General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 16, 2016 on GH

Jason revealed that his memories as Jason Morgan had returned. Lucas and Brad decided to get married at the Nurses Ball. Tracy took custody of Sabrina's son. Sabrina's life was in peril as Michael raced to rescue her. Julian admitted the truth to Alexis.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 16, 2016 on GH
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The Bloody Truth Comes Out The Bloody Truth Comes Out

Monday, May 16, 2016

Jason walked down the stairs at Sam's, and she wondered how he felt. "Great," he answered. He was happy not to have had any bad dreams or a headache, and he still remembered everything about being Jason Morgan. They sat down on the couch, and he told her everything about the accident up until Robin's appearance. He admitted that getting his memories jarred loose had hurt, and he'd blacked out twice the night before. He recounted memories of Sam, Sonny, and Jake's.

Sam had always hoped that Jason would regain his memories, and Jason revealed that he'd been wrong to try to convince himself that he was better off without them. He apologized for making her wait so long, but he knew "what we are to each other." She'd wanted a divorce for a "clean break" but cracked that "that's what I get for not being patient." She gushed over how much she'd missed him, and they shared a kiss. After a minute of bickering, she finally convinced him to get checked out at the hospital, and they left the apartment.

On the phone, Finn ordered two space heaters to be delivered to his room at the Metro Court. When Monica appeared and gave him a strange look, he justified that they were for Roxy. She thought her grandson would love to meet the lizard, and Finn promised to arrange a play date. He asked how Tracy was, and Monica assured him that she was back to her old self. She couldn't say the same for Finn's patient Mr. Ellis and told him of the controversy over the patient's death.

Finn informed Monica of all of the tests he'd run on Mr. Ellis, which had all returned "negative" results. Monica assured him that she'd reviewed everything and agreed that Mr. Ellis should have been stable. Finn acknowledged that it wasn't uncommon for the elderly to die of heart failure. Monica disclosed that Liesl had requested an investigation into the death by the peer review committee.

Just then, Amy and another nurse entered the nurses' station, talking about the craziness of the previous year's Nurses Ball. She gossiped about Jason and his upbringing. Monica interrupted the conversation and told Amy that she would be working backstage instead of onstage if Monica ever heard the nurse gossiping again. The nurse walked away in embarrassment.

Monica returned to Finn, who said that he would welcome an investigation. He felt that Liesl held him personally responsible for her demotion, even though he had no influence over the board. Monica begged to differ, citing the fact that he'd saved the life of Tracy, a board member. Monica assured him that no investigation would happen, and she left.

Carly called Sonny and left him a message asking if he was all right. Just then, Sonny appeared, and she hugged him. She wondered where he'd gone the previous night. He answered that he'd gone to find Julian, since he'd figured that Carlos would go to his old boss for help. He filled Carly in on the previous night's happenings. He admitted that he found it "nice" that Carlos was dead, and his own hands were clean. She advised him to tell her the next time he left the house in the middle of the night.

Carly wondered how Sonny was so sure that Julian had killed Carlos. He replied that Julian had had the most to gain. After causing the accident and killing a cop, Carlos' only deal would have been to flip on Julian. He assumed that Julian had made a sloppy mistake along the way, and Sonny intended to find it. Sonny promised to never drag Carly into his business the way Julian had dragged Alexis in, and they shared a kiss.

Later, Carly sat at a table and looked at the staff manifest from the hospital on the day that Josslyn had had her transplant. Finn appeared and thanked her for taking care of Roxy's space heaters. In reply, she asked him to help her look through the staff manifest before she sent it off to Spinelli. He took the list and looked through the employee identification numbers. He found the number that corresponded to the Pediatric Transplant Team Administrator, "T. Adams," who had worked a full shift and some overtime on the day of Josslyn's transplant. He explained that T. Adams was at the top of the "chain of custody," but the person also hadn't worked at the hospital since shortly after the transplant. He believed that tracking down the administrator would provide some answers.

Nurse Amy informed Elizabeth and Jake that Jake's psychiatrist had been looking for them, since they were late for Jake's appointment. Jake wondered why he wasn't going to see Franco, and Elizabeth explained that she and Jason had decided to pull Jake out of Franco's art therapy classes. "Why?" Jake asked. "Ask you father," Franco answered.

Elizabeth continued that Jason didn't think Franco was the best person to help Jake. He called Franco a friend. Elizabeth told him that he was late for his appointment, but Jake shrugged out of her reach and said that he could walk there himself. He stomped off, and Franco wondered when Elizabeth had become such a "doormat."

Franco admitted to losing his temper with Jason. He explained that he'd been hurting because of what had happened with Nina, and he needed to "dig out" his "new old self." "How deep is this hole?" Elizabeth asked. Franco told her that his life was such a mess that Liesl had pushed him away, and he'd even gone to visit Heather. He thought that Elizabeth had been the closest thing he'd had to a friend, and he couldn't believe how easily Jason had turned her against him.

Elizabeth expressed sympathy for his rough patch but reasoned that, as Jake's father, Jason also had input on Jake's care and well-being. He insisted that he wasn't a danger to Jake. Just then, Amy returned and asked where Jake was, as his doctor had been inquiring about him. A horrified Elizabeth realized that Jake was missing.

A short while later, Franco informed Elizabeth that security had pulled the footage from the elevator and the front of the building, but no one had seen Jake leave. She figured he was just angry and hiding, but she'd called the police. An officer approached Elizabeth and assured her that an Amber Alert had been sent out. She realized Franco was gone, and Amy assumed that he was out searching.

At home, Franco got himself a bowl of cereal and sat down next to Jake, who was also eating a bowl of cereal.

Alexis held Helena's dagger, which Julian wondered why she'd kept. "Are you glad I did?" she asked. He pointed out that it had been exactly where she'd left it and told her to stop being so suspicious of him. "Can I?" she shot back. He reminded her that he'd been right where he'd told her the night before. He explained that Nina had had issues with Franco, and she'd needed someone to talk to. "How stupid do you think I am?" Alexis screamed at him.

Alexis cited the convenient timing of Hale's overdose, and she'd observed the look of panic on Julian's face when he'd heard that Carlos had been "wounded." He claimed to have been praying for Carlos, his friend, to survive. She shrieked that Carlos was the man trying to help put Julian in jail for life. She wondered where he had been before she'd found him at Crimson. He insisted that the dagger was "clean." "Because you cleaned it!" she yelled, throwing the dagger across the room.

Julian admitted that he didn't know what to do about Alexis' distrust. A hysterical Alexis tore apart his coat, looking for evidence. She finally found the bloody handkerchief in the coat pocket and accused him of cleaning the dagger with it. She realized that the stain on his shirt hadn't been red wine like he'd said. She blamed the deaths of two people on Julian trying to save himself. Julian blurted out that everything he'd done had been for them. "Who are you?" she demanded.

Arms out, Julian insisted that he was Alexis' husband. She pushed him away and took out her phone to call the police. He lowered the phone from her ear and explained that her choice to stay with him despite knowledge of his crimes, including the hit he'd ordered on Duke, had made her complicit in everything. Realizing he was right, she put the phone down. He'd known that his past would eventually return to haunt them, and he defended himself by saying that he'd done exactly what he'd had to do.

Julian reminded Alexis that they loved each other, and he assured her that the threat was over. He wanted to live their lives together as a family, and he insisted that "we can survive this. Otherwise, two lives have been wasted." He recapped their wedding vows for her, which included "for better or for worse," and assured her that there would be more "better" in their future. "Except you're a killer," she snapped.

Julian thought he'd done what he'd had to do in order to "weather the storm." He asserted that they could fix things, and Alexis burst into laughter. He implored her to understand that "what's done is done." He took the handkerchief from her and walked to the lit fireplace. She refused to let him throw evidence away, but he told her that he was doing it for their relationship. He cited it as "damage control."

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Alexis saw that it was Sonny. Julian threw the handkerchief in the fire and assured her that he could no longer be touched. Alexis wiped her eyes and opened the door. "Did he tell you he killed Carlos?" Sonny wondered. He continued, "I can see from the look on your face you already figured it out."

A baby is left on Monica's doorstep

A baby is left on Monica's doorstep

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

At Alexis and Julian's house, Julian told Alexis that they were both past the point of no return as he tossed the incriminating bloody cloth in the fireplace. Alexis jumped when Sonny knocked on the door. She quickly pulled herself together and answered the door, but Sonny glared at Julian and asked if Julian had told Alexis that Julian had murdered Carlos. Sonny noticed Alexis' puffy eyes and realized that she knew the truth about her husband. Sonny reached for her hand to take her to the police station to make a statement, but Julian growled at Sonny to let go of Alexis or Julian would cut off Sonny's hand.

Alexis' eyes filled with tears as she silently implored Sonny to release her. Outraged, Sonny demanded to know how long Alexis intended to protect Julian, but Julian resented the way Sonny ranted at Alexis. Sonny revealed that he'd seen Carlos' injuries and knew that Carlos hadn't fought off Julian, which meant that Julian had killed Carlos "like a dog." Julian informed Sonny that both Nina and Alexis could confirm that Julian had been at Crimson all night, but Sonny argued that Alexis couldn't be trusted because she'd allowed Julian to manipulate her. Fed up, Julian ordered Sonny to leave, but Sonny strolled over to the fireplace and questioned why there was a fire so late in the season.

Julian and Alexis refused to answer, but Sonny casually picked up the fireplace poker and demanded to know if Julian had destroyed evidence. Julian insisted that he and Alexis didn't owe Sonny any explanations and again demanded that Sonny leave. Sonny suddenly turned violent and used the poker to smash things on the mantel and around her living room. Alexis cried out with fright as Julian pulled out his cell phone, intent on calling the police, but Sonny turned his wrath on Julian and struck the back of Julian's legs until Julian collapsed in agony. Alexis rushed to her husband's side, but Sonny threatened to point the police in the direction of the fireplace.

Julian denied that he had anything to hide, but Sonny could be arrested for assault because Sonny's fingerprints were all over the fireplace poker. Sonny tossed the poker onto the sofa and leaned down to help Alexis up. Sonny hugged Alexis gently but coldly informed her that she'd made her choice by siding with his enemy. Sonny pulled away from the hug as he accused Alexis of killing their friendship and added that she was nothing to him. Julian warned Sonny to leave Alexis alone, but Sonny ignored Julian.

Sonny promised not to touch Alexis unless she crossed his path. Alexis warned Sonny that he'd only be hurting their daughter, but Sonny refused to back down. "You are officially fair game," Sonny told her with menace. Julian was infuriated by the threat, but Sonny ignored Julian and left. Alexis closed the door behind Sonny and asked about Julian's injury as Julian slowly limped to the sofa. He was confident that Sonny hadn't broken anything, but Alexis urged Julian to rest while she fetched some ice for the swelling.

Julian refused to let Alexis avoid a discussion about what had happened because he wanted her to know that he'd rather die than allow "that animal" to hurt her. Alexis didn't want to think about Julian dying because she couldn't take any more bloodshed. Julian assured his wife that it was over because there was nothing left to link him to Duke's murder. Julian was grateful that Alexis hadn't told Sonny anything and vowed to protect Alexis from any backlash. Alexis sent Julian to bed and promised to join him after she fetched the ice.

Julian picked up a plastic bag, prompting Alexis to ask what was in it. Julian revealed that it was a shirt with Carlos' blood on it. Alexis surprised him by offering to take care of it. After Julian left the room, Alexis pulled the shirt out of the bag and stared at the fireplace. She started to toss the shirt in, but stopped at the last moment and returned the shirt to the plastic bag, which she quickly hid deep into the back of one of the many living room cabinets.

At the hospital, Jason and Sam exited the elevator as Jason grumbled that he was fine and didn't need to see a doctor. Jason suddenly recalled that his father had died in the hospital after Alan had suffered a heart attack during the Metro Court hostage crisis. Jason was filled with remorse as he remembered that he hadn't been with Alan when Alan had died because Jason had been busy fighting Jerry Jacks. Sam realized that she should have expected that Jason would remember the bad along with the good, but she assured Jason that no one had blamed Jason for not being with Alan. Jason regretted that he'd refused to meet his father halfway when Alan had tried to form a relationship with Jason.

Moments later, Monica walked up to greet her son and ask about the appointment she'd seen on the schedule. "Actually, everything's fine, Mom," Jason said. Sam excused herself to make a phone call to give Jason time alone with Monica. After Sam left, Jason told Monica about his motorcycle accident and how he'd recovered his memory. Monica was delighted by the news and agreed that Sam had been right to insist that he have a doctor check him out.

Monica's eyes filled with tears as Jason talked about his father's passing and the regrets that Jason had had, but Monica assured Jason that both Monica and Alan had made plenty of mistakes. Jason wasn't satisfied because having two sons had given him a better understanding of what he'd put his parents through.

Nearby, Lucy exited the elevator and overheard Amy talking to Felix about the Nurses Ball. Amy was determined to perform a solo act, but Felix pointed out that Amy hadn't made the cut for the previous year's opening chorus number. Amy blamed another nurse for sabotaging her, but Felix thought that Amy had done a fantastic job working behind the scenes. Amy insisted that she intended to wow everyone, but Felix reminded Amy that Lucy was the one that Amy had to impress. Amy scoffed and accused Lucy of always hogging the spotlight with wardrobe changes and added that Lucy likely never even noticed the performances.

"I can assure you -- you, young lady -- are gravely mistaken," Lucy said as she made her presence known. Felix snickered as Amy tensed. Lucy explained that her goal as "Mistress of Ceremony" was to raise money for AIDS research and support services. "Yes, ma'am," Amy replied. Lucy's eyes narrowed as she made it clear that Amy wouldn't have a prayer of being onstage if Amy ever referred to Lucy as "ma'am" again.

Lucy vowed that the 2016 Nurses Ball would be the best one yet. Lucy, Felix, and Amy went to the nurses' station as Lucy and Felix discussed various entertainment numbers and potential performers. Felix suggested that Lucy talk to Kevin. Amy perked up and asked if Kevin was the same doctor whose twin brother had once terrorized the entire town. Annoyed, Lucy decided to leave. Amy bragged to Felix that it was Amy's year to shine, and Amy would perform at the Nurses Ball.

Elsewhere, Kevin became frustrated when the hospital's vending machine failed to produce a candy bar he had purchased. Laura walked up and offered to help. Kevin was impressed when she used her hip to jar the candy bar loose. Kevin fished out the candy bar as he thanked Laura, but she appreciated his help decoding Helena's message in Scott's old law book. Kevin joked that he enjoyed using his powers for good and asked if Laura had made any progress or if she had given up trying to solve Helena's mystery.

Kevin and Laura sat down as she explained that nothing had changed. Kevin admitted that he hadn't expected Laura to be as tenacious as Lucy. Kevin and Laura talked about their exes until Laura confided that she suspected the "Heartbreak Hotel" clue had been in reference to the campus disco where Luke and Laura had met. Kevin was surprised when Laura revealed that the building was still around despite having been abandoned long ago. Kevin realized that Laura intended to check the disco for clues, and he insisted on going with her because he worried that it might be a trap.

Lucy walked up in time to overhear Kevin's insistence to go with Laura. After a stilted greeting, Lucy asked if Kevin and Laura had plans to go on a trip. Kevin warned Lucy that it had been a private conversation. Lucy apologized, but Kevin received a text message and excused himself. Laura offered to catch up with Kevin later, but he asked Laura to wait because he had meant what he had said. After Laura agreed, Kevin walked away.

Lucy assured Laura that Laura and Kevin had Lucy's blessing, but Laura insisted that Lucy had the wrong idea. Kevin returned before Laura could elaborate. Lucy continued to ramble then invited Kevin and Laura to do a skit together. Lucy didn't wait for an answer and quickly fled. Laura assured Kevin that he didn't have to go with her to the disco, but she was relieved when he insisted on it.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was relieved when Michael entered the living room. She wondered why he hadn't returned any of her phone calls, so he revealed that he'd spent most of the night at the police station, answering questions about Carlos, because Michael had found Carlos on the piers. Carly worried that the police might consider Michael a suspect. He admitted that he had been a suspect because of his connection to Sabrina and because he had found Carlos. Carly complained that the police always presumed anyone linked to Sonny was guilty before they were proven innocent, but Michael assured Carly that Diane had handled most of the questions.

Carly was curious why Michael had gone to the pier when he had told her that he'd been headed to the Quartermaine mansion. Michael explained that the water calmed him and helped him think. Michael added that he'd been worried about Sabrina because Carlos had told him that Sabrina had married Carlos. Carly advised Michael to let it go because Sabrina had willingly left with Carlos, knowing that Carlos had been responsible for Duke's murder. The conversation was cut short when they heard Avery crying.

Michael decided to run to his car to fetch a gift for Avery as Carly went to the nursery to check on the baby. A short time later, Carly was surprised when she entered the living room and saw Jason waiting for her. Jason admitted that Sam was with him, but he'd asked Sam to give him some time alone with Carly. Carly became concerned, but Jason promised there was nothing to worry about. Instead of revealing that his memories had returned, he began to talk about the time he and Carly had taken Michael to Florida to scatter Carly's adoptive mother Virginia's ashes.

Carly's eyes filled with tears of joy as Jason recounted the day in vivid detail. "Jason, is that you?" Carly asked in a hopeful tone. Jason nodded and held out his arms as Carly hugged him. She confessed that she had never given up hope that he would remember. Carly was curious how it had happened, so he told her about the accident. Jason apologized because he knew that his memory loss had been difficult on her, but she insisted that it didn't matter anymore.

Meanwhile, Sam waited in the foyer and greeted Michael as he returned with a gift bag. Michael was stunned when Sam told him the news about Jason and quickly entered the living room to talk to Jason. Carly and Sam hugged each other and tearfully watched Jason and Michael's reunion. Jason announced that he only intended to let the people who mattered to him know about his memory, and the rest could figure it out on their own. Carly was certain that Jason would want to talk to Sonny and promised that Sonny would be home soon.

Michael decided to go to the Quartermaine mansion to see Monica. Sam walked out with Michael because she wanted to check on Danny. In the foyer, Sam smiled at Michael because they finally had their Jason back. A short time later, Sonny entered the living room and immediately thanked Jason for saving Dante's life, but Jason admitted that it was the least he could have done after everything that Sonny had done for Jason.

At the hospital, Elizabeth spoke to Audrey on the phone and asked her grandmother not to mention anything about Jake to Cameron or Aiden because Elizabeth was confident that Jake would be found soon. Moments later, Elizabeth saw an incoming call from Franco and quickly ended the call with Audrey because Elizabeth hoped that Franco had news about Jake. Elizabeth relaxed when Franco cut to the chase and told her that Jake was at his apartment.

A short time later, Elizabeth arrived to pick up her son, but she was not pleased when she realized that Franco had given Jake a lot of soda to drink. Her displeasure mounted when Franco added that he'd also fed Jake breakfast. She demanded to know why Franco hadn't called her sooner, but Franco insisted that Jake's emotions had been running high, and Franco had been more concerned about putting Jake at ease. Elizabeth turned to Jake and assured her son that she was glad that Jake was safe, but she was not happy that Jake had taken off. Jake apologized, but he wondered why he should listen to anyone when no one listened to him about Franco.

Jake ran into one of the bedrooms as Franco admitted that Jake had made a good point, but Elizabeth refused to let Franco criticize her parenting skills. Franco apologized but explained that Jake had been waiting on his doorstep when Franco had arrived home. Franco regretted that he'd added to Elizabeth's stress, but Franco insisted it had been important to assure Jake that Jake had an ally. "Unlike his own parents?" Elizabeth asked. Franco promised that he hadn't meant it like that, but he pointed out that he had a gift for helping people and a special connection with Jake.

Franco reminded Elizabeth that he'd made progress with Jake and warned her that Jake might not open up to another art therapist. Franco was certain that Jake had something locked inside of him, which was tied to the book that Helena had left for Elizabeth, but Elizabeth was skeptical that Franco could figure it out. Franco explained that it took a "weirdo" to know one, but she denied that her son was a "weirdo." Franco disagreed because Jake had never had a Leave it to Beaver childhood -- even before Helena. Elizabeth was furious when Franco added that Jake had had a "revolving door of father figures."

Franco was startled when Elizabeth suddenly slapped him. Franco quickly apologized because he hadn't meant it as an insult. He promised that he thought she was a fantastic mother, but she was also in over her head with Jake and shouldn't turn down any help when it was offered. Franco urged her to do whatever was necessary to help Jake. Elizabeth called out for Jake and told her son that it was time to go. Franco begged Elizabeth to think about what he'd told her.

Jake emerged from the bedroom and asked when he would get to see Franco again, but Franco gently advised Jake to ask Elizabeth. Elizabeth said nothing as she led her son out the door.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy sat in the living room, reading the newspaper online, when the doorbell rang. She called out to Alice, but the doorbell rang again. Annoyed, Tracy went to the door and opened it. She was stunned when she saw a baby boy in a carrier on the doorstep.

A short time later, Monica arrived home, eager to share her news about Jason. She called out to Tracy and Alice, but no one replied. Monica entered the living room and stopped short when she saw Tracy rocking a baby. Tracy explained that the baby had been left on the doorstep, and she had decided to call him Edward. Monica wanted to call the authorities in case the baby had been kidnapped, but Tracy objected because Tracy thought the baby had been through enough for one day. Tracy shifted gears to ask about Monica's good news.

Monica told Tracy that Jason's memories had returned, but Tracy was curious why that was considered happy news. Later, Michael arrived, but he was startled when he saw Tracy with the baby. Michael's surprise turned to disbelief when he noticed the unique rattle in the baby's carrier.

Another patient dies under Finn's care

Another patient dies under Finn's care

> Another patient dies under Finn's care

Another patient dies under Finn's care

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

At Wyndemere, Hayden snapped pictures of various pieces of art as Nikolas entered the living room. Nikolas frowned, but Hayden asked him to help her move a big clock into better lighting. Nikolas demanded to know what was going on, so Hayden informed him that she was selling things that were collecting dust because she needed money. Nikolas reminded her that they were his pieces of art and family heirlooms, but she argued that New York was a community property state. Nikolas was disappointed that she'd resorted to selling his belongings, but Hayden was unapologetic because he still had her diamonds.

Nikolas explained that he couldn't afford to lose the leverage over Hayden because she'd be free to go to the police and accuse him of plotting her murder. Hayden pointed out that they were at a stalemate, but Nikolas argued that the woman he had fallen in love with would have gotten a job. Hayden insisted that it was impossible for her to find work because of her connection to her father -- the biggest con man in history. Nikolas suggested that Hayden go out and con someone into giving her a chance and then prove to them that she was indispensible.

Nikolas reminded Hayden that it had almost worked with him. "Yeah, almost," Hayden replied as she began to snap pictures. Disgusted, Nikolas admitted that Hayden truly was her father's daughter because she wouldn't hesitate to take anything that was handed to her. He held out a delicate teapot for her to take, but she glared at him and stormed out. A short time later, Diane entered the living room and noticed the paintings and priceless items scattered throughout the room. Diane jokingly wondered if Nikolas intended to have a yard sale, but he wasn't in the mood to explain the disarray and asked why Diane was there.

Diane revealed that she had stopped by to let Nikolas know that the Internal Revenue Service had contacted her about some back taxes that Nikolas owed pertaining to the transfer of ELQ. Nikolas was furious that Diane had neglected to mention that Jason had filed tax papers, but Diane wondered why Nikolas was surprised, since transparency had been mandatory to ensure that no one could challenge the Quartermaine family's claim to ELQ. Nikolas was outraged and accused Jason of spending the better part of the last two decades amassing a fortune in mob money hidden away in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes.

Nikolas was certain that Jason had wanted to screw Nikolas over because it hadn't been enough for Jason to take back ELQ -- Jason had also wanted to twist the knife. Diane was certain that Nikolas had some money tucked away to pay the tax debt and pointed out that just one of the frames on the pieces of artwork alone was priceless.

At the hospital, Finn assured his patient that she had a mild infection and would need to take antibiotics for a few days. Mrs. Jenkins smiled as Finn promised to return when he had the final test results and had processed the paperwork for her medication. Felix approached Finn as Finn left Mrs. Jenkins' hospital room and asked if Finn was interested in performing at the Nurses Ball. Finn flatly refused and explained that he didn't have any talent, and Finn had already informed Epiphany of that.

Felix was certain that Finn had a hidden talent, but Finn warned Felix that people would demand their money back if Finn attempted to perform at the Nurses Ball. Felix reluctantly let the matter drop, but Finn seized the opportunity to ask for Felix's help. Finn claimed that his rotator cuff had been acting up, and he needed a couple of muscle relaxers, but Finn didn't have the code to the dispensary to fetch the pills. Felix opened the door and agreed to fetch the medicine. Finn tensed until Felix heard an alarm sound from a nearby hospital room, indicating a patient had removed their I.V.

Felix reminded Finn that there had been an issue with missing medication and asked Finn to properly log what Finn took from the dispensary because Felix could lose his job if anything turned up missing during Felix's shift. After Felix left, Finn entered the room, shut the door, and looked at the various medications including lorazepam, oxycodone, rizatriptan, and doxepin.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael recognized the rattle in the baby carrier and realized the baby boy left on their doorstep was Sabrina's son. Surprised, Tracy continued to rock the baby as she asked how Michael could be certain. Michael picked up the unique rattle and informed his great-aunt that he and Felix had seen the same rattle in Puerto Rico at Sabrina's aunt's house. Michael became alarmed about Sabrina's safety, but Tracy urged him not to overreact because she was certain that Sabrina was fine. Michael disagreed because he knew Sabrina wouldn't have willingly abandoned her child.

Michael feared that Carlos had stolen the baby from Sabrina, and an accomplice had dropped the baby off after Carlos had been killed. Tracy reminded Michael that Tracy and Sabrina had been friends and suggested that perhaps Sabrina had panicked because of her connection to Carlos and had decided to leave the baby with Tracy because Sabrina knew that Tracy would take good care of "Edward." Michael decided that the baby should be checked out by a doctor and have a DNA test to confirm that it was Sabrina's son.

Tracy objected to getting the police involved, but Michael refused to risk the child's life by not having a doctor examine the baby. Tracy offered a solution and called Finn to ask Finn to make a house call. A short time later, Finn finished checking the baby and announced that he seemed healthy. However, Finn advised Michael and Tracy to take the baby to the hospital for blood tests because they had no idea what the baby had been exposed to. Michael smiled with satisfaction as Tracy grumbled because Finn had sided with Michael.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Michael ducked into the foyer to answer the door and returned with Hayden. Tracy was not pleased and immediately ordered Hayden to leave. Hayden noticed the baby and asked about it, but Tracy made it clear that it didn't concern Hayden. Finn stood to leave but pulled out some cash and handed it to Tracy as he explained that it was the money he owed her for losing the backgammon games. Tracy informed him that he was six dollars short, but he smiled and left.

Tracy turned her attention to Hayden and demanded to know what Hayden wanted. Tracy was stunned when Hayden asked for a job. Tracy laughed, but Hayden insisted that Tracy knew Hayden was capable of doing a good job. Tracy insisted that Hayden couldn't be trusted, and it wouldn't be worth it to hire people to monitor Hayden. Michael agreed with Tracy. Tracy sarcastically offered Hayden a job as a nanny, but Hayden declined and left.

Michael was eager to get the baby to the hospital, but Tracy refused to consider it and went to make certain that Alice had properly prepared the nursery for "Edward." A short time later, Tracy returned to the living room, but Michael and the baby were gone.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny questioned Jason's sudden change in attitude. Sonny was shocked when Jason told Sonny about the crash and how it had triggered Jason's memories of the past. Sonny appeared skeptical until Jason and Sonny talked about Sonny's bipolar disorder and how Jason had helped Sonny through some difficult periods in Sonny's life. Jason recalled the first time he'd met Sonny at Luke's old bar and how Sonny had accepted Jason without judgment when Jason hadn't felt a connection to the Quartermaines. Jason regretted how he'd treated Sonny since returning to Port Charles, but Sonny insisted that it was in the past and no longer mattered.

Jason promised to help in any way he could if Sonny needed it, but Sonny was satisfied with Jason's friendship and loyalty because he doubted that Jason wanted to return to the mob. Jason admitted that his days as an enforcer were over because he'd lost two years of his life. Jason quickly added that he only had himself to blame because Jason had willingly risked his life without thinking about how it might affect Sam and Danny. Jason refused to repeat the same mistake. "Good for you," Sonny said with a proud smile.

Sonny encouraged Jason to take advantage of the clean break that Jason had been given, but Jason was reluctant to leave Sonny hanging. Sonny promised that he'd managed without Jason for the previous few years but conceded that it had been difficult. However, Sonny refused to drag Jason back into a business that might destroy Jason. Sonny promised that Jason had made the right decision, but Jason admitted that he had a favor to ask. Jason wanted Sonny to let Jason know if Sonny needed help because Jason was concerned about the war between Sonny and Julian. Jason promised to have Sonny's back if Sonny needed him.

Sonny thanked Jason and promised to let Jason know if Sonny needed Jason's help. Jason added that he would always be available if Sonny needed someone to talk to, but Sonny was reluctant to make Jason an accessory to any of Sonny's crimes. Jason insisted that he had a good attorney and promised to keep Sonny's secrets. Sonny grinned and admitted that it went both ways. Sonny welcomed Jason home then gave his friend a hug.

At the old campus disco, a Realtor left Kevin and Laura to look around the building at their leisure. After the woman left, Laura shivered slightly as images from the night of her rape flashed through her mind, but she pushed them away when Kevin asked if the disco had changed. Laura admitted that it hadn't and told Kevin that she'd been married to Scott when she had taken a job at the popular club where Luke ran things. Kevin imagined that it had been a fun time, but Laura frowned.

Kevin questioned why Helena had led Laura to the disco, so Laura told Kevin about the night of the rape. Laura explained that Luke had been drunk and had ordered Laura to leave, but Laura had stayed because she and Luke had developed feelings for each other. Kevin reminded Laura that she had not been to blame for what had happened. Laura agreed because she recalled repeatedly telling Luke no when Luke had forced himself on her. She revealed that Luke had never forgiven himself for what had happened, but she had made peace with it because she could never regret what had followed, especially her two children with Luke.

Kevin suspected that making Laura relive the past might have been one of Helena's mind games, but Laura was determined to search for clues because Laura refused to allow Helena to win -- even in death. Laura and Kevin split up as they pulled sheets off of furniture and looked for any sign of a clue. Eventually, Laura discovered something hidden in one of the tables. Kevin managed to pull it free, but it was a blank piece of paper. Laura was frustrated and ready to give up until the Realtor returned to ask if Kevin and Laura had found what they had been looking for.

Laura shook her head, but the Realtor wasn't surprised and confided that the owners had turned down every offer made on the building. Surprised, Helena asked about the building's owner. She was stunned when the Realtor revealed that the building was owned by "Lloyd and Lucy Johnson." Laura asked if the Realtor had an address for the couple, but the Realtor explained that she only had a private email address. Moments later, the Realtor excused herself to take a phone call.

Laura waited until the woman disappeared before confiding to Kevin that Lloyd and Lucy Johnson had been Luke and Laura's aliases when they had first gone on the run. Intrigued, Kevin wondered where Luke and Laura might have settled if they had stayed in hiding. "Beechers Corners?" Laura suggested. Kevin decided it was a good place to continue their search, but Laura warned Kevin that it might be dangerous. Kevin insisted on sticking with Laura until the mystery had been solved.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas smashed an expensive teapot as Hayden arrived home. She took one look at Nikolas and realized that something was very wrong.

At the hospital, Michael approached Felix at the nurses' station. Felix was surprised when he noticed the baby, but it quickly turned to shock when Michael revealed that Michael was 99 percent certain that the baby was Sabrina's son.

Meanwhile, Finn entered Mrs. Jenkins' hospital room to share the results of her test. He was stunned when he noticed that her heart had stopped.

Tracy gets temporary custody of Sabrina's son

Tracy gets temporary custody of Sabrina's son

Thursday, May 19, 2016

In Finn's hotel suite, Finn gently stroked his lizard as he apologized for neglecting her lately, but he insisted that his attention had been needed at the hospital. "And my attention is exactly what I gave them," Finn added. Later, Finn slid a vial of medication into his syringe kit as he talked about getting back to the hospital to work in the laboratory. Finn hoped to make progress, but he realized that discretion was the key, especially since he was new in town.

At the hospital, Liesl called out to Monica to ask for a moment of Monica's time. Monica appeared annoyed but stopped to hear Liesl out. Liesl questioned Monica's competence to run the hospital, but Monica insisted that Monica was a vast improvement over Liesl. Liesl disagreed because terrible things had been happening on Finn's watch. Liesl demanded that an investigation be launched, but Monica reminded Liesl that Finn had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Liesl informed Monica that another patient of Finn's had died and the hospital's policy required a procedural review when two patients or more under the same doctor's care died within thirty days of each other. Later, Finn exited the elevator as Liesl approached. Liesl promptly informed him that his laboratory time had been canceled. Finn was furious, but Monica walked up and explained that it had been necessary because he had to meet with the review board to discuss Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Jenkins' deaths.

A short time later, Finn, Monica, Liesl, and two other doctors convened in the conference room to address Liesl's concerns and review the patients' records. Liesl insisted that each of the patients had died under "mysterious circumstances" and that Finn had been seen with Mr. Ellis shortly before Mr. Ellis' death. Liesl added that Finn had also been present when Mrs. Jenkins had died, but Finn argued that it was common for a doctor to be present before, during, and after a patient passed away. Finn also pointed out that Liesl had been with Mr. Ellis when Mr. Ellis had died, but Liesl countered that her actions were not in question.

Finn disagreed and reminded everyone that Liesl had a criminal history, but Monica quickly regained control of the conversation and defended Finn. According to Monica, each patient's medical history and cause of death had been consistent with Finn's documentation, but Liesl demanded that an autopsy be done on Mrs. Jenkins. Finn was offended by the suggestion that he'd done anything criminal and suggested that Liesl was bitter because she blamed him for Monica replacing Liesl as the chief of staff. Monica cut in to make it clear that she was satisfied there hadn't been any wrongdoing on Finn's part, so an autopsy was unnecessary.

The other two doctors agreed with Monica's findings and closed the matter. Liesl was furious and accused Monica of showing Finn preferential treatment. Monica ignored Liesl and adjourned the meeting. After Monica and the doctors left, Finn congratulated Liesl on cementing her reputation as a lunatic and added that she had hurt herself more than she had hurt him. Liesl warned Finn that she studied people closely and was certain that he was hiding something. Liesl promised she would get to the bottom of it.

Later, Finn sat in his hotel suite and accessed the hospital's patient files from his phone. Meanwhile, Liesl stood at the nurses' station as she called his previous employer to get a list of all the patients who had died under his care between February 2012 and March 2016.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava was delighted when she saw that Kiki was back at work. Kiki greeted her mother and admitted that things had finally turned around for Kiki. Pleased, Ava confessed that the same was true for her, which was why Ava had stopped by to talk to Kiki. Ava revealed that she was re-embracing life and ready to make her daughters a priority, but Kiki confessed that she didn't want to move back home. Ava was disappointed, but Kiki reminded her mother that most adult children didn't live with their parents.

Ava argued that living with Franco wasn't a good idea because he was a "certified lunatic." Kiki appreciated Ava's concerns but insisted that Franco needed a stabilizing influence. Resigned, Ava shifted gears and offered to take Kiki and Avery on a short vacation. Kiki appeared hesitant, but Ava agreed to keep an open mind about letting Sonny spend more time with Avery. Kiki reminded her mother that Kiki had just returned to work, but Ava was confident that Carly would give Kiki time off -- especially if it benefited Sonny.

Ava insisted that she just wanted an opportunity to be closer to Kiki, but Kiki had heard it all before. Ava promised that things were different and suggested that a vacation wasn't too much to ask for. Moments later, Kiki's phone rang. Kiki saw Carly's number, but Morgan's voice greeted her.

At the Freedman Clinic, Carly warmly hugged Morgan and noticed that he looked a lot better. Morgan was curious why Carly seemed to be in a particularly good mood, so she sat down to fill him in about everything that had transpired with Jason over the past couple of days. Morgan was happy for Jason and Michael because Michael and Jason had always been close. Carly suggested that Jason was proof that things could turn around when they least expected it. She was also encouraged because Morgan appeared to be in a better place.

Morgan conceded that he was better, but it was an ongoing process. However, he regretted how he had hurt everyone by forcing them to deal with all of "the craziness." Carly assured Morgan that no one had held it against him because they were all on his side. Morgan appreciated her support, but he explained that he didn't want to hurt any of his loved ones again. Carly hugged Morgan then asked him about Kiki. Morgan assured Carly that things were good, but Kiki had been going through some difficult things too.

Carly promised Morgan that Kiki had forgiven him because Kiki had visited him when Kiki had barely been able to walk. Morgan acknowledged that he needed to get better for himself, but he also wanted to get out and make things right with Kiki. Carly urged Morgan to talk to Kiki and handed him her phone. Morgan called Kiki and smiled when Kiki asked if he had checked his visitor list because she had scheduled an appointment for later that day.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki ended the call with Morgan and declined the trip with Ava. Kiki appreciated Ava's efforts to make amends, but Kiki refused to abandon Morgan when he needed her. Kiki explained that Morgan had finally turned a corner, but Ava thought perhaps Morgan was better because Kiki had kept her distance and allowed both Morgan and Kiki time to heal. Kiki made it clear that Morgan was a priority and returned to work.

A short time later, Ava paid Morgan a visit. Morgan was immediately leery and asked why she was there. Ava reminded him that they had a long history together and she would always wish him the best. Morgan assured her that he was well and might soon get to leave the clinic. Ava was relieved because it meant that he was strong enough to hear what she had to tell him. Ava insisted that Kiki was in a fragile place and needed Morgan to be strong enough to walk away because Morgan and Kiki simply weren't good together or for each other.

Morgan disagreed and promised that things would be different, but Ava argued that it always ended badly between Morgan and Kiki despite their best intentions. Morgan accused Ava of trying to manipulate him. Ava conceded that she needed Morgan to be the one to cut ties with Kiki because Kiki would refuse and hold onto Morgan tighter if Ava were to suggest it. Morgan was fine with that, but Ava wondered if Morgan could promise that he wouldn't hurt Kiki again. "Yeah, I can," Morgan answered without hesitation. Ava didn't believe him and told him that if he truly loved Kiki, then he'd do what was best for Kiki.

At the police station, Michael cooed to the baby as a social worker assured him that the baby had slept well with the temporary foster family after being fully checked out at the hospital. Michael was relieved that the baby was healthy, but he was surprised when the social worker mentioned that arrangements were being made for the baby to stay in a more permanent foster home until the parents were located. Moments later, Dante entered the squad room and asked to talk to Michael in private. Michael followed Dante into the interrogation room as Dante revealed that the results of the baby's DNA test were back. Dante confirmed that the baby was Sabrina's son.

Michael's concern for Sabrina mounted because he hadn't heard from her. Dante reminded Michael that Sabrina could be anywhere, including in Port Charles, but she might not reach out to Michael because she had been tangled up with Carlos. Michael pointed out that there hadn't been any reason for Sabrina to give up her son if she'd been in hiding and there hadn't been an arrest warrant issued for her. Dante agreed but wondered how Sabrina's son had ended up on Michael's doorstep. Michael told Dante about Michael and Felix's visit to Puerto Rico and finding Sabrina's son's rattle on the floor.

Michael was certain that the baby had been at Sabrina's aunt's house, so Dante decided to start his search for Sabrina by talking to Inocencia Santiago. Michael returned to the squad room to check on Sabrina's son. The social worker announced that a home had been found, but her phone rang, and she quickly handed the baby to Michael so she could answer the call. Michael promised Sabrina's son that he would find Sabrina. After the social worker ended the call, Michael asked for the foster family's contact information. The social worker promised that everything would be made available and left.

Dante returned to announce that he had a lead. After Dante and Michael returned to the interrogation room, Dante revealed that a woman named Innocencia Leon had recently traveled to Port Charles and had returned to San Juan the previous evening. Michael was certain that the woman had been Sabrina's aunt. Dante assured Michael that the local police in San Juan and the Federal Bureau of Investigations had been notified. A short time later, Dante reported that Sabrina's aunt had vanished.

Michael looked at the baby's rattle in an evidence bag as Dante walked away. Resigned, Michael pulled out his phone and called Sonny to ask his father for a favor.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy talked to someone on the phone but quickly ended the call when she noticed Ned and Dillon standing in the doorway. Ned announced that he and Dillon had heard about Tracy's antics the previous evening, but Tracy feigned innocence and asked what Ned was talking about. Dillon and Ned explained that Michael had told them about the baby on the doorstep and Tracy's refusal to contact the authorities. Tracy was unapologetic because she was certain that the baby was Sabrina's son and that Sabrina had intentionally left him with Tracy because Sabrina trusted Tracy to take care of the baby. Dillon and Ned pointed out that Sabrina had had a far closer relationship with Michael, but Tracy informed her sons that Tracy and Sabrina had become close friends.

Dillon was certain that Sabrina had left the baby with Michael, but Tracy wondered why it mattered, since both Michael and Tracy lived under the same roof. Ned conceded that Tracy had a point, but Tracy reminded Ned and Dillon that it was a moot point because Michael had taken the baby to the hospital and notified the authorities. Dillon was curious where Michael was, but Ned suspected that Michael was out searching for Sabrina.

After Dillon left, Ned started to lecture Tracy about trying to keep Sabrina's son, but she quickly reminded him that he'd been ready to raise Olivia's son as his own. Ned agreed, which was why he knew what it was like to become emotionally invested in a child and then to lose it. Ned was grateful that Tracy had been spared that pain. Tracy grumbled that she had two sons, and both were her "second favorite," but Ned smiled and walked out. Tracy waited until it was safe then quickly called someone to apologize for cutting their call short earlier.

A short time later, Tracy smiled at Sabrina's son as she thanked the social worker for cutting through the red tape to get Tracy approved as a foster parent. Tracy promised that she would take good care of the baby, but she was curious if Michael knew where the baby had been placed. The social worker promised that she'd been evasive then she disappeared to check out the nursery and meet the nurse that Tracy had hired. Tracy promised "little Edward" that she would take care of him.

After the social worker finalized everything and left, Tracy handed the rattle to the baby and smiled because she had found an exact replica of his favorite toy. As the baby played with the rattle, Tracy told him that Edward was a strong name with substance that had meaning and character, so it was the perfect name for him. Tracy picked up Edward and set him on her lap as she rocked him and taught him about business. Ned returned home and stood in the doorway as he watched his mother. Tracy looked up and saw Ned smiling at her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki bumped into Dillon at the bar. Dillon was pleased that Kiki appeared to be doing well and was back at work. Kiki credited Dillon with helping her to stop hiding and with getting her out of the apartment. She admitted that she would always be grateful to him for everything he had done for her. Dillon shifted gears by asking if she was ready to attend a concert because he had to do a photo shoot with a band called "Glamour Boys." Kiki perked up because she had loved the band since she was a teenager and had always wanted to see them in concert.

Kiki agreed to check her work schedule and get back to Dillon. Dillon admitted that he hoped it would work out. Kiki confessed that she did, too, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Sabrina's captor decides she's a liability

Sabrina's captor decides she's a liability

Friday, May 20, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki gave Dillon a kiss on the cheek as she thanked him for inviting her to a concert. Moments later, Lucy walked up to talk to Dillon about the 2016 Nurses Ball because she wanted to make certain that Dillon was prepared for his performance. He assured Lucy that he'd been practicing, but Lucy smiled at Kiki and suggested that perhaps his "stunningly beautiful girlfriend" could be part of the act. Dillon smiled, but Lucy shifted gears and handed him a stack of flyers to hand out at the hospital.

After Lucy left, Dillon admitted that he hoped Kiki would consider Lucy's suggestion because he was certain that it would be a blast. He joked that she could make a fool of herself on stage -- just like him. "Maybe I will," Kiki replied with a grin.

Nearby, Hayden crumpled a flyer promoting the Nurses Ball as Curtis walked up and scolded her for littering as she threw the ball of paper on the floor. She was unapologetic because she didn't have fond memories of the previous Nurses Ball and had no interest in attending the upcoming one. Curtis wisely steered the conversation to a more cheerful topic -- their fire sale on the Internet. Hayden wondered if he had gotten the latest appraisal updates because she was in desperate need of cash. Curtis sent it to her email, and she quickly checked her phone as Nikolas marched up and slapped down a piece of paper on the table.

"Game over," Nikolas growled. Curtis smiled pleasantly and told Nikolas that he was glad Nikolas was there because Curtis had a few questions about the value of an item. "Shut it," Nikolas ordered Curtis then he turned to Hayden to inform her that Nikolas had secured a court order blocking her and Curtis from selling any additional Cassadine family heirlooms and pieces of art. Nikolas warned both Hayden and Curtis that they would face time in jail if they continued to help themselves to Nikolas' possessions.

Lucy walked up to ask for a moment of Nikolas' time. Nikolas reined in his temper to explain that it wasn't a good time, but Lucy was oblivious to the tension and insisted that it was important. Curtis excused himself and went to the bar as Lucy sat down and explained that she needed Nikolas' donation for the Nurses Ball because his generosity always set an example for others. Nikolas smiled politely but explained that he didn't have his checkbook on him. Lucy suggested a wire transfer, but Nikolas assured her that he would get the money to her soon. Pleased, Lucy left, but Hayden questioned if Nikolas had the money to give to Lucy.

Nikolas refused to discuss his finances with Hayden, but she argued that it was her business, since he had refused to honor their prenuptial agreement and had stolen her diamonds. Hayden was certain that Nikolas had made a fortune off the sale of ELQ, but Nikolas warned her to keep her hands off his possessions and left. Moments later, Curtis returned to the table and handed Hayden a cocktail. Curtis looked at the court order and was surprised that Nikolas had managed to document all the valuable items in Wyndemere.

Hayden wasn't surprised because the Cassadines had meticulously cataloged everything when they had left Russia. Curtis conceded that their Internet business venture was over and asked about the diamonds that Nikolas had stolen. Hayden had no idea where to look for the diamonds because there were countless hiding places in the castle. Curtis asked about Lucy's visit, prompting Hayden to fill him in about the conversation. Hayden realized that Nikolas had had a reversal of fortune, which meant that she was stuck in a "horrible, loveless" marriage without a penny to her name.

Meanwhile, Nikolas met with a diamond broker whom he hoped would be discreet, but the man insisted that he was required to report any stolen merchandise. Nikolas feigned disappointment because the broker would miss out on an opportunity to purchase a flawless diamond at nearly half the market price. The broker decided to take a look at the diamond. Nikolas handed it to the man and watched as the broker examined it closely. Moments later, the broker slid a piece of paper across the table with an offer that satisfied Nikolas.

At the hospital, Lucas called out to Brad to talk about their wedding because Lucas had found a solution to all their problems. Lucas held up a flyer for the 2016 Nurses Ball and suggested that they get married during the ball. Brad was shocked, but Lucas insisted that it was the best option because their loved ones would be in attendance, and everything from decorations to the food and drinks would be provided. Brad was skeptical, but Lucas pointed out that money was tight because of Brad's divorce from Rosalie. Brad remained undecided until Lucas added that it would be a full-circle moment because Brad had proposed to Lucas during the previous Nurses Ball.

Lucas was ecstatic when Brad agreed. After the two men hugged, Lucy walked up to discuss the Nurses Ball. Lucas and Brad told Lucy about their desire to get married during the Nurses Ball. Lucy loved the idea and was touched when Lucas and Brad asked her to officiate the wedding. Lucy happily agreed, but Lucas and Brad asked her to keep it a secret.

At the Freedman Clinic, Ava told Morgan that if he truly loved Kiki, then he would do the right thing and sever all ties with Kiki. Morgan accused Ava of trying to manipulate him and flatly refused to break up with Kiki. Ava freely admitted that she would do anything to give Kiki a better life because Kiki deserved it after everything she had been through. Ava claimed that Kiki felt sorry for Morgan and didn't realize how dangerous he was, but Morgan argued that Ava was far more of a threat to Kiki.

Morgan acknowledged that he'd been "wigged-out" on the night of the arms deal raid, but he'd been aware enough to know that Dixon had been on the pier to meet Ava. Ava insisted that Morgan was to blame for Kiki getting shot and reminded him that he had also kidnapped Kiki and held her against her will in a cabin until Kiki had managed to call Michael for help. Morgan assured Ava that he had never meant to hurt Kiki, but Ava argued that it didn't matter because it repeatedly happened. Ava explained that his love was not healthy for Kiki, and only he had the power to set Kiki free. Ava said she hoped Morgan made the right decision, and she left.

A short time later, Kiki arrived for a visit and warmly greeted Morgan. She became concerned when she noticed his subdued mood and asked if he'd been having trouble with his medications again. Morgan assured her that he was doing well with the medications and told her that he'd been focusing on his therapy. Kiki was pleased because it was important for Morgan to get better. She was curious when he might get out of the clinic because she hoped he could see her perform at the Nurses Ball. Morgan admitted that it might be best if he and Kiki left things open between them.

Kiki assured Morgan that it was fine to take things slowly, and she would be happy to start off as friends, but he told her that part of his recovery was to accept the truth. Morgan insisted that he and Kiki always hurt each other, and it might be best if they didn't see each other again. Kiki was devastated, but she tried not to show it. She agreed to respect Morgan's wishes and added that she no longer cared for him. After Kiki left, Morgan's expression clouded with pain.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny revealed that he'd spoken to his associates in San Juan and everything had been arranged. Concerned, Carly implored Michael not to search for Sabrina personally, but Michael insisted that he had to. Sonny decided to step out of the room while Carly and Michael hashed things out. Michael made it clear that he would go with or without Sonny, but Carly argued that it was too dangerous. She warned her son that he had no idea what kind of men Carlos had been mixed up with, but Michael's mind was made up. Michael was certain that Carly would want someone to help her if Carly and Sabrina's roles had been reversed.

Carly saw the determination in her son's expression and accepted that she couldn't stop Michael. She asked him to be careful as Sonny returned to the living room to find out who had won the battle of wills. "Who do you think?" Carly asked in a frustrated tone. Sonny told Michael that the plane was ready, and it was time to go. Michael decided to wait outside to give Sonny and Carly a moment alone. Carly remained upset and refused to kiss Sonny, but he turned on the charm and assured her that he would return soon.

Carly kissed her husband and watched him leave. Outside, Sonny told Michael that Sonny might know who had Sabrina and where she was being held. Later, Michael paced the cabin of the plane as he asked how much longer until they landed. Sonny promised Michael that it would be soon, but he wanted Michael to understand the situation they would be walking into. Sonny explained that he had a lot of contacts and clout in Puerto Rico, but Sonny and Michael would be guests, and they would have to abide by different rules. Michael agreed to act accordingly, but he was concerned about Sabrina.

Sonny admitted that he didn't approve of Sabrina because Sonny believed that Sabrina had used Michael and ultimately chosen Carlos, but Sonny would help Michael because Michael was his son. Michael was grateful. Moments later, the plane landed. Sonny told Michael not to worry because they would be ready for whatever happened.

Meanwhile, Carly scowled when she opened the door and saw Ava standing on the doorstep. Ava announced that she was there to take Avery home. Carly objected, but Ava reminded Carly that Ava was the custodial parent. Carly explained that Avery wasn't home because Avery's sister had taken the toddler to a playgroup. Ava frowned because Kiki hadn't mentioned taking Avery anywhere, but Carly reminded Ava that Avery had two other sisters -- Kristina and Josslyn.

Disgusted, Ava informed Carly that Josslyn was not related to Avery. Carly disagreed because Avery and Josslyn were stepsisters. However, Carly clarified that Kristina had taken Avery to the outing. Ava decided to wait because it would give the designer she had hired more time to get things ready after the new baby furniture was delivered. Carly thought Ava was being unfair because Sonny wasn't home to say goodbye to Avery, but Ava accused Carly and Sonny of taking advantage of Ava's situation and vowed that Sonny would not see Avery again. After Ava went to the nursery to pack Avery's things, Carly dashed to the foyer to call Max.

Carly explained that it was an emergency, and she desperately needed Max to stop a furniture delivery to Ava's penthouse. After Carly ended the call, she returned to the living room. Moments later, Ava marched in and demanded to know why the things she had packed for Avery hadn't been used. Carly shrugged and told Ava that Avery had already had everything in the nursery. Furious, Ava demanded that Carly call Kristina because Ava wanted to take Avery home immediately.

Ava excused herself when her phone suddenly rang. Carly listened with smug satisfaction as Ava sputtered with outrage when she was told that the delivery truck had been involved in an accident. Ava ended the call and told Carly that she would return the following day with someone from Social Services to pick up Avery. After Ava stormed out, Carly smiled. "Screw you, bitch. I'm just getting started," Carly said.

In San Juan, Sabrina was sitting in a boat shack when her aunt entered. Inocencia immediately assured Sabrina that Sabrina's son had been safely delivered to Port Charles. Sabrina was relieved, but she was curious if Inocencia had given Carlos the message from Sabrina. Inocencia gently broke the news to her niece that Carlos had died. Sabrina was stunned by the news and cried as Inocencia gently patted Sabrina's back. Sabrina decided that she needed to get to her son and asked for her aunt's help, but Inocencia reminded Sabrina that Marcos had the shack under constant guard.

Inocencia was certain that her son would be furious when he realized that the baby was gone. Sabrina conceded that Carlos had left Sabrina and the baby in Marcos' care, but Sabrina was certain Marcos wouldn't have any use for Sabrina once he realized that Carlos was dead. Sabrina was eager to get away, but Inocencia promised that Marcos would never hurt Sabrina. Seconds later, the door burst open as Marcos entered the shack. He demanded to know where the baby was, so Inocencia admitted that she'd taken the baby to Port Charles.

Marcos was livid as he informed his mother that the police were looking for Sabrina. Marcos regretted letting Carlos talk him into getting involved in Carlos' mess because Carlos' death had left Marcos to deal with the fallout. Sabrina assured Marcos that she wouldn't say anything if he let her go. Sabrina's aunt begged her son to listen to Sabrina because her niece could be trusted. Marcos reluctantly agreed to let Sabrina go, but he insisted on making arrangements because he needed to cover his tracks. Relieved, Inocencia invited Sabrina to return to the main house with her, but Marcos explained that it was too risky.

Marcos promised to take care of everything quickly and sent his mother back to the house. After Inocencia and Sabrina said goodbye, Marcos closed the door behind his mother then pulled out a gun. Alarmed, Sabrina asked what Marcos was doing. He explained that he couldn't let Sabrina go because the police would pick her up the minute she boarded a plane and trace her tracks back to him. Sabrina reminded Marcos that his mother would know that he had killed Sabrina. Marcos agreed, but he also knew that Inocencia would never ask because his mother would not want to hear the answer.

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