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Sonny lost custody of Avery. Jason called off the wedding but went home with Elizabeth. Sam tried desperately to get through to Jason. Emma was used as a pawn to punish Robin. Nina embarked on a new career and hired Maxie.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 9, 2015 on GH
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Jason Returns

Jason Returns

Monday, November 9, 2015

Ava and Paul were kissing in Paul's office as Anna approached the door. Ava stopped, citing her need to get to the custody hearing on time. As she promised to "do what we discussed," Anna knocked on the door. When Ava was gone, Anna observed that Ava and Paul had "looked cozy." Changing the subject, Anna told Paul that she didn't like how he'd been "holding my crime over me like a hatchet. I won't live like that." She revealed that she intended to confess to Carlos' murder.

Paul quickly flipped through the pictures on his phone and showed Anna the one he'd taken of Anna and Emma on Halloween. "Is that what you want for her?" he wondered. "How dare you?" she spat. Anna thought that he didn't want her to confess because it would implicate him in falsifying the investigation of Carlos. She hoped that he wasn't threatening Emma, either, because she promised that if he went anywhere near Emma, he would "die just like Carlos."

Paul promised that he'd only been urging Anna to think of her granddaughter before getting herself sent to jail. He added that he understood why she'd killed Carlos and that she'd done the world a favor. He thought that all the good she'd done over the years outweighed her one crime. She confessed that she was "racked with guilt," and that Carlos haunted her waking and sleeping hours. Paul believed that she'd been punishing herself worse than prison would.

Paul reminded Anna that Robin had left Emma. He wondered if Anna wanted to do the same. She demanded to know what he wanted from her. He divulged that he wanted to hire her as an investigative consultant for his office. She didn't want to compromise her ethics, but Paul recognized that she already had. He explained that he needed someone who understood the "occasional need to step outside the lines."

Inside the courthouse, Sonny complained about the lack of a wheelchair ramp outside. Changing the subject, Morgan assured his father that he would win the custody battle. Ric warned Sonny that they needed Carly present. Just as Sonny, Morgan, and Michael realized that no one had heard from her since the previous night, Ava entered. She snidely suggested that Carly didn't want to raise another woman's baby and went into the courtroom. Ric advised Sonny not to let Ava bait him.

Inside the courtroom, Julian apologized to Ava for not being able to convince Kiki to testify on Ava's behalf. He wondered if Ava would consider sharing custody with Sonny, but she knew that if that were the case, Sonny would never let Ava see Avery again.

As soon as everyone was in the courtroom, the judge began the hearing. As Morgan started his turn on the stand, Kiki entered the courtroom. Ava was surprised to see her daughter, who informed Ava that "I changed my mind." Morgan continued his testimony, saying that, though he and Sonny had had their "ups and downs," Sonny always had his children's backs. Scott mentioned how Carly had sent Morgan to boarding school to avoid Sonny's dangerous life, but Morgan claimed that going away to school had been his choice.

Morgan continued that Sonny was loving, supportive, and committed to his kids. He also said that Sonny was "great" with Avery and only wanted a stable home for her. Scott interrupted with the numbers on Sonny and Carly's marriages and divorces, but Morgan chimed in that Carly was a better mother than Ava, who was a murderer. Sonny and Ava went back and forth about their various murder raps, but the judge demanded that Scott and Ric get their clients under control.

Michael was next on the stand. He talked about how Sonny had always been his hero and had always worked hard to protect his family. Scott wondered where Sonny's protection had been when Michael had been shot in the head and when Sonny had been put in a wheelchair a couple months before. Michael answered that getting shot in the head had been an accident and that Sonny had been hurt protecting a child. Speaking of Sonny's children, Ric mentioned that while neither Dante nor Christina was able to attend the hearing, he had signed affidavits from both in support of their father.

Scott asked about Michael's grounds for his own custody fight over Avery. Michael admitted that he'd been so angry about Sonny killing A.J. that he'd wanted to hurt Sonny where he'd been most vulnerable. However, Sonny had also taught Michael that nothing was more important than family. Michael no longer wanted to "deprive" his baby sister of a life with Sonny.

Next on the stand was Kiki. Scott appreciated Kiki testifying on Ava's behalf, but Kiki announced that she was there to swear that Ava was a "liar, cheater, and killer who ruined my life and should never be allowed to raise another child." She recounted all of her mother's sins. When she was done, the judge announced that it was time for a break. Ric left to call Carly as Kiki stepped off the stand.

Sonny thanked Kiki for her help. Kiki replied that she'd been kept from her father her whole life, and she didn't want Avery to go through the same thing. She continued that Sonny had always been good to her and had never tried to keep her away from Avery. She told him that he'd raised "two good sons. I loved them both." She hugged him and left, and Michael and Morgan left after her.

Jake and Carly entered the church, to Elizabeth's relief. He explained that he'd had to find Carly, who'd been in an accident. Lucas and Patrick immediately looked her over and instructed her to go to the hospital, but she insisted that she was fine. Elizabeth took that as a sign that they should get the boys and start the wedding. "They shouldn't be here for this," he said grimly. He revealed that he'd just found out his identity. Carly quickly explained that Spinelli had left his computer with her, and his facial recognition program had found a match. "I'm Jason. Jason Morgan," he declared.

"That's not possible," Sam said angrily. Carly insisted that she wouldn't have said anything unless she'd been sure. Carly showed everyone the computer and explained that they'd known deep down since they'd started to care so quickly about Jake. Patrick suggested that the computer program had been manipulated, but Jason handed Patrick the DNA results, which Patrick deemed legitimate. "How? Can it be you?" Sam wondered.

Lucas walked around the church, thanking everyone for being there and telling them that there was not going to be a wedding. "That means us too," Hayden said, but Nikolas refused to leave Elizabeth. Sam told Jason about how long she'd been dreaming of his return. She'd thought she'd given up, but she couldn't believe that Jake was Jason. She decided that she needed a new DNA test. Her thoughts went to Danny, and how he'd always run straight to Jake like he'd known that Jake was actually his father. She wondered if he remembered her and their life together, but he admitted that he didn't.

Jason remembered thinking about how lucky Jason had been to have Sam and how Jason had been an idiot to leave her on the night he'd been shot. He remembered thinking that she deserved him back, even if he didn't deserve her. However, he saw her as a friend, not a wife. Sam left crying. Elizabeth told him that he was Jake, and he had a brand new life. His temper flared as he talked about how his life had been stolen from him, and he grabbed Nikolas and put him in a headlock.

Jason demanded to know Nikolas' side of the story. Patrick, Lucas, and Hayden were able to separate Jason from Nikolas. Jake warned Nikolas that he would beat the truth out of Nikolas if he had to. Nikolas claimed that Helena was the person to blame. Carly warned Nikolas that, if he'd had anything to do with keeping Jason's identity a secret, all of Jason's loved ones would make Nikolas pay. Nikolas promised to talk to Elizabeth soon and turned to leave. Sam blocked his way and assured him that, if she found out that Nikolas had known about Jason, "I'll never forgive you." Nikolas and Hayden left.

Elizabeth assured Jason that nothing changed how they felt about each other. Carly jumped in that he couldn't ignore who he was. Elizabeth didn't think it needed to change anything, but Jason told her that "it kind of changes everything." Carly reminded him that he was married to Sam. Jason needed to "figure it out," so he started walking out of the church. Carly wanted to follow, but Elizabeth insisted that she would.

Lucas stopped Carly in her tracks and wondered if she'd spoken to Sonny. He advised her that the custody hearing had been moved up, so she needed to get to the courthouse. He offered to take her, since she didn't have a car. They walked out and bumped into Sam on the way. Carly pulled a crying Sam into a hug and apologized for having to leave.

A distraught Patrick knew that Sam's life had just been turned upside-down, but he assured her that he was there for her. She wondered if he thought the DNA test was valid. He thought it was. She couldn't believe that her husband was alive.

Elizabeth caught up to Jason on the bridge. He realized why the bridge had been familiar to him. "I'm so sorry," Elizabeth told him.

Back at Wyndemere, Hayden told Nikolas that she was impressed by how Nikolas had handled things after Jason had gone after him. She kissed him then reminded him that Jason wouldn't rest until he "digs up the rest of the story." She wondered if it worried him. "Should it?" he asked. She kissed him again. She wondered how long it would be before Jason found out that Nikolas had known Jason's identity "for months."

Carly arrived at the courthouse and ran into Michael and Morgan. They expressed concern for their mother, who insisted that she was fine. She asked about the hearing, and they assured her that things were "looking good."

Ava and Sonny were left alone in the courtroom. Ava checked her phone, put it back in her purse, and walked over to see Sonny. She advised him to "get real" and realize that Avery's future would consist of taking care of her "weak, vulnerable father." She expressed pity for Carly, who would be stuck with a "feeble little man" that she would have to help into bed every night. She didn't think Carly would want a patient instead of a husband -- and one that couldn't even satisfy her. Angry, Sonny grabbed Ava's wrist and informed her that he could still load a gun and "shoot to kill." As Carly entered the courtroom, Sonny warned Ava that he would fire so many bullets into Ava that she would be unrecognizable.

Ava wins sole custody of Avery

Ava wins sole custody of Avery

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In the courtroom, Ava goaded Sonny about being confined to a wheelchair. She told him that his sons might care about him, but they also pitied their father and were grateful that they hadn't ended up weak and in a wheelchair. Sonny held onto his temper as Ava continued to push Sonny's buttons by suggesting that Carly would eventually get tired of being tied to a "feeble little man" who couldn't satisfy his wife's carnal needs. Infuriated, Sonny grabbed Ava's wrist as he threateningly growled that he could still load a gun, aim it, and shoot to kill.

"I can blast you with so many bullets they would not be able to recognize the body," Sonny promised in a menacing tone. Ava feigned shock that he would threaten to kill the mother of his child. "With pleasure," Sonny replied as Carly entered the courtroom, followed by Michael, Morgan, and Kiki. Carly and Michael urged Sonny to ignore Ava, but Sonny was infuriated. Ric and Scott arrived and immediately sprang into action to defuse the volatile confrontation. Scott dragged Ava away, but Ava turned to Kiki to beg Kiki to talk to the judge again and tell the judge what Kiki had witnessed.

Kiki refused to help her mother. Annoyed, Ava asked to speak to Scott in private as Sonny asked what had kept Carly. Carly revealed the details about her accident on Route 31 the previous evening. Morgan and Kiki exchanged a worried glance and retreated to a quiet corner. Kiki feared that she had caused Carly's accident, but Morgan told Kiki not to worry about it because it didn't matter, since his mother's injuries had been superficial.

Meanwhile, Sonny was upset that Carly had been unconscious on the side of the road all night. Carly assured him that she was fine because her guardian angel had found her. Carly added that she had gone to All Saints Church after the accident, but Judge Long returned to the courtroom before Carly could elaborate. The judge invited Scott to present his case, which prompted Scott to announce that he would let Sonny do all the talking. Ric objected when Scott produced a recording taken during the court recess. Ric explained that Sonny hadn't been aware that he was being recorded, but Scott argued that New York was a one-party consent state, and Ava had given consent.

The judge decided to listen to Scott's evidence. The recording was damaging, as Sonny could be heard threatening to kill Ava. The judge was disgusted that Sonny had boldly broken the law in her courtroom and informed him that Ava would be justified to press charges against Sonny. Carly tried to explain that the recording had been taken out of context, but Judge Long gave Ava sole custody of Avery then added that Sonny could have supervised visits with his daughter provided that he could prove he was a fit father and could find a way to work with Ava.

After the judge left the courtroom, Ava sauntered over to assure Sonny that she didn't have any interest in keeping Avery away from Sonny. However, Ava wanted assurance that Sonny could keep Avery safe. Ava promised to stay in touch and left the courtroom. Sonny was livid and lashed out at Carly. He resented that his wife hadn't been present at the beginning of the hearing, but Carly assured him that she'd had a good reason for missing it. Sonny refused to hear what Carly had to say and asked Morgan to take him back to the hospital. Carly tried to follow to explain things to Sonny, but Michael held her back and asked her to give Sonny time to cool down.

Carly smiled because Michael reminded her of Jason. Her eyes filled with tears as she revealed that she had stunning news to share that might be difficult to believe. Michael's brow furrowed with confusion as Carly added that Jake was really Jason. Michael wondered how it was possible, but Carly assured Michael that a DNA test had confirmed it. Michael was at a loss for words, but Carly hugged Michael as she smiled with joy and reiterated that Jason was alive.

In Wyndemere's living room, Hayden told Nikolas that she was aware that both Nikolas and Elizabeth had known for months that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan. Nikolas denied it, but Hayden smiled knowingly as she told him that his lie wouldn't cut it. She explained that she had watched Nikolas closely when Jason had made the shocking announcement. Hayden admitted that only Nikolas and Elizabeth hadn't seemed surprised by the revelation because both Nikolas and Elizabeth had known the truth. Hayden confessed that she had too.

Nikolas suddenly realized that Hayden didn't have amnesia. He asked if she had been faking from the beginning, but Hayden admitted that she'd initially been confused when she had emerged from the coma. Nikolas was curious when her memory had returned. Hayden explained that moving into Wyndemere had been the turning point because the castle's familiarity had allowed her memories to fall into place. Nikolas was curious why she had continued to feign amnesia when she could have easily manipulated and blackmailed him with the truth about Jason.

Hayden reminded Nikolas that he had called her bluff the last time, and she had ended up with a bullet in the head, meant for Jake. She admitted that she had been reluctant to help Jake and had grown to care for Nikolas. Hayden hoped that she and Nikolas could build a relationship on a sturdier foundation of mutual attraction rather than blackmail. Nikolas was skeptical because he feared Hayden was still playing him. Hayden admitted that she had the same qualms about him, but she insisted that she cared about him. Hayden was certain that Nikolas wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Hayden dared Nikolas to kiss her into "submission." Nikolas pulled Hayden into his arms and passionately kissed her. Things quickly heated up until Hayden suddenly pulled away because, as much as she wanted Nikolas, she also wanted to take things slowly. Nikolas reluctantly agreed. In the hallway, Hayden called a co-conspirator to report that there had been a development that they needed to discuss. She arranged to meet the mystery person and left.

At All Saints Church, Sam tearfully asked Patrick if the DNA test Carly had produced was reliable. Patrick quietly conceded that it appeared to be in order. Sam nodded in agreement then asked what Patrick thought of everything. He confessed that he had been thinking about how Jason's return would impact Elizabeth, Sam, and Patrick's relationship with Sam. Sam was visibly shaken as she admitted that she had no idea what to make of the turn of events. She revealed that she had been thinking about all the interactions she'd had with Jason because she couldn't understand how she hadn't seen the truth.

Patrick insisted that Sam couldn't have known, but Sam disagreed because she had spent a lot of time with "Jake." Sam suddenly wondered if knowing who Jason was might help Jason remember more than a few brief flashes. Patrick explained that it was unlikely because it had been a year. Sam reminded Patrick that he had often told her that there was a lot that doctors didn't know about the brain, which meant there was a possibility that Jason would regain his memories.

Patrick agreed that who Jason was might help Jason find the lost memories. Sam worried about Danny because Danny would have a father who had no memory of him. Patrick realized that it was a difficult situation for everyone, but he promised to be there for Sam. Sam thanked Patrick as he slid close to her in a pew and wrapped his arm around her. Patrick assured her that they would figure out the "whole marriage thing" in the morning, but Sam was curious what he was talking about.

Patrick explained that they needed to figure out if Sam and Jason were still legally married, but Sam argued that it didn't matter because she and Jason had had a life together before Jason had been ripped away from her. Sam had thought she had lost that life, but she had miraculously been given a second chance. She resented that Patrick had diminished her life with Jason down to a piece of paper, especially since he had gone through a similar situation with Robin. Patrick explained that Robin's return had been both the best and worst day of his life because it had torn his life apart.

Sam reminded Patrick that he had gone back to Robin, so Patrick asked if Sam intended to do the same with Jason. Sam admitted that her world was spinning, and all she saw was the first time she had met Jason, the time "Jake" had taken her hostage, and Jason and Carly entering the church. Patrick empathized but cautioned Sam not to rush into anything. Patrick explained that he and Robin had loved each other, but the love had changed and hadn't been enough to keep them together.

Sam insisted that her situation with Jason was different. Patrick agreed because Sam had changed. He reminded her that, because of Danny, she was no longer the type of woman who would spontaneously jump onto the back of a motorcycle and take off. Patrick warned her not to buy into a future with someone based on a memory the way he had with Robin. Sam insisted that Jason was more than a memory to her, but Patrick reminded her that Jason had no memory of his past and was in love with Elizabeth.

Patrick explained that people could tell Jason stories about his life, but it likely wouldn't resonate with Jason because Jason was different. Sam tearfully argued that they couldn't know for certain. Patrick conceded that he was biased because he was in love with Sam, but he doubted that Jason would stop loving Elizabeth any more than Sam had suddenly stopped loving Patrick. Patrick tensed when he noticed Sam's sad expression and asked if he was wrong. Sam rushed to assure Patrick that her feelings for him hadn't changed.

Patrick gently suggested that he and Sam go home and figure things out in the morning. A short time later, Sam sat on the edge of the bed and stared at her engagement ring as Patrick undressed. Patrick was curious what Sam had been thinking about. She claimed that she had been wondering what to tell Emma and Danny in the morning. Patrick promised to have a chat with Emma. Sam nodded, but she had no idea how to explain the situation to Danny. Later, Patrick emerged from the bathroom after a shower, but Sam was not in the bedroom.

At the bridge, Elizabeth begged Jason to look at her. She told him that she was sorry, but he insisted that she had nothing to apologize for. Elizabeth admitted that she had known how badly he had wanted to know who he was, and he had deserved to know about his past, but she hadn't wanted him to find out. Jason was curious if she had been afraid that his past would tear them apart. "So afraid," Elizabeth confessed as her voice cracked with emotion. Jason didn't blame Elizabeth, but he reminded her that it wasn't as if she had kept anything from him.

Elizabeth's expression clouded with guilt as she looked away, but Jason was oblivious as he told her that he understood that she had wanted to protect the life they had built. "What about that life?" Elizabeth asked. She feared that he intended to end things with her, but Jason assured her that he still loved her. Elizabeth smiled with relief, but she pleaded with Jason to go to the courthouse with her in the morning and apply for a new marriage license with his real name because she still wanted to marry him. Jason pointed out that there were Sam and Danny to consider, but Elizabeth assured him that she didn't expect him to turn his back on Sam and Danny.

However, Elizabeth insisted that everyone's lives had changed. Jason conceded that he might have Jason Morgan's DNA, but not his memories. He added that he had heard countless stories about Jason, but he hadn't liked what he had heard. Jason refused to marry Elizabeth and give her a name he wasn't even certain he wanted. Jason promised that he loved Elizabeth and her boys, but he needed to sort things out before he married her because there could still be enemies out there who might pose a danger to her and the children.

Elizabeth tearfully told Jason that she didn't care because she loved him and wanted a life with him. Jason worried that Elizabeth might always see him as Jason, the man he had been, rather than the man he was. She surprised him when she confessed that she had always known who he was, but she quickly clarified that she believed that she had been drawn to him because a part of her had recognized him. She admitted that "Jake" and Jason were a lot alike -- they had both been strong and incredibly kind. Elizabeth insisted that she had fallen in love with him as Jason and then again as Jake.

Elizabeth refused to give up on either man. Jason assured her that he still loved her and intended to honor the promises he had made to her. Elizabeth asked if he would go home with her. Jason pulled her close as he assured her that he would. Relieved, Elizabeth hugged him.

A short time later, Jason waited until Elizabeth returned after walking Epiphany out. He was curious what Epiphany had said about the boys' reaction to the cancelled wedding. Elizabeth explained that Cameron, Jake, and Aiden had been confused and filled with questions. Jason wasn't surprised and suggested that they sit the boys down in the morning and explain things. Elizabeth worried about what to say, but Jason was confident that they would find the words. Elizabeth looked around as her expression filled with sadness because she had expected them to be married when they arrived home.

Elizabeth wondered how everything could look the same yet be completely changed. Saddened and exhausted, Elizabeth decided to go to bed. Jason promised to join her shortly then sat down on the edge of the sofa to stare off into space as he reflected on the day's events. Moments later, he heard the sound of a motorcycle and went to investigate. He stepped onto the porch as Sam climbed off the motorcycle. She joined him on the porch as she pulled off her helmet and tossed him the motorcycle keys.

Sam revealed that the motorcycle had belonged to Jason before he had vanished and that she hadn't been able to sell it. She invited him to use it to visit Danny whenever he liked, and she left. Inside, Elizabeth looked out the window as Jason watched Sam walk away.

Sonny learns Jason is alive

Sonny learns Jason is alive

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Carly stopped by Elizabeth's house, looking for Jason. He explained that Elizabeth and the boys were still asleep, but Carly was curious if he had received Carly's voicemail message. Jason admitted that he had turned off his phone. Carly was surprised that he had spent the night in Elizabeth's home. Jason insisted that it was his home, too, and the only one he knew. Rather than argue, Carly revealed that she needed Jason to help her break the news to Sonny. Jason was reluctant to agree, but Carly pleaded with him to accompany her because Sonny needed good news after losing custody of Avery.

Jason remained leery, but Carly was certain that learning Jason was alive would lift Sonny's spirits. She added that it also might help Jason remember because Sonny and Jason had been closer than brothers. Jason argued that he had a lot going on with Elizabeth and the boys, but Carly begged Jason until he relented.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny reached for a thermal coffee carafe on the table but knocked it over because the wheelchair restricted him. Moments later, Dante entered the living room and quickly cleaned up the mess. He offered to pour his father a cup of coffee, but Sonny no longer wanted any. Dante was curious why Sonny had defied the doctor's orders by checking out of the hospital. Sonny insisted that he couldn't remain stuck in the hospital for one more day. Sonny told Dante about the disastrous court hearing then blamed Carly, who demonstrated a lack of support by showing up late, for the judge ruling in Ava's favor.

Dante reminded his father that the hearing had been moved up at the last minute, but Sonny stubbornly changed the subject by asking about Lulu. Sonny revealed that Olivia had filled him in about the disaster on the Haunted Star. Dante admitted that he would give anything to change what had happened, but he was determined to find a way to get Lulu back and save their marriage.

Later, Carly and Jason walked in as Dante prepared to leave. Dante warned Carly that Sonny wasn't in a good place, but Carly was confident that she could change things around. After Dante left, Carly and Jason entered the living room. Sonny was not pleased when he saw "Jake," but Carly explained that they had important news to share with Sonny. Carly invited Jason to tell Sonny. Reluctantly, Jason revealed that he was Jason Morgan.

At first, Sonny accused "Jake" of making a sick joke, but Carly assured Sonny that it was true and added that she had irrefutable DNA evidence to prove it. Sonny remained in denial, but Carly reminded Sonny that he had known the truth before any of them had because Sonny had repeatedly referred to "Jake" as Jason in the hospital. Sonny blamed it on the drugs, but Carly assured him that he had been right. Jason became uncomfortable and decided to leave, but Carly implored Jason to stay because she wanted Sonny to take a close look at Jason; she was certain Sonny would recognize his old friend.

Sonny saw the truth of what Carly had said, but Jason insisted that he had no memory of Jason's life or of Sonny. Sonny reached for Jason's hand and asked his friend to stay because Sonny could tell Jason about the early years when Jason and Sonny had first met. Jason sat down as Sonny smiled with remembrance. Sonny explained that Jason had been lost and confused when he had first turned to Sonny for guidance. Jason grimaced because he recalled Monica talking about Jason and Sonny's association.

Sonny and Carly appeared oblivious to Jake's reaction as Sonny talked about how Jason had become a part of Sonny's organization and like a brother to him. Carly added that Jason had been the reason she had been able to keep Michael. Sonny nodded in agreement and credited Jason with saving Sonny's life more than once. Sonny acknowledged that Jason had lived a dangerous life, but Sonny was grateful that Jason was finally home again. Jason reiterated that he had no memory his life, but Carly was certain that things would change once Jason was reunited with those who had been close to him.

Frustrated, Jason pointed out that he had been around the people close to him, including his wife and children, for a year without anything sparking his memory. Carly argued that perhaps knowing who he was would help, but Jason doubted it because he couldn't even recall the years between being shot and being hit by a car. Carly was confident that they could help Jason, but Jason disagreed and stood to leave. Carly begged Jason to stay because both she and Sonny needed Jason, but Jason explained that he had no idea how to be the man that Sonny and Carly had once known.

After Jason left, Sonny and Carly remained elated that Jason was alive, and they each were certain that he would return. Sonny advised Carly to give Jason space and not force things, but Carly was giddy with joy and refused to make any promises. Sonny's smile faded. He wished things were different with Jason because he needed his best friend more than ever.

Later, Jake returned home. The house was quiet as he dropped the keys on a shelf and glanced at a picture of Elizabeth with him before his facial reconstruction. He started to walk upstairs but suddenly stopped on the landing when he had a brief flashback of Sonny asking if Jason wanted to take over the organization.

At Wyndemere, Laura entered the living room as Lulu was on the floor, watching Rocco as Rocco colored. Laura was thrilled her daughter was there, but her happiness quickly turned to concern when Lulu asked if Laura could watch Rocco because Lulu didn't want to be present when Dante stopped by for a visit. Laura was shocked when Lulu told her mother about Dante's infidelity then cried because Lulu couldn't understand how Dante could throw away his marriage by jumping into bed with another woman rather than talking things out with Lulu first.

Laura led Lulu to a nearby table, where they could speak privately and keep an eye on Rocco. Lulu told her mother about the events at the Halloween party and Lulu's decision to move out. Laura advised Lulu not to make any rash decisions, but Lulu refused to remain married to a cheating husband. Laura appreciated that her daughter was deeply hurt, but she urged Lulu to take some time to let everything sink in. Laura invited Lulu to move into Wyndemere, but Lulu declined because the castle was too crowded, and Maxie's apartment reminded Lulu of happier times.

Lulu decided to say goodbye to Rocco before Dante arrived, but Dante walked in as Lulu kissed their son. Lulu immediately tensed when Dante asked to speak to her privately, but Lulu warned him that there wasn't anything left to say, since Dante's betrayal had been unforgiveable. Dante tried desperately to apologize, but Laura stepped forward to warn Dante to let Lulu go. After Lulu left, Laura explained that Lulu needed time and space, but Dante doubted it would help. Laura warned him that he didn't have a choice because he would lose Lulu if he pushed too hard.

Meanwhile, Maxie arrived at the Haunted Star as Dillon packed up his film equipment. Maxie confessed that it felt like she had returned to the scene of the crime where a marriage had died thanks to Dillon. Dillon was surprised when Maxie added that she and Lulu had spent the night talking, and they were certain that Dillon had been responsible for switching the sizzle reel with the behind-the-scenes footage of Valerie confessing to sleeping with Dante. Dillon started to deny it, but Maxie pointed out that Andy had been genuinely shocked by the mix-up, while Dillon had had the means, opportunity, and motive to out Dante's affair.

Maxie admitted that if her and Dillon's roles had been reversed, she might have done the same thing, but she wasn't there to discuss what he had done to Lulu. Maxie revealed that she had raised the money necessary to complete the movie, once they found a new location to film. Dillon explained that he had decided to shut the movie down because he had lost his desire to complete it. Shocked, Maxie reminded him that her career depended on the movie being completed, but Dillon refused to change his mind.

Resigned, Maxie agreed to return the checks. Dillon felt bad for Maxie and offered her words of encouragement by reminding her that she was a talented young woman with an eye for fashion and design, a gift for organization, and amazing intuitive insights. Dillon was confident that Maxie would do well in whatever path she embarked on.

Shortly after Maxie left, Lulu arrived, but she quickly decided to return later because she didn't want to be around Dillon. Dillon immediately began to apologize, but Lulu wasn't in the mood to hear his excuses because he had publicly humiliated her. Dillon promised that he regretted hurting Lulu and assured her that he wished he could make things better. He was startled when Lulu suddenly stopped in her tracks, turned, and kissed him passionately.

At the apartment, Franco emerged from his bedroom and called out to Nina because he wanted to take her to Metro Court Restaurant for French toast. Nina walked out of the kitchen with a plate in her hands and informed Franco that she had already eaten because she had a job interview. She handed the plate to Franco, but he frowned at the cold pancake. Nina ignored Franco as she talked about wanting to contribute to society by applying for a job as Crimson's new fashion editor. Franco seemed surprised by Nina's choice of career, but she became defensive.

Nina pointed out that her black dress with a white abstract design proved that she had style and good taste. Franco conceded that she was smart, talented, and creative, so it would be a mistake not to hire her. A short time later, Liesl stopped by. Liesl noticed that Nina was dressed up and sarcastically wondered what Nina was being arraigned for. Nina informed her aunt about the job interview then she left.

Liesl turned to Franco to ask why he had asked to see her. Franco invited Liesl inside as he revealed that he wanted his old job back. Liesl was surprised that he didn't want to remain a man of leisure, living off of Nina's fortune, but he insisted that it wasn't the life for him. Liesl happily agreed to give Franco his job back but warned him that he had to pass a psychological evaluation. Franco was surprised because he hadn't been required to take one the first time she had hired him, but she revealed that it was a new hospital policy to keep liability to a minimum. Franco assured her that it wouldn't be a problem. Elated, Lies promised to have her assistant set everything up.

Later, Franco was on the phone, trying to make arrangements to get his car back, when Maxie knocked on the door. Franco became annoyed when the call disconnected as he opened the door. Maxie ignored his grumbles and explained that she needed to talk to Nina and return a check because Dillon had decided to halt production on the movie. Franco explained that Nina had gone to a job interview.

In Julian's office at the new headquarters of Derek Wells Media, Alexis surprised Julian with a picture of Leo for Julian's desk. Julian was touched by the gift. Alexis looked around the office as they talked about the DWM offices being back in Metro Court, but on a different floor. Their conversation drifted to Ava's successful bid for sole custody of Avery, which Alexis thought had been unfair because Avery would have been better off with Sonny. Julian suggested that they agree to disagree, but Alexis felt bad for Sonny because Sonny had been through a lot in recent months.

Alexis changed the subject by inviting Julian to join her for breakfast, but Julian declined because he had work to do. Alexis smiled as she watched Julian study a spreadsheet, but her smile faded when she noticed his frown. She asked if something was wrong, prompting Julian to reveal that he had some tax problems. Julian explained that he owed the government a small fortune in taxes because someone had neglected to pay the Internal Revenue Service.

Alexis offered to help and looked over his shoulder at the spreadsheet. She immediately noticed that Crimson had been losing money and suggested that he let the magazine die, which would allow him to claim it as a tax write-off. Moments later, Nina sailed through the door to announce that she wanted to talk to Julian about a job. Alexis took a seat as Julian decided to indulge Nina. Alexis was stunned when Julian concluded the interview by offering Nina a job as the editor-in-chief of Crimson. Nina happily accepted the job and left.

Alexis was curious why Julian would hire someone as inexperienced as Nina to run Crimson, but his smirk made her realize that he hoped Nina would be the fashion magazine's demise and solve his financial problems.

At the apartment, Franco and Maxie were talking about Nina's job interview when Nina returned to announce that she had been hired as Crimson's new editor-in-chief. Shocked, Maxie explained that the person who ran the magazine needed to have experience. Nina shrugged, but Maxie realized that Nina had no idea about the magazine's history, including Kate's role in making it a huge success. Maxie revealed that she had been Kate's assistant and knew exactly what was required to make the magazine flourish. Nina stunned Maxie by offering to hire Maxie as Nina's new assistant.

Monica reunites with Jason

Monica reunites with Jason

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Elizabeth entered the dining room as Jason sipped coffee at the dining room table. He asked how she had slept. "Not well," she replied then admitted that she had noticed that he had been up and out early. Jason explained that Carly had stopped by to beg him to break the news about his identity to Sonny. Elizabeth smiled nervously when he revealed that he'd had a brief moment when he'd thought he had remembered something, but it hadn't been substantial.

Jason was frustrated because he had heard countless stories about how good "Jason Morgan" had been, but ultimately, his life had been filled with violence. Elizabeth conceded that it was true, but she urged Jason to focus on the good things he had done. Seconds later, Jake entered the dining room. "Hi, Mom; hi, Dad," Jake greeted his parents. Jason smiled and decided to share the news that he was really Jake's father.

"I knew it," Jake replied with a big grin as he enthusiastically hugged Jason. Jason started to question Jake about why Jake had been so certain and if Jake had seen Jason on Cassadine Island, but Elizabeth became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation and quickly reminded Jake that it was time to get ready for school. After Jake ran to grab his backpack, Elizabeth urged Jason to be careful with Jake because their son had been through a lot.

Jason agreed, but he doubted it had been a coincidence that Helena had taken both Jason and Jake hostage. The doorbell rang before Elizabeth could reply. It was Monica. Monica thanked Elizabeth for calling, but Monica froze on the doorstep as she saw Jason. Monica immediately apologized when she realized that her staring had made Jason uncomfortable, but he couldn't imagine what it was like for Monica to see a son she had believed was dead.

Seconds later, Jake returned to the dining room with his backpack and greeted his grandmother with a hug. Monica told Jake to have a good day at school, learn a lot, and stay out of trouble. Jake nodded then yelled "Bye, Dad," as he followed Elizabeth out the door. Jason hoped Monica didn't expect him to call her "Mom," but Monica laughed and explained that he had never referred to her as "Mom." Jason began to relax when Monica promised not pressure him to remember anything, tell him stories about his life, or suggest what he should be feeling. However, she offered to give him the truth if he wanted it.

Monica explained that she had once been forced to let go of the person she had wanted Jason to be and learn to love the man he had become. She was prepared to do it again because she desperately wanted a relationship with her son. Jason admitted that he would like that, but Monica had one favor to ask -- she wanted a hug. After Jason hugged his mother, she invited Jason and Elizabeth to join the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving dinner. Jason was reluctant to commit, but he promised to think about it.

At the Drake residence, Sam stared at Jason's wedding ring until Patrick and Danny arrived home. She set the ring down and warmly greeted her son with a hug. After Sam assured Patrick that she had gotten Emma off to school, she apologized for neglecting to leave him a note the previous night. He admitted that he'd had a pretty good idea where she had gone when he'd seen that she had left. Sam explained that she had dropped off Jason's motorcycle and let Jason know that he was welcome to visit Danny.

"Here, Daddy," Danny said as he handed Patrick the wedding band Sam had been looking at. Patrick recognized the ring but said nothing as he handed it to Sam. After Patrick got Danny settled in the bedroom, he suggested that he and Sam tell Danny about Jason and assure Emma that Sam still loved her. Sam readily agreed, but she feared that she might not be able to explain adequately. Patrick was confident they could find a way. Patrick picked up Jason's wedding band, but she quickly assured him that she had never intended to put it back on Jason's finger.

Patrick smiled because he noticed that Sam still had her engagement ring on, which told Patrick all he needed to know. Sam beamed with happiness as she praised Patrick for being the most amazing, patient, and loving man. She kissed him until they heard a knock at the door. It was Alexis. Patrick decided to head to the hospital to give Sam and Alexis time alone. Alexis waited until Patrick left then hugged her daughter as Sam began to cry.

Sam explained that she was grateful that Jason was alive, but she felt cheated because his memories of their life together were gone. Alexis offered to help Sam, starting by having Jason's death certificate reversed. Sam wondered if she was still legally married to Jason. Alexis admitted that the circumstances were unique, but Sam would have to formally divorce Jason if Sam intended to marry Patrick. Alexis was curious if Sam wanted to end the marriage, but Sam explained that it was out of her hands, since Jason had no memory of his past and wanted to marry Elizabeth. Alexis clarified that it was not what she had asked her daughter; she was curious what Sam wanted.

Sam confessed that she wished she could go back in time to the moment when she, Jason, and Danny had been in bed together as a family and stop Jason from going to Bernie. Sam explained that she wanted the Jason she had fallen in love with. Alexis reminded Sam that Jason's "death" had paved the way for Sam to fall in love with Patrick and build the family Sam had always wanted. Sam agreed, but her eyes quickly filled with tears as she cried on her mother's shoulder.

Later, Alexis asked how Patrick had been handling things. Sam admitted that Patrick had been giving Sam both space and time to figure things out. Alexis wondered what Sam wanted, but Sam insisted that it wasn't all about her because other people were involved, including Jason. Sam refused to believe that he would never remember their life together, even if she and Jason didn't end up together. Alexis warned Sam that Sam might not have a choice, but Sam was adamant that Jason would remember.

Sam insisted that she had never quite accepted that Jason had died -- even when everyone had told her that he had. Sam claimed that in her heart she had always felt that he was alive, so she had to believe he had felt it too. Moments later, Jason knocked. Alexis quickly introduced herself then gathered her things and left. Sam realized Jason was there to see Danny and called out to their son.

Seconds later, Danny ran into the room and raced into Jason's waiting arms. Jason admitted that it felt different to hold Danny. Sam suggested that perhaps it was because Danny was his son. After Jason and Danny spent time visiting, Danny returned to the bedroom. Sam suggested that they arrange a visitation schedule. Jason agreed, but he admitted that he had a lot of unanswered questions. Sam offered to help Jason when he was ready, but Jason insisted on focusing on doing the right thing for both of his sons -- Danny and Jake.

Sam promised that she and Danny would welcome a visit from Jason whenever he decided to stop by. Jason assured her that he would not be a stranger then turned to leave, but Sam called out to ask him to stay.

At the nurses' station, Patrick left Robin a voicemail message, asking her to return his call. After he ended the call, Elizabeth walked up. He was surprised that she had stopped by the hospital, but he was curious how she had been holding up. Elizabeth became choked up with emotion as she admitted that she still loved Jason. Patrick admitted that the shocking development had affected many lives, but Elizabeth thought it might help if Patrick kept Sam away from Jason.

Patrick pulled Elizabeth aside and gently explained that it wasn't his place to dictate what Sam could and couldn't do. He reminded Elizabeth that Jason and Sam had loved each other once and shared a child, but Elizabeth countered that she also had a child with Jason. Elizabeth reminded Patrick that she and Jason had made plans for a future, but Patrick pointed out that -- as far as he could tell -- those plans hadn't changed.

Patrick was hurt when Elizabeth expressed concern that Sam might want Jason back because it minimized what Patrick and Sam shared. Elizabeth was curious if there was even a small part of Patrick that worried that Jason might remember and want to pick up with Sam where Jason and Sam had left off. Patrick insisted that what he had with Sam was real, and things would work out. Elizabeth remained concerned as she watched Patrick walk away.

Moments later, Monica approached to thank Elizabeth for calling about Jason. Elizabeth smiled and asked about the visit. Monica warned Elizabeth that Jason was overwhelmed and felt as if he were being pulled in different directions because people kept pressuring him to remember the Jason they had known. Elizabeth wondered if Monica thought Elizabeth was one of the people upsetting Jason. Monica urged Elizabeth to give Jason time to explore who he was and possibly remember his past.

Nearby, Patrick answered a phone call from Robin.

At the police station, Paul was pleased when he spotted Anna. He thanked her for accepting his offer to work as Special Investigator for the District Attorney, but she reminded him that he hadn't given her much of a choice.

In Jordan's office, Jordan congratulated Valerie on being accepted by the police academy. Valerie smiled as she admitted that it would be a good change and put some distance between her and Dante. Seconds later, Dante entered Jordan's office to ask about a case. Valerie quickly excused herself and left. After the door closed, Jordan revealed that T.J. had told her about what had transpired during Lulu's Halloween party.

Dante hated that Valerie had been caught up in the middle of it. However, he conceded that it had forced Valerie to move on and accept that Dante wouldn't give up on Lulu. After Dante left, Paul and Anna arrived because Paul wanted to introduce Jordan to the new addition to the district attorney's office. Jordan was surprised that Anna had agreed to work for Paul, but Paul explained that he needed Anna to deal with the organized crime problem in Port Charles.

Jordan reminded Paul that Julian had retired, Sonny had been sidelined with a long recovery from a near-fatal gunshot injury, and Carlos Rivera was dead, which meant that mob activity was at an all-time low. Paul smoothly smiled as he explained that he wanted Anna to keep the criminal element at bay. After Paul left, Jordan asked what was really going on. Anna claimed that she wanted to focus on the future rather than being haunted by the past. Satisfied, Jordan welcomed her friend to the team and added that she hoped Anna kept a close eye on Paul. Anna promised not to let Paul get away with anything.

In the squad room, Dante wished Valerie luck at the academy. Valerie admitted that she was excited about her new career, but she was also concerned about Dante. Dante told her about his visit with Rocco and about Lulu's determination to avoid Dante then he mentioned Laura's advice to give Lulu space to figure things out. Valerie thought it was a good idea. Dante was willing to try, but he was an impatient man.

Valerie was confident that Lulu would eventually forgive Dante because he was a good guy who deserved to be happy. Dante smiled and offered Valerie a few words of encouragement. Minutes later, he left when his cell phone beeped.

Later, Valerie finished packing up her desk as Jordan chatted about the police academy. Valerie revealed that the academy had arranged for each cadet to have a ride-along with a seasoned police officer. Moments later, Valerie's phone rang. She stepped away to take the call. Her expression clouded with concern when she was informed that she had been assigned to ride with Dante.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu and Dillon kissed passionately as they tore each other's clothes off. However, Lulu put a halt to things when she realized that she was trying to punish Dante. Lulu refused to do the same thing that Dante had done with Valerie, even though Lulu conceded that she finally understood how Dante had felt when he had thought Lulu had betrayed him with Dillon. Dillon respected Lulu's decision, but he was curious if she intended to forgive Dante. Lulu admitted that she couldn't think beyond her decision to stay at Maxie's place.

Dillon began to apologize for what he had done, but Lulu was tired of hearing everyone tell her how sorry they were. Dillon regretted that his actions had cost him a valuable friendship, but Lulu insisted that they had simply been ex-lovers from long before. Dillon disagreed because he had shared his work with her, and she had truly helped him. "You're welcome," Lulu replied without conviction.

Dillon accepted that he and Lulu would never have a relationship, but he begged her not to forgive Dante because she deserved better than someone who had cheated on her. Lulu admitted that she was hurt and angry, but a part of her wanted to forgive her husband because she had loved Dante for a long time, and a love like that didn't instantly vanish. Moments later, Lulu left for an appointment.

Dillon finished packing as Paul strolled in. Paul revealed that Maxie had called to make arrangements to return Paul's check from the fundraiser. Dillon admitted that he had decided to cease production of the movie and apologized for the wasted investment. Paul suspected Dillon's decision had something to do with Lulu and offered Dillon some fatherly advice, but Dillon assured Paul that it wasn't necessary. Dillon was grateful that he'd at least had the chance to find out what a good guy Paul was.

Later, Paul returned to the police station and saw Anna working. He noticed the file on her desk and remarked that the case had been closed. Anna clarified that it was a cold case and added that she intended to find out who had shot Sonny.

Meanwhile, Dante entered Dr. Lee's office. Lulu was already seated in one of the chairs. Dante quietly sat down to wait for the doctor. Moments later, a nurse entered to explain that Dr. Lee had an emergency. The nurse handed Lulu prescriptions that were needed to begin the process of implanting the embryo, but Lulu returned the slips of paper and announced that she and Dante had changed their minds. Surprised, the nurse asked what they should do with the embryo. Lulu instructed the nurse not to do anything with it and left.

Dante caught up with Lulu in the hallway and asked if Lulu's decision to keep the embryo meant that they had a chance to save their marriage. Lulu informed Dante that she didn't need him to give Rocco a sibling, and she stormed off.

Hayden is revealed to be in cahoots with Tracy

Hayden is revealed to be in cahoots with Tracy

Friday, November 13, 2015

Paul dragged Anna to his office to demand that she cease investigating Sonny's shooting. Anna pointed out that they both knew that Carlos hadn't committed the crime and that Ava could not be trusted, but Paul warned her to back off. Anna reminded him that the shooter might strike again, but Paul was curious why she cared about the fate of a mobster who was a "scourge" to the community. Anna questioned the nature of Paul's relationship with Ava and whether he was protecting Ava or himself.

Paul advised Anna to focus herself as Tracy entered the office. Tracy was surprised when Paul announced that he had hired Anna to work for him as an investigator. After Anna left, Tracy questioned Paul's decision to work with Anna because she had picked up on the tension between them. Paul admitted that Anna had refused to back off from a closed case, which Tracy thought was sufficient reason to sever ties with Anna, but Paul refused. Tracy couldn't understand everyone's fascination with Anna, who was more trouble than she was worth.

Tracy shifted gears by inviting Paul to lunch, but Paul had to work. However, he suspected Tracy had had an ulterior motive for inviting him to lunch. Tracy confessed that she was trying to escape Monica's "effervescence" over yet another son's resurrection from the dead. Paul thought the news about Jason was miraculous, but Tracy scoffed because Jason had never shown much loyalty to the Quartermaines. She warned Paul that Jason had a talent for creating mayhem and evading law enforcement, but Paul wasn't concerned.

At Patrick and Sam's house, Sam tearfully begged Jason to stay. She held onto his hand as she explained that she had never thought that she would get to feel his hand in hers again. Jason gently slipped his hand out of her grip, but she confessed that all the feelings she had felt for him were still there. Sam implored him to tell her that he felt the connection they had once shared, but Jason quietly asked her to stop. Sam's tears flowed freely as she insisted that he was her husband. Jason didn't want to disappoint Sam, but he admitted that he had no recollection of their life together.

Sam was crushed, but she refused to believe that he had stopped loving her. Jason admitted that even standing in the exact spot where they had been married during their recent anniversary hadn't triggered his memories. Sam wept as she argued that he had to have felt something because she was certain that she was still in his heart. Jason looked uncomfortable as he explained that he was in love with Elizabeth.

Sam assured Jason that she didn't want to pressure him, but she needed him to remember the bond that they had shared. Jason pointed out that he and Sam had known each other for a year, but nothing had sparked his memory. Sam disagreed because he had refused to follow Helena's order to kill her because he'd had a brief flashback of their life together. Sam believed that Jason hadn't pulled the trigger because he still loved her, but Jason sadly shook his head. He explained that the few flashes of memory he'd had always vanished in an instant and were insubstantial.

Desperate, Sam picked up Jason's wedding ring and asked if it looked familiar. She told him about what they had meant to each other before he had been taken from her, but Jason argued that he had chosen to leave. Sam insisted that he had been helping a friend in need because he had always been willing to put his life on the line for those he cared about. Sam revealed that a piece of her heart had died when Jason had disappeared and that their son had been her only reason for going on. Jason felt bad for what Sam had endured, but she refused to accept that because she believed that his heart would remember her.

Jason suddenly had a hazy image of him and Sam in bed, but it quickly faded. Sam's expression filled with hope when he admitted that he had remembered something. Jason suddenly kissed her, but stepped back as his expression filled with regret. Jason insisted it had been wrong to kiss her, especially since they were each in love with other people. He also wanted to find the person who had essentially killed him. Sam offered to help, but Jason was determined to do it on his own because he had no idea how long it would take or who he would be when it was over.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas told Laura about the wedding fiasco. Laura was surprised that Carly had figured out who Jason was. Nikolas assured Laura that she could rest easy because she had gotten what she had wanted -- Jason and Elizabeth hadn't gotten married. Laura insisted that it was good news because a marriage built on lies was doomed to fail. Laura was curious if Elizabeth had told Jason that Elizabeth had known the truth about his identity for months.

"No, I did not. And neither did Nikolas," Elizabeth answered as she appeared in the doorway. Laura was disappointed and imagined that both Nikolas and Elizabeth had acted their "little hearts out" to avoid suspicion. "They weren't the only ones," Hayden proudly announced as she entered the living room and asked where her Academy Award was. Elizabeth and Laura were not surprised when Hayden revealed that she had been faking having amnesia, but Elizabeth was curious why Hayden hadn't tried to blackmail them.

Hayden admitted that it had been far more entertaining to watch Elizabeth squirm. Nikolas quickly clarified that he had only learned the truth the previous evening, when Nikolas and Hayden had returned home from the church. Hayden smiled with satisfaction because her act had been quite convincing. "Well played," Laura conceded. However, Laura was curious what Hayden wanted in exchange for her silence. Hayden assured the ladies that Hayden and Nikolas had worked something out, but Laura was not satisfied.

Hayden explained that everything would right itself in the end when Jason and Sam found their way back to each other. Hayden continued to goad Elizabeth, but Elizabeth insisted that Jason loved Elizabeth, not Sam. Elizabeth added that Jason had gone home with Elizabeth the previous evening, but Hayden merely smiled because Hayden believed that Sam would do whatever was necessary to help Jason remember. Nikolas warned Hayden to back off, but Laura was curious what Hayden knew about Sam.

Hayden continued to taunt Elizabeth by suggesting that Elizabeth show a little dignity because if Elizabeth had needed to lie to keep Jason, then the relationship would not last. Nikolas' temper flared, but Elizabeth informed Hayden that Hayden was wrong because Elizabeth and Jason shared a special connection. Laura reminded Elizabeth that Jason and Sam did, too, and urged Elizabeth to be honest with Jason because it would be the only hope for Elizabeth to salvage a relationship with Jason.

Elizabeth refused to consider telling Jason that she'd known who he was, but Nikolas warned her that Jason was already suspicious of Nikolas. Laura was startled when Nikolas mentioned his scuffle with Jason at the church. Elizabeth wondered why her secret couldn't remain hidden, but Laura suggested that she ask Hayden. Hayden claimed that she had nothing to gain by telling then excused herself because she had an appointment. After Hayden left, Elizabeth asked if Nikolas trusted Hayden. Nikolas promised that he had everything under control, but Laura was concerned that Hayden might be manipulating Nikolas.

After Laura left, Nikolas assured Elizabeth that everything would be okay. Seconds later, Jason stood in the doorway.

At the park, Spencer showered Emma with flattery as they looked for leaves. Emma reminded him that they were there for a school project and added that they weren't getting married like Elizabeth and "Jake" had or Patrick and Sam would. Spencer realized that Emma hadn't heard the news, so he quickly filled her in about what had transpired at the church. Emma was shocked that Sam's husband was alive and feared that Sam might break up with Patrick. Emma began to cry because she didn't want to lose Sam and Danny.

Spencer tried to cheer Emma up by reminding her that things might work out for everyone, but Emma was skeptical because she recalled her father had been evasive when she had asked him about his wedding to Sam. Emma realized that Sam couldn't marry Patrick because Sam was still married to Jason. Upset, Emma talked about all the ways Sam was like a mother to her. Emma was happy for Danny, but she wanted Sam and Danny to stay with Patrick and Emma. Spencer explained that Jason didn't remember Sam, which meant that Jason might still marry Elizabeth.

Later, Spencer and Emma nibbled on apples that Chandler had dropped off when he had checked on the children. Spencer confided that he suspected his father was in love with Hayden. Emma smiled, but her eyes were sad, as she assured Spencer that she was happy for him because she knew Spencer wanted a mother. Spencer admitted something was going on between Nikolas and Hayden that Spencer didn't understand. Emma remained distracted, prompting Spencer to remind her of their project.

Spencer suggested that he and Emma count the leaves they had collected to see if they had enough for each of the things they were thankful for. Emma invited Spencer to go first. Spencer was grateful that Emma had forgiven him but mentioned finding Jason's wedding ring in Nikolas' safe. Spencer admitted that he couldn't understand why Nikolas had been angry about Spencer's discovery.

At the hospital, Patrick thanked Robin for returning his call because he had important news to share. Robin remained quiet as he told her that Jason was alive and in Port Charles. She took a deep breath then cryptically told Patrick that there was more to the story than Patrick realized. Patrick asked Robin to elaborate, but the line went dead.

In a Paris medical facility, a guard snatched Robin's phone out of her hand and disconnected the call. The guard's expression grew stern when the phone began to ring. Robin warned the man that her husband would continue to call until she answered, but the guard refused to let her take the call because she had been about to reveal confidential information. Robin insisted that Patrick would become suspicious if she ignored the calls, but the guard turned off the phone and turned to leave. Robin grabbed a glass beaker and smashed it over his head.

The guard crumbled to the ground. Robin quickly retrieved her phone, shut the door, and used a chair as reinforcement to keep it closed. After barricading herself inside, Robin called Patrick.

At the hospital, Patrick thanked Anna for meeting him. He explained that he had been trying to reach Robin, but the call had gone dead due to a poor connection. He hoped that Anna might have another number to reach Robin, but Anna regrettably shook her head and admitted that her contact with Robin was infrequent. Seconds later, Patrick's phone rang. It was Robin. She explained that she didn't have much time, but Patrick needed to know the truth about Jason.

Patrick noticed that Robin hadn't been surprised that Jason was alive and questioned why. Robin jumped when another guard kicked in the door, wielding a gun. He held up a picture of Robin and Emma as he quietly instructed Robin to end the call. Robin tried to appease her captor by explaining to Patrick that she was relieved that Jason was alive because she had blamed herself for not being able to save him. Patrick knew something was wrong and asked what "truth" Robin had been referring to.

Robin thanked Patrick for the call and added that she had to go because a colleague had arrived. Patrick was frustrated when Robin abruptly ended the call. Anna suspected that Robin suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder and had buried herself in work to avoid developing an emotional attachment.

Later, Robin tensed when a man entered the lab and informed her that he was there to punish her for having a big mouth and being insubordinate. Robin insisted that she hadn't done anything wrong because Patrick had already known the truth about Jason. The man ignored her as he opened a computer tablet, which had a live feed of the park where Spencer and Emma were talking about the things they were thankful for. Robin watched with trepidation as Spencer received a text message ordering him to get to the car. Emma worried about being left alone in the park, but Spencer promised that Patrick was on his way.

After Spencer left, a frantic woman walked by, calling for her dog. Robin's eyes rounded with horror as Emma volunteered to help the woman look for the lost dog.

Anna returned to Paul's office to let Paul know that she had decided to drop the investigation into Sonny's shooting. Paul was pleased, but Anna warned him that they both knew where they stood with each other.

Meanwhile, Hayden approached Tracy to hand her a small case for Tracy's glasses, which she claimed Tracy had dropped. Tracy told Hayden to drop the pretense because no one was watching them. Tracy made it clear that she didn't appreciate being kept waiting, but Hayden admitted that an "intriguing interruption" at the castle had delayed her. Tracy insisted on punctuality if Tracy and Hayden were to work together.

Across town, Patrick arrived home and immediately noticed Jason's wedding ring in Sam's hand. Sam quietly revealed that Jason had stopped by to see her. "And?" Patrick asked.

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