General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 7, 2016 on GH

Jax returned to Port Charles. Sonny attended Morgan's funeral, armed with a gun. Hayden was infected with a deadly virus. Elizabeth's rapist was paroled. Alexis averted disaster and covered up her drinking.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 7, 2016 on GH
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Dante and Lulu Are Engaged Again Dante and Lulu Are Engaged Again

Monday, November 7, 2016

Curtis told Jordan that if she thought he was "rolling around in the gutter," she was right there next to him. She pulled her arm back to slap him, but he caught it before she could. Just then, Andre entered, and Jordan told Curtis that they were done. He muttered that he had "something to do anyway," and he stormed out of the room.

In the parking garage, Jason demanded to know why Pete had left Julian's car unattended. As Pete was about to speak, he went down due to a gunshot. Jason took cover and immediately called 9-1-1, looking around for the shooter. After he ended the call, he put gloves on and patted Pete down. He took Pete's phone out of his pocket. "That's one way to get rid of evidence," Curtis commented. Jason replied that he hadn't seen the shooter, so it could have been Curtis. Curtis answered that he'd been with Jordan, so Jason should be the one to worry about an alibi.

A short while later, Jason had just finished talking to a cop when Curtis wondered why he shouldn't tell the cop that he'd found Jason searching Pete after he'd been shot. He was hoping for some information in exchange for keeping his mouth shut. Jason invited Curtis to tell the cops that he'd taken Pete's phone. He related that he had a "great lawyer." Curtis recognized that talking would be a waste of time, so he only asked that Jason let him look through Pete's phone.

A short while later, Jason was watching Curtis look through Pete's phone when a cop asked for Jason's statement. Curtis stealthily handed the phone back to Jason, who followed the cop. Jason explained his side of events. The cop mentioned that no phone had been found, and Jason figured it would turn up at some point. As Jason talked to the cop, Curtis looked at Jordan's number in his phone.

Andre wondered what had just happened with Curtis, and Jordan explained that Curtis had again been interfering with one of her investigations. She asked why he was visiting. He said he was hoping to "steal" her away for dinner "before the storm hits." He explained to a confused Jordan that he had decided to attend Morgan's funeral, and he was expecting to be unloaded on by Sonny, Carly, or both. However, he thought he owed it to Morgan to attend.

Jordan could relate, calling funerals a "necessary evil of police work." Andre imagined that it was difficult to give condolences while actually searching for evidence, and he joked that she probably felt like a hypocrite. "Don't you dare call me a hypocrite," she snapped at him. She continued that she was sick of people's assumptions about her.

Andre quickly clarified that he didn't actually think that Jordan was a hypocrite, and he apologized for his "lame joke." She apologized for snapping at him and reasoned that Curtis had gotten to her. Andre didn't like that Curtis made Jordan question herself. He thought that she was "pretty great just as you are." She kissed him and agreed to go to dinner with him. She left to get her coat. When Jordan was gone, her phone rang, and Andre was annoyed to see that it was Curtis.

When Jordan's phone was answered, Curtis offered an apology for how he'd talked to her earlier, but Andre interrupted. He told Curtis that there was nothing Jordan needed to hear from Curtis. Curtis demanded that Andre put Jordan on the phone. Instead, Andre informed Curtis that the best thing Curtis could do for Jordan and for himself was to leave Jordan alone.

"I hope you understand one day," Sonny said looking at his letter addressed to Carly. Just then, Carly entered the house and told Sonny that she'd found Morgan's journal. She showed Sonny the daily medication check Morgan had written on each page, and they went through the journal together. Carly wondered why Morgan's medication hadn't worked, but Sonny told her that Morgan had probably stopped taking his medication, despite the check marks on the pages of the journal.

Carly informed Sonny that the journal had been meant to be private, so Morgan had had no reason to lie on the pages. Sonny went upstairs to retrieve Morgan's medication. Carly reached for Sonny's drink on the desk and caught sight of the envelope with her name on it. When Sonny returned, Carly asked him about the envelope, but he brushed it off by saying that they had more important things to talk about.

Sonny revealed that one of Morgan's pill bottles was missing, and Sonny and Carly tried to speculate as to why. Sonny figured that Morgan had thought they hadn't been working, so he'd thrown them away. Carly thought they were "missing something." Sonny reminded Carly that the drugs weren't the cause of Morgan's death.

Carly abruptly put her coat on. Before leaving, she informed Sonny that Morgan had loved them, and he'd wanted to make his parents proud. She said that they should have done better by Morgan and that they'd both failed as parents. She left the house.

Ava looked at her text message, which read, "I saw you -- I know what you did to Morgan." Just then, she was startled by a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Lucy. Ava told her to leave, as Ava was meeting someone. "Me, too," Lucy said. She revealed that she'd been the one to text Ava, and she'd seen Ava throw away the pill bottle with the perfectly legible label. Ava dismissed Lucy as "nuts," but Lucy wished Ava luck denying the claim to Sonny and Carly.

Ava begged Lucy not to tell Sonny and Carly, and Lucy eventually agreed. However, she warned Ava that she would be holding on to the pills for "safekeeping." "To blackmail me with later?" Ava commented dryly. "Great idea!" Lucy exclaimed. She urged Ava to consider "coming clean," just in case someone else had seen Ava toss the pills out as Lucy had, and she walked away.

Elizabeth and Franco arrived at her house, and she informed him that they had the house to themselves. She admitted that she had a favor to ask of him. She explained that she'd been attending an art class at the university, and she showed her portfolio to him. She wondered if he would pose for her. As she gathered her supplies, he asked if she would be all right with people knowing that they were in a relationship. "It's more than okay," she replied, smiling.

Franco started to unbutton his shirt, but an amused Elizabeth told him that she wanted to do a portrait of his face. He wondered why she'd been worried to ask about drawing him. She replied that drawing someone was "intimate," and she hadn't wanted him to feel uncomfortable. "I trust you with everything," he stated simply.

A short while later, Elizabeth attempted to draw Franco as he complained about "a crick in my neck." Needing to stretch, he got up and grabbed her sketchpad, despite her protests. He liked it so far. A short while later, he was back to posing. She got up to move him, and the two got very close. They shared a kiss.

Lulu entered the living room, where Dante was eating his way through Rocco's Halloween candy, and complained of two chocolate handprints on her white shirt, courtesy of "your son." Dante related how hard it was to keep track of Rocco and commented that it was a "good thing we don't have two."

A few minutes later, Lulu returned with new clothes. Dante offered her a glass of wine and an apology for his comment about not having two kids. Lulu promised she was "over it" and just wanted to remember how blessed she was to have Dante and Rocco in her life. The two ate some more of Rocco's candy, and Dante handed her another piece. "This doesn't even feel like candy," she said, laughing. She opened the wrapper and found her engagement ring.

Dante told Lulu that he would have gotten her a new ring, but he thought that there were still good memories associated with her old one. He took the ring from her, got down on one knee, and said, "Lesley Lu Spencer, woman of my dream, mother of my child, holder of my heart, will you marry me?" When she didn't answer right away, Dante jokingly asked if she needed time to think.

Lulu stated that she felt lucky that she and Dante had found their way back to each other and that she'd never stopped loving him. She thought that Dante knew her answer, but he wanted to "hear it anyway, just to make sure." "Yes, I will marry you," she told him. He put the ring on her finger, and they shared a kiss. She admired the ring and expressed how happy she was to have it back on her finger where it belonged. They agreed that they wanted as short of an engagement as possible and shared another kiss.

As Griffin approached Valentin, Anna opened the DNA test results. Griffin warned Valentin to stay away from Charlotte. Valentin thought there had been a misunderstanding, because he claimed that Charlotte was his daughter. Griffin returned to Anna and spat that Valentin was claiming paternity of Charlotte. Anna urged Griffin to read the test results and handed the paper to him. As Griffin's face changed to shock, Valentin approached Charlotte, who was happy to see him and jumped into his arms.

Griffin couldn't believe that Claudette had again lied about Charlotte's paternity. Anna replied that Claudette really was trying to protect Charlotte, only from her biological father. Anna suggested that Charlotte finish coloring her picture while she, Griffin, and Valentin had a "boring adult conversation." When Charlotte returned to her drawing, Valentin whipped a birth certificate out of his pocket that named him as Charlotte's father.

Anna thought that birth certificates could easily be forged. Valentin walked over to a table and cut his finger open with a knife. He wiped at the cut with a napkin and handed the napkin to Anna in order to run another DNA test. Valentin informed them that he would leave Charlotte in Griffin's care until the DNA test returned. He promised that he was sticking around town, and he walked to the elevator. As he waved to Charlotte from the elevator, Anna thought that the priority was protecting Charlotte.

Alexis' drinking endangers Danny

Alexis' drinking endangers Danny

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In the hospital's lab, Finn's hands shook as he tried to work. Frustrated, he picked up a small recorder and turned it on. He acknowledged that he'd been forced to ration his life-saving medication because he'd run low and his research had stalled. Finn felt as if he'd taken one step forward and two steps back over the past few weeks -- except with whatever had been happening between him and Hayden. Finn picked up a beaker as he talked about how he'd isolated the pathogen from the deadly disease he'd been infected with. He realized that it was a long shot, but he hoped to use the pathogen to formulate a cure.

Moments later, Brad entered the lab and stopped short when he saw Finn working because Brad had hoped that Finn had found another lab to work in when the hospital had temporarily closed. Finn promised that he knew what he was doing, but Brad argued that he didn't have any guarantees that Finn wouldn't contaminate the hospital with a deadly toxin. Finn panicked when Brad picked up a beaker filled with amber liquid. Brad realized that the beaker contained hazardous material and asked why it hadn't been stored in a proper containment unit, but Finn pointed out that he'd been working with it. Brad's concern mounted when he noticed that Finn's hands were shaking because he knew that Finn worked with infectious diseases.

Brad asked if Finn had somehow infected himself. Finn blamed his trembling hands on low blood sugar, but Brad saw through the lie and demanded to know what was in the beaker. Finn reluctantly admitted that it contained a deadly pathogen that could be contagious if it got in contact with an open wound. Outraged, Brad put the beaker down and accused Finn of endangering the hospital, but Finn argued that Brad had done more damage by handling a beaker without knowing what it contained. Brad marched to the door as he warned Finn that it wasn't over.

After Brad left, Finn returned to work, but the beaker slipped out of his hand, and the toxic chemical splattered on the floor. Finn left the room to find something to clean up the mess.

At the nurses' station, Tracy approached Hayden to let Hayden know that Hayden hadn't made friends on the hospital's board. Another board member walked up as Hayden explained that she couldn't pretend that the hospital's financial outlook was favorable when it was completely in the red, especially when she'd been hired to tell the truth. "So says the daughter of the biggest swindler on Wall Street," the board member snidely shot back. Tracy immediately defended Hayden by reminding the man that the board had voted to hire Hayden, but he vowed to keep a close eye on her. Hayden welcomed the scrutiny because she was eager to change her reputation by saving the hospital.

The board member warned Hayden that he would push to have her fired if he didn't see a marked improvement within a reasonable amount of time. After he walked away, Tracy admitted that she'd never liked the man. Hayden smiled and thanked Tracy for standing up to the "bully." Tracy conceded that he'd had a point because it would be an enormous challenge to get the hospital out of the financial hole it was in. Tracy reminded Hayden that the hospital meant everything to the Quartermaines and the community. Tracy warned Hayden that if she failed to do her best to save the hospital, then Tracy would personally run her out of town -- even if it broke Finn's heart.

Hayden assured Tracy that Finn's heart would be safe because he wouldn't care if she left town. Tracy disagreed because Finn had been pining for Hayden. Tracy reminded Hayden that Finn was a sick man, so it was up to Hayden to take the risk. Hayden swiftly changed the subject by announcing that she had several cost-cutting ideas that she wanted to run past Tracy. Hayden suddenly winced when she cut her finger on the edge of a paper. Tracy was horrified when Hayden sucked on the injured digit, but Brad walked up and asked if Tracy had signed off on Finn's research.

Tracy sang Finn's praises and assured Brad that the hospital's board had unanimously approved of Finn's work. Brad warned Tracy that he refused to endanger his life any further, but she reminded him that the killer had been caught. Brad explained that Finn had been working with dangerous material with hands shaking so badly that Finn could hardly function. Brad worried that Finn would end up in the morgue. Moments later, Lucas called Brad.

Tracy seized the opportunity to send Hayden to the lab to give Finn a heads-up about Brad's allegations. After Hayden reluctantly left to do Tracy's bidding, Tracy waited for Brad to end the call. She assured Brad that she would have a talk with Finn, but Brad explained that Finn had been working with dangerous pathogens that could put everyone in the hospital at risk. Brad made it clear that he would not go near Finn's lab until the danger had passed. He refused to put his life on the line because of Tracy's blind loyalty to Finn.

Meanwhile, Hayden entered the lab, looking for Finn. She grimaced when she stepped on a spill and heard the crunch of broken glass. Annoyed, she looked at the bottom of her shoe and started to pick out the glass.

In the hallway, Finn approached the lab with a mop, bucket, and bottle of bleach, but he stopped to answer his phone. It was Tracy. She told him about Brad's accusations and asked if Hayden was with him. Finn admitted that he hadn't seen Hayden, which surprised Tracy because Hayden had been on her way to the lab. After Finn ended the call, he suddenly realized that Hayden might be in the lab. He ran to the door and froze in the doorway when he saw her picking a shard of glass out of her shoe. Alarmed, he ordered her to drop the glass and immediately ran over to inspect her hands.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco and Elizabeth shared a passionate kiss until Elizabeth pulled away and admitted that she hadn't expected things to get that heated. Franco smiled and told her that she could get back to drawing the portrait, or they could continue to kiss and see where it might lead. Elizabeth teased that it was a tough choice because he was a good model. She picked up her sketchbook, but Franco seized the opportunity to remind her that kissing was a form of art. Eventually, Franco persuaded Elizabeth to put the sketchbook down and pick up where they had left off.

After another passionate kiss, Elizabeth invited Franco to her bedroom. He smiled and took her hand, but the moment was shattered when the phone rang. Franco waited for her to check. Elizabeth's expression turned troubled as she told him that it wasn't Audrey or her sons, but she had to take the call. Franco waited until Elizabeth ended the call to ask who it had been.

Elizabeth quietly explained that she'd been notified that the man who had raped her had been scheduled to meet with a parole board because he'd been deemed rehabilitated and no longer a threat to society. Franco was curious if Elizabeth thought it was possible, but she shook her head and admitted that he'd always be a threat to her. Elizabeth opened up about how her attacker had been a photographer who had doctored pictures of Emily to make it appear that Emily had been nude. She explained that her rapist had blackmailed Emily with the damaging pictures, which was why the Quartermaines had pushed for the maximum sentence of twenty years.

Elizabeth revealed that the man had been up for parole four years earlier, and Monica had petitioned the parole board to hear Elizabeth's victim impact statement because Emily had passed away. Elizabeth's voice quivered with emotion as she admitted that it hadn't been easy to relive the night that had changed her life forever. Franco was surprised when she added that her rapist's parole hearing was the following morning, but he offered to help with a victim impact letter.

Later, Franco watched Elizabeth type on her laptop as tears filled her eyes. He tried to talk to her, but she was focused on what she'd been writing. Franco offered to leave but only made it a few steps when Elizabeth dissolved into tears. Franco rushed over to the sofa and pulled her into his arms as she wept on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Jason arrived home, and his wife immediately greeted him, eager to know what Pete had revealed. Jason quickly filled Sam in about the shooting in the garage and his certainty that Pete had been killed to keep him from talking to Jason. Jason suspected that Pete might have turned a blind eye to the person who had planted the bomb in Julian's car. Sam suggested that they find a way to take a look at Pete's phone records to figure out who Pete had been talking to, but Jason smiled and showed her the phone he'd taken from Pete. However, he explained that Curtis had seen him take it and wanted access to the phone.

Jason admitted that he didn't mind giving Curtis the phone because Jason just wanted to know why the bomb had been planted after Sonny had called off the hit. Sam fetched her laptop and settled on the sofa. A short time later, Sam determined that Pete had been talking to an escort service when Sonny had called off the hit. Jason suggested that it could be a front and asked Sam to find out the owner's name in case it was one of Sonny's men. Next, Jason and Sam checked the call log to see who Pete had been talking to when the bomb had been planted. The number had been blocked, but Sam was able to trace it to a man named Oscar Jessup.

Jason admitted that the name sounded familiar, but he couldn't place the face. However, he was intrigued when Sam told him that Pete and Oscar had talked five times after Morgan had been killed. Jason suggested that he and Sam had been looking at things the wrong way because Julian had a lot of enemies. Jason wondered if perhaps one of Julian's other enemies had ordered the hit.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis and Diane sipped wine and discussed Valentin's legal document. Alexis explained that she'd had it translated from Greek to English and was eager to know what Diane thought of it. Diane looked at the translated document as a woman named Madison approached the table and warmly greeted Alexis before apologizing for the interruption and asking for a moment of Diane's time. Alexis hid her annoyance behind a strained smile as Madison and Diane briefly talked about a case. Madison turned back to Alexis to assure Alexis that all of their colleagues looked forward to seeing Alexis back in the courtroom.

After Madison left, Diane chuckled because she recalled how Alexis had defeated Madison in court the previous winter. Moments later, Diane and Alexis saw Julian approach the bar. Diane offered to remind Julian that the restraining order prohibited him from entering establishments that Alexis frequented. Alexis appreciated the offer, but she wanted to discuss Valentin's claim to the Cassadine empire first. Diane looked at the document and conceded that the translation confirmed it was valid, which meant that Mikkos had rewritten his last will and testament shortly before his death, leaving everything to his eldest living son, regardless if the son was legitimate or not.

Alexis was disappointed because it meant that the bad guy had once again won. Alexis admitted that she didn't look forward to breaking the news to Laura and Spencer, but Diane pointed out that it could wait until the morning. Diane told Alexis to order another round of drinks and stepped away from the table to deal with Julian. Moments later, Alexis' phone rang.

At the bar, Julian and Curtis ordered drinks, but the bartender explained that Carly had left strict instructions not to serve Julian. Julian threatened to slap the bartender and the restaurant with a lawsuit, but Curtis calmly asked the bartender to give him two drinks, and if Carly had any questions, the bartender should send her to Curtis. Curtis promised to let Carly know that the bartender had handled the situation professionally and with discretion. Satisfied, the bartender poured the drinks. Curtis cut to the chase and told Julian about Pete's murder. Julian was stunned that someone had shot Pete in the hotel's parking garage, but Curtis wondered who would want Julian's ex-driver dead.

Moments later, Diane walked up to inform Julian that he was in violation of the restraining order. Julian disagreed and threatened to have his attorney take her to court, but Alexis walked up to announce that she had to pick up Danny because Monica was stuck at work. Julian seized the opportunity to ask about his grandson because he hadn't seen Danny in months, but Alexis coldly informed him that he'd never see Danny again. Hurt, Julian reminded Alexis of the good times they'd had with their grandson, but Diane was curious if that was before or after Julian had tried to slit his wife's throat.

Alexis started to walk away, but Julian had seen Alexis drinking and questioned if she should be driving. Diane was outraged that Julian would question Alexis' sobriety, but Alexis ignored Julian and walked away to order a taxi. Julian explained that he was concerned that Alexis had a drinking problem, but Diane continued to defend her friend until Julian advised her to talk to Sam because Sam would back him up. After Diane stormed away, Julian assured Curtis that he cared about Alexis.

Curtis returned to the topic of Pete because he wondered if it was possible that Pete had double-crossed Julian by planting the bomb. Julian conceded that it was possible that one of Sonny's men had gotten to Pete, but it would just mean that Sonny had Pete's death on his hands as well as Morgan's. Julian reminded Curtis that he'd been hired to help send Sonny to jail, but Curtis insisted that he was on the hunt for the truth and added that Sonny had suffered because he'd been responsible for his own son's death.

Across the room, Diane greeted Tracy and congratulated her on the hospital's reopening. Tracy confessed that she couldn't breathe easy until the hospital had recovered from the shutdown.

At the bar, Julian talked to the hospital board member who had threatened Hayden's job. Julian admitted that he'd been pleased to read the man's text message. The board member gloated that it would take a miracle to dig the hospital out of the financial hole, so Julian would get his wish. "Luxury condos, here we come," Julian said with a satisfied smile. Nearby, Tracy noticed the two men talking.

At Alexis' house, Danny spooned cookie dough onto a baking sheet and asked her why Julian no longer lived with her. Danny was disappointed that he hadn't seen his grandfather in months, but Alexis assured him that Julian loved him. Alexis poured Danny a glass of apple juice and encouraged him to drink his favorite juice. Next, she poured herself a glass of wine and quipped that she intended to drink her favorite juice. Danny smiled and finished putting cookie dough on the baking sheet. Impressed, Alexis instructed him to go to the living room because she had put in a DVD for him.

Danny giggled when Alexis stumbled as she carried the cookie sheet to the kitchen. Later, Alexis was passed out on the sofa as the oven timer buzzed. Danny tried to wake his grandmother but failed. A short time later, Alexis woke up to the sound of the smoke alarm as smoke billowed into the living room. Alexis sat up and immediately noticed that Danny was nowhere to be seen.

Hayden is exposed to a deadly virus

Hayden is exposed to a deadly virus

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

At the church, Carly lit a candle and wondered if it counted if someone like her spoke to God. She admitted that she'd never gone to church much because her adoptive parents hadn't been religious. However, she acknowledged that Sonny had been raised Catholic, and his faith was strong. Carly admitted that she wanted to believe in heaven because she wanted to think of Morgan being with God -- safe and protected. She blamed herself for failing to safeguard her son, but Sonny stood in the doorway as he told her that he'd been the one to fail to protect their son.

Carly followed Sonny to a pew to remind him that he had four other children who needed him to take care of himself. Sonny dismissed her concerns and continued to blame himself for not doing right by Morgan. Carly begged Sonny to stop because she couldn't handle arguing with him with their son's funeral the following day. Griffin walked up and told Carly there was something that she needed to know. Griffin told her about his talk with Sonny on the night Morgan had died and how Sonny had had a change of heart about something that had been set into motion.

Carly explained that she knew all about it, but Sonny had acted too late because Morgan had already been dead. After Carly left, Sonny thanked Griffin for trying to help, but Sonny admitted that it ultimately didn't matter because Sonny's actions had led to Morgan's death. Sonny was certain that God had punished him for the life he'd been leading for decades, but Griffin assured Sonny that God didn't work that way. Sonny disagreed and reminded Griffin of the Old Testament.

Griffin argued that the Lord had given them the New Testament to teach them that the truly repentant would be forgiven. Sonny refused to argue theology and admitted that he was tired of watching his loved ones punished for his actions. Sonny decided the only way to stop it was to take responsibility, which he intended to do the next day. Suspicious, Griffin was curious what Sonny planned to do, but Sonny remained tight-lipped until Griffin promised that their conversation would remain confidential. Sonny admitted that he'd made his own rules, morality, and code, but he'd always felt as if he'd been running.

Sonny explained that he was through running because everything had changed when Morgan had died. Concerned, Griffin wondered when Sonny had last slept. Sonny promised to get some rest after Morgan's service but admitted that Griffin didn't look much better. Griffin sighed and revealed that he'd spent several sleepless nights because of recent events that had turned his life around and ended in ruin. Griffin admitted that he'd questioned if it had been a sign from God to return to the priesthood, but Sonny wondered if it was what Griffin wanted.

Griffin insisted that he'd taken vows, so it might be better for everyone if he returned to living by those vows. Sonny wished Griffin luck because Sonny understood more than Griffin could imagine. Sonny was certain that Duke would be proud of Griffin, and invited Griffin to Morgan's funeral. After Griffin humbly agreed, Sonny asked him to watch over Sonny's family following the service.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nelle and Michael exchanged greetings. Michael explained that he'd been at the church, finalizing arrangements for Morgan's funeral, which Nelle imagined had been hard. Michael admitted that it had been far more difficult for his mother then shifted gears by deciding to share a letter that Morgan had written to Michael years earlier when Morgan had been at a military academy.

The poignant letter talked about how much Morgan had cared about his brother and had missed him. Morgan ended the letter by admitting that he looked forward to returning home for a visit and stirring up trouble with his big brother. Michael's expression clouded with sadness as he explained that Morgan had been sent to a military academy because of something that had happened to Michael. Michael didn't elaborate, but he assured Nelle that it had been for Morgan's safety.

Michael recalled how Morgan had suddenly started referring to him as "Mikey." Michael had despised the nickname and had threatened to stop talking to Morgan if Morgan continued to use the nickname. Michael smiled sadly as he admitted that he'd won, but he would give anything to hear Morgan use the nickname again. Nelle listened as Michael revealed that he and Morgan had shared a special bond because they'd grown up in their parents' world and had taken refuge from danger on Sonny's private island where they'd had countless adventures . Michael worried that he wouldn't get to share the memories of those days with anyone, but Nelle encouraged him to tell Avery about Morgan.

Michael admitted that he felt responsible for what had happened to Morgan because he'd failed his brother when Morgan had needed him most, but Nelle insisted that it had been a terrible accident. Michael disagreed -- it had been a series of bad choices, which had set off a chain of horrible events that had led to Morgan's tragic death. Nelle assured Michael that Sonny was suffering, but Michael wished that Sonny had made different choices because he didn't know if he could ever forgive his father. Nelle suddenly recalled the letter she'd received from her father insisting that she owed him.

Nelle talked to Michael about forgiveness. Michael explained that it was one thing to make a mistake and deal with the ramifications personally, but it was a different matter entirely when innocent people were put at risk. He insisted that it was a person's responsibility to think about the possible consequences before doing something that couldn't be taken back. Michael saw Carly enter the restaurant and stood up to greet her. He apologized for leaving her at the church, but she admitted that she'd needed some time alone. Carly noticed the letter in Michael's hand, but he dismissed it as nothing and left to talk to Olivia about the catering for the reception.

After Michael left, Carly expressed her concerns to Nelle about Michael trying to take care of everything, but Nelle assured Carly that Michael was strong, and it helped him to handle things for Carly. Carly felt bad then shifted gears to talk about Sonny grieving alone. She admitted that she was tempted to run to him because he was the only person who truly understood the pain she felt over losing Morgan. However, Sonny also reminded her of what she had lost. Carly had no idea how to get through the service the following day, but Jax suddenly appeared and invited her to lean on him.

Carly ran to Jax's open arms. Nelle watched quietly as Jax offered his condolences and explained that he'd been camping in the desert and had only learned of Morgan's death the previous day. Jax was surprised when Nelle stood up and excused herself. He thought it had been nice of Nelle to return to Port Charles for Morgan's funeral, but Carly quickly explained that Nelle was her personal assistant and had gotten her through the past few weeks. After Nelle left, Jax told Carly that his mind had been spinning with memories of Morgan during the trip to Port Charles.

Carly smiled sadly as she and Jax talked about Jax's trip to Disney World with Michael and Morgan. Jax thanked Carly for letting him be a part of Morgan's life, but she was grateful for all that Jax had done for Morgan. She offered Jax an opportunity to tell her that she'd been a fool to let Sonny back into her life, but he refused to tell her "I told you so." He insisted that he was there because he had loved Morgan and wanted to help Carly, Josslyn, and Michael. Jax admitted that he needed them. Touched, Carly hugged him.

Nearby, Michael bumped into Nelle and asked if she'd seen Carly. Nelle explained that Carly was with Jax. Michael was pleased because Carly needed people to lean on. Michael seized the opportunity to commend Nelle for stepping up and helping his family during a difficult time. He knew his family was dysfunctional, but Nelle assured him that they were good people. Michael noticed the time and left. Nelle passed the dining room and stopped when she saw Jax hugging Carly.

Across town, Maxie arrived home and told Nathan about her afternoon with Nina planning the bachelorette party, but she suddenly stopped in her tracks when she noticed the romantic setting and lit candles. Nathan explained that he had wanted to make up for the "Claudette-Charlotte interrupt." Delighted, Maxie kissed him and told him that he was the best fiancÚ and would be an amazing husband. Maxie and Nathan kissed again, but a knock on the door ruined the mood.

Maxie opened a door and was greeted by a messenger. After Maxie signed for the envelope, she looked at the return address and told Nathan that it was from "Amelia Beaulieu." Nathan recognized Claudette's mother's name and took the envelope. Maxie sat next to him on the sofa as he read the letter, but she had no idea what it said because Nathan read it in French. Nathan apologized and translated the letter, which revealed that Charlotte had stayed with Amelia until Claudette had fetched the child to take to Port Charles. Amelia went on to explain that Claudette had asked Amelia to contact Nathan if Claudette failed to check in at least once a day and added that she hadn't heard from Claudette in three days.

Maxie found another letter in the envelope and pulled it out. It was from Claudette and confirmed that Valentin was Charlotte's father. Claudette explained that her lies had been to protect her daughter because Valentin was a dangerous man who could not be allowed to get his hands on Charlotte. Maxie made it clear that she and Nathan would work together to deal with Valentin.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Valentin looked on his phone at a picture of Charlotte as Nina walked up and ordered a drink. Valentin smiled and immediately struck up a conversation with her, but her eyes landed on his cell phone and the picture of the toddler. Valentin revealed that it was a picture of his daughter, and he offered to tell Nina all about Charlotte. Nina admitted that she'd recently met a little girl named Charlotte that she'd believed had been her niece until it was determined that Griffin was the child's father. Valentin quickly clarified that he, not Griffin, was Charlotte's father.

Nina pointed out that Valentin was the third man in less than a month to claim that he was Charlotte's father, but Valentin revealed that he had a birth certificate and an impending paternity test to prove he was the child's father. Nina wondered why Claudette would pass Charlotte off as Nathan's then Griffin's daughter if Valentin was the father, so he offered to share the long story over a drink. Nina declined because she refused to drink with a man who had been responsible for her future sister-in-law's kidnapping. Valentin had no idea what Nina was talking about, but she didn't believe him and told him that the man he had sent to kidnap Claudette had nabbed Maxie by mistake.

Valentin was disappointed by Nina's low opinion of him and insisted that he would never harm his daughter or her mother. Nina reminded him that they'd only had two conversations and a single night of passion, but Valentin thought it was a good place to start. He implored her not to let others influence her and explained that he would do anything for his daughter -- he just wished that she had a mother who'd put Charlotte's needs first. He once again offered to buy Nina a drink. Nina hesitated, which he took as consent, and he asked the bartender for another round.

At Alexis' house, Alexis woke up on the sofa as the smoke alarm blared and smoke billowed into the living room from the kitchen. Alexis realized that the cookies had burned, but she panicked when she noticed that Danny was nowhere to be seen. Alexis ran to the kitchen, calling out Danny's name. After she located him, she quickly hustled him to the front porch and asked him to count to twenty before going to the neighbor to call 9-1-1. After Alexis reentered the house, Danny began to count. He sagged with relief when Alexis emerged from the kitchen before he reached twenty.

Alexis and Danny entered the house as Danny asked if he could have a cookie. Alexis admitted that they were burned and covered in foam from the fire extinguisher. Moments later, Laura arrived and knocked on the open door. Alexis apologized for the burnt cookie smell and invited Laura inside. Laura offered to return at a more convenient time, but Alexis asked Laura to stay. Relieved, Laura admitted that she wanted to know about Valentin's claim to Wyndemere. Alexis decided to put Danny to bed first.

After Alexis returned to the living room, Laura asked for a glass of wine to settle her nerves. Alexis poured a glass for Laura, but she declined to join Laura because Alexis claimed she'd had a glass earlier. Laura was eager to know what Alexis had uncovered, so Alexis revealed that the document that Nikolas had signed had not been legal because it hadn't been notarized. Laura was elated until Alexis told her about the second document confirming that Mikkos had changed his will before he'd died and had named his eldest living son heir to the Cassadine estate. Alexis explained that Valentin was next in line to inherit because both Stefan and Stavros were dead.

Laura was shocked and wondered why Valentin had taken everyone hostage and killed Nikolas if he'd had Mikkos' will. Alexis suspected that Mikkos had hidden the will from Helena, and whoever had been holding it had decided to give it to Valentin because Helena had died. Laura wept because she realized that her son's death had been meaningless. Alexis disagreed because Nikolas had died saving another human being. Laura smiled weakly and decided to return to Wyndemere to pack because she wanted to be gone before Valentin moved in.

After Laura left, Alexis glanced at the bottle of wine, but she turned away and went to the laptop. She decided to pull up a questionnaire to determine if she had a drinking problem, but she slammed the laptop shut before answering the first question because she knew her drinking was an attempt to avoid the pain of losing everything. Moments later, Danny entered the living room because he'd had a bad dream about smoke. "Great," Alexis muttered as she took her grandson to the living room and snuggled with him on the sofa.

In the lab, Finn closely examined Hayden's hands then dragged her to the sink for a thorough rinsing. Hayden demanded to know what was going on, so he revealed that he'd been working with the bacteria that had created the disease inside his body. Finn instructed her to keep rinsing as he fetched some supplies to sterilize her hands. Hayden explained that she'd gone to his lab to warn him about Brad, but Finn tensed when he returned to the sink and noticed the cut on Hayden's finger. Horrified, he took her to a cabinet where he pulled out a large magnifying glass to closely examine her cut.

Finn explained that he worked with bacterial microbes that could be dangerous if she'd broken the dermal layer of her finger. Finn's hopes were dashed when he saw that she had sliced past the dermal layer. Shocked, Hayden asked if she'd been exposed to the same disease that was killing him because of a little paper cut. Finn ignored the question as he fetched two bottles of pills and ordered her to continue rinsing her finger. Finn explained that one of the pills was an antibiotic booster and the other was an iodine pill. Hayden refused to take anything until Finn told her what was going on.

Finn reluctantly admitted that Hayden had been exposed to the deadly virus just as his wife had been. Hayden quickly took the medication as she assured Finn that she was not his wife and had no intention of dying. Finn promised to test her and monitor her for symptoms, but Hayden insisted that she would be fine and suggested that he clean up the mess on the floor. Finn sprinkled cleaner on the floor as he warned Hayden that the symptoms would manifest quickly, but when he looked up, Hayden was gone. After Finn searched the hospital for Hayden, he called and left her a voicemail message explaining that it was imperative for her to return to the hospital for testing.

At Wyndemere, Hayden was startled when she rushed into the living room and saw Laura seated on the sofa. Laura announced that she intended to move out because Valentin's claim to Wyndemere was valid. She advised Hayden to pack her things before Valentin arrived, but Hayden grumbled that Valentin was the least of her problems. Laura noticed that Hayden looked unwell and asked if she was okay. Hayden claimed that it had been a long day at work.

After Laura went to bed, Hayden pulled off her jacket and stumbled around the room until she suddenly collapsed on the floor.

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Elizabeth gets bad news

Elizabeth gets bad news

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Finn went to Wyndemere, looking for Hayden, and became concerned when Laura revealed that Hayden's bed hadn't been slept in. He quickly found Hayden in the living room, standing on shaky legs as she assured him that she was fine. Finn demanded to know why she'd left the hospital before he'd had an opportunity to draw blood to see if she'd been exposed. Alarmed, Laura asked what was going on. Finn remained focused on Hayden as he explained that there'd been an accident in the lab, and Hayden had been exposed to pathogens. Hayden assured Finn that she was not infected and tried to change the subject by informing him that she had to find a new place to live, but he refused to back down and reiterated that Hayden needed to be tested.

Laura wanted to know if there was anything she needed to be concerned about, but Finn promised that Laura had nothing to fear because the rare disease he'd contracted in the South Pacific could only be transmitted through blood contact. He added that he'd been working to find a cure for the disease when the accident had occurred. Laura looked at Hayden with worry, but Hayden promised that she was fine and would be out of Laura's life soon. Finn insisted on examining Hayden, so she reluctantly agreed. She took two steps and collapsed.

Finn caught Hayden and gently laid her on the sofa then quickly determined that she had a fever and accelerated heart rate. Laura fetched Hayden some water and tried to make her drink, but Hayden was weak and on the brink of delirium. Finn realized that Hayden was infected with the disease that had slowly been killing him, but he promised to find a cure. However, he added that she'd developed sepsis and needed to go to the hospital immediately.

At the nurses' station, Brad set a plastic tub filled with vials and tubes on the counter as he ranted to Elizabeth about Finn and the accident in the lab. Brad was furious that a Hazmat team had to be called in to clean up the mess. He couldn't understand why no one seemed concerned about the possibility that Finn had released a dangerous pathogen into the air or that Finn was as "white as Gwyneth Paltrow" and that his hands shook so badly that he could barely hold a beaker. Brad revealed that Finn had also been desperate for Brad to stop asking questions, which annoyed Brad because he was all about keeping secrets.

Brad confided that something was wrong with Finn, but no one seemed to care. Elizabeth admitted that it sounded like Finn was an addict. Brad looked at the things he'd taken from Finn's lab and found a small vial of yellow fluid. Elizabeth wondered what it was, but Brad had no idea.

Nearby, Franco was annoyed that Elizabeth felt safe around a guy who "shoots people for fun," but not Franco. Liesl walked up and teased Franco for talking to himself. She was curious if there had been discord between Franco and Elizabeth, but he told her that it was complicated because Elizabeth had been raped years earlier and had learned the previous evening that the rapist was up for parole. Franco revealed that Elizabeth had told him that Jason, not Franco, had made her feel safe, and she had refused to let him spend the night. Liesl was curious if Franco had expressed his feelings to Elizabeth because keeping them on a tight leash would only lead to ugly things. Franco feared that telling Elizabeth how he felt about Jason would only lead to more problems, but Liesl thought it was a mistake not to be up-front.

Frustrated, Franco explained that he'd had no idea what to say when Elizabeth had been forced to relive the rape because he'd once allowed Sam to believe that he'd raped her. Franco regretted that he'd made Sam feel all the things that Elizabeth had felt, but Liesl argued that there was a difference between a real rape and an illusion of one. Franco disagreed because Sam had spent years believing that she'd been violated, so her feelings had been the same as Elizabeth's. Franco insisted there was no difference between Tom Baker, the sick rapist, and Franco, the sick illusionist.

Franco acknowledged that he and Elizabeth had been taking things slowly, and she had accepted him for who he was, but Baker's parole hearing had dredged up a lot of pain that Franco worried would tear him and Elizabeth apart. Liesl was curious if Baker would be released, but Franco had no idea. He explained that Elizabeth would hear from the parole board later that day. Franco conceded that he couldn't do anything about the horror he had visited on Sam, but he decided that he could make certain that Baker never hurt Elizabeth again.

At the nurses' station, Brad approached Elizabeth and told her that Finn had been a very bad boy. Brad explained that he'd had the substance in the vial tested, and it was an illegal and highly addictive recreational synthetic opioid called Zekenestrol. Brad added that it was one of most tightly controlled substances in the world and not available in the United States. Elizabeth was curious why Finn had it in the lab, but Brad revealed that he'd found enough of the drug to suggest that it had been for Finn's personal use.

Liesl clapped her hands as she rounded the corner and congratulated Brad on a job well done because Brad had finally found a way for them to get rid of Finn. Elizabeth walked away as Liesl called Monica. Brad looked uncomfortable while Liesl assured Monica that she had proof that Finn had been in possession of a dangerous and illegal pharmaceutical. Liesl asked if Monica was prepared to do the right thing or if she would continue to put the hospital at risk.

Nearby, Franco asked Elizabeth what she and Brad had been talking about. Elizabeth explained that she didn't want to talk about it because it wasn't any of her business. Seconds later, her phone rang. It was the parole board. Franco noticed Elizabeth's troubled expression as she wrapped up the call. She explained that the parole board had taken her victim-impact statement into consideration, but they had ultimately decided to parole Tom Baker. Franco was furious, but Elizabeth explained that it had already been done -- the man who had raped her was getting out of prison.

At Alexis' house, Sam questioned Alexis about the burned cookies, but Alexis blamed it on a faulty timer and assured Sam that it was nothing for Sam to get worked up over. Sam dropped the subject and asked to use Alexis' laptop while Alexis got ready for the funeral. Alexis looked nervously at the laptop because she knew the questionnaire to determine if she had a drinking problem was on the screen. However, Kristina arrived and greeted everyone. Alexis took advantage of the distraction to slip over to the laptop and quickly delete her browser history and close the window.

Alexis joined her daughters as she asked why Kristina had stopped by, since Kristina had mentioned going to the church with Sonny. Kristina admitted that she had to pick up a pair of shoes but shifted gears and complained that everyone blamed Sonny instead of Julian for Morgan's death. Sam quickly assured her sister that both she and Jason had never blamed Sonny.

Shortly after Kristina left, Sam returned to the living room after talking to Danny. Sam explained that Danny had mentioned that Alexis had been asleep on the sofa and hadn't woken up despite Danny's efforts to rouse his grandmother and the blaring smoke alarm. Sam demanded to know if Alexis had been drinking, but Alexis denied it. Sam didn't believe her when she saw the nearly empty wine bottle, but Alexis claimed that Laura had stopped by the previous evening. Sam was skeptical until Alexis filled her in about the visit and Valentin's rightful claim to the Cassadine estate. Alexis added that it had been particularly hard on Laura, so Laura had asked for some wine.

Sam apologized for questioning Alexis' sobriety, but she had felt compelled to ask because it hadn't been like Alexis to doze off while watching Danny. Sam knew that Alexis wouldn't break the promise not to drink until after Sam's baby was born, but Sam admitted that she was on edge because of what had happened to Morgan. Alexis conceded that she hadn't been acting herself lately because she'd been overwhelmed with everything. However, Alexis pointed out that they needed to remain focused on Sonny and Carly.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny entered the living room as he finished getting ready for Morgan's funeral. He vowed to make things right. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Nelle. She apologized for bothering him and explained that Carly had sent her over to fetch a couple of dresses. Nelle worried about Sonny and asked if he wanted to talk. Sonny refused, but she warned him that it wasn't good to keep everything bottled up. Sonny snapped at Nelle, so she immediately backed down and apologized for overstepping. Sonny regretted snapping at Nelle, but she suggested that they call it even and move forward.

Sonny was curious how Carly had been holding up, prompting Nelle to reveal that she wasn't great. According to Nelle, Carly walked around with a dazed look in her eye, functioning but not living. Sonny knew exactly what Nelle was talking about. Nelle assured him that Carly was not alone and mentioned that Jax was in town and had spent the night at Carly's place. Sonny tensed but didn't say anything. Nelle decided to change the subject by asking if he still intended to leave town after the funeral. Sonny cryptically assured her that he intended to finish his plans.

Nelle thought it was a big mistake for Sonny to leave because his family desperately needed him, and he needed them. Sonny insisted that the only way for his family to truly heal was for him to leave. Sonny asked if Nelle had told anyone about his plans, but she assured him that she'd kept his secret. However, she warned him that it hadn't been easy not to say anything to Carly because Carly was concerned about him. Sonny promised that Carly wouldn't have to worry about him anymore, but Nelle hoped he changed his mind about leaving town.

A short time later, Nelle returned to the living room. Sonny offered to help her to the car, but she assured him that she could manage. Nelle asked if he needed anything, but he shook his head because what he needed was impossible -- to hug Morgan and hear his son's voice. Sonny reminded Nelle that Carly was waiting. Nelle wished Sonny well and told him that she hoped he found peace. Sonny handed Nelle the letter he'd written to Carly and asked her to give it to Carly after the funeral.

Later, Sonny retrieved a gun from a lockbox and checked it, but he quickly put it away when Kristina arrived. Kristina's eyes were filled with tears as she greeted her father because it had hit her when she'd entered that she'd never see Morgan again. Sonny promised that Morgan would always be a part of her, but Kristina noticed that something was different about her father. She realized that he seemed at peace. Sonny admitted that he'd made a decision that would honor Morgan. Kristina was curious what it was, but he steered the conversation away from Morgan by urging her to find a way to make peace with losing her brother.

Sonny explained that he wanted Kristina to thrive and be the best person that she could be. Sonny added that he hoped she found love and happiness because she deserved to have the best that life had to offer. Kristina admitted that it sounded as if Sonny were saying goodbye and asked if he was leaving. Sonny denied it and claimed that he'd realized how distant he'd been from his children since Morgan had died. Kristina reminded Sonny that he was not to blame for Morgan's death, but Sonny smiled indulgently and told her that he wanted her to know that he loved her and always would.

Sonny regretted that he hadn't told Morgan enough how much he loved him, but he didn't want to repeat the same mistake with Kristina. Touched, Kristina hugged her father. Sonny announced that it was time to go and sent her to the car while he checked on something. After Kristina left, Sonny retrieved the gun he'd hidden and slid it into the back of his pants.

At Carly's house, Carly was asleep on the sofa as Jax gently nudged her awake and told her that it was 8:00 a.m. He felt bad for waking her because she hadn't fallen asleep until 4:00 a.m., but she assured him that it was fine. Carly sat up and thanked Jax for staying up with her all night. Her eyes filled with tears as she confided that she had no idea how to get through her son's funeral. Jax fetched Carly a cup of coffee, which she accepted with gratitude. She smiled sadly as she recalled Morgan making coffee, but she pushed the memory away to compliment Jax on the brew. Jax admitted that Nelle had been by earlier and had made the coffee.

Carly thanked Jax again for staying with her and admitted that it had been good to talk to someone who had loved Morgan like a son. Jax asked about Sonny, but Carly explained that she couldn't talk to Sonny because she couldn't look at him without thinking about the choices he'd made that had led to Morgan's death. Carly acknowledged that both she and Sonny had failed their son, but Jax disagreed because Carly was not to blame for what had happened. Carly argued that she had allowed herself to believe that Sonny had changed and admitted that she had convinced herself that she could get through to Sonny, but Jax was adamant that she was not responsible for Sonny's choices.

Carly pointed out that she was responsible for staying with Sonny, knowing that he saw violence as a solution. Carly admitted that she had lied to herself because she had thought that she could make a difference, knowing that Sonny was incapable of change. Jax was certain that Carly still loved Sonny. She didn't deny it and confessed that a part of her wanted to reach out to him, but she refused to get sucked back in. Carly told Jax that she finally saw what Jax had been talking about when he'd warned her about Sonny. Carly apologized for not listening to him, but he told her that it wasn't necessary.

Jax and Carly fondly recalled a special Thanksgiving when Morgan had sabotaged both of their cars to force them to stop fighting and to spend the day together. Jax and Carly agreed that Morgan had been a great kid. Carly's smile faded as she quietly admitted that Morgan had known that she and Jax belonged together. She quickly changed the subject by talking about what a big help Nelle had been with getting everything together for Morgan's funeral. Carly's eyes filled with fresh tears, so Jax hugged her.

Moments later, Nelle arrived with the dresses. Carly took the garments and went to the bedroom to get ready. Jax thanked Nelle for helping both Carly and Josslyn during the difficult time and seized the opportunity to question her about what she remembered about her kidney operation. Nelle admitted that her parents had always been broke because her father hadn't been able to hold down a job. Jax listened quietly as Nelle told him that she recalled the smells of the clinic, the sounds of the machines, and how scared she'd been. Nelle revealed that she had begged her parents to take her home, but her father hadn't been a great dad like Jax was to Josslyn.

Carly returned to collect Jax and head to the church. Nelle promised to lock up the house and meet Carly at the church. A short time later, Nelle returned to the living room, dressed for the funeral. She pulled Sonny's letter out of her purse and admitted that she had no idea what he'd written, but she feared that Carly's life was about to go from bad to worse.

At the church, Sonny looked at Morgan's casket as Kristina walked up to check on her father. Kristina was not pleased when she saw Carly and Jax enter the church. She excused herself and approached Carly as Jax stepped away to offer his condolences to Sonny. Kristina accused Carly of making Sonny feel worse by strolling in with Jax and asked why Carly had done it.

At the front of the church, Jax paid his respects to Sonny. Jax admitted that Morgan had been a great kid, and he'd liked being Morgan's stepfather. Sonny heard the sincerity in Jax's voice and hugged him. Jax was shocked when he felt the gun hidden in the back of Sonny's waistband and called Sonny out for taking a gun to his son's funeral.

Sonny Pulls His Gun at Morgan's Funeral

Sonny Pulls His Gun at Morgan's Funeral

Friday, November 11, 2016

Laura called for an ambulance as Finn told Hayden that she would be fine. Struggling to breathe, she told Finn that he'd been right about telling her to stay at the hospital. She passed out, and Finn yelled that she wasn't breathing. He performed CPR and eventually found a weak pulse. Laura was horrified when he pulled out a large needle. He needed to inject adrenaline straight into her heart in order to save her. When he did, Hayden gasped awake.

Elizabeth tearfully informed Franco that Tom Baker, the man who had raped her, had been granted parole. Franco vowed to stop the man before he hurt Elizabeth. "Absolutely not," she told him, but their conversation was interrupted when Finn ran in carrying Hayden and yelling for help. As Laura ran in after Finn, he told Elizabeth that Hayden was suffering from sepsis, and he lay her down on a stretcher. They wheeled her into a room and began to work on her.

Elizabeth asked Finn what kind of infection had caused Hayden to develop the sepsis, and he replied that she'd been "contaminated by something in my lab." "That's why it's quarantined," she responded. Just then, the machines around Hayden began beeping, and Hayden began seizing. Elizabeth recognized that Hayden was in shock, and Finn injected something into the I.V. in order to stabilize her. When Hayden was finally stable, Elizabeth asked again about the infection, but Finn left the room.

Franco went on the computer at the nurses' station and did a search to see if Tom Baker's brother had ever been in the hospital. "Bingo," he said. A short while later, he called Seth, Tom's brother, posing at someone from the parole board. In an Irish accent, he wanted to confirm that Tom would be staying with Seth, and he asked for the address, which he wrote down. He instructed Seth to tell Tom that he would "personally" be paying them a follow-up visit.

Tracy stepped off the elevator and found Laura. She urgently asked what had happened to Hayden. Just then, Finn returned and updated the women. He informed them that he was treating the sepsis and that Hayden was stable. Tracy broke it to Finn that Brad and Liesl had taken their concerns about Finn's lab to the board. He threatened to quit and move his research to Mercy Hospital if he was banned from the lab. Tracy warned him that he had a "reputation," so Mercy probably wouldn't hire him.

Finn finally yelled that he wasn't leaving Hayden, adding that he was the reason that she was sick. Tracy wondered if Hayden had the same illness that he had. "It might be worse," he admitted, since she'd been infected with a "more concentrated version" of the disease. He thought that he was the only one who could save her. Elizabeth approached and informed everyone that Hayden was stable. Finn instructed Elizabeth to gather a week's worth of all of the medications they'd used for Hayden, and to get together the paperwork for a patient transfer. Tracy informed a confused Elizabeth that Hayden would be moved into Tracy's house.

Elizabeth didn't think it was a good idea to move a patient who had nearly died into a "non-medical facility," but Tracy thought it was Hayden's best shot for Finn to treat her as a private patient there. Tracy urged Elizabeth to return the favor and save her sister's life. She reluctantly agreed.

A short while later, Finn and Elizabeth wheeled Hayden through the halls. When they approached Tracy, Finn told her, "you're the best friend I've ever had," and he hugged her. He and Elizabeth wheeled Hayden into the elevator. Laura commended Tracy for "sticking your neck out" for the people she cared about. "He saved my life. It's the least I can do," she said, referring to Finn. "I think you care about Hayden," Laura said.

At Metro Court, Jordan assured Andre that Morgan's death wasn't his fault. Mentally, he knew she was right, but he needed to be at the funeral. Julian approached the table and wondered if Jordan had found his attempted murderer yet, adding that he knew that Sonny was the culprit. Andre stood and told Julian that he was overstepping. Jordan warned Julian not to tell her how to do her job. She assured him that the department had been following all leads. Julian gloated that he'd hired his own investigator. "And here he is," he said as Curtis entered the restaurant. He walked away to sit with Curtis. Jordan decided that it was time to head to the church for the funeral.

Curtis informed Julian that he had some "intel" and that he was "all over" the police investigation of the car bombing. Just then, Jordan approached the table and advised Curtis against interfering in a police investigation. Jordan left, and Curtis brushed the encounter off with "I don't wanna talk about it." He explained to Julian that Pete had been "lured away" from Julian's car so that someone could plant the bomb. The name of the man who'd called Pete was Oscar Jessup. Julian swore that he'd never heard the name before.

Max let Jason into Sonny's house and confirmed that "the broker" was there. Jason zoomed into the living room and demanded to know how the bomb had gotten in the car. He continued that the broker was hard to track down. The man replied that he liked to keep a "low profile," especially when a hit went wrong. Jason wondered why the hit had still happened, even after Sonny had called it off.

The man replied that he'd called the contractor to cancel immediately after getting off the phone with Sonny, so he had no idea. He added that his contractor "doesn't deal with bombs" and that the hit wasn't "amateur." He was sure that his contractor wasn't responsible for the hit. Jason wanted to talk to the contractor and demanded that the broker call the contractor to set up a meeting. Jason had to get to the funeral, so he asked Max to stay and make sure the broker obeyed.

Outside the church, Molly expressed to Sam and Alexis that she'd been hoping that Morgan's death had been a nightmare that she would wake up from. She went inside to light a candle for him. Alexis wondered where Jason was, and Sam replied that he'd been called away for something seemingly important.

Inside the church, Molly kneeled in front of the lit candles. Josslyn joined her and remarked that she hadn't known that Molly prayed. Molly revealed that she usually didn't, but she would if it meant she could keep talking to Morgan. Josslyn liked the thought. She lit a candle for Morgan and leaned on Molly.

Jax expressed his sincere sympathy to Sonny, and the two men embraced. Jax felt Sonny's gun as he pulled away and couldn't believe that Sonny had it. Sonny replied that he had to protect himself "at all times." Jax reminded Sonny that violence was why they were having a funeral and that Morgan's death should have been a wake-up call for Sonny. He advised Sonny to think of his kids. Sonny replied that, after that day, he would no longer be a problem for his kids.

Jax demanded to know what Sonny meant, but Alexis broke up the escalating situation. Sonny walked away, and Alexis scolded Jax for starting drama on the day of Morgan's funeral. He informed Alexis that Sonny had a gun. "He brings it everywhere," she stated. She revealed that she wouldn't be surprised if Julian tried to "pull something" that day, when everyone was at their most vulnerable.

A clearly upset Kristina told Carly that, while she knew that Carly blamed Sonny for Morgan's death, it was wrong to show up at the funeral with Jax. Carly clarified that he was there to support Josslyn. She added that she and Sonny were just trying to get through the hard time the best they could. Michael arrived with Bobbie, and he told Kristina to go check on Molly and Josslyn. Michael promised Carly that they would get through it together, and he walked away.

Nelle arrived and looked at the letter for Carly in her bag. She approached Carly and said that she had something for Carly. She bypassed the letter and grabbed a small jewelry box, which she handed to Carly. Carly profusely thanked Nelle for remembering the earrings that Morgan had gotten for Carly that Carly had forgotten at the house. Bobbie visibly rolled her eyes at Nelle.

Anna and Griffin gave their condolences to Dante and Lulu. Anna also passed on condolences from Robin, who'd wanted to be there but had needed to get back to Berkeley. Lulu mentioned that she'd gotten a text message from Maxie explaining that she and Nathan were babysitting Charlotte. Dante promised to help keep her safe from Valentin. Anna and Griffin shared a look, and Dante and Lulu wondered what was going on. Griffin revealed that Valentin was Charlotte's father. Dante and Lulu understood why Claudette would lie about that.

Kristina asked Michael to sit with her and Sonny, but he said that he and Josslyn were sitting with Carly, and Molly was sitting with Alexis. Kristina was upset to seemingly be the only one supporting Sonny, and she didn't like feeling "pulled apart" from her siblings. Michael assured her that their love for Morgan would hold them together. They shared a group hug, and the girls went to sit. Nelle walked up to Michael and told him that his family was lucky to have him.

Olivia approached Sonny and hugged him. He was surprised to see her there, and she assured him that she wouldn't have missed it. She knew how he tended to take on too much guilt, so she assured him that she and Dante loved him. He asked her to take care of their son and walked away. Confused, she agreed.

Outside the church, Kiki was on the phone with Ava. She wanted to make sure that her mother wasn't going to show up at Morgan's funeral, especially since Kiki wasn't even sure that she was welcome. She got off the phone and stood at the door, wondering aloud what she was doing there. Dillon arrived, and she was surprised to see him, just as he admitted that he was surprised to be there. He revealed that, while he and Morgan hadn't gotten along, he'd never wanted anything bad to happen to Morgan. He wondered if she was going to go inside. She didn't think Carly wanted to see her, but he convinced her that Morgan would want her there. They went in separately and sat down.

The priest welcomed everyone to the church, and Kristina got up to speak about Morgan. Next was Dante, who expressed how grateful he was to have been a part of Morgan's life. Next, Josslyn sang "Amazing Grace." Michael got up after the song and talked about his admiration for Morgan's capacity to forgive.

Kiki ran out of the church in tears, and Dillon followed her. She told him to go away, but he pulled a sobbing Kiki into his arms. With no expectations, he promised to be there for her no matter what she needed. The two walked back into the church, arm in arm.

Carly was the next to speak. She talked about how the casket was actually filled with mementos from Morgan's life. She talked about how all of his potential was gone as she walked over to the casket and broke down. Someone hugged her from behind, and it was Jason. He promised to be there for her forever, and he led her back to her seat. He sat with Sam, who wondered what he'd been called away for. He revealed that he was onto something that could change everything. Sam was clearly tired, so Alexis instructed her to go home and take Molly too.

Olivia left, along with Sam, Molly, and Josslyn. Kristina kissed Sonny and left as well. The priest announced a reception following the funeral at Metro Court, but Sonny interrupted. He got up and announced that he had something to say before everyone left. As he paced the front of the church, he said that no one could blame him more for Morgan's death than he blamed himself. He thought that Morgan deserved peace, and he knew how to make sure that Morgan was at peace. Sonny pulled out his gun.

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