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Hayden accepted Nikolas' marriage proposal. Sabrina gave birth. Franco warned Jason and Elizabeth that Jake was filled with rage. Sam followed Jake to the basement and took a nasty fall down the stairs. Parker showed up on Kristina's doorstep.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 25, 2016 on GH
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Monday, January 25, 2016

Nikolas got down on one knee and asked Hayden to marry him. A shocked Hayden admitted that she wasn't sure if she was ready. He reminded her that she'd asked him first, and he wondered what had changed. He reasoned that it would help him keep ELQ, but he cared a lot for her, as did Spencer. He believed they had something "amazing and real," and he wanted them to spend the rest of their lives together.

Nikolas continued that, together, he and Hayden could "build an empire and rule it from an island." She answered that she couldn't talk herself out of what her heart wanted, and she accepted the proposal. The two were kissing when Laura entered. Nikolas told her the "good news," and Laura welcomed Hayden to the family. Hayden left to get Champagne so that Laura could talk to Nikolas alone.

Tracy gushed on the phone to Ned about how much she was enjoying her vacation. Just then, she smelled "herbal smoke" and hung up the phone to confront the smoker. She yelled at the man on the neighboring terrace to "put that out," but she was shocked into silence when Larry turned around.

Larry wanted to catch up with Tracy, but she wanted to get away from everything and everyone having to do with Port Charles for "personal and professional" reasons. Reminding him that he'd had a hand in taking ELQ away from her, she updated him on what had happened with Luke and with Paul. He was genuinely sorry for her, and he informed her that he was a "changed man."

Larry told Tracy that he was on vacation to "clear my head after a tumultuous year," and to find a "new way of life." He explained that returning to nature "heals the body and soul." He amused her with a story about a woman he'd spent a night with. Tracy suddenly realized that she'd always been looking for a man to "complete" her instead of just looking for fun like Larry did. Larry put his hand on her knee and tried to remind her of how much fun they'd had in the past.

Just then, Tracy's phone rang, and she answered it to Hayden. Hayden informed Tracy that Nikolas had proposed and that she'd accepted. "Good work!" Tracy exclaimed. She assured Hayden that she only needed to stay married long enough for Tracy to get ELQ back, and then Hayden would get her freedom. Tracy hung up and returned to Larry, who wanted Tracy to "succumb" to his "charms."

Tracy screamed that the reason she was on vacation was to "get away from con artists like you!" She pushed Larry back toward his terrace and demanded that he leave her alone. She thought the only way for her to be happy was to "get what's mine."

Laura wondered what Nikolas was doing with Hayden. Nikolas assured Laura that Hayden had admitted her wrongs and had since been nothing but honest. As Hayden listened in, Laura questioned if Nikolas' motive for the sudden proposal had been atonement for his wrongs toward Hayden. He informed Laura that he was in love with Hayden, and Laura hoped that Nikolas would think about his decision.

Hayden entered, and Nikolas lied that Laura was looking forward to having time to get to know Hayden. Hayden vowed to show Laura how much Nikolas meant to her. Laura excused herself because she had dinner plans, but she advised Nikolas to think about what she'd said. When Laura was gone, Hayden proposed that they start planning their wedding, because "why put it off?" She suggested getting married "right away."

Alexis apologized for keeping Julian and their wedding planning waiting. She'd been doing some work on Olivia's lawsuit. Julian wondered if a lawsuit was a wise idea. Alexis replied that she had three daughters, and she didn't want any of them to feel punished for being a woman and performing a natural function. She vowed to take it as far as necessary and asked if Julian would cover the story. He agreed, but he just wanted to "hurry up and get married."

Julian wondered when Alexis would want to go to the courthouse, and she stunned him by saying that she wanted to get married in a church. She explained that she needed a "change of pace" after her other ill-fated weddings. She had her heart set on it because "you're it for me," she told him. She continued that it was a new beginning for both of them, and she wanted to pledge her love to him in front of everyone.

Outside of Alexis and Julian's house, Molly and T.J. stood talking. She promised to return to the dorms later for more studying and kissed him. Kristina arrived and told them to "get a room. Oh, wait. You don't need to because Molly is never having sex." She advised T.J. that all he would ever get from Molly would be study notes. "I don't know what's going on, but it's none of your business," he told Kristina. He had dinner plans with Jordan, so he said goodbye to Molly and left.

Kristina informed Molly that her comments were payback for Molly "blabbing" about Kristina's problems to Sam. Molly assured Kristina that Sam would never tell Alexis. The two were squabbling when Alexis stuck her head outside and invited the girls in to talk about the wedding. The girls sat down, and Alexis asked them if they, along with Sam, would be her maids of honor. Molly replied that she would happy to do it, and Kristina agreed.

Alexis warned Molly and Alexis that the wedding would be sooner than they thought, and she asked if Kristina could get out of classes for it. Kristina thought it would be no problem. Molly sarcastically remarked on how Kristina could just "come and go as she pleases like she has no care in the world." She picked up her schoolbooks to go study at her dorm. Kristina cracked that Molly would really be studying and not having sex. Molly glared at her and left.

Kristina informed the confused Alexis and Julian that it was "sister drama." Just then, Kristina's phone rang. She saw that it was Professor Parker. She claimed it was a friend from school and ran outside to take the call. Julian thought that they would be able to plan the wedding "without a hitch," and Alexis warned him not to "jinx" it. He suggested that they head upstairs to their bedroom, and upstairs they went.

Outside, Kristina warned her professor to stop bothering her. She reminded him that if he didn't say anything to her parents, she wouldn't say anything to his wife.

Jordan arrived at the Metro Court and found Curtis eating dinner. She demanded to know if he was following her until he reminded her that he'd been there first. She told him to leave because she was meeting T.J. and didn't think she could enjoy a meal with Curtis in the same room. She instructed him to leave Port Charles since he'd told her that his job was over.

Just then, T.J. entered and greeted Jordan. He recognized his Uncle Curtis, and thought that was why Jordan had moved dinner to the Metro Court. T.J. hugged his uncle and sat down at the table. Curtis asked his nephew some questions about school, and Jordan was surprised to learn that T.J. had changed his major to Pre-Med. He explained that a professor had told that he had an "aptitude" for science, and T.J. wanted to help people. Curtis observed that wanting to help people seemed to run in the family.

T.J. told Curtis all about Molly, and how she'd been there for him when he'd first moved to Port Charles. In the same vein, Curtis apologized for not being there when T.J.'s father had died. T.J. understood that Curtis had been helping to shut down a "major drug operation" in Baltimore. Curtis had heard that T.J. hadn't been so forgiving when Jordan had done the same thing in Port Charles. T.J. related that his judgment had been clouded because of Shawn's involvement, but he respected and understood Jordan's decision to do the job.

T.J. continued that it was people like Jordan and Curtis helping people that inspired him. Curtis commented that T.J.'s father would be proud and that T.J. would make a "fine doctor" one day. T.J. left to wash his hands, and Curtis took the opportunity to commend Jordan on the "fine young man" she'd raised. Jordan warned Curtis that, if he planned on staying in town, he would answer to her if he hurt T.J.

Sam and Jason ran back into the Metro Court restaurant after getting stuck in a sudden downpour. "This always happens to us, doesn't it?" Jason asked. He remembered being on a rooftop, dancing with Sam under colored lights. He remembered kissing Sam until it started to rain. He not only saw the image, but for the first time, he remembered the way he had felt. Sam replied that that night had happened "over ten years ago." He wondered if it had happened in Port Charles. When she confirmed it, he asked her to show him the place, and the two left.

A short while later, Sam and Jason walked out onto that same rooftop. She explained that he'd been dealing with a "difficult situation," so she'd wanted to do something nice for him. She'd hung Chinese lanterns, lit candles, and set up dinner. It had started raining, and the meal had been ruined, much like Jason's cake had been ruined that night. Jason told her that it hadn't been ruined and remembered saying the same thing on the long-before night.

Jason was glad that Sam had taken him to the rooftop. He thought he'd remember more "if you don't mind hanging out with me." Sam was glad he'd had a memory, and she hoped he remembered more, but she suggested that he find someone else to help him. She explained that, since his memories concerned her life, too, she couldn't be objective. He replied that it was like a "puzzle coming together," and he didn't want to stop until it was finished. She wondered if he was finally ready to try hypnotism. "I don't care what it takes. I wanna remember," he said.

Johnny and Lulu say goodbye

Johnny and Lulu say goodbye

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

At the hospital, Sonny was reading the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about Olivia's troubles with the mayor. Sonny flipped the newspaper to the bottom section and saw an article about Johnny Zacchara's arrest. Moments later, Epiphany approached chuckling as she read her own copy of the newspaper. She couldn't believe that the mayor had no more important priorities than a woman breastfeeding a child in public. Sonny admitted that he wouldn't want his wife or daughter to breastfeed in public, but he agreed that the mayor had overreacted by having Olivia arrested. The conversation drifted to Johnny's arrest before Sonny confided that he had something to show Epiphany.

Sonny steered his wheelchair to an examination room as Epiphany followed. Once Epiphany closed the door, Sonny announced that it was time for him to take his recovery to the next level, but Epiphany objected, since he hadn't found a doctor to replace Patrick. Sonny ignored Epiphany's lecture as he locked his wheelchair in place then slowly stood up without aid. Stunned, Epiphany's eyes filled with tears as she hugged him. After she helped him sit back down, she asked when he had stood for the first time.

Sonny told Epiphany about his dream of running to help someone in need and how the dream had made him feel strong and hopeful. Sonny admitted that he had realized it was time for him to get back on his feet. Epiphany was overjoyed and imagined that Carly and the children were over the moon, but Sonny confided that he hadn't told anyone except Epiphany. Stunned, Epiphany quickly realized that Sonny hoped to keep his enemies from finding out. She thought it was a heartless decision and stormed out because she didn't have time for his nonsense.

Meanwhile, Lucas was on the phone with Brad, who was stuck at a conference out of town. Lucas wondered when Brad would be home because he missed him, but Brad wasn't certain. Disappointed, Lucas wrapped up the call to get back to work as Julian walked up. Lucas greeted his father and asked if the news article about Olivia had been true. Julian nodded but added that Alexis was in Olivia's corner and on the warpath. Lucas wasn't surprised and asked about Julian and Alexis' wedding plans. Julian admitted that he was there to find out when Lucas and Brad intended to get married.

Lucas' smile faded because Brad's marriage remained an obstacle. Lucas doubted the wedding would take place anytime soon. Julian felt bad for his son but revealed that Julian and Alexis had decided to get married in the next few weeks. Lucas was happy for Julian and admitted that he approved of Alexis because she had gotten Julian to walk the "straight and narrow." Working in the emergency room, Lucas saw a lot of gunshot victims and didn't want to see his father pass through his doors because of mob violence.

Julian admitted that it might not be that easy because there were some people who couldn't allow bygones to be bygones. Lucas realized that Julian had been referring to Sonny and offered to talk to Carly to ask Sonny to back down. Julian appreciated Lucas' desire to help but declined. Julian confessed that he had something more important to ask of Lucas. Lucas was surprised when Julian asked Lucas to be his best man. Honored, Lucas happily accepted and immediately started making plans for his speech. Lucas hugged his father then returned to work.

Julian noticed Sonny watching and called out to Sonny because Julian wanted to talk. Sonny wasn't receptive, but Julian explained that he wanted to make peace. Sonny scoffed at the idea of forgiving Julian for putting a hit on Duke, which had led to Duke's murder. Sonny insisted that Duke had been more than just an associate -- Duke had been his friend. Sonny also couldn't forget that Julian had sent Carlos to shoot Sonny, but Julian denied any involvement in the shooting.

Sonny wasn't impressed and warned Julian that once a person was in the mob, there was no getting out. Julian was curious if Sonny had ever wanted to leave the mob for a woman or Sonny's children. Sonny explained that escape was just an illusion because both Sonny and Julian had a past that they couldn't wipe away. Julian asked Sonny to let it go for Alexis' sake, but Sonny refused and vowed to avenge Duke by taking Julian down.

On a rooftop, Dillon took measurements and assured Maxie that the site would work for a photo shoot. Maxie worried that Nina was too focused on Olivia's breastfeeding incident with the mayor. Maxie couldn't understand how the situation had sparked Nina's creativity. However, Maxie was determined not to second-guess Nina after the success of the "green" Crimson issue. Dillon continued to take various measurements as Maxie told him that Nina also wanted them to check out the Haunted Star.

Dillon and Maxie talked about Johnny's arrest and Lulu's involvement. Dillon regretted that he hadn't reported Johnny sooner, but Dillon had been afraid to test his already tenuous friendship with Lulu by challenging her, even though he had suspected her of lying about Johnny leaving town. Dillon admired Maxie for doing the right thing by telling Nathan about Johnny right away, but she argued that she had told a bunch of other lies to protect Lulu. Maxie was startled when Nathan suddenly appeared on the rooftop with cups of hot chocolate for Dillon and Maxie.

Dillon was surprised by the gesture since Dillon was well aware of Nathan's dislike for him, but Nathan wanted to give Dillon a second chance because Maxie enjoyed working with Dillon and spoke highly of Dillon's skill as a photographer. However, Nathan explained that Dillon would need a permit to photograph on the rooftop. Dillon realized that Nathan wanted some time alone with Maxie and left.

Maxie confessed that she had heard Johnny was on his way to Pentonville, but Nathan cut to the chase and told her that he knew she had lied to him. Maxie rushed to point out that she had told Nathan the truth about Johnny being in town but conceded that she had tried to cover for Lulu. Nathan admitted that he was willing to drop the issue for Lulu's sake and because he loved Maxie. Nathan was confident that he could trust Maxie, but she was uncertain. She admitted that there had been a time when she would have done exactly what Lulu had, but she loved Nathan too much to risk ending up like Dante and Lulu. Nathan confessed that he would be lost without Maxie and kissed her.

Maxie suddenly pulled back because she had to meet with Nina in an hour. Nathan smiled wickedly because they would have enough time to find a warm bed. Maxie grinned and happily followed Nathan as he grabbed her hand and led her down the stairs.

In Metro Court's lobby, a reporter questioned Olivia about breastfeeding in public. Dante approached as the reporter asked why Olivia hadn't simply gone to one of the hotel rooms to nurse Leo. Dante objected to the line of questioning and expressed his disappointment that the reporter wasn't more understanding. The reporter explained that she had a five-year-old son and didn't want him to see a woman breastfeeding in public. Dante groaned when Olivia told the reporter that she had breastfed Dante until he was five.

After Dante hustled the reporter out of the hotel, Olivia admitted that she was surprised that breastfeeding in public was an issue. Dante regretted that he hadn't been on hand to help when Olivia had been arrested, but she assured him that it was fine because she knew he had been busy with Johnny. Olivia was stunned that Johnny had kidnapped Lulu, but she was grateful that Lulu had been fortunate enough to find Valerie. Olivia hoped the incident had drawn Dante and Lulu closer, but he revealed that the marriage was over.

Shocked, Olivia couldn't believe that Lulu would proceed with the divorce. She had hoped that her talk with her daughter-in-law had helped, but she urged Dante not to give up. Dante clarified that it had been his decision, and he filled his mother in about Lulu's role in Valerie's abduction and how Johnny had taken the fall. Olivia tactfully reminded Dante that Lulu hadn't intended for Valerie to die, but he argued that he and Lulu had been having problems ever since Lulu had lied about going to visit Lesley. Olivia pointed out that Dante had cheated on Lulu with Valerie, but he insisted that one lie didn't cancel out another -- they just piled on top of one another.

Dante admitted that he and Lulu didn't have any trust between them, and he couldn't get past what she had done. Olivia realized that Dante wanted to cling to his anger because it held the pain at bay. She hugged her son and promised to always be there for him. However, she implored Dante to take some time to calm down before filing for divorce.

After Olivia walked away, Dante saw Valerie exit the elevator. He called out to her as he quickly approached. Valerie stopped and offered a weak smile as Dante greeted her. He asked how she was feeling, and she assured him that she was fine. Valerie was curious about Lulu, so he told her that Lulu hadn't been charged with any crimes. Valerie was pleased but surprised when he told her his marriage was truly over. Dante explained that Valerie hadn't deserved to nearly die in a fire.

Valerie reminded Dante that Lulu's intention hadn't been for Valerie to die, but Valerie admitted that it had been a wake-up call. Valerie acknowledged that she had played a role in Dante and Lulu's failed marriage, but she added that she hadn't been the only reason the marriage had fallen apart. Valerie wished Dante well, but she didn't want to get caught in the middle of his "crazy toxic" relationship with Lulu by dating him.

At the police station, Johnny was escorted into the interrogation room, where Lulu was waiting. A police officer handcuffed Johnny to the table and told his partner that Dante's wife had a right to have a few minutes to talk to her abductor. After the police officers left, Johnny asked if he and Lulu should make a run for it. Lulu wondered if he really wanted her to bust him out, but Johnny flashed a sad smile because he knew it was too late. He admitted that he would love to run away to Canada with Lulu and start over, but he had missed his chance many years before when they had first met.

Lulu's eyes filled with tears of remorse because Johnny had sacrificed his freedom for her. Lulu revealed that it had been for nothing because Dante knew the truth about what had happened and had told her that Johnny had shown more integrity than she had. Johnny resented Dante putting Lulu on a guilt trip, but she argued that Dante had merely pointed out the obvious. Lulu insisted that it had been completely wrong of her to turn to Johnny for help. Johnny was shocked when Lulu told him about Dante's decision to end the marriage.

Johnny was disgusted that Dante would put the blame on Lulu when Dante had betrayed Lulu with Valerie, but Lulu admitted that there had been cracks in the marriage before Valerie had entered the picture. Johnny felt bad for Lulu, but she turned the focus on Johnny because she wanted him to promise her that he would turn things around in prison by not joining another gang. Lulu wanted Johnny to find a new purpose in life that would allow him to live a better life, free of crime, when he was released from jail.

Johnny reminded Lulu that he hadn't been an innocent bystander. He had known the risks when he'd agreed to help Lulu, but she refused to let Johnny take responsibility, since she had taken advantage of his inability to say no to her. Lulu admitted that it would have killed her to go to jail and be separated from her son, but she wanted something good to happen from the mess she had made. Lulu urged Johnny to make the most of the second chance he had been given. Johnny agreed to honor her request, but he wondered if it meant that he might have a second chance with her.

Lulu assured Johnny that she would always love him, but she wanted him to focus on making better choices for himself -- not for her. Johnny's eyes filled with tears as he talked about his regrets. He had many, except the New Year's Eve kiss he and Lulu had shared. Johnny smiled, but his eyes were filled with sadness as he suggested that kiss had been a sign that good things were headed their way in 2016. The police officers returned to take Johnny to Pentonville. Lulu began to cry as Johnny was led away. "Until next time," Johnny quietly said as his voice became choked up with emotion.

Lulu sat down and wept until someone reached out and squeezed her shoulder in comfort. Lulu looked up and saw Dillon standing in the interrogation room. Dillon regretted that he hadn't looked out for Lulu and spared her additional pain, but Lulu insisted that it was all on her. Dillon argued that he had played a part in it and asked how to make it up to her. Lulu admitted that he already had because he had been a better friend to her than she had been to him.

Dillon reminded Lulu that they had both made mistakes, but they should learn from them and try to do better in the future. Lulu nodded in agreement as her eyes filled with fresh tears. Dillon reached for Lulu and hugged her as she cried.

Sabrina goes into labor

Sabrina goes into labor

> Sabrina goes into labor

Sabrina goes into labor

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sabrina stared out the window until Carlos warned her to move away before anyone saw her. Frustrated, Sabrina informed Carlos that she was tired of hiding. She reminded him that she had cut off all contact with her family and friends as he had requested, but she refused to put her baby in jeopardy any longer. Sabrina demanded to see a doctor, but Carlos argued that the baby wasn't due yet. Sabrina explained that Carlos was free to leave, but she intended to remain in Halifax until the baby was born and then return to Port Charles.

Carlos begged Sabrina to trust him, but she was determined to see a doctor because she needed to do whatever was necessary to protect her unborn child's life. Carlos appreciated Sabrina's concern and revealed that he had already made an appointment.

Meanwhile, Robert and Anna entered the office of the last OB/GYN on their list. Robert and Anna approached a woman behind the desk and introduced themselves. The office manager had been expecting them, so Anna showed her pictures of Carlos and Sabrina to ask if the woman recognized the couple. The office manager didn't, but she quickly made copies of the pictures to show to the rest of the staff. Anna worried that Carlos had taken Sabrina to Toronto, but Robert suggested that perhaps Sabrina hadn't needed a doctor yet.

Anna was confident that Sabrina would want a doctor to make certain there weren't any complications with the pregnancy after the long trip. However, Anna also feared that Carlos would prevent Sabrina from seeking medical care because Carlos was more concerned about himself than Sabrina and the baby. Robert noticed that Anna always sounded vengeful when she talked about Carlos, but Anna was unapologetic because she recalled how smug Carlos had been when he had taunted her to shoot him.

Anna confided that Carlos had acted as if she wouldn't pull the trigger, but she had. She realized that shooting Carlos hadn't been justice, which was why she was determined to arrest him and persuade him to turn against Julian. Anna wouldn't rest until both Carlos and Julian were locked up in jail. Robert pointed out that Carlos' arrest would also be the beginning of the end for Paul, but Anna explained that Carlos and Paul were merely "accessories." Her priority was to send Julian to jail for Duke's murder.

Meanwhile, Carlos opened the office door but immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw Robert and Anna. Carlos quickly shut the door and hustled Sabrina out of the building before Robert and Anna saw them. Inside the office, the office manager returned to report that no one in the office had recognized Carlos or Sabrina. Anna was disappointed, but the office manager glanced down at a text message and frowned. "That's strange," the woman said, prompting Anna to ask if there had been news about Carlos and Sabrina. The office manager explained that a new patient had missed an appointment for a prenatal checkup.

Later, Sabrina was furious as Carlos ushered her back into the cabin. She demanded to know why he had dragged her away from the doctor's office, but he asked her to give him a moment to think. Carlos quickly sent Paul a text message. Sabrina wanted to know who he had messaged, but Carlos began to pack because they had to leave Halifax. Sabrina informed him that it was too late, but Carlos beseeched her to stop arguing. Sabrina suddenly clutched her stomach as she clarified that she couldn't leave because she was in labor.

At the hospital, Julian asked Sonny to forgive Julian for Alexis' sake, but Sonny refused. Sonny vowed to make Julian pay for killing Duke. Julian realized that it had been a mistake to expect Sonny to agree to a truce. Julian invited Sonny to continue to nurse grudges, but Julian intended to live life as a normal person and walked away. Sonny called out to Julian, but Julian wasn't interested in what Sonny had to say. Sonny advised Julian to hear him out if Julian wanted to live longer.

Julian reluctantly turned back and approached Sonny. Julian was tired of Sonny issuing threats from a wheelchair, but Sonny insisted that he made promises. Sonny was determined to shut down the Jerome crime organization. Julian hoped that Sonny succeeded because Sonny would finally know that Julian had been telling the truth about leaving the mob. Sonny argued that once a person was in, they were in for life. Sonny didn't care if Julian hid behind Alexis because Sonny intended to avenge Duke's murder.

Disgusted, Julian announced that Sonny could remain stuck in the lifestyle, but Julian had moved on and chosen a better path. Sonny feigned concern about Julian's mental health because Julian sounded almost believable. Sonny wasn't fooled; he was certain that Julian still called the shots and used Ava as a figurehead. Julian didn't care if Sonny believed him or not and walked away. Sonny laughed and promised to destroy Julian.

At Metro Court, Ava approached Carly at the front desk. Ava revealed that she had given Carly's request for unsupervised visits between Sonny and Avery consideration. Ava agreed that she should put aside her personal issues with Sonny and focus on what was in Avery's best interest. Carly's expression filled with hope until Ava coldly informed Carly that Ava had decided that Avery would be better off not spending one second more than necessary with Sonny. Carly was livid that Ava had made Carly listen to Ava's "self-serving drivel," but Ava resented Carly using Kiki to manipulate Ava.

Carly warned Ava that it was only a matter of time before Sonny and Carly regained custody of Avery, but unlike Ava, they would put Avery's needs first and try to work out a visitation schedule with Ava. Carly added that she and Sonny would never use Avery the way that Ava had, but Ava argued that she loved Avery. Carly laughed because Ava was a selfish and spiteful person who didn't care about Avery's happiness any more than Ava had cared about Kiki's.

In the restaurant, Kiki was surprised by Paul's generous tip. Paul smiled as he explained that he was a satisfied customer, but Kiki wondered if his tip had anything to do with Ava. Startled, Paul asked what Kiki had been referring to. Kiki admitted that she had seen her mother and Paul together and that they had seemed friendly, but Paul reminded Kiki that he was the district attorney and wouldn't hesitate to prosecute Ava if he had sufficient evidence to charge Ava with Connie's murder. Kiki apologized for the misunderstanding and thanked Paul for the tip.

A short time later, Ava smiled as she joined Paul in the elevator. She was curious what had happened to them being discreet, but he quickly cut to the chase by asking what she had told Kiki about their relationship. Surprised by the question, Ava assured Paul that Kiki knew nothing, but Paul didn't believe her. He told her about Kiki's reaction to his generous tip, but Ava reiterated that Kiki had only seen them together once in the restaurant when Paul had unexpectedly dropped off the money from the business transaction with Raj.

Ava promised that she had stuck to their cover story about Paul investing in a piece of art. Paul believed Ava, but she noticed that he remained tense. Paul admitted that it had been a difficult few days because someone had refused to follow orders, but Paul had taken care of the matter. Ava suspected something else was troubling Paul. He was curious what Ava knew about Anna, but Ava reminded him that he had promised that Anna wouldn't be a problem.

Paul assured Ava that he had things well in hand and exited the elevator. Moments later, Carlos sent Paul a text message alerting Paul that Anna was in Halifax.

At Corinthos Coffee, Max entered the warehouse to tell Morgan to clock out for the day. Max was impressed with Morgan's first day on the job and promised to let Sonny know. Darby walked in as Max left. Morgan greeted Darby, but he warned her to keep her distance because he smelled bad from sweating all day. Darby didn't mind and dragged him to a private corner to show him pictures of the party he had missed out on the previous evening.

Moments later, Darby passionately kissed Morgan, but he quickly pulled away because he didn't think it was a good idea. Morgan explained that it was complicated, but things didn't feel right with Darby. Darby was disappointed but respected his wishes. She reminded him that he knew where to find her if he changed her mind and walked away just as Max returned with Sonny. Darby recognized Sonny and politely greeted him.

Carly entered the warehouse and was surprised when Darby exchanged a quick greeting with her and added that Carly looked prettier in person than on Facebook. After Darby left, Carly asked who the young woman had been, but Sonny and Max had no idea. Morgan stepped forward and admitted that Darby had stopped by to see him. Max tactfully excused himself as Carly expressed concern about Morgan spending time with a woman while at work. Carly insisted that it was inappropriate, but Morgan argued that he hadn't invited Darby.

Sonny and Carly continued to lecture Morgan until Morgan assured them that he had stopped Darby before things had progressed beyond a kiss. Carly remained concerned because she thought that Morgan had acted impulsively. Morgan's temper flared when she asked if he had been taking his medications. Morgan assured his mother that he had, even though Morgan hated the way the medications made him feel. Sonny warned Morgan to calm down, but Morgan resented being told that he couldn't get angry because he had bipolar disorder.

Sonny promised that he and Carly wanted what was best for Morgan, but Morgan advised his parents to start listening to him and stop treating him like a child. Morgan acknowledged that it was important for him to take the medications, but he also needed to live life on "life's terms." Morgan asked his parents to trust him and stop second-guessing everything he did because he needed their support. After Morgan left to get cleaned up, Sonny conceded that Morgan had been right. Carly explained that she was frustrated because she couldn't fix Morgan's problems, but Sonny reminded her that it was Morgan's responsibility.

Carly changed the subject to tell Sonny about her encounter with Ava and Ava's refusal to allow Sonny and Carly unsupervised visits with Avery. Sonny wasn't surprised, but Carly was tired of waiting to take Ava to court. Carly insisted that they needed to get his daughter away from Ava, but Sonny assured Carly that Ava was living on borrowed time. Sonny explained that they needed to be patient and make certain that they had an airtight case against Ava before they went to court. Carly suggested that they hire a private investigator, but Sonny feared that it might blow up in their faces.

Moments later, Carly received a text message about a problem at work and left to take care of it. Sonny looked around to ensure that he was alone then locked his wheelchair in place before slowly standing up. He was unaware that Carly had returned. "Sonny?" Carly asked as tears of joy swam in her eyes.

At the restaurant, Kiki sent Morgan a text message telling him that she hoped his day had been better than hers. Moments later, Julian approached and greeted his niece. Kiki was happy to see her uncle, so he admitted that he had hoped to talk to her before he met with Ava. Kiki assumed that Julian wanted to discuss business with her mother, but Julian reminded Kiki that he was out of the mob and switched gears to tell her about his wedding plans. Julian hoped that Kiki, Ava, and Avery could attend the nuptials.

Kiki was surprised that Julian and Alexis planned to get married in a church, but Julian explained that they wanted to start their marriage with a clean slate and a blessing. Kiki was happy for Julian and Alexis and promised to be there. Julian was pleased because family was everything to him. Kiki's smile dimmed as she confessed that even though Kiki and Ava had been getting along, Ava always managed to disappoint Kiki in the most surprising ways.

A short time later, Ava arrived and approached Kiki to tell Kiki about the decision to limit Sonny's visitation with Avery to what had been mandated by the court. Kiki wasn't surprised, but Ava claimed to be concerned about the ongoing animosity between Sonny and Ava. Kiki didn't believe Ava because there hadn't been any problems with previous unsupervised visits. Kiki thought it was ironic that she had just told Julian how Ava always managed to disappoint Kiki.

After Kiki walked away, Ava joined Julian at his table. Ava teased Julian about his church wedding, but he told her that Sonny had cursed him. Ava laughed, but Julian was not amused. Julian explained that Sonny still believed that Julian was head of the Jerome organization and that Ava was a figurehead. Ava realized that Sonny was "dumber" than she had thought, but Julian reminded her that he had been there when Sonny had accused her of running guns. Ava denied the allegation, but Julian warned Ava to stop whatever she had been doing. Julian wanted a future with Alexis and refused to allow his sister to ruin it.

At the bar, Morgan approached Kiki. They chatted about his first day at work until Morgan revealed that he had made an important decision. Morgan admitted that her text message had made him feel good for the first time in a while. Morgan appreciated that she was his best friend and would always have his back, but he wanted to go back to being more than just friends.

Sabrina gives birth

Sabrina gives birth

Thursday, January 28, 2016

At the Corinthos Coffee warehouse, Carly rushed to Sonny's side as he sat back down in his wheelchair, and she asked if he was okay. "Do I look okay?" Sonny grumbled. Carly's joy quickly faded when Sonny told her that nothing had changed; he could stand, but he didn't have feeling in his legs nor could he control them. Carly argued that there was hope because he could stand, but Sonny warned her not to tell anyone, especially the children.

Shocked, Carly couldn't understand Sonny's reaction, but he insisted that no amount of love or encouragement could make him walk again. He refused to be pitied or delude himself into believing that he could be healed. Carly argued that no one would think less of Sonny, but he demanded that she respect his wishes. Carly conceded that it was his recovery, which meant that it was up to him to decide how to handle it. She promised to keep his secret, but she wanted his assurance that he would not let his pride stop him from accepting help.

Carly believed that Sonny's ability to stand was progress, and she didn't want him to undermine that by doing everything alone. Sonny admitted that Epiphany was aware that he could stand. Carly was relieved, but she wanted Sonny to promise that he wouldn't give up. Sonny agreed, but added that he needed to do things on his own terms. Satisfied, Carly assured him that she could never pity him because he was too arrogant, and determined to get better.

Sonny appreciated Carly's faith in him. Moments later, Max approached to talk to Sonny. Carly gave Sonny a quick kiss, told him that she loved him, and left. "Son of a bitch," Sonny growled. Sonny admitted that he had lied to his wife's face when he had told Carly that he couldn't feel his legs. Sonny explained that he couldn't afford for Carly to know the truth because he didn't want any of his loved ones to carry the burden of keeping his secret. Max was happy that Sonny's mobility had improved, but he was curious what Sonny's plan was.

Sonny revealed that he intended to take back the city and shut down all the elements causing trouble, beginning with Raj. Sonny explained that no one would expect a "helpless, weak man" trapped in a wheelchair to rise up and take them down. Max reported that Ava had had crates of guns shipped to the gallery, but the guns had quickly vanished. Sonny realized that Ava was Raj's middle person. Sonny had hoped to let Ava destroy herself, but he refused to risk Avery's safety if things went wrong between Ava and Raj.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Morgan told Kiki that he wanted to be more than friends with her. Kiki was caught off guard but suggested that they discuss it when she wasn't working. Morgan smiled and announced that he would stick around and have something to eat until her shift was over. He sat down at a table and waited until she returned with a salad for him. Morgan wanted an answer from Kiki, so she confessed that she thought it was a bad idea.

Morgan wanted to know why, but Kiki suggested that they talk after her shift. Morgan wasn't satisfied and continued to push her for an answer. Kiki explained that she didn't see any reason to change things, since their friendship was working, but Morgan reminded her that she had been upset about him hooking up with Darby. Kiki conceded that she cared about Morgan, but she had no idea which Morgan she would get each time she saw him. Kiki admitted that she didn't want to wake up next to a stranger each morning, wondering if he would be the Morgan she fell for, the man she couldn't trust, the energetic one, or the sweet and caring person she knew he could be.

Morgan was disappointed, but he refused to give up. He jumped up to help Kiki clear a table as he reminded her that he had gotten help and was in a better place. Morgan continued to plead his case until Kiki agreed to a compromise; she would go out on a date with him as long as neither of them had any expectations for more.

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Robert and Anna questioned the office manager of an OB/GYN practice about a new patient who had failed to show for a prenatal checkup. Mia explained that all she could provide were names -- Christopher and Sarah Rios. Robert and Anna were certain that the names were aliases for Carlos and Sabrina. They asked Mia for any additional information, but Mia insisted that it was privileged. Anna explained that the man they were looking for was a wanted fugitive who had committed murder, while Robert added that Carlos was lethal and armed and had a pregnant hostage.

Anna feared that Sabrina and the baby would be Carlos' next victims, but Mia admitted that she didn't have any additional information because the appointment had been made online. Robert perked up because he realized that he could track the IP address to the location of the computer or phone that Carlos had used to book the appointment.

Meanwhile, Sabrina paced the cabin as she breathed through a contraction. Carlos watched helplessly until the contraction eased. He wondered if there was enough time to drive Sabrina to the hospital, but she refused to get in a car after what had happened to her son Gabriel. Moments later, Carlos' phone rang. He stepped away to take the call from Paul as Sabrina continued to walk around the cabin.

Paul was not pleased that Carlos had sent him a text message about Robert and Anna, but Paul advised Carlos to get out of Halifax. Carlos explained that Sabrina was in labor, but Paul instructed Carlos leave her behind. Carlos refused to abandon his family and advised Paul to find a way to deal with Anna because Carlos wouldn't be the only one going to jail if Anna caught up to Carlos. After Carlos ended the call, he returned to Sabrina's side and rubbed her shoulders during the contractions.

Carlos tried to distract Sabrina by talking about their future. He promised that they would leave Halifax after the baby was born and find a new place to start their lives as a family. Carlos revealed that he had stashed money in an offshore account in the "Grand Keys." According to Carlos, the Grand Keys were a lot like Puerto Rico, which would be an ideal place for them to settle down with their baby. Sabrina smiled because she liked the idea of living in a bungalow on the beach.

Sabrina admitted that it helped having Carlos with her. Carlos was surprised, but she assured him that she had never doubted his love for her. She realized that love was all that really mattered. Their conversation drifted to the baby as Sabrina assumed that he wanted a boy, which he would want to name either Carlos or Javier, after his father. Carlos admitted that all that mattered was that the baby was healthy. However, he hoped the baby was a girl who was as beautiful as Sabrina.

Carlos was eager to give his daughter a happy life and to keep her from getting mixed up with a bad boy like him. Carlos also hoped their daughter would grow up to become a doctor or a lawyer because he was confident that their daughter would be smart like Sabrina. Sabrina smiled and asked what Carlos wanted for their son. Carlos vowed that their son would be a better man than Carlos, and their son would never put money above character or waste his life chasing an empty dream. Carlos wanted their son's life to mean something and for their son to be a good man.

Sabrina announced that it was time for her to start pushing. Carlos helped her to the bed and prepared to deliver the baby. Sabrina pushed until eventually she gave birth to the baby. Sabrina eagerly asked if it was a boy or a girl, but her happiness quickly faded when she saw Carlos' concerned expression and noticed that the baby wasn't crying. Alarmed, Sabrina demanded that Carlos hand her the baby.

At the OB/GYN office, Anna's phone rang. It was Paul. He asked her about her trip to Berkeley to visit Robin then suggested that he and Anna talk when she returned to Port Charles because he had concerns about their working arrangement. After Anna ended the call, she told Robert that Paul was onto her. Anna decided that she had to get back to Port Charles, but Robert revealed that the people at the World Security Bureau had successfully traced Carlos' IP address.

A short time later, Robert and Anna entered the cabin, but Carlos and Sabrina were gone. Robert noticed the rumpled bed and bloody sheets. Anna realized that Sabrina had gone into labor. Robert and Anna started to leave, hoping to catch up to Carlos and Sabrina, but two police officers armed with guns suddenly appeared in the doorway and instructed Robert and Anna to freeze.

At the Webber residence, Jake was drawing in the living room as Elizabeth gathered her things and asked if he had changed his mind about attending soccer practice with Cameron and Aiden. She assured Jake that he would have fun playing on Cameron's team and getting pizza afterwards, but Jake insisted that he didn't like soccer. Moments later, Elizabeth answered a knock at the door. She was surprised when she saw Jason on her doorstep instead of the sitter.

Elizabeth invited Jason in but told him that it wasn't necessary for him to knock when he stopped by, since his son lived there. Jason admitted that he preferred to knock, but he changed the subject to ask if there had been any new incidents. He was relieved when Elizabeth assured him that it had been an uneventful night. Meanwhile, Jake happily ran up to greet his father and give Jason a drawing of Jason and Jake tossing a football. Jake suggested that Jason hang the picture in Jason and Elizabeth's bedroom.

Jason gently reminded Jake that Jason no longer lived in the house, but Jake was confused because he had thought that Jason had decided to move back in. Jason assured Jake that he loved Jake, but Jason and Elizabeth were no longer getting married. Jake was upset because he didn't understand why Jason and Elizabeth had split up. Elizabeth explained that it was complicated, but Jake wasn't satisfied and demanded an answer. Jason warned Jake not to talk to Elizabeth with disrespect but added that it had been the right decision.

"It's not right for me," Jake argued. Jason handed the sketchpad to Jake and gently told his son to return to the living room. After Jake walked away, Jason asked Elizabeth how Jake's therapy was going. Elizabeth admitted that she liked Dr. Renault and that the doctor was confident that Jake would eventually open up. Jason suggested that he and Elizabeth sit in on the next session to discuss their breakup with Jake. Elizabeth promised to ask Dr. Renault, but she doubted Dr. Renault would agree unless Jake was ready.

"Fair enough," Jason answered. Elizabeth was startled when Jason told her about his own plans to talk to a therapist about undergoing hypnosis to try to recover his memories. She was curious what had inspired Jason to take the step, so he told her about the detailed memory he'd had of him and Sam on the penthouse rooftop. Elizabeth couldn't hide her disappointment that the memory had been of Sam, but Elizabeth confessed that she wanted Jason's memory to return.

Elizabeth realized that it was selfish, but she wanted Jason to remember that she wasn't just the woman who had lied to him; she was also his friend. Elizabeth didn't want Jason to continue to think of her as a terrible person and to hate her, but Jason quickly assured her that he didn't hate her. However, Jason reminded her that they had to focus on Jake because their son needed to understand that they loved him despite their breakup. Elizabeth agreed but suddenly noticed the time. She realized that she would be late for work if the sitter didn't arrive soon, but Jason assured her that he would stay with Jake.

Grateful, Elizabeth thanked Jason, told Jake goodbye, and left. Jason sat down with Jake in the living room and picked up Jake's drawings. Jason's smile faded when he saw an unsettling picture of a woman drawn with a black crayon. Jason suddenly recalled all the times Jake had expressed his dislike for Sam and the accusations that Jake had made against her. Jake glanced at the picture in his father's hand and asked if Jason liked it.

At the hospital, Franco greeted Sam as she approached the nurses' station and asked for Monica. Sam wasn't in the mood to deal with Franco and started to walk away, but Franco followed her to ask if she would like to grab of cup of coffee with him. Sam realized that Franco hoped to make peace with her before Jason remembered all the horrible things Franco had done to her. Franco reminded her that he was not the man he had once been, but Sam refused to give him a free pass because he'd had a brain tumor. Sam started to walk away again because she had bigger problems to deal with than keeping Jason from going after Franco.

"Right. Elizabeth," Franco said. Sam stopped in her tracks and turned back to glare at Franco. Franco suggested that Sam be more gracious about her victory and give Elizabeth a break. Sam informed him that she would be perfectly content if she never crossed paths with Elizabeth again, but she was curious if Elizabeth had been confiding to Franco. Franco explained that Elizabeth was hurting, and he didn't like to see another human being in pain. "Anymore," Sam replied.

Franco warned Sam that she would have to accept that she didn't have a monopoly on redemption. Sam laughed at the idea that Franco had been redeemed, but she was curious just how close Franco and Elizabeth were. Franco admitted that he wanted to help Elizabeth. Sam's eyes narrowed as she wondered if Franco had been the person stalking Elizabeth. Alarmed, Franco asked what she was talking about. Sam remained suspicious but told him about the unsettling incidents at Elizabeth's house.

Sam wondered if perhaps Franco had helped Elizabeth stage the incidents to give Elizabeth an excuse to call Jason. Franco clarified that he thought Elizabeth was better off without Jason, but Sam was certain that Franco and Elizabeth were in cahoots. Franco reminded Sam that he had a great job and a hot girlfriend, so he had no desire to mess with a hit man. Franco added that Elizabeth would never terrorize her own child, but Sam argued that anything was possible.

"No, not that. Ever," Franco insisted. Franco muttered that Jake had enough problems without Elizabeth adding to them. Sam demanded to know what Franco was talking about, but he insisted that it didn't concern her. Sam disagreed because Jake was Jason's son and Danny's brother. Franco refused to tell her, citing "artist/patient confidentiality," but Sam argued that there was no such thing. Franco countered that Sam wouldn't know, since she wasn't an artist, but he thought that Sam might benefit from art therapy to work out her own issues.

Franco warned Sam that making Elizabeth a scapegoat wouldn't resolve Sam's problems. Sam realized it was pointless to continue the conversation but asked him to at least tell Jason and Elizabeth what was going on with Jake. Franco promised to consider it.

Sam falls down Elizabeth's basement steps

Sam falls down Elizabeth's basement steps

Friday, January 29, 2016

At the loft, Dante looked over divorce papers, but didn't sign them because someone knocked on the door. It was Mayor Lomax. Janice explained that she had stopped by to discuss Olivia's lawsuit against the mayor's office, but Dante informed Janice that he supported his mother 100 percent. Janice knew Dante was active in the Big Brother program and threatened to cut off funding due to "budget cuts" if Dante failed to persuade Olivia to back down. Offended, Dante ordered Janice to leave before he reported her for extortion.

Janice accused Dante of being a "sanctimonious, smug S.O.B" and wondered how his wife had managed to stay with him. Dante reminded Janice that his personal life was none of her business. He was confident that Olivia would prevail in court and expose Janice as the "narrow-minded loser" she was. Janice warned Dante that he was misguided for encouraging Olivia. At the door, Janice accused Dante of being a lousy husband and rotten son and left. After Dante closed the door, he returned to look over the divorce papers but shoved them unsigned into a drawer.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu greeted Maxie and explained that she needed Maxie's help. Lulu told Maxie about Dante's decision to file for divorce, but Lulu hoped to change Dante's mind. Maxie was skeptical, but Lulu revealed that Dante and Valerie had been over since Christmas. Lulu acknowledged that it had been wrong to turn to Johnny for help, but Lulu was hopeful because all the lies were out in the open, and she was certain that Dante still loved her. Lulu admitted that she'd been deeply hurt by Dante's infidelity, but she didn't want to lose her family.

Maxie agreed to help and asked what Lulu's plan was. Lulu promised to fill Maxie in, but Lulu needed Nathan's key to the loft first because Lulu had thrown her own key out after learning about Dante and Valerie's affair. Maxie had no idea where Nathan kept the spare key, but Maxie glanced over to Olivia's table as she reminded Lulu that Olivia also had a key to the loft.

At a nearby table, Alexis updated Olivia on the lawsuit against the mayor. Alexis warned Olivia that breastfeeding in public was a hot-button issue, which meant that the mayor would likely try to fill the court gallery with people who supported the mayor's viewpoint. Olivia balked at the idea of having to testify before an audience, prompting Alexis to ask if Olivia had had second thoughts. Olivia admitted that it felt as if everyone constantly stared at her and passed judgment, but Alexis assured Olivia that Olivia was wrong. Alexis changed her mind when she noticed several women in the restaurant who were watching Olivia.

Alexis conceded that Olivia would have detractors, but there would be supporters. Just then, an elderly woman marched up to ask if Olivia had filed the "disgraceful" lawsuit against the mayor. Alexis quietly told the woman that it wasn't the time or place, but the woman ignored Alexis and told Olivia that Olivia had done a wonderful thing. The woman explained that she had encountered the same prejudices about breastfeeding that Olivia had when the woman's daughter had been a baby. The woman was grateful to Olivia for standing up for a basic right that every mother should have.

The women in the restaurant erupted in applause as the woman thanked Olivia and left. Olivia was moved to tears as Alexis smiled and reiterated that Olivia would have a lot of supporters. Olivia decided to move ahead with the lawsuit because the woman had made Olivia realize that Olivia wasn't just fighting for herself but for all breastfeeding mothers. Pleased, Alexis gave Olivia a high-five and left. Moments later, Lulu sat down across from Olivia to ask for Olivia's help. Olivia admitted that she was deeply disappointed in Lulu, but Olivia also wanted Dante and Lulu to work things out.

Later, Olivia was surprised when Dante approached her at the bar. Dante told his mother about Janice's visit but assured Olivia that he could handle the mayor. Olivia realized that Dante had stopped by for another reason. He admitted that he wanted to talk to her about Lulu. Olivia wondered if Dante had thought about Olivia's advice, but Dante revealed that he had seen an attorney and asked for divorce papers.

Olivia begged Dante not to rush into anything, but he confessed that he hadn't been able to sign the papers. Relived, Olivia advised Dante to go home and think carefully before doing anything. Shortly after Dante left, Janice Lomax walked up. Olivia was furious that the mayor had used strong-arm tactics to try to turn Dante against Olivia, but Janice claimed that Dante had overreacted. However, it was clear to Janice that Olivia's family thrived on attention-seeking lawsuits, which undermined the common good.

"You mean your good," Olivia shot back. Janice explained that Olivia's "belligerent" attitude had forced Janice to cancel all upcoming city functions at the hotel until the lawsuit was resolved. Olivia objected because it would cost the hotel a lot of money. "You wanted a war? You have a war," Janice replied with a satisfied smile as she turned and walked away.

At the loft, Maxie knocked on the door, but no one answered. Maxie called to Lulu to assure Lulu that the coast was clear. Lulu quickly unlocked the door and slipped inside as she thanked Maxie for having the foresight to call the house phone to make certain Dante wasn't home. Maxie was curious why Lulu needed Maxie's help, since Lulu was perfectly capable of picking romantic music and lighting candles. Lulu took off her coat and asked what Maxie thought of the form-fitting red dress with spaghetti straps. Maxie liked the dress, but it was out of season.

Lulu revealed that it was the dress she'd worn when she'd told Dante that she had been pregnant. Lulu recalled how happy Dante had been and admitted that the moment had summed up everything that had been good with Dante and Lulu's life together. Maxie gently reminded Lulu that the pregnancy had ended in a miscarriage. Lulu conceded that she and Dante had gone through a difficult time following that special night, but their love for each other had never wavered. Lulu hoped that the dress would be a reminder to Dante that love could conquer all.

Maxie was confident that everything would work out for Lulu if Lulu told Dante exactly what Lulu had told Maxie. Lulu and Maxie went to work, getting everything ready, until Maxie pulled open a drawer to retrieve matches to light the candles. Maxie froze when she saw the divorce papers. Lulu noticed Maxie's reaction and looked in the drawer. Lulu picked up the papers as Maxie started to apologize, but Lulu pointed out that Dante hadn't signed the papers, which gave Lulu hope.

A short time later, Dante arrived home. He was startled when he saw Lulu standing in the living room. Lulu smiled and asked if he remembered the special night in August when she had told him that she'd been pregnant. Dante admitted that he did, but he was curious why she was there. Lulu explained that she wanted to save their marriage.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Kristina packed her bags as Sam arrived home. Sam greeted her sister then suddenly recalled that Kristina was headed back to Middleton. Kristina thanked Sam for not telling their mother about Kristina's suspension from school, but Sam urged Kristina to be honest with Alexis. Kristina argued that Alexis' head would explode if Kristina revealed that she had failed most of her classes, had propositioned a professor to get a passing grade, and was suspended for a semester. Kristina decided to take the money Sam had given her, rent an apartment, get a job, and return to campus the following semester without Sonny and Alexis being any the wiser.

Sam wondered if Kristina could truly keep a secret like that from Sonny and Alexis, but Kristina explained that college wasn't like grammar school because there weren't any parent/teacher conferences and Kristina's grades were sent directly to Kristina. Sam doubted that Alexis would do more than lecture Kristina a few times, but Kristina refused to budge on the issue. Kristina suddenly wondered if Sam wanted the money back, but Sam shook her head and confided that she was troubled because of a serious conversation with Franco.

Shocked, Kristina wondered what could be important enough for Sam to put herself through the ordeal of talking to the man who had tormented Sam. "Jake," Sam answered. Kristina was confused because she couldn't imagine why Sam would need to talk to Franco about Jake. Sam explained that there had been some troubling incidents at Elizabeth's house, and Sam had confronted Franco about conspiring with Elizabeth. Kristina wondered why Elizabeth would do something like that to her own son, but Sam insisted that it didn't matter because the point was that Jake saw Franco for art therapy.

"Kid's doomed," Kristina muttered, but Sam wasn't amused. Sam admitted that Franco had been concerned about Jake, but he had refused to tell her why. Kristina acknowledged that Sam was street-smart but "amazingly stupid" because Jake's troubles were none of Sam's business and might jeopardize Sam's relationship with Jason. Kristina admitted that she spoke from experience. Sam frowned and asked if Kristina had been referring to what had happened with the professor.

Kristina tensed and reminded her sister that Sam knew everything there was to tell about the suspension, but Sam didn't believe Kristina. Kristina asked Sam to drop it. Sam agreed but added that she would always have Kristina's back. After Sam hugged her sister, Sam decided to take Kristina's advice because Elizabeth was extremely manipulative and knew how to play the victim to reel Jason right back in. Kristina despised women who pretended to be helpless.

Sam agreed with Kristina but Elizabeth was Jake's mother, and Jake and Danny were brothers, which meant they were all linked. Sam realized that it would be best if Elizabeth heard about Sam's discussion with Franco from Sam and left. A short time later, Alexis arrived home.

Alexis was delighted that she had another chance to see Kristina before Kristina left for college. Alexis hugged her daughter and admitted that she missed the days when Kristina had told her mother everything. Alexis promised to always be available if Kristina needed to talk. Kristina seemed on the verge of confessing her secret but changed her mind and instead assured Alexis that she was happy for Alexis and Julian. Alexis sensed that something deeper was going on with her daughter, but Kristina promised that everything was fine.

Alexis dropped the matter and hugged Kristina again. Alexis assured Kristina that Kristina would find a wonderful young man one day who would make Kristina "radiantly happy." Kristina smiled awkwardly, but Alexis didn't notice. Alexis invited Kristina to attend the wedding with a date then dashed off to work on Olivia's case. Kristina collected her bags and opened the door to leave but stopped short when she saw a woman standing on the porch. "Parker," Kristina quietly said.

At Elizabeth's house, Jason grew concerned as he looked at Jake's drawing of a woman in black. Jake asked if Jason liked the drawings, but Jason gently asked about the drawing of the woman. Jake explained that it was a bad woman, but Jason was curious who the woman was. At first Jake claimed that it wasn't a real person, but Jason prodded until Jake admitted that the woman was real. Jason reassured his son and promised that Jake could tell him anything, but Jake reverted to his lie by insisting that he had seen the woman in one of the video games. Moments later, the sitter arrived.

At the hospital, Franco approached the nurses' station to tell Elizabeth that he would like to see Jake more often in art therapy because Franco had a good rapport with her son, and drawing might help Jake relieve pent-up feelings. Elizabeth agreed to consider it, but Franco offered to see Jake later that day. Elizabeth frowned and questioned Franco's urgency. Franco admitted that he had been looking at Jake's drawings and talking about them when he had realized that he was worried about Jake. Elizabeth bristled because she resented Franco talking to Dr. Renault about Jake without Elizabeth's permission. Franco assured her that he hadn't talked to Jake's psychologist, but Elizabeth's temper flared.

Elizabeth demanded to know who Franco had been talking to about her son. "Samantha," Franco reluctantly answered. He told Elizabeth about Sam's visit and Sam's suspicion that Franco and Elizabeth had been in cahoots. Elizabeth was livid that Sam seemed determined to make Elizabeth look like a "total bitch" to the entire world. Franco tried to steer the conversation back to Jake, but Elizabeth warned him to never talk to Sam -- or anyone -- about Jake again.

A short time later, Jason walked up to the nurses' station to show Elizabeth the disturbing drawing. Jason admitted that he had caught their son in a lie when he had question Jake about the drawing. Jason insisted that they needed to get Jake help. "Yeah, you do," Franco said from nearby. Jason glared at Franco, but Franco explained that Jake had serious issues. Jason wasn't interested in Franco's opinion, so Franco started to walk away. Elizabeth ran over to stop Franco as she told Jason that Franco had been working with Jake in art therapy.

Elizabeth led Franco and Jason to the conference room for privacy and invited Franco to speak his mind. Jason showed Franco the drawing of the woman in black and asked if there was anything unusual about the drawing. "No, not at all," Franco answered as he opened a folder and fanned out Jake's other drawings on the table. Elizabeth looked at the drawings and immediately realized that they were nothing like Jake's drawings at home. Franco explained that Jake expressed his real feelings through drawings when he was alone.

Jason reminded Franco that Franco wasn't a doctor. Franco agreed, but Franco was an artist who understood the impulses behind Jake's drawings. Elizabeth explained that Jake was anxious because of Jason and Elizabeth's breakup, but Franco gently told her that the drawings depicted rage. Franco pointed to the drawing of the woman in black as he warned Jason and Elizabeth that it was a sign that Jake was acting out. After Franco left, Jason admitted that Franco was right because Jason realized that Jake was the intruder.

At the house, Jake and Madison were chasing each other and spraying silly string until some of it got in Madison's hair. Madison decided to wash the sticky stuff out of her hair before it dried. She instructed Jake to color until she returned and ran upstairs to the bathroom. Jake set his can of silly string down and reached for a crayon until his eyes landed on a paperweight. A short time later, Jake stared at a broken window next to the door then reached up to touch a broken piece. He jumped and cut his finger when Madison called down to let him know that she would be done soon.

Seconds later, Sam knocked on the door, looking for Elizabeth. Sam became alarmed when she saw Jake's cut and asked where Elizabeth was, but Jake told her the sitter was upstairs. Sam asked how he had cut his finger, so Jake claimed that he'd seen a man throw a rock through the window. Concerned, Sam immediately checked the window then returned to ask if Jake had broken the window. Jake denied it, but Sam pointed out that the glass was on the porch, and there wasn't a rock in the house, indicating the window had been broken from the inside.

Sam decided to call Jason and Elizabeth, but Jake became upset and ran to the basement. Sam followed as Jake hid under the staircase. Sam started to descend the stairs, but tripped and fell. Jake was shocked as he saw Sam land at the bottom of the stairs, limp and bleeding.

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