General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 28, 2015 on GH

Jason and Sam spent New Year's Eve together. Lulu and Johnny shared a passionate kiss. Patrick and Robin became engaged to be married. Sonny and Carly were elated when Sonny was able to move his leg.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 28, 2015 on GH
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You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Monday, December 28, 2015

At Sonny's Sabrina asked if Michael had had any time to think about what she'd told him. He replied that it was all he could think about, and that lying was a "deal-breaker" for him. He'd thought that she was "different" and that honesty was as important to her as it was to him. He reminded her that he knew better than anyone that love was more important in making a family than biology.

Michael wondered if Sabrina had known the paternity the baby when he'd asked her to marry him. "Reasonably sure," she admitted. She told him that they could still raise the baby together and that she loved him. He replied that if he pretended that it was all right for her to have lied over and over, he would be lying, and that wasn't the kind of life either of them wanted for a child. He knew she'd lied because she'd been scared. She said she would always regret lying to him.

Sabrina informed Michael that she was moving back in with Felix, so he didn't have to stay at Sonny's in order to avoid her. He knew that raising a baby was expensive, so he offered to help out financially. Offended, she cried that she didn't want his money, and she never had. She only wanted Michael, and she was sorry that she'd lost him. She turned to leave, but he stopped her. He grabbed a gift from under the tree and said that it was for the baby. She tearfully took the gift and left.

Paul returned to the Quartermaine mansion and found his bags packed. Tracy asserted that she could have thrown his things out the window. He wanted to explain the situation that Tracy had walked in on, but she thought it was pretty clear. She accused him of using her to further his political career and get closer to Dillon. She vowed to tell Dillon exactly what had happened when he asked where Paul was.

Paul didn't want to lose Tracy's friendship and go back to ignoring each other like they'd been doing for "the last two decades." He pleaded for her forgiveness. She thought that she should forgive him but only because it was her own "bad choice" after being so "off my game" since Luke. She knew that if she publicized Paul's affair with Ava, he could lose his job and possibly go to jail. "You would do that to Dillon?" Paul wondered. "Don't hide behind our son," she warned.

Tracy continued that, if it wouldn't make her look so stupid, she would have already leaked Paul's affair to the media. However, she wanted to protect her own privacy, therefore protecting his. She assured him that she would "find a way to pay you back eventually." He wanted to "part amicably." "Too bad. I don't care. Get out," she demanded. Paul gathered his things and left the house.

At Patrick's, Mac gave Robin a huge hug. Anna interrupted because she needed to discuss something with Mac, so the two left Robin and Patrick alone. Robin and Patrick were embracing when Sam entered the house. She immediately apologized, since she'd thought that Patrick was still on his leave of absence. She was dropping off an ornament that Danny had made for Patrick. Patrick happily told Sam that the "situation resolved itself sooner than expected." Sam wondered if Patrick and Robin were back together.

Robin told Sam that there was a complicated story that Patrick could tell Sam, because Robin had an appointment to get to. Before leaving, Robin thanked Sam for being so great to Emma. "It was a privilege to have her in my life," Sam replied sincerely. When Robin was gone, Sam assured Patrick that he didn't owe her anything. He thought she deserved an explanation. He confessed that there could be hope for him and Robin, and he told her the whole story.

Patrick kicked himself for not noticing earlier that Robin had been in trouble, but Sam reminded him that he hadn't had all the information, just like she hadn't when Jason had returned. He wasn't proud of how he'd handled the end of their relationship, but he thought that, without Sam's feelings for Jason, Patrick never would have been able to rescue Robin. He wondered if she and Jason were going to have a second chance.

Sam was just happy that everything was "out in the open," and she added that everything else was "up for grabs." He felt that both Robin and Jason returning were miracles. "Not every miracle has good timing," Sam joked. She updated Patrick on Jason and Nikolas' fight, and seeing Elizabeth hugging Jason. She believed that Nikolas had started the fight. Patrick knew that no one could ever make Sam doubt Jason.

Patrick expressed how grateful he was for the time he'd had with Sam, and she agreed. She'd loved their "little family," and she told him that she missed him. He pulled her into a hug and repeated the sentiment. They tearfully said their goodbyes, and she left.

Hayden was hovering over Nikolas when he woke up. She wondered if he remembered Jason trying to kill him by pushing him off the restaurant terrace. Elizabeth entered and assured Nikolas that he was expected to make a full recovery. Hayden spouted off about Jason wanting Nikolas dead, but Elizabeth stopped Hayden, scolding her for interrupting. Hayden reminded Elizabeth that Hayden was the "sole witness." Elizabeth advised Hayden to change her story to the police.

Elizabeth continued that Jason had only been reacting to what she, Nikolas, and Hayden had done to him. Hayden shot back that Nikolas had only kept the secret for Elizabeth, so Elizabeth owed Nikolas. Ignoring Hayden, Elizabeth instructed Nikolas to tell the police that he'd fallen by accident. Hayden began mouthing off again, but Elizabeth reminded Hayden that Nikolas was paying Hayden's way in the world, so she needed to do whatever Nikolas told her to do.

Elizabeth added that she wanted the violence and discontent over. She urged Nikolas to make the "right decision," and she left. Hayden refused to let Elizabeth manipulate Nikolas. He replied that he was "calculating my strategy. Thanks to you, my options are wide open concerning Jason." He advised Hayden to hold off on talking to the police until he figured out which "version" of events would work out the best for them. He suggested that a "free" Jason would be "worth more." Elizabeth watched their plotting through the window.

Jason was walking through the park when Spinelli caught up with him. Spinelli confessed that he'd been "angry and appalled" when he'd found out that Elizabeth had lied about Jason's identity, leaving everyone else to grieve. Jason agreed that it made him angry, but she was Jake's mom, so she would be in his life. Spinelli was grateful that Jason had been "restored" to Sam. Jason insisted that he wasn't the same guy and that Jason might never return.

Jason wondered what he'd done to deserve Spinelli's loyalty. Spinelli explained that Jason had been his "best friend and hero." He continued that Jason had used his "lethal skills" to defend those he'd cared about and the weak who'd needed help. Spinelli hoped that Jason would regain his memory, but if he didn't, Spinelli promised to still be his friend. Jason appreciated Spinelli's belief in him. Spinelli hoped that Jason would start to believe in himself. Jason could see why Spinelli's friendship had meant so much to him, and he added that it still did.

Mac assured Anna that he wanted updates on Kyle and Carlos, but he wondered if it was more important than seeing Robin. Anna had wanted to give Robin and Patrick some alone time. Just then, Mac's phone rang. Mac listened for a minute, said, "I owe you," and hung up. He told Anna that the assistant medical examiner has called with proof that Kyle was dead.

Anna and Mac talked out a scenario involving Paul killing Kyle and planting Carlos' ID on Kyle's body. Anna was discouraged that they had no real proof, but Mac thought that the medical examiner's report and finding Paul's cell phone number at Kyle's was enough to get an investigation started. "If this leads where we think it will, D.A. Hornsby is guilty of murder," Anna stated. "Let's get to work!" Mac replied.

Elizabeth was ecstatic to bump into Robin at the hospital. Robin expressed how happy she was that Elizabeth had gotten Jake back. She also congratulated Elizabeth on her engagement to Jason. "Not anymore," Elizabeth broke to Robin. She admitted that Jason had broken off the engagement when he'd found out that Elizabeth had lied about his identity. Robin wondered how Elizabeth could have done that to Jason.

Elizabeth explained that she'd fallen in love with Jake Doe, and she'd taken him in when he'd had nowhere else to go. When she'd found out that Jake was Jason, she had been scared that Carly would drag Jason back to Sam. She knew that her actions had been "selfish and unfair," but she confessed that she would do it again. Elizabeth expected a wish of punishment from Robin, but Robin assured Elizabeth that she wasn't there to judge, and she hugged Elizabeth. Elizabeth explained that no one had known that Jake was Jason, but while the faces were different, Jason was exactly the same.

A short while later, Robin arrived at the bridge. Seeing that someone was there, she apologized and turned to "leave you in peace." "Are you Robin?" Jason asked. "Jason?" Robin called out in disbelief.

Robin helps Jason see things differently

Robin helps Jason see things differently

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

At the walking bridge overlooking Port Charles, Robin was startled when she realized the man on the bridge was Jason. He was equally surprised to meet Robin because he knew that she had saved his life, even though he had no memory of her. Robin was curious what had drawn him to the bridge they were on, but he didn't have an answer beyond needing a place to clear his head at place with a nice view of the city. Robin smiled as she explained the bridge was where they'd fallen in love. Robin told him about Stone and how he had bungee cord jumped from the bridge six months before he had succumbed to AIDS.

Robin admitted that she had known she was HIV positive when Stone had died, which in those days had been a death sentence. She acknowledged that she had made peace with an early demise in part because she didn't know if she could face a grueling and strict drug regimen of 30 pills a day. Robin explained that she had known Jason when he had been a Quartermaine, but their encounter on the bridge as she had contemplated her death had been the first time she had met him as Jason Morgan -- the boy without a past.

Jason expressed his frustration that no one seemed to accept that he was a different man than the one everyone remembered. He explained that all of his relationships were one-side because he couldn't connect with all the stories people told him about his life. Robin realized he was once again a man without a past, but things were different because she had a future, which she owed to Jason. Robin explained that she had felt compelled to always show her gratitude for the love and support of her family and the community by remaining positive, but Jason had allowed her to express her fears and doubts without any judgment, which had eventually allowed her to follow her dreams of becoming a doctor, wife, and mother.

Jason admitted Robin had helped change his perspective about things. She was pleased because she thought Jason was a great guy, but he disagreed and described himself as a "reactive, self-indulgent bastard" who had pushed the people he cared about away. He couldn't understand why they kept returning, but Robin chuckled and told him to get used to it. Jason shifted gears because he was curious why things hadn't worked out for him and Robin. Robin admitted that in the end, she hadn't been able to accept Jason's life as Sonny's enforcer.

Jason thought he was an "idiot" for picking Sonny over a life with Robin, but she insisted that he had simply been true to himself. She told him about their final goodbye on the bridge and how he had wished for her to be happy. Jason was glad that everything had worked out. Robin confided that she had always had faith in his future then kissed him on the cheek and left. Jason appeared deep in thought until he suddenly had a flashback of Robin talking to him long before on the bridge about having faith in his future.

At the Drake residence, Patrick looked at a Christmas ornament with Danny's handprint when someone knocked on the door. Patrick carefully set the ornament down and went to the door. Maxie was eager to visit with her cousin, but Patrick quickly explained that Robin wasn't home and Emma was fast asleep, recovering from jetlag. Maxie was delighted when Patrick added that Robin and Emma had been inseparable since reuniting. Maxie was curious where Patrick and Robin stood with each other, but Patrick insisted that it was complicated and too soon to make any decisions.

Maxie disagreed because Robin had been forced to leave and hadn't willingly divorced Patrick. Maxie thought the solution was simple if Patrick and Robin loved each other, but Patrick confessed that he was afraid of getting hurt again. Maxie reminded him that life was short and full of unexpected losses. She thought he'd be a fool to let a chance at love slip though his fingers.

Shortly after Maxie left, Robin returned home. Patrick told her about Maxie's visit, while Robin told Patrick about the encounter with Jason. Patrick thought it had been fate that Robin and Jason had talked about the future.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki was working as she approached Morgan's table to take his order. He decided to wait until her break because he wanted to have a drink with her, but Kiki declined. She explained that she wanted to maintain a professional demeanor at work, but he assured her that she couldn't do any wrong since bringing Avery to visit Sonny on Christmas Eve. Kiki confided that it had just cost her an evening with Ava at Christmas. Morgan felt bad for Kiki, but she admitted that she didn't mind because she had enjoyed spending time with her sister.

Kiki declared that it was time for her to move on, even though she would never forgive or forget what Ava had done. However, she was willing to tolerate Ava for the sake of having a relationship with Avery. Morgan wished he could make progress with his own parents, but everyone thought of him as a "screw-up" because he didn't have a sense of purpose.

At the bar, Paul ordered a scotch and sent Raj, the gunrunner, a text message asking for details about the next transaction. Raj responded by promising to contact Paul soon. Seconds later, Dillon marched up to confront his father about hurting Tracy. Paul appreciated Dillon's concern for Tracy but reminded Dillon that Paul and Tracy hadn't made any promises to each other or been dating. Unmoved, Dillon insisted that his father had been manipulating everyone while carrying on an affair.

Paul denied carrying on an affair and added that he had returned to Port Charles to reconnect with Dillon as a family. Dillon scoffed because Paul had never been a father to him. Paul was sorry Dillon was hurt, but Paul was desperate to have a relationship with his eldest child. Dillon wanted nothing to do with his father. Paul was disappointed, but promised to be available if Dillon changed his mind. After Paul left, Maxie walked up to ask why Dillon had left her a message.

Dillon explained that it was too late because he had needed Maxie to stop him from "nuking" his relationship with Paul. Dillon filled Maxie in about his argument with Paul, but Maxie urged Dillon not to write Paul off because Paul might still surprise Dillon. Dillon appreciated Maxie's support, but she decided to cheer him up by introducing him to her daughter, Georgie. Dillon smiled as he followed Maxie out of the restaurant.

At the Haunted Star Johnny was listening to music and decorating for the nightclub's New Year's Eve party. Lulu demanded to know what Johnny was doing, since someone might walk in. Johnny explained that he had wanted to help decorate because he was part owner of the club. Lulu insisted that he had done enough by promising to take care of Valerie. Johnny was curious what Lulu intended to do once Valerie was out of the way and added that he would be remiss if he didn't tell her that it would be a mistake to go back to Dante.

Later, Lulu thanked Johnny as he helped her decorate. Johnny was pleased because she hadn't talked to him in the past half hour. Lulu admitted that she hadn't been in the mood for a lecture about Dante. Johnny thought Lulu could do better. "With who? With you?" Lulu asked. "Why not?" Johnny asked. Lulu hid her smile, but Johnny had turned his back as he conceded that he might not be the best option for her because of Rocco.

Lulu admitted that she wouldn't have hesitated to have a "throw down" with Valerie if it hadn't been for Rocco, which was why Lulu was grateful for Johnny's help. Lulu was confident that she and Dante could figure things out once Valerie was out of the way.

At the hospital, Dante was surprised when he saw his father. Sonny assumed that Dante was there to check up on him, but Dante clarified that he was there on business. However, Dante was curious how Sonny's physical therapy sessions had been working out. Sonny conceded there hadn't been any improvement with his legs, but Sonny remained determined to keep working hard. They talked about Christmas and Avery's visit, which led Sonny to remark that Dante and Lulu had seemed in a better place over the holiday.

Dante explained that he and Lulu had put up appearances for Rocco's sake, but nothing had changed. Sonny advised Dante to fight for his marriage, but Dante argued that Lulu had filed for a separation. Sonny accused Dante of letting his pride get in the way because Dante had screwed up and didn't know how to fix things. Dante insisted there were other factors to consider and left without elaborating.

Moments later, Max approached Sonny to report that Raj was like a ghost. Sonny revealed that he was expecting a call that might shed some light on the situation and promised to call Max after the physical therapy session.

Later, Morgan arrived at the hospital and started to round a corner, but he stopped when he heard his father speaking on the phone. Sonny ended the call and told Max that Raj had made a successful deal and had another shipment on the way. Sonny was eager to shut Raj down and added that Raj would be on pier 54 at 11:45 p.m. that evening.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Nikolas reminded Hayden that there were advantages to keeping Jason out of jail, but Hayden insisted that Jason had tried to kill Nikolas. Hayden admitted that she had been terrified when she had seen Nikolas sail over the terrace because she had been certain that she had watched him die. Nikolas teased that it sounded like she might have missed him. Hayden conceded that she would have missed his "cynical charm," "unexpected compassion," his relationship with Spencer, and even the dance of trust that she and Nikolas engaged in.

Nikolas suggested that he and Hayden start trusting each other. Moments later, Dante entered the hospital room to speak to Nikolas privately. Hayden didn't want to leave Nikolas' side, but Dante explained that she was a witness, and he needed to take separate statements from each of them. Hayden reluctantly left when he questioned if Hayden was concerned that her story might not match Nikolas'. After she was gone, Nikolas claimed that his memories were hazy, and he had no clear recollection of what had happened on the terrace.

In the hallway, Curtis called Hayden to let her know that he had a ballistics report that confirmed that the bullet recovered from the garage had been Shawn's. He offered to meet her to exchange the report for payment, but Hayden told him that she would be in touch when she had the chance. After she ended the call, Dante joined her and tried to question her about Nikolas' fall, but she claimed that she was too rattled, and the details of the fight were a jumbled mess.

Hayden promised to contact Dante as soon as possible and entered Nikolas' hospital room. Nikolas told her about his talk with Dante then changed the subject by reminding her that it was New Year's Eve. He looked forward to kissing her at midnight. Hayden offered to give him a preview and kissed him.

At the police station, Jordan wrapped up a call as Valerie stood behind her with a knowing grin. Jordan revealed that she had a date with someone she had met at a police conference. Valerie was happy for Jordan. Jordan realized that Valerie was still getting over the breakup with Dante, but Jordan assured Valerie that it had been for the best because the relationship might have jeopardized Valerie's career.

Later, Curtis approached the police officer and discretely returned Shawn's gun. Curtis promised to pay the police officer's gratuity at the Floating Rib later that evening. Moments later, Curtis approached the reception desk to ask to speak to Jordan, but she walked up. Jordan was not pleased when she saw him, but Curtis merely smiled as he announced that he had concluded his business, but he intended to remain in town.

Curtis admitted that everyone would be surprised that Jordan was a police commissioner, but Jordan argued that no one would have been shocked to learn that Curtis had cut corners and ended up on the streets without a badge. Curtis was unmoved by the insult and cryptically told her that his luck was about to change, and she would play a big role in altering his future.

Nearby, Valerie called out to Dante on the pretext of giving him files because she was eager to plan a date with him, since she hadn't seen him and wanted to give him a Christmas present. Valerie realized that something was wrong when Dante seemed reluctant. He admitted that he had spent time with Lulu at Christmas and that things had been better. Valerie realized that Dante wanted to let her down easy and decided to save him the trouble because their relationship had been doomed from the beginning. Dante felt bad, but Valerie assured him that she didn't blame him.

Everyone rings in the New Year in special ways

Everyone rings in the New Year in special ways

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

At the Drake residence, Robin greeted Patrick as he arrived home after dropping Emma off at a sleepover. They happily talked about their daughter's future and agreed that Emma would be a wonderful writer. Patrick mentioned that he had picked up a surprise for their quiet New Year's Eve at home. Robin was delighted when she discovered her favorite treat -- chocolate-covered popcorn -- in the bag he handed her. Robin admitted that she had a present for him, too, and handed him a perpetual calendar.

Robin explained that she wanted Patrick to see that they could have infinite days together if he wished it. Patrick's brow furrowed as he asked if Robin was saying what he thought she was. She smiled with joy when he added that he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his days with her and asked her to marry him. Robin jokingly asked if they had truly just proposed to each other. Patrick reminded her that it was a tradition, but she suggested that they give each other an answer at the same time. "Yes," they said in unison and kissed.

Patrick led Robin to the bedroom and made love to her. As the glow of the fireworks filled the sky outside their window, Patrick and Robin pledged their love to one another then wished each other a happy New Year.

At Greystone Manor, Dante stopped by to wish Sonny and Carly a happy New Year and to find out if Morgan was home because Dante hoped to take his brother to the Floating Rib to watch the college football playoffs. Sonny and Carly explained that Morgan had gone out for the evening without telling them where. Moments later, Michael arrived. Carly happily greeted Michael with a hug, while Sonny asked if Michael and Sabrina had plans for the evening.

Michael became evasive as Sonny continued to ask about Sabrina until Dante took pity on Michael and invited Michael to the Floating Rib. Michael happily made a hasty exit with Dante as someone knocked on the front door. It was Jason. Michael and Dante loitered in the foyer as Jason entered the living room to wish Sonny and Carly a happy New Year and repay Sonny the bail money Sonny had loaned Jason. Sonny and Carly invited Jason to stay, but Jason refused because he knew it was a special evening for Sonny and Carly.

Jason quickly said his goodbyes and left. In the foyer, Michael and Dante invited Jason to go to the Floating Rib with them, so Jason agreed.

In the living room, Carly admitted that Jason had been right about the importance of the evening. Sonny and Carly agreed that they were both lucky because they couldn't have imagined they'd be married and ringing in the New Year a year before. Sonny apologized for taking his frustration over his injuries out on Carly, but he promised that he felt blessed to have her in his life. Sonny regretted that he couldn't dance with Carly on New Year's Eve as he had hoped, but Carly didn't mind because she was certain they'd have their dance.

After Sonny and Carly kissed, Carly decided to fetch a fresh bottle of Champagne to toast to the New Year because it was bad luck to drink from a bottle that had already been opened. Carly left the room, but Sonny didn't notice as his eyes rounded with disbelief because he had felt movement in his leg. Carly returned as the clock struck midnight, and she saw Sonny's leg twitch. Her eyes filled with tears as she rushed to his side. Elated, Sonny confirmed he'd felt movement in his leg and told her that 2016 would be a great year.

Meanwhile, Sam stood on the pier overlooking the harbor as she absently played with her star necklace. She was startled when Kristina passed, eager to get to the Floating Rib for some fun. Kristina invited Sam to join her, but Sam declined. Kristina refused to take no for an answer and dragged her sister to the Floating Rib.

Nearby, Franco met a man to exchange a large sum of money for a package.

At the Floating Rib, Morgan found a seat in the crowded bar and ordered a club soda as he pulled out two prescription bottles. Morgan looked up at the television set as everyone suddenly cheered. He noticed the patrons drinking and changed his order to a beer.

Later, Kristina and Sam arrived. Kristina offered to fetch drinks while Sam grabbed an open pool table, but Kristina stopped to quickly check her phone. Morgan saw his sister and called out to Kristina to ask what she was up to. She tucked the phone away, but he picked up on her skittishness and asked what was going on. Kristina realized that she could trust Morgan to keep her secret, since he wouldn't want Sonny and Carly to find out that he'd been drinking.

Kristina started to tell Morgan about her troubles, but Darby walked up. Morgan introduced Darby to his sister, but Darby and Kristina already knew each other from high school. After they exchanged stilted greetings, Kristina went to check on Sam. Darby took a drink from Morgan's beer then asked if he wanted to leave, but he explained that he had to take care of something for his father later because he didn't trust his father's men to handle it.

Morgan realized that he might have said too much, but Michael walked up and demanded to know what Morgan was doing. Darby quickly excused herself as Michael began to lecture Morgan about mixing alcohol with medication. Annoyed, Morgan told Michael not to worry and left.

Nearby, Valerie and Dillon struck up a friendly conversation. They talked about the football game until Valerie mentioned that she'd had a change of plans for the evening at the last minute. Dillon sensed it somehow involved Dante and assured Valerie that she could talk to him. She admitted that she and Dante had broken up, but she conceded that it hadn't been a real relationship, since they'd barely seen each other and Dante had been on the rebound.

Dillon felt bad for Valerie, but she assured him that it had been for the best. A short time later, Dante entered the bar and approached Valerie. Dante greeted her and asked about the game, but Valerie cut the conversation short, told him to enjoy the game, and walked away. Valerie approached Dillon to let him know that it was time for her to leave. Dillon saw Dante and offered to take Valerie home.

At the pool table, Sam was surprised when she saw Jason approach. After they said hello, Sam challenged Jason to a game of pool. Jason was stunned when Sam easily won, but she pointed out that she had warned him that she was quite good. Kristina walked up and began to play matchmaker, but Sam chased her sister off. Jason took everything in stride and invited Sam to play another game of pool. Sam accepted but also kept her eye on the playoff game.

Sam jumped with joy when the team she had been rooting for won, but she stumbled back and into Jason's arms. Embarrassed, Sam apologized as she regained her footing. Jason shrugged it off, so Sam decided to focus on the pool game. However, everyone began to count down to midnight. Sam and Jason smiled as they wished each other a happy New Year.

Outside, Valerie was delighted that her favorite college football team had won. In the excitement, Dillon kissed Valerie, but they quickly pulled apart and agreed that there hadn't been any sparks between them. Valerie confessed that it was also too soon for her to get involved with someone else.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu stood behind the bar, but her good humor vanished when Johnny sat down. She feared that someone might recognize him and call the police. Johnny assured her that he had everything well in hand and slid on a pair of 2016 New Years glasses, which covered most of his face. Appeased, Lulu smiled and returned to work.

Nearby, Nina approached Curtis to introduce herself and ask if he would be interested in modeling for her magazine. Curtis agreed and took the business card that Nina had extended, but his smile faded when Franco walked up and introduced himself as Nina's boyfriend. Nina told Franco about Curtis' agreement to model for her, but Franco pointedly warned Nina that Curtis would be too busy. Curtis took the cue and excused himself.

At the bar, Curtis ordered a scotch as Johnny slowly turned his chair away from Curtis. Lulu explained that the bartender was on break and introduced herself as the club's owner. Curtis flirted and persuaded Lulu to pour him a scotch. After Curtis walked away, Johnny warned Lulu that Curtis was a police officer. Alarmed, Lulu ushered Johnny away from the party and to a cabin.

At one of the tables, Franco cautioned Nina that Curtis had been trying to pick her up. Nina seemed genuinely shocked, but Franco assured her that it was true because she was "hot and amazing." Nina grinned as she conceded that Franco knew how to sweet-talk a girl, but Franco shifted gears to explain that he had been running late because of an errand. He set a paper bag on the table and invited her to open it. Nina was stunned when she pulled out a jewelry case with a dazzling diamond necklace nestled inside.

Franco stood up to put it on Nina as he explained that he had sold a painting that he had hidden away in storage to pay for the extravagant gift. Nina assured him that it hadn't been necessary, but he insisted that he wanted her to know how much he loved and appreciated her. Touched, Nina kissed Franco then dashed off to the bathroom to admire the necklace in the mirror. Moments later, Curtis walked up to let Franco know that he knew exactly who Franco was because Robert Frank had been the most wanted man when Curtis had worked as a Baltimore police officer.

Franco refused to be intimidated. Nina returned but didn't seem to pick up on the tension between Franco and Curtis. Curtis told Nina to look him up if she shook free of Franco. After Curtis walked away, Nina dismissed what Curtis had said and praised Franco for being the most romantic man she knew. Franco was eager to whisk Nina home and make love to her. Nina smiled as the New Year rang in and Franco kissed her.

In the cabin, Lulu poured two glasses of Champagne from a bottle she had snagged as she'd left the bar. She handed one to Johnny and made a toast to the New Year. As the ship's guests celebrated the New Year, Johnny kissed Lulu. She pulled back for an instant then changed her mind and returned the kiss with passion.

On the piers, Raj wrapped up his business dealings, unaware that Morgan had been hiding around a corner and spying on him. After Raj left, Morgan stepped forward. Moments later, Dante approached and asked what Morgan was doing on the piers.

New Year's Eve Pre-Emption

New Year's Eve Pre-Emption

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Due to the New Year's Eve holiday, General Hospital did not air. The pre-emption was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 4, and picked up where the Wednesday, December 30, episode concluded.

Our family wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year.

New Year's Day Pre-Emption

New Year's Day Pre-Emption

Friday, January 1, 2016

Due to the New Year's Day holiday, General Hospital did not air. The pre-emption was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 4, and picked up where the Wednesday, December 30, episode concluded.

Our family wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year.

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