General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 9, 2016 on GH

Julian stabbed Carlos. Carlos died without revealing his secrets. Franco paid Heather a visit. Griffin revealed that he was a priest. Jordan and Andre made love. Jason's memories returned.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 9, 2016 on GH
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A Hard Day's Night A Hard Day's Night

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sam was picking up Danny's toys when Michael entered the boy's bedroom. Michael wondered if Danny was out with Jason, but Sam informed him that Danny was with Monica. They were visiting the groundskeeper's puppy, which was named Annabelle the Second. She remarked on how long they'd been gone but didn't want to be the mom that took her child away from a puppy. She didn't have any plans that night but mentioned that she was thinking about visiting Alexis.

Michael knew that Alexis was defending Carlos, and he revealed that she'd kicked him out of the interrogation room in order to meet with her client. He explained to a curious Sam that Carlos had offered to give him information on Sabrina's whereabouts for "a price." He continued that Jason had shown up out of nowhere and said all the right things to make Michael back off from Carlos.

Michael wondered what Sam thought about the new Jason, as opposed to how he had been. Sam rattled off all the same qualities that Jason still had, but she and Michael agreed that Jason just didn't connect with any stories of his old life. She revealed that she was grieving for the memories that he, and therefore, they, had lost, but she didn't want to jinx things by wanting too much. She related that Helena had cursed Sam, Alexis, and Julian on her deathbed and that their lives had been "nothing but misery" since.

Sam added that she knew why Alexis was defending Carlos, and she and Michael both believed that Julian had ordered the hit on Duke. She loved her father but hated his actions. Michael commented that Alexis had acted calm and professional at the police station, but it had seemed like an act. Sam answered that Alexis was afraid to lose the man she loved, a feeling that Sam understood all too well.

Sam thought that Alexis was better off without Julian. She called herself a hypocrite after remembering all the times Alexis had warned Sam that Jason was dangerous. Sam reasoned that, while she and Jason had had some tough times, Jason never would have exploited her love for him like Julian was doing with Alexis.

Sam realized that it was past Danny's bedtime, and at just that moment, Danny entered the room. He instructed Sam and Michael not to tell Tracy that Annabelle the Second had peed in Tracy's closet while exploring the house. Michael advised Danny to continue exploring outside until the puppy was housebroken, and he excused himself to go warn the rest of the household.

Sam started to tuck Danny in, but Danny wanted Jason there too. She thought she should be more like Danny and trust in the fact that Jason would never leave them again. Danny asked Sam to sing to him, so she sang him a lullaby.

Jason was sprawled out on the ground next to his motorcycle. He regained consciousness and made his way to his feet. He called out to see if anyone was around and went to look in the police van. He saw an officer in the driver's seat but discovered that the cop had no pulse. Jason pulled out his phone, which was shattered, and threw it away. He looked around the wreckage and found Dante halfway under the van with a pen sticking out of his shoulder. He was relieved to find that Dante was still alive. "You have to save him," Jason heard, and he was shocked to see Robin.

Robin revealed that she wasn't really there, and she assured him that, deep down, he knew who he was and what he needed to do. He assessed the situation and asked Robin for help. "I could never tell you what to do," Robin said, smiling. Jason debated with himself between leaving Dante, even though the van could give way and crush him, or moving him and risking worsening his injury. Leading Jason, Robin asked what Jason would want if he were in Dante's position. He answered that he would want out.

Robin remembered that Jason had never minded putting himself in danger, but Jason countered that he had a family who needed him. As he decided not to pull the pen out of Dante's shoulder, Robin disappeared. Jason looked underneath the van to see how easy it would be to get Dante out, and Carly appeared. She reminded him of how they'd always been a good team, but she couldn't help Dante. She advised him to "never quit."

Jason confessed that his head was pounding, and he hadn't felt like that since he'd been under Helena's control. Carly hinted that sometimes the simplest way was the best way, and the van was designed to move. Jason carefully carried the cop out of the driver's seat and laid him down on the ground. Observing that it was obviously a prisoner transportation van, he guessed that the prisoner was running away. As fuel dripped from the van, Jason carefully entered the driver's seat and grabbed the keys to start the van.

Jason hesitated, and Carly wondered what the holdup was. He decided to check the fuel line to make sure that he didn't blow them all up. He discovered the leaking fuel and announced that he'd have to try another way. He looked up, and Carly was gone. He decided to look for a jack to lift the vehicle, but he heard a voice tell him that a jack could be used as a weapon in a prisoner transportation vehicle. He looked up and saw Helena.

Helena taunted that Jason would never regain any of his memories, thanks to her "conditioning." Ignoring her, he looked around for something to use as a lever. He found a downed pole and propped it on a nearby rock. She informed him that the pain in his head would get worse as he got closer to remembering. He would pass out, and then his memory would be wiped out when he regained consciousness. He would ride away, forget Port Charles, and return to his "mission."

Just then, Sam appeared and encouraged that Jason could beat Helena. She urged him to finish what he was doing and "come home" to her and Danny. He collapsed on the rock, and Helena told him that he would soon black out. He promised to fight her until the last second. "Suit yourself, soldier boy," she said, and she disappeared.

Jason's head was worse, so he wanted to spend what little time he had left with Sam. Even though he knew the entire conversation was all in his head, he needed to tell Sam that he loved her. He loved that she was strong, fearless, stubborn, and gorgeous. He was glad that Danny had her, and he loved how right it felt being with her. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and he realized that he should have told her "a long time ago." She tearfully urged him to save Dante, so he lifted the pole and promptly passed out.

"Get up! My son needs you!" Jason heard Sonny yell. Jason got up and made his way to his motorcycle. Sonny reminded Jason that Helena no longer controlled him and urged him to take his life back. He wondered if Jason was a puppet. "We were friends," Jason blurted out. He remembered how he'd flipped a table at Luke's the night that he'd met Sonny. Sonny had introduced himself and given him money, saying that he had a bad temper too.

Jason continued that Sonny had taught him that every action had consequences. Sonny had gone to a dark place and had found his way out. "It's your turn," Sonny stated. Jason rubbed his head, got off the motorcycle, and went back to the pole. Sonny disappeared as Jason went to work on lifting the vehicle. As sparks flew, Jason pulled Dante out from under the van and dragged him away. Just then, the van exploded.

Jason tells Sam that he remembers his past

Jason tells Sam that he remembers his past

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

At Anna's house, Anna offered Griffin a nightcap, but he declined. Anna felt bad because he'd sat vigil with her, but he promised that he enjoyed her company. Griffin noticed a box on the table and asked if it was for a gun. Anna confirmed that it was and explained that she hadn't had a chance to put it away since apprehending Carlos. She noticed that Griffin appeared uncomfortable being around a gun and questioned him about it. He reluctantly admitted that he'd been shot once, but he quickly added that he'd asked for it because he'd been doing something that he shouldn't have been.

Anna wanted to hear more, but Griffin would only tell her that it had been "act" that he'd had no justification for. Griffin confided that he'd asked for forgiveness, but he would always feel responsible for what he'd done. Anna wanted to ask more, but her phone rang. It was Jordan. Seconds later, Griffin's phone chimed to alert him to a text message.

After Anna ended the call, she announced that she had to go to the police station. Griffin explained that he had to leave, too, because he'd been called in to work. Anna walked Griffin to the door to let him know that she intended to finish their conversation.

At the loft, Maxie and Lulu lounged on the bed as they looked online at wedding dresses from a New York City store that Maxie planned to visit. Maxie was pleased that the store was close to where Claudette lived, but Lulu warned Maxie that it was a bad idea to visit Claudette. Maxie insisted that Maxie couldn't marry Nathan as long as there were lingering questions about his relationship with his ex-wife, but Lulu explained that a lack of trust had nearly destroyed Dante and Lulu's marriage. Lulu pushed Maxie to reconsider talking to Claudette until Maxie agreed to think about it. Moments later, Lulu's phone rang.

At Sonny's office, Carly was impressed with Sonny's culinary skills and admitted that she sometimes wished he'd chosen to become a chef. Sonny appreciated the praise but reminded her that cooking helped relieve his stress. Carly's smile faltered because she knew he'd been under a lot of pressure in recent months, but she advised him to forget Carlos and allow the legal system to deal with Duke's killer. Sonny argued that it wasn't possible when Carlos might be set free because Julian had had a witness killed. Carly assured Sonny that the prosecution still had a case with Sabrina's statement, but he explained that the statement was worthless if Sabrina wasn't available for cross-examination.

Sonny added that the gun recovered from the crime scene hadn't had Carlos' fingerprints on it, and the DNA evidence hadn't established that Carlos had killed Duke. Sonny worried that Alexis could get the charges against Carlos dropped, but Carly was furious that Alexis would defend Carlos to protect Julian. Carly believed that it was because Alexis had never gotten over Sonny. According to Carly, Alexis had been forced to settle for Julian when Alexis couldn't have Sonny. Sonny laughed, but Carly insisted it was true and pointed to Kristina as proof of how much Alexis had wanted him.

Sonny argued that his night with Alexis had been a "one-time thing" that Alexis had always regretted. Carly disagreed because Carly was certain that Alexis had hoped to reform Sonny and hadn't been able to accept that the affair had been over, which had ultimately led to Alexis turning the rejection into "a moral crusade." Carly reminded Sonny that Alexis hadn't wanted anything to do with the mob until Alexis had met Julian, at which time all of Alexis' morals had flown out the window. Carly added that Alexis finally had a mobster of her own, but he had filled Alexis' head with lies that Alexis lapped up with a spoon. Sonny admitted that he was concerned about Alexis succeeding in getting all criminal charges against Carlos dropped, but Carly wondered what Sonny intended to do if Alexis succeeded.

Sonny thought Carly sounded like Jason when Jason didn't want to hear the answer. Carly questioned Sonny about Jason's recent visit, prompting Sonny to admit that Jason feared Sonny would try to drag Jason back into Sonny's world. Carly advised Sonny to give Jason some time and to wait for Jason's memories to return their friend to them. Sonny agreed, but his attention shifted when his phone rang.

Meanwhile, Alexis woke up in bed with Julian. She gave him a soft kiss as he slept, but her expression turned pensive as she pulled on her robe and slipped out of bed. Moments later, Alexis descended the stairs as she spoke to her assistant Oscar on the phone. She apologized for calling late in the evening but explained that she needed him to get a copy of Hale's autopsy report because she wanted to know if the medical examiner had determined that Hale had died of a self-inflicted overdose. Alexis ended the call and pulled a bottle of wine out of the cabinet as Sam suddenly turned on the light. Startled, Alexis wondered what Sam had been doing sitting in the dark.

Sam explained that she had decided to stop by and check on Alexis because she'd been concerned about her mother. Alexis assured Sam that things were fine, but Anna had been relentless in questioning Alexis by mentioning both Luis Alcazar and Kiefer Bauer's deaths in an effort to make it appear that Alexis was a homicidal maniac. However, Alexis rushed to assure Sam that preliminary results indicated that the eyewitness hadn't been a victim of foul play. Sam was certain there was more to the story because she'd overheard Alexis on the phone. Alexis explained that she'd just wanted to be thorough, but Sam didn't believe her mother because she suspected that Alexis had concerns about Julian's possible involvement in the man's death.

Sam urged Alexis to drop Carlos as a client, but Alexis was disappointed by Sam's lack of understanding. Sam knew that Alexis had only agreed to defend Carly to protect Julian, but Alexis accused Sam of being unfair. Sam didn't care because she believed that Julian should clean up his own mess, especially if he had ordered a hit on Duke. Alexis insisted that she didn't want Julian's past to jeopardize what Alexis and Julian had, but Sam insisted that Julian hadn't changed.

Alexis reminded Sam that Sam wasn't in any position to judge because of Jason's past, but Sam refused to be dragged into a discussion about why Jason and Julian were nothing alike. Sam promised that she loved her mother and didn't want to argue, but Sam feared that Alexis was in over her head. Alexis insisted that she'd been following the letter of the law, but Sam wondered why Alexis had requested the autopsy report. Sam believed that it was because Alexis knew Julian had been behind the man's death. Julian appeared at the bottom of the stairs and invited Sam to address her questions to him instead of upsetting her mother.

Julian insisted that Alexis was above reproach, but Sam argued that her conversation with Alexis had been private. Alexis excused herself when her phone rang. After Alexis wrapped up the call with Oscar, she told Julian and Sam about the accident and revealed that Carlos had escaped. Alexis denied any knowledge about Carlos' transfer to another jail and decided to head to the police station. She asked Sam to remember who they were to each other and what family meant to all of them.

In the squad room, Paul warned Jordan that she needed to build a stronger case against Carlos because there hadn't been any physical evidence against Carlos. Jordan argued that it was Paul's job to persuade a jury to convict Carlos of Duke's murder. Paul recalled giving Carlos a paper clip and pen to help Carlos escape, but shook the memory away as he cryptically assured Jordan that Carlos would get "what's coming to him."

A short time later, Jordan was on the phone as Anna walked in. After the call, Anna demanded answers about the accident, but Jordan reminded Anna that Jordan didn't have to answer to Anna and had only called Anna as a courtesy. Anna immediately apologized, so Jordan filled Anna in on what she knew. Anna wondered if the accident had been planned, but Jordan doubted it because it had been a last-minute transfer. Paul walked up as Jordan promised Anna that roadblocks had been put up to keep Carlos contained to the area.

Anna questioned if Paul had had anything to do with the accident and Carlos' escape, but Paul pointed out that he'd been with Jordan at the police station the entire evening. Moments later, Alexis arrived and demanded an update. Anna coldly informed Alexis that Carlos had escaped.

In the woods, Carlos ducked into a thicket of bushes as he heard Nathan approach. Nathan pulled out a phone and called the police station to report the accident and Carlos' escape. Nathan asked for paramedics and backup as he passed Carlos' hiding place. Carlos quietly picked up a large rock and silently followed Nathan.

At the crash site, Jason dragged Dante to safety. Jason noticed that Dante was bleeding heavily, but Dante opened his eyes and groaned in pain. Jason quickly explained that there had been an accident. Alarmed, Dante asked where Nathan and Carlos were, but Jason hadn't seen any sign of either man. Jason revealed that the driver had died on impact, but Dante was curious how Jason had managed to get Dante to safety because Dante recalled being pinned under the van. Jason admitted that it was a long story but explained that he'd improvised and used a "lever" to hoist the van enough to pull Dante out.

Dante realized that Jason had saved his life and thanked Jason. Meanwhile, distant sirens steadily drew closer. Later, paramedics had Dante loaded on a gurney, but Dante refused to leave until he knew what had happened to Nathan and Carlos. Seconds later, two paramedics helped Nathan out of the woods. One of the paramedics suspected that Nathan had a fractured skull. Nathan insisted he was fine but then collapsed.

At the police station, Jordan decided to head to the hospital. Alexis suddenly noticed that Anna was missing. Paul suspected that Anna had gone after Carlos. Paul shifted gears by suggesting that Alexis was in a difficult position and eager to find the best solution to help her husband. "Go to hell," Alexis replied and left.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Julian asked if Sam thought he'd had anything to do with Carlos' escape. Sam admitted that she hated that Julian had asked Alexis to represent Carlos. Julian acknowledged that it had been difficult on Alexis, especially since she hadn't had any support from her daughters, but Julian promised that the worst was over because the charges against Carlos would soon be dropped because the eyewitness against Carlos had died. Sam was surprised by Julian's callous remark.

Sam admitted that she'd supported her parents' marriage until the hostage situation during the wedding. Sam had realized then that Julian hadn't changed at all. Sam insisted that Alexis had not been acting like herself because Alexis seemed like a desperate woman trying to save the man she loved. Julian reiterated that he was a different person, but Sam confessed that he'd become less convincing. Moments later, Jason arrived to talk to Sam, but she became alarmed when she noticed that he was injured. Jason assured her that he was fine, but he refused to discuss what had happened in front of Julian.

On the porch, Jason told Sam about the accident. Sam wanted to take him to the hospital, but he assured her that he was fine. "I remember," Jason added. Sam seemed confused until he clarified that he remembered everything about his life, his past, and her. Sam's eyes filled with tears of happiness as she kissed him.

At the hospital, Lulu and Maxie approached Griffin, desperate for information about Dante and Nathan. Griffin explained that he had only been told that there had been an accident with several injuries and a fatality. He promised to let Lulu and Maxie know as soon as he heard anything, and he walked away. Moments later, Sonny and Carly arrived, but Lulu revealed that she had no idea how Dante was. Nearby, Maxie tried to reach Nathan by phone, but he didn't respond.

A short time later, the ambulances arrived. Dante was awake and alert as he was wheeled into the emergency room and quickly filled Sonny in about what had led to the accident and how Jason had saved Dante's life. Maxie cried out when Nathan was wheeled in because Nathan was unconscious and had suffered a head wound. Maxie implored Griffin to save Nathan. "I owe him that much," Griffin replied as he followed Nathan's gurney to a trauma bay.

Later, Dante rested in a trauma bay as Carly asked him about Jason. Dante explained that Jason had remained at the crash site to give the police a statement. Sonny regretted not killing Carlos in Ecuador, but Jordan appeared in the doorway to report that Nathan was on his way into surgery. Sonny warned Jordan that Julian had been behind the accident and Carlos' escape.

On the pier, Carlos stumbled to a hiding place when he heard someone approach. It was Anna. Anna quickly found Carlos hiding and ordered him to step forward as she aimed her gun at him. Carlos slowly complied and tried to goad Anna into shooting him and making it count because he didn't have any intention of going back to jail. Anna refused to take the bait and ordered him to his knees. Carlos complained of blood loss and collapsed to the ground, but Anna reached for his arm to slap a handcuff on.

Carlos quickly jumped up and made a grab for Anna's gun. The two fought for the gun until it skidded to the ground and slid into the harbor. Carlos went on the attack. Anna landed a few good blows, but Carlos managed to gain the upper hand and knocked her out. He hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her to a freezer unit, where he deposited her unconscious body and shut the door. Carlos decided it was a fitting place for Anna, since he'd always considered her to be an "ice cold bitch."

Julian plunges a knife into Carlos

Julian plunges a knife into Carlos

> Julian plunges a knife into Carlos

Julian plunges a knife into Carlos

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Franco paced the confines of a dingy waiting room as he expressed his annoyance at being kept waiting. Moments later, the door opened, and Heather appeared in the doorway, securely restrained with shackles and flanked by two burly guards. Heather's tone was reserved as she greeted her son and tried to dismiss the guards, but the guards informed her that they weren't leaving the room. Heather grumbled about not being trusted as the men closed the door and moved to two separate corners of the room. Heather admitted that she was surprised to see Franco, but he reminded her that she had tried to inject his girlfriend with a massive dose of LSD the last time he'd seen Heather.

Heather warned Franco that it wasn't healthy to hold grudges, but he admitted that he hadn't been feeling much of anything lately, including a grudge against his mother. Heather noticed a rolled-up canvas and asked him about it. Franco revealed that he'd been painting again and unfurled the canvas to show his mother the portrait he'd done of her. Heather appeared a bit taken aback by the painting, but she told Franco that she loved it. She was curious if he'd thought of her often, but he admitted that he hadn't until recently.

Franco opened up about Nina's desire to have his child, which delighted Heather. Franco warned Heather that it was a terrible idea and had led to his breakup with Nina. "I never did like that barren biotch anyway," Heather growled, but Franco cautioned Heather to tread carefully because he loved Nina. Franco admitted that he felt lost without Nina and added that his job as an art therapist was the only good thing left in his life. Heather was horrified that Franco was stuck in a "mundane" job, but he insisted that he'd been grateful for the opportunity that Liesl had given him.

Franco told Heather about his friendship with Liesl and how Liesl was his number one fan. Infuriated, Heather shouted that she, not Liesl, was his number one fan and his mother. Heather resented Liesl stifling Franco's creativity by tying him down with a "stupid" job, but one of the guards warned Heather to calm down. Heather immediately took a deep breath as Franco steered the conversation back to the point of his visit. He confided that since the breakup, he'd been feeling like he had before the brain tumor had been removed.

Franco was certain that the dark thoughts would go away if he found a way to win Nina back, but he had no idea where to start. Heather was touched that he wanted advice from his mother, but she conceded that none of her relationships had worked out for reasons she couldn't fathom. "It's a total mystery," Franco sarcastically replied, but he admitted that he and Heather were more alike than he'd realized. Heather beamed with pride and told him that he was a splendid son despite who his father was.

Heather began to talk about the night she and Scott had conceived Franco, but Franco quickly cut her off. Heather ignored Franco as she confided that she and Scott had been at their best when they had been in bed together, far removed from the rest of the world. Franco confessed that it was the same for him and Nina. Heather advised Franco to find a way to get Nina back into bed by thinking big and not being afraid. After Franco left, Heather bragged about Franco's talent as an artist and expressed her eagerness for a grandchild.

At Crimson, Nina was curled up in a chair with a glass of wine as she studied the sketch that Franco had made of her. She suddenly tensed and grabbed a heavy binder when she heard approaching footsteps in the reception area. Nina silently ducked behind the door as someone entered her office. Nina quickly flipped on the lights and began to yell as she prepared to hit the intruder with the binder, but she froze when she realized it was Dillon, not Franco. Dillon explained that he'd stopped by to get some work done, but he was curious why Nina was sleeping in her office.

Nina claimed that the hotel had been booked up, and she hadn't wanted to go to another hotel because she was uncomfortable sleeping "alone." Dillon assumed that Nina and Franco had had a spat, but Nina clarified that she and Franco were over. Seconds later, Kiki barged into the office to implore Nina to return to the apartment because Franco had been losing his mind, but Dillon was surprised that Kiki had left the apartment. Kiki credited Dillon with helping her to find the strength and courage, but Nina cut in to explain that Nina and Franco were over. Kiki warned Nina that Franco hadn't been handling the breakup well because he'd been painting like a "maniac," and he'd been saying "scary" things.

Nina showed Kiki and Dillon the sketch that Franco had drawn of her as she explained that Franco had admitted to being in a dark place, but she had assumed that he'd been referring to his feelings about her. Kiki conceded that it might have started that way, but Franco was on a downward spiral. Dillon pointed out that it was clear that Nina missed Franco, but Nina insisted that her problems with Franco couldn't be fixed. Moments later, Nina's office phone rang, but she decided not to answer it because she assumed it was Franco. Seconds later, her cell phone rang, but she let the call go to voicemail for the same reason.

Kiki and Dillon grimaced when Nina admitted that the sex with Franco had been wonderful, but Nina insisted that she and Franco couldn't stay in bed forever. Kiki was curious what it would take to fix things between Nina and Franco. Nina admitted that it would take a grand gesture on Franco's part. Kiki begged Nina to reach out to Franco, but Nina refused. Defeated, Kiki decided to head home. Dillon offered to accompany Kiki, but Nina warned them that relationships didn't work. Dillon and Kiki denied that they were romantically involved, but Nina didn't believe them.

A short time later, Nina returned to her office after changing into a nightgown. She was startled when she saw Franco standing naked behind her desk.

At Greystone Manor, Carly and Sonny arrived home. Sonny was grateful that Dante would make a full recovery, while Carly was glad that Jason had been on hand to save Dante. Sonny entered the living room as he wondered why the police had risked moving a dangerous criminal like Carlos to another prison. Carly didn't care as long as Sonny promised to stay out of it and allow the police to deal with Carlos. She was certain that Dante had made a similar request when he'd asked to speak to Sonny alone.

Carly reminded Sonny that Carlos was in serious trouble because Carlos had injured two police officers and killed another during an escape. She promised Sonny that Carlos would readily cut a deal with the district attorney and testify against Julian in exchange for leniency. Michael suddenly appeared in the doorway and told his mother that it wouldn't matter if Carlos managed to escape for good. Carly begged Michael to cut his losses if the police couldn't find Carlos, but Michael refused to make any promises. Carly reminded both Sonny and Michael that they both had wonderful lives and people who cared about them.

As if on cue, Avery's cries were heard over the baby monitor. Carly went to check on Avery as Sonny quietly asked Michael to refrain from talking about Carlos in front of Carly. Michael nodded, but admitted that he'd had a chat with Carlos in jail. Michael was surprised when Sonny revealed that he'd already heard about the visit, but Sonny quickly clarified that someone had been watching Carlos. Michael revealed that Carlos had asked Michael to help Carlos escape in exchange for information about Sabrina, but Jason had talked Michael down from helping Carlos.

Michael's eyes narrowed as he asked if Sonny had sent Jason to talk to Michael. Sonny admitted that he'd been desperate for Michael to understand that Carlos was trouble that Michael didn't need. Michael wondered if the same applied to Sonny. "I'm here, aren't I?" Sonny asked. Moments later, Sonny received an update from Max. After the phone call, Michael noticed how surprisingly calm Sonny seemed.

Sonny and Michael heard Carly on the baby monitor as she told Avery that Sonny and Michael were home and eager to see Avery. Michael admitted that regardless of what Carly wanted to believe, the situation with Carlos would not go away. Sonny vowed that Carlos would get what Carlos deserved, one way or another, but shifted gears and suggested that Michael visit with Avery. Michael started to head to the nursery, but Sonny called out to thank Michael for returning home rather than putting himself in danger by chasing after Carlos.

A short time later, Carly and Michael returned to the living room and immediately noticed that Sonny was gone. Alarmed, Carly asked what Sonny had said to Michael. Michael reluctantly relayed his conversation with Sonny about Carlos, but quickly added that Sonny would be fine. Carly' anxiety mounted when Michael suddenly decided to take a walk to clear his head. She begged her son to stay away from the piers.

Meanwhile, Anna was jolted awake in the freezer when she felt someone reach out and touch her. She looked up and saw Duke. Anna realized that it was a dream, but she didn't care because she was thrilled to see him. Duke helped her stand up as he told her that she'd never been more beautiful to him. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she told him how much she had missed him and how difficult the past year had been without him. Duke assured her that he was happy to be with her, but Anna's smile dimmed because she felt as if she had failed him by not making Carlos and Julian face justice for Duke's murder.

Duke insisted that he didn't want her wasting her life seeking justice for him and urged her to focus on the time they had together. Anna offered a watery smile as they held each other tightly. Anna admitted that she'd been lost without Duke and told him about the heartbreaking days following his murder and her confrontation with Carlos on the pier when she had given in to her anger and opened fire on Carlos. Duke begged Anna not to dwell on the past because it couldn't be undone. Anna resented all the years they'd been cheated out of and reminded him of the cottage they had planned to buy in Scotland. Duke grinned as he recalled that they had wanted to drink fine wine, eat grilled cheese sandwiches, and take long walks in the highlands.

Duke acknowledged that he and Anna had lost a lot when he had died and admitted that he regretted not leaving the mob and running away with her sooner. Anna didn't want Duke to dwell on regrets and mentioned his son. Duke was stunned and asked about Griffin. Anna revealed that Griffin's full name was Griffin Fitzhugh Munro and his mother had been a woman that Duke had had an affair with prior to moving to the United States. Duke had a vague recollection of Margaret Munro, but he wanted to hear more about his son. Anna told Duke that Griffin was a doctor who reminded her of Duke in many ways -- except that Griffin couldn't dance.

Duke chuckled, but he felt cheated that he'd been deprived of meeting his son. He asked Anna to let Griffin know that Duke would have loved him, but she assured Duke that she already had. Anna turned the conversation back to Duke as she assured him that she would always love him. Duke promised that he felt the same and kissed her. After the kiss, Duke told Anna that she would be fine. Seconds later, Anna found herself sitting alone in the freezer.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Julian spoke to Carlos on the phone. Carlos demanded that Julian help, but Julian was curious why Carlos had Anna's phone. Carlos assured Julian that Anna was alive. "I just put her on ice," Carlos added with a snicker. Julian reminded Carlos that Carlos should be focusing on getting out of town, but Carlos insisted that he needed money and a new identification. Carlos reminded Julian that it was in Julian's best interest to help Carlos because Carlos had injured two police officers and killed another while escaping.

Carlos explained that his only hope for leniency if he were captured would be to cut a deal by turning on Julian. Julian realized that Carlos was right and instructed Carlos to hide and wait for Julian at the piers. After Julian ended the call, he grabbed a lockbox to retrieve a gun, but Alexis arrived home, accompanied by two police officers. Julian closed the case with the gun in it as he asked what the police were doing there. Alexis revealed that she had assured Jordan that Julian would notify the police if Carlos showed up or attempted to contact Julian.

Julian agreed, but he resented the police taking a look around. One of the police officers produced a search warrant, so Julian invited the police officers to look because Julian had nothing to hide. After the police officers spread out, Alexis quietly demanded to know what Julian had been doing with the gun. He reminded his wife that he had a permit to carry it and claimed that he'd wanted to arm himself in case Carlos showed up. Alexis insisted that they put the gun away and shoved the case into a drawer.

Julian seized the opportunity to grab the dagger that Helena had used to kill Alexis' mother and tucked it into the back of his pants, while Alexis wasn't looking. Moments later, Julian announced that he had to leave. Alexis became suspicious, but the police officers returned to announce that there hadn't been any sign of Carlos. After the police left, Alexis demanded to know where Julian was headed at such a late hour. Julian told her that Nina had an emergency at Crimson that he needed to deal with.

Alexis was skeptical, but Julian resented her lack of trust in him. Alexis decided to drop it and sat down on the sofa. Julian told her that he loved her and left. Moments later, Alexis called Crimson, but the call went to voicemail. Desperate, Alexis called Nina's private number, but the call also went to voicemail. Alexis decided to go to Crimson, but she only made it as far as the door because Sonny stood on her porch. Sonny demanded to talk to Julian, but Alexis informed Sonny that Julian wasn't home.

Sonny was certain that Carlos had turned to Julian for help because Julian had already killed a witness to protect Carlos. Alexis defended her husband by reminding Sonny that there hadn't been any indication of foul play in Hale's overdose, but Sonny argued that a professional killer knew how to cover their tracks. Alexis and Sonny continued to argue about Julian's role in the mob. Sonny pointed out that even if Julian had left the mob, it hadn't been for long because Carlos' capture and arrest had changed everything.

Alexis questioned the timing of the witness, who had appeared out of nowhere a year after Duke's murder. Alexis suspected that Sonny had been behind it, but Sonny insisted that Julian only had two options open to him -- help Carlos escape or kill Carlos. Resigned, Alexis admitted that Julian had gone to Crimson to deal with a crisis. Satisfied, Sonny decided to check on Julian.

At the pier, Carlos silently slipped into the water when he heard the police closing in. He hid under the pier and dipped below the surface of the water when the police looked into the harbor for any sign of him. After the police decided the pier was clear and left, Carlos heard Julian quietly call out to him. Carlos jumped out of the water and thanked Julian for showing up. Julian apologized for being late and handed Carlos a wad of money along with false identification to help Carlos disappear.

Grateful, Carlos promised that Julian would never see Carlos again because Carlos intended to find a place to settle down and send for Sabrina and their son. Carlos added that no one would ever know that Julian had ordered Duke's murder. Julian thanked Carlos for years of friendship and loyalty. Julian held out his arms for a hug. Carlos smiled and hugged his friend, but quickly realized his mistake as Julian plunged the dagger into Carlos' side.

Griffin reveals that he's a priest

Griffin reveals that he's a priest

Thursday, May 12, 2016

On the pier, Julian plunged a dagger into Carlos' side. Stunned, Carlos asked why. Julian apologized but ruthlessly stabbed Carlos in the stomach several more times. "You son of a bitch," Carlos groaned as he collapsed. Julian coldly reached for the envelope he'd given Carlos and told Carlos that Carlos would not need it where Carlos was headed. Carlos begged for help, but Julian insisted that Carlos was already a dead man.

Carlos cried for Sabrina and his child, but Julian was unmoved as he kicked Carlos into the harbor and left him to drown. Julian quickly cleaned up and left. Moments later, Michael appeared on the pier. Carlos weakly cried out for help as he clung to the edge of the pier. Michael was shocked at the sight but quickly fished Carlos out of the harbor.

Carlos pleaded for help, but Michael refused to call 9-1-1 until Carlos told Michael where Sabrina and the baby were. Carlos glared at Michael with hatred and told Michael that both Michael and Sonny could "go to hell." Frustrated, Michael watched as Carlos passed out.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Alexis explained that Julian had gone to Crimson to deal with a crisis. Sonny decided to check up on Julian, but Alexis insisted on going too. Sonny objected, but Alexis refused to let Sonny hurt her husband, and she wanted the satisfaction of Sonny apologizing when she proved Sonny wrong about Julian.

At Crimson, Nina was startled when she saw Franco standing naked behind her desk. Franco explained that it had been awhile since they'd been intimate, so he'd hoped to refresh her memory about how big his hands were. Franco flashed a charming smile, but Nina had no idea how to respond. She started to ask him a question, but he cut her off to assure her that he was in love with her. Nina admitted that she had intended to ask if Franco was cold, but he was hurt that she would make jokes while he bared himself physically and emotionally to her.

Nina admitted that she was confused because Franco's first piece of art in years had been a "bizarre kaleidoscope" portrait of her, which he'd claimed had been inspired by how twisted and broken their relationship had become. Franco acknowledged that he'd felt that way, but he was also lost and unable to function without Nina. Franco realized that he was imperfect and fractured, but he regretted ending their relationship. He begged for Nina to give him another chance, but she reminded him that it wouldn't solve their problems because she wanted children, and he was strongly opposed to the idea.

Nina explained that she and Franco had been drifting apart for months because they had different views about children, and she'd been gaining her independence. Nina believed that Franco only wanted her when she needed him. Franco disagreed and challenged her to look him in the eyes and tell him that she wasn't in love with him. Julian suddenly appeared in the doorway and asked what was going on. Franco resented the intrusion, but Julian was more concerned about Nina and asked if she was okay.

Julian avoided looking at Franco standing naked in Nina's office as Franco informed Julian that Franco and Nina had been having a private conversation. Julian sensed Nina's unease with Franco and refused to leave. Nina quietly advised Franco to go. Dejected, Franco picked up his clothes and left. Julian remained concerned, but Nina promised Julian that Franco hadn't done anything wrong. She changed the subject to ask why Julian was there. He deftly evaded the question by questioning why she'd been sleeping in her office.

Nina refused to confide in Julian. Julian decided to respect her privacy and offered to have an air mattress delivered to her office because he imagined the chair was uncomfortable. Nina thanked Julian, but she frowned when she noticed the red splatter on his shirt. Meanwhile, Sonny and Alexis exited the elevator. Sonny noticed that the reception area was eerily quiet, but Alexis remained certain that Julian was in Nina's office. Moments later, Sonny's cell phone rang. It was Michael.

Michael asked Sonny to meet him at the emergency room. Sonny started to ask questions, but Michael cut him off and ended the call. After Sonny left for the hospital, Alexis braced herself and entered Nina's office just as Julian buttoned up a clean shirt that he had changed into. Alexis noticed the blanket and pillow on the chair and asked what was going on. "Good luck getting that stain out," Nina said as Nina returned to the office with a plastic bag that she handed to Julian. Alexis noticed that Nina was wearing a slinky robe and demanded answers.

Julian claimed that he'd spilled some wine on his shirt sleeve, so Nina had offered to fetch him a sample shirt to change into. Nina's eyes narrowed at the lie, but Nina claimed it was the least that she could do for Julian because Julian had been a true lifesaver earlier. Julian told Nina that he hoped everything worked out and hustled Alexis out of the office. In the reception area, Alexis asked if Julian had been at Crimson the whole time. "Of course, where else would I be?" Julian asked.

In the office, Nina smiled when she noticed that Franco had left behind a sock. She picked up her cell phone to call him but noticed that she had several voicemail messages. Nina listened to the first message from Maxie explaining that Nathan was in the hospital.

Later, Alexis and Julian arrived home. Julian was upset that Alexis had allowed Sonny to manipulate her into believing the worst about him. Alexis apologized and assured Julian that she would let Sonny know that he had been wrong. Alexis decided to change and went upstairs. Julian seized the opportunity to retrieve the bloody dagger that he'd stabbed Carlos with from his jacket and quickly wiped it clean before returning it to the cabinet.

Julian managed to hide the bloody rag before Alexis returned to the living room. Julian was curious why she hadn't changed clothes. Alexis studied Julian carefully as she revealed that Carlos had been found stabbed on pier 54 and had been rushed to the hospital -- alive.

At the hospital, Maxie left Nina a voicemail message asking why Nina hadn't returned any of Maxie's phone calls because Nathan needed his sister. After Maxie ended the call, she looked online at wedding cakes to keep herself distracted. Maxie was determined that Nathan would be fine and would marry her. Moments later, Griffin walked up. Maxie was eager to know how Nathan was, so Griffin promised that Nathan would make a full recovery.

Maxie was relieved and thanked Griffin for saving Nathan's life. However, she was curious why Griffin had said that he'd owed it to Nathan. Griffin was taken aback by the question but tried to cover his slip by claiming that it was the least he could do for a police officer who put his life on the line every day. Maxie admitted that it had sounded more personal to Griffin. Griffin told Maxie that he'd heard about how Nathan had saved lives during the "wedding-hostage crisis" and had likely spared others -- like Anna -- from getting hurt.

Maxie was confused because Anna hadn't been at the wedding. Griffin was spared from further questions when Liesl walked up in tears, desperate for news about Nathan. Griffin promised that Nathan had made it through surgery and would be fine. Relieved, Liesl thanked Griffin. Griffin smiled but announced that he had to get back to work because it was a busy night.

Later, Maxie and Liesl stood outside Nathan's hospital room as a nurse made Nathan comfortable. Liesl congratulated Maxie on Maxie and Nathan's engagement but apologized for not attending the party. Maxie assured Liesl that it was fine because Liesl had been working and saving lives. Liesl smiled, but her eyes were filled with sadness because Liesl had missed so much of her son's life. Liesl told Maxie about the time Nathan had broken his arm while playing baseball when he was nine years old.

Liesl's voice was filled with pride as she talked about Nathan's athletic ability, but she became choked up with emotion because she hadn't been there when Nathan had needed her. Maxie insisted that Liesl was there at that moment, which was all that mattered. Moments later, the nurse notified Maxie and Liesl that Nathan could have a visitor. Maxie offered to let Liesl go first, but Liesl was certain that Nathan would want to see Maxie. After Maxie entered Nathan's hospital room, Franco walked up.

Liesl hugged Franco and cried on his shoulder. Franco was curious how Nathan had been hurt, so Liesl filled him in. However, she was hurt when Franco began to complain about his troubles with Nina and how Nina had refused to take him back. Furious, Liesl accused Franco of being self-absorbed. Franco seemed confused by Liesl's anger, but she warned him that she could no longer protect him at the hospital because she'd been demoted. Liesl informed him that he was on his own, and she entered Nathan's hospital room.

In Nathan's room, Maxie told Liesl that Nathan had been asking for his mother. Liesl was touched when Nathan referred to Liesl as "Mom." Maxie and Liesl joined forces as they tried to persuade Nathan to take a desk job because he'd been seriously injured twice in recent months. Nathan appreciated their concern and promised that he loved both his mother and his fiancÚ, but he refused to hide behind a desk. In the hallway, Franco smiled when he saw Nina approach, but she flew past him and entered her brother's hospital room.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Paul asked Jordan for an update on Carlos. She assured Paul that the entire police force was searching for Carlos, but Paul feigned concern that Carlos would get away. Jordan wasn't fooled because she knew it was what Paul wanted, since Carlos could send Paul to jail for Kyle Sloane's murder. Paul pretended to be wounded that Jordan believed Paul had killed Kyle, but Jordan saw Felix pass by and called out to ask for news on Dante. Felix revealed that Dante had been stabbed with a black and silver pen that appeared to have been quite expensive.

Jordan looked pointedly at Paul as she wondered how Carlos had managed to get the pen. Paul suggested they ask Carlos if her police officers managed to capture the criminal. Jordan was curious if Paul had heard from Anna because Jordan had expected Anna to check in. Andre overheard Jordan and Paul talking about Anna and the possibility that Carlos might have harmed Anna. Andre expressed concern about Anna, but Paul was curious if Andre could offer any insight into where Anna might have started the search for Carlos.

Andre reminded both Paul and Jordan that Carlos had booked a passage on a freighter the last time he had fled town and suggested that they check the piers. After Jordan and Paul left, Andre wondered what Carlos might have done if he had managed to gain the upper hand on Anna.

In the meat locker on the pier, Anna desperately tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. She pounded on the door and called out for help, but she realized that no one could hear her. Desperate, Anna grabbed a tool and began to work on a mechanism that she hoped would unlock the door. Eventually, the freezing temperatures sapped her energy, and the tool slipped out of her hand. Anna decided that it felt a bit warmer and slid to the floor, hoping that the door was on a timer.

A short time later, Anna felt someone touch her shoulder. She softly called out Duke's name, but it was Andre. Andre helped Anna sit up and quickly wrapped his jacket around her as she asked how he had found her. Andre promised to fill her in later as he helped her to her feet and ushered her out the door.

On the piers, Michael watched at paramedics loaded an unconscious Carlos onto a gurney and left. Jordan and Paul had arrived on the scene and questioned Michael about Carlos' injuries. Michael explained that he'd found Carlos in the water, bleeding from stab wounds, and had pulled Carlos out before calling 9-1-1. Jordan wondered if Michael had seen Anna, but Michael shook his head. After Michael left, Jordan ordered a police officer to secure footage from nearby traffic cameras and to canvas the area for security cameras and possible witnesses.

Paul assured Jordan that he'd alerted the area hospitals to be on the lookout for anyone with injuries consistent with a struggle. Jordan was certain that Paul suspected Anna of stabbing Carlos, but she cautioned him not to jump to conclusions until they spoke to Carlos. Paul reminded Jordan that Carlos might not survive. Moments later, Andre called to let Jordan know that Anna was at the hospital, recovering from hypothermia because Carlos had thrown Anna into a meat locker. After Jordan ended the call, she ordered her police officers to search for the weapon used to stab Carlos then she left.

At the hospital, Anna shivered uncontrollably as Andre led her to a waiting area. He explained that she had suffered hypothermia, but Anna insisted that she just needed some hot coffee. However, she was curious how he had found her. Andre admitted that he'd realized that she'd started her search for Carlos on the piers and figured out what Carlos might have done if Carlos had managed to overpower her. Anna was grateful to Andre and credited him with saving her life. Andre and Anna were stunned when they saw paramedics and a doctor rush past them with an unconscious Carlos on the gurney.

In a trauma bay, doctors worked to stabilize Carlos as Michael, Sonny, Anna, Andre, and Griffin gathered in the waiting area. Michael told Sonny about Carlos' refusal to reveal where Sabrina and the baby were. Moments later, Alexis sent Sonny a text message to let Sonny know that Julian had been at Crimson. Sonny muttered that Alexis was a fool, but he put his phone away when Felix approached to report that Carlos was gravely injured but alive.

A short time later, Jordan and Paul arrived to get an update on Carlos. Jordan announced that she needed to ask Michael a few questions at the police station, but Michael insisted on having an attorney present. After Jordan and Michael left, Sonny questioned why Carlos had been moved from the Port Charles jail. Anna walked up and revealed that it had been Paul's idea. Disgusted, Sonny turned away from Paul and told Anna and Griffin that Sonny had never imagined that he'd pray for Carlos, but Sonny wanted Carlos to live and testify against Julian.

Moments later, Felix returned to inform everyone that Carlos would not make it to surgery. Sonny and Anna demanded to see Carlos because they needed Carlos to confess that Julian had ordered the hit on Duke. Griffin was outraged by Sonny and Anna's lack of compassion for a dying man, but Felix warned everyone that the only person permitted to see Carlos was a priest because Carlos had asked for last rites. Sonny and Anna were shocked when Griffin announced that he was a priest.

Carlos dies with his secrets

Carlos dies with his secrets

Friday, May 13, 2016

At Volonino's, Curtis worked out on the heavy bag as Hayden walked in. She grimaced because of the smell, but Curtis reminded her that it was a gym. Hayden didn't understand the appeal, but Curtis decided to cut to the chase and asked why Hayden was there. She admitted that she needed his help stealing some diamonds from Nikolas, but Curtis flatly refused and resumed his workout. Hayden begged him to hear her out because he was the only friend she had. Curtis was touched but decided she needed another way to work through her "crap."

Later, Curtis gave Hayden tips as she threw jabs at his boxing gloves as they danced around the ring. Hayden explained that she was determined to find a way out of her marriage, but Curtis was curious about the diamonds she'd mentioned. Hayden revealed that Nikolas had discovered her stash of diamonds, which her father had purchased and no one knew she had. Curtis was curious if the diamonds trumped a bullet in the head, but Hayden admitted that her chances of proving Nikolas had been responsible for her shooting were slim.

Hayden insisted that she needed Nikolas to honor the prenuptial agreement because she was broke, but Curtis noticed her extravagant engagement ring. He was certain that she could get a small fortune for it, but she admitted that she wasn't ready to let it go because it was a reminder of when she had been happiest. Curtis suggested that she sell other valuable items at the castle, but Hayden had no idea how to go about it. Curtis pulled out his phone and showed her how to upload a photo of something she wanted to sell and then set up an account for her to accept payments.

Delighted, Hayden thanked Curtis. She couldn't wait until Nikolas realized what she had done because she was certain it would make Nikolas crazy. Curtis asked if that was her goal, but she shook her head and explained that she intended to force Nikolas to stick to the prenuptial agreement and end their marriage. Hayden anticipated Nikolas caving in to her demands quickly.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas entered the living room as Elizabeth packed a box. Nikolas realized that she was leaving and asked her why. She admitted that it was time, but he reminded her that she'd said the same thing a few weeks earlier. Elizabeth admitted that it hadn't been practical for her and the boys to move in with her grandmother, but Elizabeth had found a cute little house. Nikolas knew Elizabeth was eager to get as far away from Hayden as possible. Elizabeth didn't disagree, but she wished that Nikolas felt the same way because she feared that Nikolas would forgive and reunite with Hayden.

Nikolas assured Elizabeth that she had nothing to worry about because he'd spent many sleepless nights thinking about all the bad decisions and mistakes he'd made. Nikolas promised that he'd learned from his wrongs and had decided to make Hayden's life "an absolute living hell." Elizabeth was skeptical because she didn't think staying married to Hayden would be a hardship, since Hayden would continue to enjoy all the benefits of living in the castle. Nikolas realized that Elizabeth was right and quickly excused himself to take care of something.

A short time later, Nikolas returned to announce that he had ordered the staff to clear out Hayden's closets and donate all of her clothes -- except for a pair of underwear and a "ratty" pair of sweatpants -- to charity. He invited Elizabeth to take what she liked, but she declined and admitted that it would make Hayden crazy when Hayden saw a homeless person wearing one of Hayden's outfits. Elizabeth was impressed with Nikolas' gamesmanship, but she worried that it might simply be another chapter in Nikolas and Hayden's love story. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that his marriage was over, and he intended to send Hayden packing without a dime of his money. Nikolas invited Elizabeth to stay, but she didn't have the stomach to watch the war between Nikolas and Hayden.

At the hospital, Jordan asked Paul how Carlos had fared. Paul revealed that a priest had been called, which was a bad sign. Jordan decided to make a stop at forensics, but she asked Paul to let her know when it turned into a murder case. She was curious if Sonny was still with Carlos. Paul nodded and suggested that Sonny be put at the top of the list of suspects then shifted gears to ask Jordan about her visit to forensics.

Jordan confided that the hospital had turned over the pen used to stab Dante. She was confident that the pen would lead her to whoever had helped Carlos. Paul recalled giving Carlos the pen but pushed the memory away as Jordan asked him to keep her apprised of the situation. Paul promised that Jordan would be the first to know.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Julian quickly wiped off the bloody dagger and returned it to the cabinet. He hid the bloody cloth in his jacket as Alexis returned to tell him that she'd received word that Carlos had been found gravely injured on pier 54. Julian feigned shock as he asked about Carlos' fate. Alexis revealed that Carlos had been taken to the hospital and was alive. She watched Julian closely because she sensed that he hadn't been surprised to hear about Carlos.

Julian resented Alexis' insinuation, but she pointed out that Julian stood to gain the most if Carlos died. Julian argued that Carlos had a long list of enemies who wanted him dead, but Alexis' eyes filled with tears as she begged Julian to tell her that he hadn't sent someone to the piers to kill Carlos. Julian assured her that he hadn't sent any of his people to the docks for any reason and offered his phone to prove that he hadn't called any of his associates. Alexis took the phone and noticed that Anna had called him, but Julian easily lied as he told her that Anna had had suspicions similar to Alexis'.

Julian relaxed as Alexis returned the cell phone to him. He was curious if her associate had given any indication about Carlos' condition, but Alexis shook her head. Julian decided to go to the hospital to find out for himself, but she warned him that he was the prime suspect and likely would be picked up for questioning if he went anywhere near Carlos. Julian claimed that despite everything, Carlos was his friend, but Alexis didn't believe Julian because his first instinct had been to arm himself when he'd heard about Carlos' escape.

Alexis' doubts returned as she realized that Julian had had time to return to the house to fetch the gun and shoot Carlos on the pier before Alexis had found Julian at Crimson. Alexis' eyes filled with fresh tears as she started to question him about it, but Jordan knocked on the door.

At the hospital, Anna and Sonny stood at the entrance of the trauma bay as a doctor worked on Carlos. Anna told Sonny that it was their last chance to get a statement from Carlos that Julian had ordered the hit on Duke. Sonny reminded Anna that they had no idea if Carlos could talk as the doctor called out for a priest. Carlos struggled for breath as he asked the doctor to tell Sabrina that Carlos loved her. Anna marched up to Carlos' gurney and demanded that he confess the truth about Duke's murder, but Griffin walked in and ordered Anna to back off because Griffin had to administer last rites.

Anna argued that it was imperative for her to question Carlos and growled that they didn't have time for "some religious ceremony," but Griffin ignored her as he began the ritual. Anna was stunned when she saw Sonny make the sign of the cross as Griffin invoked the name of the Holy Spirit, but she perked up when Griffin asked if Carlos wanted to confess to any sins. Carlos answered no, which infuriated Anna.

Sonny reminded Anna that it had never been in Carlos' nature to take responsibility for his wrongs as Griffin began to pray. Carlos became emotional as he repeated the prayer in Spanish. Anna grew increasingly angry as she watched Griffin offer Carlos absolution. Eventually, her patience snapped, and she called a halt to things because she needed Carlos to make a deathbed confession about Julian's role in Duke's murder. Griffin explained that he was there as a Catholic priest, not Duke's son, but Anna wondered if Griffin was the right person to grant Carlos mercy when Carlos hadn't done the same for Duke.

Griffin admitted that his duty as a priest took precedence, even if it was in opposition to his personal desire. According to Griffin, it was the definition of faith. Griffin continued to administer the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Carlos' breathing became labored as Griffin offered Carlos another opportunity to confess. Sonny pushed Carlos to do the right thing, while Anna warned Carlos that it would be the only way for Carlos to get into heaven. Carlos looked at Anna but died with his secrets.

Stunned, Anna ordered Griffin and the doctor to revive Carlos, but Griffin told her that it was too late and called the time of death as "7:06 a.m." Sonny led Anna to the hallway, but Anna was furious because she was certain that Carlos would have confessed if they hadn't wasted time on "that pointless ritual." Griffin's expression was stormy as he marched past Anna and Sonny without looking their way. Anna and Sonny glanced into the trauma bay as a sheet was pulled over Carlos' body. Anna was angry that Duke had been denied justice, but Sonny assured Anna that it wasn't over.

Anna warned Sonny that she wanted Julian to go to jail, not end up in an alley with two bullets in his head. Moments later, Paul walked up to let Anna know that he was sorry that she hadn't gotten the confession she had wanted. Anna didn't believe Paul and accused him of wanting Carlos dead as much as Julian had. After Anna walked away, Sonny asked why Paul had wanted Carlos dead. Paul denied that he had, but Sonny didn't believe Paul and wondered if perhaps Carlos had had something on Paul.

Paul maintained his innocence, but Sonny wasn't fooled because he knew that Paul had been connected to Ava, which had linked Paul to both Julian and Carlos. Paul insisted that Anna's emotional state had been deteriorating for months, which had driven her to make unfounded accusations.

In the chapel, Griffin's expression was filled with pain as he prayed to God and asked for help to make peace with his failings. Griffin talked about the questions he'd always had about his father, his hope when he'd learned his father's identity, and his disappointment when he'd been told that Duke had died. Griffin begged for forgiveness because he'd felt satisfaction as Carlos had taken his last breath. Griffin asked God to welcome Carlos into God's kingdom and to forgive Carlos because Carlos hadn't received any forgiveness during his lifetime.

Anna stood in the doorway and listened to Griffin. She silently entered the chapel as Griffin admitted that it had been ironic that he'd given last rites to a man who had taken Griffin's father's life. Griffin accepted that it had been part of God's plan, but Anna cut in to ask if Griffin could take a break from communing with God to talk to her because she wanted some answers. Anna was outraged that Griffin had squandered the only chance they'd had to get a deathbed confession from Carlos because of a "religious ceremony." She was also curious why Griffin had neglected to mention that he was a Roman Catholic priest.

Griffin explained that he'd taken Holy Orders, but he hadn't been a practicing priest. He assured Anna that he'd intended to tell her, but Anna didn't care because she wished that Griffin had been more concerned about justice for Duke than cleansing Duke's killer's soul. Griffin insisted that every baptized Catholic had a right to the sacrament -- including Carlos. Anna was unmoved because Carlos had cheated Duke out of life and an opportunity to know Griffin.

Griffin offered to help Anna make peace with her anger and grief, but Anna resented Griffin urging her to forgive Carlos and move on. She suggested that it was easy for Griffin because he'd never known his father. Anna explained that Carlos had been the triggerman, but Julian had been Duke's killer, and she would not rest until Duke had justice.

Meanwhile, Sonny listened as Paul spoke on the phone and demanded that Carlos' murder be moved to the top of the case list. Paul expected an arrest to be made as quickly as possible and ended the call. Sonny conceded that Paul had put up a good act as a determined district attorney, but Paul wasn't in the mood to deal with Sonny. Sonny suggested that Paul start the investigation by finding out who had given Carlos the pen. Paul was furious that Sonny knew details about the case, but Sonny informed Paul that Sonny had seen Dante arrive at the hospital.

Sonny questioned Paul about the rift between Paul and Anna, but Paul claimed that he had the utmost respect for Anna. However, Paul suggested that Sonny's association with Anna hurt her, but Sonny assured Paul that Anna wouldn't hesitate to arrest Sonny if she caught him breaking the law. Sonny shifted gears to warn Paul that Sonny intended to deal with the person who had given Carlos the pen, but Paul promised that there would be a thorough investigation.

Later, Sonny led Anna to the trauma bay where Carlos' body had been left. He explained that he'd arranged for her to have an opportunity to say what she needed to say to Carlos. Anna thanked Sonny but reiterated that she didn't want Julian killed -- she wanted him to go to jail. Sonny told Anna that she might get her wish because someone had killed Carlos. After Sonny left, Anna pulled the sheet back and quietly wondered if Carlos had been trying to confess to her when Carlos had died. Anna found it ironic that Carlos had remained loyal to the man who had killed him, but she admitted that she had no sympathy for Carlos and vowed that Julian would pay for Duke's murder.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Jordan wrapped up a call with Paul as Alexis invited the police commissioner inside. Jordan revealed that she'd just been informed of Carlos' demise. Julian assured Jordan that he had an alibi and two witnesses. Alexis confirmed that she'd met up with her husband at Crimson at 2:30 a.m., but Jordan revealed that Carlos had been attacked earlier. Alexis admitted that Nina had been with Julian prior to Alexis' arrival and added that Alexis had personally locked up Julian's gun earlier in the evening.

Jordan informed Alexis that Carlos had been stabbed, not shot, and added that a sizeable blade had been used. Jordan conceded that they hadn't found the murder weapon, but Jordan was confident that it was only a matter of time. Jordan advised both Alexis and Julian to retain an attorney and left. Alexis appeared shaken as she walked to the cabinet, but Julian implored her to let him explain.

Alexis retrieved the dagger used to kill her mother. She stared at it for a long moment then looked at Julian with tears of dread and accusation glistening in her eyes. "It must have been one hell of a blade," Alexis quoted Jordan.

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