General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 18, 2016 on GH

Sonny stood for the first time. Lulu rescued Valerie from the fire, but Valerie figured out Lulu and Johnny had been in cahoots. Nikolas proposed to Hayden. Jason experienced a breakthrough.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 18, 2016 on GH
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Burn, Baby, Burn Burn, Baby, Burn

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sam knocked on Jason's hotel room door, shouting that she had good news. She was shocked when Elizabeth, clad in a bathrobe, answered the door. Sam apologized, thinking that she was at Jason's room. "It is," Elizabeth stated. She told Sam that "we" were getting ready to go to bed, so Sam should return in the morning. Just then, Jason arrived at the room with Jake.

"What is she doing here?" Jake asked. Jason told Jake to apologize to Sam for the tone, which he did, and Jason invited her in as Jake glared at her. Jason told her about the couple that had talked to him at the restaurant, and Sam informed him that she'd convinced them to go to the police, since they'd seen the fight between Nikolas and Jason. Elizabeth took Jake to bed as Jason thanked Sam. He instructed her that he was in a suite down the hall if she needed anything else, and she left.

Elizabeth returned, and Jason wondered if Jake had been upset. Elizabeth replied that Jake was a kid who wanted what he wanted, his parents together, and couldn't understand why he couldn't have it. Jason thought they would have to work together to help Jake accept the situation. He remarked that he owed Sam a lot for all of her help. "No you don't," Jake said as he entered the room, and he insisted, "She's not as good as you think."

Jason wanted Jake to elaborate, and he told Jason that Sam was "greedy" and that she'd broken their family portrait. Jason scolded Jake about making up stories. He explained that it was Sam's job to uncover the truth and that lying was always a mistake. Jake relented that Sam probably only wished that she'd broken the picture, but he believed that Sam had broken up their family. Shooting a look at Elizabeth, Jason told Jake that Sam would never hurt any of them.

Elizabeth called for Jake to go to bed, but he had a stomachache. Jason offered to get some ginger ale from the restaurant, and Elizabeth walked him to the door. She muttered that Jake's lying and acting out was "getting bad." He promised they would get through it, and he left. Jake asked Elizabeth if they would ever be together as a family again. "Anything can happen," she assured him.

As Dante looked at the picture of Johnny and Valerie, he told Nathan on the phone that neither Lulu nor Valerie were answered their phones. Jordan entered, and he hung up the phone to update her. She wondered if he thought that Lulu and Valerie were involved with Johnny. "Possibly," he said. He told her about what Dillon had said about seeing Johnny aboard the Haunted Star weeks before. He suggested that Johnny had coerced Lulu into protecting him.

Dante handed Jordan the pictures of Valerie and Johnny. He recognized Valerie's outfit in one picture and estimated that the picture had been taken shortly before Christmas. In another picture, he recognized her outfit from earlier that day. Jordan believed that Valerie was helping Johnny, but Dante didn't think Valerie was "dirty." Jordan challenged Dante to prove otherwise.

A short while later, Bobbie arrived at the police station. Dante briefly told her what was going on, and Bobbie insisted that Valerie would never "throw in" with Johnny. Bobbie related that she would bet her life that Johnny was putting Valerie in danger. Dante wondered if Valerie had been acting strangely, and Bobbie answered that she'd been focused on "moving on." Dante mentioned that Valerie had been looking for a part-time job. Bobbie countered that Valerie never would have taken a bribe, no matter how desperate for money she was.

Jordan instructed Bobbie to stay just in case they had more questions for her. Dante took Jordan aside and said that Valerie was being set up. Jordan wondered who would want to set Valerie up. Jordan dismissed Bobbie, and she left. Dante left a message for Lulu, demanding that she call him back because "I know you lied about Johnny and that you're in the middle of this mess. What the hell have you done?"

Sonny, Alexis, and Kristina shared a meal at the Metro Court. Sonny made a toast to a great semester for his daughter, and he asked her to promise that he'd hear from her before May. Alexis scolded him for picking on Kristina and commended her focus on her studies. Kristina promised that she'd "be back before you can miss me," referencing Alexis' wedding, which Sonny hadn't heard about.

Kristina talked about taking a date to the wedding, but Sonny suggested that his "strong, independent" daughter go "solo." He insisted, "as long as Johnny gets nowhere near you again." Kristina was embarrassed, and Alexis thought that enough time had passed that they should forget about Kristina's ruse with Johnny.

Sonny asked about school and mentioned that the school had sent his tuition check back uncashed. Kristina lied that she'd gotten an email from the Bursar's office saying that their "electronic records are on the fritz." She offered to hand deliver the check when she got to school. Just then, she spotted Sam at the bar and went over to say hi.

Sam sat at the bar with a drink. Kristina sat down and complained about all of her parents' questions. Sam wondered what was going on with Kristina, who said she would share if Sam promised not to tell. Sam promised, and Kristina confessed that she'd been suspended from school. She explained that, after her messy breakup, she'd stopped going to class. When she'd decided to return to class, she'd been so far behind that it had been impossible to catch up.

Kristina continued that she'd just needed to pass one class in order to stay in school, and she'd tried to "work something out" with Professor Parker. Sam was horrified that Kristina had slept with her professor because she had so many people to turn to in times of trouble. Kristina insisted that she hadn't slept with the professor, but she'd offered. The professor had turned her in, and the "ethics committee" at school had decided to suspend her.

Kristina couldn't tell Sonny and Alexis because they would never look at her the same way. "Tell mom, or I will," Sam offered. Kristina explained that she planned to get a "crappy apartment" and work until she could return the following year. Sam had three conditions for keeping Kristina's secret. She wanted Kristina to get a nicer apartment, she wanted weekly updates, and she warned Kristina to stay away from the professor. Kristina hugged Sam and promised.

Sonny and Alexis were "clueless" about Kristina's recent attitude shift. Alexis advised him not to take it to heart because Kristina was stressed about school. Sonny suggested that Kristina had trouble talking to him because she was embarrassed about his lack of formal education. Alexis reminded him that they hadn't raised a "small-minded" daughter.

Alexis suggested a way that Sonny could "learn" Kristina's language: enroll in college. Sonny laughed it off, citing the need for more hours in the day. Alexis offered to talk to Kristina for Sonny, but he replied that Alexis had enough problems. "You're marrying a rat bastard," he informed a confused Alexis. Sonny assured Alexis that he wanted her to be happy, but she wouldn't be if she married Julian. "It's always a pleasure," Alexis said sarcastically, and she left.

Alexis walked over to the bar and instructed Kristina to say goodbye to Sonny then meet her at the car. Alexis left, and Kristina followed. She stopped when she received a text from Parker: "Please call ASAP." She passed Jason, who was on his way to the bar. He ordered some ginger ale for Jake. He spotted Sam and thanked her again for helping out with his case. He explained to Sam why Elizabeth and Jake were there. She replied that she hadn't always been interested in the truth and that Jason had taught her that. She said goodnight and left.

Valerie screamed and struggled against the ropes tying her to the chair. In her struggle, she bumped against the table and knocked the burning candle into a pile of leaves. The fire slowly spread until it was blazing, and Valerie was coughing and sputtering until she passed out.

Lulu arrived at the cabin and yelled for Johnny. After minutes of calling out for him without an answer, she realized that he was "long gone." Just then, she saw the glow of the fire and feared for Johnny. She opened the cabin door and saw Valerie. She ran into the cabin and untied Valerie, shielding her cousin from more smoke inhalation with her jacket. "Johnny, what did you do?" she wondered out loud.

Lulu shook, slapped, and yelled at Valerie, who remained unconscious. Lulu stretched Valerie out on the floor and began to administer CPR. Valerie finally awoke, and Lulu pulled her up. The two women ran out of the cabin, coughing. Lulu thought that Valerie needed to get to a hospital, but she realized that her phone and keys were in her jacket, which was in the burning cabin.

Lulu offered to go get help, but Valerie thought that Lulu would freeze with no jacket. The two women got into the car and bundled up with some blankets. Valerie suggested hotwiring the car, but Lulu answered that the newer models were nearly impossible to hotwire. Valerie noticed the irony in going from almost burning to death to facing freezing to death. Lulu assured Valerie that someone would find them.

Valerie figures out why Johnny targeted her

Valerie figures out why Johnny targeted her

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Robert looked over Anna's shoulder to glance at the pictures on her phone of Robin and Patrick's new house. Robert couldn't understand why Robin and Patrick had committed to buying a new house, but Anna reminded Robert that Robin and Patrick could sell the house if things didn't work out in Berkeley. Robert and Anna sat down at a table as Robert wondered why Anna wasn't upset about Emma moving away. Anna assured Robert that she was fine.

Anna looked up as Paul entered the restaurant. She quietly added that she had things to accomplish like taking down Paul. Moments later, Paul greeted Janice Lomax. After Paul and Janice sat down, Janice asked about Anna and Anna's job. Paul explained that Anna was working with Paul to take down Sonny. Janice was curious if Julian and Ava were still active in the mob, but Paul assured the mayor that the Jerome siblings were walking the "straight and narrow." Satisfied, Janice warned Paul that a lot of people had tried -- and failed -- to put Sonny behind bars.

Janice urged Paul to play things smart because it would reflect poorly on her if Paul ended up with egg on his face. Janice noticed Robert and Anna at a nearby table. Paul was surprised when he saw Robert, whom he'd known pretty well "back in the day."

Meanwhile, Anna was not surprised that Paul had met with his old college friend, the "highly corrupt and ambitious" mayor. Anna told Robert how Janice had appointed Paul district attorney. She was furious that the mayor had rigged the election, but Robert suggested that Anna focus on dealing with Paul rather than getting sidetracked with Janice. Anna agreed because she was determined to find a way to prove that Paul had committed murder. Moments later, Paul approached the table to talk to Robert and Anna.

Paul was curious why Robert was in town, but Robert sidestepped the question by admitting that it seemed like "just yesterday" that Paul had been a "little lackey" for the cartel. Robert flashed a saccharine smile as he congratulated Paul on being the district attorney. Paul credited his success to Anna and sang her praises. Anna smiled politely, but made it clear that she didn't appreciate being talked about as if she weren't there. Paul turned the conversation back to Robert by noting that Robert hadn't explained why Robert was in town.

Paul recalled that Robert was a World Security Bureau agent and wondered if there was anything that Paul needed to know. Anna reminded Paul that Robert and Anna shared a child and grandchild then assured Paul that Robert was in town for family reasons. Paul envied Robert and Anna's close relationship because Paul and Tracy could barely manage a civil conversation. Paul smiled as he admitted that he had told the mayor about the excellent job Anna had been doing as special investigator. Anna returned the smile and credited Paul with inspiring her. After Paul left, Robert and Anna decided to finish their conversation in private.

In the hotel's lobby, Olivia's expression was filled with disdain as Ava approached pushing Avery's stroller to ask where the baby yoga class was being held. Olivia, who had Leo with her, asked if Ava could find another bonding activity with Avery that wasn't in the hotel where Olivia's cousin's life had been tragically cut short. Ava ignored the reminder of Ava's role in Connie's murder, and reminded Olivia that the class was open to the public. Olivia reluctantly agreed and backed down for the sake of Sonny's daughter. She gave Ava directions. Ava was surprised when Olivia didn't follow her, but Olivia preferred to take the service elevator.

Later, Olivia was holding Leo as she stood behind the bar in the restaurant. Ava walked up and asked if someone in the class had found a stuffed giraffe. Ava was relieved when Olivia held it up because it was Avery's favorite toy. The mothers chatted about the class as they bonded over what it was like to have grown children and a second chance at motherhood. Olivia watched Ava leave until Janice approached to ask if Olivia had received the mayor's request to host a luncheon at the restaurant.

Olivia assured Janice that it wouldn't be a problem and offered to go over the mayor's preferences. Janice objected to Olivia carting along the baby, but Olivia couldn't care less since it was Olivia's restaurant. Olivia led the mayor to a table and went over the menu for the luncheon. Janice grew increasingly annoyed as Leo became fussy, but she was shocked when Olivia cradled Leo and began to unbutton her blouse. Janice demanded to know what Olivia was doing, but Olivia couldn't understand why the mayor was upset that Olivia intended to breastfeed the baby.

Olivia reminded Janice that it wasn't illegal or indecent to breastfeed, but Janice argued that it made people uncomfortable and was inappropriate for young children to see. Offended, Olivia suggested that perhaps Janice was uncomfortable because it had been a "dog's age" since the mayor had been half-naked. Olivia stood up as she continued to rant at Janice until one of the mayor's security team stepped forward to warn Olivia to calm down.

Meanwhile, Paul entered his hotel suite as he grumbled about Robert. Paul's tirade ended when he heard a knock. Ava smiled sexily as she entered his suite, but he reminded her that they had agreed to keep their relationship professional. Ava assured him that it was fine because she was there to drop off a piece of art. Ava unveiled the painting she had purchased with the profits from their ill-gotten gains. Paul was pleased with Ava's choice, but his focus was on Ava.

Ava teased Paul about leaving, but the two quickly succumbed to temptation and made love. Afterwards, Paul admitted that he enjoyed the idea of hiding the proceeds from their business with Raj in plain sight. Ava assured him that she wouldn't have any problems acquiring more pieces of art. Pleased, Paul made love to her again. Later, Ava remarked that the benefits of their relationship were "art, sex, and money." Paul asked Ava to start making additional purchases, but she was curious who he had sold the guns to. Paul preferred not to tell Ava because he wanted her to have plausible deniability down the road.

In the squad room, Dante and Jordan reviewed the footage from the cameras on the bridge where Valerie had been headed. Jordan continued to look for Valerie's car while Dante decided to check the speed cameras near the county line. After Dante walked away, Andre approached Jordan and held out a cup of coffee that had a sketch of him on it along with a question mark. Jordan groaned and quickly apologized when she realized that she had missed their date the previous night. Andre was relieved when she revealed that she had gotten wrapped up in a case involving a police cadet because it meant that she hadn't lost interest in him. Jordan was grateful that Andre had given her a chance to explain, but he assured her that he appreciated that she had an important job.

Nearby, Maxie approached Dante to ask if he had heard from Lulu. Dante shook his head and added that all his calls to Lulu had gone to voicemail. Maxie became alarmed when she glanced down and saw pictures of Johnny and Valerie. She questioned Dante about them, but his phone rang. It was Nathan. After a quick conversation, Dante ended the call and told Jordan that Nathan had apprehended Johnny at the bus station close to where Johnny had abandoned Valerie's car. Dante added that Johnny had been carrying false identification.

Moments later, Nathan arrived with Johnny. Jordan immediately began to question Johnny, but he demanded an attorney. Frustrated, Jordan asked if he had one. Johnny admitted that he couldn't afford one, so Jordan asked a police officer to call the courthouse for a public defender. After the police officer left, Jordan advised Johnny to cooperate. Johnny reminded Jordan that he had a right to remain silent until his attorney arrived.

A short time later, Scott strolled in, looking for his pro bono client. Scott and Johnny both balked at Scott representing Johnny. Scott refused to defend someone that he knew was guilty, while Johnny objected to Scott representing him when Scott had abused his power by framing Johnny for a crime that Johnny hadn't committed. Scott argued that Johnny had obstructed justice in Scott's son's murder, but Johnny insisted that Logan had been a "whack job." Scott and Johnny continued to trade insults until Jordan reminded Scott that it was Scott's job to represent Johnny.

Nearby, Maxie wondered where Dante had gone. Andre quietly explained that Dante and another police officer had slipped out minutes earlier. At Nathan's desk, Jordan threatened to arrest Johnny for kidnapping if Johnny failed to cooperate. Johnny agreed, prompting Nathan to ask how long Johnny had been in town and who had helped him. Scott warned Johnny not to say anything, but Jordan threatened to canvas all of Johnny's acquaintances from when he had lived in Port Charles. Johnny wondered if that included Maxie.

Johnny admitted that he was surprised that Maxie had betrayed him, but Maxie refused to feel bad because Johnny had had plenty of opportunities to save himself. Maxie carefully explained that she had to be honest with Nathan because she loved him. Johnny admitted that he could respect that, but Scott once again advised Johnny to stop talking. Jordan continued to pepper Johnny with questions until Johnny admitted that he had forced Lulu to help him. Nathan and Jordan wanted details, but Johnny refused to elaborate. Jordan shifted gears to ask about Valerie, but Johnny would only reveal that he'd left Valerie in a safe place.

At the state park, Valerie and Lulu were huddled under a blanket in Lulu's car when Valerie slowly woke up. Lulu sensed the movement and quickly pulled away from her cousin as an awkward silence filled the car. Valerie remarked that they had made it through the night, but she threw the blanket off and jumped out of the car. Lulu followed Valerie to ask where Valerie was going. Valerie jumped up and down as she explained that she needed to warm up. Lulu followed suit by bouncing on her feet. Valerie thanked Lulu for saving her life, but Valerie was curious how Lulu had found her.

Valerie realized that Lulu didn't have any reason to be near the state park unless Lulu had been in cahoots with Johnny. Lulu denied it and claimed that she had happened to see the glow of the fire from the cabin while she had been out for a ride to clear her head. Valerie knew it was a lie because the cabin hadn't been visible from the road. Lulu insisted that things were not the way Valerie thought, but Valerie's anger mounted because she was certain that Lulu had been responsible for Johnny targeting Valerie. Valerie couldn't understand what she had done to deserve that, but Lulu was outraged by the question and angrily reminded Valerie that Valerie had destroyed Lulu's family.

Lulu pointed out that she had risked her life to save Valerie, but Valerie accused Lulu of hoping to avoid a murder charge. Lulu insisted that she'd never wanted Valerie dead; she'd wanted Valerie to return to Pennsylvania -- or somewhere else away from Lulu's family. Valerie laughed and accused Lulu of being her own worst enemy. "You self-centered, overly dramatic, stupid-ass bitch," Valerie yelled as she violently slapped Lulu. Infuriated, Lulu slapped Valerie back as she accused Valerie of being a "slut." They exchanged heated words, which quickly escalated as Valerie lunged at Lulu.

Valerie threatened to kill Lulu as she pinned Lulu to the car with her hands wrapped around Lulu's throat. Dante suddenly appeared and pulled Valerie off Lulu. Dante demanded to know what was going on. Lulu tried to explain, but Dante cut her off because he wanted to hear it from Valerie. Valerie told Dante about her suspicions that Lulu and Johnny had conspired against Valerie, citing the encounters with Johnny, the abduction, and the fire. Valerie conceded that Lulu had saved her and that she and Lulu had spent the night in the car, but Valerie was livid that Lulu had endangered Valerie's life.

Lulu tried to talk to Dante, but he yelled at her to remain quiet and instructed a police officer to call for an ambulance and the crime scene unit.

At the police station, Nathan ended a call with Dante and updated Jordan. Maxie decided to meet Lulu at the hospital and left. Scott quietly warned Johnny that Johnny would "fry." After Jordan stepped away, Andre approached her to let her know that he had been impressed with how she had handled the situation. Jordan smiled when Andre told her that he was eager to have a third date with her, but he had to leave for an appointment. Jordan admitted that it seemed the power figurine he had given her had worked. Andre agreed and promised to call her.

Later, Johnny was taken to lockup. "That was fun," Scott told Jordan. Jordan feared that it wouldn't be fun for one of her detectives once the truth was revealed.

At Anna's house, Robert and Anna discussed the situation with Paul. Anna was shocked when Robert told her that Paul had the "hots" for her. Robert suggested that Anna use it to her advantage by stringing Paul along and seducing Paul's secrets from him. Anna shuddered with distaste and reminded Robert that she could expose Paul's criminal activity by tracking down Carlos. Robert confessed that he had reached out to an associate who consulted with the WSB to help him figure out where Carlos and Sabrina were. Anna was not happy when Robert's associate knocked on the door because she wasn't comfortable with a stranger knowing where she lived, but her ire turned to disbelief when she saw Andre on her doorstep.

At the hospital, Valerie was taken for a chest x-ray as Lulu was left in the examination room with Dante. Lulu tried to explain things to Dante, but he was furious and told her that it was too late. Dante conceded that he had damaged their marriage, but he insisted that she had "obliterated it." Lulu begged Dante to hear her side of things, but Dante had heard enough from Nathan. Maxie entered the examination room as Dante informed Lulu that Johnny had covered for Lulu, which proved that Johnny had a shred of integrity that Lulu lacked. Dante left to check on Valerie while a devastated Lulu ran into Maxie's arms and cried.

Franco shows Jake's strange drawings to Kevin

Franco shows Jake's strange drawings to Kevin

> Franco shows Jake's strange drawings to Kevin

Franco shows Jake's strange drawings to Kevin

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis tried to entice Julian to skip work and spend the day with her in the hot tub, but Julian reluctantly declined because he had to attend a meeting. He explained that Nina intended to pitch ideas for the magazine's next issue and he planned to pick the worst to ensure that the magazine failed. Julian was confident that Nina would be none the wiser because she still had no idea how to run a fashion magazine. Moments later, Julian's phone rang. It was Olivia calling to ask him to take Leo because she had an emergency.

A short time later, Julian and Alexis entered the police station. Olivia sat in the squad room, arguing with a police officer to leave Leo's baby stroller alone. Julian rushed up to take charge of his son as Olivia explained that she had been arrested for breastfeeding Leo in public. Mayor Lomax stepped forward to clarify that Olivia had been arrested for "verbally assaulting" the mayor. Olivia insisted that Janice's security guard had overreacted because Janice had objected to Olivia breastfeeding Leo in the restaurant.

Janice denied Olivia's accusation but added that Olivia could have politely excused herself to breastfeed the baby in private. Alexis was offended on Olivia's behalf and reminded the mayor that it wasn't against the law to breastfeed a child in public, but Janice argued that Olivia had tried to provoke an attack on a public official. A police officer started to take Olivia to lockup, but Alexis instructed the police officer to halt because Alexis was Olivia's attorney.

Alexis began to question Janice about the incident, including what Olivia had said to Janice, but Janice claimed that it didn't matter. Alexis disagreed but decided to share her theory about the exchange between Olivia and Janice based on what both women had already said. Alexis painted an accurate picture of the incident and accused Janice of instigating things by harassing and publicly shaming Olivia for breastfeeding Leo in the restaurant. Alexis claimed that Olivia had merely jostled the table while trying to distance herself from the situation.

Janice resented Alexis spinning things to Olivia's advantage, but Alexis warned Janice that Janice had bigger problems because there were laws in place to protect a woman's right to breastfeed a child in public. Alexis threatened to argue that Janice had violated the law by harassing Olivia. Julian pulled Janice aside for a private word as Leo began to fuss. Olivia explained that her son was hungry, but the police officer explained that he couldn't remove Olivia's handcuffs. The police officer offered to give Leo a bottle, but Olivia reminded the man that she breastfed her son.

Reluctantly, the police officer removed the handcuffs as Olivia sat down and took the baby from Alexis. Alexis handed Olivia a blanket, which Olivia wrapped around her and the baby. Alexis quickly snapped a picture of Olivia nursing Leo and smiled with smug satisfaction at Janice. Julian warned Janice that his newspaper would cover the scandal if Janice refused to back down. Janice realized that she couldn't afford the negative press and agreed to drop the charges.

Delighted, Olivia quickly straightened her clothing, returned Leo to the stroller, and prepared to leave with Julian, but Alexis wasn't through. Alexis informed the mayor that Alexis intended to file a lawsuit on Olivia's behalf against the state because Mayor Lomax had violated Olivia's rights and broken the law.

At Crimson, Nina's smile was filled with pride as she told Franco that the success of her first magazine hadn't been a fluke because circulation was up, subscriptions were being renewed, and the ad revenue had increased for the next edition. Franco was proud of Nina and assured her that he'd always had faith in her ability. Nina couldn't wait for Julian to eat his words because she had made a success of the failing fashion magazine. However, she was concerned about a press interview scheduled for later that morning. Franco was confident that Nina would be fine, but Nina worried because she didn't have an idea to pitch for her upcoming issue.

Nina explained that she needed to make certain that her follow-up issue was as successful as the "green" issue had been. Franco offered Nina words of encouragement but admitted that he had to get to work. After Franco left, Nina wondered where Julian was, but the reporter arrived for their meeting. Brad introduced himself, but Nina asked if they could reschedule because Julian was late. Brad confessed that they didn't need Julian because Brad was interested in talking to Nina about her ideas and what had inspired her to go green with Crimson.

Nina managed to bluff her way through the interview until Brad asked about the theme for the next edition of Crimson. Nina's eyes darted around the room in a panic, looking for inspiration until she saw an ad for lime soda. She used the words in the ad to describe her readers whom she hoped to spotlight. Brad was impressed with Nina's idea to use the magazine to reflect a woman's radiance back on herself. Nina smiled as she elaborated on the idea. Brad thanked Nina for the interview and left.

A short time later, Julian called to apologize for missing the meeting with Nina and the interview with Brad. He filled her in about Olivia's arrest and promised to catch up with Nina in the morning. After the call, Nina smiled. "Breastfeeding in public," Nina quietly said as an idea began to unfurl.

At Anna's house, Anna was surprised when Robert warmly greeted Andre. Anna realized that Andre was Robert's contact, but Andre quickly clarified that he had only consulted with the World Security Bureau. Robert assured Anna that Andre was the best and would help them track down Carlos and Sabrina, but Anna worried that Andre had read Anna's WSB file. Andre admitted that he had wanted to, but she hadn't given him permission. Robert frowned as he asked how Andre and Anna knew each other.

Andre tried to cover for Anna, but she admitted that Andre had been her therapist. Andre tactfully shifted the focus of the conversation back to Carlos and Sabrina as he explained that Sabrina was Carlos' Achilles heel. Andre warned Robert and Anna that Carlos would become increasingly desperate to protect both Sabrina and the baby as the baby's due date neared. Andre also believed that Carlos would use his history with Sabrina and her love for the baby to manipulate her. Andre was certain that Carlos cared about Sabrina, which meant that Carlos would take Sabrina to a place close to a hospital but out of the United States.

Anna pointed out that Carlos' options were limited because Sabrina was nine months pregnant and unable to fly, which meant that Carlos and Sabrina had fled by land or by sea. Anna checked her computer as Robert and Andre discussed where Carlos might have gone. The men agreed that Canada was the logical place, since it was close. Anna returned with the shipping schedule from the night Carlos and Sabrina had disappeared. She revealed that two freighters had shipped out -- one had been headed to Toronto and the other to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Andre doubted that Toronto would appeal to Carlos because it was too populated, so Carlos had likely taken Sabrina to Halifax. Anna agreed and decided to follow the trail to Halifax.

In Halifax, Sabrina saw an incoming call from Felix and answered it. She explained that she was eager to catch up with him, but it wasn't a good time. Sabrina was surprised when Felix told her about Michael's change of heart and desire to help Sabrina raise the baby. Sabrina's surprise turned to concern when Felix revealed that Anna had been looking for her, but Sabrina was forced to end the call when Carlos returned with a bag of groceries. Carlos put the groceries away and reminded Sabrina that it was important that she sever all ties to Port Charles because they were on the run.

Sabrina apologized, but she warned Carlos that Anna was looking for her. Carlos assured Sabrina there wasn't anything to be concerned about, but he couldn't understand why Sabrina was fond of a town where she'd experienced nothing except heartache and relationships with two men who had thrown Sabrina out like "trash." Sabrina's smile was brittle, but she decided not to tell him about what Felix had said regarding Michael. Carlos didn't appear to notice as he assured Sabrina that he would take care of her and the baby.

Carlos was pleased when Sabrina picked up her cell phone, opened the door, and threw it into the snow. Sabrina promised that she was committed to their new life and eager to see the kind of father Carlos would be. However, she feared that someone would try to trace her call with Felix, but Carlos was confident that no one would find them.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason smiled as Sam exited the elevator. She greeted him and admitted that she had been looking for him because she had some news to share. Sam invited Jason to join her for breakfast, but he declined because he had already eaten. Sam was disappointed, but Jason quickly added that he wouldn't mind some coffee while she ate. Relieved, Sam led Jason to a table and revealed that her friend in the district attorney's office had confirmed that Dr. Sheinberg had given his statement and cleared Jason's name in the altercation between Jason and Nikolas.

Jason was grateful and thanked Sam for her help, but his smile faltered because he was still concerned about the trouble at Elizabeth's house. Jason told Sam about the recent unsettling events and admitted that Jake had blamed Sam, but Jason had defended Sam. Jason added that Elizabeth had taken Jake to therapy. Sam was curious if Jason thought someone had targeted Elizabeth, but Jason feared that it might be someone trying to hurt him. Sam was skeptical because mobsters didn't target their enemy's family members, and the broken picture suggested that it had been personal.

Jason wondered if anyone had a vendetta against him. Sam conceded that Franco did, but Franco had carved out a life for himself since having a brain tumor removed. Sam doubted that Franco would risk provoking Jason by targeting Jason's children. Sam offered her skills as a private investigator to help Jason get to the bottom of things -- unless he thought Elizabeth might object. Jason assured her that Elizabeth was eager for answers and invited Sam to go with him to Elizabeth's house.

At the hospital, Elizabeth spoke to Kevin Collins about Jake's therapist. Kevin promised that Jake was in good hands with Dr. Renault and that the doctor would uncover what was going on with Jake. Elizabeth hoped Kevin was right because Jake had been very possessive of Jason, while distancing himself from others. Kevin admitted that he was also concerned about Elizabeth because she had been through a lot over the past few months with Jason breaking off their engagement, Patrick moving away, and the trouble at Elizabeth's house.

Elizabeth promised that she was fine, but Kevin reminded her that he knew her history. Elizabeth admitted that contemplating jumping from the hospital's rooftop and leaving her children orphaned hadn't been her finest moment, but Kevin argued that she had recognized that she had been in trouble and had gotten help. However, Kevin explained that stress might trigger a relapse. Elizabeth assured Kevin that she would get help if she felt overwhelmed by things.

Moments later, Jake walked out of Dr. Renault's office. Elizabeth was eager to know how Jake's session had gone. Jake shrugged, so Elizabeth fetched paper and crayons for Jake and settled him on a bench to color while she talked to the doctor. Dr. Renault admitted that Jake had been tightlipped except about Jason, whom Jake was very attached to. Kevin explained that it was normal for a child to behave like that when they'd been separated from their parents for an extended length of time like Jake had been.

Elizabeth pointed out that Jake had also suffered a trauma, but Dr. Renault cautioned Elizabeth not to jump to conclusions. Dr. Renault revealed that she wanted Jake to try art therapy in conjunction with talk therapy. Elizabeth tensed when she heard Franco approach Jake and strike up a conversation. Elizabeth balked at the idea of Franco supervising Jake's art therapy, but Dr. Renault asked Elizabeth to give it a chance because art therapy could be quite effective with children. Kevin agreed with Dr. Renault. Elizabeth remained leery until Dr. Renault observed that Franco appeared to have a rapport with Jake.

Dr. Renault promised to pull Jake out of art therapy if it didn't help. Satisfied, Elizabeth fetched her son. Jake left his finished drawings with Franco and followed Elizabeth. Franco studied the drawings as his expression clouded with concern. Franco quickly caught up with Kevin at the elevator to show Kevin the "strange" drawings. Kevin advised Franco not to use the word strange when talking about a patient, but Franco explained that he wasn't talking to Kevin as a colleague. Franco admitted that Franco had sketched similar drawings as a kid -- a lot. "It's not necessarily a good thing," Franco added.

At the Webber house, Sam and Jason looked around as Sam asked Jason for details about the two unsettling incidents and the timeline. Sam developed a theory and was about to share it with Jason when Elizabeth and Jake arrived home.

Sam accuses Liz of staging the incidents

Sam accuses Liz of staging the incidents

Thursday, January 21, 2016

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on the phone with Spencer. Nikolas reminded his son to thank Spencer's friend's parents for allowing Spencer to stay with them. Nikolas assured Spencer that Hayden would be waiting when Spencer returned home from the sleepover, but Spencer wasn't satisfied because Spencer wanted Nikolas to admit that Nikolas was in love with Hayden. Nikolas denied that he loved Hayden and quickly ended the call as she appeared in the doorway. Hayden smiled as she entered the living room. She was curious why Nikolas wasn't resting in bed, but he explained that the night in bed with her had worked miracles.

Hayden's expression softened as she admitted that it had been the best night of her life. Nikolas kissed her and confessed that he finally felt like they could trust each other and have something real. Hayden's smile dimmed, but Nikolas didn't notice as she excused herself to answer her phone. In the hallway, Hayden tensed when Curtis greeted her and reminded her that she still owed him money. Curtis threatened to tell Nikolas about his investigation if she didn't pay up.

Later, Hayden returned to the living room to announce that she had to take care of some business at ELQ. Nikolas revealed that he had talked to his attorneys about the lawsuit. He conceded that it would help when Jason went to jail, but holding onto ELQ might be more difficult than they had anticipated. Hayden reminded Nikolas that her offer to marry him was still open. She advised him to think about it and left.

A short time later, Jordan arrived to inform Nikolas that a witness had stepped forward to clear Jason's name. Jordan revealed that a hotel guest had seen the altercation, including Nikolas throwing the first punch. Nikolas insisted that Jason had tried to kill him, but Jordan knew it was a lie because the witness had confirmed that Jason had defended himself, and Nikolas' own momentum during the altercation had propelled Nikolas over the terrace railing. Nikolas reminded Jordan that Jason had a criminal history, but Jordan explained that the charges against Jason had been dropped.

In Kelly's courtyard, Hayden approached Curtis and handed him an envelope filled with cash. Curtis suggested that Hayden make certain that she had the "goods" before paying. He was curious why she hadn't asked for the report, which proved that Shawn hadn't fired the bullet that had put her in a coma, since she had hired Curtis to prove that Shawn was innocent. Curtis also wondered what had happened to her desire to make the person responsible for shooting her pay.

Curtis handed Hayden the report and asked what she intended to do with it. Hayden wondered why it mattered to Curtis. Curtis admitted that he knew she had been living with a prince, but Curtis warned her that she wasn't out of danger. According to Curtis, Hayden was alive because the person who had ordered the hit assumed that Hayden still believed that Shawn had fired the gun. Curtis warned her that things would change if the person discovered that Hayden knew the truth.

Hayden insisted that she was perfectly safe, but Curtis laughed and asked if she had a death wish. Hayden assured him that she intended to use the report, but not until she was ready. Curtis hoped it was the truth, but Hayden warned him not to tell anyone about the report. Hayden appreciated Curtis' concern, but she promised that she could take care of herself. She informed him that they were done and walked away, but he quietly disagreed. "We just getting started," Curtis said under his breath.

A short time later, Jordan entered the diner, but she immediately tensed when she saw Curtis. Curtis jumped up to greet Jordan. She cut to the chase by reminding him that she wanted him to leave town, but he refused to comply. Curtis insisted that he had a right to see his nephew -- and she knew it.

At Wyndemere, Hayden entered the living room and told Nikolas that everyone at ELQ at had asked about him. Nikolas revealed that he might not be in charge of ELQ for much longer because Jordan had stopped by to tell him that a witness had seen the altercation and exonerated Jason, which meant that Jason would be free to take an active role in the lawsuit. Nikolas wrapped his arms around Hayden and nuzzled her neck as he confessed that he could lose ELQ, but not her because Spencer had been right -- Nikolas was in love with Hayden. "I can't do this," Hayden suddenly cried out as she pushed Nikolas away.

At the hospital, Max pushed Sonny's wheelchair toward the elevator as Carly approached. Carly apologized for missing Sonny's appointment, but Sonny assured her that it was fine. Carly was frustrated because her work had also pulled her away from a visit with Avery earlier that morning. Sonny assured Carly that Avery was fine, but he resented the presence of the court-appointed supervisor who had refused to allow Sonny to spend a second longer with Avery than dictated by the judge.

Carly was confident that Sonny would get his daughter back, but she shifted gears to ask about his appointment with Dr. Kelly. Sonny admitted that the doctor had been less impressive than Dr. Mayes because Dr. Kelly was only interested in bragging about his celebrity patients. Carly was surprised when Sonny revealed that Dr. Oren Kelly's patients included the women on a reality show called Real Housewives of Beechers Corners. However, she was disappointed to learn that the doctor had openly gossiped about his patients.

Moments later, Morgan walked up as he arrived for an appointment with Dr. Maddox. Carly asked how Morgan was doing, but Morgan became defensive as he assured her that he'd been taking his medications. Carly decided to return to work to avoid further friction with Morgan, and she left. After Max stepped away to give Sonny privacy with Morgan, Sonny confronted Morgan about being on the piers on New Year's Eve.

Morgan reminded his father that it had been weeks earlier and tried to change the subject, but Sonny made it clear that he would not allow his children to get mixed up in Sonny's business. Sonny threatened to ship Morgan out of town to protect his son, but Morgan pointed out that he was an adult. Sonny insisted that he would do whatever was necessary to keep his children safe, but Morgan resented being treated like a child. Sonny admitted that he understood Morgan's frustration, but Morgan needed to focus on getting well and living with bipolar disorder.

Morgan explained that he hated the way the medications made him feel because they numbed him. Morgan admitted that he'd been tempted to stop taking the pills just to be able to feel again, but Sonny urged Morgan to stay strong and give it time because things would get better. Sonny promised that Morgan would feel strong emotions again, but he'd have control of them. Sonny reminded Morgan what Sonny had been like when Connie had died and Sonny had stopped taking the medications. Sonny regretted how he had hurt Morgan at Morgan and Kiki's wedding reception, but Sonny had been spiraling and lashed out at someone he had loved more than anything.

Sonny didn't want Morgan to experience the same destructive behavior, but Morgan admitted that he needed a purpose to help distract him from the constant reminder that he had bipolar disorder. Sonny offered Morgan a job working at the coffee warehouse. Morgan wasn't thrilled with the idea of starting at the bottom, but he conceded that the physical activity would help. Sonny smiled because he was proud of Morgan. Morgan thanked his father and left.

Max walked up to report to Sonny that Raj had been spotted. Max handed Sonny a phone with video footage of Raj, taken earlier that morning on the piers. Max told Sonny to focus on what was printed on the shipping crates being unloaded. "Jerome Gallery," Sonny said as he watched the video. Max was curious if Sonny had instructions, but Sonny wanted to wait because he needed to make certain that Avery remained safe, since it was clear that Ava was in over her head.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki approached Ava's table, but warned her mother that it wasn't a good time to talk because Kiki was working. Ava admitted that she was famished and wanted to order something to eat, but she would stick around until Kiki went on break. Kiki worriedly asked if Ava's remark about being hungry was a reference to sex, but she quickly changed her mind and told her mother not to answer -- unless Ava had been with Morgan. Ava assured her daughter that Ava and Morgan were finished for good.

Ava was surprised that Kiki had even asked because Ava had thought Kiki had moved past Ava's affair with Morgan. Kiki assured her mother that she had, which had allowed Kiki to forge a friendship with Morgan. Kiki confided that she helped Morgan remain on track with the medications and listened when he needed someone to talk to. Ava was glad that Morgan had Kiki to help him, but she advised Kiki to make certain that Morgan stayed away from situations that he couldn't handle. Concerned, Kiki asked Ava to be more specific, but Ava claimed that she'd merely been concerned because of Morgan's recent diagnosis.

Kiki suspected there was more behind Ava's warning because Kiki knew that Ava had returned to her old ways and was involved with the mob. Ava deftly shifted the focus back to Morgan by warning Kiki that Morgan might want to help Sonny while Sonny was out of commission. Kiki asked if Ava knew something, but Ava promised that she only wanted the best for Kiki and Morgan. Kiki decided to take her mother at face value. Moments later, Carly walked up to talk to Ava.

Ava wasn't in the mood to deal with Carly, but Kiki asked her mother to hear Carly out. Carly admitted that she had a favor to ask. Ava was startled when Carly asked if Avery could spend a weekend with Sonny and Carly. Carly explained that Avery loved Sonny and needed to spend time with her father, but Ava flatly refused to consider it. Kiki overheard the exchange and marched up to support Carly's request. Kiki told Ava what it had been like for Kiki to grow up without her father and how devastating it had been to lose Silas so soon after Kiki had gotten to know him.

Kiki challenged Ava to prove that Ava was prepared to be a better mother with Avery by allowing Avery to have a relationship with Sonny. Ava agreed to consider it, which was enough for Carly. After Carly left, Kiki admitted that she hoped Ava had meant it because Avery adored Sonny. Kiki walked away as Morgan entered the restaurant. He immediately approached Kiki to tell her about his new job. Kiki was happy for him.

Meanwhile, Ava called Raj to ask a favor; she wanted him to keep quiet to Paul about Morgan being on the piers on New Year's Eve. Ava made it clear that she would be indebted to Raj if he cooperated.

At Elizabeth's house, Jake rushed past Sam as he ran to his father. Jake excitedly asked if Jason was home to stay. Elizabeth closed the door and pointedly looked at Sam as she asked why Jason and Sam were in her home. Jason explained that Sam was a private investigator and had agreed to look into the strange occurrences at the house. Elizabeth immediately objected to Sam "snooping" around Elizabeth's house. "Especially since she did it," Jake added.

Jason scolded Jake. Sam promised Jake that she would never hurt Jake or his family, but Jake didn't believe Sam, since Sam had already hurt them. Elizabeth stepped forward to suggest that she and Jake go upstairs while Jason saw Sam out. Jake dashed up the stairs, but Sam stopped Elizabeth to remind Elizabeth that Sam had a vested interest if someone was trying to target Jason's children. Sam asked Elizabeth to set aside her feelings -- unless Elizabeth was afraid that Sam would discover Elizabeth was hiding something. Elizabeth assured Sam that Elizabeth had nothing to hide and invited Jason and Sam to look around.

After Elizabeth left to check on Jake, Sam suggested that she and Jason start with the basement. Jason was curious if Sam had a theory, but she wanted to look around first to see if she found evidence to support it. Later, Elizabeth was standing in the living room when Jason and Sam finished looking around. Jason excused himself to take a phone call from Diane. Sam waited until they were alone to confront Elizabeth about staging the incidents in a desperate attempt to lure Jason back.

Stunned, Elizabeth denied that she would ever terrorize her children like that for any reason, but Sam was certain that Elizabeth had made everything up and smashed the picture herself. Jason returned to the living room to announce that the charges against him had been dropped, but Elizabeth was furious about Sam's accusations and quickly filled Jason in on Sam's theory. Sam defended herself by pointing out that everything indicated that someone in the house had staged the incidents.

Sam added that it wasn't a stretch to believe that Elizabeth would lie because Elizabeth had deceived Jason for months. Outraged, Elizabeth accused Sam of stealing Jason. Elizabeth asked when Sam would be satisfied. "When I've lost everything? When you've completely destroyed my entire life?" Elizabeth asked. Sam refused to back down, but Jason reminded both ladies to keep their voices down because Jake might hear them. Elizabeth reiterated that she would never use her children like that or scare them, but Sam pointed out that Elizabeth had hurt Danny by keeping him from his father for months.

Sam was certain that Jason knew Elizabeth was lying, but he didn't want to admit it to himself. Jason told Sam that he needed to talk to Elizabeth alone, but Sam insisted that Elizabeth had taken advantage of his loving nature and that the incidents had been Elizabeth's latest trick from an endless bag. Furious, Elizabeth ordered Sam to leave. Sam pleaded with Jason not to fall for Elizabeth's lies and left. Elizabeth closed the door, but she remained angry. She assured Jason that Sam was wrong because Elizabeth would never put her sons through that kind of scare, but she quickly realized that Jason didn't believe her.

Jason and Sonny each experience a breakthrough

Jason and Sonny each experience a breakthrough

Friday, January 22, 2016

In Wyndemere's living room, Nikolas became alarmed when Hayden suddenly pushed him away as he tried to kiss her. He asked if he had done something wrong, but she shook her head. Hayden admitted that it was flattering that Spencer thought Nikolas was in love with her, but she felt overwhelmed. Hayden explained that their night together had been more than just sex, which was a new experience for her. Hayden begged Nikolas to be patient because she had no idea what to do with the love that he offered her.

Nikolas was surprised when Hayden admitted that she'd never been in love before. She revealed that she and her ex-husband had said the words, but neither had truly meant it, which was why their marriage had fallen apart. Nikolas confessed that everything had changed for him during his hospital stay because he had seen that she genuinely cared about him -- not his money or what he could give her. Nikolas promised that he loved Hayden, but he was concerned because he saw fear in her eyes.

Hayden confided that she was afraid of how much she loved Nikolas. He conceded that love was a risk, but he promised that it was a risk worth taking. Hayden knew Nikolas was right, but he was confused because she was still holding back. Hayden admitted that she was afraid that she didn't deserve him because their relationship had started off rocky. She assured him that she had fallen in love with him along the way, but she wondered if their relationship would be strong enough to go the distance and weather storms.

Nikolas suggested that he and Hayden focus on what they had rather than what might happen, but she argued that she had a lot of baggage. Hayden thought it would be better if she spared them both a lot of grief and simply left, but Nikolas wanted Hayden to stay. "As my wife," Nikolas added. He quickly explained that he didn't want to marry her to safeguard ELQ; he wanted her to be his wife because he was deeply in love with her. Hayden was shocked when Nikolas went down on bended knee and asked her to marry him.

At Volonino's gym, Michael and Dante were working out in the boxing ring while Sonny watched. Sonny asked his sons to take a break because Sonny was eager to know if Michael and Sabrina had worked things out. Michael and Dante stepped out of the boxing ring as Michael explained that Sabrina had left town before Michael had been able to talk to her. Sonny was disappointed but turned to Dante to ask how things were between Dante and Lulu. Dante filled Sonny and Michael in about Johnny's arrest and the fire at the cabin where Valerie had been tied up.

Dante revealed that Lulu might have faced fifteen years in prison for assault and being an accessory if Johnny hadn't taken the fall for her. Michael pointed out that Valerie was okay, but Dante insisted that it didn't matter because Valerie could have been killed. Dante was furious that Lulu had schemed with Johnny against Valerie because Lulu should have known that things would go awry, since Johnny had a "screw loose." Dante admitted that he didn't think he could forgive Lulu.

Sonny agreed that Lulu had been wrong and vindictive, but Sonny suggested that Dante acknowledge that Dante had hurt Lulu deeply enough for her to resort to such drastic measures. Dante assured his father that he had, but it hadn't given Lulu a free pass to commit crimes and harbor a fugitive. Sonny wondered if Dante was prepared to walk away from Dante's family, but Dante made it clear that he would never abandon his son. Sonny reminded Dante that Dante and Lulu had made vows, so he advised his son not to let anger drive Dante and Lulu apart the way that Sonny and Carly had. Dante became defensive as he reminded his father that Dante and Lulu were nothing like Sonny and Carly.

After Dante left, Michael assured Sonny that Sonny had done what he could. Sonny was frustrated because he feared that Dante would throw away the best thing that had ever happened to him, but Michael reminded his father that some obstacles were insurmountable. Sonny insisted that a person had to try and pointed to his own struggle to walk as an example of not giving up. Sonny explained that he was determined to walk again for his family because he wanted his children to learn from him.

Sonny changed the subject to ask if Michael was headed to Metro Court Restaurant to celebrate Jason's birthday. Michael nodded and offered to take Sonny, but Sonny wanted to work out a bit and promised to catch up with Michael and Carly later. Michael smiled, assured his father that Sonny had always set a good example, and left. Sonny waited until he was alone, locked the wheelchair in place, and then slowly struggled to his feet until he stood for the first time since the shooting.

At Maxie's apartment, Laura demanded answers. Lulu realized that it had been wrong to give Johnny a place to stay, but she explained that she hadn't been thinking straight because Olivia had shown up at the Haunted Star to let Lulu know that Dante had left Rocco with Valerie to run an errand. Lulu admitted that she'd been afraid that Valerie had been taking Lulu's place in Dante and Rocco's lives. Laura recalled how calm Lulu had seemed when Laura had talked to Lulu about it, but Lulu confessed that she'd been furious and desperate to get Valerie out of her life. Lulu knew it had been wrong, but she promised that she had never intended Valerie any harm.

Lulu said she had simply wanted Valerie away from Port Charles to give Dante and Lulu a chance to repair their marriage. Laura was disappointed in Lulu but wondered if Dante knew what Lulu had done. Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she told her mother about Dante's reaction to the news. Lulu admitted that she hadn't seen Dante since he had left to check on Valerie. Laura accused Lulu of being reckless and lashing out without any regard for others.

Lulu resented being painted the villain because Dante and Valerie had each played a role in hurting her, but Laura advised Lulu to take a step back and calm down because Lulu needed clarity before tackling her marital woes with Dante. Lulu realized her mother was right and thanked Laura. Satisfied, Laura announced that she had to get back to Rocco, but she promised that she loved Lulu. Laura stopped short when she opened the door because Dante stood on the doorstep, about to knock. Laura assured Dante that Rocco was safe and sound at Wyndemere, and she left.

Dante entered the apartment and revealed that he wanted to talk. Lulu nervously told him that she had checked with the hospital and had been relieved to learn that Valerie had been discharged. Lulu realized that she had screwed up, but Dante cut her off to explain that she could have gone to jail for a long time. Lulu apologized, but she explained that she had been desperate to save her marriage because she loved Dante. Dante wondered if hurting Valerie and harboring a fugitive had been about love.

Lulu acknowledged that it had been wrong, but she reminded Dante that Johnny was in jail and Valerie was okay. Dante admitted that none of it had been necessary because Valerie had ended things with Dante before New Year's Eve. Surprised, Lulu wondered how he had felt about the breakup. Dante admitted that he had been relieved because he had wanted to be with Lulu.

Lulu was filled with hope that she and Dante could work things out, but he told her that it was too late. Dante didn't think their marriage could be salvaged because they had each done things that he'd never thought possible. Lulu was crushed when Dante announced that he intended to talk to an attorney about filing for divorce. Lulu wept as Dante left. In the hallway, Dante listened to Lulu cry, but he walked away.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth was hurt when she realized that Jason believed Sam. Elizabeth insisted that she would never fake a break-in or terrorize her own child just to get Jason's attention, but Jason reminded her that she had lied to him in the past. She flinched when he added that he had no reason to believe her, but she reiterated that she would never hurt her child like that. Jason's temper flared because she hadn't had any qualms about depriving Danny of his father. Elizabeth admitted that it had been wrong for her to lie, but she hadn't been trying to actively hurt anyone.

Jason was curious if Elizabeth truly had levels of lies and certain lines that she wouldn't cross. Disappointed, Elizabeth realized that Jason hadn't known her at all if he could ask her something like that. Jason admitted that she was right because he couldn't tell if she was lying or not. She acknowledged that her deception had been great, but she reminded him that there had been a time when they had been in love.

Jason disagreed because he recalled that Elizabeth hadn't told him that she loved him until after she had known his true identity. Frustrated, Elizabeth reminded him that they had been friends in the beginning when she had opened her home to him. She swore on that friendship that she was not trying to trap Jason or manipulate him and their son. Jason explained that he couldn't trust her, but she promised on her life, her children's lives, and her love for Jason that she had told the truth about the recent strange occurrences.

Elizabeth reiterated that she would never traumatize Jake like that and reminded Jason that they had to put their son first, regardless of their personal differences. Jason realized that Elizabeth was right and backed down. He asked if she would be okay staying at the house. Relieved, she assured him that she would be fine. She walked him to the door as he promised to call her in the morning. At Jason's request, she locked the door behind him.

Moments later, Jake entered the living room to ask if Jason had left with Sam. Elizabeth sat down to explain to Jake that Jason would always love him, but Jason and Elizabeth would not be getting married nor would they be living together. Jake jumped up when he heard a knock at the door because he hoped it was his father returning. Elizabeth looked out the window to check to see who it was before she gave Jake permission to open the door. Jake's smile dimmed as Laura entered.

Jake greeted his grandmother then scampered off as Elizabeth and Laura sat down to chat. Elizabeth told Laura about Sam's accusation and Jason's reaction, unaware that Jake sat on the stairs, drawing a picture of Sam. Jake's expression clouded with anger as he recalled Sam imploring Jason not to succumb to Elizabeth's manipulation.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly gave the chef instructions about decorating a cake as Sam walked in. Carly greeted Sam and explained that she had called Sam because Carly wanted to host an intimate birthday party for Jason. Carly wondered if Jason even realized that he had always considered the day he had emerged from a coma following the car accident with A.J. to be his real birthday because it was the day he had started his life as Jason Morgan. Sam doubted it, but she warned Carly that Jason might not be in the mood to celebrate. Sam filled Carly in about the strange goings-on at Elizabeth's house and Sam's suspicion that Elizabeth had staged the incidents as a way to hold onto Jason.

Carly was curious if Elizabeth had defended herself by resorting to tears of wounded innocence or offended outrage. Sam revealed that it had been a bit of both, which was why Sam doubted that Jason would want to party. Carly argued that Jason hadn't focused on anything except Elizabeth and Elizabeth's "nonexistent" stalker since New Year's Eve. Carly was certain that Jason would appreciate being around people who didn't try to manipulate him. Sam reminded Carly that Jason didn't like to be pressured, but Carly wanted to celebrate Jason's birthday and for Jason and Sam to work things out.

Later, Jason entered the restaurant. Sam smiled as Carly happily greeted him and told him that she wanted to celebrate his birthday. Carly explained why Jason had always celebrated his birthday in January, but Jason admitted that he wasn't in the mood. Jason appreciated that Carly wanted her friend back, but Carly resented Jason talking about himself in the third person. Carly insisted that he was the same person he had always been, even though he didn't have his memories. Jason felt bad as Carly marched away, but Sam assured him that it was fine.

Jason decided to step outside for some fresh air, but he invited Sam to have a piece of his cake. Moments later, Michael arrived for the party, but Carly told Michael that the party had been canceled. She told him about Jason's outburst and admitted that she wanted Jason to know that he was still the person he had once been. Michael agreed that Carly was right, but he suggested that Jason needed more time to reach the same conclusion.

On the terrace, Sam approached Jason. Jason conceded that Carly had been right about him drawing a line between the man he had once been and who he was. Jason realized that he should be grateful that he had people around him to help him. Sam tried to lighten the mood by offering him a piece of the cake, which she promised was delicious. Jason took a bite, but the skies suddenly opened, and rain poured down on them. Jason and Sam ran inside, but Jason suddenly tensed as he realized that it hadn't been the first time he and Sam had been in a similar situation.

Surprised, Sam asked if Jason had remembered something. Jason admitted that he had, but the memory had been more substantial than the ones in the past because he recalled how he had felt. He told Sam about the memory of dancing with her on a rooftop in the rain. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she confirmed it was a real memory.

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