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Anna told Jordan about Carlos' shooting and Kyle's murder. Michael and Felix went to Puerto Rico to search for Sabrina. Maxie accepted Nathan's proposal. Carlos agreed to let Alexis represent him. Tracy received good news.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 18, 2016 on GH
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Nina informed Franco that she'd had a discussion with Nathan that had helped her make "a decision about us." Nina explained that, when she'd found out she couldn't have children, Franco had looked relieved. She apologized for "jumping" on him but reasoned that her mother had taken away her baby, twenty years of her life, and the ability to have any children at all. She didn't want to be a "loser" again, so she'd decided to stay with Franco.

Franco was relieved as Nina explained that Nathan had basically pointed out Nina's hypocrisy in getting angry at Franco for being dishonest, but not being completely honest herself. All she'd wanted was Franco, a baby, and a career, but she'd figured out that "two out of three ain't bad." She realized that she was lucky to be alive, to have Franco, and to have her job. Franco promised to show her that they could have a fulfilling life, just the two of them. Nina proposed that they "start now."

Nina suggested that she and Franco take a "tropical, private" vacation together and head to the airport because "I booked it!" Franco countered that they couldn't leave Kiki alone while she was recovering because she was "still a kid." Nina realized that Franco didn't want a child with Nina because Kiki was all he needed. Nina gathered her things and got up to go. He asked her not to leave, and she challenged him to give her a reason to stay. He begged her to stay. Knowing that he wouldn't be going on vacation with her, she stormed out. "I'll send you a postcard," she said and slammed the door.

A short while later, Franco left Nina a message. He apologized for not being there, and he expressed his sorrow that she wasn't there with him. He begged her not to give up on their relationship and assured her that he would be waiting for her when she got home.

Nathan rambled about not having a ring, but he kneeled in front of Maxie, grabbed her hand, and asked her to marry him. "Oh, my God, it's him," Griffin said in disbelief, observing from across the room. Nathan assured Maxie that the proposal was real, and he was waiting for her answer. She looked around and caught sight of Griffin. She pulled Nathan up on to his feet and dragged him over to say hello. She introduced the men, who awkwardly shook hands.

Nathan thanked Griffin for taking care of Maxie when she'd sprained her ankle. She informed Nathan that Griffin was Duke's son, and Nathan commented that Griffin should be at peace knowing that Duke's murderer would face justice. "One way or another," Maxie remarked. She explained that Carlos had made a lot of "powerful enemies" who would certainly "get him" if the D.A. didn't. Griffin excused himself to get back to the hospital, and he left.

Maxie and Nathan headed back to their table, and Nathan observed that there seemed to be "something off" about Griffin. Maxie hinted that Nathan had been rude, but he thought he'd earned the right after not getting an answer to his proposal. He gently told her that it was all right if she didn't want to marry him. She admitted that the proposal felt "less about me and more about you getting over your ex-wife." He confessed that she was correct in her assumption.

Nathan explained that he'd thought about all the time he'd wasted with Claudette, someone who hadn't wanted him. He felt that no minute was wasted when he was with Maxie, and that they had something real. "I say yes," Maxie said suddenly. Nathan jumped up and kissed her.

A short while later, Nathan and Maxie were drinking Champagne at the bar when Nina arrived. She wondered what they were celebrating. The two broke the news, and Nina happily hugged both of them. Nathan handed her a glass of Champagne, and the three toasted. "At least someone's happy," Nina said into her glass.

Max led Kristina into Sonny's office, and she was curious as to why Sonny had asked to see her. She wondered if Max had told Sonny what he'd found out at her school. He assured her that some of the "specific details" weren't important, but he advised her that Sonny loved her no matter what. Sonny appeared, and he was talking on the phone. He ended the call when he saw Kristina. Max left the room, and Sonny revealed that he wanted to talk to Kristina about her future.

Sonny thought that Kristina should be more in "financial control" of her education, so he suggested that she take the open office job at his coffee warehouse. He assured her that Alexis was fully on board. She'd thought that it would help Sonny and Kristina get to know each other better. He wanted an open and honest relationship with his daughter. "There's something you need to know," she related.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Max announced that Griffin was there. Kristina took the chance to take her leave. She promised that she would talk to Sonny later. He wondered what she had planned to say. "I like tea more than coffee," she said with a smirk. Griffin appeared, and Sonny introduced the two. Kristina left, and Max left Griffin alone with Sonny.

Griffin appreciated Sonny returning Carlos to Port Charles alive. He didn't want any more blood spilled in Duke's name. He wondered what Sonny would do if Carlos were set free. He wanted assurance that Sonny wouldn't harm Carlos. Sonny countered that he couldn't control anyone else who wanted to harm Carlos. Griffin left, and Sonny instructed Max to get the car so that Sonny could run an "errand."

On the phone with Carlos, Julian asked what Carlos had said to the police. "You'll find out when you get here," Carlos replied. He added that Julian should "bring a good lawyer." Carlos summarized the deal he'd been offered, and Julian demanded that Carlos not "breathe a word to anyone." Carlos didn't want to help Paul, but he needed to go free. Julian understood and hung up.

Alexis read the headline of the newspaper, which read, "Alleged Mob Hitman Brought to Heel." There was a knock on the door, and Alexis opened it to Sam. Alexis updated Sam on the news. Sam wondered what Alexis planned to do. Alexis wanted to stand by Julian, but she couldn't bear the thought of losing him because of a past mistake. Julian arrived home and asked to talk to Alexis alone, so Sam left.

Julian told Alexis about the deal Carlos had been given and thought that Carlos needed a lawyer who could convince him not to take the deal. Alexis wondered what sane lawyer would do that. "You," he answered. She argued against it, citing that she could be disbarred. He explained that Carlos needed the best defense so that neither of the men went to jail. Alexis wasn't happy about it, but she decided to take the case in order to save Julian.

Later, Julian was talking about a "contingency plan" on the phone when Sonny appeared on the pier. "Don't stop on my account," Sonny taunted when Julian became silent. Just then, Max tackled Julian and patted him down. He found only Julian's phone and wallet, which Sonny instructed Max to hold on to. "He won't need them," Sonny joked. He directed Max to take Julian to the car because Julian was "going for a ride."

Alexis appeared in the interrogation room at the police station. "I'm here to defend you," she said unhappily. He thanked her, but she advised him to thank Julian instead.

Sam and Kristina met in the park. Kristina informed Sam that she was enjoying her last day of freedom, because Sonny had hired her at the warehouse. Sam enthusiastically congratulated her sister and was happy that Kristina would have a chance to bond with Sonny. "We could if he doesn't find out about Parker," Kristina said. To Sam's confusion, Kristina replied that, "he doesn't know Parker is a woman."

Sam hugged Kristina, in disbelief that Kristina could leave out the best part. Sam knew that was why Kristina had been avoiding Sonny and advised her that Sonny was actually a very accepting and understanding man. Kristina didn't think there was a point in telling him when "I can't even answer my own questions," and she had no idea how to figure things out. "Duh, go out and get some experience!" Sam advised her sister.

Sam continued that Kristina couldn't learn anything by sitting at home. She had to go out and meet people. Changing the subject, Kristina noticed that something was different about Sam. "Sex!" she finally exclaimed. "How was it with Jason this time?" she asked her sister. An amazed Sam finally admitted that she had "no complaints." She asked that Kristina not tell Molly, because it wasn't a big deal, and she and Jason still had a lot to figure out. Kristina wasn't worried, because she thought Sam and Jason could handle anything. "So can you," Sam said.

Paul thought that Carlos should take the deal he'd been offered and testify against Julian. Jordan advised him to focus more on his own "legal quandary." She was happy to finally be able to say, "I'm busting you, Hornsby." Paul, Jordan, and Anna went into Jordan's office, and he suggested that Jordan take some personal days because he believed "the stress is getting to you." She believed that he'd aided and abetted Carlos and promised to have Paul in custody soon.

Paul reminded Jordan that she had no proof, but Anna had helped her prove that the body pulled from the harbor had actually been Kyle. "Is that all?" Paul wondered. Jordan replied that she had more evidence. "She has me," Anna stated. Anna explained how she'd proven the body had been Kyle's by way of a DNA test. Jordan wondered about a motive. "I have Paul's words," Anna replied.

Anna told Jordan that Paul had confessed when she'd confronted him. She explained that Kyle had raped Paul's daughter, and Paul had killed Kyle to avenge Susan. Carlos had seen the murder, which was why Paul had helped Carlos. She thought it would all be pieced together once they had Carlos' and Susan's statements. Paul screamed that, as the D.A., he wouldn't allow it and to leave his daughter out of it.

Jordan informed Paul that there would be no choice once his charges were made public. Mayor Lomax would fire him, and he would be prosecuted along with Carlos. Paul reminded her that, if he were prosecuted, Anna would be as well. Jordan knew she couldn't arrest only one of them, so she decided to arrest them both. She asked who wanted to go first. "Me," Anna said. "I'm willing to face the consequences." Jordan warned Paul that he was next, and she read Anna her rights.

Paul declares that he's in love with Anna Paul declares that he's in love with Anna

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Franco paced in the living room and picked up a book as he ranted about how Nina had expected him to be a mature and normal person, yet she'd become angry when he'd insisted on staying home to take care of Kiki rather than going on a romantic getaway with Nina. Franco threw the book in frustration but immediately regretted it when Kiki appeared in the doorway. He apologized because he knew loud noises made her jumpy, but Kiki was concerned about him and invited him to talk. Franco joined Kiki on the sofa as he told her about his argument with Nina when he had referred to Kiki as his child.

Franco admitted that lately it seemed as if he and Nina couldn't say anything without it turning into a fight. Franco rushed to assure Kiki that she wasn't the problem and promised that she was welcome to stay as long as she needed, but Kiki was curious where Nina was. Franco confessed that he had no idea, but he was certain that Nina would return soon. Kiki agreed because she knew that Nina genuinely loved Franco. Kiki invited Franco to watch television with her, but he declined because he had to work a late shift at the hospital.

Franco offered to call out from work, but Kiki assured him that it wasn't necessary because she knew that she was safe at the apartment. After Franco left, Kiki was startled when she suddenly heard sirens blare in the street. She ran to the window and talked herself down from a panic attack as she reached for her cell phone to call Morgan. Kiki was forced to leave a message with the nurse because of the late hour. Kiki wrapped her arms around herself as she repeatedly told herself that she was okay and safe.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina ordered a martini and requested that it be served in the largest glass available. Moments later, Dillon walked up and smiled when he saw Nina. He explained that he'd been working late and had stopped by for dinner, but he was curious why she was at the bar instead of on vacation. Nina's expression clouded with sadness as the bartender returned with a "jumbo" martini. Nina insisted that Dillon join her for a drink and ordered a second jumbo martini.

A short time later, Dillon advised Nina to slow down as she chugged her martini through a straw. Nina slurred that she had no one to go home to because she was carefree, childless, and infertile, but she quickly shifted gears and announced that she and Dillon would pull an all-nighter at Crimson. Dillon helped steady Nina as she swayed on her feet. She complained that the floor was uneven and dangerous, but Dillon gently guided her to the elevator.

Later, Dillon helped Nina into her apartment. She thanked him for taking her home as he led her to the sofa. Nina dragged Dillon down with her and cuddled next to him, so he jumped up to offer to make her coffee or tea. Nina appreciated how sweet Dillon was and reached up to pull off his shirt, which she threw behind her on the sofa. Dillon tried to pry Nina off of him as she attempted to kiss him, but the drink finally caught up with her, and she passed out. Dillon leaned over Nina's unconscious body and desperately pulled at his shirt, but it was stuck under her. He glanced up when he heard a noise and saw a grinning Kiki standing in the doorway.

Dillon feared that Kiki would get the wrong impression, but she assured him that he had nothing to worry about because she had heard Dillon and Nina's conversation. Kiki thanked Dillon for taking care of Nina and for making certain that Nina made it home safely. Dillon realized the only way to get his shirt out from under Nina was to carry Nina to bed. He quickly hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom. After he returned, Kiki smiled and handed him the shirt.

Dillon admitted that he hoped Nina was too drunk to remember what had happened because he knew that it had been out of character and would horrify her. Dillon apologized for waking Kiki, but she confessed that she hadn't been able to sleep. Dillon offered to make her some tea, but she declined. Dillon appeared on the verge of saying more, but Kiki's phone rang. It was Morgan, so Dillon quietly left.

At the nurses' station, Liesl informed Finn that they didn't have anything scheduled for him since he had failed to attend the lecture. She added that his temporary privileges at the hospital had expired, and he no longer had patients to treat. After Liesl walked away, Carly approached to ask for Finn's help. Carly explained that she was looking for her brother because Josslyn had a rash that Carly was concerned about. Finn admitted that Lucas had left for dinner with Brad, but Finn offered to take a look at Josslyn.

Later, Finn checked Josslyn's throat and asked about the rash. Carly revealed that Josslyn had complained of a sore throat the previous week and had seemed tired recently. Finn was confident that Josslyn had "Fifth Disease," which he assured Carly was a common childhood ailment, which would clear up on its own. Carly was relieved, but Finn explained that he would run some blood tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Liesl laughed when Franco accidently dropped a batch of drawings. She made a joke about him throwing his own ticker-tape parade, but Franco explained that he had just been looking for the dumpster. Concerned, Liesl asked what was wrong with the drawings. Franco explained that he had attempted art therapy on himself, but it had been a failure. Liesl and Franco sat down on a nearby bench as Franco filled Liesl in about his argument with Nina.

Liesl suggested that perhaps Nina needed a "Kiki" of her own, but Franco reminded Liesl that Nina couldn't get pregnant. Liesl clarified that Nina might find fulfillment by donating her time to helping others or animals.

Moments later, Liesl spotted Finn as Carly explained that she and Josslyn would wait for the results of the blood tests. Liesl was livid, but Carly defended Finn by revealing that Finn had diagnosed Josslyn with Fifth Disease. Carly was surprised when Finn agreed that Liesl had every right to be angry and asked Carly to wait in the exam room with Josslyn. After Carly left, Liesl accused Finn of flaunting the rules to play the hero, but Finn insisted that Carly had been concerned about Josslyn. Liesl made it clear that the only way Finn would treat another patient in the hospital was over Liesl's dead body.

Across town, Julian questioned if it had been necessary to drag him to Sonny's office. Max stood guard as Sonny explained that it was time to talk. Sonny bragged that he'd apprehended Carlos and returned Carlos to the United States to face charges. Julian sarcastically wondered if Sonny was in the bounty hunter business, but Sonny warned Julian that Carlos would soon roll on Julian. Julian was curious why he was really there. Sonny admitted that he didn't want Alexis, Kristina, or anyone else he cared about to get hurt because of Julian.

Sonny demanded to know if Julian had ordered Carlos to shoot Sonny in the warehouse, but Julian reminded Sonny that Carlos hadn't worked for Julian for a long time because Julian had left the organization. Julian suspected that Sonny's real issue was resentment because Julian had done what Sonny had never been able to do by putting family ahead of the mob. Julian struck a nerve as Sonny angrily slammed down a letter opener between Julian's fingers on the desk. Julian refused to cower to the intimidation tactic, so Sonny resorted to threats. Sonny reminded Julian that Danny no longer needed Julian's bone marrow because Jason was alive, but Julian continued to hold his ground.

Sonny made it clear that Julian was still alive because of Alexis, but Sonny vowed to kill Julian if anything happened to Carlos. Julian decided the meeting was over and left. Sonny ordered Max to keep Julian under constant surveillance because Sonny was certain that Julian would do anything to "save his own ass."

In the interrogation room, Alexis confirmed that Julian had sent her to represent Carlos. Carlos was pleased until Alexis advised Carlos not to take Paul's deal. Carlos accused Alexis of being more concerned about Julian than Carlos, but Alexis calmly explained that plea bargains weren't always ironclad. Alexis pointed out that Anna wanted both Julian and Carlos to pay for Duke's murder, which meant that the district attorney was not to be trusted. Carlos realized that Alexis had a point but wondered if she could secure him an acquittal.

Alexis conceded that it would be difficult. However, Alexis explained that the case against Carlos was circumstantial, which was why Paul had offered Carlos a deal. Carlos didn't want to risk spending the rest of his life in jail, but Alexis warned Carlos that accepting the plea deal wouldn't safeguard Carlos because Sonny would make certain that Carlos never left jail. Carlos agreed and accepted Alexis' offer. Carlos admitted that he was relieved because he'd been reluctant to roll on Julian. Alexis advised Carlos not to talk to anyone without her, and she left.

A short time later, Alexis met Julian at Metro Court Restaurant. She assured him that she had met with Carlos. Julian thanked her, but she insisted that it wasn't necessary because she refused to allow Carlos to ruin their lives by testifying against Julian. Alexis reminded Julian that she had chosen to spend the rest of her life with him and would do whatever was necessary to protect what they had.

In the squad room, Mayor Janice Lomax marched up to Jordan and demanded answers about Paul's arrest. Jordan revealed that they had DNA evidence that the body retrieved from the harbor had been Kyle Sloane, but Janice wasn't satisfied and wanted to know what else Jordan had to justify Paul's arrest. Jordan carefully explained that Paul had confessed to Anna, but Janice was outraged that Jordan had accepted the word of someone who was in jail for attempted murder. Jordan assured Janice that the investigation was ongoing and that an APB had been issued for the missing assistant medical examiner who would confirm that Paul had ordered Kyle's body to be misidentified as Carlos. Janice was furious and ordered Jordan to release Paul from jail.

In lockup, Paul was livid that he was in jail and that he had had lost the respect of the police officers. In the jail cell across from Paul's, Anna told Paul that he'd never had anyone's respect. Paul ignored the insult and smiled with satisfaction because he was confident that Carlos would take the deal. Anna admitted that she didn't care as long as Carlos testified against Julian and both men went to jail for killing Duke. Paul reminded Anna that she could end up in jail, but Anna assured Paul that she was prepared to face the consequences of her actions.

Paul vowed that Anna would not go to jail any more than Paul would. Paul was determined to get both him and Anna out of the mess she had made, but Anna was curious why Paul cared about her fate. Paul told her that he admired her respect for the law, but Anna was certain there was more to it and kept pushing for an answer until Paul blurted out that he was in love with Anna. Anna scoffed, but Paul was surprised that she hadn't picked up on his feelings during their many passionate arguments. Paul insisted that she'd had a profound affect on him because they were kindred spirits, since she had shot Carlos for the same reason that he had killed Kyle -- revenge.

Anna made it clear that she loathed Paul and that the difference between them was that she owned her crimes, while Paul did not. She resented him blackmailing her and told him that she had only ever been a reluctant co-conspirator. Paul and Anna looked up when Janice arrived to collect Paul. Paul smiled at Anna as he followed Janice out. A short time later, Carlos was escorted into lockup and placed in Paul's recently vacated jail cell.

In the squad room, Janice stepped away to take care of some paperwork to process Paul's release, and Jordan approached Paul. Jordan warned Paul that the investigation would continue until Jordan had what she needed to send Paul to jail, but Paul flashed a smug smile and told her that justice would prevail.

Sam has a disturbing nightmare Sam has a disturbing nightmare> Sam has a disturbing nightmare Sam has a disturbing nightmare

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Outside Dante's loft, Michael called Felix with an update on Sabrina. Michael admitted that all he knew was that Sabrina and the baby were in Puerto Rico, but Michael was concerned. Felix assured Michael that Carlos wouldn't hurt Sabrina or the baby. Michael was skeptical, but he hoped that Sabrina reached out to someone when she heard about Carlos' arrest. Felix promised to let Michael know if Sabrina called.

After the call, Michael knocked on Dante's door. Dante invited Michael in but warned his brother that Lulu was on her way over. Michael smiled knowingly as he noticed the lit candles and bottle of wine. Dante insisted that he'd merely been cleaning up, but Michael just grinned. Dante changed the subject by asking why Michael had stopped by. Michael explained that he wanted to know if Carlos had said anything about Sabrina and the baby.

Dante shook his head, but he warned Michael to be careful if Michael decided to go after Sabrina. Michael was surprised when Dante mentioned Anna's confession and subsequent arrest.

At the hospital, Griffin overheard Felix on the phone, talking about Carlos. After the call, Griffin admitted that Felix had been the first person that Griffin had met who'd had something nice to say about Carlos. Felix told Griffin about Sabrina and her pregnancy but made it clear that Felix thought Carlos was a vicious and violent killer. Felix was also concerned about his best friend because Sabrina had cut off all contact shortly after disappearing with Carlos. Felix was shocked when Griffin told Felix about Griffin's connection to Duke.

Griffin admitted that he had taken the job at the hospital, hoping to meet people who had known his father, but he had never imagined that he'd also meet his father's killers. Moments later, Michael walked up to talk to Felix. Michael greeted Griffin and added that he was sorry to hear about Anna's arrest. Michael quickly realized that Felix and Griffin hadn't heard the news and filled them in about Anna's confession and arrest.

After Griffin left, Felix admitted that it was baffling that Anna had been arrested. Michael agreed that it didn't make sense, since Carlos was obviously alive, but Michael was more concerned about Sabrina's safety because she had either been forced to leave with Carlos, or she had aided and abetted Carlos. Michael wanted to get to Sabrina before the authorities and decided to start his search for her in Puerto Rico. Felix insisted on going with Michael.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Laura was pleasantly surprised when she spotted her daughter. Lulu greeted her mother and added that Lulu had dropped off Rocco with Olivia to spend the night while Lulu and Dante worked on a few more relationship exercises. Laura noticed that Lulu was dressed up and smiled knowingly, but Lulu quickly clarified that the therapist had advised against Dante and Lulu being intimate until the couple had worked out a few more issues. Lulu deftly changed the subject by asking why Laura was at the restaurant.

Laura explained that she planned to meet the calligrapher to find out if he had deciphered Helena's code. Lulu was surprised when Laura revealed that the mysterious "Dr. K" was Kevin Collins, and he had agreed to help. Laura was curious if Lulu still had the envelope that Helena had bequeathed to Lulu. Lulu admitted that she'd stuffed it into the back drawer of a file cabinet on the Haunted Star and intended to leave it there until it was forgotten. Laura reminded Lulu that Helena had claimed that Lulu would want the envelope, but Lulu countered that Helena had also said that Lulu's life would be empty.

Lulu pointed out that her life was anything but empty and announced that she had to leave to meet Dante. After Lulu left, Laura recalled an encounter with Helena years earlier when Helena had talked about how Stavros had loved and died for Laura. Helena had lamented about the pain of losing a child and had suggested that perhaps Laura would have a better understanding if Laura experienced the same loss. Laura had warned Helena that Helena would have to go through Laura to get to Lucky.

Laura shook off the unsettling memory when Kevin walked up. Kevin immediately sensed that something was troubling Laura, so she admitted that she had been thinking about a past encounter with Helena. Laura explained that Helena had been horrible and malicious and that Laura half expected to see Helena seated across from her. Kevin suggested that perhaps Helena was -- in a way -- and revealed that he'd deciphered part of Helena's code. Laura was impressed, but Kevin explained that he'd only unraveled two words.

"Heartbreak Hotel," Kevin added. Laura was confused and wondered if Helena had been trying to tell Laura that Helena had been an Elvis fan. Kevin smiled, but wondered if perhaps the words had special meaning to Laura or if there had been a place that Laura might consider a "Heartbreak Hotel." Laura couldn't think of anything specific but admitted to being sad a time or two in various hotels over the years. Kevin told Laura about his own heartbreak when he had caught Lucy kissing Scott at the Nurses' Ball.

Laura and Kevin commiserated about their failed marriages. Kevin insisted that he would never fall in love again, while Laura admitted that she had decided to take a break from romance for a while. Kevin was curious how that had worked out for her, but she sheepishly confessed that it had lasted longer than she had planned. Laura turned the conversation back to Helena's unusual clue. Kevin was curious what Helena had said in the will when she had left the key to Laura. Laura told him about Helena's accusation that Laura had taken what Helena had loved most in the world, but Laura had no idea if Helena had been referring to Mikkos or Stavros.

Kevin was curious if Helena had said anything else. Laura revealed that Helena had claimed to be a "better" person by giving Laura a key that would lead Laura to what Laura had once loved and lost. Laura had no idea if it had been a genuine clue or if Lulu had been right about Helena playing games with Laura. Laura decided it might be best to drop it, but Kevin was determined to unravel the mystery. He confided that he loved mysteries and was the type to stop halfway through a book to read the last page. Laura grinned because she did the same thing.

"Great minds," Kevin said as he held up his wine glass. Laura smiled as their glasses clinked.

At the loft, Dante happily invited Lulu inside. Lulu noticed the romantic setting but reminded him that she was there to work on their marriage. Lulu didn't want to risk the progress they had made by moving too quickly. Dante agreed but confessed that he wanted to show her something before they got started on their assignment. Lulu took his hand and followed him to the bedroom. She looked around but only noticed a new comforter on the bed. Dante revealed that both the sheets and bed were new, too, and he handed her a receipt.

Dante explained that he had wanted to make sure that he and Lulu had a fresh start. Lulu was touched by the gesture, but she pulled the paper out of her purse to focus on their next relationship exercise. They both were pleasantly surprised that their therapist wanted them to work on intimacy by staring into each other's eyes for four minutes without touching or talking. Lulu joined Dante on the edge of the bed and acknowledged that the bed was comfortable. Dante was relieved because he had hoped she'd like it.

Dante and Lulu followed the directions and looked into each other's eyes without touching, but Dante soon began to squirm and ended up playfully putting his hand on Lulu's leg. She batted it away, but the teasing quickly turned to passion when she kissed him. After they made love, Dante and Lulu cuddled under the covers as they wondered what to tell their therapist. Dante didn't care, but he regretted how he had treated Lulu. Lulu was grateful that she and Dante and weathered the storm and made it through to the other side because she was happy for the first time in a long while.

At Sam's penthouse, Jason entered the bedroom and reported that Danny had already been asleep. Sam felt bad for Jason, but he was grateful that he'd been able to tuck Danny in. Jason noticed that Sam was ready for bed and offered to leave, but she invited him to spend the night. Jason didn't want Sam to feel pressured, but she assured him that he was welcome to stay. Jason smiled as he joined her on the bed and kissed her.

Jason pulled away from the kiss because he'd had a sudden flashback. He told Sam about the flicker of memory, which she explained had been of their last night together before he'd been shot. Sam admitted that she had thought about that night often, but she had never imagined that she would have a chance to be with Jason again. Sam considered it a miracle and counted her blessings every day because she knew how fragile life could be and how easily she could lose him. Sam quietly confessed that she couldn't survive losing Jason again. Jason assured her that she had nothing to worry about and kissed her.

After Jason and Sam made love, they cuddled in bed. Sam revealed that she had dreamed of Jason often and had always woken up disappointed and alone. She had also hated going to sleep because there would be a brief moment when she first woke up and forgot that she was a widow before reality crashed in. Jason promised that he wasn't going anywhere and made love to Sam again.

Later, Sam was startled awake when she heard a loud noise. She turned to Jason to wake him up, but she was horrified when she saw that he had been shot in the back. "What's the matter, Samantha? Can't sleep?" Helena asked as from the shadows. Sam panicked and tried to rouse Jason, but he remained still. Helena warned Sam that Sam should have paid closer attention to Helena's curse. "You and yours will never know happiness in this life nor any other," Helena reminded Sam.

Helena laughed as Sam cried out for Jason. Moments later, Sam woke up from the nightmare and saw that Jason wasn't in bed. She became increasingly upset until Jason suddenly rushed into the room to check on her. Shaken, Sam reached for Jason. He wrapped his arms around her and assured her that it had only been a nightmare and that everything was fine.

In lockup, Carlos taunted Anna about how far she had fallen. Anna realized that Carlos was happy she was in jail, but he reminded her that he hadn't turned her in. Anna accused Carlos of being soulless, but he resented the cruel words because he had a family and child who loved him. Anna pointed out that being a parent meant accepting the consequences for one's actions. Anna acknowledged that she was in jail for trying to kill Carlos, but Carlos was in jail for murdering Duke.

Anna told Carlos how devastated both Robin and Emma had been by Duke's murder, which was why Anna didn't have any sympathy for Carlos. Anna also accused Carlos of setting her up to shoot him, but Carlos argued that Anna hadn't known it at the time she had pulled the trigger. Carlos insisted that Anna had taken the law into her own hands instead of having faith in the legal system. Anna resented Carlos' attitude and reminded him that he had killed a man in cold blood, but Carlos pointed out that Duke hadn't been an innocent man. Anna was curious if Carlos even knew Duke's history and told Carlos how Duke had spent two decades imprisoned.

Anna insisted that she and Duke had intended to start over and that Duke had been on his way to meet Anna because they had planned to run away together. Carlos was unmoved until Anna mentioned that Carlos had denied Duke's son an opportunity to get to know Duke. Moments later, Griffin arrived and immediately approached Anna's jail cell to assure her that he was there to help. Griffin refused to believe that Anna had tried to kill Carlos, but she confessed that it was true. Carlos watched from his jail cell as Anna told Griffin about the night Duke and died and how she had confronted Carlos on the pier.

Griffin was shocked as Anna admitted that she had abandoned her ethics and had made herself vulnerable to blackmail, but she promised that it was not who she really was. Anna insisted that she had been compelled to make things right by telling the truth about her crimes. Griffin had a hard time wrapping his mind around everything, but Carlos assured Griffin that it was all true. Griffin's eyes narrowed as Anna revealed that Carlos was the man who had killed Duke. Griffin's temper flared as he accused Carlos of gunning down Duke in a senseless mob war.

Anna informed Griffin that it hadn't stopped with Duke because Carlos had also shot Sonny in the warehouse. Carlos argued that there wasn't any proof, but Anna added that they had found Carlos robbing a church in Ecuador. Carlos insisted that he'd been trying to take care of his family, but Griffin was disgusted and asked if Carlos had had any remorse about killing Griffin's father. Carlos wondered what good that would do. Griffin admitted that it would help Griffin find a way to start forgiving Carlos.

Carlos growled that he didn't want nor need Griffin's forgiveness. Griffin reached through the jail cell bars and grabbed Carlos' shirt with both hands. Griffin angrily vowed to find a way to forgive Carlos. After Griffin shoved Carlos away, Griffin urged Anna to keep Carlos from winning by finding a way to forgive Carlos. Anna waited until Griffin stormed out before she admitted that Griffin was a sweet boy, but he didn't speak for her because she would never forgive Carlos.

Paul takes steps to keep Anna locked up Paul takes steps to keep Anna locked up

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Carly entered Sonny's office as he ended a business call. She explained that he had left before she could wish him a happy birthday and opened a box to show him a muffin she had picked up for him. She lit a candle and invited him to make a wish. After Sonny, blew out the candle, he and Carly curled up on the sofa to nibble on the muffin and talk about the past year. Their conversation turned to Carlos as Sonny admitted that he was happy that Duke would have justice, but Carly wondered why Sonny didn't want justice for himself, since Carlos had shot Sonny. Sonny explained that he was more interested in getting one step closer to taking Julian down.

Carly promised Sonny a day of surprises and celebration with the family. Sonny admitted that he'd never been fond of celebrating his birthday, but Carly was determined to spoil him rotten. After Carly left, Sonny called to get an update on Carlos.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian joined Alexis for breakfast and tried to fish for information about Carlos, but Olivia walked up to tell Julian that Leo had stood on his own for the first time. Olivia dashed off to fetch her phone to show him the video, so Alexis seized the opportunity to scold Julian. She made it clear that she intended to honor Carlos' attorney/client privilege. Julian accepted Alexis' decision and apologized. Satisfied, Alexis grabbed her things and left for the police station.

At the bar, Olivia was checking her phone when someone tapped her on the shoulder. It was Ned. Olivia realized that he was in town because of Tracy and asked about his mother. Ned admitted that Tracy was on the mend, but he changed the subject to ask to see pictures of Leo. Olivia handed her phone to Ned and instructed him to scroll through the pictures. Ned admitted that he'd heard about Olivia's decision to tell Julian about Leo and imagined that she had felt better with the truth out in the open.

Ned was surprised when Olivia revealed that she and Julian had made peace with each other and co-parented their son. Ned was glad that everything had worked out and noticed that Olivia seemed happy. He wondered if she was back in Port Charles for good. Olivia nodded because she couldn't leave Dante and Rocco. She also wanted Leo to have a relationship with Julian, since Julian was no longer affiliated with the mob.

Olivia asked about Ned's plans, but he admitted that he was only in town for a short time. Olivia was disappointed, but she was curious if he would be around for the new Captain America movie. Ned doubted it, but he wanted to see Leo and spend more time with Olivia. Olivia happily accepted his invitation for coffee and smiled as he left with the promise to call her. Moments later, she returned to the table to show Julian the video of Leo.

Julian noticed that Olivia appeared shaken, but she told him that she was fine and showed him the video of Leo. Julian smiled as Olivia bragged about how advanced their son was, but her happiness turned to concern when she sensed that Julian was upset. Julian tried to brush it off, but she realized that Julian was worried about Carlos and how it might impact Julian's life. Julian refused to discuss it because he was out of the business, but she pointed out that his past had returned to haunt him. Olivia admitted that she didn't want anything to happen to Julian because he was a good father to Leo.

In Tracy's hospital room, Tracy smiled victoriously as she beat Finn in backgammon. Finn was certain that Tracy had cheated, but she insisted that she was simply more skilled than he was. Moments later, Finn received a text message and told Tracy that her test results were back. When he revealed that all signs of infection were gone, Tracy was elated because she was eager to go home. Monica appeared in the doorway and gently explained that Tracy had a long road ahead of her.

Monica was certain that Dr. Munro would clear Tracy to go home in a few days, but Tracy would need to return for periodic tests and checkups. Tracy looked forward to seeing Finn, but Finn explained that he was leaving town because he'd only been granted temporary privileges at the hospital. Tracy was outraged and insisted that Finn join the staff because the hospital was in desperate need of an infectious disease specialist. Monica agreed and decided to get the ball rolling on hiring Finn.

Shortly after Monica and Finn left, Ned stopped by to visit his mother. Tracy was happy to see him, but she wished that she could see him every morning at breakfast. Ned was surprised when Tracy admitted that she wanted Ned to stay in town and help out at ELQ. Tracy explained that her illness had made her see things in a different light, and she no longer had any desire to run ELQ singlehandedly because it was a family enterprise, and she wanted to honor that. Tracy was certain both Edward and Lila would approve.

Ned admitted that it was a bit of a shock to hear Tracy talk about their family with love, and he teased Tracy about the longstanding argument between Tracy and Monica about the mansion that Alan had gifted to Monica. Tracy grinned and reiterated that she wanted Ned to stay.

In the hallway, Monica and Finn made their way to the nurses' station as Monica explained that the Quartermaine name carried a lot of weight at the hospital. Monica was certain that Liesl would see reason and agree to hire Finn, but Liesl walked up and quickly made it clear that she would not hire Finn. "What's your problem?" Carly asked as Carly and Josslyn walked up. Carly resented Liesl's attitude toward Finn and questioned what Liesl had against the doctor. Carly and Josslyn sang Finn's praises, but Liesl was unmoved.

Annoyed, Monica decided to take matters into her own hands and marched away. Liesl's expression was filled with concern as she watched Monica leave.

Later, Josslyn asked Carly if it would be much longer. Finn wondered why Carly and Josslyn were at the hospital, so Carly admitted that she wanted to run a few more tests because of Josslyn's health history. Finn agreed that it was a good idea. After Josslyn walked away to use her phone, Finn thanked Carly for defending him. Carly suggested that he could repay her by allowing Josslyn to spend time with Roxy because Josslyn had to study animal behavior for a school project. Josslyn returned in time to hear the conversation and announced that she'd been studying bearded dragons.

Finn was surprised and touched that Josslyn was interested in Roxy. He conceded that Roxy might enjoy the interaction and readily agreed.

In the squad room, Jordan requested that all the active files from 2015 be sent to her office. She explained that Mayor Lomax wanted Jordan to focus on "real criminals" rather than arresting the mayor's "nearest and dearest." After Jordan ended the call, she saw Andre walk up. Andre explained that he has there to examine a prisoner, but Jordan was happy to see him because she had wanted to apologize for snapping at him the other day. She admitted that she had been worried about Anna.

Andre assured Jordan that it was fine, but he quickly became concerned when Jordan mentioned that Anna had been arrested. A short time later, Alexis approached Jordan to discuss the case against Carlos. Jordan led Alexis to the office and handed Alexis the arrest file. Alexis glanced at it and asked if Jordan had any additional evidence because the case against Carlos was weak. Jordan revealed that Sabrina had given a statement about Carlos' confession to killing Duke, but Alexis argued that Sabrina could have lied.

Jordan insisted that Sabrina had been truthful because Anna and Kyle had found Sabrina tied up in the apartment the morning following Duke's murder. Alexis reminded Jordan that the testimony could easily be thrown out if Alexis couldn't cross-examine Sabrina, which would hurt the district attorney's case, since Jordan had very little physical evidence. Jordan assured Alexis that the investigation remained active, and Jordan was certain that they would gather more evidence before the trial. Alexis wasn't satisfied and announced that she intended to file a motion to dismiss.

In the squad room, Alexis ended a call with her assistant as Sonny walked up. Sonny casually asked if she was trying to free the man who had attempted to kill him. A short time later, Alexis followed Sonny into his office as she blasted him for walking away after throwing out the accusation. Sonny pointed out that it was true because she was representing the man who had tried to kill him. Alexis was offended by Sonny's attitude and asked if Sonny was the only criminal entitled to a competent defense. Sonny insisted that Alexis was a hypocrite because she had spent decades lecturing him on his moral failings, yet she had agreed to defend Carlos to protect Julian.

Sonny warned Alexis that it was useless because Carlos would take the plea deal and roll on Julian. Alexis denied that Julian had asked her to represent Carlos, but Sonny didn't believe her. They continued to trade heated words as Alexis reminded Sonny that Julian had turned his back on crime. Sonny countered that Julian had ordered Carlos to kill Duke, and there weren't any statutes of limitations on murder. Sonny warned Alexis that defending a madman like Carlos would bite her "in the ass." He implored Alexis to be careful because he didn't want Kristina to lose Alexis because Alexis had been caught in the crossfire.

At the police station, Jordan returned to the squad room to talk to Andre, but he was gone.

Meanwhile, Paul paid Anna a visit in lockup. She warned him that she didn't care about his feelings for her because she was determined to get out of jail and prove that Carlos had killed Duke, and Paul had murdered Kyle. Paul informed Anna that she would not be granted bail because he had concerns about her mental well-being. According to Paul, Anna's compulsion to seek out punishment for perceived wrongdoings bordered on irrational. Anna was outraged and assured him that she was perfectly sane. Paul decided to leave it to an expert to determine.

Anna was stunned when Andre approached her jail cell. Andre tactfully asked Paul to leave because Andre needed to consult with Anna privately to make an accurate assessment. Paul smiled smugly and left. Anna was livid that Andre had sided with Paul, but Andre quickly clarified that he was on Anna's side and concerned about her. He reminded her that the last time he'd seen her, she had left Paul drugged and handcuffed to a banister. Anna defended her actions and explained that Paul had killed Kyle.

Shocked, Andre asked how Paul had managed to get out of jail. Anna grumbled that Mayor Lomax and Paul were friends, and the mayor had pulled some strings on Paul's behalf. Anna accused Paul of using Andre to stop her from talking because Paul had killed Kyle, and Carlos had witnessed it. Andre grew increasingly concerned as Anna rambled about how she needed to get out and build an airtight case against Carlos to force Carlos to flip on Julian because Duke would not have justice until both Carlos and Julian were in jail.

In Jordan's office, Paul questioned Jordan about Alexis' visit. Jordan was surprised that Paul wanted to return to business as usual, but Paul merely smiled and suggested that Jordan take time off if she had a problem working with him. Jordan backed down and explained that Alexis had agreed to represent Carlos. She warned Paul that Carlos had changed his mind about accepting the plea deal because Alexis was confident that the charges would be dismissed, but Paul accused Alexis of posturing. Jordan hoped he was right because she wanted Carlos to pay. Paul promised that they had an airtight case against Carlos, and Alexis would be negligent to advise Carlos not to accept the deal.

In lockup, Anna explained that she had to put an end to things by finding Sabrina because Carlos had confessed to Sabrina. Anna was certain that Sabrina's testimony would secure Carlos' conviction, but Andre was concerned about Anna's immediate plans when she was released on bail. Anna seemed surprised by that he doubted her, but Andre gently suggested that perhaps Anna was right where she needed to be because her behavior bordered on obsessive. Anna accused Andre of playing into Paul's hands just as Paul returned to get Andre's assessment. "Is she fit for bail?" Paul asked.

Nina is deeply hurt by Franco's gift Nina is deeply hurt by Franco's gift

Friday, April 22, 2016

In Puerto Rico, Michael glanced out the hotel window as his phone rang. After a brief conversation, Michael told Felix that Mr. Santiago was on his way up. Moments later, Sabrina's father knocked on the door. Michael and Felix thanked Mr. Santiago for agreeing to meet them and quickly explained that they were looking for Sabrina. Concerned, Sabrina's father asked if his daughter was in trouble. Felix explained that he and Michael hadn't heard from Sabrina since the baby's birth, but Mr. Santiago admitted that he hadn't heard from Sabrina either.

Felix revealed that they had reason to believe that Sabrina was in Puerto Rico and wondered if there was anyone else Sabrina might have turned to. Mr. Santiago nodded and told Michael and Felix that Sabrina had been close to her aunt. A short time later, Michael and Felix paid Sabrina's aunt a visit to question her about Sabrina. The aunt seemed surprised that Sabrina had vanished and claimed that she had last spoken to Sabrina before the baby's birth.

Michael and Felix were disappointed but asked Sabrina's aunt to let Sabrina know that they had stopped by if Sabrina contacted her. Felix added that he and Michael missed and loved Sabrina. Sabrina's aunt walked them to the door, but Michael spotted a small stuffed toy on the floor. Michael walked over, picked it up, and asked Sabrina's aunt about it.

At Nina and Franco's apartment, Nina grumbled about the bright light as she stumbled into the living room. Franco smiled indulgently and handed her a health drink, which he instructed her to drink. Nina took a sip but quickly handed it back to him because it tasted like residue from cleaning an aquarium. Franco shifted gears and admitted that he'd been delighted to find her passed out in their bed, but he was curious how she had gotten home. Nina had a sudden flashback of her trying to kiss Dillon, but she pushed it away when Franco decided that it didn't matter how she'd gotten home because he had a surprise for her.

Nina tentatively approached a box on the floor and lifted the lid. "What the hell is this?" Nina asked as she stepped back. Franco reached into the box to retrieve a puppy he had picked up at the local animal shelter. He told Nina that the puppy's name was Daisy, but Nina could pick another name. Nina was horrified when she realized that Franco had bought her a puppy to fill the void of not having a child. Franco denied it, but Nina didn't believe him. She was deeply hurt because the gesture proved that he didn't know her or understand what being a mother had meant to her.

Franco watched helplessly as Nina ran into the bedroom in tears. A short time later, Nina emerged wearing a dress and carrying her purse. Franco held the puppy as he asked if Nina was leaving. Nina was subdued as she explained that she intended to stop off at a party Nathan had invited her to then head to Crimson to work. Franco begged Nina to stay and talk things out, but Nina's eyes filled with tears as she told him that she had been willing to sacrifice everything for him, including her dreams of motherhood, and in response, he had given her a puppy.

Franco assured Nina that he knew a puppy couldn't replace a child, but Nina warned him that she wanted the puppy gone when she returned, or he could leave too. After Nina left, Franco apologized to Daisy and put her back into the box.

In lockup, Andre informed Paul that Andre couldn't evaluate Anna because it would be a conflict of interest. Paul asked if Andre and Anna were lovers, but Andre was offended by the question and reminded the district attorney that it was inappropriate to ask and none of Paul's business. Andre advised Paul to find another psychiatrist, and he left. Anna gloated because Andre had refused to help Paul. Paul was confident that he could find another psychiatrist, but Anna merely smiled because she wanted Paul to continue to underestimate her, since it would make it easier for her to turn the tables on him.

Anna warned Paul that she didn't believe his claims about being in love with her because he was the type of man who liked the admiration of a strong woman that he could manipulate. Anna accused Paul of being motivated by his own self-interest, but Paul claimed that he was concerned about Anna. Anna and Paul continued to argue as Anna warned him that he would eventually have to admit defeat. Paul suggested that Anna save her victory lap until she was out of jail, which he promised wouldn't be anytime soon. Anna reminded Paul that the situation was too far-reaching for him to manage.

Anna pointed out that Paul had no idea if Carlos would cooperate because the Jeromes would retaliate if Carlos flipped on Julian, and Sonny would kill Carlos if Carlos walked free. Anna promised that Paul would lose if he continued to manipulate her situation. She looked forward to watching him crash and burn, but Scott suddenly appeared in the doorway and advised Anna to stop talking. Scott revealed that he had been retained to represent Anna and ordered Paul to leave. Paul refused, so Scott threatened to have Paul slapped with a restraining order for harassing Anna before formal charges had been filed.

Paul urged Anna to find another attorney, but Scott warned Paul to leave or deal with the consequences. Paul complied but insisted that it wasn't over. Anna asked why Scott was there. He explained that Mac and Felicia had asked him to help her. Scott urged Anna not to talk to Paul again, but Anna explained that she and Paul had a complicated history.

Scott was curious if Anna and Paul were lovers, but Anna quickly clarified that she had never slept with Paul. Scott was disappointed because he had hoped to use an affair to his advantage. Annoyed, Anna told Scott about Paul's efforts to have her declared mentally unstable. Scott assured Anna that he would have her out of jail soon and advised her to sit tight and remain quiet until he returned.

In the squad room, Griffin questioned Jordan about why he had been barred from seeing Anna. Jordan explained that all prisoners were restricted to visits from pre-approved close family members and legal counsel only. Griffin was frustrated because he thought Jordan had unfairly punished Anna. After Griffin marched away, Andre walked up and asked Jordan if she had known that he'd been asked to give Anna a psychiatric evaluation. Jordan hadn't, but she was curious what Andre had done.

Andre explained that he had needed to recuse himself because of his history with Anna. Jordan wasn't surprised, since she suspected that Andre wouldn't want anyone to find out how he felt about Anna in court. Stunned, Andre reached for Jordan as she started to walk away, but she warned him to remove his hand. Andre let go but insisted that they discuss things immediately. Jordan led him to the interrogation room.

Once the door was closed, Andre demanded to know what was going on. Jordan confessed that she had no idea where they stood with each other because he always seemed to be straddling the line between being Anna's doctor, friend, "or God knows what." Shocked, Andre insisted that Anna had been his patient, friend, and -- for a brief time -- colleague, but nothing more. He assured Jordan that she didn't have any reason to be jealous because there had never been anything romantic between him and Anna. Jordan denied that she was jealous, but she pointed out that it seemed like they always talked about Anna.

Andre decided to shift tactics and passionately kissed Jordan to drive his point home. Jordan melted into his arms. After several minutes, Andre pulled away from the kiss and asked if he had cleared things up. Jordan smiled as she nodded. Satisfied, Andre stood close to her as if he were about to kiss her again, but instead, he picked up his notebook and left. Jordan sighed as she watched him walk away.

In the squad room, Andre called his office to make sure he was not on call for the evening because he had something important to do. Andre glanced at the interrogation room but ended the call when Scott walked up, introduced himself, and asked to have a private word with Andre.

In lockup, Jordan approached Anna's jail cell. Jordan admitted that she knew why Anna had done what she had, but Jordan was disappointed that Anna hadn't confided to Jordan. According to Jordan, it had been disrespectful to their friendship and Jordan's position as police commissioner. Anna admitted that she hadn't wanted to drag Jordan into Anna's mess. Anna acknowledged that she'd always regret stooping to Carlos' level and shooting him, but Anna doubted that she do things differently if she faced the same circumstances again.

Jordan hoped that if Anna had to do things over again, she'd tell Jordan. Jordan confessed that she wanted everything to go away for Anna's sake, but Anna wondered if that was even possible. Jordan doubted it because they would need to find Sabrina first.

Outside the Floating Rib, Nathan stopped Maxie to give her a quick, affectionate kiss. Maxie smiled and told him that he could continue to do sweet things like that after they were married. Nathan grinned and took Maxie's hand as they entered the bar. Moments later, friends and family yelled, "Surprise!" Maxie realized that Nathan had arranged the party for her. Dillon popped open some Champagne as Maxie ran over to hug Lulu. Maxie was thrilled when Lulu revealed that Lulu and Dante had worked things out.

Meanwhile, Felicia approached Dillon to ask if there was anyone special in his life. Dillon shook his head, so Felicia made a point of reminding him that both Maxie and Lulu were in loving relationships. Mac walked up and scolded Felicia for giving Dillon a hard time.

At the bar, Lulu was happy for Maxie and Nathan. Maxie felt the same about Lulu and Dante, but Maxie confided that she still had concerns about Claudette. Lulu urged Maxie to let it go because Nathan's marriage had ended ten years earlier. Maxie admitted that she had asked Nathan if he had proposed marriage because he wanted to get past Claudette, but Nathan had assured Maxie that what he had felt for Claudette had been a lie, while his feelings for Maxie were real.

Moments later, Griffin entered the bar. Maxie seized the opportunity to greet Griffin and introduce him to Lulu. Griffin tried to beat a hasty exit when he saw Nathan, but the lights dimmed as Nathan announced that he had a surprise for Maxie. Maxie was touched when Nathan officially proposed to her with an engagement ring. Griffin appeared uncomfortable as he watched the romantic moment unfold.

Later, Maxie quietly confessed that she needed to find out everything she could about Claudette. Lulu thought it was a bad idea, but Maxie ignored her friend and grabbed Griffin to introduce him to Felicia and Mac. Felicia studied Griffin closely and smiled because she could see Duke in him. As Felicia, Mac, and Griffin chatted, Mac mentioned that Scott had been retained to represent Anna. Griffin was relieved that Anna had an attorney. Nearby, Dante asked Nathan about Griffin, but Nathan admitted that he didn't know much about the new doctor except that Nathan suspected Griffin was hiding something.

A short time later, Nina arrived to give Nathan and Maxie an engagement present. Nathan noticed that Nina appeared upset, but she insisted that she was fine and wished Nathan and Maxie well and a future filled with children. Dillon watched as Nina ran out, and he followed her.

Nearby, Dante asked Lulu if she was uncomfortable with all the talk of weddings. Lulu admitted that she was surprisingly okay with it. Relieved, Dante asked if Lulu was ready to move back home. Lulu grinned and told him yes.

At the bar, Paul approached Griffin to tell Griffin that Paul was sorry about Anna's arrest. Griffin saw through Paul's feigned concern and assured Paul that Anna had a lot of people, including Griffin, who would take care of her. Griffin walked away, but Nathan stopped Griffin to clear the air and let Griffin know that Nathan didn't have any hard feelings about Griffin and Maxie's first encounter when Griffin had been half-naked. Griffin promised that it had been an accident and wished Nathan and Maxie well.

Dillon returned as Griffin left. Dillon noticed that Nathan and Griffin had been talking and asked if Nathan and Griffin were friends. Nathan clarified that he didn't know Griffin, but Nathan suspected that Griffin had feelings for Maxie.

Outside, Griffin appeared rattled as he recalled the sound of a gunshot.

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