General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 13, 2017 on GH

Jason and Curtis defused the bomb. Julian sacrificed his life to save Alexis. Lulu was granted supervised visitation with Charlotte. Jake revealed something troubling during an art therapy session.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 13, 2017 on GH
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An Explosion in the Hospital An Explosion in the Hospital

Monday, March 13, 2017

At Ava's, Julian wondered if Olivia had given Ava any clues as to where Olivia had gone. Just then, the phone rang, and Ava answered it to Olivia, who wanted to speak to Julian. Olivia told Julian that she was with someone who was "more valuable than Ava" to Julian. "Meet me and find out," she added, looking down at an unconscious Alexis handcuffed to the footbridge. She told Julian to meet her at the footbridge and hung up. "The less you know, the better," he said to a confused Ava as he stormed out of the apartment, readying his gun.

At Morgan's grave, Sonny addressed Morgan, telling him that his killer was going to face justice. He admitted that he and Carly had broken up because of a stupid mistake he'd made. Just then, Carly arrived with a bouquet. "I'll come back," she said when she saw Sonny. He asked her to stay, so she did. He wanted to ask for her forgiveness and observed that she was still upset. "I'm at my son's grave, and you think I'm upset about Nelle?" she shot back.

Carly continued that the worst part about Morgan's death, "besides the obvious," had been going through it alone. Eventually, she'd discovered that she could lean on Sonny, but she felt like she was back at square one. Sonny related that he'd made the biggest mistake of his life. Carly reminded him that she'd forgiven him for much worse, but the part she couldn't forgive was the lying. He explained that he hadn't wanted to make her suffer any more than she already was.

Carly wanted time alone with Morgan, so Sonny left. Carly apologized to Morgan for taking her and Sonny's issues there. She regretted that things had gotten so much worse. Just then, her phone rang, and she answered it to Ava. Ava asked for a visit with Avery, but Carly snapped that she wasn't at Sonny's. "I'm at Morgan's grave," Carly said shortly. She hung up on Ava, told Morgan she loved him, and left.

A short while later, Carly was banging on Ava's door. Ava let Carly in and explained that she wasn't in jail because she was no longer a suspect in Morgan's murder. She explained to Carly about the presumed-dead Olivia and showed Carly a picture. Ava continued that Olivia had been there earlier and had tied Ava up. Carly admitted that she didn't want the police to find Olivia, because she wanted to find Olivia first. "I want to look that monster in the eye and make her pay in ways that she couldn't imagine," Carly vowed.

"Prison won't suffice?" Ava wondered. "Would prison suffice if it were Kiki?" Carly countered, and Ava shook her head. Carly picked up a martini glass and asked if it had been Olivia's. Ava answered that Olivia had broken in and fixed herself a drink. Ava didn't want to repeat the experience. "You won't have to," Carly said as she threw the glass against the wall, shattering it. Ava went to clean up the glass as Carly stormed out.

Jordan couldn't believe that Curtis had gotten on the elevator with Jason. Dante assured her that Curtis had been trying to help protect as many people as possible. Elizabeth approached for an update after seeing out the last of the patients. Jordan thought that Elizabeth deserved to know what was going on, as Jason was the father of one of her children. Jordan explained about the bomb and told Elizabeth to get out of the hospital.

Hayden was surprised to hear no sirens, considering there was an apparent crisis going on at the hospital. She observed how "awful" Finn looked. He joked that he was getting clean just in time for something bad to happen. He informed Hayden that he was in the stages of withdrawal, and that she should have left when she'd had the chance.

A few minutes later, Finn wrapped himself in a blanket, and Hayden returned to him with a sick bucket and a cold compress. He told her that, if he had to be "stuck anywhere with anyone, I'm glad it's with you." However, he thought he was dragging her down. "My place is with you," she assured him.

Outside, Sam yelled at a cop that she needed to know if her husband was all right. Epiphany appeared and tried to calm Sam down. Sam asked Epiphany to hold Emily while she found out what was going on with Jason, and Epiphany obliged. As Sam got in the cop's face again, Franco approached and attempted to pull her away. Sam turned her fury on Franco. She suggested that he go in and disarm the bomb, since that had been a "hobby" of his. She remarked that Elizabeth was still in the building and wondered, "How does it feel to be on the other side?"

Franco was sorry for all he'd done, and he dismissed it as "ancient history." Sam assured Franco that Elizabeth would be fine, because Jason was the one risking his life to save everyone else. "It's a good thing you didn't kill him all the times you tried, isn't it?" she said. "Thank God he survived all that ancient history," she added.

In the elevator, Jason urged Curtis to get off, but he refused. The bomb squad entered, fully suited, and Curtis instructed them to "work fast." There were three minutes left on the bomb's timer. The leader of the bomb squad informed Curtis that there were two interdependent parts of the bomb that needed to be disarmed simultaneously.

The man handed Jason and Curtis each a pair of wire cutters. He instructed them to find the copper wires underneath either the red, blue, or green wires, and cut both at the same time. With time running out fast, Curtis wondered what Jason thought of blue. "I love blue," Jason responded. Curtis told the bomb squad to take cover, so they left. As time ran out, Curtis and Jason each cut a blue wire.

Outside the hospital, there were screams as an explosion was heard. Sam begged the cop to ask for an update on Jason, and he finally obliged. He radioed in asking about Jason multiple times, but there was no answer. Suddenly, Jason walked out of the hospital, and Sam ran into his arms. He explained that the bomb squad had wanted to perform a "secure detonation" because they hadn't felt comfortable moving the bomb. They agreed to get Emily back from Epiphany and go back up to Sam's hospital room.

Finn got sick into the bucket. He recognized that he was delirious, but he wondered if the loud boom he'd heard had actually happened. Hayden confirmed that it had, but they were still alive. He wondered what she would do when they got out. "Help you kick your addiction," she responded. He asked why she was wasting her time with him. She answered that, when things had gotten tough in her life, he'd never run when he should have. There was an announcement over the loudspeaker that the evacuation was over. Hayden assured Finn that she'd meant every word she'd said.

Sam and Jason were in Sam's hospital room when Sonny entered to check up on them after the craziness of the night. He saw baby Emily and called her beautiful. Sam expressed her sympathy, because she knew that Sonny was thinking about Morgan. He replied that a baby was always a blessing.

Outside the room, Jason filled Sonny in on Olivia Jerome and all she'd done. Jason instructed Sonny to go home to Carly while Olivia was being hunted. Sonny replied that Carly wanted nothing to do with him, and Jason realized that Carly had found out about Nelle. Sam poked her head out of the room and invited the men back in after she'd fed Emily.

Sam wondered if Sonny was all right. "The woman who killed my son is still out there. Of course I'm not all right," he responded. Sam offered for Sonny to hang out with them for a while, but he had to go. When he was gone, Sam and Jason cuddled with Emily.

Outside Sam's room, Sonny talked on the phone. He said that he wanted "the bitch who killed my son."

Franco entered the hospital, looking around frantically for Elizabeth. When he finally found her, he grabbed her and kissed her.

A short while later, Franco and Elizabeth found Hayden and Finn. Hayden embraced her sister. Elizabeth noticed Finn's pallor, and he informed her that he was going through withdrawal. She fully supported him, but she couldn't let him go back to work. He worried that she would report him, but she promised to keep his secret as long as he took a leave of absence.

Minutes later, Finn signed a paper requesting his leave of absence, and Elizabeth promised to get it to Monica. He thanked Elizabeth for her discretion. "Make it count," she advised him, and he agreed. Franco returned with a wheelchair for Finn, but Finn preferred to walk out of the hospital. He offered the wheelchair to Elizabeth, who sat down, and Franco pushed her down the hall. Hayden offered to take Finn home. He wanted to accept the offer, but it was "something I need to do on my own."

Jordan suggested that Dante check on the search for Olivia. He agreed and left to make a phone call. Curtis descended the stairs, and Jordan demanded to know what he'd been thinking, trapping himself in the elevator with the bomb. "Admit you're glad I survived," Curtis said confidently. She had to get back to work, but Curtis reminded her that she'd been knocked unconscious. He ordered her to see a doctor, and she reluctantly agreed.

Dante returned after checking in with Lulu. He updated Jordan that there were no leads on Olivia, but the police were tracking down people with ties to her. Curtis assured Jordan that she would get Olivia, because "you always get your man." Epiphany asked Jordan to follow her to see the doctor, and she went.

Handcuffed to the bridge, Alexis stirred and woke up. "Why are you doing this?" Alexis demanded to know. "Love," Olivia replied dreamily. Alexis informed Olivia that everyone was out looking for Alexis, so Olivia wouldn't get away with anything. "I already have," Olivia replied. A few minutes later, Julian arrived to find Alexis. Olivia sneaked up behind Julian and pointed her gun into his back. She took his gun. He implored her to let Alexis go, since he was the one that Olivia wanted.

Olivia told Julian that she wanted to cause him the same pain he'd caused her when he'd killed Duke. However, Olivia informed him that he would be killing Alexis himself. He laughed and told her to find something he actually cared about if she wanted to punish him. He added that he and Alexis were long over.

Olivia handed Julian the gun and demanded that he shoot Alexis. "I'm sorry, Alexis," he said. He pointed the gun at Alexis and pulled the trigger. "Run! Go!" he yelled at her, having shot right through the chain binding her to the footbridge. She got up and ran as Julian struggled with Olivia. There was a gunshot, and Alexis turned and saw Olivia with the gun, looking over the side of the bridge. Alexis was horrified to see that Julian was gone.

Carly's prayers are answered

Carly's prayers are answered

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

At the Floating Rib, Laura was curious what Lulu intended to order, but Lulu confessed that she was not hungry. Lulu appreciated that her mother-in-law had agreed to watch Rocco to give Lulu a chance to spend time with Laura, but Lulu wanted to fetch Rocco and go home to wait for Dante because she needed some family time before the court hearing the following day. Laura appreciated Lulu's concerns, but Lulu explained she was terrified because Valentin was a murderer and a criminal, yet it seemed as if the judge might grant him custody of Charlotte. Laura conceded that it had been a rough day in court, and things hadn't gone as Laura had hoped.

Laura vowed that she hadn't given up. Just then, Kevin entered the bar and approached the table. He greeted Laura with a kiss then joined Laura and Lulu at the table. Kevin apologized for being late and mentioned the trouble at the hospital, but he assured Laura and Lulu that everything had worked out. Laura explained that she had asked him to join them because the judge wanted a psychiatrist to talk to Charlotte before making a decision about custody the following day. Kevin assured Lulu that it was a standard formality and added that Charlotte would likely talk to a doctor in the morning.

Lulu seized the opportunity to ask if Kevin could get Charlotte's case assigned to him, but he explained that Valentin's attorney would argue it was a conflict of interest, since Valentin had shot Kevin. Lulu pointed out that it would force Valentin to take responsibility for the crime, but Laura reminded Lulu that Anna and Griffin had tried and failed to use the crime against Valentin during the first custody hearing. Kevin added that his relationship with Laura was also an issue. Lulu was disappointed, but she perked up when she realized that Kevin knew most of the court-appointed psychiatrists. She asked him to find out who had been assigned the case so he could put in a good word for her and explain that Charlotte had been poisoned against her.

Kevin regretfully told Lulu that it wouldn't be ethical. Lulu feared the worst because she knew that she'd made a mistake by telling Charlotte that she was Charlotte's mother at Nathan and Maxie's wedding. Lulu admitted that Valentin had been furious, but Kevin argued that Lulu had ultimately told Charlotte the truth. Lulu acknowledged that it had also been wrong of her to try to spend time with Charlotte at Crimson when Maxie had called, but Lulu had been desperate to show Charlotte how much she loved her daughter. Lulu doubted that Charlotte would have anything positive to say about Lulu, but Kevin promised Lulu there was hope because Diane had made a point of accusing Valentin of keeping Charlotte from Lulu for most of Charlotte's life, which meant that it would be included in the file given to the court-appointed psychiatrist.

Kevin assured Lulu that the psychiatrist would take everything into account and that Charlotte's negative view of Lulu might actually work in Lulu's favor. He promised Lulu that she had reason to hope for a loving relationship with her daughter because Charlotte was young, and children were prone to change their minds. Lulu thanked Kevin for the talk and decided to get Rocco and head home to wait for Dante. After Lulu left, Laura asked Kevin what he really thought about Lulu's chances. "It could go either way," Kevin admitted.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth and Franco entered the kitchen after sending the babysitter home. Elizabeth admitted that she was eager to check on the boys, just to make certain that they were safe and asleep, but Franco asked her to wait because he wanted to hold her. He told her how terrified he'd been that he might have lost her when he'd heard about the bomb because the only time he felt the world was okay was when he was with her. Elizabeth smiled and kissed him, but he quickly pulled away and looked at something in the living room.

Elizabeth turned and saw Jake staring at them. Elizabeth immediately asked why Jake was out of bed, so he admitted that he'd heard them arrive home. Jake worried that something had happened because their babysitter had only let him and his brothers watch DVDs and had refused to let them watch television or get online. Elizabeth was pleased and explained that something had happened at the hospital, but she rushed to assure her son that everything was fine. She showed him a picture of Emily Scout. Jake studied the picture, prompting Elizabeth to ask what Jake was thinking. Jake smiled and told her that it didn't appear as if his sister had been cursed.

Alarmed, Elizabeth glanced at Franco. Franco seemed equally concerned and joined Elizabeth and Jake on the sofa as Elizabeth questioned her son about Helena's curse. Jake revealed that Helena had hated Sam and had put a curse on Sam and Jason. Elizabeth assured Jake that both Jason and Sam were fine, but Jake explained that Helena had told him that her curse would still work after Helena had died. Jake had his doubts because his sister seemed fine. Elizabeth explained that Helena had enjoyed scaring people by making them think that she was powerful and a witch.

Elizabeth promised that Helena's claims had merely been stories. Franco added that Helena suffered from lies or delusions, but Elizabeth gently asked if Jake recalled anything else about his time with Helena. Jake shook his head -- he only remembered Helena talking about the curse. Elizabeth let it drop and reminded her son that it was time for bed. Jake's eyes suddenly turned glassy as he stared off into space. "Never forget, Jake. Never tell," Jake quietly said in an ominous tone.

Concerned, Elizabeth asked what Jake was talking about, but he snapped out of the trancelike state and claimed that he had no idea what his mother was talking about. Elizabeth and Franco realized that Jake had no recollection of what he'd said, so Franco offered to tuck Jake in. Jake happily agreed, kissed his mother goodnight, and disappeared upstairs with Franco. Elizabeth ran to the bookshelf and quickly retrieved a box, which she carried into the kitchen. Moments later, Franco entered the kitchen and saw her looking at the book. Elizabeth confirmed that it was the book Helena had bequeathed to her -- "Jake's Adventures."

Elizabeth admitted that she'd been tempted to throw the book out, but she had decided to keep it because Helena had been the type to poison a person then hide the cure in plain sight. However, she'd gotten tired of looking at it in her locker every day and had hidden the book in a box that she'd tucked away. Elizabeth was concerned because Jake had quoted a part of the book, but Franco suggested that perhaps Jake or one of his brothers had found the book. Elizabeth shook her head and assured him that she was certain the book hadn't been touched, which meant that Jake shouldn't have known about the passage. Franco and Elizabeth opened the book to read the eerie quote.

"Jake and the old woman had many, many more adventures," Franco started. "One day, before she said goodbye for the last time, the old woman pulled Jake close and whispered, Never forget, Jake. And never tell," Elizabeth finished. Elizabeth wondered what it meant and what Helena had done to her son. Franco poured two glasses of wine and handed one to Elizabeth. She told him that she'd read the book several times because she had hoped it would help her understand what had happened to Jake during his time with Helena.

Elizabeth reminded Franco how fragile Jake's emotional state had been when Jake had first returned from Cassadine Island and how it had seemed to reach a head when Sam had fallen down the basement steps. Elizabeth realized that after the incident with Sam, Jake had quickly improved, but she feared that something awful had happened to her son that he'd blocked out. She was desperate to know more about the trauma, but she had no idea where to begin. Franco suggested they try art therapy because Jake had responded well to it the last time, but he warned her that Jason would object. She decided it would be best not to tell Jason until she had something concrete to report.

At the hospital, Sonny approached Curtis at the nurses' station and explained that he needed Curtis' help tracking down Morgan's killer. Sonny knew Olivia Jerome was alive and wanted to know where to find her. Curtis assured Sonny that Sonny knew everything Curtis did because Sonny had already talked to Jason. Sonny was curious what Curtis knew about Rudge. Curtis admitted that he didn't know anything except that the man's name was Winston Rudge. Curtis pulled out his phone and showed Sonny a surveillance picture of Rudge.

Sonny sent the picture to his own phone and thanked Curtis. After Curtis left, Sonny called Max to ask if there had been any news from the waterfront. Sonny explained that he was working another angle that might lead them straight to Olivia Jerome. He assured Max that Max could reach out to Spinelli if necessary and asked Max to dig up information on a man named Winston Rudge. A short time later, Sonny called Max back to find out what Max had uncovered.

In an examination room, Jordan paced as she spoke on the phone, requesting an update on the search for Olivia, then ordered several roadblocks to be set up on the outskirts of town. She also wanted a judge to be available because she would need warrants signed. After she ended the call, Andre entered to check on her. He asked how her head was. "Hard," Jordan answered with a smile. Andre was happy that Jordan would make a full recovery, but he was furious that she'd nearly been killed by a crazy woman. Jordan was surprised that he'd referred to someone as "crazy," but he insisted that the term suited Olivia perfectly.

Moments later, Dante called with an update. Jordan assured him that she was on her way and ended the call. Andre admitted that he felt awkward because they'd been through too much together to simply be polite to each other. Andre didn't regret the breakup because it had been the right thing to do, but he didn't know how to act around her. Jordan conceded that he'd made her face things that she hadn't wanted to. As if on cue, Curtis entered the room. Curtis tensed when he saw Andre, but he forced a smile and greeted the doctor. Jordan quickly excused herself when Dante called.

After Jordan left, Andre grudgingly thanked Curtis for helping to defuse the bomb and saving the hospital, but Curtis wasn't fooled -- he knew that Andre disliked him. Andre admitted that it was true because Andre and Jordan had had something special until Curtis had decided to blow it apart just to prove that he could. Curtis insisted that he and Jordan were not romantically involved, but Andre advised Curtis not to bail on Jordan because she would realize that Curtis had either been a player or a coward. Either way, Curtis would lose Jordan too.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava returned to the living room with a dustpan and broom to sweep up the glass that Carly had smashed. Ava pointed out that she and Carly had a mutual enemy because Olivia had killed Morgan and was after Julian. Ava stood up and looked around when she was met with silence. Carly had left.

Later, Ava poured a martini and left Sonny a voicemail message reminding him that she'd left previous messages. She explained that she was out of jail and desperate to spend time with Avery. Ava admitted that she'd tried to talk to Carly about a visit, but Carly had stormed out. Ava implored Sonny to return her call for their daughter's sake and ended the call. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Ava approached the door with trepidation and slowly looked through the peephole. Relieved, Ava opened the door.

Ava hoped Jordan was there to apologize for the wrongful arrest, but Jordan shook her head. Alarmed, Ava wondered if something had happened to Julian. Jordan was curious why Ava would ask that. Ava pointed out that she was aware of the news about Olivia and reminded Jordan that Julian had once tried to kill Olivia. Ava insisted that her sister was "completely insane" and filled Jordan in about Olivia's visit and how Olivia had used Ava to lure Julian to the apartment. Frustrated, Jordan wondered why Ava hadn't called the police, but Ava scoffed at the suggestion, since she'd recently been falsely arrested for her sister's crimes. Jordan conceded that Ava had a point, but she was curious if Ava knew where Olivia and Julian were. Ava had no idea.

On the footbridge in Roebling Park, Olivia gripped a gun as she looked over the railing and smiled with satisfaction at the rushing water below. Olivia told her brother farewell and added that he'd gotten what he'd deserved. Olivia put the gun away as Rudge walked up to report that he hadn't been able to find Alexis in the woods. Olivia conceded that she'd be furious if it had been any other time, but she was in good spirits and confident that Alexis would not make it through the woods to find help for several hours because Alexis had been in high heels. Rudge pointed out that it would give them plenty of time to escape. Olivia agreed, but she decided that she had one more wrong to set right and told him to get the boat ready while she took care of her errand.

Later, Rudge returned to the footbridge to meet up with Olivia, but Sonny stepped out of the shadows. Rudge tensed when he saw the gun in Sonny's hand because he recognized Morgan's father. Sonny demanded to know where Olivia was, but Rudge claimed that he had no idea. Sonny decided that Rudge was useless to him and informed Olivia's accomplice that it had been a mistake to charter a boat to Canada because Sonny had a lot of influence on the waterfront and had received a call when Rudge had made the arrangements. Panicked, Rudge explained that Olivia had left to right a wrong.

At Morgan's gravesite, Carly swept snow off her son's headstone then kneeled in front of it to tell her son that she finally knew who had killed him. Carly told Morgan about Ava's sister and tearfully added that Olivia was the reason that Carly had lost him forever. Carly insisted that she would never be over his death, and every choice she'd made since he'd died had been a disaster. She was certain things would be different if Morgan were alive. Carly started to tell him that she wanted justice, but she confessed that what she really wanted was revenge. Carly admitted that for the first time, she truly understood Sonny's desire for vengeance.

Carly promised that she loved Morgan and would miss him every second of the day. Carly stood up to leave but bumped into a woman as she passed through the cemetery. Carly was taken aback when she recognized Olivia Jerome. Unaware of who Carly was, Olivia apologized and started to walk away, but Carly blocked Olivia's path and asked what Olivia was doing there. Olivia was surprised by the question, so Carly tempered her tone. "I mean at this time of night," Carly said. Olivia revealed that she had picked up an old artifact that shouldn't have been there to start with.

Olivia added that she hated bad "intel" and tried to leave again, but Carly jumped in front of Olivia and made it clear that Olivia wouldn't be going anywhere. Olivia's smile faded as she advised Carly to mind her own business because it wouldn't end well for Carly, but Carly dropped all pretenses and asked about the plaque Olivia was holding. Olivia explained that it read "Olivia St. John," which was a name that Olivia had once used. Carly insisted that Olivia was a monster, but Olivia laughed and assured Carly that whatever she'd seen in the news about Olivia had been a complete fabrication because Olivia hadn't known anything about a bomb in the hospital.

Carly accused Olivia of murdering Carly's son. Olivia realized who Carly was and dropped the plaque. Carly informed Olivia that Olivia stood on the grave of the young man whose life Olivia had cut short. Olivia stumbled back as she pulled a gun out of her pocket and aimed it at Carly. Carly vowed to make Olivia pay and lunged for the gun. The struggle quickly ended when Carly managed to shoot Olivia in the arm and grab the gun.

Carly's eyes filled with tears of rage as she confronted her son's killer. Olivia clutched her bleeding arm as she begged Carly to let her go. Olivia insisted the bomb had been intended for Julian and tried to blame him for Morgan's death, but Carly didn't care because she intended to balance the scales and make certain that Olivia never hurt anyone else. Olivia continued to plead for her life, so Carly was curious if Olivia would have listened if Morgan had begged. Olivia promised that she would have and added that Morgan had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Carly announced that it was Olivia's turn to pay for Morgan's death. Carly believed Olivia's presence in the cemetery was an answer to Carly's prayers, so Carly intended to take full advantage of the situation. Olivia doubted that Carly wanted to follow through on the threat, but Carly disagreed and aimed the gun at Olivia.

Olivia Jerome and Rudge are captured

Olivia Jerome and Rudge are captured

> Olivia Jerome and Rudge are captured

Olivia Jerome and Rudge are captured

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon munched on popcorn while he was engrossed with something on his laptop. He had headphones on and didn't hear Kiki enter the living room and approach him from behind. Kiki smiled when she saw what he'd been watching and tapped him on the shoulder. Startled, Dillon slammed the laptop closed and took off his headphones. Kiki teased Dillon about watching Gilmore Girls, but Dillon claimed that it had been research for an article Maxie had recommended about the fashion styles on the show. Kiki smiled knowingly because she was certain Dillon had enjoyed the episodes.

Dillon changed the subject because he was curious why Kiki had changed her mind about spending the evening with him. He recalled that she'd wanted to get some rest before she started volunteer work at the psychiatric ward. Kiki explained that she hadn't been able to sleep because she'd been too consumed by her thoughts. Dillon feared that he and Kiki were over before they had started, but she smiled and took his hand as she led him to the sofa and assured him that she had no intention of breaking things off with him. Kiki explained that the charges against Ava had been dropped because her aunt had committed the crimes.

Dillon was stunned when Kiki filled him in about Olivia's crime spree and mentioned the bomb at the hospital. Kiki wondered how many episodes of Gilmore Girls he'd binge-watched that he'd been unaware of the manhunt. Dillon worried about his mother and aunt, but Kiki assured him that the bomb hadn't detonated, and everyone was safe. She pulled up a recent news article online to show him the picture of her homicidal aunt, but Dillon pointed out that his father was a serial killer. Kiki smiled because she realized they were quite a pair, but he was curious if she still wanted a relationship with him, since she'd decided to be with him partly because of her mother's arrest.

Dillon confessed that he'd noticed a longing to escape in Kiki's eyes and a desire to shut out the world. He pointed out that she wouldn't need to hide from the world because Ava no longer faced criminal charges. Kiki assured him that a burden had been lifted, and things would be easier for them. Dillon smiled when Kiki kissed him passionately. Things quickly heated up as they leaned back on the sofa and continued to kiss, but the moment abruptly ended when Monica and Tracy arrived home. Tracy sarcastically suggested that Dillon had obviously been worried about Tracy and Monica's fate.

Dillon explained that he hadn't heard about the bomb at the hospital until Kiki had shared the news with him, but he promised that he was happy that both his mother and aunt were safe. Kiki expressed her remorse for what her diabolical aunt had done, but Monica assured Kiki that Kiki had nothing to be sorry for. Tracy disagreed and accused the Jerome family of being a blight on the community since they'd arrived. Dillon decided to avoid an argument by grabbing Kiki's hand and inviting her to his bedroom. Tracy was scandalized that Dillon had taken Kiki to his bedroom, but Monica chuckled and reminded Tracy that they hadn't been any better at Dillon's age.

Later, Monica placed a tray of food on the coffee table because she wanted to celebrate the failed attempt to destroy the hospital. Tracy fetched them each something to drink as they talked about how frightened they'd been throughout the ordeal. Tracy handed Monica a non-alcoholic drink, and the two toasted to life. Monica admitted that Tracy had been a great comfort to Monica when Monica had been worried about Jason during the crisis. Tracy seized the opportunity to congratulate Monica on her new granddaughter, Emily Scout.

Tracy confessed that she wanted more grandchildren. Surprised, Monica told Tracy that Tracy might get her wish. Tracy was horrified at the idea of a Dillon and Kiki having a child, especially since Ned had decided to raise Leo as his own. Tracy looked up at the ceiling and loudly announced that she didn't want any Jerome grandchildren. A short time later, Monica announced that it was time for her to go. "To bed?" Tracy asked. Monica smiled sheepishly. "In a manner of speaking," Monica answered.

Tracy grinned and demanded details. Monica revealed that she'd been seeing someone, but she stressed that the relationship was very casual. Monica admitted that it was nice to have a good friend whom she could talk to about her day. Monica suggested that Tracy try it sometime.

Later, Monica entered the living room to hand Tracy a letter that had gotten mixed in with Monica's stack. Tracy noticed that the registered letter was from her ex-husband "Lord Larry Ashton." Tracy opened the letter and read it aloud. The letter started with an apology for making Tracy sick and nearly killing her, but Larry explained that the reason he'd reached out to her was because he had a matter of "extreme importance" to discuss with her. Larry asked her to contact him at her earliest convenience, but Tracy ripped up the letter because she was certain Larry wanted money.

In Dillon's bedroom, Dillon and Kiki made love. Afterwards, Dillon told Kiki that he only had eyes for her and had been bummed when she had canceled their plans for the evening. Kiki admitted that she had missed him too. Touched, Dillon kissed her. After the kiss, they snuggled in bed, and Kiki looked around. She realized that it was the first time she'd seen his bedroom. Kiki was impressed that there wasn't a single lava lamp or beanbag chair in sight. However, she had one final test and asked if the sheets were 800-thread count.

Dillon suggested that he and Kiki test the sheets and made love to her again. Later, Kiki admitted that she hated the thought of leaving, so he invited her to spend the night. Kiki seemed reluctant, but he assured her that he had a spare toothbrush. Eventually, Dillon persuaded her to stay.

In the squad room, Dante greeted Jordan as she and Ava arrived. Jordan asked Dante to take Ava's statement and reminded Ava of the consequences if Ava lied about Olivia. Surprised, Dante sat down and took Ava's statement as Ava detailed how her sister had used Ava as bait to lure Julian to Ava's apartment. Ava revealed that Olivia had left Ava tied up in the apartment until Julian had arrived and freed Ava. Dante was curious why Ava hadn't called the police, but Ava insisted that it had been pointless, since Olivia had left before Julian's arrival, and Julian had rushed out after a phone call with Olivia.

Ava assured Dante that she had no idea where her sister was, but she acknowledged that Olivia was "stark raving mad" and feared that she might kill Julian. Alexis entered the squad room in time to add that Olivia might have already succeeded. Dante, Jordan, and Ava immediately peppered Alexis with questions, but Alexis was frazzled because she'd trekked through the woods to safety. Alexis filled Jordan in about the abduction, Olivia's plan for Julian to kill Alexis, and Julian's desperate effort to save Alexis. Alexis admitted that she'd fled when she'd been freed, but she'd heard a shot and seen Olivia on the footbridge with a gun and no sign of Julian.

Later, Ava advised Alexis to go to the hospital to be checked out, but Alexis insisted that she was fine and questioned Ava's sudden concern. Ava confessed that she felt terrible about everything that had happened because Olivia was insane. Ava realized that Olivia had been threatening Julian for months, and everything he'd done since Olivia had returned had been to protect his loved ones. "A lot of good that did him," Alexis muttered. Alexis wondered how they'd ended up where they were, but Ava was curious if Alexis had seen Olivia shoot Julian. "No," Alexis answered.

Ava hoped that Julian had survived because her brother was resourceful. Ava was curious how Olivia had managed to snatch Alexis from the hospital, so Alexis started to tell Ava the story but stopped when she suddenly recalled the situation with the bomb. Ava quickly assured Alexis that everything was fine, and no one had been hurt. Ava decided that she was tired of waiting for an update from Jordan and announced that she was headed to the footbridge. Alexis followed Ava out.

On the footbridge in Roebling Park, Sonny confronted Rudge about Morgan's death. Rudge promised that he hadn't known that Morgan would be killed and begged Sonny to spare his life. Sonny kept the gun aimed at Rudge as he demanded that Rudge tell him where Olivia had gone. Rudge insisted that he had no idea. Rudge explained that Olivia had told him that she'd had one last task to attend to, since she'd already dealt with Julian, but she'd refused to share any details. Sonny was pleased that Julian had been taken care of, but Sonny wanted Olivia.

Rudge pointed out that Olivia was not a fool and wouldn't risk wasting too much time because she'd planned to escape. Sonny continued to question Rudge about Olivia's cryptic parting words until Sonny had what he needed. Rudge panicked when Sonny informed Olivia's henchman that their business was concluded. Rudge implored Sonny not to kill him because Rudge hadn't known how crazy Olivia was until it was too late, but Sonny didn't care.

Later, the police arrived on the footbridge and looked around. Jordan and Dante spotted a body at the bottom of the embankment, so Dante went to check. Alexis and Ava arrived as Dante made his way back up the embankment with an injured man. Alexis and Ava were hopeful until Alexis recognized Rudge. Ava demanded to know where her brother was, but Jordan stepped in an assured Ava that they would sort everything out. Alexis explained that Rudge had worked for Olivia, but Rudge argued that Olivia had used an alias, and he hadn't known who she was.

Jordan asked where Olivia was, but Rudge admitted that he had no idea and added that he wasn't in any condition to endure another interrogation after being questioned by Sonny. Dante wanted to know what Rudge had told Sonny, so Rudge filled him in about their conversation and Rudge's suspicion that Sonny had figured out where to find Olivia.

Later, Jordan reported to Alexis and Ava that there hadn't been any sign of Julian. Ava held out hope that her brother was alive, but a police officer walked up to show Jordan the jacket that had been found on the riverbank. Alexis and Ava's expressions filled with concern because they recognized Julian's jacket and saw the blood. Ava insisted that Julian could have made it to safety, but the police officer revealed that the water's current was too strong. After Jordan and the police officer walked away, Ava reminded Alexis that Ava had survived being shot and falling into the water below the footbridge, but Alexis argued that Olivia had shot Julian at close range.

Moments later, Jordan returned to break the news that Julian had likely perished in the frigid water.

At the cemetery, Olivia Jerome cowered against Morgan's headstone and begged Carly not to shoot her. Carly smiled because her prayers had been answered, and she intended to take full advantage of it. "Where's your humanity?" Olivia cried, but Carly was curious where Olivia's humanity and soul had been the night Morgan had died. Olivia tearfully apologized and admitted that she couldn't imagine what it had been like for Carly to lose a child because Olivia had never been blessed with children. Carly didn't care about Olivia's "barren womb."

Olivia pleaded with Carly to allow the justice system deal with her because Olivia didn't want to die, but Carly ordered Olivia to stop talking because Morgan was dead, and it didn't matter if Olivia had meant to kill him or not. Carly reminded Olivia that Morgan would never get to dance at his wedding, hold his child, or travel the world as he'd planned. Carly insisted that Olivia had stolen that from Morgan, and she had tainted all of Carly's memories of him because Carly couldn't think of her son without remembering that he'd died for nothing.

Carly admitted that she couldn't make peace with that. She glared at Olivia and told Olivia to "enjoy hell." Olivia cried for Carly to spare her life, but Carly became distracted when she heard the sounds of tires squealing. Olivia jumped up and ran to the gate, crying out for help, but Carly gave chase and fired off a shot that narrowly missed Olivia. Olivia froze in her tracks as Carly marched up and ordered Olivia to return to Morgan's headstone. Olivia reluctantly obeyed, but Sonny appeared before Carly pulled the trigger. Sonny begged Carly to put the gun down for their family's sake because he didn't want her to go to jail. Carly insisted that Olivia had to pay for killing Morgan, so Sonny promised to make Olivia suffer in the most painful way possible without it being tracked back to them.

Carly handed Sonny the gun then coldly told Olivia that she almost felt sorry for Olivia because what Sonny had in store for her would be far worse than the quick death that Carly had offered. Olivia whimpered when Sonny confirmed that Carly was right. Sonny ordered Olivia to stand up, but Dante and a couple of police officers approached and quickly took over. Dante praised his father and Carly for doing the right thing, but Olivia accused Carly of trying to kill her. Carly argued that she'd merely defended herself. Dante roughly pulled Olivia's injured arm behind her back, handcuffed her, and placed her under arrest.

Olivia cried out with pain, but Dante ignored her complaints as he marched her away. After Dante and the police officers left, Sonny vowed to incinerate Olivia and promised that there wouldn't be "a corner in hell" where she could hide from him. Satisfied, Carly adjusted the flowers on Morgan's grave and told Sonny their baby would be able to rest in peace once Olivia paid.

Charlotte's custody is decided

Charlotte's custody is decided

Thursday, March 16, 2017

At a coffee shop, Dante wrapped up a call with Diane and told Lulu and Laura that Diane would meet them at the courthouse. Lulu claimed that she was not worried about Charlotte's psychiatric evaluation because Kevin had assured her that an experienced doctor would easily see through Valentin's programming. After Lulu excused herself to freshen up, both Dante and Laura agreed that they were concerned about how Lulu would react if the judge ruled against her. Laura confided that Kevin had warned Laura that things could go either way.

Dante was relieved that Laura hadn't told Lulu because Lulu was nervous enough. Laura agreed, especially since Lulu had had so many disappointments where Charlotte was concerned.

At the nurses' station, Griffin was surprised when Andre walked up and greeted him because Andre rarely worked before noon. Andre explained that he'd volunteered to talk to the staff about the bomb the previous day. Griffin suspected that it had been traumatic for several, but Andre pointed out that none of the other staff members had been kidnapped. He asked how Griffin had been holding up. Griffin sneezed and blamed it on allergies. Andre realized that Griffin didn't want to discuss it and let the matter drop. He told Griffin to take care of himself then left for an appointment.

At the courthouse, Valentin held Charlotte's hand as they entered the courtroom. Charlotte asked her father if they could go skating, but he explained that she had to talk to a psychiatrist. He promised she had nothing to worry about and encouraged her to tell the truth, but Charlotte confessed that she'd wanted to go skating because she had hoped to run into Nina. Charlotte missed Nina and wondered if she'd done something to upset Nina. Valentin explained that Nina was upset with him because of a misunderstanding. Charlotte's eyes lit up when she saw Nina walk up.

Valentin smiled as Nina warmly greeted Charlotte, and Charlotte ran into her stepmother's welcoming arms. Charlotte expressed her concerns that she'd been the reason that Nina hadn't been around, but both Valentin and Nina assured Charlotte that their problems had nothing to do with Charlotte. To Charlotte's relief, Nina added that she would never let her argument with Valentin affect how she felt about Charlotte. Valentin reminded Charlotte that it was time to talk to the doctor, so Nina offered Charlotte some words of encouragement and told her to tell the truth. Charlotte smiled because her father had said the same thing.

After Valentin dropped Charlotte off, he joined Nina in an alcove to talk about their relationship. Nina assured him that she loved Charlotte, which was why she'd testified on his behalf. She insisted that despite their difference, she genuinely believed that Charlotte belonged with her father. "What about you?" Valentin asked. Nina admitted that she'd been thinking about their relationship while she'd been staying with her brother.

Nina explained that Valentin had always made her feel loved, but he'd also made her feel jealous and insecure. Valentin promised it hadn't been intentional, but Nina admitted that the back-and-forth with Anna had dredged up old memories from when Silas had cheated. Nina warned Valentin that she had no interest in feeling like that again. He assured her that his feelings for Anna were in the past, and he was a different person. Nina believed him, which was why she had decided to be his wife, raise Charlotte with him, and forget about Anna -- as long as he did the same.

Valentin's expression softened as he vowed to focus on the life that had begun with Charlotte's birth and had led him to Nina. Valentin promised that Nina and Charlotte were his world. Moments later, Diane, Dante, Lulu, and Laura arrived. Valentin and Nina tensed but showed a united front.

In the courtroom, Valentin approached his attorney and asked if he should be concerned that the judge was running late. Nora Buchanan smiled with confidence as she promised that he had nothing to worry about. Nora was confident that the evaluation had gone well and reminded him that it was clear Charlotte loved him.

On the other side of the courtroom, Diane admitted that she'd tried to use her influence to find out who'd been assigned to Charlotte's case, but Diane's contacts at Social Services had been uncharacteristically tightlipped. Lulu admitted that she'd hoped that Kevin would get the case, but he'd explained why it would have been wrong. Diane agreed and reminded both Dante and Lulu that they needed to avoid any hint of impropriety if they hoped for the judge's ruling to stick.

Moments later, Judge Rawles entered the courtroom. The judge reminded everyone that she'd asked a court-appointed psychiatrist to talk to Charlotte before rendering a decision. She invited the psychiatrist to enter the courtroom to testify. All heads turned to the back of the courtroom as Andre entered and marched to the witness stand. Laura leaned forward to whisper to Lulu that Kevin had always spoken highly of Dr. Maddox. Dante added that the doctor had worked with the police and was respected.

Lulu's expression filled with hope as the judge asked Andre about his session with Charlotte. Andre sang Charlotte's praises and admitted that she hadn't shown any signs of clinical depression or abandonment disorder despite the recent upheavals in her life. The judge was curious who would best serve as Charlotte's custodial parent. Andre acknowledged that Charlotte had suffered a severe loss when Claudette had died, which had been compounded when Charlotte had been told that Claudette had not been her biological mother. According to Andre, it was the reason that Charlotte clung to her father and rejected Lulu.

Andre made it clear that he believed it was wrong to endorse Charlotte's present rejection of Lulu because there would be a time, when Charlotte was old enough to understand the circumstances of her birth, that she would want to have a relationship with Lulu. Andre warned Valentin that Charlotte might grow to resent her father for cheating her out of a relationship with her mother. Andre recognized that Charlotte had a loving relationship with her stepmother, but Andre felt it was in Charlotte's best interest to develop a relationship with Lulu. The judge was curious how Charlotte was affected by her relationship with Valentin. Andre admitted that Charlotte loved Valentin because he'd been the only constant in her life, so it would be too traumatic to remove the child from Valentin's home under the current circumstances.

Valentin and Nina were elated, while Lulu and Dante were crushed. Andre quickly added that it was imperative for Charlotte to start supervised visits with Lulu, but Lulu was offended at the suggestion that she needed to be supervised. Andre explained that there had been "unintentional missteps" since Charlotte had been told about Lulu, so it would be best for Charlotte to get to know her mother, stepfather, and brother in a safe and neutral environment. Andre insisted that it would allow a smoother transition and give Charlotte an opportunity to build a relationship with Lulu without feeling as if it would hurt her bond with Valentin.

Satisfied, the judge excused Andre and called a short recess. Nora had a good feeling about the judge's decision. Nina agreed because Andre had made it clear that Charlotte should stay with Valentin and Nina.

Nearby, Lulu confronted Andre. She couldn't believe that he truly believed that Charlotte was better off with a man like Valentin, who had murdered Lulu's brother. Andre explained that he'd been asked to make a recommendation as to what was best for Charlotte, not to judge her father. Andre insisted that he'd given his professional opinion then left. Diane walked up to remind both Dante and Lulu that there was still hope because they had a glowing recommendation from the social worker.

Moments later, Judge Rawles returned to the courtroom to render her decision. She awarded full physical and legal custody of Charlotte to Valentin, but she ordered that Lulu be granted supervised visitation. Judge Rawles added that they would revisit the custody issue in six months. Valentin and Nina were delighted, but Nina's happiness was marred when she saw Dante comfort his weeping wife. Nora thought the judge had made the right decision, but Nina's eyes continued to stray to Lulu, who was devastated.

Lulu looked up when Charlotte entered the courtroom and happily approached Valentin and Nina. Valentin was eager to celebrate and offered to take both Nina and Charlotte to lunch. Lulu cried as she watched Charlotte leave with Valentin and Nina, but Nina stopped in the doorway and once again looked at Lulu as Dante, Diane, and Laura tried to console her. Diane was confident that Lulu would be able to build a relationship with Charlotte in the six months before the next hearing. Dante agreed and added that the judge would -- at the very least -- grant Lulu joint custody.

In the hallway, Charlotte decided that her black patent leather shoes were lucky because everything had worked out as she'd hoped. Laura walked up and choked back tears as she greeted her granddaughter then asked for a private word with Valentin. Nina tactfully led Charlotte away as Valentin gave Laura his attention. Laura tearfully acknowledged that they all wanted what was best for Charlotte. Valentin gloated that the judge had decided that he and Nina were what Charlotte needed, but Laura's tone hardened as she warned him that things could easily change in six months.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco arrived with a bag filled with things for him and Jake to play with including a marshmallow gun and water pistol that he had discovered online could be converted to a bubble pistol if they filled it with dish detergent, so he promised not to use it in the house. Elizabeth thanked Franco for agreeing to watch Jake, but he assured her that it was his pleasure and suggested that he could take the opportunity to work on some art therapy with Jake. Elizabeth appeared reluctant because she'd hoped that Jake had put everything about his time with Helena behind him. Franco warned Elizabeth that she was wrong and asked for a chance to get Jake to open up.

Elizabeth admitted that it had made her blood run cold when Jake had talked about never forgetting and never telling. She also conceded that Franco and Jake shared a special bond that would make it easier for Jake to confide to him. Franco smiled when Elizabeth agreed to go along with his plan. Seconds later, Jake ran into the living room and happily greeted Franco. Elizabeth reminded Jake that he could contact her if he needed her, and she kissed the top of his head. She gathered her things then left.

Jake was eager to play, but Franco suggested that they spend the day drawing. After Jake fetched crayons, Franco pulled out two large rolls of paper. Franco and Jake briefly pretended to swordfight with the rolls of paper before settling down to draw their favorite things from before they'd known each other. Jake drew a picture of his favorite food -- spaghetti and meatballs. Franco revealed that he'd always liked peanut butter and pickles sandwiches. "Eww," Jake said, and he vowed to never eat one.

Franco shrugged because it meant more for him, since he'd planned to make sandwiches for lunch. Jake and Franco continued to banter back and forth until Franco carefully broached the subject of Helena when he saw that one of Jake's favorite things to do had been to go down a slide. Franco was curious if Jake had been on slides during the years he'd been away. "No," Jake quietly answered. He stood up to draw a straight line across the years he'd been with Helena. Concerned, Franco suggested they draw something that Jake had enjoyed when he had been seven years old. Jake told Franco that he didn't like the game, but Franco encouraged Jake by talking about how Franco had wanted to be a pirate.

Franco was curious what Jake had wanted to be, but Jake didn't have an answer. Franco suggested that Jake draw anything he liked. Jake stood up, paced back and forth several times, then sat down and drew a small black door. "What's that about?" Franco gently asked, but Jake ignored the question and asked if they could play with the marshmallow gun. Franco realized that Jake wouldn't open up any further and sent him to the kitchen to fetch marshmallows. Franco's expression was troubled as he looked at Jake's drawing.

At the hospital, Elizabeth smiled when she saw Griffin at the nurses' station. Elizabeth noticed that he looked flushed and mentioned that she had a child at home, sick with a cold. Griffin assured her that he was fine, but she didn't believe him when he sneezed. Griffin blamed it on allergies, but Elizabeth decided a second opinion was needed and ordered him to follow her.

Moments later, Griffin sat on a table in an exam room as Elizabeth used a tongue depressor to check his throat. She confirmed that it was red, but Griffin insisted that he had a strong immune system and never got sick. However, he agreed to wear a mask when he checked on his patients. Elizabeth and Griffin talked about the young patient he had refused to leave behind during the hospital's evacuation. Elizabeth thought Marisol had been lucky to have a doctor like Griffin, but Griffin pointed out that Elizabeth deserved credit, too, because she had stayed until the last minute. Elizabeth argued that she'd been doing her job.

"My point exactly," Griffin replied. Elizabeth started to check his blood pressure, but Griffin objected. He conceded that he'd felt sluggish earlier, but seeing Marisol's parents had helped a lot. Elizabeth empathized with what Marisol's parents had gone through because there was nothing worse than not being able to help one's own child. Griffin saw sadness in her expression and quietly admitted that he'd heard about what had happened to Jake, but he reminded her that she'd gotten her miracle. Elizabeth agreed and assured him that she'd thanked God every day for getting Jake back.

Elizabeth took Griffin's temperature as she admitted that she still worried about her sons because things were more difficult as a single mother. Elizabeth looked at the thermometer and announced that Griffin had a fever of 101.2 degrees. She ordered him to go home. Griffin objected, but she ignored him. "Physician, heal thyself," she said as she walked out.

In Sam's hospital room, Alexis hugged Sam and admitted that she was relieved that Sam and the baby were okay. Sam sensed that her mother was troubled, so Alexis told Sam that Julian was dead. She talked about what had unfolded on the footbridge. Alexis explained that the authorities had spent the night scouring the water, but they'd called off the search earlier that morning. Alexis opened up about how terrified she'd been running through the woods, fearing that someone would shoot her in the back at any moment. Sam was startled when Alexis credited Julian with saving Alexis' life because Sam believed that Alexis wouldn't have been in danger if it hadn't been for Julian. Alexis feared they didn't have the whole story, but Sam insisted they knew enough -- Julian had been Olivia's puppet.

Sam explained that she'd gotten into the car with Olivia because she'd known her as Alexis' A.A. sponsor. Alexis tearfully apologized for endangering Sam, but Sam insisted that Julian had been to blame because he had invited Olivia into their lives. Alexis argued that perhaps Julian had been trying to protect them, but Sam scoffed and told her mother that they were better off without Julian. Annoyed, Alexis reminded Sam that Julian was Sam's father. Sam acknowledged that Julian had helped Alexis get sober, but she warned her mother not to soften toward Julian because Julian had always lied.

Sam feared that her mother might be backsliding on her feelings for Julian, so Alexis admitted that she was confused -- and desperate for some kind of explanation. Alexis suddenly recalled the letter in the safe deposit box and decided it was time to read it. Sam doubted that anything Julian had written could excuse trying to kill Alexis and tearing their family apart. Alexis suggested that perhaps Olivia had forced Julian's hand, but Sam asked if Olivia had been in the house when Julian had found the wire on Alexis or on the docks when he'd held a knife to Alexis' throat. Sam appreciated that Julian had saved Alexis' life on the footbridge, but he'd still hurt her in countless ways. Sam wasn't interested in the letter, but Alexis needed answers.

Moments later, Elizabeth stopped by to check on Sam. Alexis gave Sam and Scout a quick kiss goodbye then left Elizabeth alone with Sam. Sam heard the baby make a sound in the bassinette, but Elizabeth checked and assured Sam that Scout was asleep. Sam admitted that her daughter was exhausted from all the visitors and presents. Elizabeth revealed that she had something for Sam and handed Sam a gift. Sam was touched by the gesture and opened the present as Elizabeth explained that Elizabeth had one for each of her children because it was a wonderful way to memorialize the early years.

Sam smiled when she saw the baby book, and she thanked Elizabeth for the wonderful gift. Sam looked forward to writing down all of Scout's important firsts. Elizabeth suggested that Sam could add some pictures of Danny, Jake, and Scout because she was certain that Scout would enjoy the memories. Sam agreed and flipped through the book. After Elizabeth left, Sam saw the family tree section and the branch for grandfather.

Meanwhile, Alexis settled down at a café and looked at Julian's letter that she'd retrieved from the safe deposit box.

Love, Loss, and What I Wore

Love, Loss, and What I Wore

Friday, March 17, 2017

Anna stopped to visit Morgan's grave, and she was surprised to see Felicia, who was there to visit Georgie's gravesite. The women compared notes on the losses of their children. While Anna thought that the loss of her unborn child didn't equal up to Felicia's loss of her daughter, Felicia noted that they had both suffered a tragedy, and one was not smaller than the other. Anna realized that everyone suffered from the loss of a life at some point in their lives.

At General Hospital, Carly met Scout as Jason held his new daughter lovingly in his arms. Carly called the baby a gift and mentioned how much she missed Morgan. Jason pointed out that it was fortunate that Morgan's killer had been captured, and Carly admitted that she finally had some closure. She had learned about herself in the meantime after shooting Olivia in self-defense. Carly revealed that she would have killed Olivia if Sonny hadn't arrived in time to stop her. She also finally understood Sonny.

Jason explained that it would have been difficult to go through life after killing someone. He asked Carly about her separation from Sonny and admitted that he'd known about Nelle even before Christmas. Carly indignantly reminded Jason that he was her best friend and should have told her about Sonny and Nelle. Jason declared that Sonny had confided in him and had asked him not to say anything. It hadn't been his place, so he'd agreed.

Jason reminded Carly that she and Sonny were both grieving their child, and they needed each other. He added that Sonny had not had an affair with Nelle, but he'd been grieving like Carly, in pain, and drunk. It was time for Carly and Sonny to heal and be there for each other, Jason continued. After Carly left, Jason advised Scout that Carly would be a great aunt, though she'd just been quite intense. He promised his daughter that he would never let anything happen to his family.

Scott walked into the interrogation room at the police station to see Olivia Jerome. She teased that his hair still looked the same after so many years. He pointed out that she was still the same too. She was still trying to kill her brother. "This time, it looks like you pulled it off," he said. Olivia wanted to talk about the "good old days," but Scott said they didn't exist. He called her a lunatic, though Olivia stated that she'd been misunderstood. She thought there was a big chance that she'd get to see Scott again some day.

Dante arrived as Scott was leaving. Dante left an order that Olivia wasn't to have any visitors. Olivia was sorry for Dante's loss and suggested that he had a conflict of interest by being on her case. Dante assured her that he had no conflicts and was able to follow the law. He advised her that she'd go to hell when she finally died. Olivia explained that she'd only been trying to get to Julian, and everything was her brother's fault.

The revolving door continued as Anna walked into the interrogation room next. Olivia questioned Anna's ability to visit after being told that no visitors were allowed. Anna firmly stated that due to her position and background, she was able to do what she wanted. "To you," she added. Anna went over past events, confirming that it had taken years for Olivia to recover after being shot in the past. Olivia recounted how she'd traveled the world and had many surgeries. Anna believed that Olivia should have never been released from the Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Olivia proclaimed that a doctor in China had found a way to restore her through reincarnation. Anna sarcastically noted that Olivia's mind had not been a part of that step. Olivia continued that she'd discovered a way to rise again, and she'd had to "bring Duke back to life." She was sorry for the death of Anna's child, as she'd never meant for Anna to lose her baby. She was aware that Anna hated her.

Olivia continued that she'd underestimated Griffin because she truly could have reincarnated Duke. Anna wondered why Olivia had created so much violence in her quest. Olivia regretted Morgan's fate, but the rest had been Anna's fault because Anna had let Duke die. She called Anna a "cold fish" who hadn't deserved Duke. Olivia had had to get things done, and she didn't believe there was any damage. Anna advised Olivia that she'd ruined herself and that her life was over. Suddenly, Olivia called out that she knew a secret about Anna as Anna headed to the door. Anna returned. "Nothing," Olivia said, adding, "I'm crazy, remember?"

Ava arrived at Greystone Manor to talk about Avery. She advised Sonny that Julian was dead, and she was certain that Sonny was happy about it. Sonny acknowledged that he still blamed all of the Jeromes for Morgan's death, and he wouldn't forget it. Ava retorted that she'd been a victim, as well, but Sonny assured her that she wasn't innocent. He wanted to know what she'd meant by an earlier comment when she'd said that she'd wished things hadn't gone so far. "What did you do to Morgan?" Sonny asked Ava.

Ava claimed that she didn't remember saying anything, and she advised Sonny that he belonged in prison for what he had done. Sonny reminded her that she did, as well, for killing Connie. Ava yelled that she wasn't a monster like Sonny. She refused to discuss anything further with him and stormed out. She quickly called someone and advised the person that they needed to meet.

Dante stopped by to see Sonny after Ava left. He mentioned that Olivia had challenged him, but he knew that he could do his job properly. Olivia was being held until it was determined whether she was fit to stand trial. Dante was aware that Sonny wanted payback, but Sonny insisted that he was willing to let the law work. Dante wondered if his father was being sincere, but Sonny stated that Olivia would die at some point -- and it wouldn't be connected to him. Dante suggested that it was time for Sonny to "get out."

Sonny didn't want to discuss his business with his son the cop, but Dante assured his father that he was there as Sonny's son. Dante thought that Sonny should allow someone else to step up and take his place in the mob scene. He asked about Carly, but Sonny didn't want to discuss his wife. He asked Dante about the custody hearing, and Dante noted how small his lawyer's bill was. He thanked Sonny for his help. Dante hoped that Charlotte and Lulu would form a bond over the next six months.

Sonny offered his help with Valentin, but Dante declined and ordered Sonny to stay away from Valentin. Dante planned to focus on his family, and he suggested that Sonny do the same. After Dante left, Carly showed up at the front door.

Alexis sat at a table in the coffee shop and read Julian's letter. She envisioned hearing him and seeing him across the table. "I guess I'm dead," the letter started out. He wanted to set the record straight for Alexis. He'd believed his sister Olivia to be dead, but she'd returned to Port Charles for revenge. He had offered to die, but Olivia had wanted him to kill Alexis instead. His family was in danger, and he wanted them all to be careful.

Julian went on to say that he regretted the night at the docks and that he had planned on pretending to be dead himself while escaping town. Sonny had interrupted him, and after Julian's release from jail, Olivia had decided to kill Julian instead. First she had wanted his help in purchasing General Hospital, and he had been trying to buy time. He had only wanted to protect his family, Julian continued. He knew that Alexis had been unhappy and struggling because of him. She would be better off without him. He loved her. He said goodbye. "Julian," Alexis whispered.

Olivia Falconeri found Alexis sitting at the table with the letter and was sorry to hear about Julian's fate. Alexis stated that she'd been wrong about a lot in her life, especially Julian. She allowed Olivia to read the letter and asked for her opinion about Julian's words. Olivia admitted that she couldn't be objective, but Alexis stressed that she wanted Olivia's honest opinion. Olivia noted that Julian had never been trustworthy, and he'd never tried to see Leo. She wondered if that was because Julian had actually been trying to keep their son safe.

Olivia thought the letter seemed sincere, but she couldn't help but wonder if it were all true. Maybe Julian had just wanted forgiveness, but he could have warned Alexis in some way if he had wanted to. It was up to Alexis to forgive him and give him the benefit of the doubt. Olivia added that she would never forgive him, but he would still have a piece of her love. She did know that Julian really loved Alexis, no matter what else was true.

Ava met up with Scott. She didn't want to take the time to listen to Scott's stories about Olivia Jerome because she had "slipped up" and was afraid she'd be killed. Ava explained that the day that Sonny had tried to kill her at the art gallery, she'd mentioned something about things going too far with Morgan. Scott was dismayed. Ava was afraid that Lucy might go to Sonny about the pills, and he would figure things out. Scott accused Ava of being mad at herself for switching the pills in the first place, and Ava agreed. She was also afraid of losing Kiki.

Ava advised Scott that he had to take care of the problem. "Absolutely not," Scott replied. He did not want to get Lucy into bed again to try to get the pills away from her.

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