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Morgan contemplated suicide. Kiki was critically injured. Dante saved Lulu from drowning. Nathan was shot. Paul blocked Jordan from arresting Ava. Elizabeth apologized to Monica.
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Morgan contemplated suicide
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It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hayden and Nikolas cuddled in bed together. Nikolas told her that they needed to get ready for Alexis' wedding, but Hayden declared that, if it were up to her, "we'd never leave this bed." Nikolas reminded her that it was her first event as an official Cassadine, so he didn't want to be late. She got out of bed to get ready. Nikolas grabbed his phone and texted Sam, "Any news on Baxter Corbin?"

Maxie arrived at the police station with Nathan's tuxedo. She warned him that they couldn't be late to her boss's boss's wedding. Minutes later, he had put most of his tux on. He grabbed his gun and holster, but Maxie protested. "Consider the groom," Nathan reminded her. She eventually convinced him to leave his gun behind, so he locked it in his drawer.

Maxie smoothed out Nathan's jacket and found a white glove in the pocket. He admitted that he had no idea where he'd gotten the glove, since Maxie had grabbed the tux that he hadn't worn in about ten years. After marveling that he still fit in the tux, she tugged him out the door of the police station.

Sitting at the Metro Court with Lucas, Ava, and Kiki, Julian wanted to thank them for their kind words, but he wanted to get more Champagne first. He went to the bar and asked Olivia for another bottle, and she got one for him. As he opened it, he cut his hand on the wire. Olivia saw the blood and was clearly spooked, remembering her vision.

A short while later, Lucas had Julian's hand all patched up. Julian updated Lucas, Ava, and Kiki on Olivia's vision, and he assumed that she'd seen him cutting his hand. She unconvincingly agreed. Julian thought they should get to the church, so he told Olivia that they could go get Leo. She thought that the wedding would be a little much for Leo, who was starting to get sick, and Julian agreed that it was best to keep the baby "out of harm's way."

Carly treated Josslyn to dessert at the Metro Court for hanging out with her mother at the hotel all day. Josslyn remarked that Sonny's work would be much more interesting. Carly didn't think that a coffee warehouse would be fun. Josslyn answered that she'd always known that Sonny was "a mobster," and she thought it was "cool." She wanted to take Sonny in for career day at her school.

Just then, Josslyn's phone went off, and it was one of her friends calling about a sleepover they were having that night. Carly sternly warned Josslyn not to tell anyone about Sonny's work. Carly got up from the table as Josslyn texted. Carly bumped into Kiki and asked if she'd seen Morgan. She also apologized for Morgan's actions and urged her to be Morgan's friend. Ava muttered that Kiki didn't need advice from Carly.

At the church, Kiki listened to Morgan's voicemail about him going to the pier. She gathered her things and left, which confused Ava and Julian. Kiki texted Morgan to call her. When she didn't hear back from him, she called him. She left him a message that she needed to know what was going on with him, and she promised to continue calling him until he answered.

Anna barged into Sonny's house as his guard bellowed that he didn't know Sonny's schedule. Michael arrived, and Anna asked that he contact Sonny about an urgent "federal investigation." In order to assure Michael that Sonny wasn't the "target," she informed him that there was a "major operation" happening that night, and she wanted to make sure that Sonny didn't interfere.

Carly and Josslyn arrived, and Josslyn ran upstairs to get her overnight bag. Carly wondered why Anna was there, and Anna replied that Michael could fill her in. Josslyn ran back down the stairs and handed Carly a box that she'd found sitting on Carly's bedroom floor. Josslyn went to the kitchen for a snack, and Michael recognized the empty box as Sonny's gun box.

A short while later, Josslyn had been picked up for her sleepover, and Carly and Michael tried to figure out who would have taken the gun. They nervously settled on Morgan. Carly explained that Morgan had been acting erratically, and they needed to find him without police help. Michael's phone rang, and he answered it to Kiki, who was worried about Morgan. She told him about the voicemail she'd received and that Morgan was at the pier.

At the pier, Morgan hid with Sonny's gun. He watched as Paul discussed the mysterious shipment with Dixon, and he saw the boxes marked "Jerome Gallery: Fragile." Dixon left to figure out why the shipment was taking so long to be unloaded, and Paul took the opportunity to call Anna. He made sure that her people were in place and told her that their signal to move in would be "money exchanging hands." He hung up the phone, and Dixon returned, wondering who Paul had been talking to. "The authorities," he responded.

Paul lied that he'd been misdirecting the cops so that they would be nowhere near the pier. Just then, they heard a sound, and it was Morgan's phone vibrating. Morgan tried to stifle it but failed. Morgan emerged with his hands up just as Dixon's guards approached. Dixon demanded to know who Morgan was, and Morgan thundered that he was Sonny's son. He continued that Dixon was in Sonny's territory, and Morgan was there to "protect his interest."

Dixon instructed his men to "get rid" of Morgan, but Paul told Dixon that it would be a mistake. He assured Dixon that Morgan was bluffing, so they should send Morgan on his way. "He's my problem, not yours," Paul concluded. Dixon finally agreed to send Morgan away, but Morgan replied with "screw you." Morgan pulled out his gun and instructed the men to do as he said, or he'd pull the trigger. "I'm in charge now," he advised.

At the church, Sonny begged for forgiveness for lying to his family. He prayed for their safety and for Avery to return home. Alexis, Sam, Kristina, and Molly entered the church and wanted to see the decorations. Alexis was surprised to see Sonny there. Kristina explained that she'd thought the best wedding present she could give to her mother and Julian was a truce between Sonny and Julian. Alexis asked for a moment alone with Sonny, and the girls left.

Alexis bluntly asked Sonny why he was there. He admitted that he despised Julian and that he thought Alexis was making a mistake by marrying him, but he wanted to show Kristina that what she cared about mattered to him. He promised that there would be no trouble at the wedding, and she ran off to get ready.

Alexis entered her dressing room and found a bouquet of red roses, a bottle of Champagne, four glasses, and a card with "to my one true love" written on the front. Alexis poured the Champagne and toasted to her daughters. She assured them that, although she was marrying Julian, they would always be her "true life partners." Kristina toasted Alexis for always putting them first and added that Alexis deserved as great of a life as she had given to her daughter. Sam hoped that Julian would make Alexis happy. "And if he doesn't, he can answer to me," Molly added. The four clinked glasses and drank.

Alexis hugged her daughters and asked them for some alone time so she could finish her vows. They left, and she opened her card from Julian. "Dear Alexis," she read as she thought back to all the great moments they'd had over the years. Julian wrote that he'd been reborn after finding Alexis. He'd left his "crime family" but had gotten what he'd wanted most, a "real family, and it's all thanks to you." He credited her with making him a better man, and he promised to try to repay her for all she'd given him. "I'll see you at the altar. Love, Julian," she finished reading. She began to write as a tear fell down her cheek.

Olivia entered the church and was shocked to see Sonny. He reminded her that he shared a daughter with the bride. She wondered what he would do when Julian started to get on his nerves. He vowed to smile and stay quiet. Olivia wanted to follow his example.

Kristina approached Julian and commended him on the flowers and Champagne. Julian caught sight of Sonny and remarked that he hadn't seen Sonny's name on the guest list. Sonny replied that Kristina had invited him, and parents did things for their kids that they wouldn't do for anyone else.

Nikolas and Hayden entered, and Sam walked up to them. She congratulated them on their wedding and talked about Las Vegas as a place to "see and be seen." Hayden walked away to sign the guestbook. Sam explained to Nikolas that, if Hayden had nothing to hide, she wouldn't mind talking about Las Vegas. She informed him that she'd left a message with Corbin Baxter, so she would hopefully find out some information when he called her back.

Sam saw Sonny and welcomed him. She thought it was a shame that Jason wasn't there, because then Sonny would have someone to talk to. Sonny knew that Jason and Elizabeth had taken Jake to a hospital in Philadelphia, and Sam was happy to say that Jake was expected to make a full recovery.

Maxie and Nathan arrived, thankfully on time. Maxie remarked that he looked great in his ten-year-old tuxedo, which he called vintage.

Nina and Franco arrived, and Franco was uncomfortable seeing Sonny. He rambled that he didn't belong at the wedding because of his bad luck with weddings, and he thought that churches were "creepy." She told him to get used to it, since they would be married in a church. "Who said anything about getting married?" Franco asked, bewildered.

As Franco and Nina found seats, Franco explained that he wanted to spend all of his time with her, but the topic of marriage was sudden. He felt close to her, but he didn't consider himself "marriage material." Getting louder and louder, he talked about how marriage ruined everything and that it was a waste of time. Everyone in the church stared at Franco, and Nina told him to stop talking before he dug himself into an even deeper hole.

Brad and Lucas walked in, and Lucas admitted how grateful he was for Brad's moral support. Brad handed Lucas a piece of paper and called it a "wedding present." Lucas read the paper in disbelief, and Brad confirmed that it was a real divorce paper. Just then, Julian informed Lucas that the wedding was about to begin, so Brad took his seat in the front row with Ava.

The doors in the back of the church opened, and Kristina walked down the aisle first, only stopping briefly to gently touch Sonny's shoulder. Molly was next down the aisle, and she kissed Julian on the cheek when she made it down to the end, much to Julian's surprise. Sam was next down the aisle. She hugged her father and took her place next to her sisters.

The music began, and everyone stood as Alexis appeared. Julian met her halfway and walked her to the altar. Sam spoke first with the reading of William Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 and let Molly finish it.

Several innocent lives are in peril

Several innocent lives are in peril

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

In the squad room, Dante filled Jordan in about a case, but his mind was elsewhere because Lulu hadn't returned any of his text messages. Jordan asked how Dante and Lulu were doing. Dante admitted that he and his wife were in a better place, but he had no idea why Lulu was ignoring his text messages. Jordan suggested that perhaps Lulu hadn't had a chance to check her phone and advised Dante to give Lulu space. After Jordan walked away, Dante sent Lulu another text message asking her to reply when she had a chance.

A short time later, Dante wrapped up a call as Jordan entered the squad room and asked a couple of uniformed police officers to accompany her to the waterfront because a woman had been out walking a dog and heard shots fired near pier 54. Dante decided to join Jordan and the police officers.

At Greystone Manor, Michael answered a call from Kiki, who was concerned about Morgan. Kiki told Michael about Morgan's strange voicemail message and added that Morgan had sounded a lot like Morgan had during the manic episode at the cabin. Michael assured Kiki that he would take care of things and ended the call. Carly and Anna immediately questioned him about the phone call until Michael told them about Morgan's plans to go to pier 54 at 6:00pm to take care of some business for Sonny. Alarmed, Anna explained that Morgan would be walking into the middle of an arms deal.

Michael and Carly decided to head to the piers, but Anna objected because it was a federal situation. Carly argued that Morgan was in the grips of a manic phase and needed his family's help. Michael followed his mother out the door as Anna called her contact on the piers to alert him of the complication.

On the Haunted Star, Raj dragged Lulu to the deck and handcuffed her to a rail. Her mouth remained sealed with duct tape, but it didn't stop her muffled cries of objection. Raj was furious that she had failed to heed his orders and stay away because it had complicated things for him. He glanced down at her phone when he realized that she had received a text message. Raj read the message from Dante and gloated that it didn't appear that Dante would show up looking for her anytime soon. Moments later, Raj picked up a set of binoculars to check the docks.

Raj was furious when he saw what was unfolding between Dixon, Paul, and Morgan, and decided to leave before he was swept up in the mess. Raj unlocked Lulu's handcuffs, dragged her kicking and screaming to the edge of the deck, and tossed her overboard.

On pier 54, Morgan aimed a gun at Dixon and Paul, while ordering everyone to drop their weapons into the harbor. Dixon advised Morgan to leave before Dixon killed him, but Morgan bragged that he was Morgan Corinthos and his father's emissary. Paul realized Morgan was unstable as Morgan ranted and issued threats, so he carefully advised Dixon to cooperate before things when "sideways." Dixon reluctantly nodded to his men, who all complied with Morgan's orders to toss their guns into the harbor.

Morgan noticed that Paul hadn't moved, but Paul admitted that he was not armed. Morgan let the matter drop and ordered one of Dixon's goons to open the crate. Dixon and Paul objected, but Morgan waved the gun around threateningly until a man stepped forward and opened the crate, which was filled with guns. Morgan was furious that Dixon and Paul had tried to smuggle arms through Sonny's territory, but Morgan made it clear the guns now belonged to Morgan. Dixon warned Morgan that it was not a good idea and advised Morgan to call Sonny, but Morgan became defensive and insisted that he was perfectly capable of handling things without talking to Sonny.

One of Dixon's goons tried to get the jump on Morgan, but Morgan noticed the movement from the corner of his eye and fired off a warning shot. Morgan promised that he wouldn't miss the next time, but Paul tried to reason with Morgan by pointing out that someone had likely heard the gunshot and called the police. Paul carefully explained that Morgan was in over his head, but Morgan was confident that he would finally prove to Sonny that he could be trusted to take care of business. Dixon proved Morgan wrong by lunging for the gun and quickly disarming Morgan. Morgan stumbled to the ground and looked up at Dixon with a mixture of fear and disbelief as Dixon asked for one good reason why he shouldn't kill Morgan. Paul pointed out that it would be foolish to incur Sonny's wrath by killing Morgan and added that they should just conclude their business and be on their way before the police arrived.

Meanwhile, Kiki rounded a corner and froze in her tracks when she heard Dixon and Paul talking on the pier. Morgan arrogantly warned Dixon that Sonny would hunt everyone down and kill them all, but Dixon disagreed because Sonny would be too busy burying Morgan. Dixon pulled the trigger as Kiki ran onto the dock to save Morgan. Everyone appeared stunned by Kiki's appearance and watched as she slowly collapsed to the ground from the bullet meant for Morgan. Morgan knelt down to help Kiki as federal agents swarmed the docks.

Dixon managed to duck out of sight during the mayhem as Anna approached Paul and demanded an explanation for the shooting. Carly ran to Morgan's side to help Kiki as Paul blamed the tragedy on Sonny's "lunatic kid." One of the federal agents dragged Morgan away from Kiki. Upset, Morgan demanded that he be allowed to help Kiki, but Michael urged Morgan to calm down. Michael explained to the agent that Kiki was Morgan's girlfriend, but the agent wanted to know how Kiki had been shot. Morgan rambled nonsensically about someone shooting Kiki, but didn't provide any details.

Nearby, Paul asked if Dixon was in custody. Anna explained that they had detained several men, but she had no idea if one of them was Dixon. Moments later, Paul and Anna's worst fears were realized when it became clear that Dixon had escaped. Jordan and her team arrived on the scene and demanded to know what had happened. Anna and Paul filled Jordan in and added that Dixon was on the loose.

Jordan was livid that Paul and Anna hadn't told her about the undercover sting. Meanwhile, Carly begged Kiki to hold on. Morgan broke away to rush to Kiki's side, but Carly ordered him to back up because Carly needed room to work until the ambulance arrived. Paul glared at Morgan and told Jordan to take Morgan to the police station because Morgan was a material witness and needed to be questioned. Morgan became increasingly hostile when he realized that he couldn't stay with Kiki, but Michael assured Jordan that his brother would cooperate.

Morgan refused to leave Kiki's side, but Jordan explained that it wasn't an option. Carly glanced up when she heard a crash behind her. She tensed when she saw a lid from one of the crates revealing a cache of guns nestled inside. Moments later, Carly was forced to start CPR on Kiki as Anna called to find out where the ambulance was. Nearby, Paul's handler warned Paul that they still needed Dixon. Paul doubted that Dixon had gotten far on foot.

At the Haunted Star, Dante called out to Lulu as he searched the ship for her. He became alarmed when he found her purse inside and stepped out onto the deck, calling her name. In the water, Lulu broke through the surface of the water and pulled off the duct tape covering her mouth, but she was weak and kept slipping under the water. Each time she swam to the surface, she desperately called out for help, but she eventually grew tired and slid under as her eyes drifted closed and visions of special moments between her and Dante flashed across her mind.

At the police station, Morgan fought to break free as two police officers escorted him into the squad room. Michael tried to get Morgan to calm down, but Morgan insisted on being with Kiki. Morgan was combative and hostile as Jordan questioned him about Kiki's shooting until Michael growled at Morgan to stop talking. Morgan decided that he'd had enough and started to leave. Fed up, Jordan decided to place Morgan under arrest as two uniformed police officers stepped forward to physically restrain Morgan.

At the church, the minister began Alexis and Julian's wedding ceremony by reading from First Corinthians. Alexis beamed with happiness when she was invited to recite the vows she had written. She talked about how Julian had made her believe that all things were possible because of how they had reconnected decades after meeting. Alexis believed that she and Julian were meant to be because he was her life partner and she loved him with all that she was.

Julian's expression was filled with regret as he acknowledged that he had made mistakes and had caused pain, but his eyes quickly filled with love as he admitted that Alexis had made him realize what he had really wanted in life. Julian intended to spend the rest of his days making Alexis happy because he loved her more than she would ever know. After Julian finished reciting his vows, the minister asked Lucas for the rings. Lucas panicked when he reached into his pocket and discovered it was empty.

Lucas frantically looked to Brad for help, but Molly stepped forward and offered Lucas assistance. Lucas smiled with relief and handed the minister the rings. However, Lucas was embarrassed that he had nearly ruined the wedding. Brad assured Lucas that it was bad luck for a wedding to go off without a hitch. Ava agreed and added that Lucas had likely guaranteed Alexis and Julian a long and happy life together. Lucas noticed Ava's worried expression as she glanced around, so she pointed out that Kiki was missing.

Lucas and Ava turned their attention back to the front of the church as Alexis and Julian exchanged rings and then passionately kissed each other. The minister smiled as everyone clapped. After Alexis and Julian pulled apart, the minister announced that Alexis and Julian were husband and wife and invited the happy couple to kiss again. The guests clapped as the newlyweds kissed, but the joyous moment was shattered when Dixon suddenly burst into the church, fired a warning shot into the air, and informed the guests that they were his hostages.

Sonny calmly advised Dixon to take it easy, but Dixon marched to the front of the church as he informed Sonny that everyone had Morgan to blame for the hostage situation. Sonny resented Dixon's remark, but Dixon explained that Morgan had been instrumental in breaking up Dixon's shipment. Dixon turned his attention to Ava as he demanded to know if she had been working undercover with Paul or if Paul had screwed her over too. Ava was stunned by the information, but wisely refrained from saying anything incriminating.

Dixon advised the wedding guests to get comfortable because they were his hostages, but Franco spoke up to warn Dixon to rethink Dixon's plan. Franco admitted that he'd had experience with hostage situations and advised Dixon to limit it to one hostage. Franco conceded that Sonny might have been a good option, but Julian was a better one, since Sonny was confined to a wheelchair. Dixon wasn't interested in Franco's suggestion and grabbed the church collection bowl with instructions for everyone to drop their cell phones into it.

Dixon put Brad in charge of gathering the phones while Dixon questioned the minister about all the exit points in the church. Ava quietly whispered to Lucas that she was grateful Kiki was out of harm's way. After Brad handed Dixon the bowl with the cell phones, Dixon heard sirens wailing in the distance. Sonny advised Dixon to remain calm because the police likely hadn't tracked Dixon to the church. Sonny offered to help Dixon make a clean escape by giving Dixon money and a means to leave town -- provided Dixon released the rest of the people in the church.

Nathan decided to take advantage of Dixon's distraction and made a move to disarm Dixon, but the valiant attempt failed when Dixon turned and shot Nathan. Everyone screamed as Nathan collapsed. Several tried to rush to Nathan's aid, but Dixon warned everyone to remain in their seats. Maxie refused to stand idly by while the man she loved bled on the church floor. Dixon reluctantly allowed Maxie to help Nathan, but he reiterated that everyone else had to remain seated. Dixon added that the next person to move would die -- or force Dixon to kill Sonny.

Unexpected heros emerge

Unexpected heros emerge

> Unexpected heros emerge

Unexpected heros emerge

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

In the water, Lulu weakly struggled to the surface and tried to call for help, but water filled her mouth, and she repeatedly slipped below the surface. With her last bit of strength, she called out for help as the water sucked her under, and she lost consciousness.

On the Haunted Star, Dante left a voicemail message for Lulu because he was concerned after he had found her purse on the ship but no sign of her. After Dante ended the call, he yelled out to Lulu. Moments later, he noticed something in the water. Alarmed, Dante called out to Lulu and dove in. Dante swam through the murky water, desperately searching until he spotted Lulu floating in the dark depths.

Dante grabbed Lulu and swam back to the ship. On the deck, Dante gave his unconscious wife CPR and begged her to fight because he and Rocco needed her. He continued to work to save her life until Lulu coughed up water and slowly opened her eyes. "I love you. I love you so much," Dante said with relief as he held his wife.

At the police station, Morgan was handcuffed to a desk as he screamed that he needed to get to Kiki. Michael explained that Morgan wouldn't be allowed to leave until Morgan calmed down, but Morgan remained belligerent and threatened to file a lawsuit. Jordan reminded Morgan that he had confessed to stealing a gun and shooting at someone, but Michael argued that no one could take anything Morgan had said seriously. Morgan angrily insisted that he should have shot everyone on the pier for disrespecting Sonny, but Michael cautioned Morgan to stop talking.

"Screw you," Morgan shouted venomously. Disgusted, Jordan approached the desk sergeant to request a set of shackles be sent up to restrain Morgan. Andre walked in and heard Jordan's order, but he immediately objected to his patient being locked up in a jail cell. Nearby, Morgan asked why Andre was there. Michael explained that he had called the doctor, but Morgan was furious because Morgan didn't need a therapy session; he needed to see Kiki. Michael calmly pointed out that Morgan might get to see Kiki if Morgan cooperated with Andre.

At the front desk, Jordan resented Andre trying to dictate how she should do her job, but Andre explained that Morgan had "bipolar one" and was in the grips of an acute manic episode, which meant that Morgan needed to be in the hospital and sedated. Jordan conceded that Andre had a point and reluctantly instructed a police officer to accompany Morgan to the hospital and then release Morgan into Andre's custody. After Andre, Michael, and Morgan left, the desk sergeant informed Jordan that someone had reported hearing gunfire at All Saint's Chapel.

On pier 54, paramedics arrived to whisk Kiki to the hospital. Carly explained that Kiki had suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest and that Carly had performed CPR to resuscitate Kiki. Anna added that it had been ten minutes since the shooting. After the paramedics loaded Kiki on a gurney, Anna approached Paul. Anna was livid because the entire operation had been a complete disaster, and their primary target had escaped. Nearby, Carly stared at the guns in the crate then turned to leave, but Paul wanted to question Carly about Morgan and how Morgan had ended up in the middle of an arms deal.

Carly denied any knowledge of her son's involvement and informed Paul that she had to get to All Saints Chapel to notify Kiki's family of the shooting. Paul insisted that Morgan had been responsible for the tragedy because Kiki had taken a bullet intended for Morgan, so Paul wanted answers. Anna used a friendlier approach to question Carly. Carly told Paul and Anna about Morgan's voicemail message to Kiki but insisted that Sonny would never have told Morgan about an arms deal because Sonny refused to allow any of his children near the business.

Paul was furious when Anna cleared Carly to leave because Paul insisted that Morgan had been responsible for the entire operation falling apart and for Kiki's shooting. Paul explained that Morgan had arrived on the pier, armed with a gun and determined to take action, but Anna insisted that Morgan wouldn't have posed any problem if the sting had been set up properly. Paul argued that Morgan hadn't been an innocent bystander, but Paul believed that they could use Morgan as leverage to finally take down Sonny. Anna immediately rejected the idea and pointed out that Dixon was still on the loose. Paul admitted that Dixon might have tracked down Ava.

At All Saints Chapel, Maxie applied pressure to Nathan's gunshot wound as Dixon smirked. "So much for heroes," Dixon said then he focused his attention on Sonny as he berated Sonny for being weak and confined to a wheelchair. Dixon suspected that the gathered guests held Sonny in high esteem, and he threatened to kill Sonny if anyone stepped out of line. Sonny reminded Dixon that there were options including Sonny's offer to give Dixon $2,000,000 cash and a car to flee town, but Dixon didn't trust Sonny. Dixon also thought it was fitting that Sonny should pay with his life, since Sonny's son had been responsible for the fiasco on the pier.

Alexis jumped up to beg Dixon not to kill a wheelchair-bound Sonny in front of Sonny's daughter. Dixon's eyes lit up as he asked which young woman was Sonny's daughter. Sonny tried to distract Dixon, but Dixon announced that Alexis had broken the rules by getting out of her seat, which meant that she had to pay a penalty. Julian stood up to offer Dixon $5,000,000 to leave them unharmed. Dixon decided to cut the bride a break and give the groom's offer consideration, but he instructed them to sit back down.

Dixon warned everyone that he wouldn't hesitate to shoot the next person to stand up, so Nikolas introduced himself and offered Dixon a helicopter, pilot, and money to leave the country. Dixon was curious what Nikolas' connection was to the wedding party, prompting Nikolas to admit that the bride was Nikolas' aunt. Dixon smiled as he strolled to the front of the church, looked at Sam, Kristina, and Molly in the front pew, and ordered Nikolas to reveal which of the three was Sonny's daughter. Dixon explained that he only needed one hostage to make it out of there and decided that Sonny's daughter would be the perfect option because Sonny would pay a high ransom for her safe return.

Dixon menacingly waved the gun at Sam, Kristina, and Molly until Sam suddenly stood up and claimed that she was Sonny's daughter. Dixon didn't believe Sam, in part because of Sonny's lack of fatherly concern when Sam had made the claim. Dixon decided to ask his business partner Ava for advice. Ava carefully suggested that Dixon take Sonny or Julian's offer, but Dixon returned to tormenting Kristina and Molly. Ava suddenly volunteered herself as a hostage, but Dixon declined because he doubted that Julian would follow through on his promise to pay $5,000,000 -- especially for Ava.

Dixon fired a warning shot into the air and coldly instructed Ava to return to her seat. After Ava sat, Dixon grabbed Molly and started to leave, but Kristina cried out that Molly was not Sonny's daughter. Victorious, Dixon let Molly go and grabbed Kristina with a promise that he would be in touch with Sonny to give Sonny further instructions. Sonny patiently waited until Dixon had his back turned on Sonny before seizing the moment to spring into action. Everyone watched in disbelief as Sonny quickly disarmed Dixon, knocked him to the ground, and picked up the gun. "Who's helpless now, you son of a bitch?" Sonny growled.

Several rushed to Nathan's side to help Maxie, while Sonny ordered Dixon to kneel before Sonny. Sonny looked up when Carly suddenly appeared in the doorway. Carly's expression was filled with questions as she saw Sonny standing over Dixon. Seconds later, Anna and Paul arrived. Dixon stared at Sonny with a mixture of shock and stunned disbelief.

After Nathan was taken to the hospital, Brad assured Lucas that he would wait for Lucas at home. Grateful for Brad's understanding and support, Lucas followed Nathan to the hospital. Nearby, Anna suggested to Paul and Jordan that they take everyone's statements. Paul made it clear that he wanted to be present when Dixon was questioned, but Paul had some other issues to address first. Anna decided to have a chat with Sonny and walked away.

Meanwhile, Olivia sat down next to Ava and commended Ava's bravery when Ava had volunteered to be Dixon's hostage, but Olivia was curious what Dixon had meant when he had said that he was there because of Ava.

Nearby, Molly asked why Kristina had risked her life by revealing that Kristina was Sonny's daughter, but Kristina insisted it had been the right thing to do because Molly was her sister. Julian was curious how long Sonny had been walking, but Paul suddenly called out to inform everyone they would all be free to leave after they each gave a statement.

In the chapel's foyer, Carly stared at Sonny with hurt in her eyes as Anna asked him to identify the gun Morgan had used. Sonny confirmed that he owned the same type of gun but stopped short of saying that the gun in Anna's possession was his. Anna asked Sonny to stick around because she had a few more questions. After Anna walked away, Carly asked how long Sonny had been able to walk. Sonny sighed heavily, but Carly decided that she didn't want to hear what he had to say and left.

Moments later, Carly approached Ava to tell Ava about the shooting on the pier. Horrified, Ava noticed the blood on Carly's jacket and asked if Kiki was alive. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that Kiki had been clinging to life when the paramedics had taken Kiki to the hospital. Ava started to leave, but Paul blocked her path because he had some questions. Ava slapped him across the face, blamed him for Kiki being shot, and stormed out.

Kristina saw Sonny standing in the doorway and ran over to hug him. Kristina admitted that her father had been amazing. Carly decided to leave and approached Anna. After Anna nodded, Carly ignored Sonny and walked out. Nearby, Sam checked on Alexis. Alexis was rattled that her wedding had ended in disaster, but Sam reminded her mother that Ava was to blame for what had happened.

Julian approached Olivia. Olivia realized that her premonition had been about the wedding and admitted that she was glad that she had left Leo at home. Meanwhile, Alexis thanked Sonny for saving Kristina, but she was curious what Sonny knew about Dixon's appearance at the wedding. Sonny started to blame both Ava and Julian, but Alexis insisted that Julian was out of the mob.

Later, Sonny invited Paul and Anna to contact his attorney if they had any additional questions. Anna thanked Sonny for his cooperation and credited him with saving lives. Moments later, Jordan made it clear that she wanted an explanation for what had happened on the pier because she had a police officer in the hospital and an innocent victim fighting for her life. After Jordan left, Paul told Anna that he and Anna made a great team. Stunned, Anna reminded him that the entire operation had been a disaster from beginning to end.

Anna claimed that she had only agreed to help because she had hoped to minimize the damage. She invited Paul to take full credit for everything that had transpired because she wanted nothing to do with Paul.

After everyone left, Julian joined his new bride in a pew. Alexis assured him that she didn't blame him for what had happened, and she was grateful that their children were safe. Julian promised Alexis that he loved her. Alexis smiled and assured her husband that she loved him too.

At the hospital, Morgan was released into Andre's custody. After the police officer left, Morgan turned to leave, but Andre reminded Morgan that Morgan had to stay. Morgan balked at being admitted and claimed that he had only cooperated with Andre to get away from the police. Morgan insisted on being allowed to see Kiki, but Andre threatened to have Morgan sedated if Morgan continued to fight him. Michael assured Andre that he would stay with Morgan while Andre took care of the paperwork.

A sullen Morgan sat down next to Michael in the waiting area, but he suddenly jolted out of his seat when he saw Kiki arrive by ambulance. Morgan was desperate to get to Kiki, but Michael held his brother back as the doctors took Kiki away. Morgan created a commotion until Andre returned. Morgan explained that he had to help Kiki, but Andre explained that Morgan wasn't even capable of helping himself, let alone Kiki.

Later, Nathan arrived as Maxie clung to his hand. Nina and Franco were close behind the ambulance. Maxie smiled because Nathan had regained consciousness during the ambulance ride. After Nathan was taken to a trauma bay, Nina thanked Franco for distracting Dixon and putting his life on the line for others. Franco assured Nina that he was far from a hero, but he became distracted when a distraught Ava arrived asking for Kiki. Franco immediately approached Ava to find out what had happened, so Ava told him about the shooting.

Ava spotted Morgan and marched up to angrily blame him for Kiki's critical injury. Michael tried to defend Morgan, but Ava was infuriated and informed Morgan that Kiki might die because of Morgan. Franco stepped forward to pull Ava away and urge her to calm down because the doctors wouldn't allow her near Kiki in the state that Ava was in. Ava reluctantly agreed. Morgan insisted that he had never intended for Kiki to get hurt, but Ava ignored him.

A short time later, Ava and Franco were taken to the trauma bay to see Kiki. Kiki remained unconscious and was hooked to a ventilator. Ava gently stroked her daughter's hair and tearfully offered Kiki words of encouragement. In the hallway, Morgan stared at Kiki until Michael quietly told Morgan that it was time to go. Morgan was filled with remorse because he knew he was to blame if Kiki died. Michael promised Morgan that Kiki would be fine.

Meanwhile, Dante arrived in the emergency room with Lulu, explained that she was his wife, and told the doctor about Lulu's near drowning. The doctor suspected that Lulu had hypothermia. A short time later, Dante hovered at Lulu's beside as she slowly opened her eyes. She smiled weakly because he had saved her life, but she was curious how he had found her. Dante didn't know, but he had.

On the pier, Carly looked at a pool of Kiki's blood. Shaken, Carly pulled herself together, tore away the police tape cording off the crates of guns, and then began tossing gun after gun into the harbor. Moments later, Sonny walked up and asked what she was doing. Carly told Sonny about Morgan's manic episode and the shooting. Sonny was stunned and assured Carly that he'd had no idea that Morgan would try to intercept the shipment. Carly believed him because she was certain that Sonny had hoped to surprise his enemies by handling things personally.

Sonny defended his decisions by pointing out that the crates of guns had been intended for the Jerome Gallery. Sonny believed that it was his responsibility to protect his family, including Avery, but he had hated lying to Carly and his family. Carly was stunned when Sonny admitted that he wouldn't have changed a thing if he had it all to do over again. She reminded him that their son had spiraled out of control in a desperate attempt to prove himself to Sonny, but Sonny argued that he'd had no way of knowing that Morgan had gotten involved.

Carly wasn't satisfied because she believed that Sonny should have known, since Morgan was their son. However, the anger leeched out of her as Sonny pulled her close for a hug.

Morgan contemplates suicide

Morgan contemplates suicide

Thursday, February 25, 2016

At Shriner's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, Monica and Jason talked about Jake's recovery and the wonderful doctors overseeing the young boy's care. Monica promised that her grandson meant the world to her, but she was also there to support Jason. She thought it was admirable that Jason had been able to put aside his differences with Elizabeth to focus on Jake, but she confessed that she wouldn't have talked to Elizabeth again if it hadn't been for Jason and Jake. "And I wouldn't blame you one bit," Elizabeth said as she walked up.

Elizabeth conceded that Monica had plenty of reasons to resent Elizabeth, but Monica didn't think it was the time or place to discuss it. Elizabeth appreciated Monica's desire to keep things civil, but Elizabeth was grateful for Monica's kindness and help since Jake's accident. Monica vowed to do whatever was necessary to make Jake healthy again. Jason smiled and shifted gears to ask about Jake's night. Elizabeth sang the staff's praises because they had arranged for her to sleep in Jake's hospital room, which had helped Jake immensely.

Monica asked about Jake's treatment plan. Elizabeth explained that she had been assured the doctors would consult with Elizabeth later that morning. Satisfied, Jason decided to talk to Monica about Elizabeth because he wanted his mother to understand that Elizabeth had been instrumental in getting through to Jake about everything that had transpired leading up to Sam's fall down the basement steps. Jason acknowledged that Elizabeth had made mistakes, but he assured Monica that Elizabeth had made amends for her wrongs, and it was time for everyone to put it behind them and move forward.

Elizabeth once again sincerely apologized for the pain she had caused Monica, which Monica graciously accepted. Monica insisted that Elizabeth was a wonderful mother and conceded that Jason had been right about moving forward. Elizabeth smiled with gratitude as Monica left to check on Jake. Elizabeth appreciated Jason's support, but he assured her that he had meant what he had said. Elizabeth regretted that her actions had adversely impacted their son, which was why she had been determined to set things straight with Jake.

Jason and Elizabeth talked about how they had each missed the warning signs, but they agreed that it was time for everyone to heal. She reminded him that they had once been friends, so she was ashamed that she hadn't been honest when she had learned the truth about his identity. Elizabeth conceded that their relationship had always been doomed because she had tried to build love based on a lie. Jason reiterated that he had meant what he had told Monica. Elizabeth smiled and admitted that she was eager to return to who she was and hopefully find someone that she could be completely honest with.

Elizabeth asked about Jason's plans for the future. He admitted that he wanted to be a good father to Danny and Jake -- and to continue his relationship with Cameron and Aiden because he loved both boys. Elizabeth assured him that it would be fine. Satisfied, Jason admitted that it was time to let his life play out because he finally knew who he was and his history.

Moments later, Monica returned to report that Jake was still asleep, but the doctors were ready to discuss Jake's treatment plan. Jason excused himself when his phone chimed and he saw a text message. Meanwhile, Elizabeth told Monica about her talk with Jason, and Elizabeth and Jason's decision to focus on being good parents to Jake. Monica smiled with approval because she thought it was for the best. Elizabeth promised that her friendship with Jason had been real in the beginning, and she'd never had an agenda except to help him recover.

Monica believed Elizabeth and added that she would always be thankful to Elizabeth for helping Jason following the accident because it eventually had returned Jason to his loved ones. Meanwhile, Jason read a text message from Sam telling him that she had been thinking about him and Jake and that she missed Jason.

On pier 54, Hayden looked at the aftermath from Kiki's shooting, but Hayden's thoughts were troubled as she heard the echo from her own shooting. She was startled when Curtis suddenly called out her name and approached. He appeared to sense the tension in her and asked if she had been reliving her own brush with death, but she insisted that she had simply been out for some fresh air. Curtis didn't believe her because he was certain that her encounter in the church with a gunman had been particularly traumatic.

Hayden conceded that the incident had been an unsettling reminder of when she had been shot. Curtis suggested that Hayden discuss it with her husband, but she wondered how Curtis knew she was married. Curtis nodded at the extravagant wedding set on her ring finger and astutely assumed the groom was Nikolas Cassadine. Hayden made it clear that she refused to discuss her shooting with Nikolas, which made Curtis realize that Nikolas had been the one who had wanted Hayden dead.

Hayden tried to deflect suspicion from Nikolas by asking why she would be foolish enough to marry a man who had tried to kill her. Curtis had no idea, but he wondered if being a princess was important enough to risk her life. Hayden insisted that Curtis didn't understand, but Curtis warned her that Nikolas might figure out that she knew the truth and take steps to cover his tracks by finishing the job. Hayden assured Curtis that Nikolas would never hurt her, but Curtis suspected that Hayden suffered from the delusion that love conquered all. Hayden continued to defend Nikolas as a good man and wonderful father, but Curtis cautioned Hayden to be careful and consider turning Nikolas in.

In Lulu's hospital room, Dante wore hospital scrubs as he sat at Lulu's bedside. He quietly stood up when he heard the door open and saw Laura. Dante whispered that Lulu was resting, but she was expected to make a full recovery. Laura was relieved and grateful for everything that Dante had done to save Lulu's life. Dante explained that Lulu and Rocco were all that mattered to him.

Lulu's eyes slowly drifted open as she heard Dante. Laura and Dante quickly rushed to Lulu's side when they noticed that she was awake. Lulu asked about Rocco, but Laura assured her daughter that Rocco was fine and playing at Wyndemere. A few minutes later, Laura excused herself to give Dante and Lulu time to talk in private. After Laura left, Dante assured his wife that she would be okay.

Dante changed the subject to ask about what had transpired on the Haunted Star. Lulu told him about the man who had rented the ship for the night, taken her captive, and panicked when he saw a young man on the piers waving a gun around at the man's accomplices. Dante remained quiet as Lulu told him how the man had tossed her overboard and fled. Lulu assured him that she could describe the man to a sketch artist and conceded that Dante had been right about the Haunted Star being too dangerous to live on. Dante admitted that it was nice to do something right after he had endlessly screwed up.

Meanwhile, Nikolas approached Laura at the vending machine. They talked about the tense moments at the church when a gunman had held Alexis and Julian's wedding guests hostage. Nikolas confessed that the incident might have triggered Hayden's memory of her own shooting. Laura was immediately concerned because she worried that Nikolas might end up going to jail if Hayden figured out Nikolas had been responsible for the shooting. Laura suddenly wondered if he had married Hayden to keep her quiet.

Nikolas admitted that he regretted ordering a hit on Hayden, but he reminded his mother that Hayden assumed she had been caught in the crossfire when Shawn had tried to kill Jason. Laura feared that Hayden was scamming Nikolas, but he pointed out that it wouldn't have made sense for Hayden to marry him if she had known the truth about his role in the shooting. Laura wasn't appeased, so Nikolas promised to keep a close eye on Hayden and do whatever was necessary to protect both himself and Spencer.

A short time later, Nikolas entered his sister's hospital room to check on Lulu. After the siblings exchanged greetings, Nikolas and Lulu talked about Dante saving Lulu's life. Nikolas believed that Dante still loved Lulu and wondered if perhaps Dante and Lulu could work things out. Lulu smiled sadly and explained that Dante saving her life hadn't made their marital problems disappear. Nikolas respected his sister's decision, and he asked that Lulu give Hayden a chance and welcome her into the family when Lulu moved into Wyndemere.

Later, Dante entered Lulu's hospital room to let Laura and Lulu know that Lulu's paperwork was being processed, and Lulu would soon be free to go home. Lulu grinned because she looked forward to seeing Rocco. Dante quietly invited Lulu and Rocco to stay with him, but Lulu declined and explained that it would be best for her and Rocco to stay at Wyndemere.

At the elevators, Nikolas ran into Hayden. Hayden explained that she had stopped by to support Nikolas, but Nikolas asked how she had been holding up. He knew that the shooting at the church had shaken her up. Hayden admitted that he was right, but she promised that she was fine and felt safe with him. Nikolas smiled and hugged his wife.

In Morgan's hospital room, Morgan struggled against the restraints securing his wrists to each side of the bed. Michael entered and greeted his brother, but Morgan angrily demanded to be released because Morgan wanted to check on Kiki. Michael explained that Kiki was stable, but Morgan could not see her. Morgan was furious, but Michael reminded Morgan that the police had arrested Morgan. Morgan wasn't satisfied and argued that Michael wasn't a police officer and therefore should help Morgan.

Morgan demanded to see their father, but Michael revealed that Sonny and Carly were talking to Andre. Morgan was not pleased because he didn't want anyone discussing his mental illness. Michael insisted that they all wanted to help Morgan, but Morgan suggested that they could start by not lying to him. Morgan was curious how long Michael had known that Sonny could walk, but Michael assured Morgan that Michael had found out at the same time as everyone else. Their conversation drifted to what had transpired at the pier.

Morgan insisted that he had gone to the pier to take care of business and prove himself to their father. Michael argued that Morgan should have called someone, but Morgan was offended and pointed out that Michael would have only tried to talk Morgan out of doing what had been necessary. Morgan arrogantly bragged that he'd had everything well under control and was certain that Sonny's enemies had feared him because they had known that Morgan would have killed every single one of them. Morgan admitted that he had felt invincible, but he quickly became upset as he recalled Kiki taking a bullet intended for Morgan.

Morgan became distraught at the thought of holding a blood-soaked Kiki as she collapsed. Michael carefully changed the subject and offered to get Morgan something to eat. After Michael left, Morgan struggled against the restraints, but they didn't budge. Moments later, a nurse entered the room to check on Morgan.

Morgan turned on the charm as he confessed that he needed to relieve himself. The nurse offered to fetch a bottle for him, but he asked for privacy, since it would be awkward to attend to his needs in front of her. Morgan promised that he wasn't a danger to anyone, so the nurse released the restraints.

Later, Michael approached Dante to ask if Dante had seen Morgan. Michael explained that Morgan had managed to persuade a nurse to release the restraints on the pretext of using the bathroom. Dante hadn't seen Morgan but volunteered to help Michael search for Morgan. Michael declined because he didn't want to set Morgan off.

In the waiting area, Ava and Franco anxiously waited for word about Kiki. Griffin walked up, introduced himself, and explained that he would be operating on Kiki to remove the bullet lodged near her spine. Ava's eyes filled with tears as she asked what Kiki's prognosis was. Griffin explained that he wouldn't know the true extent of Kiki's injuries until he opened her up, but he promised to do everything in his power to help her. Franco appreciated that it was something all surgeons told family members, but Franco explained that Kiki was a special person who deserved Griffin's best.

Griffin promised to keep Ava and Franco updated on the surgery, and he left. Ava blamed herself for Kiki's situation because she had allowed Paul to blackmail her into cooperating. Ava opened up to Franco about Paul using the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder to manipulate Ava, but Franco wondered if she had known that Paul had been working undercover. Ava pointed out that it didn't matter because Kiki was paying the price for Ava's folly. Ava admitted that she would give up anything if it meant that Kiki would live.

Later, Ava talked about what it had been like to see Kiki hooked up to lifesaving machines. Ava had been reminded of her own victims, including Connie. Moments later, Morgan approached Ava and Franco to ask about Kiki. Ava's temper flared when she saw Morgan because Ava was certain that Kiki had gone to the pier to save Morgan. Ava ranted at Morgan as he repeatedly apologized and begged for information about Kiki.

Franco managed to calm Ava down just as a member of Griffin's operating team walked up to give Ava and Franco an update. Morgan immediately demanded information, but Franco warned Morgan to back off and return to Morgan's hospital room. Morgan reluctantly walked away but stopped around the corner to eavesdrop as Ava and Franco were told that the surgery had been more complicated than expected. Terrified, Ava asked if Kiki was still alive. The man assured Ava and Franco that Kiki remained stable, and he left.

Morgan's eyes filled with tears as he walked away. Meanwhile, Ava feared the worst, but Franco reminded her that nothing had been said about Kiki being in danger of dying on the operating table or being paralyzed. Ava smiled as she recalled Kiki's first step and how fearless her daughter had been. Moments later, Michael walked up to ask about Kiki. Ava questioned Michael about his phone call with Kiki because she was desperate to know why Kiki had been on the piers. Ava became upset when Michael confirmed that Kiki had been worried about Morgan.

Michael tried to defend Morgan, but Franco asked Michael to keep Morgan away from Kiki. After Michael left, Ava admitted that she had prayed to God for her daughter, but she worried that God might not answer her prayers. Franco confessed that he had prayed for Kiki too. Ava and Franco said another prayer for Kiki as Griffin walked up.

Meanwhile, Morgan went to the hospital's rooftop. His eyes were filled with tears as he climbed onto the ledge and looked down at the ground below.

Sonny saves Morgan's life

Sonny saves Morgan's life

Friday, February 26, 2016

At the hospital, Nathan tried to get out of bed, but Liesl, Nina, and Maxie immediately stopped him with a reminder that he was in no condition to leave. Nathan insisted that he was needed at the police station, but Nina assured her brother that they could do without him until he had recuperated. Liesl threatened to post a guard at the door, prompting Nina to offer to pay. Delighted, Liesl asked Nina to follow her to make arrangements.

Maxie's eyes narrowed as she asked if Nathan had tried to get out of bed to manipulate his mother and sister into joining forces. Nathan pointed out that he was on a lot of painkillers, but his secret smile gave him away. Later, Maxie curled up in the bed next to Nathan and admitted that she hoped his view on weddings hadn't soured because they had another one to attend. Confused, Nathan wondered who was getting married. Maxie sat up and cleared her throat.

"James Nathan Reeves West Obrecht," Maxie began, but muttered that they would have to do something about his name. "Will you marry me?" Maxie suddenly blurted out. Startled, Nathan reminded Maxie that she had been against marriage as recently as Valentine's Day, but she insisted that things had changed, and she loved him. Nathan assured Maxie that he felt the same, but he knew that she wasn't ready and turned down the proposal.

Nathan was certain that Maxie was secretly relieved. She conceded that she'd prefer a happier memory of their engagement, but reiterated that she loved him. As they talked, Maxie noticed that Nathan's speech became slurred. She urged him to get some rest and told him that she loved him. Nathan's eyes slid closed as he replied, "I love you too, Claudette."

In the hallway, Nina confirmed that a bodyguard had been hired and would arrive shortly. Pleased, Liesl started to leave but stopped in her tracks when she saw Franco holding Ava. Liesl called her niece over and advised Nina to focus on Franco.

At the police station, Paul wore a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms jacket as he gave a press conference in the squad room to announce that a major arms trafficking ring had been broken up, and the criminals involved in the syndicate had been apprehended. "Too bad about the bloodshed," Jordan whispered to Anna. After reporters left, Paul approached Jordan and Anna. Jordan immediately accused Paul of spouting "bull" to make himself look like a hero when he was the exact opposite.

Paul suggested that Jordan put aside her ego long enough to see the positive impact the news would have on the people of Port Charles, but she insisted that all she saw was Paul arriving in her town with a plan to bust a gun syndicate without the courtesy of notifying the local authorities. Paul pointed out that he was the district attorney and added that his contact at the Justice Department hadn't wanted to involve Jordan because it had been a sensitive operation, and the police department had a less than stellar reputation. He reminded her that Dante was Sonny's son, but Jordan defended both her police department and Dante.

Paul reminded Jordan that police departments across the nation were under fire for abuse and misconduct, yet she was upset because she hadn't been "looped in" on a federal investigation. Jordan informed Paul that his power play had been reckless and had resulted in both a police officer and a young girl being shot. Jordan snidely suggested that, before he anointed himself the hero of Port Charles, he at least finish the job and arrest Ava. Anna acknowledged that Jordan had a point, but Paul informed both women that he would deal with Ava in his own way.

Jordan assured Paul that she could easily get a judge to sign off on an arrest warrant for Ava and added that she was certain that Paul was hiding something. Jordan suspected that Ava could be persuaded to share secrets in exchange for avoiding a stint in Pentonville. Paul told Jordan that the case was far bigger than the Port Charles Police Department, which meant that Jordan couldn't arrest Ava. "Watch me," Jordan smugly replied.

Later, Anna warned Jordan that Paul was manipulative and might get his way, but Jordan refused to be intimidated. Jordan also didn't trust Anna because Anna had conspired with Paul, but Anna quickly clarified that she had only learned about Paul's involvement with the Justice Department and the sting operation one hour prior to the arms shipment arriving. Anna insisted it had been a last-minute operation, but Jordan reminded Anna that Anna had recently accused Paul of being involved with organized crime. Anna admitted that much about Paul hadn't added up, but Anna was certain that she could get answers with a little time.

Jordan had enough to arrest Paul for helping Carlos, but Anna confided that Paul had damaging information against Anna and wouldn't hesitate to exploit it to help himself. Anna begged Jordan to give Anna a bit more time to capture Carlos and send both Carlos and Julian to jail for killing Duke. Jordan couldn't ignore Paul or Anna's crimes, but she reluctantly gave Anna a few weeks to wrap things up. However, Jordan reminded Anna that all friendships had limits -- even theirs.

At the hospital, Griffin told Ava and Franco that he had successfully removed the bullet without any additional damage to Kiki's spine. Ava wanted to know what Kiki's prognosis was, but Griffin had no way of telling. He conceded there was a possibility that Kiki might have limited mobility but added that it was too soon to tell. Griffin pointed out that Kiki was young, strong, healthy, and surrounded by a lot of people who cared about her. He urged Ava to have faith in her daughter because he was certain Kiki would reward it.

Franco hugged Ava and offered her words of encouragement. Moments later Nina walked up. Franco quietly told Nina that it wasn't a good time, but Nina revealed that she had something for Ava. Nina handed Ava a plastic bag containing the jewelry that Kiki had been wearing when Kiki had arrived at the emergency room. Ava gratefully accepted the bag as Nina recalled seeing the earrings in the bag before and complimenting Kiki on them. Ava smiled as Nina added that Kiki had mentioned that the earrings had been a gift from Ava.

Ava's temper flared when Paul walked up to tell her how sorry he was about her daughter. She angrily blamed him for Kiki's fate and violently shoved him as she vowed to kill him. Franco quickly pulled Ava away from Paul and reminded her that she needed to remain calm. Paul asked for a moment alone with Ava, but Ava balked until Paul let her know that it was urgent. Ava reined in her temper to hear him out as he filled her in about his undercover work and Jordan's determination to arrest Ava.

Ava advised Paul to find a way to handle the situation because Ava refused to go down alone. Paul assured Ava that they were on the same page, but Ava walked away when Griffin returned to fetch Ava for a visit with Kiki.

Later, Paul bumped into Jordan at the police station. She victoriously waved around the arrest warrant for Ava, but Paul asked to see it. Jordan was shocked when Paul took the warrant and calmly ripped it up. Paul handed Jordan a document from the Justice Department explaining that Ava had been granted immunity.

In Andre's office, Sonny wondered why Morgan had been kept in restraints, but Andre explained that it had been a better option than spending the night in jail. Sonny realized that Morgan had been arrested, but he assured Andre that Sonny's attorneys were working on getting the charges dropped. Andre warned Sonny that it didn't matter because Morgan needed to remain under strict supervision. Andre started to explain that Morgan was aware that his behavior had been irrational, but Carly doubted that Morgan was fully aware of anything, especially how he had endangered himself and others.

Sonny assured Carly there was nothing to worry about because everything was under control, but Carly regretted not taking action as soon as they had realized that Morgan had stopped taking the medications. Carly knew it had been wrong to let Morgan figure things out on his own because someone in the throes of a manic episode never sought help. Andre reminded both Carly and Sonny that Morgan was in the hospital and would get the necessary help. Carly didn't trust Morgan to take responsibility for treating the disorder, but Andre was confident that they could learn from their mistakes.

Andre promised to require Morgan to take regular blood tests to confirm the medications were in Morgan's system or make Morgan face the penalty of jail. Sonny made it clear that he would do everything possible to keep Morgan out of jail. Andre appreciated Sonny's position but warned Sonny not to tell Morgan because it would be a terrible mistake. After Andre left to check on his patient, Carly decided to go to the restroom to clean up. Sonny thought they should talk because they needed to be on the same page with Morgan's treatment.

Carly admitted that she was worried, scared, and terrified of the disease and feared that Morgan wouldn't be able to handle it. She was furious that Kiki was in a fight for her life because of the guns on the piers, but Sonny reminded her that he'd had nothing to do with the arms shipment. Carly knew that, but the incident had opened her eyes to the cost of Sonny's lifestyle. She held up her hands to show him Kiki's blood and explained that washing the blood away wouldn't change anything.

Franco and Nina watched Kiki as she rested in the ICU room. Franco wanted to go in, but Nina suggested that he give Ava time alone with Kiki. Franco glanced at the door as Ava entered her daughter's room and closed the door. Ava's eyes filled with tears as she apologized to Kiki and vowed to remain at her daughter's side until Kiki woke up. Ava crawled into bed beside Kiki, gently stroked Kiki's hair, and softly sang All Through the Night as Kiki rested.

In the hospital's locker room, Carly approached the sink and turned on the hot water as she thought about the tragic events on the pier when Kiki had been shot. Shaken, Carly slid off her bloody rings and began to furiously scrub the blood from her hands as the vivid flashbacks continued. Moments later, Griffin walked up and immediately turned off the scalding water and asked if Carly was okay. "No," Carly admitted.

Griffin grabbed a first aid kit and quickly wrapped Carly's hands with gauze as they talked about Kiki. Griffin admitted that Kiki was stable after the surgery, but he couldn't discuss the case any further. Carly tensed because Griffin had hidden behind doctor/patient confidentiality to keep Sonny's family in the dark about Sonny's recovery. Carly revealed that Sonny had decided to keep the secret because Sonny had wanted to surprise his enemies. Griffin conceded that he had played a role in the violence that had transpired on the pier, and he would have to find a way to live with the consequences of his actions.

Carly's anger quickly fizzled as she admitted that Griffin was not to blame. Griffin received a text message and explained that he had to leave, but he assured Carly that she was not a failure. He saw her as a woman struggling to do the right thing for her family despite her husband's line of work. Griffin encouraged Carly to keep fighting because it was worth it.

Later, Griffin watched Anna as she stood outside Kiki's hospital room.

Meanwhile, Andre was livid and berated the nurse who had allowed Morgan to slip away. Andre explained that his patient was mentally fragile, but the nurse quickly apologized and ran off. Andre rounded a corner but stopped short when he overheard Liesl ask for a patient headcount because an orderly had reported seeing someone "fooling" around on the hospital's rooftop.

On the hospital's roof, Morgan stood on the ledge as tears streamed down his face. He blamed himself for Kiki's shooting and decided that he was too much of a screw-up and would be doing everyone a favor by ending his life. He was startled when Kiki suddenly called out his name and appeared on the ledge beside him. Morgan's expression filled with hope when he saw that she was fine. His joy turned to confusion when he noticed blood pouring from a wound in her abdomen. Kiki doubled over and cried out with pain then opened her hand to reveal a bullet.

Kiki looked accusingly at Morgan as she asked if he was the reason that she had been shot. Morgan denied that it was his fault, but he tearfully wondered why she had gone to the pier. Kiki reminded him that he had left her a voicemail message about his plans, so she had rushed to his side to help him. Morgan cried about all the things he had done wrong and admitted that no one could help him. Kiki told him that there was one way to fix everything as she held out her hand and offered to help him "end it."

Morgan seemed reluctant, but Kiki promised that they would jump together. She assured him that he didn't have to be afraid because they would find peace together. Kiki asked if he was ready. Morgan assured her that he was just as Michael opened the door. "Ready for what?" Michael asked with concern. Morgan tensed and ordered his brother to leave, but Michael was curious who Morgan had been talking to.

"Kiki," Morgan answered, but Michael explained that Kiki was still in surgery. Morgan looked to his right and realized that Kiki was no longer on the ledge with him. Moments later, Andre arrived as Michael desperately tried to persuade Morgan to climb down from the ledge. Morgan stubbornly refused, so Andre took over as Michael left to fetch Sonny. Andre asked why Morgan wanted to die. Morgan admitted that each day had become increasingly worse for him, and he opened up about his disastrous date with Kiki.

Andre assured Morgan that he could help and reminded Morgan that there were a lot of people who loved Morgan, but Morgan rambled about how he had tried to prove himself to Sonny, which had resulted in Kiki getting shot. Andre was curious when Morgan had last been truly happy. Morgan admitted that it had been during the holidays with his baby sister. Andre pointed out that it was proof that life could be good, but Morgan didn't believe him. Moments later, Sonny arrived with Michael and immediately assured his son that Morgan was not alone.

Sonny talked about his own struggle with depression and feelings of helplessness, but Sonny promised that it would pass. Morgan insisted that everyone would be better off without Morgan, but Sonny refused to give up on his son. Sonny climbed onto the ledge and vowed to jump with Morgan if he couldn't save his son from falling victim to a condition that Sonny had passed down to Morgan. Morgan argued that Sonny's other children needed their father, but Sonny insisted that it would break Sonny's heart if Morgan jumped. Sonny kept talking to Morgan until Morgan eventually agreed to take his father's hand and climb down from the ledge.

Later, Carly encountered Sonny, Morgan, Michael, and Andre as they returned from the rooftop. She hugged Morgan then watched with sad eyes as Morgan entered the elevator with Andre.

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