General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 7, 2015 on GH

Elizabeth confessed that she had lied to Jason. Jerry Jacks threatened to kill Robin. Patrick ended things with Sam. Johnny Zacchara returned to town and agreed to help Lulu deal with Valerie. Morgan skipped a dose of his medications.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 7, 2015 on GH
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Accusations All Around

Accusations All Around

Monday, December 7, 2015

Anna called the phone number she'd found in Kyle's apartment. She listened to it ring until someone picked up and said, "Paul Hornsby." Shocked, she hung up the phone and backed away from it. The phone rang moments later, and she ran out of the apartment. She bumped into Mac and told him, "We have to go."

When no one answered the phone, Paul called an associate and asked him to see whose phone number it was. "Kyle Sloan?" he clarified, floored. He hung up the phone, muttering that he knew it wasn't actually Kyle calling. He left the pier.

A short while later, Anna and Mac arrived at the pier. Mac told her that the last time Kyle's phone or computer had been used had been when he'd texted Anna on October 14th. Any texts sent to him after that, Mac continued, had been "picked up but not responded to." When Mac finally convinced Anna to let him help her, she confided that she thought Kyle was dead, and she'd run out of the apartment because she'd thought that Kyle's killer had been on his way.

Anna updated Mac on what had happened while he'd been out in the hallway, and she divulged that Paul had picked up the phone. Surprised, Mac remembered that Paul had supposedly given up on his dangerous work when he'd left Port Charles with Jenny. Anna informed him that she'd spoken to the assistant medical examiner, who had estimated that the person who had been pulled from the river had died in late September. "There's no hard evidence that Sloan was alive then," Anna said. She believed that Paul had killed Kyle in order to pass him off as Carlos.

Anna needed to find Carlos, but she insisted that she and Mac needed to be careful so that they didn't tip Paul off. She wanted to find out why Paul was in town. "I think I know where to start," Mac said. Anna didn't want him involved, but Mac promised that they would figure things out together. They left the pier.

Paul arrived at Kyle's apartment and observed the "rusty" lock-picking job. Paul entered the apartment, followed closely by the landlord. Paul told the man that someone had broken into the apartment, and it could be a part of an ongoing investigation. He wondered if the man had seen anyone unfamiliar. The landlord revealed that he'd seen someone, but only from behind. Paul promised that if the landlord kept quiet about Paul's investigation of the apartment, he would get the city to pay for the damage to the apartment and for the back rent owed by the absentee renter. The man agreed and left. Paul looked directly at the phone and put it into an evidence bag. "I will find you, whoever you are," he vowed, and he left.

Sonny wondered how much progress he'd made and when he would be walking again. Patrick revealed that there had been no neurological changes, but he thought it was good to continue physical therapy. Sonny demanded to be able to walk "immediately." Frustrated, Patrick suggested that Sonny find another doctor, even though they would tell him the exact same thing. "Things happen that you can't control, and you have to live with it," Patrick yelled, storming out the door. "He's all yours," he told Epiphany as he slammed Sonny's chart down on a desk.

"Come with me," Epiphany demanded, pulling Patrick's arm. She handed him a cup of tea. Patrick knew he shouldn't have yelled at Sonny. "He seemed fine. You do not," Epiphany observed. She wondered if it had something to do with Sam. Patrick informed her that Sam was going through with her divorce, but she clearly wasn't over Jason. He acknowledged that he knew what she was going through, and she had a second chance with her husband. Epiphany instructed him to give Sam some time.

Patrick thanked Epiphany for listening and asked her for some advice. Epiphany told him that what he had with Sam was special and that he should remind Sam of it. "The sooner the better," she added before she left. Patrick took out his phone and ordered two dozen roses for a "special occasion." "Make it three," he said.

Sonny got a call and listened. "Are you sure?" he said, listening for the answer. He hung up the phone and called out for Freddy, one of his guards.

Ava was pleasantly surprised to see Julian enter her gallery. She thanked him for letting her stay at his Thanksgiving celebration, because it because nice for her to be around people. He wondered who had called her that night. She repeated that it had been "gallery business," but he called her bluff. She claimed that it had been a man that she was seeing. "Is he out of high school?" he teased.

Julian asked more questions, but Ava wouldn't talk. She explained that the relationship was new, and she didn't want to jinx it. Just then, Freddy wheeled Sonny into the gallery. He revealed that his sources had told him that Ava was doing business with a man named Raj who dealt in military-grade weapons. He informed her that anyone who dealt with Raj ended up dead or in jail.

Sonny accused Ava of risking Avery's life. After denying his accusations, she finally said, "Even if it's true, so what?" Ava informed Sonny that she was no longer afraid of him because he was no longer the man he had been. He told her that she was digging herself into a hole she wouldn't be able to get out of.

When Sonny was gone, Julian wondered if Sonny's accusations were true, but Ava dismissed Sonny as "causing trouble." Julian asked who her boyfriend was. "Not Raj," she responded. She explained that her "fling" wasn't serious, and she didn't want to talk about it unless it got more serious. He promised not to ask any more questions, but he advised her not to underestimate Sonny. "He may be down now, but he's definitely not out," he warned then he left.

At Kelly's, Carly bumped into Jason, who told Carly that he'd called Diane. He informed her that Diane was handling his estate, helping him to be declared legally alive, and handling his divorce from Sam. Carly began to tell him how wrong he and Elizabeth were for each other, but Jason didn't want to hear it. He accused her of putting a "head trip" on Elizabeth, because she'd tried to leave him. He didn't believe there was any reason to give up on his relationship with Elizabeth. "The hell there isn't," Carly shot back.

Carly pleaded with Jason not to give up on getting his memories back, especially since he'd already had some. He dismissed them as nothing more than "fragmented images." Jason only wanted to move forward with Elizabeth, who Carly believed was manipulating Jason. She instructed him to stop running from his instincts and trust himself. He warned her not to interfere in his relationship again. "When do you feel most alive?" she asked, wondering if it was with Elizabeth or Sam.

Carly described Jason's past life and how Elizabeth had never accepted it. "You're describing a criminal," he observed. Carly told him that he'd always told her when she'd been about to make a huge mistake, but he'd always let her make her own choices. "Now it's my turn," she said as she left.

Sonny returned to the hospital, where Epiphany scolded him for missing half of his physical therapy session. Carly arrived and told Sonny how important his appointments were as Epiphany left the two alone. He informed Carly that she'd also been late for the session. She told Sonny about her disagreement with Jason. She just wanted to get through to him. "We both want our Jason back," Sonny said, "and there's no one I need more right now."

"It's not a good time," a scowling Elizabeth said when she opened her door to Sam. "Too bad," Sam said, inviting herself into the house. "I know what you did to Jason," Sam accused. She continued that Elizabeth had known long before that Jake was Jason, and Laura had confirmed it. She called Elizabeth a "cruel, selfish hypocrite." "You're lying," Elizabeth said nervously. "Am I?" Sam wondered.

Sam relented that she had made it up that Laura had confirmed the story, but she'd seen how scared Elizabeth had looked, which was proof on its own. "You're worse than Helena. At least she owned up to what she did," Sam spat. She remembered running into Elizabeth in the hospital chapel right after Elizabeth had run away from Jake's proposal. She realized that Elizabeth had felt guilty about keeping the secret of Jason's identity.

"You lie every time you tell Patrick you love him," Elizabeth said smugly. She informed Sam that Sam's husband no longer existed, and Sam hated Elizabeth because Elizabeth had what Sam thought she had lost. "Deal with it, because there's no way I'll let anyone else have him," Elizabeth declared. "We're done here," Elizabeth concluded. Sam promised that, although she had no proof, she would "damn well get it." She vowed to make Elizabeth regret keeping Jason away from Sam and Danny. "Get out," Elizabeth said, throwing open the door and seeing Jason standing there.

Jason wondered what was going on as he walked into the house. "She was just leaving," Elizabeth said of Sam. Frustrated, Sam yelled at Elizabeth to "tell the truth -- or I will."

Johnny Zacchara offers to help Lulu

Johnny Zacchara offers to help Lulu

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

On the Haunted Star, Lulu unpacked Christmas decorations as music blared from the sound system. Lulu tensed when she heard a noise, but she quickly relaxed when Maxie walked in. Maxie was curious what Lulu was doing there late at night, listening to "dark" music with barely any lights on. "Are you going Goth on me?" Maxie asked with horror. Lulu shook her head and explained that the music drowned out the rest of the world.

Lulu picked up a bundle of Christmas lights but became frustrated with the tangled mess. Maxie took over untangling the tangled lights, prompting Lulu to suggest that perhaps Maxie could strangle Valerie next, but Maxie doubted Lulu wanted Valerie dead. Lulu agreed; she wanted revenge. Maxie insisted that they needed to handle their problems like adults because they weren't in high school anymore. Lulu wondered when Maxie had changed her mind because Maxie had been on board earlier that morning.

Maxie explained that she'd had time to think and had realized that vengeance would make things worse. Lulu doubted things could get worse, since Dante and Lulu's marriage was in shambles and Dante was sleeping with Lulu's "home-wrecking slut" cousin. Lulu admitted that she was hurt and angry that Dante had trashed their marriage over Lulu's "small" lie, but Maxie advised Lulu to set her anger aside because it wasn't good for Rocco to see his mother angry at his father. Lulu agreed, which was why Lulu had focused her anger on Valerie.

After Maxie left, Lulu continued to decorate, but she was startled when she heard another noise. Lulu held up a large candy cane decoration as she called out to warn the possible intruder that she was armed. She was stunned when Johnny Zacchara stepped out of the shadows and chuckled because she had threatened him with a candy cane. Lulu quickly recovered from the shock and reminded Johnny that he was still wanted by the police, but he doubted the police cared about Julian's shooting, since it had been a service to the community.

Johnny admitted that he had overheard Lulu and Maxie talking about Dante and Lulu's split. He confessed that he wasn't surprised because Johnny had noticed signs of trouble when Dante had had a jealous fit over Johnny partnering up with Lulu to run the Haunted Star. However, Johnny realized that Lulu loved Dante and was deeply hurt. Lulu's eyes filled with tears as Johnny reached for her and held her while she cried on his shoulder.

Later, Johnny handed Lulu a shot of alcohol, which she downed. However, she confessed that drinking made her feel worse because she tended to get sentimental. Johnny offered to help Lulu, so she asked him to get rid of Valerie. "I want that bitch gone," Lulu growled. Johnny wondered if Lulu wanted him to kill her cousin, but she quickly clarified that she just wanted Valerie to leave town and stay out of Dante and Lulu's lives.

Johnny promised to take care of it, but Lulu wanted to know what he intended to do. Johnny thought it would be best if she didn't know then smiled as he added that it helped to have fugitive friends.

In the squad room, Dante asked if Nathan could finish up some paperwork for Dante, but Nathan explained that he was pressed for time because he had a date with Maxie at Kelly's. Surprised, Dante confided that he was meeting Valerie at Kelly's. Nathan thought it was an odd place for a first date, but Dante insisted that Kelly's had good food and a relaxing atmosphere. Nathan thought Dante and Valerie were taking a big risk because their relationship was against department policy, and the police commissioner often visited to diner to check on her son who worked there.

Later, Nathan grumbled that he had to cancel his date with Maxie because he had to get a report on Jordan's desk by midnight. Nathan made another appeal to Dante to cancel the date with Valerie and take some time to let the dust settle because there might be a chance that Dante and Lulu could work things out. Dante thought it was easy for Nathan to judge from the outside, but Nathan assured his friend that he was not judging Dante -- he was begging his friend to take a step back until Dante had had time to decide what Dante really wanted.

After Dante left, Nathan exchanged text messages with Maxie as he apologized for having to cancel their dinner. He was surprised when Maxie suddenly entered the squad room and asked if he wanted ribs for dinner. Nathan smiled as Maxie admitted that she'd been desperate to spend time with Nathan. Maxie loved her work with Crimson, but she missed being able to spend time with Nathan when he was off from work. Nathan led her to the interrogation room and sat down with her to enjoy the dinner she had picked up.

Maxie melted when Nathan began to speak to her in French. She admitted that she loved it, but she was curious what he had said. Nathan grinned as he revealed that he had been talking about math. Amused, Maxie kissed him. A short time later, Nathan finished up his paperwork then returned to the interrogation room to fetch Maxie, but she had fallen asleep in the chair.

At Kelly's, Bobbie was happy when she bumped into Valerie. Bobbie knew her niece had been avoiding the family because Valerie had been making a point of sneaking in late and slipping out early. Bobbie suspected that it had to do with Valerie getting between Dante and Lulu's marriage. Valerie explained that she had hoped to avoid an ugly confrontation, but Bobbie admitted that she had no room to judge Valerie because Bobbie had had affairs with married men. Bobbie clarified that she had wanted to take Valerie out to dinner because she realized that the holidays might be difficult for Valerie without Patricia. Valerie admitted that Bobbie was right but asked for a rain check because Valerie had plans to meet Dante.

Bobbie was stunned that Dante and Valerie were serious enough to go public with their relationship. Valerie promised that she had wanted things to work out for Dante and Lulu, but Lulu had refused to forgive Dante and had served him with separation papers. Valerie believed that Dante and Lulu's marriage was over, but Bobbie warned Valerie that the distance between a separation and a divorce was as vast as the distance between Florida and Alaska. Bobbie asked Valerie to be careful because there was a strong possibility that Dante might decide to return to the safety and comfort of his marriage to Lulu.

Bobbie feared that Patricia would haunt Bobbie if Bobbie failed to watch over Valerie. Valerie's expression clouded with sadness because she missed her mother. Bobbie worried that Valerie was trying to take shelter from her grief with a man who might break Valerie's heart, but Valerie insisted that she couldn't stop her heart from wanting Dante. Bobbie smiled knowingly because the women in their family never let anything stop them from what they wanted.

Shortly after Bobbie left, Dante arrived. He joined Valerie in a private corner and admitted that he had something to tell her. Valerie wanted to talk first because she thought it was important for Dante to know that her feelings for him had grown stronger since they had first slept together. She begged Dante to let her know if there was a chance that he and Lulu might reconcile. Dante explained that he knew he should wait before jumping into a relationship with Valerie, but he didn't want to wait because he wanted to be with her. Dante wondered if she could accept a relationship with an uncertain future, but she assured him that she would rather have a little while with him than nothing at all.

Dante and Valerie suddenly spotted a coworker approaching the counter to pick up a takeout order. They relaxed when the man left without noticing them, but they realized that they couldn't continue to risk their jobs by being seen in public. Valerie promised Dante that she didn't care if they had to sneak around as long as they were together. Dante relaxed because he wanted to explore a relationship with her.

At Wyndemere, Hayden was asleep on the sofa when Nikolas entered the living room and woke her up. Nikolas explained that he wanted to love her, but he couldn't because he knew she had been lying to him. Confused, Hayden asked what Nikolas was talking about. Nikolas admitted that he knew she was trying to prove that he'd had her shot. Hayden's eyes rounded with fright as Nikolas grabbed a pillow and attempted to smother her.

Hayden suddenly woke up from the nap with a jolt as she gasped for air. Nikolas stood nearby and asked if she was okay. Hayden admitted that she'd had a nightmare about him trying to kill her, which made Nikolas wonder if she was afraid of him. Hayden claimed that she was afraid of her feelings for him, but Nikolas was confused. He couldn't understand why things kept happening to make him question her feelings for him. Hayden frowned as she asked what Nikolas was referring to.

Nikolas revealed that he knew Hayden hadn't gone to ELQ meetings because he had received reports for each of the meetings, but none had made mention of Hayden. Hayden confessed that she had lied, but she quickly added that she had been working. Hayden handed Nikolas a file as she explained that she had met with someone to discuss ways of turning things around at ELQ. According to Hayden, she had calculated that he would need to lay off one third of his employees to turn a profit. "Who the hell are you?" Nikolas suddenly asked.

Hayden revealed that before Ric had found her, she had gone through a bitter divorce and had lost her job on Wall Street. Hayden explained that she had once had a successful career investing other people's money, but things had ended badly with her employer. She refused to elaborate and shifted gears to remind Nikolas that she hadn't suffered from amnesia when she'd woken up from the coma. Hayden was curious why he had lied when she had asked him about how the vase had been broken on the night she had been shot.

Nikolas claimed that he had been trying to protect his and Elizabeth's secret about Jason. Hayden pointed out that she'd had numerous opportunities to reveal what she'd known, but she had always safeguarded the secret, which proved that Nikolas could trust her. Nikolas acknowledged that he had difficulty trusting anyone because of his ex, but he promised that he had always felt a genuine attraction to Hayden. Hayden confessed that her brush with death had changed her perspective, and she wanted more from a relationship than a physical attraction.

Nikolas had his doubts because of Hayden's dream about him trying to kill her. Hayden warned him not to take the dream literally because she believed her dream had been a metaphor. She explained that she was afraid that he was pushing past her defenses and terrified that he might destroy her if she let him in. Nikolas feared they were both in trouble because he felt the same.

In town, Emma arrived home and immediately noticed three vases filled with long stemmed red roses. Patrick smiled as he revealed that he had bought the three dozen roses for Sam, and he had cooked a special dinner to show Sam his appreciation and love. Emma was thrilled when Patrick told her about Sam's efforts to end her marriage to Jason and marry Patrick. Patrick happily invited Emma to help him make risotto, which Sam had made for him on their first date.

Later, Patrick gathered Emma's things as her ride arrived and honked from the driveway. Emma looked forward to helping Sam with the wedding plans and hoped for a wedding before Christmas. After Emma left, Patrick glanced at the roses then suddenly recalled that he needed to check on the risotto.

Meanwhile, Sam demanded that Elizabeth tell the truth to Jason. Elizabeth refused to take orders from Sam, but Sam accused Elizabeth of playing God with Jason's life and keeping him away from his family, including his wife and son. Jason stepped forward to gently ask Sam to relax and to accept the reality that he and Sam were over. Sam assured him that she had, but she continued to blast Elizabeth. Eventually, Elizabeth agreed to talk to Jason privately.

Sam refused to leave because she wanted to hear what Elizabeth had to say, since Sam believed that Elizabeth was no different than Hayden. Jason was outraged when Sam called Elizabeth a "bitch." "Shut your mouth," Jason yelled at Sam. Jason had had enough of Sam insulting his fiancée in his home and ordered Sam to leave. Sam seemed taken aback by Jason's outburst, but she tried to explain that she knew Elizabeth hadn't been honest with him. Jason refused to listen to what Sam had to say and once again demanded that she leave.

Sam reluctantly walked to the door but stopped to implore Elizabeth to do the right thing before it was too late. Elizabeth appeared rattled as Sam left, but she pulled herself together and thanked Jason for defending her. Jason revealed that he'd had a similar discussion with Carly earlier. Elizabeth wasn't surprised because Carly wouldn't be satisfied until Carly was number one in Jason's life again. Elizabeth hoped Jason knew there hadn't been anything to what Sam had said, but Jason was curious what Sam had been accusing Elizabeth of.

Elizabeth's expression turned concerned because she feared that Carly and Sam had gotten to Jason. Jason assured Elizabeth that he knew she wasn't like Hayden. Elizabeth relaxed and admitted that she had always loved Jason. Jason assured her that he loved her too. Relieved, Elizabeth decided to put the boys to bed but suggested that she and Jason pick a wedding date when she returned. Later, Elizabeth entered the living room and called out to Jason, but he was gone.

Across town, Sam was pleasantly surprised when she arrived home and saw the roses on the table. Patrick happily greeted her with a kiss, but his good humor quickly faded when Sam revealed that she had stopped by Elizabeth's house. Sam explained that Alexis had made her realize that Sam needed to confront Elizabeth in order to move forward and find peace of mind. Furious, Patrick asked if Sam had stumbled across any proof that Elizabeth had lied to Jason. Sam admitted that she hadn't, but she added that she was certain that Elizabeth had known the truth about Jason.

Patrick was certain Sam had hoped to break up Jason and Elizabeth because Sam wanted Jason to turn to her. Sam denied it, but Patrick questioned her commitment to him. Sam assured Patrick that she intended to divorce Jason and marry Patrick, but Patrick didn't believe her. As they argued, someone knocked on the door. Patrick was livid when he opened the door and saw Jason. Patrick informed Jason that Danny was at his grandmother's, but Jason revealed that he was there to talk to Sam.

Patrick tried to slam the door in Jason's face, but Sam objected. Disgusted, Patrick grabbed his jacket and stormed out. Jason felt bad for causing Sam and Patrick problems, but Sam admitted that it had been her own doing. Jason apologized for yelling at her earlier then explained that he wanted to hear her side of things. Sam told him that Elizabeth had known for months who he really was.

Patrick ends things with Sam

Patrick ends things with Sam

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

On the Haunted Star, Johnny and Lulu made a toast as they each drank a shot of alcohol. Johnny flirted with Lulu, but she warned him that she was immune to his charm. Johnny teased that she wanted him, but Lulu admitted that she had no idea what she wanted. Johnny immediately apologized because he knew that Lulu had been dealing with a lot, but she reminded him that he hadn't been the one to sleep with her cousin. Johnny vowed to teach Valerie a lesson, but Lulu changed the subject because she was curious why Johnny had risked returning to town when he was a wanted man.

Johnny confessed that living on the run had been financially draining and lonely. Lulu was surprised when Johnny asked to stay on the Haunted Star until he could get back on his feet. He explained that he had plenty of money in offshore accounts, but he needed to be careful about accessing the money because the authorities had been keeping a close eye on them. Lulu agreed to let Johnny stay, but he was forced to duck behind the bar when Dillon called out to Lulu as he entered the salon.

Lulu greeted Dillon with a nervous smile and explained that it wasn't a good time for a visit because she was busy decorating for the holidays. Dillon offered to help and picked up a box of decorations. Lulu panicked and quickly snatched the box out of Dillon's hand when he headed to the bar to hang the decorations. She claimed that she wanted to decorate the club alone, but Dillon was hurt and asked her not to shut him out.

Dillon acknowledged that he had screwed up, but he was determined to find a way to fix things. Lulu assured Dillon that it was fine because ultimately Dante had betrayed her by sleeping with Valerie. Lulu confessed that she had been avoiding Dillon because she had been embarrassed that she had kissed him. Dillon reminded her that the kiss had been mutual, but she asked if they could start over because she desperately needed a friend.

Dillon was stunned when Lulu told him that she had given Dante separation papers, which Dante had signed on Thanksgiving. Dillon suggested that perhaps Dante had signed the papers because Dante believed it was what Lulu had wanted, but Lulu disagreed. Dillon advised Lulu to take some time to think things over before ending her marriage. Meanwhile, Johnny became increasingly frustrated as he listened to Dillon and Lulu talk, especially when Lulu admitted that she was glad that Dillon had returned to Port Charles.

Dillon revealed that he had decided to return to California and focus on his career. Lulu was disappointed but grateful that he would be around for the holidays. Behind the bar, Johnny muttered under his breath and made a noise. Alarmed, Dillon turned to the bar as he asked if Lulu had heard the noise. Lulu blocked Dillon from looking behind the bar as she assured him that the noise had merely been the usual creaks and moans of the ship.

Lulu tried to distract Dillon by inviting him to have dinner with her, but Dillon was certain that someone was on the ship. He whispered for Lulu to call the police and suddenly lunged past her to dart behind the bar. Dillon was stunned when he caught Johnny crouching in a corner.

Meanwhile, Dante and Valerie arrived at the loft. Dante apologized for having to sneak out of Kelly's, but Valerie assured him that it was fine. He confessed that he felt like he was fifteen again and hiding from the nuns. Valerie teased him about being a choirboy, but Dante insisted she was wrong. He promised there were plenty of stories to tell, but she would need to stick around to hear all of them. Valerie assured him that she wasn't going anywhere.

Dante and Valerie ended up in a heated kiss as Dante pulled her shirt off, but they reluctantly pulled apart when they heard a persistent knock at the door. Valerie pulled on her shirt and ducked around the corner as Dante went to the door. It was Olivia. Olivia explained that she needed to drop off Rocco because Julian had called to let Olivia know that Leo was sick. Olivia was certain that it was nothing to be alarmed about, but she didn't want to risk Rocco getting sick too. After Dante took his son and set him down to play, Olivia questioned Dante about his relationship with Lulu.

Dante didn't want to talk about it, but Olivia was concerned because Rocco was being shuffled back and forth between his parents. Dante assured Olivia that he hadn't wanted to end his marriage, but Lulu hadn't given him a choice. Olivia wasn't satisfied because she hadn't raised her son to be a quitter. She insisted that Dante was a strong and honorable man who fought for what he wanted. She advised him to do whatever was necessary to save his marriage. "Isn't that what you want?" Olivia asked.

Dante insisted that he had apologized to Lulu numerous times and had repeatedly assured Lulu that he loved her, but Lulu had refused to take a leap and trust him again. Olivia suggested that Dante try harder to convince Lulu that he was sincere, but he explained that Lulu had dropped off separation papers, which he had signed on Thanksgiving. Olivia frowned when Dante mentioned that Valerie had been present when he had given the papers to Lulu. "Don't tell me that you're hitting it again with that home-wrecker," Olivia said with disapproval.

Dante warned his mother not to ask if Olivia didn't want to hear the answer. Olivia was stunned because she thought that Dante's tryst with Valerie had been a one-time thing. Olivia warned Dante that Valerie was nothing but a rebound and urged her son to end things with his "bed buddy." Dante resented Olivia calling Valerie names because Valerie was his friend and a good person. Olivia admired Dante's loyalty to Valerie, but she was disappointed that her son didn't have the same loyalty for his wife.

After Olivia left in disgust, Valerie entered the living room. Dante apologized for what Valerie overheard, but he promised that his mother would have a change of heart once Olivia cooled down. Valerie decided to leave and went to the bedroom to say goodbye to Rocco, who had fallen asleep on the bed. She became concerned when she stroked his hair and noticed that he seemed warm. Dante checked and realized that his son had a fever.

Valerie carried Rocco to the living room and held him as Dante checked the bathroom for medicine. Dante returned and explained that he had to run out for fever reducer. Valerie offered to take care of the errand for Dante, but he thought Rocco looked comfortable and left his son in her care. A short time later, someone knocked. Valerie assumed that Dante had forgotten his keys and hoisted Rocco onto her hip as she went to the door. It was Olivia.

At the nurses' station, Michael asked Felix if Dr. Lee was available because Michael had some concerns about Sabrina and the baby. Michael worried that there might be some complications because the baby was unusually large for only being six months along. Felix assured Michael that everything was fine, but Michael wanted to hear it from Dr. Lee. Felix appreciated Michael's concern, but he warned Michael that it wouldn't be a good idea to go behind Sabrina's back and talk to the doctor.

Michael explained that he didn't have a choice because Sabrina refused to give Michael any straight answers. Felix reiterated that everything was fine and advised Michael not to borrow trouble. Desperate, Michael asked Felix to join him and Sabrina for dinner at the Floating Rib because Michael wanted Felix to see for himself how evasive Sabrina became when they talked about the baby.

At the Floating Rib, Sabrina approached Patrick when she saw him seated at the bar. She immediately sensed that he was troubled, but Patrick didn't want to burden Sabrina with his problems. Sabrina assured Patrick that he could talk to her, prompting him to explain that he felt like he had been stuck in a bad dream that he couldn't wake up from because everything had changed when Sam had found out that Jason was alive. Patrick admitted that he had no idea if he wanted to make things work with Sam or let her go.

Sabrina offered Patrick words of encouragement, but Patrick explained that it was ultimately Sam's choice to make. Patrick suddenly realized what he had put Sabrina through when Robin had returned, but Sabrina admitted that she had known from the start that Patrick would go back to his wife. She conceded that she could have saved all of them heartbreak if she had ended it with Patrick at the church. Patrick wondered if Sabrina thought he should do the same with Sam, but Sabrina insisted that only Patrick could answer that question.

Moments later, Michael and Felix arrived. Sabrina was surprised to see her friend, but Felix explained that he had bumped into Michael at the hospital, and Michael had invited Felix to join them for dinner. Sabrina was curious why Michael had been at the hospital. Michael claimed that he'd been working on behalf of the upcoming charity gala. Michael changed the subject by inviting Patrick to have dinner with them, but Patrick politely declined. Patrick gave Sabrina a hug, told Michael to take care of Sabrina, and assured Sabrina that she would be a good mother.

After Patrick left, Felix sent Michael on an errand at the bar to ask some questions about the menu. Sabrina easily saw through the ruse, so Felix admitted that he'd needed time to speak privately to Sabrina. Felix quickly filled her in about Michael's concerns and desire to talk to Dr. Lee. Felix urged Sabrina to be honest with Michael before it was too late, but Sabrina was afraid of losing Michael. Felix assured her that Michael was a good man. Felix admitted that Michael might be mad at first, but Felix was confident that things would work out for Sabrina and Michael in the end.

When Michael returned to the table, Felix made a show of suddenly noticing the time and excusing himself to meet Donny. After Felix left, Michael realized that Felix had told Sabrina about Michael's concerns. Sabrina agreed to make an appointment with Dr. Lee to answer all of Michael's questions, but she asked if they could spend the rest of the evening just focusing on the two of them. Michael readily agreed.

At the Drake-Morgan residence, Jason explained that he wanted to give Sam a chance to tell him what she believed Elizabeth had done. Sam revealed that Elizabeth had known the truth about who Jason was months before Jason had found out. Jason decided that it had been a mistake to talk to Sam and started to leave, but Sam suggested that Jason had sought her out because deep down inside, he knew that something wasn't right. Sam invited Jason to continue to hide from the truth, or he could give Sam five minutes to hear her out. Seconds later, Jason's phone rang.

Sam suspected that it was Elizabeth. Jason explained that Elizabeth was worried, but Sam suspected that it was not for the reasons that Jason believed. Jason decided to let the call go to voicemail and hear what Sam had to say. Sam explained why she was certain Elizabeth had been lying to Jason for months and revealed what she had overheard Jake tell Danny about Elizabeth and Laura keeping a secret about Jason. Jason realized that everything Sam had said was based on suspicion rather than proof.

Jason refused to believe that Elizabeth would make Jake complicit in a lie, but Sam wondered if Jason had ever had a cryptic conversation with Elizabeth when Elizabeth had started to tell him something but had suddenly stopped. Jason's expression turned angry as Sam continued to plant seeds of doubt about Elizabeth. He wondered if perhaps Sam wanted to believe that Elizabeth had lied because Sam hoped that he and Sam could get back together. Sam seemed startled by the question but insisted that if Elizabeth had had things her way, then Sam and Danny wouldn't have known that Jason was alive.

Sam realized that Jason didn't recall their life together, but she implored him to look into her eyes then go home to look Elizabeth in the eyes. Sam was confident that Jason would know the truth.

Shortly after Jason left, Patrick returned home. Sam quietly asked where he had been. Patrick admitted that he had gone to the Floating Rib then shifted gears to ask if they were alone. Sam told him that Jason had gone home to talk to Elizabeth about Sam's suspicions. Patrick was curious what Jason's reaction had been. Sam admitted that Jason had demanded proof, which Patrick knew Sam lacked.

Sam continued to defend her theory and reminded him of Elizabeth's reluctance to accept Jason's marriage proposal because of Sam. "What do you think she meant by that?" Sam asked. Patrick had no idea, but he reminded Sam that Jason loved Elizabeth and wanted to marry her. Patrick was curious what Sam hoped would happen if Jason learned that Elizabeth had lied. Sam claimed that she didn't care, but she believed that Jason had deserved to know the truth.

Patrick thought that Sam was lying to herself because her actions proved that she was still in love with Jason. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she asked what Patrick was saying. Patrick implored Sam to be honest with herself, but she insisted that she wanted to marry him. Patrick sat Sam down and gently told her that he loved her and considered each day with her and Danny a gift, but it was time for them to accept that they were over.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth called Jason. She left him a voicemail message asking him to return her call because she was worried. She ended the call and looked to the staircase when she heard a noise. Jake stood at the bottom of the stairs as he asked where his father was. Elizabeth ushered her son to the sofa and assured Jake that Jason would be home soon. Jake admitted that he had heard his mother on the phone and asked why she was worried. Elizabeth brushed it off as being a mother's job to be concerned.

Later, Jason arrived home. Elizabeth smiled as she softly greeted him and explained that Jake had fallen asleep on her lap, waiting for him to get home. Jason decided to carry his son to bed. Elizabeth told Jason that she would meet him in their bedroom and added that she was eager to put the day behind them, but Jason asked her to wait for him in the living room because they needed to talk.

Later, Jason returned to the living room. He admitted that he hadn't intended to be gone as long as he had been, but he had decided to pay Sam a visit to find out exactly what she had been accusing Elizabeth of. Elizabeth became upset and insisted that Sam was trapped in the past and wanted to keep Jason from moving forward. Elizabeth's worst fears were realized when Jason suddenly asked if she had known who he was before Carly had learned the truth. Elizabeth tried to deflect by insisting it was a preposterous accusation, which Sam had made out of jealousy.

Jason demanded an answer, but Elizabeth continued to nervously dance around the subject until Jason warned her that he would walk out the door if she didn't tell him the truth. Stunned, Elizabeth insisted that she loved him and didn't want to lose him. Jason realized that Sam had been right, but he needed to hear it from Elizabeth. Frustrated, Elizabeth admitted that she had lied and added that she had known the truth about his identity before he had.

Jake walks out on Liz

Jake walks out on Liz

Thursday, December 10, 2015

At the loft, Olivia brushed past Valerie and demanded to know where Dante was. Valerie explained that Dante had left to fetch fever reducer for Rocco, but Olivia wondered why Valerie hadn't run the errand. Valerie was curious if there was a problem with her watching Rocco for a few minutes, but Olivia bit her tongue. Valerie noticed and invited Olivia to speak her mind, so Olivia admitted that she resented Valerie sabotaging Dante and Lulu's marriage. Valerie argued that Dante and Lulu were also to blame, but Olivia wasn't satisfied.

Olivia explained that Valerie's presence in the situation would create a bigger rift between Dante and Lulu. Disgusted, Olivia wondered if Valerie cared that Valerie had broken up a family. Dante arrived home in time to hear the question and warned his mother that Olivia had been out of line. Olivia was unapologetic because she believed that Valerie was trying to take Lulu's place, but Dante disagreed.

Dante informed his mother that he had been gone for just a few minutes, but Olivia wasn't appeased because Dante was married. Dante reminded his mother that Lulu had walked out, but Olivia insisted that Valerie had taken advantage of the situation. Valerie was offended, but Dante suggested that Olivia was projecting because Olivia had been in Lulu's shoes when Sonny had cheated on Olivia. Dante acknowledged that Olivia had a right to be angry at Dante, but he refused to let her take her anger out on Valerie.

Olivia pointed out that Dante and Lulu chose to be parents to Rocco and to give their son an idyllic life most kids dreamed about. Olivia believed that Dante and Lulu owed it to their son to try to work things out, but Dante argued that Lulu had given him separation papers. Olivia didn't blame Lulu for lashing out because Lulu had been hurt and angry, but Olivia was certain that once Lulu had a chance to calm down she would do what was best for Rocco. Olivia warned Dante that it wouldn't help if Valerie was in the picture.

Dante decided that he didn't want to talk about it and asked his mother to leave. Olivia warned her son that he would lose his family if he continued down the path he was on, which he would end up regretting for the rest of his life. After Olivia left, Dante apologized to Valerie. She assured him that she understood it was a "messy" situation. Dante walked Valerie to the door with a promise to call her.

Valerie admitted that Olivia had given them both a lot to think about. After Valerie left, Dante looked at Rocco then asked himself what he had done to his family and his life.

On the Haunted Star, Dillon was shocked when he found Johnny hiding behind the bar. Dillon threatened to call the police, but Lulu asked Dillon not to because Lulu had agreed to help Johnny. Dillon was stunned, since Johnny was a fugitive. Dillon reminded Lulu that Johnny was dangerous because Johnny had murdered Anthony, but Johnny pointed out that the conviction had been vacated. Dillon argued that Johnny had tried to frame Luke and Tracy for the crime, but Johnny countered that no charges had been filed.

Dillon reminded Johnny that Johnny was wanted for shooting Julian, but Johnny insisted that it couldn't be proven. Dillon was curious why, if that was true, Johnny had gone on the run. Johnny admitted that he didn't trust the justice system, but Dillon insisted that it wasn't fair to involve Lulu in Johnny's criminal activity. Dillon told Lulu that she had more loyalty than common sense, which he loved about her, but he urged her to reconsider helping Johnny. Lulu begged Dillon not to tell anyone, but Dillon refused.

Lulu insisted that Dillon owed her after exposing Dante's affair in the hopes that Lulu would turn to Dillon for comfort. Dillon accused her of emotional blackmail, but he promised not to call the police. However, Dillon made it clear that he expected Johnny to keep Lulu out of trouble. Johnny shook Dillon's hand and promised to keep Lulu safe. After Dillon left, Johnny asked if Lulu intended to back out of their plans for Valerie. Lulu admitted that it was tempting to get Valerie out of her life, but too much could go wrong. Johnny promised to be careful, but Lulu declined Johnny's offer.

Johnny decided to turn in for the night and invited Lulu to tuck him in, but she smiled and waved Johnny away. Moments later, Olivia entered the salon and greeted Lulu. Lulu immediately sensed that something was troubling Olivia, but Olivia seemed reluctant to talk to Lulu about it. Lulu continued to push Olivia until Olivia admitted that Valerie had been with Dante at the loft. Olivia feared that things were getting out of hand because Dante was not himself. Olivia insisted that her son was miserable and disappointed in himself, but she was worried that things would continue to get worse unless someone took action.

Shortly after Olivia left, Johnny returned to the salon and saw Lulu drinking. He decided to join her and asked why she hadn't gone home. Lulu admitted that things had changed. She told him about Olivia's visit. Lulu decided that she wanted to make Valerie go away.

In a French laboratory, Robin was working when a guard entered to inform her that Helena Cassadine has passed away four days earlier. Stunned, Robin wondered why no one had told her sooner. The guard explained that others had to be notified first then shifted gears to warn Robin that she would be expected to explain herself. "To who?" she asked. "To me," Jerry Jacks answered as he entered the room.

Jerry greeted Robin then announced that they had a lot to talk about, starting with Robin's work, because it was up to him to take care of Helena's unfinished business. Robin assured him that she had been making progress, but Jerry warned her that it hadn't been fast enough because Robin had failed to keep Helena alive. Jerry admitted that he had been interested in Robin's work because the profit margin on immortality was high, but Robin hadn't had any success. Robin revealed that she had been working on an alternate method, but she would need Helena's body to test the process.

Robin tried to explain what she had been working on, but Jerry wasn't interested. Robin nervously asked what Jerry intended to do with her, but he was confident that she already knew. Jerry explained that he couldn't risk Robin letting Robert and Anna know about what had been going on, but Robin promised not tell anyone about Jerry's involvement. Jerry didn't believe Robin, but she remained adamant that she was close to a medical breakthrough. Moments later, Robin heard her cell phone ring and recognized Emma's ringtone.

Robin begged Jerry to give her the phone because she wanted an opportunity to at least talk to her daughter one last time. Jerry agreed, but he warned Robin not to say anything that would raise questions, or Emma would pay the price.

At Patrick's house, Patrick told Sam that their relationship was over because it was clear to him that she loved Jason. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she insisted that she loved and wanted to marry Patrick, but he urged Sam to be honest with herself. He suspected that Sam had hoped to expose Elizabeth as a liar to prove that Elizabeth wasn't worthy of Jason. Sam insisted that she believed that Jason had a right to know the truth, but Patrick didn't believe her.

Patrick wondered who Sam would pick if Jason had remembered his life with her, but she argued that it was an unfair question because Jason didn't have any memory of the past. Patrick admitted that Jason might remember one day, which meant that Sam might regret being trapped in a marriage to Patrick. Sam reiterated that she loved Patrick, but he insisted that Jason was the love of her life. Patrick was certain that a part of Sam had been praying for Jason to remember. Sam tearfully begged Patrick to give her more time because she had only learned the truth about Jason less than a month earlier, but Patrick thought it would be more painful if they prolonged the inevitable.

Later, Patrick wrapped up a call with Emma's friend's mother. He told Sam that Emma was being dropped off. Sam decided to turn down Emma's bed, but Patrick thought it would be best if they didn't drag things out. Sam tearfully told Patrick that she still wanted to marry him, but he pointed out that they couldn't turn back time. Patrick hugged Sam as she conceded that he deserved more than just a piece of her heart.

Sam slid off the engagement ring and handed it to Patrick. He fought back tears as he hugged her again. A short time later, Emma arrived home. Emma admitted that she had lied about having a stomachache because she had been eager to return home to find out when Patrick and Sam were getting married. Patrick and Sam's expressions were filled with sadness as Emma excitedly asked when the wedding was. Sam and Patrick sat Emma down to gently explain that they had called off the wedding and had decided to go their separate ways.

Emma began to cry as she pleaded with Sam and Patrick to work things out, but Sam admitted that it wasn't possible. Sam promised that she loved Emma and would continue to see her, but Sam and Danny would be moving out. Emma became distraught when she realized that Sam was leaving. Her hurt turned to anger as she told Sam to just go. Heartbroken, Emma turned to her father for comfort and begged him to call Robin because Emma needed her mother.

Patrick called Robin and handed the phone to Emma. Emma began to cry when Robin answered. Robin asked why Emma was upset, but Emma implored her mother to return home because Emma desperately needed her. Robin promised that she loved Emma -- Emma was Robin's reason for living. Emma asked her mother to prove it by returning home, but Robin explained that she couldn't. Robin hoped that one day Emma would understand.

Robin promised that no matter what happened, she loved Emma then she abruptly ended the call. Patrick asked what Robin had said. "She said goodbye, like everybody else," Emma cried. Later, Emma remained upset as Sam returned to the living room with a packed bag. Sam hugged Emma and promised to remain a part of Emma's life, but Emma pulled away and ran out of the room in tears. Sam felt terrible for breaking Emma's heart, but Patrick feared that it might have been worse if they had waited to end things.

Sam told Patrick that she loved him, but she conceded that he deserved to be loved the way he had loved her. Sam hugged Patrick one last time and left. Emma appeared in the doorway to ask if Sam was gone. "Yes," Patrick quietly answered. Emma began to cry again. Patrick held his daughter, but she desperately wanted to see her mother. Patrick promised to take Emma to Paris to find Robin.

In Paris, Jerry agreed to give Robin 48 hours to provide him with results. "Deliver a successful product or die. It's that simple," Jerry said as he left the lab.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth admitted that she had known who Jason was before Jason had. Jason's expression hardened because he realized that Sam had been right. Elizabeth tried to explain why she had kept the truth from him, but Jason demanded to know how long she had known. Elizabeth didn't think it mattered, but Jason disagreed and pushed for an answer. Elizabeth revealed that she had learned the truth about his identity during the Nurses Ball. Jason was stunned that she had known for seven months.

Jason suddenly realized that Elizabeth had learned the truth hours before they had made love for the first time. Elizabeth assured him that knowing he was Jason had had nothing to do with it, but Jason didn't believe her because he recalled that Elizabeth had been conflicted about her feelings for Ric and Jason. Jason demanded to know if Nikolas had told her. Elizabeth was reluctant to tell him, but Jason wanted an answer. Eventually, Elizabeth confirmed that Nikolas had told her.

Jason was furious and accused Elizabeth of trapping him and keeping him from his identity and his past. Elizabeth explained that she'd had every intention of revealing the truth when she had taken the stage during the ball, but she had changed her mind when she had seen how happy Patrick and Sam had been with their new family. Jason doubted that Elizabeth had kept the secret for anyone except herself. Elizabeth tearfully begged Jason to hear her out, but he grabbed his jacket. Elizabeth insisted that she had tried to tell Jason the truth several times, but each time, something had happened to stop her.

Jason was livid that Elizabeth had kept silent even when Jake had been found alive. He also resented how she had tried to keep him from seeking answers about his past, which had kept him from his wife and son. Elizabeth reminded Jason that Jake was his son, too, and pleaded with Jason to try to understand why she had done what she had. She tearfully apologized for lying to Jason, but she insisted that she had done it because she loved him and had feared that she would lose him if he had learned the truth.

Jason reminded Elizabeth that he had stayed with her after Carly had revealed the truth. He also pointed out that he had pushed Sam for a divorce because he had wanted to marry Elizabeth. Jason was angry that Elizabeth had stood by while he had thrown the mother of his son out of the house, but Elizabeth argued that she was also the mother of his child. Jason couldn't believe that Elizabeth had been willing to let Danny grow up without his father and had allowed Jason's family to suffer needlessly. Elizabeth desperately tried to salvage things by reminding him that they could still get married if he could find a way to forgive her. "Or have I already lost you?" Elizabeth quietly asked.

Jason explained that Elizabeth hadn't trusted him enough to tell him who he was, which meant that she didn't love him. She promised that she hadn't intended to hurt him and asked if it was too late for them. "Admitting everything now is too late," Jason replied as he walked to the door. Elizabeth was in tears as she followed him and begged him to understand that she had done what she had out of love. She insisted that they had been happy, but Jason argued that living a lie was not his idea of happiness.

Elizabeth was certain that Jason loved her, but Jason explained that he had been in love with a woman who hadn't been any more real than Jake Doe had been. Jason admitted that she had broken his heart then walked away. Elizabeth closed the door and slid down to the floor as she silently cried, while the sound of Jason's motorcycle faded into the night.

Jason turns to Sonny for advice

Jason turns to Sonny for advice

Friday, December 11, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly watched Morgan eat, but he quickly became annoyed. Carly claimed that she simply wanted to be sure that he was okay, but he pointed out that he had repeatedly promised that he had been taking his medications as directed. He was frustrated that his parents didn't trust him. Kiki walked up before Carly could reply. Kiki greeted Morgan and Carly as she poured Morgan a refill of coffee and thanked Carly for letting Kiki keep the job.

Carly explained that everyone deserved a chance to get things right. Carly was also grateful that Kiki had helped Morgan. Kiki admitted that he looked good then walked away. Carly smiled knowingly, but decided to tell Morgan about her Internet research on bipolar disorder. Morgan thought his mother was already an expert on the illness, since his father also had bipolar disorder, but Carly explained that there was always new information available as doctors made advancements in drug therapy.

Carly conceded that both Sonny and Morgan had bipolar disorder, but their symptoms were different. She revealed that she wanted to find a way for Morgan to live a normal life, but Morgan wasn't interested in being normal because that was boring. Alarmed, Carly asked if he had been taking his medications, but he quickly assured her that he was despite the annoying side effects. Carly suggested that he talk to his father, but Morgan wanted both Sonny and Carly to give him space to figure things out for himself.

Nearby, Kiki tensed when she saw her mother seated at a table. Ava begged to speak to Kiki, but Kiki made it clear that she had nothing to say to Ava. Ava was hurt, but Kiki refused to indulge her mother because Kiki didn't want to get in trouble when Carly realized that Ava was in the restaurant. Ava smiled with confidence because Ava doubted that Carly would cause a scene and risk the courts finding out. Kiki accused Ava of using Avery as a weapon. "Classy as ever," Kiki snidely added.

Ava begged for a minute of Kiki's time, but Kiki yelled at Ava to leave her alone. Carly and Morgan noticed the commotion and quickly approached the table. Carly ordered Ava to leave, but Ava wanted to talk to Kiki. Kiki apologized for the outburst, which had resulted in few broken dished. Carly blamed Ava for blindsiding Kiki at work, but Ava resented Carly offering unsolicited advice.

Ava wondered what the judge would think of Carly tossing Ava out, but Carly didn't care. Kiki realized that things were quickly escalating and agreed to hear her mother out. Carly and Morgan reluctantly stepped away but remained close. Kiki asked why Ava was torturing her, but Ava promised that she didn't want to cause Kiki any pain. Kiki decided to cut to the chase by asking what Ava wanted. Ava explained that she was desperate to work things out, but Kiki warned her mother that it would never happen.

Ava reached out to caress her daughter's face, but Kiki jerked back. Ava admitted that it broke her heart to see Kiki so angry. "Well, look at the bright side -- at least I didn't screw your boyfriend," Kiki replied. Ava noticed that Kiki had forgiven Morgan, but Kiki explained that Ava had hurt Morgan as badly, if not worse, than she had Kiki. Kiki was furious with the way that Ava had treated Morgan, but Ava insisted that she had apologized to Morgan.

Kiki wasn't satisfied with Ava's continued excuses because it had been Ava's responsibility as Kiki mother to keep Kiki safe and protected, but Ava had failed miserably. Kiki decided to get back to work, but Ava wanted to know that her daughter was all right. "I'm fine," Kiki coldly replied and walked away. Carly quickly returned to order Ava to leave. Ava resented Carly's attitude and threatened to restrict Sonny's access to Avery. Carly reminded Ava that Ava would lose custody of Avery if Ava interfered with Sonny's visitations.

Morgan decided to intervene before things got heated. Ava admitted that it was good to see him out of the hospital, but he coldly informed her that the medications were obviously working because she was above ground and in one piece. After Ava walked away and Carly left to track down Sonny, Morgan helped Kiki clean up the broken dishes scattered around Ava's table. They each grumbled about their mothers until Kiki changed the subject by asking how Morgan had been doing. Morgan assured her that he was fine for someone who found his mental health in two prescription bottles.

Kiki pointed out that Morgan was not alone because a lot of people were diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Morgan conceded that she was right, but he hated the side effects, which made him feel like he had returned to earth, except it was no longer the fun place he remembered. Kiki and Morgan sat down to continue their discussion. She admitted that he seemed like he was in a better place. Morgan assured her that he was but changed the subject by asking if they could hang out after her shift.

Kiki admitted that she wasn't ready to be more than friends. Morgan promised that he was fine with that, but the busboy walked up to let Kiki know that one of her tables was ready to order. After Kiki walked away, Morgan's phone rang. It was Darby inviting him out. Morgan walked away as the busboy cleared the table, including two of Morgan's pills.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Alexis laughed as Julian stretched out on the ground to adjust the Christmas tree. Julian pulled Alexis down to help him and kissed her. Moments later, Sam entered the living room and cleared her throat. Julian and Alexis were surprised when they saw their daughter because they hadn't realized that she had spent the night. Sam explained that she had slipped in with Danny while everyone had been asleep and had spent the night in the guest bedroom.

Julian and Alexis were shocked when Sam revealed that Sam and Patrick had broken up. Sam quickly filled her parents in about the split and added that it had been for the best. Sam admitted that Patrick had been right because she would have regretted marrying Patrick if Jason were to remember the life Jason had shared with Sam. Alexis praised Sam for making a mature decision, but Sam insisted that Patrick deserved all the credit. Julian was curious where Sam and Jason stood with each other, but Sam confessed that she had no idea. Sam admitted that she loved Jason, but it was up to Jason to decide what he wanted.

Sam revealed that she had told Jason about her concerns regarding Elizabeth, but Sam wasn't certain what Jason intended to do with the information. Sam changed the subject by asking if her parents would mind if she and Danny stayed with them through the holidays. Sam admitted that she couldn't return to the penthouse because there were too many memories of Jason there. Julian and Alexis assured Sam that it was fine. Relieved, Sam asked if they could all make an effort to make the holiday extra festive for Danny's sake.

Sam picked up a sprig of mistletoe, which reminded her of the previous Christmas she had shared with Patrick and Emma. Tears filled Sam's eyes as she excused herself to check on Danny. As soon as Sam left, Julian told Alexis that he wasn't happy with the idea of Sam reconciling with Jason because he knew that Jason was dangerous. Alexis agreed and added that she had lost count of the number of times that Jason had hurt their daughter. Sam returned to the living room as Julian and Alexis discussed their concerns and quickly assured her parents that they had nothing to worry about because she and Jason were just friends.

At Volonino's, Sonny was working out with a heavy bag when Jason walked in and asked what the bag had done to anger Sonny. Sonny stopped his workout to greet Jason and excuse the guard. Jason took off his jacket and approached Sonny as Sonny asked how Jason had gotten in, since the gym was closed. Jason admitted that one of the guards had recognized Jason as Sonny's best friend. Satisfied, Sonny invited Jason to join in the workout. Jason declined, but Sonny sensed that something was troubling Jason.

Jason suddenly pummeled the heavy bag bare-fisted as he told Sonny that Elizabeth had known for months who Jason was. Sonny was surprised but kept quiet as Jason filled him in about Sam's suspicions and Jason's confrontation with Elizabeth. Jason revealed that he had left the house and spent the night driving in the hopes of clearing his head, but all he saw were Carly, Michael, and Sam's faces as they grieved for him. Jason was furious that Elizabeth had allowed his loved ones to continue to suffer.

Sonny admitted that Jason looked like he could use a drink. Jason chuckled as he pulled a bottle of alcohol from his jacket, took a swig, and handed it to Sonny. Sonny admitted that Carly had lied to Sonny a number of times, but he added that he had also lied to his wife. However, Sonny and Carly had always found their way back to each other because they were a lot alike and loved each other. Jason wondered if Sonny thought that Jason should forgive Elizabeth, but Sonny pointed out that he was biased, since Sonny had been one of the people affected by Elizabeth's lie.

Sonny explained that he had always forgiven Carly because he would rather accept what she had done than live without her, but he admitted that he wouldn't forgive Elizabeth if he were in Jason's shoes. According to Sonny, Elizabeth had wanted Jason for herself and hadn't cared about who it would hurt. Moments later, Carly entered. Jason conceded that Carly had been right when she had told Jason that she knew Jason better than he knew himself. After Jason left, Carly turned to Sonny for an explanation about Jason's cryptic comment.

Sonny agreed to tell Carly -- provided she promised not to run after Jason. Carly reluctantly agreed. Sonny quickly told her about Elizabeth's lie, but Carly surprised him when she whooped with joy. She assured her husband that she was furious at Elizabeth, but she was delighted that Jason had found out for himself what a "selfish and manipulative" person Elizabeth was. Sonny admitted that Jason would likely forgive Elizabeth, but Elizabeth had lost Jason forever.

Carly grinned because Jason had turned to Sonny. She was certain that Jason was slowly returning to them. Sonny warned her not to push Jason away by going after him then shifted gears by asking about Morgan. Carly assured Sonny that Morgan was slowly getting better.

At the Floating Rib, Curtis was shooting pool when Hayden approached him. She thought he had taken a big risk by asking to meet in public rather than in an alley, but Curtis suggested that she introduce him as her investment banker if anyone saw them. Hayden wondered if there had been any progress with Curtis' assignment. Curtis led her to the table as he revealed that he had recovered Shawn's bullet from the garage. Hayden's good humor evaporated when Curtis presented her with a bill for his rental car.

Curtis justified the expense because he had used the car as a way to get into the garage and snoop around. Hayden decided it had been worth it and agreed to cover the bill, but she was curious what the next step was. Curtis told her that they would have to prove that Shawn's gun had fired the bullet that Curtis had recovered. Hayden wondered how long it would take, but Curtis reminded her that it would be difficult to get his hands on the gun, since it was in police custody. Curtis insisted that he would need a lot more money to bribe the right people to turn over the gun.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth looked out the window and paced around the living room until she heard a motorcycle in the distance. She ran to the door but was disappointed when she saw Nikolas standing on her porch, about to knock. Elizabeth invited him inside as he explained that he had received her text message. He immediately realized that something was wrong and asked if they were alone. Elizabeth admitted that she had managed to get her sons off to school, but nothing beyond that.

Nikolas was surprised when Elizabeth told him that Laura had been right; Sam had put the pieces together and told Jason about Elizabeth's lie. Elizabeth admitted that she had crumbled under the pressure and guilt when Jason had confronted her about Sam's suspicions. Elizabeth apologized because she realized that she had put Nikolas in a terrible situation, but Nikolas reminded her that Jason had despised him long before Elizabeth had told Jason about Nikolas' role in the cover-up.

Elizabeth regretted that she hadn't heeded Nikolas' warning when he had told her at the Nurses Ball that things would end badly if she decided to keep the truth about Jason's identity from Jason. Nikolas insisted that what was done was done, so they needed to figure out how to deal with the fallout. Elizabeth revealed that she was done conspiring and urged Nikolas to do what he needed to retain control of ELQ. She was heartbroken that she had lost the man she loved, but Nikolas reminded her that she had acted out of love not malice. Nikolas hoped Jason would realize that and remember that Jason and Elizabeth shared a son that both parents loved.

Nikolas didn't care what Sam or anyone else said; he knew that what Elizabeth and Jason had shared had been real. Elizabeth appreciated Nikolas' support, but Nikolas reminded her that it was what friends were for. He pointed out that all the people lining up to judge her hadn't been in her shoes. Elizabeth thanked Nikolas for the words of encouragement and warned him to be careful because Jason would eventually knock on Nikolas' door.

After Nikolas left, Elizabeth heard a motorcycle pull up. She ran to the door as Jason approached the porch, but he stopped when his phone rang. He looked down and saw it was Sam. At the door, Elizabeth's voice filled with hope as she asked if Jason was home for good.

Meanwhile, Nikolas entered the Floating Rib and saw Hayden and Curtis sitting together at a table as Curtis promised to give her the evidence she needed to prove another shooter had been at the garage to kill her. Hayden wanted to know what Curtis planned to do and how much it would cost her.

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