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Valentin revealed that Lulu was Charlotte's mother. Nelle refused to take Sonny's money and leave town. Julian blackmailed Alexis. Franco enlisted Kiki's help. Elizabeth reached out to one of Hayden's parents.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 5, 2016 on GH
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Julian Knows that Alexis Hit Him Julian Knows that Alexis Hit Him

Monday, December 5, 2016

On the phone at Kelly's, Anna informed Robert that she'd gotten confirmation that Valentin had attended the Bedlington Academy from the age of six. She urged him to get more information, and she hung up. Laura entered the diner and sat with Anna, who wanted to ask some questions about Valentin. The only thing Laura had ever heard about Valentin before she'd met him had been from Luke. According to him, Helena had mentioned that there was a Cassadine that all other Cassadines feared. She continued that the only "personal information" she'd heard from him was about his grudge against the Cassadines.

Laura revealed that she'd learned from Alexis that Valentin owned the entire Cassadine estate, so he stayed at Wyndemere while she'd moved in with Dante and Lulu. She wondered what had made the "perfect gentleman" think she'd want to share a house with her son's murderer. Anna believed that he had a lot of secrets. Laura feared that one of them was about her family, after his threatening comment that he and Laura would always be connected through their family.

A short while later, Laura was gone, and Anna was again on the phone with Robert, who was telling her about an incident. "It's no coincidence that it burned down and no arsonist was found," she offered. She hung up as she looked at a headline from the London Observer that read, "Bedlington Burns: Headmaster Dead." "Oh, Valentin, what did you do?" Anna wondered.

At the hospital, Amy approached Dante, Lulu, and Rocco and assured them that Santa would be there any minute. She remembered Dante and Lulu from their appointments with Dr. Lee, and she asked Rocco if he was excited to have a baby brother or sister. Lulu was shocked, and Amy ran off.

Valentin thought that Nina had enjoyed their kiss. "Just because I enjoy it doesn't mean it's good for me," she replied, comparing the kiss to ice cream. She claimed that she only continued to talk to him because of Charlotte. Just then, Kevin arrived dressed as Santa, so Nina swiftly led him to the correct room. Dante and Lulu took the opportunity to approach Valentin, who greeted them cheerfully.

Lulu thought that Valentin needed to go back to Greece and go to jail for his crimes. Valentin thought she'd formed her opinion with "incomplete information." Dante suggested that Lulu take Rocco to see Santa, so the two walked away. Dante warned Valentin to stay away from his family, because Valentin upset Lulu, which upset Rocco. Valentin reminded Dante that they lived in the same town, and he advised that Dante would be in trouble if he tried to intimidate Valentin while hiding "behind the badge." "I'll take my chances," Dante spat, and he left.

Nina returned and informed Lulu and Rocco that the line for Santa was moving quickly, so they went to see Santa. She told Valentin to go get Charlotte. A short while later, he returned with the girl. He told her that they were about to "meet someone important."

Rocco sat on Kevin's lap. Kevin remarked that Rocco had "quite a list" and wondered what on the list Rocco wanted the most. "A dog!" he said, much to Dante and Lulu's chagrin. Kevin promised to think about it, and Rocco left the room with his parents. Out of the room, Rocco ran to Laura, who'd just arrived. Laura apologized for missing the festivities, but Lulu promised that she'd taken lots of pictures. They entertained her with the story of Rocco's long list before warning her that they'd run into Valentin.

Laura revealed that she'd been late because she'd been working with Anna to find something to use against Valentin. "The sooner the better," Dante commented. Laura didn't think they should let Valentin spoil their holiday and asked to see Rocco's list. Rocco checked all of his pockets but couldn't find it. Lulu figured he'd left it with Santa, so she offered to retrieve it.

Nina revealed to Kevin that a "special guest" was on her way to see Santa. Trying to brace Kevin, she told him that the child was a sweet, "skittish" girl, and her father was Valentin. Kevin's face became cold, but Nina reminded him that Charlotte was "lonely and innocent." Kevin promised to "suck it up for the kid." As Santa, he recognized that he was supposed to give joy to all kids, "even the daughters of homicidal fathers."

Valentin and Charlotte arrived, and Valentin placed her on Kevin's lap. Kevin introduced himself to Charlotte, and she did the same. Valentin joked that Charlotte couldn't have a purple unicorn, but a pony was "doable." As Lulu walked into the room, Charlotte revealed that the only thing she wanted was her mother. Lulu stopped in her tracks when she saw Charlotte.

Sam and Jason discussed the second attempt on Julian's life, and they weren't convinced that the two incidents were related. While the car bomb was planned and professional, the hit-and-run was messy, risky, and amateur. Curtis arrived and informed the couple that he'd attempted to get Julian to rehire him, but Julian had declined. He revealed that the refusal had confirmed his theory that Julian didn't want anyone to know who had bombed his car.

Curtis added that Julian had basically threatened Curtis if he didn't stay out of it. Jason wondered why Julian would protect the person who'd tried to kill him. Sam suggested that Julian was happy seeing Sonny go to jail and figured that he'd deal with the bomber "later." Sam's phone rang, and she stepped away to answer it. Curtis suggested that Julian had been targeted because he'd done something bad, and Julian was covering for the bomber because, if the bomber was caught, Julian's transgression would be exposed.

Sam returned to the conversation and told them that Spinelli had been able to enhance the image of the delivery van. She showed Jason and Curtis the picture of the parking pass, and Jason figured out which garage the pass was for. Curtis suggested that the van might still be in the garage. Sam had a doctor's appointment, so they would have to look for the van without her. She warned them to be careful, and the three parted ways.

Jason and Curtis found the van in the garage, and it was unsurprisingly locked. Jason picked the lock on the door, and Curtis was sitting in the driver's seat in minutes. He found the parking permit, but otherwise, the van was full of trash. He found a delivery schedule, but there was nothing for October seventh, the day that Julian's car had exploded. Jason began to peel the advertisement sticker off, thinking that there was something behind it.

Sam arrived at the hospital, and Amy assumed that she was there to visit Julian. Sam revealed that she was actually there for an appointment with Dr. Lee and walked away. Doubling back, she wondered what room Julian was in.

Alexis entered Julian's room and wondered why he'd needed to see her. She revealed that she'd talked to Jordan, who'd told her that there were no suspects in his hit-and-run yet. She'd wondered if he remembered anything yet. He claimed that he didn't, so he regretted not being able to thank the "good Samaritan" who'd called 9-1-1 for him. She advised him to "pay it forward. Try not to kill anyone else." "Thank you for calling 9-1-1 after you ran me down," he said, smirking.

"I lied," Julian admitted about not being able to remember anything. "Shocking," Alexis remarked sarcastically. He recapped the night to prove that he remembered what had happened. She called what had happened an "accident," but he called it a "DWI." She informed him that no sobriety test had been done, so anything said about her sobriety was speculation. "My memory differs from yours," she stated.

Julian wondered what Alexis' daughters would have thought had he died. She confessed that her daughters wanted him dead. She told him that it would basically be his word against hers, and she could bet on who the police would believe. He commented that the bar association had a lower standard of proof. She blamed him for losing her license in the first place. "I am a freakin' awesome attorney!" she exclaimed. He believed that he was obligated to turn her in, and she scoffed at him being a "moral authority." He swore that he still loved her and didn't want to hurt her, so she wondered what he was going to do. He promised not to turn her in, but he wanted something in return.

Michael joked that Nelle was going to study chess instead of going to the charity gala with him just so she could win their rematch. He thought that observing him in a social setting could help Nelle learn his "tells," but she claimed to already know them. She had noticed that he rubbed his forehead just above his eyebrow when he was about to change his strategy. As if on cue, he rubbed his forehead and lightheartedly asked for one good reason why she shouldn't go with him. "Easy. Your mom," she said.

Michael knew that Carly would encourage Nelle to go to the gala with Michael, and she would probably make it a "personal project." He went on and on about all the help Carly would give Nelle, until Nelle finally said, "I surrender," and agreed to go with him. She asked about the dress code, which Michael said was "festive attire." She revealed that she only had a cocktail-length dress and not much money to change that fact. "I could fix that," Michael told her.

Michael told Nelle about Maxie and all the dresses and jewelry at Crimson, just hanging on racks, but Nelle thought she would worry too much about ruining borrowed things. He instructed her to let him know if she changed her mind. She instinctively grabbed for her necklace but realized that it wasn't there. She looked all over for it as Michael suggested that they retrace her steps. He wondered where the last place was that she remembered wearing it. She remembered undressing at Sonny's the night before and having her necklace pull off with her shirt. "I think I know where I left it," she said grimly.

Carly instructed Ava that the custody arrangement would stay the same. Ava didn't accept it because she believed Carly had no say, since she wasn't even related to Avery. Carly admitted that her tolerance was low, so Ava could leave, or Carly could "kick your ass." Ava reasoned that she wanted to protect Avery, and she didn't want what had happened to Morgan to happen to Avery. Carly accused Ava of using Morgan and her kids as weapons. Sonny agreed, which prompted Ava to wonder if the two were back together. "That's none of your business," Sonny answered.

Carly continued that, on the off chance Sonny was convicted of murder, Avery would stay with her. Ava threatened to take Carly to family court, but Carly reminded her of the existence of Ava and Paul's sex tape. Carly related that, since Ava had been sleeping with Paul, she'd probably known about his killings and could be charged as an accessory in his murders. Sonny added that he'd seen her talking to Paul before Julian's trial, which was probably when Ava had blackmailed Paul into throwing the trial.

Sonny promised to forget all the times Ava had mentioned Morgan to them if she left. He instructed her to pick Avery up on her regular day. "You deserve each other," Ava spat, and she left. Sonny thanked Carly for her support. She related that they needed to look forward and do better. She knew that they would be in each other's lives, but she didn't know how at that moment. She wanted to get through Christmas first, which Sonny didn't want to think about.

Speaking of Christmas, Carly needed to pick up some of Josslyn's gifts that she'd left there because she needed to mail them to Australia. Sonny was surprised that Josslyn wasn't spending the holiday in Port Charles, but Carly recognized that Josslyn needed it. She told him the gifts were under their bed, and he offered to get them. He went up the stairs and was disgusted by the sight of the bedroom. He retrieved the gifts from under the bed and found Nelle's necklace. He was sitting down, looking at the necklace, when Carly entered the bedroom.

Lulu has a strong reaction to Charlotte

Lulu has a strong reaction to Charlotte

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

In Carly's office at Metro Court, Nelle noticed that her necklace was missing and recalled that she'd last worn it in Sonny's bedroom. She pushed the memory away and assured Michael that she would find it. Michael was pleased because he knew how special certain pieces of jewelry were to some because Carly had several pieces that she cherished. "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," Nelle replied. Michael chuckled and clarified that Carly's most treasured piece was made of macaroni, spray painted silver and gold, and had letters that spelled out "Mom." Michael added that Carly would be devastated to lose it because Morgan had made it.

Michael shifted gears and asked if he and Nelle were still on for the twelfth. Kiki appeared in the doorway as Nelle assured him that she would attend the benefit with him. Kiki wondered if she'd heard correctly and asked if Michael and Nelle were going to the benefit together. Michael smiled awkwardly as he confirmed that Nelle would be his date for the evening. Kiki seemed unaware of Michael's discomfort as she assured Nelle that Nelle would have fun. Nelle smiled, but an uncomfortable silence followed until Kiki explained that she had stopped by to pick up her last check.

Surprised, Michael asked what had happened, but Kiki assured him that it had been a mutual decision between her and Carly. Michael wished Kiki luck then decided to head out. He assured Nelle that he'd text message the details about the benefit to her. After Michael left, Kiki wondered if Nelle and Michael were an item, but Nelle insisted that Michael had simply taken pity on her because she worked all the time. Kiki smiled because it sounded like something Michael would do.

Kiki started to talk about her romance with Michael but changed her mind. Nelle seized the opportunity to question Kiki about Michael, so Kiki admitted that she'd arrived in town with Morgan and had been briefly married to him before getting involved with Michael. Kiki added that everything had fallen apart when she'd kept a huge secret from him. Intrigued, Nelle questioned Kiki about the secret, but Kiki would only say it had to do with Sonny and Ava. Kiki added that Michael deserved happiness. Nelle pointed out that everyone did and handed Kiki the paycheck.

Nelle feigned empathy when she expressed concern that Kiki might have lingering resentment over parting ways with Carly and the restaurant, but Kiki was curious if Nelle had said anything to Carly about running into Morgan at the Floating Rib on the evening he had died. Nelle promised that she hadn't said a word because she hadn't wanted to add to the family's pain. Kiki revealed that both Carly and Michael knew that Kiki had intended to end things with Morgan and be with Dillon, and she admitted that they had been furious at first and had blasted her. However, once the anger had subsided, Carly and Michael had been polite and kind, but Kiki knew they would never forget.

Kiki made it clear that she didn't blame Carly or Michael because that kind of hurt stayed forever. Nelle heartily agreed.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny closed his fist around Nelle's necklace and quickly tucked it into his back pocket as Carly appeared in the doorway to ask if he had found Josslyn's Christmas presents. Sonny shook his head, but Carly reminded him that he'd mentioned they were under his side of the bed. Sonny went to check as Carly's eyes landed on a picture of her and Sonny. Her expression turned serious, but she pasted on a smile when Sonny returned to her side empty-handed. Carly decided to double-check under the bed and found the presents. After Carly returned to the living room, Sonny glanced at the picture of him and Carly then retrieved the necklace from his pocket and looked at it.

In the living room, Carly checked her phone as Sonny joined her. She grumbled about the busy holiday season, but she conceded that the travelers were good for business. Sonny helped Carly with her coat as he urged her to let Olivia share half the workload. Carly smiled at Sonny, but they jumped apart when they heard Michael arrive and call out to Sonny. Michael was pleasantly surprised to see his mother, but she explained that she had merely stopped by to pick up the Christmas presents she intended to ship to Australia with Josslyn. Sonny added that Carly had filled him in about Carly and Michael's early holiday plans with Josslyn before her trip.

Moments later, Carly announced that she had to leave, but Michael asked her to wait because he wanted to ask if Nelle could have the night off on the twelfth. Carly smiled with delight when he explained that he intended to take Nelle to the Toys for Tots benefit. Carly was happy to give Nelle time off, and she left. Sonny carefully asked Michael about his date with Nelle. Michael admitted that Nelle was easy to talk to, and he considered her a friend. Sonny worried that Nelle might get the wrong impression, but Michael assured his father not to worry then shifted gears to ask about Carly's visit. Sonny downplayed it, but Michael was confident that his parents would soon reconcile.

At Carly's office, Carly apologized to Nelle for being late and leaving Nelle hanging. Nelle asked if everything was okay, so Carly admitted that she'd stopped by Sonny's place. Surprised, Nelle asked how Sonny had seemed. Carly admitted that he'd been distracted, but she changed the subject and told Nelle that Nelle had the night of the benefit off. Carly expressed her delight about Nelle's friendship with Michael and added that he could use more people like Nelle in his life. Nelle smiled and steered the conversation back to Carly by claiming that she sensed that Carly was worried.

Carly acknowledged that she was concerned about Sonny. Nelle insisted that Sonny and Carly belonged together, but the conversation was cut short when Nelle's phone rang. Nelle stepped away to take the call. It was Sonny asking to see her.

In the parking garage, Jason and Curtis pulled the decal off the van they had tracked down. They were stunned when they saw a Derek Wells Media decal hidden underneath. Jason and Curtis discussed possible scenarios about why one of Julian's vans sporting a fake decal had been parked at the Floating Rib on the night that Morgan had died. Curtis suggested that perhaps a disgruntled employee had planted the bomb in Julian's car, but Jason decided to lure the van's driver to the garage by telling the parking attendant that the van had been damaged. Jason insisted on taking it a step further by grabbing a tire iron and smashing the rear of the van.

A short time later, the driver looked at the van's damage with mounting anger. Curtis blamed Jason's temper for the damage, but the driver didn't care because his boss would take the money for the damage out of his paycheck. Curtis admitted that he and Jason had wanted to question him about Julian, prompting the driver to ask if they were cops. Curtis chuckled, but he didn't deny it. Jason quickly adopted a "bad cop" attitude as Curtis warned the driver that Jason had a short fuse.

Eventually, the driver agreed to cooperate and answer Jason and Curtis' questions. Jason and Curtis weren't surprised when the driver told them that Julian had instructed him to park outside the Floating Rib. After the driver left, Jason and Curtis agreed that Julian had planted the bomb in his own car.

In Julian's hospital room, Alexis was furious that Julian intended to blackmail her by threatening to tell the ethics committee that she'd run him over with her car. Julian insisted that it was tough love and reminded her that it was the truth. Alexis' tone filled with sarcasm as she told him that his concern for the greater good was one of his truly finer qualities. Undaunted, Julian claimed it was a fair tradeoff, especially with the police commissioner desperate for information about the hit-and-run. The conversation was cut short when Sam opened the door and immediately demanded to know what her mother was doing there.

Julian explained that he had called Alexis, but Sam wanted an answer from her mother. Alexis assured Sam that Julian wasn't in a position to harm Alexis, but Sam wasn't satisfied and asked what possible reason Alexis had for visiting the man who had tried to kill Alexis. Alexis claimed that she had thought that Julian had been gravely injured, and it might be her last chance to tell him to "go to hell." Sam accepted the answer and suggested that they leave because Alexis had shown Julian more kindness than he'd deserved. Julian stared intently at Alexis, but she looked away and followed her daughter out the door.

In the hallway, Sam asked if Alexis was okay. Alexis insisted that she was glad that Julian was out of their lives, but Sam was curious why Alexis had paid him a visit. Alexis blamed it on morbid curiosity, but Sam sensed there was something else. Alexis reiterated that she was done with Julian, so Sam let it drop and hugged her mother. After Sam left, Alexis returned to Julian's hospital room.

Alexis carefully closed the door and demanded to know what Julian wanted from her. Julian explained that he needed Alexis to take care of him because he would need help when he was released from the hospital. Astounded, Alexis reminded him that he'd held a knife to her throat and added that playing Florence Nightingale wouldn't lead to a reconciliation. Julian argued that the alternative would not only cost her a career but also her freedom. Furious, Alexis pointed out that everyone would be suspicious because they knew how much she despised him. Julian insisted that it was Alexis' problem to sort out, so she agreed to go along with his plan, provided they kept everything secret.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Valentin and Nina watched as Kevin -- dressed as Santa Claus -- asked what Charlotte wanted for Christmas. Lulu entered the area, looking for Rocco's Christmas list, when she heard Charlotte confess that she wanted her mommy. Lulu looked in Charlotte's direction as Valentin and Nina stepped apart enough for her to see the child on Kevin's lap. Lulu's expression clouded with intensity until Dante walked up to ask what had been keeping Lulu. Lulu's eyes remained glued to Charlotte as Laura and Rocco joined them.

Lulu questioned Laura about the child on Kevin's lap, prompting Dante to reveal that the girl was Valentin's daughter Charlotte. Rocco sprinted off, but Valentin intercepted the young boy with a friendly greeting. Dante was not pleased and quickly reminded Valentin not to talk to Rocco. Valentin ignored Dante by offering to introduce Rocco to Charlotte. Nina immediately picked up on the tension between the adults and tactfully suggested that the children get a cookie. After Rocco and Charlotte scampered away, Valentin observed that the children had taken a shine to each other.

Lulu stepped away to introduce herself to Charlotte. Lulu tried to question Charlotte about her age and birthday, but Nina suddenly appeared and put an end to the questions by reminding Lulu that Charlotte should only be answering questions about what she wanted for Christmas. Valentin smiled with approval. Laura and Kevin decided to keep the children distracted while the adults talked. Nina accused Lulu of interrogating Charlotte because Lulu was mad at Valentin, but Lulu reminded Nina that Charlotte was Lulu's late brother's cousin.

Nina immediately backed down, while Valentin assured Lulu and Dante that Charlotte was loved and well cared for. Dante was curious where Charlotte's mother was, but Valentin was unfazed by the question as he denied any knowledge of Claudette's whereabouts. Valentin shifted gears to suggest a play date between Charlotte and Rocco because his daughter was lonely and needed friends, but Dante flatly refused to consider it. Valentin shrugged and called Charlotte over to suggest that he and Nina take the child out for hot chocolate.

Later, Laura returned to Kevin's side to let him know that he had a five-minute break. She closed the door as he playfully asked what she wanted for Christmas. She smiled and told him that world peace would be too cliché, so she would settle for peace of mind. Kevin offered to work on it, but Laura apologized and admitted that she'd been thinking about Charlotte. She admitted that she couldn't understand what was going on with the child. Kevin conceded that Charlotte seemed incredibly well adjusted for a girl her age who had been through a tremendous amount of upheaval in recent months. Laura agreed and added that Charlotte also seemed to adore Valentin and be completely unaware of what he was capable of.

Kevin gently acknowledged that Valentin had been right -- Laura would always be connected to the Cassadines, including Charlotte, because of Nikolas. Laura denied it, but in the next breath, she conceded that as much as she despised Valentin, a part of her felt compelled to look out for Charlotte. Kevin smiled because her amazing generosity was one of the reasons that he loved her. Laura was taken aback by the admission.

At Kelly's, Valentin and Nina chatted with Charlotte as they sipped hot chocolate. Nina invited Charlotte to pick out the biggest cookie as a treat. After Charlotte ran over to the display case, Valentin thanked Nina for intervening when Lulu had questioned Charlotte. Valentin revealed that Lulu had been one of the people who had submitted a sworn affidavit against him when he'd fought for custody of Charlotte. Nina admitted that Maxie had mentioned it. Nina talked about her future sister-in-law's habit of talking but made it clear that she adored Maxie.

Nina was confident that Valentin could have held his own against Lulu, so he played the misunderstood victim who'd been unfairly maligned. Nina couldn't understand how anyone could keep a child from their parent. Valentin agreed that it was disgusting, but Nina was curious why Lulu would try to insinuate herself into Charlotte's life. Valentin smiled with satisfaction when Nina insisted that she and Valentin needed to protect Charlotte. Nina noticed and asked him about his reaction.

Valentin explained that he had loved that Nina had said "we" when she'd talked about protecting Charlotte. Nina confessed that she was completely taken with the little girl and assured him that it had nothing to do with her yearning for a child. Valentin admitted that he was glad that he had stopped that night in the hallway when he'd first met Nina. He explained that most people had an agenda, but Nina was honest about who she was and what she wanted. He added that he genuinely liked her more and more because of it.

Embarrassed, Nina changed the subject by admitting that she was disappointed that she and Valentin couldn't give Charlotte what she wanted -- her mother. Valentin assured Nina that they could easily keep his daughter distracted and happy.

Meanwhile, Sam and Molly arrived at the diner, but Sam stopped short in the doorway when she saw Valentin. Concerned, Molly asked what was wrong, so Sam pointed out Valentin and explained that he was their long-lost uncle. Sam backed out of the diner, but Molly wanted to enter and confront Valentin about Nikolas' murder. Sam stopped her sister because she doubted they would get any answers, since Valentin would likely blame it on an "unfortunate misunderstanding." Sam added that they had more important things to worry about and filled Molly in about Alexis' visit with Julian.

Sam confessed that she feared Alexis still had a soft spot for Julian. Molly surprised Sam by admitting that she thought the visit had been for the best because it might give Alexis much-needed closure. Sam doubted it and reminded Molly that Julian was a narcissist who craved attention. Molly argued that her theory was better than Alexis falling for Julian.

At the hospital, Dante questioned Lulu about what had transpired with Charlotte. Lulu admitted that she had felt instantly drawn to Charlotte, but she had no idea why. Dante suggested that Lulu might have felt protective because she'd recently learned that she couldn't have more children and felt sorry for Charlotte's situation. Lulu agreed, but she became distracted when she saw a young boy enter the Santa Claus area. Dante asked if she was okay. Lulu admitted that she'd been thinking about Charlotte.

Lulu wonders if Charlotte is her daughter

Lulu wonders if Charlotte is her daughter

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

At Nathan and Maxie's apartment, Maxie hacked into Nathan's laptop with the intention of finding out what he'd ordered her from Paris, but Nathan emerged from the bathroom and caught her in the act. Disappointed, Nathan reminded her that it wouldn't be a wedding surprise if she found out what it was. Maxie denied that she'd been snooping, but he didn't believe her. Maxie insisted that she'd merely been looking for a dance lesson because she didn't want them to look like amateurs when they danced at their wedding. Nathan reminded her that they had a dance lesson the following day, but Maxie thought they should practice.

Nathan agreed and put on some music. Maxie objected to the selection, but he playfully suggested that they dive off the deep end as he reached for her hand. Nathan and Maxie's dance ended abruptly when Maxie's phone beeped. She ran to the desk to check her phone, unaware that she'd thrown Nathan off balance. Nathan fell to the ground in pain and groaned loudly. Maxie glanced back and was horrified when she realized that he was injured.

A short time later, Maxie helped Nathan to the sofa. Maxie worried that he wouldn't be able to dance at their wedding, but he assured her that nothing would stop him from marrying her. After Nathan hobbled out of the room to get ready for work, Maxie picked up his laptop. However, she quickly put it back down when he called out to tell her to keep her hands off of it.

At Kelly's, Jason and Curtis filled Sam in about their discovery and their suspicions that Julian had arranged for his driver, Pete, to be lured away so a bomb could be planted in Julian's car. Curtis was certain that Julian had intended to send Pete on an errand later that evening and blame the explosion and Pete's death on Sonny. Jason added that no one could have foreseen Morgan stealing the car and dying in the blast intended for Pete. Curtis conceded there was no proof, but Sam was curious why her father had been careful about everything except the van that could easily be traced to him. Curtis didn't have an answer, but he was confident that if they pooled their resources together, they could tie everything to Julian.

Jason assured Curtis that he and Sam had shared all the information they had, so Curtis suggested they go to the police because the police had access to various avenues they didn't. Jason objected because if they were right about Julian, then the police had played right into Julian's hands and wouldn't be eager to admit that they'd been wrong about Sonny. Sam agreed with Jason that they couldn't trust the police. Curtis understood Jason and Sam's reservations, but he assured them that the people he knew could be trusted. Jason remained adamant that they not involve the police then left with Sam for an appointment.

At the police station, Jordan was on the phone with Mayor Lomax when her phone beeped to indicate an incoming call. Jordan saw it was Andre and tried to cut the call short, but Andre hung up before Jordan could get off the phone with the mayor.

A short time later, Curtis caught up with Jordan in the hallway. She was not pleased to see him and told him to leave, but he followed her to the squad room because he wanted to talk to her about an investigation. He explained that he had some information about a case, but he needed information in return. Annoyed, Jordan stopped a passing police officer to retrieve a set of handcuffs, which she promptly slapped on Curtis' wrist before securing the other end of the handcuffs to a desk. Curtis informed her that she hadn't had any grounds to arrest him, but she disagreed.

Jordan explained that she could hold Curtis for twenty-four hours because he was a person of interest and for withholding information about an investigation. Jordan urged him to cooperate and reveal what he knew. Resigned, Curtis told her about the van he'd tracked down. Jordan wanted to know who Curtis had been working with, but he refused to tell her. Jordan decided to unlock the handcuffs, but she quickly let Curtis know that she had something to show him. Curtis followed Jordan to the interrogation room as she explained that she had security footage of the van from another angle.

After Jordan closed the door, she fetched her laptop and pulled up the security footage. Curtis sat down to review the footage as Jordan admitted that she wanted something in return. Jordan wanted to be the first to know if he found evidence to clear Sonny's name because she didn't want Sonny taking matters into his own hands. Curtis denied having any connection to Sonny, but Jordan assured him that she could read between the lines and knew he'd been working with Jason. She asked Curtis to at least think about her request, and she left. Moments later, Curtis saw something on the footage that made him sit up straight.

At the hospital, Jason and Sam entered an examination room and discussed Curtis' theory while they waited for Dr. Lee to arrive. Jason appreciated that Curtis trusted the police, but Jason didn't because the police had been trying to put Sonny behind bars for years and wouldn't be interested in finding anything that might exonerate him. Sam wondered if Jason thought the police might try to bury evidence if didn't fit their theory, but Jason shook his head because he sensed that Jordan was an honest person. However, he doubted that Jordan would be eager to help Sonny.

Sam was curious if Jason still wanted to leave town after he cleared Sonny's name, but he admitted that he'd had a change of heart because of what had happened with Sonny and Morgan and because Elizabeth had decided against moving away with the boys. Jason explained that he wanted to remain in Port Charles to be close to Jake. Sam assured Jason that she was fine with staying and suggested that they figure out what was next for them later.

A short time later, Jason and Sam smiled as they watched the monitor while Dr. Lee finished up the ultrasound. Kelly asked if Jason and Sam wanted to know the gender of their baby. Jason and Sam looked at each other and discussed whether or not to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. Eventually, Kelly handed Sam an envelope and explained that she'd written the baby's gender on a piece of paper and had put it in the envelope. After Kelly left, Jason and Sam discussed what they should do about the envelope, but Curtis called to report that he'd made a big discovery.

At the hospital, Andre ended his call to Jordan when Anna entered his office and told him that she needed his help. Andre reminded Anna of their personal history and offered to refer her to a colleague, but she quickly clarified that she needed him as a consultant for a case. Anna handed him a file as she explained that she'd been investigating Valentin Cassadine. She was certain that Valentin had an agenda and was determined to find out what it was. Andre sat down and opened the file.

Andre was surprised by Valentin's alias because he'd heard the name Theo Hart in the past. Andre explained that he'd done a stint in the Ukraine, where he'd conducted surveillance on an international diamond-theft ring that Theo Hart had been a part of. Anna was curious what had happened. Andre revealed that the organization had been smart and connected because they'd closed up shop and vanished just as the authorities had been about to make an arrest. Anna confirmed that it sounded like something that Valentin would do.

Andre questioned Anna about Valentin, so she revealed that Valentin had been born out of wedlock to an unknown local woman and had been sent to boarding school in Bedlington, England, when he'd been a young boy, and he'd remained there until attending Oxford to study linguistics. Andre was eager to look at Valentin's school records, but Anna warned him that it would be impossible because the boarding school had burned to the ground a few years after Valentin had left. Both Andre and Anna agreed that Valentin had been behind the arson, but Andre disagreed with Anna's theory that Valentin had tried to destroy his records. Andre explained that destroying the school had been about closure.

According to Andre, Valentin had likely felt abandoned by his parents. Anna conceded that he had a point because she recalled Valentin mentioning that he'd been a lonely child. Andre suggested that Valentin had been trying to mask a deep-seeded inferiority complex. Anna perked up because she remembered how Valentin had stammered when she'd called him out about his father issues. Andre suspected the school had represented how powerless Valentin had felt as a child -- making it the last remnant of what Valentin had hated about himself.

Anna was certain there had been more behind Valentin's decision to destroy the school and opened up to Andre about Valentin using the World Security Bureau's motto when he had told her to open her eyes. Andre suggested that perhaps Valentin enjoyed quoting Latin, but Anna admitted that Valentin seemed familiar to her -- it was in his eyes. Anna explained that she had a feeling that Valentin knew her, and she couldn't shake the feeling that she could find the truth in the burned ruins of the school. Andre suggested that Anna already knew what she had to do next.

At Wyndemere, Valentin looked at the photo of Anna during her early days at the WSB, but he quickly returned it to the box on his desk when he heard a noise at the front door. It was Nina holding a large decorated box, which she revealed was a present for Charlotte to get the little girl into the holiday spirit. Valentin smiled, invited Nina inside, and showed her the Christmas tree that he and the staff had put up while Charlotte was at the movies with her nanny. Valentin admitted that he didn't want his daughter to have sad memories of Christmas like he had. Nina confessed that she didn't have fond memories of the holiday either.

Nina revealed that her mother would pick a theme for Christmas every year and decorate accordingly, but it had all been for show because there had never been presents under the tree. Nina explained that the presents she had received had been bought by assistants and personal shoppers rather than her parents. Nina shifted gears to ask about Valentin's Christmases. He admitted that one year Mrs. Thaxton -- the cook at the boarding school -- had knitted him a scarf, which he'd kept for years until it had been lost during his travels. Sexual tension suddenly flared to life between Nina and Valentin until Nina decided to leave. Valentin tried to persuade her to join him for dinner, but she refused and asked him to give Charlotte the gift because it was an advent calendar. Moments later, a man entered the living room to report that a storm had moved in, and no one could leave Spoon Island.

A short time later, Valentin wrapped up a call with Charlotte by promising to pick her up in the morning. After he ended the call, Nina asked if Charlotte was okay. He assured her that his daughter was as snug as a bug at Metro Court with the nanny, Mrs. Evans. Satisfied, Nina's smile vanished as she accused Valentin of trying to manipulate her into staying. Valentin was taken aback by her anger and reminded her that he couldn't control the weather. Nina stormed out of the house, but Valentin patiently waited for her to return.

Seconds later, Nina burst through the door, drenched from the rain. Valentin fetched her something dry to wear then disappeared into the kitchen to find them something to eat. After Nina changed into dry clothes, she wandered around the room until she saw the box on his desk. She was about to open it, but Valentin returned with a tray of food. Nina joined him on the sofa as he handed her a glass of wine and asked why she seemed nervous. He feared that people had been filling her head with stories about him, but she assured him that she didn't listen to others. However, she was nervous because she felt as if something was starting between them, and she had no idea what to do because she'd only been involved with two other men.

Nina explained that her first relationship had been with a man who'd been cold and distant. She confessed that she'd put her all into her second relationship, but it had ended because he hadn't seen a future with her. Valentin admitted that something similar had happened to him once -- the woman he cared about hadn't seen a future with him. He assured Nina that the men she'd been involved with had been idiots. Nina smiled and admitted that she had needed to find out what made her happy and who she was. Valentin praised her for learning that she needed to take what she wanted.

Nina smiled because Valentin was the only person who didn't think she was fragile or a victim. She appreciated having someone in her life that saw that. Valentin returned her smile then kissed her passionately.

At the hospital, Lulu acknowledged that it might sound crazy, but she'd felt an instant connection when she'd first looked at Charlotte. Dante frowned as she added that she'd had a physical reaction to the child and had felt an immediate need to protect her. Dante pointed out that Charlotte was Nikolas' cousin and Charlotte's father was a lunatic, so it made sense for Lulu to be concerned about the little girl. Lulu explained that it was more than that because she'd felt a pull toward Charlotte similar to how she felt about Rocco. Dante asked what Lulu was trying to say.

Lulu wondered if it was possible that Charlotte was her daughter. Dante was stunned, but she rushed to explain that the embryo created with her egg and Stavros' sperm had never been recovered from Crichton-Clark. Dante argued that it had likely been destroyed in the explosion, but Lulu pointed out that Charlotte was the right age, and she had blonde hair. Dante reminded Lulu that Claudette had also had blonde hair, but Lulu was curious how they could be certain that Claudette had been Charlotte's mother. Lulu suggested that perhaps Helena had picked Claudette rather than Daphne to carry the embryo. Lulu added that no one had verified that Claudette was Charlotte's mother because they'd been focused on determining who Charlotte's father was.

Dante reminded Lulu that the DNA tests had confirmed that Valentin was Charlotte's father, which meant that Lulu couldn't be Charlotte's mother. Lulu argued that perhaps the DNA test had been misleading, since Valentin and Stavros were brothers. Dante pointed out that if Lulu was correct, then Charlotte would be in line for the Cassadine estate, but Lulu revealed that Mikkos had left everything to Valentin. Dante argued that Valentin had killed Nikolas and had targeted Spencer to ensure that no one stood between him and the Cassadine estate, so it was unlikely that Valentin would let Charlotte live if she were truly Stavros' daughter.

Lulu conceded that Dante had a point and apologized. She was embarrassed because she'd wanted to believe that Charlotte was her daughter. Dante hugged his wife and assured her that it was fine. He suggested that they pick up Rocco and take a short trip, but Lulu declined. She appreciated the offer but insisted they both had to work. Dante reluctantly agreed and gave his wife a quick kiss before heading to work. Lulu went to pick up her purse and noticed a hair band on the floor that had a distinctive flower on it that she'd seen Charlotte wearing earlier.

At the police station, Dante greeted his partner and opened up to Nathan about Lulu's theory about Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Lulu paid Maxie a visit to ask for Maxie's opinion about something important. Maxie was stunned when Lulu explained that she needed help proving that Valentin had Lulu's daughter.

Liz reaches out to someone on Hayden's behalf

Liz reaches out to someone on Hayden's behalf

Thursday, December 8, 2016

On the promenade outside Perks Coffee, Elizabeth took a break from ice-skating to watch her boys and cheer them on. Her smile faded when Franco walked up and offered her a key chain with pepper spray, a whistle, and a flashlight attached to it, but she ignored him. Franco sat down on the bench next to her and explained that he wanted her to be safe because Tom would seek her out again.

Later, Elizabeth sipped hot coffee as Franco admitted that he was impressed with Jake's skill on the ice. He joked that Jake might be the next Brian Boitano, but Elizabeth revealed that Jake was a big fan of Sidney Crosby, who played hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Their conversation then turned to the rift between them as Elizabeth assured him that she didn't think he was a monster, but she'd been concerned because he'd escalated the fight with Tom. Franco insisted that he'd been protecting her, but she explained that Monica had banned Tom from working at the hospital.

Franco argued that it wouldn't stop a dangerous predator like Tom, prompting Elizabeth to ask if he intended to kill Tom. Franco was taken aback by the question but quickly assured her that he would never go that far because he had no desire to go to jail and give up the chance to be a part of Elizabeth's life. Franco promised that it wouldn't happen again, but she argued that she couldn't be certain of that. Franco admitted that he'd had time to reflect during his suspension and had been working out his aggression at his art studio.

Franco quietly added that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about Elizabeth because he cared about her. Elizabeth admitted that his violent altercation with Tom had scared her, and as much as she wanted to believe that it wouldn't happen again, she didn't know if she could. Disappointed, Franco asked her to promise that she would take the key chain because he wanted her to have protection if she had another encounter with Tom. Elizabeth warned Franco that she would not let the fear of knowing that Tom was a free man get in the way of how she lived her life. Franco respected that and handed her the key chain.

After Franco left, Elizabeth called out to her sons to get ready because she had to drop them off at her grandmother's house before heading to work. She walked to the bench but stopped when she saw Hayden seated on it and hunched over. Elizabeth asked if Hayden was okay, but Hayden glared at her sister and muttered that Elizabeth wasn't at the hospital and didn't need to play nurse. Elizabeth ignored the comment and asked why Hayden hadn't gone to the board meeting. Hayden refused to answer and tried to lace up her ice skates. Elizabeth became alarmed when she noticed that Hayden's hands were shaking, but Hayden snapped at her.

Elizabeth reminded Hayden that they were family and admitted that she was concerned about her sister. "Don't be," Hayden said and stood up. Elizabeth watched as Hayden took a few steps then stopped to lean against a wall.

At the hospital, Monica, Dillon, and Tracy exited the elevator as they talked about laying a Christmas wreath at their family crypt. Dillon confessed that he missed his grandparents Edward and Lila the most during the holidays. Monica revealed that she'd been thinking a lot about A.J., Alan, and Emily. Dillon imagined that it had been difficult for Monica to run into the man who had terrorized her daughter, but Monica admitted that it had been odd because she'd never thought about Tom being set free or paroled. Dillon was curious why Hayden had been staying in Emily's old bedroom, but Monica didn't have an opportunity to reply because Finn rushed up to ask if Tracy knew where to find Hayden.

Dillon and Monica excused themselves as Tracy told Finn that she'd seen Hayden the previous day. Worried, Finn asked how Hayden had looked. Tracy conceded that Hayden had been pale but fine. Finn admitted that he hadn't seen Hayden since he'd given her the diagnosis, and he was concerned because Hayden was gravely ill. Finn decided to call Hayden, but the call went to voicemail. Tracy assured him that Hayden would call when she was ready.

Moments later, Finn's phone rang. It was Elizabeth calling to let him know that she was concerned about Hayden. After Finn ended the call, he raced to the promenade to check on Hayden. Hayden claimed she was fine, but Finn had to catch her when she swayed on her feet. He helped her to a bench, but she was not happy that he'd found her. Finn admitted that Elizabeth had called him because she'd been concerned.

"Whatever," Hayden replied bitterly. Finn steered the conversation away from Hayden's sister by asking what Hayden had been doing. She admitted that she'd put together a bucket list of things she'd wanted to do before she died. Finn was surprised and asked what else was on her list. She told him about her trip to Niagara Falls the previous day and seeing An Affair To Remember at a local theater. They talked about the movie's plot and her love for film noir as well as her childhood dream to become a figure skater. Hayden added that she'd also dreamed of walking on an ice glacier.

Finn chuckled because Hayden seemed to have a thing for ice. Hayden shivered and admitted that she didn't think she would ever be warm again, but Finn pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her. "You will," he promised. A short time later, Finn finished putting on ice skates and invited Hayden to pair skate. "It's now or never," she replied. Finn was amused by her "death joke" and stood up to head out to the ice, but Hayden suddenly felt unwell and fainted in his arms.

At the hospital, Elizabeth told Monica about Jake's day at the ice rink. Monica was eager to see her grandson ice-skate and asked to join Elizabeth the next time she took the boys to the ice rink. Elizabeth agreed then seized the opportunity to ask if Monica knew that Hayden had recently been sick with sepsis. Monica had no idea, but she saw Tracy exit the elevator and called her sister-in-law over to question Tracy about Hayden's illness. Elizabeth was shocked when Tracy filled them in about Hayden's life-threatening illness because she had hoped to have time to build a relationship with her sister. After Elizabeth walked away, Tracy made a snide remark about Monica's first husband being unfaithful.

Nearby, Elizabeth left a voicemail to report that Hayden needed a parent because she was dying.

In Kelly's courtyard, Tom saw Kiki on the phone and overheard her angrily wish someone luck finding a nanny for two sets of twins willing to work for next to nothing. After Kiki ended the call, Tom told her that he'd been having a hard time finding work too. However, he added that they were only one break away from finding the right job. Kiki smiled politely and told him that he deserved a break because not everyone would have returned a wallet they'd found on the ground. He assured her that he was not a thief then asked her for a favor -- he wanted to know her name.

Kiki introduced herself and shook Tom's hand when he returned the courtesy. Kiki wished him luck with his job hunt and turned to leave, but he asked her to wait. Franco rounded the corner, but quickly ducked out of sight as Tom asked if Kiki was a model. Tom explained that he was a freelance photographer and would love to photograph her. He quickly scribbled down his name, number, and email address on a piece of paper and handed it to her as he suggested that they could help each other.

Kiki explained that she was friends with Dillon Quartermaine, who was a photographer with Crimson. As if on cue, Dillon called out to Kiki as he approached. Tom quickly excused himself and scurried away before Dillon walked up to greet Kiki. Kiki welcomed Dillon's arrival and told him about Tom's attempt to pick her up. They entered the diner and sat down at the counter.

Dillon asked how Kiki had met Tom, so she filled him in and told him about Tom's request to photograph her. Dillon thought the whole thing sounded sketchy and asked if Tom had given her a business card. Kiki showed him the slip of paper. Dillon tensed and warned Kiki to stay away from Tom because he'd just been released from prison. Dillon revealed the details about Tom's attempt to extort money from Emily when she had been a teenager then added that Tom had also raped Elizabeth and had held Emily at gunpoint.

Dillon realized that a serial killer not much different from his own father had murdered Emily. Kiki was curious if he'd talked to Paul, but Dillon shook his head and changed the subject by opening up about his morning at the family crypt. Kiki grew quiet as she thought about Morgan. She admitted that there had been many violent deaths in their lives. Dillon agreed and added that it was a wonder they got up every morning, but Kiki credited friend like Dillon with making it possible. Dillon smiled, but Kiki noticed the time and announced that she had to get to a job interview with an agency hiring nannies. Dillon thought the job was a good fit for Kiki.

Outside, Tom rounded the corner and froze when he saw Franco. Franco told Tom that they had to stop meeting like that; Franco then questioned Tom about Kiki. Tom admitted that he'd decided to revive his photography business, but he warned Franco to keep his distance because it wouldn't end well for either of them. Tom threatened to report Franco to the police if Franco didn't back off, so Franco agreed, provided Tom didn't go near Elizabeth or Kiki. Tom agreed and left.

A short time later, Kiki ran into Franco in the courtyard. She was delighted to see him because he hadn't been at their apartment lately. Franco told Kiki that he'd seen her talking to Tom and warned her that the man was dangerous. Kiki assured Franco that Dillon had already told her about Tom. Pleased, Franco admitted that he could use Kiki's assistance keeping the streets safe for all women. Kiki liked the sound of that and agreed to help.

In the squad room, Nathan asked about Lulu. Dante admitted that Lulu hadn't mentioned that she still suspected that Charlotte was her daughter, but he knew it had been on her mind when she'd left earlier that morning to meet Maxie. Nathan was aware of Maxie and Lulu's plans to go to New York City to pick up a maid-of-honor dress for Lulu, but Dante was skeptical about the plans. Dante confided that he intended to investigate Lulu's theory, but he hadn't told her because he'd been reluctant to get her hopes up. Nathan was eager to help Dante, so Dante updated Nathan on the search for Claudette and revealed that the authorities would soon declare her dead.

Nathan suggested that Claudette either didn't want to be found, or Valentin had killed her. Dante agreed and added that they had no way of legally challenging Valentin's rights to Charlotte. Nathan assured Dante that he would help, but he wondered how to prove that Lulu was Charlotte's mother.

At Wyndemere, Nina sat on the sofa as Valentin spoke to Charlotte on the phone. After he ended the call, Nina admitted that she didn't know which she had liked more -- waking up with Valentin earlier that morning or when he'd been a mysterious stranger. Valentin preferred earlier that morning because she'd known who he was and had stayed. Nina pointed out that she hadn't had a choice because she'd been stranded on Spoon Island, but she conceded that she trusted him on some level because she'd been intimate with him again. Nina confessed that it made what was happening between them more real.

Pleased, Valentin confessed that it was what he wanted. Nina explained that she was cautious because it had been her experience that something that seemed too good to be true usually was. Valentin was flattered because most people thought he was a bad guy. Nina assured him that she preferred to form her own opinion about people rather than listen to others. Valentin was curious what she thought of him, so she acknowledged that it was obvious that she liked him. However, she admitted that she didn't think he'd been completely honest with her.

Nina knew that Valentin had a questionable past and conceded that hers hadn't been spotless, either, but he was confident that they could make things work and have a real relationship. Nina had her doubts, but she asked him to slow things down because he'd been moving too fast for her. Valentin agreed to go at whatever pace she was comfortable with. Sexual tension flared to life between them, but Nina backed away before he could kiss her and decided to change into her dry clothes. Nina slipped out of the living room as the doorbell rang. Valentin went to the door and was surprised when he saw Dante and Nathan on his doorstep.

Dante revealed that he and Nathan had news about Claudette. Valentin invited both men inside and expressed his relief that Charlotte would soon be able to talk to her mother. Dante admitted that it wouldn't be that easy because the Canadian authorities had found a woman near the airport, suffering from exposure. Dante added that the woman had been in critical condition and had lacked any form of identification. Valentin was eager to see a picture of the woman, but Nina returned to the living room to ask Valentin where her clothes were. Nathan was stunned when he saw his sister and immediately demanded to know if she'd spent the night with Valentin.

Nina became defensive and reminded Nathan that she was a grown woman and didn't have to answer to anyone. Nathan reminded Nina that Valentin had murdered Nikolas, but Nina argued that Ava was not a reliable source. Valentin smiled as Nina defended him to Nathan, but he stepped forward to end the argument between the siblings by advising Nathan to leave and not return unless he had a warrant. Nathan tried to get through to Nina, but she stubbornly backed up her "boyfriend." After Nathan and Dante left, Nina asked why Nathan and Dante had been there.

Valentin claimed that Nathan and Dante had tried to get under his skin, but Valentin was grateful because he'd enjoyed hearing Nina defend him. Nina returned his smile and kissed him passionately.

Outside, Nathan apologized for losing his temper. Dante empathized with Nathan's concern for Nina and assured his partner that they would find another way to get the information they needed. Dante added that there was someone else who might provide them with answers.

In New York City, Maxie and Lulu entered Dr. Charles Bellamy's practice. Maxie looked at the empty waiting room and outdated décor with disdain and questioned Claudette's choice of obstetrician. Lulu reminded Maxie that Valentin hadn't had money when Claudette had been pregnant with Charlotte, but she assured Maxie that it was the right place because Griffin had confirmed that Dr. Bellamy had delivered Charlotte. Lulu and Maxie saw the file cabinets behind the receptionist's desk and smiled because they wouldn't need to enlist Spinelli's help. Lulu realized that one of the files might have the answers she'd been seeking about Charlotte and thanked Maxie for not telling Nathan about their plans because Lulu was certain that he would have told Dante.

Maxie pointed out that Lulu wouldn't find peace of mind until she had answers. Moments later, a nurse walked out to ask if she could help Maxie and Lulu. Maxie gave a false name as she introduced herself and explained that she'd made an appointment the previous day because she suspected that she was pregnant. Lulu added that she was Maxie's best friend and eager to be the first to hear the good news.

Later, Maxie sat on an examination table as the doctor entered the room. The nurse readied everything as he introduced himself. Maxie explained that she had taken an early home pregnancy test and believed that she was pregnant. She was startled when the doctor asked her to lie back and put her feet in the stirrups. Maxie thought they would confirm the pregnancy with a blood test, but the doctor insisted that an examination was required first. Resigned, Maxie leaned back as the nurse stepped forward to assist the doctor.

A short time later, Dr. Bellamy announced that Maxie was not pregnant. Maxie feigned surprise when he told her that early pregnancy tests weren't reliable. The doctor suggested that Maxie get dressed so they could talk in his office about why she'd missed her period, but Maxie desperately tried to keep him from leaving by insisting that he examine her again because she was certain that she was pregnant. Dr. Bellamy refused and marched out.

Meanwhile, Lulu searched through the files, looking for Claudette's medical records. She grew frustrated when she failed to locate a file under Claudette's maiden name, her married name, or Valentin's last name. However, she discovered a file at the bottom of a drawer labeled "Baby Cassadine." Lulu opened the file and smiled when the file confirmed that Claudette had been a surrogate. Lulu snapped pictures of the file and went to return it to the drawer, but the file slipped out of her hands. She bent down to pick it up, but Dr. Bellamy appeared and demanded to know what she'd been doing.

Lulu lied and spun a story about her husband cheating with her cousin and her fear that her cousin was pregnant. She begged the doctor not to call the police and promised to fetch her friend and leave. Lulu dashed into the exam room and quickly filled Maxie in on what had happened with the doctor. Both women were startled when the door suddenly slammed shut and the lock turned. Lulu ran over and confirmed that they'd been locked in. Maxie was curious why Lulu was smiling, so Lulu revealed that Claudette was not Charlotte's biological mother.

Maxie worried that Dr. Bellamy would call the police, but Lulu didn't care if the police showed up because she was confident that Dante and Nathan would smooth everything over.

Meanwhile, Valentin's phone rang as he walked Nina to the door. After she left, he answered it. It was Dr. Bellamy calling to report what had transpired in his office. Dr. Bellamy wanted to know what to do, but Valentin was curious what the women knew.

Lulu Learns the Truth

Lulu Learns the Truth

Friday, December 9, 2016

Jason was perturbed to hear that Curtis had gone to the cops with the information they'd obtained on the bombing, but Curtis had something to show Jason. They looked at a video that Curtis had managed to snag from the nearby drugstore, and in it, they viewed a homeless man who dumped a bag from Chinese takeout into the trash on the night of the bombing.

The guys decided to root around in the trash dumpsters near the Floating Rib. Complaining of the dirty job, Curtis stated that he wanted justice but was not happy. He found an old treasure, but jumped out when he saw a rat. He reminded Jason that the bombing had occurred in October, but Jason informed him that the dumpsters were only cleared out every few months.

After several moments of both men rummaging around in the trash with Curtis complaining through it all, Jason exclaimed that he'd found their bag. Inside were bomb-making items consisting of wires, a wire cutter, and tape. Curtis thought there might even be fingerprints.

Sonny summoned Nelle to his house and held out her necklace. He had located it under his bed, and she was happy to see he had recovered it. He reminded her that if Carly had seen it first, "we'd have a big problem." Sonny explained that the necklace hadn't been just lost, but it represented their sleeping together. They would have to deal with it.

Nelle confessed that it was difficult to see Carly, and she'd had trouble sleeping. Sonny admitted that he felt guilty. Nelle promised that she wouldn't say anything, and she knew that Sonny and Carly had a strong connection. Sonny announced that he had a way to "resolve the situation," and with his connections, he'd gotten her a new teaching job in Atlanta. It was due to start at the beginning of the year, and there would be a larger salary.

Nelle was surprised and replied that she couldn't be forced to leave, especially since she hadn't been asked. "You can't make me go," she said firmly. Sonny felt that he had been helping her, but Nelle explained that she didn't have any attachments in Atlanta. She had more of a life and purpose in Port Charles, and while she'd never forget what had happened, she'd be able to tuck it away.

Sonny explained that it had only been an option, and they agreed to forget it. Nelle asked Sonny for a cup of tea, noting that she suddenly felt lightheaded. While Sonny was retrieving the tea, Nelle replayed their conversation that she had once again recorded.

After drinking her tea, Nelle said that she felt better. She was happy about her necklace being found, explaining that the piece had been a present to herself. Sonny promised not to get in her way, and she grabbed his hand. She vowed to remain quiet. "Hey, Sonny," Jason called out as he walked in.

Nelle told the men she had to leave to get ready to meet Michael. "What was that about?" Jason asked. "Nothin'," Sonny replied. Jason began to disclose that he had some information on the bombing, but he noticed that Sonny was distracted. Jason wondered what was going on.

Curtis received a phone call. "Really?" he asked the party on the other end.

Alexis steeled herself and dumped a miniature bottle of alcohol into her takeout coffee before heading into the hospital.

In Julian's hospital room, Ava congratulated her brother on being released from the hospital. She advised him that she was ready for his return, and she'd interviewed several nurses. Instead, he revealed that he had someone who was "perfect for the job." Julian told his sister that he felt good. Ava did her best to convince him that he needed security and someone well equipped for the job.

Alexis entered Julian's room, and ignoring Ava, she asked Julian for his paperwork. "What the hell is going on?" Ava asked her brother angrily. She thought that Alexis was a terrible choice, and she thought Julian had a "bizarre emotional attachment" to his former wife. She could see that Alexis hated him. Julian thought it was good that Alexis showed passion over apathy. "I know what I need," Julian maintained.

It suddenly dawned on Ava that Alexis had been the one to hit Julian with a car, and her brother was forcing Alexis to help him through his recovery. Julian ordered Ava to just drop it because he didn't want to discuss it. Ava complained about having to spend time with the awkwardness of the situation, but Julian assured her that she'd have to deal with it.

Ava was concerned that Alexis would attempt to kill Julian again, and she didn't believe that the hit-and-run had merely been an accident, as Julian insisted. "No good will come of it," Ava whined. Julian informed her that everything would be "crystal clear." Ava was sure that Julian was keeping something from her.

Dante and Nathan attempted to meet with Griffin to find out what he knew about the Claudette and Charlotte situation. Griffin was called away, but the detectives were more concerned that they were unable to reach either Maxi or Lulu on the phone. They were certain the young women were out and about, doing something that they shouldn't be doing.

Alexis presented Griffin with Julian's paperwork, indicating that she was authorized to discuss Julian's state of affairs. Griffin couldn't understand why Alexis would be helping Julian, but Alexis retorted that it really wasn't any of Griffin's business. Griffin reminded her that Julian had killed his father, and Alexis had endeavored to have Julian imprisoned. Alexis tried to explain that it was "an emotional situation." She asked if she might confide in Griffin as she would a priest, but Griffin affirmed that he was not acting as a priest at that time. He would, however, do his best to remain objective and would not betray her confidence.

Alexis stammered that she really couldn't explain why she was there, and she was conflicted. She did know that she didn't want any of her daughters to learn that she was helping Julian. She felt that she was trying to forgive Julian. Griffin understood, but not the part about Alexis being willing to devote so much of her time to Julian. Griffin didn't see the logic in any of it. Alexis told Griffin that he didn't have to understand, and she wished she could confide in him as a priest.

Maxi and Lulu, locked in Dr. Bellamy's exam room, found that they had no signal to use a cell phone. Lulu was nervous. "We have to get out of here right now," she insisted. Even the windows had metal grating over them, so there was no way out of the office. Lulu was sure that the doctor was aware of what they'd been doing, and she thought he might even be calling Valentin.

Valentin told Dr. Bellamy that he had to clean things up sooner than he thought, and he prepared to get to New York City quickly.

The doctor stepped back into his exam room, pleased to see that the women were such model prisoners. He advised them that the room was soundproof and a dead zone, so cell phone usage was unavailable. He was not going to let them go after finding Lulu going through his confidential files. After he left the room again, Maxie announced that they needed to grab some of the doctor's instruments to use as weapons.

When the doctor returned again, he ordered the women to drop the instruments and leave. They stepped out and saw Valentin. "You bastard," Lulu shouted. She slapped Valentin savagely.

Valentin apologized that they'd been held captive for so long, but he had needed them to stay. The doctor left. "I know what you did, you bastard," Lulu yelled. She called Valentin a liar and a murderer, though Valentin insisted that he had never lied except by omission. He added that she didn't know everything. Just then, Dante and Nathan crashed through the entrance.

Valentin finally took control after Lulu continued to shout accusations at him. He had to tell them all something that they deserved to know. He looked at Lulu affectionately and said it was time for the truth.

Valentin agreed that Claudette had lied, and that wasn't a secret. She was not Charlotte's biological mother. He knew that Lulu had figured it out. "You and I are Charlotte's parents," Valentin said to Lulu.

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