General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 28, 2016 on GH

Nelle manipulated Sonny into thinking they had slept together. Michael asked Nelle out. Kevin and Laura made love. Franco turned to Heather for advice. Tom stalked Kiki. Alexis broke a promise to Jax.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 28, 2016 on GH
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Alexis Runs Julian Down Alexis Runs Julian Down

Monday, November 28, 2016

Nelle mentioned to Sonny that Jax was helping Carly through her pain. "Helping how?" he asked. She admitted that she'd seen the two former flames kissing, but she could have misinterpreted it. She added that Jax had spent the nights there and was walking around "like the man of the house." Sonny demanded to know if Carly and Jax were sleeping together, but Nelle didn't know for sure. "Son of a bitch!" Sonny screamed. He needed air, so he asked Nelle to make him a drink while he stepped outside.

Nelle poured the liquor into the glass then put powder from a packet into the glass and swirled it in. Sonny returned, explaining that Carly was just following her usual pattern of getting involved with another man when she was in pain. He acknowledged that it was how they'd met, and Morgan had been the product. However, Morgan was gone, and Carly was sleeping with Jax, according to Sonny. He swiped all the pictures off the table onto the floor. Nelle handed him his drink, and he downed it.

As Sonny looked at the pictures, Nelle poured herself a drink, which she identified as vodka. While his back was turned, Nelle did something with his phone then went to put the pictures back up. Sonny decided to go talk to Jax, but Nelle stopped him, reminding him that he was under house arrest. "I'm not going anywhere. You are," he told her. He explained that he wasn't a child, so she didn't need to be there with him. She thought he needed rest and offered to help him upstairs. As he became groggier, he finally agreed.

Nelle helped Sonny up the stairs, and they ended up stumbling into Morgan's room. She helped him undress, and he thanked her. He got into bed and promptly fell asleep. "I'm sorry," she said as she kicked off her shoes. She undressed and got into bed next to Sonny with tears in her eyes.

Carly thanked Jax for being there for her because his presence had made the holiday easier. Josslyn entered and wondered if Jax would be around for Christmas. He thought they would have a good Christmas in Australia, but she wanted him to stay in Port Charles. Just then, his phone rang, and he got up to take the call. Carly instructed Josslyn to stop pressuring Jax. Jax returned and informed Carly and Josslyn that his mother had fallen ill, so he needed to get back to Australia immediately.

Jax apologized for having to leave, but he promised Josslyn that he would always be a phone call away. She hugged Jax, asked him to tell her grandmother that she loved her, and went upstairs. He hated having to leave Carly, but she reminded him that she had a lot of support. He wondered if that included Sonny. She admitted that she didn't know. Jax told her that he hoped Sonny wasn't in her future, but "do what you need to do." Carly thanked him for all he'd done for her and hugged him, and he went upstairs.

A short while later, Josslyn handed over Carly's cell phone that she'd accidentally sat on. Carly looked at the phone and saw that Sonny had called and left a voicemail. She thought that he sounded lonely and in pain. Josslyn wondered if Carly was going to forgive Sonny. Carly knew that there was good in Sonny, and she was trying to get better at seeing it.

Inside Kelly's, Curtis approached Valerie, who was stuck working on the holiday. He proposed that they go out and watch football after her shift was over so that she could give him an opportunity to apologize. He knew that he'd "messed up," and he believed that they'd had "a good thing going." "Before you jeopardized my career?" she wondered.

Curtis informed Valerie that he no longer worked for Julian. He wanted to make things right between him and Valerie and go out as friends. "We're not friends anymore," she stated. She accused him of only being sorry about getting caught. She didn't think he would ever change. "We're done," she said, and she walked away.

At Kelly's, Jason and Sam sat with Danny, who was eating a huge sundae. Sam admitted to Jason that she didn't believe Alexis' story about visiting Diane, but she didn't know where else her mother could be. Just then, Curtis approached, and he thanked Sam for including him in her family's Thanksgiving. "Do you mind if we talk shop?" he wondered. Jason requested a drawing from Danny, and Jason and Sam followed Curtis away from the table.

Curtis informed Sam and Jason that no business around the Floating Rib had gotten a delivery the night of Morgan's death. Sam had discovered that the sign on the delivery van was for a business that didn't exist. She suggested getting Spinelli to enhance the video in order to get the license plate number on the van. Curtis told them that Oscar Jessup had been the man to call Pete, but Julian had denied knowing the man and had then fired Curtis. Jason broke it to Curtis that Oscar Jessup had been dead since 1990.

Curtis, Sam, and Jason promised to keep each other updated, and Curtis walked away. Remembering her worry about Alexis, Sam related that she was also worried about Sonny. She suggested that they stop by to check on him.

Andre reached out to open the door to Kelly's, but Jordan stopped him. Getting right to the point, she asked him if he'd answered her phone and told Curtis to leave her alone the night Andre had invited her out to dinner. He confessed that he had, because he'd thought he'd been doing her a favor. "Are you out of your damn mind?" she demanded to know. She informed him that Curtis had called about a homicide, not to pester her. "Are you out of your damn mind?" Andre shot right back at her.

Andre still thought that Curtis was only around to cause trouble for Jordan. He wondered if Curtis had tattled as soon as Andre had his back turned. She informed him that she had scolded Curtis for not calling her about the homicide, but he had told her that he had. Andre acknowledged that he'd overstepped, but he assured her that he'd had good intentions. Jordan spat that she didn't need to be with someone who thought that she couldn't handle her own life.

Jordan demanded an apology from Andre. Andre was done with the conversation and wondered if she was ready to go home. "Not with you," she told him. A short while later, Curtis exited Kelly's as Jordan knocked a chair over in anger. She lamented that he always caused problems in her life, but he threw the sentiment right back at her. She revealed that she was getting picked up, so she walked away.

As Alexis frantically got into her car, Julian ran out after her, begging her not to drive. She yelled at him to leave her alone and locked the doors. She started the car and put it in gear, turning around to watch where she was going. However, the car moved forward instead, and she hit Julian. "That did not just happen," a shocked Alexis said.

Alexis got out of the car and kneeled next to an unconscious Julian. She tried to wake him, but he didn't budge. She picked up his phone, careful not to touch it with her own hands, and she called 9-1-1. When she was done with the call, she threw the phone across the lot. "Don't die on me," she begged. She wondered why he couldn't have just left her alone. Just then, she heard approaching sirens. She told him that he would be fine. She got into her car and sped away.

A short while later, a shaking Alexis arrived home to an empty house. She noticed blood on her sleeve and thought back to what had just happened. "What the hell have I done with my life?" she wondered. She cried as she poured a drink. A few minutes later, Jax arrived, and she was happy to see him. He noticed the blood on her sleeve and wondered what had happened. "I've done something awful," she confessed. "I may have killed someone tonight," she told him, wide-eyed.

Alexis explained to Jax about hitting Julian with her car, and he realized that she had driven drunk. He warned her that leaving the scene of an accident was a "serious offense." She wanted to know how Julian was, but she didn't want to call the hospital for fear of being found out. She asked him to call for her, and he agreed. A few minutes later, he assured a relieved Alexis that Julian was in serious but stable condition, and he was expected to make a full recovery.

Jax suggested that Alexis "make this your rock bottom." He instructed her to go to rehab, and she agreed. He wanted to call her daughters, but she begged him not to, promising to gather them the next day. "Trust me," she pleaded. "I don't. Not one bit," he admitted. He said he would stay with her if his mother wasn't sick, but he promised to check up on Alexis as soon as possible. She vowed that she wouldn't let him down. "Don't make me regret letting you handle this on your own," he warned her, and he left. She turned away from the door and saw the liquor bottles grouped on the table.

Ava rushed into the hospital and questioned the nurse about Julian. The nurse informed her that he had been the victim of a hit-and-run. A short while later, she entered Julian's room as he opened his eyes. She informed him that he was in the hospital, but he couldn't remember why. She wondered how he felt. "Like I'm going to die," he muttered. Getting serious, Ava demanded that he stop talking like that. He requested that she call Sam, Lucas, and Leo so he could see his kids one last time. She told him that the Jeromes were survivors.

Julian wanted to tell Ava something just in case he didn't wake up the next day. "When I went back into the business, I didn't do it because of you," he started. Just then, Valerie entered and asked if he was up to answering a few questions. Ava answered that she had a theory that whoever had planted the bomb in Julian's car had made another attempt on his life. Valerie leaned down and asked Julian if he had been able to see who had been driving the car that had hit him.

Sonny wakes up in bed with Nelle

Sonny wakes up in bed with Nelle

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy sipped on coffee until Finn stormed in demanding to know where Hayden was. He explained that Hayden's bed hadn't been slept in, and she might have left town. Seconds later, Hayden strolled in from the kitchen, nibbling on an egg sandwich. Finn was surprised that Hayden was dressed for the day and seemed fully recovered from her bout of sepsis, but Hayden wanted to know why he'd been looking for her. Instead, Finn angrily asked if Tracy had known that Hayden had been in the kitchen.

Tracy reminded Finn that it wasn't her responsibility to watch Hayden, but Finn turned back to Hayden to ask where she'd spent the night, since her bed hadn't been slept in. Hayden calmly informed him that she'd made the bed earlier that morning then announced that she was headed to work. Hayden started to leave, but Finn told her that she couldn't leave because he had her test results. "I'm sorry," Finn quietly said, but Hayden wanted him to say the words for it to be real. Reluctantly, Finn confirmed that she had tested positive for the same disease that he had.

Finn admitted that he had hoped that the antibiotics he'd given Hayden for the sepsis would have wiped out any underlying infections, but it hadn't. Hayden pointed out that she felt fine and suggested that he run the tests again, but Finn explained that it wouldn't matter. Surprisingly, Hayden decided to head to work, but Finn objected. He wanted her to stay because they needed to figure out the next step. Tracy agreed and assured Hayden that the hospital could do without her for a day. Hayden insisted that she couldn't afford to take a day off and suggested that Finn focus on finding a cure.

After Hayden left, Finn told Tracy that Hayden was clearly in denial, but Tracy wanted to know about his research. Finn reminded Tracy that he would need a lab, since he no longer had access to the one at the hospital. Tracy pointed out that he only had himself to blame for the fiasco in the lab, but she was curious how much Zekenestrol he still had. Finn admitted that it wasn't enough to treat both him and Hayden. Tracy decided to put all her resources to work to find the life-saving drug, but Finn argued that it would be too dangerous because she would put ELQ at risk if she were caught. Finn knew that Tracy cared about Hayden and vowed not to rest until he had the cure.

At the hospital, Julian called out Alexis' name in a drugged haze as Jordan approached his bed. She softly identified herself as Julian rocked back and forth in bed. He didn't open his eyes, but he revealed that he'd been told that he needed an operation. Jordan confirmed that he'd already had the surgery to stop the internal bleeding and to repair his broken bones. She was curious if he recalled anything about the previous evening. Julian asked what had happened to him. Jordan explained that he'd been involved in a hit-and-run accident and asked if he knew who had been driving the car, but Julian shook his head and told her that he didn't recall anything beyond going to a bar for a drink.

Jordan admitted that she suspected the person who'd run Julian down had also planted the bomb in his car. She pointed out that the sooner he remembered the details of the accident, the sooner she could tie it to the bombing.

At the nurses' station, Bobbie greeted Elizabeth and asked about the flowers on the counter. Elizabeth revealed that they were for Bobbie. Surprised, Bobbie wondered who had sent them as Carly appeared. Bobbie grinned as Carly admitted that she'd wanted to celebrate Bobbie's first day back at work and to give her mother a peace offering because of what had happened with Nelle at the restaurant. Bobbie assured Carly that it hadn't been necessary, but she confessed that something about Nelle had rubbed her the wrong way. Carly implored her mother to give Nelle a chance because Nelle was invaluable to Carly.

Bobbie agreed to try to give Nelle the benefit of the doubt. Pleased, Carly thanked Bobbie and acknowledged that she understood Bobbie's distrust to a degree because both Bobbie and Carly had been lying schemers at one time. However, Carly had been worried that the disagreement might get between them. Bobbie chuckled and admitted that she pitied anything or anyone who dared to try to get between Bobbie and her daughter. Carly smiled and hugged her mother.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth entered Julian's hospital room to check his vitals. Julian wondered if she was one of the people who hated him. Elizabeth explained that her job was to heal the sick, but she offered to get him another nurse if he preferred it. Julian apologized and admitted that he was in a bad mood as she checked his monitors and jotted down notes on his chart. She admitted that she empathized with his situation because she'd felt the same way when she'd been hospitalized a few months earlier. Julian recalled hearing about her attack and expressed sympathy for what she'd endured.

Elizabeth appreciated Julian's kind words, but she pointed out that Paul had done far worse to a lot of people. Elizabeth shifted gears and credited her family and friends with getting her through the ordeal. Julian confessed that he didn't have the same luxury and asked when he could go home. Elizabeth warned him that he had a long recovery ahead of him and would need someone to take care of him when he went home.

At Alexis' house, Alexis walked through the living room on her way to the kitchen to fetch a cup of coffee. However, Molly arrived and immediately questioned her mother about the previous evening. Alexis tried to avoid the questions by grumbling that she needed coffee, but Molly wanted answers because she'd been worried about Alexis when her mother had failed to reply to any of the five text messages that Molly had sent the previous evening. Alexis claimed that she'd decided to take a drive to clear her head after she'd left Diane's place, prompting Molly to back off.

A short time later, Molly and Alexis sat in the living room. Molly watched her mother sip coffee and admitted that she sensed that Alexis was still troubled. Alexis explained that Thanksgiving had been difficult because of what had happened with Julian. Molly reminded her mother that things were looking up because Alexis' law license might be reinstated after the first of the year. Moments later, Jordan arrived to have a chat with Alexis about Julian.

Alexis carefully hid her nervousness as she feigned nonchalance and asked why Julian's activities should interest her. Jordan revealed that Julian had been struck by a car and was in the hospital. Alexis asked if Julian was okay, while Molly admitted that she hoped Julian was dead or that he'd been badly injured and was dying a slow death. Alexis reminded her daughter that Julian was a human being, but Molly didn't care. Alexis turned her attention back to Jordan and seized the opportunity to find out what Jordan knew about the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Jordan admitted that they didn't have any witnesses or security footage of the hit-and-run nor were there any leads on the driver. Jordan also revealed that Julian didn't recall anything beyond stopping off at the bar for a drink. Molly offered to pay for the driver's defense when the person responsible for running Julian over was found. Alexis ignored Molly as she continued to probe Jordan about Julian's recollection of the night. Jordan explained that she was more concerned that the hit-and-run had been perpetrated by the person who'd planted a bomb in Julian's car. Molly quickly stepped forward to warn Jordan that Alexis would not spy on Kristina's father, but Jordan clarified that she'd stopped by because she was concerned about Alexis' safety and wanted her to be careful.

Alexis assured Jordan that she would do her best to take appropriate precautions. After Jordan left, Molly asked if Alexis was okay. Alexis admitted that she was shaky, but she was confident that it would pass. Molly offered to take Alexis shopping for retail therapy, but Alexis declined and sent her daughter on her way. After Molly left, Alexis looked up and thanked God for looking out for her. Moments later, Alexis' phone rang.

Alexis tensed when she heard Julian's voice as he greeted her from his hospital bed. Alexis carefully acknowledged that she'd heard about his accident, but Julian cut to the chase and told her that he wanted her to visit him. Alexis argued that it wasn't a good idea, but Julian disagreed. "After all, I think you owe me that much," Julian added.

At Kelly's, Liesl was annoyed that Franco was more interested in his phone than in having breakfast with her. She admitted that she'd hoped to spend time catching up with her friend. Franco put the phone down, but Liesl wanted to know what had snagged his attention. "Tom Baker," Franco answered. Liesl rolled her eyes because she considered the man inconsequential, but Franco disagreed because Tom had once raped Elizabeth. Franco was furious that Tom was free to roam the streets, but Liesl advised Franco to let it go -- unless he'd decided to kill the man.

"Not yet," Franco told Liesl. Satisfied, Liesl was curious how Franco had been monitoring Tom's activities, so he confided that he had an IT friend at work. "Milton Faber?" Liesl asked with disgust. She insisted the man was an irresponsible slacker who was chronically late. However, she conceded that Milton was skilled in cyber technology.

Franco revealed that Milton had arranged for Franco to track the GPS on Tom's cell phone. Intrigued, Liesl was curious where Tom was at the moment. Franco checked his phone and confirmed that Tom was in his brother's house. Liesl shifted gears to make another appeal for Franco to change course by reminding him that he'd promised Elizabeth that he'd leave Tom alone. Franco insisted that he had to protect Elizabeth because he was certain that Tom would eventually target her. Liesl was curious why Franco was certain that Tom hadn't been reformed.

Franco talked about the feeling of invincibility he'd felt when he'd been on the wrong side of the law. Liesl knew it well and nodded with understanding when Franco told her that Tom had practically vibrated with it. Liesl wondered if Franco had considered telling the police about Tom rather than taking matters into his own hands, but Franco doubted that the police would care, since they considered Franco to be as bad as Tom. Liesl conceded that he had a point, but she advised him to sit back and wait until Tom made a move to avoid being accused of goading Tom into stepping out of line. Franco refused to take chances with Elizabeth's safety, but Liesl warned him that ignoring Elizabeth's request would be a violation of her trust.

Liesl pointed out that Franco was an honorable man, which meant that he couldn't make a move until Tom did. Frustrated, Franco glanced at his phone. Franco became agitated when he realized that Tom was on the move. Liesl begged Franco to calm down, but Franco argued that Tom was a predator. Franco worried for Elizabeth's safety, but Liesl suggested that he simply check the phone to find out where Tom was. Franco's worst fears were realized when he saw that Tom was at the hospital.

At the hospital, Elizabeth stopped in the hallway when she saw Hayden pounding on a vending machine and yelling because it had taken her money but not given her a snack. Elizabeth approached her sister and asked if everything was okay. Hayden froze, so Elizabeth filled up the awkward silence by mentioning that Hayden appeared to be recovered from the sepsis. Hayden's expression fell as her eyes filled with tears. Elizabeth was startled when her sister suddenly threw herself into Elizabeth's arms and wept inconsolably. Moments later, Hayden pulled herself together, told Elizabeth that Elizabeth was the last person she wanted to be around, and then walked away.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny stirred in bed. He was surprised when he stretched and his hand touched someone in bed next to him. Sonny's expression clouded with horror when he looked and realized who it was. "Oh, no," Sonny quietly said as Nelle woke up and rolled over. "Good morning," Nelle said with a soft smile. Sonny immediately jumped out of bed and got dressed as Nelle sat up in bed and pulled the covers around her.

Sonny demanded to know how he and Nelle had ended up in bed together. Nelle pretended to get upset as the reality of their situation dawned on her. A tear slid down her cheek as Sonny tried to make sense of what had happened and why he'd blacked out. Sonny admitted that he'd been drinking since Morgan had died, but he'd never blacked out before. Sonny asked how much he'd had to drink the previous evening, but Nelle claimed that she had no idea.

Sonny ran through the events of the night, including how Nelle had told him that she'd seen Carly and Jax kiss. Nelle admitted that Sonny had been furious, but Sonny brushed it off and recalled telling Nelle how Carly would get self-destructive. Sonny rubbed his head and complained of a headache, but he remained determined to find out everything about the previous evening. He questioned Nelle until she told him that he'd had too much to drink and that she'd been forced to help him to bed. Sonny wanted to know how they'd gone from her giving him a scotch to them sleeping together.

Nelle mustered up more tears as she told Sonny that they'd both been lonely, and one thing had led to another. Nelle cried as she expressed remorse and shame over what they'd done. Sonny rushed to assure her that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Nelle insisted that Carly was her boss and had been nothing but kind to her. Nelle knew that Carly would be angry and disappointed if she were to find out what they had done and begged Sonny not to say anything. Sonny assured Nelle that he would take full responsibility for what had happened, but Nelle implored Sonny to keep quiet because she didn't want Carly to look at her differently.

Sonny relented and promised Nelle that Carly would not find out that they had slept together. Seconds later, Sonny's resolve was tested when Carly arrived and called out to him. Nelle panicked, but Sonny told her to stay put and left to intercept Carly.

In the living room, Carly greeted Sonny as he appeared at the top of the stairs. Carly explained that she'd stopped by to check on him because she knew that he'd been alone on Thanksgiving. Sonny assured her that he was fine, so Carly shifted gears and admitted that she was curious if Jason had uncovered anything new about the person who had planted the bomb that had killed their son. Carly explained that she needed to know who had been responsible for their son's death in part because she hoped it would give Sonny peace. Sonny admitted that Carly had been right -- regardless of who had killed their son, Morgan was dead.

Meanwhile, Nelle slipped into the shadows at the top of the stairs to eavesdrop on Sonny and Carly's conversation. Carly warned Sonny that it didn't honor Morgan to punish Sonny, so she intended to stop. Carly regretted that she'd lashed out at Sonny and apologized for all the ugly things she'd said to him. Sonny insisted that she'd had every right to be angry because she'd believed that he'd been responsible for Morgan's death. Carly argued that Morgan would have wanted them to do better and to be kind to each other.

Carly confided that she'd had an endless loop playing in her head the previous day of all the Thanksgiving holidays she'd had with Morgan. Sonny reached for Carly's hand as they reminisced about their son and how Morgan had always produced a Christmas list after each Thanksgiving dinner. Sonny chuckled as he suggested that it had been Morgan's way of getting out of cleaning up the dishes. Carly agreed, but her smile quickly faded as she warned Sonny that Christmas would be rough for both of them and suggested that they lean on each other to get through it. Surprised, Sonny readily agreed.

Carly smiled until her eyes landed on the two empty glasses on the coffee table. Carly was curious who Sonny had spent the evening with. On the staircase, Nelle tensed.

Franco has an altercation with Tom

Franco has an altercation with Tom

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

At Kelly's, Nathan met Anna and Griffin for breakfast. Griffin was curious if there had been news about Claudette, but Nathan shook his head and explained that he'd reviewed the security footage that the authorities had collected. Nathan confirmed that Claudette had boarded the flight bound for Calgary, but she hadn't disembarked when it had landed. However, a brunette woman by the name of Agnes St. Yves had gone through customs despite not being listed on the flight's manifest. Griffin was certain that Claudette had donned a disguise to evade Valentin.

Nathan and Anna agreed that Griffin's theory was viable, so Griffin asked about the man Agnes had been seen with. Nathan explained that no one had been able to identify the man, and he'd been careful to hide his face from the cameras. Anna thought it was possible the man had been Valentin, but Nathan assured both Anna and Griffin that they were still tracking down passengers in the hopes that someone might have seen something that could help lead them to Claudette. However, Nathan advised Griffin to prepare himself because the longer Claudette remained missing the less likely they were to find her.

Anna gently added that there was a possibility that Claudette had perished, but Griffin refused to accept that Claudette was dead. He begged Nathan not to give up, so Nathan assured Griffin that he'd never intended to stop digging. Anna reminded Griffin that the World Security Bureau had also joined the search for Claudette. After Nathan left, Anna promised Griffin that she would continue to investigate Claudette's disappearance. Griffin shifted gears to ask about Valentin and what he'd said to Anna at the custody hearing.

"Aperi oculos tuos," Anna repeated. She explained that it was a Latin phrase for "Open your eyes," and the motto for the WSB training camp because recruits were taught to be alert to what was in front of their faces. Griffin doubted that it had been a coincidence that Valentin had referred to the motto. Anna agreed and suggested there was a link between Valentin and the WSB. Anna revealed that Valentin's Uncle Victor had once been the head of the WSB and had nearly destroyed the organization until Maxie's father had stepped in, cleaned house, and seized control with some help from Robert, who worked in the field as an agent at large.

Anna confided that Robert hadn't found any record of Valentin working for the WSB, but Griffin wasn't surprised, since Anna had told the judge during the custody hearing that there hadn't been any record of Valentin prior to 2011. Anna was certain that she was the link between Valentin and the WSB, but Griffin suggested that perhaps Valentin had simply done some research and used the phrase to get inside Anna's head. Anna reminded Griffin that Valentin had seemed familiar when she'd first seen him, and she was certain that she'd met him somewhere before. Anna suspected that Valentin had chosen the phrase deliberately because he knew something about her and her time as a recruit in the WSB.

At Maxie and Nathan's apartment, Maxie was opening a gift from a designer in Paris when her phone rang. She dashed over to answer it and was shocked when she heard a woman that sounded like Claudette. Maxie tried to understand what the woman was saying when a man took the phone from the woman and abruptly ended the call. Maxie immediately called the number back and tried to find out who had called her.

Moments later, Nathan arrived home. Maxie handed him the phone and quickly filled him in on what had transpired. Nathan had a brief exchange with someone on the phone in French and ended the call. Stunned, Maxie asked what was going on. Nathan revealed that the call had been from Paris, not Canada.

Nathan confessed that he'd ordered a gift for Maxie from Paris as a surprise for their wedding. Delighted, Maxie tried to find out what Nathan had bought her, but he refused to tell her. Maxie decided to seduce the secret out of him. After Nathan and Maxie made love, Maxie peppered him with questions, but Nathan stood firm in his resolve not to tell her. Maxie warned him that she had her ways and proceeded to seduce him again.

Meanwhile, Nina stopped by Wyndemere to drop off a gift for Charlotte. Valentin thanked her for the visit and told her that his daughter was lonely. Valentin suspected that Charlotte missed her mother. Nina agreed, so Valentin confessed that he'd been looking forward to seeing her because she'd been wonderful with Charlotte at Crimson. Nina smiled with pride and expressed her confidence that her gift would lift Charlotte's spirits.

Moments later, Valentin and Nina entered the living room, where Charlotte had been playing. Charlotte was excited to see Nina and eagerly opened the present. Charlotte's face lit with joy when she realized that Nina had given her a doll dressed in a sporty English riding habit. Charlotte loved the doll and promptly named her Giselle. Charlotte was eager to show Giselle to her nanny and dashed off to track down Mrs. Evans. After Charlotte left, Valentin thanked Nina for spending time with his daughter and suggested that it might help Charlotte get over missing her mother.

Later, Charlotte returned to the living room with her new doll and asked if she could introduce Giselle to Pinky and Charlemagne. Valentin smiled and nodded his head. After Charlotte scampered off, Valentin explained that Pinky was a pink bear and Charlemagne was a lion. Nina suspected that Valentin had had a hand in naming the lion. Their conversation turned serious when Valentin mentioned that he hadn't grown up in a home like Wyndemere. Nina assured him that growing up rich didn't guarantee a happy childhood.

Valentin explained that he'd always thought that having money, power, and prestige would make up for all the things he'd missed. Nina was eager to know more about Valentin's past, but he explained that he never opened up about his childhood. However, he realized that perhaps he should -- with Nina. Nina offered to tell him about her childhood if it would make it easier, so Valentin invited her to start. Nina explained that her mother had been cold and controlling, her father had been distant, and she'd been surrounded by a lot of toys but no love.

Valentin revealed that he'd been a bastard child and had barely known his mother because he'd been shipped off to a boarding school in Bedlington, England. Valentin explained that he'd been the youngest student and had remained there year-round because his father, Mikkos, had sent him to the school to hide him from Helena. Nina asked about his friends and holidays, but he admitted that he hadn't had any friends because he'd been different. Valentin added that he'd eventually gone looking for trouble and had fallen in with a hard crowd.

Nina admitted that she knew what it was like to be different, but she decided to tell Valentin about it another time. He hoped that she would because he wanted to spend more time with her. Nina smiled and announced that she had to get to work. She asked him to let Charlotte know that she would be on the lookout for purple outfits for Giselle as Valentin walked her to the door. On the doorstep, Valentin passionately kissed Nina until Anna walked up and apologized for interrupting.

Nina quietly slipped away as Valentin greeted Anna and invited her inside. Anna explained that she'd stopped by because she was curious why he'd told her to open her eyes. Valentin smiled and suggested that Anna not pretend that she didn't already know the answer.

At the nurses' station, Franco suggested that he and Elizabeth leave early and drive to New York City. Elizabeth was startled when Franco suddenly grabbed her hand and dragged her to the elevator. She quickly dug in her heels and demanded to know what was going on. Franco claimed that he was simply eager to take her and the boys to an art exhibit and share his love of art. Suspicious, Elizabeth asked about the exhibit, but he floundered to describe it. She immediately realized that the art exhibit had been a ruse and demanded an explanation.

Franco reluctantly admitted that Tom Baker was in the hospital. Elizabeth was furious that Franco had gone back on his promise to stay away from Tom, but Franco assured her that he hadn't broken into Tom's home again. Franco explained that a friend of his had made it possible for him to track Tom's movements through the GPS on Tom's phone. Elizabeth was not pleased, but Franco refused to apologize because her safety was paramount to him, and he was concerned because Tom continued to show up around Elizabeth despite being warned to stay away. Elizabeth conceded that he had a point and agreed to return to her place with him to discuss her legal options.

After Franco left to notify Epiphany that Elizabeth would be leaving a few minutes early, Elizabeth nearly walked straight into Tom as he rounded a corner. Taken aback, Elizabeth backed away from him as he smiled at her and assured her that he hadn't realized that she worked at the hospital. Franco walked up and demanded to know what Tom was doing there. Tom explained that he'd been working on the tenth floor, refurbishing the conference room. Franco didn't believe Tom and accused Elizabeth's rapist of stalking her.

Moments later, Tom's supervisor walked up and confirmed that Tom had been hired as part of a parolee program. Elizabeth looked over the paperwork the supervisor provided and confirmed everything was in order. Tom assured both Franco and Elizabeth that he'd be under constant supervision and reiterated that it had been a mere coincidence that he'd been assigned a job at the same hospital where Elizabeth worked. After Tom's supervisor left, Tom cast Elizabeth a lingering look and walked away. Franco was close on Tom's heels to warn Tom to tread lightly because Franco would be watching. Tom dropped his veneer of civility and goaded Franco into an altercation.

Elizabeth desperately tried and failed to pull Franco off of Tom. Eventually, Griffin noticed the commotion and intervened by pulling Franco away from Tom. Tom accused Franco of being crazy as Franco fought to break free and threatened to kill Tom if Tom went near Elizabeth again. Tom smirked at Franco.

At Greystone Manor, Nelle hid in the shadows at the top of the stairs as she listened in on Sonny and Carly's conversation in the living room. Carly stood up to leave, pleased that she and Sonny had made peace and would lean on each other through the holidays. However, Carly's smile vanished when she noticed two glasses on the coffee table. Sonny blurted out that Max had stopped by, but Carly didn't believe him because there was lipstick on the glass. Sonny told Carly about Laura's visit because Laura knew what it was like to lose a child and had been worried about him being alone on the holiday. Sonny added that he hadn't had anyone to lean on, unlike Carly, who'd had Jax.

Carly revealed that Jax had returned to Australia the previous evening because Lady Jane had fallen ill. Sonny was surprised that Jax had left Carly's side because they had seemed close at Morgan's funeral. Carly decided to be honest with Sonny and told him about the kiss that she and Jax had shared. However, she made it clear that Jax had pulled back and that she'd been grateful because she had kissed Jax for all the wrong reasons. Carly admitted that she had wanted to tell Sonny the truth because she wanted complete honesty between them.

Sonny thought it was too late, but Carly disagreed. She acknowledged that sleeping with Jax wouldn't have fixed anything -- it would have compounded their pain. Sonny agreed, so Carly smiled and thanked him for calling her the previous evening. She regretted that she hadn't returned his call, but he assured her that she had nothing to apologize for. Satisfied, Carly decided to leave and asked him to let her know if he needed anything. After Carly left, Nelle flew down the stairs and profusely apologized for telling him about Carly and Jax's kiss. Nelle feigned regret that she'd jumped to the wrong conclusion, but Sonny took full responsibility for the misunderstanding.

Nelle began to cry as she expressed deep remorse for sleeping with Sonny and for hurting Carly. Nelle suggested that she and Sonny tell Carly the truth because Nelle doubted that she could live with the guilt, but Sonny was adamant that Carly not find out that he and Nelle had had sex. Sonny claimed to be a "big believer" in being honest, but he didn't think it was the right time. He insisted that it was wrong to unburden oneself at the expense of another. Nelle agreed and promised not to say anything.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Dillon saw Kiki seated at a table with her nose in a book. He approached the table and struck up a conversation by asking her about the book. Kiki revealed that she'd been reading Anna Karenina, which had been a reading assignment for World Literature when she'd attended Vassar. Kiki had found the classic Russian novel in a box and had decided to read it. Dillon was surprised because the story was relentlessly depressing. Kiki admitted that it wasn't the content that got to her -- it was what the book represented.

Kiki explained that she hadn't been a serious student because she'd been self-indulgent and more interested in online gambling. Kiki went on to list all her terrible traits until Dillon told her to stop beating herself up. He insisted that she was not responsible for what had happened to Morgan, but Kiki disagreed. Dillon suggested that perhaps Anna Karenina was not the best reading material for her in her state of mind, so Kiki conceded that he was right. He tried to lighten the mood by suggesting that she read Crimson's article about the top ten things to do during the upcoming winter.

Kiki admitted that the article's suggestions were ridiculous because they were not affordable for most people. Dillon disagreed and pointed out that one of the suggestions was to see Niagara Falls freeze. Dillon reminded her that Niagara Falls was just a few hours away by car and invited her to join him on a road trip. Kiki's smile faded when she saw Carly arrive. Carly saw Kiki with Dillon and approached the table to ask for a word in private with Kiki. After Dillon left, Kiki followed Carly to the bar. Carly appeared to be on the verge of saying something but quickly changed her mind.

Kiki suspected that Carly had intended to fire her and decided to take matters into her own hands by quitting. Kiki knew it was difficult for Carly to see Kiki because Kiki had broken Morgan's heart. Kiki empathized with Carly's pain because Kiki felt responsible for what had happened to Morgan. Carly assured Kiki that it wasn't necessary to quit, but Kiki insisted it was for the best. Carly admitted that Kiki had shown a great deal of maturity and promised to give her severance pay and a letter of recommendation.

Kiki thanked Carly and apologized for everything that had happened with Morgan, but Carly assured Kiki that she didn't judge Kiki because she knew that Kiki had done the best that she could.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny walked a teary-eyed Nelle to the door as they agreed to keep their secret between them. After Sonny closed the door, Nelle wiped away the tears, pulled her phone out of her pocket, and listened to the recording she'd made of Sonny insisting that he and Nelle never tell Carly that they had slept together. "Gotcha," Nelle said with a satisfied smile.

Inside, Sonny picked up a glass from the coffee table and threw it across the room. "Son of a bitch," he growled.

Franco pays his mother a visit

Franco pays his mother a visit

Thursday, December 1, 2016

At Wyndemere, Nina questioned why Valentin had used the Latin phrase for "open your eyes" during their previous conversation. Valentin was certain that Anna already knew the answer, so she conceded that she believed there was a link between Valentin and the World Security Bureau because he'd used the WSB's motto for new recruits. Valentin offered Anna a drink, but she wanted answers. Valentin assured her that he wasn't a threat to her, but she didn't believe him. Anna continued to probe him about his past, but he questioned her interest in him.

Anna revealed that it was his eyes -- they were familiar to her. Anna was certain that she and Valentin had met in the past, but he assured her that he would have remembered meeting her. He asked if he could call her by her first name, but she ignored the question because she wanted real answers from him. Valentin remained evasive as he talked about how people could learn quite a bit from books and pointed to Shakespeare as an example. Anna wondered if he saw himself as a Shakespearean character, so he conceded that perhaps he had when he'd been a child. However, he assured her that he'd always had a keen sense of who he wanted to be.

Anna was curious who that might be, but Valentin merely smiled. "Not Richard the third," he replied as he stoked the fire. According to Valentin the Shakespearean play had been a hatchet job because even though Richard III had been a hunchback, the villainy, the treachery, and the plot to murder his own nephews had been lies put out posthumously by Richard III's enemies to cover their own misdeeds. Valentin added that the play had been Tudor propaganda slandering the Yorks. Anna wondered if Valentin saw himself as a victim of slander, but he refused to rise to the bait and told her that Richard III had been an excellent warrior and tactician who had lost the war at Bosworth because he'd made the mistake of trusting the wrong person. Valentin was determined not to make the same mistake.

Anna decided to cut the visit short because it was clear that Valentin had no intention of answering her questions. Valentin walked Anna to the door as she suggested that he enjoyed antagonizing people -- especially her. Valentin didn't deny it, but he admitted that they might have been friends in another life. After Valentin closed the door, he returned to the living room and retrieved a box. "As I intend to prosper and repent, so thrive I in my dangerous affairs of hostile arms! Myself, myself confound," Valentin quoted the king from Richard III -- Act 4, Scene 4 -- as he pulled out a picture of Anna during her early days at the WSB. Valentin acknowledged that Anna had had a lot of questions, but he vowed that she would only get the answers when the time was right.

At Maxie and Nathan's apartment, Maxie questioned Nathan about the wedding present he'd bought her, but he refused to ruin the surprise. Maxie was about to double her efforts of persuasion, but a knock at the door heralded Nina's arrival. Nina explained that she'd stopped by to run a few things past Maxie and apologized for not getting there sooner. Nina admitted that she'd been distracted, but Nathan grew suspicious and asked his sister to elaborate. He was not pleased when she quietly admitted that she'd spent time with Charlotte because it also meant that Nina had been with Valentin.

Nina became defensive, but Maxie tactfully reminded her that Valentin had killed Nikolas. Nina argued that Ava was "a lying bitch" who had smeared Valentin's name. Maxie and Nathan switched tactics and questioned if Valentin had mentioned anything about Claudette, but Nina continued to defend Valentin as a father who loved his daughter. Nathan warned Nina that Valentin was playing her, but Nina resented Nathan's attitude. She reminded her brother that she was an adult and responsible for her own decisions. Nina pointed out that she was far from incompetent, since she'd turned things around at Crimson.

After Nina stormed out, Maxie assured Nathan that she loved him. Nathan was upset and decided to call Nina, but the call went to voicemail. After he left an apologetic message and ended the call, he admitted that he feared he'd driven Nina right back to Valentin.

Later, Nina ran into Anna at Kelly's. After they exchanged greetings, Anna asked for a minute of Nina's time. Nina suspected that Anna wanted to question her about Valentin. She made it clear that she believed Claudette was a pathological liar, and there hadn't been any proof that any of Claudette's allegations had been true. Anna thanked Nina for being honest about where she stood. Nina explained that despite different upbringings, she and Valentin were a lot alike. Anna was curious in what way, so Nina revealed that they'd both had lonely childhoods.

Anna perked up when Nina mentioned that Valentin had been sent to boarding school when he had been six years old and had never returned home for the holidays. Anna questioned Nina about the boarding school. Nina reluctantly answered the questions, but she warned Anna that she considered Valentin a friend. After Nina left, Anna called a contact to find out what she could about the boarding school in Bedlington, England.

At Dante and Lulu's house, Dante entered the living room to let Lulu know that Rocco was asleep. Lulu sighed with relief as she gathered the papers on the coffee table and announced that their bills had been taken care of. Dante decided to take advantage of the quiet and joined his wife on the sofa. Things quickly heated up as they kissed until Laura suddenly arrived home. Laura apologized as the newlyweds jumped apart and straightened their clothing. Laura thanked Lulu for letting her stay with them, but she promised to find a new place to live soon.

Lulu assured her mother that it was fine, but Laura disagreed and changed the subject by surprising Dante and Lulu with a gift certificate to Metro Court. Laura explained that it was the honeymoon package with a deluxe room and couples massage. Lulu and Dante were overjoyed by the gift, but they felt bad about leaving Rocco home with Laura. Laura promised that it was fine and sent the couple to their bedroom to pack. After Dante and Lulu disappeared into the bedroom, Laura called Kevin. Kevin was eager to show off his newly renovated kitchen and invited Laura over, but she explained that she had to stay home to watch Rocco. Kevin offered to cook at Dante and Lulu's house, but Laura once again declined.

Kevin admitted that he was concerned because Laura seemed to panic at even the prospect of spending the night with him. Laura conceded that he was right and admitted that she wasn't ready to be intimate with him. Kevin relaxed and assured Laura that she was worth the wait. He promised to call the following day and ended the call. Moments later, Dante and Lulu returned to the living room with their packed bags. Lulu offered to call a babysitter for Rocco, but Laura admitted that she welcomed a quiet night at home.

A short time later, Dante and Lulu entered their suite. After they dropped their bags, they fell on the bed and kissed. They started to make a love, but a knock on the door interrupted them. Dante jumped up as he confessed that he'd called ahead to order room service. Lulu assumed that Dante had ordered Champagne, but he pulled out two bottles of beer from the bucket of ice. Lulu smiled as he returned to the bed and explained that it was the same brand of beer he'd been drinking the night he'd met a special young woman in Jake's.

Dante and Lulu talked about the fateful night they'd met and how he'd ended up on the losing end of a bar fight against her brothers. Dante grinned as he assured her that he only recalled her smile. After Dante and Lulu made love, they each picked up a bottle of beer and toasted to their new beginning.

At the hospital, Kevin ended the call with Laura as Monica walked up and enlisted his help with a special project of vital importance to the hospital. A short time later, Kevin expressed reservations about what Monica wanted him to do, but she insisted that he had to do it because she couldn't afford for the board to find out that she couldn't handle the situation. Monica warned him that the board didn't need another reason to vote in favor of converting the hospital into luxury condominiums. Monica handed Kevin a box and walked away. Kevin sat down to contemplate his options but ultimately decided to do as Monica had asked.

Outside Kelly's, Kiki told Dillon about her decision to quit working at the restaurant. Dillon was surprised, but Kiki insisted that it had been for the best because it was too painful for Carly to see her every day and be reminded of how Kiki had hurt Morgan. Kiki acknowledged that it also had been hard on Michael. Dillon wondered what Kiki intended to do next, so she explained that she hoped to apply for a job at Kelly's. Dillon doubted that Kiki wanted a career as a waitress and suggested that she take some time to figure out what she really wanted in life.

Dillon and Kiki entered the diner and sat down. Dillon revealed that he'd once hoped to become a filmmaker, but he'd fallen into photography and had made a wonderful career of it. He suggested that waitressing was an excuse for Kiki not to follow her dreams, but Kiki reminded him that she'd grown up with unlimited money and practically no supervision. Kiki admitted that she'd never had a dream job because she'd never imagined that she would need one. Dillon empathized, but Kiki pointed out that he'd found his passion, while she'd spent her time swindling rich kids out of their allowances and gambling online.

Dillon jokingly suggested that Kiki consider becoming a bookkeeper or professional poker player. Kiki smiled and assured him that she would be good at both. Dillon realized the time and announced that he had to leave. He hoped he hadn't pushed Kiki too hard, but she promised that she was fine and delighted that they were able to be friends. Dillon smiled awkwardly, agreed, and left.

Later, Kiki filled out a job application. However, she stopped midway through to pull out her phone and take an online career aptitude test. She was surprised with the results but conceded that it weirdly made sense.

Across town, Tracy stopped by Dante and Lulu's house to drop off a wedding gift. Laura invited Tracy inside as she explained that Dante and Lulu had gone to Metro Court to enjoy a short honeymoon. Tracy regretted not calling ahead -- or finding a more original gift than a bottle of wine. Laura smiled and shifted gears to take the opportunity to thank Tracy for being there for Lulu through the years when Laura hadn't been able to. Laura believed that Tracy was one of the reasons that Lulu was the woman she was. Touched, Tracy suggested that she and Laura have a drink together and opened the bottle of wine.

As Tracy and Laura chatted, Tracy asked about Kevin. Laura confided that she'd slowed things down with Kevin because she was worried about getting in too deep. Tracy nodded in understanding, so Laura revealed that she'd been relieved to have an excuse to turn Kevin down when he had invited her over for dinner. Tracy was curious why, prompting Laura to explain that she'd spent most of her life being defined by a man and was afraid that she'd lose herself again if she moved forward with Kevin. Tracy suggested that Laura loosen up, but Laura had no idea how. Tracy smiled and offered to help.

A short time later, Laura returned to the living room, wearing a fur coat. Laura had reservations about Tracy's suggestion, but Tracy promised Laura that everything would be fine and hustled her out the door.

Later, Laura arrived at Kevin's house. She braced herself, knocked on the door, and repeatedly reminded herself that it was "only Kevin." She jumped when she heard Kevin call out as he approached the door, but she quickly loosened the coat enough to slide down her shoulders seductively as she turned to face the door. Laura shrieked when a man wearing a Santa Claus costume answered the door. She quickly pulled her coat back into place as Kevin removed his beard and assured her that she was at the right address.

Laura asked why Kevin was wearing a Santa Claus costume. Kevin explained that Monica had asked him to play Santa Claus at the hospital. Laura was mortified by what she'd done, but Kevin smiled and admitted that he hadn't minded. Laura confessed that she'd followed someone's advice to be spontaneous, but Kevin assured Laura that it hadn't been necessary because she was fine the way she was. Laura relaxed and asked if he intended to invite her inside, but he didn't want to pressure her. Laura smiled and kissed him passionately.

At Dante and Lulu's house, Tracy greeted her son. Dillon entered the house and questioned why his mother was there. Tracy filled him in about Dante and Lulu's last-minute honeymoon then changed the subject to express her delight that Dillon and Lulu had salvaged their friendship despite everything that had transpired with Dante and Valerie. However, she was curious if Dillon intended to let the same thing happen with Kiki. Dillon was surprised by the question and clarified that he and Kiki were just friends, but Tracy knew he had feelings for Kiki and urged him to fight for her.

At the hospital, Franco attacked Tom Baker until Griffin and Elizabeth intervened and pulled the men apart. Griffin held Franco back as Tom accused Franco of being crazy. Furious, Franco growled at Tom to stay away from Elizabeth, or Franco would kill him. Tom smirked at Franco and turned to leave, but Franco broke free from Griffin's grip and lunged at Tom. Tom fell to the ground as Franco wrapped his hands around Tom's throat. Eventually, Griffin and an orderly managed to pull Franco off of Tom. Tom insisted that he'd done his time and had gone on with his life, while Elizabeth's boyfriend had tried to kill him.

"So, which one of us is the monster?" Tom asked. Livid, Elizabeth warned Tom not to make it Franco's fault because Tom had provoked everyone by showing up at the hospital where she worked. Tom argued that he'd paid for his crimes, unlike Franco who'd used a brain tumor as a defense. Tom snorted at the idea that Franco was cured, but Franco reminded Tom that Tom had been warned to stay away from Elizabeth. Franco was furious that Tom had shown his face and thrown what Tom had done to Elizabeth in her face.

Franco advised Tom to enlist his brother's help to sleep in shifts because Franco vowed to hunt Tom down. Griffin ordered both men to stop. Moments later, Monica walked up and demanded to know what was going on. Monica immediately recognized Tom, but he had no idea who she was until she introduced herself as Emily's mother and ordered him off the premises. Tom warned Franco that he'd hear from Tom's attorney or the police, and he left. Monica apologized to Elizabeth for allowing someone like Tom to slip through the cracks. Franco was grateful for the hospital's zero-tolerance policy on violence, but Monica explained that it applied to Franco too.

Monica revealed that she knew Franco had instigated the altercation, so she had to suspend him for two days -- unless someone spoke up for him. Franco looked at both Elizabeth and Griffin, but they each remained silent. Franco was disappointed, but Elizabeth thought it was for the best because Franco's behavior had alarmed her, and he needed time to cool off. Franco was hurt and suggested that Elizabeth saw him as a monster deep down inside.

Shortly after Franco left, Griffin approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station. She wondered if he'd figured out what Tom had done to her. "I think so," Griffin answered. He asked if she was okay. Elizabeth explained that she had to be because she had three sons and a job to focus on. Griffin wasn't satisfied and repeated the question. Elizabeth admitted that she'd always known that Tom would get out of jail and that she might have to face him.

Elizabeth realized that Franco believed that he was helping, but he wasn't. She confided that she kept looking for signs of Franco's violent tendencies, but she wasn't certain they were in the past because Franco had triggers. She explained that Franco was protective of those he cared about, and there was no telling what he'd do if one of them was threatened.

At D'Archam Facility, Franco told Heather that he needed her help. He explained that he felt like the darkness and anger he'd once felt were returning, and he couldn't keep it in check as he once had, especially when the recipient was deserving of his wrath. Heather rolled her eyes and questioned the timing of his visit, since he'd ratted her out to the authorities. Heather resented being watched closely, and she was angry that she could no longer move around freely. Franco apologized, but he explained that he'd done what he'd had to. Heather wasn't satisfied because she believed that he only cared about Elizabeth.

Franco confessed that he was afraid that he might lose Elizabeth if he gave in to what his head and gut were telling him to do. Intrigued, Heather asked him to elaborate. Franco filled her in about Tom and his desire to hurt the man and watch him suffer. Franco was desperate to stop the thoughts, but Heather told him that the problem was Elizabeth because Franco was trying to be someone he wasn't, and the pressure was building inside him like air in a balloon. According to Heather, Tom was a pinprick, and she warned her son that he couldn't escape all of life's pinpricks. "Watch me," Franco replied.

At Kelly's, Tom rounded a corner as Kiki exited the diner. She was focused on her phone as she started to walk away and didn't notice that she'd dropped her wallet. Tom called out to her and dashed over to pick up the wallet. Kiki thanked him, but her smile faded when he seized the opportunity to stroke her hand as he handed the wallet to her. After Kiki walked away, Tom followed her.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Alexis sat at a table in Kelly's, looked at the text message she had received from Julian, and flashed back to the hit-and-run. She quickly poured a miniature bottle of alcohol into her coffee and looked around. When Anna walked up and expressed her hope that there was more available, Alexis tensed until she realized that Anna meant the coffee. Anna changed her order to tea and sat down at the table. She confessed that she had reenlisted with the WSB and was working as a special agent. She offered to help Alexis get her law license back in exchange for some information.

Anna wondered how much Alexis actually knew about Valentin. Alexis assured her that it wasn't much. She'd merely represented Valentin in the pursuit of property as sole Cassadine heir. Alexis was surprised to learn about Charlotte and about Griffin's attempt to be her parental custodian. Anna explained that Valentin's crimes couldn't be proven, but she was out to get him. Alexis made it clear that she had her own problem to deal with in the form of Julian.

Anna took that as a sign to leave, but Alexis urged her to stay put. Anna wondered if Alexis knew anything about Valentin's childhood, and Alexis noted that while she didn't know about Valentin's mother, she did know that he'd attended a boarding school in England. It was called Bedlington Academy. Alexis turned down Anna's offer to help with the license. She didn't want anyone to think there had been any kind of impropriety. "You want to pay me back, nail Valentin to the wall, because my nephew is gone because of him, and I want him to pay," Alexis exclaimed.

Anna left the table to put in a phone call to Robert. She told him about the school and argued that they had to start somewhere.

Sam and Jason stood outside Kelly's while they waited for Curtis to appear. Jason admitted that he didn't trust Curtis. However, his favorite private investigator was pregnant and no longer doing business. He was pretty certain that Curtis had only taken the job with Julian in order to receive a paycheck and was not really on Julian's side. Furthermore, Jason was convinced that the district attorney was not after the truth but just wanted a big case. Sam agreed that they had to prove that Sonny was innocent of the car bombing.

Alexis left Kelly's and bumped into Jason and Sam. She apologized for running out on them at Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, she received another text from Julian as they spoke, and she told them she had to leave.

Curtis lingered outside Julian's hospital room and listened to the conversation between the patient and Ava. Julian was certain that the police would not make any progress on the hit-and-run, and Ava ranted about the police doing their jobs. She added that she thought that Sonny would be a good target, stuck as he was under house arrest.

Annoyed, Julian advised his sister that he'd deal with Sonny as he saw fit. He didn't want her to provoke Sonny, either, because perhaps Sonny would be found innocent of all charges. Ava accused her brother of siding with Sonny. "For the record, the trouble will be all Sonny's," she said.

Curtis stepped into Julian's room as soon as Ava left and offered his services to find out who might be after Julian. He thought it necessary before Julian's luck ran out, after the bombing and the hit-and-run. Julian believed that the hit-and-run could be an accident, and he reminded Curtis that Curtis had been fired. He wanted Curtis to stop pursuing events, or Curtis might regret it.

Nina assured all the young patients waiting for Santa that he'd arrive soon and suggested that they partake of the available cookies and milk. Valentin arrived with bags of toys for the Toys for Tots collection and remarked on her unenthusiastic approach. Nina complained that she'd gotten stuck running the party, though Valentin thought that her "soft spot for children" was a big reason.

Nina did her best to resist Valentin's charms, and she was short with him. He wondered if he'd done anything to offend her. "No, but if Anna Devane is to be believed, you will," Nina replied.

Nina divulged that Anna had interrogated her, and Anna had told Nina to stay away from Valentin. Valentin wondered why. He thought Anna would be done with him after the custody suit. Nina admitted that the "violent misunderstandings" in Greece probably had something to do with it, and there were two sides to the story. She didn't want his version, but she believed him. She thought that while he was "far from innocent," he was a good father, and that carried weight with her. Valentin leaned over and whispered in her ear.

Dante and Lulu stepped off the elevator and, acting like newlyweds, dashed around the corner to make out. They realized that they were there to pick up Rocco from the party and should act like parents. Lulu was curious about Tracy dropping off Rocco at the hospital in the first place. Their attention was diverted when they saw the interaction between Nina and Valentin and tried to guess what their conversation was about. Dante was convinced that Valentin would make a mistake at some point, but they were there to make memories, and the couple went off to find their son.

Laura woke up in Kevin's bed, and she announced that she loved being with him and loved her life with him in it. She rattled off his good traits. All smiles, the couple agreed to cook breakfast together, but after Laura asked about Kevin's time, he realized that he was going to be late for work.

Sitting at her desk at work, Nelle listened to the recording she had made of Sonny talking about their being in bed together. She shut it off hastily when Michael stopped by, and she covered by letting him listen to the "music" she'd been listening to instead. He asked for her help in picking out a present for his mother and thanked her for her Thanksgiving Day help.

Nelle suggested a pizza stone for pizza-loving Carly, and if not that, then a nice cashmere sweater. After the gift discussion, Michael invited Nelle to a Toys for Tots gala because he thought she should get out and have some fun. After Michael stepped away to take a call, Nelle told him how different he sounded when conducting business. He sounded icy. Michael attempted to persuade her to attend the gala.

Sonny was surprised to see Carly when he woke up on the sofa, and she told him that she wanted to be with him so they could work things out together. As he told her he loved her, Carly's face changed into Nelle's face, and Sonny woke up with a start. He'd been having a bad dream. Carly really was there, and she asked him about his nightmare.

Sonny claimed not to remember his dream and regretted sleeping on the sofa. He admitted that he never slept well there, but it had been a long day. "Not as long as Julian's," Carly replied as she told Sonny about the hit-and-run. Sonny wondered why Julian had been at a dive bar, but Carly didn't know. Sonny assumed that Carly wanted to ask if Sonny had been responsible for Julian being hit. "Go ahead, ask me," he urged. Carly didn't think Sonny was responsible, but she thought the police might.

Carly admitted that her anger had dissipated, and it made her grief more bearable. Sonny stressed that he wanted to change, and he wanted Carly to believe it. He explained that Jason was still searching for evidence on the bombing, and Sonny wouldn't do anything dumb. Carly was adamant that they be honest with each other because there had been too much loss. Sonny flashed back to being with Nelle. Carly instantly sensed that Sonny was hiding something, and she urged him to talk.

Sonny stated that he'd spent too much time alone recently and had spent too much time thinking about how he could have done things differently. Carly suggested he think about the future instead. His phone rang, and the caller announced a guest. Ava arrived to talk to Sonny, but she was surprised to see Carly. She wanted to talk to Sonny privately and for it to be civilized.

Sonny told Ava that she could speak in front of Carly. Ava announced that she wanted to change their custody agreement, as Sonny could be serving time in prison. She wanted Avery to be spared. Sonny replied that the charges could be dropped. Ava didn't think there was any reason why Avery shouldn't be with Ava, her mother. "Me, Ava. I'm the reason," Carly chimed in.

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