General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 30, 2015 on GH

Jordan spotted a familiar face. Patrick questioned Sam's intentions toward Jason. Jason refused to let Elizabeth break off their engagement. Morgan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Anna found a link between Paul and Kyle.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 30, 2015 on GH
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Secrets Never Die

Secrets Never Die

Monday, November 30, 2015

On the phone with Laura, Lulu assured Laura that she felt better than she had the previous night. She informed Laura that she was going to visit Dante and tell him that she wanted to fight for their marriage. Nikolas entered Wyndemere, so Laura said goodbye to Lulu. Laura admitted to being worried that Helena had "turned the tables" on Nikolas. Nikolas informed his mother that Helena had died.

Laura expressed her deepest sympathies, which surprised Nikolas after how much "horror" Helena had caused Laura and her family. Laura knew that Helena had adored Nikolas, and she informed him that he had a right to grieve. He was surprised at how much he missed Helena, even as he admitted to praying to be free of her. He was relieved that she would never hurt his loved ones again. Laura was happy that Hayden was the only person they needed to worry about revealing the fact that Nikolas and Elizabeth had known about Jason's identity.

Nikolas was exasperated at Laura's concern, but Laura didn't want his feelings to cloud his judgment again like they had with Britt. She said that Spencer longed for a mother and that Nikolas deserved a "real partner." Nikolas assured her that he had his "eyes wide open" but that he cared "a lot" for Hayden. Laura hoped that Hayden never found out that Nikolas had ordered Hayden's shooting.

In bed, Valerie confessed to Dante that she'd woken up once during the night and had wondered whether or not she should "clear out." Dante was glad she had stayed. A short while later, Lulu knocked on the door, and Dante opened it. She wanted to talk, but he told her it wasn't a good time. She didn't want to wait. She told him that she'd realized what she wanted. Just then, she caught sight of Valerie in a towel. Valerie gathered her clothes to get dressed in the bathroom. Lulu sarcastically wondered if it wasn't what it looked like. "It's exactly what it looks like," Dante stated.

Lulu stormed into the apartment in disbelief that Dante would sleep with Valerie again. Dante reminded her that she'd given him separation papers. He wondered how long he was supposed to wait for her to trust him again. "How about one damn day?" she screamed. She told him that she had swallowed her pride and was there to tell him that she wanted to fight for their marriage.

Valerie emerged, and Lulu reminded Dante and Valerie of their own words, like how their indiscretion had only been a "one-time thing," how they had no feelings for one another, and how Valerie wasn't after Dante. Valerie yelled that Lulu had given up on Dante and killed all the hope he'd had. "So it's my fault?" Lulu asked. "Damn straight!" Valerie exclaimed.

Lulu went on about how Dante had broken his vows and said that Valerie, who hadn't had a life, purpose, or direction, had obsessed over Dante and had taken everything Lulu had. Valerie shot back that she hadn't taken anything Lulu hadn't already thrown away. Dante tried to stop the women as Valerie accused Lulu of "playing the victim." "I didn't destroy your marriage. You did that," Valerie spat, and she left the apartment.

Lulu wondered if Dante agreed with Valerie. He replied that he could speak for himself. He retrieved the separation papers and showed her the signed document. "Is this what you wanted?" he wondered.

An incognito Hayden arrived at the Haunted Star and sat at the bar. A stranger sat next to her, and she told him to "move on" because she had a business meeting. "Me, too. I'm a multitasker, Ms. Barnes," he replied. Hayden realized that the man was Shawn's friend, who was supposed to help her. She quickly explained her situation to the man, who assumed that she wanted him to find out who had actually shot her. She responded that she knew who had shot her. She just needed the evidence.

The man suggested that Hayden go to the cops, but she didn't want any attention being drawn to the investigation. She promised him money if he helped her. She instructed him to look for a bullet in the wall or floor of the garage where she'd been shot. "Easiest money I'll ever make," he said.

A short while later, Hayden returned to Wyndemere. She was glad to see that Nikolas, who had missed Hayden, was back. They both admitted to missing each other. Nikolas hugged her and told her that he never wanted to be away from her again.

Laura arrived at the Haunted Star and ordered a drink. She thought to herself that the boat was supposed to have been part of Helena's curse, but they had "purged" it of her poison just like Helena had been purged from the world. Laura knew that, while Helena was dead, she was certainly not gone. She hoped to get Helena's "imprint" off of Nikolas, so he could "be the man he was meant to be. You won't win this time. To your death, Helena. It was a long time coming," she said, and she took a drink.

Patrick entered his living room and sat with Sam while Danny ate some leftovers from Thanksgiving. He remarked that it had been "quite the holiday." Sam recalled hearing Jake tell Danny that Elizabeth and Laura had a secret about Jason. Sam agreed that the holiday had been "full of surprises." Patrick had to go to work but promised he wouldn't be late. Before he left, Sam proposed a date night. "If that's what you want," he said, and he kissed her.

Jason arrived at the hospital and surprised Elizabeth. He divulged that he was on his way to Diane's office. He revealed that Spinelli had told him about Jason's "considerable financial assets." He wanted to make sure that Sam and Danny were provided for. Speaking of Sam, Elizabeth suggested that Jason ask Diane about divorcing Sam. Before a surprised Jason could answer, his phone rang, and he answered it to Sam.

Sam told Jason that she was home with Danny, and she suggested that Jason drop Jake off for a play date. He agreed and hung up the phone. He told Elizabeth where he was going and promised to see her later.

A few minutes later, Patrick arrived at the hospital. "Things are looking up," Elizabeth told Patrick happily. She divulged that Jason was going to talk to Diane about divorcing Sam. Patrick admitted to having a similar conversation with Sam. "I wish I was sure Sam felt the same," he commented. Elizabeth assured Patrick that he and Sam were solid. "We were," he replied. Elizabeth told him that there was nothing left between Sam and Jason. Patrick answered that Sam couldn't deny her love for Jason, and that her memories were enough to keep her hanging on.

Jason and Jake arrived at Sam's, and Jake ran into the house to play with Danny. Sam asked Jason if the holiday had been hard for him. He admitted that seeing anyone was hard. Each agreed that they wanted the other to be happy. He confessed that he was going to talk to Diane about "tying up some loose ends." "Our life, our marriage, our past," Sam concluded. He apologized for his callousness, but she excused him. She promised that she wouldn't give him any trouble. He promised to be back to pick Jake up, and he left.

A short while later, Jake and Danny were playing, and Jake accidentally spilled a drink. Danny got up to get cleaned up, and Sam wiped up the spill. "It was just an accident. Please don't tell," Jake pleaded. Sam admitted that she'd done similar things before, but it was a secret. She wondered if something was on Jake's mind and assured him that he could talk to her. He replied that he had lots of secrets. She suggested that he think of a secret, and she would try to guess what it was.

Sam wondered if the secret was about Elizabeth. Jake confided that it was a secret that had made Laura mad at Elizabeth. Sam asked what the secret was, but seeing that he was upset, she told him to forget that she'd asked. She picked up her phone and made a phone call. "Can you stop by? I need to talk to you," she said. A short while later, Sam opened the front door to Laura.

While waiting for Morgan, Carly gushed to Sonny about how happy she was to have gotten the whole family together for Thanksgiving. Carly remarked on how well Kristina had been handling her breakup. Sonny wished that his daughter didn't have to go back to school, because he hadn't gotten half as much time with her as he wanted. "If you're not careful, you won't be seeing her at all," Ava said, slinking into the room with Avery.

When Ava's attempts to find out about Morgan's condition were shot down, she revealed that she was there so that Sonny could have his supervised visitation with Avery. Just then, a woman entered, introducing herself as Yvonne, his supervisor. Carly didn't think that Sonny needed a supervisor, and Yvonne hoped to report just that to the court. As Ava handed Avery to Sonny, she assured Avery not to be afraid, because Sonny was "harmless." She left, and Sonny, Carly, Yvonne, and Avery went into a private room.

Ava arrived at the gallery a short while later and found a man looking at the artwork. She advised him that the gallery was closed, so she would call the cops if he didn't want to leave. Paul appeared and informed Ava that Raj was an associate of theirs, whose shipments Ava would be overseeing. Ava introduced herself, and Raj was impressed by Ava's family name. She promised that his merchandise would be in good hands.

Ava asked Paul what exactly the merchandise was, but he only said that it was something "lucrative." She supposed that it didn't matter, as long as it would "topple Sonny. I wouldn't mind not sharing my daughter with him," she added. Paul vowed that Sonny would be long gone before Avery was old enough to remember him.

A short while later, Paul was gone, and Raj informed Ava that he'd taken what he'd needed out of the shipment. He instructed that the rest would be stored at the gallery. When Raj was gone, Ava went to work on opening one of the crates. When it was finally open, she took out a large painting and gasped at what was behind it. "Son of a bitch," she spat when she saw machine guns neatly lined up in the box.

Carly took Yvonne aside and wondered if she could give Sonny a little space with Avery. Since Sonny was in a wheelchair, she assured Yvonne that Sonny wasn't going anywhere. Yvonne agreed to sit outside the room. Carly left to check on Morgan. Sonny played with Avery and promised that she would soon be home with him. He sang "Beautiful Dreamer" to her, and she laughed and played.

A short while later, Yvonne declared Sonny's time up. Just then, Paul entered. "No need to be stingy," he said, acting as the district attorney. When Sonny's extra few minutes were up, Yvonne took Avery, and Sonny thanked Paul for the extra time. Paul informed Sonny that he'd once been in Sonny's position, and Sonny was sorry that they had that in common. "That's not the only thing," Paul commented. He sat across from Sonny and told him that he intended to end violence in Port Charles like the kind that had put Sonny in the wheelchair. Sonny responded that many district attorneys had "lots of intentions." "You'll find I'm not like the rest," Paul said cryptically, and he left.

Carly was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital when Jason arrived. Carly asked him about his trip to Cassadine Island. Jason informed her that Helena was dead. She suggested that he look inside himself for answers instead of outside. She reminded him of his life with Sam. Frustrated, Jason told her that he knew what he wanted, and that was his family with Elizabeth. Carly shot back that Elizabeth wanted him in her "safe, predictable" life. She continued that Jason knowing his identity scared him. She accused him of hiding from his "big life." Jason sternly told her that "this is who I am now, and I suggest you get used to it."

A few minutes later, Jason called Diane and requested a call back. Just as he hung up the phone, Patrick appeared. He thanked Jason for wanting to divorce Sam. "It's about time you got out of her life," he said.

Carly bumped into Elizabeth and grabbed her. She needed to talk to Elizabeth about Jason. "You need to let him go," she demanded.

Elizabeth decides to let Jason go

Elizabeth decides to let Jason go

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

At Crimson, Julian entered Nina's office with Maxie trailing behind him. "It's inspiring to see how hard you're working, Nina," Julian said with a smirk when he caught Nina and Franco passionately kissing. Nina quickly explained that Franco had dropped off lunch, but Julian wasn't interested in excuses and asked to talk to his editor-in-chief privately. After Franco left, Julian handed Nina the November financial report, which he claimed was a complete disaster because Nina had not only failed to drive up sales, but she had also managed to drive away loyal advertisers who had been with the magazine for years.

Nina feared that Julian intended to fire her, but Maxie quickly stepped forward to warn Julian that he would be a fool to let Nina go because two head hunters, each representing a competitor of Crimson's with deeper pockets, had reached out to Nina. Julian appeared skeptical, but he assured Nina that her job remained safe. However, he warned Nina that if sales didn't immediately improve, then he would have to shut down the magazine. After Julian left, Nina turned to Maxie for advice. Maxie insisted Julian was to blame for hiring someone incompetent prior to Nina.

Nina felt that she was in over her head. Maxie disagreed but conceded that Nina needed some help. Nina was startled when Maxie announced it was time for Nina to have a makeover because even though Nina had good fashion sense, Nina needed help taking it to the next level to become a fashion icon that vendors and stylists looked to for guidance. Maxie revealed that she had hired the top stylist and pulled some strings with a few of New York City's hottest fashion designers to have a few pieces sent over to help transform Nina.

Meanwhile, Franco approached Julian in Metro Court Restaurant to question why Julian would hire Nina to run a fashion magazine when Nina had zero work or fashion experience. Julian claimed that he had taken a chance with Nina because he had felt bad for her. Franco warned Julian not to trick, embarrass, or hurt Nina in any way or Franco would repay Julian in kind. Julian was unruffled by the threat, but Franco made it clear that he expected Julian to give Nina the credit that she was due when she restored Crimson to its former glory. "Not a chance of that happening," Julian muttered under his breath as Franco walked away.

At Crimson, Maxie and the stylist stood back to admire their work. The stylist announced that Nina had been her masterpiece as Maxie invited Nina to look in the floor-length mirror. Nina, wearing a daring long black dress, designer heels, and a messy updo hairstyle, looked in the mirror and burst into tears. After the stylist left and Nina pulled herself together, Maxie asked why Nina was upset. Nina explained that she had spent her life living in Madeline's shadow and had married Silas to escape her mother.

Nina glowed with happiness because the woman in the mirror had looked strong and confident and not like the type of person who lived in anyone's shadow. Nina was grateful to Maxie and eager to prove to everyone that Nina could turn the magazine around and make something of her life. Maxie smiled and happily exchanged fist bumps with Nina. Moments later, Julian returned to retrieve the financial folder that he had left behind.

Nina informed Julian that she would need a bigger budget because she and Maxie had an idea for the magazine that would break the Internet and blow up newsstands. Julian appeared startled by Nina's transformation but stammered that he didn't have the money to spare. He advised her to find another way to raise the money. Unperturbed, Nina handed him the financial report and closed the door because she needed to get busy. Maxie was impressed with how Nina had handled Julian, but she wondered if Nina had been bluffing about the idea. Nina admitted that the makeover had inspired her. She opened her computer tablet to show Maxie what she had in mind for the magazine's next edition.

Maxie loved Nina's idea but worried about the expense. Nina asked if Maxie believed in the magazine and its success. Maxie assured Nina that Crimson meant everything to Maxie because it was the only place where Maxie had felt like she had truly belonged and could express her creative side. Maxie admitted that she was thrilled that Nina had given her an opportunity to work for the magazine again. Nina promised Maxie that they wouldn't be like mayflies -- they'd have long careers because Nina intended to use her own money to fund Crimson's next edition.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas told Alexis about Helena's passing. "You had better not be teasing me. Is she dead -- or is she dead?" Alexis asked as she joined her nephew on the living room sofa. Nikolas assured Alexis he had personally witnessed Helena's burial on the north side of Cassadine Island. Alexis jumped up and gleefully thanked God. She began to dance and sing about the "wicked witch" being dead until she noticed Nikolas' tight expression. She realized that he was conflicted about his grandmother's passing.

Nikolas explained that Helena's death had been sudden, but Alexis suspected that Helena had taunted Jason with her dying breath because even on her deathbed, Helena hadn't lacked remorse. Nikolas admitted that Helena had always done things with eyes wide open and had taught him that being sorry never changed anything. Alexis loved her nephew, but she feared that he might have picked up Helena's mantle of ruthlessness. Nikolas decided to shift the topic of conversation to Sam, but Alexis reminded him that Helena had always loved torturing Sam.

Alexis was certain that Helena had enjoyed knowing that Jason had fallen in love with Elizabeth while Sam had mourned for him. Alexis hated that Sam continued to struggle, but Nikolas pointed out that Sam was in love with Patrick. Alexis agreed that Patrick was a better choice for Sam because he would never endanger Sam and Danny, but she reminded Nikolas that ultimately, it was Sam's choice who Sam wanted to be with. Nikolas argued that Sam didn't really have a choice, since Jason wanted to marry Elizabeth.

At the hospital, Patrick praised Jason for making the right decision by divorcing Sam. Jason reminded him that Jason would continue to be a part of Sam's life because Jason and Sam shared a son and were good friends. Patrick suggested that Jason make things easy for Sam by limiting contact with her to what was necessary for Danny's sake. Jason argued that he and Sam had been friends long before they'd learned the truth about Jason's identity, but Patrick argued that Jason was a painful reminder to Sam that the husband she had loved no longer remembered her.

Jason was curious why Patrick felt compelled to confront him if Patrick and Sam had worked everything out. Jason assured Patrick that it wasn't necessary because Jason intended to marry Elizabeth. Jason warned Patrick that if Patrick failed to hold onto Sam, then it wouldn't be because of Jason. Patrick remained silent as Jason walked away.

Across town, Sam welcomed Laura. Sam explained that she had called Laura because Jake and Danny had been having a play date. Laura immediately became concerned about Jake, but Sam assured her that Jake and Danny were watching a movie. However, Sam revealed that Jake had mentioned that Laura and Elizabeth had been keeping a secret about Jason. Laura pretended that she had no idea what Sam was talking about and suggested that perhaps Jake's active imagination had led to a misunderstanding. Sam was certain that Jake had overheard something important, but Laura denied it.

Laura promised to tell Jake's parents about what Jake had said and stood to leave. Sam questioned if Laura was eager to leave because Laura and Elizabeth had known the truth about Jason's identity before Carly had announced the news. Laura feigned offense by the suggestion, but Sam refused to apologize. However, Sam's questions ground to a halt when someone knocked. It was Jason stopping by to fetch Jake. Jason was surprised when he saw Laura and asked why she was there. Sam waited for Laura to tell Jason the truth, but Laura evaded Jason's question by revealing that she had heard about what had transpired with Helena.

Laura expressed genuine remorse that Jason hadn't gotten any answers or regained his memory, but she hoped that he'd had enough resolution to allow everyone to relax and start moving on. After Laura left, Jason asked Sam what had really been going on between Sam and Laura, but Jake entered the living room to greet his father and ask if they could go home because Danny had fallen asleep. Sam decided not to say anything in front of Jake and quietly bid Jason and Jake goodbye.

At the hospital, Carly demanded that Elizabeth let Jason go. Elizabeth laughed, but Carly claimed that she was simply looking out for Jason. Elizabeth argued that Jason didn't need or want Carly's help, since he was his own man who wanted to marry Elizabeth. "So, you can just take your advice and go to hell," Elizabeth added as she walked way. Carly was hot on Elizabeth's heels because she refused to allow Elizabeth to drag Jason down.

Elizabeth was confused because Elizabeth had been under the impression that she and Carly had reached an understanding and had made peace. Carly promised that she would always be grateful to Elizabeth for being willing to donate Jake's kidney to save Josslyn's life and that Helena's deception hadn't altered anything. However, Carly insisted that Jason had a right to remember his past and the life that he had created for himself. Carly thought it was wrong for Elizabeth to treat Jason as if he were a blank slate on which Elizabeth could draw Elizabeth's vision of an "obedient perfect" man.

Elizabeth suspected that Carly was only concerned because Jason was no longer the man who was willing to faithfully stand by Carly no matter the cost. Elizabeth believed that Carly resented the new life Jason had with Elizabeth and Elizabeth's sons, but Carly argued that Jason simply felt indebted to Elizabeth. Elizabeth refused to be baited and reminded Carly that Jason was finally free of the mob and no longer killed people at Sonny's bidding. Elizabeth was grateful that the violent side of Jason was gone, but Carly warned Elizabeth that Elizabeth was wrong because Jason had killed three men at the warehouse while rescuing Sonny and T.J.

Carly insisted that a faulty memory hadn't changed Jason's instincts or who he was on the inside. Carly reminded Elizabeth that Jason had wanted to work for Sonny because Jason thrived on the danger and excitement, which Carly was certain Jason would continue to seek out. Elizabeth wasn't fooled because it was clear to her that Carly hoped Jason would run back to Carly and be Carly's best friend who coddled Carly through every crisis that Carly created and loved Carly beyond reason without ever asking for anything in return.

Elizabeth conceded that Carly had loved Jason -- beyond any man that Carly had been sleeping with at the time -- but she warned Carly that the relationship Carly had once shared with Jason was gone and would remain that way if Elizabeth had any say in the matter. Elizabeth walked away, but Carly quickly followed her to acknowledge that Carly did miss what she had shared with Jason. Carly was adamant that she and Jason had been good for each other because they had always been honest with each other, which had always been lacking in Elizabeth's relationship with Jason.

The argument turned heated when Carly reminded Elizabeth that it had been Elizabeth's lie that had denied Jason a relationship with Danny before Jason had been shot, but Elizabeth clarified that she had only withheld the truth from Sam about Danny's maternity for one day and would always regret it. Carly snidely asked how it felt knowing that Elizabeth only had Jason because he couldn't remember Sam or what a manipulator Elizabeth had always been.

Carly admitted that she wouldn't be surprised if Elizabeth was already pregnant, but Elizabeth assured Carly that she wasn't. However, Elizabeth assured Carly that it wouldn't matter because Jason loved Elizabeth for who she was -- the woman that Carly had always hated and resented. Elizabeth was tired of being Carly's punching bag and warned Carly that there was nothing that Carly could do to tear Jason and Elizabeth apart. Carly warned Elizabeth that Jason would eventually grow to resent Elizabeth because Elizabeth was the only person who didn't want Jason to remember who he was.

Elizabeth reiterated that Jason loved her, prompting Carly to switch tactics by asking Elizabeth to give Jason space and an opportunity to prove it by deciding for himself if he truly wanted the life that Elizabeth offered. Elizabeth advised Carly to find another enforcer for Sonny and someone else to dabble in Sonny and Carly's "weird chaste ménage á trois."

Moments later, Elizabeth marched up to the nurses' station and asked Patrick where Jason was. Patrick confessed that he had chased Jason off when he'd told Jason to stay away from Sam. Elizabeth chuckled, but it lacked any humor as she revealed that Carly had asked Elizabeth to stay away from Jason. Elizabeth sighed with frustration because she wished that things could return to the way they had been. Patrick agreed.

Meanwhile, Carly's mood didn't improve when she bumped into Franco as he exited the elevator. Franco revealed that Liesl had hired him back, but Carly suggested that Liesl liked to surround herself with people who made Liesl look sane. Franco assured Carly that he was good at what he did and offered to reach out to Morgan. Carly warned Franco to stay away from Morgan, but Franco wondered if perhaps she was ashamed of her "mentally imbalanced" son. Carly accused Franco of hitting below the belt, but Franco was unapologetic because Kiki had told him about what had happened at the cabin.

Franco reminded Carly that Morgan could have killed Kiki, but Carly disagreed. She insisted that only a "sociopath" like Franco was capable of murder, but she pointed out that Kiki was fine. Franco grudgingly thanked Carly for talking to the district attorney and persuading Paul to reduce the charges to reckless operation, but Carly explained that she had done it for both Morgan and Kiki. She made it clear that she would never do anything for Franco then advised him to enjoy his time with Nina and Kiki while he had the chance because Jason would hunt Franco down and kill him once Jason's memories returned.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas quickly ended a phone call when he saw his mother enter the living room with an anxious expression. Laura warned Nikolas that Sam was on the verge of figuring everything out.

At the Drake-Morgan residence, Sam was surprised when Alexis arrived, and Patrick admitted that he had called Alexis. Patrick explained that he thought Sam could use legal representation because Jason intended to file for divorce. Sam resented Patrick's interference and told her mother that she would call Alexis when Sam needed her mother's help. Alexis quickly said her goodbyes and left to give Sam and Patrick a chance to talk things out. Sam was furious that Patrick had tried to manipulate her into divorcing Jason, but Patrick wondered why Sam was stalling if she was committed to marrying Patrick.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis met Julian at the bar and noticed the financial report. Julian assured her that his plans for Crimson were on track, but he admitted that he had underestimated Nina.

Meanwhile, Jason and Jake arrived home as Jake mentioned that Jake and Sam had talked about secrets. Jason sensed that Jake wanted to talk about it, but Elizabeth arrived home before Jake could tell his father what was troubling him. Elizabeth warmly greeted Jason and Jake then asked if Jake was hungry, but he shook his head and asked to watch television. After Jake scampered off, Jason admitted that learning the truth about who was had been far more difficult than he had anticipated. Jason revealed that he didn't know if he was moving backwards or forwards or if he would ever have a normal life.

Elizabeth saw the frustration in Jason's expression. "I think I can help," she quietly admitted. Jason assured Elizabeth that she had because she accepted him for who he was without trying to force him to remember. Elizabeth explained that she had been holding onto Jason so tightly that neither of them could find their way out. She slid off the engagement ring and told him that she was letting him go.

Sam takes steps to end her marriage to Jason

Sam takes steps to end her marriage to Jason

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

At the hospital, Michael and Carly were eager for news about Morgan, but Sonny explained that Morgan was still talking to Dr. Maddox.

Meanwhile, Andre asked how Morgan was feeling. Morgan paced the hospital room and admitted that he felt as if he had to "hit the head" again. Andre assured Morgan that it was a common side effect of lithium, so Morgan sarcastically asked if sanity was another side effect of the medication. Andre explained that mood stabilizers would make Morgan's life more manageable, but they would need to continue to monitor and adjust the medication when it was necessary. However, Andre stressed that Morgan needed to accept that bipolar disorder was a lifelong illness. Andre shared that there wasn't a cure, but he promised that it was treatable.

In the hallway, Michael, Carly, and Sonny were relieved when they saw Andre exit Morgan's hospital room. Sonny decided to talk to Morgan, while Carly and Michael remained behind with the doctor. After Sonny left, Carly asked Andre what was going on with Morgan, but the doctor reminded her that Morgan was an adult and hadn't signed the necessary release papers to grant Andre permission to discuss Morgan's medical condition with anyone. Carly was frustrated, but Michael asked what they could do to help Morgan.

Andre couldn't discuss specifics, but he revealed that he had cleared Morgan to leave the hospital. Andre advised the family to keep the lines of communication with Morgan open and to listen to what and how Morgan said things. Andre also encouraged the family to gently remind Morgan that it was important to stay on schedule with the medication and allow Morgan to have space, love, and support.

In Morgan's hospital room, Morgan confirmed that he had bipolar disorder and was on medication, which would require constant monitoring. Sonny offered Morgan words of encouragement and invited Morgan to move in with Sonny and Carly, but Morgan refused to live with his parents because Morgan didn't want Sonny and Carly to constantly hover and worry. Sonny explained that they would worry more if Morgan wasn't with them, but Morgan insisted that everything had changed because Morgan was not the son that Sonny and Carly had raised. Morgan's voice cracked as he described himself as the "weak" son.

Later, Michael and Carly joined Sonny and Morgan in Morgan's hospital room. Carly invited Morgan to stay with her and Sonny at Greystone Manor or to move into her old house with Bobbie and Lucas. Sonny assured Morgan that they didn't want to treat Morgan like a child, but they could help him get back on track. Morgan agreed to move in with Sonny and Carly as long as he could have Michael's old bedroom. Michael chuckled and playfully warned Morgan not to touch Michael's old comic books. Sonny and Carly smiled as they watched their sons.

At Crimson, Nina and Maxie brainstormed ideas for the magazine. Nina encouraged Maxie to not only think outside the box, but to smash it. Maxie worried about the financial hit Nina would take, but Nina was not concerned because she believed in Crimson. Nina and Maxie entered the waiting area as Dillon exited the elevator. Nina assumed that he was their intern and asked him to fetch some coffee, but Maxie quickly reminded Nina that they didn't have an intern. Nina ignored Maxie and shoved money into Dillon's hand with instructions to buy something nice.

After Nina returned to her office, Maxie asked why Dillon was there. He explained that he had stopped by to say goodbye because he had decided to return to Los Angeles. Maxie was shocked and accused him of running away out of shame. She warned him that he would always be remembered as the guy who had "torpedoed" his ex-girlfriend's marriage then left town to sulk because his ex-girlfriend hadn't turned to him for comfort. Maxie urged Dillon to stay and salvage his reputation, but Dillon thought it was pointless because Lulu would always blame him for destroying her marriage.

Dillon thought it would be best for everyone if he made a tactful exit. Maxie wondered if Dillon had discussed his plans with Lulu, but Dillon decided to send word to Lulu after he had left town. Maxie was disappointed by Dillon's decision because she would miss him. Dillon hugged Maxie and told her that he would miss her too.

After Dillon left, Nina approached Maxie's desk to show her the document that confirmed that the wire transfer of money from Nina's personal account into Crimson's account had been completed. Maxie was impressed that Nina had been able to move such a large sum of money so quickly, but Nina dismissed it as nothing. Nina was eager to discuss the January and February editions of Crimson, but Maxie explained that January's edition had already been put to bed. Nina wasn't satisfied because she refused to put her name on something that was less than fabulous.

Maxie warned Nina that they wouldn't have time to make changes to the January edition of Crimson, but Nina reminded Maxie that she expected Maxie to think outside the box. Maxie suddenly had an idea and left.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Hayden sat down next to Tracy at the bar and assured Tracy that she would have called when she had an update. Tracy explained that she had asked to see Hayden because Tracy no longer needed Hayden to seduce Nikolas and secure a tiny chunk of ELQ's stock. Tracy revealed that Jason's return meant that the family could band together and vote Nikolas out, but Hayden warned Tracy that it might not be that easy because Nikolas had had a month to get his lawyers to find a way to prevent Jason from reclaiming the shares of ELQ.

Tracy explained that it would be impossible for Nikolas to stop the shares from reverting back to Jason, but Hayden pointed out that Nikolas could keep the Quartermaines tied up in court for years while Nikolas liquidated ELQ's assets. Hayden was confident that she could provide Tracy with what they had agreed upon but asked for a little more time. Hayden promised it would happen sooner rather than later.

A short time later, Dillon joined his mother at a table. Tracy was disappointed that Dillon was determined to move back to Los Angeles, but he smiled and told her that he took comfort in knowing that she would be in good hands with his father. Tracy insisted that she and Paul were just friends, and she returned to the topic of Dillon's move to Los Angeles before the holidays. Dillon thought it was best, but Tracy argued that he was needed at home for a special charity function to help children in need. Tracy explained that the Quartermaines needed to show people that they were strong and united.

Dillon was startled when Maxie suddenly approached the table, anxious to speak to him. Dillon pointed out that he was in the middle of a conversation with his mother, but Maxie insisted that it was important. Tracy was satisfied that she had made her feelings about Dillon's decision to leave town clear and waved him away. Grateful, Maxie grabbed Dillon's hand and dragged him off.

A short time later, Tracy started to leave, but she bumped into her son as Dillon returned to the restaurant. Tracy was pleasantly surprised when he asked how he could help with the upcoming charity event.

At Crimson, Nina handed Maxie a credit card with instructions for her to give it to Dillon. Nina was confident that they would make the fashion magazine a big success. Maxie assured Nina that Dillon was the perfect choice because he was great at making people look beautiful.

At Wyndemere, Laura warned Nikolas that the web of lies about Jason was about to fall apart because Sam was close to figuring everything out. Laura told him about her visit with Sam and about Sam's accusations, but Nikolas pointed out that Sam only had the word of a child. Laura worried that Nikolas would end up in jail because it was only a matter of time before Sam uncovered the truth. She urged her son to tell the truth before it was too late, but Nikolas refused to take away Elizabeth's chance at happiness with Jason. Laura argued that Elizabeth was living on borrowed time unless Elizabeth was honest with Jason.

Laura admitted that she wanted Nikolas to be free of whatever Hayden had been holding over his head, but the conversation abruptly ended when Hayden appeared in the doorway. Hayden picked up on the tension between mother and son and asked if she had interrupted anything. Laura decided to be frank with Hayden and revealed that Sam was on the verge of proving that Nikolas and Elizabeth had hidden the truth about Jason's identity from Jason. Laura warned Hayden that Hayden's leverage over Nikolas would vanish if Sam succeeded.

Hayden conceded that she had lied to Nikolas in the beginning, and she didn't blame Laura for not trusting her, but Hayden confessed that she had started falling in love with Nikolas along the way. Nikolas was shocked by the admission.

After Laura left, Nikolas kissed Hayden, but she quickly pulled away because she had to take care of something. Nikolas was disappointed, but Hayden assured him that she would be back soon. She also vowed to stand by his side if Sam caused problems. Nikolas waited until Hayden left and called Elizabeth. Elizabeth's voicemail picked up, so Nikolas left her an urgent message asking her to return his call.

In the hallway, Hayden sent Tracy a text message asking what Tracy knew about Nikolas' mother because Laura might be a problem. Hayden put the phone away when Laura walked up and asked if Hayden had been enjoying all the trappings of being a Cassadine. Hayden reminded Laura that Hayden was simply a guest, not a Cassadine. Laura warned Hayden that Hayden would never be a Cassadine because Nikolas would eventually see through Hayden's lies and set her out on the streets with the morning trash. Hayden refused to be intimidated as she informed Laura that Nikolas already saw Hayden for who she was and liked what he saw.

At Patrick and Sam's house, Sam was furious that Patrick had attempted to manipulate her into divorcing Jason. She warned him that she wouldn't end her marriage until she was ready, but Patrick pointed out that Jason wanted to marry Elizabeth. Because of her reluctance to file for divorce, Patrick questioned Sam's commitment to him and the family they had created. Sam assured Patrick that she loved him, but she insisted that she needed to prove that Elizabeth and Nikolas had known the truth about Jason's identity before Carly had told everyone.

Patrick was stunned that Sam thought Nikolas, Elizabeth, and Laura were part of a conspiracy based on what a con artist and child had told her, but Sam was unapologetic because Laura had acted like a woman with a secret when Sam had confronted her. Patrick wondered what anyone had stood to gain by not telling Jason the truth about his identity. Sam suspected that her cousin had been motivated by greed, and Elizabeth had resorted to lies in a desperate attempt to have a relationship with Jason.

Patrick doubted Elizabeth was capable of that level of duplicity, but he was curious why it mattered to Sam. Sam explained that Jason had a right to know that his fiancée had been lying to him for a year. Patrick feared there was more to it and wondered if perhaps Sam hoped that Jason would end things with Elizabeth and run into Sam's arms. Sam denied it, but she reiterated that Jason was entitled to the truth. Patrick acknowledged that Sam loved him, but he wondered if she loved him as much as he loved her.

Sam decided to ease Patrick's fears and called Alexis to ask Alexis to move forward with the divorce proceedings. After the call, Patrick thanked Sam, but she assured him that she had done it for them.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jason sat in their living room as she slid her engagement ring off and told him that she was letting him go. Shocked, Jason asked if he had given her any indication that he wanted out of their relationship. Elizabeth shook her head, but she insisted that she needed to let him go because he had to have an opportunity to figure out what he wanted. Jason's eyes narrowed because he realized that Elizabeth had been talking to Carly. He assured Elizabeth that Carly hadn't spoken for him, but Elizabeth admitted that some of the things Carly had said had resonated.

Elizabeth realized that Jason needed space without any distractions to figure out what parts of his old life he wanted to reclaim and what parts he wanted to renounce. She assured him that she loved him, but she didn't want him to feel bound to the promises he had made her. Jason explained that he wanted Elizabeth and asked what she wanted in her heart of hearts. Elizabeth admitted that she wanted him. Jason smiled and told her that he was with her because he loved her.

Jason took the engagement ring and asked if Elizabeth would accept the ring and promise not to remove it again. Elizabeth agreed as Jason slid the ring back onto her finger. Jason sealed the promise with a kiss then carried Elizabeth to the bedroom.

Valerie and Dante risk their careers

Valerie and Dante risk their careers

Thursday, December 3, 2015

At the nurses' station, Sabrina told Felix that she desperately needed his help with her sonogram appointment. She asked Felix to alter her due date to keep Michael from questioning the baby's paternity. Felix refused to help because he couldn't risk losing his job. Sabrina realized that she shouldn't have asked Felix to jeopardize his job, but she implored him to stall Michael while she talked to the technician. Sabrina hoped to explain her situation and persuade the technician not to mention the baby's due date.

After Felix agreed, Sabrina slipped into the examination room and called out to the technician. Her eyes rounded with shock when Carlos turned toward her and lowered the surgical mask. She quickly shut the door and asked what he was doing there, but Carlos was unconcerned about the danger to him as he reminded her that she had refused to return his phone calls or respond to his text messages. Carlos added that he had a right to be there, since the baby was his, but Sabrina was adamant that Michael was the baby's father.

Sabrina also pointed out that Carlos was a wanted man, but Carlos refused to leave until they had talked things out. Frustrated, Sabrina reluctantly agreed to meet him after her appointment. Carlos smiled then left. Moments later, the technician entered the room, followed by Michael. Sabrina lay down on the exam table for the sonogram while Michael watched as the technician turned on the monitor and began the test. Sabrina slowly relaxed when the technician didn't mention the baby's due date.

Michael remarked that the baby looked bigger than he had expected, but the technician explained that it was just the sonogram image. After the test was completed, the technician left to give Dr. Lee the results and promised that Dr. Lee would join Michael and Sabrina within a few minutes.

Meanwhile, Felix hovered in the hallway and approached the technician as she exited Sabrina's room. The technician was in a rush to get to her next appointment, so Felix offered to drop off the test results for her. Grateful, she handed the file to Felix and left. Moments later, Felix entered the examination room and announced that Dr. Lee had been called away for an emergency. Sabrina smiled with relief when Felix offered to share the results of the tests.

Felix pulled up Sabrina's file on the computer monitor and claimed that Sabrina was 20 weeks pregnant, but the baby was big and might arrive early. Felix printed up a picture of the sonogram and handed it to Michael, who stared at the picture in awe. After Felix left, Michael explained that he had to get to Metro Court Restaurant to meet with Tracy. Sabrina told him to take the picture and promised to catch up with him later.

After Michael left, Sabrina found Felix and thanked him for his help. Felix warned her that her baby was huge, and it was clear that she was at least 26 weeks pregnant, which meant that Carlos was the father. He urged Sabrina to be careful. She thanked him for his concern and left. Nearby, Carlos smiled with pride and satisfaction.

Later, Sabrina paced on the pier until Carlos walked up. He apologized for the delay and happily revealed that he had overheard Felix and Sabrina talking and knew the baby wasn't Michael's. Sabrina reluctantly confirmed that the baby was Carlos', but she insisted that it didn't matter because she had moved on and was in love with Michael. She reminded Carlos that he wasn't free to be a part of the baby's life and urged him to leave town and not look back. Sabrina begged Carlos to do the right thing for once, but Carlos was determined to be a part of his child's life and dragged Sabrina away.

On pier 54, Anna looked around for any sign that might help her prove that Carlos was alive. She was startled when Andre suddenly rounded the corner while out for a run. Andre was equally surprised to see her, but he quickly assured her that he hadn't been following her. She demanded to know why he was there, but he thought it should have been obvious as he pointedly glanced down at his running suit. He changed the subject by asking if she intended to continue skipping her therapy sessions.

Anna admitted that she didn't see the need to continue therapy when it appeared that she hadn't killed Carlos, but Andre disagreed because Anna had been crippled with guilt and grief. Anna was certain that she would find peace when she made Carlos face justice. She revealed that she had taken the first steps to prove Carlos was alive by sending the pendant she had found to the police department's lab for DNA testing. Moments later, Anna's phone rang. It was the lab confirming that Carlos' DNA had been on the pendant.

Anna ended the call then shared the information with Andre, but Andre warned her that it hadn't changed anything because she still needed help figuring out what had driven her to shoot Carlos. Anna insisted that she didn't need Andre's services, but he warned her that if she refused to continue the sessions, then he would be forced to go to the police. Anna was stunned that Andre would blackmail her, but Andre refused to apologize because he was concerned about her. She explained that it wouldn't help to turn her in because Paul Hornsby had gone to great lengths to make it appear that Carlos had been fished out of the harbor shortly after kidnapping T.J.

Andre was stunned when Anna filled him in about the district attorney's efforts to cover up what had happened to Carlos, but she had no idea why Paul had done it. Andre worried about Anna's safety, but she assured him that she could take care of herself. However, she knew uncovering the truth about Carlos would affect many lives, not just her own. She was determined to find a way to take care of that and left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Monica and Tracy sat at a table and discussed plans for a charity ball to raise money for Toys for Tots. Tracy revealed that she had booked the hotel's ballroom for the event and was eager to remind everyone that the Quartermaines were still the first family of Port Charles. Monica approved of the plans until Tracy proposed a winter gala theme for the black-tie event. Monica argued that it was uninspiring and suggested they call it the Nutcracker Gala because it was more in keeping with the holiday and charity.

Tracy nodded with approval then handed Monica a file as she explained that Monica would be in charge of the silent auction. Monica smiled with delight because she was confident that she would easily raise more money than Tracy. Tracy readily accepted the challenge.

At the Jerome Gallery, Paul pressed Ava against the wall as he slowly seduced her, but he noticed that she was distracted. He nuzzled her neck as he admitted that he knew she had peeked inside the crate. Ava realized it was pointless to lie and breathlessly suggested that he tell her where he intended to ship the guns. Ava thought it was time for Paul to take full advantage of her expertise and experience with organized crime. Paul continued to kiss and undress her as he asked what Ava had in mind.

Ava smiled and turned the tables on Paul as she pushed him to the desk and climbed on top of him. She explained that she had waited a long time to topple Sonny and wanted the opportunity to take care of Sonny once and for all without Paul's interference. Ava smiled seductively at Paul, but his phone rang. Paul insisted that he had to answer it and grabbed the phone. It was Tracy asking to see Paul on an urgent matter. Paul told Tracy that he had his hands full, but he would tie things up and meet her as soon as possible.

Ava was not pleased when Paul began to button his shirt. He explained that he had to leave, but he promised to send someone to fetch the crates.

Later, Monica entered the gallery. Surprised, Ava asked how she could help Monica. Monica explained that she needed Ava to donate a few expensive pieces of art for a charity event. Ava started to object, but Monica thought it was the least that Ava could do, since Ava had killed Monica's son. Ava began to apologize, but Monica cut her off and decided to look around for something suitable for the silent auction. Monica's eyes landed on the crate, and she asked what was inside it, but Ava explained that it was part of an installation piece, which had recently arrived from Europe.

Ava changed the subject by offering to help Monica with the gala's color scheme, but Monica made it clear that Ava's only contribution would be the art pieces for the silent auction. Monica instructed Ava to select two impressive pieces of art and send them to Monica.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy greeted Paul when he arrived. She told him that she needed his help with her charity event. Paul's interest was piqued when she mentioned that his involvement with the gala would help his career. Paul agreed to help, but he was curious what Tracy had in mind. Tracy smiled and announced that she needed Paul to be her date. Before Paul could reply, Michael walked up. Tracy noticed that her great-nephew seemed in a good mood.

Michael told Tracy about the sonogram appointment as he showed her a picture of the baby. Tracy beamed with pride, certain that Edward would be delighted that the Quartermaines were growing. "This is a good day, Michael," Tracy added with a big smile.

At Kelly's, Maxie was on a business call when Lulu walked in and sat down. Maxie ended the call as Lulu announced that she was through pining for Dante because he was clearly happier with Valerie. Maxie was shocked when Lulu told her about finding Valerie at the loft. Maxie couldn't believed that Dante and Valerie had been carrying on an affair for months, but Lulu clarified that Dante and Valerie had claimed that they had resumed the affair on Thanksgiving. "Such a nice way to celebrate," Lulu snidely added.

Maxie pointed out that Lulu had given Dante legal separation papers to sign, but Lulu argued that she had been confused. Lulu admitted that Laura had helped Lulu to realize that Lulu still loved Dante, which had prompted Lulu to go to the loft to tell Dante that she wanted to fight for their marriage. Instead, Lulu had discovered that Dante had spent the night with Lulu's "slut cousin." Moments later, Maxie received an important phone call. Lulu continued to rant about Valerie as Maxie spoke on the phone.

Lulu was furious that Valerie had been waiting to dig her talons into Dante, even though he was married and had a child. Lulu also realized that Valerie would continue to have open access to Dante at the police station and the police commissioner's support. Lulu insisted that it was unfair and decided to make Valerie to pay. Lulu grabbed her things and marched out. Maxie's expression clouded with concern when she suddenly noticed Lulu's absence.

In the squad room, Dante greeted Valerie as she passed through. She smiled and explained that she had stopped by before class to take care of a few things before her replacement arrived. Dante thought it was a nice gesture on Valerie's behalf then flirtatiously added that she looked good in her police uniform. Valerie returned his smile as Nathan entered the squad room and noticed the couple. Valerie quickly put some distance between her and Dante when Jordan appeared in the doorway.

Jordan smiled and asked to speak to Valerie privately. After Dante stepped away, Jordan told Valerie that she was proud of Valerie and confident that Valerie would do well in the academy. Valerie appreciated Jordan's support and admitted that she couldn't have done it without Jordan. Jordan worried that it might be awkward for Valerie to work with Dante, but Valerie smiled and assured Jordan that it was fine.

Later, Dante and Valerie entered the squad room. Dante was curious what Jordan had wanted, but Valerie assured him that he had nothing to worry about. She told him about her conversation with Jordan and Jordan's concern that things might be awkward between Dante and Valerie. Dante assured her that he hadn't felt any awkwardness, which made Valerie smile. However, they both agreed to keep their socializing to a minimum during work hours.

Dante was flattered when Valerie asked him if he was free later that evening for a date. She assured him that she would understand if he didn't want to accept because it was against department policy for coworkers to date. Dante was confident that he and Valerie could be smart and discreet enough to keep their relationship private. "Then it's a date," Valerie happily replied. After she slipped out the side door, Dante turned to the other door but stopped short when Nathan appeared in the doorway.

Nathan asked if he had heard correctly that Dante and Valerie had agreed to go out on a date. Dante resented Nathan eavesdropping on a private conversation, but Nathan advised Dante to make sure the door was closed the next time. "Noted," Dante quietly replied. Nathan closed the door and reminded Dante that Dante was still married, but Dante informed Nathan that Lulu had dropped off separation papers, which meant that it was only a matter of time before Dante and Lulu were divorced. Nathan felt bad for Dante, but he asked Dante to be careful with Valerie because she had been through a lot and didn't deserve to be hurt by a rebound fling.

Moments later, Valerie returned to the interrogation room to talk to Dante, but she immediately tensed and tried to cover her tracks when she saw Nathan in the room. Nathan quickly excused himself and left. Valerie sensed that she had walked in on something, but Dante promised her that it was fine and told her about his conversation with Nathan. Dante assured Valerie that Nathan wouldn't say anything.

In the squad room, Lulu demanded to talk to Jordan, but the police officer at the reception desk explained that Jordan was on a call. Lulu decided to wait, but Nathan saw her and asked if he could help. Lulu asked Nathan to be a witness when she reported Dante and Valerie for fraternization. Nathan urged Lulu to reconsider because it could lead to both Dante and Valerie losing their jobs. Lulu didn't care because Dante and Valerie hadn't had any qualms about breaking the rules and should be made to face the consequences for getting caught.

Maxie rushed in to stop Lulu from making a mistake. Lulu was surprised that Maxie had tracked her down, but Maxie pointed out that she was capable of multitasking. Maxie appreciated that Lulu wanted revenge, but she warned Lulu that Lulu would regret costing Dante his job. Maxie persuaded Lulu to return to Kelly's with Maxie and figure out another way for Lulu to ease the pain. Lulu reluctantly agreed and allowed Maxie to lead her away.

Dante exited the interrogation room as Lulu and Maxie left. Nathan warned Dante that Dante had dodged a bullet because Lulu had nearly filed an official complaint about Dante and Valerie's affair.

At Kelly's, Lulu insisted that it would have felt good to tell Jordan about Dante and Valerie, but Maxie disagreed. Maxie was certain that Valerie would have gotten off with a slap on the wrist, while Dante would have lost his job. Maxie explained that they needed to be strategic if Lulu wanted to pay Valerie back for wrecking Lulu's family. Maxie added that Lulu needed to do something big.

Anna discovers a link between Kyle and Paul

Anna discovers a link between Kyle and Paul

Friday, December 4, 2015

In the squad room, Paul called out to Jordan and asked if she had seen Anna. Jordan reminded him that Anna didn't work for her, but Paul pointed out that Anna did work for him, and therefore, Anna was part of the team. Paul assured Jordan that she had nothing to worry about because they were all working toward the same common goal -- ridding the streets of crime. Paul promised to keep Jordan in the loop if Anna uncovered anything.

Jordan remained unconvinced, but Paul assured Jordan that they had more in common than she realized, just different styles of approaching the problem. Jordan decided to get back to work, but she promised to let Anna know that Paul had been looking for his special investigator.

Meanwhile, Anna approached an apartment, looked up and down the hall, then leaned down to quickly pick the lock. She was startled when someone suddenly grabbed her shoulder. It was Mac. Mac explained that he had been following Anna because he and Felicia were worried about her, and it had been the most efficient way to keep an eye on Anna. Anna assured him that she was fine, but he was curious what she had been doing when he had walked up.

Anna reluctantly explained that she had been trying to break into Kyle Sloane's apartment because she suspected that Kyle and Carlos had been in cahoots. She told Mac about her theory that Kyle had set things up to make it appear that she had killed Carlos, but Mac wondered whose body had been pulled from the harbor. Anna had no idea, but Anna needed to get into Kyle's apartment. Mac agreed to help her, but Anna objected because she didn't want to get him in trouble. Mac refused to take no for an answer and picked the lock.

After Anna and Mac entered the apartment, Mac checked the kitchen. He returned moments later and advised Anna to avoid the kitchen if she had an aversion to mold and mice. Anna realized that the apartment looked abandoned. Mac agreed and suggested that Kyle appeared to have left in the hurry. Mac wondered what could have spooked Kyle. Anna wasn't certain, but she pointed out that Kyle would have known that the body recently recovered from the harbor hadn't been Carlos.

Anna searched the apartment until she found a slip of paper with a familiar phone number. She couldn't place who it belonged to and decided to call it. Anna was startled when Paul answered the phone. She quickly disconnected the call before he realized it was her.

On the piers, Sabrina urged Carlos to do the right thing and leave Port Charles, but Carlos refused to go anywhere without Sabrina. He grabbed her arm, but she jerked free and made it clear that she wouldn't go anywhere with him because he was a dangerous criminal. Carlos vowed to be a part of his child's life, but Sabrina informed Carlos that she was no longer the lovesick teenager who had given him the St. Christopher medal with their names engraved on the back.

Sabrina explained that she loved Michael and intended to build a life with him, but Carlos refused to let her cut him out of the baby's life. He grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving, but Sabrina managed to break free and stormed off. After Sabrina left, Paul stepped out of the shadows and approached Carlos. The two men exchanged greetings then Paul warned Carlos to get out of town and stay away from Anna. Carlos promised that he had no desire to see the "steely bitch" again and left. Moments later, Paul answered his phone from an unknown number, but the person quickly ended the call.

At Kelly's, Sam greeted her mother with a hug. Alexis and Sam sat down as Alexis asked if her daughter had changed her mind about going through with the divorce from Jason. Sam admitted that she had resented Patrick trying to push her, but she wanted to get the divorce over with before she used some information she had learned to break up Jason and Elizabeth. Sam explained that she suspected Elizabeth had known the truth about Jason's identity from the beginning, but Patrick had argued that it had nothing to do with Patrick and Sam's relationship. Alexis sensed that it was important to Sam.

Sam assured her mother that she wanted to go through with the divorce because Sam had seen things from Patrick's perspective. Sam hated that she had hurt Patrick because she loved him and wanted a life with him. Satisfied, Alexis agreed to take care of the divorce, but Sam was frustrated that Elizabeth had lied to Jason and had kept him from his family. Alexis asked Sam to be honest about what Sam hoped to gain by exposing Elizabeth's lie.

Alexis wondered if perhaps Sam's desire to punish Elizabeth stemmed from resentment because Jason was in love with Elizabeth and not Sam. Sam sighed and confessed that she wished she could say no. Alexis promised to support whatever Sam decided, but Sam was curious what Alexis would do in Sam's shoes. Alexis suspected that Sam already knew the answer.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth picked up her living room, but stopped when Jason sneaked up behind her and hugged her tightly. Elizabeth smiled and teasingly warned him that her fiancé was upstairs. Jason playfully joked that he had met the man, whom he described as a good-looking guy who mumbled and had a horrible memory. Elizabeth smiled as she turned in Jason's arms and kissed him.

Jason asked if Elizabeth was glad that he had stayed the night. She grinned as she admitted that he had made her forget why she had asked him to go in the first place. Her smile faded as she turned the conversation to their son because she was concerned about Jake. Elizabeth noticed that Jake hadn't made friends with the boys the way he should have. Jason agreed that Jake appeared to be having a little difficulty adjusting, but he assured her that Jake was fine and had connected with Danny.

Jason explained that Jake had been happy when Jason had picked their son up from Sam's. Elizabeth became alarmed when Jason mentioned walking in on what had seemed like a heated conversation between Sam and Laura. Elizabeth wondered if he had any idea what Sam and Laura had been talking about, but Jason shook his head and ran to answer his phone when he heard it ring. Elizabeth rushed over to check her phone and listened to Nikolas' voicemail message explaining that he needed to talk to her right away.

Moments later, Jason returned to the living room to let Elizabeth know that Diane was on her way. He invited Elizabeth to stay, but she declined because she thought it was something that Jason should handle privately. She also claimed that she had some errands to run. Jason was disappointed but kissed her passionately. Elizabeth thanked him for everything. "I love you so much," she told him.

Later, Jason welcomed Diane. Diane smiled as she greeted her old friend, but he admitted that he did not remember Diane. Diane assured him that she was well aware of his situation because she had talked to both Carly and Spinelli. Jason appeared concerned, but Diane promised that she worked for Jason and would never share his personal business with anyone. Pleased, Jason invited her inside.

Diane pulled a few files from her briefcase as she explained that she would need to start by having Jason legally declared alive. She revealed that he was a wealthy man with lucrative investments and several offshore accounts, but Jason wanted to know how quickly he could end his marriage to Sam. Diane advised Jason against making any important decisions right away, but Jason was adamant about proceeding with the divorce. Resigned, Diane agreed to take care of it.

Diane was confident the divorce would be quick as long as no one contested it. Jason assured her that both he and Sam were on the same page about the divorce, but he wanted to be sure that Sam received a generous settlement. Diane reminded him that Sam was represented by Alexis, and Alexis would make certain that both Sam and Danny were well taken care of. Jason relaxed and added that he also wanted to go house hunting with Elizabeth. Diane was certain that Elizabeth would be pleased. Jason smiled because he wanted to be a good husband.

Later, Jason entered Kelly's as Alexis prepared to leave. She greeted Jason and invited him to call her Alexis. He smiled politely and revealed that he had just left a meeting with Diane, who had assured him that the divorce should be expedient, since no one was contesting it. Alexis agreed.

Outside Kelly's, Shawn's friend called Hayden to let her know that he had information for her. Hayden agreed to meet Curtis in the alleyway behind Kelly's and ended the call.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas entered the living room as Hayden wrapped up a phone call. She claimed that someone from ELQ had called to ask to see Hayden to discuss an idea before approaching Nikolas. Nikolas was disappointed when Hayden insisted that she had to leave, but she promised to return shortly. After Hayden left, Laura entered the living room to talk to Nikolas about Sam.

Laura worried that it was only a matter of time before Sam put the pieces together, but Nikolas argued that Sam had been asking questions because Sam didn't have any answers. Laura was not comforted and urged Nikolas to be prepared for everything to blow up in his face. "Sam knows?" Elizabeth asked from the doorway.

Elizabeth was upset and felt betrayed by Laura and Nikolas, but they rushed to assure Elizabeth that they hadn't told Sam anything. Elizabeth remained on edge because she realized that even though Helena had cursed Sam, Elizabeth would be the one to lose everything if Jason found out that Elizabeth had known the truth about his identity for months. Nikolas pointed out that only Nikolas, Laura, Elizabeth, and Hayden knew the truth, and none of them would say anything. Nikolas insisted that Sam would never learn the truth as long as Elizabeth didn't panic or say anything.

Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that she had everything she had wanted and asked for, so he told her to enjoy it. After Elizabeth left, Nikolas asked his mother if they could finally put the situation to bed, since Nikolas, Laura, and Elizabeth were all on the same page. "If you think it can be put to bed," Laura said as she left the room.

Meanwhile, Hayden met with Curtis in the alleyway. Curtis was annoyed that she had kept him waiting because he was freezing. Hayden reminded him that he had picked the meeting place. Curtis explained that it had been necessary because Sam and Alexis were in the diner. Hayden was surprised that Curtis knew who her acquaintances were, but Curtis bragged that he knew everything about Hayden's life in Port Charles.

Later, Hayden returned to Wyndemere. Nikolas happily greeted her with a hug, but he noticed that she seemed tense. Hayden brushed it off as nothing, but Nikolas appeared skeptical. Hayden assured Nikolas that everything was right and verging on perfect, but he questioned why she seemed lost in her thoughts. Hayden explained that she had just been thinking about what an incredibly lucky woman she was and hugged Nikolas.

In Kelly's, Curtis sat at the counter and flirted with a waitress. Meanwhile, Jordan started to enter the diner, but she quickly ducked back outside when she saw and recognized Curtis.

Across town, Elizabeth arrived home and called out to Jason, but no one responded. She pulled off her coat and noticed an envelope with her name written on it on the table. It was from Jason, telling her that he looked forward to their life together and loved her. Moments later, someone knocked at the door. It was Sam.

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