell him that she had broken her ankle and needed to go to the hospital. Concerned, Spinelli asked her to call Mrs. Hanson to watch Georgie, but Ellie assured him that Mrs. Hanson was already there. Spinelli was relieved until Ellie decided to take a car service to take her to the hospital. Spinelli insisted Ellie call 9-1-1 and promised to get home as quickly as possible.

Later, Spinelli stopped Carly as she arrived at the hospital to check on Sonny. Spinelli explained that he had to fly home because Ellie had been injured, but he needed Carly to give Sam his laptop because the program he had been running would soon provide them with a picture of what Jake had looked like prior to the accident. Carly assured Spinelli that she would take care of it. Meanwhile, the laptop sat on a chair in the waiting lounge. The program completed and revealed Jason's likeness.

On the Haunted Star, Paul listened to a voicemail message from Anna to Kyle. He deleted the message as Tracy walked up. Tracy was miffed because Dillon's intern Andy had mistaken her outfit for a costume. Paul assured Tracy that she looked lovely. Appeased, Tracy suggested they find their son, but Paul explained that he had to leave for a bit because a district attorney's job was never done. Tracy was disappointed, but Paul promised to return before the fireworks.

On the piers, Anna left Kyle a voicemail message asking him to call her. She knew he was angry, but she warned him that he couldn't continue to duck her calls. Anna explained that the police had pulled a body from the harbor, which had been identified as Carlos, but she and Kyle both knew it wasn't possible. Anna informed him that she knew he was still in town because she had tracked his phone. She admitted that she didn't trust Paul and instructed Kyle to meet her on Pier 54.

A short time later, Anna saw a figure approach through the fog. "Sloane?" Anna asked until the man drew closer, sporting a skeleton mask. Rattled, Anna feared it might be Carlos, but Paul quickly removed the mask. Anna relaxed but asked what he was doing there. Paul claimed that he had seen her standing on the pier and had wanted to check on her. Anna was curious why he wasn't at the party on the Haunted Star, but Paul assured her that he intended to return before he was missed.

Paul questioned Anna's hostility toward him, since they were both on the same side of the law and both good guys. Anna explained that she resented his implication that she had been involved in a murder. Paul reminded her that he had a responsibility to the people of Port Charles to investigate Carlos' murder, but Anna scoffed because Paul knew the body recovered from the harbor hadn't been Carlos. Anna was certain there had been a cover-up, but Paul advised Anna to drop it.

Paul was curious if Anna saw someone who was in control when she looked in the mirror because that was not what he saw when he looked at her. Paul admitted that Anna had been a wreck since returning from her journey to Duke's homeland. Anna's temper flared, but Paul was unfazed as he suggested that Duke's death had put her on a dark path. Anna was sick of Paul's thinly veiled accusations and invited him to say what was on his mind.

Paul decided to be frank by revealing that he knew she had killed Carlos. Anna denied it, but Paul explained that Kyle had given him proof of Anna's guilt. Anna was stunned when Paul assured her that he had taken steps to ensure that the murder couldn't be tied to her, but Anna warned him that Kyle knew the truth. Paul promised that Kyle wouldn't be a problem, since Kyle could be charged as an accomplice. Anna insisted it had been wrong to bury the truth, but Paul argued that it had already been done.

Anna wondered why Paul would help her. He explained that it would be a disservice to the community to put Anna behind bars for a mistake she had made during a moment of grief. Paul added that perhaps one day Anna could return the favor. After Paul left, Anna had a vision of Carlos. She pulled out her gun and tried to follow the ghost, but Carlos disappeared.

Meanwhile, Felix handed Sabrina a drink. Felix wore a vampire costume, and Sabrina was dressed as a medieval princess. Felix noticed Sabrina always rubbed her belly whenever he mentioned Michael's name, but she claimed it was just a reflex. Felix saw through the lie and asked if there was something she wanted to tell him about the baby. Resigned, Sabrina confessed that Carlos might be the baby's father because she had succumbed to a moment of weakness the last time she had seen Carlos.

Sabrina revealed that she felt overwhelmed with guilt because Michael's family was excited about the baby. Felix reminded her that there was a possibility that the baby was Michael's and suggested that she focus on the baby until it was time to take a paternity test. A short time later, Michael arrived to pick Sabrina up. He offered to stay if she wanted to enjoy the party, but Sabrina was eager to get home.

Nearby, Nathan looked unhappy in his gladiator costume, but Maxie was delighted that he had worn it. Valerie excused herself to fix the zipper on her poodle skirt. After Valerie left, Maxie smiled with satisfaction because everything had turned out as she had hoped. Dante walked up, looking for Lulu, but Maxie admitted that she had no idea where Lulu was. She advised Dante to start with the caterers. Moments later, Maxie excused herself to approach Morgan to talk to him about investing in the movie.

Nathan was curious if Dante was okay. Dante admitted that he had told Sonny the truth about Valerie, and Sonny had urged Dante to talk to Lulu. Dante realized that it was the right thing to do, but he had hesitated because Dante hadn't wanted to clear his conscience at Lulu's expense. Nathan advised Dante to give Valerie a heads -up. Dante assured his friend that he would. Pleased, Nathan promised Dante that Dante had made the right decision.

Meanwhile, Morgan arrived dressed as Captain Morgan. He approached Darby, who wore a sexy mummy outfit. Molly, decked out as a gypsy, and T.J., who sported a racing uniform, soon joined them. As the four chatted, Maxie walked up to persuade Morgan to invest in the movie. Morgan agreed, but he wanted a small part in the film. Maxie promised to discuss it with Dillon, but first she wanted a check. Morgan offered to double the check if he could pick someone to share the scene with. Darby smiled when Morgan pointedly looked at her.

Maxie agreed to do what she could -- but not until she had a check in hand. After Maxie left, Morgan and Darby slipped away. Molly smiled knowingly as she remarked that Morgan and Darby might have a "walk of shame" in their future. "Lucky them," T.J. muttered. T.J. perked up when Molly revealed that she had a key to the penthouse, and no one was home. Molly and T.J. were about to leave until Kiki walked up. Kiki greeted the teens, took two drinks from a passing waiter, and then asked if Morgan was there.

In one of the ship's cabins, things heated up as Morgan and Darby kissed and tumbled onto the bed.

In the stateroom, Lulu was eager to see what Andy had filmed behind the scenes when she saw Dillon and Valerie on the laptop's screen. Dillon quickly slammed the laptop closed when he realized what the footage was. Lulu thought it was odd, but Andy entered the room to apologize to Dillon and explain that he had inadvertently insulted Tracy's outfit. Lulu decided to smooth things over with Tracy and left. Andy suggested Dillon review Andy's reel, but Dillon demanded to know why Andy had filmed a private conversation between Dillon and Valerie.

Andy promised it had been unintentional, but Dillon ordered Andy to delete the footage. Andy promised that he would edit the footage and delete Dillon and Valerie's conversation after the party. Moments later, Valerie entered to fix her costume. Dillon and Andy quickly left to give her privacy. Valerie fiddled with the zipper until Dante entered the room, looking for Lulu. Valerie admitted that Lulu wasn't there, but Dante was glad that he had bumped into Valerie because he needed to talk to her. Valerie revealed that she had news, too; she had been accepted into the police academy.

Valerie explained that she wouldn't have done it if she and Dante hadn't been in a good place. Valerie looked forward to being friends with Dante and Lulu for a long time. She and Dante stepped into the hallway, where Dante assisted Valerie with the zipper. Dillon rounded the corner but stepped back as he heard Dante tell Valerie that Dante wanted an honest relationship with her. Valerie agreed and hugged him, but her eyes quickly locked with Dillon's. After Valerie pulled away, Dante reminded her that he needed to talk to her, but she told him that it wasn't a good time.

At the bar, Lulu and Tracy discussed Dillon's movie career. Lulu imagined Tracy was proud of Dillon, but Tracy suggested that Lulu talk to her when Rocco announced that he wanted to be a poet. Lulu laughed at the idea of a poet named Rocco. However, Lulu assured Tracy that she wouldn't care because she wanted Rocco to be happy. Lulu added that she and Dante had decided to have another baby. Tracy was surprised because Lulu already had her hands full with Rocco and running the Haunted Star.

Lulu explained the importance of acting sooner rather than later because the frozen embryo wouldn't remain viable indefinitely. Lulu was confident that everything would be fine because Dante and Lulu were stronger than ever. Moments later, Dillon joined Lulu at the bar. Dillon's good humor vanished when Dante approached Lulu. Next, Paul walked up. Maxie tried to persuade Paul to invest in the movie, but Dillon decided it was time to show his reel.

Moments later, the guests gathered around as Dillon thanked everyone for attending the fundraiser. He instructed Andy to start the reel. Valerie was horrified when she suddenly saw herself on-screen, confessing to Dillon that she had acted on her feelings for Dante.

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