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Sam accepted Jason's proposal of marriage and received great news about the baby. Maxie feared that Nathan was still in love with Claudette. Laura and Kevin kissed. Valerie and Curtis made love.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 15, 2016 on GH
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Monday, August 15, 2016

Carly entered Nina's office, and Nina immediately began profusely apologizing for emailing Nelle before talking to Carly. Carly admitted that Nina had made the "right call." Curtis entered the office, and Nina introduced him as the man who'd found Josslyn's donor. Carly thanked him with a wide smile and left for the hospital for Nelle's tests. "I wish I could make every beautiful woman that happy to see me," Curtis joked.

Nina asked Curtis for the information he'd found on bad plastic surgery. He handed her a folder, and as she looked through it, he explained that there were transcripts of interviews, charts, graphs, and a summary of his findings. She was very happy with his work, but he downplayed it. She demanded that he never again reduce himself in front of her, because he was great and important, and he helped people. She told him that he mattered, and he was a hero.

Curtis called Nina the hero for helping Carly, but Nina admitted that she'd been living vicariously through Carly. She thought that Carly was an amazing mother, and she liked to think that that was the type of mother she would have been. Curtis assured her that she could live a full life without kids. Nina suddenly thought of another job that she offered him lots of money for. He accepted it and asked what it was. Nina wanted Curtis to find her a baby.

Nelle arrived at the hospital, and Jax and Sonny were surprised to see her. She revealed that Michael had convinced her to see things from their point of view and to stay. Monica approached, and she led Nelle away to begin the tests. Sonny acknowledged that Jax was a good father, but he couldn't figure out why Jax didn't want to see if Nelle was Josslyn's donor. Jax said he was only concerned about the toll the news would take on his daughter.

Carly arrived at the hospital, and Sonny informed her that Nelle was getting tests done. Carly told Jax that, if Nelle was Josslyn's donor, they would have to tell Josslyn. Nelle returned a few minutes later and revealed that Monica had put a rush on the test results and wanted everyone to "stay put."

Carly appreciated Nelle going through the tests but realized that she knew nothing about Nelle. The two women sat down, and Nelle told Carly what she wanted to know. It included Nelle's hometown of Atlanta, the fact that her parents were gone and she was an only child, and that she loved kids and was studying to be a kindergarten teacher.

A short while later, Monica returned with the test results. She informed the group that Nelle's blood type matched Josslyn's, and the rest of the tests "strongly suggest" that Nelle could have been the donor. The only way to be absolutely certain was to do a risky biopsy. Monica left the group to talk about it. Nelle wanted to go through with the test, but Carly didn't want her to take the risk. Nelle walked away to have some time alone to think.

Carly refused to allow Nelle to take the risk of a biopsy. Sonny interjected that he believed Nelle was Josslyn's donor. He confided that he'd checked out the clinic where Nelle had had her surgery, and the timeline worked out. Jax was furious at Sonny for crossing the line, but Carly was grateful to her husband. She wondered how they would tell Josslyn.

At Perks Coffee, Joe approached Sabrina, Michael, and Teddy. He handed Teddy's blanket to Sabrina and told her that she'd left it in his car. Sabrina explained to Michael that Joe had given her and Teddy a ride home from the hospital the day before. Joe went inside to get coffee, and Michael wondered why she hadn't told him. She'd thought it would be easier to avoid the subject, but Michael didn't want them to start lying to each other again.

Joe returned and sat with Sabrina and Michael. He explained that he had a research fellowship at the hospital, which was why he was in town. Michael's phone rang, and he answered it to Carly. Carly asked for Michael to pick up Josslyn and get her to the hospital. He kissed Sabrina goodbye and left.

Sabrina wanted to leave as well. Joe stopped her and wondered why she'd been "hot and cold" with him since he'd shown up. Joe was Teddy's uncle, which meant he would be in Sabrina's life. He wanted her honesty and a relationship with his nephew. He wanted to give Teddy the support that he hadn't given Carlos, and he promised to earn her trust in time.

Carly thought that Josslyn would appreciate knowing her donor and feel lucky and grateful. Nelle returned, and Carly wanted Nelle to know that they believed she was Josslyn's donor, so she didn't have to go through with the biopsy. Carly wanted Josslyn to know that Nelle was her donor. Michael entered the hospital with Josslyn as Carly hugged a tearful Nelle. Josslyn had thought Nelle was leaving, but Nelle replied that she'd found a good reason to stay. Josslyn asked what was going on. Carly told a tearful Josslyn that "Nelle is your kidney donor. She saved your life."

Morgan got on the elevator at Metro Court with a bouquet of flowers. Dillon stepped in after him, each clearly unhappy to see the other. Morgan wondered if Dillon was going to see Kiki, but Dillon insisted that he was getting a coffee "to go." Morgan called Dillon pathetic and informed him that he'd never have a chance with Kiki. Dillon wondered, if that was the case, why Dillon being in the same room as Kiki threatened Morgan so much.

Ava arrived at Metro Court and asked Kiki for a table in Kiki's section, but Kiki instructed her that their meeting would be quick. Kiki informed her mother that she completely supported Morgan's choice in telling Ava to "back off." Ava commented that that hadn't been all Morgan had told her, and she went to sit down.

Ava instructed Kiki to ask Morgan, who had been very hostile toward Ava, for an explanation. Ava's phone rang, and she had to take it because it was a "dealer." "Firearms or narcotics?" Kiki wondered. Ava answered the call as Morgan and Dillon stepped off the elevator.

Dillon went over to a waitress, Sally, who openly flirted with him as he ordered his coffee. Morgan gave the flowers to Kiki, and he asked her for feedback on some ideas he had. She had something to talk to him about, too, but she first went to put the flowers in water. Sally gave Dillon his coffee, "extra hot, just like you," and he turned to leave. He and Kiki bumped straight into each other, and Dillon yelled in pain as he was doused in the hot coffee.

Kiki apologized for the accident, and Dillon left the restaurant to change. Sally returned with another coffee for Dillon but left with Kiki's flowers to put them in a vase. Continuing their conversation, Kiki wondered what else Morgan had talked to Ava about. He told Kiki not to "freak out," but he'd told Ava that he was going to marry Kiki.

Morgan assured Kiki that he knew marriage was "far off" for them, but he'd wanted to get a rise out of Ava. He wanted Kiki to know that she was the only one for him and always would be. A few minutes later, Morgan read off his ideas for Perks to Kiki. She thought it was good for him to have something he was passionate about.

Dillon was changing his shirt in the Crimson office just as Ava entered. She was there to see Dillon about photographing some art for a catalog. He revealed that he usually only photographed people, but Ava had noticed his attention to detail in the magazine. She gave her card to him and invited him to the gallery. He accepted, and she was surprised considering she was Kiki's mother. Ava commented that she believed he and Kiki had a connection. She added that, if he was still interested in Kiki, Ava believed that he definitely still had a chance.

Jason urged Sam to share with him whatever was clearly worrying her. She realized that she should be excited and grateful, but she couldn't help being afraid. She confessed to Jason that she was pregnant, which was the reason behind her fainting spells. She revealed that she was also worried because she'd been exposed to malaria, which carried all kinds of risks for an unborn child. She assured him that the first test had been negative, but she was still waiting for results of the second.

Jason told Sam that he was scared, too, but they would deal with whatever happened together. She apologized for not telling him the news right away, but she'd panicked about making the same mistakes they'd made when she'd been pregnant with Danny. Jason promised that he would be there for her, and he would never let her go.

Jason remembered the promises he'd made Sam at their wedding, promises he'd failed to keep because of the life he'd chosen. Sam insisted that she'd been happy with him regardless of his choices. He continued that his life choices had almost gotten him killed and had taken him away from Sam. He realized that Sam, Danny, Jake, and the baby were the most important things in his life. He wanted to make the same promises and do a better job of keeping them. Jason got down on one knee and said, "I want you to be my wife. Will you please marry me?"

Sam and Jason get good news

Sam and Jason get good news

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

At the penthouse, Sam was overjoyed when Jason proposed marriage to her. She happily accepted and hugged him. However, her happiness dimmed when she asked if her pregnancy had prompted the proposal. Jason admitted that it had played a role in his decision, but he'd always known that he'd ask her to marry him again. Jason thought the pregnancy had been a sign that the time was right. Jason assured Sam that he loved her and looked forward to a future with her, but he knew she was concerned about possible pregnancy complications.

Jason was confident that everything would be okay and that he and Sam would have a wonderful life together. He assured her that if the news was bad, then they would face it together. Sam relaxed, but she regretted that she hadn't been more careful in Greece. Jason insisted that Sam was not to blame because she hadn't done anything wrong. Sam vowed to be very careful throughout her pregnancy if the baby was okay, but Jason cut her off when she started to talk about the possibility the baby might not be okay, and he told her to focus on the positive.

Moments later, Sam's phone rang. It was Finn calling with the results of the second malaria test. Sam breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Finn when he confirmed that the test had been negative and that her baby was fine. After Sam ended the call, she shared the news with Jason and happily hugged him because they'd had their miracle. Jason asked Sam to promise that she would not keep the truth from him in an effort to protect him. Jason assured her that he would extend her the same courtesy because he didn't want to screw things up like when she'd been pregnant with Danny. Sam agreed and kissed him.

At Crimson, Nina and Curtis stood in her office as she asked him to help her find a baby because she was eager to be a mother. Curtis advised Nina to go to an adoption agency, but she explained that it wasn't an option because of her past. Nina opened up about Avery's abduction and fleeing the country with the baby, but she promised that she was in a better place and ready to be a mother. Curtis suggested that Nina talk to an attorney, but Nina tearfully admitted that no one would willingly give her a baby.

Nina implored Curtis to help her find a baby to adopt because she was certain there was someone out there who'd be willing to give up their baby for adoption in exchange for a large sum of money. Horrified, Curtis adamantly refused to help her buy a child on the black market. Nina assured him that she hadn't meant to do anything nefarious. Nina promised to cover all the medical expenses, but she needed Curtis to take care of the legalities so no one could take the child from her. Curtis explained that what Nina proposed was illegal, but she was desperate and refused to let anything stop her. Curtis heard the determination in her voice and reluctantly agreed to help.

In the reception area, Ava told Dillon that she'd seen what had transpired between him and Kiki earlier. It was clear to her that Kiki and Dillon continued to share a connection, but Dillon pointed out that it clearly hadn't been as strong as the one Kiki shared with Morgan. "We'll see," Ava cryptically replied. Ava was certain that Dillon still had a chance with Kiki -- if he was interested. Dillon's eyes narrowed with suspicion as he reminded Ava that Kiki and Morgan were still a couple, but Ava thought Kiki only needed one word from Dillon to end things with Morgan.

Ava confided that Kiki had been excited when Dillon had asked Kiki out and had gone shopping with Ava to pick out the perfect dress. Ava added that Kiki had been happy and had talked about how grateful she'd been for everything that Dillon had done for Kiki. Dillon reminded Ava that Kiki had chosen Morgan, but Ava accused Morgan of using his illness to guilt Kiki into taking Morgan back. Ava insisted that Morgan and Kiki didn't have a real relationship because her daughter felt sorry for Morgan and wasn't truly committed to him. Ava added that Kiki seemed different -- in a better way -- when she was around Dillon, but Dillon questioned Ava's agenda.

Dillon suspected that Ava wanted Morgan for herself. Ava was offended at the suggestion and assured Dillon that she simply wanted the best for Kiki. Ava knew Morgan and feared that he'd only cause her daughter endless pain. Dillon accused Ava of trying to control Kiki's life and made it clear that he would not help her.

In Metro Court's parking garage, Kiki fished her car keys out of her purse but stopped and frowned when she noticed that she had a flat tire. She immediately called for roadside assistance but was told that it would be several hours before someone could get to her. Annoyed, Kiki ended the call and decided to change the tire on her own. A short time later, Dillon smiled as he walked up and saw Kiki working but not making much progress. After they exchanged greetings, Dillon offered to take over the task. Kiki didn't object and handed him the tire iron.

Dillon joked about Kiki letting the air out of the tire in the hopes of running into him, but she smiled and reminded him that it was more his style. Dillon defended his actions because he'd managed to lure Kiki out of the apartment when she'd been determined to remain locked up inside. Kiki conceded that he had helped her. Dillon sat down beside her and confessed that he had something to tell her. Dillon admitted that Ava had picked up on his feelings for Kiki and had tried to persuade him to break up Morgan and Kiki.

"Maybe I was giving off some vibes of my own," Kiki quietly admitted. Before she could elaborate, her phone rang. It was Morgan. After a brief exchange, Kiki agreed to meet Morgan and ended the call by telling him that she loved him. Dillon acknowledged that it sounded as if Kiki and Morgan were doing well. Kiki admitted that they were, which was why she resented her mother's interference. Dillon assured her that he had refused to do Ava's dirty work because he wanted Kiki to be happy. Kiki promised that she was.

At the hospital, Morgan arrived at Andre's office for a therapy session. After Morgan sat down, Andre asked how things were going. Morgan smiled happily as he assured the doctor that everything was great. Morgan felt like himself and looked forward to a future with the woman he loved. Andre asked about the medications. Morgan didn't have any complaints and admitted that he felt "normal." Morgan chatted about Kiki, but admitted that there were people trying to tear them apart.

Intrigued, Andre asked Morgan to elaborate. Morgan told him about Dillon and Ava. Morgan accused Ava of being on a "toxic warpath" to convince Kiki that he was bad for Kiki, but Morgan assured Andre that Ava was wrong because Morgan wanted nothing but the best for Kiki. Morgan acknowledged that he'd gone too far by trying to surprise Kiki with a lease to an apartment, but he and Kiki had worked through it when she'd expressed concerns that he'd been off his medications. Morgan tensed when Andre asked Morgan to drop the act and talk about what had really been troubling him.

Morgan became defensive because he worried that Andre assumed he was in a manic phase, but Andre calmly clarified that Morgan's behavior was common for someone trying to hide something that was troubling him. Morgan relaxed and admitted that he was scared to death that he was just one step away from having to return to the Freedman Clinic. Andre reminded Morgan that the treatment was ongoing, and there would be times when the medications might need to be adjusted. Andre couldn't make any promises, but Morgan insisted that he couldn't return to the clinic because Morgan needed to be with Kiki.

Andre advised Morgan to remain focused on the treatment and taking the medications to reduce the risk of having to return to the clinic. Andre escorted Morgan out of the office when the session ended. Ava rounded the corner after picking up the results of her blood test, which had confirmed that she didn't have malaria. She stopped short when she saw Andre and Morgan. Ava followed from a safe distance as she heard Andre remind Morgan of the importance of taking the medications. After Andre walked away, Ava watched Morgan tuck the bottle of pills into a pocket of his backpack and then set the backpack down and step away to make reservations for dinner.

Ava waited until Morgan was out of sight then ran over to the backpack. She quickly grabbed the bottle of pills and emptied out a handful. After she returned the bottle of pills to the pocket of the backpack, she slipped away. Moments later, Morgan returned to retrieve his backpack.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Josslyn demanded to know what was going on because she sensed that her parents were hiding something. Carly gently explained that Josslyn had received Nelle's kidney. Stunned, Josslyn looked at Nelle. Nelle's eyes filled with tears as Josslyn admitted that she didn't know what to say because thank you seemed too small. "But thank you for saving my life," Josslyn said as her voice quivered with emotion. Sonny, Michael, Carly, and Jax smiled as Nelle assured Josslyn that she was grateful that Josslyn was healthy.

Josslyn was relieved that her donated kidney hadn't been taken from someone who had died, but Josslyn was curious how Carly had found Nelle. Josslyn recalled that Carly had dropped the search. Carly reminded Josslyn of why it had been important for Carly to find the donor, but Jax quickly added that Nina had reached out to Nelle before Carly had made the phone call to pull the story. Michael added that Nelle had shown up during Bobbie's birthday party to introduce herself. Josslyn was curious if Michael and Nelle had been talking about Josslyn when Josslyn had seen them on the promenade.

Michael explained that he'd persuaded Nelle to stay to take the tests, but Josslyn demanded to know why Michael hadn't mentioned anything. Michael revealed that there had been a possibility that Nelle hadn't been the donor, in which case Nelle would have left town, and the search would have been over. Angry, Josslyn asked if Sonny had also known about Nelle. Sonny confirmed that he had, but it hadn't been his place to tell Josslyn. Josslyn suddenly realized why Jax, Carly, and Sonny had been arguing over the past few days, and she stormed off. Nelle asked for an opportunity to talk to Josslyn, so Jax and Carly agreed.

Sonny pulled Michael aside to give Jax and Carly privacy. After Sonny and Michael stepped away, Carly conceded that Jax had been right. Jax admitted that it was hard to gloat when their daughter was upset. Carly acknowledged that Josslyn had a right to be upset, but she didn't want Josslyn to be angry at Jax. Jax recalled how terrified he and Carly had been when Josslyn had been sick and in desperate need of a kidney. He assured Carly that whatever mistakes they had made -- or regrets they might have -- they were a small price to pay for saving Josslyn's life.

Nearby, Nelle approached Josslyn and asked if they could talk. Josslyn was furious that her parents had gone behind her back to search for Nelle, but Nelle gently explained that Jax and Carly had wanted a complete medical history for Josslyn. Nelle insisted that it had been important and that Josslyn's parents had been doing their job because they were good parents. Josslyn resented that her parents had kept the secret from her after Nelle had turned up at the house, but Nelle defended Jax and Carly by pointing out that Josslyn's parents had needed to be sure that Nelle had been the donor because Josslyn might have been far more upset if Jax and Carly had told Josslyn, and Nelle hadn't been the donor.

Nelle promised that everything Jax and Carly had done had been about protecting Josslyn and sparing their daughter pain. Nelle started to talk about her impressions of Josslyn's family and mentioned Michael, but Josslyn asked Nelle not to lump Michael in with the others because Josslyn was certain that Michael would have told Josslyn the truth if the family hadn't pressured him to remain quiet. Nelle confided that she'd never had anyone love her as much as Michael loved Josslyn, and Nelle said that Josslyn was blessed.

In a private corner, Sonny and Michael discussed Nelle. Michael was happy that everyone had their answers, but he felt bad for Nelle because of what her parents had done to their daughter. Sonny was glad that Nelle's story had checked out, but Michael sensed that something was troubling his father. Sonny admitted that he had an uneasy feeling about the situation because, as determined as Carly had been to find Nelle, Jax had been equally determined not to. Sonny added that Jax's justification hadn't added up.

Meanwhile, Josslyn approached her parents to apologize for her earlier outburst. Nelle watched as Jax and Carly hugged their daughter and assured Josslyn that they loved her. Josslyn felt better about what had happened because she'd had an opportunity to meet Nelle. Nelle promised that she didn't have any regrets, but she announced that she had to get back home. Josslyn was disappointed, but Nelle explained that she had a job waiting for her. Nelle promised to send Carly the medical records and assured Josslyn that they'd stay in touch online.

Michael offered to give Nelle a lift to the bus station, prompting Josslyn to offer to join them. Nelle declined the ride because she needed time to process everything. No one noticed as Jax slipped away to make a quick phone call. Jax assured the person on the other end that Nelle Hayes was not a threat because she had no idea how Josslyn had gotten the kidney. Jax added that Nelle planned to leave, which meant that her contact with Carly would be limited. After Jax ended the call, he heard Carly implore Nelle to stay because Carly and Josslyn wanted an opportunity to get to know Nelle.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Paul approached Tracy's table and confessed that he'd been surprised by her call because she'd spent the past few months avoiding him. Tracy assured him that she would have continued except they shared a son. Tracy blasted Paul for claiming to move to Port Charles to get to know Dillon but barely seeing Dillon in months. Paul explained that it had been difficult to forge a relationship with his son when Dillon wanted nothing to do with him because Dillon had sided with Tracy. Tracy was stunned that Paul had given up without a fight, but Paul argued that he couldn't force Dillon to spend time with him.

Tracy revealed that Dillon needed his father because their son was in trouble. Alarmed, Paul asked what Tracy was talking about. Tracy explained that Dillon had picked up an STI. She conceded that it was treatable, but she believed it was a symptom of a larger problem. Tracy criticized Paul's parenting style, but Paul argued that she had been the one who had fled to Europe with their son when Dillon had been a child. Tracy acknowledged that she'd made mistakes, but Tracy pointed out that Paul hadn't been a better father to his other two children, Paul Jr. and Susan.

Paul bristled and warned Tracy never to talk about Susan because Tracy had no idea what his daughter meant to him or what he'd done for her. Tracy was taken aback by Paul's outburst and apologized because it had been wrong of her to make assumptions about Paul's relationship with Susan. Paul relaxed and assured Tracy that she need not worry about Dillon because the STI was treatable, and men Dillon's age tended to be promiscuous. Tracy thought that Dillon might benefit from a talk with Paul and asked if Paul would be willing to meet Tracy and Dillon for lunch. "Of course," Paul replied. He insisted that he loved all of his children and would do anything for them.

Liz and Franco make a decision

Liz and Franco make a decision

> Liz and Franco make a decision

Liz and Franco make a decision

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

At the hospital, Laura rounded a corner and nearly walked into Tracy. Tracy assumed that Laura was eager for the results of the DNA test on the items Lulu had found on Cassadine Island. Laura asked if there had been any word, but Tracy shook her head and assured Laura that Monica had made the tests a priority. Tracy thought it was all in vain because the DNA wouldn't match Luke's. Laura agreed, but she hoped that she and Tracy were right.

Tracy offered her condolences to Laura on Nikolas' passing. Laura thanked Tracy but was surprised, since Tracy and Nikolas had tangled over ELQ. Tracy insisted that ELQ had been nothing in comparison to Nikolas' life and recalled working with Nikolas on a project. Tracy admitted that Nikolas had been good and invited Laura to ask if Laura needed anything. Laura thanked Tracy and admitted that she'd feel better once the DNA results were in. Tracy refused to believe that Luke had cheated death countless times only to meet his end in a grubby tunnel on Cassadine Island.

Tracy thought it was typical of Luke to be off on an adventure, while his loved ones were left to worry about his fate. Laura and Tracy talked about Luke and what a big part he had played in each of their lives. Laura seized the opportunity to apologize to Tracy for crashing Tracy's wedding to Luke, but Tracy thought it had been for the best in the end because Luke had needed to figure things out, and Tracy had had her own issues to sort out. Laura asked if Tracy was still in love with Luke. Tracy thought about it for a minute then quietly confessed that she hadn't found a way to shake him.

Laura empathized because she'd once felt the same way. Tracy was curious what had changed. Laura admitted that she'd been in love with Luke since she'd been a teenager when he'd whisked her off on adventures, married her, and then had children with her. However, Laura had never truly grown up because she'd always been a damsel in distress and Luke her savior. Laura admitted that Scott had also treated her like a child when they'd reconnected after things had fallen apart with Luke. According to Laura, she'd finally grown up when she'd been on her own after she no longer had children or a husband to take care of.

Moments later, a lab tech called out to Laura and Tracy to announce that the DNA tests were back. The woman began to explain the technicalities of the tests, but Tracy demanded that she cut to the chase and give them an answer. The woman revealed that -- with 99% certainty -- the hair sample had not matched the DNA skin cells recovered from the earring and bracelet. Elated, Tracy and Laura hugged. After Laura called to let Lulu know, Tracy asked if Laura intended to go after Luke. Laura reminded Tracy that it hadn't been unusual for Luke to go off the grid, but Tracy was certain that Laura intended to track him down.

Laura explained that she couldn't because she had people in Port Charles who needed her. Tracy assumed that Laura had been referring to Kevin, but Laura clarified that she'd been talking about Lulu and Spencer. However, Laura decided to pay Kevin a visit. Laura started to walk away but stopped to suggest that Tracy find Luke because Tracy still loved him. After Laura left, Tracy called Luke and left a voicemail message updating him on the DNA test and imploring him to check in because everyone was concerned.

Across town, Alexis and Diane sat in a waiting room as they discussed Alexis' case. Diane was optimistic that the American Bar Association wouldn't yank Alexis' law license because Diane had painted Alexis in the best light possible. Moments later, a clerk invited Alexis and Diane into the boardroom. After Alexis and Diane sat down, the head of the committee explained that both Paul Hornsby and Janice Lomax had accused Alexis of misconduct because Alexis had had a conflict of interest when she'd represented Carlos Rivera, knowing that Alexis' husband had been guilty of the crime. Diane was asked to make a closing statement, but all heads turned to the door when Olivia entered the boardroom.

Olivia apologized but explained that she had wanted an opportunity to be heard. The head of the committee assured Olivia that they had received her statement on Alexis' behalf, but Olivia begged that the committee hear her out. The members agreed, so Olivia sat down and accused Janice Lomax of having a personal grudge against Alexis because Alexis had represented Olivia in a lawsuit against the mayor and the city when Lomax had objected to Olivia breastfeeding in public. Olivia praised Alexis for standing up for Olivia's rights and prevailing in court despite the mayor's attempts to intimidate Olivia into dropping the lawsuit. Olivia was adamant that Lomax had a vendetta against Alexis and begged the board not to be manipulated by the mayor.

After Olivia finished speaking, Alexis asked for an opportunity to say something. Alexis admitted that her mother had been murdered, leaving Alexis to grow up in a home where there hadn't been any justice. Alexis explained that it was the reason why justice had always been important to her and what had driven her to become a lawyer. However, she conceded that there had been times when justice had been at odds with what had been best for the client, which was the gray area that Carlos' case had resided in. Alexis acknowledged that Carlos had killed Duke at Julian's orders, but it had been Carlos' decision not to disclose the information to the police.

Alexis pointed out that her desire to protect Julian hadn't impacted Carlos' choices, but she acknowledged that it had been difficult at times to find a balance between honoring her client's desires and what had been best for him. She had learned from her mistakes and hoped to have an opportunity to do better if they allowed her to continue to practice law. After Diane, Alexis, and Olivia retreated to the waiting area, Alexis thanked Olivia, but Alexis regretted that she hadn't heeded Olivia's warnings about Julian. Olivia pointed out that they'd all been fooled, and she offered to stay, but Alexis assured Olivia that it wasn't necessary.

After Olivia left, the clerk returned to fetch Alexis and Diane. The head of the committee commended all the good work Alexis had done over the years, but her transgressions had been too egregious, and they had decided to revoke her license. Alexis was shattered, but he quickly clarified that it was a one-year suspension. After the year expired, the committee would meet again to review Alexis' case and decide whether to reinstate her law license or revoke it permanently.

Later, Alexis and Diane arrived at Metro Court Restaurant and ordered vodka martinis. Alexis was upset because her work was everything to her. Diane assured Alexis that the year would fly by, but Alexis disagreed. Alexis and Diane knocked back drinks until Diane noticed the time and announced that she had to get home because she had an early day. Diane immediately apologized when Alexis winced. Diane was certain that things would work out for Alexis, and she left. Alexis checked her phone and saw that Kristina hadn't replied to her text message. Dejected, Alexis started a tab and ordered another martini.

At the police station, Dante was working when Lulu approached with a box of lamps that she had picked up at a flea market and was eager to show him. She placed a lamp with clowns and balloons on his desk, but Dante admitted that it was ugly. Undeterred, Lulu showed him a lamp in the shape of an old boot that she thought would make a perfect nightlight for their baby. Dante gently suggested that Lulu might be acting prematurely because she wasn't pregnant yet, but Lulu confessed that she had needed a distraction to keep her mind off the DNA test to determine if her father had perished in the tunnels.

Dante assured Lulu that she could lean on him. Lulu admitted that it helped that he listened, especially since Lucky hadn't bothered to check in, despite her efforts to reach her brother. Lulu's expression clouded with sadness as she quietly told Dante that the family she'd grown up with had been fading away. Dante assured her that she still had him and Rocco. Lulu smiled because she was eager to expand their family. Dante grinned and invited her to show him what else she had picked up at the flea market.

Moments later, Lulu's phone rang. After a brief exchange, she ended he call and told Dante that it had been Dr. Lee's office calling to confirm that she hadn't picked up malaria and could begin the hormone treatments the following morning to start the process of having their second embryo implanted. Delighted, Dante and Lulu hugged. Later, Laura called Lulu to share the results of the DNA test. Lulu cried as she ended the call, and she told Dante that the items from the tunnel hadn't belonged to Luke. Olivia walked in and noticed Lulu's tears.

Lulu assured Olivia that they were tears of relief because Luke was alive. Olivia was happy for Lulu, but Olivia became distracted when she saw the lamps on Dante's desk. Dante and Lulu revealed that they'd been cleared to take the next step to expand their family. Olivia squealed with joy at the prospect of having a granddaughter. Dante reminded his mother that they had no idea what the gender of the embryo was, but Olivia explained that she'd had a premonition of sorts and had had a strong feeling that her granddaughter was "out there somewhere."

Olivia changed the subject by snagging the old boot lamp and advising Lulu to get rid of the rest because they wouldn't be suitable for her granddaughter. Dante remained skeptical, but Olivia warned him that it was at his own peril. After Olivia left, Lulu confessed that hearing that she might have a daughter had sounded right to her. Dante admitted that he didn't care what the baby's gender was because it would be perfect regardless.

On the promenade outside Perks Coffee, Kristina left Parker a drunken voicemail message accusing Alexis of forcing Parker to break things off with Kristina and asking if Alexis had dictated the letter that Parker had written. Kristina staggered to the railing as she prepared to give Parker a piece of her mind, but Molly appeared and snatched the phone out of Kristina's hand. Kristina objected when her sister tossed the phone into the bushes, but Molly was unapologetic because they should be at their mother's hearing. Molly hadn't expected to find Kristina "wasted and drunk dialing" her professor.

Molly hoped that Kristina hadn't gotten behind the wheel of a car in her condition. Offended, Kristina assured her sister that she'd walked from the Floating Rib and had been about to call Uber for a ride until Molly had destroyed the phone. Satisfied, Molly reminded Kristina that drunk dialing never ended well. Molly realized that Kristina was hurt because Parker had ended things, but Kristina informed her sister that Alexis had driven Parker away. Kristina ranted about Alexis' controlling ways then insisted that she was done with her mother and didn't care if Alexis lost her law license. Kristina hoped the committee threw the book at Alexis because Alexis deserved to know what it felt like to lose something.

Molly argued that Alexis had had a good grasp of the concept over recent weeks, but Kristina was disgusted that Molly would side with Alexis when Molly had been at war with Alexis for months because of Julian. Molly explained that her issue had been with Julian and added that their mother needed their love and support. Kristina scoffed and asked where Alexis' love and support had been when Kristina had come out to Alexis. Kristina informed Molly that Alexis had handled the situation poorly and had driven away the person Kristina had cared about. Molly defended Alexis by explaining that Alexis had been trying to protect Kristina.

Molly accused Kristina of spiraling out of control since getting suspended from school because Kristina had propositioned a professor. Molly added that the professor had then turned around and slept with Kristina, so she wondered if it had ever occurred to Kristina that Parker had used Kristina. Furious, Kristina lashed out and suggested that Molly enjoyed Kristina's screw-ups because they made Molly look more perfect. Kristina couldn't wait for the day when Molly woke up with her perfect husband, in her perfect house, with her perfect 2.5 children, and realized that she'd never lived a single day in her life.

Molly accused Kristina of being a mean drunk, but Kristina countered that it was the truth. Molly decided to give Kristina a dose of her own medicine by informing Kristina that Kristina had always made wrong choices and repeatedly leaned toward chaos by latching onto whoever could hurt Kristina the most -- whether it was a man or a woman. Kristina screamed at Molly to go, so Molly marched off. Kristina sat down on the steps and wept, but Molly quickly returned and hugged her sister.

Later, Kristina asked why Molly had returned. Molly reminded her sister that she loved Kristina. Molly suggested that they go home, eat junk food, and binge watch something. Kristina smiled and agreed. After Kristina and Molly walked away, Kristina's phone rang. It was Parker.

In the parking garage, Elizabeth spoke to Monica on the phone and thanked her for watching the boys. Elizabeth got into her car as she promised to call Monica in the morning to make arrangements to fetch Jake, Cameron, and Aiden. After Elizabeth ended the call, Franco popped up from the backseat and told Elizabeth that they'd have a chance to talk things out. Startled, Elizabeth jumped out of the car and demanded to know how he'd gotten into the backseat. Franco climbed out of the car and advised her to lock her car doors. Elizabeth assured him that she had, but he told her that she'd left a window partially open.

Annoyed, Elizabeth asked why he hadn't sought her out at work or gone to her house instead of hiding in her car. Franco explained that he'd been banned from the hospital along with being suspended and that he'd been afraid she wouldn't have opened the door if he'd gone to her house. Franco explained that it had been important for him to talk to her because he had wanted to tell her something. "I'm sorry," Franco quietly admitted. He revealed that he knew what she'd done to clear his name when he'd been accused of killing Miss Prescott. Elizabeth relaxed, but Franco was curious why she hadn't told him rather than allow him to think that she'd given up on him.

Elizabeth explained that what had transpired at Franco's studio had gotten to her and had continued to trouble her. She admitted that she'd been uncomfortable before the police had arrived, but he didn't believe her because he knew that she had liked his painting of her. She conceded that she'd seen him as an eccentric artist for a while, but his past had been violent and unstable. Elizabeth acknowledged that Franco had been cleared medically of his crimes, but he occasionally did things that triggered her memories of who he had been. Franco assured her that he'd been trying hard to be someone different, but Elizabeth didn't think she could make peace with who he was and what he'd done.

Franco was hurt when Elizabeth told him that it would be best for them not to see each other. He admitted that he thought they'd had something special, but she argued that it would be best to end things before they hurt each other. Franco revealed that he hadn't told her the entire truth about the painting because it wasn't just that he saw her as something beautiful in an ugly world, but she was also his angel because she made him feel hopeful when he was around her. Franco confided that he had thought that Elizabeth might be his salvation -- someone who could look at him and see past all the evil he'd done -- and appreciate how much energy he'd put into trying to distance himself from his past.

Elizabeth gently explained that no one could be Franco's angel and that he had to find the salvation he sought from within himself. Franco conceded that perhaps she'd been right about their relationship being doomed and him having to save himself. Franco promised to find salvation elsewhere, but she was certain that he'd find it in his art because he had a true gift. Elizabeth urged him to keep painting. Franco gently stroked the side of her face, softly kissed her cheek, and then walked away.

Valerie finds a clue to the killer

Valerie finds a clue to the killer

Thursday, August 18, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina made a phone call to ask for information about Valentin, claiming that it was for an article, but she quickly changed her mind and ended the call. Nina grabbed her cup of coffee and bumped into Claudette. Nina was surprised that Claudette was still in town, so Claudette admitted that she'd had a change of plans. Nina made it clear that Claudette couldn't have her job back. Claudette assured Nina that she'd found other opportunities.

At Alexis' house, Alexis groaned as she descended the stairs and had to stop midway to rest. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. She carefully approached the window to take a peek at her visitor and sighed with resignation when she saw it was Sonny. Alexis opened the door and invited him inside. Sonny asked if she'd just woken up, but she ignored the question and asked what time it was.

Alexis was upset when Sonny revealed that it was 10:00 a.m. because she had missed Nikolas' funeral. She decided to call Laura to apologize, even though Alexis doubted that Nikolas was dead. Alexis was certain that Nikolas would return because "Cassadines always show up when you least expect it." Sonny glanced at the coffee table and saw the letter from the New York State Bar Association. He advised Alexis to take a deep breath and relax as she continued to ramble about Nikolas, but she resented his attitude because his spouse hadn't tried to kill him, his nephew wasn't presumed dead, and his children didn't hate him.

Sonny was certain that Alexis had been drinking and asked what was going on. Alexis told him about her confrontation with Kristina and Kristina's long list of reasons why Alexis had failed as a parent. Sonny pointed out that Alexis and Kristina had clashed before, but it hadn't driven Alexis to drink. Reluctantly, Alexis revealed that she'd been suspended from practicing law for a year. She asked him not to tell anyone because she wanted to break the news to her daughters first.

Moments later, Nina knocked on the door. Annoyed, Alexis answered the door. Nina explained that she'd stopped by to talk to Alexis, but Nina thought Sonny would be interested to hear what Nina had to say. Nina told Sonny and Alexis about her visit with Julian and Julian's attempt to escape. Sonny was pleased that Nina had returned the jail cell keys to the desk sergeant, but he was certain that a police officer had been bribed. Sonny vowed to deal with Julian.

Alexis fretted about what Sonny might do to Julian, but Nina thought that Sonny seemed in control of things. Nina admitted that she was glad to have an opportunity to speak to Alexis alone because Nina had wanted Alexis to know what Julian had said about his wife. Nina warned Alexis that Julian believed that Alexis was still in love with him and that he might prevail in court and win back the family he'd lost. Nina had warned Julian that it would never happen, but Julian had been in denial and delusional. Nina insisted that Julian was a narcissist and only saw his own reality because he truly believed that Alexis loved him and that love conquered all.

At the apartment, Maxie snuggled next to Nathan in bed and woke him up to tell him about the awesome dream she'd had about marrying him, safe in the knowledge that Claudette had slithered out of their lives. Maxie wished it was reality, but Nathan reminded her that Claudette refused to leave town. Frustrated, Maxie jumped out of bed and paced the room as she wondered why they had to deal with someone like Claudette. Maxie insisted that she and Nathan were good people -- mostly -- and they finally had a chance at happiness. Nathan urged Maxie not to waste her energy because Claudette was only a threat if they let her be.

Maxie reminded Nathan that he'd once loved his ex-wife, but he assured Maxie that his life began and ended with Maxie. Nathan wondered how he could prove it to her, so she smiled and seductively suggested there might be a few ways, but they would have to wait because she had promised to meet Lulu. Nathan smiled and kissed Maxie.

At the hospital, a nurse handed Griffin a slip of paper and explained that a woman had called about an urgent matter. Griffin thanked the nurse and glanced at the message. His smile vanished when he saw that Claudette wanted to see him. Griffin wadded up the message and tossed it away. Moments later, he knocked on Finn's lab door. Finn seemed in high spirits but distracted when he opened the door. Griffin explained that he'd wanted to check on Finn because Finn hadn't been well the last few times they'd seen each other.

However, Griffin conceded that Finn looked well. Finn thanked Griffin for stopping by and assured Griffin that he was fine. Griffin recognized the dismissal and left. Finn returned to the lab and resumed his work. He turned on a recorder to report that his latest batch of serum had been the most promising yet. Finn was confident that he was on the verge of saving everyone who had the disease. Finn picked up a vial and filled a syringe. "I just couldn't save you," Finn added.

After an injection, Finn told "Reiko" that it was time to be realistic, even though Reiko had always preferred "Optimistic Finn." Finn confessed that time was running out because his disease had been progressing despite the medications he'd taken. Finn feared that if he didn't figure something out soon, he might be joining Reiko, which he conceded might not be a bad thing, since he'd already made arrangements for Roxy to be the most pampered bearded dragon on the planet. Finn knew that Reiko wanted to know about Hayden, but he explained that Hayden hoped to gain redemption by taking him on as a project.

Finn was startled when Valerie suddenly entered the lab. He warned her that the lab was a restricted area, but she argued that she had unfettered access to conduct a sweep. Annoyed, Finn told her not to disturb his work and grabbed his jacket. Valerie found a cuff link on the floor and asked if it was his. Finn didn't recognize it, and he left. Valerie tucked the cuff link into her pocket with the intention of dropping it off at Lost and Found during her lunch hour. She began to look around and snooped through Finn's files until someone slipped up behind her and bashed her over the head.

Meanwhile, Griffin entered a conference room and asked if he was in the right room for the staff meeting. Claudette swiveled around in her chair and smiled at Griffin, but he glared at her. He closed the door and demanded to know what she was doing there. She happily informed him that she'd taken a job with the hospital. Griffin thought she was joking, but she assured him that it was true. Claudette claimed that Crimson had never felt like the right fit for her, but she had a good feeling about the hospital.

Griffin decided that it was -- in a twisted way -- for the best because he intended to tell Nathan the truth about the affair, since it was clear that Claudette wouldn't. Claudette panicked and begged Griffin not to, but he wanted to ease Nathan's guilt. Claudette claimed that her ex-husband wasn't over her and that the truth would send Nathan into another rage, but Griffin decided to take his chances. Claudette insisted that it wasn't a game, but Griffin laughed because she loved toying with people's emotions, which was why he didn't believe her appearance in town had been a coincidence.

Claudette conceded that she'd had an agenda, but everything had changed when she'd found Griffin. Griffin was curious why, so she admitted that Griffin could give her what Nathan couldn't. Claudette urged him to admit that he loved her as much as she loved him and that he'd never stopped loving her, because she hadn't stopped loving him. Griffin explained that he couldn't give her that, but she didn't believe him because he'd already pulled away from the priesthood. Griffin argued that they couldn't go back to what had been because it had been a test that he had failed.

"Over, and over, and over again," Claudette added with smug satisfaction. She was certain that Griffin didn't feel guilt over betraying Nathan or even breaking his religious vows, but rather because he'd not been true to himself and how he'd felt about her. Claudette insisted that the only way to absolve himself of guilt was to be with her the way he'd always wanted. Claudette moved closer to Griffin and gazed deeply into his eyes until he gave in to temptation and kissed her.

At Wyndemere, Laura, Lulu, Dante, Kevin, Hayden, and Curtis filed into the living room after Nikolas' funeral. Kevin thought the service had been true to Nikolas' memory. Laura smiled sadly and admitted that she'd been glad that Lucky had attended his brother's funeral, but Lulu was annoyed that Lucky had left immediately after the service. Dante was certain that Lucky had had his reasons. Nearby, Hayden quietly thanked Curtis for attending the service because she'd needed a friend, but she assured him that he could leave because the rest of the evening would be a private family affair.

On the sofa, Lulu mentioned that it had been nice to see Sam, Kristina, and Molly, but it had been strange that Alexis hadn't attended the service. Dante snidely suggested that Alexis had been busy preparing for Julian's trial. After Curtis left, Hayden announced that she'd set out food in the kitchen if anyone was hungry, but no one had an appetite. Hayden suggested that they each share their favorite memories of Nikolas. Lulu thought it was a great idea and invited Hayden to tell them what Hayden had done to drive Nikolas to fake his death and disappear.

Hayden warned Lulu that the truth would be at odds with Lulu's image of the brother who could do no wrong. Laura jumped up to settle things down. Dante followed Laura's lead and suggested that he and Lulu get going because Lulu had a meeting with Maxie before Lulu's doctor's appointment. Laura assured Lulu that Nikolas would want Lulu to go on with life and be happy. After Dante and Lulu left, Laura apologized for Lulu's outburst.

Kevin was surprised when Laura thanked Hayden for not telling Lulu about Nikolas' secret. Hayden appreciated Laura's kindness, but Hayden excused herself when her phone rang and she saw that it was her mother. After Hayden disappeared into the hallway, Kevin told Laura that she'd been amazing to show kindness to Hayden. Laura was upset about Nikolas and excused herself.

In the hallway, Hayden's mother asked about Hayden's prenuptial agreement. Hayden had no idea if Nikolas' death would affect it. Hayden seemed surprised at the suggestion that she might be entitled to something despite what had happened. Laura stood in the doorway as rage filled her expression. She ripped the phone out of Hayden's hand and warned Hayden that Hayden would have to go through Laura if Hayden intended to pick Nikolas' bones. Hayden tried to explain that Laura had misunderstood, but Laura vowed to stop Hayden from taking what belonged to Spencer.

Hayden assured Laura that she had no intention of taking anything from Spencer, but Laura ignored Hayden and returned to the living room. Kevin pointedly closed the door to talk to Laura in private. Laura ranted about Hayden's greed and promised to protect Spencer's inheritance. Laura began to cry because she felt as if she had failed Nikolas, but Kevin assured her that she hadn't. Laura disagreed because she'd left Nikolas on Cassadine Island when she'd escaped from Stavros. Kevin argued that she hadn't had a choice, since she'd been held prisoner.

Laura insisted that it had been wrong of her to choose her own freedom over her baby and regretted the years that she had missed with Nikolas. Kevin held Laura as she wept. After she pulled herself together, she apologized. Kevin assured Laura that it was fine because she was grieving. Kevin reminded her that she was a strong person who had faced down a maniac and had pulled a bullet from Kevin's arm, which had saved his life.

Laura smiled and assured Kevin that she appreciated his friendship. Kevin wondered if she only saw him as a friend. Laura looked into Kevin's eyes then slowly kissed him. Passion quickly flared as Kevin returned the kiss.

At the police station, Dante entered the squad room and greeted his partner. They talked about Valentin's extradition and the investigation at the hospital. Nathan admitted that he could use a second set of eyes on the case, so Dante agreed to help Nathan out after Lulu's doctor appointment. Nathan thanked Dante then changed the subject to ask Dante to be his best man. Dante readily agreed but was surprised when Nathan revealed that the wedding date had been moved up because Claudette had decided to stay in town.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie apologized to Lulu for being late and asked about the funeral. Lulu became distracted when she noticed a mark on Maxie's neck and asked about it. Maxie was embarrassed when Lulu handed Maxie a compact mirror and Maxie saw a hickey. Lulu teased Maxie about it but put Maxie out of her misery by asking about the wedding plans. Maxie hoped that she and Nathan could pull it off. Confused, Lulu wondered if there was a problem. "Claudette," Maxie answered.

Maxie explained that she and Nathan had decided to move up the wedding date, but Maxie feared that Nathan's desire to get married right away had something to do with Claudette's presence. Lulu assured Maxie there was nothing to worry about because it was obvious that Claudette couldn't hold a candle to Maxie in Nathan's heart. Lulu insisted that Claudette was a non-issue and urged Maxie not to give Nathan's ex-wife any power. Lulu noticed the time and suggested that they continue their conversation in the car.

Nearby, Sonny met with an associate named Brick. Sonny asked what kind of manpower Brick had available. Brick promised that he had the best at his disposal. Pleased, Sonny revealed that he would need Brick's help to deal with Julian. Brick made some phone calls and a short time later assured Sonny that everything was in place. Sonny thanked Brick and instructed him to keep close tabs on Julian because Julian had made an attempt to escape and would likely try again. Sonny promised to take matters into his own hands if the court system failed to exact justice.

Later, Nathan and Dante caught up with Maxie and Lulu at the hospital. Dante and Lulu went to their appointment with Dr. Lee while Maxie walked Nathan to the conference room, where he had planned to update the hospital staff on the search for the serial killer.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Curtis ran into Finn. Curtis admitted that he'd been surprised that Finn hadn't attended Nikolas' funeral, but Finn explained that he hadn't known about it. Curtis wasn't surprised because Hayden wasn't the type to ask for emotional support. Curtis asked Finn to be nice to Hayden because she needed her friends. Curtis shifted gears to ask if Finn had seen Valerie, so Finn advised Curtis to check the lab.

A short time later, Finn arrived at Wyndemere with a cactus as Hayden was about to leave. Hayden was surprised by the gift, but Finn admitted that she hadn't seemed the sunflower type. Finn admitted that he'd heard about the funeral and asked why she hadn't told him. Hayden was curious what he would have done if she had, but Finn pointed out that they would never know. However, he invited her to pick a place to have drinks because he intended to buy.

Later, Finn and Hayden arrived at Metro Court Restaurant. As they sat down, Hayden admitted that Finn seemed different. Finn confessed that he was in a good mood because he might have had a breakthrough with his research.

At the hospital, Curtis was shocked when he entered the lab and saw Valerie on the floor. He quickly rushed to her side and gently called out her name until her eyes fluttered open, and she slowly sat up. Valerie told him about the attack. Curtis helped Valerie stand up, but she quickly noticed that the cuff link she'd found was missing. Valerie and Curtis looked around, but they didn't find it. Valerie was certain that the serial killer had attacked her because the cuff link had belonged to him.

Maxie fears that Nathan still loves Claudette

Maxie fears that Nathan still loves Claudette

Friday, August 19, 2016

In Finn's lab, Curtis checked the back of Valerie's head as he advised her to see a doctor, but she was determined to locate the cufflink that she'd found on the floor earlier. Valerie was certain that the cufflink had been stolen from her pocket because it could lead to the serial killer. Franco appeared in the doorway and asked if he'd heard her correctly about another suspect. Valerie insisted that she was not at liberty to tell him anything, but she assured him that he'd be the first to know when the police commissioner had new information.

In the squad room, Paul approached Jordan, but she insisted that she was too busy working a number of active cases. Paul explained that he wanted answers about the investigation at the hospital. He was concerned because it seemed that the case had stalled, but she promised that they were doing everything possible to find the killer despite the lack of leads. Moments later, Valerie and Curtis arrived.

Valerie quickly filled Jordan in about what had transpired in Finn's lab. Jordan wanted Valerie to draw a likeness of the cufflink, but Valerie confessed that she was a poor artist. However, Valerie revealed that the cufflink had resembled an old coin. Curtis wondered if she might recognize it if she saw it. Valerie was certain that she would, but the cufflink was gone. Curtis quickly pulled up images of old coins on a computer. Valerie sifted through the pictures until she saw a Roman coin that looked like the cufflink.

Jordan decided to print out the image and contact antique shops around town to see if anyone could identify the cufflink or the buyer. Paul thought it was a long shot, but Jordan was undeterred. Valerie offered to help, but Jordan ordered Valerie to go home and rest. Valerie objected, but Curtis reminded Valerie that a good police officer followed orders. After Valerie and Curtis left, Jordan let Paul know that she intended to pass out flyers around the hospital to see if anyone recognized the coin.

Later, Curtis settled Valerie in bed with a bag of ice for the back of her head. Valerie thought she and Curtis had made a great team. Valerie realized that she'd kept Curtis at arm's length for a while and admitted that she'd been gun shy after what had happened with Dante. Curtis assured her that he understood, but Valerie admitted that she trusted Curtis with her life after what had happened earlier. Curtis smiled and decided to let her rest, but Valerie invited him to stay. Curtis and Valerie kissed and then made love.

At Alexis' house, Alexis grumbled that she couldn't find anything interesting to watch despite paying for cable television. Alexis looked up when she heard a key in the door, and she saw Sam enter the house. Sam explained that she and her sisters had been concerned about Alexis when Alexis had failed to show for Nikolas' funeral, but Alexis confessed that she'd been stuck home with a hangover. Sam offered to get Alexis a ginger ale, but Alexis wanted some good news. Sam started to tell her mother something, but a wave of nausea hit, and Sam ran to the bathroom.

Alexis offered to fetch Sam a ginger ale when Sam returned, but Sam admitted that it wouldn't help. Alexis joked about Sam being pregnant, but she realized that she'd hit upon Sam's secret when Sam sheepishly smiled. Alexis was delighted when Sam confirmed that she was pregnant and that the baby was healthy because Sam hadn't contracted malaria. Alexis hugged her daughter tightly and admitted that it was time for the Davis girls to have good news. Sam was relieved that Julian would never get to know her baby because he would be locked up in jail by the time the baby was born.

Sadness clouded Alexis' expression, but Sam insisted that Julian didn't deserve to be a part of their lives. Sam admitted that she was through with her father and wanted nothing to do with him. Sam switched gears and told Alexis about Jason's proposal of marriage and their decision to get married sooner rather than later. Moments later, Diane arrived. Diane was horrified by Alexis' casual attire.

Diane enlisted Sam's help to persuade Alexis that Alexis was a walking fashion disaster, but Alexis warned Diane not to involve Sam because Sam and Alexis had been celebrating. Diane was intrigued and asked why. Sam agreed that Alexis could confide to Jason's attorney, but Sam asked Diane to be discreet. Alexis revealed that Sam was pregnant and had accepted Jason's proposal of marriage. Diane congratulated Sam and suggested that Alexis would have plenty of time to help plan the wedding.

Sam reminded Diane that Alexis would be too busy with work. Diane glanced at Alexis when she realized that Alexis hadn't told Sam the news. Sam demanded to know what was going on, so Alexis revealed that her license to practice law had been suspended for a year. Sam was shocked, but Alexis downplayed it and assured her daughter that she would find something to keep her busy until the suspension expired. Sam knew how much Alexis loved being a lawyer, but she was confident that Alexis would be fine.

After Sam left to meet Jason, Alexis grabbed the remote control and flopped down on the sofa. "Thanks a lot," Alexis groused. Diane couldn't believe that Alexis had thought she could keep her suspension a secret. Diane insisted that success was determined by how people handled setbacks, and she ordered Alexis to change into something suitable. Alexis objected, but Diane was certain that Alexis would do the same for Diane if their roles were reversed. Alexis hated when Diane was right, but she dutifully went to the bedroom to clean up.

A short time later, Alexis returned to the living room. Diane was pleased with Alexis' look and announced that they were headed to Metro Court Restaurant for lunch and cocktails. Alexis wasn't in the mood to drink, but Diane decided that Alexis needed "the hair of the dog."

At Wyndemere, Kevin and Laura shared a passionate kiss. After the kiss ended, Laura confessed that it had been unexpected. Kevin immediately apologized for taking advantage of Laura during a vulnerable moment and promised that it wouldn't happen again. Laura confessed that she had romantic feelings for Kevin and had kissed him as much as he had kissed her. Kevin smiled when Laura added that things had been building between them since they'd worked to unravel Helena's mystery.

Kevin was skeptical because he knew that Luke was alive and Laura would want to track Luke down. Kevin assured her that he would not stand in her way. Laura surprised Kevin by confessing that she hoped he was more intuitive with his patients. She explained that her past was her past and that she was focused on her future, which did not include Luke. Kevin relaxed and confided that he'd been sleepwalking for years, trying to fix a broken marriage. He conceded that he hadn't moved forward in part because the thought of facing a divorce had been daunting.

Kevin revealed that things had changed when he'd met Laura because she had pulled him back to life. Laura smiled and told Kevin that he'd said nearly the same thing to her during his delirium on the jet after fleeing Cassadine Island. Kevin grinned and pointed out that it had obviously been the truth. Laura grinned and thanked Kevin for making her smile because his kiss had made her forget what she'd lost for just a little while. Kevin wanted to take Laura out on a real date, so she happily agreed. Kevin explained that he had to attend a meeting, but he promised to pick her up for dinner.

In the hospital's conference room, Griffin and Claudette kissed passionately until Griffin pulled away and confessed that he'd missed what they'd had. Claudette smiled and pulled him back for another kiss, but Griffin refused and insisted that it couldn't happen again. Griffin heard a noise in the doorway and looked up and saw Nathan and Maxie. Nathan glared at Griffin as Maxie recovered from her shock and entered the room. Maxie accused Claudette of getting stranded overnight with Nathan and making a play for a priest. Outraged, Maxie warned Griffin that she didn't want to get started on him because she wasn't in a position to cast the first stone.

However, Maxie wondered if Griffin had any idea who Claudette was. Nathan was confident that "Father Munro" knew exactly who Claudette was and questioned Griffin about the parish that Griffin had worked for in New York City. Maxie was curious why it mattered, so Nathan explained that Claudette had been a "devout" Catholic who had never missed Sunday mass. Nathan realized that Griffin had been Claudette's lover. Maxie was stunned, but her disbelief quickly turned to anger because she recalled opening up to Griffin about Nathan's past. She felt betrayed that Griffin had been deceptive when she'd poured her heart out to him.

Griffin explained that his affair with Claudette had been a low point for him because he'd let down God and had hurt people including Nathan. Griffin admitted that he hadn't reported the shooting because of the shame he'd felt, but Nathan was furious that Griffin had never returned to discuss what had happened with Nathan. Griffin reminded Nathan that Nathan hadn't been without blame because Nathan had been a police officer who had shot an unarmed man. Nathan argued that it hadn't been planned and added that Griffin had been the one in bed with Nathan's wife. Claudette defended Griffin and told Nathan to blame her.

Nathan realized that Claudette hadn't left him for her lover because Griffin had already been married to the church. Nathan accused both Claudette and Griffin of being "cheaters," but Claudette reiterated that she was to blame for everything. Claudette apologized to Griffin, but Griffin thought it had been for the best that everyone finally knew the truth and added that he forgave Nathan. Nathan's temper flared as he slammed Griffin against the wall and threatened to kill him. Shocked, Maxie managed to talk Nathan down and get him to leave with her.

After Nathan and Maxie left, Claudette asked if Griffin was okay. Griffin admitted that he'd expected worse, but Claudette was relieved that there were no more secrets because it meant that she and Griffin could be open about their relationship. Griffin looked at Claudette with disgust because he realized that she was oblivious to the pain they had caused. Griffin explained that they could never be together again because they always hurt people.

In the hallway, Maxie caught up to Nathan and asked why he'd lost his temper with Griffin. Nathan reminded Maxie that Griffin had slept with Nathan's wife and had left Nathan to twist in the wind after Nathan had caught Claudette and Griffin in bed together. Maxie frowned because she realized that Nathan was still in love with Claudette. Nathan denied it, but she didn't believe him and stormed off.

Meanwhile, Jake approached the nurses' station to greet his mother and tell her about his breakfast with Jason. Jason walked up behind Jake as Jake announced that Jason had big news. Jason decided that he wanted to tell Elizabeth the news himself and gave Jake some money to buy granola bars from the vending machine. After Jake scampered off, Jason asked about Nikolas' funeral. Elizabeth confided that she'd mentally checked out during the service because she couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that Nikolas was gone. Jason admitted that he and Sam had talked about him attending the funeral, but they had agreed that it would be best for Jason to stay away.

Jason and Elizabeth's conversation turned to Sam when Jason revealed that Sam had told him about the baby. Jason knew that Elizabeth was aware of the pregnancy, but he asked her to not say anything until Jason and Sam had made an announcement. Elizabeth agreed, but she realized that Jake hadn't been referring to the pregnancy when Jake had told her that Jason had big news. Jason admitted he and Sam had decided to get married again. Elizabeth smiled and congratulated Jason, but he took her hand and assured her that she'd always be a part of his family because she was the mother of his son.

After Jason left, Franco approached Elizabeth to tell her that the police had another suspect. Franco's smile faded when he noticed that Elizabeth appeared upset. He asked if she was okay. "No. No, I'm not," Elizabeth replied. However, she refused to elaborate and changed the subject to ask why he was at the hospital when he'd been banned from the premises. Franco admitted that he'd decided to take her advice and appeal his suspension. Elizabeth was happy for Franco, but he wanted to know what was troubling her.

Elizabeth refused to discuss it, so Franco agreed to drop it and started to walk away until she suddenly blurted out that Sam was pregnant. Franco returned to the nurses' station as Elizabeth added that Jason and Sam had decided to get married again. "Well, that sucks," Franco replied. Elizabeth realized that she sounded pathetic, but it had been one thing to know that her relationship with Jason was over and another to know that he had moved on. Elizabeth added that her life was a mess because she took one step forward and two steps back -- always. Franco empathized, but he assured her that things were not as bad as she thought.

Franco insisted that Elizabeth was beautiful, smart, sexy, and a genius because she understood his humor. Franco believed that it was Jason's loss, but Elizabeth explained that she had loved Jason and had wanted to be his happily ever after. Franco reminded Elizabeth that he had loved Nina, but it hadn't worked out either. Franco believed that Elizabeth deserved to be with someone who put her first and treated her right. Elizabeth chuckled. "Someone like you?" she asked.

Franco smiled and admitted that he'd been referring to himself. Franco explained that he wanted Elizabeth to have the best life possible, and he was certain that she would find someone special soon. Elizabeth assured him that she wanted him to be happy, too, and she was glad that he'd decided to appeal his suspension. Elizabeth promised to be a character witness if he needed it. Moments later, Jake walked up and handed Franco a peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar because Jake knew it was Franco's favorite. Franco was touched by the gesture.

Jake mentioned Jason and Sam's wedding, but Franco reminded Jake that Jake already had the best mother in the world. Jake grinned and agreed as he looked at Elizabeth. Elizabeth smiled as Franco walked away, but she asked if Jake was okay, because a few months earlier, he'd resented Jason's relationship with Sam. Jake explained that he was over it because he saw that Sam made Jason happy just like Franco made Elizabeth happy.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason and Sam met for lunch. Sam told him about her visit with Alexis and revealed that she had told Alexis about the baby and the wedding. Jason revealed that he'd told Jake and Elizabeth about the wedding and that both had been happy for Jason and Sam. Sam was delighted, but she warned Jason that Alexis, Kristina, and Molly would want to help plan the wedding. Jason assured Sam that he wasn't picky as long as they got married.

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