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Morgan was committed to a clinic for treatment. Kiki opened her eyes. Sonny asked if Carly intended to leave him. Elizabeth agreed to move to Wyndemere. Tracy suffered a seizure. Dante and Lulu's divorce was finalized.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 29, 2016 on GH
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Tracy vows that Nikolas will never own ELQ Tracy vows that Nikolas will never own ELQ

Monday, February 29, 2016

Anna bumped into Lucas at the hospital. She asked about Nathan as Griffin drew closer. Lucas assured her that Nathan had been lucky, and he was doing fine. She asked about Kiki, and Lucas introduced her to Griffin, who had performed Kiki's surgery. "Have we met before?" Anna wondered. A wide-eyed Griffin denied it and told Anna that Kiki was "critical but stable."

Felicia arrived and greeted Anna. Griffin walked away as Anna told Felicia that the "whole night was a disaster." Anna still wasn't sure if Paul was a "good guy." Felicia wanted to get coffee and catch up, but Anna asked for a rain check. Felicia instructed Anna to call if she needed anything, and the two parted ways.

Anna was sitting in the chapel when Andre entered and joined her. She told him that she needed to "reevaluate everything I know about Paul." However, she wanted to focus on finding Carlos. After that, she would most likely go to prison for attempted murder on Carlos. Anna remarked on how the details she had told Andre of her life could impact Jordan, who Andre was seeing. He replied that he was used to keeping secrets, and he'd gotten good at it.

Andre wondered if justice for Duke meant that Anna could move on with her life. She wondered if she even had a reason to be free. Andre suggested that she get "two days straight" of sleep, and he added that she needed to stop running herself down. He took her hands and assured her that she was human and that all humans, even "extraordinary" ones like Anna, were allowed to have regrets. He instructed her to call if she needed to talk, and he left.

As Nathan fell asleep, Maxie told him that she loved him. "I love you, too, Claudette," he said sleepily, and he passed out. Maxie tried to wake him up, demanding to know who Claudette was, but Nathan was out cold. A short while later, Nathan awoke. Maxie asked who Claudette was. Nathan claimed that she was the French poodle he'd had as a kid, but Maxie clearly didn't believe him.

Felicia entered and teased that Nathan was supposed to "go after bad guys" when he was armed. Maxie admitted that it was her fault Nathan hadn't had his gun. Felicia recalled seeing Nathan's doctor in the hall, so she and Maxie left to see about Nathan's release. When they were in the hall, Felicia asked Maxie what was wrong. Maxie replied that Nathan had been "shot...again." She finally admitted that Nathan had called her Claudette.

Felicia wondered if Nathan had ever given Maxie a reason to doubt him. "Not until last night," she replied. She told Felicia about the glove she'd found in Nathan's tuxedo jacket pocket. Felicia assured Maxie that Nathan loved her, and that she shouldn't worry. Maxie answered that, "Dante never gave Lulu a reason to worry until he cheated."

A short while later, Maxie returned to Nathan's room. He wanted to talk about Claudette, because he felt bad about upsetting her. Felicia entered with a gift for Nathan as a "reward for you heroics." She gave him a black stuffed poodle and told him that he had a "new Claudette." Felicia left to ask about Nathan's release, for real this time, and Maxie went with her. "Don't look at me like that," Nathan told the stuffed dog.

At Shriners Hospital for Children, Elizabeth and Jason woke up just as Jake's doctor approached them. The doctor informed them that Jake would soon be returned to his room after a successful surgery. Jason wondered when they could take Jake home. The doctor replied that she wanted Jake to stay overnight, but after that, he could complete his physical therapy in Port Charles with periodic visits to the hospital.

When the doctor was gone, Jason and Elizabeth shared a relieved hug that Jake would be all right. Suddenly, Cameron and Aiden burst from the elevator, followed by Nikolas. Together, the three explained that Spencer had put together a fundraiser for Shriners, selling bowties, and after Spencer had raised the money, Nikolas had added "three zeros on the end."

When Elizabeth took Cameron and Aiden to Jake's room, Jason reminded Nikolas that, despite his appreciation for the donation, Jason would still be helping the Quartermaines get ELQ back. As he advised Nikolas not to "get too comfortable," Elizabeth returned and sensed the tension. Instead of arguing, Jason left to "see my son."

Jason entered Jake's room and found Cameron and Aiden signing Jake's cast. Jason did the same. Cameron wondered if Jake's cast would be off in time to play baseball. Jake doubted his baseball abilities, but Jason, Cameron, and Aiden promised to help him practice.

Nikolas assured Elizabeth that she and the boys could stay at Wyndemere as long as they wanted. Elizabeth didn't think it was a good idea because "I hate your wife." However, she was glad that Nikolas had visited. She wondered how Alexis' wedding had gone, and he updated her on the craziness of the night before. Jason returned as Nikolas was describing the scene, and Jason asked if Sam was all right. Nikolas responded that only Kiki and Nathan had been hurt. Jason rushed off to call Sam.

Nikolas wanted to say hello to Jake, so he and Elizabeth joined Cameron and Aiden in Jake's room. When they arrived, Cameron and Aiden were regaling Jake with stories of Wyndemere. Jake excitedly asked his mother if they were staying at the castle. She sheepishly smiled at Nikolas and said, "Looks like we're staying at Wyndemere!"

"D.A. Hornsby Leads Bust of Illegal Arms" was the headline of the paper that Tracy had on the tablet in front of her, but Hayden found her staring off into space. Hayden wondered if Tracy was all right, and Tracy snapped out of it and replied that she was sick of people asking her the question. Hayden joined Tracy at the table at the Floating Rib. Getting down to business, she wondered why Tracy was so interested in ELQ when she'd been gone from Port Charles for years. "Family legacy," Tracy replied.

Tracy continued that ELQ was the company that her father had founded, and she didn't want to see it end up in the hands of "Prince Nikolas." She made a quick jab about Hayden's father, but Hayden warned Tracy that she had no idea what Hayden's father had been like, nor did the rest of the world. Tracy apologized for her quick judgment, as there were probably plenty of people who disliked Edward as well. "Maybe we have more in common than we knew," Tracy commented.

Alexis and Julian arrived at the Floating Rib and talked about their eventful wedding day until Sam showed up. Sam chimed in that she was glad that Danny and Leo hadn't been at the wedding. Julian related that he wanted to visit Kiki and Ava at the hospital.

Sam slid an envelope across the table to her parents and told them it was their wedding gift from her. They were delighted to find a gift certificate for dinner and a night in the honeymoon suite at the Metro Court. Alexis was nervous about leaving Molly and Kristina. Sam assured her that T.J. had been with the girls. Alexis wondered if Jason knew about the previous night's events. Sam figured he would have called had he heard, but she didn't want to bother him while he was with Jake.

Sam kept looking at Tracy and Hayden, and Alexis wondered if Sam needed to talk to one of the women. Just then, Sam's phone rang, and it was Jason. When she left to take the phone call, Alexis and Julian left for the hospital. Jason wondered if Sam was all right, and she promised to tell him the entire story later. She asked about Jake. Jason assured her that Jake was fine, but he thought that Jake needed to see his brother Danny, and Jason wanted to see Sam as well. Later, Sam arrived at Shriners Hospital and found Jason.

At the hospital, Julian and Alexis found Griffin, who informed them that he wasn't sure of the long-term effects that Kiki would suffer, but she would need the support of her family. He instructed them that they could visit "one at a time" after Ava was done with her visit. When Griffin was gone, Julian suggested that they go home since Ava would probably be with Kiki all night. As they got in the elevator, Alexis suggested that they use their Metro Court gift certificate.

Griffin sat down at the Floating Rib with a newspaper article up on his tablet that read, "Commissioner Devane Receives Commendation for Excellence."

As Tracy and Hayden talked about Nikolas and the previous night's wedding, Tracy's voice became softer and softer, and she looked more and more distracted. She began to stare off into space again. Suddenly, she started to convulse as Hayden yelled for help, and Griffin ran over.

Jason questions why Sam's drawn to him

Jason questions why Sam's drawn to him

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In Metro Court's honeymoon suite, Julian and Alexis lounged in bed after making love. They appreciated their daughter's thoughtful gift but agreed to skip the dinner for two and order room service instead because they didn't want to leave the bed. After they made love, Julian handed Alexis a menu, but she tossed it away and reached for Julian. Julian smiled because he wanted to take full advantage of the fourteen hours left before checkout.

Later, Julian and Alexis snuggled under the covers and talked. Julian felt fortunate that his days of false identities and living in the Witness Protection program were over because he loved being a husband, father, and family man. Alexis beamed with joy and passionately kissed her husband. She was happy that they had the family they should have always had. Julian grinned and listed some of his wife's more admirable qualities including her tenacity and ability to always win an argument with him. He was also grateful that she had stood by his side when he had a child with another woman and made it possible for him to have a relationship with his infant son.

Alexis reminded Julian that they had inherited Olivia along with Leo, but Julian shifted the focus back to his wife because he wanted Alexis to know that he would always love her for insisting he be a better man worthy of their family. He promised that he'd forever be thankful for being given a second chance with Alexis and vowed not to waste a moment of it. Alexis assured Julian that he had a beautiful soul, and she admired his determination to change for her and his family without ever looking back. Julian smiled and made love to his wife again.

At the Floating Rib, Hayden was startled when Tracy suddenly began to convulse. Hayden jumped up and cried out for help as she ran to Tracy's side. Griffin quickly stepped forward, identified himself as a doctor, and carefully laid Tracy down on the ground as Tracy continued to have a seizure. Griffin attended to Tracy as he ordered someone to call 9-1-1 then asked if Hayden was related to Tracy. Hayden shook her head, so Griffin advised her to contact someone in Tracy's family.

A short time later, Tracy's muscles began to relax as she slowly looked around in confusion. Griffin and Hayden explained that Tracy had suffered a seizure, but Tracy immediately downplayed the incident and attributed it to dehydration. Griffin helped Tracy back into the chair as he urged her to get checked out at the hospital. Tracy refused, but Dillon suddenly appeared and insisted that Tracy see a doctor. Stunned, Tracy demanded to know what Dillon was doing there. Hayden was unapologetic as she confessed to calling Dillon.

Later, Tracy was settled into a hospital bed when Griffin entered to give her, Dillon, and Hayden an update. Griffin explained that Tracy would have to stay the night because the results weren't back yet. Tracy objected and questioned Griffin's credentials. Griffin clarified that he was the best neurologist on staff, but Tracy insisted on talking to a neurosurgeon who'd been working at the hospital for longer than "fifteen minutes."

A short time later, Griffin returned with Dr. Mayes. Tracy was pleased when Dr. Mayes introduced himself as the chief of neurosurgery and quickly dismissed Griffin. After Griffin left, Tracy denied having had a seizure, but Dr. Mayes asked if she'd had any similar incidents in the past. Tracy shook her head, but Dillon clarified that his mother had been complaining of headaches and had recently had a "blank spell." Hayden added that Tracy had had another one during breakfast at Metro Court Restaurant a few days earlier. Tracy tried to dismiss both incidents as "senior" moments, but Dillon refused to let his mother downplay the symptoms.

Annoyed, Tracy demanded that her patient privacy be respected. Dr. Mayes ordered both Dillon and Hayden to wait in the hallway because it was Tracy's right to consult with him privately. Dillon complied but made it clear that he wanted a word with Dr. Mayes after the doctor finished talking to Tracy.

In the hallway, Dillon thanked Hayden for helping with Tracy. He decided to grab something to drink but asked her to let him know if Dr. Mayes left Tracy's room. After Dillon went to a vending machine, Dr. Mayes exited Tracy's room and passed Hayden without a second glance. Hayden entered the hospital room to check on Tracy and find out where Dr. Mayes had gone. Tracy snidely answered that Dr. Mayes had left to fetch the test results.

Concerned, Hayden wondered if Dr. Mayes had any idea what might be wrong with Tracy, but Tracy pointed out that the doctor needed the test results. Tracy suspected that Hayden wanted something to be wrong with Tracy, but Hayden denied it. Tracy scoffed and ordered Hayden to leave, but Tracy inadvertently referred to Hayden as "Rachel." "What did you just say?" Dillon asked. Tracy was spared from having to explain when Dr. Mayes returned and asked Dillon and Hayden to leave. Tracy braced herself for bad news.

In the hallway, Dillon apologized to Hayden for Tracy's outburst. He explained that his mother was scared and taking it out of Hayden. Hayden assured Dillon that it was fine, but she asked him to keep her posted on Tracy's health. Dillon confessed that he was worried his mother might have dementia, but Hayden promised that Tracy was as "sharp as a scalpel." Dillon disagreed because he had heard Tracy refer to Hayden as Rachel.

Meanwhile, Paul bumped into Jordan. After they exchanged stilted greetings, Jordan explained that she had gone over the paperwork from the Justice Department and had a few questions for Ava. Paul was curious what Jordan wanted to know, but she refused to tell him and walked away. Paul immediately called Ava, but the call went to voicemail.

In the Intensive Care Unit, Franco greeted Ava as she left Kiki's hospital room. Ava tearfully admitted there was nothing new to report. Franco offered to sit with Kiki to give Ava a break, but she declined because she wanted to be there when her daughter woke up. Ava's eyes filled with fresh tears as she worried about being arrested as an accomplice to an arms deal despite Paul's assurance that he would take care of it. Franco decided not to probe, but he assured Ava that he would remain at Kiki's side if something happened to Ava. Ava smiled and admitted that Franco was a wonderful surrogate father to Kiki.

Franco admitted that finding out that Kiki wasn't his daughter hadn't made his love for Kiki disappear. Ava was glad that Kiki had Franco. Franco smiled and offered Ava words of encouragement because Paul appeared adept at covering his tracks, especially if it was in Paul's best interests to protect Ava. Moments later, Jordan walked up and asked about Kiki. Ava admitted that Kiki remained in stable but critical condition. Jordan quickly shifted gears to explain that she had some questions for Ava.

After Franco promised to sit with Kiki, Ava reluctantly agreed to talk to Jordan. Jordan cryptically revealed that Paul had told Jordan everything about his arrangement with Ava. Ava tensed as she carefully asked if Paul had shared all the intimate details with Jordan. Jordan smiled with satisfaction until Paul suddenly appeared and assured Ava that Jordan was well versed with Ava's immunity deal. Ava hid her surprise but remained silent as Paul dealt with Jordan.

Jordan warned Paul that she didn't like side deals and left. "You're welcome," Paul said as he smiled at Ava. He quickly assured her that she wouldn't have to serve time in jail thanks to his efforts on her behalf. Ava reminded Paul that she wouldn't have hesitated to take him down with her if Jordan had arrested her, but Paul promised that Ava had nothing to worry about. He quickly changed the subject by asking about Kiki. Ava's eyes filled with tears as she admitted that she'd been praying to God, but she feared God hadn't been listening.

Paul comforted Ava until she pulled herself together and apologized for falling apart. Paul assured her that it was fine and admitted that he couldn't imagine what she had been going through. Ava blamed herself for the situation, but Paul pointed out that Ava had a clean slate and a chance to make it up to Kiki by staying out of the mob. Ava disagreed because Paul still had the jump drive of Ava confessing to Connie's murder.

In Kiki's hospital room, Franco sat down and promised Kiki that Ava would be back soon. Kiki's eyes remained closed as the sound of the ventilator filled the silence. Franco decided to check his phone and search the Internet for something interesting to read to Kiki. He saw a story about a cat saving someone from a fire but decided that the Internet was "full of crap" and set his phone down. Franco desperately wondered what he could say to inspire Kiki to return to them and suddenly smiled as inspiration struck.

A short time later, Franco took a break from reading legal jargon online to check Kiki, but she remained still. He was disappointed because he had hoped that reading boring material to her would make her wake up and punch him. Franco assured Kiki that if he could, he'd wave a magic wand to make a prince on a white horse appear who would kiss her awake. However, he quickly clarified that the prince would not be Morgan. Franco wondered if Kiki had caught a glimpse of Griffin during the surgery because looking at Griffin was like staring at the sun.

At Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia, Jason greeted Danny as Danny ran into his father's arms. Sam smiled as Jason hugged his son and admitted that he was glad both Sam and Danny were there. Nearby, Elizabeth rounded the corner but stopped at the nurses' station when she saw Jason and Sam. Elizabeth quickly pasted on a smile and approached Jason, Sam, and Danny. Danny was eager to see Jake because he had a toy truck to give his brother.

Elizabeth was touched by the gesture and offered to take Danny to see Jake, who was visiting with Cameron and Aiden. Jason invited Sam to join them, but Sam declined and sat down in the waiting room. After Jason, Elizabeth, and Danny left, Nikolas walked up and saw Sam. Sam explained that she had taken Danny there for a visit. Sam noticed Nikolas' bow tie, so he told her about Spencer's desire to raise money for Shriners by selling the fashion accessory.

Sam and Nikolas' conversation drifted to the hostage situation at Alexis and Julian's wedding before Nikolas finally broached the subject of Sam's investigation into Hayden. Sam admitted that she was still trying to reach Baxter Corbin. As if on cue, Sam's cell phone rang. It was Baxter. Sam quickly introduced herself as a potential investor who had been referred by Marvin Schragus.

After Sam arranged to meet Baxter and ended the call, Nikolas commended Sam for mentioning the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission's name. Sam explained that she had done her homework. Nikolas smiled and admitted that he was eager to hear what Sam uncovered.

In Jake's hospital room, Jake played with the truck from Danny. A nurse popped in to fetch Jake and Danny to join Cameron and Aiden in the playroom. After the boys left with the nurse, Jason admitted that he enjoyed seeing his sons getting along because he had been worried that Jake didn't see Danny the same way Jake saw his other brothers, Cameron and Aiden. Elizabeth disagreed, but she admitted that she had been surprised by Sam and Danny's visit.

Jason confessed that he had invited Sam and Danny because he had wanted Jake to spend time with Danny, but Elizabeth suspected that Jason had also wanted to spend time with Sam. Jason admitted that it was true. Elizabeth was startled because she hadn't realized that Jason and Sam had gotten that serious.

Later, Sam and Danny returned from the playroom as Jason entered the waiting area. Jason and Sam sat down with Danny between them as Jason mentioned that he had noticed Sam and Nikolas talking earlier. Sam confirmed that she was working on a case, but she changed the subject when she noticed that Danny was tired. Jason wanted to tuck Danny into bed for the night and asked where Sam was staying. He was pleasantly surprised when she revealed that she was just a few doors down from his hotel room.

Shortly after Sam and Danny left, Nikolas saw Elizabeth in the waiting room. He noticed that she appeared troubled and asked if she was okay. Elizabeth admitted that she had realized that both she and Sam each had a son with Jason, which meant that Sam would always be a part of Elizabeth's life.

Meanwhile, Franco sat in Kiki's hospital room and chatted with Jake on a video call. Jake smiled happily as Franco thanked Jake for a drawing that Jake had sent. As they talked, Franco asked about Elizabeth. Jake grumbled that Elizabeth constantly told Jake how much she loved Jake, but Franco assured Jake that it was what good mothers did. After Jake ended the video call, Franco smiled at Kiki. "Sad, dark, depressed, messed-up Jake drew a picture," Franco said with a proud smile. Franco explained that it meant that Jake was getting better. Franco hoped Kiki would too.

A short time later, Franco called Elizabeth to tell her about his phone call with Jake. Franco added that he wanted to apologize to Elizabeth because it had been arrogant of him to think that he'd had any idea what Elizabeth had been going through when Jake had been hit by the car. Elizabeth sensed that Franco was upset, so he opened up about his fear that Kiki wouldn't wake up. Elizabeth wished that she could give Franco some words of wisdom, but all she could tell him was that he had to find a way to get through it.

At the hotel, Jason knocked on Sam's door. She smiled and invited him inside. Jason asked if he was too late to tuck Danny in, but she shook her head and assured him that Danny was still awake. Jason smiled but suddenly pulled Sam into his arms and hugged her tightly because he was relieved she hadn't been harmed during the hostage situation at the wedding. Sam confessed that she had wished Jason had been there with her because she was certain that he could have handled the situation and dealt with Dixon.

"Why? Because of my past?" Jason asked. Sam nodded, prompting him to ask if she was drawn to him because of his past life and the danger. "Yeah," Sam admitted.

Tracy receives grim news about her health

Tracy receives grim news about her health

> Tracy receives grim news about her health

Tracy receives grim news about her health

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Maxie fussed over Nathan as they approached their apartment door. He assured her that he was fine, but she asked him to indulge her by letting her take care of him. Nathan agreed, but he looked forward to having some peace and quiet. Maxie felt the same and opened the door. They were startled when Nina cheerily greeted them with a welcome home banner strung up behind her. Nina informed the couple that she had taken over the second bedroom and intended to stay until Nathan was fully recovered.

Nathan tactfully thanked his sister for the offer, but assured her that it wasn't necessary because he intended to return to work the following day. Nina was disappointed because she wanted an opportunity to show Nathan how much she loved him. Nathan showed his appreciation and hugged Nina, but she spotted the stuffed toy dog. Maxie revealed that it was a gift from Felicia because, while under sedation, Nathan had mentioned his childhood dog. Nina admitted that the stuffed toy looked nothing like "Mittens."

Maxie frowned and asked if Nathan had lied. Nina quickly picked up on the tension and excused herself on the pretext of ordering some food. Nathan waited until Nina had left the room then quickly explained that he had gotten Claudette after Mittens had died, but Nina hadn't known Claudette because Nina had spent years in a coma. Embarrassed, Maxie promised not to mention the dog again. Nathan admitted that he had felt foolish for mentioning his childhood pet and decided to get rid of the embarrassing reminder by tossing it down the incinerator.

Nathan opened the door, but froze in his tracks when his mother greeted him and held up a dish of "Maultaschen," which she explained were German meat dumplings. According to Liesl, it was German comfort food. Liesl noticed the stuffed toy in Nathan's hand and asked what he was doing with it. Nathan ignored the question by thanking Liesl for the food as Nina returned to the living room. Nina was surprised when she saw her aunt and asked about the covered dish. Maxie told Nina about the Maultaschen, but Nathan asked to speak to his mother privately.

After Nina and Maxie left to fetch some food from the Floating Rib, Nathan quickly filled Liesl in about his slip at the hospital when he had mentioned Claudette. Liesl knew about Claudette from Madeline and agreed that it was a problem. Nathan admitted that he hated lying to Maxie, but he didn't want to discuss Claudette. Liesl conceded that the subject should be avoided. Moments later, Dante stopped by to check on Nathan. Nathan assured Dante that the gunshot wound was healing, and Nathan planned to return to work the following day.

Nathan asked about Lulu. Dante admitted that things were better because Dante and Lulu had finally been honest with each other. After Dante left, Liesl warned Nathan not to listen to Dante because it would be a mistake to tell Maxie about Claudette.

At the Floating Rib, Nina handed Maxie a bag filled with food. Maxie appreciated Nina picking up dinner. Nina smiled but explained that she intended to return home after she dropped Maxie and the food off at the apartment. Maxie assured Nina that it wasn't necessary, but Nina knew that Nathan wanted to spend some time alone with Maxie. Maxie pointed out that Liesl would be at the apartment, but Nina was confident that Maxie could persuade Liesl to leave.

Nina changed the subject and asked why Maxie had accused Nathan of lying. Maxie claimed it had been a misunderstanding, but Nina pushed for an answer until Maxie reluctantly revealed the story about Claudette and Nathan's desire to spare Nina the painful reminder of Nina's coma. Nina admitted that it saddened her when she realized how much she had missed, but she appreciated that Nathan was a protective brother. Nina thought Maxie was lucky to have him.

A short time later, Maxie returned home. Liesl had left, so Nathan greeted Maxie with a kiss and told her that he loved her.

In Sam's hotel room, Jason couldn't hide his disappointment that Sam was with him because of his past. Sam quickly clarified that the danger had only been a part of what had drawn her to him because she had been comfortable taking risks and had enjoyed living on the edge just as much as he had. However, she explained that he had also been the first person to make her feel truly safe. Sam opened up about her childhood growing up with an adoptive father who had been a grifter and her brother Danny.

Sam revealed that Jason had been the only person who had never lied to her or used her. She had known from the start that she could trust him, which had been a new experience for her. Jason wondered if she still felt the same about him, but he quickly changed his mind because he wasn't certain that he could trust himself. He admitted that he had no idea what he was doing and made things up as he went along, but Sam insisted that most people did as well.

Sam explained that all anyone could do was their best -- if they had a choice between lying and telling the truth, then they should tell the truth, and if they had a choice between being a "bastard" and a decent human being, then they should be decent. Jason wondered if it was really that easy. Sam conceded that it wasn't and added that there were times when she struggled with anger and lashing out, but it was important to learn from one's mistakes. Sam quietly added that she was learning to trust the person that Jason had become.

Moments later, Danny entered the room with a book -- The Four Clever Brothers. Sam explained that it was Danny's favorite story because of Jake. Danny climbed onto the sofa between his parents as Jason wrapped his arms around his son and Sam began to read. A short time later, Danny was sound asleep as Sam finished reading. Sam followed Jason as he carried their son to the bedroom to truck Danny in. After Jason and Sam returned to the living room, Jason admitted that tucking Danny in for a second time had been as fun as the first. Sam agreed and admitted that sometimes the ordinary things meant the most.

At the nurses' station, Dillon asked for Monica. He knew his aunt was on duty, but the nurse explained that she wasn't at liberty to reveal where Monica was working. Dillon begged the nurse to help because it was a family emergency.

Outside Kiki's hospital room in the Intensive Care Unit, Paul reminded Ava that she had a clean slate and was free to live her life, but Ava disagreed because he still had the flash drive of her confessing to Connie's murder. Ava insisted that she would never be free as long as Paul had it, but he refused to turn it over to her. Ava feared that Paul intended to use it to control her, but he reminded her that she was far from a victim, since she had murdered Connie, framed A.J., and then incited Sonny to kill A.J. Ava argued that Kiki's fight for life was punishment enough for Ava's actions and Paul's undercover operation.

Ava insisted that Kiki needed Ava, but Ava refused to spend every night wondering if Paul would decide to send Ava to jail. Paul was shocked that Ava would use Kiki's tragedy as a "get out of jail free" card, but Ava was unapologetic because she loved her daughter and needed to be with Kiki at any cost. Ava was certain Paul would understand if he'd had a better relationship with Dillon, but Paul resented Ava dragging his children into the argument. Paul admitted that he didn't trust Ava with the recording because he knew she wouldn't hesitate to stab him in the back once she secured it. Ava wondered how Dillon would feel if Dillon knew what Paul was doing to her.

Paul tensed when he noticed Ava glance past his shoulder. He turned and saw Dillon standing behind him, but it quickly became clear that Dillon hadn't overheard their talk. Dillon asked about Kiki then explained that he'd been looking for Monica. Paul noticed that Dillon was upset and asked what was wrong.

In the hospital's chapel, Sonny was on his knees as he prayed to God to protect Sonny's children -- especially Morgan, who needed help finding his way. Sonny also asked God for the strength to be the father that Morgan needed. Moments later, Dante entered and noted that it was good to see his father on his feet. Sonny heard the scorn in Dante's tone but ignored it and asked about Lulu. Dante revealed that Lulu and Rocco were settled in at Wyndemere, but he was there to check on Morgan.

Sonny told Dante about the incident on the hospital's rooftop and added that Morgan had been taken to the psychiatric ward. Dante revealed that he had more bad news because Ava would not be charged with any crimes due to her immunity deal with the Justice Department. Sonny was outraged and accused Ava of lying about working with Paul. Sonny insisted that Ava had been deeply involved in the arms deals and had profited from the gun sales, but Dante seized the opportunity to confront Sonny about Sonny's deception. Sonny claimed it had been necessary to safeguard Sonny's family, but Dante didn't believe his father because Sonny could have easily trusted Dante with the truth.

Sonny loved his son but admitted that he didn't trust the police. Sonny refused to apologize for doing what had been necessary to protect his family, including Avery, who had been put in direct danger because of Ava. Dante decided to drop the subject and left. Sonny asked God not to worry about Dante because Dante had a blind spot to things, since Dante saw things as simply right or wrong. However, Sonny insisted that there had been nothing simple about Avery's situation.

Sonny decided it was his responsibility to save Avery just as Ava appeared in the doorway. Sonny made a snide remark about Ava spending time in church, but she refused to be baited. Sonny confronted Ava about the arms shipments, but she stuck to Paul's cover story. Sonny didn't believe her and accused her of putting their daughter at risk, but Ava resented Sonny lecturing her when he had been able to walk the entire time during the hostage situation in the church.

Ava insisted that Sonny could have stood up and neutralized Dixon at any time but had opted to wait until Dixon had made a move against Kristina. Ava wondered if Sonny would have taken action if Dixon hadn't grabbed Kristina. Sonny argued that Dixon had been in town because of Ava, but she denied it. Sonny insisted that Ava needed to pay, but she pointed out that she was paying because Kiki was in a fight for her life. The anger leeched out of Ava as she conceded that Sonny had warned her of the danger.

Ava revealed that Kiki would never be the same even if Kiki survived. Sonny sat down near Ava as he assured her that Kiki was strong and everyone had been praying for her. Ava quietly wondered if God even listened to people like Ava and Sonny. "I hope so," Sonny replied. Moments later, Ava's nanny entered the chapel with Avery and quickly explained that she had to drop Avery off because the nanny's mother had taken ill.

Ava was upset because she needed someone to watch Avery, since babies weren't permitted in the ICU, but the nanny apologized and left. Sonny offered to take Avery, but Ava objected because she feared that Sonny would try to spirit Avery out of town. Sonny reminded Ava that Morgan was in the hospital and added that he would never abandon his son. Ava remained undecided, but Sonny reminded Ava that it would be less stressful on their daughter if Avery woke up in a familiar place. Ava reluctantly handed Avery to Sonny when he promised to keep Avery safe and sound. After Ava left, Sonny smiled as he told Avery that life was full of surprises.

In Tracy's hospital room, Dr. Mayes explained that the initial tests indicated that Tracy had several large lesions on her brain. Tracy asked if she had cancer, but Dr. Mayes wasn't certain. He explained that they would need further tests to determine if the next step was a biopsy or more invasive surgery. Tracy became upset, but Dr. Mayes told her that it wouldn't do any good to speculate until the MRI results were in.

Later, Tracy scowled when Dillon and Paul entered her hospital room. Dillon quickly explained that he had bumped into his father while looking for Monica. Tracy resented Dillon involving both Paul and Monica in her health issues, but Dillon insisted that he was concerned because Tracy refused to tell him what was going on. Dillon had decided to enlist Paul's help to force Tracy to open up. Tracy opted to lie by claiming that her seizure and the other symptoms had been a result of her abruptly stopping her antidepressants.

Dillon and Paul were surprised when Tracy told them that she had gone on antidepressants after things with Paul had ended, but she had felt better while on vacation and had stopped taking the medication. Tracy assured her son that everything would be fine because Dr. Mayes had decided to wean her off the medication and would send her home the following day. Dillon felt terrible for involving Paul but asked if his mother had seen the news reports about Paul's undercover work. Tracy insisted that it didn't matter because Paul was still a horrible human being, and she ordered Paul to leave. Hurt, Paul assured Tracy that he wished her well, and he left.

At the elevator, Paul asked if Dillon was okay. Dillon admitted that it had been a lot to deal with between Paul being a "hero" and Tracy being on antidepressants. Paul promised that he cared about Tracy and wanted updates about her health. Dillon pointed out that the doctor had figured things out, and the problem had been resolved, but Dillon's expression remained troubled as he and his father entered the elevator.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mayes returned to Tracy's hospital room to let her know that he had arranged for her to have an MRI. He offered to call her son, but Tracy declined and reminded him that she expected him to respect her wishes about keeping her condition between them.

Carly wants to commit Morgan for treatment

Carly wants to commit Morgan for treatment

Thursday, March 3, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Carly put the newspaper down as she listened to Sonny on the baby monitor, talking to Avery. He wanted to take Avery to visit Morgan after her nap because he was certain a visit from Avery would boost Morgan's spirits. Carly's expression clouded with concern as her thoughts drifted to Morgan's recent erratic behavior when she and Sonny had expressed concerns about Morgan not taking his medications. Moments later, Sonny entered the living room. Carly pushed the troubling memories away and asked how Avery was.

Sonny smiled with satisfaction as he admitted that it was like Avery had never left. Carly frowned, but changed the subject to let him know that she had made arrangements for his wheelchair to be donated and the contractor to remove all the ramps as quickly as possible. Carly coldly added that she knew how much Sonny had hated being confined to a wheelchair, but Sonny ignored the subtle reminder of his lie and told Carly that he would prefer to have the contractor focus on building a play structure for Avery. Carly reminded Sonny that Ava would fetch Avery as soon as Kiki was out of the Intensive Care Unit, but Sonny informed Carly that his daughter was home to stay.

Carly assured Sonny that she wanted Avery with them, but he had another child who desperately needed his attention because Morgan was in serious legal trouble for stealing Sonny's gun and trying to shoot someone. Sonny argued that the shooting had been self-defense and added that he had Diane working on it. As if on cue, Diane arrived to discuss Morgan's predicament with Sonny and Carly. Diane explained that she needed to persuade Paul not to press charges against Morgan, or Morgan would likely be convicted and sent to jail. Sonny refused to let his son go to jail, and Carly insisted that Morgan was innocent.

According to Diane, Paul needed a scapegoat because the sting operation had gone south when Dixon had shot both Kiki and a police officer as well as taken a church filled with people hostage. Diane explained that Morgan's interference and the fact that he was a Corinthos might be enough for Paul to proceed with charges. Carly was upset, but Diane assured Carly that not all hope was lost. Diane revealed that she might be able to use Morgan's mental condition to garner sympathy and persuade Paul to let Morgan off with probation if Sonny and Carly agreed to take legal responsibility for Morgan.

Sonny pointed out that Morgan was an adult, but Diane argued that Morgan had a serious mental illness that required treatment. Diane was confident that she could convince Paul to go along with her suggestion but warned Sonny and Carly that she needed their commitment and Morgan's cooperation. Sonny assured Diane that it wouldn't be a problem and thanked Diane. Carly waited until Diane left before admitting that she couldn't go along with the plans. Stunned, Sonny promised Carly that things would work out, but Carly disagreed because she and Sonny hadn't been able to keep Morgan on track when they'd had the chance.

Sonny realized that Carly blamed him and his lifestyle, but Carly insisted that they were both to blame because she had married Sonny knowing what his life was like and thinking that they could keep it from impacting their children. Carly admitted that Morgan's best option was for them to commit Morgan for treatment, but Sonny adamantly refused to send their son to a sanitarium.

In Morgan's hospital room, Morgan struggled against the straps securing each of his hands to the bed. Morgan's mood didn't improve when Michael arrived for a visit and asked how Morgan was feeling. Morgan complained about being confined to a bed, undergoing therapy, taking medications, and being abandoned by their parents. Michael assured Morgan that Morgan was foremost on their parents' minds and promised that Sonny would be by to visit Morgan soon. Morgan shifted gears to ask about Kiki, but Michael admitted that there hadn't been any change, and she remained in ICU.

Morgan continued to ooze hostility, which concerned Michael because he realized that his brother hadn't gotten any better. Morgan resented the accusation, but Michael pointed out that he'd found Morgan standing on the ledge of the hospital's roof. Morgan insisted that he'd merely stepped out for fresh air and that both Michael and Dr. Maddox had overreacted to the situation. Michael refused to let Morgan downplay the seriousness of the incident because Morgan had hallucinated that Kiki had been on the ledge with Morgan, and Morgan had been just one step away from jumping.

Morgan continued to deny that he'd intended to end his life but added that he was back on medications and planned to stay on them. Morgan was confident that everything would be fine and back to normal soon, but Michael explained that Morgan needed to face reality because Morgan had confessed at the police station to shooting at Dixon and faced attempted murder charges. Morgan refused to acknowledge what he had done and insisted that he just wanted to be with Kiki and tell her how sorry he was when she woke up. Morgan assured Michael that Sonny and Carly wouldn't let Morgan go to jail, especially since Morgan wasn't a criminal -- he was "just a kid with a condition."

Morgan appreciated Michael's concern, but Morgan finally realized the consequences of not taking the medications and vowed not to let the family down again. Moments later, Diane entered the room and greeted the brothers. She quickly outlined her plan to secure Morgan probation and asked if Morgan would agree to stay with Sonny and Carly and allow his parents to oversee his care. Morgan assured Diane that he would do whatever was necessary to stay out of jail. After Diane left, Morgan gloated that everything had worked out.

In Maxie and Nathan's apartment, Nina held up a squeaky toy and asked Maxie what it was. Maxie glanced up from the computer and identified it as one of Georgie's teething toys. Nina smiled as she wandered around the apartment, picking up various other baby items and asking Maxie about them. Maxie hid her frustration by politely suggesting that Maxie and Nina continue finalizing the latest edition of Crimson at the office, but Nina insisted that they continue working from the apartment because Nathan might wake up and need something. Maxie sighed and stood up to answer a knock at the door.

It was Franco. Maxie returned to the dining room table and continued to work as Nina greeted Franco and showed him a book to help potty train a child. Franco ignored the book as he explained that he had stopped by because he had received a strange phone call from the Gentle Heart Adoption Agency. Nina's eyes lit up as she asked if they were getting a baby, but Franco demanded to know why she had put in an application without discussing it with him first. Nina claimed that she had, but Franco assured her that she had not because they had agreed to focus on their relationship for a while before considering adding children to the mix. Nina insisted that Franco would be an amazing father because Kiki loved him and Elizabeth's son adored him.

Franco explained that the agency had made it clear that no one would entrust the care of a child to two "marginally rehabilitated mental patients" like Franco and Nina. Nina was certain that Franco had misunderstood and decided to call the agency herself. Franco realized that Nina would have to hear it for herself and announced that he had to get to the hospital. He invited Nina to join him for lunch, but Nina was hurt and told him that she was too busy with work. Franco gave her a quick but tender kiss and left. Meanwhile, Maxie had overheard the exchange and watched Nina with concern.

Later, Nina tried to focus on work, but Maxie knew Nina was still upset about the conversation with Franco. Maxie offered to listen if Nina wanted to talk, but Nina admitted that she'd never had a true girlfriend other than Madeline and a horse. Maxie quickly fixed them each a cup of coffee and returned to the living room to hand Nina a cup. Nina told Maxie about Franco's reluctance to be a father and admitted that perhaps Nina expected too much because her life was finally in a good place. Nina also wondered if she even deserved a second chance at motherhood. Maxie assured Nina that Nina was entitled to a second chance like everyone else, but Maxie was curious why Nina didn't have a biological child with Franco.

Nina explained that Britt had told Nina that Nina couldn't have children, but Maxie was astounded that Nina had taken Britt's word for it, since Britt was completely untrustworthy. Maxie urged Nina to get a second opinion. Nina smiled and thanked Maxie for the sage advice. After Nina left, Maxie called the printer to let him know that the latest edition of Crimson had been sent over. The man asked if she wanted the edition to have a green overlay again, but Maxie warned him not to repeat the mistake. After Maxie ended the call, she wondered why the printer had thought they'd want another green edition.

At Shriners Hospitals for Children, Elizabeth entered Jake's hospital room and announced that she had both bad and good news. She explained that his bicycle was beyond repair, but she quickly added that the doctors had agreed to discharge Jake, which meant they could go home later that day and pick out a new bicycle. Jake was thrilled about leaving the hospital. Elizabeth began to pack, and Jake wondered if he would have to return to school. Elizabeth reminded him that school was part of getting back to his life, but she told him that she wouldn't be surprised if a welcome home party would be waiting for him when he got home.

Jake's grin dimmed as he asked if Sam would be there. Elizabeth tried to remain chipper as she tactfully told him that she imagined a lot of people would be at the party. Jake perked up and wondered if Franco would be one of the guests. Elizabeth was surprised by her son's question, but Jake admitted that he enjoyed drawing with Franco. Elizabeth offered to sign her and Jake up for art classes, but Jake wanted to join one of Franco's classes. "We'll see," Elizabeth quietly answered.

Meanwhile, Franco approached the nurses' station to ask if he could visit Kiki. The nurse explained that Ava was with Kiki and only one visitor was permitted. Franco tried to persuade the nurse to make an exception for him, but she threatened to call in reinforcements if he disobeyed the rules and reminded him that Epiphany carried a Taser. After the nurse walked away, Franco's cell phone rang. It was a video call from Jake.

Franco smiled as he greeted Jake. Jake returned the smile and asked if Franco would be at Jake's welcome home party. Franco assured Jake that he would be, but he was curious when the party was. Jake didn't have any details and admitted that his parents weren't there to ask. Franco sensed something was troubling Jake and invited Jake to talk. Jake admitted that he was afraid to ride a bicycle again.

Franco assured Jake that Jake didn't have to ride a bicycle if Jake didn't want to, but Franco warned that Jake would be missing out on a lot of fun. Jake was skeptical, but Franco suggested that Jake's parents could help give Jake a refresher course.

In Sam's hotel room, Jason woke up on the sofa with Sam snuggled in his arms. She stirred next to him and opened her eyes as he quietly told her good morning. Sam passionately kissed Jason then pulled away to ask if he had slept well. Jason grinned as he nodded, but Sam was curious if he had dreamed about her because she had dreamed about him. Jason thought he was still dreaming and kissed her.

Sam reluctantly ended the kiss when she heard Danny stirring in the next room. Jason decided to go to his hotel room, freshen up, and relieve Elizabeth at the hospital. Sam walked him to the door, but they both stopped short when they encountered Elizabeth in the hallway on her way to Jason's room. Elizabeth tensed when Jason explained that he had spent the night in Sam's hotel room after tucking Danny in for the night, but she pasted on a smile and told Jason that Jake was scheduled to go home later that day. Jason was delighted by the good news.

Later, Jason returned to Sam's hotel room to invite her and Danny to go with him to the hospital. Sam was reluctant to get in Elizabeth's way and make things difficult for Jason and Elizabeth, but Jason reminded Sam that they were all connected to each other through their children and would eventually have to get used to it. Sam agreed and took him up on the offer to go to the hospital.

At Shriners, a nurse wheeled Jake to his hospital room as Jake talked about how great the playroom was. Jake and the nurse were startled when Franco suddenly appeared riding a bicycle, which Franco promptly crashed. Franco was sprawled out on the ground as the nurse asked if Franco was okay, but Franco smiled and wondered if Jake liked the new bicycle.

Elizabeth arrived as Jake raved about the gift from Franco. She approached Franco and her son, greeted Franco, and then asked the nurse to take Jake back to Jake's hospital room. After Jake left, Franco explained that Jake had called Franco earlier and mentioned the broken bicycle. Franco had wanted to see Jake smile and had decided to surprise the young boy with a present. Elizabeth appreciated the sweet gesture, but she was reluctant to accept it. Franco asked about Jason, but she admitted that Jason wasn't there.

Franco couldn't imagine what Jason could be doing that was more important than being with Jake. Franco sensed someone standing behind him and turned. "That explains it," Franco said when he saw Jason and Sam. Sam made a snide remark about Franco finally having a "big boy bike," but Franco clarified that the bicycle was for Jake. Jason immediately objected and ordered Franco to leave. Elizabeth resented Jason barking orders because she was as entitled as Jason to have a friend there. The nurse returned with Jake, who was excited to see his father and tell Jason about the present from Franco.

Sam tactfully suggested that Jake join Danny in the playroom, prompting the nurse to wheel Jake away. Meanwhile, Franco thanked Elizabeth for referring to him as her friend, but she insisted that she had meant that he was Jake's friend. Franco grinned because he didn't believe her, but Jason wanted to know what Elizabeth wanted to do with the bicycle. Elizabeth decided that Jake should keep it and left to fetch Jake's bags.

In Port Charles, Nina approached the nurses' station to ask for Franco. Nina was surprised when the nurse told her that Franco had taken the day off to visit Elizabeth and Jake in Philadelphia.

Morgan is committed to a sanitarium

Morgan is committed to a sanitarium

Friday, March 4, 2016

At the Floating Rib, Maxie sat down and admitted that Lulu looked good. Lulu jokingly attributed her glow to hypothermia, but Maxie was eager to hear about Dante and Lulu's relationship and asked if Lulu's brush with death had made Lulu reconsider the divorce. Maxie dropped a stack of mail on the table for Lulu but was disappointed when Lulu mentioned moving to Wyndemere instead of returning home with Dante. Maxie acknowledged that Dante had hurt Lulu, but saving Lulu's life should have counted for something. Lulu assured Maxie that it had and told Maxie about the moments after Lulu had lost the battle to stay afloat.

Lulu revealed that all the happy moments she had shared with Dante and Rocco had flashed before her eyes, but Lulu admitted that she still couldn't get past her fear that Dante might cheat again. Maxie reminded Lulu that Lulu had taken a leap of faith to marry Dante even though Lulu had been afraid of losing a husband in the line of duty. Maxie implored Lulu to find the strength to do the same again for the sake of the marriage. Lulu remained plagued with doubts, but Maxie reiterated that Lulu should take a leap of faith for the man Lulu loved. Lulu flipped through the mail and tensed when she saw an envelope.

Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she opened it and read the document inside -- it was a finalized divorce decree. Lulu wept and took off the wedding ring as she told Maxie that the marriage was officially over. Maxie advised Lulu to tear up the divorce decree, go to Dante, and let him put the rings back on Lulu's finger. Lulu thought it was easy for Maxie to say because Maxie had someone who had never lied to her, but Maxie told Lulu about Claudette and admitted that she was certain that Claudette had been someone important to Nathan. Lulu threw Maxie's advice back in Maxie's face by urging Maxie to trust Nathan.

Meanwhile, Dante stopped by Maxie and Nathan's apartment with BLTs from Kelly's. Nathan revealed that Maxie was out and invited his friend to sit. Dante handed Nathan one of the food containers as Nathan asked about Lulu. Dante admitted that he hadn't heard from Lulu since she had left the hospital and moved to Wyndemere. Nathan was surprised when Dante pulled out the finalized divorce decree and showed it to Nathan.

Dante thought Lulu had been ready to work on their marriage after nearly drowning, but she hadn't reached out to him. Nathan advised Dante not to jump to conclusions and encouraged him to call Lulu. Nathan was certain Lulu would surprise Dante. Dante conceded that Nathan had made an excellent point and stood to leave, but he suddenly stopped as he pulled on his jacket because he realized that Nathan was trying to get rid of him the way Nathan had the previous evening. Dante sensed something was troubling Nathan and pushed for an answer until Nathan confessed to lying to Maxie.

Nathan told Dante about the incident in the hospital when Nathan had mentioned Claudette's name. Dante was curious why Nathan had lied about an ex to Maxie, but Nathan claimed that he'd been reluctant to get into an argument with Maxie before the wedding when she'd found the glove in his pocket. Dante advised Nathan to be honest with Maxie and left.

Later, Maxie arrived home with a prescription for Nathan. He confessed that he had something to tell her, but she stopped him because she knew it was about Claudette. Maxie assured Nathan that she understood that he'd had a past, and he wasn't obligated to explain things if he didn't want to because she loved him and trusted their love for each other.

At the loft, Dante sat on the sofa, looked at the divorce decree, and slowly took off his wedding band. He pulled out his phone to call Lulu, but someone knocked on the door. It was Lulu.

In Kiki's hospital room, Ava sat at her daughter's bedside and tearfully wondered if Kiki would ever return to her. Ava admitted that it was her fault that Kiki had been shot because Kiki wouldn't have been in the line of fire if Ava had gone to prison for killing Connie and taken her punishment. Ava apologized to Kiki and vowed to do whatever was necessary to get Kiki to wake up.

Later, Ava saw her brother standing in the hallway. Ava quickly ran into Julian's waiting arms and smiled with gratitude when he assured her that everything would be okay. After the hug, Julian offered to take care of Avery until Kiki was out of the hospital, but Ava admitted that she had sent Avery home with Sonny because the nanny had been called out of town on a family emergency. Julian was alarmed, but Ava assured him that everything would be fine because it was a temporary situation and Sonny loved Avery. Plus, Ava was certain it was what Kiki would have wanted.

Julian suspected that Ava was trying to "rack up points" with God to ensure that Kiki pulled through. Ava was certain Julian would do the same thing if their roles had been reversed and Sam, Lucas, or Leo had been in the hospital bed. Julian admitted she was right but shifted gears to question her about Dixon and her connection to the arms syndicate. Ava stuck to her cover story that she had been working with Paul and had an immunity deal from the Justice Department.

Julian was stunned that Ava had never mentioned it before, but she thought the less her brother knew, the better. Julian warned Ava that the men Dixon and Raj worked for could cause trouble, especially if they knew that she had worked with the Feds. Ava was curious how a law-abiding businessman like Julian knew about the arms dealers. Julian explained that he had heard about Dixon and Raj years earlier but added that it wasn't the time to discuss it because they had to focus on Kiki.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny refused to discuss committing Morgan to a psychiatric facility for treatment because he was confident that he and Carly could take care of their son. Carly disagreed and insisted that Morgan needed to be in a medical facility. Sonny reminded Carly that he knew what Morgan had been going through because Sonny had been there himself and had lived with bipolar disorder every day of his life. Carly argued that Sonny had found a way to manage the disease, while Morgan continued to flounder and needed a safe environment where he could be monitored and properly treated.

Sonny assured Carly that things were better because Morgan was back on medication, but she reminded Sonny how Morgan had resented them for keeping tabs on him and had preyed on their guilt when they had questioned if Morgan had stopped taking the medications. Carly added that they couldn't guarantee that Morgan wouldn't stop taking the medications again, and she refused to put another innocent person or Morgan at risk again. Sonny became choked up with emotion as he explained that he could never put Morgan in a room with four walls because it would suck the soul out of Morgan.

Carly gently reminded Sonny that Sonny's claustrophobia stemmed from his own terrible past when his stepfather Deke had locked Sonny in a closet before beating Sonny. However, she insisted that Morgan had a loving family, but Sonny argued that a loving father would never put his son in an institution. Carly begged Sonny not to project his own fears onto Morgan because they needed to do what was best for their son. They continued to argue about what was best for Morgan until Diane sent Sonny a text message asking Sonny and Carly to meet her at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Andre entered Morgan's hospital room. Morgan was in an upbeat mood as he joked about not being able to shake Andre's hand because of the restraints. Morgan asked about Kiki, but Andre didn't have anything to report except that she hadn't regained consciousness. Morgan was certain that everything would be fine, but Andre was curious what had inspired Morgan's optimistic mood. Morgan told Andre about Diane's efforts to get Morgan out of the hospital and back home by the end of the day.

Surprised, Andre asked what Morgan intended to do once Morgan was out of the hospital. Morgan explained that he would focus all his energy on Kiki and helping her recuperate. Andre's expression clouded with concern as Morgan rambled about being the best boyfriend in the world to Kiki and celebrating his freedom. Morgan suggested that Andre help speed things up by removing the restraints, but Andre explained that he couldn't. Andre reminded Morgan that Morgan had a long way to go before Morgan was back on track, but Morgan insisted that he'd worked everything out and was back on medication.

Andre carefully explained that they needed to wait for the medications to take effect in case the dosage needed to be adjusted because Morgan was not himself. Morgan became defensive as he asked who the real Morgan Corinthos was. Morgan wondered if it was the person who had faced down gunrunners to protect Sonny's territory, the guy who had caught Kiki when she had taken a bullet for Morgan, or the person who had contemplated jumping off the ledge of the hospital's roof. Andre pointed out that each of the incidents had occurred while Morgan had been in the grips of the disease, but Morgan became belligerent and accused Andre of playing God by trying to find the right combination of medications to make Morgan's personality acceptable.

Andre patiently clarified that the medications were intended to treat the illness, so Morgan could have control over his own life instead of the illness controlling Morgan. Morgan's temper flared because he despised the medications. Andre broached the subject of why Morgan had stopped taking the medications. Morgan went on a tirade about the side effects making it impossible for him to be intimate with Kiki, which had prompted Morgan to have sex with another girl to prove to himself that he was still a man. Morgan realized that he had hurt Kiki, but she had still gone to the pier to help him.

Andre conceded that it was clear that Kiki cared deeply for Morgan. Morgan explained that he needed Kiki to wake up and walk again because Morgan wanted her to have the best life possible. According to Morgan, it was the only way to make things right. Morgan suddenly asked to visit Kiki. Andre admitted that a visit might be beneficial to both Morgan and Kiki. Relieved, Morgan promised that he was turning things around and getting better.

Moments later, Sonny, Carly, and then Diane entered. Morgan was happy to see everyone, but Diane revealed that she didn't have good news. Andre stood to the side and observed as Diane explained that Paul had refused to drop the charges against Morgan because the district attorney needed someone to blame for the fiasco. However, Diane quickly added that there were two options available. Morgan tensed when Diane told everyone that Paul had agreed to consider probation if Morgan was committed to a facility for treatment.

Morgan immediately rejected the idea and asked what his other option was. Diane admitted that they could take their chances with a jury. Morgan quickly insisted on having his day in court, but Diane warned Morgan that it was an uphill battle, and he could end up in jail. Carly added that Morgan had fired a gun with the intent to kill, but Morgan explained that it had been justified because he had been protecting his father's territory from arms dealers and defending himself when Dixon had made a threatening move.

Morgan was certain that the jury would see that he was a good guy, but Carly feared the worst. Morgan became increasingly agitated and ranted until Sonny suddenly shouted for Morgan to stop. "No more," Sonny added. Morgan was certain that Sonny was on his side and asked his father for help, but Sonny admitted that Morgan needed continued professional treatment. Stunned, Morgan insisted he was getting better and asked Andre to back him up. Andre admitted that it was clear that Morgan didn't have a full grasp the situation.

Outraged, Morgan informed everyone that no one had the power to commit him, but Diane clarified that Morgan was wrong if he was deemed a danger to himself or others. Morgan implored Diane to help him, but Diane admitted that Sonny and Carly had an excellent case. Diane supported Sonny and Carly's decision because she had known Morgan since he was a child and wanted the best for him. Morgan was furious and began to yell, but Andre calmly assured Morgan that everything would be fine because Andre had made arrangements for Morgan to go to the Freedman Clinic.

"You son of a bitch," Morgan shouted and accused Andre of plotting against him. Diane quietly asked if Sonny wanted her to draw up the necessary papers. "Yeah," Sonny answered as Morgan's eyes rounded with disbelief. Morgan fired Diane and pleaded with his father to help, but Sonny's eyes filled with tears as he shook his head. Morgan angrily ranted about his parents favoring Michael and betraying Morgan. Carly gently reminded her son that she'd spent time in a sanitarium and had emerged a much stronger person. She promised that it wouldn't last forever, but Morgan continued to rant and disowned his parents.

At Andre's urging, Sonny and Carly left, but Morgan continued to spew venom. After the anger died down, Morgan asked if Andre would at least honor his promise to arrange a visit with Kiki.

Outside Kiki's hospital room, Julian wondered how Kiki had ended up on the piers. Ava's temper flared as she blamed Morgan, who had suffered a psychotic break and had called Kiki for help. Moments later, Andre, Morgan, and an orderly walked up. Andre introduced himself then explained that Morgan had a request. Morgan begged to visit Kiki, but Julian immediately objected. Morgan explained that he was headed to a psychiatric facility for treatment and had no idea when -- or if -- he'd see Kiki again.

Andre promised to stay with Morgan, but Julian didn't care. Ava reluctantly conceded that Kiki loved Morgan deeply despite all the times he'd hurt her daughter. She hoped that Morgan could reach Kiki and agreed to the visit. Moments later, Morgan took Kiki's hand and kissed it. He tearfully apologized and explained that he had to go away and had no idea when he would see her again. Morgan begged Kiki to fight and get better because she deserved to have a big life and a more deserving boyfriend.

Morgan told Kiki that he loved her and always would. After one final kiss, Morgan followed Andre out the door. Moments later, Kiki's eyes slowly drifted open as she whispered Morgan's name.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny handed Carly a drink as she admitted that sending Morgan to a facility for treatment had been the hardest thing they had ever done. Sonny agreed, but he knew it had been the right decision because he had seen the "manic" building in Morgan's eyes. Sonny realized that nothing had registered with Morgan, which had terrified Sonny because Morgan had been far removed from reality. Carly promised Sonny that it wouldn't last because their son would get better. Sonny wanted to believe that, but he couldn't get the sound of Morgan's pleading not to be sent away out of his head. Sonny feared that Morgan would never forgive them.

Carly reminded Sonny that they hadn't had a choice because things had to change, since Morgan hadn't been able to manage the medications. Carly also pointed out that Morgan would have continued to follow Sonny around and fight his way into Sonny's world because Morgan was desperate to be like Sonny. Sonny wondered what happened next for Sonny and Carly because they had never discussed Sonny's lies and the gun shipments. Carly was startled when Sonny asked if she intended to leave him.

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