General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 8, 2016 on GH

Jordan cautioned Valerie about Curtis. Jason kissed Sam. Kristina turned to Lucas and Brad for advice. Molly decided to invite T.J. to her dorm room. Nathan and Maxie played matchmaker.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 8, 2016 on GH
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I Will Try to Fix You I Will Try to Fix You

Monday, February 8, 2016

Jordan entered Paul's office because he'd asked to see her. They discussed a problem about a case. She realized that his report was just missing a page and promised to get it to him by the morning. Paul knew they'd gotten a "rocky start," but he respected the way she ran the department, and he hoped to "forge a new understanding." She agreed and turned to leave, but he stopped her by asking if she'd heard from Anna. Jordan informed Paul that she hadn't spoken to Anna in a while. Dillon arrived, and Jordan took the opportunity to leave.

Dillon was there to return Paul's cufflinks because Tracy had kicked Paul out before Dillon could give them back. Paul insisted that Dillon keep them, but Dillon snapped that he didn't want them. He also wanted to pay Paul back for the donation to Dillon's movie. Paul objected, but Dillon explained that he didn't want to owe Paul anything or feel obligated to him.

Dillon wondered why Paul had returned to Port Charles. Paul answered that he'd wanted relationships with Dillon and Tracy. He regretted giving Tracy the wrong idea about their relationship. Dillon accused him of leading Tracy on, but Paul reminded his son that there were two sides to every story. Dillon shot back that he wasn't interested in Paul's. Paul begged for another chance, but Dillon replied that "some things are unfixable." He left, and Paul called out for Dillon to return.

On the phone with Robert at the Floating Rib, Anna instructed him to keep her updated. She hung up the phone and bumped into Andre. She praised him for analyzing Carlos so well and briefly filled him in on her trip to Halifax. She added that she'd returned home because she'd realized that the case had been a diversion from figuring out her own life. Andre reminded her that her distraction had "merit," since Carlos was a murderer. Anna wished she knew why Paul was involved with Carlos.

Anna and Andre talked through the reasons why Paul wanted to keep Anna so close. "He wants you. Period," Andre suggested. Just then, Jordan arrived, surprised to see Anna. Anna wished Jordan and Andre a good evening and turned to leave, but Jordan pulled her aside to talk to her. She warned Anna about Paul's suspicion. She wondered what Anna was going to do. "Get ready for him," she said with a smirk.

Andre wanted to buy Jordan a drink, but she had to be up early for a "cadet review" the next morning. Andre also had an early meeting the next morning, so Jordan asked if he'd want to reschedule the date. She apologized, but Andre thought that "waiting makes everything better. Unless you're not interested." Jordan assured him that she was "definitely interested."

Anna arrived at Paul's office. She said that she hoped she wasn't intruding, but "I don't want to be alone right now."

In the chapel, Carly and Sonny wished there was something they could do to help Jake, Jason, and Elizabeth. She was thankful that Jake's long-term prognosis was good. Just then, Sonny's phone rang, and he answered it to Michael. Michael had something to talk to his parents about, so he promised to stop by their house after he got some food at the Floating Rib. Sonny told him that they would meet him there and hung up the phone. Carly was shocked that Sonny wanted to go out, but he claimed that staying in was like hiding. He joked that Carly should thank Epiphany for his sudden positive outlook.

A short while later, Sonny and Carly arrived at the Floating Rib. Carly overheard two people talking about the paralyzed "mob boss," and she loudly said that people should mind their own business. They approached Michael's table and joined him. Michael wanted to tell his parents that he was "leaving for a while." While he was still angry at Sabrina for lying to him, he wasn't angry enough to not talk to her ever again. He told them that he was going to Puerto Rico to find her and see if they still had a chance.

Carly thought that Sabrina's letter had made it clear that she was moving on. She added that Michael should "honor" Sabrina's choice. Sonny remembered instructing Michael not to walk away from Sabrina, but Sabrina's letter had changed everything. Michael agreed to cancel his flight, and his parents praised his decision. Carly assured Michael that, one day, he would make an amazing husband and father.

Jason arrived at Elizabeth's and called out for Sam over the beeping smoke alarm. As Sam stirred and awoke, she saw Jason on the stairs. He reached out to her and instructed her to "run to me." She got up and stumbled to the railing, but Jason disappeared. In reality, Sam was still unconscious as Jason went looking for her upstairs.

Minutes later, Jason arrived at the basement door and opened it. He called out for Sam as he went down the stairs. He finally caught sight of her through the smoke and ran to her. He woke her up, picked her up, and ran up the stairs. The heating oil tank caught on fire as Jason made his way through the house with Sam. He carried her outside just as the tank exploded. Both were pushed to the ground by the blast. "We're alive," Sam said in delirious wonder. "I knew you'd find me," she added. Jason picked her up and carried her toward the sound of the sirens.

Franco observed Elizabeth sitting with Jake as she talked to her son. Jake apologized because he'd "killed her. Sam." Jake babbled on about video games until he fell unconscious. A shocked Elizabeth tried to ask him about what he'd said, but a nurse entered to check on Jake. She made sure the nurse would page her when Jake woke up, and Elizabeth left the room. Seeing that she was upset, Franco held his arms open and hugged a crying Elizabeth.

A short while later, Franco listened to Elizabeth's worries in the chapel. Franco thought that Jake was hurt and angry that Jason and Elizabeth were no longer together, so he'd taken on Elizabeth's "target of anger," Sam. Elizabeth thought she was a failure as a mother, but Franco reassured her by telling her about the woman who'd raised him, who'd had a "break with reality." She kicked herself for not listening when Franco had wanted to talk about Jake.

Franco advised Elizabeth to stop blaming herself, because Jake needed her. She thanked him for his advice. Her phone rang, and she answered it to her neighbor. Minutes later, a shaken Elizabeth got off the phone and told Franco, "My house exploded." Franco offered to stay with Jake so that Elizabeth could find out what was going on at her house when Jason entered carrying Sam and screaming for help.

A nurse and a doctor rolled a gurney out, and Jason put Sam down on it as he told the doctor what had happened. The doctor instructed the nurse to take Sam into one of the rooms, and Jason insisted upon following. The doctor wouldn't let him, even through his cries of identifying himself as Sam's husband. Sam was wheeled away, and Jason explained to Elizabeth how he'd found Sam. He went to check on Sam, and Elizabeth said to Franco that Jake had pushed Sam down the stairs.

Franco offered to find out what was going on at Elizabeth's house so that she could stay with Jake. Elizabeth wanted to check on Sam and assured Franco that she would be fine. He clearly didn't believe her as he walked away.

The doctor ordered some tests on Sam, but preliminarily thought that Sam was all right. The doctor left, and Sam woke up. Jason and Sam went through what had happened once Jason had arrived at Elizabeth's. "You kept me safe. You always do," Sam told him. She informed him that she'd dreamt that he'd been there with her. Elizabeth arrived as Jason held Sam's hand.

Ava decides to dig into Paul's past Ava decides to dig into Paul's past

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Maxie was pleasantly surprised when Nathan stopped by to visit. He admitted that he needed a warm place to stay because a pipe had burst at his place and had knocked out the power and heat. Maxie happily offered to let Nathan stay and kissed him, but they pulled apart when Lulu walked in. Maxie slipped into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of wine as Lulu asked about Dante, and Nathan assured her that Dante was fine. Lulu heard Rocco wake up crying and went to check on her son.

Moments later, Maxie returned with the wine. Nathan broached the subject of Maxie and Nathan living together and was delighted when Maxie agreed that it was time for them to take the next step. She suggested that they find a new place where they could start fresh and make their own memories, but she wanted to wait until Lulu was ready to find her own place. Nathan appreciated Maxie's concern for Lulu and agreed to wait. Moments later, Lulu returned.

Maxie offered Lulu a glass of wine and shared the news about Nathan and Maxie's decision to live together. Shocked, Lulu dropped her wine glass. Maxie was surprised by Lulu's reaction, but Lulu quickly apologized and promised that she was truly happy for Nathan and Maxie. Lulu explained that the news had reminded her of what she had lost with Dante, but she quickly changed the subject and congratulated Nathan and Maxie. Lulu was curious if Nathan and Maxie intended to move out, but Maxie clarified that Nathan would be moving in. Relieved, Lulu suggested they watch a movie and went to the kitchen to fix popcorn.

After Lulu left, Maxie acknowledged that it would be an adjustment for Nathan to live in the crowded apartment, but Nathan didn't mind as long as he woke up next to Maxie every morning. Lulu returned with the popcorn and handed the bowl to Nathan as she sat down. Nathan listened as Maxie and Lulu talked about the movie and then began to playfully toss popcorn at each other as he sat between them on the sofa.

In Paul's office, Anna told Paul that she didn't want to be alone. Paul invited Anna into his office and admitted that he had a lot of questions for her. He asked about her visit to Berkeley, but Anna admitted that she'd actually been in a Halifax jail. She told him about her search for Carlos and how she had enlisted Robert's help. Paul feigned surprise and asked what had led her to Halifax. She told him how she had deduced where Carlos had gone, but omitted Robert and Andre's names.

Anna's eyes filled with unshed tears as she explained that it had been easier to convince herself that there had been a cover-up than to accept that Carlos was dead. Paul offered her words of sympathy and encouragement. He gently wiped away a tear from the corner of Anna's eye as she admitted that she was still trying to adjust to life without Duke and to find a purpose. She carefully put some distance between herself and Paul as he showered her with praise as an investigator, mother, and grandmother. Anna disagreed because her daughter had been kidnapped twice in four years without Anna realizing it.

Anna talked about the pain of having a child suffer and not being able to help. Paul surprised her by admitting his own faults as a father and being estranged from his daughter Susan. Anna noticed the time and decided that she had overstayed her welcome, but Paul invited her to stay for a drink. Anna asked for a rain check and left. In the hallway, Anna took a calming breath and asked herself what she was doing.

Later, Anna entered the Floating Rib as she spoke to Mac on the phone. She told him that they needed to take a closer look at Paul's personal life and focus on his relationship with Susan to figure out why Paul and Susan were estranged. Anna admitted that she had never seen Paul as vulnerable as when Paul had talked about Susan. Anna assured Mac that she was fully aware that Paul was treacherous and promised to be careful. Moments later, Anna left but she was unaware that someone had been watching her.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Alexis entered the living room and celebrated successfully getting Leo to sleep. Julian smiled as she joined him on the sofa. Alexis suspected that Olivia didn't trust Alexis' ability to care for the baby, but Julian easily distracted Alexis with a passionate kiss. Alexis reluctantly pulled away when the doorbell rang. Julian went to the door and greeted his sister, who had arrived with a wedding gift for Alexis and Julian. It was a metal sculpture. Alexis' smile vanished when Ava revealed that it was merely a replica of the original -- a twelve-by-six foot sculpture that Ava thought would be perfect for the terrace overlooking the lawn.

Alexis appeared on the verge of saying something when her phone rang. It was Monica calling to let Alexis know that Sam was in the hospital. Alexis quickly wrapped up the call, told Julian about their daughter's brush with death, and gathered her things to leave. Julian was upset that Sam had been hurt and immediately blamed Jason, but Alexis assured him that Jason had saved their daughter. Julian pointed out that Jason's mother would naturally paint Jason in the best light, but Alexis promised to call with an update and rushed out the door.

Ava felt bad for Julian because she knew there was nothing worse than worrying about one's child. Julian insisted that Sam had been better off when Jason had been dead. Ava decided to change the subject by reminding Julian of all the blessings in his life because he had successfully left the mob. Concerned, Julian asked if Ava had trouble with Raj. Ava reminded her brother that Julian didn't want to know the details of her business. Julian conceded that she was, right but he was curious if she'd had second thoughts about running the Jerome organization.

Ava carefully admitted that she wanted the best for Avery, but Julian easily read between the lines. He asked how much trouble Ava was in, but she reminded him that her line of work was always dangerous. However, she confessed that she wanted a normal life. Julian assured her that she could have what he had, but Ava explained that it wasn't easy because things were complicated and increasingly growing out of her control.

At the hospital, Sam rested in a trauma bay as Jason sat next to her. She told him about her dream and how she had held on because of him. Sam was curious how Jason had found her in the basement, but he wanted to know how Sam had ended up in the basement. Elizabeth, who had been silently lurking at the entrance, stepped forward to make her presence known and to ask how Sam was feeling. Jason revealed that Sam had suffered a concussion and the doctors were monitoring her, but Sam was expected to make a full recovery.

Sam expressed her gratitude to Jason for saving her, but she wondered how he had found her. Jason told her about the phone call when she had failed to pick up Danny from the birthday party and his encounter with Molly and Kristina when Kristina had mentioned that Sam had been on her way to Elizabeth's house. Sam was startled when Jason went on to tell her about Jake's accident and Jake's cryptic confession to hurting someone. Jason quickly assured Sam that Jake was fine, but Elizabeth cut him off to beg Sam not to tell the police about what Jake had done. Elizabeth promised that she and Jason had gotten Jake help, but Sam explained that Jake hadn't been responsible for the fall.

Sam insisted that she had lost her balance on the stairs and that Jake hadn't been near her at the time. Elizabeth noticed Jason's concern when Sam suddenly coughed. Elizabeth thanked Sam for not blaming Jake and quickly left. Sam shook her head, but Jason urged Sam to get some rest. Sam tearfully confessed that she didn't want to close her eyes because he had always disappeared whenever she had closed her eyes in the basement. Jason promised Sam that he would stay with her.

Sam insisted that she would have died if it hadn't been for Jason. Jason admitted that he didn't want to waste a chance to get to know her again. Seconds later, Alexis arrived and rushed to her daughter's bedside. Alexis wanted to know what had happened, but Sam explained that it was a long story. However, Sam credited Jason with saving her. Alexis thanked Jason and admitted that she no longer disapproved of him. Jason smiled and gave Alexis and Sam privacy to talk.

In the hallway, Elizabeth was shaken as she ran to an unoccupied hospital room and wept.

Meanwhile, Monica approached Jason to let him know that Jake was asleep. Monica promised to check on her grandson throughout the night if Jason wanted to go home, but Jason explained that he intended to stay with Sam. After Monica left, Elizabeth walked up. Elizabeth felt terrible because she realized that Sam could have been killed. Jason didn't reply, so Elizabeth changed the subject and admitted that she had seen the connection between Jason and Sam.

Elizabeth acknowledged that what Jason and Sam shared would not go away. Elizabeth thanked Jason for being good to Jake, as well as her other boys. Jason reminded her that Jake was his son, but Monica returned to give Elizabeth an update and to offer Elizabeth and the boys a place to stay indefinitely. Elizabeth thanked Monica for the generous offer but explained that she had to meet with the fire marshal and then intended to go to Audrey's house.

Moments later, Alexis approached to explain that Sam wanted to talk to Elizabeth. Elizabeth immediately entered the trauma bay to see Sam. Sam admitted that it had seemed as if Elizabeth had been worried that Sam had covered for Jake. Sam assured Elizabeth that Jake hadn't been responsible for Sam's fall in any way. Elizabeth thanked Sam as Jason popped his head in to see if everything was okay. Elizabeth announced that she had to leave, but she would return when Jake woke up.

After Elizabeth left, Sam told Jason that she had wanted Elizabeth to know that Jake hadn't been responsible for the fall. Sam shifted gears to warn Jason that Julian would likely blame Jason for what had happened, but she begged Jason not to listen to anything her father said. Jason agreed, but he asked Sam to put the oxygen mask back on and rest. Sam did as instructed but assured Jason that he didn't have to stay with her. Jason admitted that he wanted to, but he was curious what the significance of "run to me" was.

Sam revealed that Jason had once tried to push her away for her own safety. However, they had belonged together, so he had told her to run to him. Sam admitted that no matter what had happened after that, she had always known that she would always run to him whenever he said those words to her. Sam insisted that his love had saved her many times, but he wondered if she had ever been hurt because of him. Sam promised that Jason's love had never hurt her -- it had kept her alive.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Julian asked if Ava needed his help, but Alexis returned home before Ava could reply. Alexis assured Julian that their daughter would make a full recovery. Julian was relieved and suggested they celebrate with a glass of wine. Ava decided it was her cue to leave and said goodbye.

On the porch, Ava's phone rang. It was Paul. Ava immediately realized that Paul wanted to meet her for personal reasons and reminded him that she refused to sleep with someone who was blackmailing her.

In Paul's office, Paul set his phone down after Ava disconnected the call. He drank a glass of scotch in one gulp and threw the glass across the room. Afterwards, he looked at a picture of Susan when she had been a young girl.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth appeared in a state of shock as she looked at the burned-out shell of her home. The fire marshal warned her that it was too dangerous to enter the house. Elizabeth looked around on the ground at the scattered remains of her possessions until her eyes landed on a picture of her and Jason. She picked it up as tears welled up in her eyes.

Tracy exibits alarming behavior Tracy exibits alarming behavior> Tracy exibits alarming behavior Tracy exibits alarming behavior

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

At Wyndemere, Nikolas carried Hayden across the living room threshold as they arrived home from Las Vegas. Laura smiled and quietly greeted the newlyweds. Nikolas set Hayden on her feet as Laura handed him a card from Spencer congratulating Nikolas and bragging that Spencer had been right about Hayden. Laura announced that she had to run errands, but Nikolas asked his mother to stay and celebrate the nuptials with Champagne. Laura reluctantly agreed and accepted a flute of bubbly from Hayden.

Laura graciously offered a toast to the happy couple by wishing Nikolas and Hayden a long and happy life together. Hayden was touched by the gesture and hugged Laura. Moments later, Hayden received a text message from Tracy instructing Hayden to meet Tracy at Metro Court Restaurant. Nikolas was disappointed when Hayden announced that she had to leave to attend to some business at ELQ. Nikolas reminded Hayden that she was married to the boss, but she was eager to show off her extravagant engagement ring.

After Hayden left, Nikolas thanked his mother for being kind to Hayden, but he sensed that she'd been holding back. Laura was reluctant to discuss it, but Nikolas pushed for an answer until Laura admitted that she was concerned because he had made a commitment to a stranger. Laura worried that Nikolas had no idea what kind of secrets Hayden had been keeping from him. Nikolas recalled his encounter in Las Vegas with a stranger who had referred to Hayden as Rachel and conceded that he didn't know everything about Hayden. Nikolas reminded Laura that Spencer adored Hayden, but Laura argued that Spencer was a young boy who had adored Britt and was desperate for a mother.

Laura insisted that there were too many unknowns about Hayden. She realized that Nikolas felt guilty about trying to have Hayden killed and was eager to make amends, but Laura feared that Nikolas would get hurt. Nikolas assured his mother that he had taken precautions by having Hayden sign a prenuptial agreement, but Laura doubted it would be enough to protect Nikolas. Laura explained that real love developed over time through shared life experiences, and she implored Nikolas not to assume anything where Hayden was concerned. Nikolas promised that he wouldn't.

Appeased, Laura assured her son that she hoped she was wrong about Hayden because she wanted Nikolas to be loved the way he deserved. After Laura left, Nikolas went to the laptop and typed "Baxter Corbin" into the search engine.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael and Tracy ate breakfast as they discussed ELQ. Michael was frustrated by the lack of progress with their lawsuit. Tracy's mood soured when Michael mentioned the ELQ shares she had used to pay for Luke's ransom.

Michael pointed out that Tracy hadn't had a legal right to the shares, which meant that Nikolas couldn't legally own them. Tracy sarcastically suggested that Michael mention it to their attorney and grumbled about Michael's decision to hire Alexis.

Moments later, Alexis arrived and immediately apologized for being late. Michael assured her that it was fine and asked how Sam was. Alexis explained that Sam was well but Alexis had bad news about the lawsuit. According to Alexis, it could be three years before they were given a court date, so she encouraged Michael to work on a settlement with Nikolas. Michael flatly refused and wondered if perhaps Alexis had a conflict of interest, since she was Nikolas' aunt. Alexis conceded that she loved her nephew, but she hadn't approved of Nikolas' actions.

Alexis added that Danny was also a Quartermaine, which meant that Alexis had a stake in securing what rightfully belonged to her grandson. Tracy was satisfied with Alexis' answer. Alexis promised to keep Michael updated and left. Michael continued to have doubts about Alexis' ability to secure ELQ, but Tracy admitted that there was more than one means to regain control of the family empire. Michael wanted details, but Tracy refused to share.

Michael pushed for an answer until Tracy cryptically explained that she didn't need shares of ELQ to engineer a corporate takeover. Tracy vowed that she would not rest until ELQ was back in the family's control. Michael wanted to know what Tracy was up to, but she refused to elaborate. Moments later, Tracy saw Hayden arrive. Hayden carefully avoided Tracy's table when she noticed Tracy and Michael together. Tracy quickly dismissed Michael on the pretext of revisiting their conversation at a later time.

After Michael left, Hayden approached Tracy's table and sat down. Hayden proudly showed off her engagement ring as she shared the news about her elopement. Tracy was delighted until Hayden confessed that their plans had hit a snag when Nikolas had asked Hayden to sign a prenuptial agreement. Tracy was furious, but Hayden promised that the situation was still salvageable. Hayden insisted that she needed more time, but Tracy was tired of waiting because Hayden had already failed to meet the thirty-day deadline.

Hayden explained that Nikolas couldn't enforce the prenuptial agreement because Hayden had something big to use as leverage against Nikolas. Tracy questioned if Hayden was willing to use it, but Hayden promised that it wouldn't be a problem. Tracy smiled and warned "Rachel" that Tracy wouldn't hesitate to use the information to her advantage and make Hayden's life miserable. Hayden became concerned when Tracy suddenly stopped midsentence and stared off into space with a vacant expression. Hayden repeated Tracy's names several times before Tracy snapped out of it.

Nearby, Sonny and Carly ate breakfast. Carly was thrilled that Sonny was getting out more often. Sonny explained that he was determined to face life head-on, but Carly clarified that they were partners and would face things together. Sonny nodded, but Carly sensed that something was troubling him. Sonny was spared from having to answer when Max walked up to have a private word with Sonny. After Carly walked away, Max told Sonny that Ava expected another shipment to arrive on February 19. Sonny was pleased because he intended to not only intercept the shipment but also to shut down Ava and Julian.

Sonny explained that he was getting stronger every day, but he wanted everyone to get comfortable with him being confined to a wheelchair. Sonny hoped to catch his enemies off balance and blow them away when he finally rose to his feet. Sonny added that it was imperative to keep everyone, including his family, from finding out that he had regained the use of his legs. Moments later, Carly returned to announce that it was time for Sonny to go to the hospital and meet the new doctor.

A short time later, Sonny and Carly arrived at the hospital. Epiphany was confident that the new doctor would be able to help Sonny. As if on cue, Griffin Munro walked up and asked Epiphany about his next appointment. Epiphany introduced Sonny to Griffin. Sonny and Griffin smiled as they recognized each other and formally introduced themselves. After Griffin greeted Carly, Carly asked what had drawn Griffin to Port Charles. Griffin mentioned his friendship with Lucas, who had told Griffin about the job opening.

Carly grinned as she revealed that Lucas was her brother. Sonny was impressed that Lucas had endorsed Griffin, but Sonny was curious how Griffin could help Sonny. Griffin led Sonny and Carly to an examination room to review Sonny's patient file and to talk about Sonny's physical therapy. Sonny claimed that he had strong upper body strength, but he had only experienced a little sensation in his legs. Griffin admitted that it was a positive sign but excused himself to check on something.

Moments later, Griffin approached Epiphany to discuss Sonny's physical therapy. Meanwhile, Sonny wondered what Griffin could possibly be checking. Carly was impressed with Griffin because the doctor seemed thorough. She decided to distract Sonny by offering to fetch him something to drink, but Griffin returned and informed Sonny that he wanted to do additional scans. Moments later, Carly was called away to deal with a problem at work. After Carly left, Griffin asked Sonny why Sonny had lied to Carly about Sonny's progress.

Across town, Nina stopped by Maxie's apartment to discuss a photo shoot. Nina was pleasantly surprised when Nathan answered the door. Nathan greeted his sister, but told her that Maxie was at the photo shoot. Nina assumed that Nathan had spent the night at the apartment, but he quickly clarified that he and Maxie had decided to move in together. Nina was happy for her brother and admitted that she had never understood Maxie's desire for Nathan and Maxie to live apart, since they were perfect for each other.

Nathan explained that Maxie had wanted to take things slowly and have a chance to date as they got to know each other. Nathan admitted that it had been the right time for him and Maxie to take the next step in their relationship. Nina knew how Nathan felt because she and Franco had decided to have a baby. Nathan couldn't hide his surprise, but he carefully reminded her that a child was a big step.

Nina admitted that Nathan sounded a lot like Franco. Nina confided to her brother about Franco's reservations of having a biological child and his fear that he and Nina might not be approved for adoption because of their checkered past. Nathan conceded that Franco had a point, but Nina insisted that Franco would be a wonderful father. Nathan realized that it was important to Nina and offered her words of encouragement. Nina expressed concern because Madeline had raised her, but Nathan pointed out that Madeline had raised him too.

Nathan insisted that Nina was a good person who would make a loving and wonderful mother. Nina smiled with relief. Nathan shifted gears to admit that Maxie was the best thing to happen to him and that he trusted her completely.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie and Dillon reviewed pictures from the photo shoot with Olivia. Olivia joined them as she tied her robe and announced that Leo had fallen asleep. Olivia was impressed when she saw the pictures Dillon had taken. Maxie liked the one of Leo looking directly at the camera the best, but the conversation was cut short when Julian walked in and asked about the photo shoot. Maxie bragged that Dillon had captured the special bond between Olivia and Leo, but Olivia nervously thanked Dillon for keeping things "tasteful."

Dillon credited Nina's vision and determination to keep the photo shoot natural and beautiful. Julian glanced at the laptop to review the pictures of Olivia and Leo as he asked if the photographs would appear in Crimson. Maxie clarified that only one picture would be featured, but Nina would decide which one. Maxie reminded Dillon that they had to meet Nina at the office, so Dillon quickly downloaded the pictures on a jump drive. Julian offered to drop the jump drive off at Crimson, but Dillon and Maxie declined. Julian insisted, prompting Olivia to accompany Julian, since she didn't trust him not to destroy the jump drive.

After Julian and Olivia left, Dillon revealed that it didn't matter if Julian destroyed the pictures on the jump drive because Dillon had a backup file. Maxie smiled and began to help Dillon pack up the photography equipment. Dillon and Maxie talked about Nina's vision for the latest edition of Crimson. Maxie was impressed with Nina's insight, but Dillon admitted that Nina needed to find someone to represent women Maxie's age. Maxie was shocked when Dillon suggested that Maxie would be the perfect model.

Maxie disagreed, but Dillon persuaded her to try a test shoot because he was confident that Nina would approve. Maxie reluctantly agreed and posed for several photographs. Afterwards, Dillon and Maxie reviewed the images. Dillon admitted that Maxie was a natural because the camera captured her beautiful soul. Dillon and Maxie were unaware that Nathan had walked in and had heard Dillon's praise.

At Crimson, Julian and Olivia looked at the pictures Dillon had taken of her. Julian found fault with almost every picture and admitted that he didn't want the "risqué" pictures of Olivia to appear in his magazine. Olivia resented Julian's attitude and demanded to know when he had become the boss of her. Olivia informed Julian that he didn't have a right to tell her what to do because they weren't a couple. She accused him of acting like her jealous boyfriend despite his engagement to another woman. "Excuse me?" Alexis asked from the doorway.

Julian retreated to the reception area with Alexis to assure her that there was nothing going on between him and Olivia. Alexis argued that Olivia had been right -- Julian had been behaving like a jealous boyfriend over Olivia. Julian confessed that as Leo's father, he didn't think Olivia should expose herself for the world to see. Alexis was disappointed because it was that kind of attitude that Alexis and Olivia were trying to change. Alexis reminded Julian that she and Olivia didn't want people to view breastfeeding as something sexual.

Julian promised that he was on board with the message and reiterated that Alexis was the only woman in his life. Pleased, Alexis kissed him. Afterwards, Julian admitted that he couldn't wait until the 19th when he could marry her, because he loved her. Alexis felt the same about Julian.

Meanwhile, Nina entered her office. Olivia sat behind the desk, looking at the pictures Dillon had snapped. Nina was eager to see them, so Olivia vacated her seat to give Nina an opportunity to look at the photographs. Nina was amazed and admitted that Olivia was gorgeous and had made it difficult to choose just one favorite.

Nina thanked Olivia for inspiring the issue and added that the office would soon be swarming with other women who would be featured in the issue. Nina checked the reception area and smiled when one of her models arrived. Moments later, Epiphany entered Nina's office.

Molly questions Kristina about Parker Molly questions Kristina about Parker

Thursday, February 11, 2016

At the Floating Rib, Dillon and Maxie reviewed the pictures that he'd taken of her during the photo shoot. Nathan entered as Dillon confessed that the camera had captured Maxie's soul, which was more beautiful than her outer beauty. Nathan cleared his throat and asked what Dillon and Maxie were doing. Dillon and Maxie filled Nathan in about Dillon's idea to photograph Maxie for the Crimson issue featuring real women, but Nathan was confused because Maxie wasn't a model. Nathan looked at the photographs and asked whose idea it had been for Maxie to pose on the pool table.

Maxie admitted that she had been nervous at first, but Dillon had helped her relax. Dillon added that Maxie was a natural and admitted that he had thought Nathan would like the picture of Maxie on the pool table. Nathan had a hard time believing that Dillon had been thinking of Nathan while photographing Nathan's girlfriend on the pool table. Dillon picked up on the tension in Nathan's tone and decided to go to Metro Court to deal with Julian.

Dillon admitted that he hadn't realized how old-fashioned Julian was about the pictures of Olivia. "The guy's practically a dinosaur," Dillon added, and he left. Maxie was curious if Nathan intended to act like a dinosaur too. Nathan admitted that he'd hated when she had filmed a movie with Dillon -- particularly the love scenes -- but Maxie assured him that she loved Nathan and only Nathan. Nathan smiled, but he was not comfortable with a million men looking at Maxie in Crimson.

Maxie admitted that she got jealous, too, when women looked at Nathan, but she reminded herself that Nathan was hers. Nathan smiled and assured Maxie that she was far more than a pretty face to him -- she was smart and caring, which trumped beauty any day of the week.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas typed Baxter Corbin's name into a search engine on the laptop. Moments later, a news article popped up about Baxter being hired as an investment advisor who managed finances for wealthy clients. Nikolas kept digging, but a breaking news article about Elizabeth caught his attention. He was stunned as he read about the fire and Jake's car accident. "Oh, my God, Liz," Nikolas said.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy appeared to zone out during a conversation with Hayden. Hayden repeated Tracy's name several times before Tracy snapped out of it. Hayden grumbled about Tracy's expectations, but Tracy's expression suddenly turned blank as a vacant look clouded Tracy's eyes. Hayden once again repeated Tracy's name until Tracy's glanced at Hayden. Concerned, Hayden asked if Tracy was okay.

Tracy assured Hayden that she had heard everything Hayden had said, including that Hayden had a trump card, which would nullify the prenuptial agreement. Satisfied, Hayden promised to have ELQ back in Tracy's hands before Hayden and Nikolas' honeymoon was over. Tracy was confident that the plan would work and praised Hayden for being a lot like Tracy, which indicated that Hayden had learned well from Hayden's father.

Hayden's good humor fled as she warned Tracy to never mention Hayden's father again. Tracy was surprised, but Hayden warned Tracy to drop it. Dillon approached the table to greet his mother, introduce himself to Hayden, and ask what the ladies had been talking about. Tracy carefully explained that Hayden had recently married Nikolas. Hayden decided to excuse herself but advised Dillon to have his mother checked out by a doctor.

After Hayden left, Dillon questioned Tracy about Hayden's parting remark, but Tracy insisted that she felt wonderful, thanks to a recent vacation. Dillon remained worried, but Tracy was adamant that she had no idea what Hayden had been talking about and suggested that perhaps Hayden wanted to keep them from reclaiming ELQ. Dillon revealed that he'd overheard Hayden and Tracy talking about Hayden's father. Tracy claimed that Hayden's father was merely an acquaintance and turned the discussion back to her plans to get ELQ out of Nikolas' control.

In Sam's hospital room, Sam woke up and saw Jason sitting in a chair. She wondered if he had spent the night there, but he admitted that he had bounced between her hospital room and Jake's throughout the night. Sam's smile faded as she asked how his son was doing. Jason assured her that Jake was fine and resting comfortably, which would help when the orthopedic doctor checked on Jake later. Sam was curious where Danny was, so Jason told her that Monica had taken their son home and would keep him until Sam was well enough to go home.

Moments later, Alexis arrived and told her daughter that Julian had sent his love. Alexis promised that she had persuaded Sam's father not to lecture Sam about taking chances in the future then announced that she had a surprise for Sam. Sam smiled as Molly and Kristina entered with balloons and flowers for their sister. Jason quickly excused himself as Sam spent time with her mother and sisters. Molly admitted that she hadn't realized that Sam had been in trouble until Jason had questioned Molly and Kristina at the Floating Rib the previous evening.

Kristina pointedly reminded Molly that Molly had misspoken because Molly had been with T.J., since Kristina had been away at college. Alexis' eyes narrowed with suspicion as Molly realized her mistake and went along with the lie. Sam helped cover for her sisters by changing the subject and telling them how Jason had found Sam. Sam insisted that she and Jason shared a special connection, which made Molly smile. Sam suddenly grew tired, prompting Alexis to hustle Molly and Kristina out of the room. Sam managed to quietly advise Kristina to tell Alexis the truth because Alexis was onto Kristina.

In the hallway, Molly talked to Alexis about Sam and Jason. Molly believed that Sam looked better than she had since before Jason had died -- despite a recent brush with death. Molly was certain that Sam had been waiting for Jason's return, but it was clear that Julian didn't approve of Sam's relationship with Jason. Molly warned Alexis that Julian would alienate all three sisters if he failed to accept Jason because Sam, Molly, and Kristin each loved Jason.

Alexis realized that Molly wanted Alexis to talk to Julian. Molly smiled, but Alexis sarcastically suggested that perhaps next she could broker a truce between Sonny and Julian, which would make everyone one big happy family.

In an examination room, Griffin questioned why Sonny had lied to Carly about Sonny's progress. Sonny explained that he didn't want Carly to have to lie to Sonny's children or for his children to have the responsibility of keeping Sonny's secret. Griffin was confused, but Sonny cryptically revealed that sometimes it was best to appear weak. Griffin questioned the wisdom of Sonny's decision, but Sonny insisted that it was necessary for business and made it clear that he didn't want to discuss it further. Griffin agreed to stay out of Sonny's personal business and focus on Sonny's recovery.

Pleased, Sonny mentioned Griffin's St. Aloysius medal. Sonny suspected that Griffin had lost someone and hoped Griffin found what he was looking for by working at the hospital.

In the hallway, Kristina rounded the corner and saw her father at the bank of elevators. Sonny questioned what Kristina was doing out of school, but she claimed that she had returned home from school to visit Sam. Sonny was concerned about Kristina missing school, but she assured him that she had already arranged to take off the following week for Alexis and Julian's wedding. Sonny rolled his eyes, but Kristina thought her father should consider attending the wedding and learn to tolerate Julian. Sonny refused to consider it, but Kristina thought Sonny could look like the bigger man and force Julian to accept Sonny's gesture.

Sonny was impressed by Kristina's keen insight and strategy. She smiled and credited Shakespeare and the way the bard's characters had pursued power. Kristina recommended that Sonny read Henry IV because he would see a lot of himself in the story. Sonny promised to think about it as Alexis walked up. Alexis was glad to see Sonny because she had wanted to talk to him about their daughter. Kristina tensed as she glanced nervously at Molly.

Alexis told Sonny that Kristina was hiding something. Kristina reluctantly admitted that she would not be returning to school for the semester. Shocked, Alexis and Sonny demanded to know why, but Kristina opted for the partial truth by revealing that it had to do with her professor. Alexis wondered if Kristina had been referring to the woman named Parker who had stopped by the house. Kristina nodded but claimed that Parker had arranged for Kristina to take her classes from home for the semester. Alexis was skeptical, but Kristina evaded any further questions by dragging Molly away.

Sonny asked if Alexis had believed Kristina. Alexis didn't, but she vowed to get to the bottom of things. Nearby, Molly stopped Kristina to ask if Parker was the "P" that Kristina had mentioned in the diary. "Parker -- is a woman?" Molly wondered.

In Jake's hospital room, Elizabeth woke up when a nurse entered the room to check on Jake. Elizabeth explained that she had already examined her son and had noted the results on the chart. The nurse thanked Elizabeth then asked to speak to Elizabeth in the hallway. In the hallway, the nurse revealed that Felix had sent out an email to everyone on staff about the fire and had asked for donations. The nurse added that they had collected clothes, games, and everything else Elizabeth and the boys might need to get back on their feet.

Elizabeth was touched by the generosity but admitted that she had no idea yet where she and her sons would be staying. Elizabeth thanked the nurse again then returned to Jake's side to check on him. Moments later, Jason entered the room. He asked how Elizabeth had been holding up, but she admitted that she was concerned about how to break the news to Jake about the house. Jason assured Elizabeth that they would tell their son together.

Jake opened his eyes and smiled when he saw his parents. Jake wondered if it meant that they were a family again. Elizabeth and Jason gently explained that they would always be a family, regardless of whether Elizabeth and Jason were together or not. Elizabeth and Jason revealed that they knew what Jake had done and the lies he had told, but they assured their son that they were not mad. Elizabeth added that they would all continue to see Dr. Renault to work through their issues.

However, Elizabeth warned Jake that it was bad to lie and tell stories. Jason added that lying could cause trouble and reminded Jake that Sam had been hurt. Jake promised that he was sorry and had never meant for Sam to get hurt. Elizabeth promised that she believed Jake and confessed that she had lied to Jason and driven him away. Elizabeth conceded that it had been hard for her to accept the breakup, which had made things difficult for Jake. Elizabeth reiterated that Jason would always be a part of Jake's life and suggested that she and Jake could help each other move on.

Jason explained that Sam had told them that the fall had been an accident, but Jake regretted that he had left Sam at the bottom of the stairs. Sam appeared in the doorway as Jake cried that he had let Sam die. Sam assured Jake that she was fine, but Jake refused to believe that Sam was real. Elizabeth promised that Sam was alive and well. Elizabeth insisted that Sam was a good person and that she had been wrong about Sam. Elizabeth added that Sam was Jason's wife and that Jason and Sam had been married a long time and might have found their way back to each other sooner if it hadn't been for Elizabeth.

Finally, Elizabeth encouraged Jake to talk to Sam because she was certain that Jake would like Sam. After Elizabeth left Jason and Sam alone with Jake, Sam assured Jake that he hadn't done anything wrong. Jake apologized but admitted that he wanted to go home. Sam and Jason exchanged a worried glance, but Jason carefully explained that it would be awhile until Jake could leave the hospital. Jake was disappointed and admitted that he was tired, so Sam returned to her hospital room.

In the waiting area, Nikolas approached Elizabeth to ask how she and the boys were. Elizabeth tearfully told him about the car accident and admitted that it had been stupid for her to lie to keep Jason away from Sam. She just hoped that nearly losing Jake and having her home blow up had been enough punishment for playing "God" with the truth. Nikolas conceded that he and Elizabeth had done things they each regretted, but it was over, and they needed to focus on the future. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that she and the boys were welcome to stay at Wyndemere, but Elizabeth worried that Hayden would object. Nikolas insisted that Elizabeth was his best friend, and he promised to handle Hayden.

Later, Elizabeth was on the phone with Aiden as she told him about the donations. Griffin passed by but stopped when he heard her assuring her youngest son that everything would be okay. Moments later, Cameron got on the phone with his mother. Elizabeth asked Cameron to stay strong for Aiden because Aiden followed Cameron's lead. She offered her son words of encouragement and ended the call. Griffin approached Elizabeth and admitted that he had overheard her on the phone.

Griffin realized that Elizabeth was the nurse mentioned in the email that he had received from a fellow staff member. He admitted that he had donated a gift card but offered his services if she needed them. Elizabeth thanked Griffin and assured him that her son would make a full recovery. Griffin and Elizabeth talked about the frustration of being a medical professional when a family member was in the hospital. Elizabeth sensed that Griffin spoke from experience but welcomed him to the hospital and left to check on Jake.

Moments later, Elizabeth entered her son's hospital room. Jake admitted that he felt better after talking to Sam.

In Sam's hospital room, Jason thanked Sam for talking to Jake because Jake seemed calmer. Sam was happy for Jake, but she asked for a favor. She wanted Jason to get her out of the hospital.

At Wyndemere, Hayden was waiting when Nikolas arrived home. She was relieved when he revealed that he had been with Elizabeth because she had feared that Laura might have talked him into leaving Hayden. However, Hayden felt terrible for Elizabeth. Nikolas realized that Hayden had never talked about her own family, but Hayden explained that it was an uncomfortable topic because both her parents were dead.

Jason passionately kisses Sam Jason passionately kisses Sam

Friday, February 12, 2016

At the hospital, Molly realized that Kristina's professor was a woman and the "P" in Kristina's diary had been Parker, but Kristina denied it. Molly didn't believe Kristina but assured her that it was okay if Kristina was gay. Kristina didn't want to talk about it, but Molly urged Kristina to be honest with herself. Molly saw Brad and suggested that Kristina talk to him if she wasn't comfortable opening up to Molly. Molly called out to Brad, but Kristina was horrified and quickly dragged Molly away for a private talk.

Molly was startled when Kristina told Molly to stop projecting Molly's own issues onto Kristina. Molly had no idea what Kristina was talking about, but Kristina suggested that perhaps Molly was still a virgin -- despite dating T.J. for years -- because Molly wasn't into guys. Molly refused to rise to the bait but implored her sister not to keep things bottled up. After Molly left, Kristina glanced at Brad as Lucas walked up and affectionately kissed him.

In Sam's hospital room, Sam asked Jason to help sneak her out of the hospital because she wanted to go home, but Jason insisted it was too soon. Sam had read her chart and knew she was fine, but Jason stood firm. Finally, Sam admitted that she was desperate to see their son because Danny would help far more than another night in the hospital. Jason relented and asked if she had something to wear home. A short time later, Jason and Sam crept out of her hospital room, but Lucas intercepted them.

Lucas questioned why Sam was out of bed, so she told him that she was ready to go home. Lucas agreed to let her go provided Jason made certain she ate well and had plenty of rest.

Later, Jason, Sam, and Danny arrived at the penthouse. Danny scampered off to play in the dining room as Jason helped Sam settle on the sofa. Sam assured him that he didn't have to stay, but Jason was determined to take care of both Sam and Danny. Sam sat on the sofa and smiled as she watched Jason play with their son until she announced that it was Danny's bedtime. Jason offered to supervise as Danny brushed his teeth and changed into pajamas, and Danny insisted on two bedtime stories instead of one.

Sam dosed off until Jason returned and reported that Danny had fallen asleep in his arms. Sam smiled because Danny had never been able to do that in the past. Sam immediately apologized and admitted that she wanted to focus on the present rather than the past. She confessed that she was happy he was there with her, but she was curious if it was difficult for him to be in the penthouse. Jason conceded that it was awkward because he had no recollection of the place, but he felt comfortable being with her and Danny.

Sam promised that she didn't want Jason to feel any pressure, but he assured her that it was fine. Sam made it clear that she would understand if he wanted to leave because she knew he was only there as a friend, but he insisted they were more than that. Jason proved his point when he passionately kissed her.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth entered Sam's hospital room, looking for Sam. Lucas heard Elizabeth and popped his head in to let her know that Sam had left. Elizabeth was disappointed because she had wanted to thank Sam for reassuring Jake that the fall had been an accident. Elizabeth admitted that she was surprised that Sam had been ready to leave the hospital, but Lucas revealed that Sam hadn't left alone. Elizabeth realized that Jason had taken Sam home.

Later, Lucas approached Brad, eager to leave because Lucas had special plans for their evening. Brad noticed Kristina sitting on a nearby bench and advised Lucas to check on Lucas' soon-to-be stepsister. Lucas walked up to Kristina to ask if Kristina had Valentine's Day plans, but Kristina shook her head. Lucas invited Kristina to join him and Brad if she wasn't busy, but she declined. Lucas shrugged and started to walk away with Brad, but Kristina admitted that she had a question. Kristina was curious when Lucas and Brad had known they weren't straight.

Lucas joined Kristina on the bench as Brad grabbed a swivel stool to sit on. Kristina quickly clarified that she had asked for a friend because something had happened, which had left her friend questioning their sexuality. Lucas and Brad saw through the lie, but didn't call Kristina on it. Instead, Lucas explained that a person wasn't necessarily one thing or another because sexuality existed on a spectrum. Kristina wasn't satisfied with the answer and asked how a person knew where on the spectrum they fell.

Lucas talked about his own experience as he explained that it hadn't been just one thing. However, he had always instinctively known that he was different than most boys because he had never been able to relate to them the way they had related with other boys. Lucas also admitted that even though he had dated girls, they had never been more than friends. Lucas explained that he'd done a lot of soul-searching before he'd realized who he was. Brad revealed that his situation was different.

"I came a'singing and a'dancing out the womb," Brad explained with a big smile. Kristina wondered if it had been easier for Brad because Brad had known he was gay at a young age, but Brad shook his head and revealed that his parents were from the Middle Ages. Lucas quickly clarified that coming out was a far different conversation, but he conceded that it led to a happier life for most. Lucas advised Kristina to tell her "friend" to be brave and remember that there were a lot of supportive friends.

After Lucas and Brad left, Kristina called her father to tell him that she loved him and had wanted to wish him a happy Valentine's Day. Kristina promised to talk to him later and ended the call.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie wished Nathan a happy Valentine's Day. Nathan suggested they find a quiet place to celebrate the romantic holiday, but Maxie frowned when she saw Dante enter the bar.

At the bar, Dante greeted Jordan, but Jordan's smile vanished when she spotted Curtis sitting at the end of the bar. She quickly excused herself and approached Curtis to threaten to throw him in jail if he didn't leave town. Dante and Nathan approached to lend Jordan their support as Jordan warned Curtis to stop following her. Curtis informed Jordan that he was there to meet a date and smiled when he saw Valerie enter. Dante walked away with Nathan as Jordan demanded to know what Curtis was doing with Valerie.

Curtis grew weary of Jordan's threats and told her that he knew all about what had transpired between Shawn and Tommy. Curtis refused to hurt Valerie the way Jordan had hurt his brother and Shawn. Moments later, Curtis seized the opportunity to excuse himself when Andre arrived. Jordan and Andre exchanged gifts, but Andre noticed that Jordan's attention continued to stray to Curtis.

Jordan admitted that she was not on good terms with her former brother-in-law prompting Andre to offer to take her somewhere else. Jordan insisted on staying because she refused to allow Curtis to chase her away. Jordan and Andre sat down as Jordan opened up about her troubles with Curtis. She admitted that she hadn't met him until she had married his brother Tommy. Jordan revealed that her husband had been in the military, while Curtis had worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Andre listened as Jordan explained that Curtis had recruited Jordan to work for the DEA, but they had only worked together briefly -- and it hadn't ended well. According to Jordan, it never ended well with Curtis. Jordan also blamed Curtis for her marriage falling apart because Curtis hadn't given Jordan and Tommy the space they had needed to work things out. Andre wondered if Jordan was concerned about Curtis' influence on T.J. "On T.J. and Valerie," Jordan clarified. Andre reminded her that both T.J. and Valerie were adults and in control of their own fates. Jordan realized that she needed to trust T.J. and Valerie to make the right choices.

Nearby, Curtis smiled at his nephew when T.J. walked in looking for Molly. After they exchanged greetings, Curtis admitted that he looked forward to meeting T.J.'s girlfriend. Curtis promised to stay out of T.J.'s way but warned T.J. that Jordan was there. T.J. excused himself when Molly called and suggested that he and Molly meet somewhere else because the Floating Rib was too crowded.

Meanwhile, Dante ordered a drink as Curtis and Valerie flirted. Curtis wanted to play pool, but Valerie preferred to get to know Curtis. Dante walked away as Curtis revealed that he had once been a police officer. He was surprised when Valerie admitted that she was a cadet at the police academy. They continued to chat until Valerie excused herself to powder her nose. Valerie smiled when she bumped into Jordan outside the restroom, but Jordan cut to the chase by warning Valerie to be careful and to ask Curtis about his fondness for cocaine.

At Nathan and Maxie's table, Nathan tried to persuade Maxie to leave with him, but she felt bad for Dante. Maxie asked Nathan to keep Dante company because she intended to salvage Valentine's Day for everyone -- including Dante and Lulu. Resigned, Nathan approached his partner to challenge Dante to a game of pool, while Maxie left to attend to a "fashion emergency."

At Wyndemere, Laura wrapped up a call with Lulu, promising to stop by the Haunted Star. She braced herself and entered the living room as Nikolas and Hayden kissed. Laura greeted her son and new daughter-in-law. Hayden happily informed Laura that Nikolas had taken Hayden out for a horseback ride in the snow. "Oh, I thought I smelled manure," Laura replied with an innocent smile. Hayden ignored the barb and showed Laura the bracelet that Nikolas had surprised Hayden with.

Laura recognized the piece of jewelry. Nikolas wasn't surprised, since it had once belonged to Helena. Laura warned Nikolas to be careful about giving away Helena's things because it might not be his. Nikolas was confused until Laura handed him an invitation to the reading of Helena's will. Laura added that she had received one, too, but Nikolas was certain that it was simply one of Helena's games. Nikolas refused to participate, but Laura cautioned him against it.

Laura pointed out that she'd had personal experience with Helena's games, which tended to choose their own players whether they wanted to participate or not. "Happy Valentine's Day," Laura said, and she left. Hayden was uneasy about Helena's will, but Nikolas assured her that there was nothing to worry about because the Cassadine holdings were passed down from father to son. Nikolas added that Helena's money had run out long before, which had forced his grandmother to raid the family's coffers for various plots and schemes. Hayden was relieved that Nikolas had had the foresight to secure ELQ, but Nikolas promised that his financial position was secure.

Nikolas confided that Helena's will was in his safe, but he picked up Hayden and carried her to bed, where he made love to his wife. Later, Hayden slipped out of bed, made certain that Nikolas was asleep, and quietly tiptoed out of the bedroom.

At the Haunted Star, T.J. welcomed Molly and told her that he was waiting on a table. Molly suggested that they skip dinner and go to her dorm to make love. Surprised, T.J. assured her that he didn't want her to feel pressured, but Molly insisted that she was ready.

At the bar, a man told Lulu that he planned to propose to his girlfriend and wanted to put the engagement ring in a flute of Champagne. The man wondered what Lulu thought of the idea. Lulu recalled a special Valentine's Day when Dante had surprised her with a necklace and diamond pendant in a glass of Champagne but pushed the memory away as she told the man to follow his instincts.

Later, Laura arrived to tell Lulu about the request to attend the reading of Helena's will. Lulu perked up when Laura mentioned Scott's role in the delivery of the invitation because he had dropped off a similar envelope at the apartment for Lulu. Lulu was reluctant to attend because she couldn't imagine what Helena would want to give her, but Laura was curious and eager to hear what Helena had to say.

A short time later, Maxie approached Lulu to reveal that she had arranged a relaxing massage and spa treatment at Metro Court for Lulu. Lulu wondered who would take care of Rocco, but Maxie assured Lulu that the sitter had things well in hand until Maxie and Nathan arrived home. Lulu remained reluctant to accept the offer, but Maxie insisted and handed Lulu a keycard for room 501. Lulu thanked her friend and left. Moments later, Maxie called Nathan with instructions.

At the Floating Rib, Nathan ended the call with Maxie and claimed that he had to leave to investigate a burglary at Metro Court. Dante offered to go in Nathan's place, since Nathan had plans with Maxie.

Later, Dante looked around room 501 in confusion until Lulu entered. Lulu assumed that she was in the wrong room and turned to leave but quickly discovered that the door was locked. In the hallway, Nathan and Maxie were satisfied with their work. They realized that Dante and Lulu might not fix their marriage, but they hoped the time together would get the ball rolling on a reconciliation.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was frustrated with her insurance company and threatened to have her attorney contact them about the policy. After Elizabeth ended the call, Laura walked up and offered to stay with Jake for the night to give Elizabeth a break. Elizabeth doubted that Hayden would appreciate Elizabeth's presence at Wyndemere, but Laura smiled. "To hell with Hayden," Laura said. Elizabeth admitted that she was afraid to leave because Helena had snatched Jake out of the hospital when Elizabeth had left her son's side.

Laura promised to take good care of Jake and reminded Elizabeth that Helena couldn't hurt Jake. After Elizabeth left, Laura left Scott a voicemail message informing him that she intended to be at the reading of Helena's will.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas woke up and immediately noticed that Hayden was not in bed. In the living room, Hayden started to punch in a code to open the safe, but Elizabeth appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what Hayden was doing.

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