General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 5, 2016 on GH

Jason and Sam were married. Elizabeth suffered a medical crisis. Finn and Curtis cleared Hayden's name. Robert had information for Dante and Lulu. Morgan exhibited alarming behavior. Nelle accepted Carly's job offer.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 5, 2016 on GH
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Labor Day preemption Labor Day preemption

Monday, September 5, 2016

Due to the Labor Day holiday, General Hospital aired an encore presentation. This was a planned schedule change and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 6, and picked up where the Friday, September 2 episode concluded.

Jason and Sam exchange wedding vows

Jason and Sam exchange wedding vows

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Spinelli reunited Jason and Sam in matrimony while a small gathering of loved ones looked on. Sam was embarrassed when Spinelli invited her and Jason to say their own vows because she hadn't prepared anything, but Jason was confident that they could "wing it." Sam smiled and decided to go first. She told Jason that she loved him, but she had spent most of her life fighting to take care of herself and hadn't been accustomed to having a partner. Her eyes welled up with tears as she credited Jason with teaching her to let people into her heart, and she promised to love him unconditionally, cherish the time they had, and honor him until death parted them.

Jason smiled at Sam as he vowed to never let her go. He talked about her admirable qualities and admitted that he loved her because she was fearless, stubborn, and a great mother to his boys. Jason admitted that every part of her fit him perfectly, so he promised to put her -- and his children -- first. Sam smiled as she and Jason exchanged wedding rings. Spinelli announced that Jason and Sam were husband and wife then told Jason to kiss the bride. Sonny, Carly, Michael, Alexis, Kristina, Molly, Jake, and Danny clapped as the happy couple kissed.

Later, the guests gathered in the living room as Jason and Sam shared their first dance as husband and wife. Sam invited the guests to join them. Nearby, Jake and Danny took a small swipe of the wedding cake to taste the icing. Sam saw them and good-naturedly scolded the boys. Danny admitted that he and his brother were hungry, so Jason and Sam decided to cut the wedding cake. Jake and Danny were disappointed when they realized that it was a vanilla cake because both boys preferred chocolate.

Carly offered to fetch chocolate syrup for the boys after Jason and Sam had the first bite of the cake. Everyone laughed when Jason and Sam playfully smeared icing on each other's faces and kissed. Later, everyone mingled and chatted. Jason thanked Spinelli for flying in for the wedding, but Spinelli assured his old friend that it had been an honor to officiate. Spinelli shifted gears to talk about how much Jason's sons had grown and asked if Jason and Sam would try for another baby. "Maybe someday," Jason replied as he glanced at his wife.

Nearby, Alexis stumbled down the stairs and asked when Sam would throw the bouquet. Alexis assured her daughters that she'd hold the bouquet in reserve until she was divorced from Sam's father if she caught it. Molly realized that Alexis had had too much to drink and guided her mother away to fetch a glass of water. On the terrace, Carly beamed with joy as she told Jason, Michael, and Sonny how much they meant to her. After Sonny led Carly inside to get some cake, Jason admitted that Michael was a fine young man who was both loyal and courageous. Michael credited good people like Jason and Sam for guiding him.

After the guests had left, Carly instructed Jason, Sam, Spinelli, and Sonny to take a flute of Champagne because she wanted to make a toast. Carly held up her flute and admitted that Jason had been her first true friend. She insisted that he deserved happiness more than anyone she knew. Carly acknowledged that it had taken a long time for her to warm to Sam and appreciate that Jason and Sam were a perfect match. "Welcome to the family," Carly said to Sam. Everyone took a sip of Champagne -- except Sam. Spinelli and Sonny added their own well wishes for the newlyweds and sipped more Champagne.

Spinelli noticed Sam's abstinence and warned her that it was bad luck not to take a drink when someone made a toast. Carly smiled as she looked at Sam and shrewdly suggested there might be a reason that Sam had refrained from drinking alcohol. Jason and Sam smiled awkwardly then decided to share their happy news with their friends. Spinelli, Sonny, and Carly were delighted that Sam was pregnant and congratulated the couple. Spinelli toasted to the new baby.

At the Floating Rib, Finn met with Curtis and quickly filled him in about Hayden's arrest. Finn insisted that Hayden was innocent and asked Curtis to help clear her name. Finn explained that there hadn't been any proof that Hayden had pushed Elizabeth down the stairs, but witnesses had seen Elizabeth and Hayden argue, and Franco had found Hayden standing over Elizabeth's body in the stairwell. Curtis dismissed Franco as a credible witness and asked if anyone had investigated Franco's whereabouts.

Finn explained that Hayden had had motive, but Curtis argued that the case was weak. Curtis refused to let Hayden get railroaded by the police. "Is that so?" Valerie asked from the bar as she waited for a lunch order to take back to work. It was clear that she'd overheard Finn and Curtis' conversation and wasn't pleased. Finn decided to shoot pool while Curtis talked to Valerie. Curtis apologized and assured her that he had nothing but respect for her and the police department, but he also knew Hayden and was certain that she hadn't tried to kill anyone.

Curtis insisted the police had made a mistake, but Valerie disagreed. She advised him to accept it, but Curtis argued that he knew Hayden. Valerie explained that the evidence had pointed to Hayden, but Curtis insisted that a few statements were not sufficient evidence. Valerie conceded that the investigation was in the early stages, but she was confident that they would find evidence to corroborate that Hayden had pushed Elizabeth. Valerie bristled when Curtis asked her to work to solve the case rather than try to prove her theory.

Valerie reminded Curtis that she'd been trained to be objective and asked if he trusted her to do her job. Curtis promised that he respected her. Satisfied, Valerie advised Curtis to keep his nose out of the investigation because it might backfire on him and land him in trouble. Valerie realized that she'd sounded harsh, but she'd fought too hard to be taken seriously because she was a woman and a rookie police officer. Moments later, Valerie received a text message instructing her to stop by the hospital before returning to the police station.

After Valerie left, Finn admitted that he'd eavesdropped on Curtis and Valerie's conversation. Finn worried that Curtis might have changed his mind, but Curtis assured Finn that he was more determined than ever to exonerate Hayden.

At the police station, Franco and Naomi stood in a hallway as Naomi desperately tried to persuade Franco not to tell Elizabeth about Hayden. Naomi warned him that it would break Elizabeth's heart to learn that her father had been unfaithful and had had a secret lovechild. Franco explained that Elizabeth deserved to know the truth, but Naomi argued that Elizabeth was in no condition to deal with the news. After Naomi walked away, Franco went to the park to meditate until the universe told him what to do.

In the interrogation room, a police officer announced that Hayden had a visitor. Moments later, Naomi sailed in to assure Hayden that everything would be okay. Naomi explained that she had lawyers working on Hayden's case, but Hayden insisted that she was innocent. Naomi promised that she believed Hayden and added that she had confidence in Hayden's legal team. Hayden advised her mother not to get her hopes up because Elizabeth could easily report Hayden to the Feds. Hayden explained that Elizabeth had proof that Hayden had stolen the diamonds and wouldn't hesitate to turn everything over to the Feds.

Naomi assured her daughter that she wouldn't let anything happen to Hayden. Hayden was touched because she'd never seen her mother's protective side. Hayden admitted that it was nice to know that her mother had her back because Naomi's support and honesty meant everything to her.

In Elizabeth's hospital room, Elizabeth told Monica and Sabrina that she was eager to get home to her sons because Cam and Aiden had been told about her fall, but Jake hadn't. Monica assured Elizabeth that Michael would break the news to Jake after Jason and Sam's wedding. Elizabeth was surprised because she hadn't known about Jason and Sam's wedding. Monica tried to soften the blow by revealing that it was an intimate affair at Sonny's house. Moments later, Monica was called away.

After Monica left, Elizabeth asked why Sabrina hadn't attended the wedding. Sabrina admitted that she'd been invited, but she'd decided to visit Elizabeth when she'd heard about the fall. Sabrina added that she hadn't mentioned the wedding because Elizabeth had already been dealing with a lot. Sabrina asked if Elizabeth was okay. Elizabeth conceded that she still felt a twinge when she thought about Jason, but she was glad that Jason had moved on with his life just as Elizabeth had. Sabrina realized that Elizabeth had been seeing someone and eagerly asked who it was.

"Franco," Elizabeth quietly answered. Elizabeth explained that she'd initially put up with Franco for Jake's sake, but she and Franco had become friends. She talked about his past but insisted that he'd been working hard to become whole. Elizabeth admitted that she had tried to fight the "weird connection" she and Franco shared, without success. Sabrina warned Elizabeth that others might not see Franco in the same light that Elizabeth did, but Sabrina promised not to judge.

Sabrina had been in a similar situation with Carlos, but she hoped that things turned out better for Elizabeth and Franco. Sabrina added that Elizabeth was a great friend and a perceptive nurse, so Sabrina believed Elizabeth's assessment of Franco. Relieved, Elizabeth thanked Sabrina and admitted that it was nice to have her support. Sabrina frowned when she glanced at Elizabeth's monitor because she didn't like what she saw. Sabrina decided to let Monica know and promised to visit Elizabeth the following day.

Meanwhile, Ava caught up with Paul. Paul was surprised that she'd found him, but she explained that his assistant had told her that he was at the hospital. Paul informed her that it wasn't a good time to talk, but Ava wasn't satisfied because she wanted to know when he planned to cut Julian loose. Ava warned Paul that she wouldn't hesitate to go to the police with proof that he was the hospital killer, but he explained that he couldn't just drop the charges against Julian without arousing suspicion. He assured her that there would be plenty of opportunities for him to undermine his case against Julian.

Sabrina rounded the corner and stopped when she overheard Paul and Ava talking. Ava conceded that what Paul had said had sounded reasonable, but he'd also persuaded her that working with arms dealers had been a good idea. Paul reminded Ava that she had emerged from the ordeal unscathed and explained that the case against Julian was airtight. Paul warned her that he couldn't help Julian if he was arrested and the case was assigned to another prosecutor. After Ava left, Paul saw Sabrina and asked if he could help her. Sabrina revealed that she'd seen him talking to Ava and questioned if it had been wise with Julian's trial about to start.

Paul claimed that he'd advised Ava not to intervene on Julian's behalf. Sabrina smiled politely and let the matter drop. After Paul left, Sabrina bumped into Monica. Sabrina asked Monica to check in on Elizabeth because Sabrina had been concerned about Elizabeth's vital signs. Monica promised to send an attending physician to Elizabeth's room and seized the opportunity to ask if Sabrina would be interested in returning to work at the hospital. Sabrina smiled and assured Monica that she would, so Monica agreed to talk to the board on Sabrina's behalf.

Moments later, Valerie walked up to let Monica know that the syringe that Griffin had found in the trash can had been wiped clean of fingerprints. Sabrina listened with interest as Valerie added that the killer was not an amateur and knew how to avoid getting caught.

In the stairwell, Paul looked at the landing where Elizabeth had been found. He fished his cell phone out of his pocket when it beeped. Paul frowned when he saw a text message from Ava reminding him that she expected him to hold up his end of their bargain because she knew all of his secrets. Paul disagreed and recalled shoving Elizabeth down the stairs during the blackout.

In Elizabeth's hospital room, Elizabeth smiled when Franco entered. She was curious where he'd been, so he admitted that he'd gone to the police station to confront Hayden. Elizabeth was disappointed and asked him not to make a scene because she didn't want him to get arrested. Franco assured her that he hadn't talked to Hayden, but he'd had some clarity. Elizabeth was curious what he was talking about. He warned her that she wouldn't like what he had to tell her, but he was determined to be honest with her.

Franco began to babble, but Elizabeth asked him to stop stalling. Franco admitted that what he had to say was difficult, but she assured him that she was strong enough to handle it. Franco agreed but before he could tell her about Hayden, Elizabeth groaned in pain and lost consciousness as the alarm on her monitor suddenly blared.

Liz's situation is grim

Liz's situation is grim

> Liz's situation is grim

Liz's situation is grim

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

On the promenade outside Perks Coffee, Ava saw Kiki and Morgan seated at a table. She quickly ducked out of sight to spy on the couple as Kiki shared a funny story about something that had happened at work. Moments later, a coworker called out to Morgan to let him know that the shipment had arrived. Morgan took the large box from the coworker and set it on the table. Kiki watched as Morgan opened the box filled with promotional baseball caps.

Morgan's expression immediately sank when he saw that the baseball caps were wrong. He blamed himself, but Kiki was curious why he thought he'd screwed up. He explained that he'd filled out the order form, but she checked the invoice and showed him that the vendor had made the error. Kiki suggested that he send the shipment back and demand the vendor fix the problem, but Morgan didn't have time because he'd promised to attend Jason and Sam's reception. Kiki offered to take care of the return, but she questioned why he seemed down.

Morgan admitted that he'd woken up feeling a bit off. Nearby, Ava recalled replacing Morgan's lithium tablets with look-alike pills. After Morgan and Kiki left, Ava approached Morgan's coworker and commented on Morgan's glum mood. The coworker admitted that Morgan had been downcast all day.

In the park, Tracy greeted Dillon and asked what he was doing there. Dillon explained that he'd been snapping pictures because the weather was about to change, which he knew because of the changing light. Tracy smiled and admitted that she'd always known he'd had the makings of an artist because he'd talked about the lighting over the Seine River in France when he'd been a child. Dillon thought it was a stretch to call him an artist because his work at Crimson wasn't visionary or groundbreaking. Concerned, Tracy wondered if his negative attitude had to do with his job or something else, but he reminded her that they'd established that he was fine during the disastrous lunch with his father.

Dillon packed up his camera as Tracy conceded that she'd been worried about him because he'd been at loose ends for quite some time. She suspected that it had to do with Kiki and asked if he had a broken heart. Dillon conceded that he had cared about Kiki, but he assured his mother that he'd always known that Kiki had shared a special connection with Morgan. Tracy wondered if Dillon hoped against hope that Kiki would change her mind and choose him instead. Dillon's eyes narrowed with suspicion because he realized that the encounter hadn't been a coincidence.

Tracy admitted that she'd followed Dillon to the park when she'd seen him leaving work. She explained that it was up to her to try to dispense parental advice because his father was missing in action. Dillon insisted that he was fine, but Tracy disagreed. She urged him to decide what he wanted and go for it because the worst choice he could make in life and romance was to do nothing. After Tracy left, Dillon grumbled that he knew what he wanted, but he couldn't have it.

Kiki walked up and asked what Dillon had been muttering to himself. Dillon claimed he'd been decompressing after a pointless argument with his mother. Kiki empathized and offered to be a sounding board if he needed someone to talk to. Dillon declined, but Kiki assured him that he could trust her. Dillon reluctantly revealed that Tracy had been lecturing him about Kiki. Kiki was surprised when Dillon explained that his mother had made a bigger deal than necessary out of his relationship with Kiki.

Dillon promised that he was happy for Kiki as long as she was happy. Kiki smiled and assured him that she was. Dillon shifted gears to ask about the box. She told him about the mistake with the baseball caps that had "Pecks" instead of "Perks" stamped on them and added that she'd offered to return the shipment for Morgan. Dillon frowned as he pointed out that she was taking care of Morgan. Kiki resented the implication that she was enabling Morgan and turned to leave, but Dillon asked her to wait.

Dillon acknowledged that he'd initially thought that Kiki had gone back to Morgan out a sense of guilt and duty, but Dillon had been wrong. He promised that he'd accepted that she and Morgan had a real connection and a lot of love between them, so he only wished her the best. Kiki thanked Dillon and gently kissed him on the cheek. After she walked away, Dillon watched her. "Bye, Kiki," he softly said.

At Greystone Manor, Spinelli made a toast to Jason and Sam's new baby. Carly and Sonny added their own well wishes as they celebrated the double blessing of the wedding and Sam's pregnancy. Carly decided it had been a perfect day. Sam admitted that she hadn't expected to tell anyone about the baby, but she was glad that Spinelli, Carly, and Sonny knew. Sam became emotional as Jason smiled and hugged her. Jason excused himself when his phone rang, while Spinelli pulled out pictures of his daughter to show everyone.

In the foyer, Jason growled a warning to Franco not to call him again. Franco ignored Jason and asked where Jake was. Jason argued that it didn't concern Franco, but Franco thought Jake would want to know that Elizabeth might be dying. After Jason ended the call, he returned to the living room to tell everyone about Franco's phone call. Sonny was shocked when Jason explained that Elizabeth and Franco had been spending time together. He warned Jason that Franco might be trying to trick Jason, but Jason insisted that he had to go to the hospital.

Jason promised to call Sam with an update, and he left. Sam announced that she was craving ribs, so Spinelli offered to take her to the Floating Rib. Sam thanked Sonny and Carly for everything and left with Spinelli. Carly immediately complained that Elizabeth had always had a hold over Jason, and she wouldn't put it past Elizabeth to use every dirty trick in the book to ruin Jason and Sam's wedding day. Sonny conceded that the timing was terrible. Carly hoped Elizabeth was okay and that Jason didn't break Franco's neck because it would be a terrible ending to Jason and Sam's wedding day.

Carly decided to clean up, prompting Sonny to excuse himself because he wanted to stop by Perks to check on Morgan. Sonny smiled with pride as he acknowledged that Morgan had made great progress. Later, Morgan joined his mother on the terrace and asked where everyone was. Carly explained that the reception had been brief. Morgan was disappointed that he had missed it because he had left work early to make an appearance.

Carly felt bad for Morgan and mentioned that Sonny had intended to stop by Perks, but Morgan merely shrugged. Concerned, Carly asked if something was bothering him. Morgan told her about the mix-up with the baseball caps, but Carly sensed that something else was troubling her son. He assured Carly that he didn't need an appointment with Dr. Maddox, but she remained worried because Morgan usually arrived home in an upbeat mood and full of plans. She noticed that his energy seemed low, but he promised that he'd been taking his medications.

Seconds later, Morgan's alarm went off to remind him that it was time for another dose. Carly followed him inside and watched as he pulled two bottles of pills out of his backpack. Morgan reminded himself that it was normal to have some down days. Carly agreed, so he thanked her for always having his back and looking out for him. Carly hugged Morgan then watched him take the pills.

At Perks, Sonny saw Ava sipping a coffee and smiling like a Cheshire cat, so he demanded to know what she was doing there. Ava claimed that she preferred his coffee because it was smooth, and she had stopped to buy a cup. Sonny didn't believe her because he knew that she was determined to break up Morgan and Kiki. Sonny made it clear that he would not allow Ava to succeed, but she informed him that she hadn't seen Morgan or Kiki. She pointed out that Morgan wasn't there and made a snide remark about Morgan flaking out on his responsibilities. Sonny ignored the insult and questioned why Ava appeared very pleased with herself.

Ava attributed it to her confidence that justice would prevail when Julian went to trial. Sonny warned her that it was inevitable that Julian would be convicted, but Ava disagreed and reminded him that Alexis had recently been unstable. She mentioned the scandal at the hotel's restaurant with Kristina, but Sonny assured Ava that Alexis would never hurt Kristina. Ava innocently claimed that she hadn't meant to imply otherwise, but she added that Alexis was a mess and would make a terrible witness. Sonny laughed that Ava was banking on the idea that Alexis would tank on the witness stand and set Julian free.

Ava merely smirked, but Sonny saw through her lies. He warned her that he'd retaliate if she laid one finger on anyone he loved or tried to ruin Morgan's life again. Ava was rattled and decided that she didn't have to listen to him issue threats. Moments later, Kiki walked up and asked if there was a problem. Sonny admitted that he had wondered the same thing and wished Kiki luck getting the truth out of Ava. After Sonny left, Kiki asked what Sonny had been referring to. Ava admitted that Sonny had accused her of wanting to cause trouble for Morgan and Kiki, but Ava promised that Sonny was wrong.

Ava conceded that she objected to Kiki's relationship with Morgan, but she had accepted that Kiki was an adult and was free to make her own choices. Kiki was pleased and told her mother that Morgan was doing great.

At the Floating Rib, Sam gorged on ribs as Spinelli watched. Sam wiped her lips as she told him that clearly life's uncertainties hadn't stopped her unborn child's appetite. Spinelli offered to call the hospital and pose as one of Elizabeth's relatives to get an update, but Sam declined because she preferred to hear the news from Jason. Spinelli admitted that it was unfortunate that Jason and Sam's wedding day had been marred by a mishap that had befallen the person who had tried to separate the newlyweds. He promised Sam that he would understand if she was angry, but Sam revealed that she and Elizabeth had made peace when Jake had been at Shriners Hospital.

Sam also confided that Elizabeth had been supportive -- in her own way -- when she'd inadvertently found out about Sam's pregnancy. Sam told Spinelli about the malaria scare but rushed to assure him that both she and the baby were fine. Spinelli was relieved and promised to help with the baby if she needed it. Sam appreciated Spinelli's offer and talked about what a good friend he was. Spinelli smiled and told her that he couldn't imagine a better friend than "fair Samantha." Touched, Sam reached for his hands and squeezed them.

Sam confessed that she'd always been nervous about being happy because she had feared that it might be snatched away. She realized that every day wouldn't be sunshine and rainbows, but she finally had faith that good things could happen, joy could last, and that she and Jason -- and their children -- had a long future together.

At the hospital, Franco started to tell Elizabeth about Hayden, but she suddenly lost consciousness as the alarm on her monitor blared. Griffin rushed into the room to check on Elizabeth. After a quick examination of her abdomen that made Elizabeth wince in pain, Griffin realized that her spleen had ruptured, and he called a code blue. Elizabeth was quickly loaded onto a gurney and rushed to surgery. Franco asked what he could do, so Griffin told him to call her family.

Later, Franco was pacing by the elevator when Jason arrived. Franco was surprised that Jason was alone and asked if Jason had thought that Franco had exaggerated the situation. Jason ignored the question and went to the nurses' station to find a doctor to ask about Elizabeth. Franco assured Jason that he could fill Jason in and explained that Elizabeth's spleen had "exploded" because she had fallen down a flight of stairs the previous day. Jason was annoyed that no one had told him sooner, but Franco reminded Jason that he'd called Jason and left a voicemail message.

Jason argued that Franco hadn't mentioned that Elizabeth had been hurt. Franco wasn't satisfied because, by ignoring Franco's call, Jason had ignored Jake's mother when she'd been in trouble. Franco added that Hayden had pushed Elizabeth down the stairs, but Jason demanded to know who Elizabeth's doctor was. Franco pointed to Griffin as Griffin approached the nurses' station. Jason immediately asked for an update. Griffin revealed that a CT scan had confirmed that Elizabeth's spleen had ruptured. Franco knew that a person could live without a spleen, but Griffin explained that the spleen produced white blood cells that helped a body defend against certain bacteria.

Griffin added that removing Elizabeth's spleen would make her more susceptible to life-threatening infections. Jason asked if the doctors could repair Elizabeth's spleen. Griffin assured Franco and Jason that they were considering all the options, but the spleen had bled into Elizabeth's abdomen, which meant that her situation was very grim, and she needed blood transfusions. Griffin added that they were low on her blood type. Both Franco and Jason agreed to donate blood. After they left the nurses' station, Franco tried to offer Jason advice on how to break the news to Jake, but Jason angrily snapped his fingers at Franco and warned him to stay out of it.

Later, Franco listened as Jason wrapped up a phone call with Cam and Aiden. Franco wondered when Jason intended to tell Jake. Jason explained that he wanted to tell his son in person, but Franco warned Jason that Jake might find out from someone else the longer Jason postponed the talk. Franco once again offered to help Jason, but Jason wasn't interested and walked away. At the elevator, Jason called Michael and asked Michael to take Jake to the park because Jason had to discuss something important with Jake.

After Jason left, Franco went to Elizabeth's hospital room. He recalled her visit to his apartment when she'd told him that she knew that she could count on him and that he'd never hurt her. Franco relived the tender kiss they had shared then pushed the memory away. He returned to the nurses' station and saw Griffin. Franco was eager to know if Elizabeth was out of surgery, but Griffin revealed that they had a serious problem.

Finn makes an unexpected discovery

Finn makes an unexpected discovery

Thursday, September 8, 2016

At the police station, Curtis called Finn to ask if Finn had arranged for Curtis to have unfettered access at the hospital. Finn promised he'd have Curtis' credentials ready by the time Curtis arrived. Finn wondered how Hayden had been holding up, but Curtis revealed that he hadn't seen Hayden yet.

In the interrogation room, Valerie informed Hayden that Hayden would be transferred to a jail cell soon. Hayden asked if the handcuffs securing her to the table had been necessary, but Valerie explained that Hayden was a flight risk because she'd been arrested while trying to flee town. Hayden insisted that she was innocent, but Valerie argued that it was up to a jury to decide. Valerie reminded Hayden that Hayden had had a very public confrontation with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth had made a statement that she'd been pushed down the stairs.

Frustrated, Hayden explained that Elizabeth had always hated Hayden and suggested that perhaps Elizabeth had thrown herself down the stairs to frame her. Valerie scoffed at the idea of a mother of three risking her life to get back at Hayden. Valerie added that Hayden had had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to hurt Elizabeth, so she advised Hayden to confess and take a deal.

After Valerie returned to the squad room, Curtis walked up. Valerie assumed that he had stopped by to see her, but he admitted that he was working. Valerie realized that he intended to help Hayden and expressed her disappointment. Curtis insisted that Hayden was his friend. Valerie disagreed because she'd only seen Hayden treat him like a work associate that Hayden often took advantage of. Valerie admired his loyalty, but she warned him that it was wasted on Hayden because Hayden had been dodging charges for years. Valerie was confident that one day, one of the charges would stick.

Moments later, Curtis entered the interrogation room. Hayden was happy to see him, but she complained about being sleep deprived and the judge denying her bail. Curtis explained that he was there to help and asked her to walk him through everything that had transpired at the hospital prior to her finding Elizabeth at the bottom of the stairs. Hayden warned him that it was a wasted effort, but she told him everything that had happened. Curtis realized there had been a small window of opportunity for someone else to shove Elizabeth down the stairs. Curtis decided to check in with his partner.

Hayden was surprised when Curtis revealed that Finn had enlisted his help to clear her name. He confided that it was clear that Finn cared about her. Hayden smiled as Curtis reminded her that she had friends and asked her to trust them. Shortly after Curtis left, Valerie returned to let Hayden know a jail cell was being readied. Hayden told Valerie that it might not be necessary because Curtis intended to clear Hayden's name. Valerie was disappointed that he'd refused to stay out of it.

Hayden suggested that Valerie learn to appreciate Curtis because he was loyal and tenacious and always spoke very highly of Valerie. Hayden added that if Curtis was right about Valerie, then perhaps he was also right about Hayden.

At Perks Coffee, Dante admitted that he hadn't expected to hear back from Robert so soon. Robert slid a file across the table when Dante sat down and told him that he thought Dante would like to know what he'd uncovered. Dante saw that the file was about Crichton-Clark, and he opened it. After Dante flipped through the pages, he admitted that the file didn't contain anything that he hadn't already known. Robert advised Dante to look at the page that Robert had flagged. Dante's eyes rounded with surprise as Robert confessed that he'd been equally shocked that "it" had survived the blast completely intact.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie apologized for running late and blamed it on Nathan being attentive to all of Maxie's needs. Lulu smiled and asked if Maxie and Nathan's problems were behind them. "No," Maxie answered. Maxie conceded that things were good between her and Nathan, but she remained convinced that Claudette still had an agenda. Lulu implored Maxie to leave it alone, but Maxie refused to rest until she had uncovered Claudette's secrets.

Maxie shifted gears and told Lulu that the wedding had been pushed back, which meant that Lulu would be in her second trimester of pregnancy when Maxie and Nathan exchanged wedding vows. Maxie promised to find something comfortable for Lulu to wear, but Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she excused herself and fled to the bathroom. A short time later, Lulu returned to the table and apologized for the "momentary lapse of emotions." Maxie questioned Lulu about what had upset her. Lulu tried to change the subject, but Maxie pushed for an answer until Lulu tearfully told her that the frozen embryo was no longer viable.

Maxie felt terrible for Lulu, but she promised that time and love would heal the heartbreak. Lulu admitted that she and Dante felt blessed that they had Rocco. Maxie was curious if there was anything that she could do to help. Lulu asked Maxie to remind her of everything Lulu had whenever Lulu wallowed in self-pity. Maxie suggested that she and Lulu engage in some retail therapy. Lulu happily agreed, but Lulu's phone rang. It was Dante asking Lulu to meet him at Perks right away because he had something important to discuss with her.

A short time later, Lulu arrived at Perks and greeted Dante and Robert. She immediately realized that the visit had to do with her request, so Robert handed her the file. Lulu had no idea what she was looking for until Dante showed her the inventory list and pointed to an item. Dante and Robert explained that an empty fireproof freezer had been found with a key in the lock, which indicated that someone might have removed something from it. Lulu was certain that her frozen embryo had been in the freezer, but Robert advised her not to jump to conclusions because it was equally possible that the container with her frozen embryo had been destroyed beyond recognition in the blast.

Lulu dismissed the possibility because she was certain that the World Security Bureau had identified every scrap of evidence collected from the site. Lulu explained that Helena had been at the clinic right before the explosion and had likely taken the frozen embryo because it had been Helena's last link to Stavros. Lulu dug through the papers to find something that might confirm her theory, but Dante told her to stop because they were getting ahead of themselves. Lulu argued that her theory made sense, but Dante reminded her that Helena was dead, so they'd have no way of knowing what Helena had done with it.

Lulu suspected that Helena had taken the frozen embryo to Cassadine Island because Helena had a lab on the island where it could have been stored. Robert conceded that it was possible. Lulu insisted that she and Dante needed to return to the island to search for the frozen embryo.

In the park, Jason asked if Jake had had a good time with Michael, Kristina, and Danny. Jake smiled as he told his father that they had played tag, but he was curious why his father was there instead of his mother. Jason gently broke the news that Elizabeth had been injured and was in the hospital. Concerned, Jake asked what was wrong with his mother. Jason explained that the doctors were operating on Elizabeth's spleen and was surprised when Jake revealed that he knew what the organ's function was because Franco had given Jake a coloring book about the human body. Jason carefully hid his annoyance as he reassured his son that Elizabeth would be okay, but Jake wanted to go to the hospital to see her.

At the nurses' station, Finn overheard Franco ask Griffin for an update on Elizabeth. Griffin revealed that Elizabeth had hemorrhaged more than they'd anticipated, and they'd run out of her blood type for a transfusion. Franco wondered how it was possible. Griffin explained that the power outage had cut off the electricity to the coolers where the blood had been stored, so the hospital had a limited supply of blood available. According to Griffin, Elizabeth's situation was dire because she had a rare blood type that was difficult to match.

Franco asked what he could do to help. Griffin suggested that Elizabeth's best option was to receive a blood donation from a family member. Franco assured Griffin that Elizabeth had plenty of family and suggested asking Audrey, but Griffin revealed that they'd already ruled Audrey out as a compatible blood donor. Franco reminded Griffin that Elizabeth had three children, but Griffin explained that the boys were too young to donate, and the rest of Elizabeth's family was too far away. Franco hinted there might be another family member close by. Griffin advised Franco to get the relative to the hospital as quickly as possible.

At the elevator, Franco recalled his conversation with Naomi at the police station when she had warned him not to tell Elizabeth about Hayden because it would break Elizabeth's heart to learn that her father had been unfaithful. Seconds later, the elevator doors opened, and Jason and Jake walked out. Franco pasted on a smile when Jake cheerfully greeted him. Jason appeared annoyed but remained quiet as Jake asked if Franco had heard about Elizabeth. Franco assured Jake that the doctors were doing everything to help her.

Jake invited Franco to join Jason and Jake in the chapel to say a prayer for Elizabeth, but Franco pulled out a set of keys and told Jake that he needed to talk to Jason for a minute. Franco invited Jake to go to Franco's art room and make Elizabeth a get-well card. Jason reluctantly gave Jake permission but made it clear that Jake was not to wander around the hospital. After Jake left, Franco gave Jason an update on Elizabeth and advised Jason to prepare himself to break the news to Jake if the worst happened.

Later, Jake showed Jason the get-well card he'd made. Jake revealed that he'd drawn a picture of Disney World because he wanted to go there with his mother and brothers once she recovered. Jake suddenly worried about what would happen if his mother succumbed to her injuries. Jake became upset at the prospect of being separated from Cam and Aiden, but Jason assured Jake that he wouldn't let that happen. Jason admitted that he didn't know what would happen to Jake's mother, but he promised that he loved Jake. Jake smiled and hugged his father.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Finn ran into Naomi. She quickly introduced herself and admitted that she'd seen him at the police station with Hayden. Naomi explained that she'd been eager for an update on Elizabeth, but no one would give her any information because she wasn't a family member. Finn explained that Elizabeth was still in surgery, and he asked how Hayden was. Naomi became emotional as she told him about Hayden's arraignment and the judge's refusal to grant Hayden bail. Naomi insisted that Hayden hadn't attacked Elizabeth and was surprised when Finn readily agreed.

Finn promised that Hayden would be exonerated. Naomi smiled because she believed Finn. She was glad that someone besides her cared about what happened to Hayden. Naomi admitted that she'd implored her daughter to return home with her because she hadn't thought that Hayden had had anyone in Port Charles who had cared about her, but Naomi realized that she'd been wrong.

Later, Finn met up with Curtis and asked how Hayden was. Curtis admitted that Hayden was scared, so it was imperative to clear her name. Finn gave Curtis an identification badge, but he warned Curtis to keep a low profile. Finn pointed Curtis to the stairwell where Elizabeth had been found. Moments later, Finn saw a nurse and asked Julie for an update on Elizabeth, but she told him that Elizabeth was still in surgery.

Julie added that she'd been on her way to drop off Elizabeth's personal effects that the police had returned. Curtis offered to take them, but Julie frowned because she had no idea who Curtis was. Finn introduced "Dr. Ashford" and claimed that Curtis was on loan from Mercy Hospital to help out. Finn volunteered to take care of Elizabeth's personal effects. Julie thanked Finn and handed him the bag.

After Julie left, Finn and Curtis searched through Elizabeth's things. Curtis excused himself when Valerie called. Valerie told Curtis that she was headed to the Floating Rib for a drink and invited him to join her. Curtis promised to wrap things up quickly and meet her. After Curtis ended the call, he returned to see if Finn had found anything. Finn scrolled through Elizabeth's phone and suddenly announced that he might have a picture of Elizabeth's attacker.

Meanwhile, Franco saw Naomi exit the elevator and quickly pulled her aside because he wanted to talk to her about Hayden and Elizabeth. Franco warned Naomi that the only way for Hayden to avoid murder charges was to save her sister with a blood donation. Naomi warned Franco that revealing that Hayden and Elizabeth were sisters would have long-term ramifications, so Franco suggested that Naomi persuade Hayden to do her civic duty and earn some much-needed good karma points by helping Elizabeth. Naomi pointed out that Hayden and Elizabeth might not have the same blood type, but Franco insisted it was Hayden's only hope.

At the park, Maxie looked at wedding cakes online, but she wasn't impressed with the selections. Griffin heard Maxie talking to herself as he walked up, and he offered to help. Maxie glared at him and made a few snide remarks, which Griffin conceded he had deserved. However, he admitted that he'd had a rough day and asked if he could sit down. Concerned, Maxie asked what was troubling him, so he told her about Elizabeth's crisis. Maxie felt bad for Elizabeth and hoped she recovered.

Maxie decided to leave, but Griffin asked her to wait because he owed both her and Nathan an apology. He realized that his silence about who he was had given Claudette an opening to inflect more damage on Maxie and Nathan. Maxie suggested that he could make it up to her by seducing Claudette to find out what her agenda was. Griffin was shocked, but Maxie didn't see the problem since he'd already slept with Claudette and had recently shared a passionate kiss with his ex-lover. Griffin explained that it would be wrong to give Claudette false hope, and it would be a violation of his vows.

Maxie argued that Griffin had broken his vows in the past, and he'd be doing it for a worthy cause, but he was certain there was another way. Frustrated, Maxie assured him that she'd handle Claudette herself, but she warned Griffin not to pretend that he was trying to protect Nathan and Maxie from more trouble, because he was only protecting himself. Maxie added that he was not the pious and penitent man he pretended to be -- he was just a man.

At the police station, Franco slipped into the interrogation room to talk to Hayden. He revealed that the doctors were worried that Elizabeth wouldn't make it out of surgery, but he was determined to make certain that everything was fine by having Hayden save Elizabeth's life.

Hayden is cleared of attempted murder

Hayden is cleared of attempted murder

Friday, September 9, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Carly entered the living room to wake up Morgan, who'd fallen asleep on the sofa. She reminded him that he'd been expected back at work. Morgan glanced at his phone to check the time and became frustrated when he realized he was half an hour late. Carly assured him that it happened to everyone and told him to call Aaron to let Aaron know. Carly noticed that Morgan appeared sluggish and asked if he'd accidently skipped a dose of medication.

Morgan assured his mother that he'd taken his pills and reminded her that he'd have days when he'd feel down. Carly asked how much sleep he'd had the previous night, but he was saved by the doorbell. Morgan smiled when he saw Nelle standing on the doorstep because her visit would distract Carly. Morgan ushered Nelle into the living room then left to call Aaron. Nelle explained that she'd stopped by to find out about the job opportunity that Carly had mentioned. Carly smiled and offered Nelle a job as her personal assistant.

Nelle began to shake her head, but Carly assured Nelle that she hadn't made the position up to give Nelle a job. Nelle pointed out that she didn't have experience in the hotel industry, but Carly explained that it wasn't necessary because she preferred to train her assistant on the job. Nelle appreciated the offer, but she didn't want charity or for Carly to feel obligated. Carly assured Nelle that she would never entrust her home, business, and family to Nelle simply because she was grateful that Josslyn had received Nelle's kidney, but Nelle questioned Carly about her previous assistant. Carly claimed that Trevor had fallen in love with a guest at the hotel and had moved to Niagara Falls.

Nelle remained skeptical, but Carly handed Nelle a file with a detailed job description and what it paid. She asked Nelle to look it over and left to take care of a business call. Nelle picked up the file and read through it until Morgan returned. Nelle admitted that his mother had offered her a job. Morgan thought it was funny that she'd been offered a job, while he'd been chewed out by his boss. Nelle felt bad for Morgan, but he assured her that Aaron was a genuinely nice guy and had had a right to be angry.

Nelle was curious about Carly's previous assistant, so Morgan told her that Trevor had been very organized. Nelle admitted that she was reluctant to take the job because her goal was to become a teacher, and she wasn't certain if all her college credits would transfer to New York. Intrigued, Morgan asked when she'd realized that she wanted to be a teacher. Nelle admitted that it was something she'd always known, and she talked about her love for teaching. Morgan listened intently and conceded that he'd been too busy partying in college. However, he realized that college made things clearer and helped a person focus.

Morgan suddenly jumped up and rushed off to take care of something as Carly returned to the living room. Carly wondered if Nelle had made a decision about the job. She was delighted when Nelle accepted the offer. A short time later, Carly walked Nelle to the door. Nelle thanked Carly for the advance on her pay and promised to return from Georgia with her belongings as soon as possible. Carly smiled and hugged Nelle.

After Nelle left, Carly returned to the living room and saw Morgan typing on his laptop. She was curious if he was working, but he revealed that he'd decided to enroll at Port Charles University as a full-time student because he wanted to earn a degree in marketing. Carly frowned as Morgan rambled excitedly about how his talk with Nelle had made him realize that his passion was marketing. Carly appeared uneasy as Morgan thanked her for her support and hugged her.

At the Floating Rib, Griffin thanked Sonny for meeting him. Griffin explained that he'd hoped to talk about Julian's trial because Anna was out of town, and Sonny was the only other person he trusted to be honest with him. Sonny was curious if Griffin had heard from Anna. Griffin revealed that he'd spoken to her several times, but he hadn't wanted to trouble her with his concerns about the trial. Griffin knew that the district attorney was confident that the case was airtight, but Griffin worried that Julian might not face justice. Sonny explained that Alexis had worn a wire, so the authorities had a recording of Julian taking responsibility for ordering the hit on Duke and murdering Carlos.

Sonny added that both he and Alexis intended to testify at the trial, but Griffin was concerned because Alexis had been behaving erratically. Sonny conceded that Alexis had been having a difficult time and had been drinking more than usual because her confidence had been shot. Sonny explained that Alexis was reeling because she'd been wrong about Julian and his love for her. Sonny told Griffin about Julian's return to Port Charles and how he'd used Danny as a shield by refusing to bank bone marrow when Sonny had threatened to kill Julian. The conversation drifted to Duke and how Duke had contained Julian without killing him.

Griffin wondered how he could trust a woman who had covered up his father's murder and had only stepped forward when Julian had tried to frame her. Sonny questioned Griffin's anger when Griffin always preached about forgiveness. Griffin explained that he was not immune to anger, but Sonny assured Griffin that Alexis had paid for her mistakes because she'd been humiliated, had lost her job, and had nearly died at the hands of the man who had claimed to love her. Sonny didn't think it was his place to judge her because he hadn't lived a blameless life. Griffin's temper cooled as he conceded that he hadn't either. Sonny admitted that neither had Duke, but Duke had learned from his mistakes.

Sonny encouraged Griffin to honor Duke by giving Alexis the benefit of the doubt because it was what Duke would have done. Griffin thanked Sonny and agreed to try to follow Duke's lead. Sonny assured Griffin that Duke would get justice, but Griffin made it clear that he didn't want Sonny to take the law into his own hands. Sonny promised that he would be satisfied if Julian was sent to Pentonville for life.

At Perks Coffee, Lulu was certain that Helena had stored Lulu's frozen embryo in the lab on Cassadine Island. Lulu was eager to return to the island to search for the missing frozen embryo, but Dante argued that it was too dangerous. Robert agreed, but Lulu insisted that the island was safe because Helena was dead and Valentin was in jail. Robert warned Lulu that there was no guarantee that Helena hadn't set traps for Lulu. Dante agreed with Robert and added that the whole thing sounded like a setup because of Helena's last will and testament.

Lulu quickly filled Robert in about Helena's assertion that she had owed Lulu the greatest and most sincere debt because -- out of everyone -- Lulu had done the most for Helena. However, Lulu's inheritance had been an empty envelope with an address for a house on Cassadine Island written on it. Lulu and Dante told Robert about their encounter with a woman named Daphne who lived at 13 Amiklon. Dante and Lulu suspected Daphne had been in cahoots with Valentin and had worked for Helena prior to that because it was unlikely that the encounter had been a coincidence. Robert agreed and excused himself to make a phone call.

A short time later, Robert wrapped up a call with a contact at the World Security Bureau. He explained that the WSB had swept the island after the incident with Valentin, but the house on 13 Amiklon had been unoccupied for years, and they hadn't found any trace of a woman named Daphne. Lulu argued that it wasn't possible, but Dante reminded her that they'd never seen the house because Daphne had gone alone to fetch the items that Kevin had needed. After Robert left, Lulu told Dante that she was certain that Helena's last words to her had been in reference to the frozen embryo, so she was determined to get answers.

At the Floating Rib, Griffin saw Robert walk in and asked if Sonny knew him. Sonny told him who Robert was. Surprised, Griffin wondered if Sonny would introduce him to Emma's grandfather. Sonny agreed despite Robert's dislike for Sonny. Moments later, Robert shook Griffin's hand and told both men that they had saved him time because Anna had asked Robert to talk to both Sonny and Griffin. After the three men sat down, Robert assured Griffin that Anna had intended to return before the trial, but Robin had persuaded her mother to extend the visit a few more weeks.

Sonny thought it was for the best because Anna didn't need to relive the nightmare of Duke's death. Robert agreed, but he explained that Anna had been worried that Griffin would think she had abandoned him. Griffin assured Robert that it was best for Anna to stay away until the trial was over. Robert expressed his gratitude for all that Sonny had done to make certain Julian was arrested. All three men raised their bottles of beer and toasted to justice for Duke.

At the hospital, Finn showed Curtis the photograph that Finn had found on Elizabeth's phone. The photograph was of a man's legs from the knees down, wearing slacks and a pair of brown shoes. Curtis warned Finn that it wasn't much, but Finn thought it was enough to exonerate Hayden, since a man had pushed Elizabeth. Curtis quickly called Jordan and asked her to wait at the police station because he was on his way.

In the squad room, Paul demanded to know why Hayden hadn't been transferred to a jail cell. Jordan explained that prisoners were being moved around, and she was waiting for a bed to open up. Paul told Jordan that he wanted to wrap up Elizabeth's attempted murder case before Julian's trial, but Jordan reminded him that the case against Hayden wasn't cut-and-dried. Paul suggested that Jordan do her job and get a confession to get the case resolved.

After Paul walked away, Finn and Curtis arrived and revealed that they'd found evidence on Elizabeth's phone. Jordan was curious how Finn and Curtis had ended up with Elizabeth's phone. Curtis promised to explain later and handed the phone to Jordan as he urged her to look at the photograph. Jordan pulled the phone out of a plastic bag and glanced down at the picture.

In the interrogation room, Hayden was stunned when Franco told her that he wanted her to help Elizabeth. "How?" Hayden asked. Franco explained that Elizabeth needed blood, but the hospital was low on Elizabeth's blood type. Hayden doubted that she could help because she had a very rare blood type. Franco claimed that the hospital had done a widespread search, and Hayden had popped up as a match. Hayden argued that the odds were astronomical because she'd never met anyone with her blood type.

Hayden wanted to know what Franco wasn't telling her, but he ignored the question and reminded her that she could face murder charges if Elizabeth died. Franco suggested that Hayden help herself by saving the woman she had tried to kill, but Hayden denied that she had pushed Elizabeth. However, she agreed to help. Franco was ready to leave, but Hayden lifted her hand to show him that she was handcuffed to the table. Franco decided to pick the lock. Seconds later, Jordan appeared in the doorway and was outraged when she saw Franco.

Franco insisted that he'd been trying to save a life and quickly ushered Finn to the squad room for a private conversation. Franco explained Elizabeth's desperate need for blood and asked Finn to check the medical records to verify that Hayden had the same blood type as Elizabeth. Finn stepped away to make a phone call, so Franco returned to the interrogation room. Jordan was furious that Franco had tried to help Hayden escape, but Franco was unapologetic. Curtis reminded Jordan that it might not matter.

Hayden's expression filled with hope as she asked if Curtis had found evidence to clear her name. Paul walked in and immediately demanded to know what was going on. Jordan revealed that they'd found new evidence, and she showed Paul the photograph on Elizabeth's phone. Paul downplayed the photograph by suggesting that the phone might not belong to Elizabeth. Franco recognized the phone and confirmed that it was Elizabeth's phone. Curtis added that the geolocator had confirmed that the photo had been taken at the hospital during the time that Elizabeth had been pushed.

Hayden felt vindicated, but Paul argued that the chain of custody was problematic. He ordered Jordan to take Hayden to a jail cell. Franco insisted that Hayden was needed at the hospital to donate blood, but Paul reminded him that Hayden was a prisoner. Finn returned to confirm that Hayden and Elizabeth had the same rare blood type and added that it was imperative for Hayden to donate blood to save Elizabeth. Paul reluctantly agreed to have a police officer accompany Hayden to the hospital. Jordan told the police officer that she would call if Hayden was free to leave after donating blood.

Franco and Finn followed the police officer as he led Hayden out of the interrogation room. Paul sputtered with fury, but Jordan insisted that the photograph proved that a man had pushed Elizabeth, which cleared Hayden of any wrongdoing. Paul was confident that he could secure a conviction against Hayden, but Jordan refused to let a person go to jail for a crime they hadn't committed. Curtis suggested that they enlarge the photograph because it might yield clues about Elizabeth's assailant.

Later, Curtis looked at the enlarged photograph and conceded that it was impossible to identify who had attacked Elizabeth. Jordan finished up a call and told Curtis and Paul that the phone's carrier had confirmed that the phone belonged to Elizabeth and the photograph's geotag had established that the picture was of Elizabeth's assailant. Paul didn't want to drop the charges, but Jordan went to bat for Hayden and reminded him that they could reinstate the charges if evidence against Hayden surfaced. Paul let the matter drop, but he warned Jordan that he wanted to be kept informed about each step of the investigation. Jordan questioned why he was so invested in "a simple assault case." Paul claimed that he wanted justice done.

At the hospital, Hayden sat in an examination room and asked Franco how he'd known that she and Elizabeth had the same blood type. Franco stuck to his story about the hospital running a check, but she didn't believe him because it was unlikely that he'd had access to the results. Seconds later, Finn entered the room. Hayden hoped that Finn could get some answers from Franco, but Finn's phone rang. It was Curtis.

Curtis told Finn that the charges against Hayden would be dropped. Finn quickly ended the call and shared the news with Hayden. Hayden was relieved. After Finn left to take care of a patient, Hayden informed Franco that she refused to give "that simpering bitch" a drop of her blood. Franco reminded Hayden that Elizabeth might die. Hayden agreed to help Elizabeth -- provided Franco met Hayden's demands.

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